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Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc A Corporation
Freescale Semiconductor Inc formerly Known As Sigmatel Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc Austin Texas
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100107
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100114
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20131212
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100128
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100121


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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.. Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Power switch with current limitation and zero direct current (dc) power consumption

Freescale Semiconductor

Power switch with current limitation and zero direct current (dc) power consumption

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Count Application # Date Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015005404402/26/15Method to form a polysilicon nanocrystal thin film storage bitcell within a high k metal gate platform technology using a gate last process to form transistor gates
22015005409602/26/15Reducing mems stiction by introduction of a carbon barrier
32015005447702/26/15Power switch with current limitation and zero direct current (dc) power consumption
42015005448702/26/15Reference voltage source and providing a curvature-compensated reference voltage
52015005456202/26/15Level shifter with static precharge circuit
62015004846202/19/15Sensor package and forming same
72015004884802/19/15Test structure and methodology for estimating sensitivity of pressure sensors
82015004940602/19/15Electrostatic discharge protection circuit arrangement, electronic circuit and esd protection method
92015004192702/12/15Mems device with differential vertical sense electrodes
102015004665802/12/15Cache organization and method
112015004675302/12/15Embedded software debug system with partial hardware acceleration
122015004689302/12/15Techniques for electromigration stress mitigation in interconnects of an integrated circuit design
132015003515102/05/15Capping layer interface interruption for stress migration mitigation
142015003560402/05/15Coupler with distributed feeding and compensation
152015003795802/05/15Methods of making multi-state non-volatile memory cells
162015004009202/05/15Stress migration mitigation
172015002719801/29/15Mems parameter identification using modulated waveforms
182015002776701/29/15System and lead frame package degating
192015002894801/29/15Switch-mode amplifier
202015002901301/29/15Method and system for facilitating viewing of information in a machine
212015002137601/22/15Wire bonding capillary with working tip protrusion
222015002174601/22/15Backscattering for localized annealing
232015002453501/22/15Semiconductor sensor device with footed lid
242015002641001/22/15Least recently used (lru) cache replacement implementation using a fifo
252015002652301/22/15Debugging method and computer program product
262015001524001/15/15Method of detecting irregular current flow in an integrated circuit device and apparatus therefor
272015001105301/08/15Semiconductor device and assembling same
282015000211601/01/15Dc to dc converter and method to operate a dc to dc converter
292015000218301/01/15Semiconductor device comprising an output driver circuitry, a packaged semiconductor device and associated methods
302015000221801/01/15Device and compensating for voltage drops
312015000222601/01/15Semiconductor package having wire bond wall to reduce coupling
322015000222901/01/15Semiconductor packages having wire bond wall to reduce coupling
332015000474701/01/15Reram device structure
342015000476801/01/15Drain-end drift diminution in semiconductor devices
352015000682701/01/15Method for detecting bank collision at a memory and device therefor
362015000686301/01/15Debug for providing indexed trace messages
372015000686901/01/15Debug for handling exceptions and interrupts
382014038025812/25/14Method and performing integrated circuit layout verification
392014037484912/25/14Angular rate sensor with quadrature error compensation
402014037485112/25/14Mems device and fabricating mems devices
412014037534112/25/14Die fracture detection and humidity protection with double guard ring arrangement
422014037631712/25/14Reducing the power consumption of memory devices
432014037658612/25/14Multi-chip device with temperature control element for temperature calibration
442014038001712/25/14Memory management and allocation using free-list
452014036723912/18/14Capacitive keypad position sensor with low cross-interference
462014036783012/18/14Esd protection device
472014036785912/18/14Tin-based wirebond structures
482014036901512/18/14Warp compensated electronic assemblies
492014035240012/04/14Transducer-including devices, and methods and their calibration
502014035383012/04/14Semiconductor devices with multilayer flex interconnect structures
512014035436212/04/14Amplifier calibration
522014035536712/04/14Multiple data rate memory with read timing information
532014035702312/04/14Semiconductor device package with cap element
