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General Electric Co. patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Co., listed under General Electric Co. as Agent/Assignee. General Electric Co. (GE) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Co.. Updates: General Electric Co. RSS RSS

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Application # Date General Electric Co. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140289852 09/25/14 Systems and methods for remote monitoring, security, diagnostics, and prognostics
20140285078 09/25/14 Vertically adjustable shelf support assembly for an appliance
20140284926 09/25/14 System and method for real-time load control of a wind turbine
20140283814 09/25/14 Appliance shelving system
20140283811 09/25/14 Oven appliance with dual opening doors
20140283524 09/25/14 Nozzle system and method for starting and operating gas turbines on lowbtu fuels
20140283522 09/25/14 Multi-injector micromixing system
20140283523 09/25/14 System and method for controlled fuel blending in gas turbines
20140283520 09/25/14 Transition duct with improved cooling in turbomachine
20140286489 09/25/14 Wired communications systems with improved capacity and security
20140286756 09/25/14 Device, system and method for preventing leakage in a turbine
20140288993 09/25/14 Method and system for analysis of infrastructure
20140287260 09/25/14 Treated coated article and process of treating a coated article
20140286813 09/25/14 Method for manufacturing high melting point metal based objects
20140286785 09/25/14 Method of producing a hollow airfoil
20140286776 09/25/14 Blade pitch system for a wind turbine generator and method of operating the same
20140286771 09/25/14 Cooling passages for turbine buckets of a gas turbine engine
20140286766 09/25/14 Compressor casing assembly providing access to compressor blade sealing assembly
20140286762 09/25/14 Turbine airfoil assembly
20140262623 09/18/14 Lubrication ring
20140262967 09/18/14 Separating a powder mixture
20140263045 09/18/14 Gasification waste water treatment using air separation unit oxygen
20140263204 09/18/14 Universal plasma extension gun
20140263577 09/18/14 Joining methods and temperature controlled fluid treating systems for joining
20140263725 09/18/14 Synthetic jet suspension structure
20140263726 09/18/14 Low resonance synthetic jet structure
20140261970 09/18/14 Method of making a laminate component and method of removing voids from a pre-preg ply and a pre-preg component
20140261582 09/18/14 Seal ring noise reduction for appliance pump
20140260849 09/18/14 Tool and method for scarfing a rotor blade segment
20140260781 09/18/14 Torsional mode shifting
20140260659 09/18/14 Multiphase flow measurement using electromagnetic sensors
20140260573 09/18/14 Variable guide vane digital backlash measurement
20140260409 09/18/14 Control system for a dual evaporator refrigeration system
20140260327 09/18/14 Cooled article
20140260319 09/18/14 Combustor support assembly for mounting a combustion module of a gas turbine
20140263728 09/18/14 Low resonance acoustic synthetic jet structure
20140263746 09/18/14 Feed injector tip cap
20140266412 09/18/14 Systems and methods for power limiting for a programmable i/o device
20140266039 09/18/14 Systems and methods for controlling a charging device
20140265979 09/18/14 System and method for fault protection of a motor
20140265972 09/18/14 Load commutated inverter drive systems for high power drive applications
20140265942 09/18/14 Electric vehicle with improved electric drive system
20140265708 09/18/14 Dual magnetic phase rotor laminations for induction machines
20140265682 09/18/14 Systems and methods for isolating a conduit enclosure using an adapter plate for an explosion proof motor
20140265681 09/18/14 Systems and methods for isolating a conduit enclosure for an explosion proof motor
20140265583 09/18/14 Direct current transmission and distribution system and method of operating the same
20140265327 09/18/14 Systems and methods for variable speed operation of combustion engines
20140264799 09/18/14 Power overlay structure and method of making same
20140264800 09/18/14 Power overlay structure and method of making same
20140264775 09/18/14 Method and system for transient voltage suppression
20140264418 09/18/14 Color stable red-emitting phosphors
20140263761 09/18/14 Adjustable gas distribution assembly and related adjustable plasma spray device
20140266552 09/18/14 Integrated inductor assemblies and methods of assembling same
20140260318 09/18/14 Side seal slot for a combustion liner
20140260273 09/18/14 Continuous combustion liner for a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260272 09/18/14 System for providing fuel to a combustor
20140260270 09/18/14 Systems and apparatus relating to downstream fuel and air injection in gas turbines
20140260268 09/18/14 Micromixing cap assembly
20140260269 09/18/14 Systems and apparatus relating to downstream fuel and air injection in gas turbines
20140260267 09/18/14 Combustor end cover with fuel plenums
20140260264 09/18/14 System for controlling a flow rate of a compressed working fluid to a combustor fuel injector
20140260263 09/18/14 Fuel injection insert for a turbine nozzle segment
20140260261 09/18/14 Turbomachine with transition piece having dilution holes and fuel injection system coupled to transition piece
20140260259 09/18/14 Multi-zone combustor
20140260258 09/18/14 System for providing a working fluid to a combustor
20140260213 09/18/14 Aftertreatment system for simultaneous emissions control in stationary rich burn engines
20140260177 09/18/14 Gas turbine load enhancement
20140259924 09/18/14 Methods and systems of producing a particulate free, cooled syngas product
20140259882 09/18/14 Mixture and apparatus for blending non-aqueous slurries
20140260274 09/18/14 Fuel distribution manifold for a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260276 09/18/14 End cover configuration and assembly
20140260315 09/18/14 System having multi-tube fuel nozzle with floating arrangement of mixing tubes
20140260312 09/18/14 Systems and methods for gas turbine tuning and control
20140260309 09/18/14 System and method for fuel blending and control in gas turbines
20140260302 09/18/14 Diffusion combustor fuel nozzle for limiting nox emissions
20140260300 09/18/14 Air diffuser for combustor
20140260299 09/18/14 Fuel-air mixing system for gas turbine system
