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Globalfoundries Inc
Globalfoundries Inc grand Cayman Cayman Islands
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Globalfoundries Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Globalfoundries Inc. Globalfoundries Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Globalfoundries Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Globalfoundries Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12016011643504/28/16  new patent  Nanochannel electrode devices
22016011724004/28/16  new patent  Performing secure address relocation within a multi-processor system sharing a same physical memory channel to external memory
32016011743204/28/16  new patent  Method and assisted metal routing
42016011743304/28/16  new patent  Integrated circuit timing variability reduction
52016011813804/28/16  new patent  Programming an electrical fuse with a silicon-controlled rectifier
62016011825104/28/16  new patent  Methods of forming doped epitaxial sige material on semiconductor devices
72016011825504/28/16  new patent  Methods of forming strained epitaxial semiconductor material(s) above a strain-relaxed buffer layer
82016011829804/28/16  new patent  Oxide mediated epitaxial nickel disilicide alloy contact formation
92016011830404/28/16  new patent  Fabrication of nanowire structures
102016011834104/28/16  new patent  Precut metal lines
112016011835804/28/16  new patent  Direct injection molded solder process for forming solder bumps on wafers
122016011838504/28/16  new patent  Replacement gate structures for transistor devices
132016011838604/28/16  new patent  Semiconductor structure having finfet ultra thin body and methods of fabrication thereof
142016011841404/28/16  new patent  Dual three-dimensional and rf semiconductor devices using local soi
152016011845804/28/16  new patent  Metal-insulator-metal back end of line capacitor structures
162016011846804/28/16  new patent  Multiple layer interface formation for semiconductor structure
172016011847204/28/16  new patent  Methods of forming 3d devices with dielectric isolation and a strained channel region
182016011847304/28/16  new patent  Non-planar schottky diode and fabrication
192016011848004/28/16  new patent  Methods of forming a tri-gate finfet device and the resulting device
202016011848304/28/16  new patent  Multi-gate fets having corrugated semiconductor stacks and forming the same
212016011849904/28/16  new patent  Fd devices in advanced semiconductor techniques
222016011829204/28/16  new patent  Integrated circuits with an air gap and methods of producing the same
232016011850004/28/16  new patent  Fin structures and multi-vt scheme based on tapered fin and method to form
242016011048904/21/16 Methods, apparatus, and system for using filler cells in design of integrated circuit devices
252016011132004/21/16 T-shaped fin isolation region and methods of fabrication
262016011132204/21/16 Finfet semiconductor device having local buried oxide
272016011133504/21/16 Semiconductor structure with self-aligned wells and multiple channel materials
282016011133904/21/16 Contact liners for integrated circuits and fabrication methods thereof
292016011134104/21/16 Method of utilizing trench silicide in a gate cross-couple construct
302016011135204/21/16 Dielectric cover for a through silicon via
312016011136004/21/16 Dummy metal structure and forming dummy metal structure
322016011137404/21/16 Low energy etch process for nitrogen-containing dielectric layer
332016011138104/21/16 Semiconductor structure including a die seal leakage detection material, the formation thereof and method including a test of a semiconductor structure
342016011138204/21/16 Vertical breakdown protection layer
352016011138604/21/16 Bond pad structure for low temperature flip chip bonding
362016011140604/21/16 Top-side interconnection substrate for die-to-die interconnection
372016011141404/21/16 Scr with fin body regions for esd protection
382016011142204/21/16 Method for making high voltage integrated circuit devices in a fin-type process and resulting devices
392016011149104/21/16 Fin device with blocking layer in channel region
402016011151304/21/16 Multi-channel gate-all-around fet
412016011151404/21/16 Ultra-low resistance gate structure for non-planar device via minimized work function material
422016011153904/21/16 High mobility pmos and nmos devices having si-ge quantum wells
432016011154904/21/16 Methods of forming a semiconductor circuit element and semiconductor circuit element
442016011186704/21/16 Methods of post-process dispensation of plasma induced damage protection component
452016010464404/14/16 Process for integrated circuit fabrication including a uniform depth tungsten recess technique
462016010454104/14/16 Novel otprom for post-process programming using selective breakdown