542014034511711/27/14Semiconductor device with thermal dissipation lead frame
552014035157011/27/14Programming interface and method
562014035178111/27/14Method for placing operational cells in a semiconductor device
572014033965611/20/14Mems pressure transducer assembly
582014034121411/20/14Method and detecting one or more predetermined tones transmitted over a communication network
592014034251811/20/14Power mosfet structure and method
602014033290111/13/14Semiconductor device with notched gate
612014033294111/13/14System, leadless surface mounted semiconductor package
622014033332711/13/14On-die capacitance measurement module and measuring an on-die capacitive load
632014033336711/13/14Metal-oxide-semiconductor (mos) voltage divider with dynamic impedance control
642014033405311/13/14Over-current protection device
652014033785911/13/14Processing load with normal or fast operation mode
662014032934411/06/14Testing an electrical connection of a device cap
672014031959710/30/14Methods and systems for gate dimension control in multi-gate structures for semiconductor devices
682014032121210/30/14Non-volatile memory (nvm) with variable verify operations
692014032305010/30/14System for monitoring and controlling the power of a radio frequency (rf) signal in a short-range rf transmitter
702014032307410/30/14Power management for a battery-powered handheld audio device
712014032518310/30/14Integrated circuit device, asymmetric multi-core processing module, electronic device and managing execution of computer program code therefor
722014032546310/30/14Integrated circuit design verification through forced clock glitches
732014031124310/23/14Estimation of sidewall skew angles of a structure
742014031243510/23/14Mems device with stress isolation and fabrication
752014031245710/23/14Integrated circuit chip with discontinuous guard ring
762014031287510/23/14Startup circuits with native transistors
772014031297510/23/14Amplifier using nonlinear drivers
782014031297610/23/14Amplfiers and related integrated circuits
792014031739510/23/14Microprocessor, and managing reset events therefor
802014030674510/16/14Flip-flop having shared feedback and operation
812014030877910/16/14Integrated circuit package with voltage distributor
822014030264110/09/14Stiffened semiconductor die package
832014029993510/09/14Shallow trench isolation for soi structures combining sidewall spacer and bottom liner
842014030019310/09/14Power safety circuit, integrated circuit device and safety critical system
852014030061510/09/14Memory access controller, data processing system, and managing data flow between a memory unit and a processing unit
862014030380410/09/14Method of controlling a thermal budget of an integrated circuit device, an integrated circuit, a thermal control module and an electronic device therefor
872014029225210/02/14Circuit and speed monitoring of an electric motor
882014029563910/02/14Field focusing features in a reram cell
892014029800510/02/14Microprocessor device, and managing reset events therefor
902014029811110/02/14Controller, sata system and operation therefor
912014028471609/25/14Ldmos device with minority carrier shunt region
922014028517509/25/14Reference voltage generating circuit, integrated circuit and voltage or current sensing device
932014028523909/25/14Power monitoring circuitry
942014028754709/25/14Inhibiting propagation of surface cracks in a mems device
952014028755409/25/14Method for plating a semiconductor package lead
962014028935709/25/14Data processing system and controlling access to a shared memory unit
972014026638509/18/14Dual supply level shifter circuits
982014028129109/18/14Method and memory array access
992014028260309/18/14Method and detecting a collision between multiple threads of execution for accessing a memory array
1002014026050809/18/14Compensation and calibration for mems devices
1012014026060809/18/14Angular rate sensor having multiple axis sensing capability
1022014026061009/18/14Multiple axis rate sensor
1032014026061609/18/14Mems device having variable gap width and manufacture
1042014026472409/18/14Deep trench isolation
1052014026472809/18/14Active tiling placement for improved latch-up immunity
1062014026624609/18/14Mcu-based compensation and calibration for mems devices
1072014026636609/18/14Compensated hysteresis circuit
1082014026647409/18/14System and improved mems oscillator startup
1092014026900809/18/14Non-volatile memory using bi-directional resistive elements
1102014027335209/18/14Semiconductor device
1112014027339109/18/14Inductive element with interrupter region and forming
1122014027794909/18/14Airbag apparatus
1132014028139009/18/14System and ordering packet transfers in a data processor
1142014028234009/18/14Method for provisioning decoupling capacitance in an integrated circuit
1152014025097009/11/14System and monitoring a gyroscope
1162014025097109/11/14System and monitoring an accelerometer
1172014025100909/11/14System and reducing offset variation in multifunction sensor devices
1182014025246709/11/14Laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor transistors for radio frequency power amplifiers
