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Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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09/22/16 new patent  Carbon conductive structure and manufacturing the same
09/22/16 new patent  Cooling device and cooling device of electronic apparatus using mixed working fluid
09/22/16 new patent  Input apparatus and fingertip position detection method
09/22/16 new patent  Method of compiling a source code, storage medium, and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Information processing device and computer-readable recording medium
09/22/16 new patent  Information processing device, method, and computer readable medium
09/22/16 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control the information processing apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Presentation supporting device, presentation supporting method, and computer-readable recording medium
09/22/16 new patent  Information processing apparatus, and data management method
09/22/16 new patent  Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, data classifying method, and data classifying device
09/22/16 new patent  Method of relation estimation and information processing apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Method, program, and apparatus, for managing a stored data graph
09/22/16 new patent  Behavioral synthesis method, behavioral synthesis device and computer readable recording medium storing behavioral synthesis program
09/22/16 new patent  Information processing system and control the information processing system
09/22/16 new patent  Terminal apparatus, biometric authentication method, and computer-readable storage medium
09/22/16 new patent  Image pickup device
09/22/16 new patent  Sheet-like structure, electronic equipment using the same, fabrication sheet-like structure and electronic equipment
09/22/16 new patent  Manufacturing wiring structure and wiring structure
09/22/16 new patent  Monitoring an optical signal to noise ratio, signal transmission apparatus and receiver
09/22/16 new patent  Optical receiver that has function to detect signal superimposed on optical signal and receiving optical signal
09/22/16 new patent  Communication device and communication control method
09/22/16 new patent  Image processing device, image processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
09/22/16 new patent  Information exchange apparatus, base station and communication system
09/22/16 new patent  Communications network control method, computer product, and system
09/22/16 new patent  Wireless communication system, base station device and transmission power control method
09/22/16 new patent  Power adjustment method, computer-readable recording medium and power adjustment apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Radio resource allocation method and base station for use in cellular wireless communication systems
09/22/16 new patent  Communication system, communication apparatus, data retransmission method, and data retransmission control method
09/22/16 new patent  Wireless communication device and method
09/15/16Arousal level determination device and computer-readable recording medium
09/15/16Apparatus and controlling display
09/15/16Semiconductor integrated circuit
09/15/16Logic verification apparatus, logic verification method and test program
09/15/16Drive control apparatus, electronic device and drive controlling method
09/15/16Storage apparatus, storage control method, and storage system
09/15/16Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium
09/15/16Arithmetic processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and controlling information processing apparatus
09/15/16Information processing apparatus, work flow creation method, and storage medium
09/15/16Information processing controlling information processing system
09/15/16Apparatus and identifying a virtual machine having changeable settings
09/15/16Parallel computing device, parallel computing system, and job control method
09/15/16Load balancing function deploying method and apparatus
09/15/16Information processing apparatus and kernel dump method
09/15/16Programmable logic circuit device and error detection method therefor
09/15/16Method, information processing apparatus, and computer readable medium
09/15/16Storage apparatus, storage apparatus control method, and information processing system
09/15/16Processing device and control processing device
09/15/16Data management method, information processing system, and terminal device
09/15/16Database system, information processing device and database program
09/15/16Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, data arrangement method, and data arrangement apparatus
09/15/16Electronic circuit, authentication system, and authentication method
09/15/16Detection of malicious software behavior using signature-based static analysis
09/15/16Content distribution method, content distribution apparatus, and storage medium
09/15/16Image processing device and image processing method
09/15/16Coordinate-conversion-parameter determination apparatus, coordinate-conversion-parameter determination method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium having therein program for coordinate-conversion-parameter determination
09/15/16Semiconductor manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
09/15/16Thermoelectric conversion element, thermoelectric conversion module and manufacturing the thermoelectric conversion element
09/15/16Antenna device
09/15/16Distortion compensator and distortion compensation method
09/15/16Wireless communication device, control wireless communication device and phase shifter
09/15/16Optical transmitter, optical transmission system and optical communication control method
09/15/16Receiver circuit
09/15/16Cryptographic processing device and cryptographic processing method
09/15/16Delivery system, delivery method, and delivery program
09/15/16Estimation apparatus and compensation clipping distortion of multicarrier signals and receiver
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09/15/16Network management apparatus and network management method
09/15/16Method and managing computer system
09/15/16Deployment control