472016010462104/14/16 Semiconductor device having common contact and gate properties
482016010463804/14/16 Semiconductor structure including a layer of a first metal between a diffusion barrier layer and a second metal and the formation thereof
492016010467004/14/16 Interlayer ballistic conductor signal lines
502016010467204/14/16 Low capacitance ballistic conductor signal lines
512016010467704/14/16 Self aligned via fuse
522016010470704/14/16 Method and structure for transistors using gate stack dopants with minimal nitrogen penetration
532016010476204/14/16 Method of fabricating a mim capacitor with minimal voltage coefficient and a decoupling mim capacitor and analog/rf mim capacitor on the same chip with high-k dielectrics
542016010477004/14/16 Profile control over a collector of a bipolar junction transistor
552016010477404/14/16 Non-planar vertical dual source drift metal-oxide semiconductor (vdsmos)
562016010479904/14/16 Dual-strained nanowire and finfet devices with dielectric isolation
572016010517904/14/16 Level shifting an i/o signal into multiple voltage domains
582016009833204/07/16 Dynamic multi-purpose external access points connected to core interfaces within a system on chip (soc)
592016009916804/07/16 Method for defining an isolation region(s) of a semiconductor structure
602016009917104/07/16 Dimension-controlled via formation processing
612016009923904/07/16 Methods, apparatus and system for reduction of power consumption in a semiconductor device
622016009929704/07/16 Flexible active matrix display
632016009930204/07/16 Embedded metal-insulator-metal capacitor
642016009932104/07/16 Semiconductor device comprising contact structures with protection layers formed on sidewalls of contact etch stop layers
652016009932904/07/16 Suspended body field effect transistor
662016009933304/07/16 Field effect transistor and fabrication
672016009933604/07/16 Opc enlarged dummy electrode to eliminate ski slope at esige
682016009934304/07/16 Tunneling field effect transistor and methods of making such a transistor
692016009934404/07/16 Facilitating fabricating gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistors
702016009356503/31/16 Printing minimum width features at non-minimum pitch and resulting device
712016009369203/31/16 Finfet semiconductor devices with replacement gate structures
722016009370403/31/16 Method for creating self-aligned transistor contacts
732016009371303/31/16 Semiconductor devices with replacement gate structures
742016009373903/31/16 Finfet semiconductor device with isolated channel regions
752016009371103/31/16 Tantalum carbide metal gate stack for mid-gap work function applications
762016008707303/24/16 Bipolar junction transistors with an air gap in the shallow trench isolation
772016008256603/24/16 Wafer slip detection during cmp processing
782016008684903/24/16 Constrained nanosecond laser anneal of metal interconnect structures
792016008686003/24/16 Methods for making robust replacement metal gates and multi-threshold devices in a soft mask integration scheme
802016008688603/24/16 Nanowire compatible e-fuse
812016008695203/24/16 Preventing epi damage for cap nitride strip scheme in a fin-shaped field effect transistor (finfet) device
822016007793903/17/16 Recovering from uncorrected memory errors
832016007908603/17/16 Method of forming a semiconductor device and according semiconductor device
842016007911603/17/16 Wafer with improved plating current distribution
852016007916803/17/16 Integrated circuits with metal-titanium oxide contacts and fabrication methods
862016007918003/17/16 Overlay mark dependent dummy fill to mitigate gate height variation
872016007924203/17/16 Patterning multiple, dense features in a semiconductor device using a memorization layer
882016007934203/17/16 Method and device for an integrated trench capacitor
892016007939703/17/16 Partial fin on oxide for improved electrical isolation of raised active regions
902016007173103/10/16 Finfet doping method with curvilinear trajectory implantation beam path
912016007174203/10/16 Photoresist collapse forming a physical unclonable function
922016007179103/10/16 Multimetal interlayer interconnects
932016007183503/10/16 Metal gate for robust esd protection
942016007184503/10/16 Directed self-assembly material growth mask for forming vertical nanowires
952016007192803/10/16 Methods of forming gate structures for finfet devices and the resulting semiconductor products
962016007193003/10/16 Multiple directed self-assembly material mask patterning for forming vertical nanowires
972016007193203/10/16 Finfet structures having uniform channel size and methods of fabrication
982016007194703/10/16 Method including a replacement of a dummy gate structure with a gate structure including a ferroelectric material
