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Futurewei Technologies, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Futurewei Technologies, Inc.. Futurewei Technologies, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Futurewei Technologies, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Futurewei Technologies, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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Initialization and tracking for low power link states

Futurewei Technologies

Initialization and tracking for low power link states

System and  a mobile antenna with adjustable resonant frequencies and radiation pattern

Futurewei Technologies

System and a mobile antenna with adjustable resonant frequencies and radiation pattern

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Count Application # Date Futurewei Technologies, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015005658902/26/15 new patent  Wellness management method and system by wellness mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone
22015005552502/26/15 new patent  Channel sounding for frequency division duplex system
32015005471102/26/15 new patent  System and a mobile antenna with adjustable resonant frequencies and radiation pattern
42015005497402/26/15 new patent  Temporally coherent segmentation of rgbt volumes with aid of noisy or incomplete auxiliary data
52015005544902/26/15 new patent  Online reconfiguration transition synchronization
62015005565202/26/15 new patent  Multi-destination traffic control in multi-level networks
72015005565402/26/15 new patent  Segmented source routing in a network
82015005569002/26/15 new patent  Initialization and tracking for low power link states
92015005595102/26/15 new patent  Method for crosstalk and power optimization in silicon photonic based switch matrices
102015005698702/26/15 new patent  Contention-based integration of device to device (d2d) networks with wireless infrastructure
112015005701002/26/15 new patent  System and boundaryless service in wireless networks with cooperative transmission points
122015005846902/26/15 new patent  Monitoring nat behaviors through uri dereferences in web browsers
132015004916202/19/15Panoramic meeting room video conferencing with automatic directionless heuristic point of interest activity detection and management
142015004980702/19/15Method and apparatus of derivation for a binary partition pattern
152015004999802/19/15Compact optical waveguide arrays and optical waveguide spirals
162015005002402/19/15Traffic-bearing entity identification in multiple-wavelength passive optical networks (pons)
172015005226702/19/15Enhanced data transfer in multi-cpu systems
182015004162902/12/15Device and micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch
192015004343602/12/15System and cooperative precoding in heterogenous two-tier wireless networks
202015004348302/12/15System and resource allocation for open discovery in device-to-device communications
212015004350602/12/15Systems and methods for scheduling multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) high-speed downlink packet access (hsdpa) pilot channels
222015004354002/12/15System and scalable digital communications with adaptive system parameters
232015004358902/12/15Extending openflow to support packet encapsulation for transport over software-defined networks
242015004390502/12/15System and photonic switching and controlling photonic switching in a data center
252015004502002/12/15Systems and methods for limiting mobile device measurements for cell reselection and handover
262015004505002/12/15System and resource allocation device-to-device for open discovery
272015004654402/12/15Mirror presence between websites
282015003628002/05/15Centralized chassis architecture for half-width boards
292015003648102/05/15System and computing a backup ingress of a point-to-multipoint label switched path
302015003662302/05/15System and interference alignment in cognitive small cell networks
312015003702602/05/15Impairment aware path computation element method and system
322015003809302/05/15Tunable radio frequency low noise amplifier
332015003818302/05/15Coordinated multipoint (comp) techniques for reducing downlink interference from uplink signals
342015003978402/05/15Scalable name-based centralized content routing
352015004010602/05/15Compiler and global-scope basic-block reordering
362015003285401/29/15System and network-assisted adaptive streaming
372015003290101/29/15System and spatial adaptation in adaptive streaming
382015002983701/29/15Protection switched source routing
392015003006601/29/15Screen content coding systems and methods
402015003140601/29/15System and greedy-based autonomous resource block assignment scheme for cellular networks with self-organizing relaying terminals
412015003249501/29/15System and user controlled cost based network and path selection across multiple networks
422015003285501/29/15System and effectively controlling client behavior in adaptive streaming
432015003297101/29/15System and predicting false sharing
442015003297301/29/15System and detecting false sharing
452015002315001/22/15Establishing and protecting label switched paths across topology-transparent zones
462015002344001/22/15Systems and methods for trellis coded quantization based channel feedback
472015002480201/22/15System and selecting operating parameters in a communications system
482015002635801/22/15Metadata information signaling and carriage in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol
492015002638001/22/15Scalable direct inter-node communication over peripheral component interconnect-express (pcie)
502015002638501/22/15Resource management for peripheral component interconnect-express domains
512015001544501/15/15Capacitively coupled loop inverted f reconfigurable antenna
