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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasak Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Ltd
Fujitsu Limited Of
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114
Fujitsu Limited_20100107

Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Drowsiness detection device, drowsiness detection method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for drowsiness detection
03/23/17 new patent  Determining electrical loads
03/23/17 new patent  Optical connector and producing optical connector
03/23/17 new patent  Biometric authentication system and method
03/23/17 new patent  Computer system, arrangement with a computer system and an external management device, as well as the use of a storage unit in a computer system
03/23/17 new patent  Program generating apparatus and method therefor
03/23/17 new patent  Intelligent medication dispenser
03/23/17 new patent  Device, method, and storage medium
03/23/17 new patent  Control device, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
03/23/17 new patent  Providing context to a question
03/23/17 new patent  Laminated chip, laminated-chip-mounted substrate and manufacturing laminated chip
03/23/17 new patent  Optical receiver module and making optical receiver module
03/23/17 new patent  Magnetic tunnel junction device and semiconductor memory device
03/23/17 new patent  Harmonic generation and phase sensitive amplification using a bragg reflection waveguide
03/23/17 new patent  Learning parity with noise-based relational encryption for proximity relations
03/23/17 new patent  Relational encryption
03/23/17 new patent  Parallel information processing apparatus, determining communication protocol, and medium
03/23/17 new patent  Method, apparatus, and storage medium
03/23/17 new patent  Locating mobile users in emergency
03/23/17 new patent  Base station device
03/23/17 new patent  Mobile station-controlled wake-up of a small cell base station from a sleep mode
03/23/17 new patent  Wireless communication system, wireless device, communications by wireless device, wireless base station, and communications by wireless base station
03/23/17 new patent  Movement management device, movement management method, and computer-readable recording medium
03/16/17Control device and information processing system
03/16/17Storage control apparatus and controlling a storage apparatus
03/16/17Storage system, storage control device, and access control method
03/16/17Management apparatus, management method, and computer-readable recording medium
03/16/17Database system, database access method, and database access program
03/16/17Biometric authentication device and biometric authentication method
03/16/17Operation support method, operation support program, and operation support system
03/16/17Encrypted-data processing method, system, and apparatus
03/16/17Semiconductor device and control the same
03/16/17Thermoelectric generator
03/16/17Computation circuit, encoding circuit, and decoding circuit
03/16/17Radio device and distortion cancelling method
03/16/17Transmission apparatus and transmission system
03/16/17Method and determining nonlinear characteristic and system
03/16/17Control apparatus, information processing system, and computer-readable storage medium having control program stored therein
03/16/17Delay information output device, delay information output method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
03/16/17Transmission method, transmission apparatus, and storage medium
03/16/17Control device and controlling a plurality of network switches
03/16/17Generating conversations for behavior encouragement
03/16/17Mobile terminal apparatus and control method
03/16/17Method and monitoring network
03/16/17Apparatus and method to record log information at high-speed in a buffer divided into recent and old log areas
03/09/17Gas sensor and sensor device
03/09/17Gas sensor and sensor device
03/09/17Information processing apparatus
03/09/17Optical connector and coupling optical connector
03/09/17Optical module connector and printed board assembly
03/09/17Control method, information processor apparatus and storage medium
03/09/17Storage control apparatus, control method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
03/09/17Storage device, computer readable recording medium, and storage device control method
03/09/17Management apparatus, management method, and computer-readable recording medium
03/09/17Storage controlling apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having storage controlling program stored therein, and storage controlling method
03/09/17Storage system, storage apparatus, and communication method
03/09/17Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, database control method and database control device
03/09/17Retrieval method, retrieval apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium storing retrieval program recorded therein
03/09/17Hybrid data storage system and method and program for storing hybrid data
03/09/17Simulation device, simulation program, and simulation method
03/09/17Biometric authentication device, biometric authentication method and computer-readable non-transitory medium
03/09/17Connector socket and connector
03/09/17Relay method, relay system, recording medium, and method
03/09/17Triple output photodetector current replicator
03/09/17Method for determining numbers of bits allocated to subcarriers and optical transmission system
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03/09/17Control method, terminal apparatus, and storage medium
03/09/17Optical add/drop multiplexer and adding/dropping optical signal
03/09/17System, receiving device, and method
03/09/17Packet handling in information centric networking networks
03/09/17Identification method and information processing device
03/09/17Display control method, terminal device, and storage medium
03/09/17Resource selection apparatus and communication system
03/09/17Radio communication device, radio communication method, and compter readable storage medium
03/09/17Storage medium, radio signal demodulation method, and radio signal demodulation apparatus
03/09/17Communication system, base station, and communication terminal
03/02/17Monitor device and computer program for display image switching
