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Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc A Corporation
Freescale Semiconductor Inc formerly Known As Sigmatel Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc Austin Texas
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100107
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100114
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20131212
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100128
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100121

Freescale Semiconductor Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Freescale Semiconductor Inc. Freescale Semiconductor Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Freescale Semiconductor Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Freescale Semiconductor Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  Mutual capacitance sensing circuit
04/20/17 new patent  Partitioned memory having pipeline writes
04/20/17 new patent  Slave device alert signal in inter-integrated circuit (i2c) bus system
04/20/17 new patent  Ic device having patterned, non-conductive substrate
04/20/17 new patent  Integrated circuits and devices with interleaved transistor elements, and methods of their fabrication
04/13/17Method for packaging an integrated circuit device with stress buffer
04/13/17Packet loss debug system and method
04/06/17Lbist debug controller
04/06/17Esd protection device
04/06/17Configurable correlator for joint timing and frequency synchronization and demodulation
03/30/17Microelectronic packages having mold-embedded traces and methods for the production thereof
03/30/17Mems sensor with reduced cross-axis sensitivity
03/30/17Integrated circuit with secure scan enable
03/30/17Data processing unit having a memory protection unit
03/30/17Shared cache protocol for parallel search and replacement
03/30/17Interconnect sharing with integrated control for reduced pinout
03/30/17Systems and methods to access memory locations in exact match keyed lookup tables using auxiliary keys
03/30/17Gate length upsizing for low leakage standard cells
03/30/17Memory with read circuitry and operating
03/30/17Full address coverage during memory array built-in self test with minimum transitions
03/30/17Methods to improve bga package isolation in radio frequency and millimeter wave products
03/30/17Hot plugging protection
03/30/17Denial-of-service attack protection for a communication device
03/30/17Methods and system for generating a waveform for transmitting data to a plurality of receivers and for decoding the received waveform
03/30/17Communication device identification
03/30/17Rule lookup using predictive tuples based rule lookup cache in the data plane
03/23/17Safety level specific error response scheme for mixed criticality systems
03/23/17Tree-search temporal-miss handling
03/23/17Integrating diverse sensors in a single semiconductor device
03/23/17Semiconductor device package with seal structure
03/23/17Mems sensor with side port and fabricating same
03/23/17Data processing system with built-in self-test and method therefor
03/23/17System and error detection in a critical system
03/23/17Handling defective non-volatile memory
03/23/17Semiconductor device with graphene encapsulated metal and method therefor
03/23/17Wafer level chip scale package with encapsulant
03/23/17Semiconductor package and manufacturing same
03/23/17Terminal structure for active power device
03/23/17Integrated circuit with power saving feature
03/23/17Localized redistribution layer structure for embedded component package and method
03/23/17Electrostatic discharge protection devices and methods
03/23/17Electronic devices with nanorings, and methods of manufacture thereof
03/23/17Encapsulated semiconductor device package with heatsink opening, and methods of manufacture thereof
03/23/17System and large dimension equalization using small dimension equalizers
03/23/17Creating and utilizing customized network applications
03/16/17Systems and methods for graphical layer blending
03/16/17System-in-packages containing preassembled surface mount device modules and methods for the production thereof
03/16/17Multi-gate semiconductor devices with improved hot-carrier injection immunity
03/16/17Differential capacitive output pressure sensor and method
03/16/17Method and system to display and browse program trace using source code decoration
03/16/17Automatic memory security
03/16/17Model-based runtime detection of insecure behavior for system on chip with security requirements
03/16/17Monolithic microwave integrated circuits
03/16/17Partially biased isolation in semiconductor devices
03/16/17Segmented field plate structure
03/16/17Partially biased isolation in semiconductor devices
