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Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Office Of Technology Licensing
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Office Of Technology Licensing_20100114
Georgia Tech Research Corporation Georgia Institute Of Technology
Georgia Tech Research Corporation georgia Instittute Of Technology
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Georgia Tech Research Corporation_20131212
Georgia Tech Research Corporation_20100128
Georgia Tech Research Corporation_20100121

Georgia Tech Research Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Georgia Tech Research Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Georgia Tech Research Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Georgia Tech Research Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/16/17Control of swarming robots
03/16/17Cylindrical and spherical triboelectric generators
03/09/17Capillary foams, methods of making thereof, and uses thereof including for mitigation of oil spills
02/23/17Microneedles and methods of manufacture thereof
02/23/17Methods and systems for identifying crispr/cas off-target sites
02/23/17Thermo-electro-chemical converter and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Systems for implanting and using a conduit within a tissue wall
02/16/17Chomically indicating sterile wipes
02/09/17Resonant gyroscopes and methods of making and using the same
02/09/17Systems and methods enabling patch-clamp re-use
01/26/17Broadband reduced graphite oxide based photovoltaic devices
01/12/17Apparatus, system, and measuring lymphatic pressure and performance in vivo
01/05/17Purification of cell mixtures using molecular beacons targeting cell specific rna
12/29/16Packet-level clustering for memory-assisted compression of network traffic
12/22/16Use, stabilization and carbonization of polyacrylonitrile/carbon composite fibers
12/22/16Method and self-calibration of gyroscopes
12/01/16Ultra-selective carbon molecular sieve membranes and methods of making
11/24/16Compositions comprising an oxidizer and water, compositions comprising biomass, a biomass-oxidizer, and water, and methods of making and using the same
11/24/16Triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting broadband kinetic impact energy
11/24/16Micro-hemispherical resonators and methods of making the same
11/03/16Planting for plant propagules
11/03/16Conduit device and system for implanting a conduit device in a tissue wall
11/03/16Ultra massive mimo communication in the terahertz band
10/27/16Formulations and methods for targeted ocular delivery of therapeutic agents
10/27/16Carbide-derived carbons having incorporated metal chloride or metallic nanoparticles
10/27/16Carbon nanotube array bonding
10/20/16Interlaced three-dimensional printed composites and fabricating the same
10/20/16Hybrid generator using thermoelectric generation and piezoelectric generation
09/29/16Vacuum-assisted process for preparing an ion-exchanged zeolite membrane
09/22/16Functionalized microgels with fibrin binding elements
09/22/16Layered platinum on freestanding palladium nano-substrates for electrocatalytic applications and methods of making thereof
09/08/16Implantable open vein valve
09/08/16Glucose regulation via electrical stimulation of nerves innervating the liver
09/08/16Bulk acoustic wave accelerometers
09/01/16Mri compatible 3-d intracardiac echography catheter and system
09/01/16Multi-input multi-output (mimo) detection systems
08/25/16Donor-acceptor compositions to achieve high contrast broadly absorbing electrochromic polymers
08/25/16Multimodality cmos sensor array for physiological characterization of cells
08/25/16Communication systems with phase-correlated orthogonally-polarized light-stream generator
08/18/16Schnorr-euchner expansions and their fast implementations
08/11/16Systems and methods for disease progression modeling
08/11/16An improved lattice-reduction-aided k-best algorithm for low complexity and high performance communications
08/04/16Thermally stable vaccine formulations and microneedles
07/28/16Microneedle patches, systems, and methods
07/28/16Uncrosslinked, high molecular weight, monoesterified polyimide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine
07/28/16Uncrosslinked, high molecular weight, polyimide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine
07/28/16Graphene-based plasmonic nano-antenna for terahertz band communication
07/28/16Triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting energy from water
07/14/16Methods and compositions for cellulose epoxide composites
07/14/16Solar panel truss mounting systems and methods
07/07/16Compositions and methods for inhibiting gene expressions
07/07/16Targeting non-coding rna for rna interference
07/07/16Systems and methods for direct winding cooling of electric machines
07/07/16Systems and methods for thermophotovoltaics with storage
06/30/16High efficiency, high performance metal-organic framework (mof) membranes in hollow fibers and tubular modules
06/30/16Remote vehicle control and operation
