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General Electric Company patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to General Electric Company. General Electric Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Electric Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Electric Company, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11System for controlling thrust in steam turbine
12/29/11System including feedwater heater for extracting heat from low pressure steam turbine
12/29/11Gas turbine system having premixed injector vanes
12/29/11Fuel nozzle assembly
12/29/11System and method for removal of particulate matter from a filter media
12/29/11Automatic fresh gas control system
12/29/11Photovoltaic cell and methods for forming a back contact for a photovoltaic cell
12/29/11Method and apparatus for acid gas compression
12/29/11Linear hollow spool valve
12/29/11Shell molds and processes for forming shell molds
12/29/11Power transfer system and method
12/29/11Solar power generation system and method
12/29/11Ceramic arc tube for a discharge lamp and method of making same
12/29/11Detector state monitoring system and a portable detector including same
12/29/11Switching array and methods of manufacturing and operation
12/29/11System and method for monitoring an entity within an area
12/29/11Heat sinks with c-shaped manifolds and millichannel cooling
12/29/11Heat sinks with millichannel cooling
12/29/11System and method for control of multiphase power converters
12/29/11Anti-scatter x-ray grid device and method of making same
12/29/11Method and apparatus for automated localization of a moving structure
12/29/11Tool wear quantification system and method
12/29/11System for controlling thrust in steam turbine
12/29/11Turbine shroud sealing apparatus
12/29/11Sealing device
12/29/11Wind turbine blades with improved bond line
12/29/11Fluidization device for solid fuel particles
12/29/11Process for forming a chromium diffusion portion and articles made therefrom
12/29/11Dynamic reference method and system for use with surgical procedures
12/29/11Methods and apparatus for automated measuring of the interventricular septum thickness
12/29/11System and method for monitoring health of airfoils
12/29/11System and method for monitoring health of airfoils
12/29/11Temperature independent pressure sensor and associated methods thereof
12/29/11Method and system for detection of collector flashover
12/29/11Turbomachine airfoil life management system and method
12/22/11Fin and tube heat exchanger
12/22/11Turbine inlet condition controlled organic rankine cycle
12/22/11Control systems and method for controlling a load point of a gas turbine engine
12/22/11Seal leakage and seal oil contamination detection in generator
12/22/11Carbon dioxide absorbent and method of using the same
12/22/11Hybrid photovoltaic system and method thereof
12/22/11Thermal management system and method
12/22/11Contactless power transfer system
12/22/11Hospital lighting with solid state emitters
12/22/11Seal leakage and seal oil contamination detection in generator
12/22/11Electrical isolator for couplings
12/22/11Electric isolators for couplings
12/22/11Core shell phosphor and method of making the same
12/22/11Wear-resistant and low-friction coatings and articles coated therewith
12/22/11Ecg front end and method for acquiring ecg signals
12/22/11Method and system for fall detection
12/22/11Self-healing power grid and method thereof
12/22/11System and method for control of power distribution networks
12/15/11Method for providing rub coatings for gas turbine engine compressors
12/15/11Dual fuel dryer
12/15/11Zonal mapping for combustion optimization
12/15/11Pulsed detonation cleaning device with multiple folded flow paths
12/15/11Seawater desalination plant and production of high purity salt
12/15/11System for increasing the life of fuel injectors
12/15/11Spring loaded seal assembly for turbines
12/15/11Positioning of auxiliary amalgam
12/15/11Open circuit voltage clamp for electronic hid ballast
12/15/11Transformer assembly for a magnetic resonance imaging system
12/15/11Position sensing device for a portable detection device
12/15/11Apparatus and method for dissimilar welding of alloy steel
12/15/11Adjustable support apparatus for steam turbine nozzle assembly
12/15/11Airfoil having reduced wake
12/15/11Myelin detection using benzofuran derivatives
12/15/11Composition and method for applying a protective coating
12/15/11Positioner for ultra-portable imaging system
12/15/11System and method for pairing a wireless device with a system through a charge cradle
12/08/11Life management system and method for gas turbine thermal barrier coatings
12/08/11Gas turbine combustion system with rich premixed fuel reforming and methods of use thereof
12/08/11Apparatus and method for producing plasma during milling for processing of material compositions
12/08/11Charge loss correction
12/08/11Flow guided valve seat for steam turbine valves
12/08/11Methods and compositions for inhibiting vinyl aromatic monomer polymerization
12/08/11Portable transformer and method for improving reliability of electric power delivery
12/08/11Positioning of auxiliary amalgam
12/08/11Compact metal halide lamp with salt pool container at its arc tube endparts
12/08/11High intensity discharge arc tube and associated lamp assembly
12/08/11Arc shaped discharge chamber for high intensity discharge automotive lamp
12/08/11Discharge chamber for high intensity discharge lamp
12/08/11Multi-lamp fluorescent lighting fixture apparatus and wiring method
12/08/11Method and apparatus for laminography inspection
12/08/11Optical sensors and methods of making the same
12/08/11Patch ring segment for a turbomachine compressor
12/08/11Wind turbine rotor blade joint
12/08/11Sulfidation-resistant coating system and process therefor
12/08/11Oxidation resistant components with improved high temperature strength and related methods
12/08/11Oxidation resistant components and related methods
12/08/11Oxidation resistant components and related methods
12/08/11High throughput experimentation methods for phase separation
12/08/11System and method for determining wedge tightness
12/08/11Systems and methods for value-based decision support
12/08/11Methods and systems for scheduling appointments in healthcare environments
12/01/11Filter element of microglass & nonwoven support layer media
12/01/11Extruded fluid manifold for gas turbomachine combustor casing
12/01/11Turbomachine fuel nozzle
12/01/11System and method for exhaust gas use in gas turbine engines
12/01/11System for fuel and diluent control
12/01/11Gas turbine startup control
12/01/11Brayton cycle regasification of liquiefied natural gas
12/01/11Long life pyramidal filter for gas turbine inlet system
12/01/11Monolithically integrated solar modules and methods of manufacture
12/01/11Sensing and control for plasma-assisted waste gasification
12/01/11System and method for metal cutting
12/01/11Fluid filtration apparatus for appliances
12/01/11Swro pressure vessel and process that increases production and product quality and avoids scaling problems
12/01/11Safety protection solution for compact fluorescent lamps
12/01/11Magnetic resonance imaging compatible switched mode power supply
12/01/11Handheld x-ray system interface with tracking feature
12/01/11Alarm generation method for patient monitoring, physiological monitoring apparatus and computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus
12/01/11Alarm generation method for patient monitoring, physiological monitoring apparatus and computer program product for a physiological monitoring apparatus
12/01/11Cyanoresin polymer for dielectric film, process of making and associated article
12/01/11Locking device and method for making the same
12/01/11Iterative vascular reconstruction by realignment
12/01/11Iterative vascular reconstruction by seed point segmentation
12/01/11Quantitative image reconstruction method and system
12/01/11Blade monitoring system
12/01/11Low-ductility turbine shroud and mounting apparatus
12/01/11System and method for enhanced turbine wake mixing via fluidic-generated vortices
12/01/11Articles which include chevron film cooling holes, and related processes
12/01/11Multiphase pump flow recirculation system
12/01/11Preparation of filler-metal weld rod by injection molding of powder
12/01/11Combustion cold spray
12/01/11Method and system for displaying medical images
12/01/11Ultrasound probe and ultrasound imaging system
12/01/11System and method for ultrasound imaging with a configurable receive aperture
12/01/11Method and system for safe drum water level determination in a combined cycle operation
12/01/11Engine generator control module
12/01/11Automated sensor specific calibration through sensor parameter download
12/01/11Method and system for detecting faults in a brushless exciter for a generator
12/01/11Systems and methods for situational application development and deployment with patient event monitoring
12/01/11System and method for web mining and clustering
11/24/11Method to apply a clamp to a core spray sparger t-box
11/24/11System for cooling turbine combustor transition piece
11/24/11System for protecting turbine engine surfaces from corrosion
11/24/11System for protecting gasifier surfaces from corrosion
11/24/11Seal assembly including plateau and concave portion in mating surface for seal tooth in turbine
11/24/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling actuator drive current using bi-directional hysteresis control
11/24/11Electrical machine with superconducting armature coils and other components
11/24/11Large-area flexible oled light source
11/24/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling bi-directional servo actuator using an h-bridge with hysteresis control
11/24/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling bi-directional servo actuator with pwm control
11/24/11Power meter phase identification
11/24/11An electrical assembly for use with a rotary transformer and method for making the same
11/24/11Audio-enabled energy meter devices and methods
11/24/11External conditions audio playback system and method
11/24/11Methods and systems for identifying well wall boundaries of microplates
11/24/11Mobile device positioning system and method
11/24/11Laser shock peening measurement system and method
11/24/11Portable radiologicaal imaging system
11/24/11Handheld x-ray system interface device and method
11/24/11Handheld x-ray system image viewing system and method
11/24/11Wind turbine blade
11/24/11System for integrating acid gas removal and carbon capture
11/24/11Methods and kits for reducing non-specific nucleic acid amplification
11/24/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing high efficiency servo actuator and excitation drivers
11/24/11Systems and methods for controlling an integrated drive train
11/24/11Handheld device control of an x-ray system
11/24/11Anatomy map navigator systems and methods of use
11/17/11System and method for conveying a solid fuel in a carrier gas
11/17/11Filter media pleat pack retention
11/17/11Seal for gas turbine filter
11/17/11Late lean injection injector
11/17/11Model-based coordinated air-fuel control for a gas turbine
11/17/11Method and associated kit utilizing international organization for standardization container filter house
11/17/11Systems for compressing a gas
11/17/11Gas treatment and solar thermal collection system
11/17/11Electrical coupling apparatus and method
11/17/11Liquid pressure monitoring
11/17/11System and method for laser shock peening
11/17/11Turbomachine nozzle
11/17/11Dielectric materials for power transfer system
11/17/11Dielectric materials for power transfer system
