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General Motors Llc
General Motors Llc And Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
General Motors Llc_20131212

General Motors Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to General Motors Llc. General Motors Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: General Motors Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with General Motors Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Vehicle information system and method
12/07/17Cell selection and reselection using a vehicle antenna
11/30/17Systems and methods for monitoring a parking space
11/09/17Providing vehicle system module updates
11/09/17Dynamic status update solicitation
11/09/17Managing licensed and unlicensed communications using cellular protocols
10/26/17Facilitating mobile device application installation using a vehicle
10/12/17Systems and methods for detecting objects within a vehicle
10/12/17Systems and methods for delivering product information to a mobile device
08/24/17Managing remote provisioning at a wireless device
08/17/17Controlling vehicle telematics unit selection of radio access technology
08/10/17Wearable device controlled vehicle systems
07/27/17Vehicle location services
07/13/17Determining vehicle location via signal strength and signal drop event
07/06/17Customer vehicle data security method
07/06/17Controlling wireless subscription selection of a uicc with multiple cellular profiles
06/29/17Aggregating vehicle-related big data
06/22/17Position error estimate and implementation for autonomous driving
06/22/17Systems and methods for locating a vehicle
06/22/17Operating modes for autonomous driving
06/22/17Systems and methods to enable or disable autonomous driving
06/15/17Authenticating a vehicle user
06/15/17Cellular connectivity following a volte connectivity failure
04/20/17Vehicle task recommendation system
04/13/17Selecting a vehicle function to control using a wearable electronic device
04/06/17Restoration of packet data connectivity to a telematics unit following network failure
03/16/17Authenticating purchases made with a handheld wireless device using a vehicle
02/09/17Cloud-based in-car hvac system
02/02/17Distributed database server network and maintenance process
02/02/17Direct air interface control of telematics unit network access device by operations control center
11/24/16Vehicle tire gauge systems
11/17/16Real-time carpooling
11/03/16Regulating ims use with non-volte cellular communications systems
11/03/16Controlling volte service at vehicle telematics units
10/20/16Vehicle connectivity using a desired access point name
10/20/16Re-activating a first access point name using a second access point name
10/06/16Modified cellular protocol selection
09/22/16Location-controlled wi-fi module
09/15/16Enhancing dns availability
09/08/16Captured test fleet
09/01/16Purging user data from vehicle memory
09/01/16Selecting a radio access technology at a wireless device
08/25/16Connection key distribution
07/14/16Providing sponsored data to a vehicle
07/07/16Configuring a vehicle to receive content data
06/16/16Ordering systems and method
06/09/16Interactive access to vehicle information
05/19/16Estimation of precise road grade using time-differenced satellite navigation system signals
05/12/16Visual tool for reverse engineering software components
05/12/16Remote telematics unit band control with dynamic memory
05/12/16Methods and system for vehicle setting control
05/05/16Suppressing sudden cabin noise during hands-free audio microphone use in a vehicle
04/21/16Hybridized automatic speech recognition
04/14/16Method of determining an attribute of a parking structure
04/14/16Network-coordinated drx transmission reduction for a network access device of a telematics-equipped vehicle
04/14/16Establishing a local vehicle communication group
04/14/16Processing requests to establish communication sessions in a mobile vehicle communication system
04/07/16Visual tool and architecting logical layers of software components
04/07/16Controlling vocoder selection at a wireless device
03/17/16Vehicle remote start attempts messaging system and method
03/10/16Text-to-speech processing based on network quality
02/11/16Establishing microphone zones in a vehicle
02/11/16Method and sensor synthesis and arbitration between mobile devices and vehicles
02/11/16Method and supporting mobile device screen replication in automotive environment using flexible network connectivity
02/04/16Vehicle-related information sharing method and system
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01/28/16Fast estimation of utc time in a mobile device using gnss
01/21/16Self-reported tracking methods
12/31/15Telematics support for mobile wireless network service swapping
12/24/15Vehicle sharing system supporting nested vehicle sharing within a loan period for a primary vehicle borrower
12/17/15Providing tty services in a vehicle
12/17/15Vehicle incident response method and system
12/10/15Automatic proximity-based adjustments to energy management routines
12/03/15Providing vehicle owner's manual information using object recognition in a mobile device
11/26/15Automatically controlling the loudness of voice prompts
11/26/15Detecting the presence of a handheld communication device in a vehicle
11/26/15Vehicle telematics unit power management
11/05/15Status-assisted communications with a vehicle
10/29/15Translating cellular protocols for a vehicle telematics unit
10/22/15Method of managing a schedule-based software package update
10/22/15Gesture-based cues for an automatic speech recognition system
Patent Packs
10/15/15Managing wireless communication settings in a plurality of vehicles
10/08/15Secure sms messaging
10/01/15Method and system for in-vehicle function control
