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Corning Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to Corning Inc.. These are listed under Corning Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: Corning Inc. (GLW) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Corning Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: Corning Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date Corning Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140106491 04/17/14  new patent  Method of fabricating patterned substrate
20140102031 04/17/14  new patent  Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
20140102030 04/17/14  new patent  Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
20140102142 04/17/14  new patent  Glass tubes and methods of making a substantially rectangular glass cover member
20140103336 04/17/14  new patent  Metal oxide thin film substrate for oled and method of fabricating the same
20140105543 04/17/14  new patent  Fiber optic modules having a fiber tray, optical-to-optical fiber optic connectors, and methods thereof
20140105546 04/17/14  new patent  Ferrule system for fiber optic connectors
20140105552 04/17/14  new patent  Fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, and method for making the same
20140106141 04/17/14  new patent  Laminate articles with moderate adhesion and retained strength
20140106444 04/17/14  new patent  Multilayered cell culture apparatus
20140106222 04/17/14  new patent  Positive active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery including the positive active material
20140106172 04/17/14  new patent  Ion exchangeable glass with high damage resistance
20140106150 04/17/14  new patent  Articles with a low-elastic modulus layer and retained strength
20140106146 04/17/14  new patent  Articles having retained strength
20140097254 04/10/14 Excess radio-frequency (rf) power storage and power sharing rf indentification (rfid) tags, and related connection systems and methods
20140097432 04/10/14 Sheet of semiconducting material, laminate, and system and methods for forming same
20140098058 04/10/14 Pressure-sensing touch system utilizing optical and capacitive systems
20140098065 04/10/14 Touch screen systems and methods for sensing touch screen displacement
20140098306 04/10/14 Touch screen systems with interface layer
20140099058 04/10/14 Fiber trays, fiber optical modules, and methods of processing optical fibers
20140099232 04/10/14 Sheet of semiconducting material, system for forming same, and method of forming same
20140099443 04/10/14 Zinc oxide precursor and method of depositing zinc oxide-based thin film using the same
20140099851 04/10/14 Method of forming a web from fibrous material
20140099877 04/10/14 Roof deck intake vent
20140090329 04/03/14 Laminated starter shingle for a roof covering
20140090538 04/03/14 Method for stripping long segments of buffered optical fiber and a tool for performing the same
20140090864 04/03/14 Surface-modified glass substrate
20140091292 04/03/14 Oleds comprising light extraction substructures and display devices incorporating the same
20140092324 04/03/14 Transparent conductive substrate and touch panel having the same
20140092377 04/03/14 Systems and methods for measuring birefringence in glass and glass-ceramics
20140092380 04/03/14 Method of measuring multi-mode fiber bandwidth through accessing one fiber end
20140093711 04/03/14 Physical vapor deposited layers for protection of glass surfaces
20140083456 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for substrate edge cleaning
20140086543 03/27/14 Binder film for a fiber optic cable
20140087082 03/27/14 Room temperature vulcanisable silicone compositions
20140087194 03/27/14 Glass-ceramic(s); associated formable and/or color-tunable, crystallizable glass(es); and associated process(es)
20140075994 03/20/14 Pull roll apparatus and method for controlling glass sheet tension
20140076432 03/20/14 Gas injector and injector pipe thereof
20140079077 03/20/14 Communication system using low bandwidth wires
20140079087 03/20/14 Lift-off processing for formation of isolation regions in laser diode structures
20140079807 03/20/14 Antimicrobial action of copper in glass
20140069886 03/13/14 Delamination resistant glass containers with heat-tolerant coatings
20140070234 03/13/14 High voltage power semiconductor devices on sic
20140070441 03/13/14 Porous ceramic honeycomb articles and methods for making the same
20140070483 03/13/14 Apparatus for detecting a foreign substance on an interleaving paper to be inserted between glass substrates
20140072071 03/13/14 Distributed antenna system for mimo technologies
20140072261 03/13/14 Docking stations, electronic devices, and fiber optic cable assemblies having a magnetic optical connection
