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Recent patent applications related to Futurewei Technologies Inc. Futurewei Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Futurewei Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Futurewei Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/27/16 new patent  Open shortest path first for temporal tunnel services
10/27/16 new patent  System and communications link control
10/20/16System and reliably persisting storage writes at high speed
10/20/16Big data statistics at data-block level
10/20/16Serialization scheme for storing data and lightweight indices on devices with append-only bands
10/20/16Apparatus and using parameterized intermediate representation for just-in-time compilation in database query execution engine
10/20/16Apparatus and a low loss coupling capacitor
10/20/16Apparatus and a self-biasing circuit for a fet passive mixer
10/20/16Digital representations of analog signals and control words using different multi-level modulation formats
10/20/16Temporal tunnel services
10/20/16Optical network unit (onu) wavelength self-tuning
10/13/16System and reducing authentication signaling in a wireless network
10/13/16Vertical pn silicon modulator
10/13/16Optical transceiving using self-homodyne detection (shd) and remote modulation
10/13/16System and signaling segment encryption and key derivation for adaptive streaming
10/13/16Monitoring a narrowband control channel for a wideband system to reduce power consumption
10/13/16Communications with carrier selection, switching and measurements
10/06/16Acceleration framework with direct data transfer mechanism
10/06/16Resonant converters with an improved voltage regulation range
10/06/16Copper-assisted fifth generation (5g) wireless access to indoor
10/06/16Open loop digital pwm envelope tracking system with dynamic boosting
10/06/16System and content and application acceleration in a wireless communications system
10/06/16Channel ordering for multi-channel multi-carrier communication systems
10/06/16System and creating time-lapse videos
10/06/16System and tdd configuration for d2d open discovery
10/06/16System and controlling network signaling loads in a wireless network
09/29/16Boost converter and method
09/29/16Channel ranging adjustment in multiple-wavelength passive optical networks (pons)
09/29/16Adaptive, anomaly detection based predictor for network time series data
09/29/16System and mobile core data services
09/22/16High current, low equivalent series resistance printed circuit board coil for power transfer application
09/22/16System and coordinated mimo switching (cms) in tdd/fdd-lte
09/22/16X channel to zone in zone routing
09/15/16Active antenna system (aas) radio frequency (rf) module with heat sink integrated antenna reflector
09/15/16Multi-level inverter apparatus and method
09/15/16System and guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications
09/15/16System and multi-sim profiles or embedded sim
09/15/16Windowing methods for efficient channel aggregation and deaggregation
09/15/16System and interference coordination in wireless communications systems
09/08/16Transconductance optimization using feedback-balun-transformer with inductance degeneration combinations
09/08/16Optical transceiver using duplex media, self-homodyne detection (shd), coherent detection, and uncooled laser
09/08/16Polarization state aligner (psa)
09/08/16Server-based local address assignment protocol
09/08/16System and adapting an application source rate to a load condition
09/08/16Method and system with separation of session anchor and forwarding anchor
09/01/16High efficiency power regulator and method
09/01/16Apparatus and multiple primary bridge resonant converters
09/01/16Synchronous time-division duplexing amplifier architecture
09/01/16Method and system for smart object eviction for proxy cache
09/01/16Device and enhancing downlink ue-specific demodulation reference signal to facilitate inter-cell interference cancellation and suppression
09/01/16System and uplink mimo transmission
09/01/16System and transmitting and receiving control channels
08/25/16On-demand loading of dynamic scripting language code for reduced memory usage
08/25/16Hybrid data distribution in a massively parallel processing architecture
08/25/16Query optimization adaptive to system memory load for parallel database systems
08/25/16System and guard band utilization for synchronous and asynchronous communications
08/25/16Intermediate-system-to-intermediate-system topology-transparent-zone
08/25/16Service function registration mechanism and capability indexing
08/25/16Systems and methods for efficient channel synchronization
08/25/16System and indicating packet transmission time
08/18/16System and multi-touch gestures
08/18/16Apparatus and method to configure antenna beam width
