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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc., listed under Google Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Google Inc. (GOOG) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc.. Updates: Google Inc. RSS RSS


Customized content consumption interface


Screenshot orientation detection


Method for one-click subscribing to multiple channels of information on a single topic

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Application # Date Google Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140245400 08/28/14  new patent  Progressive download or streaming of digital media securely through a localized container and communication protocol proxy
20140244560 08/28/14  new patent  Engagement and experience based ranking
20140244402 08/28/14  new patent  System for selectively displaying content
20140244393 08/28/14  new patent  Fall-back to saved location where user location is unknown
20140244247 08/28/14  new patent  Keyboard typing detection and suppression
20140244152 08/28/14  new patent  System and method for storing and providing routes
20140241635 08/28/14  new patent  Screenshot orientation detection
20140241348 08/28/14  new patent  Translating network forwarding plane models into target implementation using sub models and hints
20140241347 08/28/14  new patent  Static translation of network forwarding plane models into target implementation in the hardware abstraction layer
20140241346 08/28/14  new patent  Translating network forwarding plane models into target implementation using network primitives
20140240492 08/28/14  new patent  Depth sensor using modulated light projector and image sensor with color and ir sensing
20140240318 08/28/14  new patent  Staged camera traversal for three dimensional environment
20140244593 08/28/14  new patent  Method, system, and program for archiving files
20140244617 08/28/14  new patent  Suggesting media content based on an image capture
20140245337 08/28/14  new patent  Proxy analytics
20140245253 08/28/14  new patent  Third party application scriptability
20140245196 08/28/14  new patent  User interface generation and preview
20140245183 08/28/14  new patent  Method for one-click subscribing to multiple channels of information on a single topic
20140245125 08/28/14  new patent  Creation of a content display area on a web page
20140244854 08/28/14  new patent  Content streaming between devices
20140244714 08/28/14  new patent  Suppression of extraneous alerts on multiple devices
20140244700 08/28/14  new patent  Composing objects in hosted storage
20140244683 08/28/14  new patent  Providing results to parameterless search queries
20140244660 08/28/14  new patent  Ranking media content sources
20140244659 08/28/14  new patent  Customized content consumption interface
20140233674 08/21/14 General phase perturbation method
20140233806 08/21/14 Determining a viewing distance for a computing device
20140236414 08/21/14 Method to detect nearby aggressive drivers and adjust driving modes
20140236598 08/21/14 Methods and systems for sharing of adapted voice profiles
20140233486 08/21/14 Method and apparatus for random access channel probe initialization using transmit diversity
20140233108 08/21/14 Device mountable lens component
20140232889 08/21/14 Automatically capturing information such as capturing information using a document-aware device
20140232717 08/21/14 Merging three-dimensional models of varying resolution
20140232651 08/21/14 Cascading optics in optical combiners of head mounted displays
20140232564 08/21/14 Assessing traffic status with sensors
20140236711 08/21/14 Economic filtering system for delivery of permission based, targeted, incentivized advertising
20140236737 08/21/14 Wearable computers as media exposure meters
20140237540 08/21/14 Establishing an interactive environment for rendered documents
20140237421 08/21/14 Intelligent window placement with multiple windows using high dpi screens
20140237396 08/21/14 Toolbar document content sharing
20140237391 08/21/14 Techniques for generating and displaying a visual flow of user content through a social network
20140237357 08/21/14 Two-dimensional document navigation
20140237342 08/21/14 System and method for information gathering utilizing form identifiers
20140237098 08/21/14 Organizing social activity information on a site
20140236978 08/21/14 Publishing techniques for adding value to a rendered document
20140236888 08/21/14 Asynchronous distributed de-duplication for replicated content addressable storage clusters
20140236758 08/21/14 Methods and systems for initiating application processes by data capture from rendered documents
20140229252 08/14/14 Allocation of content inventory units
20140229185 08/14/14 Predicting and learning carrier phrases for speech input
20140229184 08/14/14 Waking other devices for additional data
20140229103 08/14/14 Mobile device position and orientation from multiple unsurveyed magnetic sources
20140228054 08/14/14 Presenting maps on a client device
20140227998 08/14/14 High fidelity voicemail system
20140226907 08/14/14 Automated detection of distracting images
20140226829 08/14/14 Audio clipping detection
20140229292 08/14/14 Following content providers in a social context
20140229296 08/14/14 System and method for extracting style information from web pages and generating advertisements
20140229295 08/14/14 Dynamic pricing for content presentations
20140230019 08/14/14 Authentication to a first device using a second device
20140229880 08/14/14 Systems and methods for prioritizing notifications on mobile devices
20140229855 08/14/14 System and method for unsubscribing from tracked conversations
20140229811 08/14/14 Bookmark-based access to content feeds
20140229477 08/14/14 Apparatus and method for displaying search results using tabs
20140229469 08/14/14 Automatic dialing of search results
20140229465 08/14/14 Programming a dynamic digital media queue
20140229314 08/14/14 Systems and methods for skinning an application with interactive content
20140222587 08/07/14 Bid adjustment suggestions based on device type
