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Freescale Semiconductor Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc A Corporation
Freescale Semiconductor Inc formerly Known As Sigmatel Inc
Freescale Semiconductor Inc Austin Texas
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100107
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100114
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20131212
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100128
Freescale Semiconductor Inc_20100121


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Freescale Semiconductor Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Freescale Semiconductor Inc. Freescale Semiconductor Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Freescale Semiconductor Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Freescale Semiconductor Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Freescale Semiconductor Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016004224602/11/16  new patent  A haar calculation system, an image classification system, associated methods and associated computer program products
22016004157102/11/16  new patent  Current generator circuit and calibration thereof
32016004157902/11/16  new patent  Timing synchronization circuit for wireless communication apparatus
42016004224602/11/16  new patent  A haar calculation system, an image classification system, associated methods and associated computer program products
52016004303902/11/16  new patent  Semiconductor device with an isolation structure coupled to a cover of the semiconductor device
62016003434402/04/16 Error repair location cache
72016003285202/04/16 Method of calibrating a crank angle of a combustion engine
82016003356002/04/16 Mode-controlled voltage excursion detector apparatus and a operating thereof
92016003356702/04/16 Crystal oscillator monitoring circuit
102016003429102/04/16 System on a chip and a controller supported virtual machine monitor
112016003439802/04/16 Cache-coherent multiprocessor system and a detecting failures in a cache-coherent multiprocessor system
122016003541502/04/16 Non-volatile memory using bi-directional resistive elements
132016003543302/04/16 Memory array with ram and embedded rom
142016003582202/04/16 High voltage semiconductor devices and methods for their fabrication
152016003646302/04/16 Data storage device and protecting a data item against unauthorized access
162016003718602/04/16 Method and video system for freeze-frame detection
172016002580801/28/16 Method and system for logic built-in self-test
182016002620301/28/16 Current source, an integrated circuit and a method
192016002682901/28/16 Tamper detector with hardware-based random number generator
202016002752901/28/16 Address fault detection circuit
212016002776801/28/16 Synthesis of complex cells
222016002799201/28/16 Package-in-package semiconductor sensor device
232016002837701/28/16 Resistance detection for integrated circuit driver
242016002838501/28/16 System and clocking integrated circuit
252016002018201/21/16 Wire bond mold lock method and structure
262016002018901/21/16 Flexible packaged integrated circuit
272016002027801/21/16 Applications for nanopillar structures
282016002173401/21/16 Semiconductor device with active shielding of leads
292016001125901/14/16 Integrated circuit device and method therefor
302016001225401/14/16 Apparatus, a method and machine readable instructions for controlling performance of a process in response to a detected processing event
312016001318201/14/16 Semiconductor device and driver circuit with an active device and isolation structure interconnected through a diode circuit, and manufacture thereof
322016000453601/07/16 Systems and methods for processing inline constants
332016000390801/07/16 Method for testing comparator and device therefor
342016000427401/07/16 Apparatus, a method and machine readable instructions for querying timers
352016000429201/07/16 Microcontroller with multiple power modes
362016000465401/07/16 System for migrating stash transactions
372016000466101/07/16 Usb transceiver
382016000568201/07/16 Matrix lid heatspreader for flip chip package
392016000573001/07/16 Esd protection with asymmetrical bipolar-based device
402016000639901/07/16 Doherty amplifier
412015037598912/31/15 Microelectromechanical systems devices with improved lateral sensitivity
422015037599512/31/15 Mems fabrication process with two cavities operating at different pressures
