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General Electric Company A New York Corrporation
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General Electric Company patents (2010 archive)

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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12/30/10Quench chamber assembly for a gasifier
12/30/10Cooling chamber assembly for a gasifier
12/30/10Gasification system flow damping
12/30/10Optimized system for recovering waste heat
12/30/10System for mitigating a fuel system transient
12/30/10Method for mitigating a fuel system transient
12/30/10Apparatus and method for testing a compressor
12/30/10Titanium-containing article and method for making
12/30/10System including a digester and a digester emulator
12/30/10Oil water separation apparatus
12/30/10Welding control system
12/30/10Thermal barrier coating removal via shockwave stresses
12/30/10Spectroscopic fast neutron detection and discriminating using li-based semiconductors
12/30/10Magnetic brush seal system
12/30/10Fiber seal for ceramic matrix composite components
12/30/10Hermetic sealing assembly and electrical device including the same
12/30/10Lamp with ir suppressing composite
12/30/10Fluorene dimers and trimers
12/30/10Green phosphorescent iridium complexes, fabrication method thereof and organic light-emitting diodes comprising the same
12/30/10Ballast with end-of-life protection for one or more lamps
12/30/10Planar, high voltage embedded transformer for analog and digital data transmission
12/30/10System and method for detecting lightning
12/30/10Holographic device
12/30/10Arc flash detection
12/30/10Article including thermal interface element and method of preparation
12/30/10Variable frequency transformer having multiple horizontal rotary transformers with common controls and voltage infrastructure and method
12/30/10Isotope production system with separated shielding
12/30/10System for dampening vibration
12/30/10System and method for performing nuclear mammography imaging
12/30/10Gamma camera for performing nuclear mammography imaging
12/30/10Shape based registration
12/30/10System and method for aligning turbine components
12/30/10Moisture removal provisions for steam turbine
12/30/10Supersonic compressor comprising radial flow path
12/30/10Cooling hole exits for a turbine bucket tip shroud
12/30/10Nickel-base superalloys and components formed thereof
12/30/10Transversal conduction lightning protection system
12/30/10Method of controlling and refining final grain size in supersolvus heat treated nickel-base superalloys
12/30/10Method for providing ductile environmental coating having fatigue and corrosion resistance
12/30/10Accuracy fluorescence in-situ hybridization assay of samples with apoptotic cells
12/30/10Cell culture support and associated method for cell growth and release
12/30/10Process for making organic compounds and the organic compounds made therefrom
12/30/10Regulation of generating plant
12/30/10Nox compliant peak for gas turbine
12/30/10Monitoring system and method for wiring systems
12/30/10Integrated rfid sensor method and system
12/30/10Medical data indexing system and method
12/30/10Method and system for modeling the financial requirements of an industrial machine
12/30/10Systems and methods for accessing data from a database
12/30/10Methods and systems for extracting and analyzing online discussions
12/23/10System for recovering waste heat
12/23/10System and method for heating turbine fuel in a simple cycle plant
12/23/10System for cooling gas turbine inlet air
12/23/10Laser ignition system and method for internal combustion engine
12/23/10Ceramic cores for casting superalloys and refractory metal composites, and related processes
12/23/10Avionics chassis
12/23/10Rail mounting apparatus
12/23/10Drive coil, measurement probe comprising the drive coil and methods utilizing the measurement probe
12/23/10Systems for inspection of shrouds
12/23/10Arc flash detection system
12/23/10Avionics chassis
12/23/10Avionics chassis
12/23/10Avionics chassis
12/23/10Simo ductile iron castings in gas turbine applications
12/23/10System and method to process an acquired image of a subject anatomy to differentiate a portion of subject anatomy to protect relative to a portion to receive treatment
12/16/10Resonator assembly for mitigating dynamics in gas turbines
12/16/10Distributed-jet combustion nozzle
12/16/10Optical interrogation sensors for combustion control
12/16/10Dovetail treating method and apparatus
12/16/10Current transformer and electrical monitoring system
12/16/10Integral heat sink with spiral manifolds
12/16/10Mechanical joint for a gas turbine engine
12/16/10Mixing hotter steam with cooler steam for introduction into downstream turbine
12/16/10Trapped spring balance weight and rotor assembly
12/16/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for medical device interface connectivity
12/09/10Method and apparatus to remove or install combustion liners
12/09/10Methods relating to turbine engine control and operation
12/09/10Systems relating to turbine engine control and operation
12/09/10System for conditioning the airflow entering a turbomachine
12/09/10Plasma-assisted treatment of coal
12/09/10Semiconductor device having a buried channel
12/09/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling key bar movement in a stator assembly
12/09/10Led power source and dc-dc converter
12/09/10Method and system for modifying pulse sequences
12/09/10Computed tomography method and apparatus
12/09/10Portable tomographic diagnostic system with open gantry
12/09/10Rotating union for a liquid cooled rotating x-ray target
12/09/10Clutched steam turbine low pressure sections and methods therefore
12/09/10Structure and method for self-aligning rotor blade joints
12/09/10Imaging of myelin basic protein
12/09/10Imaging of myelin basic protein
12/09/10System and method for monitoring hemodynamic state
12/09/10Systems for intraoperative nerve imaging
12/02/10System for installing a seal in a syngas cooler
12/02/10Cooling system kit, method to retrofit, and method to operate a turbocharged engine system
12/02/10Steam turbine two flow low pressure configuration
12/02/10Method and apparatus for air and fuel injection in a turbine
12/02/10System and method for thermal control in a cap of a gas turbine combustor
12/02/10Method and flow sleeve profile reduction to extend combustor liner life
12/02/10Gas turbine combustion system with in-line fuel reforming and methods of use thereof
12/02/10Membrane separation
12/02/10Expansion hula seals
12/02/10Casting processes and yttria-containing facecoat material therefor
12/02/10Devices and methods for in-line sample preparation of materials
12/02/10Electric discharge machining device using rotating circular blade
12/02/10Electric discharge machining die sinking device
12/02/10Ablative plasma gun
12/02/10Solid-state photomultiplier module with improved signal-to-noise ratio
12/02/10Method and apparatus for ultraviolet scan planning
12/02/10Solar power generation system including weatherable units including photovoltaic modules and isolated power converters
12/02/10High gain miniature power supply for plasma generation
12/02/10Detection of rotor side anomaly in an induction machine
12/02/10Electromagnetic tracking method and system
12/02/10High-voltage power generation system and package
12/02/10Method and system to enhance reliability of switch array
12/02/10Composite structures for high energy-density capacitors and other devices
12/02/10Heatsink and method of fabricating same
12/02/10Solar inverter and control method
12/02/10Optical data storage medium and methods for using the same
12/02/10Turbomachine compressor wheel member
12/02/10System and method for clearance control
12/02/10Shaped and stiffened lower exhaust hood sidewalls
12/02/10Corrugated hood for low pressure steam turbine
12/02/10Nickel-base superalloys and components formed thereof
12/02/10Nickel-base superalloys and components formed thereof
12/02/10Protective coatings which provide erosion resistance, and related articles and methods
12/02/10Casting processes, casting apparatuses therefor, and castings produced thereby
12/02/10Protective coatings which provide erosion resistance, and related articles and methods
12/02/10System and method for controlling the calorie content of a fuel
12/02/10Long-range planar sensor array for use in a surgical navigation system
12/02/10System and method for automatic ultrasound image optimization
12/02/10Control for improved thermal performance of a steam turbine at partial load
12/02/10Non-destructive inspection system having self-aligning probe assembly
12/02/10Non-intrusive appliance load identification using cascaded cognitive learning
12/02/10Real-time scheduling of linear models for control and estimation
11/25/10Resonating swirler
11/25/10Method and apparatus for combustor nozzle with flameholding protection
11/25/10Multi-premixer fuel nozzle support system
11/25/10Turbine fuel nozzle having premixer with auxiliary vane
11/25/10System and method for cooling a wall of a gas turbine combustor
11/25/10Enclosure for heat transfer devices, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
11/25/10High performance heat transfer device, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
11/25/10High performance heat transfer device, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
11/25/10Hermetic electrical package
11/25/10Methods of inhibiting scale of silica
11/25/10Power generator distributed inverter
11/25/10Apparatus for generator stator mounting
11/25/10Oled lighting devices including electrodes with magnetic material
11/25/10Inspection system and method with multi-image phase shift analysis
11/25/10Optimizing total internal reflection multilayer optics through material selection
11/25/10Electrical connectors for optoelectronic device packaging
11/25/10System and method to automatically assist mobile image acquisition
11/25/10Active casing alignment control system and method
11/25/10Active rotor alignment control system and method
11/25/10Stall and surge detection system and method
11/25/10Low stress circumferential dovetail attachment for rotor blades
11/25/10Composite membrane and method of making
11/25/10System and method to automatic assist positioning of subject in mobile image acquistion
11/25/10System and method to automatic assist mobile image acquisition
11/18/10Fiber-optic dynamic sensing modules and methods
11/18/10Biasing working fluid flow
11/18/10Automatic fuel nozzle flame-holding quench
11/18/10Cross flow vane
11/18/10Dry low nox combustion system with pre-mixed direct-injection secondary fuel nozzle
11/18/10Methods and systems for inducing combustion dynamics
11/18/10Availability improvements to heavy fuel fired gas turbines
11/18/10Unloaded speed control for availability improvements to heavy fuel fired gas turbines
11/18/10Method for producing a titanium-base alloy having an oxide dispersion therein
11/18/10Welding apparatus and method
11/18/10Configurable multi resolution flat panel detector
11/18/10Multiple pass axial cooled generator
11/18/10Cooling system for rotating machine
11/18/10Electronic ballast with step up/down power factor correction dc-dc converter suitable for high input voltage applications
11/18/10Automatic fly through review mechanism
11/18/10Fiber bragg grating sensing package and system for gas turbine temperature measurement
11/18/10Turbine wheelspace temperature control
11/18/10Component cooling through seals
11/18/10Coupling for rotary components
11/18/10Article protected by a thermal barrier coating having a group 2 or 3/group 5 stabilization-composition-enriched surface
11/18/10Cobalt-nickel superalloys, and related articles
11/18/10Device and method for identifying tampering of an ultrasound probe
11/18/10System and method for installing a device
11/11/10Multi-stage compressor fault detection and protection
11/11/10Organic rankine cycle system and method
11/11/10Organic rankine cycle system and method
11/11/10Exhaust gas bypass valve control for thermoelectric generator
11/11/10Gas turbine engine combuster
11/11/10System and method for heating fuel for a gas turbine
11/11/10Multi-source gas turbine cooling
11/11/10Finned tube heat exchanger
11/11/10Vented shim beam welding process
11/11/10System and method for improved film cooling
11/11/10Carbide nanostructures and methods for making same
11/11/10Generator coil cooling baffles
11/11/10Fast detection of contact status with ac wetting voltage using ratiometric approach
11/11/10System and method for mounting a cooling device and method of fabrication
11/11/10Digital image detector
11/11/10Steam turbine, system, and method of operation
11/11/10Individual blade noise measurement system and method for wind turbines
11/11/10Turbine shell with pin support
11/11/10Plasma clearance controlled compressor
11/11/10Abradable seals
11/11/10Turbine nozzle with sidewall cooling plenum
