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General Electric Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Co., listed under General Electric Co. as Agent/Assignee. General Electric Co. (GE) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Co.. Updates: General Electric Co. RSS RSS

General Electric

Fuel/air mixing system for fuel nozzle

General Electric

Systems and methods for prediction of trips

General Electric

Reducing pre-heat time in an oven

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Application # Date General Electric Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140237784 08/28/14  new patent  Method of forming a microchannel cooled component
20140238382 08/28/14  new patent  Reducing pre-heat time in an oven
20140238383 08/28/14  new patent  Appliance with vertically adjustable rack
20140238384 08/28/14  new patent  Multi-ring gas burner
20140238393 08/28/14  new patent  Medical vaporizer and method of monitoring of a medical vaporizer
20140238447 08/28/14  new patent  Fine filtration for a dishwasher appliance using powered diverter
20140238554 08/28/14  new patent  High temperature high frequency magnet wire and method of making
20140238617 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for removal of a layer
20140238632 08/28/14  new patent  Methods for repairing ceramic cores
20140238643 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for cleaning heat exchangers
20140238379 08/28/14  new patent  Non-stick, pyrolytic coatings for heating devices
20140238041 08/28/14  new patent  Combustor can temperature control system
20140237849 08/28/14  new patent  Dryer appliance with features for reducing temperature gradients at outlets of a duct
20140238024 08/28/14  new patent  Rich burn, quick mix, lean burn combustor
20140238025 08/28/14  new patent  Fuel/air mixing system for fuel nozzle
20140238026 08/28/14  new patent  Fuel nozzle for reducing modal coupling of combustion dynamics
20140238032 08/28/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for rapid sensing of fuel wobbe index
20140238033 08/28/14  new patent  Systems and methods to control combustion dynamic frequencies
20140238034 08/28/14  new patent  Turbomachine combustor assembly and method of operating a turbomachine
20140238036 08/28/14  new patent  Fuel/air mixing system for fuel nozzle
20140238039 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for operating a power plant
20140238651 08/28/14  new patent  Heat exchanger assembly
20140238919 08/28/14  new patent  Apparatus for flow path modification in a water filter system
20140241869 08/28/14  new patent  Steam turbine inner shell assembly with common grooves
20140241878 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for controlling a wind turbine based on identified surface conditions of the rotor blades
20140241895 08/28/14  new patent  Fluid turbine blade and method of providing the same
20140241900 08/28/14  new patent  Methods for repairing a turbine airfoil constructed from cmc material
20140243671 08/28/14  new patent  Ultrasound imaging system and method for drift compensation
20140243676 08/28/14  new patent  Delta delay approach for ultrasound beamforming on an asic
20140244055 08/28/14  new patent  Systems and methods for use in adapting the operation of a gas turbine
20140244056 08/28/14  new patent  Installation for producing electrical energy provided with means of energy storage and control method of such an installation
20140244567 08/28/14  new patent  Systems and methods for prediction of trips
20140241867 08/28/14  new patent  Drum rotor dovetail component and related drum rotor system
20140241115 08/28/14  new patent  Ultrasound probe diagnosing system and method for diagnosing ultrasound probe
20140240993 08/28/14  new patent  System for cooling devices
20140239763 08/28/14  new patent  Dual magnetic phase stator laminations for stator permanent magnet electric machines
20140239766 08/28/14  new patent  Generator lead system
20140239788 08/28/14  new patent  Appliance and a rack assembly for the same
20140239792 08/28/14  new patent  Refrigerator appliance and a shelf assembly for the same
20140239793 08/28/14  new patent  Shelf support assembly for a ribbed appliance cavity
20140239812 08/28/14  new patent  System and apparatus for arc elimination
20140239923 08/28/14  new patent  Methods and systems for current output mode configuration of universal input-output modules
20140240882 08/28/14  new patent  System for protecting and monitoring a circuit for distributing direct-current power