992016007195403/10/16 Robust post-gate spacer processing and device
1002016007196203/10/16 Symmetrical lateral bipolar junction transistor and use of same in characterizing and protecting transistors
1012016007197803/10/16 Performance enhancement in transistors by providing an embedded strain-inducing semiconductor material on the basis of a seed layer
1022016007197903/10/16 Fin device with blocking layer in channel region
1032016006188003/03/16 Methods, apparatus and system for tddb testing
1042016006316703/03/16 Method and system for via retargeting
1052016006412303/03/16 Temperature independent resistor
1062016006422803/03/16 Method of forming a semiconductor structure including a ferroelectric material and semiconductor structure including a ferroelectric transistor
1072016006423603/03/16 Methods of patterning features having differing widths
1082016006425003/03/16 Methods of forming metastable replacement fins for a finfet semiconductor device by performing a replacement growth process
1092016006435403/03/16 Method for electronic circuit assembly on a paper substrate
1102016006437103/03/16 Non-planar esd device for non-planar output transistor and common fabrication thereof
1112016006437203/03/16 Esd snapback based clamp for finfet
1122016006438203/03/16 Selective fusi gate formation in gate first cmos technologies
1132016006447103/03/16 Embedded capacitor
1142016006448403/03/16 Lateral bipolar junction transistors on a silicon-on-insulator substrate with a thin device layer thickness
1152016006451003/03/16 Device including a floating gate electrode and a layer of ferroelectric material and the formation thereof
1162016006451403/03/16 Borderless contact formation through metal-recess dual cap integration
1172016006452303/03/16 Semiconductor structure having a source and a drain with reverse facets
1182016006452603/03/16 Methods of forming alternative channel materials on finfet semiconductor devices
1192016006454403/03/16 Finfet semiconductor device with isolated fins made of alternative channel materials
1202016006428603/03/16 Integrated circuits and methods for fabricating integrated circuits
1212016006447203/03/16 Integrated circuits including a mimcap device and methods of forming the same for long and controllable reliability lifetime
1222016006451303/03/16 Integrated circuits with a bowed substrate, and methods for producing the same
1232016006451503/03/16 Methods of making integrated circuits and components thereof
1242016005438302/25/16 Semiconductor structure having test device
1252016005528102/25/16 Model-based generation of dummy features
1262016005607502/25/16 Precut metal lines
1272016005610402/25/16 Self-aligned back end of line cut
1282016005610602/25/16 Structure with self aligned resist layer on an interconnect surface and making same
1292016005623102/25/16 Semiconductor devices and fabrication methods thereof
1302016005623802/25/16 Raised source/drain epi with suppressed lateral epi overgrowth
1312016005626102/25/16 Embedded sigma-shaped semiconductor alloys formed in transistors
1322016005626302/25/16 Methods of forming a gate cap layer above a replacement gate structure
1332016005626502/25/16 Methods of making a self-aligned channel drift device
1342016005628802/25/16 Circuit element including a layer of a stress-creating material providing a variable stress
1352016005629402/25/16 Epitaxial growth of silicon for finfets with non-rectangular cross-sections
1362016005603302/25/16 Low temperature atomic layer deposition of oxides on compound semiconductors
1372016005607202/25/16 Multilayered contact structure having nickel, copper, and nickel-iron layers
1382016005625302/25/16 Integrated circuits with diffusion barrier layers and processes for preparing integrated circuits including diffusion barrier layers
1392016004705802/18/16 Metal plating system including gas bubble removal unit
1402016004930202/18/16 Method of forming a semiconductor circuit element and semiconductor circuit element
1412016004932702/18/16 Methods of fabricating beol interlayer structures
1422016004933202/18/16 Methods of forming contact structures for semiconductor devices and the resulting devices
1432016004937002/18/16 Methods of forming mis contact structures for semiconductor devices by selective deposition of insulating material and the resulting devices
1442016004939902/18/16 Gate structures for semiconductor devices with a conductive etch stop layer
1452016004940002/18/16 Threshold voltage control for mixed-type non-planar semiconductor devices
1462016004940102/18/16 Hybrid contacts for commonly fabricated semiconductor devices using same metal
1472016004940202/18/16 Semiconductor device having fins with in-situ doped, punch-through stopper layer and related methods
