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General Electric Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Co., listed under General Electric Co. as Agent/Assignee. General Electric Co. (GE) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Co.. Updates: General Electric Co. RSS RSS

Systems and methods for controlling warnings at vehicle crossings

General Electric

Systems and methods for controlling warnings at vehicle crossings

General Electric

Weld joint design for automatic welding of tubular detectors

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Application # Date General Electric Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140371959 12/18/14  new patent  System and method for determining effectiveness of a friction modifier along a route segment
20140367526 12/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for controlling warnings at vehicle crossings
20140367580 12/18/14  new patent  Weld joint design for automatic welding of tubular detectors
20140368232 12/18/14  new patent  Insulated gate bipolar transistor failure mode detection and protection system and method
20140368642 12/18/14  new patent  Lighting audit docking station device and method thereof
20140368976 12/18/14  new patent  Spout for switchgear, switchgear having spout, and method thereof
20140369462 12/18/14  new patent  Straddle mount detector assembly
20140360193 12/11/14 Support frame and method for assembly of a combustion module of a gas turbine
20140361126 12/11/14 Systems and method for controlling warnings at vehicle crossings
20140361538 12/11/14 Methods for operating wind turbine system having dynamic brake
20140361780 12/11/14 Systems and methods for monitoring circuit breaker operation
20140362970 12/11/14 System and method of correcting banding artifacts in cardiac ct
20140364739 12/11/14 Systems and methods for analyzing a vascular structure
20140365096 12/11/14 Methods and systems for speed management within a transportation network
20140365098 12/11/14 System and method for controlling at least one of tractive or braking efforts of a vehicle system
20140365102 12/11/14 Systems and methods for maintaining interlockings of transportation networks
20140365160 12/11/14 Systems and methods for testing wayside units
20140353399 12/04/14 Thrust reverser system with translating-rotating blocker doors and method of operation
20140352439 12/04/14 Device and system for ultrasonic inspection
20140352438 12/04/14 Device for ultrasonic inspection
20140352362 12/04/14 Integration of blower with washer motor shaft or drive shaft
20140352321 12/04/14 Gas turbine engine system and an associated method thereof
20140352313 12/04/14 Diffuser strut fairing
20140352307 12/04/14 System and method of waste heat recovery
20140352305 12/04/14 System and method of waste heat recovery
20140353473 12/04/14 System and method for determination of flames in a harsh environment
20140354062 12/04/14 Power system stabilization
20140359538 12/04/14 Systems and methods for moving display objects based on user gestures
20140359478 12/04/14 Systems and methods for sharing a user interface element based on user gestures
20140358492 12/04/14 Systems and methods for synchronizing geographic information system (gis) network models
20140356681 12/04/14 Brazing structure, and related processes and devices
20140356176 12/04/14 Rotor blade assembly having a stiffening root insert
20140356134 12/04/14 Dampers for fan spinners of aircraft engines
20140354244 12/04/14 Connection for improved current balancing in a parallel bridge power converter
20140354132 12/04/14 Translatable support mechanism
20140346774 11/27/14 Doubly-fed induction generator wind turbine system having solid-state stator switch
20140346284 11/27/14 Systems and methods for management of crossings near stations
20140345756 11/27/14 Martensitic alloy component and process of forming a martensitic alloy component
20140345292 11/27/14 Return fluid air cooler system for turbine cooling with optional power extraction
20140345289 11/27/14 Gas turbomachine combustor assembly including a liquid fuel start-up system
20140345287 11/27/14 Method and system for combustion control between multiple combustors of gas turbine engine
20140345254 11/27/14 Secondary nozzle for jet engine
20140345253 11/27/14 Multi-nozzle flow diverter for jet engine
