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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasak Japan
Fujitsu Limited_20100107
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114
Fujitsu Limited Of


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Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Fujitsu Limited patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016002960102/04/16  new patent  Computer product, vegetation assessing apparatus, and vegetation assessing method
22016003372702/04/16  new patent  Photoelectric hybrid board, information processor, and manufacturing photoelectric hybrid board
32016003406902/04/16  new patent  Information processing apparatus, input control method, and computer-readable recording medium
42016003419702/04/16  new patent  Data migration method and data migration device
52016003430002/04/16  new patent  Information processing devicing and method
62016003433202/04/16  new patent  Information processing system and method
72016003469302/04/16  new patent  Certificate authority operation apparatus and method
82016003470602/04/16  new patent  Device and analyzing masked task log
92016003474702/04/16  new patent  Recording medium, image processing method, and information terminal
102016003482102/04/16  new patent  Information conversion method, information conversion device, and recording medium
112016003513102/04/16  new patent  3d-cg processing device and 3d-cg processing method
122016003532502/04/16  new patent  Display device, display control circuit, and display method
132016003536502/04/16  new patent  Sound encoding device, sound encoding method, sound decoding device and sound decoding method
142016003536602/04/16  new patent  Echo suppression device and echo suppression method
152016003647302/04/16  new patent  Nonlinear compensating apparatus and method, transmitter and communication system
162016003652102/04/16  new patent  Transmission device, network designing device, activation method, and network designing method
172016003652202/04/16  new patent  Network design apparatus, network design method, and storage medium storing network design program
182016003652402/04/16  new patent  Method for estimating frequency offset, apparatus and system
192016003652802/04/16  new patent  Calculating nonlinear weighting coefficient
202016003653302/04/16  new patent  Optical transmitter and controlling bias of optical modulator
212016003653402/04/16  new patent  Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and control optical transmission system
222016003662902/04/16  new patent  Control device, information processing system, and control method
232016003668002/04/16  new patent  Packet monitoring method, packet monitoring apparatus, and storage medium
242016003671502/04/16  new patent  Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and communication control method
252016003683902/04/16  new patent  Controller for software defined networking and detecting attacker
262016003687002/04/16  new patent  Session managing method, session managing system, and call processing method
272016003724102/04/16  new patent  Transmission device and optical network system
282016003750402/04/16  new patent  Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium storing wireless communication program
292016002578101/28/16 Housing allocation device and allocating housing
302016002622401/28/16 Information processing system and controlling information processing system
312016002639801/28/16 Storage device and storage system
322016002654801/28/16 Storage control device and storage system
332016002655001/28/16 Electronic apparatus and device detection method
342016002658701/28/16 Multicore processor system, computer product, assigning method, and control method
352016002663001/28/16 Character sequence map generating apparatus, information searching apparatus, character sequence map generating method, information searching method, and computer product
362016002663701/28/16 Search method, search device, and storage medium
372016002674101/28/16 Calculating device, calculation method, and calculation program
382016002702601/28/16 Order quantity determination method, computer-readable medium, and information processing device
392016002719001/28/16 Image processing apparatus and light source identification method
402016002748401/28/16 Data transfer circuit and data transfer method
412016002759701/28/16 Input device and electronic equipment
422016002792801/28/16 Connecting structure and manufacturing the same, and semiconductor device
432016002798501/28/16 Thermoelectric generator
442016002816301/28/16 Antenna apparatus
452016002835701/28/16 Display device, body device, and information processing device
462016002840901/28/16 Electronic device and information processing apparatus
472016002841501/28/16 Compression method, compression device, and computer-readable recording medium
482016002842101/28/16 Wireless communication system, distortion compensation device, and distortion compensation method
492016002856401/28/16 Communication device and reproducing data
502016002859201/28/16 Information processing system, information processing method and medium
512016002885901/28/16 Packet processing program, packet processing apparatus, and packet processing method
522016002921101/28/16 Terminal device, communication system, and terminal device readable storage medium
532016002928001/28/16 Method and apparatus of communication mode switch and system
542016002936101/28/16 Method for processing medium access control entity, ue and communication system
552016002939001/28/16 Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
562016002943401/28/16 Method and calculating paging occasion under extended paging cycle
572016001899201/21/16 Storage control device, and storage system