06/23/16High molecular weight, monoesterified polymide polymer containing a small amount of bulky diamine
06/16/16Method and equipment for magnetic nanopatterning of substrates
06/09/16Protein vesicles and methods of making and using thereof
06/02/16Detecting actuation of electrical devices using electrical noise over a power line
06/02/16Methods and systems for detecting compromised computers
05/26/16Process for equilibrium-limited reactions
05/26/16Robust triboelectric nanogenerator based on rolling electrification
05/19/16Method and system of dual-mode actuation and sensing for real-time calibration of axisymmetric resonant gyroscopes
05/19/16Through-package-via (tpv) structures on inorganic interposer and methods for fabricating same
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05/12/16Zif-8-90 metal organic framework (mof) membranes for n-butane/i-butane separations
05/12/16Pathogen binding agents conjugated to radioisotopes and uses in imaging and therapeutic applications
05/12/16Compositions and structures including nonaggregated stabilized charged polysaccharide nanofibers, methods of making nonaggregated stabilized charged polysaccharide nanofibers, and making structures
05/05/16Methods of using microneedle vaccine formulations to elicit in animals protective immunity against rabies virus
05/05/16Method for preparing dioxyheterocycle-based electrochromic polymers
05/05/16G-protein coupled receptor (gpcr)-based biosensors and uses thereof
05/05/16Metal-assisted chemical etching of a semiconductive substrate with high aspect ratio, high geometic uniformity, and controlled 3d profiles
05/05/16Systems and methods for harvesting piezoelectric energy from hydraulic pressure fluctuations
05/05/16Systems and methods for measuring side-channel signals for instruction-level events
04/28/16Nanocarrier therapy for treating invasive tumors
04/28/16Cell differentiation devices and methods
04/21/16Optical interconnects and methods of fabricating same
04/21/16New structure of microelectronic packages with edge protection by coating
04/21/16Package-level electromagnetic interference shielding structures for a substrate
04/07/16Amplifier having orthogonal tuning elements
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03/24/16Silver nanowires, methods of making silver nanowires, core-shell nanostructures, methods of making core-shell nanostructures, core-frame nanostructures, methods of making core-frame nanostructures
03/17/16Compositions and methods for modifying in vivo calcification of hydrogels
03/10/16Self-powered, ultra-sensitive, flexible tactile sensors based on contact electrification
03/03/16Physical interactions through information infrastructures integrated in fabrics and garments
03/03/16Triboelectric nanogenerator
02/25/16Methods for quantitative analysis of cell spatial trajectories
02/11/16System for harvesting water wave energy
02/04/16Aptamer-guided gene targeting
01/21/16Polyacrylonitrile/cellulose nano-structure fibers
01/21/16Hydraulically controllable mechanical seal
01/21/16Mounting clips for panel installation
01/14/16System and distributed active fluidic bleed control
01/14/16Systems and methods for growing a non-phase separated group-iii nitride semiconductor alloy
01/14/16Lithium niobite compositions, syntheses, devices, and structures
01/07/16Bio-compatible radiopaque dental fillers for imaging
01/07/16Selective block of nerve action potential conduction
01/07/16Methods and compositions for managing vascular conditions
12/31/15Papillary muscle position control devices, systems, & methods
12/31/15Devices, ultrafast optical applications
12/31/15Solar panel truss mounting systems and methods
12/10/15Respiratory protection device
12/03/15Systems, methods and computer readable storage media for analyzing a sample
11/19/15Dynamic modeling and resilience for power distribution
11/12/15Sorbent and process for removing fermentation inhibitors
11/12/15Electro-catalytic conformal coatings and making the same
10/29/15Thermo-responsive lectin-elp fusion binding ligands for glycoprotein purification by affinity precipitation
10/29/15Methods, systems, and apparatuses to convey chorded input
10/29/15Multilayer coatings formed on aligned arrays of carbon nanotubes
10/22/15Composite materials with magnetically aligned carbon nanoparticles having enhanced electrical properties and methods of preparation
10/15/15Hybrid fibrin-microgel constructs for tissue repair and regeneration
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10/15/15Carbon molecular sieve membranes for nitrogen/methane separation
10/08/15Multiphase materials for stress wave steering and methods of providing same
10/01/15Reactor for steam reforming and methods of use thereof
09/24/15Gas sensors using magnetic fields and methods of use thereof
09/10/15Systems and methods for detecting call provenance from call audio
08/20/15Methods, systems and computer readable storage media for determining optimal respiratory phase for treatment
08/20/15Metal sulfide composite materials for batteries
08/13/15Separator device, deposition device and system for handling of somatic plant embryos
