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Gemalto Sa patents

Recent patent applications related to Gemalto Sa. Gemalto Sa is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gemalto Sa may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gemalto Sa, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  System and obfuscating an identifier to protect the identifier from impermissible appropriation
11/30/17Method to execute a sensitive computation using multiple different and independent branches
11/30/17Method for on-board prime number generation
11/30/17Method for authenticating attributes in a non-traceable manner and without connection to a server
11/23/17Method and device for accessing an internet protocol multimedia subsystem type subsystem
10/26/17Method for accessing a service, corresponding first device, second device and system
10/19/17Method of authenticating a user, corresponding terminals and authentication system
10/19/17Method of sending a data from a secure token to a server
10/12/17Method for detecting dynamically that secure elements are eligible to an ota campaign and corresponding ota server
09/28/17System and providing defence to a cryptographic device against side-channel attacks targeting the extended euclidean algorithm during decryption operations
09/07/17System and one-time chinese-remainder-theorem exponentiation for cryptographic algorythms
08/24/17System and protecting a device against attacks on processing flow using a code pointer complement
08/24/17Method of sending data from a secure token to a distant server
08/10/17Method of managing several profiles in a secure element
08/03/17Method to manage subscriptions in a provisioning server
07/27/17Method, server and telecommunications system for establishing, through an ota server, a secured communication channel between an administrative agent comprised in a device and a third party server
06/29/17Data carrier
06/22/17Method for producing electronic devices
06/15/17Method of managing several profiles in a secure element
06/01/17Data carrier
05/25/17Method and system for communicating data with an inaccessible electronic device
04/13/17Method to manage a one time password key
02/23/17Dynamic change of security configurations
02/09/17A fabricating an electronic/electrical circuit device
01/26/17Data carrier
01/19/17Secure laser marking personalisation
01/19/17Method and system for optimized reading of a radio frequency communication transponder with the aid of a passive resonant circuit
01/19/17Method to authenticate two devices to establish a secure channel
01/12/17Electronic transaction method and system via a portable accessory
01/05/17Method for accessing a service and a corresponding device
12/29/16Uiccs embedded in terminals or removable therefrom
11/17/16Method, device and a server for signing data
11/17/16System and securing machine-to-machine communications
11/10/16Device for transforming an electromagnetic field
11/10/16Communication device comprising a luminous activation sensor
11/10/16Method to independently complete the personalization of a token
11/10/16System and securing offline usage of a certificate by otp system
11/10/16Method for accessing a service and a corresponding server
11/10/16Electronic module, manufacturing same and electronic device comprising a module of said type
11/03/16Method and device for putting in place an insert in a cavity formed in a foil product
11/03/16Method for updating a firmware on a low memory device
11/03/16System, method and personalizable portable device in which application code libraries are distributed in a compressed form
11/03/16Dual-interface payment device with display
10/20/16Method of managing communication between a secure element and a host device
10/13/16Secure document and production of said secure document
10/13/16Method for loading a native code on a secure element
10/06/16Method to protect a set of sensitive data associated to public data in a secured container
10/06/16System and securing communications between a card reader device and a remote server
09/22/16Control for controlling authenticity of codes resulting from application of a bijective algorithm to messages
09/08/16Smart card with display and production method thereof
09/01/16Method of communicating between two devices
08/18/16Method to operate a contactless mobile device as a low cost secured point-of-sale
08/11/16Method for securing over-the-air communication between a mobile application and a gateway
08/11/16Method of communicating between a server and a secure element
08/04/16Server using unpredictable scrambled cookie names
07/14/16Method for authenticating transactions
06/23/16Dielectric filmless electronic module and manufacturing same
06/16/16Method for transferring user data between two instances of an application
06/16/16Method of privacy preserving during an access to a restricted service
06/02/16Method for securing a validation step of an online transaction
05/19/16Method for producing a radio-frequency device maintaining anisotropic connection
05/19/16Method for managing a wireless link between a first device and a secong device
05/12/16Method and device for managing a subscriber device
05/05/16Method for making an anti-crack electronic device
