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Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasak Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Ltd
Fujitsu Limited Of
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Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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12/01/16 new patent  Palpation assisting apparatus, palpation assisting system, and palpation assisting method
12/01/16 new patent  Measuring apparatus and measuring system
12/01/16 new patent  Manufacturing printed circuit board, printed circuit board, and optical device
12/01/16 new patent  Expansion device and electronic apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic device, input apparatus, and drive controlling method
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic device, input apparatus, and drive controlling method
12/01/16 new patent  Apparatus and controlling information input
12/01/16 new patent  Remote screen display system, remote screen display method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
12/01/16 new patent  Adder-subtractor and control method thereof
12/01/16 new patent  Information processing apparatus, compiling, and storage medium
12/01/16 new patent  Information processing apparatus and electronic equipment
12/01/16 new patent  Control method and control device
12/01/16 new patent  Thin client system, server device, policy management device, control method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
12/01/16 new patent  Control system and processing method thereof
12/01/16 new patent  Arithmetic processing device, information processing apparatus and control arithmetic processing device
12/01/16 new patent  Group supporting recognizing density of discussions and activity levels of individuals and related computer readable recording medium
12/01/16 new patent  Information detecting device, information detecting system, and information detecting method
12/01/16 new patent  Travel path analysis support device and method
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic equipment, control program, and control method
12/01/16 new patent  Method for manufacturing component built-in substrate
12/01/16 new patent  Semiconductor device and fabricating semiconductor device
12/01/16 new patent  Semiconductor device and electronic device
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic device and producing the same
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic apparatus, power supply control device, and power supply system
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic device and electronic-device control method
12/01/16 new patent  Power transmitting apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Converter mounting board
12/01/16 new patent  Phase locked loop circuit control device and control phase locked loop circuit
12/01/16 new patent  Multipath time delay estimation apparatus and method and receiver
12/01/16 new patent  Optical transmission device that transmits wavelength division multiplexed optical signal
12/01/16 new patent  Cryptographic processing method and cryptographic processing device
12/01/16 new patent  Transmission device and setting method
12/01/16 new patent  Reception device and reception method
12/01/16 new patent  Parallel processing system, method, and storage medium
12/01/16 new patent  Communication system, communication method, and relay device
12/01/16 new patent  Wireless communication device and communication system
12/01/16 new patent  Method, system and access point
12/01/16 new patent  Radio communication device
12/01/16 new patent  Method and updating measurement identity and system
12/01/16 new patent  Electronic equipment and heat receiving device
12/01/16 new patent  Cooling apparatus, cooling method, and data processing system
11/24/16Signal processing device, signal processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
11/24/16Game controller
11/24/16Gas sensor and information processing system
11/24/16Polarization reducing apparatus, light source apparatus, optical amplifying apparatus, and excitation light source raman amplification
11/24/16Tactile sensation providing apparatus and system
11/24/16Input apparatus
11/24/16Tactile sensation providing apparatus and system
11/24/16Storage control apparatus and storage system
11/24/16Display control method, data process apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
11/24/16Arithmetic processing device and processing arithmetic processing device
11/24/16Information processing apparatus, memory controller, and memory control method
11/24/16Recording medium, mobile electronic device, and operation control method
11/24/16Evaluation method, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
11/24/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
11/24/16Battery pack, control circuit, and electronic device
11/24/16Temperature compensation circuit and radar apparatus
11/24/16Lock detection circuit, oscillation source circuit and wireless device
11/24/16Methods and systems for superchannel power pre-emphasis
11/24/16Certificate generation method, certificate generation apparatus, information processing apparatus, and communication device
11/24/16Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
11/24/16Information processing apparatus, system, method, and computer readable medium
11/24/16Mobility support for virtual terminals
11/24/16Radio resource allocation methods using overhearing and inter-cell communication
11/24/16Wireless communication system, base station, wireless terminal, and processing method implemented by base station
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11/24/16Method and transmitting control signaling
11/17/16Mobile terminal, computer-readable recording medium, and activity recognition device
11/17/16Information processing device and waveform verification method
11/17/16Scheduling method, system design support method, and system
11/17/16Memory apparatus, memory system and memory controlling method
11/17/16System, method, and storage medium
11/17/16Method of compiling, apparatus, and storage medium
11/17/16Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing program for sign detection, sign detection device, and sign detection method
11/17/16Determining valid inputs for an unknown binary program
11/17/16Support method and support apparatus
11/17/16Information processing device and waveform verification method
11/17/16Information processing device, method, and computer readable medium