08/13/15Composite materials with magnetically aligned carbon nanoparticles and methods of preparation
08/06/15Polypeptide hydrogels and uses related thereto
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08/06/15Materials having electron deficient moieties and methods of synthesizing thereof
07/30/15Apparatus and methods for drug delivery using microneedles
07/23/15Metal oxide structures, devices & fabrication methods
07/16/15Methods and devices for dispersing somatic plant embryos
07/16/15Photo-mask and accessory optical components for fabrication of three-dimensional structures
07/16/15Multi-tiered storage adaptive content streaming
07/02/15Carbon molecular sieve membranes made from 6fda and detda-based precursor polymers
06/25/15Energy recapture system for hydraulic elevators
06/18/15Methods of making the supported polyamines and structures including supported polyamines
06/18/15Method for processing single nylon 6 composites
06/11/15Positive-tone, chemically amplified, aqueous-developable, permanent dielectric
06/11/15Methods and systems for using distributed energy resources in an electric network
06/11/15Electrodes, lithium-ion batteries, and methods of making and using same
06/11/15Graphene-based plasmonic nano-transceiver employing hemt for terahertz band communication
05/28/15Consolidation and dewatering of particulate matter with protein
05/21/15Methods, controllers and computer program products for accessibility to computing devices
05/21/15Kits and methods for determining physiologic level(s) and/or range(s) of hemoglobin and/or disease state
05/14/15Systems and methods for improving nuclease specificity and activity
05/07/15Mir-200 family induces mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition (met) in ovarian cancer cells
04/30/15Corrosion inhibiting cementitious compositions
04/30/15Silylated mesoporous silica membranes on polymeric hollow fiber supports
04/30/15Methods and systems for facilitating interactions between a robot and user
04/16/15Systems and methods of safeguarding user information while interacting with online service providers
04/09/15Method and using in-home power lines to support low power wireless sensors and to extend the range of low-power wireless devices
04/09/15Systems and methods for quantitative phase imaging with partially coherent illumination
04/02/15Asymmetric modified carbon molecular sieve hollow fiber membranes having improved permeance
03/26/15Functionalized single-walled nanotubes and methods thereof
03/19/15Sms probe and sem imaging system and methods of use
03/19/15Voltage sensor systems and methods
03/12/15Spatially-controlled synthesis of palladium-rhodium hetero-nanostructures
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03/12/15Sample analyzing system
03/12/15Microgels for encapsulation of cells and other biologic agents
03/05/15Hybrid ionomer electrochemical devices
03/05/15Polymer-supported electrodes containing multi-atomic clusters and methods of making and using same
03/05/15Systems and methods for detecting malicious mobile webpages
02/26/15Hollow fiber carbon molecular sieve membrane and preparation and use thereof
02/19/15Power generation using buoyancy-induced vortices
02/19/15Frequency doubling antenna sensor for wireless strain and crack sensing
02/12/15Systems and methods for microwave jamming of molecular recognition
02/12/15Electrochemical devices based on multiple junction ionic conductive membranes
02/05/15Systems and methods for health delivery systems
01/08/15Composite hollow fiber membranes useful for co2 removal from natural gas
12/25/14Gas sensors and methods of preparation thereof
12/18/14Conduit device and system for implanting a conduit device in a tissue wall
12/11/14Superamphiphobic paper
12/11/14Graphene transistor
12/04/14Glass-polymer optical interposer
12/04/14Rf backscatter sensor for measuring moisture and other biological data
11/27/14Magnetic device utilizing nanocomposite films layered with adhesives
11/20/14Triboelectric generators and sensors
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11/20/14Adaptive power amplifier and methods of making same
11/20/14Origami folded antennas
11/20/14Self-charging powerpack
11/20/14Wireless real-time tongue tracking for speech impairment diagnosis, speech therapy with audiovisual biofeedback, and silent speech interfaces
11/13/14Flow processing and characterization of metal-organic framework (mof) membranes in hollow fiber and tubular modules
11/06/14Molecules with potent dhfr binding affinity and antibacterial activity
10/16/14Additively deposited electronic components and methods for producing the same
10/09/14Single electrode triboelectric generator
10/09/14N-doping of organic semiconductors by bis-metallosandwich compounds
10/02/14Methods and controllers for simulated moving bed chromatography for multicomponent separation
10/02/14Rotating cylindrical and spherical triboelectric generators
09/18/14Photosensitive sacrificial polymer with low residue
09/11/14Systems and methods for controlling combustion of a fuel
09/04/14Triboelectric nanogenerator