11/11/10Process for inhibiting delamination in a bend of a continuous fiber-reinforced composite article
11/11/10Machine component retention
11/11/10Nicrmocb alloy with improved mechanical properties
11/11/10Membrane structure for vacuum assisted molding fiber reinforced article
11/11/10Systems, methods and apparatus for preparation, delivery and monitoring of radiopharmaceuticals
11/11/10Ultrasound system and method to deliver therapy based on user defined treatment spaces
11/11/10Ultrasound system and method to automatically identify and treat adipose tissue
11/11/10Ultrasound system and method to determine mechanical properties of a target region
11/11/10Methods relating to gas turbine control and operation
11/11/10Semi-automated and inter-active system and method for analyzing patent landscapes
11/04/10On-line cleaning of turbine hot gas path deposits via pressure pulsations
11/04/10Method and system for disengaging a shrink coupling on a turbine generator
11/04/10Fuel nozzle flashback detection
11/04/10Borescope plug with bristles
11/04/10Turbine air flow conditioner
11/04/10Systems and methods for rapid turbine deceleration
11/04/10Hybrid wobbe control during rapid response startup
11/04/10System and methods for ventilating a patient
11/04/10Carburization process for stabilizing nickel-based superalloys
11/04/10Radiation detector with optical waveguide and neutron scintillating material
11/04/10Low capacitance photodiode element and computed tomography detector
11/04/10Packing seal rotor lands
11/04/10System and method for determining the temperature of a permanent magnet in a machine
11/04/10Dovetail spoke internal permanent magnet machine
11/04/10High speed internal permanent magnet machine
11/04/10Fluorescent lamp with protective sleeve
11/04/10Fluorescent lamp with uv-blocking layer and protective sleeve
11/04/10System for detecting generator winding faults
11/04/10Smart capacitor
11/04/10Insulated metal substrates incorporating advanced cooling
11/04/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for cooling a power conversion system
11/04/10Method for energy sensitive computed tomography using checkerboard filtering
11/04/10Nondestructive inspection method and system
11/04/10Turbine engine having cooling pin
11/04/10Rotary machine balance weights
11/04/10Turbine engine having cooling gland
11/04/10Tangential entry dovetail cantilever load sharing
11/04/10Wind turbine blade with prefabricated leading edge segments
11/04/10Method and apparatus for reducing particles in a screw pump lubricant
11/04/10Method and apparatus for lubricating a screw pump system
11/04/10Method and apparatus for managing fluid flow within a screw pump system
11/04/10System and method for removing sulfur from gas stream
11/04/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
11/04/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
11/04/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
11/04/10Cathode composition and electrochemical cell comprising same
11/04/10Process of producing ceramic matrix composites
11/04/10Multiple wavelength physiological measuring apparatus, sensor and interface unit for determination of blood parameters
11/04/10Method and system for gash parameter extraction of a cutting tool
11/04/10Systems and methods for controlling fuel flow to a turbine component
11/04/10Method for detecting gas turbine engine flashback
11/04/10Gas turbine shutdown
11/04/10Systems and methods for verifying identity
10/28/10Systems and methods for providing surge protection to a turbine component
10/28/10System and method for controlling combustion dynamics
10/28/10Thimble fan for a combustion system
10/28/10Fluidizable algae-based powdered fuel and methods for making and using same
10/28/10Structural integrity monitoring system
10/28/10Optoelectronic devices and organic compounds used therein
10/28/10Non-metallic brush seal
10/28/10Genset system with energy storage for transient response
10/28/10Dynamoelectric machine rotors having enhanced heat transfer and method therefor
10/28/10Gate drive circuitry for non-isolated gate semiconductor devices
10/28/10Measurement of steam quality in steam turbine
10/28/10Masking of pure tones within sound from a noise generating source
10/28/10Gas turbine optical imaging system
10/28/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for thermally isolating a turbine rotor wheel
10/28/10Dual cure resin composite system and method of manufacturing the same
10/28/10Method and apparatus for substitute natural gas generation
10/28/10Labeled molecular imaging agents, methods of making and methods of use
10/28/10Method and system for controlling propulsion systems
10/28/10System and method to manage a workflow in delivering healthcare
10/21/10Apparatus and tools for use with compressors
10/21/10Systems and methods involving combined cycle plants
10/21/10Gas turbine premixer with internal cooling
10/21/10Turbine engine having a liner
10/21/10Air filtration sampling point adaptor
10/21/10Filter washing system for gas trubine engines
10/21/10Super-alloy and stainless steel casting method
10/21/10Method and apparatus for shielding cooling tubes in a radiant syngas cooler
10/21/10Heat exchanger with surface-treated substrate
10/21/10Space allocation within a circuit breaker
10/21/10Method for removing impurities from hydrocarbon oils
10/21/10System and method for measurement of radioactivity concentration of a radiopharmaceutical
10/21/10Shock mount assembly and detector including the same
10/21/10Systems involving multi-spool generators
10/21/10Lamp with ir suppressing photonic lattice
10/21/10Lamp cap and socket arrangement
10/21/10System and method for phase relaxed rf pulse design
10/21/10Test assembly for a circuit breaker
10/21/10Radio frequency (rf) coil array with double asymmetric saddle coil pairs
10/21/10Method and system for bit detection and synchronization
10/21/10Apparatus and tools for use with compressors
10/21/10Rotor blades for turbine engines
10/21/10Bond coat with low deposited aluminum level and method therefore
10/21/10Method and apparatus for medical intervention procedure planning and location and navigation of an intervention tool
10/21/10Sensor system and methods for analyte detection
10/14/10Systems involving hybrid power plants
10/14/10Model based health monitoring of aeroderivatives, robust to sensor failure and profiling
10/14/10Combined convection/effusion cooled one-piece can combustor
10/14/10Producing metallic articles by reduction of nonmetallic precursor compounds and melting
10/14/10Heat sinks with distributed and integrated jet cooling
10/14/10Composite dielectric fins in enhanced area boron coated neutron detectors
10/14/10Neutron sensitivity using detector arrays
10/14/10neutron sensitivity by increasing boron surface area
10/14/10High sensitivity b-10 neutron detectors using high surface area inserts
10/14/10Optical article having anti-theft feature and a system and method for inhibiting theft of same
10/14/10Patient monitoring system and method
10/14/10Nanostructured anti-reflection coatings and associated methods and devices
10/14/10Film capacitors with improved dielectric strength breakdown
10/14/10System and method for frame synchronization
10/14/10Spanwise split variable guide vane and related method
10/14/10Patch plug repair of a compressor case stator ring hook, near the horizontal joint
10/14/10Advanced booster rotor blade
10/14/10Nanostructures, methods of depositing nanostructures and devices incorporating the same
10/14/10Method for download of sequential function charts to a triple module redundant control system
10/14/10Method for executing sequential function charts as function blocks in a control system
10/14/10Corrected megawatt backup curve methodology
10/14/10System and method for distance estimation
10/14/10Missing child reporting, tracking and recovery method and system
10/14/10Systems and methods for constructing a local electronic medical record data store using a remote personal health record server
10/07/10Snapband filter design for horizontal bottom access collector
10/07/10Filter retention systems and devices
10/07/10System and method for obtaining an optimal estimate of nox emissions
10/07/10Cooled exhaust hood plates for reduced exhaust loss
10/07/10Apparatus and method for introduction of a material into a cryogenic system
10/07/10Slag zone mapping
10/07/10High voltage switch and method of making
10/07/10Premixing direct injector
10/07/10Multi-layered detector system for high resolution computed tomography
10/07/10Electric machine
10/07/10Electric machine
10/07/10Method and system for passively detecting and locating wire harness defects
10/07/10Balun for magnetic resonance imaging
10/07/10Short hybrid microstrip magnetic resonance coils
10/07/10Dc offset compensating system and method
10/07/10Gas turbine inner flowpath coverpiece
10/07/10Methods, systems and/or apparatus relating to seals for turbine engines
10/07/10Low emission and flashback resistant burner tube and apparatus
10/07/10Materials and processes for bonding acoustically neutral structures for use in ultrasound catheters
10/07/10Method and system for actively tuning a valve
10/07/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for rub detection in a machine
10/07/10Methods of detecting valve closure in reciprocating compressors
09/30/10Method for handling a stator bar using a pit
09/30/10Time-indicating rub pin for transient clearance measurement and related method
09/30/10Split flow regenerative power cycle
09/30/10Combined cycle power plant including a heat recovery steam generator
09/30/10Modulation of inlet mass flow and resonance for a multi-tube pulse detonation engine system using phase shifted operation and detuning
09/30/10Combined heat and power cycle system
09/30/10Tri-generation system using cascading organic rankine cycle
09/30/10Method and system for reducing the level of emissions generated by a system
09/30/10Combustor liner
09/30/10Thermally decoupled can-annular transition piece
09/30/10Additive delivery systems and methods
09/30/10Fuel nozzle spring support
09/30/10Apparatus and method of superconducting magnet cooling
09/30/10Method for testing high temperature mechanical durability of articles
09/30/10Inspection method for determining a location of incipient damage
09/30/10Tuning frequency of rotating body torsional mode by adding detuner
09/30/10High temperature optical pressure sensor and method of fabrication of the same
09/30/10Method for removing ionic species from desalination unit
09/30/10Layer for thin film photovoltaics and a solar cell made therefrom
09/30/10Layer for thin film photovoltaics and a solar cell made therefrom
09/30/10System and method for monitoring an integrated system
09/30/10High-powered laser beam welding and assembly therefor
09/30/10Method and apparatus for mode stirring in a microwave oven
09/30/10Radiation detector
09/30/10Methods of making high resistivity magnetic materials
09/30/10Method and apparatus for blending lignite and coke slurries
09/30/10High-temperature capacitors and methods of making the same
09/30/10Electric machine
09/30/10Protecting ballast circuitry against miswiring
09/30/10Dimming interface for power line
09/30/10Method and system to perform phase correction for species separation in magnetic resonance imaging
09/30/10System and method of parallel imaging with calibration to a virtual coil
09/30/10Thin extended-cavity rf coil for mri
09/30/10Interleaved gradient coil for magnetic resonance imaging
09/30/10Liquid dielectric gradient coil system and method
09/30/10Using s-parameter measurements to manage sar and transmit gain
09/30/10Multichannel stripline balun
09/30/10System, method and program product for camera-based discovery of social networks
09/30/10Self-calibrated interrogation system for optical sensors
09/30/10Methods for improving the dielectric properties of a polymer, and related articles and devices
09/30/10System and method for reading micro-holograms with reduced error rates
09/30/10Joint dc minimization and bit detection
09/30/10Method for decoding under optical and electronic noise
09/30/10Wireless digital image detector
09/30/10Combining x-ray and ultrasound imaging for enhanced mammography
09/30/10Methods and systems for displaying quantitative segmental data in 4d rendering
09/30/10System and method for automatic landmark labeling with minimal supervision
09/30/10Packaged sensors and harsh environment systems with packaged sensors
09/30/10Optical sensors, systems, and methods of making
09/30/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for passive purge flow control in a turbine
09/30/10Method and apparatus for clearance control
09/30/10Feeding film cooling holes from seal slots
09/30/10System and method of cooling turbine airfoils with sequestered carbon dioxide
09/30/10Reducing inter-seal gap in gas turbine
09/30/10Duct member based nozzle for turbine
09/30/10Exhaust plenum for a turbine engine
