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France Telecom patents

Recent patent applications related to France Telecom. France Telecom is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: France Telecom may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with France Telecom, we're just tracking patents.

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10/29/15Ensuring the security of a data transmission
09/18/14Encoding and decoding an image or image sequence divided into pixel blocks
09/18/14Encoding and decoding an image or image sequence divided into pixel blocks
05/29/14Remotely sited execution of a software application within a network
05/08/14Technique for communication between user equipment and a data network in a communication network
05/08/14Phr/emr retrieval system based on body part recognition and operation thereof
03/13/14Telecommunications system and method
03/13/14Protection against the detection of alert signals
02/27/14Method of authenticating a first and a second entity at a third entity
01/09/14Method of communication between two items of termination equipment
01/09/14Impulse noise measurement by spectral detection
01/02/14Data reception device and corresponding reception method, computer program and recording medium
01/02/14Medical record retrieval system based on sensor information and a operation thereof
01/02/14Method and system to recommend applications from an application market place to a new device
01/02/14Private/public gesture security system and operation thereof
01/02/14Multi-person gestural authentication and authorization system and operation thereof
12/19/13Method of communication in a co-operative network
12/12/13Method and equipment for collecting and processing information representing equipment operating conditions
12/05/13Method allowing an exchange of context information within a group of users sharing one and the same identifier
12/05/13Technique for determining a propagation delay of an optical signal between two optical devices via an optical link
11/28/13Indexing and execution of software applications in a network
11/21/13User interface system and operation thereof
11/21/13Multi-access rj45 adaptor
11/21/13Method of and device for validation of a user command for controlling an application
10/31/13Low-delay sound-encoding alternating between predictive encoding and transform encoding
10/31/13Method for displaying a plurality of electronic contents on a display of an electronic device controlled by a user interface
10/24/13Noise limitation for transmission in a multi-path channel
10/24/13Mediation server for a geopositioning service in a network
10/24/13Filtering in the transformed domain
10/17/13Method and system for constructing a graph representing a building
10/17/13Methods and devices for encoding and decoding at least one image implementing a selection of pixels to be predicted, and corresponding computer program
10/17/13Drag and drop operation in a graphical user interface with size alteration of the dragged object
10/17/13Anonymous access to a service by means of aggregated certificates
10/10/13Encoding of an improvement stage in a hierarchical encoder
10/10/13Method and device for digital data communication
10/03/13System and remotely triggering actions on a mobile device
10/03/13Stereo parametric coding/decoding for channels in phase opposition
10/03/13A authenticating a user of a terminal with a service provider
09/26/13Method and a device for relaying in a communications network
09/19/13Voice control of applications by associating user input with action-context identifier pairs
09/19/13Method of operating a communication device and related communication device
09/12/13Communication between two web applications
09/05/13Processing of data for the management of placement on standby
08/29/13Method and a device for regulating transmissions in a telecommunications network
08/29/13Scalable video encoding using a hierarchical epitome
08/29/13Method for browsing within a content displayable by browsing commands, browsing device and associated program
08/29/13Adapting the operation of an appliance
08/29/13Relationship management system and operation thererof
08/22/13Video encoding and decoding using an epitome
08/22/13Data processing for securing local resources in a mobile device
08/15/13Device, kit and anchoring an element on an exterior face of a wall of a building
08/15/13Dynamic connection of a mobile terminal to a local network
08/15/13Method for accessing a csg femtocell
08/08/13Radio communication for multiple user antennas
08/08/13Method and device for assisting in the positioning of a near-field communication module in relation to an electromagnetic transponder
08/08/13Controlling a noise-shaping feedback loop in a digital audio signal encoder
08/08/13Processing data for transferring or mirroring a media stream
08/01/13Location of equipment by its ip address
08/01/13Compensation of modal dispersion of polarization by deterministic jamming of polarization
07/25/13Managing application failures in a system of domestic appliances
07/18/13Double-iterative transmitting multiple streams per user in a multi-user mimo system, and a corresponding transmitter, computer program product, and data medium
07/18/13Technique for obtaining, via a first node, information relating to path congestion
07/11/13Object detection method, device and system