03/02/17Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and medium
03/02/17Touch panel type operation terminal, touch panel type operation method, and recording medium
03/02/17Control method and control device
03/02/17Information processing apparatus, compile method and non-transitory recording medium storing compile program
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03/02/17Migration controlling method and migration controller
03/02/17Software program repair
03/02/17Processor and control processor
03/02/17Processor and control processor
03/02/17Storage control device
03/02/17Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information management method
03/02/17Method for associating item values, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and information processing device
03/02/17Recording medium, log management method, and log management apparatus
03/02/17Personal information anonymization method, recording medium, and information processing apparatus
03/02/17Product information outputting method, control device, and computer-readable recording medium
03/02/17Apparatus and document image orientation detection
03/02/17Training neutral network for image recognition
03/02/17Machine learning management apparatus and method
03/02/17Product information outputting method, control device, and computer-readable recording medium
03/02/17Product information display system, control device, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
03/02/17Optimization and distribution of coupons in residential demand response
03/02/17Information embedding device, information embedding method, and recording medium storing program
03/02/17Image processing device and image processing method
03/02/17Image and audio reproduction device and method
03/02/17Utterance condition determination apparatus and method
03/02/17Manufacturing transformer device
03/02/17Electronic fabricating the same
03/02/17Electronic device and manufacturing thereof
03/02/17Rfid tag
03/02/17Hysteresis comparator circuit and power supply apparatus
03/02/17Power receiver, wireless power transfer system, and kq-value calculation method
03/02/17Wireless power transfer control method and wireless power transfer system
03/02/17Wireless power transfer control method and wireless power transfer system
03/02/17Phase detector
03/02/17Comparator, electronic circuit, and controlling comparator
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03/02/17Radio communication device and burst distortion correcting method
03/02/17Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
03/02/17Transmission apparatus and retry method
03/02/17Communication control device that controls network device in transmission system
03/02/17Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and information processing system
03/02/17Management device and management method
03/02/17Flow switch, controller and relay apparatus
03/02/17Bandwidth control circuit, arithmetic processing apparatus, and bandwidth control apparatus
03/02/17Method and communication system
03/02/17Control method, control device, and storage medium
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03/02/17Communication method, communication device, and recording medium
03/02/17Communication method, communication device, and recording medium
03/02/17Session control method and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program
03/02/17Nuisance call detection device and method
03/02/17Method of estimating phase difference, apparatus, and storage medium
03/02/17Focus position detection device, focus position detection method, and computer program for focus position detection
03/02/17Imaging apparatus, focus position detection apparatus, and focus position detection method
03/02/17Method for deployment, deployment destination identification program, and deployment system
03/02/17Base station system, radio device and method
03/02/17Method for resource allocation, channel state information transmission, base station and user equipment
03/02/17Signal wiring board
02/23/17Flying machine frame structural body, flying machine, flying machine usage method
02/23/17Function extension device and electronic device fixing method
02/23/17Optical waveguide connector
02/23/17Information processing apparatus and notebook type personal computer
02/23/17Information processing apparatus
02/23/17Information processing apparatus and base member
02/23/17Information processing apparatus
02/23/17Storage system, storage control apparatus, and storage control method
02/23/17Storage control method, storage control device, and storage medium
02/23/17Control device and storage system
02/23/17Processor and method
02/23/17Management device, control device, and management method
02/23/17Resource management device and resource management method
02/23/17Task execution support method, task execution support device
02/23/17Management apparatus, computer and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having management program recorded therein
02/23/17To-be-stubbed target determining apparatus, to-be-stubbed target determining method and non-transitory recording medium storing to-be-stubbed target determining program
02/23/17Operation processing device and controlling operation processing device
02/23/17Method for associating item vlaues, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and information processing device
02/23/17Management apparatus and management method
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02/23/17Program generation apparatus and program generation method
02/23/17Farm-work-detail input support method, recording medium, and input support apparatus
02/23/17Method and memory controller
02/23/17Information processing device
02/23/17Information processing device
02/23/17Printed wiring board assembly, electrical device, and assembling printed wiring board assembly
02/23/17Semiconductor device
02/23/17Semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
02/23/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
02/23/17Antenna device and communication module
02/23/17Wireless communication network management
02/23/17Optical transmission device and determining connection
02/23/17Decision feedback equalizer and receiver circuit
02/23/17Network system, method, and switch device