05/05/16Pairing device
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03/24/16Method for accessing a service, corresponding device and system
03/17/16Method to securely execute a modular exponentiation
03/17/16Portable object including a display and application for carrying out electronic transactions
03/10/16Secure platform implementing dynamic countermeasures
02/11/16Method to establish a secure voice communication using generic bootstrapping architecture
01/28/16Device adapted for emulating tactile contacts on a capacitive screen
01/07/16Method and system for negotiation of a parameter of an optical communication protocol between two devices
12/24/15Method for printing a colour pixel matrix on a physical medium by printing oblique lines and associated control device
11/26/15A system and dynamic issuance of privacy preserving credentials
11/19/15Device for laminating smart cards and associated lamination method
11/19/15Data medium for configuring a configurable electronic device by near field communication, and associated method
11/19/15Method for controlling a contactless transaction
11/12/15Process for the configuration of a smart card for a single selected application
11/12/15Method for certifying a displayed picture
11/12/15Method of configuring two wireless devices
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11/05/15Method for server assisted keystore protection
11/05/15Method, device and system for accessing a server
10/29/15Non alterable structure including cryptographic material
10/29/15Method of allowing establishment of a secure session between a device and a server
10/22/15Method of authenticating a device
10/22/15Method and system for accessing a service
10/08/15Method for authenticating a user
10/08/15Method for mutual authentication between a terminal and a remote server by means of a third-party portal
09/24/15Electronic module with three-dimensional communication interface
09/10/15System and securely store and transfer electronic money
09/03/15Method and device for protecting an electronic device against fault attack(s)
09/03/15Method for virtually connecting two persons, corresponding media and system
08/27/15Secure data carrier and production of said secure data carrier
08/20/15Method for registering at least one public address in an ims network, and corresponding application
08/13/15Moulding producing an electronic housing
08/06/15Method for initiating an ota session
07/30/15Card with marbled visual effect and associated manufacturing process
07/30/15Method for cloning a secure element
07/23/15Method of accessing a wlan access point
07/09/15Method for attaching a roaming telecommunication terminal to a visited operator network
06/11/15Method for authenticating a user of a contactless chip card
05/28/15Method of anonymization
05/14/15Smart card and production
05/14/15Uiccs embedded in terminals or removable therefrom
05/07/15Electronic transaction system and a transaction terminal adapted for such a system
05/07/15Server & secure and economical sharing of data
04/30/15Method, device and system for entering data
04/23/15Countermeasure method against side channel analysis for cryptographic algorithms using boolean operations and arithmetic operations
04/09/15Method, device and system for managing a provision of energy
04/09/15Bidirectional communication
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03/26/15Method for producing an electronic device with a disabled sensitive mode, and transforming such an electronic device to re-activate its sensitive mode
02/26/15Call redirection method implemented in a telecommunication system and corresponding system
02/19/15Method for asynchronously provisioning keys from one secure device to another
02/05/15Method for verifying documents and device implementing such a method
02/05/15Method of personalizing a security element cooperating with an apparatus
02/05/15Method for exporting data of a javacard application stored in a uicc to a host
01/15/15Method and terminal for communicating data with a wireless device
01/01/15Chip card and associated manufactuing method
12/25/14Contactless electronic communication device with optional auxiliary power source
12/25/14Contactless electronic communication device with optional auxiliary power source
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12/18/14Method for manufacturing smart cards
12/11/14Method of payment for a product or a service on a commercial site through an internet connection and a corresponding terminal
11/27/14Vehicle providing a secured access to security data
11/27/14Software updating process for an embedded device
11/13/14Electronic device comprising elements managed by different standardised protocols and managing communication between those elements
11/06/14Method for entering a personal identification code in a device
11/06/14Method for securing an electronic document
10/30/14Security document and manufacturing security document
10/30/14Method for enrolling and authenticating a cardholder
10/16/14Scored smart card
10/09/14Cryptographic protecting a key hardware register against fault attacks
09/04/14Secure element comprising separated containers and corresponding method
08/28/14Computer program product containing instructions for providing a processor the capability of executing an application derived from a compiled form
