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Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v
Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v_20131212

Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v patents

Recent patent applications related to Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v. Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Fraunhofer gesellschaft Zur Forderung Der Angewandten Forschung E v patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
11/02/17Biodegradable hybrid polymers usable in medical technology or in biology, starting silanes therefor, and preparation process therefor and uses thereof
11/02/17Precoding information obtaining method, and device
10/19/17Optical waveguide
08/24/17Joint arrangement having at least one driven axis
08/17/17Power estimation method and apparatus
06/29/17Coating material
06/22/17Optical array comprising a beam splitter
06/15/17Ceramic composite and method to prepare the composite
02/09/17Reactor having a sacrificial anode
01/19/17Photoactive semiconductor component and producing a photoactive semiconductor component
01/19/17Photoactive semiconductor component and producing a photoactive semiconductor component
11/10/16Competitive immunoassay test system for detecting a pyrogen
11/03/16Method for forming an electrically conducting structure on a synthetic material substrate
10/13/16Compounds containing (meth)acrylate groups and sulfonate or sulfate groups, polymers and condensates therefrom and use of the polymers and condensates
09/29/16Method for recognizing resistant germs and device for performing same
07/21/16Device and continuous production of porous silicon layers
06/30/16Polymeric agents that improve primary washing efficiency
06/23/16Method for characterizing microwave components
06/09/16Cell and cell stack of a redox flow battery
04/14/16Method for fabricating a monolithic optoelectronic device
12/24/15Multi-junction solar cell, methods for the production thereof, and uses thereof
11/12/15Semiconductor component having hardness buffer and use thereof
11/12/15Method and providing generic hierarchical precoding codebooks
11/12/15Method for setting up a secure connection between clients
10/15/15Novel immunoproteases
10/01/15Method for converting reactive groups of si-c-bound groups of silanes while simultaneously increasing the physical distance between said groups
09/24/15Optically pumped semiconductor disk laser
09/17/15Apparatus for patterning an article
09/17/15Clay mineral for reducing inorganic phosphates, in particular in renal replacement therapy
09/03/15Circuit arrangement
08/27/15Semiconductor component comprising at least one contact structure for feeding in and/or leading away charge carriers
08/13/15Synthetic artificial peptides with antimicrobial effect
07/23/15Semiconductor component with a passivation layer made of hydrated aluminium nitride and also surface passivation of semiconductor components
06/11/15Shaft arrangement and relaying torques acting around a rotational axis
05/28/15Field-effect transistor and the fabrication thereof
05/21/15Novel photoimmunoconjugates for use in photodynamic therapy
05/07/15Apparatus and energizing a transceiver tag
03/05/15Cathode for lithium-containing batteries and solvent-free the production thereof
03/05/15Method for producing a solar cell
02/05/15Method for the production of lignin-containing precursor fibres and also carbon fibres
01/15/15Electrochemical energy storage device or energy conversion device comprising a galvanic cell having electrochemical half-cells containing a suspension or fullerene and ionic liquid
01/08/15Millimetre-wave radar
12/25/14Method for separating suspension or colloid components and a device for separating suspension or colloid components
12/25/14Redox flow battery with external supply line and/or disposal line
11/27/14Three-dimensional hot spot localization
11/27/14Device and calculating loudspeaker signals for a plurality of loudspeakers while using a delay in the frequency domain
10/09/14Laser-based splicing of glass fibers onto optical components
10/02/14Transformable adaptive gripper system
10/02/14Apparatus, method and computer program for migrating an event detector process
06/26/14Concentrator system
06/26/14Fluidic system
05/22/14Optical coherence tomography system and optical coherence tomography method
05/01/14Method of detecting molecules and optical sensor
05/01/14Transmitter and receiver using non-adjacent component interleaving
02/13/14Ion-conducting solid-state separator
02/06/14Capillary tubes for electrophoresis
01/23/14Self coupling recombinant antibody fusion proteins
12/12/13Audio codec supporting time-domain and frequency-domain coding modes
12/12/13Audio codec using noise synthesis during inactive phases
10/17/13Sensor system for implantation into a body, and producing the sensor system
09/26/13Dielectric polymers with elevated permittivity, process for preparation thereof and end uses thereof
09/12/13Fluorosilicone-based dielectric elastomer and its production
09/05/13Reactor for recovering phosphate salts from a liquid
09/05/13Apparatus for water treatment using filtration or a membrane separation method
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08/29/13Method and device for producing a metallic contact structure for making electrical contact with a photovoltaic solar cell
08/08/13Cathode unit for an alkali metal/sulfur battery
07/04/13Apparatus and resolving an ambiguity from a direction of arrival estimate
06/06/13Pseudo-substrate for use in the production of semiconductor components and producing a pseudo-substrate
05/23/13Securing device for solar cells and securing solar cells
05/16/13Arrangement for generating a signal having an adjustable time position or phase position
05/09/13Photovoltaic solar cell and producing a photovoltaic solar cell
04/18/13Method for producing a photovoltaic solar cell
03/21/13Method and storing and releasing heat by means of a phase change material
