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General Electric Company Global Research
General Electric Company Schenectady
General Electric Company A New York Corrporation
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General Electric Company patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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01/29/15Devices and systems for elution of biomolecules
05/18/17 new patent  Spray arm assemblies for dishwasher appliances
05/18/17 new patent  Support structure with raisable cover
05/18/17 new patent  An ultrasound transducer probe having a curved imaging face
05/18/17 new patent  Wireless ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic machine
05/18/17 new patent  Casting methods and articles
05/18/17 new patent  Combined additive manufacturing and machining system
05/18/17 new patent  Fixture and resistance welding of a pad to a surface
05/18/17 new patent  Weld filler metal for superalloys and methods of making
05/18/17 new patent  Solid phase isothermal amplification
05/18/17 new patent  Temperature activated elastomeric sealing device
05/18/17 new patent  Optimal lift designs for gas turbine engines
05/18/17 new patent  Rotor blade with tip shroud cooling passages and making same
05/18/17 new patent  Variable pitch fan actuator
05/18/17 new patent  Methods to adapt reductant injection controls for catalyst aging
05/18/17 new patent  Particle separators for turbomachines and operating the same
05/18/17 new patent  Bundled tube fuel nozzle assembly with liquid fuel capability
05/18/17 new patent  Fuel supply system for use in a gas turbine engine and controlling an overspeed event therein
05/18/17 new patent  Methods to adapt air-fuel (a/f) controls for catalyst aging
05/18/17 new patent  System for monitoring internal pressure of engine combustion chambers
05/18/17 new patent  Gas turbine engine fan
05/18/17 new patent  Modular fan for a gas turbine engine
05/18/17 new patent  Method and system for engine control
05/18/17 new patent  System and exhaust gas recirculation
05/18/17 new patent  Pitch range for a variable pitch fan
05/18/17 new patent  Gas turbine engine with vane having a cooling inlet
05/18/17 new patent  Customizable modular luminaire
05/18/17 new patent  Gas burner assembly
05/18/17 new patent  Combustor wall channel cooling system
05/18/17 new patent  Fuel injector with premix pilot nozzle
05/18/17 new patent  Cooktop appliance
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring components
05/18/17 new patent  Method and system for improving parameter measurement
05/18/17 new patent  Thermal management for a wireless cooking probe
05/18/17 new patent  Thermal management for a wireless cooking probe
05/18/17 new patent  System and detecting leaks in generators
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring components
05/18/17 new patent  Sensing system and method
05/18/17 new patent  Sensing system and method
05/18/17 new patent  Magnetic resonance signal processing method, magnetic resonance signal processing apparatus and magnetic resonance apparatus, and program
05/18/17 new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging system and an associated method thereof
05/18/17 new patent  Method and system for controlling an illumination device and related lighting system
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus and decimation of historical reference dataset
05/18/17 new patent  System and exploring and visualizing multidimensional and hierarchical data
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for controlling and monitoring power assets
05/18/17 new patent  Lighting audit docking station device and method thereof
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring components
05/18/17 new patent  Methods for monitoring components
05/18/17 new patent  Film capacitor and the forming the same
05/18/17 new patent  Adjustable tap location for energy storage cells
05/18/17 new patent  System and fault ride through
05/18/17 new patent  State of charge maintenance during operation of energy storage systems
05/18/17 new patent  Voltage grouping of energy storage units
05/18/17 new patent  Multiphase electrical machine and use
05/18/17 new patent  System for thermal management in electrical machines
05/18/17 new patent  System for thermal management in electrical machines
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus and control of multi-inverter power converter
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for real-time operation of software radio frequency canceller
05/11/17Method for monitoring cooking in an oven appliance
05/11/17Fluid circulation assembly for a dishwasher applicance
05/11/17Infant care system
05/11/17Virtual impactor filter assembly and method
05/11/17Additive manufacturing making overhanging tabs in cooling holes
05/11/17Additive manufacturing making complex film holes
05/11/17System and powering a hydraulic pump
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05/11/17Vehicle communication system
05/11/17Propulsion system and methods of use thereof
05/11/17Airfoil with energy absorbing edge guard
05/11/17Last stage airfoil design for optimal diffuser performance
05/11/17Article, component, and cooling a component
05/11/17Additive manufacturing making holes bounded by thin walls in turbine components
05/11/17Component for a gas turbine engine with a film hole
05/11/17Turbine blade attachment mechanism
05/11/17System for integrating sections of a turbine
05/11/17System and removing stator vanes from a casing of a rotary machine
05/11/17Turbine component having a seal slot and additive manufacturing process for making same
