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02/16/17 new patent  Process design kit for efficient and accurate mismatch simulation of analog circuits
02/16/17 new patent  Methods of forming air gaps in metallization layers on integrated circuit products
02/16/17 new patent  Self-aligned back end of line cut
02/16/17 new patent  Filling cavities in an integrated circuit and resulting devices
02/16/17 new patent  Gate tie-down enablement with inner spacer
02/16/17 new patent  Methods of forming self-aligned device level contact structures
02/16/17 new patent  Gate tie-down enablement with inner spacer
02/16/17 new patent  Field effect transistors having multiple effective work functions
02/16/17 new patent  Reducing liner corrosion during metallization of semiconductor devices
02/16/17 new patent  Methods and devices for metal filling processes
02/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor structure including a nonvolatile memory cell and the formation thereof
02/16/17 new patent  Structure and method to form a finfet device
02/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor structure with multilayer iii-v heterostructures
02/16/17 new patent  Early pts with buffer for channel doping control
02/16/17 new patent  Forming a contact for a tall fin transistor
02/16/17 new patent  Forming a contact for a tall fin transistor
02/16/17 new patent  Epitaxial and silicide layer formation at top and bottom surfaces of semiconductor fins
02/16/17 new patent  Self-aligned gate tie-down contacts with selective etch stop liner
02/09/17Capacitor structures with embedded electrodes and fabrication methods thereof
02/09/17Damascene wires with top via structures
02/09/17Methods for forming transistor devices with different threshold voltages and the resulting devices
02/09/17Bond pad structure for low temperature flip chip bonding
02/09/17Capacitor structure and forming a capacitor structure
02/09/17Bulex contacts in advanced fdsoi techniques
02/09/17Measurement measuring in thin films
02/09/17Method for forming field effect transistors
02/09/17Field effect transistor device spacers
02/09/17Forming field effect transistor device spacers
02/02/17Finfet electrical characterization with enhanced hall effect and probe
02/02/17Method and system for adjusting a circuit symbol
02/02/17Charge dynamics effect for detection of voltage contrast defect and determination of shorting location
02/02/17Mitigating transient tsv-induced ic substrate noise and resulting devices
02/02/17Three-dimensional semiconductor device with co-fabricated adjacent capacitor
02/02/17Methods of forming replacement fins comprised of multiple layers of different semiconductor materials
02/02/17Method for improved fin profile
02/02/17Trench formation for dielectric filled cut region
02/02/17Test structure macro for monitoring dimensions of deep trench isolation regions and local trench isolation regions
02/02/17Integrated circuits and methods for their fabrication
02/02/17Trench formation for dielectric filled cut region
02/02/17High doped iii-v source/drain junctions for field effect transistors
02/02/17High doped iii-v source/drain junctions for field effect transistors
01/26/17Method including a formation of a transistor and semiconductor structure including a first transistor and a second transistor
01/26/17Method to fabricate a high performance capacitor in a back end of line (beol)
01/26/17Methods and structures for back end of line integration
01/26/17Die-die stacking
01/26/17High-k and p-type work function metal first fabrication process having improved annealing process flows
01/26/17High-k and p-type work function metal first fabrication process having improved annealing process flows
01/19/17Inline buried metal void detection by surface plasmon resonance (spr)
01/19/17Hybrid metrology technique
01/19/17Coupling inductors in an ic device using interconnecting elements with solder caps and resulting devices
01/19/17Stress relaxed buffer layer on textured silicon surface
01/19/17Gate cut with high selectivity to preserve interlevel dielectric layer
01/19/17Soi-based semiconductor device with dynamic threshold voltage
01/19/17Gate cut with high selectivity to preserve interlevel dielectric layer
01/19/17Method, apparatus and system for providing multiple euv beams for semiconductor processing
01/19/17Semiconductor substrates and methods for processing semiconductor substrates
01/19/17Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using flowable chemical vapor deposition techniques with low-temperature thermal annealing
01/19/17Interconnect structure including middle of line (mol) metal layer local interconnect on etch stop layer
01/19/17Dipole-based contact structure to reduce metal-semiconductor contact resistance in mosfets
01/12/17High-pressure anneal
01/12/17Method and structure of forming controllable unmerged epitaxial material