20140064687 03/06/14 Multi-core optical fibers with single mode and multimode core elements
20140064399 03/06/14 Distributed antenna system for mimo technologies
20140063838 03/06/14 Flame retardant light diffusing fiber
20140061623 03/06/14 Antimony-free glass, antimony-free frit and a glass package that is hermetically sealed with the frit
20140060324 03/06/14 Method of preparing gas selective membrane using epoxy-functional siloxanes
20140059961 03/06/14 Prefabricated thermal insulating composite panel, assembly thereof, moulded panel and concrete slab comprising same, method and mould profile for prefabricating same
20140065353 03/06/14 Compositions and methods for plugging honeycomb bodies with reduced plug depth variability
20140065366 03/06/14 Formed glass sheets with low surface roughness
20140066570 03/06/14 Room-temperature-curable silicone rubber composition
20140066286 03/06/14 Niobium doped silica titania glass and method of preparation
20140066285 03/06/14 Colored and opaque glass-ceramic(s), associated colorable and ceramable glass(es), and associated process(es)
20140065928 03/06/14 Edge grinding apparatus and method for grinding glass substrate
20140065709 03/06/14 Multilayered cell culture apparatus
20140065401 03/06/14 Glass articles with high flexural strength and method of making
20140057092 02/27/14 White, opaque, ß-spodumene/rutile glass-ceramic articles and methods for making the same
20140054406 02/27/14 Transformable cable reels and related assemblies and methods
20140048093 02/20/14 Solid coloring compositions
20140048782 02/20/14 Sputtering target and organic light-emitting display device including black matrix deposited thereby
20140048783 02/20/14 Sputtering target and organic light-emitting display device including black matrix deposited thereby
20140049822 02/20/14 Display element having buried scattering anti-glare layer
20140050447 02/20/14 Dust cap assembly for sealing an optical fiber ferrule and related methods
20140050482 02/20/14 Determining propagation delay of communications in distributed antenna systems, and related components, systems, and methods
20140050483 02/20/14 Systems, methods, and devices for increasing radio frequency (rf) power in distributed antenna systems
20140050911 02/20/14 Ultra-thin strengthened glasses
20140041503 02/13/14 Methods and apparatus for initiating scoring
20140042202 02/13/14 Cutting method and cutting stage of toughened glass
20140042476 02/13/14 Metal oxide thin film substrate, method of fabricating the same, photovoltaic cell and oled including the same
20140044400 02/13/14 Fiber management frames having modular tray holder
20140033770 02/06/14 Process and system for precision glass sheet bending
20140033973 02/06/14 Method and apparatus for aligning a support with respect to a honeycomb body
20140034374 02/06/14 Glass interposer panels and methods for making the same
20140034537 02/06/14 Loading container for transporting glass substrate
20140034544 02/06/14 Strengthened borosilicate glass containers with improved damage tolerance
20140036348 02/06/14 Few mode rare earth doped optical fibers for optical amplifiers, and amplifiers using such fibers
20140037251 02/06/14 Dense shuttered fiber optic connectors and assemblies suitable for establishing optical connections for optical backplanes in equipment racks
20140037256 02/06/14 Micromodule cables and breakout cables therefor
20140037294 02/06/14 Cooling system control in distributed antenna systems
20140039089 02/06/14 Compositions containing phosphonate catalysts and methods for the preparation and use of the compositions
20140039106 02/06/14 Two-part silicone rubber composition
20140026502 01/30/14 Assemblies for a structure
20140026622 01/30/14 Methods and apparatus for convective heat treatment of thin glass sheets
20140026621 01/30/14 Process and system for precision glass sheet bending
20140026952 01/30/14 Transparent conductive oxide thin film substrate, method of fabricating the same, and organic light-emitting device and photovoltaic cell having the same
20140029902 01/30/14 Fiber optic cables with access features
20140029905 01/30/14 Optical fiber assemblies
20140029907 01/30/14 Optical backplane extension modules, and related assemblies suitable for establishing optical connections to information processing modules disposed in equipment racks
20140030959 01/30/14 Linear pressure feed grinding with voice coil
20140031487 01/30/14 Epoxidised elastomer compositions modified by silanes
20140023970 01/23/14 Photo-patternable and developable silsesquioxane resins for use in device fabrication
20140016246 01/16/14 Ultracapacitor with improved aging performance
