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General Electric Company
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General Electric Company Global Research
General Electric Company Schenectady
General Electric Company A New York Corrporation
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General Electric Company patents

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Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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01/29/15Devices and systems for elution of biomolecules
01/12/17Bottle washer assembly for dishwasher appliance
01/12/17Multi-headed imaging probe and imaging system using same
01/12/17Microbubble complexes and methods of use
01/12/17Filter assembly for an appliance
01/12/17Three-dimensional manufacturing methods and systems for turbine components
01/12/17Casting methods and molded articles produced therefrom
01/12/17Additive manufacturing of joining preforms
01/12/17Passive wireless sensors for rotary machines
01/12/17System and lifting with spreader bar
01/12/17Water filter assembly for a beverage dispenser
01/12/17Method and generating latent heat at low temperatures using exothermic salt crystallization
01/12/17Coating process and coated component
01/12/17Systems and methods for turbine blade repair
01/12/17Bearing assembly for supporting a rotor shaft of a gas turbine engine
01/12/17Insulation support system for an exhaust gas system
01/12/17Dual fuel system for a combustion engine
01/12/17Multi-sided ventilation assembly for wind turbine tower access door
01/12/17System and assembling tower sections of a wind turbine lattice tower structure
01/12/17Sealed conical-flat dome for flight engine combustors
01/12/17Cavity staging in a combustor
01/12/17Combustor assembly for a gas turbine engine and making same
01/12/17Systems and methods of dispensing water or ice
01/12/17Thermal management system
01/12/17Panoramic knock sensor engine component health detection
01/12/17Devices and methods for inspecting a wheel
01/12/17Systems and methods for guided de-noising for computed tomography
01/12/17Lifting system and ultrasound inspection machine incorporating the same
01/12/17Method and device for dissolved gas analysis
01/12/17Portable device communicating with patient monitoring device
01/12/17Capturing, encoding, and executing knowledge from subject matter experts
01/12/17Method and system for managing personnel work disruption in safety critical industries
01/12/17Method and measuring an ultrasonic image
01/12/17X-ray filtration
01/12/17Insulated windings and methods of making thereof
01/05/17Wireless charging and pairing of wireless associated devices
01/05/17Optimization of patient alarm settings for monitoring devices utilizing analytics
01/05/17Energy modulated luminescence tomography
01/05/17Systems and methods for flow rate compensated acquisition parameters for medical imaging
01/05/17Systems and methods for guided selection of acquisition parameters for medical imaging
01/05/17Systems and methods for dynamic scanning with multi-head camera
01/05/17Ultrasound imaging associating a photographic image with an ultrasound image
01/05/17Method for additively manufacturing component and component made therefrom
01/05/17Apparatus and rapid charging using shared power electronics
01/05/17Coating composition for inhibiting build-up of carbonaceous material and apparatus comprising the coating and method
01/05/17Coal slurry preheater and coal gasification system and method using the same
01/05/17Ring insert for a wind turbine rotor blade
01/05/17Turbine blade
01/05/17Bulged nozzle for control of secondary flow and optimal diffuser performance
01/05/17Rotor blade with wheel space swirlers and forming a rotor blade with wheel space swirlers
01/05/17Rotor off-take assembly
01/05/17Method of controlling a position actuation system component for a gas turbine engine
01/05/17Steam turbine shell deflection fault-tolerant control system, computer program product and related methods
01/05/17System and oxidant temperature control
01/05/17Air supply and conditioning system for a gas turbine
01/05/17Control angling guide vanes of a torque converter
01/05/17System and in-situ resurfacing of a wind turbine main rotor shaft
01/05/17Spar cap for a wind turbine rotor blade formed from pre-cured laminate plates of varying thicknesses
01/05/17Corrugated pre-cured laminate plates for use within wind turbine rotor blades
01/05/17Pitch assembly for a wind turbine rotor blade
01/05/17System for discharging compressed air from a compressor
01/05/17Fuel nozzle with flexible support structures
01/05/17Fuel nozzle structure for air assist injection
01/05/17Fuel nozzle assembly
01/05/17Packaged terminal air conditioner unit
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01/05/17Water heater appliance
01/05/17Water heater appliance and a detecting water draws in a water heater appliance
01/05/17System and detection of changes to compression ratio and peak firing pressure of an engine
01/05/17System and measuring concentration of a trace gas in a gas mixture
01/05/17Method and ultrasound transducer arrays with accelerated cure adhesives
01/05/17Systems and methods for mri continuous gradient coils
01/05/17Magnetic resonance imaging system and method
01/05/17Method and ring artifact repair of magnetic resonance images
01/05/17Flexible x-ray detector apparatus, system, and using the same
01/05/17Optical microscope and detecting lens immersion