05/11/17Shroud hanger assembly
05/11/17Method of operating a clearance control system
05/11/17Gas turbine engine with a vane having a cooling air turning nozzle
05/11/17Apparatus for oil collection and heat exchanging for turbine engines
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05/11/17Method and system for cooling aircraft engine fluid
05/11/17Gas accumulation detection and ventilation in a gas turbine enclosure
05/11/17Exhaust gas diffuser with main struts and small struts
05/11/17Ultrasonic cleaning system and method
05/11/17Cooled combustor for a gas turbine engine
05/11/17Igniter for a gas turbine engine
05/11/17System and stabilizing a wind farm during one or more contingency events
05/11/17Oven appliance
05/11/17Method for monitoring cooking in an oven appliance
05/11/17Refrigerator appliance
05/11/17Refrigerator appliance
05/11/17Method and system for automated shaped cooling hole measurement
05/11/17System and estimating arterial pulse wave velocity
05/11/17Power system for offshore applications
05/11/17System and coupling components of a turbine system with cables
05/11/17Modular stacked dc architecture traction system and making same
05/11/17Image sensor controlled lighting fixture
05/04/17Universal water filter assembly for multiple coffee makers
05/04/17Water filter assembly with protective check valve screen
05/04/17Method for ecg lead placement changes to be accurately accounted for
05/04/17Support xray detector and xray detecting apparatus
05/04/17Real-time patient image overlay display and device navigation system and method
05/04/17Multiple frame acquisition for exposure control in x-ray medical imagers
05/04/17Ultrasound analyzing cardiac periodicity
05/04/17Method and system for acquisition, enhanced visualization, and selection of a representative plane of a thin slice ultrasound image volume
05/04/17Methods and systems for a velocity threshold ultrasound image
05/04/17System and machining workpiece of lattice structure and article machined therefrom
05/04/17Additive manufacturing systems including an imaging device and methods of operating such systems
05/04/17Power nozzle repair with cooling hardware installed
05/04/17Turbofan engine and reducing air flow separation therein
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05/04/17System for discharging dry solids and an associated method thereof
05/04/17System and lifting with load moving machine
05/04/17Isothermal amplification under low salt condition
05/04/17Method and removing oxide from metallic substrate
05/04/17Control system for a co2 fracking system and related system and method
05/04/17Component for a gas turbine engine
05/04/17Turbine airfoil internal core profile
05/04/17Ceramic matrix composite component and process of producing a ceramic matrix composite component
05/04/17Ceramic matrix composite component and process of producing a ceramic matrix composite component
05/04/17Systems and methods for superhydrophobic surface enhancement of turbine components
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05/04/17Centerline-mounted hydraulic pitch change mechanism actuator
05/04/17Steam turbine inlet temperature control system, computer program product and related methods
05/04/17Variable valve timing mechanism
05/04/17Cyclonic separator for a turbine engine
05/04/17Differential gas bearing for aircraft engines
05/04/17Gas turbine engine sump heat exchanger
05/04/17Intercooled gas turbine optimization
05/04/17Gas turbine engine having a flow control surface with a cooling conduit
05/04/17Turbine engine fuel injection system and methods of assembling the same
05/04/17Fuel nozzle for gas turbine engine
05/04/17Method and system for mitigation of cavity resonance
05/04/17System and determining fuel splits for a gas turbine
05/04/17Methods and system for a turbocharger
05/04/17Method and systems for adjusting engine cylinder operation based on a knock sensor output
05/04/17System and categorizing trip faults of a wind turbine power converter
05/04/17Method for performing up-tower maintenance on a gearbox bearing of a wind turbine
05/04/17Method for operating a linear compressor
05/04/17Method for operating a linear compressor
05/04/17Oil and gas well pump components and coating such components
05/04/17Turnbuckle dampening links
05/04/17Systems and methods for a gas turbine engine with combined multi-directional gearbox deflection limiters and dampers
05/04/17Hot water heater monitoring electronic mixing valves
05/04/17Microwave-based fluid conduit heating system and operating the same
05/04/17Lamp design with led stem structure
05/04/17Gas turbine component with improved thermal barrier coating system
05/04/17Methods of repairing a thermal barrier coating of a gas turbine component and the resulting components
05/04/17Cooling patch for hot gas path components
05/04/17Fuel nozzle wall spacer for gas turbine engine
05/04/17Cooktop appliance control system
05/04/17Methods for operating heat pump water heater appliances
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05/04/17Data acquisition devices, systems and analyzing strain sensors and monitoring component strain
05/04/17Method for reduction of autofluorescence from biological samples
05/04/17Dual-purpose displacer system and method
05/04/17Magnetic resonance imaging matrix shim coil system and method
05/04/17System and acquiring images using an x-ray imaging system
05/04/17Systems for imaging with multi-head camera
05/04/17Fluid sensor cable assembly, system, and method
05/04/17Method and system for analyzing electrocardiograph data
05/04/17Method and system for sharing, distributing, ranking, and searching medical device configuration items