522015001641101/15/15System and inter-cell interference coordination
532015001962901/15/15Just-in-time dereferencing of remote elements in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol
542015000980901/08/15Intelligent software-defined networking based service paths
552015000995201/08/15Systems and methods for transmitting data information messages on a downlink of a wireless communication system
562015000999201/08/15Communication between endpoints in different vxlan networks
572015001030501/08/15Optical network unit (onu) wavelength self-tuning
582015000323101/01/15Locally protecting service in a label switched path network
592015000326301/01/15System and network uplink measurement based operation using ue centric sounding
602015000345801/01/15Boarder gateway protocol signaling to support a very large number of virtual private networks
612015000346301/01/15Multiprotocol label switching transport for supporting a very large number of virtual private networks
622015000347101/01/15Higher layer compression with lower layer signaling
632015000354701/01/15System and interference avoidance based on signal alignment in two-tier mimo ofdm
642015000662101/01/15Adaptive video streaming for information centric networks
652015000672001/01/15Presence delay and state computation for composite services
662015000678001/01/15System and extended peripheral component interconnect express fabrics
672015000728701/01/15Control plane to manage domain-based security and mobility in an information centric network
682014037550212/25/14Mixed structure dual-band dual-beam three-column phased array antenna
692014037638312/25/14Systems and methods for traffic engineering in software defined networks
702014037651912/25/14System and detecting and resolving conflicts
712014037653212/25/14System and a csma-ca half window scheme
722014037691612/25/14Method and apparatus of delivering upstream data in ethernet passive optical network over coaxial network
732014037982912/25/14System and shared multimedia experiences across multiple subscriptions
742014036918512/18/14Next hop ingress protection of label switched paths
752014036934812/18/14Enhanced flow entry table cache replacement in a software-defined networking switch
762014036943412/18/14System and designing and using multidimensional constellations
772014037274412/18/14Bootstrapping from a remote disk image via a network
782014036268812/11/14System and an agile wireless access network
792014035541412/04/14Label switched path network failure detection and traffic control
802014035599712/04/14Micro bi-directional optical sub-assembly
812014034817911/27/14Allocating orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) resources in data over cable services interface specificaton (docsis) networks
822014034818711/27/14Laser with full c-band tunability and narrow linewidth
832014034842511/27/14Delta interpolation for upsampling imaging solution
842014034846011/27/14System and an optical phase shifter
852014034107211/20/14System and anqp querying using a common anqp group version
862014034126711/20/14Low-complexity, adaptive, fractionally spaced equalizer with non-integer sampling
872014034156111/20/14Cooperative multi-point (comp) in a passive optical network (pon)
882014034157411/20/14Reconfigurable optical access network architectures
892014034157911/20/14Statistical optical design enabled via twdm-pon
902014034437811/20/14Multi-tier push service control architecture for large scale conference over icn
912014034437911/20/14Multi-tier push hybrid service control architecture for large scale conferencing over icn
922014033294811/13/14Thermal management in 2.5 d semiconductor packaging
932014033429611/13/14Aggressive transmission control protocol (tcp) retransmission
942014033432011/13/14Systems and methods for network adaptation support in wireless network
952014033435411/13/14System and tdd configuration for d2d open discovery
962014033437311/13/14Dynamic multi-destination addressing
972014033443511/13/14Systems and methods for scalable device-to-device discovery via device grouping
982014033449211/13/14Methods for dynamically binding header field identifiers in a network control protocol
992014033481811/13/14System and photonic switching
1002014033481911/13/14System and photonic switching
1012014033482111/13/14System and photonic switching
1022014033763311/13/14System and indicating a service set identifier
1032014033795011/13/14Method and secure communications in a wireless network
1042014032824211/06/14System and wi-fi downlink-uplink protocol design for uplink interference alignment
1052014032825611/06/14System and transmission source identification
1062014032844211/06/14A self-synchronizing probe sequence
1072014032858911/06/14Burst marker scheme in a communication system
1082014032563710/30/14Supporting ip address overlapping among different virtual networks
1092014031991910/30/14Soft switching inverter device and method
1102014032143610/30/14Systems and methods for efficient channel synchronization
1112014032148810/30/14Tunable laser with high thermal wavelength tuning efficiency
1122014032518210/30/14System and creating highly scalable high availability cluster in a massively parallel processing cluster of machines in a network
1132014031730810/23/14Media quality information signaling in dynamic adaptive video streaming over hypertext transfer protocol
1142014031413910/23/14System and adaptive bandwidth management
1152014031441410/23/14Flexible twdm pon with load balancing and power saving
1162014031441810/23/14Allocating orthogonal frequency-division multiple access (ofdma) resources in ethernet passive optical network (epon) over coaxial (epoc)
1172014031724110/23/14Utility-maximization framework for dynamic adaptive video streaming over hypertext transfer protocol in multiuser-multiple input multiple output long-term evolution networks