09/10/15Detecting vanity numbers using speech recognition
09/03/15Dynamic speech system tuning
08/13/15Dynamic dhcp for wi-fi connectivity in a vehicle
08/06/15Providing cellular data to a vehicle over different data channels
08/06/15Vehicle telematics scan rate control
08/06/15Providing cellular data to a vehicle over different data channels
07/30/15Vehicle head unit priority
07/30/15Vehicle telematics connection retry
07/23/15Managing traditional wi-fi and wi-fi direct connections using a wireless device
07/16/15Remote control of vehicular wireless router settings
07/16/15Controlling a short-range wireless connection between a vehicle telematics unit and an in-vehicle audio system
06/18/15Processing secure sms messages
06/11/15Remotely triggering calls to a psap
06/04/15Telematics control of high energy electrical power storage device
05/21/15Parking garage environment detection and ehpe determination for vehicular navigation
05/21/15Vehicular gps/dr navigation with environmental-adaptive kalman filter gain
05/21/15In-vehicle nametag choice using speech recognition
05/14/15Remotely controlling a vehicle telematics unit
05/07/15System and preparing vehicle for remote reflash event
04/30/15Method and system for enabling after-hours vehicle pick up
04/16/15Methods for providing a vehicle with fuel purchasing options
04/09/15Routing evaluation events
04/02/15Servicing subscriber vehicles
03/12/15Managing wireless voice and data communications
03/12/15Managing diagnostic trouble codes in a vehicle
03/05/15Selective vehicle wi-fi access
03/05/15Vehicle telematics unit lockout recovery
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02/26/15Providing notification that an electronic device is located at a vehicle
02/26/15Automatic detection of parking level in multi-level structure
01/15/15Opportunistic data connectivity
01/15/15Vehicle component identification and configuration registry reporting system
01/01/15Remote start system for a motor vehicle
12/25/14Centrally managing personalization information for configuring settings for a registered vehicle user
12/25/14Re-programming vehicle modules
12/25/14Access control for personalized user information maintained by a telematics unit
12/04/14Optimizing vehicle recharging to limit use of electricity generated from non-renewable sources
12/04/14Centrally managed driver and vehicle ratings system updated via over-the-air communications with telematics units
Patent Packs
11/20/14Telematics-based system for protecting against vehicle battery drain
10/09/14Methods systems and sharing information among a group of vehicles
09/25/14Collision sensor, collision sensing system, and method
09/25/14Mounting sensor and aftermarket device equipped with mounting sensor
09/18/14Connection key distribution
09/18/14Securing a command path between a vehicle and personal wireless device
09/18/14Electronic glovebox for a vehicle
09/11/14Interface device for providing vehicle services using a vehicle and a mobile communications device
09/04/14Vehicle-related messaging methods and systems
09/04/14Provisioning automotive sim cards without removal from vehicle
07/31/14Methods and systems for base station detection
07/24/14Receiving a service in a vehicle based on location data of a mobile device within the vehicle
07/17/14Preventing unauthorized use of vehicle wireless services
07/17/14Vehicle telematics unit management
07/17/14Short range wireless communication between a vehicle and a handheld communications device
07/17/14Autostarting a vehicle based on user criteria
07/17/14Telematics control utilizing relational formulas
07/10/14System and serving binary short message service content to different wireless networks
07/10/14Single transceiver for use with multiple cellular networks
07/10/14High fidelity horizontal position error estimation for vehicular gps/dr navigation
05/22/14Method and system for in-vehicle function control
05/15/14Owner selectable and context adjustable drx timing
05/15/14Mobile terminating packet connection
05/08/14Multimode acquisition for a wireless device
05/01/14Statistical data learning under privacy constraints
04/17/14Method for teaching an aftermarket accessory component, and an aftermarket accessory component configured to learn
04/10/14Methods and systems for identifying wiring of a telematics system
03/13/14Vehicle-incident detection method and system
03/13/14Fully authenticated content transmission from a provider to a recipient device via an intermediary device
03/06/14Providing vehicle operating information using a wireless device
Patent Packs
01/30/14Automated vehicle intrusion device
01/16/14Sender-responsive text-to-speech processing
12/19/13Method of generating anthropmorphic vehicle images
12/19/13Call center based zoned microphone control in a vehicle
12/19/13Preventing generation of spurious signals during transmission
12/19/13Method of communicating between a vehicle and a telematics subscription service
12/12/13Resolving ip addresses in a wireless environment
12/05/13Aftermarket module arrangement and communicating over a vehicle bus
11/21/13Device-vehicle interoperability verification method
11/21/13Method of communicating between a vehicle and a telematics subscription service
11/14/13Arrangement and recharging a rechargeable backup battery
11/14/13Switching between acoustic parameters in a convertible vehicle
11/07/13Remote communication device call origination using a data channel communication path
11/07/13Remote communication device call origination using a data channel communication path
10/31/13Monitoring and aiding user compliance with vehicle use agreements
10/24/13Enabling features and display reminders on a mobile phone
10/17/13Vehicle telematics communication for providing mobile device alerts
