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General Electric Company patents (2009 archive)

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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12/31/09Apparatus and method for removing slip rings from rotating electrical machinery
12/31/09Photovoltaic shingles for roofing and method for connecting the shingles
12/31/09Pulsed detonation combustor cleaning device and method of operation
12/31/09Wet compression systems in turbine engines
12/31/09Reduced boundary layer separation steam jet air ejector assembly and method
12/31/09Variable orifice plug for turbine fuel nozzle
12/31/09Turbomachinery system fiberoptic multi-parameter sensing system and method
12/31/09Transition piece mounting bracket and related method
12/31/09High performance field effect transistors comprising carbon nanotubes fabricated using solution based processing
12/31/09Wind turbine with parallel converters utilizing a plurality of isolated generator windings
12/31/09Wind turbine with parallel converters utilizing a plurality of isolated transformer windings
12/31/09Optimizing converter protection for wind turbine generators
12/31/09Security checkpoint systems and methods
12/31/09High-intensity discharge lamp for spot lighting
12/31/09High efficiency photovoltaic inverter
12/31/09System and method to secure communications over a public network
12/31/09Method for providing a dry environment for underwater repair of the reactor bottom head using a segmented caisson
12/31/09Fiber optic sensing device and method for monitoring foil bearings
12/31/09Torque-based sensor and control method for varying gas-liquid fractions of fluids for turbomachines
12/31/09Aft frame with oval-shaped cooling slots and related method
12/31/09Method, system and controller for establishing a wheel space temperature alarm in a turbomachine
12/31/09Gas turbine engine with insulated cooling circuit
12/31/09Article having a protective coating and methods
12/31/09Airfoil core shape for a turbine nozzle
12/31/09Cascade tip baffle airfoil
12/31/09Cmc articles having small complex features
12/31/09Primary aluminum hydride battery
12/31/09Holographic recording medium
12/31/09Bacteria/rna extraction device
12/31/09Two helix binders
12/31/09Flexible to rigid cable barrel splice
12/31/09Pyrocatalytic coatings for heating devices
12/31/09Process for concentrating and processing fluid samples
12/31/09System and method for integrating electromagnetic microsensors in guidewires
12/31/09Method and system for non-invasive blood pressure estimation
12/31/09Blood pressure cuff apparatus and system
12/31/09Systems and methods for generating vendor-independent computer-aided diagnosis markers
12/24/09Coanda pilot nozzle for low emission combustors
12/24/09Method of measuring strain in a flex hose or other flexible member
12/24/09Apparatus and system for cyclic testing
12/24/09System and method for cyclic testing
12/24/09Alloy castings having protective layers and methods of making the same
12/24/09High pressure turbine airfoil recovery device and method of heat treatment
12/24/09Methods of treating metal articles and articles made therefrom
12/24/09Frame support for wind turbine
12/24/09System and method for terahertz imaging
12/24/09System and method for locomotive engine cranking
12/24/09Method and system for activation of an optical article
12/24/09System and methods for computer aided analysis of images
12/24/09Vibration damping novel surface structures and methods of making the same
12/24/09System and method for reduction of unsteady pressures in turbomachinery
12/24/09Combined acoustic absorber and heat exchanging outlet guide vanes
12/24/09High reflectivity infrared coating applications for use in hirss applications
12/24/09Functionally gradient sic/sic ceramic matrix composites with tailored properties for turbine engine applications
12/24/09Fuel cell interconnect structures, and related devices and processes
12/24/09Catalyst composition and method
12/24/09System and method for a non-invasive blood pressure monitor
12/24/09Method and system for providing clinical decision support
12/17/09Rotating icemaker assembly
12/17/09System and method for smart delivery of backup breaths
12/17/09Reflective light concentrator
12/17/09Arc containment device and method
12/17/09Ultra thin die electronic package
12/17/09High temperature polymer composites comprising antiferroelectric particles and methods of making the same
12/17/09Methods and apparatus to facilitate sealing in rotary machines
12/17/09High torque density electrical machine
12/17/09Phosphor for high cri lamps
12/17/09Method and system for dynamic motor braking
12/17/09Computed tomography method and system
12/17/09Wind turbine inflow angle monitoring and control system
12/17/09Microwave fabrication of airfoil tips
12/17/09Method and system for machining a profile pattern in ceramic coating
12/17/09Plasma mediated processing of non-conductive substrates
12/17/09High temperature polymer composites and methods of making the same
12/17/09Method, system, and computer readable storage medium for controlling engine starts
12/10/09System for recovering the waste heat generated by an auxiliary system of a turbomachine
12/10/09Direct shaft power measurements for rotating machinery
12/10/09Magnetostrictive sensing systems and methods for encoding
12/10/09System and method of joining components
12/10/09Methods and systems for assembling electrolyzer stacks
12/10/09Electrolyzer assembly method and system
12/10/09Methods and systems for in-situ electroplating of electrodes
12/10/09Processes for texturing a surface prior to electroless plating
12/10/09Composition and associated method
12/10/09Sealing systems for rotary machines and methods for modification
12/10/09Material composition detection from effective atomic number computation
12/10/09Compliant hybrid gas journal bearing using integral wire mesh dampers
12/10/09Axially oriented shingle face seal for turbine rotor and related method
12/10/09Serpentine cooling circuit and method for cooling tip shroud
12/10/09Low smoke polycarbonate composition, method of manufacture and product made therefrom
12/10/09Patient monitoring system and method
12/03/09Positioning systems and methods
12/03/09Fixture for locating wind turbine equipment on foundation prior to tower installation
12/03/09Fuse for flame holding abatement in premixer of combustion chamber of gas turbine and associated method
12/03/09Turbine airfoil with metered cooling cavity
12/03/09Cooling system for refrigerator
12/03/09Variable-speed-drive system for a grid blower
12/03/09Detonation combustor cleaning device and method of cleaning a vessel with a detonation combustor cleaning device
12/03/09Methods for spiral winding composite fan bypass ducts and other like components
12/03/09Spiral winding systems for manufacturing composite fan bypass ducts and other like components
12/03/09Heat transfer enhancement of ventilation chimneys for dynamoelectric machine rotors
12/03/09Metal lead-through structure and lamp with metal lead-through
12/03/09System and method for advanced condition monitoring of an asset system
12/03/09Circuit and topology for very high reliability power electronics system
12/03/09High efficiency, multi-source photovoltaic inverter
12/03/09Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in a brushless exciter for a generator
12/03/09Online systems and methods for thermal inspection of parts
12/03/09Low noise ejector for a turbomachine
12/03/09Fluidic sealing for turbomachinery
12/03/09Gas turbine engine having a cooling-air nacelle-cowl duct integral with a nacelle cowl
12/03/09Compressor rotor blade undercut
12/03/09Wind turbine blades with twisted tips
12/03/09Wind turbine blades with twisted and tapered tips
12/03/09Wind turbine blade planforms with twisted and tapered tips
12/03/09Method of replacing a composite airfoil
12/03/09Methods of fabricating environmental barrier coatings for silicon based substrates
12/03/09Erosion and corrosion resistant coatings, methods and articles
12/03/09System and method for making a graded barrier coating
12/03/09Patient monitoring system with health status indicator
12/03/09Locomotive engine multi-fuel control system and method
12/03/09System and method for advanced condition monitoring of an asset system
12/03/09System and method for trip event data acquisition and wind turbine incorporating same
12/03/09Networked image visualization image quality enhancement method and system
12/03/09System and method for advanced condition monitoring of an asset system
11/26/09Method and system for wind-harnessed battery charging in a locomotive
11/26/09Method and kit for surface preparation
11/26/09Integrated encapsulation status indicator
11/26/09Compound comprising phenyl pyridine units
11/26/09Solution process for transparent conductive oxide coatings
11/26/09Compound comprising phenyl pyridine units
11/26/09Disposable sensing device having radio frequency based sensor
11/26/09Endoscope objective lens with large entrance pupil diameter and high numerical aperture
11/26/09Artifact reduction system and method for radiological imaging system
11/26/09Method and system for gaze estimation
11/26/09Medical data processing and visualization technique
11/26/09Component protection for advanced packaging applications
11/26/09Compliant fuel cell system
11/26/09Energy storage device and method
11/26/09Integrated physiology and imaging workstation
11/26/09Control of combined cycle power generation system
11/26/09System and method for analysis of multiple diseases and severities
11/26/09System and method for mapping structural and functional deviations in an anatomical region
