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Fujitsu Limited
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki Japan
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasaki
Fujitsu Limited Of Kanagawa Japan
Fujitsu Limited And Ncr International Inc
Fujitsu Limited Of Kawasak Japan
Fujitsu Limited_20100107
Fujitsu Limited_20131212
Fujitsu Limited_20100128
Fujitsu Limited_20100121
Fujitsu Limited_20100114
Fujitsu Limited Of


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Fujitsu Limited patents

Recent patent applications related to Fujitsu Limited. Fujitsu Limited is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Fujitsu Limited may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Fujitsu Limited, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Fujitsu Limited patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024107708/27/15  new patent  Air conditioning control system and air conditioning control method
22015024125108/27/15  new patent  Abnormality detection system and abnormality detection method
32015024149008/27/15  new patent  Transformer connection phase determination device and method
42015024188808/27/15  new patent  System, control system, and storage medium
52015024195108/27/15  new patent  Data processing method, drawing device, and storage medium
62015024213108/27/15  new patent  Storage control device and storage apparatus
72015024214208/27/15  new patent  Data transfer control device and controlling data transfer
82015024214408/27/15  new patent  Storage device, controller, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
92015024214508/27/15  new patent  Storage apparatus and controlling storage apparatus
102015024214608/27/15  new patent  Storage control apparatus and storage system
112015024214708/27/15  new patent  Storage management apparatus, storage apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
122015024214808/27/15  new patent  Storage controller, virtual storage apparatus, and computer readable recording medium having storage control program stored therein
132015024223608/27/15  new patent  Operation verification device for virtual apparatus, and operation verification system and program for virtual apparatus
142015024226608/27/15  new patent  Information processing apparatus, controller, and collecting log data
152015024231708/27/15  new patent  Multi-core processor system, control program, and control method
162015024234208/27/15  new patent  Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
172015024235108/27/15  new patent  Storage system, control apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program
182015024243308/27/15  new patent  Data compression apparatus and data compression method
192015024245308/27/15  new patent  Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium having stored therein data conversion program, and data conversion method
202015024278408/27/15  new patent  Order quantity determining method, order quantity determining apparatus, and recording medium
212015024301608/27/15  new patent  Orientation estimation apparatus, orientation estimation method, and computer-readable recording medium storing orientation estimation computer program
222015024331608/27/15  new patent  Storage system and control apparatus
232015024331808/27/15  new patent  Library apparatus and reading information of recording medium
242015024355508/27/15  new patent  Interconnection structure and forming the same
252015024377408/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
262015024435108/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and power consumption reduction method thereof
272015024435408/27/15  new patent  Oscillators
282015024449008/27/15  new patent  Receiving device
292015024450608/27/15  new patent  Wireless communication system, wireless communication control method and access point
302015024457508/27/15  new patent  Communications system, management apparatus, and communication setting method
312015024460308/27/15  new patent  Determining method and system
322015024461208/27/15  new patent  Relaying apparatus and storage apparatus
332015024462708/27/15  new patent  Information processing system and control apparatus and method
342015024470008/27/15  new patent  Distribution method, distribution apparatus, and terminal apparatus
352015024478208/27/15  new patent  Server for distributed controller system
362015024540808/27/15  new patent  Wireless communication system, mobile station, server, and wireless communication method
372015024554008/27/15  new patent  Air conditioning control system and air conditioning control method
382015024554108/27/15  new patent  Data center
392015023160608/20/15 Photocatalyst, and producing photocatalyst
402015023160608/20/15 Photocatalyst, and producing photocatalyst
412015023203108/20/15 Vehicle image processing apparatus and vehicle image processing method
422015023377108/20/15 Temperature measurement system and abnormality detection method
432015023396008/20/15 Monitoring device and monitoring method
442015023419608/20/15 Image display apparatus, lenticular lens, and image display method
452015023443908/20/15 Information processing system and control information processing system
462015023447108/20/15 Image processing device and image processing method
472015023458708/20/15 Information processing apparatus, non-transitory readable medium, and handwriting input method
482015023461908/20/15 Method of storing data, storage system, and storage apparatus
492015023464108/20/15 Execution control method and information processing apparatus
502015023467008/20/15 Management apparatus and workload distribution management method
