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General Electric Company Schenectady
General Electric Company A New York Corrporation
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General Electric Company patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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01/29/15Devices and systems for elution of biomolecules
11/16/17 new patent  Interface for two-part wearable patient monitoring device
11/16/17 new patent  Methods for personalizing blood flow models
11/16/17 new patent  Methods for personalizing blood flow models
11/16/17 new patent  Sulfite preconditioning systems and methods to reduce mercury concentrations in waste water
11/16/17 new patent  Method of protecting an article having a complex shape
11/16/17 new patent  Phased array ultrasonic transducer and manufacture
11/16/17 new patent  Robot system path planning for asset health management
11/16/17 new patent  Methods and rail supports for additive manufacturing
11/16/17 new patent  Determining out of balance conditions of a washing machine
11/16/17 new patent  Washing machine appliance with a venturi pump
11/16/17 new patent  Hydraulically powered lid lock assembly
11/16/17 new patent  Turbine assembly, turbine inner wall assembly, and turbine assembly method
11/16/17 new patent  Cooled component with porous skin
11/16/17 new patent  Airfoil with cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Airfoil with cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Airfoil with cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Intermediate central passage spanning outer walls aft of airfoil leading edge passage
11/16/17 new patent  Engine component wall with a cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Engine component wall with a cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Airfoil having cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Ceramic matrix composite airfoil cooling
11/16/17 new patent  Ceramic matrix composite airfoil cooling
11/16/17 new patent  Flared central cavity aft of airfoil leading edge
11/16/17 new patent  Blade with stress-reducing bulbous projection at turn opening of coolant passages
11/16/17 new patent  Internal rib with defined concave surface curvature for airfoil
11/16/17 new patent  Engine component wall with a cooling circuit
11/16/17 new patent  Seal for hardware segments
11/16/17 new patent  Moveable nozzle assembly and a turbocharger
11/16/17 new patent  Turbine nozzle assembly and forming turbine components
11/16/17 new patent  System for a surface cooler with ogv oriented fin angles
11/16/17 new patent  Impeller-mounted vortex spoiler
11/16/17 new patent  System and improving speed control of a pitch drive system of a wind turbine
11/16/17 new patent  System and validating optimization of a wind farm
11/16/17 new patent  System and detecting pitch bearing damage in a wind turbine
11/16/17 new patent  Slip ring system for a wind turbine wind turbine and a producing electrical energy
11/16/17 new patent  Compressor end-wall treatment having a bent profile
11/16/17 new patent  Combustors and methods of assembling the same
11/16/17 new patent  Double oven appliance
11/16/17 new patent  Caloric heat pump ice making appliance
11/16/17 new patent  Caloric heat pump dishwasher appliance
11/16/17 new patent  Air conditioner units with improved efficiency
11/16/17 new patent  Self-cleaning heat exchange assembly
11/16/17 new patent  Integrated ventilation and leak detection system and assembly
11/16/17 new patent  Distributed gas detection system and method
11/16/17 new patent  System and fluid interface identification
11/16/17 new patent  System and combining detector signals
11/16/17 new patent  Robotic repair or maintenance of an asset
11/16/17 new patent  Robot system for asset health management
11/16/17 new patent  Beam pumping unit and operation
11/16/17 new patent  Method and system for efficient dynamic alarm construction
11/16/17 new patent  Updating a software configuration of an appliance
11/16/17 new patent  System and entity recognition and linking
11/16/17 new patent  Die repatterning transmission lines on silicon photomultipliers
11/16/17 new patent  Single-stage current-fed clamped series resonant power factor corrected converter
11/16/17 new patent  System and vehicle diagnostics
11/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods for aligning data stream signals
11/16/17 new patent  Externally viewable orientation indication an optical sensor
11/16/17 new patent  Dimmer with photo sensor and high/low clamping
11/09/17System and conditioning flow of a wet gas stream
11/09/17Combined liquid guided laser and electrical discharge machining
11/09/17Perforated ceramic matrix composite ply, ceramic matrix composite article, and forming ceramic matrix composite article
11/09/17Adhesion control system and method
11/09/17Automated ceramic matrix composite ply layup
11/09/17Cell-free protein expression using rolling circle amplification product
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11/09/17Thermal barrier system with bond coat barrier
11/09/17System and cooling components of a gas turbine engine
11/09/17Turbomachine including clearance control system
11/09/17Service tube for a turbine engine
11/09/17System and controlling a vehicle
11/09/17System and a gas turbine power generation system with a high pressure compressor with an added forward stage
11/09/17Gas turbine engine with an offtake
11/09/17Airflow manipulation device for compressor
11/09/17System and controlling the operation of a wind turbine
