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Futurewei Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Futurewei Technologies Inc. Futurewei Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Futurewei Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Futurewei Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Communication between distributed information brokers within a data and energy storage internet architecture
06/22/17 new patent  System and efficient cross-controller request handling in active/active storage systems
06/22/17 new patent  Holdup time circuit and bridgeless pfc converter
06/22/17 new patent  Systems and methods for segment integrity and authenticity for adaptive streaming
06/22/17 new patent  System and a hub device search
06/22/17 new patent  System and transmission and reception of control and data channels with group reference signal
06/15/17Space and time aware organization and isolation of components in real time systems
06/15/17System and data warehouse engine
06/15/17On-chip test interface for voltage-mode mach-zehnder modulator driver
06/15/17Time domain ingress noise detection and cancellation
06/08/17System and caching and parameterizing ir
06/08/17Rogue optical network unit mitigation in passive optical networks
06/08/17System and content encryption in a key/value store
06/08/17End-to-end (e2e) tunnel based on shortest point-to-point (p2p) path computation
06/08/17Data streaming unit and operating the data streaming unit
06/08/17System and data channel transmission and reception
06/01/17Intelligent coded memory architecture with enhanced access scheduler
06/01/17Frequency domain optical channel estimation
06/01/17System and method to support context-aware content requests in information centric networks
06/01/17Method and apparatus of derivation for a binary partition pattern
06/01/17Mode dependent intra smoothing filter table mapping methods for non-square prediction units
05/25/17System and multiplexing control and data channels in a multiple input, multiple output communications system
05/25/17Joint acquisition of chromatic dispersion and frequency offset in optical systems
05/25/17Optical transmitter with optical receiver-specific dispersion pre-compensation
05/25/17Locally protecting service in a label switched path network
05/25/17Security for proxied devices
05/25/17Device, network, and cell discovery
05/18/17Systems and methods for real time context based isolation and virtualization
05/18/17High performance pim cancellation with feedback
05/18/17System and multi-source channel estimation
05/18/17System and multi-source channel estimation
05/18/17High performance pim cancellation with feed forward structure
05/18/17Scaling cloud rendezvous points in a hierarchical and distributed manner
05/18/17System and multi-source channel estimation
05/18/17Device, network, and communications with opportunistic transmission and reception
05/11/17System and hardware multithreading to improve vliw dsp performance and efficiency
05/11/17System and managing application access
05/11/17Flexible rectifier for providing a variety of on-demand voltages
05/11/17Multi-channel inverter systems
05/11/17Method and multiuser mimo beamforming training
05/11/17Optical n-level quadrature amplitude modulation (nqam) generation based on phase modulator
05/04/17Systems and methods for creating and using a data structure for parallel programming
05/04/17Method and implementation for accurate gain-bandwidth product tuning
05/04/17Reference-less frequency detector with high jitter tolerance
05/04/17System and large scale multiple input multiple output beamforming
05/04/17System and vnf termination management
05/04/17Combined low and high frequency continuous-time linear equalizers
05/04/17Icn based distributed resource directory for iot resource discovery and routing
05/04/17System and secure provisioning of out-of-network user equipment
05/04/17Method and apparatus of depth prediction mode selection
05/04/17System and load rebalancing
05/04/17System and transmitting a synchronization signal
04/27/17Extension of resource constraints for service-defined containers
04/27/17Apparatus and methods for video foreground-background segmentation with multi-view spatial temporal graph cuts
04/27/17System and offset voltage calibration
04/27/17Optical line terminal communication with data structure
04/27/17Real time priority selection engine for improved burst tolerance
04/27/17System and wavelength conversion and switching
04/27/17Apparatus and transmit power control command transmission
04/20/17System and false sharing prediction
04/20/17Apparatus and methods for cross-polarized tilt antennas
04/20/17Method and providing user equipment access to millimeter wave stations through a microwave station
