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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc., listed under Google Inc. as Agent/Assignee. Google Inc. (GOOG) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc.. Updates: Google Inc. RSS RSS

Thermostat user interface


Thermostat user interface

Thermostat user interface


Techniques for performing language detection and translation for multi-language content feeds

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Application # Date Google Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140351760 11/27/14  new patent  Order-independent text input
20140345845 11/27/14  new patent  Thermostat user interface
20140347521 11/27/14  new patent  Simulating high dynamic range imaging with virtual long-exposure images
20140350855 11/27/14  new patent  Systems and methods for providing navigational assistance to reserved parking locations
20140350916 11/27/14  new patent  Techniques for performing language detection and translation for multi-language content feeds
20140351035 11/27/14  new patent  Auto-redeemable basket level offers in a prepaid architecture
20140351040 11/27/14  new patent  Receipt rendering in a prepaid architecture
20140351072 11/27/14  new patent  Split tender in a prepaid architecture
20140351131 11/27/14  new patent  Delayed processing window in a prepaid architecture
20140351132 11/27/14  new patent  Returns handling in a prepaid architecture
20140351267 11/27/14  new patent  Overlapping community detection in weighted graphs
20140341482 11/20/14 Generating compositions
20140343841 11/20/14 Providing predicted travel information
20140343850 11/20/14 Predictive transit calculations
20140343852 11/20/14 Guidebook transit routing
20140341476 11/20/14 Associating classifications with images
20140341425 11/20/14 Providing visual effects for images
20140340498 11/20/14 Using distance between objects in touchless gestural interfaces
20140340421 11/20/14 Efficient composition and rendering of graphical elements
20140340419 11/20/14 Use of map data difference tiles to iteratively provide map data to a client device
20140340416 11/20/14 Water color gradients on a digital map
20140340304 11/20/14 Efficient fetching of a map data during animation
20140343896 11/20/14 Determining sensor information in the background on a mobile device
20140343974 11/20/14 Selecting a subset of transit trips based on time and duration
20140344247 11/20/14 System and method for identifying applicable third-party applications to associate with a file
20140344952 11/20/14 Indexing and searching documents with restricted portions
20140344834 11/20/14 Providing audible notifications for webmail applications
20140344801 11/20/14 Integrating a web application into an operating system
20140344689 11/20/14 System for universal remote media control in a multi-user, multi-platform, multi-device environment
20140344688 11/20/14 Providing media to a user based on a triggering event
20140344661 11/20/14 Personalized annotations
20140344456 11/20/14 Systems and methods for providing third-party application specific storage in a cloud-based storage system
20140344358 11/20/14 Filtering of content to display using an opportunity engine that identifies other users ability to interact in real time
20140344296 11/20/14 Efficient fetching of map tile data
20140344288 11/20/14 Presenting related content in a stream of content
20140344258 11/20/14 Ranking channels in search
20140336935 11/13/14 Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions using vehicle onboard sensors
20140335895 11/13/14 Location-aware "ghost" caching in a balloon network
20140334501 11/13/14 Data link layer protocol having adaptive framing
20140333491 11/13/14 Dynamically adjusting width of beam based on altitude
20140333468 11/13/14 Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions including sunlight using vehicle onboard sensors
20140337284 11/13/14 Synchronizing folders using a shadow folder hierarchy
20140337324 11/13/14 Visualizing digital images on a map
20140337339 11/13/14 Creating and organizing events in an activity stream
20140337730 11/13/14 User interface for presenting contextual information
20140337634 11/13/14 Biometric authentication substitute for passwords on a wearable computing device
20140337611 11/13/14 Kiosk application mode for operating system
20140337441 11/13/14 System and method for providing visual representations of email to enable efficient email processing
20140337404 11/13/14 System and method for providing access points
20140326793 11/06/14 Techniques for generating customized two-dimensional barcodes
20140327622 11/06/14 Alternative hypothesis error correction for gesture typing
20140330479 11/06/14 Predictive reasoning for controlling speed of a vehicle
20140330771 11/06/14 Methods and systems for providing a document
20140330903 11/06/14 Event greeting system and method
20140330902 11/06/14 Multi-status control system and method
20140330904 11/06/14 Geolocation rescheduling system and method
20140331156 11/06/14 Exploring information by topic
20140331246 11/06/14 Interactive content and player
20140331264 11/06/14 Content annotation tool
20140320971 10/30/14 Edge configurations for reducing artifacts in eyepieces
20140320755 10/30/14 Head-mounted display including integrated projector
20140320742 10/30/14 Using an audio stream to identify metadata associated with a currently playing television program
20140320536 10/30/14 Methods and systems for determining orientation of a display of content on a device
20140320499 10/30/14 Data object visualization using graphs
20140323101 10/30/14 Phone number format suggestion
20140324200 10/30/14 Audio control of multimedia objects
20140324266 10/30/14 Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions including fog using vehicle onboard sensors
20140324581 10/30/14 Providing task-based information
20140324582 10/30/14 Social network enhanced content items responsive to search queries
20140324583 10/30/14 Suggestion box for input keywords
20140324602 10/30/14 Managing distribution parameter utilization
20140325531 10/30/14 Location-dependent, server side macro method, apparatus and computer readable medium
