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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Of
Fujitsu Limited_20100107
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114


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Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Information processing device and control device

Fujitsu Limited

Information processing device and control device

Information processing device and control device

Fujitsu Limited

Wireless station, data transmission method, and wireless communication system

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Count Application # Date Fujitsu Limited patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014034589911/27/14 new patent  Water resistant structure and electronic apparatus
22014034652511/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
32014034652611/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
42014034713211/27/14 new patent  Power amplifier apparatus, transmitter apparatus, and method of controlling the power amplifier apparatus
52014034729111/27/14 new patent  Touch panel apparatus and method of controlling the same
62014034732211/27/14 new patent  Drive controlling apparatus, electronic device and drive controlling method
72014034736711/27/14 new patent  Display processing apparatus, system and computer-readable storage medium for display processing program
82014034781511/27/14 new patent  Attachment device, electronic apparatus, and locking mechanism
92014034791911/27/14 new patent  Semiconductor storage device
102014034797511/27/14 new patent  Data transmitting device, data transmitting method and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
112014034800011/27/14 new patent  Network system, method of controlling network system, and node device
122014034812811/27/14 new patent  Base station device, handover controlling method, and radio communication system
132014034813811/27/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for adjusting a reference timing
142014034816311/27/14 new patent  Port switching method, analysis device, and recording medium
152014034831411/27/14 new patent  Communication terminal apparatus and call-initiation suppression method
162014034850611/27/14 new patent  Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
172014034949511/27/14 new patent  Connector
182014034964011/27/14 new patent  Communication control system, communication control device, and communication control method
192014034964211/27/14 new patent  Control apparatus, terminal apparatus, and method of controlling cell search
202014034964511/27/14 new patent  Presence indication in a wireless communication system
212014034965411/27/14 new patent  Cell handover and activation in heterogeneous networks
222014034967611/27/14 new patent  Portable device and method of controlling a portable device
232014035077711/27/14 new patent  Apparatus for diagnosing driving behavior, method for diagnosing driving behavior, and program thereof
242014035090111/27/14 new patent  Simulation method and simulation apparatus
252014035091311/27/14 new patent  Translation device and method
262014035093711/27/14 new patent  Voice processing device and voice processing method
272014035099611/27/14 new patent  Job monitoring support method and information processing apparatus
282014035129411/27/14 new patent  Storage control device and storage control method
292014035131111/27/14 new patent  System, method, computer-readable medium and apparatus
302014035136611/27/14 new patent  Information processing system and method for controlling same
312014035150411/27/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for transferring data between storages having different access speeds
322014035156611/27/14 new patent  Moving average processing in processor and processor
332014035159711/27/14 new patent  Authentication device, system and method
342014035162811/27/14 new patent  Information processing device, control circuit, computer-readable recording medium for control program, and control method
352014035171011/27/14 new patent  Virtual social group management system, virtual social group management method, and computer program
362014035175411/27/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus and input control method
372014035181211/27/14 new patent  Recording medium, management device, and network system
382014035183611/27/14 new patent  Content providing program, content providing method, and content providing apparatus
392014035195011/27/14 new patent  Communication device, system, and control method
402014033971311/20/14Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
422014034016311/20/14Oscillator device and method of mounting oscillator device
432014034018411/20/14Transformer device and manufacturing method thereof
442014034033311/20/14Storage medium, information processing apparatus and character recognition method
452014034040811/20/14Display control apparatus, system and recording medium having display control program
462014034084611/20/14Electronic apparatus
472014034084711/20/14Substrate unit and electronic device
482014034096011/20/14Memory device
492014034112711/20/14Wireless station, data transmission method, and wireless communication system
502014034113411/20/14Communication system, mobile station, and control device
512014034155911/20/14Communication device, communication system, and communication method
522014034156011/20/14Protection channel provisioning method and node equipment
532014034250411/20/14Electronic device, method of manufacturing, and electronic device manufacturing apparatus