09/30/10Steam turbine rotating blade of 52 inch active length for steam turbine low pressure application
09/30/10Turbomachine rotor assembly and method
09/30/10Bucket for the last stage of a steam turbine
09/30/10High efficiency last stage bucket for steam turbine
09/30/10Anti-fouling coatings and articles coated therewith
09/30/10High pressure variable displacement piston pump
09/30/10Sulfidation-resistant coating system and process therefor
09/30/10Apparatus and method for cooling a superconducting magnetic assembly
09/30/10Cured composite composition
09/30/10Surgical navigation system with wireless magnetoresistance tracking sensors
09/30/10Ultrasound probe with replaceable head portion
09/30/10Ultrasound catheter housing with electromagnetic shielding properties and methods of manufacture
09/30/10System and method for a non-invasive blood pressure measurement
09/30/10Method for quantifying hole flow rates in film cooled parts
09/30/10Systems and methods for providing dynamic segmental signal analysis
09/30/10Freight commerce system and method
09/30/10Bit probability estimation method for noisy modulation code
09/23/10Fixture and inspection method for an annular seal
09/23/10Rotary air valve firing patterns for resonance detuning
09/23/10Heat transfer system and method for turbine engine using heat pipes
09/23/10Heat transfer system and method for turbine engine using heat pipes
09/23/10Single loop attemperation control
09/23/10Method and apparatus for delivery of a fuel and combustion air mixture to a gas turbine engine
09/23/10Systems and methods for reintroducing gas turbine combustion bypass flow
09/23/10Layered filtration membrane and methods of making same
09/23/10Monolithically integrated solar modules and methods of manufacture
09/23/10Surface modified sorbent
09/23/10Fuel injector gassifer nozzle having adjustable annulus
09/23/10Optically gated mems switch
09/23/10Wind turbine operation system and method
09/23/10System and method for thermal management in electrical machines
09/23/10Dynamoelectric machine coil spacerblock having flow deflecting channel in coil facing surface thereof
09/23/10Methods and apparatus involving heat detectors
09/23/10System and method of remote reporting of radiation dose usage in image acquisition
09/23/10Method of using and reconstructing a film-cooling augmentation device for a turbine airfoil
09/23/10Film-cooling augmentation device and turbine airfoil incorporating the same
09/23/10Apparatus for turbine engine cooling air management
09/23/10Apparatus for turbine engine cooling air management
09/23/10Spring system designs for active and passive retractable seals
09/23/10Compressor diffuser
09/23/10System for manufacturing a rotor having an mmc ring component and a unitary airfoil component
09/23/10System and method for manufacturing fuel cell stacks
09/23/10Hydrogen storage material and related processes
09/23/10In-situ polymerized nanocomposites
09/23/10System and method for manufacturing an in-process part
09/16/10Filter retainer for turbine engine
09/16/10Continuous combined cycle operation power plant and method
09/16/10Low heating value fuel gas blending control
09/16/10Condenser for power plant
09/16/10Steamoline: a gas-electric-steam power hybrid automobile
09/16/10Turbine fuel nozzle having heat control
09/16/10Methods and apparatus for providing a sacrificial shield for a fuel injector
09/16/10Combustor liner cooling system
09/16/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for capturing co2 using a solvent
09/16/10Composition, article, and method
09/16/10Integrated neutron-gamma radiation detector with optical waveguide and neutron scintillating material
09/16/10Digital image detector with removable battery
09/16/10Organic light emitting devices having latent activated layers and methods of fabricating the same
09/16/10Turbine singlet nozzle assembly with mechanical and weld fabrication
09/16/10Gas turbine having seal assembly with coverplate and seal
09/16/10Machine seal assembly
09/16/10Turbine engine shroud ring
09/16/10method and apparatus for gas turbine engine temperature management
09/16/10Turbomachine inlet heating system
09/16/10Turbine singlet nozzle assembly with radial stop and narrow groove
09/16/10Catalyst and method of manufacture
09/16/10Thermally responsive ink and coating compositions
09/16/10Thermochromic ink and coating compositions
09/16/10System and method for correcting signal polarities and detection thresholds in a rail vehicle inspection system
09/09/10Method and apparatus of particulate removal from gasifier components
09/09/10Thermoelectrically cooled components for distributed electronics control system for gas turbine engines
09/09/10System for fuel injection in a turbine engine
09/09/10Injection device for a turbomachine
09/09/10Pattern cooled combustor liner
09/09/10System for controlling combustion dynamics and method for operating the same
09/09/10Methods and apparatus involving cooling fins
09/09/10Field interchangeable auxilliary switch
09/09/10Method and system for removing thermal barrier coating
09/09/10Battery system for monitoring a battery
09/09/10Telemetry system and method
09/09/10Telemetry system and method
09/09/10Methods and apparatus for robotically inspecting gas turbine combustion components
09/09/10Systems and methods for protecting a series capacitor bank
09/09/10Methods for making millichannel substrate, and cooling device and apparatus using the substrate
09/09/10Alignment device for gas turbine casings
09/09/10Erosion and corrosion resistant turbine compressor airfoil and method of making the same
09/02/10Dewatering system and process for increasing the combined cycle efficiency of a coal powerplant
09/02/10Premixed direct injection disk
09/02/10Effusion cooled one-piece can combustor
09/02/10Methods and systems for controlling gas turbine clearance
09/02/10Method and system for ultrasonic inspection of gearbox ring gear
09/02/10Membranes comprising amino acid mobile carriers
09/02/10Membranes comprising amino acid mobile carriers
09/02/10Method and apparatus for a feed into a gasifier utilizing a slurry
09/02/10Stabilized emissive structures and methods of making
09/02/10Electromagnetic interference mitigation system and method
09/02/10Methods, systems and/or apparatus relating to turbine blade monitoring
09/02/10System and method for adjusting engine parameters based on flame visualization
09/02/10System and method for contrast enhancement of time-resolved fluorescence images
09/02/10System and method for processing data signals
09/02/10Method and system for automated x-ray inspection of objects
09/02/10Bearing damper with spring seal
09/02/10Apparatus, methods, and/or systems relating to the delivery of a fluid through a passageway
09/02/10Internally-damped airfoil and method therefor
09/02/10Flared tip turbine blade
09/02/10Turbine blade cooling
09/02/10Blaze cladding for direct metal laser sintered materials
08/26/10Self-generated power integration for gasification
08/26/10Coaxial fuel and air premixer for a gas turbine combustor
08/26/10Magnetic assembly system and method
08/26/10Dishwasher detergent dispensing module
08/26/10Diamond etching method and articles produced thereby
08/26/10Method of manufacture of compliant plate seals
08/26/10Fluorescent dimming ballast
08/26/10Parallel printed wiring board for lamp electronic assembly and bracket therefor
08/26/10Low-noise data acquisition system for medical imaging
08/26/10Method and system for generating a computed tomography image
08/26/10System, method and computer instructions for aiding image analysis
08/26/10Gas turbine combustion system cooling arrangement
08/26/10Systems and methods for engine turn down by controlling compressor extraction air flows
08/26/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for linking machine stators
08/26/10Apparatus for bucket cover plate retention
08/26/10Method and apparatus for operation of co/voc oxidation catalyst to reduce no2 formation for gas turbine
08/26/10Block terpolymer with confined crystallization
08/26/10Polymer composites with confined crystallization
08/26/10Switchable affinity binders
08/26/10Metal alginate hydrogel and articles thereof
08/26/10Mitigation of stress corrosion and fatigue by surface conditioning
08/26/10Quiet spectrum harvester
08/26/10System, method and facility for reducing pediatric patient anxiety during medical diagnostic imaging procedures
08/26/10Integrated apparatus for measuring static pressure
08/26/10Method and apparatus for secure wireless point of sale transactions
08/19/10Partial filling of a pulse detonation combustor in a pulse detonation combustor based hybrid engine
08/19/10Post-combustion processing in power plants
08/19/10Pre-heating gas turbine inlet air using an external fired heater and reducing overboard bleed in low-btu applications
08/19/10Systems, methods, and apparatus providing a secondary fuel nozzle assembly
08/19/10One-piece can combustor with heat transfer surface enhacements
08/19/10Waste heat utilization for pre-heating fuel
08/19/10Heat pump water heater control
08/19/10Chip attach adhesive to facilitate embedded chip build up and related systems and methods
08/19/10Apparatus for forming flanges on components
08/19/10Stator bar with end arm involute-on-cone bend substantially aligned with stator core slot
08/19/10Residential heat pump water heater
08/19/10Catenary turbine seal systems
08/19/10Methods and systems for monitoring stator winding vibration
08/12/10Method for manufacturing a rotor for an electric machine
08/12/10Turbine blade having material block and related method
08/12/10Regulating vanadium inhibitor in a gas turbine
08/12/10Interlocking retention strip
08/12/10Fuel nozzle manifold
08/12/10Fuel injection for gas turbine combustors
08/12/10Optimization of low-btu fuel-fired combined-cycle power plant by performance heating
08/12/10Removal of particulates from gas sampling stream
08/12/10Probe for removal of particulates from gas sampling stream
08/12/10Method of fabricating turbine airfoils and tip structures therefor
08/12/10Mosfet devices and methods of making
08/12/10Systems and methods and apparatus involving fabricating brush seals
08/12/10Soft magnetic material and systems therewith
08/12/10Ceramic matrix composite turbine engine
08/12/10Extraction unit for turbine and related method
08/12/10Annulus fibrosus detection in intervertebral discs using molecular imaging agents
08/12/10Combustion systems and processes for burning fossil fuel with reduced emissions
08/12/10Method and system for using location information in conjunction with recorded operating information for a railroad train
08/12/10Method and apparatus for swapping lead and remote locomotives in a distributed power railroad train
08/12/10Integrated real-time and static location tracking
08/12/10Adaptive transient multi-node heat soak modifier
08/05/10Spaceframe nacelle for a wind turbine generator and method of manufacturing the spaceframe nacelle
08/05/10Filter retention system
08/05/10Ground-based simple cycle pulse detonation combustor based hybrid engine for power generation
08/05/10System and method for reducing combustion dynamics in a turbomachine
08/05/10System and method for suppressing combustion instability in a turbomachine
08/05/10Apparatus for fuel injection in a turbine engine
08/05/10High corrosion resistance precipitation hardened martensitic stainless steel
08/05/10Speedcooking oven
08/05/10Microwave brazing process and assemblies and materials therefor
08/05/10Radiation detector assembly
08/05/10Robust on line stator turn fault identification system
08/05/10Stator turn fault detection apparatus and method for induction machine
08/05/10Wind velocity measurement system and method
08/05/10Vane frame for a turbomachine and method of minimizing weight thereof
08/05/10Turbine coverplate systems
08/05/10Rotor chamber cover member having aperture for dirt separation and related turbine
08/05/10Templated catalyst composition and associated method
08/05/10Templated catalyst composition and associated method
08/05/10Systems and methods for integrating hemodynamic and imaging examinations
08/05/10Multi-tier system for cardiology and patient monitoring data analysis
08/05/10Template based filtering and summations flowsheet
07/29/10System and method for water injection in a turbine engine
07/29/10Gas turbine with introduction of nitrogen
07/29/10Annular fuel and air co-flow premixer
07/29/10Bundled multi-tube nozzle for a turbomachine
07/29/10Turbulated aft-end liner assembly and related cooling method
07/29/10Flow conditioner for use in gas turbine component in which combustion occurs
07/29/10Heat transfer tubes
07/29/10System and method for a flow sensor
07/29/10Method and system for dishwasher operation
07/29/10Method and apparatus for separating air and oil
07/29/10Methods and systems for energy exchange
07/29/10Energy management of household appliances
07/29/10Reduction of tip vortex and wake interaction effects in energy and propulsion systems