512015023467308/20/15 Information processing system
522015023468108/20/15 Information processing system and management information processing system
532015023470908/20/15 Storage controller, storage system, and control method
542015023471108/20/15 Information processing system, controlling information processing system, and storage medium
552015023471308/20/15 Information processing apparatus and virtual machine migration method
562015023493608/20/15 Event propagation in graph data
572015023503808/20/15 Method and access control
582015023508008/20/15 Apparatus for and processing document image
592015023542508/20/15 Terminal device, information processing device, and display control method
602015023566808/20/15 Video/audio synchronization apparatus and video/audio synchronization method
612015023596008/20/15 Wiring structure and manufacturing the same
622015023659008/20/15 Synchronous rectification converter and control synchronous rectification converter
632015023665608/20/15 Distortion compensation apparatus, wireless transmission apparatus, and distortion compensation method
642015023665708/20/15 Amplifier circuit
652015023668408/20/15 Multiplexer circuit, computer-readable recording medium having stored therein program for designing multiplexer circuit, and designing multiplexer circuit
662015023694408/20/15 Relay apparatus and information processing apparatus
672015023698308/20/15 Apparatus and setting switches coupled in a network domain
682015023710408/20/15 Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
692015023714508/20/15 Information processing system and method
702015023746608/20/15 Radio access system, controlling apparatus, and terminal apparatus
712015023756208/20/15 Control method by receiving device, receiving device, and communication system
722015023776808/20/15 Modular data center and controlling modular data center
732015022357408/13/15 Multi-joint bending structure and wearable device using multi-joint bending structure
742015022667908/13/15 Abnormality detection system and abnormality detection method
752015022678808/13/15 Optical device failure detection
762015022734708/13/15 Method for supporting product design and product design support apparatus
772015022740008/13/15 Converting apparatus, conversion method, and information processing system
782015022743008/13/15 Transmission apparatus and control unit
792015022750608/13/15 Comparison of character strings
802015022753208/13/15 Management method, management device, and management system
812015022755208/13/15 Management method, management device, and management system
822015022755608/13/15 Information terminal device and storage service use method
832015022760508/13/15 Information processing terminal, synchronization control method, and computer-readable recording medium
842015022766108/13/15 Computer product, simulation apparatus, simulation method, bus model, and bus circuit
852015022771408/13/15 Medical information analysis apparatus and medical information analysis method
862015022835808/13/15 Information processing device and memory test method
872015022901708/13/15 High frequency module and fabrication high frequency module
882015022909808/13/15 Raman amplifier and gain control method
892015022912908/13/15 Power relay device, and power consumption reduction method
902015022928108/13/15 Bandwidth improvement for receivers
912015022928508/13/15 Bandwidth improvement for amplifiers
922015022929808/13/15 Clock control circuit, receiver, and communication device
932015022931608/13/15 Monolithic signal generation for injection locking
942015022932708/13/15 Multiplexer
952015022939908/13/15 Network management system
962015022940108/13/15 Optical transceiver and signal processing optical transceiver
972015022940608/13/15 Optical signal transmitter
982015022955108/13/15 Management method, management device, and management system
992015022970508/13/15 Communications apparatus, communications method, computer product, and communications system
1002015022976408/13/15 Call method and information processing apparatus
1012015022996008/13/15 Information processing device, method, and terminal device
1022015023014408/13/15 Method of handover in device to device communication, base station and communication system
1032015023015608/13/15 Base station and radio terminal
1042015023023308/13/15 Base station apparatus, radio communication system, and radio communication controlling method
1052015023035608/13/15 Waterproof structure and electronic apparatus
1062015022012908/06/15 Information processing apparatus, information processing system and control information processing system
1072015022027108/06/15 Storage control apparatus, storage apparatus, and computer product
1082015022030608/06/15 Calculation program, calculation device, and calculation method
1092015022031508/06/15 Method and compiling
1102015022034908/06/15 Information processing system, management apparatus, and controlling programs
1112015022035008/06/15 Information processing device and managing information processing device
1122015022036108/06/15 Parallel computer system, control parallel computer system, and computer-readable storage medium
1132015022036208/06/15 Multi-core processor system, electrical power control method, and computer product for migrating process from one core to another
1142015022037008/06/15 Job scheduling apparatus and method therefor
1152015022038408/06/15 Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and failure detection method
1162015022039708/06/15 Storage controller, storage system and storage control method
1172015022042408/06/15 Test double generation