1182014031730610/23/14Fragment interface into dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol presentations
1192014031730710/23/14Period labeling in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol
1202014031766810/23/14Carriage of quality information of content in media formats
1212014030748210/16/14Apparatus and resonant converters
1222014030755610/16/14System and a control plane reference model framework
1232014030765110/16/14Internet protocol address registration
1242014030774410/16/14Service chain policy for distributed gateways in virtual overlay networks
1252014030774910/16/14Performing upstream symbol alignment under fext
1262014030778710/16/14Method and apparatus of depth prediction mode selection
1272014030896210/16/14System and wireless network access map and applications
1282014031038810/16/14System and providing a software defined protocol stack
1292014031051810/16/14Dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol service protection
1302014031069010/16/14System and generating automated test cases for command line based applications
1312014030119210/09/14Software defined networking (sdn) controller orchestration and network virtualization for data center interconnection
1322014030173410/09/14Optimizing optical systems using code division multiple access and/or orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
1332014030450010/09/14Authentication and initial key exchange in ethernet passive optical network over coaxial network
1342014029309610/02/14Bilateral denoising for digital camera images
1352014029390410/02/14Systems and methods for sparse beamforming design
1362014029397810/02/14System and pre-association discovery
1372014029398710/02/14System and generalized multi-carrier frequency division multiplexing
1382014026244909/18/14Apparatus and a back plate for heat sink mounting
1392014026640809/18/14Circuit and a multi-mode filter
1402014026646409/18/14Apparatus and asymmetrically driven partial outphasing power amplifier
1412014026646509/18/14Apparatus and multilevel lossless outphasing power amplifier
1422014026690109/18/14Simple 2d phase-mode enabled beam-steering means
1432014026743709/18/14Lens touch graphic effect for mobile devices
1442014026758309/18/14Augmented video calls on mobile devices
1452014026771409/18/14Context based video distribution and storage
1462014026783309/18/14Image registration and focus stacking on mobile platforms
1472014026929709/18/14Integrated data plane for heterogeneous network services
1482014026931309/18/14System and adaptation in a wireless communications system
1492014026933209/18/14Method and system to represent the impact of load variation on service outage over multiple links
1502014026935109/18/14System and steering packet streams
1512014026955809/18/14System and time-power-frequency hopping for d2d discovery
1522014026976709/18/14System and multi-layer protocol selection
1532014026989209/18/14Apparatus and a digital transmitter architecture with outphasing power amplifier
1542014026989609/18/14Multi-frame compression
1552014026997509/18/14Digital feed forward noise cancelling regulator
1562014026998409/18/14Methods and systems for crest factor reduction in multi-carrier multi-channel architectures
1572014027015309/18/14System and content encryption in a key/value store
1582014027049009/18/14Real-time face detection using combinations of local and global features
1592014027386209/18/14System and interference cancellation using terminal cooperation
1602014027406409/18/14Forward traffic announcements for enhanced resource reservation in high speed mobile relays
1612014027414909/18/14System and localizing wireless devices
1622014027419909/18/14Noise cancellation apparatus and method
1632014027764809/18/14Motion-based music recommendation for mobile devices
1642014027764909/18/14Music recommendation based on biometric and motion sensors on mobile device
1652014027980809/18/14Using dynamic object modeling and business rules to dynamically specify and modify behavior
1662014027994609/18/14System and automatic integrity checks in a key/value store
1672014027996409/18/14System and compressing data in a database
1682014027998609/18/14System and performing a transaction in a massively parallel processing database
1692014028002009/18/14System and distributed sql join processing in shared-nothing relational database clusters using self directed data streams
1702014028068709/18/14Disaggregated server architecture for data centers
1712014028086409/18/14Methods of representing software defined networking-based multiple layer network topology views
1722014028093009/18/14Biometric recognition based session matching and routing
1732014028104009/18/14Namespace access control in nvm express pcie nvm with sr-iov
1742014028123509/18/14System and software/hardware coordinated adaptive performance monitoring
1752014028150509/18/14Augmenting name/prefix based routing protocols with trust anchor in information-centric networks
1762014028276909/18/14Systems and methods for quality of experience aware joint scheduling of buffered video on demand and best effort flows
1772014028288109/18/14Mechanism and protocol to authorize bilateral sessions between websites based on open authorization
1782014025323309/11/14Current conveyor circuit and method
1792014025339909/11/14Wideband slot antenna for wireless communication devices
1802014025340609/11/14Segmented antenna
1812014025420309/11/14Resonant converters
1822014025420809/11/14Auxiliary resonant llc converters
1832014025442709/11/14Discovering a topology-transparent zone
1842014025445409/11/14System and adaptive access network query protocol (anqp) element provisioning
1852014025445509/11/14System and reduced signaling transmissions in a communications system
