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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Of
Fujitsu Limited_20100107
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114


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Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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12014026032809/18/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus and cooling method
22014026035909/18/14 new patent  Adsorption heat pump and method of driving the same
32014026436409/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device
42014026445109/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and method for producing the same, power supply device, and high-frequency amplifier
52014026470509/18/14 new patent  Imaging device
62014026478809/18/14 new patent  High-frequency module
72014026482609/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
82014026487509/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
92014026493509/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor mounting substrate
102014026634509/18/14 new patent  Electronic circuit, radar apparatus, and method of performing self-diagnosis on radar apparatus
112014026685509/18/14 new patent  Radar apparatus and computer-readable storage medium
122014026710109/18/14 new patent  Display device and method for controlling display device
132014026776109/18/14 new patent  Imaging device, imaging method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
142014026852109/18/14 new patent  Electronic device
152014026854709/18/14 new patent  Electronic device rack and information processing apparatus
162014026855709/18/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus, electronic apparatus, and frame unit for information processing apparatus
172014026856109/18/14 new patent  Electronic equipment and heat receiving device
182014026856809/18/14 new patent  Board unit and electronic device
192014026861809/18/14 new patent  Printed board, printed board unit, and method of manufacturing printed board
202014026926409/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for switching communication channels having redundant configuration
212014026934309/18/14 new patent  Information processing system, information processing device, data transfer device, and information processing system control method
222014026934409/18/14 new patent  Node device, communication method, storage medium, and network system
232014026949409/18/14 new patent  Network supervised wireless device neighbor discovery
242014026952809/18/14 new patent  Network supervised device-to-device communication
252014026955209/18/14 new patent  Communication system, communication method, mobile terminal, and control apparatus
262014026957909/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power of a prach
272014026966809/18/14 new patent  Signal timing in device-to-device communication
282014026969609/18/14 new patent  Route setting apparatus, relay apparatus, route setting method, route evaluation method, and network system
292014026972209/18/14 new patent  Communication method, communication device, and communication system
302014026978409/18/14 new patent  Relay device and optical network system
312014026984409/18/14 new patent  Apparatus for correcting signal, transmission apparatus, method of correcting signal, and transmission system
322014026992209/18/14 new patent  Encoding apparatus, encoding method, and computer product
332014026996709/18/14 new patent  Wireless transmission method, and wireless transmitter and wireless receiver
342014027053109/18/14 new patent  Video image feature generation system and video image feature generation method
352014027053809/18/14 new patent  Moving image processing apparatus, moving image processing method, and computer product
362014027063109/18/14 new patent  Method and device for manufacturing optical transmission device, and optical transmission device
372014027065609/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and optical connector
382014027075209/18/14 new patent  Optical transmitting device and optical transmission system
392014027075609/18/14 new patent  Measurement device, measurement method, transfer device, and optical network
402014027078109/18/14 new patent  Optical signal demodulator, optical signal demodulating method, and optical add-drop multiplexer
412014027080409/18/14 new patent  Control timing synchronization method, optical transmission system, and optical transmission apparatus
422014027081009/18/14 new patent  Frequency error estimating apparatus and method, frequency error compensating apparatus, and optical receiver
432014027270609/18/14 new patent  Resist composition and method for forming pattern
442014027379209/18/14 new patent  Container-type data center and method for controlling container-type data center
452014027387509/18/14 new patent  Wireless station and transmission power determination method
462014027406709/18/14 new patent  Mobile terminal, control method, and communication system
472014027409509/18/14 new patent  Mobile terminal and control method
482014027418309/18/14 new patent  Wireless resource allocation of device-to-device communication
492014027419209/18/14 new patent  Power control of neighbor discovery signals
502014027611409/18/14 new patent  Signal processor, signal processing method, and recording medium
512014027618909/18/14 new patent  State determination device, state determination method, and recording medium storing state determination program
522014027816609/18/14 new patent  Communication terminal device, remaining battery amount calculation method, and recording medium storing remaining battery amount calculation program
532014027823309/18/14 new patent  Calculation method, computer product, calculating apparatus