08/18/16Reverse-direction tap (rdt), remote diagnostic management tool (rdmt), and analyses using the rdt and the rdmt
08/18/16Full duplex transmission high speed backplane system
08/18/16Intent based network configuration
08/11/16Unified memory bus and method to operate the unified memory bus
08/11/16Tunable radio frequency low noise amplifier
08/11/16Noise cancellation system
08/11/16Supporting software defined networking with application layer traffic optimization
08/11/16Apparatus and compressing color index map
08/11/16Device, network, and communications with variable-duration reference signals
08/11/16Systems and methods for evolved packet core cluster and session handling
08/04/16Capacity-aware heuristic approach for placing software-defined networking (sdn) switches in hybrid sdn networks for single link/node failure
08/04/16System and direct mobile communications power control
08/04/16System and resource allocation for massive carrier aggregation
07/28/16Optimizing synchronous write via speculation
07/28/16Systems and methods to update source code files
07/28/16Digital generation of multi-level phase shifting with a mach-zehnder modulator (mzm)
07/21/16System for high-throughput handling of transactions in a data-partitioned, distributed, relational database management system
07/21/16System and massively parallel processor database
07/21/16Software-defined information centric network (icn)
07/21/16System and delivering notifications
07/21/16Frequency-division multiplexing (fdm) using soft clipping (sc)
07/14/16Multi-band antenna on the surface of wireless communication devices
07/14/16Tunable laser with a cascaded filter and comb reflector
07/14/16Multi-band antenna for wearable glasses
07/14/16Transport functions virtualization for wavelength division multiplexing (wdm)-based optical networks
07/14/16Hardware and software methodologies for creating and managing protable service function chains
07/14/16Supporting multiple vswitches on a single host
07/14/16Signaling and processing content with variable bitrates for adaptive streaming
07/14/16Offloading graph based computations to a backend device
07/14/16Method for mobile device to improve camera image quality by detecting whether the mobile device is indoors or outdoors
07/14/16Analytics-assisted, multi-agents, self-learning, self-managing, flexible and adaptive framework for intelligent son
07/07/16System and traffic engineering information summary of a zone in network communications
07/07/16Method and system for providing qos for in-band control traffic in an openflow network
07/07/16Segment authentication for dynamic adaptive streaming
07/07/16System and digital communications with interference avoidance
06/30/16Systems and methods to adaptively select execution modes
06/30/16Management of display of computer pop-up notifications
06/30/16System and model-based search and retrieval of networked data
06/30/16Method and scalable sorting of a data set
06/30/16Resonant converters with synchronous rectifier feedback
06/30/16Hardware and software methodologies for dynamic resource allocation in virtualized flexible-grid optical networks
06/30/16Aligning the upstream dmt symbols of multiple lines in a tdd dsl system
06/30/16Turn relay service reuse for nat traversal during media session resumption
06/30/16Wireless communication device with an antenna adjacent to an edge of the device
06/23/16Multi-nonce enabled interest packet design for named-data networking
06/23/16System and method to customize a multipoint control unit
06/23/16Replicated database distribution for workload balancing after cluster reconfiguration
06/23/16Buck-boost power converter and operation thereof
06/23/16Systems and methods for transmitter receive band noise calibration for envelope tracking and other wireless systems
06/23/16System and radio link sharing
06/23/16Protection against dual failures for resilient two layer networks
06/23/16Multiple prefix connections with translated virtual local area network
06/23/16Location-based, server assisted peer to peer service with extensible service categories
06/23/16Route control for internet exchange point
06/23/16Method and processing a rtcweb authentication
06/23/16System and operating dual-stack devices
06/23/16System and interference coordination in cellular millimeter wave communications systems
06/23/16Communications in a wireless network for carrier selection and switching
06/16/16System and massively parallel processing database
06/16/16System and multiplexing control and data channels in a multiple input, multiple output communications system
06/16/16System and orthogonal frequency division multiple access power-saving poll transmission
06/16/16Method and priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network
06/16/16Media session resumption in web session restoration
06/16/16Systems and methods to achieve interactive special effects
