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Corning Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Corning Inc., listed under Corning Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Corning Inc. (GLW) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Corning Inc.. Updates: Corning Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Corning Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140200349 07/17/14 Manganese containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts
20140196767 07/17/14 Photovoltaic module assembly and method of assembling the same
20140199036 07/17/14 Multifiber subunit cable
20140199494 07/17/14 Highly reflective, hardened silica titania article and method of making
20140199506 07/17/14 Refractory vessels and methods for forming same
20140199519 07/17/14 Method and device for the laser-based machining of sheet-like substrates
20140200348 07/17/14 Vanadium containing hydrosilylation catalysts and compositions containing the catalysts
20140190213 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for pressure control of glass-making thickness-control zone
20140193126 07/10/14 Fiber optic distribution cables and structures therefor
20140193353 07/10/14 Novel organopolysiloxane elastomer and use therefor
20140194019 07/10/14 Silicone composition, silicone adhesive, coated and laminated substrates
20140194271 07/10/14 Tuning tzc by the annealing of ultra low expansion glass
20140194532 07/10/14 Organopolysiloxane elastomer modified with mono-/diglycerin derivative, and use therefor
20140182335 07/03/14 Method of cutting chemically toughened glass
20140182338 07/03/14 Method for low energy separation of a glass ribbon
20140182774 07/03/14 Light-weight strengthened, low-emittance vacuum-insulated glass (vig) windows
20140185986 07/03/14 Gradient index (grin) lens holders employing a recessed cover, and optical connectors and methods incorporating the same
20140185991 07/03/14 Translating lens holder assemblies employing bore relief zones, and optical connectors incorporating the same
20140185992 07/03/14 Fiber optic module housing and fiber optic module
20140186557 07/03/14 Light-weight strengthened, low-emittance vacuum-insulated glass (vig) windows
20140186615 07/03/14 Transparent conductive substrate, method of fabricating the same, and touch panel having the same
20140186632 07/03/14 Zircon compatible, ion exchangeable glass with high damage resistance
20140187656 07/03/14 Method of manufacturing polystyrene foam with polymer processing additives
20140187657 07/03/14 Method of manufacturing polystyrene foam with polymer processing additives
20140187733 07/03/14 Organopolysiloxane, and method for producing same
20140174132 06/26/14 Roller pairs for processing glass ribbons and draw apparatuses incorporating the same
20140174133 06/26/14 Methods for forming optical fiber preforms with selective diffusion layers
20140175404 06/26/14 Optical films for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display apparatuses employing the same
20140176827 06/26/14 Display devices having an antiglare layer providing reduced sparkle appearance
20140179510 06/26/14 Glass with improved total pitch stability
20140180581 06/26/14 Systems, methods, and devices for documenting a location of installed equipment
20140165654 06/19/14 Bulk annealing of glass sheets
20140166199 06/19/14 Methods for processing oled devices
20140168153 06/19/14 Touch screen systems and methods based on touch location and touch force
20140169741 06/19/14 Optical port having a cover with a molded-in lens
20140170365 06/19/14 Decorative insulative products for construction
20140170378 06/19/14 Glass articles and methods for controlled bonding of glass sheets with carriers
20140157828 06/12/14 Method and system for making a glass article with uniform mold temperature
20140158201 06/12/14 Photovoltaic module package
20140160370 06/12/14 Transparent conductive substrate and touch panel including the same
20140161395 06/12/14 Preconnectorized cable assemblies for indoor/outdoor applications
20140161439 06/12/14 Superimposing optical transmission modes
20140161980 06/12/14 Methods and formulations for spray coating sol-gel thin films on substrates
20140162036 06/12/14 Thin glass/metal laminate with anti-glare surface
20140162047 06/12/14 Porous carbon-containing compounds as water carriers and cell size controlling agents for polymeric foams
20140162078 06/12/14 Methods for producing surfaces that resist non-specific protein binding and cell attachment
20140163155 06/12/14 Coating composition, method for coating a surface of a material using the same, and surface treated materials having the same