542014027844609/18/14 new patent  Device and method for data embedding and device and method for data extraction
552014027861909/18/14 new patent  Harvest support method and harvest support apparatus
562014027988709/18/14 new patent  Virtual storage gate system
572014027994309/18/14 new patent  File system verification method and information processing apparatus
582014028005009/18/14 new patent  Term searching based on context
592014028017009/18/14 new patent  Computer-readable storage medium storing a grouping support program, grouping support method and grouping support server
602014028105909/18/14 new patent  Arithmetic processing apparatus and control method of arithmetic processing apparatus
612014028109109/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for identifying cause of interrupt
622014028110309/18/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus and method for generating coupling information
632014028122009/18/14 new patent  Information processing system, and control method
642014028128509/18/14 new patent  Register file device
652014028131609/18/14 new patent  Data management device and method for copying data
662014028133709/18/14 new patent  Storage system, storage apparatus, and computer product
672014028134309/18/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus, program, and memory area allocation method
682014028161309/18/14 new patent  Frequency control device and frequency control method
692014028169409/18/14 new patent  Memory degeneracy method and information processing device
702014028179609/18/14 new patent  Storage control apparatus and storage system
712014028223509/18/14 new patent  Information processing device
722014028233309/18/14 new patent  Design support apparatus and design support method
732014028241909/18/14 new patent  Software verification
742014028243209/18/14 new patent  Analyzing incomplete software
752014028243509/18/14 new patent  Performance profiling apparatus and performance profiling method
762014028249209/18/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus and information processing method
772014028255409/18/14 new patent  Communication apparatus and communication method
782014028258809/18/14 new patent  System and scheduling method
792014028310209/18/14 new patent  Method for receiving entered data and information processing device
802014025092709/11/14Adsorption heat pump system and method of driving adsorption heat pump
812014025302909/11/14Non-contact charging apparatus and non-contact charging method
822014025323209/11/14Amplifier circuit
832014025336309/11/14Moving object detecting apparatus, moving object detecting method, and computer readable recording medium
842014025448509/11/14Traffic control device, traffic control method, and communication system
852014025474209/11/14Delay measurement device, method and medium
862014025483009/11/14Altering audio signals
872014025854009/11/14Management system and method
882014025864709/11/14Recording medium storing performance evaluation assistance program, performance evaluation assistance apparatus, and performance evaluation assistance method
892014025866509/11/14Storage device, data processing device, registration method, adn recording medium
902014025877209/11/14Utilizing backward defect indications in y-cable protection switching
912014025878809/11/14Recording medium storing performance evaluation support program, performance evaluation support apparatus, and performance evaluation support method
922014025895909/11/14Support technique
932014025901109/11/14Virtual computer system and management method thereof
942014024708309/04/14Receiving device
952014024767909/04/14Semiconductor storage device and testing method
962014024773509/04/14Network monitoring system
972014024778609/04/14Node device and communication control method
982014024780809/04/14Method and apparatus for enhancing synchronization in a heterogeneous network
992014024782109/04/14Transmission control method, node, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
1002014024979309/04/14Control method, control server, and computer-readable recording medium
1012014024982309/04/14State estimating apparatus, state estimating method, and state estimating computer program
1022014024987409/04/14Farm work support method and farm work support apparatus
1032014025033409/04/14Detection apparatus and detection method
1042014023898008/28/14Waterproofing case and method of manufacturing waterproofing case
1052014023948808/28/14Electronic component unit and fixing structure
1062014024001808/28/14Current mode logic latch
1072014024001908/28/14Current mode logic latch
1082014024119508/28/14Radio relay method, base station apparatus, and relay station apparatus
1092014024127708/28/14Communication method and communications apparatus
1102014024128308/28/14Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication method
1112014024137108/28/14Packet distribution system, control device and control method
1122014024154608/28/14Microphone sensitivity difference correction device, method, and noise suppression device
1132014024171908/28/14Wavelength path switching method, optical communication system, optical communication device, optical relay device, and network management device
1142014024454508/28/14System, method, and recording medium
1152014024472808/28/14Controller, method for controlling, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
1162014024484408/28/14Control device and resource control method
1172014024495908/28/14Storage controller, storage system, method of controlling storage controller, and computer-readable storage medium having storage control program stored therein
1182014024508108/28/14Information processing apparatus, processor and control method of information processing apparatus