02/23/17Multi-computer system, manager, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein a managing program
02/23/17Trouble detecting apparatus and system
02/23/17Communication device, network management device, and network system
02/23/17Bandwidth control device and bandwidth control method
02/23/17Control method, information processing apparatus, and storage medium
02/23/17Communication method, communication terminal apparatus, and communication network system
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02/23/17Service provision method, system, and apparatus
02/23/17Information processing device, method, and system
02/23/17Video image decoding device and video image decoding method
02/23/17Video image decoding device and video image decoding method
02/23/17Video image decoding device and video image decoding method
02/23/17Video image encoding/decoding system and method
02/23/17Base station apparatus and communication method
02/23/17Base station apparatus and system
02/23/17Wiring board, electronic apparatus, and manufacturing wiring board
02/23/17Assembly having a rack server insert
02/23/17Shutter unit and electronic apparatus
02/23/17Cooling apparatus and electronic equipment
02/16/17Path graph generation method, path graph generation device and storage medium
02/16/17Management device and connection controlling connections of storage network
02/16/17Storage control device
02/16/17Abnormality handling determination program, abnormality handling determination, and administration device
02/16/17Storage control device
02/16/17Arithmetic processing device and controlling arithmetic processing device
02/16/17Data processing method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, and data processing device
02/16/17Digital document keyword generation
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02/16/17System-replication control apparatus and system-replication control method
02/16/17Resonance frequency check method and resonance frequency check apparatus
02/16/17Computer-readable storage medium having electro-static discharge verification program stored therein, information processing apparatus, and verifying electro-static discharge
02/16/17Method for manufacturing thermal interface sheet
02/16/17Electronic manufacturing electronic apparatus
02/16/17Contactor and wiring board
02/16/17Power supply apparatus and power supply control method
02/16/17Wavelength division multiplexing transmission system
02/16/17Transmission device and measuring optical transmission characteristics
02/16/17Transmission device, transmission system and transmission method
02/16/17Apparatus to transmit data using different scramble generator polynomials
02/16/17Encrypting device, encrypting method, and recording medium
02/16/17Receiving apparatus and warning information transfer method
02/16/17Switching device and control switching device
02/16/17Apparatus and method to perform post-initialization control on applications in a server
02/16/17Computer-readable recording medium, distributed processing method, and distributed processing device
02/16/17Video encoder and video encoding method
02/16/17Coverage extension in wireless communication
02/16/17Method for controlling power of uplink channel, user equipment and communication system
02/16/17Noise reduction board and electronic device
02/09/17Optical receiver module
02/09/17Computation apparatus and frequency determination method
02/09/17Computer-readable recording mediums, and information processing apparatus
02/09/17Computing device, process control method, and computer-readable recording medium
02/09/17Compiling apparatus and compiling method
02/09/17Proxy response program, proxy response device and proxy response method
02/09/17Scheduling supporting method, information processing device, and computer-readable recording medium
02/09/17Information processing system, information processing method and information processing apparatus
02/09/17Information processing apparatus, information processing monitoring errors
02/09/17Apparatus and method to process pieces of collected data based on data arrival states
Social Network Patent Pack
02/09/17Information processing apparatus and index dimension extracting method
02/09/17Information processing apparatus and simulation method
02/09/17Inspection information management method and inspection information management system
02/09/17Harvest amount distributing method, harvest amount input method, recording medium, and system
02/09/17Providing adaptive electronic reading support
02/09/17Tunable laser source, optical transmitter, and optical transmitter and receiver module
02/09/17Optical communication system, optical receiver and optical transmitter
02/09/17Optical receiver and signal processing method
02/09/17Adaptive equalizer, adaptive equalization method and receiver
02/09/17Channel equalization and tracking apparatus and method and receiver
02/09/17Communication apparatus and method
02/09/17Parallel computing system and migration method
02/09/17Video encoding device and video encoding method
02/09/17Video encoding device and video encoding method
02/09/17Information delivery method, information delivery apparatus, and storage medium
02/09/17Terminal reporting in wireless communication system
02/09/17Communication system, base station device, and method
02/09/17Wireless communications system, base station, and terminal
02/09/17Wireless communications system, terminal, base station and processing method
02/02/17Control system, timing device, and process executed by the system
02/02/17Information presentation method and information presentation apparatus
02/02/17Information processing device, power estimation program and power estimation method
02/02/17Control device and control method
02/02/17Information processing device, recording medium and access information management method
02/02/17Software introduction supporting method
02/02/17Function-calling-information collection method and computer-readable recording medium
02/02/17System, information processing device, and non-transitory medium for storing program for migration of virtual machine
02/02/17Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, information controller, and information control method

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