11/17/11Color stable phosphors
11/17/11Curved labyrinth seals
11/17/11Dielectric materials
11/17/11Dielectric materials
11/17/11System and method for enhancement of power generation facilities
11/17/11Submetering power consumption of appliances
11/17/11System and method for photovoltaic plant power curve measurement and health monitoring
11/17/11Systems and methods for self-updating intelligent procedure duration estimation for patient scheduling
11/17/11Medical conferencing systems and methods
11/10/11Diffuser for gas turbine system
11/10/11Liquid fuel system and method
11/10/11Turbomachine injection nozzle assembly
11/10/11Reduced pressure loss transition support
11/10/11Gas turbine cooling
11/10/11Systems and methods and apparatus involving fabricating brush seals
11/10/11System and method for improved data storage
11/10/11System and method for indicating association between autonomous detector and imaging subsystem
11/10/11Wireless x-ray detector operation coordination system and method
11/10/11Blade having asymmetrical mid-span structure portions and related bladed wheel structure
11/10/11Nucleic acid delivery vehicle and uses thereof
11/10/11Nucleic acid delivery vehicle and uses thereof
11/10/11Portable usb electrocardiograph system and method
11/10/11Method and apparatus with reduced electrode system specific ecg interpretation
11/10/11Method for calculating the sphericity of a structure
11/10/11Automated workflow engine in a delivery of healthcare
11/03/11Filter assembly
11/03/11System and method for adjusting compressor inlet fluid temperature
11/03/11Method for reducing co2 emissions in a combustion stream and industrial plants utilizing the same
11/03/11Fluid cooled injection nozzle assembly for a gas turbomachine
11/03/11Alternate method for diluent injection for gas turbine nox emissions control
11/03/11Photovoltaic cells with cadmium telluride intrinsic layer
11/03/11Method for sanitizing an electrodeionization device
11/03/11Fuel injector having differential tip cooling system and method
11/03/11Press-pack module with power overlay interconnection
11/03/11Gas turbine exhaust as hot blast for a blast furnace
11/03/11Segmented stator assembly
11/03/11Segmented stator assembly
11/03/11Switched reluctance machine
11/03/11Segmented rotor
11/03/11Mercury dosing method for fluorescent lamps
11/03/11Systems and methods for controlling an inertia of a synchronous condenser
11/03/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for detecting lightning strikes
11/03/11Nondestructive robotic inspection method and system therefor
11/03/11Vehicle and driver monitoring system and method thereof
11/03/11System and method for mapping a two-dimensional image onto a three-dimensional model
11/03/11Arc flash detection system and method
11/03/11Polyimides and thin films, electronic articles and capacitors comprising these, and methods of making them
11/03/11System and method for protection of a multilevel converter
11/03/11Coding for optical storage systems with multiple reader heads and multiple optical disks
11/03/11System and method for compressor inlet temperature measurement
11/03/11System and method for measuring temperature
11/03/11Multiple beam line tomosynthesis imaging
11/03/11System and method for nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) temperature monitoring
11/03/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for controlling turbine guide vane positions
11/03/11System and method for attenuating the noise of airfoils
11/03/11Noise reducer for rotor blade in wind turbine
11/03/11Gas turbine engine airfoil integrated heat exchanger
11/03/11System and method for controlling wind turbine blades
11/03/11System and method for increasing energy capture by wind turbines
11/03/11Airfoil trailing edge and method of manufacturing the same
11/03/11Porous membrane
11/03/11Cobalt-nickel superalloys, and related articles
11/03/11Fuel cell with a brazed interconnect and method of assembling the same
11/03/11Methods for fabrication of nanowall solar cells and optoelectronic devices
11/03/11Method and apparatus for acquiring physiological data
11/03/11Electron spin resonance imaging scanner
11/03/11Ultrasound imaging with ray casting and software-based image reconstruction
11/03/11Systems and methods for identifying wind turbine performance inefficiency
11/03/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for deploying application code change configurations for multiple target controllers
10/27/11Refinery residuals processing for integrated power, water, and chemical products
10/27/11Hot gas path component cooling system
10/27/11Axial vibration monitoring for detecting shaft misalignments in turbomachinary trains
10/27/11System for gas purification and recovery with multiple solvents
10/27/11System for reducing deposits on a compressor
10/27/11Methods for forming back contact electrodes for cadmium telluride photovoltaic cells
10/27/11System for forming brazed joint between tie wire and workpiece, and methods therefor
10/27/11Water gas shift reactor system for integrated gasification combined cycle power generation systems
10/27/11Electrical system and control method
10/27/11Power control on a multi-motion electric drive system
10/27/11Multiple channel imaging system and method for fluorescence guided surgery
10/27/11Imaging system for fluorescence guided surgery based on fixed magnification lens and digital zoom
10/27/11System and method for protecting piracy in optical storage
10/27/11Method and apparatus for tomosynthesis projection imaging for detection of radiological signs
10/27/11System and method for iterative image reconstruction
10/27/11System and method for controlling and reducing nox emissions
10/27/11Method for roughening metal surfaces and article manufactured thereby
10/27/11Method and system for guiding clinicians in real time
10/27/11Systems and methods for facilitating communication with a fieldbus device
10/27/11Systems and methods for synchronization of an external control system with fieldbus devices
10/27/11Systems and methods for identifying fieldbus devices in a control system
10/27/11Updating thermostat weekly schedule over the air
10/27/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for facilitating communications between an external controller and fieldbus devices
10/27/11Energy and space efficient detection for data storage
10/20/11Heat integrated chemical coal treating
10/20/11Coannular oil injection nozzle
10/20/11Apparatus and method for a fuel nozzle
10/20/11Combustor liner cooling at transition duct interface and related method
10/20/11Accessory gearbox with a starter/generator
10/20/11Methods and systems for operating an engine
10/20/11Deployable solar panel system
10/20/11Micro pin hybrid interconnect array and method of manufacturing same
10/20/11Solid feed guide apparatus for a posimetric solids pump
10/20/11Composition and method for breaking water in oil emulsions
10/20/11Needle valve assembly with floating seat apparatus
10/20/11Integrated stator flange assembly for dynamoelectric machine
10/20/11Dual power source pulse generator for a triggering system
10/20/11Arc flash hazard reduction for transformer secondaries
10/20/11High density flexible foldable interconnect
10/20/11Phosphor materials and related devices
10/20/11Generalized division free duplexing techniques for decreasing rendevous time
10/20/11Low bias ma modulation for x-ray tubes
10/20/11Systems and methods for synchronized image viewing with an image atlas
10/20/11Seal member for hot gas path component
10/20/11Turbine alignment control system and method
10/20/11Solid feed guide apparatus for a solid feed pump
10/20/11Configurable winglet for wind turbine blades
10/20/11Turbine engine spacer
10/20/11System and method for reducing grain boundaries in shrouded airfoils
10/20/11Detonation combustor cleaning device and method of cleaning a vessel with a detonation combustor cleaning device
10/20/11Automatic primary frequency response contribution monitoring system and method
10/20/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for detecting failure in gas turbine hardware
10/20/11System and method for scheduling demand response events in a network
10/20/11Adaptive selection of image streaming mode
10/13/11Apparatus and method for installing combustion liners
10/13/11System for heating an airstream by recirculating waste heat of a turbomachine
10/13/11Combustor exit temperature profile control via fuel staging and related method
10/13/11Double flow low-pressure steam turbine
10/13/11Combustor having a flow sleeve
10/13/11Combustor liner helical cooling apparatus
10/13/11System and method for a combustor nozzle
10/13/11System and method for monitoring a compressor
10/13/11Plasma generation apparatus
10/13/11Axially-oriented cellular seal structure for turbine shrouds and related method
10/13/11Conformal oled luminaire with color control
10/13/11Division free duplexing networks
10/13/11Ct spectral calibration
10/13/11Methods for segmenting objects in images
10/13/11Support bar for steam turbine nozzle assembly
10/13/11Shroud vortex remover
10/13/11Multi-alloy article, and method of manufacturing thereof
10/13/11Turbine bucket having a radial cooling hole
10/13/11Method, computer readable medium, and system for analyzing ecg morphology and time series
10/13/11System and method for online monitoring of molten salt corrosion
10/06/11Apparatus, composite section, and method for on-site tower formation
10/06/11Emission treatment system and method of operation
10/06/11Segmented annular ring-manifold quaternary fuel distributor
10/06/11Annular ring-manifold quaternary fuel distributor
10/06/11Systems and methods for feedstock injection
10/06/11Central core element for a separator assembly
10/06/11Block copolymer membranes and associated methods for making the same
10/06/11Variable area fuel nozzle
10/06/11Multi-spectral pyrometry imaging system
10/06/11Integral seal and sealant packaging
10/06/11Dc transmission system for remote solar farms
10/06/11Stator coil coolant flow reduction monitoring
10/06/11Light-emitting device and article
10/06/11Devices and methods for electric field sensing
10/06/11Accelerated dynamic magnetic resonance imaging system and method
10/06/11Accelerated pseudo-random data magnetic resonance imaging system and method
10/06/11Accelerated pseudo-random data magentic resonance imaging system and method
10/06/11Power supply for magnetic resonance imaging system
10/06/11Methods and systems for monitoring capacitor banks
10/06/11Fringe locking subsystem and methods of making and using the same
10/06/11Monomers for preparing polycarbonate resins, methods of preparing the monomers, polycarbonate resins prepared with the monomers, and capacitors comprising the polycarbonate resins
10/06/11System and method for transfer of data stored in holographic storage medium
10/06/11Method and system for image data acquisition
10/06/11Methods, systems and apparatus relating to tip clearance calculations in turbine engines
10/06/11Interior cooling channels
10/06/11Turbine shroud mounting apparatus with anti-rotation feature
10/06/11Steam turbine half shell joint assembly
10/06/11Joint sleeve for a rotor blade assembly of a wind turbine
10/06/11Method and system for securing lighting protection cables in a wind turbine rotor blade
10/06/11Attachment assemblies between turbine rotor discs and methods of attaching turbine rotor discs
10/06/11Composite turbine bucket assembly
10/06/11Wind turbine blades with a hardened substrate construction
10/06/11Pillow block for bed plate of wind turbine
10/06/11Fluid cooled reformer and method for cooling a reformer
10/06/11Hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents and imaging method
