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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasak Japan
Fujitsu Limited_20100107
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114
Fujitsu Limited Of


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Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Fujitsu Limited patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015028623210/08/15  new patent  Voltage regulation circuit
22015028635510/08/15  new patent  Crawling for extracting a model of a gui-based application
32015028637810/08/15  new patent  Electronic device and computer-readable recording medium storing information display program
42015028639810/08/15  new patent  Information processing apparatus and recording medium recording information processing program
52015028647610/08/15  new patent  Application determination method, application determination device
62015028648810/08/15  new patent  Verification support method, verification supporting device, and storage medium
72015028654810/08/15  new patent  Information processing device and method
82015028670010/08/15  new patent  Recording medium having stored thereon database access control program, controlling database access, and information processing apparatus
92015028671810/08/15  new patent  Topic identification in lecture videos
102015028673610/08/15  new patent  Collecting learning materials for informal learning
112015028675610/08/15  new patent  Thermal fluid analysis method, information processing device, and recording medium storing thermal fluid analysis program
122015028683410/08/15  new patent  Terminal device, data management server, terminal program, data management program, and data management system
132015028687910/08/15  new patent  Movement amount estimation device, movement amount estimation method, and computer-readable recording medium storing movement amount estimation program
142015028716010/08/15  new patent  Image processing apparatus and feature detection method
152015028805710/08/15  new patent  Wireless communication device and electronic device
162015028813010/08/15  new patent  Optical branching device, optical amplification apparatus, and optical amplification method
172015028814810/08/15  new patent  Laser device, light modulation device, and optical semiconductor device
182015028838210/08/15  new patent  Method and system
192015028838310/08/15  new patent  Method and system
202015028845810/08/15  new patent  Digital coherent receiver and receiving optical signal
212015028848810/08/15  new patent  Radio communication system, communication controller, and base station
222015028856810/08/15  new patent  Recording medium, handling method generation method, and information processing apparatus
232015028904210/08/15  new patent  Electronic device and assembly electronic device
242015028913610/08/15  new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium
252015028918310/08/15  new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium
262015028919210/08/15  new patent  Information processing method, communications method, communications node, system, and computer product
272015028919310/08/15  new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium
282015028925210/08/15  new patent  Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium
292015028926810/08/15  new patent  Wireless terminal, wireless base station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
302015027248010/01/15 Acceleration sensor output processing program, processing method, processing apparatus, and gait assessment program
312015027439610/01/15 Storage apparatus, storage apparatus manufacturing method, and measurement the same
322015027639110/01/15 Direction discrimination device, direction discrimination method, and recording medium storing direction discrimination control program
332015027691910/01/15 Phased-array transmitter, transceiver, and radar apparatus
342015027703710/01/15 Optical waveguide, photoelectric hybrid board and manufacturing optical waveguide
352015027704410/01/15 Optical waveguide coupler and manufacturing same
362015027705010/01/15 Connection device, computer system, and connection computer system
372015027706910/01/15 Opto-electric integrated circuit and optical interposer
382015027707210/01/15 Semiconductor optical waveguide device
392015027715810/01/15 Phase modulation device and controlling the device
402015027740510/01/15 Production plan display method, production plan support method, production plan display apparatus, production plan support apparatus, and recording medium
412015027743410/01/15 Production plan creation support method and production plan creation support apparatus
422015027743510/01/15 Computing apparatus and computing method
432015027753110/01/15 Apparatus and controlling power consumption of devices performing communications between a processor and i/o devices
442015027755610/01/15 Information processing technique for eye gaze movements
452015027769310/01/15 Production plan preparation support method and production plan preparation support apparatus
462015027776710/01/15 Storage management apparatus, and performance adjusting method
472015027778010/01/15 Server apparatus, recording medium storing information storage program, and information storing method
482015027778110/01/15 Storage device adjusting device and tiered storage designing method
492015027779610/01/15 Storage apparatus and data storage method
502015027780110/01/15 Information processing system, control information processing system, and recording medium
512015027786410/01/15 Compiler, compile method and compile apparatus
522015027787410/01/15 Compiler method and compiler apparatus
532015027787610/01/15 Compiling device, compiling method, and storage medium storing compiler program
542015027790510/01/15 Arithmetic processing unit and control arithmetic processing unit
