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Giesecke x26 Devrient Gmbh
Giesecke x26 Devrient Gmbh A Corporation
Giesecke x26 Devrient Gmbh A Corporation Of Germany
Giesecke x26 Devrient Gmbh xdf

Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh. Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Giesecke & Devrient Gmbh patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12/14/17 new patent  Device and verifying feature substances
12/07/17Method and device for securely storing data and for accessing said data
12/07/17Hardened white box implementation 2
11/30/17Apparatus for shredding value documents
11/16/17Optically variable security element
11/16/17Banknote processing machine having power control electronics
11/09/17Hardened white box implementation
11/09/17Hardened white box implementation 1
11/09/17Method for testing and hardening software applications
11/09/17Method and server for providing transaction keys
11/02/17Method for verifying the validity of a ticket; mobile device
10/26/17Apparatus and checking value documents, particularly bank notes, and value document handling system
10/19/17Method and security module for adaptation of a reference value for generation of a bit stream
10/12/17Method and security module for receiving two signals
10/12/17Method and devices for providing a subscription profile on a mobile terminal
09/28/17Stacking device for stacking value documents
09/21/17Data carrier comprising a partial piece
08/24/17Data storage medium with two-dimensional light source
08/24/17Card body for a data carrier and inlay for a partial card body
08/10/17Method and system for personalizing a security element of a terminal
08/10/17Secure element having a light emitting diode
08/03/17Security element for producing value documents
08/03/17Communication system with pki key pair for mobile terminal
07/20/17Data carrier production method and processing device
07/20/17Security element having a subwavelength grating
07/06/17Method for reading an identity document
06/08/17Method and processing a transportation container with valuable articles
06/08/17Method and device for fitness testing of value documents
06/08/17Method and secure element for using a network
06/01/17Method for enhanced security of computational device with multiple cores
04/20/17Security element having a lenticular image
04/20/17Methods and devices for conducting payment transactions
03/23/17Subscription management
03/16/17Layer element
03/16/17Method for producing a film which serves as a carrier for electronic components
03/16/17Security feature and use thereof, value document and process for verifying the authenticity thereof
03/02/17Method for examining a value document, and means for carrying out the method
02/09/17Securing the authenticity of value documents by means of characteristic substances
02/09/17Stripping device
02/02/17Method for executing a code sequence on a security module
02/02/17Supply module and supplying value documents to a value document preparation device
02/02/17Method and device for operating a mobile terminal in a mobile communication network
01/19/17Method and device for opening a receptacle
01/12/17Subscription management
12/22/16Manufacturing portable data carriers
12/22/16Transaction authorization method
12/15/16Method and system for processing value documents
12/08/16Method for determining a sorting result for a security document and means for carrying out the method
11/17/16Method for authorizing a transaction
11/03/16Method and handling value documents
11/03/16Methods and apparatuses for activating a subscription for communication over a mobile radio network
11/03/16Methods and apparatuses for supplying a subscription for communication over a mobile radio network
10/27/16Input module and feeding value documents to a value-document processing apparatus and system for processing value documents
10/27/16Method and handling value documents
10/27/16Methods and apparatuses for managing subscriptions on a security element
10/27/16Methods and devices for providing a secure element with a subscription profile
10/06/16Apparatus and checking value documents
10/06/16Sensor and checking paper goods, and sensor prealignment
09/29/16Ic module for different connection technologies
09/01/16System and processing value documents
08/25/16Laminating body
08/25/16Alkali metal and alkaline earth metal niobates and tantalates as security feature substances
08/11/16Method for checking a value document
08/11/16Method and device for examining value documents for irregularities
08/11/16Method for verifying a valuable document having a polymer substrate and a transparent window and means for carrying out said method
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08/11/16Value document and checking the presence of the same
08/11/162fa authentication with qr on hmd
07/28/16Value document and checking the presence of the same
07/28/16Method for payment
07/28/16Method and system for handling value documents
07/14/16Method and transmitting information
07/07/16Methods and devices for performing a mobile network switch
06/30/16Reliefed card-shaped data carrier
06/30/16Method for operating a security element
06/30/16Methods and devices for performing a mobile network switch
06/23/16Methods and devices for performing a mobile network switch
06/16/16Optically variable areal pattern
06/16/16External secure unit
06/16/16Method and processing value documents
06/02/16Method for providing measurement data to an processing valuable documents and valuable document processing apparatus
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05/26/16Method and checking a circuit
05/26/16Method for providing measurement data of a device for processing security documents and security-document processing device