432015037793312/31/15 Integrated circuit, current sense circuit for a pulse width modulation driver and method therefor
442015037838512/31/15 Integrated circuit with internal and external voltage regulators
452015037873012/31/15 System on a chip with managing processor and method therefor
462015037894412/31/15 A and circuitry for controlling access by a master to a peripheral, a configuring such circuitry, and associated computer program products
472015037917512/31/15 Ic design synthesis using slack diagrams
482015037918112/31/15 Routing standard cell-based integrated circuits
492015037927612/31/15 System on a chip, controller and securing data
502015037997112/31/15 Display processor and display processing
512015038006712/31/15 Memory controller
522015038031712/31/15 Semiconductor device and driver circuit with drain and isolation structure interconnected through a diode circuit, and manufacture thereof
532015038035312/31/15 Method of fabricating an integrated circuit device, and an integrated circuit device therefrom
542015038040812/31/15 Method of forming different voltage devices with high-k metal gate
552015038051312/31/15 Bipolar transistor device fabrication methods
562015038111712/31/15 Radio frequency devices with surface-mountable capacitors for decoupling and methods thereof
572015038114012/31/15 Method and a multi-harmonic matching network
582015038116712/31/15 Gate drive circuit and a controlling a power transistor
592015038119812/31/15 Apparatus and monitoring electrical current
602015038121612/31/15 Adaptive high-order nonlinear function approximation using time-domain volterra series to provide flexible high performance digital pre-distortion
612015038122012/31/15 Adaptive high-order nonlinear function approximation using time-domain volterra series to provide flexible high performance digital pre-distortion
622015038231612/31/15 Search a communication system
632015037171112/24/15 Control gate driver for use with split gate memory cells
642015037213012/24/15 Power device termination structures and methods
652015036809912/24/15 Etch release residue removal using anhydrous solution
662015036984512/24/15 Integrated circuit with integrated current sensor
672015036990312/24/15 Active iq and quadrature generator for high frequency applications
682015037028012/24/15 Voltage regulator with improved load regulation
692015037031212/24/15 Electronic monitoring device having wake-up for daisy chain
702015037053512/24/15 Method and handling incoming data frames
712015037056812/24/15 Integrated circuit processor and operating a integrated circuit processor
722015037058012/24/15 Configuration controller for and a controlling a configuration of a circuitry
732015037172012/24/15 System and testing address-swap faults in multiport memories
742015037293012/24/15 Apparatus, controlling packet data flow
752015037333112/24/15 Processing device and compressing images
762015036294212/17/15 Method of trimming current source using on-chip adc
772015036322712/17/15 Data processing unit and operating a data processing unit
782015036344812/17/15 Method of, and a device for updating a multiple-processing entity packet management system, and associated computer program product
792015036353312/17/15 Voltage and current limits for electronic device based on temperature range
802015036409812/17/15 Device and controlling a backlit display
812015036421212/17/15 Margin tool for double data rate memory systems
822015036443912/17/15 Semiconductor device having power distribution using bond wires
832015036457612/17/15 Reliability in mergeable semiconductor devices
842015036480412/17/15 Radio frequency coupling structure
852015036482912/17/15 Integrated circuit package with radio frequency coupling arrangement
862015036483012/17/15 Integrated circuit package with radio frequency coupling structure
872015036499612/17/15 Power converter and controller device
882015036522412/17/15 Techiques for time-domain frame synchronization of packets
892015036584512/17/15 Wireless communication system with sipto continuity
902015035526012/10/15 Ground-loss detection circuit
912015035593812/10/15 System and conditional task switching during ordering scope transitions
922015035601612/10/15 Method of establishing pre-fetch control information from an executable code and an associated nvm controller, a device, a processor system and computer program products
932015035605412/10/15 Data processor and data processing
942015035622412/10/15 Method and control device for circuit layout migration
952015035727012/10/15 Integrated electronic package and fabrication