11/26/09System and method for disease diagnosis from patient structural deviation data
11/19/09Systems involving fiber optic igniters
11/19/09Method and apparatus for cooling and dilution tuning a gas turbine combustor liner and transition piece interface
11/19/09Systems and methods for inducing swirl in particles
11/19/09Preheating using a laser beam
11/19/09Surface treatments and coatings for atomization
11/19/09Nano-composite ir window and method for making same
11/19/09Method for boltless heat treatment of thin flanges
11/19/09Dry 3-way catalytic reduction of gas turbine nox
11/19/09Systems and apparatus involving toothed armatures in superconducting machines
11/19/09Organic light emitting device based lighting for low cost, flexible large area signage
11/19/09Activation system and method for activating an optical article
11/19/09Enhanced security of optical article
11/19/09Enhanced security of optical article
11/19/09Activation system and method for activating an optical article
11/19/09System and method for thermal inspection of objects
11/19/09Systems and methods for modifying modal vibration associated with a turbine
11/19/09Systems and methods for cooling heated components in a turbine
11/19/09Cooling circuit for use in turbine bucket cooling
11/19/09Composite article and related method
11/19/09Direct oxidation of sulfur with carbon dioxide recycle
11/19/09High throughput processes and systems for barrier film deposition and/or encapsulation of optoelectronic devices
11/19/09Multi-layered nickel-phosphorous coatings and processes for forming the same
11/19/09Method and system for providing supplemental services to telematics systems
11/19/09Systems and methods for a visual indicator to track medical report dictation progress
11/12/09Turbomachine and a method for enhancing power efficiency in a turbomachine
11/12/09Locomotive exhaust gas recirculation cooling
11/12/09System, kit, and method for locomotive exhaust gas recirculation cooling
11/12/09Method and tool for forming non-circular holes using a selectively coated electrode
11/12/09Methods and systems for calibration of rfid sensors
11/12/09Determining hazard of an aneurysm by change determination
11/12/09Method and system for identifying defects in ndt image data
11/12/09Wind turbine with wireless pitch control
11/12/09Novel pei-peg graft copolymer coating of iron oxide nanoparticles for inflammation imaging
11/12/09Mesoporous membranes with complex functional architectures and methods for making
11/12/09Niobium silicide-based turbine components, and related methods for laser deposition
11/12/09Protective coating with high adhesion and articles made therewith
11/12/09Determining mechanical force on aneurysms from a fluid dynamic model driven by vessel blood flow information
11/12/09Clearance estimation system and method for a rotary machine
11/12/09Method and system to quantify performance of a power generating system
11/12/09System and method to automate service delivery to medical equipment
11/12/09System and method to service medical equipment
11/12/09System and method for pharmaceutical geographic market segmentation
11/05/09Ice shed reduction for leading edge structures
11/05/09Single manifold dual gas turbine fuel system
11/05/09Independent manifold dual gas turbine fuel system
11/05/09Primary manifold dual gas turbine fuel system
11/05/09Operation of dual gas turbine fuel system
11/05/09Compositionally-graded and structurally-graded photovoltaic devices and methods of fabricating such devices
11/05/09Feed injector systems and methods
11/05/09Ice shed reduction for leading edge structures
11/05/09Voltage fed programmed start ballast
11/05/09System and method to manage movement of assets
11/05/09Systems, methods and apparatus to unambiguously outline a region of interest
11/05/09Par lamp with short arc hid bulb and cut-out in aluminum to prevent arcing
11/05/09In vivo imaging agents for met receptor tyrosine kinase
11/05/09Method of making a catalyst washcoat
11/05/09Method for managing alarms in a physiological monitoring system
11/05/09Ti-corrected proton resonance frequency shift thermometry
11/05/09Automated healthcare image registration workflow
10/29/09Adaptive drain algorithm for clothes washers
10/29/09composite wind turbine tower and a method for fabricating same
10/29/09Multi-tube, can-annular pulse detonation combustor based engine with tangentially and longitudinally angled pulse detonation combustors
10/29/09System and method for mobilizing occlusions from a breathing tube
10/29/09Method for fabricating silicon carbide vertical mosfet devices
10/29/09Systems and methods for controlling a converter for powering a load
10/29/09Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket
10/29/09Method and apparatus for determining hemocompatibility
10/29/09Automatic estimation of train characteristics
10/29/09Systems and methods for stimulating engineering projects
10/29/09Training simulators for engineering projects
10/22/09Solid oxide electrochemical devices having a dimensionally stable bonding agent to bond an anode to anode interconnect and methods
10/22/09Method of producing a high voltage stable cathode for an x-ray tube
10/22/09Combustor of a turbine, a method of retro-fitting a combustor of a turbine and a method of building a combustor of a turbine
10/22/09Method for selectively removing coatings from metal substrates
10/22/09Manufacture of cmc articles having small complex features
10/22/09Heat flux measurement device for estimating fouling thickness
10/22/09Systems and methods involving wind turbine towers for power applications
10/22/09Shape for a turbine bucket tip shroud
10/22/09Catalyst and method of manufacture
10/22/09Method and apparatus for the dissolution and filtration of a hyperpolarized agent with a neutral dissolution media
10/22/09Method & system for multi-modality imaging of sequentially obtained pseudo-steady state data
10/22/09Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging using transducer arrays
10/22/09Systems and methods for storing and locating claim reimbursement attachments
10/15/09Simplified generator removal operation for rotor removal of center generator in a single shaft combined cycle machine
10/15/09Method of repairing a fuel nozzle
10/15/09Method of manufacturing mixers
10/15/09Method of manufacturing a unitary swirler
10/15/09Method of assembling a fuel nozzle
10/15/09Method of manufacturing combustor components
10/15/09Fuel distributor
10/15/09Mixer for a combustor
10/15/09Fuel nozzle
10/15/09Fuel nozzle
10/15/09Surface treatments for preventing hydrocarbon thermal degradation deposits on articles
10/15/09Comubstor seal having multiple cooling fluid pathways
10/15/09Divergent cooling thimbles for combustor liners and related method
10/15/09Thermal inspection system and method
10/15/09Unitary conduit for transporting fluids
10/15/09Interconnect structure including hybrid frame panel
10/15/09Method of manufacturing a fuel distributor
10/15/09Wafer level interconnection and method
10/15/09System and method for managing power supply to a circuit breaker control unit
10/15/09Method for preventing or reducing helium leakage through metal halide lamp envelopes
10/15/09Method and system for reconstructing images
10/15/09Multi-frequency rf coil
10/15/09Rfid based methods and systems for use in manufacturing and monitoring applications
10/15/09Interactive patient management system and method
10/15/09Centralized patient monitoring system with directed audio alerting
10/15/09Hollow-core waveguide-based raman systems and methods
10/15/09Method of setting a ground fault trip function for a trip unit and a trip unit having a defined trip function for ground fault protection
10/15/09Circuit breaker having separate restrained and unrestrained zone selective interlock setting capability
10/15/09Circuit breaker zone selective interlock for differentiated faults and method of operation
10/15/09Universal trip unit
10/15/09Current gain control of circuit breaker trip unit
10/15/09Methods involving face model fitting
10/15/09Systems, methods and apparatus for detection of organ wall thickness and cross-section color-coding
10/15/09Standardized normal database having anatomical phase information
10/15/09Method and system for compressing data
10/15/09Low exhaust loss turbine and method of minimizing exhaust losses
10/15/09Integrated system and method for producing fuel composition from biomass
10/15/09System and method for determining pain level
10/08/09Locomotive engine exhaust gas recirculation system and method
10/08/09Transition piece impingement sleeve and method of assembly
10/08/09Systems and methods for augmenting power output of a turbine during a transient event
10/08/09Ice harvesting mechanism
10/08/09Method for fabricating a component having an environmental barrier coating
10/08/09Electric valve actuation system
10/08/09System and method for adjusting stiffness of a brush sealing system
10/08/09Systems and methods involving operating variable speed generators
10/08/09High watt ceramic halide lamp
10/08/09Systems and methods involving starting variable speed generators
10/08/09Method and apparatus for generating t2* weighted magnetic resonance images
10/08/09Medical imaging system and method with integrated weight sensing
10/08/09Cooling apparatus for combustor transition piece
10/08/09Gas turbine inlet temperature suppression during under frequency events and related method
10/08/09Airfoil for nozzle and a method of forming the machined contoured passage therein
10/08/09Turbine blade retention system and method
10/08/09Repair of gas turbine blade tip without recoating the repaired blade tip
