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Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc A Corporation
Freescale Semiconductor Inc formerly Known As Sigmatel Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc Austin Texas
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100107
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100114
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20131212
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100128
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100121


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Freescale Semiconductor Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Freescale Semiconductor Inc. Freescale Semiconductor Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Freescale Semiconductor Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Freescale Semiconductor Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Freescale Semiconductor Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016620006/16/16 Glucose monitoring system as control input to adjustable focal length lenses
22016016794406/16/16 Reducing mems stiction by deposition of nanoclusters
32016016796106/16/16 Compensation and calibration for mems devices
42016016975806/16/16 Stress isolated differential pressure sensor
52016016976006/16/16 Pressure sensor with differential capacitive output
62016016996506/16/16 Scan testing with staggered clocks
72016017043306/16/16 Method and circuit for generating a proportional-to-absolute-temperature current source
82016017047206/16/16 Low power configuration for usb (universal serial bus) devices
92016017091606/16/16 Coherent memory interleaving with uniform latency
102016017113806/16/16 Method and computer system for simulating operation of a programmable integrated circuit
112016017114006/16/16 Method and system for determining minimum operational voltage for transistor memory-based devices
122016017122306/16/16 Systems and methods for secure provisioning of production electronic circuits
132016017164506/16/16 Display controller and a method thereof
142016017203506/16/16 Pseudo sram using resistive elements for non-volatile storage
152016017205206/16/16 Memory array with read only cells having multiple states and programming thereof
162016017219906/16/16 Nanocrystal memory and methods for forming same
172016017224006/16/16 Method for forming a coupling layer
182016017230906/16/16 Emi/rfi shielding for semiconductor device packages
192016017231806/16/16 Semiconductor devices with impedance matching-circuits
202016017286706/16/16 Control of power transfer
212016017297306/16/16 Multiple mode power regulator
222016017303906/16/16 Amplifiers with a short phase path, packaged rf devices for use therein, and methods of manufacture thereof
232016017304806/16/16 Dc offset calibration of wireless receivers
242016017306706/16/16 System and enhanced clocking operation
252016017307606/16/16 Production test trimming acceleration
262016017309106/16/16 Lvds with idle state
272016017310906/16/16 Xor phase detector, phase-locked loop, and operating a pll
282016017312006/16/16 Test signal generator for sigma-delta adc
292016017312106/16/16 Circuit generating an analog signal using a part of a sigma-delta adc
302016017324806/16/16 Snr estimation for sounding signals
312016017333506/16/16 Network interface module and a changing network configuration parameters within a network device
322016017341606/16/16 Method and implementing deterministic response frame transmission
332016017384706/16/16 Video processing unit and buffering a source video stream
342016017409406/16/16 Radio frequency transceiver loopback testing
352016017421806/16/16 Device for multiple pan access
362016015964206/09/16 Stress isolated mems device with asic as cap
372016016078006/09/16 A control system and operating a control system
382016016083306/09/16 Radiation devices
392016016135506/09/16 Packaged sensor with integrated offset calibration
402016016154406/09/16 Testing of semiconductor devices
412016016156206/09/16 Apparatus and determining impedance characteristics of an electrical load
422016016270906/09/16 3d graphics system
432016016329006/09/16 Display system, a displaying an image on a screen and an associated computer program product
442016016362306/09/16 System, leadless surface mounted semiconductor package
452016016367106/09/16 Integrated circuit package with power plates
462016016384906/09/16 Semiconductor device and manufacture therefor
472016016447106/09/16 Radio frequency devices with surface-mountable capacitors for decoupling and methods thereof
482016015246406/02/16 Mems parameter identification using modulated waveforms
492016015404506/02/16 Sensor circuit, vehicle and method therefor
502016015404706/02/16 Sensor circuit, vehicle and method therefor
512016015409206/02/16 Integrated circuit for saturation detection, wireless device and detecting saturation
522016015581306/02/16 Methods and structures for split gate memory cell scaling with merged control gates
532016015618006/02/16 Electrostatic discharge protection
542016015649206/02/16 Radio signal decoding and decoder
552016015663206/02/16 System on chip and method therefor
562016015722206/02/16 Joint user detection apparatus
572016014712505/26/16 Electronic devices wth transparent conducting electrodes, and methods of manufacture thereof
582016014751705/26/16 Method and computer program product for disassembling a mixed machine code