10/06/11Method of processing multilayer film
10/06/11Insulation structure for resistor grids
10/06/11Metalized ceramic and associated method
10/06/11Pilot system for combustors
10/06/11Optical detection systems and methods of making and using the same
10/06/11Intermediates for hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents
10/06/11Hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents
10/06/11System and method of performing electrocardiography with motion detection
10/06/11System and method for interoperability between carbon capture system, carbon emission system, carbon transport system, and carbon usage system
10/06/11System and method for dynamic routing
10/06/11Presentation of unbalance information for electrical asset management
10/06/11System and method for measuring shaft deflection in a wind turbine
09/29/11Method and system for testing an overspeed protection system of a powerplant
09/29/11Method and system for testing an overspeed protection system of a powerplant machine
09/29/11System and method for an exhaust diffuser
09/29/11Optical fuel nozzle flashback detector
09/29/11Method and system for testing an overspeed protection system of a powerplant machine
09/29/11System and method for cooling gas turbine components
09/29/11Chiller condensate system
09/29/11Bifurcated pressure instrumentation rake
09/29/11High corrosion resistance precipitation hardened martensitic stainless steel
09/29/11Separator assembly
09/29/11Apparatus for attaching a device to a circular structure
09/29/11Contactless power transfer system and method
09/29/11Fast warm-up and instant light energy saving lamp assembly
09/29/11Plasma generation apparatus
09/29/11Methods and apparatus for optical segmentation of biological samples
09/29/11Steam seal system
09/29/11Bimetallic spline seal
09/29/11Turbine rotor wheel
09/29/11Gas turbine bucket with serpentine cooled platform and related method
09/29/11Airfoil cooling hole flag region
09/29/11Method of fabrication of mixed rare-earth permanent magnet
09/29/11Electrolyte separator and method of making the electrolyte separator
09/29/11Sodium-metal-halide energy storage device with sodium level control mechanism
09/29/11System and method for graphical display of medical information
09/29/11Method, system and apparatus for monitoring patients
09/29/11Use of the frequency spectrum of artifact in oscillometry
09/29/11Method for determining when to perform a test of an overspeed protection system of a powerplant machine
09/29/11System and method for customizing workflow using standard formats for information transfer
09/22/11Combustor with pre-mixing primary fuel-nozzle assembly
09/22/11Multiple zone pilot for low emission combustion system
09/22/11Wobbe control and enhanced operability through in-line fuel reforming
09/22/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
09/22/11Informative accessories
09/22/11Device to improve effectiveness of pulse detonation cleaning
09/22/11Offset joint for downhole tools
09/22/11Control system and method for charging sealed batteries
09/22/11Systems and methods for online phase calibration
09/22/11Remote machine monitoring
09/22/11Configurable analog input channel with galvanic isolation
09/22/11Fiber optic hydrogen purity sensor and system
09/22/11Active tip clearance control for shrouded gas turbine blades and related method
09/22/11Hybrid ceramic matrix composite turbine blades for improved processibility and performance and process for producing hybrid turbine blades
09/22/11Apparatus for cooling an airfoil
09/22/11Apparatus for cooling a bucket assembly
09/22/11System for heat integration with methanation system
09/22/11Method, device and computer program product for determining an indicator of general clinical state
09/22/11Motion artifact rejection microelectrode
09/22/11Turbine-generator hydrogen seal oil system diagnosis
09/22/11Dynamically configurable sensor chassis
09/22/11Configurable analog input circuit
09/15/11Method and apparatus for installing a seal
09/15/11Doorway for a wind turbine tower
09/15/11Aerodynamic flame stabilizer
09/15/11Apparatus for cleaning and organizing fasteners used in dynamoelectric machine
09/15/11Assembly and method for vehicle suspension
09/15/11System and method for power conversion
09/15/11System and method for control of a grid connected power generating system
09/15/11System and method for cooling in electric machines
09/15/11Sensor system and methods for environmental sensing
09/15/11System and method for magnetization of rare-earth permanent magnets
09/15/11Power conversion control with energy storage
09/15/11Handoff metric for multiple transmission technologies
09/15/11Systems and methods for providing time synchronization
09/15/11Sequential approach for automatic defect recognition
09/15/11Apparatus for cooling a platform of a turbine component
09/15/11Actuatable surface features for wind turbine rotor blades
09/15/11Noise reducer for rotor blade in wind turbine
09/15/11Methods of manufacturing rotor blades for a wind turbine
09/15/11Actuatable surface features for wind turbine rotor blades
09/15/11Wind turbine rotor blade
09/15/11Pump assembly and method
09/15/11Seal structure and associated method
09/08/11Pulse detonation system
09/08/11Turbine system including valve for leak off line for controlling seal steam flow
09/08/11Hybrid venturi cooling system
09/08/11Angled vanes in combustor flow sleeve
09/08/11System and method for generating thrust
09/08/11Ceramic composite with integrated compliance/wear layer
09/08/11Mitigating shorting risks in encapsulated organic light emitting devices (oleds)
09/08/11Lighting control system with improved efficiency
09/08/11Magnetic inspection systems for inspection of target objects
09/08/11Thermal measurement system and method for leak detection
09/08/11System and method for molecular breast imaging
09/08/11Preferential cooling of gas turbine nozzles
09/08/11Method and apparatus for measuring ph of low alkalinity solutions
09/08/11Bond layer for a solid oxide fuel cell, and related processes and devices
09/08/11System and method for integrated quantifiable detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease using patient related time trend data
09/01/11Method for repairing a wind turbine blade
09/01/11Gasification system employing ejectors
09/01/11Heat recovery in black water flash systems
09/01/11Catalyst composition and catalytic reduction system comprising yttrium
09/01/11Systems and methods for prewarming heat recovery steam generator piping
09/01/11Turbine combustor end cover
09/01/11Filter device for use with machine
09/01/11Photovoltaic framed module array mount utilizing asymmetric rail
09/01/11Method of manufacturing composite article
09/01/11Selective gas sensor device and associated method
09/01/11Reinforcement system for wind turbine tower
09/01/11Non-metallic brush seal
09/01/11Axial cooled generator
09/01/11System and method for a single stage power conversion system
09/01/11Power generation frequency control
09/01/11Hydrogen control system for electric generator
09/01/11Filter system for dynamoelectric machines
09/01/11Stator core suspension system using spring bar in plane extending perpendicular to stator core axis
09/01/11Systems and methods for on-line marker-less camera calibration using a position tracking system
09/01/11Hermetically sealed fiber sensing cable
09/01/11System and method for inspection of stator vanes
09/01/11Welded nozzle assembly for a steam turbine and assembly fixtures
09/01/11Rotor blade for wind turbine
09/01/11Lift device for rotor blade in wind turbine
09/01/11Method and system for braking in a wind turbine
09/01/11Drivetrain for generator in wind turbine
09/01/11Wind turbine blades with improved bond line and associated method
09/01/11Wind turbine blades with improved bond line and associated method
09/01/11Methods and systems for assessing generator rotors
09/01/11Sectional magnetic encoding method and system for measuring rotating shaft parameters
09/01/11Systems and methods for asset condition monitoring in electric power substation equipment
09/01/11Systems and methods for using structured libraries of gestures on multi-touch clinical systems
08/25/11Advanced fuel compositions from renewable sources, and related methods for making and using the fuel
08/25/11Auto optimizing control system for organic rankine cycle plants
08/25/11Article for high temperature service
08/25/11Methods and systems relating to fuel delivery in combustion turbine engines
08/25/11Nickel-base alloy, processing therefor, and components formed thereof
08/25/11Silica remediation in water
08/25/11Brush seal
08/25/11Lighting system with thermal management system
08/25/11Systems and methods for controlling electronic circuitry with separated controllers
08/25/11System and method for performing an external inspection on a wind turbine rotor blade
08/25/11Fringe projection system for a probe with intensity modulating element suitable for phase-shift analysis
08/25/11Method and system to allow for high dc source voltage with lower dc link voltage in a two stage power converter
08/25/11High flux photon beams using optic devices
08/25/11Welding process and component formed thereby
08/25/11Spar assembly for a wind turbine rotor blade
08/25/11Electroless metal coatings
08/25/11Wind turbine blade with modular leading edge
08/25/11Rare earth recovery from fluorescent material and associated method
08/25/11Fluoroalkyl tetrabenazine carbinol compounds as imaging agents and probes
08/25/11Dna vaccines, uses for unprocessed rolling circle amplification product and methods for making the same
08/25/11Energy storage device and system
08/25/11Presealed anode tube
08/25/11Composite films comprising passivated nanoparticulated ceramic oxides
08/25/11Wireless strain sensors, detection methods, and systems
08/25/11System and method for emissions reduction
08/25/11Method and system for security maintenance in a network
08/18/11Systems and methods of providing high pressure air to a head end of a combustor
08/18/11Multi-tube premixing injector
08/18/11Fuel injector nozzle
08/18/11Fuel injector nozzle
08/18/11Method of controlling a combustor for a gas turbine
08/18/11Horizontal welding method and joint structure therefor
08/18/11Triac control of positive temperature coefficient (ptc) heaters in room air conditioners
08/18/11Insulating composition and method for making the same
08/18/11Cart support system for dynamoelectric machine coils
08/18/11Exhaust diffuser
08/18/11Steam turbine nozzle segment having arcuate interface
08/18/11Reverse flow tolerant spring activated brush seal
08/18/11Low cost, high accuracy ozone sensing
08/18/11Ozone reducing y-pipe for low cost ozone sensor
08/18/11Method and system for patient evaluation
08/18/11Method and system for patient evaluation
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system providing user control arrangement in a plurality of modes
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system defined in a single unitary housing
08/18/11Sub-metering hardware for measuring energy data of an energy consuming device
08/18/11Low cost home energy manager adaptor
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system and method for transmitting messages among a plurality of communication networks
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system with a scheduling capability
08/18/11Diagnostics using sub-metering device
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system configured in a unitary housing having a displayless configuration
08/18/11Low cost and flexible energy management system
08/11/11Model-based controls for selective catalyst reduction system