01/12/17Process for integrated circuit fabrication including a uniform depth tungsten recess technique
01/12/17Methods for producing integrated circuits using long and short regions and integrated circuits produced from such methods
01/12/17Large area contacts for small transistors
01/05/17Method of simultaneous lithography and etch correction flow
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01/05/17Self-aligned via process flow
01/05/17Lateral bicmos replacement metal gate
01/05/17Integrated circuit structure with methods of electrically connecting same
01/05/17Embedded metal-insulator-metal capacitor
01/05/17Method to improve reliability of replacement gate device
01/05/17Test structure macro for monitoring dimensions of deep trench isolation regions and local trench isolation regions
12/29/16Predicting and alerting user to navigation options and predicting user intentions
12/29/16Generative learning for realistic and ground rule clean hot spot synthesis
12/29/16Dynamic and adaptive timing sensitivity during static timing analysis using look-up table
12/29/16Methods of design rule checking of circuit designs
12/29/16Insulating a via in a semiconductor substrate
12/29/16Method to protect mol metallization from hardmask strip process
12/29/16Hdp fill with reduced void formation and spacer damage
12/29/16Integrated circuit (ic) chips with through silicon vias (tsv) and forming the ic
12/29/16Methods including a processing of wafers and spin coating tool
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12/29/16Electrical fuse with high off resistance
12/29/16Electrostatic discharge and passive structures integrated in a veritcal gate fin-type field effect diode
12/29/16Tunable capacitor for fdsoi applications
12/29/16High performance heat shields with reduced capacitance
12/29/16Planar qubits having increased coherence times
12/29/16Semiconductor structures with field effect transistor(s) having low-resistance source/drain contact(s)
12/29/16Shaped terminals for a bipolar junction transistor
12/29/16Method to improve reliability of replacement gate device
12/29/16Hdp fill with reduced void formation and spacer damage
12/29/16Bipolar junction transistors with a buried dielectric region in the active device region
12/29/16Fdsoi voltage reference
12/29/16Integrated circuits with self aligned contacts and methods of manufacturing the same
12/29/16Interconnect structure including middle of line (mol) metal layer local interconnect on etch stop layer
12/29/16Replacement gate multigate transistor for embedded dram
12/22/16Dual liner silicide
12/22/16Dual liner silicide
12/22/16Detecting a void between a via and a wiring line
12/22/16Siarc removal with plasma etch and fluorinated wet chemical solution combination
12/22/16Non-destructive dielectric layer thickness and dopant measuring method
12/22/16Test structures for dielectric reliability evaluations
12/22/16Chip packages with reduced temperature variation
12/22/16Unique bi-layer etch stop to protect conductive structures during a metal hard mask removal process and methods of using same
12/22/16Through silicon via device having low stress, thin film gaps and methods for forming the same
12/22/16Induction heating for underfill removal and chip rework
12/22/16Bipolar junction transistors with double-tapered emitter fingers
12/22/16Fin shape contacts and methods for forming fin shape contacts
12/22/16Recessing rmg metal gate stack for forming self-aligned contact
12/22/16Device structures for a silicon-on-insulator substrate with a high-resistance handle wafer
12/22/16Generating tensile strain in bulk finfet channel
12/22/16Dual channel finfet with relaxed pfet region
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12/15/16Methods and structures for achieving target resistance post cmp using in-situ resistance measurements
12/15/16Sacrificial amorphous silicon hard mask for beol
12/15/16Dummy gate used as interconnection and making the same
12/15/16Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
12/15/16Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
12/15/16Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
12/15/16Freestanding spacer having sub-lithographic lateral dimension and forming same
12/15/16Spacer chamfering gate stack scheme
12/15/16Devices and methods of forming unmerged epitaxy for finfet device
12/15/16Series resistance reduction in vertically stacked silicon nanowire transistors
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12/08/16Integration of hybrid germanium and group iii-v contact epilayer in cmos
12/08/16Electronic device including moat power metallization in trench
12/08/16Contacts to semiconductor substrate and methods of forming same
12/08/16Methods of forming v0 structures for semiconductor devices by forming a protection layer with a non-uniform thickness
12/08/16Ferroelectric finfet