07/11/13Methods of transmitting and receiving a multicarrier signal, and corresponding transmitter, receiver, return signal, and computer programs
07/04/13Enrichment, management of multimedia content and setting up of a communication according to enriched multimedia content
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07/04/13Drag and drop operation in a graphical user interface with highlight of target objects
06/27/13Data communication between modules
06/20/13Method and a device for locating at least one obstacle in a communications network, a corresponding computer program
06/20/13Method and system to recommend applications from an application market place to an electronic device
06/20/13Method for notification of events on a device running multiple user identities
06/20/13Method and device for transmission and reception in a multi-input and multi-output channel distributing a code word between several mapping matrices, and corresponding computer program
06/13/13Method for switching an optical data stream, computer program product and corresponding storage means and node
06/06/13Call transfer processing in sip mode
06/06/13Method of transmitting a signal for a multi-user mimo system, and corresponding transmitter, computer program product, and data medium
04/25/13Method of allocating resources to mobile terminals
04/25/13Communication method
04/25/13Methods and devices for encoding and decoding at least one image implementing an estimation in the transform domain, and corresponding signal and computer program
04/25/13Method and device for detecting acoustic shocks
04/25/13Adaptive linear predictive coding/decoding
04/25/13Launching sessions on a communication server
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04/18/13Transmission control in a telecommunication network
04/18/13Method for establishing a link between two communication facilities
04/18/13Processing data for encoding and decoding a message
04/18/13Method of control of an access point of a home gateway of a home network
04/11/13Method for determining a profile for a user/application service pair to access data related to the operation of a communication network
04/04/13Method of displaying a digital content on a screen
04/04/13Method of updating a time synchronization reference
04/04/13Method and device for consulting a voice message
04/04/13Transferring a call from a first fixed communications terminal in a local network to a second fixed communications terminal in the same local network
04/04/13Method and device for modifying a compounded voice message
04/04/13Mechanism for the contextual obscuring of digital data
04/04/13Method and devices for secure communications in a telecommunications network
03/28/13Method and module for processing a request for transmitting a radio signal in an rof system
03/28/13Traffic load management method, network and device
03/21/13Antenna for an nfc device
03/21/13Link-state routing routing data streams in a meshed network comprising nodes connected by three-state links
03/21/13Method and device for transmitting, receiving and destination device, corresponding multicarrier signal and computer program.
03/21/13Nfc for mobile telephone
03/21/13Shell for mobile telephone with nfc functionality
03/21/13System and cross-platform application execution and display
03/14/13Methods for transmitting and receiving data using a plurality of radio channels, transmission and destination devices, corresponding signal and computer program
03/07/13Optical line termination device allowing the implementation of an ofdm modulation technique
02/28/13Terminal including a video projector and a screen, having one area that enables control of a remote pointer projected by said video projector
02/28/13Method and device for regulating emission in a wireless telecommunication network
02/28/13Device scheduling method and system
02/28/13Method of transmitting a digital signal in a distributed system, and a corresponding program product and relay device
02/28/13Method for changing a location area of a terminal
02/21/13Method of identifying and authenticating a radio tag by a reader
02/14/13Method for processing a motion information item, encoding and decoding methods, corresponding devices, signal and computer program
02/14/13Management of computer-file sharing between at least two devices
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02/07/13Method of transmitting a digital signal for a marc system with a full-duplex relay, a corresponding program product and relay device
02/07/13Methods and devices for encoding and decoding an image sequence implementing a prediction by forward motion compensation, corresponding stream and computer program
02/07/13Reception of a digital content in trick mode
01/31/13System and providing indications of participating advertisers to a portable user device
01/31/13Notification engine
01/24/13Locating sensors of a network of wireless sensors
01/24/13Method for transmitting a digital signal for a semi-orthogonal marc system having half-duplex relay, and corresponding program product and relay device
01/24/13Device and a merging optical components associated with one wavelength into a merged optical component
01/17/13Adaptable data stream transmission
01/17/13Method for managing records in an ims network, and s-cscf server implementing said method
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01/10/13Encryption and decryption method