04/20/17Compensation of non-linear transmitter impairments in optical communication networks
04/20/17System and clock spur artifact correction
04/20/17Framework for temporal label switched path tunnel services
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04/20/17Using quality information for adaptive streaming of media content
04/20/17System and direct mobile communications power control
04/13/17System and isolating i/o execution via compiler and os support
04/13/17Mechanisms to compose, execute, save, and retrieve hyperlink pipelines in web browsers
04/13/17System and scalable distributed real-time data warehouse
04/13/17System and real-time data warehouse
04/13/17Heat spreader with thermally coductive foam core
04/13/17Digital optical modulator for programmable n-quadrature amplitude modulation generation
04/13/17System and anomaly root cause analysis
04/13/17Service function bundling for service function chains
04/13/17Hash-based overlay routing architecture for information centric networks
04/13/17Specifying client behavior and sessions in dynamic adaptive streaming over hypertext transfer protocol (dash)
04/13/17Probability weighted dash based video streaming over an information-centric network
04/13/17System and spatial reuse in directional random access
04/13/17System and resource allocation device-to-device for open discovery
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04/06/17Action-based routing of a transaction in an online transaction processing system
04/06/17Apparatus and managing storage of a primary database and a replica database
04/06/17Methodology to improve the anomaly detection rate
04/06/17Agile resource on demand service provisioning in software defined optical networks
03/30/17Approach for end-to-end power efficiency modeling for data centers
03/30/17Efficient instruction pair for central processing unit (cpu) instruction design
03/30/17System and database query
03/30/17Multi-band antenna on the surface of wireless communication devices
03/30/17System and large scale multiple input multiple output communications
03/30/17System and large scale multiple input multiple output communications
03/30/17System and a multi view learning approach to anomaly detection and root cause analysis
03/30/17System and power control command for device-to-device transmissions
03/23/17System and adaptive aperture tunable antenna
03/23/17Stateless forwarding in information centric networks with bloom filters
03/23/17Network topology of hierarchical ring with recursive shortcuts
03/23/17System and control traffic balancing in in-band software defined networks
03/23/17Filter covering-based notification routing without comparing filters based on filtering languages
03/23/17Methods and systems for downlink transmit power control command transmission
03/16/17Markerless multi-user, multi-object augmented reality on mobile devices
03/16/17Control zero voltage switching buck-boost power converters
03/16/17Sub-nyquist sampling for bandwidth- and hardware-efficient mobile fronthaul with mimo processing
03/16/17Method and scalable content routing and mobility in named data networks
03/16/17Security architecture and solution for handling internet of things devices in a fifth generation system
03/16/17Device, network, and utilizing a downlink discovery reference signal
03/09/17Fault tolerance in distributed graph processing networks
03/09/17Methods and systems for light field augmented reality/virtual reality on mobile devices
03/09/17Thermal compensation for burst-mode laser wavelength drift
03/09/17Interference phase estimate system and method
03/09/17Channel bonding in passive optical networks
03/09/17Adaptive forward error correction (fec) in passive optical networks (pons)
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03/09/17Pce for temporal tunnel services
03/09/17Mechanism and constraint based fine-grained cloud resource controls
03/02/17Systems and methods for searching heterogeneous indexes of metadata and tags in file systems
03/02/17System and providing data as a service (daas) in real-time
03/02/17Ac/dc converters
03/02/17Systems and methods for adaptation in a wireless network
03/02/17System and network function virtualization resource management
03/02/17System and tunnel stitching transport
03/02/17Quality of service enabled content routing information centric networking
03/02/17Systems and methods for improved data speeds for wireless devices
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03/02/17System and securing transmit opportunities for rf calibrations of wi-fi devices
02/23/17System and double knuckle touch screen control
02/23/17System and representing complex numbers in fused floating point