1192014024527908/28/14Method and apparatus for determining installation order of software
1202014023152208/21/14Image generating method, information processing method, and information processing device
1212014023162808/21/14Light-receiving device, light receiver using same, and method of fabricating light-receiving device
1222014023236508/21/14Control device, control method, and power supply device
1242014023263608/21/14Image processing device, image processing method
1252014023310008/21/14Image display apparatus and image display method
1262014023337308/21/14Node failure detection for distributed linear protection
1272014023345608/21/14Communication device, communication method, storage medium, and communication system
1282014023345808/21/14Automatic ad-hoc network of mobile devices
1292014023348808/21/14Wireless communication apparatus and method for wireless communication
1302014023352808/21/14Uplink channel for wireless communications
1312014023358108/21/14Switch and switch system
1322014023368208/21/14Wireless communication apparatus and communication method
1332014023372608/21/14Decryption method, recording medium storing decryption program, decryption device, key generation method, and recording medium storing key generation program
1342014023388108/21/14Optical waveguide, optical interposer and light source
1352014023390108/21/14Spot size converter, light source, optical transmitter, optical receiver and optical transmitter-receiver
1362014023394308/21/14Optical transmission device and optical transmission device control method
1372014023395708/21/14Optical signal processing apparatus, transmission apparatus, and optical signal processing method
1382014023396508/21/14System and method for monitoring and control of an optical modulator for an m-qam transmitter
1392014023660308/21/14Audio coding device and method
1402014023699308/21/14Collation control device, and collation control method
1412014023701008/21/14Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer product
1422014023713608/21/14Communication system, communication controller, communication control method, and medium
1432014023715008/21/14Electronic computer and interrupt control method
1442014023727408/21/14Method for controlling information processing apparatus and information processing apparatus
1452014023728808/21/14Information processing apparatus, method of information processing, and recording medium having stored therein program for information processing
1462014023729008/21/14Information processing apparatus, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and information processing system
1472014023742608/21/14Information processing apparatus and application controlling method
1482014022445608/14/14Liquid cooling apparatus
1502014022589608/14/14Resource oriented dependency graph for network configuration
1512014022655408/14/14Method for calculating channel quality information, method for feeding back channel quality information and apparatus
1522014022656608/14/14Transmission control method and transmission control apparatus
1532014022659808/14/14Control channel transmitting method, base station and terminal
1542014022664908/14/14Synchronization signals in a wireless communication system
1552014022685608/14/14Method and apparatus for semi-automatic finger extraction
1562014022694708/14/14Optical cable holding device and electronic device
1572014022697108/14/14System and method for compensating signal degradation in dual polarization optical systems
1582014022698108/14/14Transmission method, transmission equipment and transmission system
1592014022800008/14/14Terminal device, information processing apparatus and activation authentication method
1602014022914808/14/14Apparatus, method, program, and storage medium for predicting acid dissociation constant
1612014022948408/14/14Extraction method, computer product, extracting apparatus, and extracting system
1622014022964608/14/14Information processing system, method and computer-readable recording medium
1632014022991808/14/14Computer-readable recording medium storing therein test data generating program, test data generating method, test data generating apparatus and information processing system
1642014021605808/07/14Micro channel cooling device, micro channel cooling system, and electronic instrument
1652014021810508/07/14Amplifier and amplifying method
1662014021885408/07/14Tilt mechanism for information device
1672014021899208/07/14Compound semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
1682014021920908/07/14Node device and communication method
1692014021932808/07/14Equalization processing apparatus, wireless communication terminal, and equalization processing method
1702014021966208/07/14Signal detection circuit and optical transmission equipment
1712014022095808/07/14Network system, terminal customization method, and customization service method
1722014022099708/07/14Radio communication system, base station, and radio communication method
1732014022222908/07/14Power control apparatus, electronic computer, and power control method
1742014022236808/07/14Electronic apparatus, mobile terminal, and velocity measuring method
1752014022275008/07/14Technique for confirming setting information
1762014022277108/07/14Management device and management method
1772014022281808/07/14Update control device, update control program, and update control method
1782014022290508/07/14Control device, and method for transfer control
1792014022309708/07/14Data storage system and data storage control device
1802014022336708/07/14Method of controlling operation menu and apparatus
1812014022339908/07/14Circuit analysis device and circuit analysis method
1822014020917307/31/14Photoelectric conversion device and method for producing the same
1832014020928507/31/14Method for manufacturing cooling device, cooling device and electronic component package equipped with cooling device