01/10/13Method and device for inserting/extracting optical subband into multiband optical ofdm signal
01/03/13Method for deactivating at least one component of an entity of a communications network, corresponding device and computer program
01/03/13Controlling a device of a remote network from a local network
01/03/13Method for transmitting a source signal, receiving a transmitted signal, corresponding transmitter, receiver, signal and computer programs
01/03/13Geo-spatial recommendation and discovery system
01/03/13Method for constructing geo-fences for a spatial recommendation and discovery system
12/27/12Method for providing an on-demand software execution service
12/20/12Method and a device for reducing the electricity consumption associated with a communications line
12/20/12Method for conversion of a first encryption into a second encryption
12/13/12Management of private virtual networks
12/13/12Multichannel audio stream compression
12/06/12Multipoint-to-point pseudowire
12/06/12Method for selecting a transmission mode
12/06/12Method and system for personalizing unavailability messages
12/06/12Method and system to monitor equipment of an it infrastructure
11/29/12Method and a device for regulating transmission in a wireless telecommunications network
11/29/12Method of generating a correspondence table for a cryptographic white box
11/22/12Method for allocating data-transmission resources, and corresponding switching method, access point, terminal, computer program and signal
11/22/12Telecommunication transmission method and system
11/15/12Access control for a service subscription
11/15/12Method of changing over from a primary hss to a backup hss in an ip network
11/08/12Management of a wireless communication interface of a terminal
11/08/12Method and device for transmitting content
11/01/12Method and device for managing transmissions of measurements periodically carried out by a sensor
10/18/12Methods for encoding and decoding images, corresponding encoding and decoding devices and computer programs
10/18/12Optimized parametric stereo decoding
10/11/12Technique for controlling a load state of a physical link carrying a plurality of virtual links
10/11/12Peer-to-peer communication according to transmission capacity
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10/11/12Social network enabler
10/11/12Access to a network for distributing digital content
10/04/12Methods for sending and processing an sip response
10/04/12Selection of dynamic relays for cooperative communications in a mobile network
10/04/12Device and processing images to determine a signature of a film
10/04/12Controlling a data exchange session between terminals of a first user and at least one terminal of a second user
10/04/12Managing data storage in a distributed storage space
10/04/12Enhanced user interface to transfer media content
09/27/12Method for transmitting a communication signal
09/20/12Data transmission method and system
09/06/12Methods and devices for image encoding and decoding, and corresponding computer programs
09/06/12Method for selecting a device in a telecommunications network
08/30/12Data substream encapsulation method, de-encapsulation method, and corresponding computer programs
08/30/12Method of masking an identifier of at least one destination of a call, and a corresponding device and computer program
08/23/12Method and client agent for monitoring the use of protected content
08/16/12Methods and devices for routing data packets between ipv4 and ipv6 networks
08/16/12Optimized low-bit rate parametric coding/decoding
08/09/12Method of mutually authenticating a reader and a radio tag
08/09/12Processing of sound data encoded in a sub-band domain
08/02/12Data sharing method and system
Social Network Patent Pack
07/26/12Transmission cable installation device
07/26/12Mobile ski towing system
07/26/12Method and devices for secure communications in a telecommunications network
07/19/12Method of coding and decoding images, corresponding device for coding and decoding and computer program
07/19/12Improved coding/decoding of digital audio signals
07/19/12Allocation of bits in an enhancement coding/decoding for improving a hierarchical coding/decoding of digital audio signals
07/12/12Encoding and decoding a video image sequence by image areas
07/05/12Method for notifying communication in progress to terminals connected to a domestic gateway
05/31/12Methods for encoding and decoding a signal of images, corresponding encoding and decoding devices, signal and computer programs
05/31/12Mobile telephone and nfc communication
05/31/12Method of and managing data representative of a business in a database
05/31/12System and implementing dynamic access control rules to personal cloud information
05/24/12Method and system for managing signalling in a telecommunication network
05/24/12Selecting a network resource
05/17/12Prediction of a movement vector of a current image partition pointing to a reference zone that covers several reference image partitions and encoding and decoding using one such prediction
05/10/12Technique for controlling access by a client entity to a service
05/03/12Method and device for acknowledging a periodic signaling request in a telecommunication network
05/03/12Method for activating a communication terminal
05/03/12Method for encoding and decoding images, encoding and decoding devices, corresponding data streams and computer program