02/23/17Multilevel inverter device and method
02/23/17Estimation and compensation of local oscillator frequency offset and chromatic dispersion using pilot tones in spectral-shaping subcarrier modulation
02/23/17System, content delivery for internet traffic and methods thereof
02/23/17Context reduction of palette run type in high efficiency video coding (hevc) screen content coding (scc)
02/16/17Patterned poly silicon structure as top electric contact to mos-type optical modulators
02/16/17Dynamic assignment of groups of resources in a peripheral component interconnect express network
02/16/17Balanced load execution with locally distributed forwarding information base in information centric networks
02/16/17Designing and configuring packet optical networks
02/16/17System and adapting code rate
02/16/17Interconnecting an overlay management control network (omcn) to a non-omcn
02/16/17Congestion avoidance traffic steering (cats) in datacenter networks
02/16/17Intelligent software-defined networking based service paths
02/16/17System and resource management
02/16/17Method and pushing data in a content-centric networking (ccn) network
02/16/17Pixel-based intra prediction for coding in hevc
02/09/17Offloading probabilistic computations in data analytics applications
02/09/17Core load knowledge for elastic load balancing of threads
02/09/17Integration of network linecard (lc) to host operating system (os)
02/09/17Gate drive resonant converters
02/09/17Apparatus and scheme for io-pin-less calibration or trimming of on-chip regulators
02/09/17Performing upstream symbol alignment under fext
02/09/17System and full duplex link adaptation in a full duplex communications system
02/09/17Rebalancing and elastic storage scheme with elastic named distributed circular buffers
02/09/17Large-scale storage and retrieval of data with well-bounded life
02/09/17Method and system for retrieving a content manifest in a network
02/09/17System and common attributes in hessid and the associated queries
02/09/17Device, network, and wideband lte single ofdm symbol uplink transmission
Patent Packs
02/02/17Fluid coupling mating apparatus and method
02/02/17Dynamic coding algorithm for intelligent coded memory system
02/02/17Intelligent memory architecture for increased efficiency
02/02/17System and variable lane architecture
02/02/17System and multithreaded processing
02/02/17Apparatus and allocating resources to threads to perform a service
02/02/17Apparatus, method, and computer program for utilizing secondary threads to assist primary threads in performing application tasks
02/02/17Intelligent code apparatus, method, and computer program for memory
02/02/17Hybrid parity initialization
02/02/17Apparatus and utilizing different data storage types to store primary and replicated database directories
02/02/17Maintaining a parity-inconsistent table to identify stripes affected by a write hole effect
02/02/17Advance cache allocator
02/02/17Efficient parallel insertion into an open hash table
02/02/17Data placement control for distributed computing environment
02/02/17Anomaly detection apparatus, method, and computer program using a probabilistic latent semantic analysis
02/02/17Coupled multi-bands antennas in wearable wireless devices
02/02/17Resonant converters and methods
02/02/17Reducing receiver distortion caused by transmitter signals
02/02/17System and robust relay communication
02/02/17System and transmitting beamformed reference/control signals
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02/02/17Multi-user, full duplex in-band communication in wireless networks
02/02/17Reducing crest factors
02/02/17Parametric model for video scoring
02/02/17Single network interface for multiple interface virtual network functions
02/02/17Handling consumer mobility in information-centric networks
02/02/17Camera augmented reality based activity history tracking
02/02/17Color corrected high resolution imaging
02/02/17Predicting network performance
02/02/17Adaptive filtering based network anomaly detection
02/02/17System and controlling user equipment offloading
02/02/17User equipment speed class determination
02/02/17Link adaptation in grant-free multiple access systems
01/26/17Method and a multiple-processor system
01/26/17Event based pre-fetch caching storage controller
01/26/17Delivering interrupts through non-transparent bridges in a pci-express network
01/26/17Apparatus and utilizing a component with a helical antenna for communicating rf signals
01/26/17Systems and methods for scheduling multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) high-speed downlink packet access (hsdpa) pilot channels
01/26/17Highly efficient inverse multiplexing in an ethernet access network
01/26/17Ultra dense network security architecture and method