1842014020969207/31/14Rfid tag and fuse
1852014020986107/31/14Semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor, and power supply apparatus
1862014020989307/31/14Semiconductor device
1872014020997507/31/14Semiconductor device
1882014021008607/31/14Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
1892014021014707/31/14Shock absorber
1902014021053007/31/14Clock recovery circuit and clock and data recovery circuit
1912014021074107/31/14Information processing apparatus and touch panel parameter correcting method
1922014021082007/31/14Observation information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and observation information processing method
1932014021135907/31/14Surge protection circuit and communication apparatus
1942014021171207/31/14Method for transmitting downlink control information, method for blind detection, base station and terminal equipment
1952014021171307/31/14Wireless communication system, base station, mobile station, and wireless communication method
1962014021171707/31/14Wireless communication system, base station, and mobile station
1972014021175107/31/14Method for transmitting an enhanced control signaling, base station and user equipment
1982014021176507/31/14Wireless communication device, control program and control method
1992014021180707/31/14Routing method and network transmission apparatus
2002014021184507/31/14Moving image encoding apparatus
2012014021185107/31/14Video encoder and video encoding method as well as video decoder and video decoding method
2022014021189907/31/14Signal processing circuit and method
2032014021213207/31/14Adaptive equalizer tap coefficient correction method and optical receiver
2042014021213307/31/14Control device for optical channel monitor, optical transmission device, and method of controlling optical channel monitor
2052014021213607/31/14Optical transmitter and modulated optical signal generating method
2062014021323607/31/14Call control system, mobile station and call restriction method
2072014021324607/31/14Wireless communication device and control method
2082014021437507/31/14Arithmetic apparatus and arithmetic method
2092014021437607/31/14Arithmetic device and arithmetic method
2102014021437707/31/14Simulation method and simulation device
2112014021437807/31/14Simulation method and simulation device
2122014021438407/31/14Recording medium, computing apparatus, and computing method
2132014021438907/31/14Biological simulation method and biological simulation device
2142014021439007/31/14Biological simulation method and biological simulation device
2152014021442807/31/14Voice input and output database search method and device
2162014021476607/31/14Storage system and control device
2172014021485407/31/14Extracting method, computer product, extracting system, information generating method, and information contents
2182014021489607/31/14Systems and method for the privacy-maintaining strategic integration of public and multi-user personal electronic data and history
2192014021500307/31/14Data processing method, distributed processing system, and program
2202014021503207/31/14Systems and methods of network reconfiguration
2212014021516907/31/14Apparatus and method for managing data access count
2222014021517607/31/14Memory allocation control method, recording medium, and information processing device
2232014021517907/31/14Address generator, address generation method, and encapsulation-decapsulation device
2242014021526407/31/14Information processing apparatus and control method for information processing apparatus
2252014021548307/31/14Resource-usage totalizing method, and resource-usage totalizing device
2262014021556507/31/14Authentication server, and method authenticating application
2272014020273907/24/14Printed wiring board having metal layers producing eutectic reaction
2282014020275207/24/14Wiring board and design method for wiring board
2292014020340307/24/14Electrical device having movable electrode
2302014020342407/24/14Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
2312014020344407/24/14Semiconductor device and power source device
2322014020382907/24/14Test jig and semiconductor device test method
2332014020385207/24/14Jitter monitor
2342014020401807/24/14Input method, input device, and storage medium
2352014020409507/24/14Computer product, search apparatus, and search method
2362014020412007/24/14Image processing device and image processing method
2372014020472607/24/14Alarm management apparatus and method for managing alarms
2382014020472807/24/14Node equipment and method for communication
2392014020477807/24/14Communication system, communication device, and communication method
2402014020477907/24/14Wireless communication precoder determination
2412014020479007/24/14Measurement method for channel state information, user equipment and base station
2422014020479807/24/14Method for setting network information in communication device, communication system, and communication device
2432014020480007/24/14Buffer status indication in wireless communication
2442014020481907/24/14Wireless communication system, mobile station, base station, and wireless communication system control method
2452014020483007/24/14Method for carrying out multimedia broadcast multicast service, home base station and user equipment
2462014020487107/24/14Wireless communication system and communication method
2472014020488007/24/14Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
2482014020490007/24/14Radio signal transmission method, radio signal transmitting device, radio signal receiving device, radio base station device and radio terminal device
2492014020492107/24/14Wireless communication system, base station, and mobile station

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