08/14/14Method for selecting a mobile telephony operator so as to allow a subscriber, having a main subscription, to enter into a roaming situation
08/07/14Method for identifying an individual and corresponding device
08/07/14System and providing privacy in smart meter deployment
07/24/14Method for switching a subscription from a first mno to a second mno
07/10/14Secured document including a radiofrequency identification device
07/10/14Device for communicating through the body, customisable with an accessory
07/03/14Method for hard partitioning the resources of a secure computer system
07/03/14Multi-factor authorization for authorizing a third-party application to use a resource
06/12/14Contactless communication method with negative modulation
06/05/14Portable device with apertured electrical contacts
06/05/14Wire capacitor, in particular for a radio frequency circuit, and device comprising said wire capacitor
06/05/14Radio-frequency communication device comprising a power supply of assisted radio-frequency origin
05/29/14Method for accessing a service of a service provider by providing anonymously an attribute or a set of attributes of a user
05/22/14Method for transmitting a sim application of a first terminal to a second terminal
05/15/14Radiofrequency transponder device with optimized passive resonant circuit
05/15/14Security document and a manufacturing method thereof
05/01/14Method for establishing a two-way ip communication channel in a telecommunications network
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05/01/14Method for exporting on a secure server data comprised on a uicc comprised in a terminal
04/24/14Information medium with printed identificaiton information and anti-forgery means
04/17/14Portable secure device providing storage service
03/27/14Secured element for performing a user authentication and user authentication method
03/20/14Method for updating secure elements included in terminals of a telecommunication network and corresponding update server
03/06/14Graphic printing machine for a card-type storage medium, printing said storage media and storage media
03/06/14Method for transferring securely the subscription information and user data from a first terminal to a second terminal
02/27/14System for managing multiple subscriptions in a uicc
02/20/14Method and nonlinear iv setup in keystream generators
02/13/14Electromagnetic field transmitting and receiving antennae arrangement
01/30/14Method, circuit and contactless communication device with activated emitting
01/30/14Method for switching between a first and a second logical uiccs comprised in a same physical uicc
01/23/14Method for downloading a subscription in an uicc embedded in a terminal
01/16/14Smartcard receiving device for providing a remote communication with switching means
01/16/14Method for personalizing a secure element comprised in a terminal
01/16/14User to user delegation service in a federated identity management environment
01/02/14Method for steering a handset's user on preferred networks while roaming
12/19/13Smartcard providing an improved standby mode
12/19/13Method for selecting one of n contactless electronic devices
12/12/13Method for remotely delivering a full subscription profile to a uicc over ip
Social Network Patent Pack
12/05/13Method for downloading a subscription from an operator to a uicc embedded in a terminal
11/28/13Method for managing content on a secure element connected to an equipment
11/14/13Method for interconnecting a conductive pad and an electrical contact via a spring, and corresponding device
11/14/13Method for establishing a secure communication channel
11/14/13System for communicating in a contact-less manner, and corresponding removable chip card, terminal and method
10/31/13System for accessing a service and corresponding portable device and method
10/31/13Method for updating an encoded file
10/31/13Method for connecting to a remote server from a browser enabled with a browser's extension on a host device
10/31/13Method for accessing a secure element and corresponding secure element and system
10/24/13System and securely using multiple subscriber profiles with a security component and a mobile telecommunications device
10/17/13Communication system
10/17/13Method for saving the state of a part of a game and restoring the corresponding game
10/17/13Secure password-based authentication for cloud computing services
10/10/13Dynamic controlling the integrity of the execution of an executable code
09/19/13Method for providing a user with an authenticated remote access to a remote secure device
09/12/13Protection against side channel attacks with an integrity check
08/29/13Method for accessing an application and a corresponding device
08/22/13Method of analyzing the behavior of a secure electronic token
07/04/13Portable device for accessing a server, corresponding system, server and method
06/27/13Simplified smartcard personalization method, and corresponding device
Social Network Patent Pack
06/20/13Method for making a device comprising a transponder antenna on a thin web and resulting device
06/13/13Method for creating a multifunctional module and device including same