10/08/09Method and device to prevent coating a dovetail of a turbine airfoil
10/08/09Sioc membranes and methods of making the same
10/08/09Non-corrosive treatment to enhance pressurized and non-pressurized pulverized coal combustion
10/08/09Iterative staining of biological samples
10/08/09Method and apparatus for determining the effectiveness of an image transformation process
10/08/09Image based measurement of contrast agents
10/08/09System and method for measuring and reporting changes in walking speed
10/08/09Method for controlling vehicle operation incorporating quick clearing function
10/08/09Systems and methods for healthcare asset allocation
10/08/09Systems and methods for providing healthcare asset intelligence using service-oriented architecture and service-oriented computing
10/08/09Medical support system
10/08/09Axial compressor blade retention
10/01/09Re-heat combustor for a gas turbine engine
10/01/09Ground based pulse detonation combustor for power generation
10/01/09Fuel nozzle to withstand a flameholding incident and a method of forming the same
10/01/09Pressure control method and system to reduce gas turbine fuel supply pressure requirements
10/01/09Replaceable orifice for combustion tuning and related method
10/01/09Systems for controlling cathodic arc discharge
10/01/09Oxidative desulfurization of fuel oil
10/01/09Oxidative desulfurization of fuel oil
10/01/09Oxidative desulfurization of fuel oil
10/01/09Aromatic halosulfonyl isocyanate compositions
10/01/09System and method for multi-mode optical imaging
10/01/09Aromatic halosulfonyl isocyanate compositions
10/01/09Sic mosfets and self-aligned fabrication methods thereof
10/01/09System and method for reducing rotor loads in a wind turbine upon detection of blade-pitch failure and loss of counter-torque
10/01/09Wind turbine direct drive airgap control method and system
10/01/09Silicone rubber compositions comprising bismuth oxide and articles made therefrom
10/01/09Discharge tube and lamp with improved luminance
10/01/09Systems for inspection of shrouds
10/01/09Systems and methods for online phase calibration
10/01/09Non-invasive monitoring and diagnosis of electric machines by measuring external flux density
10/01/09System and method for multi-mode optical imaging
10/01/09System and method for generating a threat alert
10/01/09Player-readable code on optical media
10/01/09Iris imaging and iris-based identification
10/01/09Methods for assessing molecular expression of subcellular molecules
10/01/09Method and apparatus for detecting irregularities in tissue microarrays
10/01/09Method and apparatus for removing tissue autofluorescence
10/01/09System and method for measuring stator wedge tightness
10/01/09Photonic power devices and methods of manufacturing the same
10/01/09Hybrid impingement cooled airfoil
10/01/09Film cooling of turbine components
10/01/09Turbine stator mount
10/01/09method and system for supporting stator components
10/01/09Pulsed torque control of wind turbine pitch systems
10/01/09Wind turbine protection
10/01/09Non-radioactive traceable metal isotope-enriched nanoparticles and method of their use for determining biodistribution
10/01/09Component in a combustion system, and process for preventing slag, ash, and char buildup
10/01/09Hydrogen storage material and related system
10/01/09Method and apparatus for analysis of tissue microarrays
10/01/09Pulse oximeter with reduced cross talk effects
10/01/09System and method for generating a patient diagnosis
10/01/09Method and apparatus for detecting partial discharges in electrical systems
10/01/09Systems and methods utilizing nfc technology to implement an on-demand portable medical record
10/01/09Player-readable code on optical media
09/24/09Filter and associated method
09/24/09System for extending the turndown range of a turbomachine
09/24/09Insulator bushing for combustion liner
09/24/09Co2 recovery from igcc power plants
09/24/09Heat exchanger with multiple internal diverters
09/24/09System and methods for optical imaging
09/24/09Micro-electromechanical current sensing apparatus
09/24/09Magnetic resonance imaging system and apparatus having a multiple-section
09/24/09Systems and methods involving protection of superconducting generators for power applications
09/24/09Method and apparatus for correcting multi-modality imaging data
09/24/09Method and system for identifying defects in radiographic image data corresponding to a scanned object
09/24/09Methods and systems for automated segmentation of dense cell populations
09/24/09Steam turbine and a method of determining leakage within a steam turbine
09/24/09Protective suit and methods of manufacture thereof
09/24/09Process data transmitter with wireless capability
09/24/09Systems and methods for a medical device data processor
09/24/09Systems and methods for a predictive notification engine
09/17/09Method for controlling a flowrate of a recirculated exhaust gas
09/17/09Lean direct injection combustion system
09/17/09Method of analyzing ultrasonic inspection data from turbine wheel finger dovetails to identify the presence of cracks on the finger ledges
09/17/09Article having a dispersion of ultrafine titanium boride particles in a titanium-base matrix
09/17/09System and method for integrated high frequency oscillatory ventilation
09/17/09Method of mitigating stress corrosion cracking in austenitic solid solution strengthened stainless steels
09/17/09Adhesive formulations for bonding composite materials
09/17/09System and method for operating train in the presence of multiple alternate routes
09/17/09Methods of making a mixture for a ptfe membrane with metal oxides, and compositions related thereto
09/17/09Systems involving superconducting homopolar alternators for wind power applications
09/17/09Fluorescent lamps having desirable mercury consumption and lumen run-up times
09/17/09System and method to measure temperature in an electric machine
09/17/09System and method for inspection of items of interest in objects
09/17/09Independent sensing system for wind turbines
09/17/09Cmc vane insulator and method of use
09/17/09Inner turbine shell support configuration and methods
09/17/09Toughened electrode-supported ceramic fuel cells and method for making
09/17/09Energy storage device and method
09/17/09Sensor interface
09/17/09System and method for performing magnetic resonance imaging scan operations from within a scan room
09/17/09Nerve blood flow modulation for imaging nerves
09/10/09Combustion cap with crown mixing holes
09/10/09Roof tile or tiled solar thermal collector
09/10/09Fuel nozzle assemblies and methods
09/10/09Systems involving superconducting direct drive generators for wind power applications
09/10/09Complimentary application specific integrated circuit for compact fluorescent lamps
09/10/09Apparatus and method for providing an isolated set point from an input signal applied to a lamp ballast
09/10/09Method and apparatus for acquiring mri data for pulse sequences with multiple phase encode directions and periodic signal modulation
09/10/09Keyhole computed tomography
09/10/09X-ray inspection and detection system and method
09/10/09Method and apparatus for aligning a multi-modality imaging system
09/10/09Method and apparatus for determining clearance between moving and static members in a machine
09/10/09Containment cases and method of manufacture
09/10/09Interface member for a power plant
09/10/09Novel mixed ligand core/shell iron oxide nanoparticles for inflammation imaging
09/10/09Method for concurrent thermal spray and cooling hole cleaning
09/10/09Biaxially oriented nanocomposite film, method of manufacture, and articles thereof
09/10/09Optical device
09/10/09System and method for real-time detection of gas turbine or aircraft engine blade problems
09/10/09System and method for detection of anomalous access events
09/03/09Apparatus and method for double flow turbine tub region cooling
09/03/09Systems and methods for calibrating triaxial accelerometers
09/03/09Quick engine startup system and method
09/03/09High viscosity fuel injection pressure reduction system and method
09/03/09Membrane structure and method of making
09/03/09Combustor fuel nozzle construction
09/03/09Windfarm collector system loss optimization
09/03/09Wind turbine plant high wind derating control
09/03/09Automatic generation control augmentation for wind plant integration
09/03/09Low emission turbine system and method
09/03/09Dimmable instant start ballast
09/03/09Rechargable power supplies for portable medical equipment
09/03/09Methods and systems for detecting rotor field ground faults in rotating machinery
09/03/09Transmission line based high voltage pulse generator
09/03/09Apparatus and method for increasing sensitivity of ultrasound transducers
09/03/09Device and method
09/03/09Device and method
09/03/09Turbine nozzle with integral impingement blanket
09/03/09Variable tip speed ratio tracking control for wind turbines
09/03/09Hub pitch gear repair method
09/03/09Positive displacement capture device and method of balancing positive displacement capture devices
09/03/09Non-contact seal for positive displacement capture device
09/03/09Process of applying a coating system
09/03/09Environmental barrier coating for a component and method for fabricating the same
09/03/09Method and system for non-invasive blood pressure determination
09/03/09Adaptive miller cycle engine
08/27/09Composite wind turbine tower
08/27/09Gas turbine combustor flame stabilizer
08/27/09Methods of making a mixture for a ptfe membrane with inorganic materials, and compositions related thereto
08/27/09High temperature seal for a turbine engine
08/27/09System and method for improving performance of power constrained wind power plant