552015027793210/01/15 Information processing controlling information processing apparatus
562015027795510/01/15 System and controlling virtual-machine migrations based on processor usage rates and traffic amounts
572015027795610/01/15 Virtual machine control method, apparatus, and medium
582015027795710/01/15 Scale-out method and system
592015027795810/01/15 Management device, information processing system, and management program
602015027795910/01/15 Capture point determination method and capture point determination system
612015027798210/01/15 Parallel computer allocating jobs to calculation nodes
622015027800610/01/15 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
632015027800910/01/15 Storage control apparatus and control method
642015027801810/01/15 Distributed storage system and method
652015027802010/01/15 Storage control apparatus, recording medium having stored therein storage control program and storage control method
662015027802710/01/15 Backup apparatus, backup method, and storage medium that stores backup program
672015027803710/01/15 Transfer device, determination method, and data processing device
682015027804310/01/15 Information processing apparatus, parallel computer system, and controlling parallel computer system
692015027804910/01/15 Information processing apparatus and storage system
702015027805210/01/15 Storage system, storage device, and monitoring server
712015027808910/01/15 Execution control method and execution control apparatus
722015027810210/01/15 Information processing system and control information processing system
732015027811410/01/15 Control apparatus and control method
742015027812710/01/15 Information processing device, information processing system, storage medium storing program for controlling information processing device, and controlling information processing device
752015027823710/01/15 System and file selection, information processor, and terminal
762015027824010/01/15 Data processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, data processing method and information processing method
772015027824710/01/15 Data access system and data access method
782015027826210/01/15 Data processing device and controlling the same
792015027826710/01/15 Processing method and information processing apparatus
802015027828710/01/15 Recording medium having stored therein process managing program, process managing apparatus and process managing method
812015027833310/01/15 Information processing apparatus and control method
822015027838910/01/15 Web page editing method, apparatus, and medium
832015027842210/01/15 Storage medium storing circuit board design assistance program, circuit board design assistance method, and circuit board design assistance device
842015027862010/01/15 Image processing apparatus, image processing system and image processing method
852015027863610/01/15 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
862015027865610/01/15 Job discrimination
872015027869310/01/15 Prediction program, prediction apparatus, and prediction method
882015027870510/01/15 Control method to be executed by information processing device, information processing device, and storage medium
892015027871210/01/15 Method, apparatus, and program
902015027875210/01/15 Production schedule planning support method and production schedule planning support apparatus
912015027892110/01/15 Method, apparatus, and medium
922015027909710/01/15 Apparatus and managing structure data
932015027913510/01/15 Authentication system, authentication apparatus, and authentication method
942015027931010/01/15 Information processing terminal, display terminal, and display method
952015027943710/01/15 Packet processing apparatus and packet processing method
962015027948210/01/15 Data transfer circuit
972015027948410/01/15 Memory test circuit and controlling memory test circuit
982015027974710/01/15 Semiconductor manufacturing method and semiconductor device
992015027995610/01/15 Semiconductor device
1002015028001210/01/15 Electronic device and manufacturing the same
1012015028039110/01/15 Optical amplifier
1022015028039410/01/15 Optical semiconductor device and controlling driving circuit
1032015028039810/01/15 Optical amplification device and optical amplification method
1042015028041210/01/15 Electronic device mounting apparatus
1052015028075610/01/15 Wireless device and wireless access system
1062015028079110/01/15 Power receiving device, and information processing method
1072015028080710/01/15 Wireless communication system
1082015028085210/01/15 Transmission device and optical transmission system
1092015028085410/01/15 Optical transmission apparatus, optical transmission system, and optcial transmission method
1102015028085610/01/15 Polarization state detector, optical transmitter, and optical receiver
1112015028089710/01/15 Transmission system, transmission apparatus, and clock synchronization method
1122015028091410/01/15 Ciphertext processing device, ciphertext processing method, computer-readable recording medium, and information processing device
1132015028092010/01/15 System and authorization
1142015028093210/01/15 Network system, packet transmission apparatus, packet transmission method, and recording medium recording information processing program
1152015028094410/01/15 Optimizing a pulse shaping filter and a transmitter
1162015028094710/01/15 Wireless transmission device
1172015028094810/01/15 Receiver circuit
1182015028097510/01/15 Communication system and node
1192015028098110/01/15 Apparatus and system for configuration management
1202015028098510/01/15 Demand accommodation changing order determination method
1212015028100010/01/15 Management system and device
1222015028101310/01/15 Ascertainment
1232015028101410/01/15 Packet analysis apparatus and packet analysis method
1242015028103710/01/15 Monitoring omission specifying program, monitoring omission specifying method, and monitoring omission specifying device
