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General Electric Company
General Electric Company A New York Corporation
General Electric Company Global Research
General Electric Company Schenectady
General Electric Company A New York Corrporation
General Electric Company_20100107
General Electric Company_20100114
General Electric Company_20131212
General Electric Company_20100128
General Electric Company_20100121
General Electric Companyschenectady

General Electric Company patents

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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01/29/15Devices and systems for elution of biomolecules
09/14/17 new patent  Topical application of nerve labeling dyes for image-guided surgery
09/14/17 new patent  Filter cartridge
09/14/17 new patent  Article and forming an article
09/14/17 new patent  Method and dispensing refrigerated fiber prepreg rolls
09/14/17 new patent  Method and system for mounting an aircraft engine
09/14/17 new patent  Using aircraft data recorded during flight to predict aircraft engine behavior
09/14/17 new patent  Method and article for cracking hydrocarbon, and protecting article against coking during hydrocarbon cracking
09/14/17 new patent  Precipitate strengthened nanostructured ferritic alloy and forming
09/14/17 new patent  Agitation element for a washing machine appliance
09/14/17 new patent  Dryer appliances with improved heaters
09/14/17 new patent  Ceramic matrix composite component, gas turbine seal assembly, and forming ceramic matrix composite component
09/14/17 new patent  Method of treating a brush seal, treated brush seal, and brush seal assembly
09/14/17 new patent  Engine health monitoring using acoustic sensors
09/14/17 new patent  System and cooling trailing edge and/or leading edge of hot gas flow path component
09/14/17 new patent  Doubler attachment system
09/14/17 new patent  Systems and methods for a visual alignment system
09/14/17 new patent  Seal ring assembly for a dynamoelectric machine
09/14/17 new patent  Substrate with shaped cooling holes
09/14/17 new patent  Filter assembly and a refrigerator appliance
09/14/17 new patent  Ultrasonic inspection probe assembly
09/14/17 new patent  Haptic feedback on the density of virtual 3d objects
09/14/17 new patent  Method and providing a multi-pane graphical display with information associated with a case data structure
09/14/17 new patent  Systems and methods for displaying a fault analysis instructions of an engine control subsystem
09/14/17 new patent  Method and collaborative threat assessment
09/14/17 new patent  Embedded pole and assembling same
09/14/17 new patent  Power overlay structure and making same
09/14/17 new patent  Racking interlocking systems for withdrawable circuit breakers
09/14/17 new patent  Dfig-based ups systems and methods of control
09/14/17 new patent  Micro-inverter assembly for use in a photovoltaic system and making same
09/14/17 new patent  Switching amplifier with zero voltage switching and balanced thermal control algorithm
09/07/17Motor detection methodology and system
09/07/17Modular electrocardiogram device with high quality differential limb-leads and modularly expandable chest-leads
09/07/17Breast tomosynthesis with flexible compression paddle
09/07/17Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and program for controlling the same
09/07/17Diverted pulse jet cleaning device and system
09/07/17System and mixing tempering air with flue gas for hot scr catalyst
09/07/17Laminar vertical powder flow for additive manufacturing
09/07/17Decoupled liquid-jet guided laser nozzle cap
09/07/17Protective shield for liquid guided laser cutting tools
09/07/17Brazing tape or preform for microchannels in a thermal barrier coating
09/07/17Braze composition, brazing process, and brazed article
09/07/17Propulsion system for an aircraft
09/07/17Processes, gas turbine processes, and fuel compositions
09/07/17Dryer appliance and a forming a unitary component with a moisture sensor
09/07/17In situ tip repair of an airfoil tip in a gas turbine engine via frictional welding
09/07/17Airfoil tip geometry to reduce blade wear in gas turbine engines
09/07/17Modulated hybrid variable area turbine nozzle for gas turbine engine
09/07/17Method and system for piping failure detection
09/07/17Dry detergent for cleaning gas turbine engine components
09/07/17System and cleaning gas turbine engine components
09/07/17Gas turbine in situ inflatable bladders for on-wing repair
09/07/17Gas turbine exhaust diffuser with air injection
09/07/17High pressure compressor augmented bleed with autonomously actuated valve
09/07/17Engine control system for reducing particulate matter
09/07/17Overspeed protection system and method
09/07/17Airfoil tip geometry to reduce blade wear in gas turbine engines
09/07/17Asymmetric alignment system for a variable stator vane
09/07/17Sleeve assemblies and methods of fabricating same
09/07/17Bundled tube fuel nozzle with internal cooling
09/07/17Spacers and conduit assemblies having the same
09/07/17Fuel supply conduit assemblies
09/07/17Refrigerator appliance with a drawer slide synchronizer
09/07/17Method and systems for diagnosing an engine
09/07/17System and monitoring component health using resonance
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09/07/17Flow angle probe
09/07/17Expert guided knowledge acquisition system for analyzing seismic data
09/07/17Context based bounded hydrocarbon formation identification
09/07/17Devices containing a remote phosphor package with red line emitting phosphors and green emitting quantum dots
09/07/17Low power management system
09/07/17Method, system, and program storage device for analytics in an industrial internet of things
09/07/17Aerial camera identifying route-related hazards
