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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc., listed under Google Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Google Inc. (GOOG) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc.. Updates: Google Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date Google Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150096352 04/09/15 Smart-home system facilitating insight into detected carbon monoxide levels
20150097853 04/09/15 Dynamic backlight control for spatially independent display regions
20150097850 04/09/15 Overlap aware reordering of rendering operations for efficiency
20150097837 04/09/15 Variable resolution seamless tileable display
20150097689 04/09/15 Hazard detection unit facilitating convenient setup of plural instances thereof in the smart home
20150097687 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detector with adaptive heads up pre-alarm criteria
20150097688 04/09/15 Mobile user interface for event notifications arising from smart-home hazard detection devices
20150097686 04/09/15 Smart home hazard detector with integrated conditional lighting
20150097685 04/09/15 Status indication triggering and user interfacing in a smart-home hazard detector
20150097684 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detector providing location-specific pre-alarm configuration
20150097683 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detection system providing context-based user notifications
20150097682 04/09/15 Mobile user interface for smart-home hazard detector configuration
20150097681 04/09/15 Visual and auditory user notification methods for smart-home hazard detector
20150097680 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detector providing non-alarm status signals at opportune moments
20150097678 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detector providing useful follow up communications to detection events
20150097666 04/09/15 Hazard detection unit providing intuitive illumination-based status signaling
20150097665 04/09/15 Smart-home hazard detector providing sensor-based device positioning guidance
20150097663 04/09/15 Smart-home multi-functional hazard detector providing location-specific feature configuration
20150097958 04/09/15 Smart-home security system with keypad device resistant to anomalous treatment
20150098620 04/09/15 Position estimation
20150100561 04/09/15 Transition from first search results environment to second search results environment
20150100569 04/09/15 Providing a search results document that includes a user interface for performing an action in connection with a web page identified in the search results document
20150100568 04/09/15 Automatic definition of entity collections
20150100592 04/09/15 Persistent shuffle system
20150100605 04/09/15 Determining collection membership in a data graph
20150100618 04/09/15 Hazard detection unit facilitating user-friendly setup experience
20150100878 04/09/15 Method and system for rendering a web page
20150101059 04/09/15 Application license verification
20150100465 04/09/15 High volume consumer e-commerce
20150100435 04/09/15 Methods and systems for managing bids for online content based on merchant inventory levels
20150099586 04/09/15 Automatic sharing of engaging gameplay moments from mobile
20150099587 04/09/15 Native gameplay experience across platforms
20150100166 04/09/15 Automated crowdsourced power outage identification and staggering of hvac system restarts
20150100167 04/09/15 Smart-home control system providing hvac system dependent responses to hazard detection events
20150100308 04/09/15 Automated formation of specialized dictionaries
20150100413 04/09/15 Generating and using entity selection criteria
20150100423 04/09/15 Delivering and pricing sponsored content items
20150100429 04/09/15 Methods and apparatus for generating a message for a wireless device
20150094023 04/02/15 Retroactively securing a mobile device from a remote source
20150094022 04/02/15 Methods and systems for carrier activation using information from an existing profile
20150092520 04/02/15 Adaptive trigger point for smartwatch gesture-to-wake
20150092334 04/02/15 Computer display including a bezel
20150092109 04/02/15 Video stitching system and method
20150092066 04/02/15 Using a second camera to adjust settings of first camera
20150091765 04/02/15 Electrical-mechanical interface with antenna elevated above skin surface
20150091501 04/02/15 Self balanced stand inductive charger
20150091500 04/02/15 Stand inductive charger
20150091374 04/02/15 Contactless electrical coupling for a rotatable lidar device
20150095018 04/02/15 Methods and systems for automated generation of nativized multi-lingual lexicons
20150095027 04/02/15 Key phrase detection
20150095775 04/02/15 Customizing mobile media end cap user interfaces based on mobile device orientation
20150095768 04/02/15 Automatically determining a size for a content item for a web page
20150095641 04/02/15 Revocable platform identifiers
20150095521 04/02/15 Methods and systems for determining memory usage ratings for a process configured to run on a device
20150095475 04/02/15 Online content extensions used for scheduling communications with the content provider
20150095453 04/02/15 System and method for increased call quality and success rate
20150095351 04/02/15 Dynamic shuffle reconfiguration
20150095321 04/02/15 Systems and methods for determining application installation likelihood based on probabilistic combination of subordinate methods
20150095322 04/02/15 User experience and user flows for third-party application recommendation in cloud storage systems
20150095088 04/02/15 Appointment schedulers within sponsored content items
20150088412 03/26/15 Systems and methods for providing navigation data to a vehicle
20150088420 03/26/15 Systems and methods for providing input suggestions via the head unit of a vehicle
20150088421 03/26/15 Controlling navigation software on a portable device from the head unit of a vehicle
20150088487 03/26/15 Techniques for transliterating input text from a first character set to a second character set
20150088523 03/26/15 Systems and methods for designing voice applications
20150088411 03/26/15 Providing digital images to an external device during navigation
20150085823 03/26/15 Seamless application connectivity
20150085135 03/26/15 Wide angle lens assembly
20150084868 03/26/15 Pressure-sensitive trackpad
20150084864 03/26/15 Input method
20150083813 03/26/15 Soliciting user input for thermostat control
20150083561 03/26/15 Metal keycaps with backlighting