06/16/16Lm mode with uniform bit-width multipliers
06/09/16System and generalized view morphing over a multi-camera mesh
06/09/16Autonomous, closed-loop and adaptive simulated annealing based machine learning approach for intelligent analytics-assisted self-organizing-networks (sons)
06/09/16Method of service capability discovery based on subscriptions for service notifications
06/09/16Apparatuses and methods for a flexible display on a mobile device
06/09/16Self-learning, adaptive approach for intelligent analytics-assisted self-organizing-networks (sons)
06/09/16Method and optimizing cell specific antenna configuration parameters
06/09/16Method and determining cell states to adjust antenna configuration parameters
06/09/16Analytics assisted self-organizing-network (son) for coverage capacity optimization (cco)
06/02/16System and interference management in cellular networks
05/26/16Network abstractor for advanced interactive sdn optimization
05/26/16Device and optical beam combination
05/26/16Hardware and software methodologies for detecting illegal memory address of a memory access operation
05/26/16Parallel hybrid converter apparatus and method
05/26/16System and multi-user multiple input multiple output communications
05/26/16System and intelligent channel state information selection
05/26/16System and setting cyclic prefix length
05/26/16Method of retrieving service capability in bulk
05/26/16Method of handling notification channel disconnection
05/26/16System and link adaptation
05/19/16Parallax tolerant video stitching with spatial-temporal localized warping and seam finding
05/19/16Method and systems for multi-view high-speed motion capture
05/19/16Zero voltage switching detection apparatus and method
05/19/16Wavelength stabilizer for twdm-pon burst mode dbr laser
05/19/16Chromatic dispersion estimation for digital coherent optical receivers
05/19/16Cache-aware content-based rate adaptation mechanism for adaptive video streaming
05/19/16System and signaling a prohibited d2d operation
05/12/16Authentication and initial key exchange in ethernet passive optical network over coaxial network
05/12/16System and beam-formed channel state reference signals
05/12/16Adding operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) information in 66-bit code
05/12/16Method and scalable content routing and mobility in named data networks
05/12/16Non-transparent bridge configuring high-dimensional pci-express networks
05/12/16System and mobility support selection
05/12/16System and processing buffer status reports in random access procedures
05/05/16Memory addressing mechanism using a buffer of a hierarchy of collision free hash tables
05/05/16Multi-scale timeling photograph album management with incremental spectral photograph clustering
05/05/16Applying forward error correction in 66b systems
05/05/16System and service chaining with tunnel chains in software defined network
05/05/16Adaptive allocation of server resources
05/05/16Link cost determination for network links
05/05/16Method of service capability notification
05/05/16Channel mapping for an aggregated touchless wireless fronthaul
04/28/16Access based resources driven low power control and management for multi-core system on a chip
04/28/16Method and system for image processing to classify an object in an image
04/28/16Interactive video generation
04/28/16Tunable laser with high thermal wavelength tuning efficiency
04/28/16Bit index explicit replication forwarding using replication cache
04/28/16Partial software defined network switch replacement in ip networks
04/28/16Mapping scheme employed in an information centric network to manage domain-based security and mobility
04/28/16Wireless communication control channel apparatus and method
04/28/16System and beam selection using multiple frequencies
04/21/16Hardware multiple processors dynamic asymmetric and symmetric mode switching
04/21/16Video skimming methods and systems
04/21/16Support frame with integrated phase change material for thermal management
04/21/16Novel low cost, low power high performance smp/asmp multiple-processor system
04/21/16Fast smp/asmp mode-switching hardware a low-cost low-power high performance multiple processor system
04/21/16All-flash-array primary storage and caching appliances implementing triple-level cell (tlc)-nand semiconductor microchps
04/21/16Thermal compensation for burst-mode laser wavelength drift
04/21/16Mrsvp-te based fast reroute in detour (1:1) protection mode
04/21/16Avoiding routing interruption during transition to a virtual entity
04/21/16Dynamically offloading flows from a service chain
04/21/16Method and system for serving a virtual desktop to a client
04/21/16System and virtual desktop infrastructure user level virtual channel
04/21/16Differential pulse code modulation intra prediction for high efficiency video coding