592016014758605/26/16 Device and executing a program, and storing a program
602016014766005/26/16 Access extent monitoring for data transfer reduction
612016014767205/26/16 Device having memory access protection
622016014800005/26/16 Method and encoding image data
632016014868505/26/16 Resistive memory with program verify and erase verify capability
642016014951505/26/16 A gate drive circuit and a controlling a power transistor
652016014956905/26/16 A gate drive circuit and a setting up a gate drive circuit
662016014959105/26/16 Turbo decoders with stored column indexes for interleaver address generation and out-of-bounds detection and associated methods
672016014959605/26/16 Turbo decoder with a low-power input format and associated method
682016014966805/26/16 Turbo decoders with extrinsic addressing and associated methods
692016014977305/26/16 Multi-partition networking device
702016014978105/26/16 Network node, a communication system and associated methods
712016014993405/26/16 Illegal message destroyer
722016015016405/26/16 System controller, multi-camera view system and a processing images
732016015063205/26/16 Packaged electronic devices with top terminations, and methods of manufacture thereof
742016015065405/26/16 Methods of forming oscillator systems having annular resonant circuitry
752016013715105/19/16 Object restraint systems and methods of operation thereof
762016013896805/19/16 Apparatus and checking the integrity of visual display information
772016013917405/19/16 Trimming circuit for a sensor and trimming method
782016013983705/19/16 Error recovery in a data processing system which implements partial writes
792016013994405/19/16 Method and combined hardware/software vm migration
802016014006205/19/16 Message filtering in a data processing system
812016014006305/19/16 Message filtering in a data processing system
822016014201505/19/16 High frequency amplifier
832016014202505/19/16 Integrated matching circuit for a high frequency amplifier
842016014217505/19/16 Adaptive cyclic channel coding for orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) systems
852016014245805/19/16 Method and device for data streaming in a mobile communication system
862016014267405/19/16 Teleconferencing environment having auditory and visual cues
872016014301205/19/16 Carrier aggregation controller and method
882016013013605/12/16 Environmental sensor structure
892016013155205/12/16 Shock sensor with latch mechanism and shock detection
902016013171305/12/16 Systems and methods for switch health determination
912016013207005/12/16 Oscillator circuit and generating a clock signal
922016013209305/12/16 Method and controlling an operating mode of a processing module
932016013233205/12/16 Signal processing device and performing a bit-expand operation
942016013237405/12/16 Detection of data corruption in a data processing device
952016013262805/12/16 Method of designing an integrated circuit and computer program product
962016013357405/12/16 Though-substrate vias (tsvs) and method therefor
972016013360805/12/16 Devices and stacked microelectronic packages with package surface conductors and methods of their fabrication
982016013427305/12/16 Emitter follower buffer with reverse-bias protection
992016013427905/12/16 Method and circuit for recharging a bootstrap capacitor using a transfer capacitor
1002016013452105/12/16 Device and processing in a mobile communication system
1012016013522305/12/16 Efficient scheduling in asynchronous contention-based system
1022016012452105/05/16 Remote customization of sensor system performance
1032016012480005/05/16 Microcontroller unit and operating a microcontroller unit
1042016012485305/05/16 Diagnostic apparatus, control unit, integrated circuit, vehicle and recording diagnostic data
1052016012490405/05/16 Processing device and performing a round of a fast fourier transform
1062016012620605/05/16 Thick-silver layer interface
1072016012620805/05/16 Coated bonding wire and methods for bonding using same
1082016012632705/05/16 Method of making a split gate memory cell
1092016012672905/05/16 Shared esd circuitry
1102016012684105/05/16 Buck converter and operating a buck converter
1112016012690505/05/16 Broadband radio frequency power amplifiers, and methods of manufacture thereof
1122016012696305/05/16 Phase detector and phase-locked loop
1132016012804005/05/16 Method and device for interfacing in a mobile communication system
1142016011831304/28/16 Fan-out wafer level packages containing embedded ground plane interconnect structures and methods for the fabrication thereof
1152016011636104/28/16 System for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors
1162016011700704/28/16 Visual display content source identifier and method
1172016011718304/28/16 System-on-chip device, peripheral access and integrated circuit
1182016011725504/28/16 Device having a cache memory
1192016011809504/28/16 Die stack address bus having a programmable width
1202016011836504/28/16 Die attachment for packaged semiconductor device
1212016011837304/28/16 Multiple die lead frame packaging
1222016011846904/28/16 Integrated circuit devices with counter-doped conductive gates
1232016011849504/28/16 Integrated breakdown protection
1242016011870504/28/16 Packaged integrated circuit waveguide interface and methods thereof
1252016011988704/28/16 Signal processing uplink in small cell base station