1252015028104410/01/15 Information processing device that generates packet including first and second identifiers, transmission and reception device, and control information processing device
1262015028107410/01/15 Data transfer control device and data transfer control method
1272015028107710/01/15 Control supplying switch with entry
1282015028108410/01/15 Distributed data processing device and distributed data processing method
1292015028108610/01/15 Information processing system and controlling method and controlling device for the same
1302015028109310/01/15 Information processing apparatus and information processing method
1312015028109410/01/15 Data reception apparatus, controlling data reception apparatus, and data transmission and reception system including data transmission apparatus and data reception apparatus
1322015028110010/01/15 Apparatus and selecting a flow to be changed upon congestion occurrence
1332015028110210/01/15 Switch device, information processing system, and controlling switch device
1342015028110610/01/15 Switch device, information processing system, and controlling switch device
1352015028112110/01/15 Transmitter, transmission system, and recording medium
1362015028118710/01/15 Key transmitting method and key transmitting system
1372015028118810/01/15 Method and cryptographic processing
1382015028133410/01/15 Information processing terminal and information processing method
1392015028134310/01/15 Information processing device, information processing system, and processing method
1402015028134510/01/15 Distributed processing system and control method
1412015028135210/01/15 Communication control device, storage device, and communication control method
1422015028135710/01/15 Storage management device, and performance tuning method
1432015028136610/01/15 Remote access control program, same, and device for same
1442015028137010/01/15 Apparatus, communication control system, and communication control method
1452015028137510/01/15 Information processing apparatus, work environment linking method and work environment linking program
1462015028167410/01/15 Stereo adapter and stereo imaging apparatus
1472015028169910/01/15 Information processing device and method
1482015028186810/01/15 Distribution apparatus and distribution method
1492015028193310/01/15 Wireless communication device, wireless communication network system, information processing method, and recording medium recording information processing program
1502015028193410/01/15 Wireless communication system
1512015028195910/01/15 Information processing device and authentication control method
1522015028198210/01/15 Base station, communication terminal, and call regulation control method
1532015028199710/01/15 Link aggregation distributing a tcp flow to multiple links
1542015028214010/01/15 Base station apparatus, wireless communication system, wireless communication terminal device, and controlling wireless communication system
1552015028215110/01/15 Radio communications system, radio base station apparatus, and controlling radio communications system
1562015028218210/01/15 Communications system, communications control apparatus, radio communications apparatus, and communications method
1572015028219410/01/15 Communication control apparatus, base station apparatus, and communication control method
1582015028219510/01/15 Multi-band resource scheduling for wireless device tethering
1592015028237210/01/15 Cable connection electronic device and jig for cable connection
1602015026804909/24/15 Apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
1612015026864109/24/15 Dynamic environment adaptation
1622015026867909/24/15 Digital filter and timing signal generation circuit
1632015026886709/24/15 Storage controlling apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program, and controlling method
1642015026886909/24/15 Storage system, information processing device, and control method
1652015026888209/24/15 Storage controlling apparatus and controlling method
1662015026895409/24/15 Apparatus and identifying correspondence between an installed program and an interface in a source code
1672015026898109/24/15 Network management device, information processing system, and program
1682015026899409/24/15 Information processing device and action switching method
1692015026900209/24/15 Allocation control method and apparatus
1702015026907809/24/15 Storage apparatus, cache control method, and computer-readable recording medium having cache control program recorded thereon
1712015026908009/24/15 Operation processing apparatus and operation processing method
1722015026909209/24/15 Information processing device and shared memory management method
1732015026909209/24/15 Information processing device and shared memory management method
1742015026909909/24/15 Storage controller, storage apparatus, and computer readable storage medium having storage control program stored therein
1752015026924309/24/15 Computer product, software dividing apparatus, and software dividing method
1762015026936009/24/15 Control method and system
1772015026940609/24/15 Image correction apparatus and image correction method
1782015026941009/24/15 Alignment apparatus, alignment method, and alignment computer program
1792015026974809/24/15 Flesh color detection condition determining apparatus, and flesh color detection condition determining method
1802015026976009/24/15 Display control method and system
1812015026996209/24/15 Magnetic tape control apparatus, recording medium storing a control program, and method
1822015027089409/24/15 Relay method, relay system, recording medium, and method
1832015027096409/24/15 Encryption device, encryption method, information processing device, and encryption system
1842015027102909/24/15 Activation management system and activation management method
1852015027103809/24/15 Link-device selecting apparatus and method
1862015027105309/24/15 Route selecting method and node apparatus
