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Gm Global Technology Operations Inc
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc general Motors Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc general Motors Corporation
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc_20100107
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc_20100114
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc_20100128
Gm Global Technology Operations Inc_20100121

Gm Global Technology Operations Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Inc. Gm Global Technology Operations Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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01/07/16Stiffness enhanced tread
06/05/14Method for reducing glare from light sources through windscreens
04/03/14Fuel cell component with coating including nanoparticles
03/20/14Methods and systems for controlling braking of a vehicle when the vehicle is stationary
02/06/14Method and system of reconstructing a secret code in a vehicle for performing secure operations
11/28/13Generator powered electrically heated diesel particulate filter
08/01/13Robotic finger assembly
05/16/13Method of operating a hybrid powertrain
03/07/13Solution to optical constraint on microtruss processing
02/07/13Pour ladle for molten metal
02/07/13Dynamic masking micro-truss foam fabrication
01/10/13Cutting tool for forming and re-forming welding electrodes with contoured faces
01/10/13Separator plates formed by photopolymer based processes
11/29/12Fuel cell fabrication using photopolymer based processes
11/08/12Rotary series elastic actuator
11/08/12Rotary series elastic actuator
10/18/12Method and fuel cell stack assembly
09/27/12Multi-cell voltage secure data encoding in hybrid vehicles
09/06/12Double clutch actuation arrangement
08/23/12Hydrogen storage tank
08/16/12Internal gear and cap assembly and manufacture thereof
08/02/12Electrically heated particulate filter with reduced stress
07/05/12Method and hydraulically deactivating a torque transfer clutch
06/28/12Tubular actuators utilizing active material activation
06/21/12Airbag module having surface structure
06/14/12Removal of water and fuel contaminants in engine oil
05/31/12Main shaft remanufacturing
05/31/12Compressed gas tank system with fast fueling ability at any vessel pressure
05/31/12Compound shutter system with independent and non-sequential operation
05/31/12System and actuating multiple components in a vehicle having an access opening
05/31/12Dynamic regenerative braking torque control
05/31/12Coated perovskite-based catalysts, catalyst combinations and methods of treating a gas stream
05/31/12Article having a selectively texturable surface and using
05/31/12Fuel cells having improved durability
05/31/12Navigation system destination entry
05/31/12Self-repairing polymer
05/31/12Deformable shape-memory polymer
05/31/12Selectable one-way clutch operation in a hybrid powertrain
05/31/12Glass indexing system and method
05/31/12Systems and methods for planning vehicle routes based on safety factors
05/31/12Dynamic battery capacity estimation
05/24/12Joining magnesium with reinforced polymer composite fasteners
05/24/12Composite centrifugal compressor wheel
05/24/12Torque sensing system having torque sensor, and steering system
05/24/12Steering column telescope lock
05/24/12Telescope positive lock for steering column
05/24/12Engine assembly including combustion chambers with different port arrangements
05/24/12Disk brake assembly
05/24/12Deployable roof rack system
05/24/12Method for reducing glare from light sources through windscreens
05/24/12Integrated tooth rake lock for steering column
05/24/12Steering column telescope adjustment stop
05/24/12Vehicle hinge pillar and fender insulator
05/24/12Rotor assembly and manufacturing a rotor assembly
05/24/12Rotor assembly and manufacturing a rotor assembly
05/24/12Systems and methods for providing power to a load based upon a control strategy
05/24/12System and evaluating a wire conductor
05/24/12Passive approach detection system and method using a unidirectional fob
05/24/12Multi-function antenna
05/24/12Fuel cell plate features to resolve differences in component tolerances
05/24/12Dual channel step in fuel cell plate
05/24/12Fuel cell separator plate
05/24/12Auto configuration for a dial-up networking system
05/24/12Cardan joint assembly and a cardan joint protector device
05/24/12Automatic calibration and compensation for a cnc machine table and an associated probe
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05/24/12Electrically assisted variable-k control
05/24/12Torque control shift assist
05/24/12Methods for conducting market research utilizing a telematics service system
05/17/12Control regenerating a particulate filter
05/17/12Nox adsorber regeneration system and method
05/17/12Selective catalytic reduction catalyst ammonia storage control systems and methods
05/17/12Gear assembly and gear oil composition
05/17/12Engine assembly including independent throttle control for deactivated cylinders
05/17/12Method and controlling spark timing in an internal combustion engine
05/17/12Combustion phasing control in spark-assisted hcci combustion mode