05/12/16Operation of a security element with the set of operating parameters matched to the selected use profile
05/05/16Production portable data carriers
04/28/16Method for producing portable data carriers
04/21/16Method and transmission of visually encoded data
04/21/16Optically variable security element
03/31/16Methods and system for secure communication between an rfid tag and a reader
03/24/16Method and detecting the fitness for circulation of a value document
03/17/16Method for marking a feature substance, security feature, document of value and verifying said document
03/17/16Method and system for supplying visually encoded image data
03/17/16Mobile device management
03/10/16Mobile station comprising security resources with different security levels
03/03/16Apparatus and checking value documents, in particular bank notes, and value-document processing system
02/25/16Check of a security element furnished with magnetic materials
02/11/16Security element for value documents
02/04/16Coextruded foil composite material and its use in card bodies
01/28/16Optically variable surface pattern
12/24/15Reliefed card-shaped data carrier
12/24/15Method and end device for securely inputting access code
12/10/15Security element having groove- or rib-shaped structural elements
12/03/15Sensor and checking valuable documents
12/03/15Methods and devices for ota subscription management
11/19/15Value document, checking the presence of same and value document system
11/19/15Method for loading an application consisting of a plurality of components into a device consisting of a plurality of components
11/19/15Reputation system and method
11/19/15Method for operating a portable data carrier, and such a portable data carrier
11/05/15System and evaluating a stream of sensor data for value documents
10/22/15Method for operating a communication system
10/22/15Method for providing measurement data from a device for processing value documents and value document processing device
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10/22/15Loading and disbursement of an electronic amount of money
10/22/15Device for examining a value document and examining a value document
10/15/15Method for checking a value document, value document, use thereof, and value document system
10/08/15Method and system for installing an application in a security element
10/08/15Method for incorporating subscriber identity data into a subscriber identity module
10/01/15Device and controlling the tracking of a value document stack
10/01/15Method for checking a value document, value document, use thereof, and value document system
10/01/15Subscriber identity module for authenticating a subscriber on a communication network
09/17/15Optically variable areal pattern
08/27/15Transfer manufacturing conductor structures by means of nano-inks
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08/27/15Transfer manufacturing conductor structures by means of nano-inks
08/27/15Side-channel-protected masking
08/27/15Contents management for mobile station having runtime environment
08/27/15Transfer manufacturing conductor structures by means of nano-inks
08/20/15Method for installing security-relevant applications in a security element of a terminal
08/20/15Method for creating a derived entity of an original data carrier
08/06/15Security element having a color-effect-producing structure
08/06/15Method and system for updating a firmware of a security module
08/06/15Method for activating an operating system in a security module
07/30/15Verification of documents of value having a window displaying diffractive structures
07/23/15Device and separating value documents, and value document processing system
07/09/15Authenticity feature in the form of luminescent substances
06/25/15Method and processing value documents
06/11/15Calibration of a magnetic sensor
06/04/15Method and replacing the operating system of a limited-resource portable data carrier
05/07/15Mobile station with bond between end device and security element
04/16/15Method for monitoring a system comprising a number of readers and a plurality of portable communication units
04/09/15Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for sheet material processing and verification
04/02/15Gripping device for gripping sheet material
03/26/15Depiction arrangement
03/12/15Methods and system for secure communication between an rfid tag and a reader
03/12/15Transmission of data streams between a terminal device and a security module
03/05/15Stacker wheel for stacking sheets
02/19/15Methods and devices for ota management of mobile stations
02/19/15System and processing bank notes
02/12/15Security element and producing the same
02/12/15Method for producing a card body, and card body
02/12/15Methods and devices for accessing a wireless local area network
01/22/15Computation protected against spying
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01/22/15Method for computer access control by means of mobile end device
01/15/15Method for producing a data carrier that prevents mechanical strains between chip and data carrier body
12/18/14Method and checking value documents
12/18/14Security feature having several components
11/13/14Device, computer-readable medium, and retaining services
10/30/14Apparatus and generating digital images
08/21/14Method for checking the production quality of an optical security feature of a value document
08/14/14Method for checking an antenna coil
07/31/14Optically variable security element comprising optically variable colour layer
07/24/14Apparatus for processing value documents
07/24/14Sensor and operating the sensor
07/10/14Checking arrangement for value-document check
