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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc., listed under Google Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Google Inc. (GOOG) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc.. Updates: Google Inc. RSS RSS

Resource locator remarketing


Resource locator remarketing

Resource locator remarketing


Training classifiers for deblurring images

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Application # Date Google Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150032851 01/29/15  new patent  Streaming media content
20150027057 01/29/15  new patent  Door state sensor
20150029186 01/29/15  new patent  Systems and methods for reducing a data set
20150030239 01/29/15  new patent  Training classifiers for deblurring images
20150032769 01/29/15  new patent  Generating playlists using calendar, location and event data
20150032820 01/29/15  new patent  Using a digital image in a social networking system
20150032843 01/29/15  new patent  Resource locator remarketing
20150032849 01/29/15  new patent  Resource locator remarketing
20150022536 01/22/15 Heirarchy and hint based rendering pipeline selection
20150022555 01/22/15 Optimization of label placements in street level images
20150022727 01/22/15 Tileable display apparatus
20150022754 01/22/15 Configurations for tileable display apparatus with multiple pixel arrays
20150022755 01/22/15 Structural backlighting
20150023051 01/22/15 Optical configurations in a tileable display apparatus
20150023604 01/22/15 Card art display
20150025691 01/22/15 Dynamic device-associated feedback indicative of responsible device usage
20150025799 01/22/15 Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history
20150026006 01/22/15 Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history
20150026078 01/22/15 Generating and providing an authorization indication in relation to a media content item
20150026144 01/22/15 Combining content with a search result
20150026212 01/22/15 Third party search applications for a search system
20150019551 01/15/15 Region classification based on regional distribution information
20150019459 01/15/15 Processing of gestures related to a wireless user device and a computing device
20150016666 01/15/15 Method and apparatus for determining geolocation of image contents
20150016494 01/15/15 Phase discontinuity tester for multi antenna transmitters sending phase perturbed signals
20150015586 01/15/15 Systems and methods for rendering and downsampling an image
20150019625 01/15/15 Providing indoor map data to a client computing device
20150019659 01/15/15 Fallback messaging
20150019675 01/15/15 Caching geographic data according to server-specified policy
20150019701 01/15/15 Systems and methods for providing notifications of changes in a cloud-based file system
20150019731 01/15/15 Fair hierarchical arbitration of a shared resource with varying traffic intensity
20150019985 01/15/15 Systems and methods for customizing a web browser
20150020003 01/15/15 Interactions between users in a virtual space
20150020008 01/15/15 Enabling quick display transitions between indoor and outdoor map data
20150009309 01/08/15 Optical frame for glasses and the like with built-in camera and special actuator feature
20150010249 01/08/15 Method for dynamic range editing
20150011169 01/08/15 System and method for high-sensitivity sensor
20150011249 01/08/15 Mobile device location determination using wi-fi signals
20150012271 01/08/15 Speech recognition using domain knowledge
20150012449 01/08/15 Recommending posts to non-subscribing users
20150012514 01/08/15 Providing content
20150006144 01/01/15 Virtual participant-based real-time translation and transcription system for audio and video teleconferences
20150006075 01/01/15 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining a parking route near a user's destination
20150005606 01/01/15 Reader communication with contact lens sensors and display device
20150005009 01/01/15 Triggering completion step suggestion for a task
20150003748 01/01/15 Hierarchical classification in credit card data extraction
20150003732 01/01/15 Extracting card data with linear and nonlinear transformations
20150003667 01/01/15 Extracting card data with wear patterns
20150002663 01/01/15 Systems and methods for generating accurate sensor corrections based on video input
20150002536 01/01/15 Label rendering for computerized mobile device with heading sensitive map display
20150001300 01/01/15 Extracting card data using iin database
20150006290 01/01/15 Providing information to a user based on determined user activity
20150006311 01/01/15 Variable diversity filters for multiple position content auctions
20150006360 01/01/15 Threshold confidence levels for extracted card data
20150007093 01/01/15 Immersive mode for a web browser
20150007081 01/01/15 Multi-channel conversion path position reporting
20150006632 01/01/15 Determining additional information for an intended action of a user
20150006619 01/01/15 Computing connected components in large graphs
20150006606 01/01/15 Asynchronous message passing for large graph clustering
20150006564 01/01/15 Associating a task with a user based on user selection of a query suggestion
20150006512 01/01/15 Automatic generation of headlines
20150006387 01/01/15 Preventing fraud using continuous card scanning
20150006362 01/01/15 Extracting card data using card art
20150006361 01/01/15 Extracting card data using three-dimensional models
20140376765 12/25/14 Headphones with adaptable fit
20140379399 12/25/14 Method and system for dynamically determining completion status in a human intelligence system
20140379696 12/25/14 Personal search result identifying a physical location previously interacted with by a user
20140379795 12/25/14 Smart notifications in a social networking site
20140371937 12/18/14 Systems, methods and apparatus for encouraging energy conscious behavior based on aggregated third party energy consumption
20140371923 12/18/14 Systems, methods and apparatus for weather-based preconditioning