05/03/12Prediction of a movement vector of a current image partition having a different geometric shape or size from that of at least one adjacent reference image partition and encoding and decoding using one such prediction
Social Network Patent Pack
05/03/12Method for processing a resource reservation request and related device and node device
04/26/12Method of pre-equalization by time reversal in fdd
04/26/12Method and devices for transmitting and receiving multi-carrier symbols
04/26/12Method for allowing distributed running of an application and related device and inference engine
04/26/12Technique for determining a chain of individual functions associated with a service
04/26/12Method for allowing distributed running of an application and related pre-processing unit
04/19/12Technique for processing flows in a communications network
04/19/12Methods for transmitting and receiving a multicarrier signal implementing prototype filters, corresponding devices for transmitting and receiving, signal and computer program
04/19/12Method and device for managing authentication of a user
04/12/12System for providing a service, such as a communication service
04/12/12Method and device for securely configuring a terminal
03/29/12Module and a collecting non-declarative information and implemented by a telecommunications terminal
03/22/12Technique for delivering content to a user
03/15/12Method for managing paths between a source node and a destination node within the data link layer, corresponding source node and table
03/08/12Pre-equalizing a data signal by time reversal in fdd
03/08/12Method and device for the objective evaluation of the voice quality of a speech signal taking into account the classification of the background noise contained in the signal
03/01/12Methods for encoding and decoding sequence implementing a motion compensation, corresponding encoding and decoding devices, signal and computer programs
03/01/12Descriptor determination in a multimedia content
03/01/12Method of collecting real time data
02/16/12Communications system and method
02/16/12Memory allocation method and a managing data related to an application stored in a security module associated with a terminal, an associated security module and an associated terminal
02/09/12Dynamic content linked to contact identifiers
01/26/12Method for performing a cryptographic task in an electronic hardware component
01/26/12Method and device for classifying background noise contained in an audio signal
01/26/12Negotiation providing a service to a terminal
01/26/12Method and device for processing a piece of information indicative of a desire to be involved in at least one user application session
01/19/12Group signature with local revocation verification with capacity for lifting anonymity
12/29/11Method and a device for transmission with time-frequency mapping of symbols in sub-channels
12/29/11Object recommendation method and system
12/29/11Managing the site where data is stored in a distributed storage system
Social Network Patent Pack
12/29/11Methods for controlling and managing an interactive dialog, platform and application server executing these methods
12/22/11Method of navigating in a sound content
12/22/11Method for switching an access node
12/15/11Data storage management method, device and user interface
12/08/11Automatic configuration of a terminal
11/24/11Method and device for encoding an image using a prediction mask decoding and corresponding signals and computer programs
11/24/11Method and device for flexible error correction encoding and corresponding computer program
11/10/11Method of representing a material
11/03/11Processing of a request to instigate communication by a routing device associated with a plurality of terminals
10/27/11Notification method and gateway for accessing a voice over ip network
10/27/11Virtual circuit configuration method
10/27/11Method and device for coding an image sequence implementing blocks of different size, signal, data medium, decoding , and computer programs corresponding thereto
10/27/11Communications device and method
10/20/11User interface to provide enhanced control of an application program
10/20/11Method of sending a data signal via a plurality of transmitter entities
10/20/11Method for sending pulses in a transmission channel
10/20/11Prediction of an image by compensation during forward movement
10/20/11System and parsing a video sequence
10/13/11Method and device for processing text data
10/13/11Prediction of images by repartitioning of a portion of reference causal zone, coding and decoding using such a prediction
10/13/11Method of implementing a block cipher algorithm
10/13/11Encoding of multichannel digital audio signals
10/13/11Advanced encoding of multi-channel digital audio signals
10/06/11Method of image processing with dynamic anonymization
09/22/11Method and system for regulating reboot traffic in a telecommunications network
09/22/11System and method to identify and transfer to a wireless device actionable items based on user selected content
09/22/11Method of managing a user terminal in a telecommunications network, and an associated device
09/15/11Coding with noise shaping in a hierarchical coder
09/01/11Process for displaying in a web browser the rendering produced by an application

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