06/26/14Security element
06/19/14Coextruded foil composite material and its use in card bodies
06/19/14Method for securing a transaction
06/05/14Highly flexible foil composite material and its use in card bodies
05/29/14Sensor for checking value documents
05/22/14Data carrier card having a security thread
05/22/14Ultrasonic sensor for capturing value documents and manufacturing the same
05/15/14Checking unit and calibrating a checking unit
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05/08/14Method for checking value documents
04/10/14Methods and devices for ota management of subscriber identity modules
03/27/14Two-dimensionally periodic, color-filtering grating
03/20/14Method for the data exchange between a terminal and a chip card
02/27/14Reading device for contactless communication with a transponder unit
02/13/14Data storage medium and contactless communication between the data storage medium and a reader
01/30/14Self-adjusting processing system for sheet material and a processing method using such system
01/16/14Update of a data-carrier application
12/05/13Cryptographic method
11/28/13Method for the processing of banknotes
11/28/13Method for programming a mobile end device chip
11/14/13Method for generating a digital image of at least one section of a value document
10/24/13Apparatus for stacking sheet material
10/24/13Security feature
10/24/13Initial operation of a portable data carrier
10/17/13Micro-optic viewing arrangement
10/17/13Soiling check of the window of a measuring checking sheet material
10/17/13Method and device for examining the optical state of value documents
10/10/13Portable data carrier having operating error counter
09/26/13Reflective security element for security papers, value documents or the like
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09/26/13Access-controlled data storage medium
09/12/13Method for arbitrary-precision division or modular reduction
07/04/13Method for checking an optical security feature of a value document
07/04/13Portable data carrier having an operating error counter
06/27/13Method for the compensation of disturbances
06/27/13Portable data carrier as a web server
05/02/13Ultrasonic sensor for value documents, transducer module for said sensor, and manufacturing the ultrasonic sensor
05/02/13Security feature
04/18/13Dewatering screen and manufacturing the same
04/18/13Security element, value document comprising such a security element, and producing such a security element
04/11/13Apparatus for checking the authenticity of value documents
03/14/13Method for producing a microstructure on a carrier
03/07/13Method for checking whether program instructions have been executed by a portable end device
02/14/13Method for configuring an application for an end device
02/07/13Transfer manufacturing conductor structures by means of nano-inks
12/20/12Security element, value document comprising such a security element and producing such a security element
12/20/12Protection against access violation during the execution of an operating sequence in a portable data carrier
11/22/12Method for executing an application
11/15/12Method for carrying out a transaction between a portable data carrier and a terminal
10/11/12Sensor for checking value documents
10/04/12Apparatus for the analysis of an object, preferably of a document of value, using optical radiation
10/04/12Fastening and electroconductive connecting of a chip module to a chip card
10/04/12Data carrier card and manufacturing a data carrier card
09/27/12Gold-colored thin-film element with multilayer structure
09/20/12Solid particles having a silicate coating
09/20/12Method for producing a film composite material and a card body
09/13/12Security element having a microstructure
08/16/12Method for automatic provisioning of a sim card
07/05/12Elongated security feature comprising machine-readable magnetic regions
07/05/12Thin-layer element having an interference layer structure
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06/28/12Method and device for testing value documents
06/28/12Method, portable data storage medium, approval apparatus and system for approving a transaction
06/21/12Security element for an article to be protected and article to be protected with such a security element
05/24/12Identification document having a personalized visual identifier and production thereof
05/03/12Method for identifying a mobile telephone
04/26/12Security element, security system and production methods therefor
09/01/11Device and printing a wrapper strip
07/21/11Calibration of a sensor for processing value documents
06/30/11Depiction arrangement
06/02/11Method for the production of security elements having mutually registered designs
05/26/11Device for processing valuable documents and operating the device
05/19/11Security element
05/05/11Security element with optically variable element
04/28/11Security element and manufacturing the same
04/21/11Security element having a screened layer composed of grid elements
04/07/11Unit for inserting a single valuable document
04/07/11Security element and the production thereof
03/24/11Grid image
03/17/11Data carrier configuration
02/24/11Method for producing a microstructure
02/03/11Transferring printed and/or embossed structures onto a continuous film
02/03/11Method for producing a micro-optical display arrangement
01/20/11Security element and the production thereof
01/13/11Security element and producing the same
12/23/10Security element and producing the same
12/09/10Security element
12/09/10Security element and the production thereof
11/18/10Data carrier having identifiers
10/28/10Sensor for checking valuable documents

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