20140347048 11/27/14 Systems and methods for reducing magnetic resonance (mr) imaging acoustic noise in mr inflow imaging
20140347050 11/27/14 System and method for reducing acoustic noise level in mr imaging
20140347868 11/27/14 Pivoting heat sink for led luminaire
20140350984 11/27/14 Project management system and method
20140350767 11/27/14 Systems and methods for determining route location
20140350756 11/27/14 Method and system for controlling a vehicle system factoring mass attributable to weather
20140350439 11/27/14 System and method for focusing of high intensity focused ultrasound based on magnetic resonance - acoustic radiation force imaging feedback
20140348659 11/27/14 Wind turbine rotor blade assembly having reinforcement assembly
20140348642 11/27/14 Conjoined gas turbine interface seal
20140348598 11/27/14 Back mixing device for pneumatic conveying systems
20140348290 11/27/14 Apparatus and method for low capacitance packaging for direct conversion x-ray or gamma ray detector
20140338772 11/20/14 Active sealing member
20140338762 11/20/14 System and method for feed-forward valve test compensation
20140338456 11/20/14 Ultrasonic detection method and ultrasonic analysis method
20140338364 11/20/14 Turbine rotor blade for a turbine section of a gas turbine
20140338356 11/20/14 System having a multi-tube fuel nozzle with an aft plate assembly
20140338349 11/20/14 Combustion nozzle with floating aft plate
20140338343 11/20/14 System for vibration damping of a fuel nozzle within a combustor
20140338342 11/20/14 Fuel injector having an ignitor for igniting a combustor of a gas turbine
20140338340 11/20/14 System and method for tube level air flow conditioning
20140338339 11/20/14 System and method having multi-tube fuel nozzle with multiple fuel injectors
20140338338 11/20/14 System and method for tube level air flow conditioning
20140339163 11/20/14 Performance of a membrane used in membrane distillation
20140339945 11/20/14 Segmented magnet component for electric machine and method of assembly
20140344796 11/20/14 Utility meter with utility-configurable sealed data
20140343835 11/20/14 System and method for determining a slack condition of a vehicle system
20140343407 11/20/14 Methods for the assisted manipulation of an instrument, and associated assistive assembly
20140342168 11/20/14 Article for high temperature service
20140342139 11/20/14 Casting method, cast article and casting system
20140341750 11/20/14 Process for selectively producing thermal barrier coatings on turbine hardware
20140341743 11/20/14 Modified turbine buckets and methods for modifying turbine buckets
20140341724 11/20/14 Static core tie rods
20140341723 11/20/14 Gas turbine vane insert to control particulate deposition
20140341720 11/20/14 Seal system including angular features for rotary machine components
20140341702 11/20/14 Flow sleeve for thermal control of a double-wall turbine shell and related method
20140333160 11/13/14 Thermal conductor for use in an electric machine and method of forming the same
20140332175 11/13/14 Composite geometrical design for a grain starter in a bridgman investment casting process
20140331796 11/13/14 System and method for detection of nutritional parameters in food items
20140331785 11/13/14 Fluid density stratification location system, device and method
20140331685 11/13/14 Gas dosage control for gas engine
20140331683 11/13/14 Multivariable controls of heat recovery steam generation system
20140331681 11/13/14 Wake manipulatnig structure for a turbine system
20140331674 11/13/14 Wake reducing structure for a turbine system and method of reducing wake
20140331568 11/13/14 Bolt connection assembly for a wind turbine lattice tower structure
20140333200 11/13/14 Optimized hid arc tube geometry
20140333340 11/13/14 Method and apparatus for registering conditions of performance in a photovoltaic array
20140336852 11/13/14 System and method for determining engine fuel limits
20140335373 11/13/14 Joining process, joined article, and process of fabricating a joined article
20140334938 11/13/14 Airflow modifying assembly for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
20140334929 11/13/14 Compressor rotor heat shield
20140334925 11/13/14 System for supporting a turbine nozzle
20140334807 11/13/14 Determining heating element and water heater status based on galvanic current