08/11/11Peening process for enhancing surface finish of a component
08/11/11Synergistic acid blend extraction aid and method for its use
08/11/11Threaded metal pipe
08/11/11Welding process and component produced therefrom
08/11/11Isothermal amplification of nucleic acid using primers comprising a randomized sequence and specific primers and uses thereof
08/11/11System and method for monitoring a gas turbine
08/11/11Multiphase flow metering with patch antenna
08/04/11Process and system for forming shaped air holes
08/04/11Fuel heater system including hot and warm water sources
08/04/11High efficiency solar thermal receiver
08/04/11Method and apparatus for combined cycle power plant startup
08/04/11System and method for controlling combustion
08/04/11Vaporizer filler lock and method of filling a vaporizer
08/04/11Gasification grey water treatment systems
08/04/11Optoelectronic device array
08/04/11Magnetic resonant imaging gradient driver architecture
08/04/11X-ray cathode and method of manufacture thereof
08/04/11Method and system for automated volume of interest segmentation
08/04/11System for regulating a cooling fluid within a turbomachine
08/04/11Retaining ring for a turbine nozzle with improved thermal isolation
08/04/11Mounting apparatus for low-ductility turbine shroud
08/04/11Shaped rotor wheel capable of carrying multiple blade stages
08/04/11Wind turbine airfoil family
08/04/11Handoffs between different voice encoder systems
08/04/11Method, system and computer product for securing patient identity
07/28/11Injector with integrated resonator
07/28/11System and method for gas turbine startup control
07/28/11Bled diffuser fed secondary combustion system for gas turbines
07/28/11Compensation for unmeasurable inspiratory flow in a critical care ventilator
07/28/11Methods and devices for dynamic filtration of pharmaceutical products
07/28/11Combustion turbine cooling media supply method
07/28/11Positioning of auxiliary amalgam
07/28/11Touch-screen control panel for a dishwasher
07/28/11System and method for automatic defect recognition of an inspection image
07/28/11Method and appartus for labyrinth seal packing rings
07/28/11System and method for dynamic energy recovery in marine propulsion
07/28/11Methods and systems for reuse of radio resources in medical telemetry networks
07/28/11Wireless ballast control unit
07/28/11Model-based power estimation of photovoltaic power generation system
07/28/11Visual inspection-based generator retention assembly tightness detection
07/21/11System and method for gas turbine power augmentation
07/21/11Premix fuel nozzle internal flow path enhancement
07/21/11Gas turbine transition piece air bypass band assembly
07/21/11System and method for stabilizing a sensor
07/21/11System and method for annealing alloy steel components
07/21/11Persistent phosphor
07/21/11Enhanced edge seal design for organic light emitting diode (oled) encapsulation
07/21/11Discharge vessel and high intensity discharge lamp having such discharge vessel
07/21/11Open circuit voltage protection system and method
07/21/11Seal plate and bucket retention pin assembly
07/21/11System for cooling turbine blades
07/21/11Stable biocidal delivery systems
07/14/11Estimation of reservoir permeability
07/14/11Torsional sensor, method thereof, and system for measurement of fluid parameters
07/14/11Lubrication of wind turbine gearbox during idling or loss of electric grid
07/14/11Lubrication of fluid turbine gearbox during idling or loss of electric grid
07/14/11Methods and apparatuses for water filtration using polyarylether membranes
07/14/11Methods for treating superalloy articles, and related repair processes
07/14/11Methods of making a mixture for a ptfe membrane with inorganic materials, and compositions related thereto
07/14/11Magnetic particle inspection apparatus and method
07/14/11Compact light-mixing led light engine and white led lamp with narrow beam and high cri using same
07/14/11System and method for controlling tracking in an optical drive
07/14/11Nuclear fuel pellet inspection
07/14/11Inspection system and method
07/14/11Fiber optic sensor for detecting multiple parameters in a harsh environment
07/14/11Turbine nozzle assembly
07/14/11Wire arc spray system using composite wire for porous coating, and related method
07/14/11Process and apparatus for continuous coating of fibrous materials
07/14/11Intelligent heterogeneous wireless handoff
07/14/11Isolated hart interface with programmable data flow
07/07/11Apparatus and method for turbine blade installation
07/07/11Permanent magnet rotor installation systems
07/07/11System for removing fine particulates from syngas produced by gasifier
07/07/11Clutched turbine wheels
07/07/11System and method for low emissions combustion
07/07/11Systems and methods for controlling fuel flow within a machine
07/07/11Fuel system acoustic feature to mitigate combustion dynamics for multi-nozzle dry low nox combustion system and method
07/07/11Fuel nozzle with integrated passages and method of operation
07/07/11Integral flange connection fuel nozzle body for gas turbine
07/07/11Articles having damping coatings thereon
07/07/11Secondary combustion fuel supply systems
07/07/11Gasification system and method using fuel injectors
07/07/11Turbomachine nozzle
07/07/11Tunable transition piece aft frame
07/07/11Apparatus and method for supplying fuel
07/07/11Method to increase net plant output of a derated igcc plant
07/07/11Temperature activated valves for gas turbines
07/07/11System for providing air flow to a sulfur recovery unit
07/07/11Magnetocaloric device
07/07/11Systems and methods for measuring turbine blade vibratory response
07/07/11Thermal spray stream focusing
07/07/11Flow guided steam strainer for steam turbine valves
07/07/11Method and apparatus for removing heat from electronic devices using synthetic jets
07/07/11Salt water desalination using energy from gasification process
07/07/11Hydrogen cooled generator lubricant drain system
07/07/11Architecture for organic electronic devices
07/07/11Adverse pressure gradient seal mechanism
07/07/11Turbine seal plate assembly
07/07/11Pin-style collector brush holder with rotating spring plate, radial contact, and brush-wear indicator
07/07/11Test circuit and system
07/07/11Electrical network representation of a distributed system
07/07/11Thermal inspection system and method incorporating external flow
07/07/11Heat transfer enhancement in internal cavities of turbine engine airfoils
07/07/11Sealing and purging arrangement for a main bearing region
07/07/11Steam turbine stationary component seal
07/07/11Hollow steam guide diffuser having increased pressure recovery
07/07/11Wind turbine rotor blades including controllable depressions
07/07/11Patterned turbomachine component and method of forming a pattern on a turbomachine component
07/07/11Apparatus and method for a low distortion weld for rotors
07/07/11Locking spacer assembly
07/07/11System for impact zone reinforcement
07/07/11Fatigue load resistant structures and welding processes
07/07/11System for maintaining flame stability and temperature in a claus thermal reactor
07/07/11Powder metallurgical article and process
07/07/11Erosion and corrosion resistant coating system for compressor
07/07/11Method and apparatus of combustor dynamics mitigation
07/07/11Translating telemetry stationary antenna
07/07/11Process for preparing catalyst powder
07/07/11Flow sensor assemblies
07/07/11Electrical network analysis of a multiphase system
06/30/11Lead connection and alignment tool
06/30/11Fixture and method for mounting articulated turbine buckets
06/30/11Systems and apparatus relating to the monitoring and/or controlling of selective catalytic reduction processes
06/30/11Frequency-tunable bracketless fluid manifold
06/30/11Composition and method for producing the same
06/30/11Intake air filter system
06/30/11Medical vaporizer and method of control of a medical vaporizer
06/30/11Resin infusion apparatus and system, layup system, and methods of using these
06/30/11Turbine engine seals
06/30/11Power production control system and method
06/30/11Surface textured rollers
06/30/11Quadrature and linear rf coil array for mri of human spine and torso
06/30/11Single screen multi-modality imaging displays
06/30/11Snap-fit sensor assembly
06/30/11Method and system for measuring visceral fat mass using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
06/30/11Robust radiation detector and method of forming the same
06/30/11Noise reduction method for dual-energy imaging
06/30/11Method for operating steam turbine with transient elevated back pressure
06/30/11Systems and apparatus relating to steam turbine operation
06/30/11Systems and apparatus relating to compressor operation in turbine engines
06/30/11Systems and apparatus relating to compressor stator blades and diffusers in turbine engines
06/30/11Radial channel diffuser for steam turbine exhaust hood
06/30/11Turbine engine rotor blades and rotor wheels
06/30/11Non-circular pins for closure group assembly
06/30/11Internal reaction steam turbine cooling arrangement
06/30/11Fluorine-labeled compounds
06/30/11Fetal heart rate monitor with wide search area
06/30/11System and method for monitoring and controlling a wind turbine farm
06/30/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for utility meter phase identification
06/30/11Personal health management suite
06/30/11Methods and systems for mapping healthcare services analytics for volume and trends
06/30/11Methods and systems for scheduling appointments in healthcare environments
06/23/11Methods of assembling rotors having non-complementary flange openings
06/23/11Control system for a pulse detonation turbine engine
06/23/11Method of starting a steam turbine
06/23/11Fluid feedback pump to improve cold start performance of organic rankine cycle plants
06/23/11System and method for heating feedwater using a solar heating system
06/23/11System and method for reducing sulfur compounds within fuel stream for turbomachine
06/23/11Pulse detonation system with fuel lean inlet region
06/23/11Method of controlling a fuel flow to a turbomachine
06/23/11Method of starting a turbomachine
06/23/11Method for starting a turbomachine
06/23/11Method for starting a turbomachine
06/23/11Method for connecting a starting means to a turbomachine
06/23/11Collecting plate cleaning using resonant frequency wave application
06/23/11Filter bag and laminated filter media
06/23/11Photovoltaic cell
06/23/11Photovoltaic cell
06/23/11Oxide-forming protective coatigns for niobium-based materials
06/23/11Waste heat driven desalination process
06/23/11Emulsification of hydrocarbon gas oils to increase efficacy of water based hydrogen sulfide scavengers
06/23/11Method for recovering bitumen from oil sand
06/23/11Use of cationic coagulant and acrylamide polymer flocculants for separating oil from oily water
06/23/11Deoiling of sagd produce water
06/23/11Coated phosphors, methods of making them, and articles comprising the same
06/23/11Organic light emitting device connection methods
06/23/11Utilizing gradient refractive index films for light extraction and distribution control in oled
06/23/11Appliance demand response randomization after demand response event
06/23/11Illuminating lamp and method of making same
06/23/11Appliance having a user grace period for reinitiating operating when in demand response energy mode
06/23/11System and method to provide value added services in an asset network
06/23/11Predictive analog-to-digital converter and methods thereof
06/23/11System and method to correct motion in gated-pet images using non-rigid registration
06/23/11Gas mixture measurement system and methods therefor
06/23/11Computed tomography system with data compression and transfer