08/27/09Method and apparatus for assembling electrical machines
08/27/09Systems and methods of dynamic reactive support for a power transmission system
08/27/09T8 fluorescent lamp
08/27/09System and method to obtain noise mitigted monochromatic representation for varying energy level
08/27/09Low pressure section steam turbine bucket
08/27/09Rotor of a turbomachine and method for replacing rotor blades of the rotor
08/27/09Diffusion coating systems with binders that enhance coating gas
08/27/09Process of producing a ceramic matrix composite article and article formed thereby
08/27/09Nanostructure arrays
08/27/09Enhanced security of optical article
08/27/09Method for collecting and assigning patient data in a clinical trial
08/27/09Method and system for accessing a group of objects in an electronic document
08/27/09Systems and methods for instant communication in a clinical setting
08/27/09Methods and systems for clinical context management via context injection into components and data
08/20/09Article, laminate and associated methods
08/20/09Power generation system having an exhaust gas attemperating device and system for controlling a temperature of exhaust gases
08/20/09Systems and methods for exhaust gas recirculation (egr) for turbine engines
08/20/09Luminescent solar collector having customizable viewing color
08/20/09Casting molds for use in a directional solidification process and methods of making
08/20/09Oled light source
08/20/09System, method and apparatus for compensating for drift in a main magnetic field in an mri system
08/20/09Method and system for reconstructing cone-beam projection data with reduced artifacts
08/20/09Method, system and computer product for securing patient identity
08/20/09Method for generating a registered image relative to a cardiac cycle and a respiratory cycle of a person
08/20/09Organic optoelectronic device and method for manufacturing the same
08/20/09Hydrogen storage material and related processes
08/13/09Ultrasound transducer probes and system and method of manufacture
08/13/09Exhaust stacks and power generation systems for increasing gas turbine power output
08/13/09Fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine and method for fabricating the same
08/13/09Thermal management system and wind turbine incorporating same
08/13/09Integrated neutron-gamma radiation detector with optical waveguide and neutron scintillating material
08/13/09Combined ballast for fluorescent lamp and light emitting diode and method of driving same
08/13/09Optofluidic devices and methods of using the same
08/13/09method and system for providing region based image modification
08/13/09Inspection port plug devices
08/13/09Rotating assembly for a turbomachine
08/13/09Anti-fouling coatings for combustion system components exposed to slag, ash and/or char
08/13/09Multilayer coating package on flexible substrates for electro-optical devices
08/13/09Gasification feed injectors and methods of modifying the cast surfaces thereof
08/13/09Enhanced methods for gas and/or vapor phase analysis of biological assays
08/13/09Flame retardant thermoplastic polycarbonate compositions
08/13/09System and method for integrating rfid sensors in manufacturing system comprising single use components
08/06/09Steam turbine bucket with erosion durability
08/06/09Power generating turbine systems
08/06/09Power generating turbine systems
08/06/09Power generating turbine systems
08/06/09Power generating turbine systems
08/06/09System and method of continuous detonation in a gas turbine engine
08/06/09Apparatus and method for start-up of a power plant
08/06/09Anesthesia device with stand-alone vaporizer apparatus
08/06/09Low band gap semiconductor oxides, processes for making the same, and dye sensitized solar cells containing the same
08/06/09Method for fabricating silicon carbide vertical mosfet devices
08/06/09Power generation stabilization control systems and methods
08/06/09Stator and stator components of dynamoelectric machines and process of inhibiting joule heating therein
08/06/09Method and apparatus for improved display of digital mammographic images
08/06/09System and method for enhanced predictive autofocusing
08/06/09Rotary pressure rise combustor for a gas turbine engine
08/06/09Systems and methods for internally cooling a wheel of a steam turbine
08/06/09Wind turbine blade with lightning receptor
08/06/09Wind turbine blades and method for forming same
08/06/09Method for substrate stabilization of diffusion aluminide coated nickel-based superalloys
08/06/09Hafnia-modified rare-earth metal-based ceramic bodies and casting processes performed therewith
08/06/09Automatic brake verification system
08/06/09Method and apparatus for reconciling patient and procedure information in a medical facility computer network and imaging system
08/06/09Method and system for providing data backup to multiple storage media
07/30/09Treated refractory material and methods of making
07/30/09Permanent hydrophilic porous coatings and methods of making them
07/30/09Stackable nacelle for wind turbines
07/30/09Lubrication heating system and wind turbine incorporating same
07/30/09Magnetic pumping machines
07/30/09Pdgf-rbeta binders
07/30/09Turbine component other than airfoil having ceramic corrosion resistant coating and methods for making same
07/30/09Turbine component other than airfoil having ceramic corrosion resistant coating and methods for making same
07/30/09Processes for forming permanent hydrophilic porous coatings onto a substrate, and porous membranes thereof
07/30/09Process to increase the oleophobicity of ptfe, and resulting oleophobic articles
07/30/09Membranes comprising hydrophilic coatings
07/30/09Permanent hydrophilic porous coatings onto a substrate and porous membranes thereof
07/30/09Electronic health record timeline and the human figure
07/23/09Combustion lean-blowout protection via nozzle equivalence ratio control
07/23/09Swozzle design for gas turbine combustor
07/23/09Wind turbine anemometry compensation
07/23/09Lobe nozzles for fuel and air injection
07/23/09Rfid transponder used for instrument identification in an electromagnetic tracking system
07/23/09Enhanced communication of data in wireless control area networks
07/23/09Method and apparatus for processing digital mammographic images
07/23/09Fiberoptic patient health multi-parameter monitoring devices and system
07/23/09Turbine casing
07/23/09Turbine casing with false flange
07/23/09Recording device for enhanced clinical workflow
07/23/09Methods, apparatus, and rollers for cross-web forming of optoelectronic devices
07/23/09Methods, apparatus, and rollers for forming optoelectronic devices
07/23/09Superconductive wire, processes of manufacture and uses thereof
07/23/09System and method for estimating battery state of charge
07/23/09Systems and methods for a decision support alert feed
07/16/09Apparatus for plugging turbine wheel holes
07/16/09Method and systems for operating turbine engines
07/16/09Systems and methods for determining steam turbine operating efficiency
07/16/09Solar cell and magnetically self-assembled solar cell assembly
07/16/09Methods for the formation of refractory metal intermetallic composites, and related articles and compositions
07/16/09Method and system for precise drilling guidance of twin wells
07/16/09Attachment apparatus and methods for use thereof
07/16/09System and method for image based multiple-modality cardiac image alignment
07/16/09Methods for plugging turbine wheel holes
07/16/09Methods and apparatus to repair a rotor disk for a gas turbine
07/16/09Turbine blade tip shroud
07/16/09Turbine blade tip shroud
07/16/09Turbine blade tip shroud
07/16/09Turbine blade tip shroud
07/16/09Turbine blade tip shroud
07/16/09Biokinetics of fast-clearing polypeptides
07/16/09Systems and methods for monitoring an activity of a patient
07/16/09System and method to manage a workflow in delivering healthcare
07/16/09System and method to manage a workflow in delivering healthcare
07/16/09System and method to manage assets of healthcare facility
07/16/09Accelerating peer-to-peer content distribution
07/16/09Methods and systems for navigating a large longitudinal dataset using a miniature representation in a flowsheet
07/09/09System and method for the on-board production of reductants
07/09/09Optimized reduction of nox emissions from diesel engines
07/09/09Integrated fuel nozzle ifc
07/09/09Methods and systems for providing real-time comparison with an alternate control strategy for a turbine
07/09/09Near net shape forging process for compressor and turbine wheels and turbine spacer wheeis
07/09/09Stator bar components with high thermal conductivity
07/09/09Stator bar components with high thermal conductivity resins, varnishes, and putties
07/09/09Systems, apparatuses and methods for monitoring physical conditions of a vehicle driver
07/09/09Method and apparatus for improved display of digital mammographic images
07/09/09Voltage generator of a radiation generator
07/09/09Erosion and corrosion-resistant coating system and process therefor
07/09/09System, method, and article of manufacture for controlling operation of an electrical power generation system
07/09/09Method and system for providing clinical decision support
07/09/09Method for building predictive models with incomplete data
07/09/09System and method for developing a propensity model
07/09/09System and method for coarse-classing variables in a predictive model
07/09/09Patient monitoring network and method of using the patient monitoring network
07/09/09Methods and systems for workflow management in clinical information systems
07/02/09Method for repairing a turbine nozzle segment