1262016011140304/21/16 Leadframe-based system-in-packages having sidewall-mounted surface mount devices and methods for the production thereof
1272016010788704/21/16 Methodology and system for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors
1282016010951004/21/16 Test board support platform for supporting a test board
1292016010955904/21/16 Integrated circuit, radar device and calibrating a receiver
1302016011027504/21/16 Method and offloading functional data from an interconnect component
1312016011201204/21/16 Radio frequency power amplifier
1322016010297904/14/16 System comprising a mechanical resonator and method therefor
1332016010320604/14/16 Radar device utilizing phase shift
1342016010368604/14/16 Apparatus and determining a cumulative size of trace messages generated by a plurality of instructions
1352016010376904/14/16 Processing device and method thereof
1362016010385804/14/16 Data management system comprising a trie data structure, integrated circuits and methods therefor
1372016010394004/14/16 Method of generating a target layout on the basis of a source layout
1382016010438004/14/16 Cycling safety system
1392016010520004/14/16 Apparatus and processing trace data streams
1402016010586104/14/16 Antenna delay buffering in telecommunication receivers
1412016010587604/14/16 Communications enabled apparatus with a multi-mac manager and a operating thereof
1422016009672404/07/16 Stress isolation for mems device
1432016009779204/07/16 Three-axis microelectromechanical systems device with single proof mass
1442016009804704/07/16 Voltage monitoring system
1452016009805004/07/16 Voltage regulator, application-specific integrated circuit and providing a load with a regulated voltage
1462016009831304/07/16 Watchdog
1472016009832604/07/16 Method and enabling temporal alignment of debug information
1482016009850604/07/16 Signal delay flip-flop cell for fixing hold time violation
1492016009855104/07/16 Optical authentication of operations for a mobile device
1502016009915304/07/16 Split-gate non-volatile memory (nvm) cell and method therefor
1512016009919904/07/16 Electronic devices with solderable die structures and methods of formation of such devices
1522016009921204/07/16 Through package circuit in fan-out wafer level package
1532016009934104/07/16 High breakdown voltage ldmos device
1542016009934904/07/16 Semiconductor device with non-isolated power transistor with integrated diode protection
1552016009965604/07/16 Non-isolated ac-dc conversion power supply
1562016009970904/07/16 Current mode logic circuit for high speed input/output applications
1572016010036704/07/16 Power management module and method therefor
1582016009232903/31/16 Final result checking for system with pre-verified cores
1592016009152903/31/16 Accelerometer calibration in a rotating member
1602016009156103/31/16 Secure low voltage testing
1612016009190803/31/16 Sensed switch current control
1622016009222903/31/16 Systems and methods for managing return stacks in a multi-threaded data processing system
1632016009232003/31/16 Electronic fault detection unit
1642016009232303/31/16 Multi-partition networking device and method therefor
1652016009353303/31/16 Substrate for alternative semiconductor die configurations
1662016009354903/31/16 Integrated circuit heater for reducing stress in the integrated circuit material and chip leads of the integrated circit, and for optimizing performance of devices of the integrated circuit
1672016009358703/31/16 Flexible circuit leads in packaging for radio frequency devices and methods thereof
1682016009367103/31/16 Non-volatile random access memory (nvram)
1692016009417103/31/16 Method and regulating an output voltage of an alternator
1702016009418703/31/16 Modifiable signal adjustment devices for power amplifiers and corresponding methods & apparatus
1712016009476603/31/16 Orientation determination for devices generating electromagnetic interference
1722016008472203/24/16 Differential pressure sensor assembly
1732016008705703/24/16 Low resistance polysilicon strap
1742016008324903/24/16 Mems device with differential vertical sense electrodes
1752016008487203/24/16 Three-axis microelectromechanical systems devices
1762016008490303/24/16 Integrated circuit and operating an integrated circuit
1772016008491303/24/16 Cell monitoring apparatus, battery monitoring apparatus, integrated circuit and monitoring a rechargeable cell
1782016008526103/24/16 Low voltage swing buffer
1792016008527903/24/16 Method for resetting an electronic device having independent device domains
1802016008547903/24/16 Interface system and method
1812016008554503/24/16 Method and implementing inter-component function calls
1822016008561803/24/16 Electronic device having a runtime integrity checker
1832016008568703/24/16 Memory management component
1842016008688003/24/16 Copper wire through silicon via connection
1852016008693003/24/16 Fan-out wafer level package containing back-to-back embedded microelectronic components and assembly method therefor
1862016008733303/24/16 Integrated circuit package
1872016008758603/24/16 Packaged rf amplifier devices and methods of manufacture thereof
1882016008758803/24/16 Packaged rf amplifier devices with grounded isolation structures and methods of manufacture thereof
1892016008773703/24/16 A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a sampling a signal received from the network