03/16/17Wireless power transmitters with wide input voltage range and methods of their operation
03/16/17High power driver
03/16/17Low power circuit for amplifying a voltage without using resistors
03/16/17Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers
03/16/17Method for determining and recovering from loss of synchronization, communication units and integrated circuits therefor
03/09/17Stacked microelectronic package assemblies and methods for the fabrication thereof
03/09/17Compensation and calibration of multiple mass mems sensor
03/09/17Apparatus and placing stressors within an integrated circuit device to manage electromigration failures
03/09/17Charge pump circuit for providing multiplied voltage
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03/09/17Impedance matching device with coupled resonator structure
03/09/17Input buffer with selectable hysteresis and speed
03/09/17Wireless charger using frequency aliasing fsk demodulation
03/09/17Video stream decoder
03/02/17High capacity i/o (input/output) cells
03/02/17Arbitrary instruction execution from context memory
03/02/17Safe secure bit storage with validation
03/02/17Fast secure boot from embedded flash memory
03/02/17Multiple request notification network for global ordering in a coherent mesh interconnect
03/02/17Static random access memory (sram) with programmable resistive elements
03/02/17Ternary content addressable memory (tcam) with programmable resistive elements
03/02/17Integrated circuit with on-die power distribution bars
03/02/17Universal bga substrate
03/02/17Configurable fir filter with segmented cells
03/02/17Programmable resistive elements as variable tuning elements
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03/02/17Multi-bit flip-flop with shared clock switch
03/02/17Substrate bias circuit and biasing a substrate
03/02/17Data processing system with secure key generation
03/02/17Video encoder with adjustable intra-refresh rate
02/23/17Electrically conductive barriers for integrated circuits
02/23/17Data processing system having messaging
02/23/17Fast write mechanism for emulated electrically erasable (eee) system
02/23/17Storage element with storage and clock tree monitoring circuit and methods therefor
02/23/17Three-dimensional integrated circuit systems in a package and methods therefor
02/23/17Semiconductor device having a metal oxide metal (mom) capacitor and a plurality of series capacitors and forming
02/23/17Semiconductor device with enhanced 3d resurf
02/23/17Output impedance-matching network having harmonic-prevention circuitry
02/23/17Media display system
02/23/17Recovering from discontinuities in time synchronization in audio/video decoder
02/16/17Microelectronic packages having axially-partitioned hermetic cavities and methods for the fabrication thereof
02/16/17Systems and methods for detecting change in species in an environment
02/16/17Tagged cache for data coherency in multi-domain debug operations
02/16/17Non-volatile dynamic random access memory (nvdram) with programming line
02/16/17Sensing and reference voltage scheme for random access memory
02/16/17Method for making a semiconductor device having an interposer
02/16/17Zero-current crossing detection circuits
02/16/17Phase locked loop circuit, integrated circuit, communication unit and method therefor
02/16/17System and radio base station device hot switching and hot swapping
02/16/17System and radio base station device hot reconnection (hot plugging)
02/16/17Radio frequency coupling and transition structure
02/09/17Display control apparatus and configuring an interface bandwidth for image data flow
02/09/17Semiconductor device with protective material and encapsulating
02/09/17Wireless power source and simultaneous, non-radiative, inductive, wireless power transfer to two or more devices to be charged
02/09/17Electrical energy generation within a vehicle tire
02/09/17Electronic device with capacitor bank linearization and a linearization method
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02/02/17Reduction of silicon area for ethernet pfc protocol implementation in queue based network processors
02/02/17Workload balancing in multi-core video decoder
01/26/17Self test for capacitive pressure sensors
01/26/17Mems device with flexible travel stops and fabrication
01/26/17Multi-axis inertial sensor with dual mass and integrated damping structure
01/26/17Linear voltage regulator
01/26/17Dma controller for a data processing system, a data processing system and a operating a dma controller
01/26/17Interrupt management system for deferring low priority interrupts in real-time system
01/26/17Simulation of hierarchical circuit element arrays