07/29/10Automated sensor specific calibration through sensor parameter download
07/29/10System and method to manage maintenance of a radiological imaging system
07/29/10Optical mems device and remote sensing system utilizing the same
07/29/10Automated seal oil by-pass system for hydrogen cooled generators
07/29/10Systems and methods of reducing heat loss from a gas turbine during shutdown
07/29/10Systems and methods for ultrasound imaging with reduced thermal dose
07/29/10Ultrasound imaging system and method
07/29/10Maternal and fetal monitor ultrasound transducer
07/29/10Apparatus and method for controlling an ultrasound system based on contact with an ultrasound probe
07/29/10System and method for clearance estimation between two objects
07/29/10Methods and processes to transfer preconfigured systems to remote environments
07/22/10Wind turbine tower and assembly method using friction forging
07/22/10Systems and methods for mitigating a flashback condition in a premixed combustor
07/22/10Methods for increasing carbon dioxide content in gas turbine exhaust and systems for achieving the same
07/22/10Combined power augmentation system and method
07/22/10Flade fan with different inner and outer airfoil stagger angles at a shroud therebetween
07/22/10System and method employing catalytic reactor coatings
07/22/10Nozzle for a turbomachine
07/22/10Fuel nozzle for a turbomachine
07/22/10Systems and methods of monitoring acoustic pressure to detect a flame condition in a gas turbine
07/22/10fluidized bed system for removing multiple pollutants from a fuel gas stream
07/22/10Refractory brick and tapered mortar joint
07/22/10Holographic energy-collecting medium and associated device
07/22/10Gas feed injector apparatus
07/22/10Holder for integral compact fluorescent lamp with outer bulb
07/22/10Systems and methods involving transducer signals
07/22/10Gain calibration and correction technique for digital imaging systems
07/22/10Discrete load fins for individual stator vanes
07/22/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling gas leakage in a turbine
07/22/10Turbine blade or vane with improved cooling
07/22/10Systems and methods for treating a stream comprising an undesirable emission gas
07/15/10Drilled and integrated secondary fuel nozzle and manufacturing method
07/15/10Cooled gasifier vessel throat plug with instrumentation cavity
07/15/10Ammonia injection system for peaker cycle
07/15/10Method and apparatus for varying flow source to aid in windage heating issue at fsnl
07/15/10Pre-mix catalytic partial oxidation fuel reformer for staged and reheat gas turbine systems
07/15/10Traversing fuel nozzles in cap-less combustor assembly
07/15/10Premixed partial oxidation syngas generation and gas turbine system
07/15/10Inlet bleed heat system thermal lag mitigation using compressor interstage bleeds
07/15/10Assembly and method for vehicle suspension
07/15/10Vehicle and truck assembly
07/15/10Energy management of dishwasher appliance
07/15/10Millichannel heat sink, and stack and apparatus using the same
07/15/10Method for making nanoparticles
07/15/10Friction stir welding system
07/15/10Method of manufacturing of a compliant plate seal assembly
07/15/10System and method for fixed frequency power generation
07/15/10Compressor clearance control system using turbine exhaust
07/15/10Steam turbine having exhaust enthalpic condition control and related method
07/15/10Turbine bucket angel wing compression seal
07/15/10Device and system for reducing secondary air flow in a gas turbine
07/15/10Compressor clearance control system using bearing oil waste heat
07/15/10Split impeller configuration for synchronizing thermal response between turbine wheels
07/15/10System and method for turbocharging an engine
07/15/10Optical sensor array system for parallel processing of chemical and biochemical information
07/15/10Seal structure and associated method
07/15/10Electrochemical cell
07/15/10Collaborative tabletop for centralized monitoring system
07/15/10Energy management of household appliances
07/15/10System and method for identifying backhaul opportunities
07/08/10Method for detecting and removing nitride layer formed on the surface of a steel alloy
07/08/10Control joints in refractory lining systems and methods
07/08/10Support shelves for gasifier dome and thermocouple
07/08/10Late lean injection system configuration
07/08/10Systems and methods for detecting a flame in a fuel nozzle of a gas turbine
07/08/10Method for expanding compressor discharge bleed air
07/08/10Late lean injection control strategy
07/08/10Plasma enhanced booster and method of operation
07/08/10Heat integration in coal gasification and methanation reaction process
07/08/10Fuel plenum vortex breakers
07/08/10Late lean injection with expanded fuel flexibility
07/08/10Late lean injection for fuel flexibility
07/08/10Method and apparatus for fuel injection in a turbine engine
07/08/10Late lean injection fuel staging configurations
07/08/10Ring cooling for a combustion liner and related method
07/08/10Cooling a one-piece can combustor and related method
07/08/10Cooling apparatus for combustor transition piece
07/08/10Variable geometry ejector
07/08/10Method and apparatus for controlling a heating value of a low energy fuel
07/08/10Method and apparatus for continuous machinery alignment measurement
07/08/10Casting molds for use in directional solidification processes and methods of making
07/08/10System and method of joining metallic parts using cold spray technique
07/08/10Electron-transporting materials and processes for making the same
07/08/10Angled probe for vessel
07/08/10System and method for providing compliant rotating seals
07/08/10High intensity discharge lamp
07/08/10Concealed planar antenna
07/08/10Method of matching thermal response rates between a stator and a rotor and fluidic thermal switch for use therewith
07/08/10Variable position guide vane actuation system and method
07/08/10Variable position guide vane actuation system and method
07/08/10Method and apparatus for cooling a transition piece
07/08/10Plasma enhanced compressor duct
07/08/10Stator casing having improved running clearances under thermal load
07/08/10Method and apparatus for insuring proper installation of stators in a compressor case
07/08/10Non-integral turbine blade platforms and systems
07/08/10Method of coating with cryo-milled nano-grained particles
07/08/10Apparatus, systems, and methods involving cold spray coating
07/08/10Electron-transporting materials and processes for making the same
07/08/10Ultrasound imaging system
07/08/10Late lean injection with adjustable air splits
07/08/10Energy management of clothes dryer appliance
07/08/10Context switching zooming user interface
07/01/10Multi-functional rotary turning and positioning apparatus and method
07/01/10Apparatus and method for removing compressor blades
07/01/10Methods, apparatus and/or systems relating to fuel delivery systems for industrial machinery
07/01/10Method and system for enhancing heat transfer of turbine engine components
07/01/10Apparatus for starting a steam turbine against rated pressure
07/01/10Methods and systems for controlling a combustor in turbine engines
07/01/10Methods, apparatus and/or systems relating to controlling flow through concentric passages
07/01/10Friction weld vibration quality monitoring system
07/01/10Apparatus and method for controlling remote train operation
07/01/10Self-aligning support assembly for rotatable cylindrical components
07/01/10Meter phase identification
07/01/10Intrusion detector
07/01/10System and method for tracking in single-bit holographic data storage
07/01/10Disc structure for bit-wise holographic storage
07/01/10System and method for dual-beam recording and readout of multilayered optical data storage media
07/01/10Mastering and replication of micro-holographic data storage media
07/01/10Method for detecting the presence of high atomic number elements
07/01/10Turbine airfoil clocking
07/01/10Methods, systems and/or apparatus relating to inducers for turbine engines
07/01/10Partial arc shroud for wind turbine blades
07/01/10Rotor dovetail hook-to-hook fit
07/01/10Turbine blade root configurations
07/01/10Turbine blade root configurations
07/01/10Turbine blade cooling circuits
07/01/10Turbine rotor blade tips that discourage cross-flow
07/01/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
07/01/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
07/01/10Nanoparticle contrast agents for diagnostic imaging
07/01/10Catalyst composition for the hydro-treatment of alkanes and methods of use thereof
07/01/10Electronic control circuit for a powered appliance drawer
07/01/10Operating a turbine at baseload on cold fuel with hot fuel combustion hardware
06/24/10Washing system and method for load size and water retention detection
06/24/10Control system for a land-based simple cycle hybrid engine for power generation
06/24/10Method and systems for operating a combined cycle power plant
06/24/10Liquid carbon dioxide absorbent and methods of using the same
06/24/10Method and system for operating a combined cycle power plant
06/24/10Forward sleeve retainer plate and method
06/24/10Pressure relief valve monitoring
06/24/10Laser ultrasonic device
06/24/10System and method for removing a foreign object from an airstream entering a turbomachine
06/24/10Liquid carbon dioxide absorbent and methods of using the same
06/24/10System and method for heating a fuel using a solar heating system
06/24/10Combined surface cooler and acoustic absorber for turbomachines
06/24/10Micro-electromechanical system switch
06/24/10Injection method for microfluidic chips
06/24/10Membrane structure and method of making
06/24/10Particle-templated membranes, and related processes for their preparation
06/24/10Electrical system and control method
06/24/10Organic metal complexes for use in optoelectronic devices
06/24/10Current sensor having coil mounted to current carrying bus and related system
06/24/10Micro-electromechanical system switch
06/24/10Rfid tag reading apparatus and method
06/24/10Mems devices and remote sensing systems utilizing the same
06/24/10Arc detection using detailed and approximate coefficients from discrete wavelet transforms
06/24/10Electronic device and associated method
06/24/10Field configurable rating plug using communication and control signal
06/24/10Low cost anufacturing of micro-channel heatsink
06/24/10System and method for storage of data in circular data tracks on optical discs
06/24/10Method and system for bit prediction using a multi-pixel detector
06/24/10Data storage devices and methods
06/24/10Data storage devices and methods
06/24/10Data storage systems and methods
06/24/10Data storage devices and methods
06/24/10Vertically tracked data storage device and method
06/24/10System and method for image reconstruction
06/24/10Method and system for estimating contact patterns
06/24/10Supersonic compressor
06/24/10Opposed flow high pressure-low pressure steam turbine
06/24/10Adaptive compliant plate seal assemblies and methods
06/24/10Airfoil shape for a turbine nozzle
06/24/10Aerodynamic device for detection of wind turbine blade operation
06/24/10Carbon dioxide absorbent and method of using the same
06/24/10Bilayer protection coating and related method
06/24/10Thermomechanical sealing of interconnect manifolds in fuel cell stacks
06/24/10Device and associated method
06/24/10Telemetry system and method
06/24/10System and method for rotor blade health monitoring
06/24/10System and method for measuring a level of a liquid in a container
06/24/10Method and system for mining websites
06/24/10Cascaded control of a pick-up head for multi-layer optical data storage
06/17/10Energy management of clothes washer appliance
06/17/10Multizone co-gasification
06/17/10Method of operating a gasifier
06/17/10Method of retrofitting a coal gasifier
06/17/10Low grade heat recovery system for turbine air inlet
06/17/10Emissions control system and method
06/17/10System for recovering waste heat
06/17/10Inlet air heating and cooling system
06/17/10Deep chilled air washer
06/17/10Gas turbine base load control by chilling modulation
06/17/10Turbine inlet air heat pump-type system
06/17/10Ultrasonic transducer
06/17/10Energy efficient approach to co2 capture process
06/17/10Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
06/17/10Methods of manufacturing casted articles, and systems
06/17/10Ion-exchange device and regeneration method of ion-exchange material thereof
06/17/10Anionically-charged polymer detection method
06/17/10Membrane assemblies and methods of making and using the same
06/17/10Process for removing metallic material from casted substates, and related compositions
06/17/10Apparatus and method for friction surfacing using a consumable pin tool
06/17/10System and method for optical locomotive decoupling detection
06/17/10Radiation detecting pixel array signal routing