1902016008774103/24/16 Equalizer for joint-equalization
1912016008014003/17/16 A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a adjusting a frequency of an internal clock of the network receiver
1922016007555303/17/16 Sensor protective coating
1932016007719603/17/16 Receiver receiver testing
1942016007753303/17/16 Voltage regulation system for integrated circuit
1952016007753703/17/16 A low drop-out voltage regulator and a providing a regulated voltage
1962016007754203/17/16 Method and control of a switched current circuit
1972016007787003/17/16 Starvation control in a data processing system
1982016007790403/17/16 Integrated circuit and detecting a data integrity error
1992016007798403/17/16 Mechanism for managing access to at least one shared integrated peripheral of a processing unit and a operating thereof
2002016007825103/17/16 Key storage and revocation in a secure memory system
2012016007825303/17/16 Device having a security module
2022016008000203/17/16 Adaptive error correction codes (eccs) for electronic memories
2032016008014003/17/16 A network receiver for a network using distributed clock synchronization and a adjusting a frequency of an internal clock of the network receiver
2042016008026203/17/16 Domain name collaboration service using domain name dependency server
2052016006976303/10/16 Semiconductor sensor device formed with gel sheet
2062016006998603/10/16 Radar device and operating a radar device
2072016007061903/10/16 Method and configuring i/o cells of a signal processing ic device into a safe state
2082016007066603/10/16 Method of controlling direct memory access of a peripheral memory of a peripheral by a master, an associated circuitry, an associated device and an associated computer program product
2092016007066903/10/16 Multi-port transmitter device for transmitting at least partly redundant data, an associated control system, an associated method and an associated computer program product
2102016007084603/10/16 System for testing ic design
2112016007093403/10/16 Memory controller
2122016007122803/10/16 Data logging system and method
2132016007149503/10/16 Display controller device having a debug interface
2142016007178903/10/16 Molded interposer for packaged semiconductor device
2152016007194303/10/16 Method to form self-aligned high density nanocrystals
2162016007196003/10/16 Non-volatile memory (nvm) cell and a making
2172016007241303/10/16 Method, computer program product and controller for starting-up a switched reluctance motor, and electrical apparatus implementing same
2182016007245103/10/16 Rf power transistor circuits
2192016007248403/10/16 Low swing flip-flop with reduced leakage slave latch
2202016007248803/10/16 Voltage-driver circuit with dynamic slew rate control
2212016006432403/03/16 Semiconductor package with embedded capacitor and methods of manufacturing same
2222016006186703/03/16 Method and metering a voltage signal
2232016006187003/03/16 Electric power meter
2242016006189003/03/16 Integrated circuit device and performing self-testing within an integrated circuit device
2252016006189103/03/16 Mixed mode integrated circuit, providing a controllable test clock signal to a sub-circuitry of the mixed-mode integrated circuit and detecting current paths causing violations of electromagnetic compatibility standards in the mixed mode integrated circuit
2262016006189803/03/16 Wetting current diagnostics
2272016006233103/03/16 Apparatus and validating the integrity of control signals in timing domain
2282016006265603/03/16 Command set extension for non-volatile memory
2292016006275103/03/16 Method and optimising computer program code
2302016006279703/03/16 System and dynamically managed task switch lookahead
2312016006280603/03/16 Method and device for detecting a race condition and a computer program product
2322016006281003/03/16 Methods and detecting software inteference
2332016006286203/03/16 Data processing system with debug control
2342016006287403/03/16 Debug architecture for multithreaded processors
2352016006314903/03/16 Design tool apparatus, method and computer program for designing an integrated circuit
2362016006435603/03/16 Semiconductor device package with organic interposer
2372016006454603/03/16 Edge termination for trench gate fet
2382016006455603/03/16 Trench gate fet with self-aligned source contact
2392016006479203/03/16 Radio frequency coupling structure and a manufacturing thereof
2402016006511403/03/16 Device for controlling a multi-phase motor
2412016006513103/03/16 Integrated circuit comprising a frequency dependent circuit, wireless device and adjusting a frequency
2422016006522503/03/16 Method for re-centering a vco, integrated circuit and wireless device
2432016006525003/03/16 Wireless communication unit, integrated circuits and linearizing a transmitter signal
2442016006529503/03/16 Antenna-diversity receiver and operating an antenna-diversity receiver and a transmitter in a frequency-hopping communication system
2452016006605203/03/16 Television receiver, television set, and updating program schedule information in a television receiver
2462016005474602/25/16 Voltage regulation system for integrated circuit
2472016005499502/25/16 Single-instruction multiple data processor
2482016005609402/25/16 Ball grid array package with more signal routing structures
2492016005609902/25/16 Integrated circuit with on-die decoupling capacitors

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