09/15/16Device and monitoring communication in network including a plurality of nodes
09/15/16Switch device, control method, and storage medium
09/15/16Image generation method, system, and apparatus
09/15/16Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, determination method, and determination device
09/15/16Selection relaying device, and selection program of relaying device
09/15/16Relay device, communication system and communication method
09/15/16Wireless communication apparatus, controlling wireless communication apparatus, and wireless communication system
09/15/16Unit device
09/08/16Specifying apparatus and specifying method
09/08/16Variable optical attenuator and optical module
09/08/16Loop heat pipe, manufacturing the same, and electronic device
09/08/16Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and control program
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09/08/16Apparatus and detecting performance deterioration in a virtualization system
09/08/16Storage control apparatus and storage control method
09/08/16Storage control device, storage control method and storage control program
09/08/16Storage controller, method, and storage system
09/08/16Data storing control apparatus and method
09/08/16Storage control device and storage system
09/08/16Control apparatus, control method, and control program
09/08/16Computer readable medium, mapping information generating method, and mapping information generating apparatus
09/08/16Parallel computing system, job management device, and job management method
09/08/16Retrieval control method, and retrieval control device
09/08/16Determination of valid input sequences for an unknown binary program
09/08/16Information processing system, monitoring method, and recording medium
09/08/16Grammar generation for augmented datatypes
09/08/16Grammar generation for simple datatypes
09/08/16Recording medium having stored therein data management program, data management device, and data management method
09/08/16Model generation method and information processing apparatus
09/08/16Autonomous reasoning system for vulnerability analysis
09/08/16Behavior detection method and behavior detection apparatus
09/08/16Physical quantities prediction apparatus and method
09/08/16Semiconductor device, fabrication semiconductor device, power supply apparatus and high-frequency amplifier
09/08/16Optical phase-sensitive amplifier with raman amplifier intermediate stage
09/08/16Distributed amplifier
09/08/16In-band optical signal-to-noise ratio monitor
09/08/16Mitigation of spectral offset in an optical filter
09/08/16Optical transmission device and optical transmission system
09/08/16Optical transmission apparatus and wavelength control method
09/08/16Optical transmission system, optical transmission apparatus, and optical transmission method
09/08/16Peak suppression device and peak suppression method
09/08/16Information transmission apparatus, information detection apparatus and transmitter
09/08/16Data transmission method, data demodulation method, apparatus and system
09/08/16Throughput measuring method, computer readable medium, and apparatus
09/08/16Communication apparatus and processor allocation the same
09/08/16Information processing system, control program, and control method
09/08/16Optical transmission device and optical transmission control method
09/08/16Method of allocating wavelength and wavelength allocation device
09/08/16Apparatus and estimating handover unavailable areas
09/08/16Mobile communication device and wireless communication method
09/08/16Terminal device, communication method, and storage medium
09/08/16Control channel for wireless communication
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09/01/16Health condition determination method and health condition determination system
09/01/16Abnormality detection system and abnormality detection method
09/01/16Display device
09/01/16Device and memory control method
09/01/16Display process apparatus, display process method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
09/01/16Data deployment determination apparatus, data deployment determination program, and data deployment determination method
09/01/16Storage apparatus and storage system
09/01/16Information processing device, information processing system, and exclusive control program
09/01/16Program profiler circuit, processor, and program counting method
09/01/16Management-information acquiring program, management information acquiring method, and management information acquiring apparatus
09/01/16Model generating device and method
09/01/16Information processing apparatus, method, and computer readable medium
09/01/16Determination device and determination method
09/01/16Iris authentication apparatus and electronic device
09/01/16Computer-readable medium storing therein image processing program, image processing device, and image processing method
09/01/16Display control system, and graph display method
09/01/16Printed circuit board and soldering method
09/01/16Downlink control signalling for indication of interfering layers
09/01/16Demodulator apparatus and demodulation method
09/01/16System, communications node, and switching method
09/01/16Detection method and apparatus
09/01/16Data transfer control apparatus and parallel computing system
09/01/16Event notification method, event notification device, and storage medium
09/01/16Focus position detection device and focus position detection method
09/01/16Infrared detection apparatus
09/01/16System, communications node, and determining method
09/01/16Communication monitoring system, communication monitoring method, and communication monitoring device
09/01/16Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and hand over control method
09/01/16Activation method and portable terminal
09/01/16Device-to-device data channel signaling
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09/01/16Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication system, and channel estimating method
09/01/16Semiconductor package, electronic device, and solder mounting method
08/25/16Computer product, unevenness analysis method, and unevenness analyzer
08/25/16Computer product, unevenness analysis method, and unevenness analyzer
