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General Electric Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Co., listed under General Electric Co. as Agent/Assignee. General Electric Co. (GE) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Co.. Updates: General Electric Co. RSS RSS

Retaining insert for an electrical protection system and method

General Electric

Retaining insert for an electrical protection system and method

General Electric

Retaining insert for an electrical panelboard assembly

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Application # Date General Electric Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140315136 10/23/14  new patent  Methods of operating a gas turbine to inhibit vanadium corrosion
20140311150 10/23/14  new patent  Fuel nozzle for a pre-mix combustor of a gas turbine engine
20140311156 10/23/14  new patent  Combustor cap for damping low frequency dynamics
20140311160 10/23/14  new patent  Hybrid turbomachine enclosure
20140311878 10/23/14  new patent  Retaining insert for an electrical protection system and method
20140311918 10/23/14  new patent  Multi-step electrochemical stripping method
20140311960 10/23/14  new patent  Water treatment device and method
20140312199 10/23/14  new patent  Adjustable gib shim
20140312620 10/23/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for improving grid stability in a wind farm
20140312897 10/23/14  new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging data correction methods and systems
20140313644 10/23/14  new patent  Retaining insert for an electrical panelboard assembly
20140314549 10/23/14  new patent  Flow manipulating arrangement for a turbine exhaust diffuser
20140315029 10/23/14  new patent  Repair process and a repaired component
20140305512 10/16/14 Pulsed water flush of liquid fuel valves and combustion nozzles
20140305219 10/16/14 Conical ultrasonic probe
20140305194 10/16/14 System for measurement of fluid levels in multi-phase fluids
20140305193 10/16/14 Critical flow in moisture generation system for natural gas
20140305137 10/16/14 Heat pump with magneto caloric materials and variable magnetic field strength
20140305127 10/16/14 System and method for augmenting gas turbine power output
20140306003 10/16/14 Component identification system
20140306526 10/16/14 Power converter and methods for increasing power delivery of soft alternating current power source
20140310655 10/16/14 Visual representation of map navigation history
20140310138 10/16/14 Methods and systems for estimating recoverable utility revenue
20140308493 10/16/14 Erosion resistant coating systems and processes therefor
20140308122 10/16/14 System and method for detecting ice on a wind turbine rotor blade
20140308088 10/16/14 Fastener with radial loading
20140307494 10/16/14 Power decoupling controller and method for power conversion system
20140300496 10/09/14 Method of operating a synthetic vision system in an aircraft
20140300359 10/09/14 Radio-frequency coil arrays and methods of arranging the same
20140300231 10/09/14 Downhole electric submersible pumps with high rotordynamic stability margin
20140299628 10/09/14 Liquid dispensing led nozzle
20140298854 10/09/14 Dual evaporator refrigeration system with zeotropic refrigerant mixture
20140298816 10/09/14 Simple cycle gas turbomachine system having a fuel conditioning system
20140298814 10/09/14 Catalytic combustion air heating system
20140298808 10/09/14 Turbomachine system with direct header steam injection, related control system and program product
20140298771 10/09/14 Gas turbine exhaust diffuser
20140301120 10/09/14 Systems and methods for use in recovering a converter after grid fault event
20140301534 10/09/14 Integrated diode das detector
20140301705 10/09/14 Hermetically sealed boroscope probe tip
20140303913 10/09/14 Broken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine
20140303480 10/09/14 Mri with static tissue removal
20140302278 10/09/14 Components with double sided cooling features and methods of manufacture
20140302258 10/09/14 System and method for manufacturing magnetic resonance imaging gradient coil assemblies
20140301861 10/09/14 Airfoil having an erosion-resistant coating thereon