11/09/17Hybrid tubular lattice tower assembly for a wind turbine
11/09/17Wind turbine bearings
11/09/17Liquid injection apparatus and compressor assembly having the same
11/09/17Apparatus and system for composite fan blade with fused metal lead edge
11/09/17Method and system for hybrid gang channel bolted joint
11/09/17Bearing damper with external support spring systems and methods
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11/09/17High frequency acoustic damper for combustor liners
11/09/17Multi-phase fluid fraction measurement
11/09/17System and method to model power output of an engine
11/09/17Corrosion sensor, corrosion monitoring system, and quantifying corrosion
11/09/17Machine rotor ultrasonic imaging system and related methods
11/09/17Switching amplifirer and operating same
11/09/17Temperature compensation for silicon photomultiplier based detector
11/09/17Redundant ethernet-based control apparatus and method
11/09/17Systems and methods for regulating a microgrid
11/09/17System and using touch interaction based on location of touch on a touch screen
11/09/17System and using multiple touch inputs for controller interaction in industrial control systems
11/09/17Method and system of using spatially-defined and pattern-defined gesturing passwords
11/09/17Computing system to control the use of physical state attainment of assets to meet temporal performance criteria
11/09/17Constrained time computing control system to simulate and optimize aircraft operations with dynamic thermodynamic state and asset utilization attainment
11/09/17Computing system to control the use of physical state attainment with inspection
11/09/17Controlling aircraft operations and aircraft engine components assignment
11/09/17Constrained cash computing system to optimally schedule aircraft repair capacity with closed loop dynamic physical state and asset utilization attainment control
11/09/17System and determining grade errors of a route
11/09/17Metal oxide interface passivation for photon counting devices
11/09/17Photon counting devices
11/09/17Bridge leg circuit assembly and full-bridge circuit assembly
11/09/17Collaborative infrastructure supporting cyber-security analytics in industrial networks
11/09/17Appliance heating element with integrated temperature sensing
11/09/17Wireless connection of sensors to outdoor lighting system
11/02/17System and detection of sensor removal in a monitoring system
11/02/17Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and power supply device
11/02/17Method and assembly for forming components using a jacketed core
11/02/17Method and assembly for forming components using a jacketed core
11/02/17Near-net shape shield and fabrication processes
11/02/17Systems and methods for a vehicle inverter connection bus
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11/02/17System and vehicle control based on detected wheel condition
11/02/17Autonomous vehicle system and method
11/02/17Electric pulse generation systems using capacitive coupling
11/02/17Ductile iron composition and process of forming a ductile iron component
11/02/17Ductile iron composition and process of forming a ductile iron component
11/02/17Methods of forming a multilayer thermal barrier coating system
11/02/17Multilayer thermal barrier coating material
11/02/17Effective area metal loss clustering
11/02/17Turbine seal repair patch and methods of repairing turbine seals
11/02/17Aspirating face seal assembly and a operating the same
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11/02/17Dimpled naccelle inner surface for heat transfer improvement
11/02/17Engine casing with internal coolant flow patterns
11/02/17Micro thermal imaging system for turbine engines
11/02/17Directed flow nozzle swirl enhancer
11/02/17Sump assembly for a gas turbine engine
11/02/17Systems and methods for thermally integrating oil reservoir and outlet guide vanes using heat pipes
11/02/17Integral offset oil tank for inline accessory gearbox
11/02/17Systems for an engine
11/02/17System and fuel injection control
11/02/17Turbofan assembly and assembling
11/02/17Wind turbine blade with noise reducing micro boundary layer energizers
11/02/17Indoor pizza oven appliance
11/02/17Caloric water heater appliance
11/02/17Refrigerator appliance and heater for preventing condensation
11/02/17Ultrasonic flow meter measuring flow rate
11/02/17Control of machinery with calibrated performance model
11/02/17Antenna for lighting control at mesh networks nodes
11/02/17Integrated power converter and transformer
11/02/17Thermal capacitance system
10/26/17Controlling operation of dishwasher motor
10/26/17Wireless patient monitoring system and method
10/26/17System and imaging a moving subject
10/26/17Integrated charger for vehicles and making same
10/26/17Three phase bond coat coating system for superalloys
10/26/17Washing machine appliance and backsplash assembly
10/26/17Washing machine appliance with on demand fluids
10/26/17Airfoil for a turbine engine
10/26/17Airfoil with variable slot decoupling
10/26/17Turbine engine shroud assembly
10/26/17Article, component, and making a component
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10/26/17Article, component, and making a component
10/26/17System and condition based monitoring of a gas turbine filter house
10/26/17Ventilation system for turbomachine using bladeless airflow amplifier
10/26/17Ventilation system for turbomachine using bladeless airflow amplifier
10/26/17Engine diagnostic system and method
10/26/17System and estimating high bandwidth tower deflection for wind turbines