06/17/10Methods of making articles having toughened and untoughened regions
06/17/10Systems and methods providing a power converter
06/17/10Methods for preparation of nanocrystalline rare earth phosphates for lighting applications
06/17/10Encapsulation structure and method of organic electroluminescence device
06/17/10Encapsulated optoelectronic device and method for making the same
06/17/10Transverse gradient coil for mri systems and method for manufacturing the same
06/17/10Electrical energy transformation apparatus
06/17/10Current transformer and electrical monitoring system
06/17/10High energy density inductor
06/17/10Method for formatting and reading data disks
06/17/10Method and system for detection enhancement for optical data storage
06/17/10Method and system for modulation coding and synchronization
06/17/10Software radio frequency canceller
06/17/10Software radio frequency canceller
06/17/10Method of modifying a segmented volume
06/17/10Drilling apparatus
06/17/10Articles made from composite materials having toughened and untoughened regions
06/17/10Article and ultrasonic inspection method and system therefor
06/17/10Formed catalyst for nox reduction
06/17/10Slurry chromizing process
06/17/10Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
06/17/10Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
06/17/10Methods and kits for enhancing sedimentation and recovery of cells in a sample
06/17/10Medical imaging system and method containing ultrasound docking port
06/17/10Medical imaging system and method containing ultrasound docking port
06/17/10Systems and methods for operating a two-dimensional transducer array
06/17/10Fuel monitoring method and system
06/17/10Physics-based lifespan modeling
06/17/10Digital railroad system
06/10/10Lowering and raising a single wind turbine rotor blade from six-o'clock position
06/10/10Method and system to repair pitch control components
06/10/10Gasifier additives for improved refractory life
06/10/10Guide system for power modules
06/10/10Combustor housing for combustion of low-btu fuel gases and methods of making and using the same
06/10/10Multi-tube thermal fuse for nozzle protection from a flame holding or flashback event
06/10/10System and method for controlling liquid level in a vessel
06/10/10Method and system for ultrasonic resin degassing
06/10/10Method and system for centrifugal resin degassing
06/10/10Staggered multi-mode spray arm wash system
06/10/10Dishwasher having multi-mode spray arm system
06/10/10Fused wiring harness for a photovoltaic system
06/10/10Geothermal heating and cooling management system
06/10/10Heat exchanging hollow passages
06/10/10Laser machining system and method
06/10/10Moulds with integrated heating and methods of making the same
06/10/10Imaging system and method with scatter correction
06/10/10Electromagnetic actuators
06/10/10Article having a protective coating and methods
06/10/10Semiconductor devices and systems
06/10/10Wind turbine with gps load control
06/10/10System and method for controlling wind turbine actuation
06/10/10Cooling system and wind turbine incorporating same
06/10/10Method and apparatus for measuring wind velocity
06/10/10Dc-to-ac power conversion system and method
06/10/10Class-e amplifier and lighting ballast using the amplifier
06/10/10Radio frequency (rf) coil and apparatus
06/10/10Systems and methods for using ferrite alignment keys in wireless remote sensors
06/10/10Winding diagnostic system and method
06/10/10Electromagnet for an electrical contactor
06/10/10Radio frequency identification asset management system, and computer program product
06/10/10Method and apparatus for detection of analytes
06/10/10System and method for control of a grid connected power generating system
06/10/10System and method for generating metavolumes
06/10/10Fiber optic sensing system
06/10/10Cooling system and method for a turbomachine
06/10/10Compliant foil seal for rotary machines
06/10/10Compliant plate seal with self-correcting behavior
06/10/10Optimized turbocharger bearing system
06/10/10Operating a wind turbine at motor over-temperature conditions
06/10/10System and method for wind turbine noise control and damage detection
06/10/10Wind turbine aerodynamic separation control
06/10/10System and method for wind friction monitoring
06/10/10Cooling system and method for wind turbine components
06/10/10Wind turbine yaw bearing determination
06/10/10Wind turbine blade with integrated stall sensor and associated method of detecting stall of a wind turbine blade
06/10/10Torsionally loadable wind turbine blade
06/10/10Segmented wind turbine blade
06/10/10Flatback insert for turbine blades
06/10/10Turbine blade and method of fabricating the same
06/10/10Permeable acoustic flap for wind turbine blades
06/10/10Mixed catalyst for nox reduction and methods of manufacture thereof
06/10/10Tumor margin imaging agents
06/10/10Methods for making an asymmetric composite membrane
06/10/10Wetting resistant material and articles made therewith
06/10/10Articles for high temperature service and methods for their manufacture
06/10/10Regulating overfire air in a boiler using an overfire air tube damper
06/10/10Process for the removal of a coating, and related compositions
06/10/10Functionalized polyfluorenes for use in optoelectronic devices
06/10/10Method and system for configuring a monitoring device
06/10/10Method and system for detecting t-wave alternans
06/10/10Method and apparatus for generating a localized heating
06/10/10Power ramp rate control for renewable variable power generation systems
06/10/10Providing processing instructions for updating schema
06/03/10Wind turbine blade inspection and cleaning system
06/03/10Rail-transportable wind turbine tower
06/03/10Wind turbine with improved tower and method of assembling same
06/03/10Baffle seal for gas turbine engine thrust reverser
06/03/10Post-weld offset gage
06/03/10Biomass gasification reactor
06/03/10Vertical manufacturing of composite wind turbine tower
06/03/10Method for assembling jointed wind turbine blade
06/03/10Systems and methods for processing complex biological materials
06/03/10Method and apparatus for controlling the tip speed of a blade of a wind turbine
06/03/10Method and system for noise controlled operation of a wind turbine
06/03/10Wind turbine acoustic emission control system and method
06/03/10Hybrid braking system and method
06/03/10Method and system for cooling a wind turbine structure
06/03/10Compact geared drive train
06/03/10Modular stacked subsea power system architectures
06/03/10Dc bus voltage control for two stage solar converter
06/03/10Wind turbine with direct-connected variable speed blower
06/03/10Fluorescent dimming ballast with improved effieciency
06/03/10Reactive power regulation and voltage support for renewable energy plants
06/03/10Composite systems, articles incorporating the system, methods for in-situ, non-destructive testing of these and array probes useful for the methods
06/03/10Radio frequency based sensors employing analyte recognition element
06/03/10Line side crowbar for energy converter
06/03/10Systems and methods for tracking images
06/03/10Landmark guides for registration of multi-modality medical images
06/03/10Cooling system for a turbomachine
06/03/10Passive deicing for wind turbine blades
06/03/10Apparatus and method for manipulating a component of a wind turbine
06/03/10Wind turbine noise controls
06/03/10Systems and methods for determining the angular position of a wind turbine rotor
06/03/10Systems and methods for testing a wind turbine pitch control system
06/03/10Hinged wind turbine blade tips
06/03/10Root sleeve for wind turbine blade
06/03/10Retrofit sleeve for wind turbine blade
06/03/10Spar cap for wind turbine blades
06/03/10Braided wind turbine blades and method of making same
06/03/10Transportable wind turbine tower
06/03/10Nickel-containing alloys, method of manufacture thereof and articles derived therefrom
06/03/10Method for hvof or lpps restoration coating repair of a nickel-base superalloy article
06/03/10Coating system and method for vibrational damping of gas turbine engine airfoils
06/03/10Articles using persistent phosphors
06/03/10System for thermal protection and damping of vibrations and acoustics
06/03/10Neutral static polycarbonates, methods of making, and articles formed therefrom
06/03/10Electron-transporting polymers
06/03/10Surgical navigation system with magnetoresistance sensors
06/03/10Systems and methods for interfacing renewable power sources to a power grid
06/03/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a wind driven machine
06/03/10System and method for decreasing solar collector system losses
06/03/10Systems and methods for interfacing renewable power sources to a power grid
06/03/10Pre-programmed energy management ballast or driver
06/03/10System and method for managing wind turbines and enhanced diagnostics
06/03/10Surgical navigation enabled imaging table environment
06/03/10Method for enhancement of a wind plant layout with multiple wind turbines
06/03/10Automatic configuration method and system for medical devices
05/27/10Repair method for tbc coated turbine components
05/27/10Method of manufacturing a vane with reduced stress
05/27/10Method and apparatus for operating an integrated gasifier power plant
05/27/10Method for controlling an exhaust gas recirculation system
05/27/10Systems and methods for inspecting an object using ultrasound
05/27/10Electrochemical grinding electrode, and apparatus and method using the same
05/27/10Scintillator materials which absorb high-energy, and related methods and devices
05/27/10Propulsion system
05/27/10System and method for sensing the periodic position of an object
05/27/10Magnetoresistance sensors for position and orientation determination
05/27/10System and method for inspection of parts with complex geometries
05/27/10Controlling an alarm state based on the presence or absence of a caregiver in a patient's room
05/27/10Method and system for visualizing monochromatic images in color hue
05/27/10Method and apparatus for cooling electronics
05/27/10Thermal management system with graphene-based thermal interface material
05/27/10Optical waveguide emi shield
05/27/10Computed tomography method and system
05/27/10Smoothing of dynamic data sets
05/27/10X-ray tube having liquid lubricated bearings and liquid cooled target
05/27/10Packaging for a radiological device
05/27/10Systems and methods for automated diagnosis
05/27/10Systems, apparatus and processes for automated medical image segmentation using a statistical model
05/27/10Forward projection for the generation of computed tomography images at arbitrary spectra
05/27/10System and method for automated scan planning using symmetry detection and image registration
05/27/10Control of shockwave-boundarylayer-interaction using mems plasma devices
05/27/10Vane with reduced stress
05/27/10Spinner-less hub access and lifting system for a wind turbine
05/27/10Insert for through-holes and method therefor
05/27/10Metered cooling slots for turbine blades
05/27/10Surface having a nanoporous coating, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
05/27/10Agents and methods for spectrometric analysis
05/27/10Agents and methods for spectrometric analysis
05/27/10Agents and methods for spectrometric analysis
05/27/10Agents and methods for spectrometric analysis
05/27/10Method and apparatus for using a remote distributed power locomotive as a repeater in the communications link between a head-of-train device and an end-of-train device
05/27/10System for tracking object
05/27/10Systems, apparatus and processes for automated blood flow assessment of vasculature
05/27/10Railroad signal message system and method
05/27/10method of controlling an air preheating system of a gas turbine
05/27/10Monitoring system with dynamically configurable non-interfering signal processing
05/27/10Voice recognition system for medical devices
05/27/10Method and apparatus for clinical widget distribution
05/27/10Systems and methods for interruption workflow management
05/27/10Interactive multi-axis longitudinal health record systems and methods of use
05/27/10Adaptive user interface systems and methods for healthcare applications
05/27/10Automated healthcare information composition and query enhancement
05/27/10Clinical focus tool systems and methods of use
05/27/10Systems and methods for an active listener agent in a widget-based application
05/27/10Method and apparatus for dynamic multiresolution clinical data display
05/27/10Systems and methods for displaying multi-energy data
05/27/10Zero pixel travel systems and methods of use
05/20/10Turbine blade fabrication
05/20/10Method of making wind turbine blade
05/20/10Two-phase expansion system and method for energy recovery
05/20/10Fuel control system for gas turbine and feed forward control method
05/20/10System for closed-loop control of combustion in engines
05/20/10Welding process
05/20/10Portable digital image detector positioning apparatus