20140222776 08/07/14 Document reuse in a search engine crawler
20140222798 08/07/14 Search with my location history
20140222857 08/07/14 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for searching for events from a computer-implemented calendar
20140222864 08/07/14 Systems and methods to determine relevant mobile computing device activities
20140222571 08/07/14 Directing communications to semantic bundles of locations
20140222550 08/07/14 Advertising with video ad creatives
20140219655 08/07/14 Transport of multiple asynchronous data streams using higher order modulation
20140219066 08/07/14 Gesture-based time input
20140218540 08/07/14 Noise models for image processing
20140218299 08/07/14 Gesture keyboard input of non-dictionary character strings
20140218269 08/07/14 Modular frame construction for head mountable display
20140222866 08/07/14 Accessing objects in hosted storage
20140222897 08/07/14 Account administration for hosted services
20140223516 08/07/14 Authorization flow initiation using short-term wireless communication
20140223458 08/07/14 Channel tune dwell times
20140223450 08/07/14 Contextual history of computing objects
20140223415 08/07/14 Method for modeling source code having code segments that lack source location
20140223361 08/07/14 Mechanism to reduce accidental clicks on online content
20140223353 08/07/14 Organizing graphical representations on computing devices
20140223289 08/07/14 Propagating user feedback on shared posts
20140223271 08/07/14 Systems and methods of creating an animated content item
20140223163 08/07/14 Secure recovery apparatus and method
20140222969 08/07/14 Recursive subscriptions to content feeds
20140222941 08/07/14 Ad-hoc device sharing over a network
20140222924 08/07/14 System and method for editing a conversation in a hosted conversation system
20140213349 07/31/14 Smart gamepad
20140213867 07/31/14 Standby biasing of electrochemical sensor to reduce sensor stabilization time during measurement
20140214255 07/31/14 Modifying behavior of autonomous vehicles based on sensor blind spots and limitations
20140214535 07/31/14 Content sequencing
20140214540 07/31/14 Retargeting in a search environment
20140214551 07/31/14 Generating and/or serving local area advertisements, such as advertisements for devices with call functionality
20140213296 07/31/14 Wristwatch notification for late trains
20140213226 07/31/14 Surround sound effects provided by cell phones
20140212106 07/31/14 Music soundtrack recommendation engine for videos
20140212029 07/31/14 Markup language for interactive geographic information system
20140211290 07/31/14 Photo-chromic coating for optics
20140211146 07/31/14 See-through near-to-eye display with eye prescription
20140210817 07/31/14 Three-dimensional annotations for street view data
20140209481 07/31/14 Standby biasing of electrochemical sensor to reduce sensor stabilization time during measurement
20140214555 07/31/14 Externalities in an auction
20140214624 07/31/14 Method and interface for comparing costs of vacation components
20140215574 07/31/14 Accessing objects in hosted storage
20140215544 07/31/14 Music on video site
20140215486 07/31/14 Cluster maintenance system and operation thereof
20140215387 07/31/14 Intelligent window sizing and control
20140215368 07/31/14 System and method for organizing recorded events using character tags
20140215350 07/31/14 User interface tailored by subscription state for a channel of a content sharing platform
20140215349 07/31/14 Personalized content suggestions for subscribers of a channel of a content sharing platform
20140214999 07/31/14 System and method of caching information
20140214778 07/31/14 Entity normalization via name normalization
20140214790 07/31/14 Enhancing sitelinks with creative content
20140214840 07/31/14 Name disambiguation using context terms
20140214879 07/31/14 Person-based information aggregation
20140214883 07/31/14 Keyword trending data
20140214988 07/31/14 Methods for truncating attachments for mobile devices
20140204116 07/24/14 Rendering a map using style identifiers
20140204716 07/24/14 Self-localization for a set of microphones
20140204718 07/24/14 Synchronization of alarms between devices
20140205019 07/24/14 Video encoding and serving architecture
20140205042 07/24/14 Method and system for use of quadrature hybrids for closed and open loop beam forming transmit diversity
20140207473 07/24/14 Rearrangement and rate allocation for compressing multichannel audio
20140207553 07/24/14 Digital punch card for mobile device
20140207556 07/24/14 Point of sale offer redemptions
20140207797 07/24/14 Methods, systems, and media for generating sentimental information associated with media content
20140207844 07/24/14 Peer-to-peer software updates
20140208246 07/24/14 Supporting user interactions with rendered graphical objects
20140200991 07/17/14 Reporting mobile application actions
20140200876 07/17/14 Bootstrapping named entity canonicalizers from english using alignment models
20140200807 07/17/14 Route planning
20140200425 07/17/14 Encapsulated electronics
20140200424 07/17/14 Encapsulated electronics in an eye-mountable device
20140198987 07/17/14 Structure descriptors for image processing
20140198448 07/17/14 Active cooling debris bypass fin pack
20140198046 07/17/14 Ignoring tactile input based on subsequent input received from keyboard
20140201174 07/17/14 Encoding and decoding delta values
20140201181 07/17/14 Selecting and presenting content relevant to user input
20140201195 07/17/14 Unified searchable storage for resource-constrained and other devices
20140201474 07/17/14 On-disk multimap
20140201428 07/17/14 Consistent, disk-backed arrays
20140201317 07/17/14 Systems and methods for device-to-cloud message delivery
20140201278 07/17/14 Systems and methods for computing device communications
20140201247 07/17/14 Searchable, mutable data structure
20140201229 07/17/14 Providing display suggestions
20140201204 07/17/14 Systems and methods for personalizing aggregated news content

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