1182015022042508/06/15 Test context generation
1192015022044708/06/15 Information processing apparatus and method
1202015022047608/06/15 Information processing apparatus, function extension unit, and information processing system
1212015022048108/06/15 Arithmetic processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control arithmetic processing apparatus
1222015022076208/06/15 Information reading system, reading control device, reading control method, and recording medium
1232015022079408/06/15 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
1242015022110008/06/15 Information processing apparatus and computer-readable storage medium storing program
1252015022113008/06/15 Mesh quality improvement in computer aided engineering
1262015022113408/06/15 Terminal, information processing apparatus, display control method, and storage medium
1272015022160708/06/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
1282015022188508/06/15 Photoelectric conversion device and fabrication method therefor
1292015022208908/06/15 Laser device that includes ring resonator
1302015022223308/06/15 Amplification device and amplification method
1312015022225408/06/15 Digital duty cycle correction
1322015022230208/06/15 Information processing system and parameter adjustment method
1332015022232408/06/15 Generating pseudo-random frequency signals
1342015022235908/06/15 Multilevel intensity modulation and demodulation system and method
1352015022243208/06/15 Transmission system and transmission method
1362015022247808/06/15 Monitoring apparatus, monitoring method and monitoring program
1372015022250908/06/15 Network switch, network system, and network control method
1382015022255808/06/15 Relay device, communication system, and communication method
1392015022257008/06/15 Apparatus and aligning order of received packets
1402015022312308/06/15 Mobile radio apparatus and mobile communication system
1412015022312408/06/15 Method and cell handover and reconfiguration
1422015021184607/30/15 Event location analysis system and measurement processing method
1432015021212407/30/15 Power distribution management apparatus, display control method, and recording medium
1442015021228507/30/15 Optical module, manufacturing optical module, and optical transceiver
1452015021272607/30/15 Information processing apparatus and input control method
1462015021274307/30/15 Storage system control method
1472015021280407/30/15 Loop distribution detection program and loop distribution detection method
1482015021293907/30/15 Arithmetic processing apparatus and control method therefor
1492015021301207/30/15 Document searching using salience
1502015021301307/30/15 Design document management method and design document management apparatus
1512015021301907/30/15 Content switching using salience
1522015021302007/30/15 User modeling with salience
1532015021306807/30/15 Information processing apparatus and storage system
1542015021332107/30/15 Information processing apparatus and body-part determining method
1552015021338807/30/15 Consensus building support method, consensus building support apparatus, and consensus building support system
1562015021346607/30/15 Demand response aggregation optimization
1572015021349807/30/15 Method and providing product information
1582015021369407/30/15 Electronic apparatus and notification method
1592015021381207/30/15 Communication device
1602015021387507/30/15 Memory controller and information processing device
1612015021387807/30/15 Memory controller, information processing device, and reference voltage adjustment method
1622015021395807/30/15 Capacitor and manufacturing capacitor
1632015021410407/30/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1642015021417407/30/15 Semiconductor module
1652015021445907/30/15 Thermoelectric conversion device and electronic device
1662015021446107/30/15 Semiconductor device, manufacturing semiconductor device and electronic thermoelectric power generation device
1672015021459607/30/15 Printed board and wiring arrangement method
1682015021490407/30/15 Distortion compensation apparatus and distortion compensation method
1692015021494007/30/15 Phase interpolation clock generator and phase interpolation clock generating method
1702015021501607/30/15 Mimo wireless communication system
1712015021516507/30/15 Management device and managing configuration information of network device
1722015021519907/30/15 Network device and computer-readable recording medium
1732015021533307/30/15 Network filtering apparatus and filtering method
1742015021540407/30/15 Replication device, replication method, and replication system
1752015021541207/30/15 Social network service queuing using salience
1762015021542607/30/15 Non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein control program, control apparatus and control method
1772015021589007/30/15 Wireless terminal device and outputting location information
1782015021590207/30/15 Wireless communication system, wireless communication, relay station, and wireless base station
1792015021604007/30/15 Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor mounting substrate
1802015021606907/30/15 Information processing apparatus and replacement unit
1812015020492107/23/15 Power distribution management method, voltage determination method, and recording medium
1822015020531707/23/15 Power distribution management apparatus and abnormality detection method
1832015020548607/23/15 Input device, display control method, and integrated circuit device
1842015020559307/23/15 Information processing device, system, information processing method and computer readable non-transitory medium