962015035732412/10/15 Semiconductor device and driver circuit with source and isolation structure interconnected through a diode circuit, and manufacture thereof
972015035733812/10/15 Methods and structures for multiport memory devices
982015035745212/10/15 Semiconductor device with selectively etched surface passivation
992015035797612/10/15 Driver amplifier systems and methods of their operation
1002015034892012/03/15 Microelectronic packages having radiofrequency stand-off layers and methods for the production thereof
1012015034889812/03/15 Apparatus and placing stressors within an integrated circuit device to manage electromigration failures
1022015034594612/03/15 Drive circuitry and a vibration gyroscope
1032015034604612/03/15 Pressure sensor having multiple pressure cells and sensitivity estimation methodology
1042015034627212/03/15 System for testing integrated circuit
1052015034627412/03/15 Input/output cell, integrated circuit device and methods of providing on-chip test functionality
1062015034627712/03/15 Electronic device and state retention
1072015034629012/03/15 Magnetic field sensor with z-axis self-test capability
1082015034718512/03/15 Explicit barrier scheduling mechanism for pipelining of stream processing algorithms
1092015034721812/03/15 Indicating internal transmitter errors in a controller area network (can)
1102015034733212/03/15 A common public radio interface lane controller
1112015034764512/03/15 Correlation of test results and test coverage for an electronic device design
1122015034765312/03/15 Method and calculating delay timing values for an integrated circuit design
1132015034765512/03/15 Apparatus for and a making a hierarchical integrated circuit design of an integrated circuit design, a computer program product and a non-transitory tangible computer readable storage medium
1142015034851412/03/15 A adaptive graphics compression and display buffer switching
1152015034864812/03/15 Apparatus for measuring signal skew of asynchronous flash memory controller
1162015034939712/03/15 Resonating filter and method thereof
1172015034949912/03/15 Device and connecting an rf generator to a coaxial conductor
1182015034972012/03/15 Power amplifiers with signal conditioning
1192015034972912/03/15 Amplifier circuit, bi-stage amplifier circuit, multi-stage amplifier circuit, rf-amplifier circuit, receiver section, rf-transceiver, and integrated circuit
1202015034977612/03/15 High side driver component and method therefor
1212015035092712/03/15 Timing event generation circuit for wireless communication apparatus
1222015033655611/26/15 A homogeneity detection circuit, a valve driving system and a homogeneity detection in a valve driving system
1232015033822711/26/15 Navigation system
1242015033846411/26/15 Method and sampling a signal
1252015033886411/26/15 Supply voltage regulation with temperature scaling
1262015033912411/26/15 System and selectively allocating entries at a branch target buffer
1272015033917711/26/15 Processing device and executing an instruction sequence
1282015033917811/26/15 Processing system and operating a processing system
1292015033926411/26/15 Processing device and performing a stage of a fast fourier transform
1302015033941311/26/15 Method and performing logic synthesis
1312015033942711/26/15 Integrated circuit hierarchical design tool apparatus and hierarchically designing an integrated circuit
1322015034030511/26/15 Stacked die package with redistribution layer
1332015034098011/26/15 Device for determining a position of a rotor of a polyphase electric motor
1342015034102911/26/15 Semiconductor device and power circuit including a sense transistor for current sensing
1352015034206911/26/15 Housing for electronic devices
1362015034142911/26/15 Packet processing architecture and method therefor
1372015032935211/19/15 Microelectronic packages having stacked accelerometer and magnetometer die and methods for the production thereof
1382015033318911/19/15 Zener diode devices and related fabrication methods
1392015033104011/19/15 Integrated circuit device, safety circuit, safety-critical system and manufacturing an integrated circuit device
1402015033104411/19/15 Scan flip-flop circuit with los scan enable signal
1412015033104711/19/15 A scan chain data management
1422015033146611/19/15 Method and managing a thermal budget of at least a part of a processing system
1432015033174011/19/15 Error pad for safety device
1442015033206911/19/15 Programmable direct memory access channels