01/05/17Integrated computer-aided design object classification
01/05/17Methods and systems for computed tomography motion compensation
01/05/17Target assembly and isotope production system having a vibrating device
01/05/17Production assemblies and removable target assemblies for isotope production
01/05/17Circuit breaker having breaker information module and use
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01/05/17Power supply and distribution system and an associated method thereof
01/05/17Predictive control for energy storage on a renewable energy system
12/29/16Tilting head support for medical imaging
12/29/16Method and system for enhanced visualization by automatically adjusting ultrasound needle recognition parameters
12/29/16Liquid carbon dioxide absorbents, methods of using the same, and related systems
12/29/16Method and tool for use with turbomachines
12/29/16System and coordinating terminal operations with line of road movements
12/29/16Moisture-resistant phosphor compositions and associate methods
12/29/16Cell culture support and associated cell growth and release
12/29/16Methods for marking and marked articles using additive manufacturing technique
12/29/16Diffusion coatings for metal-based substrate and methods of preparation thereof
12/29/16System and assembling tower sections of a wind turbine lattice tower structure
12/29/16Radial tie-bolt support spring
12/29/16Methods for treating field operated components
12/29/16Steam turbine nozzle segment for partial arc application, related assembly and steam turbine
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Relative position measurement
12/29/16Trunnion retention for a turbine engine
12/29/16Pump for a turbine engine
12/29/16Gas turbine engine
12/29/16Manipulation of turbomachine combustors
12/29/16System for positioning of equipment
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
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12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Power generation system exhaust cooling
12/29/16Modular wind turbine rotor blades and methods of assembling same
12/29/16Structural support members with different areal weight fiber reinforcing layers for wind turbine rotor blades
12/29/16Modular wind turbine rotor blades and methods of assembling same
12/29/16Structural component for a modular rotor blade
12/29/16Blade root section for a modular rotor blade and manufacturing same
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12/29/16Water heater appliance with tank capacity control interface and related control methods
12/29/16Liquefaction system using a turboexpander
12/29/16Systems and methods for detection of engine component conditions via external sensors
12/29/16System for detecting coolant leaks in generators
12/29/16Method and system for portable engine health monitoring
12/29/16Systems and methods for viewing data generated by rotational scanning in non-destructive testing
12/29/16System and synchronizing networked components
12/29/16Active area designs for silicon carbide super-junction power devices
12/29/16Current carrying systems and methods of assembling the same
12/29/16Short circuit fault tolerant permanent magnet machine
12/29/16Dynamoelectric machine main lead servicing
12/29/16Fluid extraction system having power control sub-system and related methods
12/29/16Shielding structure for power conversion system
12/29/16Universal four-side buttable digital cmos imager
12/22/16Dishwasher appliance and a forming a unitary sump
12/22/16Digital mammography device
12/22/16Platelet activation and growth factor release using electric pulses
12/22/16Platelet activation and growth factor release using electric pulses
12/22/16System for the removal of heat stable amine salts from an amine absorbent
12/22/16Additive manufacturing large components
12/22/16Rotor blade mold assembly and forming rotor blade
12/22/16Energy management vehicle systems
12/22/16Method and cracking hydrocarbon
12/22/16Methods for determining load mass in washing machine appliances
12/22/16Flow inducer for a gas turbine system
12/22/16Trench cooling of airfoil structures
12/22/16Ducted thrust producing system with asynchronous fan blade pitching
12/22/16Methods and system for a turbocharger
12/22/16High temperature flame sensor
12/22/16Methods and systems to control exhaust gas recirculation
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12/22/16Systems for filtering a voltage signal
12/22/16Systems and methods for increasing wind turbine power output
12/22/16Appliance control panel assembly
12/22/16Oven appliances having improved oven burner air supplies
12/22/16Cylinder head acceleration measurement for valve train diagnostics system and method
12/22/16Curved digital x-ray detector for weld inspection
12/22/16Scalable methods for analyzing formalized requirements and localizing errors
12/22/16Systems and methods of forecasting power plant performance
12/22/16Adjustment and compensation of delays in photo sensor microcells
12/22/16System-wide probabilistic alerting and activation
12/22/16System and generating a ct slice image
12/22/16Method for in-situ magnetization or degaussing of generator rotor
12/22/16Contact system for a circuit breaker
12/22/16Secondary disconnect assembly, switching device system having secondary disconnect assembly, and method
12/22/16System and isolating ground faults in a wind turbine
12/22/16Honeyport active network security
12/22/16System and utilizing x-ray detector having pixel with multiple charge-storage devices