05/20/10Sic substrates, semiconductor devices based upon the same and methods for their manufacture
05/20/10Resonance mitigation system and method
05/20/10Led driver with single inverter circuit with isolated multi-channel outputs
05/20/10System and method for measuring thickness of a refractory wall of a gasifier using electromagnetic energy
05/20/10Methods and apparatus for combined 4d presentation of quantitative regional parameters on surface rendering
05/20/10Method and system for navigating volumetric images
05/20/10Systems and methods involving graphically displaying control systems
05/20/10Systems and methods for electronically routing data
05/20/10Barrel nut
05/20/10Methods and apparatus relating to turbine airfoil cooling apertures
05/20/10Method for applying and dimensioning an abradable coating
05/20/10Method of forming an abradable coating
05/20/10Data structures and methods of forming the same
05/13/10Parallel turbine arrangement and method
05/13/10System and method for locating sparks in electrostatic precipitators
05/13/10Method, apparatus, and system for acid gas removal
05/13/10Application of visbreaker analysis tools to optimize performance
05/13/10Dry fire protection system
05/13/10Method and system for scatter correction
05/13/10Polycrystalline transparent ceramic articles and method of making same
05/13/10Method for producing trench isolation in silicon carbide and gallium nitride and articles made thereby
05/13/10Hid lighting assembly capable of instant on/off cycle operation
05/13/10Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance imaging data for dynamic studies
05/13/10System and method for combining pre-mastered errors with marks or printed spots on optical media
05/13/10Externally adjustable impingement cooling manifold mount and thermocouple housing
05/13/10Automated systems and methods for screening zebrafish
05/13/10Systems and methods for automated extraction of high-content information from whole organisms
05/13/10Stator - rotor assemblies having surface features for enhanced containment of gas flow, and related processes
05/13/10Seal structure and associated method
05/13/10Machine components and methods of fabricating
05/13/10Sequential analysis of biological samples
05/13/10Planetary gearbox having multiple sun pinions
05/13/10Systems, methods and apparatus for preparation, delivery and monitoring of radioisotopes in positron emission tomography
05/13/10Management control of household appliances using continuous tone-coded dsm signalling
05/13/10Systems and methods involving rule engines
05/13/10Methods and systems for mining websites
05/13/10Early detection of high volume peer-to-peer swarms
05/06/10System and method for reducing corrosion in a gas turbine system
05/06/10Turbine integrated bleed system and method for a gas turbine engine
05/06/10Combined cycle power plant
05/06/10Provision for rapid warming of steam piping of a power plant
05/06/10Method and apparatus for affecting a recirculation zone in a cross flow
05/06/10Feed injector system
05/06/10Combustor liner cooling flow disseminator and related method
05/06/10Reduction of diluent nitrogen compressor power using vapor absorption chiller
05/06/10System and apparatus for fluoride ion cleaning
05/06/10Nano-devices and methods of manufacture thereof
05/06/10Membrane structure and method of making
05/06/10Polysulfone membranes methods and apparatuses
05/06/10Systems, methods and apparatus for reduction of field-effect transistor leakage in a digital x-ray detector
05/06/10Solid-state photomultiplier having improved timing resolution
05/06/10Wide area transmission control of windfarms
05/06/10Capped stator core wedge and related method
05/06/10Method and apparatus for positioning a ceramic induction discharge body relative to an induction coil
05/06/10Starting coil for induction lighting
05/06/10Arctube for induction high intensity discharge lamp
05/06/10Color control of light sources employing phosphors
05/06/10Induction coil without a weld
05/06/10Rfid system and method for the same
05/06/10Antenna switching system and method
05/06/10Multimodal optical imaging
05/06/10Compact beam former for induction hid lamp
05/06/10Modular handle for digital x-ray detectors
05/06/10Multimodal optical imaging
05/06/10Internal yaw drive exchange for a wind turbine tower
05/06/10Shroud hanger with diffused cooling passage
05/06/10Methods and apparatus involving shroud cooling
05/06/10Turbine with interrupted purge flow
05/06/10System and method for reducing bucket tip losses
05/06/10Asymmetrical gas turbine cooling port locations
05/06/10Turbine airfoil clocking
05/06/10Apparatus and method for detecting solid water build-up
05/06/10Compositions and methods for inhibiting corrosion in aqueous media
05/06/10Methods for inhibiting corrosion in aqueous media
05/06/10High strength, fine grained spinel for window applications, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
05/06/10Total bacteria monitoring system
05/06/10Visual feedback for airfoil polishing
05/06/10Split torque compound planetary drivetrain for wind turbine applications
05/06/10System and method for tracking object
05/06/10System and method for tracking object
05/06/10System and method for clutter filter processing for improved adaptive beamforming
05/06/10Integrated real-time power and solar farm control system
05/06/10System and method for article monitoring
05/06/10Optimal dispatch of demand side electricity resources
05/06/10Modular data collection module with standard communication interface
05/06/10Control of an actuator-sensor-interface compatible device using a remote intelligence device
04/29/10Wind turbine tower joints
04/29/10Feed injector cooling jacket
04/29/10Diluent shroud for combustor
04/29/10System and method for changing the efficiency of a combustion turbine
04/29/10Flame holding tolerant fuel and air premixer for a gas turbine combustor
04/29/10Energy management of household appliances
04/29/10System and method for heating a fuel using an exhaust gas recirculation system
04/29/10Inlet system for an egr system
04/29/10Anesthesia system and method
04/29/10Electrophoresis system and method
04/29/10Methods and systems for purifying aqueous liquids
04/29/10Methods and apparatus for welding
04/29/10Multi-layer radiation detector assembly
04/29/10Organic light emitting device
04/29/10Unified 0-10v and dali dimming interface circuit
04/29/10Hybrid birdcage-tem radio frequency (rf) coil for multinuclear mri/mrs
04/29/10Method and system for detecting a corrosive deposit in a compressor
04/29/10Rotor/stator relative position determining method and apparatus
04/29/10Express cook feature
04/29/10Three-dimensional optical sensor and system for combustion sensing and control
04/29/10Inductive and capacitive components integration structure
04/29/10Pluggable bases with different levels of redundancy
04/29/10Optical gamma thermometer
04/29/10Method and system for auto positioning compression mechanism in a mammography system
04/29/10System and method for threat detection
04/29/10Thermally-activated clearance reduction for a steam turbine
04/29/10Pressure activated flow path seal for a steam turbine
04/29/10Active curcilation control of aerodynamic structures
04/29/10Fabricated hybrid turbine blade
04/29/10Carbon-glass-hybrid spar for wind turbine rotorblades
04/29/10Method and system for dye assessment
04/29/10Phosphorescent iridium complexes
04/29/10Method and apparatus for assessing feasibility of probes and biomarkers
04/29/10Pressure relief valve monitoring
04/29/10Method to efficiently synchronize multiple measurements across multiple sensor inputs
04/29/10Method and system for rotation tracking of a turbomachine component
04/29/10Systems for and methods of medical scheduling based on simulation-based optimization
04/22/10Emissions control system and method
04/22/10Combined cycle power plant
04/22/10Staged combustion systems and methods
04/22/10Combustor burner vanelets
04/22/10Multiple tube premixing device
04/22/10Wireless strain sensors, detection methods, and systems
04/22/10method and system for synchronizing a patient monitoring device with a ventilator device
04/22/10Membrane structure and method of making
04/22/10Hybrid surfaces that promote dropwise condensation for two-phase heat exchange
04/22/10System and method for performing microfluidic manipulation
04/22/10Separator assembly
04/22/10Central core element for a separator assembly
04/22/10Separator assembly
04/22/10Gas turbine ejector and method of operation
04/22/10Heat transfer enhancement of dynamoelectric machine rotors
04/22/10Multi-turn, stranded coils for generators
04/22/10Blue-green and green phosphors for lighting applications
04/22/10Low cost compact size single stage high power factor circuit for discharge lamps
04/22/10Parallel transformer with output side electrical decoupling
04/22/10Systems, methods, and apparatus for monitoring clearance in a rotary machine
04/22/10Fast switching circuit for x-ray imaging applications
04/22/10Blade pitch management method and system
04/22/10Implantable device system
04/22/10Implantable device system
04/22/10Methods and systems for neural network modeling of turbine components
04/22/10System including phase signal saving during anomaly and related method
04/15/10Metering of diluent flow in combustor
04/15/10Method and apparatus of introducing diluent flow into a combustor
04/15/10Method and apparatus of fuel nozzle diluent introduction
04/15/10Integrated turbo-boosting and electric generation system and method
04/15/10Adaptive performance model and methods for system maintenance
04/15/10Combustion liner damper
04/15/10Low temperature device
04/15/10Apparatus for recovery of volatile organic compound vapor
04/15/10High temperature superconducting magnet
04/15/10Electronic stator end winding accelerometer sensor
04/15/10Fuel nozzle assembly
04/15/10Energy management of household appliances
04/15/10Method for the formation of a gate oxide on a sic substrate and sic substrates and devices prepared thereby
04/15/10Hatch stop for wind turbines
04/15/10System, vehicle and related method
04/15/10Compensation system for power transmission
04/15/10Compensation system for power transmission
04/15/10Portable transformer and method for improving reliability of electric power delivery
04/15/10Thermal management in a fault tolerant permanent magnet machine
04/15/10Fault tolerant permanent magnet machine
04/15/10Electronic devices comprising organic iridium compositions
04/15/10Management control of household appliances using rfid communication
04/15/10Bearing with alternative load path for extreme loads
04/15/10Steam cooled direct fired coal gas turbine
04/15/10Airfoil shape for a compressor
04/15/10Airfoil shape for a compressor
04/15/10Pressurized sealed chamber between multiple pressurized casings of machine and related method
04/15/10Steam turbine rotating blade for a low pressure section of a steam turbine engine
04/15/10Airfoil shape for a compressor
04/15/10Energy management of household appliances
04/15/102,5-linked polyfluorenes for optoelectronic devices
04/15/10Method and apparatus for introducing diluent flow into a combustor
04/15/10Dimension profiling of sic devices
04/15/102,5-linked polyfluorenes for optoelectronic devices
04/15/102,5-linked polyfluorenes for optoelectronic devices
04/15/10Demand side management of household appliances beyond electrical
04/15/10Voltage control at windfarms
04/08/10Method and system for operating a turbomachine having an unchoked valve
04/08/10Apparatus for steam attemperation using fuel gas heater water discharge to reduce feedwater pump size
04/08/10System and method for air-fuel mixing in gas turbines
04/08/10Method and apparatus for assembling gas turbine engine
04/08/10Gasifier and cyclone separator for coal combustion
04/08/10Premixed direct injection nozzle
04/08/10Detector system for unidentified substances
04/08/10Omnidirectional eddy current array probes and methods of use
04/08/10Phase signal triggering hold off
04/08/10Systems and methods for sensor-level machine monitoring
04/08/10Arc fault detection using fuzzy logic
04/08/10Motor control center communication system
04/08/10Surface treatments for turbine components to reduce particle accumulation during use thereof
04/08/10Catalyst and method of manufacture
04/08/10Nanostructure arrays and methods for forming same
04/08/10Processes for producing multilayer polytetrafluoroethylene articles and articles formed therefrom
04/08/10Energy storage device and associated method
04/08/10Two slope reference for synthetic thermal time of flight imaging
04/08/10Methods and system to generate data associated with a medical report using voice inputs
04/08/10Method and system for attaching objects to a data repository
04/01/10Article, laminate and associated methods
04/01/10Peak load management by combined cycle power augmentation using peaking cycle exhaust heat recovery