1452015033298011/19/15 Programmable stitch chaining of die-level interconnects for reliability testing
1462015033303111/19/15 Semiconductor device with mechanical lock features between a semiconductor die and a substrate
1472015033317711/19/15 Semiconductor device with composite drift region and related fabrication method
1482015033355611/19/15 Single power supply level shifter
1492015033356811/19/15 Supply-switching system
1502015033369511/19/15 Voltage controlled oscillator
1512015033370611/19/15 Radio frequency power amplifier circuit
1522015033375411/19/15 Method and control device for recovering nbti/pbti related parameter degradation in mosfet devices
1532015033380511/19/15 Methods of manufacturing and operating die-to-die inductive communication devices
1542015032190711/12/15 Sequential wafer bonding
1552015032428711/12/15 A using a cpu cache memory for non-cpu related tasks
1562015032458411/12/15 Method and device for providing a security breach indicative audio alert
1572015032461111/12/15 Layout-optimized random mask distribution system and method
1582015032530511/12/15 Power supply slew rate detector
1592015032556511/12/15 Composite semiconductor device with multiple threshold voltages
1602015032567411/12/15 Methods of fabricating diodes with multiple junctions
1612015032590811/12/15 Electronic high frequency device and manufacturing method
1622015032611411/12/15 Self-bootstrap driving circuit and dc-dc converter
1632015032623511/12/15 Capacitive arrangement for frequency synthesizers
1642015031650311/05/15 Differential pair sensing circuit structures
1652015031660211/05/15 Apparatus and monitoring operation of an insulated gate bipolar transistor
1662015031695011/05/15 Dual-edge gated clock signal generator
1672015031711911/05/15 Method and estimating a fragment count for the display of at least one three-dimensional object
1682015031749611/05/15 Method and limiting access to an integrated circuit (ic)
1692015031824011/05/15 Aluminum clad copper structure of an electronic component package
1702015031882711/05/15 Power amplifier with envelope injection
1712015031883211/05/15 Configurable power amplifier and related construction method
1722015031884211/05/15 Apparatus and preventing multiple resets
1732015031884811/05/15 Segmented driver for a transistor device
1742015030952710/29/15 Temperature coefficient factor circuit, semiconductor device, and radar device
1752015030973010/29/15 System performance control component and method therefor
1762015030976710/29/15 Adaptive control of an audio unit using motion sensing
1772015030980310/29/15 Method and booting processor
1782015030984710/29/15 Testing operation of multi-threaded processor having shared resources
1792015031015210/29/15 Method and calculating delay timing values for an integrated circuit design
1802015031022910/29/15 System on chip
1812015031108410/29/15 Method for improving e-beam lithography gate metal profile for enhanced field control
1822015031113110/29/15 Semiconductor package and system with an isolation structure to reduce electromagnetic coupling
1832015031114310/29/15 Lead frames having metal traces with metal stubs
1842015031119310/29/15 A semiconductor device comprising an esd protection device, an esd protection circuitry, an integrated circuit and a manufacturing a semiconductor device
1852015031184210/29/15 Method and detecting a state of an alternator regulator
1862015031189810/29/15 Spare gate cell for integrated circuit
1872015029896410/22/15 Inhibiting propagation of surface cracks in a mems device
1882015030088910/22/15 Temperature sensor circuitry
1892015030090510/22/15 Semiconductor sensor with gel filled cavity
1902015030182810/22/15 Processor core arrangement, computing system and methods for designing and operating a processor core arrangement
1912015030189010/22/15 Apparatus for error detection in memory devices
1922015030197510/22/15 Multi-core processor for managing data packets in communication network
1932015030313710/22/15 Multi-use substrate for integrated circuit
1942015030380510/22/15 An inductive load control circuit, a braking system for a vehicle and a measuring current in an inductive load control circuit
1952015030388110/22/15 Radio frequency power amplifier module and a radio frequency power amplifier package
1962015030497110/22/15 Synchronization circuitry, common public radio interface enable device, and a synchronizing a synchronized clock signal of a second transceiver to a clock of a first transceiver