20140317098 10/23/14 Determining media consumption preferences
20140317073 10/23/14 Ranking signals in mixed corpora environments
20140316930 10/23/14 Explanations for personalized recommendations
20140316922 10/23/14 Passback auction
20140313167 10/23/14 Moving content between devices using gestures
20140313156 10/23/14 Bezel sensitive touch screen system
20140317099 10/23/14 Personalized digital content search
20140317105 10/23/14 Live recommendation generation
20140317640 10/23/14 Server side macro method, apparatus and computer readable medium
20140317536 10/23/14 Browser dialogue box wrapper
20140317516 10/23/14 Address formatting on a digital map
20140317511 10/23/14 Systems and methods for generating photographic tours of geographic locations
20140317496 10/23/14 Keyboard gestures for character string replacement
20140317302 10/23/14 Virtual collaboration session access
20140306019 10/16/14 Techniques for generating customized two-dimensional barcodes
20140306989 10/16/14 Adjusting displayed content length as a function of map scale
20140307247 10/16/14 Methods and systems for detecting weather conditions including wet surfaces using vehicle onboard sensors
20140307876 10/16/14 Systems and methods for three-dimensional audio captcha
20140308963 10/16/14 Maintaining information facilitating deterministic network routing
20140309833 10/16/14 Mapping active and inactive construction zones for autonomous driving
20140310093 10/16/14 Dynamic reallocation of content item blocks
20140310266 10/16/14 Systems and methods for suggesting places for persons to meet
20140310283 10/16/14 Combined activities history on a device
20140310319 10/16/14 Web mining to build a landmark database and applications thereof
20140310353 10/16/14 Content sharing platform playlists and subscriptions based on user history
20140310586 10/16/14 Systems and methods for displaying annotated video content by mobile computing devices
20140310639 10/16/14 Consistent text suggestion output
20140301653 10/09/14 Summarizing a photo album in a social network system
20140301633 10/09/14 System and method for floorplan reconstruction and three-dimensional modeling
20140301386 10/09/14 Methods and systems for providing and playing videos having multiple tracks of timed text over a network
20140300817 10/09/14 Avoiding flash-exposed frames during video recording
20140300811 10/09/14 Methods and systems for providing and playing videos having multiple tracks of timed text over a network
20140300759 10/09/14 Automatic location-based camera frame rate settings
20140301717 10/09/14 Methods and systems for providing and playing videos having multiple tracks of timed text over a network
20140303827 10/09/14 Systems and methods for transitioning control of an autonomous vehicle to a driver
20140303973 10/09/14 Minimum bayesian risk methods for automatic speech recognition
20140304642 10/09/14 Specifying a label for a computer application
20140304640 10/09/14 Techniques for input of a multi-character compound consonant or vowel and transliteration to another language using a touch computing device
20140304269 10/09/14 Automatic media sharing via shutter click
20140304258 10/09/14 Location identification using hierarchical nature of geographic locations
20140304240 10/09/14 Pruning of blob replicas
20140304063 10/09/14 Determining resource allocation for content distrubution
20140296672 10/02/14 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device
20140296673 10/02/14 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device
20140295911 10/02/14 Low radiation wireless communicator
20140295805 10/02/14 Systems and methods for aggregating missed call data and adjusting telephone settings
20140295802 10/02/14 Reputation based message analysis
20140294322 10/02/14 Sealable bag assembly
20140293079 10/02/14 Camera obstruction detection
20140291498 10/02/14 Devices and methods for providing selectable field of view functionality by providing an optical element into and out of an optical receiving path
20140290054 10/02/14 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device
20140296674 10/02/14 Systems and methods for encapsulating electronics in a mountable device
20140297398 10/02/14 Measuring search lift resulted by online advertisement
20140298475 10/02/14 Identifying unauthorized content presentation within media collaborations
20140298307 10/02/14 Framework for user-directed profile-driven optimizations
20140298239 10/02/14 Stack style tab management
20140298240 10/02/14 Mega lens style tab management
20140297761 10/02/14 Location based event invitation generation
20140297731 10/02/14 Full-duplex bi-directional communication over a remote procedure call based communications protocol, and applications thereof
20140297700 10/02/14 System and method to store third-party metadata in a cloud storage system
20140297576 10/02/14 System and method for detecting duplication in data feeds
20140297575 10/02/14 Navigating through geolocated imagery spanning space and time
20140285698 09/25/14 Viewfinder display based on metering images
20140285717 09/25/14 Interpolated video tagging
20140286220 09/25/14 Multi-cast optimized medium access method for wireless network
20140286229 09/25/14 Multi-listener wireless medium access method
20140286573 09/25/14 System and method of determining building numbers
20140287716 09/25/14 Method and system for circulating messages
20140289037 09/25/14 Local advertising responses
20140289230 09/25/14 Media object query submission and response
20140289522 09/25/14 Modular wireless communicator
20140289539 09/25/14 Methods and systems for storage of large data objects
20140289719 09/25/14 Automatic version management
20140278913 09/18/14 Advertisement campaign simulator
20140278802 09/18/14 Producing and providing data for rendering a travel cost heatmap
20140278407 09/18/14 Language modeling of complete language sequences
20140278379 09/18/14 Integration of semantic context information
20140278368 09/18/14 Morpheme-level predictive graphical keyboard
20140278346 09/18/14 Automatic invocation of a dialog user interface for translation applications

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