12/08/16Method and structure to form tensile strained sige fins and compressive strained sige fins on a same substrate
12/08/16Methods of forming a gate contact above an active region of a semiconductor device
12/08/16Local thinning of semiconductor fins
12/08/16Diodes and fabrication methods thereof
12/08/16Via formation using sidewall image tranfer process to define lateral dimension
12/08/16Integrated circuits including organic interlayer dielectric layers and methods for fabricating the same
12/01/16Defect detection process in a semiconductor manufacturing environment
12/01/16Hybrid fin cutting processes for finfet semiconductor devices
12/01/16Method and structure for formation of replacement metal gate field effect transistors
12/01/16Method for forming source/drain contacts during cmos integration using confined epitaxial growth techniques and the resulting semiconductor devices
12/01/16Methods of forming replacement fins for a finfet device using a targeted thickness for the patterned fin etch mask
12/01/16Integrated circuits and methods for fabricating integrated circuits having replacement metal gate electrodes
11/24/16Method, apparatus, and system for offset metal power rail for cell design
11/24/16Device comprising a plurality of fdsoi static random-access memory bitcells and operation thereof
11/24/16Preserving the seed layer on sti edge and improving the epitaxial growth
11/24/16Implant-free punch through doping layer formation for bulk finfet structures
11/24/16Thin film based fan out and multi die package platform
11/24/16E-fuse in soi configuration
11/24/16Photodetector and forming the photodetector on stacked trench isolation regions
11/24/16Interface passivation layers and methods of fabricating
11/17/16Method, apparatus, and system for improved standard cell design and routing for improving standard cell routability
11/17/16Lithography stack and method
11/17/16Methods, apparatus and system for fabricating finfet devices using continuous active area design
11/17/16Alignment monitoring structure and alignment monitoring semiconductor devices
11/17/16Filling cavities in an integrated circuit and resulting devices
Patent Packs
11/17/16Gate contact structure having gate contact layer
11/17/16Carbon nanotube device
11/17/16System and monitoring wafer handling and a wafer handling machine
11/17/16Via formation using sidewall image transfer process to define lateral dimension
11/10/16Detection of foreign material on a substrate chuck
11/10/16Method wherein test cells and dummy cells are included into a layout of an integrated circuit
11/10/16Method for selective re-routing of selected areas in a target layer and in adjacent interconnecting layers of an ic device
11/10/162d self-aligned via first process flow
11/10/16Inducing device variation for security applications
11/10/16Silver alloying post-chip join
11/03/16Intelligent wardrobe program
11/03/16Block level patterning process
11/03/16Method and detection of failures in under-fill layers in integrated circuit assemblies
11/03/16Cut first alternative for 2d self-aligned via
11/03/16Method to make gate-to-body contact to release plasma induced charging
11/03/16Memory bit cell for reduced layout area
11/03/16Semiconductor structure having logic region and analog region
11/03/16Novel integration process to form microelectronic or micromechanical structures
11/03/16Electrostatic discharge (esd) protection transistor devices and integrated circuits with electrostatic discharge protection transistor devices
10/27/16Method of manufacturing p-channel fet device with sige channel
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10/27/16Different height of fins in semiconductor structure
10/27/16Contact geometry having a gate silicon length decoupled from a transistor length
10/27/16Semiconductor device structures with self-aligned fin structure(s) and fabrication methods thereof
10/27/16Methods for modifying an integrated circuit layout design
10/27/16Finfet devices having asymmetrical epitaxially-grown source and drain regions and methods of forming the same
10/20/16Systematic defects inspection method with combined ebeam inspection and net tracing classification
10/20/16Automatic analytical cloud scaling of hardware using resource sub-cloud
10/20/16Automatic analytical cloud scaling of hardware using resource sub-cloud
10/20/16Punch-through-stop after partial fin etch
10/20/16Layered contact structure
10/20/16Integrated circuit product with bulk and soi semiconductor devices
10/20/16Finfet conformal junction and high epi surface dopant concentration
10/20/16Fet device with tuned gate work function
10/20/16Replacement channel tfet
10/13/16Moisture and/or electrically conductive remains detection for wafers after rinse / dry process
10/13/16Electronic package that includes a plurality of integrated circuit devices bonded in a three-dimensional stack arrangement