11/17/16Work support method and work support system
11/17/16Information providing system and information providing method
11/17/16Scoring rule application target specification method, correct/incorrect determination rule setting method, application target specifying device, correct/incorrect determination rule setting device, and computer-readable recording medium
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11/17/16Multi-wavelength laser light source and wavelength multiplexing communication system
11/17/16Error correction method, semiconductor device, transmission and reception module, and transmitting apparatus
11/17/16Distortion compensation apparatus and distortion compensation method
11/17/16Communication system, communication control method, and transmission apparatus
11/17/16Transmission apparatus and transmission method
11/17/16Optical transmitting device and optical receiving device
11/17/16Radio communication device and frequency error measurement method
11/17/16Optical receiver and superimposed signal detecting method
11/17/16Transmitter, transceiver circuit, and wireless transmitting and receiving system
11/17/16Network element controller, and control controlling network element controllers
11/17/16Network monitoring method and network monitoring device
11/17/16Image coding device and image coding method
11/17/16Base station device
11/17/16Communication system, base station, and terminal
11/17/16Information configuration method, information configuration apparatus and communication system
11/17/16Beam selection method and apparatus and communication system
11/17/16Wireless terminal and information processing apparatus
11/17/16Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, base station, and wireless station
11/17/16Wireless communication system and wireless terminal device
11/17/16Method for processing in-device coexistence configuration information, apparatus and system
11/17/16Base station and processing method by base station
11/17/16Base station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
11/17/16Control channels in wireless communication
11/17/16Circuit board, electronic device, and manufacturing circuit board
11/17/16Multilayer board and manufacturing multilayer board
11/17/16Heat dissipating component, manufacturing heat dissipating component, electronic device, manufacturing electronic device, integrated module, and information processing system
11/10/16Hydroponic cultivation system, hydroponic cultivation method, plant cultivation system, and plant cultivation apparatus
11/10/16Hydroponic cultivation system, hydroponic cultivation method, plant cultivation system, and plant cultivation apparatus
11/10/16Abnormality detection system and abnormality detection method
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11/10/16Material evaluation device and method
11/10/16Debug circuit, semiconductor device, and debug method
11/10/16Information processing device, information processing method, terminal device, and setting method
11/10/16Cooling module and electronic device
11/10/16Electronic device, drive controlling method, and drive controlling apparatus
11/10/16Information processing apparatus
11/10/16System, executing a plurality of threads included in a computer program by circuitry, and one or more non-transitory computer-readable medium
11/10/16Apparatus and handling registers in pipeline processing
11/10/16System, information processing device, and method
11/10/16Information processing apparatus and route search method
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11/10/16Biometric imaging device and biometric imaging method
11/10/16Sharing economy third party notification and negotiation
11/10/16Information processing device and computer-readable recording medium
11/10/16Educational tactile sensation providing apparatus and system
11/10/16Battery unit, information processing device, and controlling battery unit
11/10/16Load balancing method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
11/10/16Image correction apparatus and imaging apparatus
11/10/16Base station apparatus and radio access system
11/10/16Base station, communication method, and communication system
11/10/16Cell selection method and apparatus and communication system
11/03/16Rack device, rack system, and housing structure
11/03/16Optical switch module and optical relay apparatus and path expansion method that use optical switch module
11/03/16Power source controller and storage device
11/03/16Storage control apparatus and storage system
11/03/16Storage control apparatus and storage system
11/03/16Storage control device, method and storage system
11/03/16Information processing device, parallel processing program and accessing shared memory
11/03/16Control apparatus and storage system
11/03/16Storage control device, storage system and controlling a storage device
11/03/16Information processing apparatus and compiling method
11/03/16Apparatus and creating modification application information
11/03/16Arithmetic processing device and controlling arithmetic processing device
11/03/16Recording medium, information processing terminal and control method
11/03/16Parallel computer system, controlling parallel computer system, and recording medium
11/03/16Storage system and control apparatus
11/03/16Storage system and control apparatus
11/03/16Apparatus and managing dump data for cause analysis of a memory leak
11/03/16Method for diagnosing information processing device, recording medium, and information processing device
11/03/16Information processing system and control apparatus
11/03/16Bus connection target device, storage control device and bus communication system
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11/03/16Storage system and control apparatus
11/03/16Control apparatus, storage apparatus and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
11/03/16Storage apparatus, control apparatus and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
11/03/16Communication system, control apparatus, and management apparatus
11/03/16Conversion device and conversion method
11/03/16Probabilistic model for term co-occurrence scores
11/03/16Device and managing a plurality of documents
11/03/16Data constraints for polyglot data tiers
11/03/16Extracting method, information processing method, computer product, extracting apparatus, and information processing apparatus
11/03/16Device and method
11/03/16Discovery informatics system, method and computer program
11/03/16Method and use in thermal coupled analysis