582016001909001/21/16 Data processing control method, computer-readable recording medium, and data processing control device
592016001915001/21/16 Information processing device, control information processing device and control program of information processing device
602016001936301/21/16 Visualization apparatus and visualization method
612016001946301/21/16 System, method, and program for supporting intervention action decisions in hazard scenarios
622016002026801/21/16 Electronic part, electronic device, and manufacturing method
632016002052701/21/16 Antenna device
642016002084701/21/16 Mobile station, base station, and communication control method
652016002085201/21/16 Optical transmitter and optical transmission method
662016002085301/21/16 Optical transmission apparatus and detection apparatus
672016002086601/21/16 Optical transmitter and optical transmission method
682016002092401/21/16 Signal transmission system
692016002100101/21/16 Communication control apparatus, communication control method, communication system, and recording medium
702016002117701/21/16 Recording medium storing distribution processing program, distribution processing management apparatus and distribution processing method
712016002156101/21/16 Information processing method, triggering a measurement report and apparatuses thereof and communication system
722016002162001/21/16 Communication system, communication terminal, and base station
732016002174801/21/16 Wiring board structure and manufacturing wiring board structure
742016002179201/21/16 Air conditioning controlling system and air conditioning controlling method
752016000786501/14/16 Blood flow index calculating method, blood flow index calculating apparatus, and recording medium
762016000918201/14/16 Ridable-machine and management system for ridable-machine control
772016001124801/14/16 Crystal unit and device for measuring characteristics of the crystal unit
782016001162901/14/16 Electronic device and assembling the electronic device
792016001163501/14/16 Cooling system and electronic device
802016001177401/14/16 Input support apparatus, information processing system, method, and storage medium
812016001178801/14/16 Storage control apparatus and storage control method
822016001178901/14/16 Storage control apparatus and control storage control apparatus
832016001179101/14/16 Storage control apparatus, storage system, and program
842016001179201/14/16 Media control device and control method
852016001180801/14/16 Apparatus and setting information to a replaceable device installed in a device
862016001188901/14/16 Simulation method and storage medium
872016001192201/14/16 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
882016001193101/14/16 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
892016001195901/14/16 Event-driven software testing
902016001198001/14/16 Distributed processing method and system
912016001198901/14/16 Access control apparatus and access control method
922016001209701/14/16 Checking freshness of data for a data integration system, dis
932016001216101/14/16 Solar panel deployment configuration and management
942016001233301/14/16 Data classification method, storage medium, and classification device
952016001261201/14/16 Display control method and system
962016001314001/14/16 Electronic device, manufacturing the same, and network system
972016001366601/14/16 Wireless power transfer system and wireless power transfer method
982016001378401/14/16 Signal adjustment circuit
992016001385601/14/16 Communication control device and method
1002016001386301/14/16 Apparatus for monitoring optical signal to noise ratio, transmitter and communication system
1012016001391801/14/16 Method and configuring channel quality indicator and configuring modulation and coding scheme
1022016001397301/14/16 Information processing system, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
1032016001401901/14/16 Wireless terminal device, generating number of alternative paths, and wireless communication system
1042016001418101/14/16 Content transfer method, content transfer apparatus and content receiving apparatus
1052016001418901/14/16 Communication method and communication program
1062016001440801/14/16 Video decoding apparatus, video coding apparatus, video decoding method, video coding method, and storage medium
1072016001461601/14/16 Communication terminal and base station
1082016001474601/14/16 Base station, terminal, and communication system
1092016001474701/14/16 Communication terminal device, base station device, and communication system
1102016000172001/07/16 Configurable rental vehicle
1112016000387701/07/16 Crystal unit and measuring characteristics of the crystal unit
1122016000393401/07/16 Stacked waveguide substrate, radio communication module, and radar system
1132016000438601/07/16 Gesture recognition device and gesture recognition method
1142016000441901/07/16 Monitoring device and input operation support device
1152016000444101/07/16 Access control accessing data in storage and disk drive
1162016000445501/07/16 Method of controlling splitting of data, and system
1172016000454801/07/16 Notification conversion program and notification conversion method
1182016000455401/07/16 Information processing device and resource allocation method
1192016000456601/07/16 Execution time estimation device and execution time estimation method
1202016000459201/07/16 Method for detecting error of data, storage device, and recording medium
1212016000460701/07/16 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
1222016000464801/07/16 Data erasing apparatus, data erasing method, and computer-readable storage medium
1232016000465901/07/16 Bus controller, data forwarding system, and controlling buses
1242016000471001/07/16 Work log editing method and information processing apparatus