06/23/11Dual-energy imaging at reduced sample rates
06/23/11Dental fluoroscopic imaging system
06/23/11Methods for automatic segmentation and temporal tracking
06/23/11Method and system for correcting artifacts in image reconstruction
06/23/11Contactless infrared data transmission for wind turbines
06/23/11Method and system for detecting a crack on a turbomachine blade
06/23/11Diaphragm shell structures for turbine engines
06/23/11Rotating hardware and process therefor
06/23/11Method and apparatus for generating hyperpolarized materials
06/23/11Treatment system using a fluid capable of phase change
06/23/11Edge sealing method using barrier coatings
06/23/11Energy storage device and associated method
06/23/11Method of producing an integrated micromagnet sensor assembly
06/23/11Processing of high surface area oxides
06/23/11Processing of high surface area oxides
06/23/11Adaptive pump control during non-invasive blood pressure measurement
06/23/11Targeted thermal treatment of human tissue through respiratory cycles using arma modeling
06/23/11Intra-operative registration for navigated surgical procedures
06/23/11Manual ultrasound power control to monitor fetal heart rate depending on the size of the patient
06/23/11Energy management of hvac system
06/23/11Demand response appliance power consumption feedback
06/23/11Household energy management system and method for one or more appliances
06/23/11Method and system for demand response management in a network
06/23/11Appliance with energy consumption reporting and method
06/23/11Updating demand response settings
06/23/11Demand response appliance module
06/23/11Return of appliance state after demand response event
06/23/11Navigation systems and methods for users having different physical classifications
06/23/11Relative navigation system
06/23/11Relative navigation system and a method thereof
06/23/11Method of determining range
06/23/11Spectral searching method for substance identification
06/23/11Photon imaging system for detecting defects in photovoltaic devices, and method thereof
06/23/11Methods and systems for use of augmented reality to improve patient registration in medical practices
06/23/11Home energy management screensaver
06/16/11Method and apparatus for mounting a rotor blade on a wind turbine
06/16/11Tower with tensioning cables
06/16/11Tower with adapter section
06/16/11System and method of improving emission performance of a gas turbine
06/16/11Inlet system for an egr system
06/16/11Inlet system for an egr system
06/16/11Impurity detection in combustor systems
06/16/11Robotic peening apparatus
06/16/11Folding ultrasonic borehole imaging tool
06/16/11System and method for wind turbine inspection
06/16/11Wind turbine with gear indicating wear
06/16/11Systems and methods for phasing multiple impulse cleaning devices
06/16/11Methods for making a housingless hollow fiber filtration apparatus
06/16/11Cold walled induction guide tube
06/16/11Heat exchanger and method for making the same
06/16/11Shaped heat sinks to optimize flow
06/16/11Electrical insulating coating and method for harsh environment
06/16/11Circuit board including mask for controlling flow of solder
06/16/11Membranes and associated methods for purification of antibodies
06/16/11Disposable fluid path systems and methods for processing complex biological materials
06/16/11System and method of eliminating image artifacts
06/16/11System and method for locating a maintenance device approximate an area of interest of a wind turbine
06/16/11Wheel system with lifter apparatus
06/16/11Systems for contactless power transfer
06/16/11Method and system for providing increased turbine output for doubly fed induction generator
06/16/11Power conversion system and method for a rotary power generation system
06/16/11Gearbox support system
06/16/11Gearbox support system
06/16/11Switch structure and associated circuit
06/16/11Cooling structure for a segmented stator assembly
06/16/11Dimming bridge module
06/16/11Electronic hid ballast with current source/sink to power recessed can insulation detector
06/16/11Electronic driver dimming control using ramped pulsed modulation for large area solid-state oleds
06/16/11Flattened gradient coil for mri systems
06/16/11Multiple-frequency rf trap and mri system
06/16/11System and method for performing a continuity test on a lightning conduction system of a wind turbine
06/16/11Switching device failure detection system and method for multilevel converters
06/16/11Use of one led to represent various utility rates and system status by varying frequency and/or duty cycle of led
06/16/11Appliance demand response antenna design for improved gain within the home appliance network
06/16/11Circuit for use with energy converter
06/16/11Circuit breaker with overvoltage protection
06/16/11Hvdc connection of wind turbine
06/16/11Dc-link voltage balancing system and method for multilevel converters
06/16/11Method in frequency converter, and frequency converter
06/16/11X-ray tube for microsecond x-ray intensity switching
06/16/11Multi-view imaging system and method
06/16/11System and method of detection of optimal angiography frames for quantitative coronary analysis using wavelet-based motion analysis
06/16/11Method for computed tomography motion estimation and compensation
06/16/11Turbine component transportation system and method
06/16/11Supersonic compressor rotor
06/16/11Wind turbine blades with controlled active flow and vortex elements
06/16/11Low-pressure steam turbine hood and inner casing supported on curb foundation
06/16/11Configuration of a wind turbine nacelle for transportation
06/16/11Wind turbine blades with controllable aerodynamic vortex elements
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade with porous window and controllable cover member
06/16/11Blade extension for rotor blade in wind turbine
06/16/11Expansion assembly for a rotor blade of a wind turbine
06/16/11Noise reducer for rotor blade in wind turbine
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade with actuatable airfoil passages
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade with aerodynamic winglet
06/16/11Lightning protection for wind turbines
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blades with enhanced lightning protection system
06/16/11Compact geared drive train
06/16/11Wind turbine blade attachment configuration with flattened bolts
06/16/11Wind turbine blade with integrated handling mechanism attachment bores
06/16/11Trailing edge bonding cap for wind turbine rotor blades
06/16/11Spar cap assembly for a wind turbine rotor blade
06/16/11Noise reducer for rotor blade in wind turbine
06/16/11Noise reducer for rotor blade in wind turbine
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade assembly having an access window and related methods
06/16/11Wind turbine blade with improved trailing edge bond
06/16/11Integrated shear webs for wind turbine blades
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blades with enhanced lightning protection system
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade with a suction side winglet
06/16/11Wind turbine blades with aerodynamic vortex elements
06/16/11Wind turbine blades with improved bond line
06/16/11Wind turbine rotor blade joint
06/16/11Rotor blade assembly having an auxiliary blade
06/16/11Winglet for wind turbine rotor blade
06/16/11Erosion protection coating for rotor blade of wind turbine
06/16/11Rotor blade assembly
06/16/11Onshore wind turbine with tower support system
06/16/11Methods for processing nanostructured ferritic alloys, and articles produced thereby
06/16/11Multi-compartment overfire air and n-agent injection method and system for nitrogen oxide reduction in flue gas
06/16/11Agents and methods for the imaging of myelin basic protein
06/16/11Modified ply drops for composite laminate materials
06/16/11Ply drops modifications for composite laminate materials and related methods
06/16/11Articles comprising a weather resistant silicone coating
06/16/11Energy storage device
06/16/11High-throughput methods and systems for processing biological materials
06/16/11Process for making thin film solar cell
06/16/11Method of p-type doping of cadmium telluride
06/16/11Method of making photovoltaic cell
06/16/11Drivetrain for generator in wind turbine
06/16/11Devices and methods for adipose tissue reduction and skin contour irregularity smoothing
06/16/11Ultrasound transducer assembly and methods of using
06/16/11Methods and system for delivering treatment to a region of interest using ultrasound
06/16/11System and method for controlling a machine
06/16/11System for detecting proximity between a wind turbine blade and a tower wall
06/16/11Intelligent active power management system for renewable variable power generation
06/16/11Pre-programmed energy management ballast or driver
06/16/11Exemplary data guidance in a multi-modality data viewer
06/16/11Systems and methods for performance monitoring and identifying upgrades for wind turbines
06/16/11System and method for intent mining
06/09/11System and method for arranging wind turbine blades
06/09/11Inlet system for an egr system
06/09/11Inlet system for an egr system
06/09/11Economical and sustainable disposal of zero liquid discharge salt byproduct
06/09/11System and method for measuring concentration of a paramagnetic gas
06/09/11Methods and systems to prevent punch loss during automated sample processing
06/09/11Systems relating to geothermal energy and the operation of gas turbine engines
06/09/11Detector assembly of a digital x-ray detector
06/09/11Digital x-ray detector assembly
06/09/11Wind turbine cable twist prevention
06/09/11Wind turbine drivetrain system
06/09/11Superconducting magnetizer
06/09/11Magnetic components and methods for making the same
06/09/11System and method for arranging wind turbine blades
06/09/11Pressure balanced low-friction seal
06/09/11System for reducing the level of erosion affecting a component
06/09/11System and method for monitoring and controlling wind turbine blade deflection
06/09/11System and method of deicing and prevention or delay of flow separation over wind turbine blades
06/09/11Composite turbine blade and method of manufacture thereof
06/09/11Stress relief flange and method for distributing stress for wind turbine components
06/09/11In-line inspection methods and closed loop processes for the manufacture of prepregs and/or laminates comprising the same
06/09/11Method of joining materials, and articles made therewith
06/09/11Component in a combustion system, and process for preventing slag, ash, and char buildup
06/09/11Displacer and superconducting magnet
06/09/11System and method for cooling components of a surgical navigation system
06/09/11System and metehod for providing power grid energy from a battery
06/09/11Systems and methods for using a combustion dynamics tuning algorithm with a multi-can combustor
06/09/11Data capture and workflow management technique
06/09/11Patient monitoring system and method of safe operation with third party parameter applications
06/02/11Pulse detonation combustor
06/02/11Thrust modulation in a multiple combustor pulse detonation engine using cross-combustor detonation initiation
06/02/11Systems and methods for controlling fuel mixing
06/02/11Absorption chiller and system incorporating the same
06/02/11Rhenium recovery from superalloys and associated methods
06/02/11Spiral recuperative heat exchanging system
06/02/11Rotating valve assembly for high temperature and high pressure operation
06/02/11System for generation of power using solar energy
06/02/11Circuit breaker control
06/02/11Alkaline earth borate phosphors
06/02/11Switch structures
06/02/11Light detection and ranging system