20150083376 03/26/15 Cold-formed sachet modified atmosphere packaging
20150088623 03/26/15 Method and apparatus for identifying high performing ad placement pages
20150088648 03/26/15 Determining commercial intent
20150089523 03/26/15 Method and system for collecting and managing tv viewership data
20150089520 03/26/15 Unsupervised content replay in live video
20150089384 03/26/15 Dynamically picking content from social shares to display in a user interface
20150089262 03/26/15 Heuristics based on backoff for power modes
20150088997 03/26/15 Method and system for tracking estimated cost of events
20150088988 03/26/15 Social queue on television
20150088940 03/26/15 Programmatically choosing preferred storage parameters for files in large-scale distributed storage systems
20150088941 03/26/15 Programmatically choosing preferred storage parameters for files in large-scale distributed storage systems based on desired file reliability or availability
20150088792 03/26/15 Learning geofence models directly
20150088801 03/26/15 Predicting interest levels associated with publication and content item combinations
20150088859 03/26/15 Click magnet images
20150088891 03/26/15 System and method for identifying availability of media items
20150088923 03/26/15 Using sensor inputs from a computing device to determine search query
20150079932 03/19/15 Device location history anonymization based on stop detection
20150078729 03/19/15 Synchronizing videos with frame-based metadata using video content
20150078662 03/19/15 Method for noise-robust color changes in digital images
20150077512 03/19/15 Substantially real-time feedback in mobile imaging operations
20150077312 03/19/15 Near-to-eye display having adaptive optics
20150076909 03/19/15 Device with dual power sources
20150076289 03/19/15 Methods and systems for transitioning an aerial vehicle between crosswind flight and hover flight
20150076284 03/19/15 Methods and systems for transitioning an aerial vehicle between hover flight and crosswind flight
20150080011 03/19/15 Systems and techniques for colocation and context determination
20150081109 03/19/15 Computational load distribution in an environment having multiple sensing microsystems
20150081397 03/19/15 Determining the performance of a content network
20150082443 03/19/15 System to automate compliance with licenses of software third-party content
20150082407 03/19/15 Confirming the identity of integrator applications
20150081978 03/19/15 Dynamic sizing of memory caches
20150081800 03/19/15 Managing membership in social groupings of contacts for a participant of an e-mail conversation thread
20150081787 03/19/15 System and method for tagging images in a social network
20150081703 03/19/15 Providing labels for photos
20150081426 03/19/15 Determining and communicating excess advertiser demand information to users, such as publishers participating in, or expected to participate in, an advertising network
20150081420 03/19/15 Methods and systems for identifying relationships between online content items
20150073871 03/12/15 Providing trend data for product content
20150073804 03/12/15 Deep networks for unit selection speech synthesis
20150073788 03/12/15 Mixture of n-gram language models
20150073711 03/12/15 Landmark identification from point cloud generated from geographic imagery data
20150070373 03/12/15 Clarification of zoomed text embedded in images
20150070192 03/12/15 Wireless sensor unit communication triggering and management
20150074003 03/12/15 Synchronizing passenger check-in with the local caching of cloud-based media on a vehicle
20150074059 03/12/15 Undoing an action in a media player
20150074289 03/12/15 Detecting error pages by analyzing server redirects
20150074658 03/12/15 Updating control software on a network-connected hvac controller
20150074611 03/12/15 Three-dimensional tilt and pan navigation using a single gesture
20150074592 03/12/15 Scroll end effects for websites and content
20150074574 03/12/15 Techniques for user customization in a photo management system
20150074561 03/12/15 Customizable themes for browsers and web content
20150074508 03/12/15 Techniques for synchronization of a print menu and document annotation renderings between a computing device and a mobile device logged in to the same account
20150065161 03/05/15 Sending geofence-related heuristics to multiple separate hardware components of mobile devices
20150065820 03/05/15 Sacrificial layers for bio-compatible devices
20150065821 03/05/15 Nanoparticle phoresis
20150066220 03/05/15 Thermostat user interface
20150066221 03/05/15 Automated energy-conscious adjustments that are responsive to user-feedback
20150066433 03/05/15 Measuring user interface performance consistency
20150066583 03/05/15 Content discovery with friend and analytic data
20150066593 03/05/15 Determining a precision factor for a content selection parameter value
20150065030 03/05/15 Sensor chamber airflow management systems and methods
20150064241 03/05/15 Delivery of functionalized particles
20150063352 03/05/15 Wireless networking with flexibly-ordered relayers
20150061868 03/05/15 Measuring environmental conditions over a defined time period within a wireless sensor system
20150061877 03/05/15 Environmental sensing systems having independent notifications across multiple thresholds
20150061878 03/05/15 Sensor device measurements adaptive to hvac activity
20150061892 03/05/15 Measuring quantitative environmental data within a wireless sensor system
20150061937 03/05/15 Balloon-based positioning system and method
20150062151 03/05/15 System and method for adjusting pixel saturation
20150062287 03/05/15 Integrating video with panorama
20150063159 03/05/15 Re-tasking balloons in a balloon network based on expected failure modes of balloons
20150066628 03/05/15 Creating and evaluating changes to advertising campaigns of an advertiser
20150066630 03/05/15 Content selection with precision controls
20150066940 03/05/15 Providing relevant online content
20150066967 03/05/15 Determining search query hints using content keywords
20150066973 03/05/15 Modifying search results based on dismissal action associated with one or more of the search results
20150067086 03/05/15 Isolating clients of distributed storage systems
20150067118 03/05/15 Anonymous cross-device linking using temporal identifiers
20150067514 03/05/15 Modifying a segment of a media item on a mobile device
20150067541 03/05/15 Virtual socializing
20150067656 03/05/15 Methods and systems for testing interactions between mobile applications

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