01/26/17Semiconductor wafers with through substrate vias and back metal, and methods of fabrication thereof
Patent Packs
01/26/17Balun transformer
01/26/17Bandwidth estimation circuit, computer system, estimating and predicting the bandwidth and computer readable program product
01/26/17Interconnecting system, video signal transmitter and video signal receiver for transmitting an n-symbol data signal
01/26/17Interconnecting system, video signal transmitter and video signal receiver for transmitting an n-symbol data signal
01/19/17Method and determining a value of a variable parameter
01/19/17Coherent timer management in a multicore or multithreaded system
01/19/17Timer rings having different time unit granularities
01/19/17System and updating firmware in real-time
01/19/17Parallel decoder with inter-prediction of video pictures
01/12/17Woven signal-routing substrate for wearable electronic devices
01/12/17Method of making a packaged semiconductor device
01/05/17Mems sensor devices having a self-test mode
01/05/17Electronic device with demonstration mode
01/05/17Flash memory controller, data processing system with flash memory controller and operating a flash memory controller
01/05/17Cmos device including a non-straight pn-boundary and methods for generating a layout of a cmos device
01/05/17Display system, an integrated circuit for use in the display system, and a displaying at least two images on at least two screens
01/05/17Non-volatile random access memory (nvram)
01/05/17Esd protection structure
01/05/17Semiconductor package having an isolation wall to reduce electromagnetic coupling
01/05/17Noise suppression circuit for a switchable transistor
01/05/17Video buffering and frame rate doubling device and method
12/29/16Semiconductor devices and methods for dead time optimization
12/29/16Integrated circuit including overlapping scan domains
12/29/16Ic module and decoding resource access requests
12/29/16Systems and methods for asymmetric memory access to memory banks within integrated circuit systems
12/29/16Apparatus and verifying the integrity of transformed vertex data in graphics pipeline processing
12/29/16Apparatus and verifying image data comprising mapped texture image data
12/29/16Apparatus and verifying fragment processing related data in graphics pipeline processing
12/29/16Apparatus and verifying the origin of texture map in graphics pipeline processing
12/29/16Devices with signal characteristic dependent control circuitry and methods of operation therefor
Patent Packs
12/29/16Method and secure recordation of time of attempted breach of ic package
12/29/16Systems and methods to dynamically calibrate and adjust gains in a direct conversion receiver
12/29/16Low interference cellular data commnunication in unlicensed frequency spectrum
12/29/16Carrier frequency offset estimation for wireless communication
12/22/16Inertial sensor with couple spring for common mode rejection
12/22/16Mems device with common mode rejection structure
12/22/16Protected sensor field effect transistors
12/22/16Signal adaptive filtering for touch detection
12/22/16Shared buffer management for variable length encoded data
12/22/16Ternary content addressable memory (tcam) with magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) devices
12/22/16Semiconducitive catechol group encapsulant adhesion promoter for a packaged electronic device
12/22/16Complementary gallium nitride integrated circuits and methods of their fabrication
12/22/16Rf circuit with multiple-definition rf substrate and conductive material void under a bias line
12/22/16Rail-to-rail comparator with built-in constant hysteresis
12/22/16Apparatus and performing a decimation on a signal for pattern detection
12/15/16Capacitance sensor with noise rejection
12/15/16Multiple processor core interrupt priority levels
12/15/16End-to-end error detection and correction
12/15/16Systems and methods for data encryption
12/15/16Method and testing integrated circuit
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12/15/16Electronic devices with attached die structures and methods of formation of such devices
12/15/16Integrated circuit devices with counter-doped conductive gates
12/08/16Protected sensor field effect transistors
12/08/16Systems and methods for testing a clamp function for insulated gate bipolar transistors
12/08/16Capacitance sensor with noise rejection
12/08/16System-level redundancy in pci express equipment
12/01/16Detector for high frequency interrupts
12/01/16Data integrity check within a data processing system
12/01/16Boot control vehicles
12/01/16Package-on-package device and cavity formation by solder removal for package interconnection
12/01/16Amplfiers and related integrated circuits
12/01/16Multimedia streaming synchronization