06/02/11Multiwavelength thermometer
06/02/11System and method for integrated quantifiable detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease using population related data for determining a disease signature
06/02/11System and method for integrated quantifiable detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease using population related time trend data
06/02/11System and method for integrated quantifiable detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease using population related time trend data and disease profiles
06/02/11System for controlling the thrust affecting a shaft
06/02/11Methods and systems for processing samples on porous substrates
06/02/11infant care apparatus with multiple user interfaces
06/02/11Infant warmer
06/02/11Systems and methods for unchoked control of gas turbine fuel gas control valves
06/02/11Phase identification system and method
06/02/11Phase identification system and method
06/02/11Methods and systems for online recommendation
05/26/11Gasification quench chamber dip tube
05/26/11Gasification quench chamber and scrubber assembly
05/26/11Catalyst and method of manufacture
05/26/11Direct evaporator apparatus and energy recovery system
05/26/11Microwave oven power sharing method and apparatus
05/26/11Dynamoelectric machine locking wedge for maintaining a winding in a slot
05/26/11Stator core suspension and related spring bar
05/26/11Virtual colonoscopy navigation methods using a mobile device
05/26/11Devices and methods for optical detection
05/26/11Water heating control and storage system
05/26/11Bearing assembly using different type thrust bearings
05/26/11Fluid turbine blade and method of providing the same
05/26/11Screw pump rotor and method of reducing slip flow
05/26/11Magnetic laminated structure and method of making
05/26/11System and method for wireless communication of magnetic resonance data
05/26/11Infant warmer
05/26/11Method and computer program for authenticating a physiological sensor, a sensor system, a patient monitor, and a physiological sensor
05/26/11Method of presenting electrocardiographic data
05/26/11Power production control system and method
05/26/11Thermal inspection systems
05/26/11Method and system for rapid modeling and verification of excitation systems for synchronous generators
05/26/11System and method of patient destination prediction
05/26/11Systems, apparatus, and methods for identifying patient-to patient relationships
05/26/11Systems, apparatus, and methods for developing patient medical history using hierarchical relationships
05/26/11Systems and methods for multi-resource scheduling
05/19/11Compound closed-loop heat cycle system for recovering waste heat and method thereof
05/19/11Premixing apparatus for fuel injection in a turbine engine
05/19/11Combined cycle power plant with integrated organic rankine cycle device
05/19/11Near net shape forging process for compressor and turbine wheels and turbine spacer wheels
05/19/11Chassis with distributed jet cooling
05/19/11System and method for minimizing consumer impact during demand responses
05/19/11Method for making material useful in optoelectronic device, the material and the optoelectronic device
05/19/11Organic light emitting diode with magnetic structure for improved current adaptability
05/19/11Systems and apparatus relating to solar-thermal power generation
05/19/11Electric lamp with pin connectors and method of manufacture
05/19/11Multilevel converter operation
05/19/11Water based dispersions of boron or boron compounds for use in coating boron lined neutron detectors
05/19/11System and method for beam focusing and control in an indirectly heated cathode
05/19/11Support bar for turbine diaphragm that facilitates reduced maintenance cycle time and cost
05/19/11Fiber placement system and method with inline infusion and cooling
05/19/11Systems and methods for monitoring power devices
05/12/11Gas engine drives for gasification plants
05/12/11Counter rotated gas turbine fuel nozzles
05/12/11Secondary fuel nozzle venturi
05/12/11Impingement insert for a turbomachine injector
05/12/11Method and system for controlling a ventilator
05/12/11Frame assembly for a photovoltaic panel
05/12/11Gasification plant with total zero discharge of plant process waters
05/12/11Oxide-ion sensor for use in a molten-salt based electrochemical reduction process
05/12/11Polymer for optoelectronic device
05/12/11Key bar compression apparatus
05/12/11Operation of a three level converter
05/12/11System and method for adaptive nonlinear compressed visual sensing
05/12/11Optical sensor system and method of sensing
05/12/11Led light fixture
05/12/11Method and system for checking the diagnostic quality of a medical system
05/12/11Gas turbine compressor and method of operation
05/12/11Method and system for reducing the impact on the performance of a turbomachine operating an extraction system
05/12/11Method and system for increasing an efficiency of a pressurized machine
05/12/11Airfoil heat shield
05/12/11Locking spacer assembly for a circumferential entry airfoil attachment system
05/12/11Turbine blade and rotor
05/12/11Heat shield
05/12/11Silicone rubber compositions comprising bismuth oxide and articles made therefrom
05/05/11Hybrid multichannel porous structure for hydrogen separation
05/05/11System for ice and/or frost prevention using guided wave energy
05/05/11System and method for improving performance of an igcc power plant
05/05/11Method of increasing power output of a combined cycle power plant during select operating periods
05/05/11Gas turbine system to inhibit coke formation and methods of use
05/05/11Apparatus and method for turbine engine cooling
05/05/11Method and system for fluid valve leak detection
05/05/11Spray process for the recovery of co2 from a gas stream and a related apparatus
05/05/11Radioisotope power source
05/05/11Layer for thin film photovoltaics and a solar cell made therefrom
05/05/11Methods of manufacture of wind turbine blades and other structures
05/05/11Low-profile shipping system
05/05/11Power module assembly with reduced inductance
05/05/11Baffle seal for gas turbine engine thrust reverser
05/05/11Hybrid wind-solar inverters
05/05/11Segmented stator assembly
05/05/11Power generation system and method with voltage fault ride-through capability
05/05/11Amplified radiation damping for mr imaging and spectroscopy
05/05/11Method and system for performance enhancement of resonant sensors
05/05/11System and method for presenting tomosynthesis images
05/05/11Fiber-optic based thrust load measurement system
05/05/11Composite load-bearing rotating ring and process therefor
05/05/11Turbine rotor blade tip and shroud clearance control
05/05/11Steampath flow separation reduction system
05/05/11Extraction cavity wing seal
05/05/11System and method for providing a controlled flow of fluid to or from a wind turbine blade surface
05/05/11Wind turbine rotor blade with variably actuatable porous window
05/05/11Apparatus and method for reducing wear in disk lugs
05/05/11Wind turbine blades
05/05/11Flow balancing slot
05/05/11Pump system
05/05/11Treating water insoluble nanoparticles with hydrophilic alpha-hydroxyphosphonic acid conjugates, the so modified nanoparticles and their use as contrast agents
05/05/11Method and system for depositing multiple materials on a substrate
05/05/11Porous membrane
05/05/11Electrochemical cell
05/05/11Tissue tracking assembly and method
05/05/11Energy optimization method
05/05/11Energy optimization system
05/05/11Predicting nox emissions
05/05/11Turbine operation degradation determination system and method
05/05/11Turbine life assessment and inspection system and methods
05/05/11Methods and systems for solving tasks
04/28/11Waste heat recovery system
04/28/11Apparatus for conditioning airflow through a nozzle
04/28/11Fuel flexible combustor systems and methods
04/28/11Model-based coordinated air-fuel control for a gas turbine
04/28/11Low power preconcentrator for micro gas analysis
04/28/11Methods for centrifugally casting highly reactive titanium metals
04/28/11System for reduced peak power consumption by a cooking appliance
04/28/11Dishwasher drawer gasket system
04/28/11Elemental composition detection system and method
04/28/11Systems and methods for regulating power in renewable energy sources
04/28/11Locking wedge for maintaining a winding in a slot and dynamoelectric machine incorporating same
04/28/11Orange-red persistent phosphors
04/28/11Fluorescent lamp ballast with electronic preheat circuit
04/28/11Micro-electromechanical system based arc-less switching with circuitry for absorbing electrical energy during a fault condition
04/28/11Dc bus voltage control for two stage solar converter
04/28/11Iterative reconstruction
04/28/11Structure and method for improving film cooling using shallow trench with holes oriented along length of trench
04/28/11Method and structure for cooling airfoil surfaces using asymmetric chevron film holes
04/28/11Turbo machine efficiency equalizer system
04/28/11Turbine airfoil-sidewall integration
04/28/11Turbine airfoil
04/28/11Ceramic metallic interlocked components and methods of making and using the same
04/28/11Article for high temperature service
04/28/11Fetal monitoring system and method
04/28/11Intravenous fluid warming system
04/28/11Systems, methods and apparatus for adaptive correction of a flat panel digital x-ray detector
04/28/11Method and system for determining the number of wedges for a slot in a dynamoelectric machine
04/21/11Magnetization of non-magnetized permanent magnet segments in electical machines
04/21/11Exhaust gas diffuser
04/21/11Gas turbine engine exhaust diffuser and collector
04/21/11Mixer assembly for gas turbine engine combustor
04/21/11Reheat gas turbine
04/21/11Methods for cleaning substrates
04/21/11Fuel nozzle lip seals
04/21/11Fuel nozzle seal spacer and method of installing the same
04/21/11Neutron detection system
04/21/11Kimzeyite garnet phosphors
04/21/11Electronic driver apparatus for large area solid-state leds
04/21/11Knowledge-based driver apparatus for high lumen maintenance and end-of-life adaptation
04/21/11High efficiency low power capacitor charged dc driver
04/21/11System and method for inspecting a wind turbine blade
04/21/11System and method for imaging with enhanced depth of field
04/21/11System and method for imaging with enhanced depth of field
04/21/11System and method for enhancing data compression using dynamic learning and control
04/21/11Voltage measurement in an imaging system
04/21/11Method and system for analyzing the expression of biomarkers in cells in situ in their tissue of origin
04/21/11Process and system for analyzing the expression of biomarkers in cells
04/21/11System and method for imaging with enhanced depth of field
04/21/11Turbines and turbine blade winglets
04/21/11Method and apparatus for measuring ph of low alkalinity solutions
04/21/11Detection of plurality of targets in biological samples
04/14/11Rankine cycle system
04/14/11High strength crossover manifold and method of joining
04/14/11System and method for distributing fuel in a turbomachine
04/14/11Apparatus and method for cooling nozzles
04/14/11Low btu fuel injection system
04/14/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
04/14/11Resin application and infusion system
04/14/11System and method for operating a turbocharged engine
04/14/11Process to clean gas turbine fuel chamber components
04/14/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
04/14/11Wastewater treatment system and method using high energy light
04/14/11Vibration resistant electric incandescent lamp and method for reducing vibration
04/14/11System and method for cooling steam turbine rotors
04/14/11Vortex chambers for clearance flow control