07/02/09Premixed, preswirled plasma-assisted pilot
07/02/09Method of manufacturing cmc articles having small complex features
07/02/09Tool for use in the manufacture of turbine bucket shroud and related method
07/02/09Turbine airfoil casting method
07/02/09Sensor apparatus for measuring and detecting acetylene and hydrogen dissolved in a fluid
07/02/09Injection method for microfluidic chips
07/02/09Injection method for microfluidic chips
07/02/09Injection method for microfluidic chips
07/02/09Apparatus for an ice dispenser
07/02/09Miniature ceramic metal halide lamp having a thin leg
07/02/09Compact fluorescent lamp with mechanical support means and starting aid
07/02/09Folded gradient terminal board end connector
07/02/09Computer implemented method and system for processing images
07/02/09System and method for computer assisted analysis of medical image
07/02/09Method and apparatus for image reconstruction using data decomposition for all or portions of the processing flow
07/02/09Fiber bragg grating and fabrication method
07/02/09Integrated shipping fixture and assembly method for jointed wind turbine blades
07/02/09Methods and apparatus for error reduction in rotor loading measurments
07/02/09Turbine nozzle segment
07/02/09Turbine nozzle segment and assembly
07/02/09Turbine nozzle segment
07/02/09Turbine nozzle segment and method for repairing a turbine nozzle segment
07/02/09Wind tower and method of assembling the same
07/02/09Method of forming cooling holes and turbine airfoil with hybrid-formed cooling holes
07/02/09Method for rapid manufacture of carbon-based tooling for melt infiltration
07/02/09Coated silicon comprising material for protection against environmental corrosion
07/02/09Low cost antenna array fabrication technology
07/02/09Low thermal and radiation conductivity coating
07/02/09System and method for transmitting information using a mobile phone
07/02/09Apparatus and method for monitoring blood pressure cuff wear
07/02/09Method and system for data decomposition via graphical multivariate analysis
06/25/09Method of biomass gasification
06/25/09Systems and methods for power generation with carbon dioxide isolation
06/25/09Method for adjusting the operation of a turbomachine receiving a recirculated exhaust gas
06/25/09Prime mover for an exhaust gas recirculation system
06/25/09Method and system for locking control systems of an appliance and an appliance incorporating the system
06/25/09Devices, methods and systems for measuring one or more characteristics of a suspension
06/25/09Devices, methods and systems for measuring one or more characteristics of a biomaterial in a suspension
06/25/09System and method for controlling liquid level in a vessel
06/25/09Method for fabricating a thick ti64 alloy article to have a higher surface yield and tensile strengths and a lower centerline yield and tensile strengths
06/25/09Mems microswitch having a dual actuator and shared gate
06/25/09Mems microswitch having a conductive mechanical stop
06/25/09Gas sensor and method of making
06/25/09Gas sensor and method of making
06/25/09Gas sensor and method of making
06/25/09Electrolysis device, method, and washer using such a device
06/25/09Electrodialysis device and process
06/25/09Wind turbine blade stowage
06/25/09Variable temperature dispenser system and method
06/25/09Contactless power and data transfer system and method
06/25/09Silicon carbide mosfet devices and methods of making
06/25/09Heterostructure device and associated method
06/25/09Powered drawer for an appliance
06/25/09Emissive structures and systems
06/25/09Mems switch with improved standoff voltage control
06/25/09System and method for monitoring and tracking inventories
06/25/09Arc detection system and method
06/25/09Method for calibrating a dual -spectral computed tomography (ct) system
06/25/09Method and system for x-ray imaging
06/25/09Image registration system and method
06/25/09System and method for extracting features of interest from an image
06/25/09Thermally insulated flange bolts
06/25/09Multi-segment wind turbine blade and method for assembling the same
06/25/09Multi-segment wind turbine blade and method for assembling the same
06/25/09Detecting soluble a-beta
06/25/09Method for applying ceramic coatings to smooth surfaces by air plasma spray techniques, and related articles
06/25/09Energy storage device and method
06/25/09Aromatic polyethers
06/25/09Capacitive uterine contraction sensor
06/25/09System and method for updating geo-fencing information on mobile devices
06/25/09Integrated business decision-making system and method
06/25/09Method for evaluating patents
06/25/09Anti-striation circuit for current-fed ballast
06/18/09Methods for repairing composite containment casings
06/18/09Control system for an egr purge system
06/18/09System and method for controlling an expansion system
06/18/09Composite thermoelectric material and methods for making
06/18/09Persistent phosphor
06/18/09Methods for making composite containment casings
06/18/09Colored fluorescent lamp
06/18/09Low mercury ceramic metal halide lamp
06/18/09Current trip unit for circuit breaker
06/18/09Low inductance capacitor and method of manufacturing same
06/18/09High capacitance film capacitor system and method for manufacturing the same
06/18/09Composite containment casings
06/18/09Wind blade joint bonding grid
06/18/09Dust hole dome blade
06/18/09Environmental barrier coating and related articles and methods
06/18/09Laminated steel application for major appliances doors and cases
06/18/09Article and associated method
06/18/09Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
06/18/09Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
06/18/09Heme choline esters and uses thereof
06/18/09Contamination-free reagents for nucleic acid amplification
06/18/09Composition, article, and associated method
06/18/09Composition, article, and associated method
06/18/09Composition, article, and associated method
06/18/09Emissive polymeric materials for optoelectronic devices
06/18/09Method for controlling a flowrate of a recirculated exhaust gas
06/18/09System and method for detecting manipulation in financial markets
06/11/09Combined cycle power plant with reserves capability
06/11/09Method and system for controlling an exhaust gas recirculation system
06/11/09Methods and system for reducing pressure losses in gas turbine engines
06/11/09Scintillator materials based on lanthanide silicates or lanthanide phosphates, and related methods and articles
06/11/09Reduced cost pixel design for flat panel x-ray imager
06/11/09System and method for correcting spatial luminance variation of computed radiography image plates
06/11/09System and method for controlling a wind power plant
06/11/09Method and apparatus for fabricating wind turbine components
06/11/09Lanthanide oxide as an oxygen dispenser in a metal halide lamp
06/11/09Mvdc power transmission system for sub-sea loads
06/11/09Eddy current inspection device and method of assembly
06/11/09Radio frequency sensor circuitry sensing device
06/11/09Pulse width modulated dimming of multiple lamp lcd backlight using distributed microcontrollers
06/11/09Circuit breakers with automatic breaker rating
06/11/09Systems and methods involving balancing currents for thyristors
06/11/09Systems and methods involving thyristors
06/11/09System and method for energy sensitive computed tomography
06/11/09Multi-energy imaging system and method using optic devices
06/11/09Multi-section wind turbine rotor blades and wind turbines incorporating same
06/11/09Apparatus and method for reducing asymmetric rotor loads in wind turbines during shutdown
06/11/09Multi-section wind turbine rotor blades and wind turbines incorporating same
06/11/09Modular wind turbine blades with resistance heated bonds
06/11/09Electrostatic spray for coating aircraft engine components
06/11/09Methods of making and using integrated and testable sensor array
06/11/09Intermediates for fluorinated tetrabenazine carbinol compounds imaging agents and probes
06/11/09Method and system for controlling a flowrate of a recirculated exhaust gas
06/04/09Pulse detonation combustor valve for high temperature and high pressure operation
06/04/09Decoupler system for rotor assemblies
06/04/09Method and apparatus for tailoring the equivalence ratio in a valved pulse detonation combustor
06/04/09Methods for reducing emissions from diesel engines
06/04/09Catalytically stabilized gas turbine combustor
06/04/09Premixing device for enhanced flameholding and flash back resistance
06/04/09Discharge electrode and method for enhancement of an electrostatic precipitator
06/04/09Absorber layer for thin film photovoltaics and a solar cell made therefrom
06/04/09Braze compositions and methods of use
06/04/09Reverse osmosis membrane and membrane stack assembly
06/04/09Textured surfaces for gears
06/04/09System and method for the production of hydrogen
06/04/09Integrated neutron-gamma radiation detector with adaptively selected gamma threshold
06/04/09Heterostructure device and associated method
06/04/09Stator and stator tooth modules for electrical machines
06/04/09Wind turbine blade stiffeners
06/04/09Electronic device and method
06/04/09Method and system for enhanced display of temporal data on portable devices
06/04/09Methods and systems for removing autofluorescence from images
06/04/09Wind turbine metrology system
06/04/09Method and systems for measuring blade deformation in turbines
06/04/09Composition and method
06/04/09Methods and systems for reducing the emissions from combustion gases
06/04/09Alpha-fluoroalkyl tetrabenazine and dihydrotetrabenazine imaging agents and probes