12/15/16Diverter for selective fluid flow in a dishwashing appliance
12/15/16Dishwasher appliance
12/15/16Collision avoidance system and collision avoidance detection bed
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12/15/16System and determining operational group assignments of vehicles in a vehicle system
12/15/16Method for altering metal surfaces
12/15/16Electrochemical machining employing electrical voltage pulses to drive reduction and oxidation reactions
12/15/16Agitation element for a washing machine appliance
12/15/16Hot gas path component trailing edge having near wall cooling features
12/15/16Method for modifying an airfoil shroud and airfoil
12/15/16Composite disk
12/15/16Mechanical drive architectures with hybrid-type low-loss bearings and low-density materials
12/15/16Pitch change mechanism for shrouded fan with low fan pressure ratio
12/15/16Hot gas path component cooling system having a particle collection chamber
12/15/16Hot gas path component having cast-in features for near wall cooling
12/15/16Hot gas path component having near wall cooling features
12/15/16Systems and methods for monitoring a compressor
12/15/16Bearing assembly
12/15/16Air-shielded fuel injection assembly to facilitate reduced nox emissions in a combustor system
12/15/16Prefilming air blast (pab) pilot having annular splitter surrounding a pilot fuel injector
12/15/16Prefilming air blast (pab) pilot for low emissions combustors
12/15/16Combustion flow sleeve lifting tool
12/15/16Multi-ring gas burner
12/15/16Multi-ring gas burner
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12/15/16Gas burner
12/15/16Packaged terminal air conditioner unit
12/15/16Component for a refrigerator appliance having an integrated heater
12/15/16Heat exchanger and a forming a heat exchanger
12/15/16System and magnetic shielding for sensors
12/15/16Systems and methods for mri body coil support structures
12/15/16Digital x-ray detector having multi-tap pixels
12/15/16Lighting system with improved illumination distribution and output luminance variation
12/15/16System and autofocusing of an imaging system
12/15/16Dynamically controlling industrial system outage assignments to achieve dose states
12/15/16System to control asset decommissioning and reconcile constraints
12/15/16Retaining assembly for a circuit breaker contact system
12/15/16Power distribution systems and methods of monitoring zone selective interlocking in a power distribution system
12/15/16Systems and methods for power plant data reconciliation
12/15/16Model-based control power production machinery
12/15/16Oven camera assembly
12/08/16System and evaluating an association between a wireless sensor and a monitored patient
12/08/16Minimally invasive patient reference navigation-assisted surgery
12/08/16Methods for determining physiological parameters based on electrical impedance measurements
12/08/16System and displaying variable duration image scans
12/08/16Ultrasound imaging system and ultrasound-based guiding a catheter
12/08/16Methods and systems for controlling a diagnostic medical imaging display interface
12/08/16System and ventilating lungs
12/08/16Membranes comprising graphene
12/08/16Hybrid additive manufacturing methods and articles using green state additive structures
12/08/16Additive manufacturing methods and hybrid articles using brazeable additive structures
12/08/16Hybrid additive manufacturing methods using hybrid additively manufactured features for hybrid components
12/08/16Metallic compositions useful for brazing, and related processes and devices
12/08/16Vehicle communication systems and control systems
12/08/16Inspection system and method
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12/08/16Microwave processing of wastewater sludge
12/08/16Flow sleeve seal ring installation apparatus and related methods
12/08/16Systems and methods for passively providing one or more flows of cooling fluid to a hot cavity within a cooling circuit of a gas turbine engine
12/08/16Igniter assembly for a gas turbine engine
12/08/16System and reducing torsional movement in a wind turbine tower
12/08/16Load-sharing bearing system and an associated method thereof
12/08/16Gas detector and detection
12/08/16Flow angle probe
12/08/16Systems and methods for mri common mode traps
12/08/16Solid state photomultiplier
12/08/16Dynamic calculation and control of synchronous machines
12/08/16Biological data annotation and visualization
12/08/16Biological data annotation and visualization
12/08/16Biological data annotation and visualization
12/08/16Deep channel cathode assembly
12/08/16Solid state photomultiplier
12/08/16Hermetic feed through assembly
12/08/16Direct current power distribution and protection system
12/08/16Uninterruptible power supply and use
12/08/16Method and system for control power in remote dc power systems
12/08/16Retention assembly for stator bar using shim with stator wedge and related method
12/08/16Stator core support system
12/08/16In-situ sealing fluid cooled conduits for a generator
12/08/16Tube amplifier assembly having a power tube and a capacitor assembly
12/08/16Data communication system and method
12/01/16Method for controlling a gas cooking appliance
12/01/16Filter assembly for a dishwasher appliance
12/01/16Electric discharge machining die sinking device and related operation
12/01/16Method for material recovery in electroerosion machining

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