542014034251311/20/14Semiconductor apparatus and method for manufacturing the semiconductor apparatus
552014034268011/20/14Signal amplifying apparatus, transmitter, and signal amplifying method
562014034274211/20/14Guidance device, guidance system, and guidance method
572014034369811/20/14Device control apparatus, device control method, and device control system
582014034403311/20/14Interactive advertising using digital watermarks
592014034420711/20/14Communication condition change detection method and apparatus
602014034423311/20/14Server apparatus, and data extraction method
612014034426811/20/14Computer-readable recording medium, data extraction method, and data extraction device
622014034428711/20/14Database controller, method, and program for managing a distributed data store
632014034442411/20/14System, method and computer-readable medium
642014034443311/20/14Network design apparatus and network design method
652014034451711/20/14Storage control device, storage system, and computer-readable recording medium storing control program
662014034451811/20/14Apparatus and method for performing data transfer between storages
672014034453711/20/14Control method, transmission apparatus, and recording medium
682014034461811/20/14Method of improving fault tolerance in a computing system arranged to find a computational solution
692014034463011/20/14Information processing device and control device
702014034463811/20/14Signal processing device, signal processing method, and communication device
712014034479511/20/14Computer-readable recording medium, compiling method, and information processing apparatus
722014033315611/13/14Electric power generation device
732014033433311/13/14Determining downlink coordinated multipoint measurement set
742014033438311/13/14Network system, node device, and method of controlling network system
752014033449011/13/14Communication device, management device, processing method, and computer-readable recording medium having processing program stored therein
762014033586411/13/14Radio communication system, radio base station, radio terminal and radio communication method
772014033699411/13/14Storage medium storing identifying program, identifying apparatus, and identifying method
782014033751211/13/14Obstruction determination device
792014033758411/13/14Control apparatus, analysis apparatus, analysis method, and computer product
802014033764811/13/14Information processing apparatus and power saving control method
812014033766511/13/14Storage system and method for controlling storage system
822014033778911/13/14Display processing apparatus, system and storage medium storing display processing program
832014032761511/06/14Display device and input control method
842014032860211/06/14Digital coherent receiver, optical reception system, and optical reception method
852014032903811/06/14Enclosure and method of manufacturing the same
862014033091711/06/14Computer readable non-transitory medium, electronic mail information send method and electronic mail information send device
872014033097111/06/14Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium recording information processing program
882014033100711/06/14Virtual library controller and control method
892014033110911/06/14Apparatus and method for detecting errors on a transmission path
902014031816710/30/14Evaporator, cooling device, and electronic apparatus
912014031858810/30/14Thermoelectric conversion element and method for manufacturing same
922014031884010/30/14Stacked structure and manufacturing method of the same
932014031966710/30/14Semiconductor apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
942014031998510/30/14Movement mechanism and rack housing structure
952014032017110/30/14Electronic circuit
962014032019210/30/14Interpolation circuit and receiving circuit
972014032033310/30/14Radar apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
982014032122210/30/14Semiconductor memory of which defective cell is replaceable with redundant cell and manufacturing method of semiconductor memory
992014032126910/30/14Packet transport network system
1002014032129210/30/14Apparatus for controlling modulation and coding scheme depending on communication speed
1012014032137310/30/14Radio communication device and retransmission control method
1022014032147010/30/14Communication device and address learning method
1032014032174410/30/14Reducing image noise
1042014032184910/30/14Apparatus for controlling a transmission path
1052014032185110/30/14Transmission device and synchronization control method
1062014032316410/30/14Data extraction method and data extraction device
1072014032388110/30/14Pulse estimation device
1082014032438010/30/14Information processing apparatus and cooling performance evaluation method
1092014032487810/30/14Search indexing
1102014032510710/30/14Reception apparatus, information processing apparatus and method of receiving data
1112014032512310/30/14Information processing apparatus, control circuit, and control method
1122014032525310/30/14Timing control circuit
1132014032526310/30/14Storage system, control apparatus, computer product, and control method
1142014032527710/30/14Information processing technique for managing computer system
1152014032548910/30/14Programmable symbolic execution based dynamic checker
1162014032550110/30/14Computer installation method, computer-readable medium storing computer installation program, and computer installation apparatus
1172014032552910/30/14Event management apparatus and method
1182014031236210/23/14Compound semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1192014031248810/23/14Method of manufacturing wiring board unit, method of manufacturing insertion base, wiring board unit, and insertion base