06/04/09Alpha-fluoroalkyl dihydrotetrabenazine imaging agents and probes
06/04/09Method for fabricating reinforced composite materials
06/04/09Electronic device and method
06/04/09Composition and method
06/04/09Composite detection devices having in-line desalting and methods of making the same
06/04/09Process for reducing non-uniformities in the density of sintered materials
06/04/09Composition and method
06/04/09Composition, article, and associated method
06/04/09Intermediates for alpha-fluoroalkyl tetrabenazine and dihydrotetrabenazine imaging agents and probes
06/04/09System and method for dispatching by exception
05/28/09Multi-tube pulse detonation combustor based engine
05/28/09Internal manifold air extraction system for igcc combustor and method
05/28/09Dispensing system and method for dispensing fluid in an appliance
05/28/09Forging die and process
05/28/09Method and apparatus for balancing a rotor
05/28/09Vortex air-oil separator system
05/28/09Methods for cleaning generator coils
05/28/09Method for producing homogeneous fine grain titanium materials suitable for ultrasonic inspection
05/28/09Systems for centrifugally casting highly reactive titanium metals
05/28/09Free vortex air-oil separator
05/28/09Fish tank filter
05/28/09Separating components of aqueous mixtures, suspensions, and solutions
05/28/09Electrical pulse circuit
05/28/09Ablative plasma gun apparatus and system
05/28/09Air-oil separator
05/28/09Tomographic mammography method
05/28/09Systems and methods for patient identification using mobile face recognition
05/28/09Systems, methods and apparatus for segmentation of data involving a hierarchical mesh
05/28/09System and method of diagnosing a medical condition
05/28/09Multi-modality inspection method with data validation and data fusion
05/28/09Method and apparatus for improved reduced load operation of steam turbines
05/28/09System and method for joining turbine blades
05/28/09Chemical and biological detection method and device based on measurements of fluorescence and reflectivity
05/28/09Location determination system for vehicles
05/28/09Inspection artifacts, systems and methods for fusing multi-modality inspection data
05/28/09Systems, methods and apparatus for analysis and visualization of metadata information
05/28/09Systems and methods for adaptive workflow and resource prioritization
05/21/09Slurry diffusion aluminide coating composition and process
05/21/09Uniform heat treatment process for hardening steel
05/21/09Liquid metal directional casting process
05/21/09Liquid metal directional casting apparatus
05/21/09Insect attraction light source
05/21/09Diffusion barrier coatings having graded compositions and devices incorporating the same
05/21/09Organic light emitting diode power converter
05/21/09Ultra low output impedance rf power amplifier for parallel excitation
05/21/09Secondary trip system for circuit breaker
05/21/09Cooling system and apparatus for controlling drift of a main magnetic field in an mri system
05/21/09Method and apparatus for tactile interface for reviewing radiological images
05/21/09Systems, apparatuses and methods for monitoring physical conditions of a bed occupant
05/21/09Computed tomography method and system
05/21/09Portable dual-mode digital x-ray detector and methods of operation of same
05/21/09Portable imaging system having a seamless form factor
05/21/09Systems and methods for image handling and presentation
05/21/09Systems, methods and apparatus for plaque visualization and quantification using fuzzy and adaptive region classes
05/21/09Auxiliary fluid source for an egr purge system
05/21/09Forged austenitic stainless steel alloy components and method therefor
05/21/09Methods for fabricating syngas cooler platens and syngas cooler platens
05/21/09Methods of forming composite powder coatings and articles thereof
05/21/09Polymeric foams with nanocellular morphology and methods for making them
05/21/09Green joining ceramics
05/21/09Systems and methods for generating a teaching file message
05/21/09Methods and kits for reducing non-specific nucleic acid amplification
05/21/09Multi mode patient monitor
05/21/09Portable imaging system having a single screen touch panel
05/21/09Flight management system for generating variable thrust cutback during aircraft departure
05/21/09Method of generating variable thrust cutback during aircraft departure
05/21/09System and method for managing mobile asset
05/21/09Replenishment method for an advanced coating removal stripping solution
05/21/09Diagnostic report based on quality of user's report dictation
05/21/09Systems and methods for image and report preview in a healthcare worklist
05/21/09Method and apparatus for significant and key image navigation
05/21/09System and method for a worklist search and creation tool in a healthcare environment
05/21/09Systems and methods for creating and viewing clinical protocols
05/21/09Systems and methods for delivering media content and improving diagnostic reading efficiency
05/21/09Method and apparatus for pacs software tool customization and interaction
05/14/09System for reducing the sulfur oxides emissions generated by a turbomachine
05/14/09Purge system for an exhaust gas recirculation system
05/14/09Turbulated aft-end liner assembly and cooling method
05/14/09Combustion liner thimble insert and related method
05/14/09Rotating machine including a self-locking balancing member
05/14/09Low temperature solids removal system for gasification
05/14/09Impulse combustion cleaning system and method
05/14/09Thermal management system for cooling a heat generating component of a magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
05/14/09Systems and methods for guiding the drilling of a horizontal well
05/14/09System for containing and/or transporting wind turbine components
05/14/09Method and system to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac) using a photovoltaic inverter
05/14/09Air core inductor including a flux inhibiting member
05/14/09Access monitoring and control system and method
05/14/09Thermocouple rake truss
05/14/09Electricity and steam generation from a helium-cooled nuclear reactor
05/14/09System, method and apparatus for controlling drift of a main magnetic field in an mri system
05/14/09Z-notch shape for a turbine blade
05/14/09Apparatus for eliminating compressor stator vibration induced by tip leakage vortex bursting
05/14/09Rotating machine balancing member assembly including multiple interlocking balancing members
05/14/09Method and system for recording patient-status
05/14/09Programmable logic controller having micro-electromechanical system based switching
05/14/09Automatic detection and notification of turbine internal component degradation
05/14/09Systems and methods for voice driven health data tracker
05/14/09Method and apparatus for flexible archiving
05/07/09Craze crack repair of combustor liners
05/07/09Purged flameholder fuel shield
05/07/09Method for testing a rotor and stator assembly
05/07/09Filter cleaning system and method
05/07/09Oil manifold for lubricating bearings
05/07/09Methods for removing metallic and non-metallic impurities from hydrocarbon oils
05/07/09Mask for coded aperture systems
05/07/09Stage one nozzle to transition piece seal
05/07/09Micro-electromechanical system based switching
05/07/09Method and system for eliminating dc bias on electrolytic capacitors and shutdown detecting circuit for current fed ballast
05/07/09System and method for battery control of hybrid locomotives
05/07/09System and method for minimizing mutual inductance coupling between coils in an electromagnetic tracking system
05/07/09Method and apparatus for testing and evaluating machine components under simulated in-situ thermal operating conditions
05/07/09Article and associated method
05/07/09Methods for fabricating semiconductor structures
05/07/09Medical imaging system
05/07/09System and method for tracking an ultrasound catheter
05/07/09System and method for optimizing vehicle performance in presence of changing optimization parameters
05/07/09System and method for enhanced clinical workflow
05/07/09Method to view schedule interdependencies and provide proactive clinical process decision support in day view form
05/07/09Method and system for encoding data
04/30/09System for recirculating the exhaust of a turbomachine
04/30/09Adhesive compositions for high temperature sensors and methods of making the same
04/30/09Membrane, water treatment system, and associated method
04/30/09Icing protection system and method for enhancing heat transfer
04/30/09Semiconductor clamp system
04/30/09High effficiency and high bandwidth plasma generator system for flow control and noise reduction
04/30/09Circuit with improved efficiency and crest factor for current fed bipolar junction transistor (bjt) based electronic ballast
04/30/09Process and system for detecting surface anomalies
04/30/09Transformer bobbin with isolation wind
04/30/09Systems and methods for encrypting patient data
04/30/09System and method for image-based attenuation correction of pet/spect images
04/30/09Method for analytic reconstruction of cone-beam projection data for multi-source inverse geometry ct systems
04/30/09Fully contained retention pin for a turbine nozzle
04/30/09Washer including protrusions for use in a fastener assembly
04/30/09Gas turbines having flexible chordal hinge seals
04/30/09Fluorinated dihydrotetrabenazine ether imaging agents and probes
04/30/09Method for producing an electrode and device
04/30/09Methods for bonding high temperature sensors
04/30/09System and method for making a graded barrier coating
04/30/09Alumina-based protective coatings for thermal barrier coatings