20140371922 12/18/14 Systems, methods and apparatus for monitoring and managing device-level energy consumption in a smart-home environment
20140371921 12/18/14 Intelligent temperature management based on energy usage profiles and outside weather conditions
20140371559 12/18/14 Embedding method
20140369528 12/18/14 Mixing decision controlling decode decision
20140368980 12/18/14 Technical support and remote functionality for a wearable computing system
20140368865 12/18/14 Roving printing in a cloud-based print service using a mobile device
20140368859 12/18/14 Virtual print queue for roving printing in a cloud-based print service
20140368669 12/18/14 Gpu-accelerated background replacement
20140368525 12/18/14 Systems and methods for changing contrast based on brightness of an output for presentation on a display
20140367475 12/18/14 Round thermostat with rotatable user input member and temperature sensing element disposed in physical communication with a front thermostat cover
20140371939 12/18/14 Direct-to-consumer challenges for encouraging energy conscious behavior
20140372115 12/18/14 Self-directed machine-generated transcripts
20140372114 12/18/14 Self-directed machine-generated transcripts
20140373046 12/18/14 Programming filter
20140372904 12/18/14 System and method for communicating transportation events
20140372885 12/18/14 Providing help suggestions based on online activity of a contact
20140372873 12/18/14 Detecting main page content
20140372627 12/18/14 Fault-tolerant web caching
20140372574 12/18/14 Systems and methods for remote device configuration
20140372458 12/18/14 Systems and methods for mapping nodes of disconnected graphs
20140372119 12/18/14 Compounded text segmentation
20140372205 12/18/14 Systems and methods for selecting and serving content items based on view probability
20140372230 12/18/14 Systems and methods for selecting and serving content items based on view probability
20140372248 12/18/14 Cross-referencing comments
20140372420 12/18/14 Systems and methods for providing search results for mobile businesses
20140365317 12/11/14 System and method for improved advertisement reassignment and bid pricing
20140365298 12/11/14 Smart budget recommendation for a local business advertiser
20140365204 12/11/14 Techniques for assisting a user in the textual input of names of entities to a user device in multiple different languages
20140365019 12/11/14 Thermostat user interface
20140364092 12/11/14 Method and apparatus for sharing digital content employing audible or inaudible signals
20140363137 12/11/14 Generating a geo-located data movie from certain data sources
20140362118 12/11/14 Method and system for displaying imagery as a wallpaper on a computing device
20140362082 12/11/14 Automated overpass extraction from aerial imagery
20140365327 12/11/14 Reverse auction for real-time services
20140365455 12/11/14 Evaluation of substitution contexts
20140365458 12/11/14 Interleaving search results
20140365900 12/11/14 Replication of mobile rendering using computer-readable images
20140365884 12/11/14 Voice command recording and playback
20140365861 12/11/14 Prefetching binary data for use by a browser plugin
20140365620 12/11/14 Adjusting a media stream in a video communication system
20140365604 12/11/14 Providing supplemental content in relation to embedded media
20140365515 12/11/14 Evaluation of substitution contexts
20140365477 12/11/14 Ordering of ranked documents
20140365466 12/11/14 Search result claiming
20140358427 12/04/14 Enhancing driving navigation via passive drivers feedback
20140358425 12/04/14 Delivering route information
20140358297 12/04/14 Thermostat user interface
20140358293 12/04/14 Thermostat user interface
20140355951 12/04/14 Automatically syncing recordings between two or more content recording devices
20140354626 12/04/14 Block based level of detail representation
20140358516 12/04/14 Real-time, bi-directional translation
20140358668 12/04/14 System and method for integrating supplemental content within a webpage
20140358904 12/04/14 Synonym identification based on selected search result
20140359449 12/04/14 Automated generation of audible form
20140359409 12/04/14 Learning synonymous object names from anchor texts
20140359156 12/04/14 Video stream preview
20140359070 12/04/14 Systems and methods for critical path synchronization of content rendering
20140359013 12/04/14 Incoming and outgoing privacy settings in social networks
20140358971 12/04/14 Techniques for identifying chain businesses and queries
20140345845 11/27/14 Thermostat user interface
20140347521 11/27/14 Simulating high dynamic range imaging with virtual long-exposure images
20140350855 11/27/14 Systems and methods for providing navigational assistance to reserved parking locations
20140350916 11/27/14 Techniques for performing language detection and translation for multi-language content feeds
20140351035 11/27/14 Auto-redeemable basket level offers in a prepaid architecture
20140351040 11/27/14 Receipt rendering in a prepaid architecture
20140351072 11/27/14 Split tender in a prepaid architecture
20140351131 11/27/14 Delayed processing window in a prepaid architecture
20140351132 11/27/14 Returns handling in a prepaid architecture
20140351267 11/27/14 Overlapping community detection in weighted graphs
20140351760 11/27/14 Order-independent text input
20140341482 11/20/14 Generating compositions
20140343841 11/20/14 Providing predicted travel information
20140343850 11/20/14 Predictive transit calculations
20140343852 11/20/14 Guidebook transit routing
20140341476 11/20/14 Associating classifications with images
20140341425 11/20/14 Providing visual effects for images
20140340498 11/20/14 Using distance between objects in touchless gestural interfaces
20140340421 11/20/14 Efficient composition and rendering of graphical elements
20140340419 11/20/14 Use of map data difference tiles to iteratively provide map data to a client device
20140340416 11/20/14 Water color gradients on a digital map
20140340304 11/20/14 Efficient fetching of a map data during animation

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