1972015029141410/15/15 Mems device having conductive microstructures laterally surrounded by oxide material
1982015029380710/15/15 Data processing device, execution error detection and integrated circuit
1992015029382910/15/15 Method and monitoring general purpose input output, gpio, signals
2002015029387110/15/15 Redundant packet forwarding system
2012015029507510/15/15 High speed gallium nitride transistor devices
2022015029554710/15/15 Amplification stage and wideband power amplifier
2032015029556110/15/15 Voltage level shifter module
2042015029588310/15/15 Storage and retrieval of information using internet protocol addresses
2052015028570210/08/15 Cavity-down pressure sensor device
2062015028585810/08/15 Test mode entry interlock
2072015028585910/08/15 Integrated circuit with lbist sub-partitions
2082015028652510/08/15 Memory access scheme for system on chip
2092015028655110/08/15 Method, device and computer program product for measuring user perception quality of a processing system comprising a user interface
2102015028658410/08/15 Method and providing memory protection
2112015028659510/08/15 Interrupt controller and a controlling processing of interrupt requests by a plurality of processing units
2122015028684610/08/15 Tamper detector power supply with wake-up
2132015028765310/08/15 Defective die replacement in a die stack
2142015028765410/08/15 Collapsible probe tower device and forming thereof
2152015028765510/08/15 Semiconductor wafer and concurrently testing circuits formed thereon
2162015028765610/08/15 Semiconductor wafer and concurrently testing circuits formed thereon
2172015028768510/08/15 Solder pad for semiconductor device package
2182015028835610/08/15 Method and driving a power transistor gate
2192015028836610/08/15 Clock distribution architecture for integrated circuit
2202015027681510/01/15 High bandwidth current sensor and method therefor
2212015027684710/01/15 Method and system for testing a semiconductor device against electrostatic discharge
2222015027685410/01/15 Integrated circuit interconnect crack monitor circuit
2232015027687010/01/15 Method and performing state retention for at least one functional block within an ic device
2242015027797210/01/15 System and conditional task switching during ordering scope transitions
2252015027797310/01/15 System and conditional task switching during ordering scope transitions
2262015027797810/01/15 Network processor for managing a packet processing acceleration logic circuitry in a networking device
2272015027801010/01/15 Digital device
2282015027983610/01/15 Integrated circuit electrical protection device
2292015028064710/01/15 Converter unit for an m-order digital modulation and a method thereof
2302015028066510/01/15 Phase shift and attenuation circuits for use with multiple-path amplifiers
2312015028070510/01/15 Start-up technique and system for a self-powered gate drive circuit
2322015028070610/01/15 Self-powered gate drive circuit apparatus and method
2332015028073210/01/15 Communication unit, digital band-pass sigma-delta modulator and method therefor
2342015028174210/01/15 Circuit arrangement and processing a digital video stream and for detecting a fault in a digital video stream, digital video system and computer readable program product
2352015026826809/24/15 Inertial sensor with trim capacitance and trimming offset
2362015026826909/24/15 Sensor with combined sense elements for multiple axis sensing
2372015026898509/24/15 Low latency data delivery
2382015026904909/24/15 Verification automated verification of register information for an electronic system
2392015026982909/24/15 Method and maintaining alertness of an operator of a manually-operated system
2402015027019509/24/15 Lead frame with mold lock structure
2412015027020609/24/15 Pressure sensor device with through silicon via
2422015027025909/24/15 Integrated circuit, integrated circuit package and providing protection against an electrostatic discharge event
2432015027033309/24/15 Semiconductor device with peripheral breakdown protection
2442015027070309/24/15 Methods and circuits for reverse battery protection
2452015027086909/24/15 Frequency hopping radio system
2462015027099709/24/15 Device for receiving interleaved communication signals
2472015026054809/17/15 Variable reluctance sensor interface with integration based arming threshold
2482015026076609/17/15 Semiconductor device
2492015026078509/17/15 Method for testing integrated circuit and integrated circuit configured to facilitate performing such a method

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