1862014025449509/11/14Systems and methods for reducing complexity in modulation coding scheme (mcs) adaptation
1872014025469709/11/14Upstream pilot structure in point to multipoint orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
1882014025479109/11/14Control and management of power saving link states in vectored tdd transmission systems
1892014025839809/11/14System and automatic context detection, sharing, and storage in real-time communication systems
1902014025857709/11/14Wire level virtualization over pci-express
1912014025880309/11/14Forward error correction (fec) to support successive interference cancellation (sic)
1922014025882209/11/14Mechanisms to compose, execute, save, and retrieve hyperlink pipelines in web browsers
1932014025909009/11/14Storage object distribution system with dynamic policy controls
1942014024782709/04/14Path computation element protocol support for large-scale concurrent path computation
1952014024785709/04/14System and measuring thermal reliability of multi-chip modules
1962014024790809/04/14Bi-directional ring-bus architecture for cordic-based matrix inversion
1972014024133208/28/14System and indicating and acquiring information of an access point
1982014024137208/28/14Constructing a topology-transparent zone
1992014024171308/28/14Collecting status from a partner management domain
2002014024172308/28/14Bandwidth distribution based on prior granting cycles
2012014024172408/28/14Transmission prioritization based on polling time
2022014024172508/28/14Wavelength assignment for multiple operator support
2032014024302908/28/14Systems and methods for a long-term evolution network device
2042014023343708/21/14Frame structure for filter bank multi-carrier (fbmc) waveforms
2052014023354008/21/14Method and modulation and coding scheme adaption in a mimo system
2062014023356908/21/14Distributed gateway in virtual overlay networks
2072014023357508/21/14Method for scalable routing in content-oriented networks
2082014023366408/21/14System and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing-offset quadrature amplitude modulation
2092014023372208/21/14Reducing the feedback overhead during crosstalk precoder initialization
2102014023394108/21/14Method for identifying the optical network unit power off reason
2112014023395008/21/14Downstream burst transmission in passive optical networks
2122014022624608/14/14High efficiency power regulator and method
2132014022652508/14/14Safe multicast distribution with predictable topology changes
2142014022667008/14/14Enhanced hierarchical virtual private local area network service (vpls) ethernet-tree (e-tree) services
2152014022954208/14/14System, apparatus, and sharing a screen having multiple visual components
2162014022994408/14/14Dynamic virtual machines migration over information centric networks
2172014021823708/07/14Electronically steerable antenna using reconfigurable power divider based on cylindrical electromagnetic band gap (cebg) structure
2182014022345308/07/14Mechanism to initiate calls between browsers without predefined call signaling protocol
2192014021168707/31/14System and methods for compress and forward relaying schemes in joint signal processing
2202014021187407/31/14System and channel information feedback in a wireless communications system
2212014021477507/31/14Scalable data deduplication
2222014021478207/31/14Distributed storage object delete
2232014021508307/31/14Mechanism to dereference layered uri in web browsers using javascript
2242014021517007/31/14Block compression in a key/value store
2252014020474607/24/14Openflow enabled wifi management entity architecture
2262014020488507/24/14System and signaling and transmitting uplink reference signals
2272014020490407/24/14Optimized offloading to wlan in 3gpp-rat mobility
2282014020790707/24/14Method and performing adaptive streaming on media contents
2292014019853607/17/14Resonant converters and methods
2302014019869107/17/14Interference cancellation for division free duplexing or full duplex operation
2312014020132407/17/14Using quality information for adaptive streaming of media content
2322014020133407/17/14Storing and transmitting content for downloading and streaming
2332014020133507/17/14Url parameter insertion and addition in adaptive streaming
2342014020137407/17/14Network function virtualization for a network device
2352014020182007/17/14Adapting federated web identity protocols
2362014019264507/10/14Method for internet traffic management using a central traffic controller
2372014019271707/10/14Information centric networking based service centric networking
2382014019564107/10/14Contextualized information bus
2392014018430107/03/14Linearity improvement over temperature using temperature dependent common-mode voltages in active mixer
2402014018462207/03/14Adaptive opengl 3d graphics in virtual desktop infrastructure
2412014018474507/03/14Accurate 3d finger tracking with a single camera
2422014018513907/03/14Birefringent crystal polarization beam splitter assembly
2432014018525307/03/14Miniature high density opto-electronic package
2442014018543207/03/14System and spare capacity allocation for shared backup path protection for dual link failures using successive survivable routing
2452014018544307/03/14Data optimization technique for the exchange of data at the edge of a wireless local area network
2462014018545007/03/14Apparatus for a high performance and highly available multi-controllers in a single sdn/openflow network
2472014018548807/03/14Methods for dynamic service deployment for virtual/physical multiple device integration
2482014018570107/03/14Power control in linear precoder design for mimo dsl transmission
2492014018597807/03/14Hybrid integration using folded mach-zehnder modulator array block

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