04/01/10Plenum air preheat for cold startup of liquid-fueled pulse detonation engines
04/01/10Sound attenuation systems and methods
04/01/10Sound attenuation systems and methods
04/01/10Impingement cooled combustor seal
04/01/10Off center combustor liner
04/01/10Electronic self-calibration for sensor clearance
04/01/10Capacitive accelerometer
04/01/10Inter-stage attemperation system and method
04/01/10Contact arm assembly and method for assembling the contact arm assembly
04/01/10Process for depositing a coating on a blisk
04/01/10Pressurized electrolysis stack with thermal expansion capability
04/01/10Electroerosion machining system and method for electrode wear compensation
04/01/10Circumferential fuel circuit divider
04/01/10Cable tray for a wind turbine tower
04/01/10Active retractable seal for turbomachinery and related method
04/01/10System and method for controlling a wind turbine during loss of grid power and changing wind conditions
04/01/10Integrated cooling concept for magnetically geared machine
04/01/10Accelerometer including diaphragm and power generator and motor including same
04/01/10Wind turbine generator brake and grounding brush arrangement
04/01/10Providing an improved thermal path to electronics by overmolding in a lighting source
04/01/10System and method for applying a conformal barrir coating with pretreating
04/01/10Circuit and apparatus for decoupling rf surface coils
04/01/10Method and system for parameter extraction of a cutting tool
04/01/10Multi-function circuit interruption accessory
04/01/10Film capacitor
04/01/10Integrated aircraft power conditioning unit
04/01/10Low-mass, bi-directional dc-ac interface unit
04/01/10Wide coverage x-ray tube and ct system
04/01/10Systems and methods for machine learning based hanging protocols
04/01/10Fiberoptic clearance detection system and method
04/01/10Method and apparatus for gas turbine engine temperature management
04/01/10Gas turbine engine rotor and balance weight therefor
04/01/10Magnetic adjustment of turbomachinery components
04/01/10Turbine nozzle for a gas turbine engine
04/01/10Method and apparatus for matching the thermal mass and stiffness of bolted split rings
04/01/10Scalloped surface turbine stage with trailing edge ridges
04/01/10Wind turbine blade
04/01/10System and method for applying a conformal barrier coating
04/01/10Spray application of liquid precursors for cmas resistant coatings
04/01/10Electrolyzer module forming method and system
04/01/10Systems and methods for facilitating varying size coal pipes for a pulverized coal burner
04/01/10Usb vibration data acquisition
04/01/10System and method to manage a quality of delivery of healthcare
04/01/10Systems and methods for interconnected personalized digital health services
04/01/10Active electronic medical record based support system using learning machines
03/25/10Apparatus and method for removing gas turbine compressor stator vane segments with rotor in place
03/25/10Design for flangeless wind tower
03/25/10Integrated gas turbine exhaust diffuser and heat recovery steam generation system
03/25/10Positive displacement flow measurement device
03/25/10Synthesized synchronous sampling and acceleration enveloping for differential bearing damage signature
03/25/10Quasi-ac, photovoltaic module for unfolder photovoltaic inverter
03/25/10Unidirectionally-solidification process and castings formed thereby
03/25/10System and method for cooling using system exhaust
03/25/10Circuit breaker unitary current path
03/25/10Packaging for an optical article
03/25/10Circuit breaker with improved arc quenching
03/25/10Mechanical sealing system and method for rotary machines
03/25/10Gas turbine seal
03/25/10Sensors having gap based sensing devices and methods of making and using the same
03/25/10Security tag for optical media and processes for fabrication and attachment
03/25/10Message repeater and method of operation
03/25/10Systems and methods for analyzing growth of computer detected patterns on digital medical images
03/25/10Fiber optic sensing device and method
03/25/10Differential vibration control for wind turbines
03/25/10Electrode set for a patient monitoring device
03/25/10Expiratory flow sensor system and method
03/18/10Method of manufacturing a brush seal for sealing between stationary and rotary components
03/18/10Blade verification plates and method of use
03/18/10System and method for managing turbine exhaust gas temperature
03/18/10Fuel nozzle tip assembly
03/18/10Rotor clocking bar and method of use
03/18/10Monolithically connected photovoltaic devices on flexible substrates
03/18/10Method of manufacturing a unitary conduit for transporting fluids
03/18/10System with directional pressure venting
03/18/10Rupture resistant system
03/18/10Method of manufacture of composite laminates, an assembly therefor, and related articles
03/18/10Interlock system and method for rotary disconnect switches
03/18/10Semiconductor material for radiation absorption and detection
03/18/10Seal member, assembly and method
03/18/10Reusable weld joint for syngas fuel nozzles
03/18/10Adjustable color solid state lighting
03/18/10Circuit interrupter trip apparatus and method
03/18/10Electronic trip unit of a circuit breaker
03/18/10Reactive power compensation in solar power system
03/18/10High dielectric insulated coax cable for sensitive impedance monitoring
03/18/10Shroud for a turbomachine
03/18/10Inlet guide vane
03/18/10Features to properly orient inlet guide vanes
03/18/10Gas turbine vane attachment
03/18/10Turbine bucket with dovetail seal and related method
03/18/10System and method for generating modulated pulsed flow
03/18/10Myelin detection using benzofuran derivatives
03/18/10Molded reinforced shear web cores
03/18/10Diffusion barrier layer and methods of forming
03/18/10Nickel-base superalloy having an optimized platinum-aluminide coating
03/18/10Rare earth phosphate bonded ceramics
03/18/10System and method for detection of electromagnetic radiation by amorphous silicon x-ray detector for metal detection in x-ray imaging
03/18/10Systems and methods for detecting regions of altered stiffness
03/18/10Energy management of household appliances
03/18/10Demand side management module
03/18/10Systems and methods for determining a course of action in a real-time case based on analysis of trend data in historical cases
03/18/10Systems and methods for creating a dietary plan based on a clinical element model
03/18/10Systems and methods for self-updating intelligent procedure duration estimation for patient scheduling
03/11/10Method of making and using composition and energy storage device
03/11/10Exhaust gas recirculation system, turbomachine system having the exhaust gas recirculation system and exhaust gas recirculation control method
03/11/10Low btu fuel flow ratio duct burner for heating and heat recovery systems
03/11/10Swirl angle of secondary fuel nozzle for turbomachine combustor
03/11/10Backup power system for cryo-cooled elements in wind turbines
03/11/10Microfluidic device and methods for droplet generation and manipulation
03/11/10Electrical busway flange end stub
03/11/10Weld repair process and article repaired thereby
03/11/10Process of filling openings in a component
03/11/10Method for bonding ceramic to metal and ceramic arc tube with ceramic to metal bond
03/11/10Digital ferromagnetic part inspection
03/11/10Micro-electromechanical switch protection in series parallel topology
03/11/10Dampened series capacitor platform
03/11/10Scatter estimation and reduction method and apparatus
03/11/10Steam turbine rotating blade for a low pressure section of a steam turbine engine
03/11/10Load pin for compressor square base stator and method of use
03/11/10Steam turbine part including ceramic matrix composite (cmc)
03/11/10Flow inhibitor of turbomachine shroud
03/11/10Airfoil shape for a compressor vane
03/11/10System for heating and cooling wind turbine components
03/11/10Steam turbine rotating blade for a low pressure section of a steam turbine engine
03/11/10Steam turbine having stage with buckets of different materials
03/11/10Dovetail for steam turbine rotating blade and rotor wheel
03/11/10Steam turbine rotating blade for a low pressure section of a steam turbine engine
03/11/10Steam turbine rotating blade for a low pressure section of a steam turbine engine
03/11/10Airfoil shape for a compressor blade
03/11/10airfoil and methods of laser shock peening of airfoil
03/11/10Energy storage device and system
03/11/10Composition and energy storage device
03/11/10System and assembly for power transmission and generation in a wind turbine
03/11/10Aqueous romp-based monolith materials and methods for making
03/11/10Vital sign monitor utilizing historic patient data
03/11/10System and methods for indicating an image location in an image stack
03/11/10Systems and methods for allowing patient access to a patient electronic health records
03/11/10Systems and methods for expanding and collapsing data entry regions that does not hide entered data
03/04/10System and method for locomotive exhaust gas recirculation cooling and catalyst heating
03/04/10System, method, and device for locomotive exhaust gas recirculation cooling and catalyst heating
03/04/10Thermally compliant combustion cap device and system
03/04/10Resistive contact sensors for large blade and airfoil pressure and flow separation measurements
03/04/10Filtration system for gas turbines
03/04/10Method for removing mercury from wastewater and other liquid streams
03/04/10Electro discharge machining apparatus and method
03/04/10Organic iridium compositions and their use in electronic devices
03/04/10Apparatus for transporting generator coils
03/04/10High temperature electronics for passive eddy current sensors
03/04/10System and method of angular elliptic centric view ordering for 3d mr acquisitions
03/04/10Dual power source pulse generator for a triggering system
03/04/10Circuit breaker closing actuator and method of operation
03/04/10Integration of imaging equipment into operating room equipment
03/04/10Methods and apparatus to capture compressed images
03/04/10Application of visbreaker analysis tools to optimize performance
03/04/10System and method for the analysis of diagnostic imaging data
03/04/10Systems and methods for use of image recognition for hanging protocol determination
03/04/10System and methods for applying image presentation context functions to image sub-regions
03/04/10System and method for image reconstruction
03/04/10Tissue classification in medical images
03/04/10Semi-automated registration of data based on a hierarchical mesh
03/04/10System and method for adjusting clearance in a gas turbine
03/04/10Device, system and method for thermally activated displacement
03/04/10Resistive contact sensors for large blade and airfoil pressure and flow separation measurements
03/04/10Filtration system for gas turbines
03/04/10Turbine airfoil clocking
03/04/10System and method for thermal management of a gas turbine inlet
03/04/10Turbine airfoil clocking
03/04/10Wind turbine blades with cross webs
03/04/10Turbine bucket for a turbomachine and method of reducing bow wave effects at a turbine bucket
03/04/10Surface treatments and coatings for flash atomization
03/04/10System and method for electrochemical energy conversion and storage
03/04/10Barrier coatings for interconnects; related devices, and methods of forming
03/04/10Electrolyte membrane, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
03/04/10Electrolyte membrane, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
03/04/10Dna mini-circles and uses thereof
03/04/10Methods of fabrication of solar cells using high power pulsed magnetron sputtering
03/04/10Method of making low work function component
03/04/10Guided rotary file
03/04/10Processes for forming hydrophilic membranes and porous membranes thereof
03/04/10Method of position landmarking using a touch sensitive array
03/04/10System and method for tracking medical device
03/04/10Method and apparatus for automatically downloading medical imaging data
03/04/10Automation apparatuses with integrated communications servers
03/04/10System and method for controlling ramp rate of solar photovoltaic system
03/04/10Method and apparatus for navigation to unseen radiology images
03/04/10Dynamic sponsored research development
03/04/10Method and system for performing drag and drop operation
02/25/10Gas turbine engine fan bleed heat exchanger system
02/25/10Dimpled serrated fintube structure
02/25/10Local heat treatment for improved fatigue resistance in turbine components
02/25/10Polyarylether compositions bearing zwitterion functionalities
02/25/10Image acquisition and processing chain for dual-energy radiography using a portable flat panel detector
02/25/10Motion correction in tomographic images
02/25/10Ferry flight engine fairing kit
02/25/10Optical storage device having limited-use content and method for making same
02/25/10Two helix binders
02/25/10Sequential analysis of biological samples