09/07/17Method for removing streak from detector cell with performance difference
09/07/17Switchgear enclosure with interconnected exhaust system
09/07/17System and controlling dc link voltage of a power converter
09/07/17High power-density, high back emf permanent magnet machine and making same
09/07/17Systems and methods for monitoring system performance and availability
08/31/17Method for dispensing baby formula at a refrigerator appliance
08/31/17X-ray/intravascular imaging colocation method and system
08/31/17Casting with metal components and metal skin layers
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08/31/17Casting with first metal components and second metal components
08/31/17Casting with graded core components
08/31/17Casting with a second metal component formed around a first metal component using hot isostactic pressing
08/31/17Multivariate statistical process control of laser powder bed additive manufacturing
08/31/17Coated articles and coating methods
08/31/17Environmental barrier coating and methods of preparation
08/31/17System and performing laser induced breakdown spectroscopy during laser ablation coating removal
08/31/17Article with improved coating system and methods of forming the same
08/31/17Internal ladder assembly for a wind turbine rotor hub
08/31/17Active hpc clearance control
08/31/17Apparatus, turbine nozzle and turbine shroud
08/31/17Encapsulated cooling for turbine shrouds
08/31/17Nozzle segment for a gas turbine engine with ribs defining radially spaced internal cooling channels
08/31/17Core differential bearing with centering spring and squeeze film damper
08/31/17Positioning system for industrial machine coupling elements
08/31/17System and managing heat recovery steam generator inlet temperature
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Turbine engine assembly and operating such
08/31/17Acoustic damping system for a wind turbine tower
08/31/17Taper sleeve driver for thrust bearing
08/31/17Rotor wheel and impeller inserts
08/31/17Centrifugal compressor diffuser passage boundary layer control
08/31/17Axi-centrifugal compressor with variable outlet guide vanes
08/31/17Ejector for a sealed system
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Combustor assembly
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08/31/17Pilot nozzles in gas turbine combustors
08/31/17System having layered structure and making the same
08/31/17Combustor assembly
08/31/17Stand-alone ice making appliances
08/31/17Spark gap device and measurement of x-ray tube vacuum pressure
08/31/17Consumer appliance with a detachable tablet
08/31/17Methods, apparatus, systems and media for use in association with subsea equipment located in a topside environment
08/31/17Systems and methods for artifact removal for computed tomography imaging
08/31/17Quench protection superconducting magnet system
08/31/17Robust emitter for minimizing damage from ion bombardment
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08/31/17Robust electrode with septum rod for biased x-ray tube cathode
08/31/17Electrical interconnect structure for an embedded electronics package
08/31/17System and regulating voltage in a low voltage power distribution system
08/31/17Compression band shim pack for stator core, related stator and generator
08/24/17Coating removal method and guide for use therewith
08/24/17System and data reconstruction in soft-field tomography
08/24/17Radiation tomography apparatus and program
08/24/17System for reducing a footprint of an ultrasound transducer probe
08/24/17Automatic alignment of ultrasound volumes
08/24/17Methods and systems for generating an ultrasound image
08/24/17Medical tracking sensor assembly
08/24/17Patient reference assembly for an electromagnetic navigation system
08/24/17Auxiliary cleaning system for gas turbine engines
08/24/17System and in situ repair of gas turbine engine casing clearance
08/24/17Systems and methods for honing a shaft
08/24/17Apparatus for induction heating and bending of thermoplastic composite tubes and a using same
08/24/17Industrial machine acoustic inspection using unmanned aerial vehicle
08/24/17Method of treatment, turbine component, and turbine system
08/24/17System and rejuvenating coated components of gas turbine engines
08/24/17Turbine blade centroid shifting method and system
08/24/17System and simultaneously depositing multiple coatings on a turbine blade of a gas turbine engine
08/24/17Detectable datum markers for gas turbine engine components for measuring distortion
08/24/17System and fabricating and repairing a gas turbine component
08/24/17Steam drum level control system, computer program product and related methods
08/24/17Sump housing for a gas turbine engine
08/24/17Gas-only cartridge for a premix fuel nozzle
08/24/17Water reservoir assembly and a refrigerator appliance
08/24/17Pressure modulator
08/24/17System and detecting an anomaly in a pipe assembly
08/24/17System and optimization of recommended service intervals
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08/24/17Lighting system and light source assembly for use with night vision equipment
08/24/17System and generating a schedule to extract a resource fluid from a reservoir
08/24/17Laser power monitoring in additive manufacturing
08/24/17User interface component for browsing industrial assets
08/24/17User interface component for managing and presenting data corresponding to industrial assets
08/24/17Designing and fabricating semiconductor devices with specific terrestrial cosmic ray (tcr) ratings
08/24/17Silicon carbide device and making thereof
08/24/17Intra-compartment cooling channel component for a metal-clad switchgear assembly
08/24/17Shutter interlock devices, systems, and methods of use thereof
08/24/17System and heating ferrite magnet motors for low temperatures