03/07/13Contact solar cell and producing same
03/07/13Substrate made of an aluminum-silicon alloy or crystalline silicon, metal mirror, the production thereof, and use thereof
01/31/13Direct conversion x-ray detector with radiation protection for electronics
01/17/13Electronic assembly including an embedded electronic component
01/17/13Mirna compounds for treatment of prostate carcinoma
12/20/12Deflection device for a scanner with lissajous scanning
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12/13/12Diamond particles and obtaining diamond particles from aggregate structures
11/29/12Method for lcoal high-doping and contacting of a semiconductor structure which comprises a solar cell or a precursor of a solar cell
10/18/12Device for concentrating and converting solar energy
09/06/12Solid oxide fuel cell system
08/23/12Algaculture method
07/05/12Photovoltaic module having a planar cell connector
07/05/12Method and device for determining the adsorption of a gas on materials
06/28/12Method for the structured coating of substrates
06/07/12Tunnel diodes comprising stress-compensated compound semiconductor layers
06/07/12Solar cells with back side contacting and also production thereof
05/31/12Low-temperature fuel cell having an integrated water management system for passively discharging product water
05/17/12Polymer material, in situ functionalisation of polymer materials and also use thereof
05/10/12Method for storing electrical energy in ionic liquids
04/19/12Particles having a luminescent inorganic shell, coating particles and use thereof
04/12/12Switchable magnetorheological torque or force transmission device, the use thereof, and magnetorheological torque or force transmission method
04/12/12Method for producing polysaccharide derivatives
04/05/12Method and arrangement for magnetically determining a position
03/29/12Measuring device for electrically measuring a flat measurement structure that can be contacted on one side
03/22/12Self-powered rfid sensing system for structural health monitoring
03/22/12Use of boswellic acids for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of damage to and/or inflammation of the islets of langerhans
03/15/12Fluorescence collector and use thereof
03/08/12Front-and-back contact solar cells, and the production thereof
03/08/12Sensor arrangement and detection method
03/08/12Device and simultaneously microstructuring and doping semiconductor substrates
03/01/12Sound transducer for insertion in an ear
02/23/12Doping capsules, composite systems containing said capsules and use thereof
02/16/12Method for producing a dispersion of nanoparticles
12/22/11Image display device and displaying images
12/22/11Image display device and use thereof
12/15/11System for determining the movement of a swaying structure
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12/08/11Hetero solar cell and producing hetero solar cells
12/08/11Protein preparation produced from rape seeds
12/01/11Photoacoustic gas sensor and its use
11/10/11Solar cell and producing a solar cell from a silicon substrate
11/03/11Paste-like mass with inorganic, liquid conductors and layers and electrochemical elements produced therefrom
10/06/11Tandem solar cell made of crystalline silicon and crystalline silicon carbide and production thereof
09/29/11Method for local contacting and local doping of a semiconductor layer
09/08/11Method for displaying image information and autosterioscopic screen
09/08/11Screen and representing picture information
09/01/11Fuel cell arrangement with fuel cells disposed in a shingle construction and also purposes of use
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08/04/11Metal-containing composition, producing electrical contact structures on electrical components and also electrical component
07/21/11Solar cell and solar cell module with one-sided connections
07/21/11Polymer dispersion
07/21/11Method for producing a metal structure on a surface of a semiconductor substrate
07/07/11Contrast-increasing rear projection screen
07/07/11X-ray image recording system and x-ray recording recording image data with x-ray units for volume reconstruction
06/30/11Solar cell and the production thereof
06/16/11Solar cell and producing a solar cell
06/16/11Apparatus and controlling a wave field synthesis renderer means with audio objects
05/12/11Method for producing a multicomponent, polymer- and metal-containing layer system, device and coated article
05/05/11Device for joining and tapering fibers and other optical components
04/21/11Texturing and cleaning agent for the surface treatment of wafers and use thereof
03/31/11Aqueous plant protein preparation and producing the same
03/24/11Three-dimensional microbattery and the production thereof
03/17/11Photoreceiver arrangement and a operating a photoreceiver
03/10/11Adaptive grouping of parameters for enhanced coding efficiency
02/17/11Tactile sensor with decoupled sensor cells
02/17/11Detector device
01/27/11Method for simultaneous recrystallization and doping of semiconductor layers and semiconductor layer systems produced according to this method
12/23/10Thin-film solar cell and process for its manufacture
12/23/10Device, method, computer programme and system for detecting if an object or a person crosses a limit marked by a magnetic field
12/23/10Method for producing a nanoporous layer
12/23/10Affinity structures for the specific binding of substances by means of non-covalent interaction types
12/16/10Magnetorheological composite materials comprising hard magnetic particles, the production thereof and use thereof
12/09/10Active vibration-extinguisher containing magneto- or electrorheological fluids, reducing vibrations and uses thereof
12/09/10Method for connecting a precious metal surface to a polymer
12/09/10Thermally stable matrix microparticles and microcapsules for polymer additization and process for their production
12/02/10Method for applying a structure to a semiconductor element
11/25/10Method and device for the autostereoscopic representation of image information