08/25/16Computer-readable recording medium having recorded therein component arrangement program, arranging components, and information processing apparatus
08/25/16Compiler method, parallel processing method, and compiler apparatus
08/25/16Storage control device
08/25/16Event management method and distributed system
08/25/16Apparatus and data arrangement
08/25/16Information processing apparatus and multipath control method
08/25/16Learning apparatus and learning method
08/25/16Document search apparatus and document search method
08/25/16Information processing apparatus and simulation method
08/25/16Information collection apparatus and method
08/25/16Image processing apparatus and image processing method
08/25/16Guiding method and information processing apparatus
08/25/16Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
08/25/16Electronic fabricating the same
08/25/16Receiving device and sending device
08/25/16Optical transmission controlling optical power
08/25/16Current-mode driver
08/25/16Current-mode driver with built-in continuous-time linear equalization
08/25/16Transmitting device and transmission control method
08/25/16Method and performing carrier management in carrier aggregation system
08/25/16Cryptographic apparatus and method
08/25/16Apparatus and transmitting error occurrence information to respective end nodes terminating paths
08/25/16Information processing device, verification method and system
08/25/16Route control device, system and route control method
08/25/16Communication apparatus, communication system, and communication method
08/25/16Monitoring apparatus and method
08/25/16Call control device, call control method, and call control system
08/25/16Control method, information processing device, and storage medium
08/25/16Apparatus and takeover of relaying communication between a network and a terminal
08/25/16Mobile terminal device and device network setting
08/25/16Control device, control method, and base station
08/25/16Electronic device and mounting unit
08/18/16Temperature measuring system and temperature measuring method
08/18/16Temperature measuring system and temperature measuring method
08/18/16Chassis and electronic device
08/18/16Power supply control apparatus and computer product
08/18/16Drive apparatus, electronic device, drive control program, and drive signal generating method
08/18/16Storage control apparatus and control method
08/18/16Storage control apparatus and storage control method
08/18/16Control device, storage system, and controlling a plurality of storage devices
08/18/16Storage system, storage control device, and computer-readable recording medium
08/18/16Method, information processing apparatus, and medium
08/18/16Computer-readable recording medium storing execution information notification program, information processing apparatus, and information processing system
08/18/16Analysis device and information processing system
08/18/16Black-box software testing with statistical learning
08/18/16Information management device and information management method
08/18/16Apparatus and performing finite element computation
08/18/16Biometric information registration apparatus and biometric information registration method
08/18/16Information presentation method, device, and program
08/18/16Security plan support method, security plan support device and recording medium
08/18/16Terminal apparatus and screen updating method
08/18/16Switching power supply, controlling switching power supply, and power supply system
08/18/16Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and polarization dependent loss monitor
08/18/16Management apparatus and information processing system
08/18/16Packet communication apparatus and packet communication method
08/18/16Information processing system and information processing method
08/18/16Optical transmission device, optical transmission system, and optical transmission control method
08/18/16Terminal device and communication method
08/18/16Radio access system and base station apparatus
08/18/16Resource scheduling method and apparatus and communication system
08/11/16Flux and manufacturing electronic device
08/11/16Crystal unit
08/11/16Book-like physical control and feedback apparatus
08/11/16Determining a valid input for an unknown binary module
08/11/16System, method and non-transitory computer readable medium
08/11/16Information processing apparatus that adjusts analysis model and adjusting analysis model
08/11/16System, method, and program for storing and controlling access to data representing personal behavior
08/11/16Image display apparatus and image display method
08/11/16Wiring substrate, manufacturing wiring substrate, electronic device and manufacturing electronic device
08/11/16Electronic device and manufacturing the same
08/11/16Stacked semiconductor device
08/11/16Solid electrolyte, all-solid-state secondary battery using the same, and manufacturing methods thereof
08/11/16Wireless communication apparatus, base station system, and wireless communication apparatus controlling method
08/11/16Monitoring an optical signal-to-noise ratio and receiver
08/11/16Provisioning virtual optical networks
08/11/16Provisioning virtual optical networks
08/11/16Wireless communication system
08/11/16Data migration apparatus and system
08/11/16Message log removal apparatus and message log removal method
08/11/16Communication device and communication method
08/11/16Power control method and terminal equipment
08/11/16Radio communication system and radio communication method
08/11/16Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus, and radio communication method
08/04/16Method of producing graphene film
08/04/16Method for inspecting crystal unit
08/04/16Container, evaluating method, and container type data center
08/04/16Computing method and computing device
08/04/16Mobile terminal, position identification method, and position identification device
08/04/16Electrical device and producing the same
08/04/16Input apparatus
08/04/16Fingertip position estimation apparatus and method
08/04/16Storage system and information processing method
08/04/16Controller and storage system
08/04/16Storage device and storage system
08/04/16Data storage apparatus, data control apparatus, and data control method

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