08/24/17Communication system for adaptive lighting control
08/17/17Wireless patient monitoring system and method
08/17/17Wireless patient monitoring system and method
08/17/17Method and system of monitoring cardiac function based on patient position
08/17/17Methods and leading edge supports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Method and conformal supports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Reclamation system for reactive metal powder for additive manufacturing system
08/17/17Resistively heated thermoplastic washout mandrel
08/17/17Method and supports with powder removal ports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Methods and breakable supports for additive manufacturing
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08/17/17Methods and keyway supports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Methods and surrounding supports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Method and connecting supports for additive manufacturing
08/17/17Incorporation of jamming technologies in tooling for composites processing
08/17/17Cooling arrangement for a motor of a vehicle
08/17/17Vehicle convoy control system and method
08/17/17System and in situ repair of turbine blades of gas turbine engines
08/17/17Gas turbine engine with ring damper
08/17/17Riblets for a flowpath surface of a turbomachine
08/17/17Gas turbine engine trailing edge ejection holes
08/17/17Airfoil trailing edge cooling
08/17/17Impingement holes for a turbine engine component
08/17/17Airfoil for a gas turbine engine
08/17/17Airfoil having crossover holes
08/17/17Rotor blade trailing edge cooling
08/17/17Accelerator insert for a gas turbine engine airfoil
08/17/17Airfoil having impingement openings
08/17/17Centrifugal compressor assembly for use in a turbine engine and assembly
08/17/17Thermal stress relief of a component
08/17/17Turbine frame cooling systems and methods of assembly for use in a gas turbine engine
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08/17/17Rotor support system with shape memory alloy components for a gas turbine engine
08/17/17Aircraft engine with an impact panel
08/17/17Flowpath contouring
08/17/17System and exhaust treatment
08/17/17Inline propeller gearbox brake
08/17/17Acoustic nozzles for inlet bleed heat systems
08/17/17Method and system for modulated turbine cooling as a function of engine health
08/17/17Component cooling for a gas turbine engine
08/17/17Gas turbine engine pipe cover
08/17/17Acoustic nozzles for inlet bleed heat systems
08/17/17Systems and methods for determining operational impact on turbine component creep life
08/17/17Start/stop system for vehicles and making same
08/17/17Method and system for integrated pitch control mechanism actuator hydraulic fluid transfer
08/17/17Containment case trench filler layer and containing releasable components from rotatable machines
08/17/17Surface contouring
08/17/17Ice maker with a radial and thrust bearing
08/17/17Ice maker with a threaded connection between a motor shaft and an auger
08/17/17Ice maker with a radial and thrust bearing
08/17/17Subsea sensor assemblies
08/17/17Optical apparatus and sight tube for inspecting turbine engine components
08/17/17Optical imaging system for inspecting turbine engine components and operating same
08/17/17Automated generating engine test cell analytics and diagnostics
08/17/17System and surface inspection
08/17/17Methods for radiographic and ct inspection of additively manufactured workpieces
08/17/17Method, presenting information in a monitor and a monitor
08/17/17Method and system for enhanced visualization of a curved structure by automatically displaying a rendered view of a curved image slice
08/17/17Radioisotope production controlling the same
08/17/17Low stray-loss transformers and methods of assembling the same
08/17/17Circuit breaker having a floating moveable contact
08/17/17Systems and methods for in-situ doped semiconductor gate electrodes for wide bandgap semiconductor power devices
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08/17/17Spacer for wind turbine cables
08/17/17Data interface with overvoltage protection for two-way digital control bus system
08/17/17Integrated conductive foam core for composite processing
08/10/17Modular dishwasher rack system
08/10/17Dishwasher rack lift mechanism
08/10/17Method and system for variable heat sources for composite fiber placement
08/10/17Wing leading edge features to attenuate propeller wake-wing acoustic interactions
08/10/17Method of making a polymer foam
08/10/17Balance ring for a washing machine appliance
08/10/17Turbine bucket having non-axisymmetric endwall contour and profile
08/10/17Turbine bucket profile
08/10/17Airfoil assembly with leading edge element
08/10/17Frangible gas turbine engine airfoil
08/10/17Gas turbine engine airfoil
08/10/17Turbine engine airfoil with cooling
08/10/17Turbine bucket having tip shroud fillet, tip shroud cross-drilled apertures and profile
08/10/17Turbine bucket having part-span connector and profile
08/10/17Turbine nozzle profile
08/10/17Turbine nozzle having non-axisymmetric endwall contour (ewc)
08/10/17Turbine nozzle having fillet, pinbank, throat region and profile
08/10/17Turbine nozzle having non-axisymmetric endwall contour (ewc) and profile
08/10/17Gas turbine engine with a cooling fluid path
08/10/17Gas turbine engine with a rim seal between the rotor and stator
08/10/17System and turbine nozzle cooling
08/10/17Bearing outer race retention during high load events
08/10/17Lift device for turbine casing and method to lift the casing
08/10/17Bearing outer race retention during high load events
08/10/17Fuel injector covers and methods of fabricating same
08/10/17Systems and methods for turbine system restarts

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