20140016201 01/16/14 Optical coating method, apparatus and product
20140014000 01/16/14 System and method for manufacturing asphalt products with recycled asphalt shingles
20140013683 01/16/14 Concrete slabe structural member and construction method for pouring same
20140017437 01/16/14 Multi-laminate hermetic barriers and related structures and methods of hermetic sealing
20140017441 01/16/14 Method and apparatus for forming a writable erasable area on an object
20140017845 01/16/14 Method of forming a photovoltaic cell module with a cell press
20140018467 01/16/14 Compositions containing sulfonic acid catalysts and methods for the preparation and use of the compositions
20140018485 01/16/14 Condensation reaction curable silicone organic block copolymer composition containing a silyl phosphate catalyst and methods for the preparation and use of the composition
20140018494 01/16/14 Optically clear composition
20140007535 01/09/14 Garage door insulation system
20140007619 01/09/14 Preventing gas from occupying a spray nozzle used in a process of scoring a hot glass sheet
20140010504 01/09/14 Fiber optic cables with extruded access features and methods of making fiber optic cables
20140010505 01/09/14 Crush-resistant fiber optic cable
20140010548 01/09/14 Sectorization in distributed antenna systems, and related components and methods
20140010963 01/09/14 Silicone release coating compositions
20140011662 01/09/14 Single phase yttrium phosphate having the xenotime crystal structure and method for its synthesis
20140011899 01/09/14 Deformable, rigid polystyrene foam board
20140011900 01/09/14 Method for producing silyl-functionalized polyolefins and silyl-functionalized polyolefins with silyl monomer incorporation
20140000113 01/02/14 Modular pulling roll and methods of manufacture and use thereof
20140001076 01/02/14 Delamination resistant glass containers with heat-tolerant coatings
20140001395 01/02/14 Low odor insulation binder from phosphite terminated polyacrylic acid
20140004065 01/02/14 Cosmetic containing liquid organopolysiloxane
20140004357 01/02/14 Polysilanesiloxane copolymers and method of converting to silicon dioxide
20130340481 12/26/13 Active edge roll control in a glass drawing process
20130340817 12/26/13 Thin film silicon solar cell in tandem junction configuration on textured glass
20130341756 12/26/13 Semiconductor on glass substrate with stiffening layer and process of making the same
20130342964 12/26/13 Highly porous activated carbon with controlled oxygen content
20130344263 12/26/13 Glass compositions with improved chemical and mechanical durability
20130344632 12/26/13 Thermal management within an led assembly
20130344641 12/26/13 Mechanical and chemical texturization of a silicon sheet for photovoltaic light trapping
20130345342 12/26/13 Bi-modal emulsions
20130334459 12/19/13 Method of selectively forming a reaction product in the presence of a metal silicide
20130334726 12/19/13 Use of surfactants to improve aged properties of fiberglass insulation products
20130336909 12/19/13 Personal care and health care compositions
20130337205 12/19/13 Nonwoven material and dryer with nonwoven material
20130338239 12/19/13 Bi-modal emulsions
20130338265 12/19/13 Curable epoxy resin composition
20130338289 12/19/13 Organosiloxane compositions
20130327364 12/12/13 Foam control composition
20130328666 12/12/13 Rfid-based systems and methods for collecting telecommunications network information
20130329760 12/12/13 Semiconductor lasers with indium containing cladding layers
20130329825 12/12/13 Method and system for improving uplink performance
20130331006 12/12/13 Method and apparatus for conformable polishing
20130319050 12/05/13 Glass manufacturing apparatus and methods for manufacturing a glass ribbon
20130320336 12/05/13 Oxide semiconductor sputtering target, method of manufacturing thin-film transistors using the same, and thin film transistor manufactured using the same
20130321922 12/05/13 Silica-modified-fluoride broad angle anti-reflection coatings
20130322214 12/05/13 Ultrasound-based localization of client devices in distributed communication systems, and related devices, systems, and methods
20130323466 12/05/13 Oleophobic glass articles and methods for making and using same
20130323468 12/05/13 Method for texturing a glass surface
20130323906 12/05/13 Method of manufacturing thin-film bonded substrate used for semiconductor device
20130312461 11/28/13 Method for cooling optical fiber
20130314368 11/28/13 Waveguide-based touch system employing interference effects
20130314773 11/28/13 Plasma ion assisted deposition of mo/si multilayer euv coatings
20130316087 11/28/13 Method of coating a porous substrate

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