11/03/16Pparatus and a system for calculating similarities between drugs and using the similarities to extrapolate side effects
11/03/16Loop antenna and radio frequency tag
11/03/16Commodity price forecasting
11/03/16Apparatus for image contrast enhancement and method, electronic equipment
11/03/16Computer-readable recording medium having stored therein album producing program, album producing method, and album producing device
11/03/16Tape device and controller thereof
11/03/16Transformer manufacturing transformer apparatus
11/03/16Optical semiconductor element and manufacturing the same
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11/03/16Wireless communication device
11/03/16Communication device and managing method
11/03/16Transfer apparatus
11/03/16Wireless device and data transfer method
11/03/16System, method, and receiving device
11/03/16Relay apparatus
11/03/16Content utilization support method, computer-readable recording medium, and content utilization support apparatus
11/03/16Coverage extension in wireless communication
11/03/16Printed substrate and shield sheet metal fixing method
11/03/16Substrate with embedded component
11/03/16Container for electronic device and relay device
11/03/16Control method, information processing system, and storage medium
10/27/16Information processor, storage medium, and information processing magnetic property analysis
10/27/16Optical module
10/27/16Terminal device, display control method, and medium
10/27/16Management apparatus, storage system, method, and computer readable medium
10/27/16Electronic apparatus, method, and computer readable medium
10/27/16Storage apparatus, controlling method and computer readable medium
10/27/16System, management device and controlling a plurality of computers
10/27/16Parallel computer system, arithmetic method, and storage medium
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10/27/16Query mediator, a querying a polyglot data tier and a computer program execuatable to carry out a querying a polyglot data tier
10/27/16Mathematical formula learner support system
10/27/16Image processing apparatus and method, and electronic equipment
10/27/16Content reproduction device, content reproduction program, and content reproduction method
10/27/16Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
10/27/16Phase locked loop circuit and phase locked loop method
10/27/16Optical communication system and optical communication method
10/27/16Probe generator, optical transmission apparatus and probe generating method
10/27/16Optical transmission apparatus and level adjusting method
10/27/16Optical transmission device, verifying connection, and wavelength selective switch card
10/27/16Optical amplifier, optical transmission apparatus, and optical repeating apparatus
10/27/16Optical transmission apparatus and optical signal processing method
10/27/16Superchannel power pre-emphasis based on transmission criteria
10/27/16Signal processing apparatus, signal transmitting apparatus and receiver
10/27/16Optical transmission device that transmits wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and optical transmission system
10/27/16Communication management system, communication management method, and management apparatus
10/27/16Communications system, method and gateway device
10/27/16Transmission method, transmission system, and transmission device
10/27/16Radio communication apparatus
10/27/16Packet control method, transmission apparatus, and storage medium
10/27/16Communication device, communication processing method, and storage medium
10/27/16Computer-readable recording medium, imaging method, and imaging system
10/27/16Nonlinear penalty estimation using spectral inversion in optical transport networks
10/27/16Communications node, system, and synchronizing method
10/20/16Information processing measuring energy consumption
10/20/16Optical frequency shifter, single sideband modulator, and light insertion and branch apparatus
10/20/16Authenticated down-sampling of time-series data
10/20/16Electronic apparatus and cooling method thereof
10/20/16Computer product, image processing method, and image processing apparatus
10/20/16Choreography-creation aid method, information processing apparatus, and computer -readable recording medium
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10/20/16Information processing apparatus and operation verifying method
10/20/16Crc code calculation circuit and method thereof, and semiconductor device
10/20/16Image processing apparatus and method
10/20/16Information processing method, information processing device, and computer-readable recording medium
10/20/16Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
10/20/16Solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
10/20/16Radio communication apparatus and beam controlling method
10/20/16Base station apparatus, terminal apparatus, and wireless access system
10/20/16Transmission apparatus and network control method
10/20/16Optical wavelength multiplexing device, optical transmission device, and abnormality determination method
10/20/16Optical signal-to-noise ratio monitor and measuring optical signal-to-noise ratio
10/20/16Method for estimating channel power, monitoring frequency spectrum characteristic, apparatus and system
10/20/16Packet relay device, and copy function distribution packet relay device
10/20/16System, switch device and controlling a plurality of switch devices
10/20/16Analysis method, computer readable recording medium, and analysis apparatus
10/20/16Centralized routing method and apparatus and system
10/20/16Base station and communication control method
10/20/16Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and distributed processing method
10/20/16Computer product, image processing method, display method, image processing apparatus, and information processing apparatus
10/20/16Communication system, handover and base station
10/20/16Method and uplink interference avoidance in case of timing advance group reconfiguration
10/20/16Communication method, system, and storage medium
10/20/16Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication method
10/20/16Printed circuit board, electronic device, and manufacturing method
10/20/16Pump, cooling apparatus and electronic device
10/13/16Vehicle image processing apparatus and vehicle image processing method
10/13/16System, method and managing device
10/13/16Operation management method and operation management apparatus
10/13/16Parallel computing control apparatus and parallel computing system

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