01/26/17Url parameter insertion and addition in adaptive streaming
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01/26/17Smart power management downloading photos
01/26/17Beam detection and tracking in wireless networks
01/26/17System and transmissions with frequency diversity
01/26/17Stationary cooling structure for board/chassis-level conduction cooling
01/19/17System, method, and computer program for visually altering a user interface based on application program runtime information
01/19/17System and data warehouse and fine granularity scheduling for system on chip (soc)
01/19/17Shared memory controller and using same
01/19/17System and predicate pushdown and partition pruning in a distributed database
01/19/17System and virtual clothes fitting based on video augmented reality in mobile phone
01/19/17Capture and analysis of transient events in hybrid fiber-coaxial (hfc) networks
01/19/17Upstream pilot structures in point-to-multipoint orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) communication systems
01/19/17Internet control message protocol enhancement for traffic carried by a tunnel over internet protocol networks
01/19/17Increasing spatial resolution of panoramic video captured by a camera array
01/19/17System and delay scheduling
01/19/17System and coverage enhancement
01/12/17Dynamic voltage/frequency scaling for multi-processors using end user experience metrics
01/12/17System and data caching in processing nodes of a massively parallel processing (mpp) database system
01/12/17Mechanisms for merging index structures in molap while preserving query consistency
01/12/17High data rate extension with bonding
01/12/17Path computation element central controllers (pceccs) for network services
01/12/17Multi-view video streaming with fast and smooth view switch
01/12/17System and basic service set association
01/05/17Reducing the feedback overhead during crosstalk precoder initialization
01/05/17Demultiplexing bonded gre tunnels
01/05/17Integrated data plane for heterogeneous network services
01/05/17System, content delivery for internet traffic and methods thereof
01/05/17Beam detection, beam tracking and random access in mm-wave small cells in heterogeneous network
12/29/16Region guided and change tolerant fast shortest path algorithm and graph preprocessing framework
12/29/16Optical edge coupling with a separate trimmed taper
12/29/16Method and system for aggregation-friendly address assignment to pcie devices
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12/29/16Systems and methods for parallelizing hash-based operators in smp databases
12/29/16Wireless communication device with an antenna adjacent to an edge of the device
12/29/16Apparatus and efficiency point tracking high efficiency resonant converters
12/29/16Apparatus, method, and computer program for communicating one or more symbols with multiple pilot signals and nulls
12/29/16Flow-based distribution in hybrid access networks
12/29/16Software-defined network for temporal label switched path tunnels
12/29/16Elegant temporal label switched path tunnel service controller
12/29/16System, method, and computer program for providing rest services to fine-grained resources based on a resource-oriented network
12/29/16System and faked base station detection
12/22/16Hybrid integration using folded mach-zehnder modulator array block
12/22/16Motion-based music recommendation for mobile devices
12/22/16Music recommendation based on biometric and motion sensors on mobile device
12/22/16High isolation switch
12/22/16Cascaded waveform modulation with an embedded control signal for high-performance mobile fronthaul
12/22/16Peak-to-average power ratio (papr) reduction in fronthauls
12/22/16Multiple topology-transparent zones having a common edge node
12/22/16System and information delivery with multiple point transmission
12/22/16Template uniform resource locator signing
12/22/16System and media content streaming with a multiplexed representation
12/22/16Advanced coding techniques for high efficiency video coding (hevc) screen content coding (scc) extensions
12/15/16System and compressing data in a database
12/15/16Query plan and operation-aware communication buffer management
12/15/16Control buck-boost power converters
12/15/16Second order intercept point (ip2) calibration for wireless receivers
12/15/16Trellis shaping on ldpc-coded modulation dmt systems
12/15/16Zone routing system
12/15/16Open shortest path first extensions in support of wavelength switched optical networks
12/15/16Token-based authentication and authorization information signaling and exchange for adaptive streaming
12/15/16System and network protocol offloading in virtual networks

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