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Google Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to Google Inc.. These are listed under Google Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc. (GOOG) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: Google Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date Google Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140101768 04/10/14  new patent  Limiting the functionality of a software program based on a security model
20140101136 04/10/14  new patent  Transcoding and serving resources
20140101123 04/10/14  new patent  Custom event and attraction suggestions
20140100954 04/10/14  new patent  Geographic and keyword context in embedded applications
20140099122 04/10/14  new patent  Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon
20140098854 04/10/14  new patent  Lossless intra-prediction video coding
20140098855 04/10/14  new patent  Lossless intra-prediction video coding
20140098102 04/10/14  new patent  One-dimensional to two-dimensional list navigation
20140098046 04/10/14  new patent  Sensor pattern for a tactile input device
20140101163 04/10/14  new patent  Keyword generation
20140101166 04/10/14  new patent  Methods and systems for processing media files
20140101608 04/10/14  new patent  User interfaces for head-mountable devices
20140101551 04/10/14  new patent  Stitching videos into an aggregate video
20140101540 04/10/14  new patent  Document enhancement system and method
20140101472 04/10/14  new patent  Adaptive screen timeouts based on user preferences, interaction patterns and active applications
20140101295 04/10/14  new patent  Container interrupt services
20140101246 04/10/14  new patent  Location based social networking system and method
20140101193 04/10/14  new patent  Generating snippets for prominent users for information retrieval queries
20140101170 04/10/14  new patent  Methods and systems for prefetching music for devices
20140095163 04/03/14 Handsfree device with countinuous keyword recognition
20140094225 04/03/14 Mobile device display management
20140092990 04/03/14 System and method for optimizing videos
20140092461 04/03/14 Photo-chromic coating for optics
20140091968 04/03/14 System and method for adaptive beamforming for specific absorption rate control
20140091923 04/03/14 Device event notification registration through direct interaction with mobile device
20140095257 04/03/14 Analyzing user actions in a social graph
20140095286 04/03/14 Private third party validation of hardware identification for offer enrollment
20140095495 04/03/14 Systems and methods for promoting personalized search results based on personal information
20140096138 04/03/14 System and method for large-scale data processing using an application-independent framework
20140095901 04/03/14 System and method for managing a power mode of a designated electronic device
20140095747 04/03/14 Small removable audio player that attaches to a host media player
20140095614 04/03/14 Identity crowd-sourced curation
20140095528 04/03/14 Contextual query revision
20140095511 04/03/14 Multiple index based information retrieval system
20140088372 03/27/14 Information processing method
20140088381 03/27/14 Facilitation of tear sample collection and testing using a contact lens
20140088855 03/27/14 Determining changes in a driving environment based on vehicle behavior
20140088861 03/27/14 Historical tours
20140088881 03/27/14 Information processing method
20140089052 03/27/14 Entity display priority in a distributed geographic information system
20140089067 03/27/14 User rewards from advertisers for content provided by users of a social networking service
20140086493 03/27/14 Providing privacy in a social network system
20140086481 03/27/14 Systems and methods for visual object matching
20140085602 03/27/14 Wearable device
20140085600 03/27/14 Facilitation of temperature compensation for contact lens sensors and temperature sensing
20140085599 03/27/14 Assembling thin silicon chips on a contact lens
20140085541 03/27/14 Automated channel detection with one-way control of a channel source
20140085407 03/27/14 Portable imaging system with a mobile device as input and output mechanism
20140085339 03/27/14 Displaying applications on a fixed orientation display
20140085254 03/27/14 Pressure-sensitive trackpad
20140085215 03/27/14 Progress display of handwriting input
20140089072 03/27/14 Posting purchase information
20140089124 03/27/14 Dynamic product content generation
20140090038 03/27/14 Prioritizing a content item for a user
20140089914 03/27/14 Cross system installation of web applications
20140089907 03/27/14 Method for providing an application as a library in a virtual machine
20140089815 03/27/14 Sharing content-synchronized ratings
20140089774 03/27/14 Row heights in electronic documents
20140089605 03/27/14 Data storage device
20140089440 03/27/14 Systems and methods for applying user actions to conversation messages
20140089435 03/27/14 Active e-mails
20140089433 03/27/14 Primary and secondary recipient indicators for conversations
20140089401 03/27/14 System and method for camera photo analytics
20140089196 03/27/14 Securing personal identification numbers for mobile payment applications by combining with random components
20140089280 03/27/14 Indexing quoted text in messages in conversations to support advanced conversation-based searching
20140089285 03/27/14 Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters
20140089298 03/27/14 Systems and methods for determining user preferences
20140089305 03/27/14 Classifying search results to determine page elements
20140089336 03/27/14 System and method of displaying search results based on density
20140089382 03/27/14 Techniques for context-based grouping of messages for translation
20140081637 03/20/14 Turn-taking patterns for conversation identification
20140081573 03/20/14 Detecting road weather conditions
20140081507 03/20/14 Detecting road weather conditions