1872015027105409/24/15 Route selection method, node device and relay system
1882015027105809/24/15 Communications apparatus, system, and communications method
1892015027108509/24/15 Transmission device and pause frame conversion method
1902015027192809/24/15 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
1912015027195009/24/15 Electronic device housing and electronic device
1922015026128709/17/15 Consumed electric power analyzing apparatus, analyzing consumed electric power, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein consumed electric power analyzing program
1932015026100009/17/15 3d image displaying object, production method, and production system thereof
1942015026106109/17/15 Control optical element
1952015026155409/17/15 System and methods for remote maintenance in an electronic network with multiple clients
1962015026156609/17/15 Computing apparatus, controlling computing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium having program for controlling computing apparatus stored therein
1972015026175709/17/15 Information processing device and information processing method
1982015026201509/17/15 Extraction
1992015026201709/17/15 Extraction
2002015026202709/17/15 Detection device and detection method
2012015026246009/17/15 Monitoring method and monitoring apparatus
2022015026261909/17/15 Extraction
2032015026284209/17/15 High frequency module and manufacturing method thereof
2042015026341809/17/15 Radio device
2052015026347709/17/15 Optical device
2062015026384909/17/15 Phase adjustment circuit and method, and data transmission apparatus and system
2072015026390909/17/15 System and monitoring a large number of information processing devices in a communication network
2082015026391009/17/15 Data collection method, mobile terminal and data storage device
2092015026392009/17/15 Interruption cause determination device, interruption cause determination method, and recording medium stored with an interruption cause determination program
2102015026394309/17/15 Method for acquiring packet, device and recording medium
2112015026396309/17/15 Packet transfer system and packet transfer method
2122015026396909/17/15 Transmission device and transmission method
2132015026398809/17/15 Management device and information processing system
2142015026407509/17/15 Management method, management device, and management program
2152015026408509/17/15 Message sending device, message receiving device, message checking method, and recording medium
2162015026410009/17/15 Distribution method, playback apparatus, and distribution apparatus
2172015026411809/17/15 Distribution method and source acquisition method
2182015026432909/17/15 Portable terminal device and image correction method
2192015026434609/17/15 Video encoding device and video encoding method
2202015026435109/17/15 Video encoding apparatus, video encoding method, and video encoding computer program
2212015026436009/17/15 Video transmission system, video encoding apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
2222015026462809/17/15 Method for digital communication, radio communication system, and radio communication apparatus
2232015026466409/17/15 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
2242015026467309/17/15 Wireless communication system
2252015026471309/17/15 Information communication method and information processing apparatus
2262015026481009/17/15 Circuit board and manufacturing circuit board
2272015025166209/10/15 Locus estimation device and locus estimating method
2282015025298009/10/15 Illumination device and biometric authentication apparatus
2292015025386109/10/15 Detecting device and detecting method
2302015025399309/10/15 Switch device, information processing device, and control information processing device
2312015025399409/10/15 Information processing system, information processing device, information processing program and information processing method
2322015025406909/10/15 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
2332015025409809/10/15 Transaction processing apparatus and distributed processing system
2342015025410209/10/15 Computer-readable recording medium, task assignment device, task execution device, and task assignment method
2352015025410609/10/15 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium recording processing program, processing apparatus, and processing method
2362015025413909/10/15 Redundancy processing method and system, and information processing apparatus thereof
2372015025418709/10/15 Storage device, information processing apparatus, and cache control program
2382015025424309/10/15 Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium storing computer program for performing data processing
2392015025428709/10/15 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein data dividing program, data dividing apparatus, and data dividing method
2402015025429309/10/15 Information processing method, verifying device, and storage medium
2412015025430909/10/15 Operation search method and operation search apparatus
2422015025433709/10/15 Configuration information management method and configuration information management apparatus
2432015025437909/10/15 Simulation apparatus, simulation method, and computer readable storage medium storing simulation program
2442015025444509/10/15 Biometric authentication apparatus and method
2452015025449209/10/15 Image processing apparatus, biometric authentication apparatus, and image processing apparatus
2462015025449609/10/15 Discriminant function specifying device, discriminant function specifying method, and biometric identification device
2472015025455909/10/15 Setting support device, and setting support method
2482015025489009/10/15 Classification method, classification device, and recording medium
2492015025504609/10/15 Remote desktop system evaluating method, medium and apparatus

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