04/21/16System and adaptive access network query protocol (anqp) element provisioning
04/21/16System and reducing communications overhead
04/14/16System and system on a chip
04/14/16Crosstalk cancellation over multiple mediums
04/14/16Hitless, multi-rate optical transmission and reception
04/14/16Re-modulation crosstalk and intensity noise cancellation in wavelength-division multiplexing (wdm) passive optical networks (pons)
04/14/16Upstream wavelength calibration in optical networks
04/14/16Data distributing over network to user devices
04/14/16System and generic service nfv orchestration and management for converged services
04/14/16Authenticated encryption support in iso/iec 23009-4
04/14/16Extending data over cable service interface specification (docsis) provisioning of ethernet passive optical network (epon) (dpoe) to epon over coax (epoc) multicast key management
04/14/16Physical switch initialization using representational state transfer services
04/14/16System and depth map coding for smooth depth map area
04/14/16Device, network, and communications with carrier sensing and coexistence
04/07/16Method to use pcie device resources by using unmodified pcie device drivers on cpus in a pcie fabric with commodity pci switches
04/07/16Optical transmitter with optical receiver-specific dispersion pre-compensation
04/07/16Optical receiver with optical transmitter-specific dispersion post-compensation
04/07/16Multiple-wavelength passive optical network (pon) power saving
04/07/16System and efficient support for short cryptoperiods in template mode
04/07/16Reverse path validation for source routed networks
04/07/16Smart audio and video capture systems for data processing systems
04/07/16Palette mode in high efficiency video coding (hevc) screen content coding (scc)
04/07/16System and power control
03/31/16Concurrency control in a shared storage architecture supporting on-page implicit locks
03/31/16Serial hybrid converter apparatus and method
03/31/16Resonant converter apparatus and method
03/31/16Power spectrum density optimization
03/31/16Method and asynchronous ofdma/sc-fdma
03/31/16Systems and methods for analog cancellation for division free duplexing for radios using mimo
03/31/16Method and interface capability and elastic content response encoding in information centric networking
03/31/16Hash-based forwarding in content centric networks
03/31/16System and hybrid automatic repeat request timing for device-to-device communication overlaid on a cellular network
03/24/16Common broadcast channel low papr signaling in massive mimo systems
03/24/16Linear dispersion polarization-time codes and equalization in polarization multiplexed coherent optical system
03/24/16System and methods for compress and forward relaying schemes in joint signal processing
03/24/16System and computing point-to-point label switched path crossing multiple domains
03/24/16Ownership identification, signaling, and handling of content components in streaming media
03/24/16Method and non-uniform mapping for quantization matrix coefficients between different sizes of quantization matrices in image/video coding
03/24/16System and direct multi-user transmission
03/17/16System and differential peak signaling
03/17/16Statement based migration for adaptively building and updating a column store database from a row store database based on query demands using disparate database systems
03/17/16Method and system for adaptively building and updating a column store database from a row store database based on query demands
03/17/16Method and system for adaptively building a column store database from a temporal row store database based on query demands
03/17/16Optimizing optical systems using code division multiple access and/or orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
03/17/16Offloading tenant traffic in virtual networks
03/10/16Segment based switching architecture with hybrid control in sdn
03/10/16Method and apparatus to facilitate discrete-device accelertaion of queries on structured data
03/10/16Array-based computations on a storage device
03/10/16System and inter-radio access technology handoff
03/10/16System and communicating resource allocation for d2d
03/03/16Light steering for silicon photonic devices
03/03/16Multi-segment mach-zehnder modulator-driver system
03/03/16Metadata index search in a file system
03/03/16System and information delivery with multiple point transmission
03/03/16System and d2d resource allocation
03/03/16System and communications in communications systems with relay nodes
02/25/16Disaggregated server architecture for data centers
02/25/16System and metadata enhanced inventory management of a communications system
02/25/16System and methods of generating user facial expression library for messaging and social networking applications

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