20140301855 10/09/14 Blade insert for a wind turbine rotor blade
20140301850 10/09/14 Turbomachine blade assembly
20140301846 10/09/14 System for reducing vibration in a wind turbine
20140301842 10/09/14 Methods for controlling wind turbine loading
20140292132 10/02/14 Permanent magnet rotor having a combined laminated stack and method of assembly
20140292458 10/02/14 Magnetic device having integrated current sensing element and methods of assembling same
20140293038 10/02/14 Methods and devices for adjusting brightness of a light source
20140293489 10/02/14 Systems and methods for use in identifying and responding to type of grid fault event
20140294276 10/02/14 Automatic estimation of anatomical extents
20140294490 10/02/14 Welding process, welding system, and welded article
20140291230 10/02/14 Filter element interface for an oil filter of an engine
20140290896 10/02/14 System and article of manufacture for directional casting
20140290892 10/02/14 Refractory slurry of reducing carbon pickup in lost foam casting, foam pattern and processes for manufacturing and using the same
20140290891 10/02/14 Chaplet, cast molding system, and method
20140290631 10/02/14 Method for local boiling protection of a heat exchanger
20140290313 10/02/14 Air flow in a washing machine appliance
20140290273 10/02/14 Conduction based magneto caloric heat pump
20140290260 10/02/14 System and method for generating nitrogen from a gas turbine
20140294560 10/02/14 Gas turbine shroud assemblies
20140294566 10/02/14 Turbomachine inlet bleed heating assembly
20140294591 10/02/14 Wind turbine blade shear web connection assembly
20140298192 10/02/14 Display system and method
20140298097 10/02/14 System and method for correcting operational data
20140297820 10/02/14 System and method for automated provisioning of a wireless device
20140297053 10/02/14 Model based control with engine perturbation feedback
20140296701 10/02/14 Breast coil for use in magnetic resonance imaging
20140296694 10/02/14 Method and system for ultrasound needle guidance
20140295258 10/02/14 Sealed sodium-based thermal batteries and methods of sealing same
20140295255 10/02/14 Bridgeless sealed sodium-based thermal batteries and methods of sealing same
20140294592 10/02/14 Acoustic shield for noise reduction in wind turbines
20140294593 10/02/14 Wind turbine blades with cap-assisted bond configuration and associated bonding method
20140294595 10/02/14 Rotor blade assembly for wind turbine having load reduction features
20140294594 10/02/14 Hybrid turbine blade including multiple insert sections
20140294710 10/02/14 Method for preparing a catalyst composition suitable for removing sulfur from a catalytic reduction system
20140295237 10/02/14 Electrochemical cells useful for energy storage devices
20140285078 09/25/14 Vertically adjustable shelf support assembly for an appliance
20140284926 09/25/14 System and method for real-time load control of a wind turbine
20140283814 09/25/14 Appliance shelving system
20140283811 09/25/14 Oven appliance with dual opening doors
20140283524 09/25/14 Nozzle system and method for starting and operating gas turbines on lowbtu fuels
20140283522 09/25/14 Multi-injector micromixing system
20140283523 09/25/14 System and method for controlled fuel blending in gas turbines
20140283520 09/25/14 Transition duct with improved cooling in turbomachine
20140286489 09/25/14 Wired communications systems with improved capacity and security
20140286756 09/25/14 Device, system and method for preventing leakage in a turbine
20140286762 09/25/14 Turbine airfoil assembly
20140289852 09/25/14 Systems and methods for remote monitoring, security, diagnostics, and prognostics
20140288993 09/25/14 Method and system for analysis of infrastructure
20140287260 09/25/14 Treated coated article and process of treating a coated article
20140286813 09/25/14 Method for manufacturing high melting point metal based objects
20140286785 09/25/14 Method of producing a hollow airfoil
20140286776 09/25/14 Blade pitch system for a wind turbine generator and method of operating the same
20140286771 09/25/14 Cooling passages for turbine buckets of a gas turbine engine
20140286766 09/25/14 Compressor casing assembly providing access to compressor blade sealing assembly