20140240992 08/28/14  new patent  Device and method for coupling a light source to a printed circuit board in lamps
20140232290 08/21/14 Multi-power level compact fluorescent lamp assembly
20140232234 08/21/14 Laminated rotor machining enhancement
20140231857 08/21/14 Phosphor materials and related devices
20140230799 08/21/14 Methods and systems for cooling exhaust system components
20140230464 08/21/14 Enthalpy based control for a refrigeration appliance
20140230444 08/21/14 System and method for reducing back pressure in a gas turbine system
20140230447 08/21/14 Fuel nozzle for a gas turbomachine
20140230434 08/21/14 Methods and system for cooling exhaust system components
20140230407 08/21/14 Method and system for magnetic particle detection in a charge air system
20140230402 08/21/14 Turbine conduit purge systems
20140232338 08/21/14 Power conduit, charging device, and method of charging a power storage device
20140233277 08/21/14 Direct current power delivery system and method
20140236319 08/21/14 Protection monitoring system with fault indicators
20140236318 08/21/14 Systems and methods for field device feedback
20140236315 08/21/14 Systems and methods for tracking the quality and efficiency of machine instructions for operating an associated controller
20140236011 08/21/14 Methods and systems for simultaneous interventional imaging and functional measurements
20140235426 08/21/14 Ceramic powders and methods therefor
20140234942 08/21/14 Substrates and methods for collection, stabilization and elution of biomolecules
20140234117 08/21/14 Apparatus and method to reduce wear and friction between cmc-to-metal attachment and interface
20140234110 08/21/14 Turbine blade tip shroud and mid-span snubber with compound contact angle
20140234070 08/21/14 Systems and methods for facilitating onboarding of bucket cooling flows
20140233818 08/21/14 Methods and systems for segmentation in echocardiography
20140224963 08/14/14 Low impedance interface circuit to maximize bandwidth and provide bias control
20140224636 08/14/14 Gasification system and method for high ash content feedstock
20140224022 08/14/14 Ultrasonic detection method and system
20140223882 08/14/14 Systems and methods for coal beneficiation
20140223709 08/14/14 Turbomachine rotor blade milling machine system and method of field repairing a turbomachine rotor blade
20140225326 08/14/14 Brush seal system with elliptical clearance
20140225576 08/14/14 System and method for determining pole shift
20140226243 08/14/14 System and method to derive power and trip a circuit breaker from an external device
20140227550 08/14/14 Magnetic nickel base ternary brazing material and method of application
20140227459 08/14/14 Methods and systems for treating carbonaceous materials
20140226889 08/14/14 Systems and methods for image segmentation using target image intensity
20140226262 08/14/14 System and method for actuation of power panel
20140226248 08/14/14 Apparatus, systems, and methods for operation of a trip unit in a circuit protection device
20140216054 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with aerodynamic support struts
20140216155 08/07/14 Hermetic electrically shielded connector
20140216363 08/07/14 System and method for heat recovery steam generators
20140216365 08/07/14 System and method for heat recovery steam generators
20140216530 08/07/14 Photovoltaic mounting system with grounding bars and method of installing same
20140216704 08/07/14 Method for operating an hvac system
20140216706 08/07/14 Humidity control sensor for a refrigerator
20140216945 08/07/14 Passive water heater anode rod depletion sensor algorithm
20140216050 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with nested fuel manifold system
20140216051 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with an air bypass system
20140216009 08/07/14 Rich burn internal combustion engine catalyst control
20140216011 08/07/14 System and method for catalyst heat utilization for gas turbine with exhaust gas recirculation
20140216038 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with cantilevered support structure
20140216039 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with aerodynamic fuel flanges for nozzle mounting
20140216040 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with a conical liner support
20140216041 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with center hub fuel staging
20140216048 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor
20140216049 08/07/14 Variable volume combustor with pre-nozzle fuel injection system