1482016004942702/18/16 Integrated circuits with self aligned contact structures for improved windows and fabrication methods
1492016004946802/18/16 Product comprised of finfet devices with single diffusion break isolation structures
1502016004948102/18/16 Transistor contacts self-aligned two dimensions
1512016004948802/18/16 Semiconductor gate with wide top or bottom
1522016004949402/18/16 Forming transistors without spacers and resulting devices
1532016004949502/18/16 Semiconductor structures with coplanar recessed gate layers and fabrication methods
1542016004950302/18/16 Bipolar junction transistors with reduced epitaxial base facets effect for low parasitic collector-base capacitance
1552016004936602/18/16 Integrated circuits with electronic fuse structures
1562016004948902/18/16 Integrated circuits with nanowires and methods of manufacturing the same
1572016004949002/18/16 Integrated circuits with dual silicide contacts and methods for fabricating same
1582016004295402/11/16 Replacement metal gate and fabrication process with reduced lithography steps
1592016004304602/11/16 Etching of under bump metallization layer and resulting device
1602016004304802/11/16 Preventing misshaped solder balls
1612016004308102/11/16 Method of forming semiconductor fins
1622016004319002/11/16 Semiconductor structure(s) with extended source/drain channel interfaces and methods of fabrication
1632016004320202/11/16 Self-aligned bipolar junction transistor having self-planarizing isolation raised base structures
1642016004322302/11/16 Finfet semiconductor devices with stressed layers
1652016004402302/11/16 Authentication policy enforcement
1662016003395802/04/16 Endpoint determination using individually measured target spectra
1672016003563002/04/16 Methods of forming transistors with retrograde wells in cmos applications and the resulting device structures
1682016003564102/04/16 Semiconductor device including passivation layer encapsulant
1692016003572302/04/16 Macro design of device characterization for 14nm and beyond technologies
1702016003572702/04/16 Cmos structure with beneficial nmos and pmos band offsets
1712016003572802/04/16 Retrograde doped layer for device isolation
1722016003574302/04/16 Field effect transistor (fet) with self-aligned contacts, integrated circuit (ic) chip and manufacture
1732016003581802/04/16 Forming a vertical capacitor and resulting device
1742016003582002/04/16 Uniaxially-strained fd-soi finfet
1752016003585602/04/16 Semiconductor structure including a ferroelectric transistor and the formation thereof
1762016003586302/04/16 Methods of forming stressed channel regions for a finfet semiconductor device and the resulting device
1772016003590602/04/16 Planar semiconductor esd device and making same
1782016003387902/04/16 Methods and controllers for controlling focus of ultraviolet light from a lithographic imaging system, and apparatuses for forming an integrated circuit employing the same
1792016003556502/04/16 Methods for fabricating integrated circuits using directed self-assembly chemoepitaxy
1802016003563102/04/16 Atomic layer deposition of hfalc as a metal gate workfunction material in mos devices
1812016002580501/28/16 Wafer test structures and methods of providing wafer test structures
1822016002674801/28/16 Multi-polygon constraint decomposition techniques for use in double patterning applications
1832016002770001/28/16 Gate structure cut after formation of epitaxial active regions
1842016002771301/28/16 Establishing a thermal profile across a semiconductor chip
1852016002773401/28/16 E-fuse structure with methods of fusing the same and monitoring material leakage
1862016002774401/28/16 Method of forming an integrated crackstop
1872016002777501/28/16 Dual-width fin structure for finfets devices
1882016002789501/28/16 Methods of forming fins for a finfet device by forming and replacing sacrificial fin structures with alternative materials
1892016002790501/28/16 Bipolar junction transistors and methods of fabrication
1902016002679301/28/16 Threat condition management
1912016002014001/21/16 Anisotropic material damage process for etching low-k dielectric materials
1922016002015401/21/16 Simplified multi-threshold voltage scheme for fully depleted soi mosfets
1932016002020401/21/16 Three-dimensional electrostatic discharge semiconductor device
1942016002027501/21/16 Shallow trench isolation structure with sigma cavity
1952016002027701/21/16 Three-dimensional electrostatic discharge semiconductor device
1962016002033501/21/16 Transistors comprising doped region-gap-doped region structures and methods of fabrication
1972016001295201/14/16 Inductor structure having embedded airgap
1982016001326201/14/16 Fabrication of multilayer circuit elements
1992016001329101/14/16 Methods of forming isolated channel regions for a finfet semiconductor device and the resulting device