20140151370 06/05/14 Strengthened glass containers resistant to delamination and damage
20140151371 06/05/14 Glass containers with delamination resistance and improved strength
20140151613 06/05/14 Photochromic glasses
20140151721 06/05/14 Phase transition cooling in led lighting devices
20140151329 06/05/14 Foam etchant and methods for etching glass
20140151321 06/05/14 Glass containers with improved strength and improved damage tolerance
20140151320 06/05/14 Glass containers with delamination resistance and improved damage tolerance
20140150647 06/05/14 Curable silicate-siloxane mixed matrix membrane compositions
20140150499 06/05/14 Methods for forming delamination resistant glass containers
20140150365 06/05/14 Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
20140150287 06/05/14 Method of drying material by membrane dehumidified air
20140151729 06/05/14 Led lighting devices with quantum dot glass containment plates
20140151742 06/05/14 Glass sealing with transparent materials having transient absorption properties
20140151913 06/05/14 Cost effective y2o3 synthesis and related functional nanocomposites
20140155246 06/05/14 Very low cte slope doped silica-titania glass
20140154661 06/05/14 Durable glass articles for use as writable erasable marker boards
20140154626 06/05/14 Epoxy-functional radiation-curable composition containing an epoxy-functional siloxane oligomer for enhanced film retention and adhesion during solvent development
20140154439 06/05/14 Methods for glass strengthening
20140154424 06/05/14 Roll-to-roll sputtering method
20140154292 06/05/14 Glass frit antimicrobial coating
20140153919 06/05/14 Optical fiber-based distributed antenna systems, components, and related methods for monitoring and configuring thereof
20140153887 06/05/14 Optical fiber cables
20140153886 06/05/14 Fiber optic cables allowing fiber translation to reduce bend attenuation
20140153885 06/05/14 Fiber optic cable for very-short-distance networks
20140152914 06/05/14 Low-fe glass for ir touch screen applications
20140144476 05/29/14 Tin oxide-based thermoelectric material
20140144181 05/29/14 Precision forming of sheet glass and sheet rolling apparatus
20140144093 05/29/14 Methods and apparatuses for positioning and securing safing insulation
20140144040 05/29/14 Systems and methods for adaptive microwave drying of ceramic articles
20140144770 05/29/14 Method of fabricating zinc oxide thin film
20140147623 05/29/14 Sacrificial cover layers for laser drilling substrates and methods thereof
20140147624 05/29/14 Methods of fabricating glass articles by laser damage and etching
20140147664 05/29/14 Fused silica based cellular structures
20140147665 05/29/14 Primer composition and laminate
20140148051 05/29/14 Electrical connector with grounding member
20140138882 05/22/14 Method of firing cordierite bodies
20140138577 05/22/14 Method of forming polysilanes and polycarbosilanes in the presence of a metal silicide
20140138421 05/22/14 Separation apparatuses and methods for separating glass sheets from glass ribbons
20140137736 05/22/14 Membrane derived from polyether- and siliceous filler-containing silicone composition
20140137601 05/22/14 Methods and apparatuses for fabricating continuous glass ribbons
20140139493 05/22/14 Methods and apparatus for sensing touch events on a display
20140139910 05/22/14 Monolithic, linear glass polarizer and attenuator
20140140090 05/22/14 Manipulation of color illumination using light diffusing fiber
20140142215 05/22/14 Gypsum materials
20140141958 05/22/14 Substrate for oled, method of fabricating the same and organic light-emitting device having the same
20140141226 05/22/14 Ion exchangeable glasses having high hardness and high modulus
20140141217 05/22/14 Laminated and ion-exchanged strengthened glass laminates
20140140662 05/22/14 Fiber optic cable assemblies having a connector with a stable fiber length therein
20140130549 05/15/14 Sheet width control for overflow downdraw sheet glass forming apparatus
20140131669 05/15/14 Substrate for organic light-emitting device with enhanced light extraction efficiency, method of manufacturing the same and organic light-emitting device having the same
20140131926 05/15/14 Methods for improved atmosphere control through secondary gas pressure wave firing
20140132459 05/15/14 Electronic device with aerial glass cover
20140132811 05/15/14 Hyperspectral imaging systems and methods for imaging a remote object
20140132819 05/15/14 Hyperspectral imaging systems and methods for imaging a remote object