04/14/11Countoured honeycomb seal for a turbomachine
04/14/11Shroud assembly with discourager
04/14/11Turbomachine rotor cooling
04/14/11Ceramic coatings and methods of making the same
04/14/11Barrier coating with reduced process time
04/14/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
04/14/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
04/14/11Interchangeable localizing devices for use with tracking systems
04/14/11Measurement for eeg reactivity
04/14/11Using neural network confidence to improve prediction accuracy
04/07/11Turbine rotor fabrication using cold spraying
04/07/11Methods and systems involving carbon sequestration and engines
04/07/11Apparatus and method for removing heat from a gas turbine
04/07/11Refrigerator with treated water system
04/07/11Vehicle suspension control system and method
04/07/11Drain for exhaust gas duct
04/07/11Laminated generator rotor structure and related method
04/07/11Apparatus and method for direct measurement of reciprocating compressor rider band wear
04/07/11Electronic device control system and method
04/07/11Electronic device control system and method
04/07/11Disc structure for bit-wise holographic storage
04/07/11Method for attaching a connector to deposited material
04/07/11Radial seal pin
04/07/11Optical data storage media and methods for using the same
04/07/11Method and system for delivering analgesic drugs
04/07/11Control systems and methods of providing the same
04/07/11Vehicle suspension control system and method
03/31/11Method and system for disengaging a shrink coupling on a turbine generator
03/31/11Methods for modifying sealing systems for rotary machines
03/31/11Gasification cooling system having seal
03/31/11Solid fuel transporting system for a gasifier
03/31/11System and method using low emissions gas turbine cycle with partial air separation
03/31/11Heat recovery system based on the use of a stabilized organic rankine fluid, and related processes and devices
03/31/11Heat engine and method for operating the same
03/31/11Appartus and method for a gas turbine nozzle
03/31/11Can to can modal decoupling using can-level fuel splits
03/31/11Protective coating compositions and devices
03/31/11Systems and apparatus relating to electrochemical machining
03/31/11Systems and apparatus relating to electrochemical machining
03/31/11Method and apparatus for cathodic arc ion plasma deposition
03/31/11Methods, systems and apparatus relating to electrochemical machining
03/31/11Amorphous metallic material elements and methods for processing same
03/31/11Electrochemical desalination system and method
03/31/11Method for desulfurization of hydrocarbon oils
03/31/11Method for deasphalting and extracting hydrocarbon oils
03/31/11Scintillator, associated detecting device and method
03/31/11Ventilation of drainage system for frame engine evaporative cooler
03/31/11Method and composition for coating of honeycomb seals
03/31/11Multi-use energy storage for renewable sources
03/31/11Monolithic parallel interconnect structure
03/31/11Antiferroelectric capacitor-enabled power converter
03/31/11Monitoring system and current transformers for partial discharge detection
03/31/11System and method for controlling current in gradient coil of magnetic resonance imaging system
03/31/11Phase-locked-loop circuit
03/31/11Mixed rare-earth permanent magnet and method of fabrication
03/31/11System and methods for generating a brightfield image using fluorescent images
03/31/11Optical detection system
03/31/11Dielectric film, associated article and method
03/31/11Power conversion control system
03/31/11Holographic disc with improved features and method for the same
03/31/11System and method for the quantitative assessment of digital histology images
03/31/11Solid fuel conveyance and injection system for a gasifier
03/31/11Multiple alloy turbine rotor section, welded turbine rotor incorporating the same and methods of their manufacture
03/31/11Airfoil shape
03/31/11Method and system for focused energy brazing
03/31/11Cast compressor articles and methods of forming same
03/31/11Nickel-based superalloys and articles
03/31/11Nickel-based superalloys and articles
03/31/11Nickel-based superalloys and articles
03/31/11Hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents
03/31/11Single layer bond coat and method of application
03/31/11Electronic phantom and method for electronically controlling a phantom for a quantitative ultrasound device
03/31/11Phantom for a quantitative ultrasound device
03/31/11Methods and kits for cell release
03/31/11Polymer and optoelectronic device comprising the same
03/31/11Intermediates for hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents
03/31/11Intermediates for hydroxylated contrast enhancement agents
03/31/11Method, arrangement and apparatus for assessing fluid balance status of a subject
03/31/11Multi-processor based programmable logic controller and method for operating the same
03/31/11System and method for provisioning advertisements to a vehicle user
03/31/11Systems and methods for providing an embedded service-oriented user interface integration bus
03/31/11Systems and methods for providing a service-oriented user interface integration bus
03/24/11Carbon capture cooling system and method
03/24/11Gasification quench chamber baffle
03/24/11Gas turbine combustion dynamics control system
03/24/11Dual fuel combustor nozzle for a turbomachine
03/24/11Impingement cooled crossfire tube assembly
03/24/11Systems and methods for closed loop emissions control
03/24/11Sorbent activation plate
03/24/11Compositionally-graded and structurally-graded photovoltaic devices and methods of fabricating such devices
03/24/11Switch structure and method
03/24/11Using uv light source for self testing gas filled gamma and neutron detectors
03/24/11Neutron sensitivity using detector arrays
03/24/11Magnetic clip assembly for manufacture of dynamoelectric machine
03/24/11Rotor-shaft integrated generator drive apparatus
03/24/11Eddy current inspection system and method
03/24/11Passive quench protection circuit for superconducting magnets
03/24/11Steam turbine having rotor with cavities
03/24/11Rotary machine tip clearance control mechanism
03/24/11Fastback turbulator structure and turbine nozzle incorporating same
03/24/11Steam turbine rotor and alloy therefor
03/24/11Curved electrode and electrochemical machining method and assembly employing the same
03/24/11Composition and method for a thermal coating system
03/24/11Corrosion-resistant coating for active metals
03/24/11Composition and energy storage device
03/24/11Agents and methods for analyzing protein interactions
03/24/11Large area modular sensor array assembly and method for making the same
03/24/11System and method for scheduling startup of a combined cycle power generation system
03/24/11Load shedding system for an electromechanically controlled oven
03/24/11Method and system for managing healthcare resources
03/17/11Clothes washer demand response with dual wattage or auxiliary heater
03/17/11Clothes washer demand response by duty cycling the heater and/or the mechanical action
03/17/11Clothes washer demand response with at least one additional spin cycle
03/17/11Method and apparatus for drying solid feedstock using steam
03/17/11Heat pipes for transferring heat to an organic rankine cycle evaporator
03/17/11Direct evaporator apparatus and energy recovery system
03/17/11Radial inlet guide vanes for a combustor
03/17/11Method of heat treating a ni-based superalloy article and article made thereby
03/17/11Circumferentially self expanding combustor support for a turbine engine
03/17/11Combustion control system and method using spatial feedback and acoustic forcings of jets
03/17/11Method and kit for engine emission control
03/17/11Contact material, device including contact material, and method of making
03/17/11Load shedding for surface heating units on electromechanically controlled cooking appliances
03/17/11Superalloy composition and method of forming a turbine engine component
03/17/11Flow regulating articles and methods of manufacture
03/17/11Fuel nozzle cup seal
03/17/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing a magnetic seal
03/17/11Generator control having power grid communications
03/17/11Reduced energy let through mode indication and delay in switching devices
03/17/11Method and system for portability of images using a high-quality display
03/17/11Method and system for contactless fingerprint detection and verification
03/17/11Apparatus and method for a turbine bucket tip cap
03/17/11Apparatus and methods to form a patterned coating on an oled substrate
03/17/11Method and system for demand response in a distribution network
03/17/11Method and system for controlling engine performance
03/17/11Systems, apparatus, and methods for advanced payment tracking for healthcare claims
03/10/11Control systems and method for controlling a load point of a gas turbine engine
03/10/11System and method for operating a turbocharged engine
03/10/11Method and apparatus for controlling moisture separator reheaters
03/10/11System for combustion optimization using quantum cascade lasers
03/10/11Monolithic fuel injector and related manufacturing method
03/10/11Integrated low wattage automotive discharge lamp
03/10/11System and method for generating x-rays
03/10/11Transverse scanning bone densitometer and detector used in same
03/10/11Methods and apparatus for measuring body circumference
03/10/11System and method for performing bone densitometer measurements
03/10/11Method of repairing a thermal barrier coating and repaired coating formed thereby
03/10/11Composition and method for imaging stem cells
03/10/11Apparatus and method for electrical connection clamping
03/10/11Ultrasound probe with integrated pulsers
03/10/11Methods and apparatus for measuring bone lengths
03/10/11System and method to manage storage of data to multiple removable data storage mediums
03/03/11Pulse detonation inlet management system
03/03/11Pulse detonation combustor configuration for deflagration to detonation transition enhancement
03/03/11Catalyst and method of manufacture
03/03/11Catalyst and method of manufacture
03/03/11Method of depositing protective coatings on turbine combustion components
03/03/11Acoustically stiffened gas turbine combustor supply
03/03/11System and method for combustion dynamics control of gas turbine
03/03/11Impingement cooled transition piece aft frame
03/03/11Magneto-caloric regenerator system and method
03/03/11Mechanical drive train for testing full scale compressor rigs and gas turbines
03/03/11Gas turbine inlet filter house cleaning apparatus and method
03/03/11Indicating thermal dosage exposure of electric lamps
03/03/11Water purification system
03/03/11Water purification system skid
03/03/11Reverse osmosis composite membranes for boron removal
03/03/11Encapsulated magnet assembly and process for making
03/03/11Adjustable plasma spray gun
03/03/11Combustion cap effusion plate laser weld repair
03/03/11Semiconductor crystal based radiation detector and method of producing the same
03/03/11Method for making polymer, coating electrode, and associated polymer and electrode
03/03/11Electronic package system
03/03/11Electrochemical cell
03/03/11Imaging multi-modality touch pad interface systems, methods, articles of manufacture, and apparatus
03/03/11Light emitting diode-light guide coupling apparatus
03/03/11Switching inverters and converters for power conversion
03/03/11Optical data storage media and methods for using the same
03/03/11System and method for temperature control and compensation for fiber optic current sensing systems
03/03/11Loose anti-rotation lock sleeve for pipe/flange assembly
03/03/11Spline shaft assembly