04/30/09Method of treating a thermal barrier coating and related articles
04/30/09Lean premixed, radial inflow, multi-annular staged nozzle, can-annular, dual-fuel combustor
04/30/09Intermediates for fluorinated dihydrotetrabenazine ether imaging agents and probes
04/30/09Multi-stranded trackable guidewire
04/30/09Method and system for power plant block loading
04/30/09System and method for measuring installation dimensions for flow measurement system
04/30/09Method and apparatus for displaying and organizing clinical information of a patient
04/23/09Combustor bracket assembly
04/23/09System and method for sensing fuel moisturization
04/23/09Electromagnetic interference shielding polymer composites and methods of manufacture
04/23/09Wheel mounting assembly
04/23/09Enhanced color contrast light source
04/23/09Apparatus and method of forming high performance integrated rf optical module
04/23/09System and apparatus for limiting current in a superconducting coil
04/23/09Image guided acquisition of quantitative dual energy data
04/23/09System for delivering air from a multi-stage compressor to a turbine portion of a gas turbine engine
04/23/09Method and apparatus for distributing fluid into a turbomachine
04/23/09Titanium treatment to minimize fretting
04/23/09Dynamic two-stage clinical data archiving and retrieval solution
04/23/09Systems and methods for displaying and visualizing information
04/16/09Methods and compositions for improving stability of biodiesel and blended biodiesel fuel
04/16/09Wind turbine geothermal heating and cooling system
04/16/09Apparatus and method for suppressing dynamic pressure instability in bleed duct
04/16/09Bulk dispense user adjustable controls
04/16/09Multiple compartments wash additives auto-dispenser in washer or dryer pedestal
04/16/09Heat treatment method for an expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane
04/16/09Systems and methods for guiding the drilling of a horizontal well
04/16/09Removable tank for laundry bulk dispenser system
04/16/09Method and system for remotely predicting the remaining life of an ac motor system
04/16/09Method and system for determining the reliability of a dc motor system
04/16/09Method and system for remotely determining the reliability of a dc motor system
04/16/09Coil arrangement for an electromagnetic tracking system
04/16/09Method and system for visualizing registered images
04/16/09Systems, methods and apparatus automatic segmentation of liver in multiphase contrast-enhanced medical images
04/16/09Method and system for identifying defects in a radiographic image of a scanned object
04/16/09Enhanced system and method for volume based registration
04/16/09Apparatus and method for clearance control of turbine blade tip
04/16/09Active damping of wind turbine blades
04/16/09Multiphase screw pump
04/16/09Friction stir welding of fiber reinforced thermoplastics
04/16/09Strain tolerant corrosion protecting coating and tape method of application
04/16/09Friction stir welding of metal matrix composites
04/16/09Method and system for automatic cuff type determination
04/16/09System and method for optimizing wake interaction between wind turbines
04/16/09System and method for a simulation based movement planner
04/16/09Accelerating peer-to-peer content distribution
04/16/09Method and system for predicting turbomachinery failure events employing genetic algorithm
04/16/09Highly emissive material, structure made from highly emissive material, and method of making the same
04/16/09Highly emissive material, structure made from highly emissive material, and method of making the same
04/09/09Method for insulating electrical machine
04/09/09Ceramic composite with integrated compliance/wear layer
04/09/09Supercritical steam combined cycle and method
04/09/09Method and system for restoring parent metal properties across welds
04/09/09Contact arm mechanism for circuit breaker
04/09/09Slit collimator scatter correction
04/09/09Apparatus and related method for sensing cracks in rotating engine blades
04/09/09Disk rotor and method of manufacture
04/09/09Method and apparatus for evaluation of labor with ultrasound
04/09/09System and method for dynamically generated clinical form elements
04/09/09Methods and systems for context sensitive workflow management in clinical information systems
04/02/09Polygeneration systems
04/02/09Split shaft for high power diesel engine
04/02/09Gas flow injector and method of injecting gas into a combustion system
04/02/09Organic coating compositions for aluminizing metal substrates, and related methods and articles
04/02/09System and method for controlling laser shock peening
04/02/09Wind turbine blade molds
04/02/09High temperature seal
04/02/09System and method for controlling torque ripples in synchronous machines
04/02/09Thermal mangement article having thermal wave guide
04/02/09Thermo-optically functional compositions, systems and methods of making
04/02/09System and method for minimizing electromagnetic field distortion in an electromagnetic tracking system
04/02/09Apparatus, system, and associated method for monitoring surface corrosion
04/02/09Coil array for an electromagnetic tracking system
04/02/09Method of printing marks on an optical article
04/02/09Limited play optical article
04/02/09Method of printing marks on an optical article
04/02/09Inspection tool for radiographic systems
04/02/09Radiographic inspection system and method
04/02/09Systems and methods for image processing of 2d medical images
04/02/09Embedded fiber optic sensing device and method
04/02/09Wind turbine spars with jointed shear webs
04/02/09Chelator-functionalized nanoparticles
04/02/09Nanoparticle-based imaging agents for x-ray/computed tomography and methods for making same
04/02/09Thermal management article and method
04/02/09Fluidic thermal management article and method
04/02/09System and method for securing surgical implant
04/02/09System and method to schedule resources in delivery of healthcare to a patient
04/02/09System and method to manage delivery of healthcare to a patient
04/02/09System and method for detection of abuse of patient data
04/02/09Service resource evaluation method and system
04/02/09System and method for providing promotions
04/02/09Method and system for remotely updating detection knowledge of systems
04/02/09Limited play optical article
03/26/09Replaceable staking insert
03/26/09Method for making a composite airfoil
03/26/09Toroidal ring manifold for secondary fuel nozzle of a dln gas turbine
03/26/09Method and apparatus for operating a fuel flexible furnace to reduce pollutants in emissions
03/26/09Devices for thermal transfer and power generation and system and method incorporating same
03/26/09Computed radiography system and method for manufacturing the same
03/26/09Electric power generation with magnetically geared machine
03/26/09Switching circuit apparatus having a series conduction path for servicing a load and switching method
03/26/09Outer envelope and lamp with outer envelope
03/26/09Electromagnetic resonance frequency inspection systems and methods
03/26/09Remotely monitoring railroad equipment using network protocols
03/26/09System and method for tracking an inventory within an asset
03/26/09Electronic module for ac/dc coil within an electromagnetic contactor
03/26/09System and method for use of fluoroscope and computed tomography registration for sinuplasty navigation
03/26/09System and method to generate a selected visualization of a radiological image of an imaged subject
03/26/09Systems and methods for controlling the stability of a water brake dynamometer
03/26/09Composite airfoil
03/26/09Compositions and methods for storing holographic data
03/26/09Ligation amplification
03/26/09Compositions and methods for storing holographic data
03/26/09Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance imaging data
03/26/09System and method to automatically assist mobile image acquisition
03/26/09System and method for tracking medical device
03/26/09Calibration assembly for an inspection system
03/26/09Method and system for efficient data collection and storage
03/26/09System and method for improving the distortion tolerance of an electromagnetic tracking system
03/26/09Method and system for automatically determining an operating mode of a generator
03/26/09Systems and methods for analyzing failure modes according to cost
03/26/09Method and system for statistical tracking of digital asset infringements and infringers on peer-to-peer networks
03/26/09Failure management device and method
03/19/09Jig and fixture for wind turbine blade
03/19/09Method and system for modulating the modified wobbe index of a fuel
03/19/09Method and system for energy storage and recovery
03/19/09Method and system for thermochemical heat energy storage and recovery
03/19/09Systems and methods for installing cooling holes in a combustion liner
03/19/09Microfluidic device with vertical injection aperture
03/19/09Interconnect supported fuel cell assembly, preform and method of fabrication
03/19/09Modular communication plug-in module for an electronic trip unit
03/19/09Generator having a cooling flow bifurcation member and method for controlling a cooling flow
03/19/09Method and apparatus for optimized dematching layer assembly in an ultrasound transducer
03/19/09System and method for inspection of parts
03/19/09Iris imaging system and method for the same
03/19/09X-ray imaging system and methods of using and forming an array of optic devices therein
03/19/09Fiber bragg grating for high temperature sensing
03/19/09Harsh environment temperature sensing system and method
03/19/09Wind turbine blades with trailing edge serrations
03/19/09Catalyst and method of manufacture