10/17/13Maintaining electrical vehicle recharging station data
10/17/13Processing messages received at a vehicle
09/26/13Vehicle interior component for supporting a communication system
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08/15/13Speech processing responsive to active noise control microphones
08/15/13Speech signal processing responsive to low noise levels
08/01/13Telematics unit and mobile device pairing with missing device notifications
08/01/13Estimation of vehicle location
07/11/13Identifying a network record corresponding to a particular routing event
07/11/13Method and system for database browsing
06/27/13Method of wirelessly communicating data between vehicles and central facilities
06/27/13Speech recognition adjustment based on manual interaction
06/20/13Method of providing information to a vehicle
06/13/13Entryway control and monitoring system
06/13/13Authenticating messages sent between a vehicle and a central facility
06/13/13Application for a communications and processing device
06/13/13Extending the range of vehicular cellular communications
05/23/13Providing emergency communication services using a vehicle telematics unit and a mobile device
05/23/13Method of initiating a hands-free conference call
05/23/13Method of selecting wireless base stations
05/23/13Method and systems for servicing a subscriber vehicle
05/09/13Aftermarket telematics unit and detecting a target mounting angle thereof
05/02/13Vehicle telematics communication using text encoding of binary data
04/11/13Method of communicating with a vehicle having a telematics unit
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03/28/13Objective evaluation of synthesized speech attributes
03/28/13Correcting unintelligible synthesized speech
03/07/13Device-interoperability notification method and system, and assessing an interoperability of an electronic device with a vehicle
02/21/13Vehicle telematics communications for providing directions to a vehicle service facility
02/21/13Mobile application for providing vehicle information to users
01/17/13Vehicle battery power save timer
01/17/13Tyy interface module signal to communicate equipment disruption to call center
01/17/13Terminated call alert process and system
01/10/13Navigation blind startup
01/10/13Variable corridor navigation
12/27/12Timing adjustment for extending the wireless range of a vehicle telematics unit
12/20/12Method of speeding call flow
12/20/12Speech recognition for premature enunciation
12/13/12Neutral zones for navigation
12/13/12Route portals
11/29/12Human-machine interface (hmi) auto-steer based upon-likelihood to exceed eye glance guidelines
11/29/12Method and process for activating a telematics device without a pre-activated mdn
11/29/12Vehicle telematics communication for providing vehicle telematics services
11/29/12Method of determining a status of a vehicle on a roadway and method and system of communicating the same
11/22/12Vehicle component identification and configuration registry reporting system
11/15/12Methodologies for implementing smart control of vehicle charging
11/15/12Methods and systems for detecting theft of an item
11/15/12Automating dial attempts to a telematics or cellular device
11/08/12Method for controlling mobile communications
11/08/12Method for controlling mobile communications
11/01/12Systems and methods for detecting an error in the installation of an electrical component
10/25/12Navigation system support of in-vehicle tty system
10/25/12Bulb outage detection and part number lookup using a telematics-equipped vehicle
10/18/12Odometer verification and reporting using a telematics-equipped vehicle
10/18/12Methods and systems for routing calls at a call center based on spoken languages
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10/11/12Telematics systems and methods with multiple antennas
10/11/12Ota initiation telematics system in 2g gsm/3g wcdma network
10/04/12Method of using a smart phone as a telematics device interface
09/27/12Mobile application drx synchronization with embedded vehicle hardware
09/27/12Telematics provisioning system for deactivated devices
09/27/12Meid-based paging to reach de-activated telematics modules
09/27/12Speech recognition dependent on text message content
09/20/12Detecting a tire rotation on a telematics-equipped vehicle
09/13/12Vehicle telematics communication for providing hands-free wireless communication
08/30/12Slot antenna in a solar-reflective glazing
08/30/12Call transfer process and system
08/30/12Vehicle hmi replacement
08/23/12Method of monitoring a vehicle driver
08/16/12User-specific confidence thresholds for speech recognition
08/02/12System and automatically managing current draw from a telematics device in transit
08/02/12Hands free calling system for telematics users using a network-based pre-pay system
08/02/12Global automatic cellular provisioning
08/02/12Mapping obstruent speech energy to lower frequencies
07/26/12Virtual charge for electric vehicles
07/26/12Aftermarket telematics controlling a communicatively paired device
07/19/12Localized charging of electric vehicles
07/05/12Method for controlling a mobile communications device while located in a mobile vehicle
06/21/12System and providing discharge authorization to a battery-powered vehicle via a telematics system
06/14/12Method of processing vehicle crash data
06/14/12Method of validating 1x packet availability in a vehicle telematics unit
06/14/12Method of intelligent vehicle dialing
06/14/12Male acoustic model adaptation based on language-independent female speech data
06/14/12Hierarchical processing of tolling options for telematics services
06/07/12System and notifying back office prior to end of telematics unit standby period

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