10/28/10Method for connecting two joining surfaces
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09/23/10Object comprising an adhesive layer, and composition and coating thereof
09/16/10Method for producing a protein-containing food ingredient consisting of a flax coarse meal
09/16/10Apparatus and forming thin layers on substrate surfaces
09/02/10Chemically modified peptide analogs
09/02/10Fuel cell and production thereof
08/19/10Reflectively coated semiconductor component, production and use thereof
08/19/10Membrane electrode assembly
08/05/10Dry electrode cap for electro-encephalography
08/05/10Damping device with field-controllable fluid
08/05/10Conveying system for transporting materials, in particular bulk material
07/22/10Semiconductor arrangement with trench capacitor and its manufacture
07/15/10Autostereoscopic image display appliance for producing a floating real stereo image
07/01/10Locking device with field-controllable fluid
06/17/10Monolithic optoelectronic twe-component structure for high frequencies and low optical insertion loss
06/10/10Electronic, in particular microelectronic, functional group and its production
06/03/10Method for simultaneous doping and oxidizing semiconductor substrates and the use thereof
05/13/10Catalytically active component for thermal ionization detectors for the detection of halogen-containing compounds and process for producing an oxide-ceramic material for the component
05/06/10Material for protective coatings on high temperature-resistant chromium oxide-forming substrates, the production thereof, and use thereof
05/06/10Device for receiving a liquid and also device for applying liquids on sample carriers and this purpose
04/22/10Apparatus for generating a correction signal
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04/15/10Method for increasing the shelf life or agricultural products which produce ethylene, during transport, sale, presentation and/or storage
03/25/10Method for deposition of chromium layers as hard-chrome plating, electroplating bath and hard-chrome surfaces
03/18/10Method for calibrating a stage-camera system, and a stage-camera system
03/11/10Sensor system and methods for the capacitive measurement of electromagnetic signals having a biological origin
02/25/10Etchant which can be removed without residue
02/18/10Method for the production of mechanically prestressed solar cell composites and also a mechanically prestressed solar cell module
02/11/10Method of plasma treatment of a surface
12/24/09Method for processing sensor signals subject to an offset and sensor arrangement designed to carry out the method
12/17/09Arrangement of micromechanical elements
12/10/09Oscillating, deflectable micromechanical element and use thereof
12/10/09Controlling reproduction of audio data
12/03/09Deflectable micromechanical system and use thereof
11/26/09Method for producing single microlenses or an array of microlenses
11/26/09Illuminating device for cylindrical objects, surface inspection method implemented therewith and computer program product
11/19/09Voltage-converter circuit and clocked supply of energy to an energy storage
11/12/09Electrostatic chuck with anti-reflective coating, measuring method and use of said chuck
11/05/09Systems and methods for inference and management of software code architectures
11/05/09Functional unit and the production thereof
10/15/09Method of producing cellulose carbamate fibre and use of the same
10/15/09Cellulose carbamate spinning solution, producing a cellulose carbamate nonwoven, and use of the same
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10/15/09Method of producing cellulose carbamate blown film and use of the same
10/08/09Stable sediment dispersion, production and use thereof
10/08/09Cellular pyrogen test
09/24/09Organic electronic component with dessicant-containing passivation material
09/24/09Method for producing a metal contact structure of a solar cell
09/17/09Method and monitoring system for sample-analysis of data comprising a multitute of data packets
09/10/09Method and device for acoustic manipulation of particles, cells and viruses
08/13/09Sun protection device with angle-selective transmission properties
08/13/09Photodiode chip having a high limit frequency
08/13/09Method and arrangement for coding transform coefficients in picture and/or video coders and decoders and a corresponding computer program and a corresponding computer-readable storage medium
08/13/09Monolithically integrated optoelectronic subassembly
08/06/09Flexible plasma polymer products, corresponding items and use thereof
08/06/09Use of a fibroblast growth factor-binding protein for the treatment and diagnosis of diabetic wound healing problems
07/16/09Method for the non-destructive inspection of a test body using ultrasound
07/09/09Magnetorheological elastomers (mres) with polynorbornene as a carrier medium, processes for producing such elastomer composites and their use
07/09/09Method and device for machining a wafer, in addition to a wafer comprising a separation layer and a support layer
06/18/09Method and periodically measuring the yield point of dispersions, and use thereof
05/28/09Magnetorheological force transmission device
05/28/09Metallic aircraft component
05/21/09Organic light emitting diode and the production thereof
04/30/09Robot gripper and its manufacture
04/16/09Micromechanical sensor- or actuator component and the production of micromechanical sensor- or actuator components
03/26/09Apparatus and extracting an ambient signal in an obtaining weighting coefficients for extracting an ambient signal and computer program
03/12/09Calibration method and calibration system for projection apparatus
03/12/09Creation of a linear or planar shape
02/26/09Cyanate-based, carbon-dioxide-filled structured foams and their production
02/05/09Semiconductor component and producing it and use for it
12/12/13Audio codec using noise synthesis during inactive phases

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