05/30/13Method of detecting an abnormal environmental operating condition of an element embedded in an apparatus and corresponding element
05/16/13Method for management of a voice mailbox phone
05/09/13Method for loading a list of preferred networks into a secure element contained in a mobile terminal
05/09/13System allowing the display of a private computer file on a screen of a telecommunications terminal and corresponding method
04/25/13Auto imsi switch for international roaming
04/18/13Method of managing transfers of data by an interface of bluetooth type
04/11/13Bank card with display screen
04/11/13Method and system for the processing control of multiple radio frequency communication streams by an integrated circuit card
03/21/13Bank card with display screen
03/21/13Method for reading a holographic memory on a data medium
03/07/13Security token for securely executing an application on a host computer
02/21/13System and using a portable security device to cryptograhically sign a document in response to signature requests from a relying pary to a digital signature
02/14/13Token for communicating with a host device, corresponding communication system and method
01/10/13Mobile device with independent battery and radiofrequency communication interface
01/10/13Jcvm bytecode execution protection against fault attacks
01/03/13Process to secure a personal portable object
01/03/13Method for accessing at least one service and corresponding system
12/13/12Method for generating a public sip address associated with a private identity on an ims network
12/13/12Method of analyzing the wear of a non volatile memory embedded in a secure electronic token
11/15/12Molded chip card and manufacturing same
11/15/12Method of power negotiation between two contactless devices
11/01/12Method for unlocking a secure device
11/01/12Method for securely creating a new user identity within an existing cloud account in a cloud computing system
11/01/12Authenticating human interface device
10/04/12Method of personalizing an application embedded in a secured electronic token
10/04/12Computer program product containing instructions for providing a processor the capability of executing an application derived from a compiled form
10/04/12Computer program product containing instructions for providing a processor the capability of executing an application derived from a compiled form
09/20/12Proactive commands over secure channel between a mobile equipment and a uicc
Social Network Patent Pack
09/13/12Identification document and a producing
09/13/12Method of protecting the execution of an nfc application loaded in a secure element forming an integral part of a mobile terminal
09/06/12System enabling the contactless transfer of personal data
08/30/12Radio-frequency communication controlled by a microcircuit
08/09/12Multi-application mobile authentication device
08/02/12Method for establishing an electronic authorization for a user bearing an electronic identity document, and supervising said authorization
07/26/12Method for binding secure device to a wireless phone
07/12/12Mechanism to backup and restore the configuration of a communication device using a portable security device
07/05/12Method for enrichment an electronic phone book provoked by a change in the associated terminal, and associated device
06/28/12Method for communicating data between a secure element and a network access point and a corresponding secure element
06/21/12Method for a secure device to resolve an ip address of a target server
06/14/12Mobile electronic device configured to establish secure wireless communication
06/07/12Method of protecting access to data on a network
05/24/12Method of executing an application embedded in a portable electronic device
05/17/12Method for monitoring an audience measurement relating to data broadcast to a terminal, and corresponding terminal token and system
05/10/12Method for calculating a first identifier of a secure element of a mobile terminal according to a second identifier of said secure element
05/10/12Method of managing an application embedded in a secured electronic token
05/03/12Securisation of a remote executable code using a footprint of the computer recipient
04/26/12Device with time limited use auto start application
04/26/12Method for personalising an electronic device, associated data processing
04/26/12Method for measuring audience data, corresponding token and terminal
03/22/12Method of managing data in a portable electronic device having a plurality of controllers
03/01/12Process for securing an identification document and secure identification document
02/09/12Method of preselecting at least one application in a mobile communication device comprising an nfc system
02/02/12Method of detecting a nfc device emulating several contactless cards which may use a plurality of protocols
02/02/12Secure activation before contactless banking smart card transaction
01/26/12Intelligent portable object comprising graphical personalization data
01/12/12Method for preventing the malicious use of a sim card inserted in an m2m device and m2m device
12/29/11Assembly consisting of a micro-module and a reproducing device which is equipped with contact-free near-communication means

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