1192014025247009/11/14Semiconductor device with integrated electrostatic discharge (esd) clamp
1202014025247209/11/14Semiconductor device with increased safe operating area
1212014025248709/11/14Gate security feature
1222014025257009/11/14Lead-frame circuit package
1232014025258609/11/14Semiconductor devices that include a die bonded to a substrate with a gold interface layer
1242014025320409/11/14Clock signal generator module, integrated circuit, electronic device and method therefor
1252014025324809/11/14Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers
1262014025325809/11/14System for reducing electromagnetic induction interference
1272014025463609/11/14System and demodulating an incoming signal
1282014025463709/11/14Direct sequence spread spectrum signal receiving device and method
1292014025609109/11/14Methods for bonding a die and a substrate
1302014025858209/11/14Semiconductor device with vias on a bridge connecting two buses
1312014025879809/11/14Test control point insertion and x-bounding for logic built-in self-test (lbist) using observation circuitry
1322014024708009/04/14Multi-level clock signal distribution network and integrated circuit
1332014024708109/04/14Combinatorial circuit and operation of such a combinatorial circuit
1342014023848308/28/14Three-dimensional solar cell having increased efficiency
1352014023934608/28/14Mishfet and schottky device integration
1362014023992708/28/14Transition control for a hybrid switched-mode power supply (smps)
1372014024276208/28/14Tunable schottky diode with depleted conduction path
1382014024489508/28/14Robust sector id scheme for tracking dead sectors to automate search and copydown
1392014023054908/21/14Spring system for mems device
1402014023201708/21/14Identification mechanism for semiconductor device die
1412014023234408/21/14Circuit and voltage equalization in large batteries
1422014023234708/21/14Circuit and battery equalization
1432014023257908/21/14Low power quantizer for analog to digital converter
1442014023258908/21/14Receiver circuit, phased-array receiver and radar system
1452014023337208/21/14Real-time distributed network module, real-time distributed network and method therefor
1462014022515608/14/14Esd protection with integrated ldmos triggering junction
1472014022517608/14/14Embedded nvm in a hkmg process
1482014022645908/14/14Real-time distributed network slave device, real-time distributed network and method therefor
1492014022073808/07/14Lead frame array package with flip chip die attach
1502014022091708/07/14Multimode rake receiver, cellular base station and cellular communication device
1512014022312808/07/14Memory device and organizing a homogeneous memory
1522014020998807/31/14Nonvolatile memory bitcell
1532014021001607/31/14Implant for performance enhancement of selected transistors in an integrated circuit
1542014021056507/31/14Amplitude loop control for oscillators
1552014021305007/31/14Method of making a die with recessed aluminum die pads
1562014020335807/24/14Semiconductor device with enhanced 3d resurf
1572014020341007/24/14Die edge sealing structures and related fabrication methods
1582014020385707/24/14Variable delay and setup time flip-flop
1592014020410307/24/14Data processing task scheduling in a data processing system
1602014020509207/24/14Secure provisioning in an untrusted environment
1612014020612407/24/14Pressure sensor and packaging same
1622014020797907/24/14Dma-assisted irregular sampling sequences
1632014019754107/17/14Microelectronic assembly having a heat spreader for a plurality of die
1642014019780707/17/14Reducing output voltage ripple of power supplies
1652014019797307/17/14Digital to analog converter with current steering source for reduced glitch energy error
1662014020147907/17/14Integrated circuit device, memory interface module, data processing providing data access control
1672014020159707/17/14Error correction with extended cam
1682014019137707/10/14Integrated circuit package
1692014019138307/10/14Power device and packaging same
1702014018372907/03/14Sensor packages having semiconductor dies of differing sizes
1712014018701207/03/14Customized shield plate for a field effect transistor
1722014018701407/03/14Methods for forming bipolar transistors
1732014018946207/03/14Error correcting device, monitoring an error correcting device and data processing system
1742014017622006/26/14Integrated circuit device, voltage regulator module and compensating a voltage signal
1752014016949506/19/14Signalling circuit, processing device and safety critical system
1762014016710206/19/14Semiconductor device with single-event latch-up prevention circuitry
1772014016785506/19/14Rf power transistor circuits
1782014016786306/19/14Rf power transistor circuits
1792014017324706/19/14Processing apparatus and synchronizing a first processing unit and a second processing unit
1802014017335306/19/14Integrated circuit device and identifying a presence of a broken connection within an external signal path
1812014016086206/12/14Reducing the power consumption of memory devices
1822014016086906/12/14Built-in self trim for non-volatile memory reference current
1832014016477906/12/14Secure provisioning in an untrusted environment