1252016000484401/07/16 Computer product, compound design apparatus, and compound design method
1262016000491701/07/16 Output control method, image processing apparatus, and information processing apparatus
1272016000510701/07/16 System for selling, buying, lending and renting virtual region and method thereof
1282016000517501/07/16 Service provision device, and method
1292016000517701/07/16 Service provision program
1302016000529801/07/16 Abnormality detection system, display device, abnormality detection method, and recording medium
1312016000584801/07/16 Semiconductor device
1322016000613101/07/16 High-frequency module and manufacturing the same
1332016000634701/07/16 Power supply apparatus, control apparatus, and program therefor
1342016000645401/07/16 Compression device, compression method, decompression device, decompression method, information processing system, and recording medium
1352016000645501/07/16 Decoding method, decoding apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
1362016000645601/07/16 Compression device, compression method, dictionary generation device, dictionary generation method, decompression device, decompression method, information processing system, and recording medium
1372016000647001/07/16 Portable terminal device having sensors
1382016000650801/07/16 Optical-signal processing apparatus, optical transmission method, receiver, and optical network system
1392016000653301/07/16 Optical element, light transmitting device, and light receiving device
1402016000665501/07/16 Control method, packet processing device, and storage medium
1412016000666001/07/16 Communication control method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
1422016000668801/07/16 Communication-channel control device, address conversion device, communication system, and communication-channel setting method
1432016000669201/07/16 Monitoring device and monitoring method
1442016000670401/07/16 Computer-readable, non-transitory medium storing digital content distributing program, computer-readable, non-transitory medium storing digital content playback program, digital content distributing apparatus and digital content playback apparatus
1452016000690401/07/16 Reference color selection device, color correction device, and reference color selection method
1462016000702801/07/16 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
1472016000702901/07/16 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
1482016000703001/07/16 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
1492016000703101/07/16 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
1502016000710501/07/16 Optical element and light receiving device
1512016000735701/07/16 Radio communication method, terminal, and base station
1522016000740101/07/16 Wireless communication system, wireless communication method, transmission device, control method, and recording medium
1532016000747101/07/16 Via adding method and printed circuit board
1542016000750101/07/16 Cooling system and electronic device
1552016000750201/07/16 Heat exchanger, cooling system, and electronic device
1562016000750601/07/16 Modular data center
1572015037893312/31/15 Storage management apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having stored therein storage management program, and control method
1582015037840412/31/15 Temperature management system
1592015037840612/31/15 Method of executing an application on a distributed computer system, a resource manager and a distributed computer system
1602015037841912/31/15 Method of executing an application on a computer system, a resource manager and a high performance computer system
1612015037861912/31/15 Storage system, recording medium for storing control program and control storage system
1622015037871912/31/15 Information processing device and program updating method
1632015037879412/31/15 Information processing device, information processing system, and interrupt device control method
1642015037880312/31/15 Extraction
1652015037881012/31/15 Management apparatus, method and program
1662015037885112/31/15 Monitoring method, monitoring device, and information processing system
1672015037886212/31/15 Selection selecting monitoring target program, recording medium and monitoring target selection apparatus
1682015037917712/31/15 Computer product for supporting design and verification of integrated circuit
1692015037933612/31/15 Handwriting input conversion apparatus, computer-readable medium, and conversion method
1702015037940912/31/15 Computing managing a graph database
1712015037943212/31/15 Model updating method, model updating device, and recording medium
1722015037975512/31/15 Apparatus and visualization
1732015038004412/31/15 Library apparatus
1742015038011012/31/15 Storage control device and storage control method
1752015038015212/31/15 Coil component and manufacturing coil component
1762015038106512/31/15 Double-ended forward converter and power supply device
1772015038115312/31/15 Oscillator circuit
1782015038117312/31/15 Impedance matching driver
1792015038126012/31/15 Relay station, control method, and communication system
1802015038126112/31/15 Relay device and adjusting relay device
1812015038127212/31/15 Optical transmission system and optical transmission device
1822015038127612/31/15 Optical transmission system, optical transmission apparatus and wavelength spacing measurement apparatus
1832015038127712/31/15 Optical transmission system, transmitter, receiver, and optical transmission method
1842015038128012/31/15 Transmission device, transmission system, and transmission method
1852015038128412/31/15 Method, communication apparatus, and communication system
1862015038130112/31/15 Wavelength division multiplexing optical receiver