20140262623 09/18/14 Lubrication ring
20140262967 09/18/14 Separating a powder mixture
20140263045 09/18/14 Gasification waste water treatment using air separation unit oxygen
20140263204 09/18/14 Universal plasma extension gun
20140263577 09/18/14 Joining methods and temperature controlled fluid treating systems for joining
20140263725 09/18/14 Synthetic jet suspension structure
20140263726 09/18/14 Low resonance synthetic jet structure
20140261970 09/18/14 Method of making a laminate component and method of removing voids from a pre-preg ply and a pre-preg component
20140261582 09/18/14 Seal ring noise reduction for appliance pump
20140260849 09/18/14 Tool and method for scarfing a rotor blade segment
20140260781 09/18/14 Torsional mode shifting
20140260659 09/18/14 Multiphase flow measurement using electromagnetic sensors
20140260573 09/18/14 Variable guide vane digital backlash measurement
20140260409 09/18/14 Control system for a dual evaporator refrigeration system
20140260327 09/18/14 Cooled article
20140260319 09/18/14 Combustor support assembly for mounting a combustion module of a gas turbine
20140263728 09/18/14 Low resonance acoustic synthetic jet structure
20140263746 09/18/14 Feed injector tip cap
20140266412 09/18/14 Systems and methods for power limiting for a programmable i/o device
20140266039 09/18/14 Systems and methods for controlling a charging device
20140265979 09/18/14 System and method for fault protection of a motor
20140265972 09/18/14 Load commutated inverter drive systems for high power drive applications
20140265942 09/18/14 Electric vehicle with improved electric drive system
20140265708 09/18/14 Dual magnetic phase rotor laminations for induction machines
20140265682 09/18/14 Systems and methods for isolating a conduit enclosure using an adapter plate for an explosion proof motor
20140265681 09/18/14 Systems and methods for isolating a conduit enclosure for an explosion proof motor
20140265583 09/18/14 Direct current transmission and distribution system and method of operating the same
20140265327 09/18/14 Systems and methods for variable speed operation of combustion engines
20140264799 09/18/14 Power overlay structure and method of making same
20140264800 09/18/14 Power overlay structure and method of making same
20140264775 09/18/14 Method and system for transient voltage suppression
20140264418 09/18/14 Color stable red-emitting phosphors
20140263761 09/18/14 Adjustable gas distribution assembly and related adjustable plasma spray device
20140266552 09/18/14 Integrated inductor assemblies and methods of assembling same
20140260318 09/18/14 Side seal slot for a combustion liner
20140260273 09/18/14 Continuous combustion liner for a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260272 09/18/14 System for providing fuel to a combustor
20140260270 09/18/14 Systems and apparatus relating to downstream fuel and air injection in gas turbines
20140260268 09/18/14 Micromixing cap assembly
20140260269 09/18/14 Systems and apparatus relating to downstream fuel and air injection in gas turbines
20140260267 09/18/14 Combustor end cover with fuel plenums
20140260264 09/18/14 System for controlling a flow rate of a compressed working fluid to a combustor fuel injector
20140260263 09/18/14 Fuel injection insert for a turbine nozzle segment
20140260261 09/18/14 Turbomachine with transition piece having dilution holes and fuel injection system coupled to transition piece
20140260259 09/18/14 Multi-zone combustor
20140260258 09/18/14 System for providing a working fluid to a combustor
20140260213 09/18/14 Aftertreatment system for simultaneous emissions control in stationary rich burn engines
20140260177 09/18/14 Gas turbine load enhancement
20140259924 09/18/14 Methods and systems of producing a particulate free, cooled syngas product
20140259882 09/18/14 Mixture and apparatus for blending non-aqueous slurries
20140260274 09/18/14 Fuel distribution manifold for a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260276 09/18/14 End cover configuration and assembly
20140260315 09/18/14 System having multi-tube fuel nozzle with floating arrangement of mixing tubes

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