02/25/10System and method for touch screen control of an ultrasound system
02/25/10Systems and methods for simulating plant operations
02/25/10Integration viewer systems and methods of use
02/18/10Ultra low injection angle fuel holes in a combustor fuel nozzle
02/18/10Contoured impingement sleeve holes
02/18/10Inlet air conditioning system for a turbomachine
02/18/10Automatic ventilator system and method
02/18/10System for reducing deposits on a compressor
02/18/10Heat sink and cooling and packaging stack for press-packages
02/18/10Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) zeolite composite and methods
02/18/10Advanced and integrated cooling for press-packages
02/18/10Steam turbine clutch and method for disengagement of steam turbine from generator
02/18/10Ultra-thin multi-substrate color tunable oled device
02/18/10Vehicle, system and method
02/18/10Methods and apparatus to process left-ventricle cardiac images
02/18/10Corrosion coating for turbine blade environmental protection
02/18/10Ejectors with separably secured nozzles, adjustable size nozzles, or adjustable size mixing tubes
02/18/10Screw pump rotors and ring seals for screw pump rotors
02/18/10Refractory material with improved resistance to molten slag
02/18/10Fuel cell element electrode
02/18/10Two helix binders
02/11/10Lean direct injection diffusion tip and related method
02/11/10Turbomachine injection nozzle including a coolant delivery system
02/11/10Apparatus for use in sample monitoring
02/11/10Solar cell including cooling channels and method for fabrication
02/11/10Fluorescence detection system and method
02/11/10Wind turbine system
02/11/10Shielding of superconducting field coil in homopolar inductor alternator
02/11/10Method of manufacture of a multi-layer phosphorescent organic light emitting device, and articles thereof
02/11/10Lower turn per inch (tpi) electrodes in ceramic metal halide (cmh) lamps
02/11/10Dose composition suitable for low wattage ceramic metal halide lamp
02/11/10Rf coil and apparatus to reduce acoustic noise in an mri system
02/11/10Circuit breaker with arc fault detection and method of operation
02/11/10Articles having enhanced wettability
02/11/10Imaging system sag correction method and apparatus
02/11/10Predictive model based control system for heavy duty gas turbines
02/11/10Air directing assembly and method of assembling the same
02/11/10Device for enhancing efficiency of an energy extraction system
02/11/10Transition duct aft end frame cooling and related method
02/11/10Processes for the formation of positive features on shroud components, and related articles
02/11/10Cooled airfoil and method for making an airfoil having reduced trail edge slot flow
02/11/10Method for lubricating screw expanders and system for controlling lubrication
02/11/10Nickel-base superalloy, unidirectional-solidification process therefor, and castings formed therefrom
02/11/10Two helix binders
02/11/10Systems and methods for mobile healthcare information collection
02/11/10System and method for forensic analysis of media works
02/04/10Gas turbine combustor exhaust gas spray cooling for nox control using selective catalytic reductions
02/04/10System and method for use in a combined cycle or rankine cycle power plant using an air-cooled steam condenser
02/04/10Heat recovery steam generator for a combined cycle power plant
02/04/10System and method for use in a combined or rankine cycle power plant
02/04/10Emission control system and method
02/04/10Condenser for a combined cycle power plant
02/04/10Turbine engine fuel nozzle
02/04/10Hybrid fuel nozzle
02/04/10Apparatus, system and method for heating fuel gas using gas turbine exhaust
02/04/10Heat recovery system
02/04/10Heat recovery system for a turbomachine and method of operating a heat recovery steam system for a turbomachine
02/04/10Methods for operating a filtration system
02/04/10Membrane contactor systems for gas-liquid contact
02/04/10Solar energy concentrator
02/04/10Fuel tank vent including a membrane separator
02/04/10Apparatus and method employing heat pipe for start-up of power plant
02/04/10Apparatus including a circuit breaker retaining mechanism for use in withdrawable circuit breakers and method of operating the same
02/04/10Secondary disconnect for circuit breaker drawout system
02/04/10Draw-out mechanism for molded case circuit breakers
02/04/10Cam operated spring discharge interlock mechanism
02/04/10Intra-area master reactive controller for tightly coupled windfarms
02/04/10Electric lamp with inner assembly and outer bulb and method for manufacturing
02/04/10Systems and methods involving permanent magnet electric machine rotor position determination
02/04/10Arc flash detection system, apparatus and method
02/04/10Systems and methods for dynamically generating locations for charting assessments
02/04/10Method and system for detecting signal color from a moving video platform
02/04/10Robust window for infrared energy
02/04/10High flux x-ray target and assembly
02/04/10Method and system for detecting a signal structure from a moving video platform
02/04/10Dynamic impeller oil seal
02/04/10Nested bearing cages
02/04/10Apparatus and method for controlling a rotary machine using pressurized gas
02/04/10Turbomachine component damping structure and method of damping vibration of a turbomachine component
02/04/10Heat pipe intercooler for a turbomachine
02/04/10Split doublet power nozzle and related method
02/04/10Wind turbine blade tip shapes
02/04/10Compressor blade leading edge shim and related method
02/04/10Edge laminated roll goods
02/04/10Thermal barrier coatings and methods of producing same
02/04/10Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
02/04/10Polyarylether composition and membrane
02/04/10Method and system for selective isolation of target biological molecules in a general purpose system
02/04/10Method for processing images and associated medical imaging system
02/04/10Method and system for reducing unburned fuel and oil from exhaust manifolds
02/04/10Systems and methods for patient-controlled, encrypted, consolidated medical records
01/28/10Apparatus and method for cooling turbomachine exhaust gas
01/28/10Centerbody cap for a turbomachine combustor and method
01/28/10Gas turbine transition piece having dilution holes
01/28/10Combustion method, system, and article
01/28/10High emittance shell molds for directional casting
01/28/10Low work function electrical component
01/28/10Thrust generator for a rotary wing aircraft
01/28/10Radiation detector power management for portable/handheld applications
01/28/10Embossed end cover and/or combustion casing gasket and related method
01/28/10Heat transfer enhancement of ventilation chimneys for dynamoelectric machine rotors
01/28/10Methods and apparatus for assembling homopolar inductor alternators including superconducting windings
01/28/10Gas-filled shroud to provide cooler arctube
01/28/10High intensity discharge lamp
01/28/10Method and system for extending life of a vehicle energy storage device
01/28/10Battery charging apparatus of a wireless digital x-ray detector
01/28/10Method and system for control of a vehicle energy storage device
01/28/10Touch screen control system and method
01/28/10Wearable personal video/audio device method and system
01/28/10System and method for location based printing for healthcare data
01/28/10Arc detection using discrete wavelet transforms
01/28/10High temperature film capacitor
01/28/10Systems, methods, and apparatuses for balancing capacitor load
01/28/10High efficiency beam forming louver system for traditional post-top globes
01/28/10Reconfigurable array with locally determined switch configuration
01/28/10System and method for generating computed tomography images
01/28/10Transporting particulate material
01/28/10Method for applying a nia1 based coating by an electroplating technique
01/28/10Slotted compressor diffuser and related method
01/28/10System and method for distributing a fluidic mass
01/28/10Trip optimizer method, system and computer software code for operating a railroad train to minimize wheel and track wear
01/28/10System and method for assessing fluid dynamics
01/28/10Intelligent user interface using on-screen force feedback and method of use
01/28/10Systems and methods for collecting and processing diagnostics and statistics for a fleet of turbines
01/21/10Heat pipe for removing thermal energy from exhaust gas
01/21/10Coanda injection system for axially staged low emission combustors
01/21/10Method of refurbishing a seal land on a turbomachine transition piece and a refurbished transition piece
01/21/10Stall and surge detection system and method
01/21/10Method and system to determine composition of fuel entering combustor
01/21/10Sand level monitoring system
01/21/10System and method to minimize impact of slug events
01/21/10Control system and method to detect and minimize impact of slug events
01/21/10System for sampling the airflow entering the compressor of a turbomachine
01/21/10Material handling system and method
01/21/10Turbomachine filter system having a drain with one-way valve
01/21/10Fuel nozzle centerbody and method of assembling the same
01/21/10Extrusion resistant gasket face seal
01/21/10Ceramic metal halide lamp with oxygen content selected for high lumen maintenance
01/21/10System and method for reducing flicker noise from cmos amplifiers
01/21/10Method and apparatus for actively controlling quench protection of a superconducting magnet
01/21/10System and method for monitoring infrastructure
01/21/10Ac-ac converter with high frequency link
01/21/10Method and system for estimating randoms in imaging data
01/21/10Barrier coatings, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
01/21/10Methods and kit for analyte detection
01/21/10Dynamic desalter simulator
01/21/10System and method for dynamically providing feedback
01/21/10Systems and methods for scheduling healthcare visits
01/14/10Combustor structure
01/14/10Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
01/14/10Amorphous metal alloy having high tensile strength and electrical resistivity
01/14/10Cable bridge for a wind turbine tower
01/14/10Labyrinth seal for turbine dovetail
01/14/10Spring seal for turbine dovetail
01/14/10Spaceframe wind turbine energy converter structure
01/14/10Transmission and power generation system having torque reacting joint
01/14/10Internal lubrication for a gearbox, a power-generating wind turbine system, and a power-generating system
01/14/10Hollow-core waveguide-based raman systems and methods
01/14/10Ground fault protection circuit for multi-source electrical distribution system
01/14/10Drawout door interface for circuit breaker
01/14/10Solar power generation stabilization system and method
01/14/10Pre-mixing apparatus for a turbine engine
01/14/10Multi-purpose docking apparatus of digital x-ray detector
01/14/10Methods and apparatuses for providing film cooling to turbine components
01/14/10Turbomachine including an adaptable intake system and method of controlling airflow to a turbomachine
01/14/10Sealing mechanism with pivot plate and rope seal
01/14/10Protection of thermal barrier coating by a sacrificial coating
01/14/10Method and apparatus for creating seal slots for turbine components
01/14/10Compliant seal for rotor slot
01/14/10Gas assisted turbine seal
01/14/10Unprocessed rolling circle amplification product
01/14/10Low surface energy coatings for cooking products
01/14/10Holographic recording media
01/14/10Method and kits for repairing nucleic acid sequences
01/14/10System and method for dynamic energy recovery in marine propulsion
01/14/10Wind turbine transmission assembly
01/14/10Compositions and method for making thereof
01/14/10Method for determining life of filters in bag house and filter monitoring system
01/14/10Medical equipment monitoring method and system
01/07/10Steam turbine overload valve and related method
01/07/10Systems and methods for supplying cooling air to a gas turbine
01/07/10Method and device to prevent coating a dovetail of a turbine airfoil
01/07/10Gasket for providing a seal between two objects
01/07/10Igniter integrated lamp socket for hot re-strike of high intensity discharge lamp
01/07/10Low ignition voltage instant start for hot re-strike of high intensity discharge lamp
01/07/10Combustor transition piece aft end cooling and related method
01/07/10Method and system for portability of clinical images using a high-quality display and portable device
01/07/10System and method of serial comparison for detection of long qt syndrome (lqts)
02/18/10Impingement and effusion cooled combustor component
12/16/10Composite membrane for chemical and biological protection
09/30/10Methods and apparatus to perform multi-focal plane image acquisition and compression
04/01/10Patient document privacy and disclosure engine
03/25/10Methods and apparatus to organize patient medical histories
02/25/10System and method for temperature sensing in turbines

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