20140260293 09/18/14 Systems and methods of droop response control of turbines
20140260288 09/18/14 System and method for start-up of a combined cycle power plant
20140260287 09/18/14 Gas turbine firing temperature optimization based on sulfur content of fuel supply
20140260284 09/18/14 System and method for loading a combined cycle power plant
20140260280 09/18/14 Assembly for controlling clearance between a liner and stationary nozzle within a gas turbine
20140260279 09/18/14 Hot gas path duct for a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260278 09/18/14 System for tuning a combustor of a gas turbine
20140260277 09/18/14 Flow sleeve for a combustion module of a gas turbine
20140260275 09/18/14 Flow sleeve assembly for a combustion module of a gas turbine combustor
20140259669 09/18/14 System and method for installing a blade insert between separate portions of a wind turbine rotor blade
20140283047 09/18/14 Intelligent cyberphysical intrusion detection and prevention systems and methods for industrial control systems
20140277612 09/18/14 Automatic generation of a dynamic pre-start checklist
20140276070 09/18/14 Method and device for fetal heart rate monitoring with maternal contribution detection
20140276029 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for data selection for positron emission tomogrpahy (pet) image reconstruction
20140276010 09/18/14 Systems and methods for tracking objects using magnetoresistance
20140275969 09/18/14 Functional brown adipose tissue imaging technique
20140275962 09/18/14 Methods and systems using magnetic resonance and ultrasound for tracking anatomical targets for radiation therapy guidance
20140273796 09/18/14 Synthetic jet driven cooling device with increased volumetric flow
20140273754 09/18/14 Feature guided profile restoration grinder apparatus
20140272467 09/18/14 Calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate resistant coating and process of forming a calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate resistant coating
20140272344 09/18/14 Composite coatings and methods therefor
20140272164 09/18/14 Tube coaters and methods of using same
20140272104 09/18/14 Coating methods and pressurized masking systems for controlling coating microstructures
20140271430 09/18/14 Method for oxidizing carbonaceous material diesel particulate filter and exhaust gas system
20140271277 09/18/14 Synthetic jet with non-metallic blade structure
20140271269 09/18/14 Fan shroud and motor assembly comprised thereof
20140277678 09/18/14 Methods and systems for improving patient engagement via medical avatars
20140277845 09/18/14 System and method for remotely controlling a vehicle consist
20140282215 09/18/14 Semantic zoom in industrial hmi systems
20140281048 09/18/14 Programmable universal io interface
20140280740 09/18/14 Location based equipment documentation access control
20140278310 09/18/14 Probabilistic method and system for testing a material
20140278241 09/18/14 Performance monitoring and analysis for power plants
20140278211 09/18/14 Methods and systems for enhanced tip-tracking and navigation of visual inspection devices
20140278179 09/18/14 Methods and systems for continuous calibration of circuit breaker trip units and metering devices
20140278115 09/18/14 Context based geo-seismic object identification
20140277921 09/18/14 System and method for data entity identification and analysis of maintenance data
20140277889 09/18/14 System and method for vehicle performance control
20140277884 09/18/14 Drive system and method for driving a vehicle
20140277883 09/18/14 System and method of vehicle system control
20140277860 09/18/14 System and method of vehicle system control
20140277853 09/18/14 System and method for determining aircraft operational parameters and enhancing aircraft operation
20140277846 09/18/14 System and method for controlling automatic shut-off of an engine
20140271268 09/18/14 Fan shroud and motor assembly comprised thereof
20140266556 09/18/14 Core tube for a transformer and an associated method thereof
20140270059 09/18/14 High resolution models of a target object
20140269781 09/18/14 Method of time synchronization of free running nodes in an avionics network
20140268926 09/18/14 High voltage direct current (hvdc) converter system and method of operating the same
20140268906 09/18/14 Interleaved llc converters and current sharing method thereof
20140268905 09/18/14 Methods and systems for improving load transient response in llc converters
20140268904 09/18/14 Methods and systems for calibrating a resonant converter
20140268655 09/18/14 Color stable red-emitting phosphors
20140268608 09/18/14 Component holding structures, system, and method
20140268541 09/18/14 System for mobile device cradle and tube gripper of non-destructive testing inspection device
20140268505 09/18/14 Arc chute assembly for an automatic transfer switch system and methods of assembling the same
20140268454 09/18/14 Systems and methods for power interruption
20140268158 09/18/14 System and method to measure 3d flow characteristics of a gas
20140267677 09/18/14 Turbomachine component monitoring system and method
20140267671 09/18/14 Referencing in multi-acquisition slide imaging
20140266558 09/18/14 Integrated magnetic assemblies and methods of assembling same
20140270425 09/18/14 Image quality assessment of microscopy images
20140270650 09/18/14 Optical subassembly and method of manufacturing the same
20140271226 09/18/14 Turbine blade tip with tip shelf diffuser holes
20140271225 09/18/14 Interior cooling circuits in turbine blades
20140271213 09/18/14 Airfoil modifiers for wind turbine rotor blades
20140271208 09/18/14 Systems and method for a composite blade with fillet transition
20140271181 09/18/14 System and method for reducing loads acting on a wind turbine in response to transient wind conditions
20140271168 09/18/14 Radial diffuser exhaust system
20140271155 09/18/14 Modular turbomachine inlet assembly and related inlet transition section
20140271154 09/18/14 Casing for turbine engine having a cooling unit
20140271139 09/18/14 Turbine casing inlet assembly construction
20140270737 09/18/14 Bearing arrangement inner race heater
20140270993 09/18/14 Solids supply system and method for supplying solids
20140271092 09/18/14 Lift efficiency improvement mechanism for turbine casing service wedge

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