09/04/14Segmentally structured disk triboelectric nanogenerator
08/28/14Method and system for detecting and responding to attacking networks
08/21/14Remote doping of organic thin film transistors
08/21/14Cmut-on-cmos based guidewire intravascular imaging
08/21/14Systems and methods providing a fuel-efficient rta implementation with uncertain winds
08/14/14Methods for reducing thermal resistance of carbon nanotube arrays or sheets
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08/07/14Systems and methods for monitoring cutting forces in peripheral end milling
08/07/14Oligosaccharide conjugates for targeting bacteria and uses related thereto
08/07/14Coupled heteroaryl compounds via rearrangement of halogenated heteroaromatics followed by oxidative coupling (electron withdrawing groups)
07/31/14Stannyl derivatives of naphthalene diimides and related compositions and methods
07/24/14Recyclable organic solar cells on substrates comprising cellulose nanocrystals (cnc)
07/03/14Hybrid extrusion and coating technology, device, and method
06/19/14Transparent glass scintillators, methods of making same and devices using same
06/19/14Systems and methods for adaptive polarization transmission
06/19/14Method of making coated microstructures
06/19/14Polymer hydrogels for in vivo applications and methods for using and preparing same
06/19/14Weld analysis using laser generated narrowband lamb waves
06/12/14Solar panel truss mounting systems and methods
06/12/14System and deriving mobile applications from enterprise-based applications
06/05/14Systems and methods for clustering particles by liquid-phase electric plasma discharge
05/29/14Interconnect assemblies and methods of making and using same
05/29/14Compositions and methods for the separation of metals
05/22/14Wideband data and power transmission using pulse delay modulation
05/15/14Systems and methods for producing low work function electrodes
05/08/14Photovoltaic panel racking system
04/24/14Alignment of carbon nanotubes comprising magnetically sensitive metal oxides in nanofluids
04/17/14Systems and methods for fabricating three-dimensional objects
04/17/14Reduced dye probes for the detection of radical oxygen species
04/17/14Circuits and methods for artifact elimination
04/10/14Multi-gigabit millimeter wave receiver system and demodulator system
03/27/14Novel microbial biocatalysts that enables use of cellodextrin as biofuel
03/27/14Systems and methods for real time multispectral imaging
03/27/14Systems and methods providing a fuel-efficient rta implementation with uncertain winds
03/20/14Methods and apparatuses for using a mobile device to provide remote assistance
03/20/14Ultra-low power swnt interconnects for sub-threshold circuits
03/20/14Thermal capacitors for minimizing complications and side effects from thermal medicine
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03/06/14Bis(sulfonyl)biaryl derivatives as electron transporting and/or host materials
02/27/14Voltage surge and overvoltage protection using prestored voltage-time profiles
02/13/14Polymer film-producing methods and devices produced therefrom
02/06/14Imaging multi-scale three-dimensional deformation or profile output
01/23/14Naphthalene-diimide-heterocycle-naphthalene diimide oligomers as organic semiconductors and transistors therefrom
12/26/13Packaging compatible wafer level capping of mems devices
12/19/13Polyimide-based carbon molecular sieve membrane for ethylene/ethane separations
12/12/13Wireless power transfer through embedded geometric configurations
12/12/13Misalignment insensitive wireless power transfer
12/12/13Multi-band and broadband wireless power transfer through embedded geometric configurations
12/05/13Hovering and gliding multi-wing flapping micro aerial vehicle
12/05/13Epitaxial base layers for heterojunction bipolar transistors
11/28/13Metal-organic framework supported on porous polymer
11/28/13Systems and methods for modeling stability of damaged columns
11/28/13Analog programmable sparse approximation system
11/21/13Marine vehicle systems and methods
11/21/13Method for making electrically conductive three-dimensional structures
11/21/13Active ac snubber for direct ac/ac power converters
11/21/13Engineered amine dehydrogenases and methods of use thereof
11/07/13Modified oxide supports for enhanced carbon dioxide adsorbents incorporating polymeric amines
10/17/13Field-effect transistor and manufacturing process thereof
10/17/13Second level interconnect structures and methods of making the same
09/26/13Ancestral proteins
09/19/13Mir-200 family induces mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition (met) in ovarian cancer cells
09/19/13Polymers, methods of use thereof, and methods of decomposition thereof
09/19/13Systems and methods for growing a non-phase separated group-iii nitride semiconductor alloy
09/19/13Carbon-supported catalysts for production of higher alcohols from syngas
09/19/13Catalyst compositions for converting syngas to produce higher alcohols
09/05/13In-process weld geometry methods & systems

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