1202014031295010/23/14Data holding circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device
1212014031304110/23/14Tracking exposure to electromagnetic fields
1222014031314710/23/14Display device and storage medium
1232014031322310/23/14Display control method and device
1242014031334910/23/14Image processing device and image processing method
1252014031366210/23/14Rack mount device
1262014031388510/23/14Node device and communication method
1272014031390310/23/14Communication apparatus, wireless communication network system, and communication method
1282014031399610/23/14System, apparatus, computer-readable medium and method
1292014031437010/23/14Optical semiconductor apparatus
1302014031440110/23/14Transmission equipment and path selection method
1312014031441510/23/14Crosstalk reduction in optical networks using variable subcarrier spectral allocation
1322014031441610/23/14Crosstalk reduction in optical networks using variable subcarrier power levels
1332014031442710/23/14Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
1342014031549610/23/14Wireless quality collecting device, wireless quality collecting method, and computer-readable recording medium
1352014031550410/23/14Power supply circuit, power supply system, and radio communication apparatus
1362014031659610/23/14Information processing method and information processing system
1372014031674410/23/14Assigning method, recording medium, information processing apparatus, and analysis system
1382014031676110/23/14Simulation apparatus and storage medium
1392014031716410/23/14Arithmetic processing device
1402014031725710/23/14Risk mitigation in data center networks
1412014031734810/23/14Control system, control apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium recording control program thereon
1422014031737910/23/14Information processing system, control apparatus, and method of controlling information processing system
1432014031743610/23/14Processing apparatus, method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
1442014031744410/23/14Storage control device and storage device
1452014031758610/23/14Support device, design support method, and computer-readable recording medium
1462014031769210/23/14Information processing unit, client terminal device, information processing system, and authentication processing method
1472014030494810/16/14Hinge device
1482014030623110/16/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
1492014030667410/16/14Charge and discharge signal circuit and dc-dc converter
1502014030675110/16/14Bias circuit
1512014030677410/16/14Digitally controlled oscillator and output frequency control method
1522014030692710/16/14Input device, computer-readable recording medium, and method for receiving input
1532014030696010/16/14Display processing method and apparatus
1542014030699810/16/14Computer-readable recording medium, method, and terminal apparatus for displaying land boundary
1552014030755210/16/14Radio resource control for dual-access-technology cells
1562014030760410/16/14Communication device and communication method
1572014030761110/16/14D2d communication in wireless networks
1582014030773310/16/14Controlling transfer of a frame
1592014030780510/16/14Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, encoding method, and decoding method
1602014030787710/16/14Information processing apparatus and sound processing method
1612014030803510/16/14Port monitoring device and port monitoring method
1622014030804010/16/14Optical path computation based on a reachability matrix
1632014030882410/16/14Electronic device, system, attaching method of electronic device, and apparatus
1642014030996110/16/14Information processing apparatus and method for analyzing thermo-fluid
1652014030998110/16/14Storage device and control method
1662014031024810/16/14Verification support program, verification support apparatus, and verification support method
1672014031033610/16/14Screen data transfer device and a processing load reduction method
1682014031037710/16/14Information processing method and information processing apparatus
1692014031040910/16/14Computer product, monitoring method, and monitoring apparatus
1702014031067710/16/14Board design aid device, board design aid method, and board design aid program
1712014031072310/16/14Data processing apparatus, transmitting apparatus, transmission control method, scheduling method, and computer product
1722014031082210/16/14Certificate generation method, certificate generation apparatus, information processing apparatus, and communication device
1732014030019110/09/14Semiconductor integrated circuit and method of controlling power supply
1742014030020210/09/14Wireless power supply apparatus, wireless power supply system, and wireless power supply method
1752014030056310/09/14Control device and control method
1762014030057310/09/14Computer-readable recording medium, information processing apparatus, and correction processing method
1772014030150510/09/14Receiving device and receiving method
1782014030169610/09/14Electronic apparatus, method for manufacturing electronic apparatus, and electronic device
1792014030174310/09/14Light receiving device and light receiving method
1802014030379710/09/14Information processing method, program development device, recording medium, and method
1812014030434710/09/14Communication system and electronic mail delivery control method in a communication system
1822014030445010/09/14Switching device, packet control method, and data communication system