03/19/09System and method for producing solar grade silicon
03/19/09Method for substrate stabilization of diffusion aluminide coated nickel-based superalloys
03/19/09Coated fiber and method for making the coated fiber
03/19/09Method of processing a ceramic layer and related articles
03/19/09Catalyst and method of manufacture
03/19/09Method and system for acquiring volume of interest based on positional information
03/19/09Method and system to improve engineered system decisions and transfer risk
03/12/09Inspection tool for measuring bucket z notch position
03/12/09Plasma-assisted waste gasification system
03/12/09Turbine engine with modulated combustion and reheat chambers
03/12/09Method and system to determine composition of fuel entering combustor
03/12/09Barrier sealing system
03/12/09Dielectric barrier discharge lamp
03/12/09High voltage, high speed, high pulse repetition rate pulse generator
03/12/09Method for automatic identification of defects in turbine engine blades
03/12/09System for exchanging a control rod drive
03/12/09Computed tomography system and apparatus
03/12/09Method and system for image integrity determination
03/12/09System and apparatus for receiving magnetic resonance (mr) signals from an imaging subject
03/12/09Method and system for measurement of a cutting tool
03/12/09Mixer for cooling and sealing air system for turbomachinery
03/12/09Airfoil shape for a turbine nozzle
03/12/09Mounting system for impingement cooling manifold
03/12/09Composition and associated method
03/12/09Electric motor tracking system and method
03/12/09System and method for improving claims processing in the healthcare industry
03/12/09Systems and methods for medication management using multiple software applications
03/12/09Methods and systems for providing patient registration information
03/05/09System, method and apparatus for surgical patient table
03/05/09System and method for fuel and air mixing in a gas turbine
03/05/09Gas turbine engine combustor assembly having integrated control valves
03/05/09Gas turbine premixer with radially staged flow passages and method for mixing air and gas in a gas turbine
03/05/09Methods and systems for gas turbine part-load operating conditions
03/05/09method and system for predicting gas turbine emissions utilizing meteorological data
03/05/09Orientation aware sensor
03/05/09Method of repairing nickel-based alloy articles
03/05/09Method and apparatus related to joining dissimilar metal
03/05/09Labyrinth compression seal and turbine incorporating the same
03/05/09Integrated medium-speed geared drive train
03/05/09Thermal foldback for linear fluorescent lamp ballasts
03/05/09Risk of shock protection circuit
03/05/09Series arc fault current interrupters and methods
03/05/09Identification system and method utilizing iris imaging
03/05/09Systems, methods and apparatus for consistency-constrained filtered backprojection for out-of-focus artifacts in digital tomosythesis
03/05/09Methods and computer readable medium for displaying a restored image
03/05/09Multi-part cast turbine engine component having an internal cooling channel and method of forming a multi-part cast turbine engine component
03/05/09Slipring bushing assembly for moveable turbine vane
03/05/09Bushing and clock spring assembly for moveable turbine vane
03/05/09Turbine rotor apparatus and system
03/05/09Coating systems containing rhodium aluminide-based layers
03/05/09Article and associated method
03/05/09Colorimetric indicator of radiation exposure
03/05/09Composition and associated method
03/05/09Composition and associated method
03/05/09Composition and associated method
03/05/09Non-invasive blood pressure monitor apparatus and system
03/05/09Catheter guidewire tracking system and method
03/05/09Hybrid robust predictive optimization method of power system dispatch
03/05/09Method and system for detection of gas turbine combustion blowouts utilizing fuel normalized power response
03/05/09Electronic trip units with limited read/write access
02/26/09Turbine fuel delivery apparatus and system
02/26/09Enclosure for a gas turbine and method for enclosing the same
02/26/09Ceramic cores for casting superalloys and refractory metal composites, and related processes
02/26/09Fuel nozzle and diffusion tip therefor
02/26/09Optically powered drive circuit and method for controlling a semiconductor switch
02/26/09Combustion turbine cooling media supply method
02/26/09Integrated electrical power extraction for aircraft engines
02/26/09method and system for providing electrical power to a wind turbine system
02/26/09Security access control system and method for making same
02/26/09System and method for collecting backscattered electrons in an x-ray tube
02/26/09Apparatus and method for reducing eccentricity and out-of-roundness in turbines
02/26/09Systems and methods for extending gas turbine emissions compliance
02/26/09Apparatus and method for pressurized inlet evaporative cooling of gas turbine engines
02/26/09Method and apparatus for clearance control of turbine blade tip
02/26/09Turbine shroud for gas turbine assemblies and processes for forming the shroud
02/26/09Method, system and apparatus for turbine diffuser sealing
02/26/09Turbine bucket tip shroud edge profile
02/26/09Gas turbine shroud support apparatus
02/26/09Leakage reducing venturi for dry low nitric oxides (nox) combustors
02/26/09Airfoil and method for protecting airfoil leading edge
02/26/09Structures for damping of turbine components
02/26/09Method for repairing high temperature articles
02/26/09Polycarbonate compositions
02/26/09Method and system for a patient monitoring alarm
02/26/09System and method for prediction of gas turbine trips due to thermocouple failures
02/26/09System and method for prediction of gas turbine trips due to gas control valve failures
02/26/09Sequence identification and analysis
02/19/09Method of mitigating undesired gas turbine transient response using event based actions
02/19/09Apparatus and method for externally loaded liquid fuel injection for lean prevaporized premixed and dry low nox combustor
02/19/09Combustion liner stop in a gas turbine
02/19/09Apparatus and method for monitoring compressor clearance and controlling a gas turbine
02/19/09Article, device, and method
02/19/09Terahertz detectors for use in terahertz inspection or imaging systems
02/19/09Method for manufacturing ultra-thin polymeric films
02/19/09Wind turbine assemblies and slip ring assemblies for wind blade pitch control motors
02/19/09Capped stator core wedge and related method
02/19/09Power conversion system
02/19/09Cognitive electric power meter
02/19/09Method and system for diagnostic imaging using a digital phase locked loop
02/19/09Methods and apparatus for data communication across a slip ring
02/19/09System and method for loads reduction in a horizontal-axis wind turbine using upwind information
02/19/09Fully bladed closure for tangential entry round skirt dovetails
02/19/09Durable blade
02/19/09Layered corrosion resistant coating for turbine blade environmental protection
02/19/09Method for managing multiple patient monitoring sensors
02/19/09System and method for remodeling prediction using ultrasound
02/19/09Method and system for planning repair of an engine
02/05/09Silicon release coating, method of making same, and method of using same
02/05/09Tool for driving wedges or slides
02/05/09Tool for driving wedges or slides
02/05/09Integrated method for producing a fuel component from biomass and system therefor
02/05/09Wobbe control and enhanced operability through in-line fuel reforming
02/05/09Thermotunneling refrigeration system
02/05/09System and method for gathering diagnostic information in a processing path of a coal gasification system
02/05/09Rotor alignment system and method
02/05/09Method for producing a beta-processed alpha-beta titanium-alloy article
02/05/09Water-soluble phenylenediamine compositions and methods for stabilizing ethylenically unsaturated compounds and monomers
02/05/09Mercury free compositions and radiation sources incorporating same
02/05/09Micro-electromechanical system (mems) based current and magnetic field sensor
02/05/09Low eddy current cryogen circuit for superconducting magnets
02/05/09Methods and apparatus for balancing a rotor
02/05/09Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket and turbine incorporating same
02/05/09Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket and turbine incorporating same
02/05/09Wind turbine blade drainage
02/05/09Thermochromic ink and coating compositions and methods for thermal activation
02/05/09Thermoplastic poly(arylene ether) / polyester blends and method of making
02/05/09Polycarbonate with high refractive index
02/05/09Method for locomotive navigation and track identification using video
02/05/09System and method for detection of rotor eccentricity baseline shift
02/05/09Systems and methods for storing test data and accessing test data
12/17/09Insulating coating, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
09/10/09Ceramic high intensity discharge lamp having uniquely shaped shoulder
08/06/09Reheat gas and exhaust gas regenerator system for a combined cycle power plant
06/11/09System and method for adaptive machining
06/11/09Fuel injection system and method of operating the same for an engine
06/04/09Method and apparatus for detecting an analyte
06/04/09Image-guided navigation employing navigated point computation method and system
04/02/09Dynamic reference method and system for interventional procedures
03/26/09High intensity discharge lamp having composite leg
03/26/09Electromagnetic tracking employing scalar-magnetometer

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