11/24/16Computer executing contexts with autonomous functional units
11/24/16Systems and methods for sram with backup non-volatile memory that includes mtj resistive elements
11/24/16Solar cell powered integrated circuit device and method therefor
11/24/16Device with a conductive feature formed over a cavity and method therefor
11/24/16Transistor with charge enhanced field plate structure and method
11/24/16Semiconductor devices with vertical field floating rings and methods of fabrication thereof
11/24/16Rf amplifier output circuit device with integrated current path, and methods of manufacture thereof
11/24/16Method and modulating a clock signal
Social Network Patent Pack
11/24/16Method and controlling wake events in a data processing system
11/17/16Corruption detection and smart reset of ferromagnetic structures in magnetic field sensors
11/17/16Voltage regulator with extended minimum to maximum load current ratio
11/17/16Bidirectional communication demodulation for wireless charging system
11/17/16Phase correction in a doherty power amplifier
11/17/16Method of offloading cyclic redundancy check on portions of a packet
11/17/16Digital front-end channelization device
11/10/16Method and real-time blank page detection in data transmission
11/10/16Memory reliability using error-correcting code
11/10/16Integrated circuit access
11/10/16Semiconductor structure with sacrificial anode and forming
11/10/16Package-aware state-based leakage power reduction
11/03/16Counter based circuit for measuring movement of an object
11/03/16Multi-sensor system and forming same
11/03/16Communication system, methods and inter-partition communication
10/27/16Bonded wafer structure having cavities with low pressure and forming
10/27/16Data processing system with speculative fetching
10/27/16Data processing system having messaging
10/27/16Soft error detection in a memory system
10/27/16Fft device and performing a fast fourier transform
10/27/16Systems and methods for via placement
10/27/16Method and validating a test pattern
10/27/16Common source architecture for split gate memory
10/27/16Low-voltage differential signaling (differential signaling) driver circuit and enabling and disabling a differential signaling driver circuit
10/27/16Methods and systems to embed valid-field (vf) bits in classification keys for network packet frames
10/27/16Method for coding packet classification key composition rules using variable length commands
10/27/16Resource efficient video processing via prediction error computational adjustments
10/20/16Electric field sensor, system, and programming electronic devices on a wafer
10/20/16Method for reading data from nonvolatile memory
10/20/16Method and system design verification
Social Network Patent Pack
10/20/16Display controller, heads-up image display system and method thereof
10/20/16Structure and method to minimize warpage of packaged semiconductor devices
10/20/16Method of forming inter-level dielectric structures on semiconductor devices
10/20/16Semiconductor devices with a thermally conductive layer
10/20/16Voltage level shifter
10/20/16Low drop out voltage regulator and method therefor
10/13/16Device with vertically integrated sensors and fabrication
10/13/16System and providing diagnostic information
10/13/16Code injection for conditional breakpoints
10/13/16Apparatus and external access to core resources of a processor, semiconductor systems development tool comprising the apparatus, and computer program product and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium associated with the method
10/13/16Mismatch-compensated sense amplifier for highly scaled technology
10/13/16Esd protection device
10/13/16Method of forming split gate memory with improved reliability
10/13/16Flip-flop structure
10/13/16Filtered sampling circuit and a controlling a filtered sampling circuit
10/06/16Method, apparatus, and system for unambiguous parameter sampling in a heterogeneous multi-core or multi-threaded processor environment
10/06/16Systems and methods for managing task watchdog status register entries
10/06/16Semiconductor device packages
10/06/16Lead frame with deflecting tie bar for ic package
10/06/16Integrated electronic package and stacked assembly thereof
10/06/16Methods for forming semiconductor device packages
10/06/16Power receiver for wireless charging system
10/06/16Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers
10/06/16Transmission gate circuit
10/06/16Method and snr estimation apparatus in ofdm systems
10/06/16Multiple connection management for bluetooth low energy devices
09/29/16State-based undervoltage hysteresis
09/29/16Computer context switching
09/29/16System on chip and updating program code on a system on chip

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