10/26/17System and a variable squeeze film damper
10/26/17Anti-detachment capper for led retrofit lamps
10/26/17Illuminated knob assembly for an appliance
10/26/17Systems and methods for distributed measurement
10/26/17Adaptable input/output apparatus and method
10/26/17Method and system for contactless power transfer in a gate driver unit
10/26/17Silent multi-gradient echo magnetic resonance imaging
10/26/17System and imaging four-dimensional flow of a fluid within a volume of an imaged object
10/26/17Distributed vehicle system control system and method
10/26/17Systems and methods for multi-resource scheduling
10/26/17Radiation shielding system
10/26/17Method for forming a bed of stabilized magneto-caloric material
10/26/17Sleeve rotor synchronous reluctance electric machine
10/26/17Gas tube-switched high voltage dc power converter
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10/26/17Power converter topology for use in an energy storage system
10/26/17Domain level threat detection for industrial asset control system
10/26/17System and cooling power electronics
10/19/17Method and giving a measurement of quality for impedance based respiration monitoring
10/19/17Ultrasound imaging sterilizing a probe
10/19/17Gas driven fluid transport
10/19/17Propulsion engine for an aircraft
10/19/17Propulsion engine for an aircraft
10/19/17Phosphor materials for light sources and manufacturing the same
10/19/17Composition and imaging stem cells
10/19/17Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
10/19/17Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
10/19/17Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
10/19/17Washing machine appliance out-of-balance detection
10/19/17Washing machine appliance with on demand fluid additive
10/19/17Washing machine appliance with a fluid additive receptacle
10/19/17Laundry additive dispenser
10/19/17Turbine engine airfoil bleed pumping
10/19/17Component for a turbine engine with a film-hole
10/19/17System for cooling seal rails of tip shroud of turbine blade
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10/19/17Gas turbine engine transition duct and turbine center frame
10/19/17Gas bearing seal
10/19/17Fluid-filled damper for gas bearing assembly
10/19/17Thrust bearing
10/19/17Rotary machine with gas bearings
10/19/17Bearing having integrally formed components
10/19/17Segmented annular combustion system
10/19/17Oil-free gas turbine engine
10/19/17Compressor bleed valve health assessment systems and methods
10/19/17Fuel supply system and operating a combustion turbine engine
10/19/17Rod pumping unit and operation
10/19/17Fan apparatus
10/19/17Gas distribution labyrinth for bearing pad
10/19/17Panel fuel injector
10/19/17Segmented annular combustion system
10/19/17Integrated combustor nozzle for a segmented annular combustion system
10/19/17Cooktop fire prevention module with remote control cooking features
10/19/17Adjustable and removable door lighting assembly for a refrigerator appliance
10/19/17Evaluating performance of a fluid transport system using limited sensor data
10/19/17Asset degradation model baselinening system and method
10/19/17Creating predictive damage models by transductive transfer learning
10/19/17Anatomy map navigator systems and methods of use
10/19/17Equipment repair control system
10/19/17Devices, systems, and methods for protection of switchgear against electrical arcs
10/19/17Charge integrating devices and related systems
10/19/17Auxiliary power for luminiare node controllers
10/19/17Wind converter control for weak grid
10/19/17Systems and methods for segmenting industrial asset services
10/19/17Synchronous sampling methods for infrared cameras
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10/19/17Methods and systems for load balancing in mesh networks
10/19/17Systems and methods of quasi-resonant induction heating
10/19/17Protection circuit assembly and method
10/12/17Additive machine utilizing rotational build surface
10/12/17Apparatus and peening of machine components
10/12/17Electric propulsion engine for an aircraft
10/12/17Rotatable engagement of additive manufacturing build plate
10/12/17Laundry additive dispenser
10/12/17Dryer appliances and methods of operation
10/12/17System and in situ balancing of a rotating component of a gas turbine engine
10/12/17Turbomachine alignment key and related turbomachine
10/12/17Steam turbine drum nozzle having alignment feature, related assembly, steam turbine and storage medium
10/12/17System and method to move turbomachinery
10/12/17Use of gas turbine heated fluid for reductant vaporization
10/12/17Foreign object damage screen for gas turbine system
10/12/17Gas turbine engine service tube mount
10/12/17Air bypass system for rotor shaft cooling
10/12/17Integrated gas turbine inlet silencer and bleed heat system
10/12/17System and auto-calibrating a load sensor system of a wind turbine
10/12/17Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve
10/12/17Electric propulsion engine for an aircraft
10/12/17Self-cooling electric submersible pump
10/12/17Moisture detection system for gas turbine inlet
10/12/17Heat dissipating reflectors for led luminaires
10/12/17System and controlling oven humidity
10/12/17Water supply system for an ice making assembly
10/12/17Insulated and charged to-go bins for a refrigerator appliance
10/12/17Refrigerator appliance and a operating a refrigerator appliance
10/12/17Defect correction using tomographic scanner for additive manufacturing

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