1832014030448710/09/14Information processing apparatus, memory control device, and data transfer control method
1842014030453910/09/14Information processing apparatus and power supply control method
1852014030463410/09/14Electronic apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
1862014029000910/02/14Electronic device
1872014029071310/02/14Sunlight receiving device and sunlight receiving system
1882014029085010/02/14Bonding apparatus and bonding method
1892014029100610/02/14Printed circuit board solder mounting method and solder mount structure
1902014029172510/02/14Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
1912014029191010/02/14Assembly jig
1922014029207210/02/14Battery monitoring system, battery cartridge, battery package, and ridable machine
1932014029237810/02/14Signal transmission circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit, and signal transmission circuit adjustment method
1942014029240510/02/14Amplification device and amplification method
1952014029241010/02/14Folded cascode amplifier circuit
1962014029253910/02/14Presentation method, service providing method, effectiveness measuring apparatus, presentation apparatus and service providing apparatus
1972014029260010/02/14Antenna and wireless communication apparatus
1982014029264410/02/14Image processing device and method
1992014029264710/02/14Interactive projector
2002014029264810/02/14Information operation display system, display program, and display method
2012014029268410/02/14Information processing apparatus and control method of information processing apparatus
2022014029269310/02/14Data processing device and method
2032014029272310/02/14Information processing device and information processing method
2042014029272610/02/14Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium recording information processing program
2052014029272710/02/14Terminal device and key entry method
2062014029315710/02/14Input apparatus, electronic apparatus and touch pad
2072014029347110/02/14Library device and control method thereof
2082014029351710/02/14Electronic apparatus and member rotating operation method
2092014029352810/02/14Electronic apparatus and component for electronic apparatus
2102014029355710/02/14Housing of electronic device and electronic device
2112014029356610/02/14Circuit board and electronic device
2122014029372210/02/14Semiconductor storage device and semiconductor storage device control method
2132014029373810/02/14Gain control circuit and ultrasonic image device
2142014029377910/02/14Route selecting apparatus, route selecting method, and communication system
2152014029378910/02/14Base station, control method, and communication system
2162014029379010/02/14Relieving congestion in wireless local area networks
2172014029379510/02/14Qoe optimization in wireless networks
2182014029389110/02/14Apparatus and method
2192014029400710/02/14Packet communication device, packet communication method, and packet communication program
2202014029403110/02/14Optical device and optical module
2212014029409510/02/14Moving picture data comparing method and apparatus
2222014029409610/02/14Video image data delivery device, method and system
2232014029412810/02/14Receiver and synchronization correcting method
2242014029413010/02/14Receiver and signal processing method
2252014029413210/02/14Clock phase interpolator, data transmission and reception circuit, and method of clock phase interpolation
2262014029418110/02/14Orthogonal transform apparatus, orthogonal transform method, orthogonal transform computer program, and audio decoding apparatus
2272014029421710/02/14Mobile electronic device and method for waterproofing mobile electronic device
2282014029423310/02/14Information processing device and information processing method
2292014029424610/02/14Movement distance estimating device and movement distance estimating method
2302014029425010/02/14Image correction apparatus, image correction method, and biometric authentication apparatus
2312014029426110/02/14Biometric information processing apparatus and biometric information processing method
2322014029431810/02/14Gray image processing method and apparatus
2332014029434110/02/14Spot-size converter, manufacturing method thereof, and integrated optical circuit device
2342014029437710/02/14Proactive delay measurement for optical transport network
2352014029437810/02/14Transmission apparatus, transmission system, and method of controlling average optical input power
2362014029438410/02/14Optical wavelength path rearranging method, computer product, optical transmission managing apparatus, and optical transmission apparatus
2372014029506510/02/14Resin protrusion forming method and wiring board manufacturing method
2382014029539610/02/14Device and method for learning support
2392014029566610/02/14Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
2402014029578410/02/14Apparatus and method for switching a communication scheme
2412014029579510/02/14Terminal device and computer-readable recording medium
2422014029582710/02/14Wireless communication system
2432014029665610/02/14Information processing apparatus and warning issuing method
2442014029672310/02/14Heartbeat signal processing method
2452014029674810/02/14Measuring apparatus, method of determining measurement region, and program
2462014029705910/02/14Visual confirmation evaluating apparatus and method
2472014029718410/02/14Guidance apparatus and guidance method
2482014029723110/02/14Multi-component computational fluid dynamics simulations
2492014029725310/02/14Translation support apparatus, translation support system, and translation support program

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