20140134397 05/15/14 Durable glass ceramic cover glass for electronic devices
20140134438 05/15/14 Stabilized lithium composite particles
20140135038 05/15/14 Extending outdoor location based services and applications into enclosed areas
20140135446 05/15/14 Methods for preparing polyheterosiloxanes
20140135517 05/15/14 Hydrosilylation reaction curable compositions and methods for their preparation and use
20140123709 05/08/14 Glass sheet separating device
20140123708 05/08/14 Glass sheet separating device
20140124970 05/08/14 Laser scanning systems and methods for measuring extruded ceramic logs
20140126075 05/08/14 Films for display covers and display devices comprising the same
20140126183 05/08/14 Immersive display with minimized image artifacts
20140126914 05/08/14 Optical fiber-based distributed radio frequency (rf) antenna systems supporting multiple-input, multiple-output (mimo) configurations, and related components and methods
20140127140 05/08/14 Cosmetic composition comprising hydrophilic organosilanes
20140118464 05/01/14 Radio-over-fiber (rof) system for protocol-independent wired and/or wireless communication
20140118226 05/01/14 Autostereoscopic display device and method of displaying image
20140117594 05/01/14 Ceramic precursor batch compositions for increased tonset using organic additive heteroatom polyols
20140117572 05/01/14 Extrudate transport apparatus having a free floating roller assembly
20140117380 05/01/14 Flat sic semiconductor substrate
20140117254 05/01/14 Apparatus for substance detection
20140116250 05/01/14 Sorbent article for co2 capture
20140116091 05/01/14 High-speed micro-hole fabrication in glass
20140116090 05/01/14 Apparatus for chemically toughening glass and method of chemically toughening glass using the same
20140118738 05/01/14 Hyperspectral imaging system, monolithic spectrometer and methods for manufacturing the monolithic spectrometer
20140118740 05/01/14 Systems and methods for measuring a profile characteristic of a glass sample
20140121320 05/01/14 Ionomeric silicone thermoplastic elastomers
20140120616 05/01/14 Recombinant human fibronectin fragment for cell culture
20140120608 05/01/14 Multi-layered cell culture vessel with manifold grips
20140120607 05/01/14 Multi-layered cell culture vessel
20140120279 05/01/14 Glass packaging ensuring container integrity
20140119735 05/01/14 Deployable wireless infrastructures and methods of deploying wireless infrastructures
20140119701 05/01/14 Multimode optical fiber and systems comprising such fiber
20140119050 05/01/14 Light-diffusing plate, method of fabricating the same and led illumination device including the same
20140118819 05/01/14 Optical device, imaging system which incorporates the optical device and method implemented by the imaging system for imaging a specimen
20140111859 04/24/14 Scratch resistant polarizing articles and methods for making and using same
20140112623 04/24/14 Optical connection having magnetic coupling with a piston
20140112626 04/24/14 Receiver optical assemblies (roas) having photo-detector remotely located from transimpedance amplifier, and related components, circuits, and methods
20140112627 04/24/14 Lens block for optical connection
20140112667 04/24/14 Systems, components, and methods for providing location services for mobile/wireless client devices in distributed antenna systems using additional signal propagation delay
20140113068 04/24/14 Method of fabricating light extraction substrate for organic light-emitting diode
20140113083 04/24/14 Process for making of glass articles with optical and easy-to-clean coatings
20140113125 04/24/14 Thin rotary-fiberized glass insulation and process for producing same
20140113134 04/24/14 Low expansion glass filler, method of manufacturing the same and glass frit including the same
20140113798 04/24/14 Fining agents for silicate glasses
20140105546 04/17/14 Ferrule system for fiber optic connectors
20140105543 04/17/14 Fiber optic modules having a fiber tray, optical-to-optical fiber optic connectors, and methods thereof
20140103336 04/17/14 Metal oxide thin film substrate for oled and method of fabricating the same
20140102142 04/17/14 Glass tubes and methods of making a substantially rectangular glass cover member
20140102030 04/17/14 Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
20140102031 04/17/14 Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
20140105552 04/17/14 Fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, and method for making the same
20140106141 04/17/14 Laminate articles with moderate adhesion and retained strength

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