2002016001329601/14/16 Methods of forming low defect replacement fins for a finfet semiconductor device and the resulting devices
2012016000559801/07/16 Inhibiting diffusion of elements between material layers of a layered circuit structure
2022016000565701/07/16 Semiconductor structure with increased space and volume between shaped epitaxial structures
2032016000573301/07/16 Integrated circuit product with a gate height registration structure
2042016000573401/07/16 Integrated circuit product comprised of multiple p-type semiconductor devices with different threshold voltages
2052016000582801/07/16 Gate dielectric protection for transistors
2062016000583401/07/16 Methods of forming a channel region for a semiconductor device by performing a triple cladding process
2072016000586701/07/16 Silicide protection during contact metallization and resulting semiconductor structures
2082016000586801/07/16 Finfet with confined epitaxy
2092015037795612/31/15 Method and inline device characterization and temperature profiling
2102015037809612/31/15 Integration of optical components in integrated circuits
2112015038024612/31/15 Dimension-controlled via formation processing
2122015038025012/31/15 Semiconductor contacts and methods of fabrication
2132015038025212/31/15 Sidewall image templates for directed self-assembly materials
2142015038025812/31/15 Method for controlling height of a fin structure
2152015038026212/31/15 Sub-lithographic semiconductor structures with non-constant pitch
2162015038030412/31/15 Titanium silicide formation in a narrow source-drain contact
2172015038031612/31/15 Uniform exposed raised structures for non-planar semiconductor devices
2182015038032012/31/15 Test pattern for feature cross-sectioning
2192015038040412/31/15 Non-planar structure with extended exposed raised structures and same-level gate and spacers
2202015038040512/31/15 Removal of semiconductor growth defects
2212015038040912/31/15 Threshold voltage control for mixed-type non-planar semiconductor devices
2222015038050212/31/15 Method to form wrap-around contact for finfet
2232015038051012/31/15 Structure and forming silicide on fins
2242015038051412/31/15 Junction overlap control in a semiconductor device using a sacrificial spacer layer
2252015038051512/31/15 Multi-phase source/drain/gate spacer-epi formation
2262015038026912/31/15 Methods of forming integrated circuits with a planarized permanet layer and methods for forming finfet devices with a planarized permanent layer
2272015038030912/31/15 Metal-insulator-semiconductor (mis) contact with controlled defect density
2282015037189212/24/15 Methods of forming a finfet semiconductor device with a unique gate configuration, and the resulting finfet device
2292015037189612/24/15 Double self aligned via patterning
2302015037189912/24/15 Minimizing void formation in semiconductor vias and trenches
2312015037195612/24/15 Crackstops for bulk semiconductor wafers
2322015037208012/24/15 Self-aligned dual-height isolation for bulk finfet
2332015037208412/24/15 Raised fin structures and methods of fabrication
2342015037210412/24/15 Multi-channel gate-all-around fet
2352015037210712/24/15 Semiconductor devices having fins, and methods of forming semiconductor devices having fins
2362015037210812/24/15 Method and structure for protecting gates during epitaxial growth
2372015037211112/24/15 Methods of forming nanowire devices with spacers and the resulting devices
2382015037211512/24/15 Methods of forming nanowire devices with doped extension regions and the resulting devices
2392015037214012/24/15 Finfets having strained channels, and methods of fabricating finfets having strained channels
2402015037191212/24/15 Methods and systems for chemical mechanical planarization endpoint detection using an alternating current reference signal
2412015037205512/24/15 Non-volatile random access memory devices with shared transistor configuration and methods of forming the same
2422015037210012/24/15 Integrated circuits having improved contacts and methods for fabricating same
2432015036353212/17/15 Optimization of integrated circuits for a reticle transmission process window using multiple fill cells
2442015036418312/17/15 Method and bit-line sensing gates on an sram cell
2452015036432612/17/15 Methods of forming a protection layer on a semiconductor device and the resulting device
2462015036433612/17/15 Uniform gate height for mixed-type non-planar semiconductor devices
2472015036437812/17/15 Forming gate and source/drain contact openings by performing a common etch patterning process
2482015036442612/17/15 Decoupling capacitor for semiconductors
2492015036449112/17/15 Semiconductor device including soi butted junction to reduce short-channel penalty

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