1852015020564807/23/15 Information processing apparatus and collecting performance analysis data
1862015020565207/23/15 Computer-readable recording medium having stored therein program for write inspection, information processing device, and write inspection
1872015020568607/23/15 Data processing device and method
1882015020575807/23/15 Arithmetic device, arithmetic method, and wireless communication device
1892015020578807/23/15 Machine translation apparatus, translation method, and translation system
1902015020579807/23/15 Information search support method and apparatus
1912015020586007/23/15 Information retrieval device, information retrieval method, and information retrieval program
1922015020587907/23/15 Information processing apparatus, browsing history classification method, and browsing history classification program
1932015020601007/23/15 Display control device and method
1942015020601307/23/15 Extraction
1952015020602107/23/15 Method and smoothing image
1962015020602907/23/15 Image matching method and image processing system
1972015020608307/23/15 Demand response event assessment
1982015020608407/23/15 Residential and small and medium business demand response
1992015020635207/23/15 System and controlling a display
2002015020640707/23/15 Transmission device and controlling transmission device
2012015020656507/23/15 Semiconductor memory device and controlling semiconductor memory device
2022015020693507/23/15 Compound semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2032015020707407/23/15 Deposition method and a deposition apparatus of fine particles, a forming method and a forming apparatus of carbon nanotubes, and a semiconductor device and a manufacturing the same
2042015020732007/23/15 Power distribution management apparatus, display control method, and recording medium
2052015020732107/23/15 Power distribution management apparatus, pattern extraction method, and recording medium
2062015020740907/23/15 Power supply device
2072015020750007/23/15 Emphasis signal generating circuit and generating emphasis signal
2082015020751307/23/15 Current mirror circuit and charge pump circuit
2092015020758307/23/15 Transmission apparatus and transmission system
2102015020758407/23/15 Transfer apparatus and transfer method
2112015020761807/23/15 Timing signal generation circuit
2122015020762707/23/15 Semiconductor integrated circuit, authentication system, and authentication method
2132015020763007/23/15 Information processing apparatus, and information processing method
2142015020773507/23/15 Packet routing apparatus, interface circuit and packet routing method
2152015020786607/23/15 Determination device and determination method
2162015020808507/23/15 Video decoding apparatus, video coding apparatus, video decoding method, video coding method, and storage medium
2172015020812207/23/15 Extraction
2182015020813807/23/15 Data processing
2192015020828407/23/15 Method for processing in-device coexistence configuration information, apparatus and system
2202015020831207/23/15 Base station and base station control method
2212015020842707/23/15 Receiver and receiving method
2222015020843107/23/15 Wireless communication system, base station and wireless terminal
2232015020850307/23/15 Printed wiring board and information processing apparatus
2242015019863707/16/15 Mobile electronic device and charge control method
2252015019897707/16/15 Electronic device
2262015019902007/16/15 Gesture ui device, gesture ui method, and computer-readable recording medium
2272015019906807/16/15 Information processing apparatus and display control method
2282015019921807/16/15 Job scheduling based on historical job data
2292015019924607/16/15 Memory device, storage method and control device
2302015019984007/16/15 Shape data generation method and apparatus
2312015019998007/16/15 Tape apparatus and write processing method
2322015020005007/16/15 Inductor apparatus and inductor apparatus manufacturing method
2332015020015707/16/15 Semiconductor device
2342015020042107/16/15 Lithium-ion conductor and all-solid lithium-ion secondary battery
2352015020046107/16/15 Antenna apparatus
2362015020054207/16/15 Power distribution management apparatus, power distribution management method, and recording medium
2372015020066007/16/15 Integrated circuit and transmission and reception apparatus
2382015020067407/16/15 Timing adjustment circuit, clock generation circuit, and timing adjustment
2392015020068507/16/15 Recording and reproducing device, error correction method, and control device
2402015020072307/16/15 Protection path providing method and transmission device
2412015020072407/16/15 Correction table for interferometric optical signal-to-noise ration monitor
2422015020076807/16/15 Multi-lane re-timer circuit and multi-lane reception system
2432015020091007/16/15 Control apparatus and transfer control method
2442015020101307/16/15 Information processing apparatus, data copy processing management method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having stored therein data copy processing management program
2452015020134107/16/15 Wireless base station device, wireless system, and failure detection method
2462015020136207/16/15 Communications apparatus, communications system, and communications method
2472015020138607/16/15 Radio base station and controlling transmission power in radio base station
2482015020139607/16/15 Communications apparatus, computer product, communications method, and communications system
2492015020141607/16/15 Communications apparatus and communications system using multicarrier transmission mode

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