20140080110 03/20/14 Automatically generating quiz questions based on displayed media content
20140079372 03/20/14 Method for synchronizing multiple audio signals
20140079123 03/20/14 Independent temporally concurrent video stream coding
20140078938 03/20/14 Handling concurrent speech
20140078333 03/20/14 Imaging device with a plurality of pixel arrays
20140078150 03/20/14 Generating an indoor map model
20140081734 03/20/14 Retail point-of-transaction systems, program products, and related methods to provide a customized set of identification data to facilitate a retail transaction using electronic coupons
20140081771 03/20/14 Publisher inventory extension
20140081805 03/20/14 Software product review system and method
20140082744 03/20/14 Automatic sharing of user interactions
20140082661 03/20/14 Low latency video storyboard delivery with selectable resolution levels
20140082651 03/20/14 Systems and methods for live media content matching
20140082646 03/20/14 Using ocr to detect currently playing television programs
20140082545 03/20/14 Posture-adaptive selection
20140082187 03/20/14 Using ebook reading data to generate time-based information
20140082062 03/20/14 Providing information about relevant elements from maps history based on location
20140081973 03/20/14 Spike classification
20140081933 03/20/14 Preserving file metadata during atomic save operations
20140073255 03/13/14 System and method for interacting with content of an electronic device
20140074269 03/13/14 Method for recommending musical entities to a user
20140074466 03/13/14 Answering questions using environmental context
20140074470 03/13/14 Phonetic pronunciation
20140074474 03/13/14 Identifying media content
20140074588 03/13/14 Determining content item engagement
20140072285 03/13/14 Media summarization
20140072239 03/13/14 Image compression using sub-resolution images
20140072216 03/13/14 Image de-hazing by solving transmission value
20140071603 03/13/14 Moveable display portion of a computing device including a clutch mechanism
20140071299 03/13/14 Methods and systems for removal of rolling shutter effects
20140071293 03/13/14 Method and device for authintication of live human faces using infra red images
20140071166 03/13/14 Switching between a first operational mode and a second operational mode using a natural motion gesture
20140071063 03/13/14 Interacting with radial menus for touchscreens
20140071055 03/13/14 Multi-directional calibration of touch screens
20140074612 03/13/14 System and method for targeting information items based on popularities of the information items
20140074648 03/13/14 Portion recommendation for electronic books
20140075528 03/13/14 Login to a computing device based on facial recognition
20140075420 03/13/14 Generating hardware profiles by a software development environment
20140075388 03/13/14 Providing radial menus with touchscreens
20140075373 03/13/14 Systems and methods for handling stackable workspaces
20140075299 03/13/14 Systems and methods for generating extraction models
20140075075 03/13/14 Context-dependent home automation controller and docking station
20140074988 03/13/14 Dynamic bit rate encoding
20140074877 03/13/14 Grouped search query refinements
20140074854 03/13/14 Scalable rendering of large spatial databases
20140074662 03/13/14 On-line payment transactions
20140074709 03/13/14 Efficient transfer of funds between accounts
20140074759 03/13/14 Identifying a thumbnail image to represent a video
20140074778 03/13/14 System and method for synchronization of actions in the background of an application
20140074809 03/13/14 Information retrieval system for archiving multiple document versions
20140074820 03/13/14 Defining relevant content area based on category density
20140067686 03/06/14 Pre-downloading digital content to client devices
20140067533 03/06/14 Distributing content based on transaction information
20140067364 03/06/14 Feed translation for a social network
20140067187 03/06/14 Construction zone detection using a plurality of information sources
20140064572 03/06/14 Using photographs to manage groups
20140064551 03/06/14 Correcting anomalies in terrain data
20140064536 03/06/14 Thin film bone-conduction transducer for a wearable computing system
20140063339 03/06/14 In browser muxing and demuxing for video playback
20140063232 03/06/14 Construction zone sign detection
20140063042 03/06/14 Display error indications
20140062998 03/06/14 User interface for orienting a camera view toward surfaces in a 3d map and devices incorporating the user interface
20140067754 03/06/14 Personalized network searching
20140067757 03/06/14 Method and system for clustering data points
20140067825 03/06/14 Aiding discovery of program content by providing deeplinks into most interesting moments via social media
20140068494 03/06/14 Information navigation on electronic devices
20140068492 03/06/14 Displaying a graphic keyboard
20140068475 03/06/14 Dynamic user interface for navigating among gui elements
20140068456 03/06/14 Customized login interface
20140068440 03/06/14 Pop out music control pane in browser
20140068436 03/06/14 Dynamic adjustment of video quality
20140068428 03/06/14 Synchronizing multiple reading positions in electronic books
20140068011 03/06/14 Predicting content performance with interest data
20140067977 03/06/14 Systems and methods for uploading media content in an instant messaging conversation
20140067959 03/06/14 Method and system for determining and sharing a user's web presence
20140067932 03/06/14 Cross-linking from composite images to the full-size version
20140058672 02/27/14 Calculating a travel route based on a user's navigational preferences and travel history
20140057659 02/27/14 Inferring user interests
20140056538 02/27/14 Distortion of digital images using spatial offsets from image reference points

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with Google Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Google Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by



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