20140217187 08/07/14 Method for operating a water heater appliance
20140217188 08/07/14 Method for operating a water heater appliance
20140217199 08/07/14 Method and apparatus for reducing acoustic noise in a synthetic jet
20140220376 08/07/14 Brazing process, braze arrangement, and brazed article
20140220378 08/07/14 Thermal barrier coating systems and processes therefor
20140220964 08/07/14 Systems and methods for dynamic frequency selection for interference avoidance
20140221821 08/07/14 Apparatus and method for detecting catheter in three-dimensional ultrasound images
20140222219 08/07/14 Method for opearting an hvac system
20140222317 08/07/14 Multi-fuel system and method
20140222396 08/07/14 Method for predicting hvac energy consumption
20140223352 08/07/14 Systems and methods for image handling and presentation
20140220375 08/07/14 Method for forming a protective coating with enhanced adhesion between layers
20140220253 08/07/14 Micro-channel coating deposition system and method for using the same
20140217300 08/07/14 Dynamic high voltage bias for high pressure ion chambers
20140218005 08/07/14 Anode depletion sensor hardware circuit
20140218006 08/07/14 Water heater anode rod depletion sensing
20140218139 08/07/14 Electrical operator for circuit breaker and method thereof
20140218148 08/07/14 Rupture resistant system
20140219780 08/07/14 Cooling structure for turbomachine
20140219781 08/07/14 Air inlet silencer for turbomachines
20140219795 08/07/14 Method and apparatus for wind turbine noise reduction
20140208769 07/31/14 Integrated inducer heat exchanger for gas turbines
20140208942 07/31/14 Method, apparatus, and system for air filter cleaning
20140209040 07/31/14 Ultrasonic sound emitting devices for wind turbines
20140209268 07/31/14 Calcium hexaluminate-containing mold and facecoat compositions and methods for casting titanium and titanium aluminide alloys
20140209286 07/31/14 Gas turbine engine integrated heat exchanger
20140209462 07/31/14 Desalination system and method
20140209810 07/31/14 Ion chamber enclosure material to increase gamma radiation sensitivity
20140209811 07/31/14 Wide dynamic range bidirectional integrating electrometer with low leakage solid-state reset and range change operating over an extended temperature range
20140209812 07/31/14 High pressure ion chamber enclosure support mount
20140208766 07/31/14 Waste heat recovery fuel gas heater control method and algorithm
20140208765 07/31/14 Systems and methods to extend gas turbine hot gas path parts with supercharged air flow bypass
20140208637 07/31/14 System and method for preparing coal water slurry
20140208649 07/31/14 System and method for the preparation of coal water slurries
20140208676 07/31/14 Crack resistant member and tower
20140208739 07/31/14 Method and system for egr control for ambient conditions
20140208740 07/31/14 Turbocharger, system, and method for draining fluid from a turbocharger
20140208747 07/31/14 Steam turbine utilizing ip extraction flow for inner shell cooling
20140208755 07/31/14 Gas turbine air mass flow measuring system and methods for measuring air mass flow in a gas turbine inlet duct
20140208759 07/31/14 Apparatus and method for reducing oil mist ingestion in a heavy duty gas turbine engine
20140208764 07/31/14 Systems and methods for measuring a flow profile in a turbine engine flow path
20140210217 07/31/14 Gas turbine under frequency response improvement system and method
20140210275 07/31/14 Photovoltaic power generation system including apparatus and method to buffer power fluctuations
20140214225 07/31/14 Pwm based energy management with local distributed transformer constraints
20140214229 07/31/14 Low-frequency pwm appliance response to demand response management signals
20140214230 07/31/14 Systems and methods for maximum power point tracking in a micro inverter
20140214302 07/31/14 Method and system for charge air system valve diagnosis
20140214304 07/31/14 Methods for intentional turbo surging for enhanced system control and protections
20140214352 07/31/14 Methods and systems for conditioning signals from a speed sensor
20140214356 07/31/14 Method and system for use in dynamically configuring data acquisition systems
20140214363 07/31/14 Fault frequency set detection system and method
20140215056 07/31/14 Methods and systems for online monitoring using a variable data sampling rate
20140214210 07/31/14 Advisory controls of desalter system
20140212681 07/31/14 Joining process and joined article

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