05/04/17Methods and apparatus to facilitate proximity detection and location tracking
05/04/17Method and system for measuring a volume from an ultrasound image
05/04/17Context-aware wearable safety system
05/04/17X-ray detector and a manufacturing the same
05/04/17System and direct current power transmission
05/04/17Electric machine system
04/27/17Deflection compensating mechanism for medical imaging
04/27/17Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, and program for controlling the same
04/27/17Methods and systems for segmenting a structure in medical images
04/27/17Medical vaporizer
04/27/17Parallel direct metal laser melting
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04/27/17Landing gear for power generation unit trailer system and anchoring trailer system
04/27/17Method and system for cross engine debris avoidance
04/27/17Carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon assisted enhanced oil recovery
04/27/17Solvent for cleaning turbine components
04/27/17Article, turbine component and airfoil treatment methods
04/27/17Method and system to repair outer periphery of a body
04/27/17Turbine bucket having outlet path in shroud
04/27/17Turbine bucket having outlet path in shroud
04/27/17Turbine bucket having cooling passageway
04/27/17Fabrication of gas turbine engine components using multiple processing steps
04/27/17Leaf seal reach over spring with retention mechanism
04/27/17Apparatus and sealing turbine assembly
04/27/17Torsional damping for gas turbine engines
04/27/17Torsional damping for gas turbine engines
04/27/17Active clearance control with integral double wall heat shielding
04/27/17Multi-piece shroud hanger assembly
04/27/17System and interfacing intercooled gas turbine engine with distillation process
04/27/17Turbine engine and particle separators therefore
04/27/17Method and system for managing heat flow in an engine
04/27/17System and manufacturing wind turbine rotor blades for simplified installation and removal
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04/27/17Pre-cured composites for rotor blade components
04/27/17Compressor incorporating splitters
04/27/17Bearing with drained race and squeeze film damper
04/27/17Method and system for a planetary power gearbox static to rotating oil transfer supply
04/27/17Air conditioner units having improved make-up air module communication
04/27/17Air conditioner units having improved make-up air module communication
04/27/17Systems and methods for pressure wave modeling to estimate in-cylinder pressure
04/27/17Systems and methods for determining risk of operating a turbomachine
04/27/17Systems and methods for monitoring and diagnosing transformer health
04/27/17System and cooling a magnetic resonance imaging device
04/27/17Auxiliary circuit for micro-electromechanical system relay circuit
04/27/17Micro-electromechanical system relay circuit
04/27/17Isolated control circuit and driver for micro-electromechanical system switch
04/27/17Pre-charging a capacitor bank
04/27/17Phase control of an induction motor
04/27/17System and proactive communication network management based upon area occupancy
04/27/17Reducing preheat time in an oven
04/20/17Detection of physiological changes in impedance monitoring
04/20/17Method and system of directing positioning of ecg electrodes
04/20/17System and adaptive interpretation of ecg waveforms
04/20/17Systems and methods for x-ray tomography having retrograde focal positioning
04/20/17Repair methods utilizing additively manufacturing for rotor blades and components
04/20/17Interlocking material transition zone with integrated film cooling
04/20/17Utilizing depth from ultrasound volume rendering for 3d printing
04/20/17Crosswind performance aircraft engine spinner
04/20/17Coating methods and coated articles
04/20/17System and drilling fluid parameters detection
04/20/17Additively manufactured rotor blades and components
04/20/17Turbine blade
04/20/17Turbine blade
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04/20/17Turbine blade
04/20/17Turbine blade
04/20/17Turbine blade
04/20/17Turbine blade
04/20/17Article and cooling an article
04/20/17Additively manufactured bladed disk
04/20/17Nozzle for a gas turbine engine
04/20/17Bulged nozzle for control of secondary flow and optimal diffuser performance
04/20/17Additively manufactured connection for a turbine nozzle
04/20/17Turbine slotted arcuate leaf seal
04/20/17Shrouds and methods for forming turbine components
04/20/17Systems and methods to facilitate enhancing turbine output using an auxiliary generator
04/20/17Wheel space purge flow mixing chamber
04/20/17Shroud assembly for a gas turbine engine
04/20/17Wheel space purge flow mixing chamber
04/20/17Laminar flow of piston cooling jets
04/20/17Systems and methods for wheel space temperature management
04/20/17Gas turbine with a valve cooling system
04/20/17Controlling injection of bio-diesel into a gas turbine combustor
04/20/17Aeroderivative jet engine accessory starter relocation to main shaft -- directly connected to hpc shaft
04/20/17Systems and methods for injection of bio-diesel into a gas turbine combustor
04/20/17Thrust scheduling variable pitch fan engines and turbo-shaft, turbo-propeller engines
04/20/17Method and system for adjusting engine cylinder operation
04/20/17Variable effective area fan nozzle
04/20/17Profilometry inspection spar caps of composition wind turbine blades
04/20/17Wind turbine rotor blade assembly with surface features
04/20/17Pump assembly for appliance
04/20/17Stepped shaft assembly
04/20/17Planet gearbox with cylindrical roller bearing with under race lube scheme

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