20140334592 11/13/14 Fuel rod assembly and method for mitigating the radiation-enhanced corrosion of a zirconium-based component
20140334266 11/13/14 Ultrasound probe with dynamic focus and associated systems and methods
20140333778 11/13/14 Automated borescope measurement tip accuracy test
20140328687 11/06/14 Wind turbine rotor blade assembly with surface features
20140328450 11/06/14 System and method for reducing high density artifacts in computed tomography imaging
20140327023 11/06/14 Phosphor assembly for light emitting devices
20140326204 11/06/14 Cam follower system for engine
20140325984 11/06/14 Method and systems for a passageway block
20140325766 11/06/14 Method for regulating ozone within a washing machine appliance
20140328692 11/06/14 Attachment system and method for wind turbine vortex generators
20140328693 11/06/14 Rotor blade assembly having vortex generators for wind turbine
20140330606 11/06/14 System and method for scheduling
20140330605 11/06/14 System and method for monitoring and scheduling a workforce
20140330604 11/06/14 Operator assistance system and method
20140330504 11/06/14 Method and systems for engine fuel injection control
20140330460 11/06/14 Method and system for controlling energy demand of vehicles on a network
20140330154 11/06/14 Breathing mask for ventilating a patient and gas analyzer for respiratory gas measurement
20140321838 10/30/14 System and method for adjusting anode rod galvanic corrosion
20140319838 10/30/14 Switching-based control for a power converter
20140319050 10/30/14 Water filter assembly
20140319033 10/30/14 Water filter assembly
20140318792 10/30/14 System and method for enhanced recovery of oil from an oil field
20140318634 10/30/14 Fuel conditioning system
20140318248 10/30/14 Automatic first element selection for phased array weld inspection
20140318223 10/30/14 Turbomachine lubricating oil analyzer apparatus
20140318141 10/30/14 Hot streak alignment for gas turbine durability
20140318134 10/30/14 Backup fuel supply for a gas turbine
20140321967 10/30/14 Gas turbine power augmentation system
20140321977 10/30/14 Durable turbine vane
20140324908 10/30/14 Method and system for increasing accuracy and completeness of acquired data
20140324506 10/30/14 Systems and methods for estimating reliability return on utility vegetation management
20140324361 10/30/14 Turbomachine lubricating oil analyzer system, computer program product and related methods
20140324239 10/30/14 System and method to adaptively regulate an energy consumption of a device
20140324196 10/30/14 Real-time debugging systems and methods
20140323885 10/30/14 Methods and systems for predicting acute hypotensive episodes
20140322482 10/30/14 Composite article including composite to metal interlock and method of fabrication
20140322008 10/30/14 Method and apparatus for cooling gas turbine and rotor blades
20140321994 10/30/14 Hot gas path component for turbine system
20140321982 10/30/14 Turbine blade monitoring arrangement and method of manufacturing
20140311918 10/23/14 Multi-step electrochemical stripping method
20140311878 10/23/14 Retaining insert for an electrical protection system and method
20140311160 10/23/14 Hybrid turbomachine enclosure
20140311156 10/23/14 Combustor cap for damping low frequency dynamics
20140311150 10/23/14 Fuel nozzle for a pre-mix combustor of a gas turbine engine
20140311960 10/23/14 Water treatment device and method
20140312199 10/23/14 Adjustable gib shim
20140312620 10/23/14 Method and apparatus for improving grid stability in a wind farm
20140312897 10/23/14 Magnetic resonance imaging data correction methods and systems
20140313644 10/23/14 Retaining insert for an electrical panelboard assembly
20140314549 10/23/14 Flow manipulating arrangement for a turbine exhaust diffuser
20140315029 10/23/14 Repair process and a repaired component
20140315136 10/23/14 Methods of operating a gas turbine to inhibit vanadium corrosion
20140305512 10/16/14 Pulsed water flush of liquid fuel valves and combustion nozzles
20140305219 10/16/14 Conical ultrasonic probe
20140305194 10/16/14 System for measurement of fluid levels in multi-phase fluids
20140305193 10/16/14 Critical flow in moisture generation system for natural gas

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