1872015038134812/31/15 Encryption processing method, encryption processing device, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for encryption processing
1882015038139612/31/15 Radio communication system, base station, radio communication apparatus, and radio communication method
1892015038143012/31/15 Management device and information processing system
1902015038143312/31/15 Management support method, management support device, and management support program
1912015038144912/31/15 Apparatus and suppressing a delay in monitoring communication
1922015038146012/31/15 Network monitoring system and method
1932015038149612/31/15 Communication apparatus and communication method
1942015038161612/31/15 Secret data matching device, computer-readable recording medium storing program for updating secret data, and secret data updating method
1952015038198712/31/15 Drawing system, information processing drawing, and drawing control method
1962015038217312/31/15 Method and detecting d2d discovery sequences, receiving d2d data
1972015038222012/31/15 Mobile wireless terminal and buffer control method
1982015038222812/31/15 Data collection method, system, and computer product
1992015038234812/31/15 Mobile communication apparatus and radio communication method
2002015038237612/31/15 Wireless communication method, wireless communication system, wireless station, and wireless terminal
2012015037001512/24/15 Optical module, manufacturing optical module, and optical device
2022015037045012/24/15 Display terminal and display method
2032015037054112/24/15 Verification of a model of a gui-based application
2042015037058712/24/15 Computer-readable recording medium having stored therein outputting program, output apparatus and outputting method
2052015037060412/24/15 Information processing device and method
2062015037062612/24/15 Recording medium storing a data management program, data management apparatus and data management method
2072015037064812/24/15 Redundant system and redundancy method
2082015037066212/24/15 Redundant system, redundancy method, and computer-readable recording medium
2092015037066312/24/15 Redundant system, redundancy method, and computer-readable recording medium
2102015037066412/24/15 Redundant system and redundancy method
2112015037068312/24/15 Apparatus and identifying a cause of an error occurring in a network connecting devices within an information processing apparatus
2122015037073212/24/15 Information processing apparatus, input and output control device, and controlling information processing apparatus
2132015037103112/24/15 Method, system, and authentication device
2142015037164012/24/15 Audio coding device, audio coding method, and audio codec device
2152015037166212/24/15 Voice processing device and voice processing method
2162015037196212/24/15 Terminal structure, semiconductor device, and terminal forming method
2172015037212512/24/15 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2182015037258712/24/15 Power supply circuit and power factor correction circuit
2192015037273112/24/15 Method for determining a codebook, information feedback s thereof
2202015037279712/24/15 Base station and terminal
2212015037285012/24/15 Peak suppression apparatus
2222015037285412/24/15 Communication control device, communication control program, and communication control method
2232015037286212/24/15 Switch and setting method
2242015037311212/24/15 History information management method, and history information management apparatus
2252015037327412/24/15 Display device and control method
2262015037351212/24/15 Information processing method, terminal apparatus and information processing system
2272015037364112/24/15 Wireless network control system, wireless network control apparatus and wireless network control method
2282015037385012/24/15 Electronic component, manufacturing electronic component, and electronic device
2292015037387512/24/15 Electronic apparatus and filter unit
2302015036267512/17/15 Optical waveguide sheet, optical unit, and manufacturing the same
2312015036307612/17/15 Information processing system and display control method
2322015036313212/17/15 Information processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for shutting down information processing apparatus
2332015036318912/17/15 Apparatus and software information management
2342015036320912/17/15 Information processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
2352015036324912/17/15 Evaluation method and evaluation apparatus
2362015036327312/17/15 Control device and controlling storage devices
2372015036327912/17/15 Restoration detecting method, restoration detecting apparatus, and restoration detecting program
2382015036335312/17/15 Communication system and electronic circuit
2392015036366812/17/15 Traffic lane boundary line extraction apparatus and extracting traffic lane boundary line
2402015036390012/17/15 Computer-readable recording medium storing program for assisting license management, assisting license management, and device for same
2412015036416012/17/15 Control apparatus and control method
2422015036500912/17/15 Signal conversion circuit and power supply apparatus
2432015036505612/17/15 Distortion compensation apparatus and distortion compensation method
2442015036512612/17/15 Communication apparatus and phase adjustment method
2452015036516412/17/15 Optical transmitting device, fault determining method and fault diagnosis system
2462015036518712/17/15 Amplifying device, receiving device, and amplification method
2472015036518812/17/15 Wavelength selective device, wavelength selective method, and wavelength selective system
2482015036522312/17/15 Transmission device and delay measurement method
2492015036534012/17/15 Packet transmission apparatus and packet reception apparatus

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