1842014015724006/05/14Method and enabling an executed control flow path through computer program code to be determined
1852014015248106/05/14Integrated circuit device and dynamically modifying at least one characteristic within a digital to analogue converter module
1862014015359006/05/14Method and transmitting data
1872014015502706/05/14Electronic device and a computer program product
1882014014423105/29/14Inertial sensor and levitation effect compensation
1892014014533905/29/14Encapsulant for a semiconductor device
1902014014534005/29/14Flip chip interconnection structure
1912014014576505/29/14Voltage ramp-up protection
1922014014798505/29/14Methods for the fabrication of semiconductor devices including sub-isolation buried layers
1932014013920105/22/14Low-power voltage tamper detection
1942014013178805/15/14Semiconductor devices with non-volatile memory cells
1952014013229305/15/14Integrated circuit with degradation monitoring
1962014013355205/15/14Method and encoding an image
1972014013479905/15/14Wettable lead ends on a flat-pack no-lead microelectronic package
1982014012495805/08/14Sensor packaging method and sensor packages
1992014012540905/08/14Amplifier calibration
2002014012609105/08/14Protection device and related fabrication methods
2012014012988305/08/14Hardware-based memory initialization
2022014011746805/01/14Methods and integrated circuit package for sensing fluid properties
2032014011752105/01/14Semiconductor device with thermal dissipation lead frame
2042014011795305/01/14Method and a tunable driver circuit
2052014011887405/01/14Gate driver with desaturation detection and active clamping
2062014011913105/01/14Memory device redundancy management system
2072014011940505/01/14Production-test die temperature measurement
2082014012201005/01/14Lcd driver verification system
2092014012273505/01/14System and assigning a message
2102014012277505/01/14Memory controller for memory device
2112014011081504/24/14High voltage diode
2122014011127804/24/14Dynamically biased output structure
2132014011246404/24/14Conference call system, method, and computer program product
2142014011528004/24/14Flexible control mechanism for store gathering in a write buffer
2152014011535804/24/14Integrated circuit device and controlling an operating mode of an on-die memory
2162014011554904/24/14Method for verifying digital to analog converter design
2172014010343104/17/14Laterally double diffused metal oxide semiconductor transistors having a reduced surface field structures
2182014010510104/17/14Method and system for low power transmission and data alignment
2192014010518504/17/14Timing event generation circuit for mobile communication device
2202014010887604/17/14Processor switchable between test and debug modes
2212014009788404/10/14Integrated circuit device and implementing power gating within an integrated circuit device
2222014009861504/10/14Latent slow bit detection for non-volatile memory
2232014009882404/10/14Integrated circuit device and performing cut-through forwarding of packet data
2242014010138704/10/14Opportunistic cache replacement policy
2252014009138004/03/14Split gate flash cell
2262014009171104/03/14Circuit arrangement, lighting apparatus and crosstalk-compensated current sensing
2272014009250004/03/14Ground loss monitoring circuit and integrated circuit comprising the same
2282014009415704/03/14Method and system for automatically controlling the insertion of control word in cpri daisy chain configuration
2292014009557204/03/14Multiply and accumulate feedback
2302014008575803/27/14Integrated circuit device and enabling thermal regulation within an integrated circuit device
2312014008443203/27/14Method and multi-chip structure semiconductor package
2322014008494003/27/14Apparatus and a detecting faults in the delivery of electrical power to electrical loads
2332014008627703/27/14Thermal sensor system and method based on current ratio
2342014008627903/27/14Thermal sensor system and method based on current ratio
2352014008630903/27/14Method and device for encoding and decoding an image
2362014008755003/27/14Method for forming patterned doping regions
2372014007759803/20/14Voltage regulating circuit and method
2382014007787403/20/14Adjustable power splitters and corresponding methods & apparatus
2392014007907803/20/14Multiplexing and demultiplexing data
2402014007031103/13/14Semiconductor device and related fabrication methods
2412014007031203/13/14Semiconductor device and related fabrication methods
2422014007031303/13/14Power mosfet current sense structure and method
2432014007041503/13/14Microelectronic packages having trench vias and methods for the manufacture thereof
2442014007041603/13/14Guard ring structure and forming the same
2452014007088103/13/14Quiescent current determination using in-package voltage measurements
2462014007165203/13/14Techniques for reducing inductance in through-die vias of an electronic assembly
2472014007441803/13/14Method and system for calibrating an inertial sensor
2482014006171503/06/14Zener diode device and fabrication
2492014006171603/06/14Esd protection device

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