10/13/16Semiconductor device with thin-film resistor
10/13/16Integrated circuits with spacer chamfering and methods of spacer chamfering
10/13/16Densely packed transistor devices
10/13/16Complex semiconductor devices of the soi type
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10/13/16Iii-v lasers with integrated silicon photonic circuits
10/13/16Method, apparatus and system for security application for integrated circuit devices
10/13/16Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using multi-patterning processes
10/13/16Interposer and methods of forming and testing an interposer
10/06/16Via leakage and breakdown testing
10/06/16Reticle, system comprising a plurality of reticles and the formation thereof
10/06/16Self-aligned double patterning process for metal routing
10/06/16Method for making strained semiconductor device and related methods
10/06/16Method of utilizing trench silicide in a gate cross-couple construct
10/06/16Method of utilizing trench silicide in a gate cross-couple construct
10/06/16Integration structures for high current applications
10/06/16Finfet semiconductor devices with stressed channel regions
10/06/16Semiconductor structure having source/drain gouging immunity
10/06/16Finfet conformal junction and abrupt junction with reduced damage
10/06/16Integrated circuit product comprising lateral and vertical finfet devices
10/06/16Finfets having strained channels, and methods of fabricating finfets having strained channels
10/06/16Anonymous communication of devices in wireless networks
09/29/16Memory cell, memory device including a plurality of memory cells and method including read and write operations at a memory cell
09/29/16Method to identify extrinsic sram bits for failure analysis based on fail count voltage response
09/29/16Devices comprising high-k dielectric layer and methods of forming same
09/29/16Short-channel nfet device
09/29/16Method and structure to suppress finfet heating
09/29/16Buried source-drain contact for integrated circuit transistor devices and making same
09/29/16Dynamic integrated circuit fabrication methods
09/29/16Semiconductor fuses with nanowire fuse links and fabrication methods thereof
09/29/16Bulk finfet with partial dielectric isolation featuring a punch-through stopping layer under the oxide
09/29/16Method for making a semiconductor device with sidewal spacers for confinig epitaxial growth
09/29/16Forming tunneling field-effect transistor with stacking fault and resulting device
09/29/16Macro to monitor n-p bump
09/29/16Dual channel finfet with relaxed pfet region
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09/22/16Mis (metal-insulator-semiconductor) contact structures for semiconductor devices
09/22/16Transistors patterned with electrostatic discharge protection and methods of fabrication
09/22/16Eliminating field oxide loss prior to finfet source/drain epitaxial growth
09/22/16Merged n/p type transistor
09/22/16High-voltage transistor device
09/22/16Vertical fin field-effect semiconductor device
09/22/16Silicided nanowires for nanobridge weak links
09/22/16Finfet including tunable fin height and tunable fin width ratio
09/15/16Leakage testing of integrated circuits
09/15/16Low defect iii-v semiconductor template on porous silicon
09/15/16Overhead substrate handling and storage system
09/15/16Cap layer for spacer-constrained epitaxially grown material on fins of a finfet device
09/15/16Semiconductor device having non-magnetic single core inductor and producing the same
09/15/16Semiconductor device with transistor local interconnects
09/15/16Methods, apparatus and system for providing source-drain epitaxy layer with lateral over-growth suppression
09/15/16Reducing risk of punch-through in finfet semiconductor structure
09/15/16Method of forming a device including a floating gate electrode and a layer of ferroelectric material
09/15/16Integrated strained fin and relaxed fin
09/15/16Methods of forming embedded source/drain regions on finfet devices
09/15/16Common fabrication of multiple finfets with different channel heights
09/15/16Diamond shaped source drain epitaxy with underlying buffer layer
09/15/16Gate and source/drain contact structures for a semiconductor device
09/15/16Semiconductor structure including backgate regions and the formation thereof
09/15/16Three-dimensional transistor with improved channel mobility
09/15/16Fully depleted device with buried insulating layer in channel region
09/15/16Methods, apparatus and system for fabricating high performance finfet device
09/15/16Method, apparatus and system for using free-electron laser compatible euv beam for semiconductor wafer metrology
09/08/16Semiconductor devices having fins, and methods of forming semiconductor devices having fins
09/08/16Electromigration testing of interconnect analogues having bottom-connected sensory pins

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