03/03/11High-turning diffuser strut with flow cross-over slots
03/03/11Inter-stage seal ring
03/03/11Method of welding single crystal turbine blade tips with an oxidation-resistant filler material
03/03/11Airfoil and process for depositing an erosion-resistant coating on the airfoil
03/03/11Process and alloy for turbine blades and blades formed therefrom
03/03/11Method and device for hot isostatic pressing of alloyed materials
03/03/11Nickel-based superalloys and articles
03/03/11Method for controlling microbial biofilm in aqueous systems
03/03/11Apparatus and process for depositing coatings
03/03/11Composite material with fiber alignment
03/03/11Wetting resistant materials and articles made therewith
03/03/11Articles for high temperature service and methods for their manufacture
03/03/11Battery pack assembly and related processes
03/03/11Compositions, optical data storage media and methods for using the optical data storage media
03/03/11Compositions, optical data storage media and methods for using the optical data storage media
03/03/11Method and apparatus for antigen retrieval process
03/03/11Reduction of multiline artifacts in doppler imaging
03/03/11System and method for managing wind turbines
03/03/11Network data transmission method and system
02/24/11Systems and methods for exhaust gas recirculation
02/24/11Method and system for increasing modified wobbe index control range
02/24/11Oleophobic laminated article
02/24/11Non-faraday based systems, devices and methods for removing ionic species from liquid
02/24/11Solid electrolyte producing assembly and method
02/24/11Composite membrane assemblies and methods of making and using the same
02/24/11Inorganic membrane devices and methods of making and using the same
02/24/11Gas distribution ring assembly for plasma spray system
02/24/11System and method of dual laser beam welding of first and second filler metals
02/24/11Method for determining laser shock peening approach accessibility
02/24/11System for conditioning the airflow entering a turbomachine
02/24/11Encapsulated magnet assembly and process for making
02/24/11Seal and leg design for ceramic induction lamp
02/24/11System for detecting faults in electrical wiring, and manufacturing method thereof
02/24/11Objective for optical imaging systems
02/24/11Oleds integrated into fan blades
02/24/11System, method and program product for camera-based object analysis
02/24/11Methods and apparatus for coating gas turbine engines
02/24/11device and method for hot isostatic pressing container having adjustable volume and corner
02/24/11Device and method for hot isostatic pressing container
02/24/11System and method for near-optimal media sharing
02/17/11System and method for injection of cooling air into exhaust gas flow
02/17/11Methods and systems for dry low nox combustion systems
02/17/11Integrated gasification combined cycle (igcc) power plant steam recovery system
02/17/11Self-regulating cooling water system for intercooled gas turbine engines
02/17/11System, method, and aparatus for extracting power from a photovoltaic source of electrical energy
02/17/11Nicrmonb alloy with improved mechanical properties
02/17/11Switch structures
02/17/11Composite pulse design method for large-tip-angle excitation in high field magnetic resonance imaging
02/17/11Superconducting magnetizer
02/17/11Electromagnetic stirring apparatus
02/17/11Systems and methods for short range rf communication
02/17/11System and method for processing data signals
02/17/11Turbine endwall cooling arrangement
02/17/11Steam turbine and system for start-up
02/17/11System and method for measuring efficiency and leakage in a steam turbine
02/17/11Powder metal mold
02/17/11Gas turbine combustion dynamics control system and method
02/17/11Electrical equipment assembly and method of calibrating an electrical equipment assembly
02/17/11Method and system for distributed computation
02/10/11Jig and fixture for wind turbine blade
02/10/11Expansion anchor setting apparatus
02/10/11Methods for removing impurities from coal including neutralization of a leaching solution
02/10/11Method for removing impurities from coal in a reaction chamber
02/10/11Ammonia injection system
02/10/11Combined-cycle steam turbine and system having novel cooling flow configuration
02/10/11Aerodynamic pylon fuel injector system for combustors
02/10/11Membranes suitable for gas separation, and related articles and processes
02/10/11Hybrid multichannel porous structure for hydrogen separation
02/10/11Syngas cleanup section with carbon capture and hydrogen-selective membrane
02/10/11Methods and apparatus for determining moment weight of rotating machine components
02/10/11Method for desulfurizing a fluid and methods for operating a coal combustion system
02/10/11Tower climbing and servicing device
02/10/11Permanent magnet machine and rotor
02/10/11Street lighting lamp with long life, high efficiency, and high lumen maintenance
02/10/11Street lighting lamp with long life, high efficiency, and high lumen maintenance
02/10/11Apparatus for controlling integrated lighting ballasts in a series scheme
02/10/11Touch screen control system and method
02/10/11Adaptive linear filter for real time noise reduction in surface plasmon resonance systems
02/10/11Systems and methods for treating a stream comprising an undesirable emission gas
02/10/11System and method for sulfur recovery
02/10/11System and method for filtering temperature profiles of a wheel
02/03/11Encapsulated stator assembly and process for making
02/03/11Systems for removing vanadium from low-grade fuels
02/03/11System and method for supplying fuel to a gas turbine
02/03/11Fuel nozzle for a turbine combustor, and methods of forming same
02/03/11Gas turbine burner
02/03/11Detection of anomalous movement in a reciprocating device
02/03/11Water injection manifold pressure relief vent
02/03/11Cooling system and method for current carrying conductor
02/03/11Bipolar electrode and supercapacitor desalination device, and methods of manufacture
02/03/11High throughput magnetic isolation technique and device for biological materials
02/03/11Desalination system and method
02/03/11Method for removing chloride from aqueous solution
02/03/11Process of closing an opening in a component
02/03/11Nano-scale metal oxyhalide and oxysulfide scintillation materials and methods for making same
02/03/11Silicon carbide semiconductor structures, devices and methods for making the same
02/03/11Communicating energy storages with different functions
02/03/11Hermetic package with getter materials
02/03/11Circuit protection device and system
02/03/11Instrument removal system
02/03/11Methods and systems for digitally enhancing an image of a stained material
02/03/11System and method for online monitoring of corrosion of gas turbine components
02/03/11System and method for modifying rotor thrust
02/03/11System and method for clearance control in a rotary machine
02/03/11Rotor blades for turbine engines
02/03/11Locking spacer assembly for a circumferential dovetail rotor blade attachment system
02/03/11Ceramic matrix composite blade having integral platform structures and methods of fabrication
02/03/11Device and method for hot isostatic pressing
02/03/11Articles for high temperature service and methods for their manufacture
02/03/11Preforms, composite components formed therewith, and processes therefor
02/03/11Sealing of pinholes in electroless metal coatings
02/03/11Method, system and computer program product for producing a test article having embedded features for nondestructive evaluation
02/03/11Harsh environment sensor system and detection methods
01/27/11Control system and method to operate a quench scrubber system under high entrainment
01/27/11Apparatus for fuel injection in a turbine engine
01/27/11Gas turbine premixing systems
01/27/11Oxyfuel gas turbine system and method
01/27/11Systems and methods for gas turbine combustors
01/27/11Heavy austempered ductile iron components
01/27/11Insulating compositions and devices incorporating the same
01/27/11System and method for controlling torque ripples in synchronous machines
01/27/11Articulated sealing surface
01/27/11Stator end-winding component monitoring system
01/27/11System and method to compensate for respiratory motion in acquired radiography images
01/27/11Igcc with constant pressure sulfur removal system for carbon capture with co2 selective membranes
01/20/11System and method for reduction of moisture content in flue gas
01/20/11Nanostructured functional coatings and devices
01/20/11Compact fluorescent lamp and method for manufacturing
01/20/11Methods and systems for sensing upon radiation exposure
01/20/11Application server for use with a modular imaging system
01/20/11Optimal subspaces for face recognition
01/20/11Turbine bucket lockwire rotation prevention
01/20/11Material compositions for sensors for determination of chemical species at trace concentrations and method of using sensors
01/20/11Non bio-adhesive polymer coating composition, articles and devices thereof
01/20/11Method, apparatus and computer program for monitoring specific cerebral activity
01/20/11System and method for vehicle performance control
01/20/11Medical support system
01/13/11Active control of flame holding and flashback in turbine combustor fuel nozzle
01/13/11Lean direct injection for premixed pilot application
01/13/11Tunable fluid flow control system
01/13/11Transformer on-load tap changer using mems technology
01/13/11Arrangement of ion exchange material within an electrodeionization apparatus
01/13/11Method and apparatus for controlling noise levels of a turbine with minimal loss in energy yield
01/13/11Fluorescent ballast with inherent end-of-life protection
01/13/11High sensitivity differential current transformer for insulation health monitoring
01/13/11High sensitivity differential current transformer for insulation health monitoring
01/13/11In-situ magnetizer
01/13/11X-ray tube target and method of repairing a damaged x-ray tube target
01/13/11Condensation and curing of materials within a coating system
01/13/11Electrostatic powder coatings
01/13/11Optical sensors for combustion control
01/13/11System and method for monitoring health of airfoils
01/06/11Combustor can flow conditioner
01/06/11Power generation system having an exhaust attemperating device and method for controlling a temperature of exhaust gases
01/06/11Gas turbine rotor-stator support system
01/06/11Dishwasher steam algorithm
01/06/11Deep clean cycle
01/06/11Arrangement of ion exchange material within an electrodeionization apparatus
01/06/11Self-adjusting multi-event timing apparatus
01/06/11Method and system for processing ultrasound data
01/06/11Systems and apparatus relating to turbine engines and seals for turbine engines
01/06/11Method and apparatus for disinfecting and/or deodorizing an article
01/06/11Process and apparatus for depositing a ceramic coating
01/06/11Coating systems containing beta phase and gamma-prime phase nickel aluminide
11/03/11Segmented stator assembly
10/27/11Microstructures for reducing noise of a fluid dynamic structure
06/23/11Methods and apparatus for integrated medical case research and collaboration
06/23/11Methods and apparatus to perform log file analyses
04/21/11System and method for selecting a maintenance operation
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for testing user interfaces
04/07/11Electronic device control system and method
03/03/11Patient initiated emergency response coordinator systems, apparatus, articles of manufacture, and methods
02/03/11Methods and apparatus to enhance healthcare information analyses
02/03/11Interactive healthcare media devices and systems

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