05/17/12Variable displacement engine assembly including partial boost arrangement
05/17/12Transient control strategy in spark-assisted hcci combustion mode
05/17/12Reinforcement and tubular structures
05/17/12Speed control of an electrically-actuated fluid pump
05/17/12Fuel cell durability through oxide supported precious metals in membrane
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05/17/12Electrically variable transmission
05/17/12Method for determining an estimated driving range for a vehicle
05/17/12Diesel-exhaust-fluid refill detection
05/10/12Metal forming process
05/10/12Wet lamination process for reducing mud cracking in fuel cell components
05/10/12System and increasing operating efficiency of a powertrain by controlling an aero shutter
05/10/12Compensation for electrical converter nonlinearities
05/10/12Actuation and protection utilizing active material activation during lightning strikes and similar events
05/10/12Compensation for electrical converter nonlinearities
05/10/12Systems and methods for reducing harmonic distortion in electrical converters
05/10/12Selectable one-way clutch with breakaway feature
05/10/12Process for service diagnostic and service procedures enhancement
05/10/12System and tracking objects
05/10/12Method of augmenting gps or gps/sensor vehicle positioning using additional in-vehicle vision sensors
05/03/12Battery separator
05/03/12Control heating an oxygen sensor
05/03/12System and controlling regeneration of an exhaust after-treatment device
05/03/12Method of sizing a heating core of an exhaust heater for an exhaust treatment system of a vehicle
05/03/12After-treatment heating with engine combustion feedback
05/03/12After-treatment cooling with combustion feedback
05/03/12Method for controlling exhaust gas heat recovery systems in vehicles
05/03/12Pump assembly and manufacturing same
05/03/12Adsorbent structures for removal of water and fuel contaminants in engine oil
05/03/12Multiple gear ratio starter motor
05/03/12Friction-weld interface for an assembly
05/03/12Combustion balancing control strategy using normalized instantaneous heat release in hcci engines
05/03/12Method and estimating engine operating parameters
05/03/12Collapsible funnel
05/03/12Active drain plug for high voltage battery applications
05/03/12Battery section/module automatic cell balancer repair tool
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05/03/12Apparatus of soc estimation during plug-in charge mode
05/03/12Vehicle battery testing
05/03/12Method and assessing battery state of health
05/03/12Method and assessing battery state of health
05/03/12Battery testing dynamic delta voltage measurement
05/03/12Method and monitoring a vehicular propulsion system battery
05/03/12Vehicle display system
05/03/12Inside rearview mirror assembly
05/03/12Heating module for an exhaust gas treatment system
05/03/12Coulomb damping and/or viscous damping insert using ultrasonic welding
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05/03/12One piece compression resistant prismatic cell
05/03/12Anode gas composition utilizing h2 injection pressure wave propagation rates
05/03/12Reinforced fuel cell metal plate perimeter
05/03/12Intelligent telematics information dissemination using delegation, fetch, and share algorithms
05/03/12Robust operation of tendon-driven robot fingers using force and position-based control laws
05/03/12Robust motor torque performance diagnostics algorithm for electric drive systems in hybrid vehicles
05/03/12System and controlling an engine in a hybrid vehicle
05/03/12Understeer assessment for vehicles
05/03/12Method and system for determining a reference yaw rate for a vehicle
05/03/12Driveline lash management in powertrain systems
05/03/12Blended braking management in powertrain systems
05/03/12Method for controlling torque at one or more wheels of a vehicle
05/03/12Energy-based closed-loop control of turbine outlet temperature in a vehicle
05/03/12Li-ion battery for vehicles with engine start-stop operations
05/03/12Onboard adaptive battery core temperature estimation
05/03/12Method of determining a heat transfer condition from a resistance characteristic of a shape memory alloy element
05/03/12Optimization of electrical component parameters in energy storage system models
05/03/12Secure connection vehicles
04/26/12Optimized electrically heated exhaust gas treatment system
04/26/12Manual transmission
04/26/12Engine including camshaft with partial lobe
04/26/12System and controlling hydraulic pressure in electro-hydraulic valve actuation systems
04/26/12Engine assembly including rotary engine providing exhaust gas recirculation to primary engine
04/26/12System and diagnosing faults in vacuum pumps of fuel systems and for diagnosing leaks in fuel systems
04/26/12Control of a shutter via bi-directional communication using a single wire
04/26/12System and controlling a shutter in a vehicle via a cooling fan duty-cycle
04/26/12Method of separating a length of single-strand wire
04/26/12Stamped arm control
04/26/12Charge port lock assembly for a vehicle
04/26/12Vehicle alignment for inductive charging
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04/26/12Electrolytic cell and estimating a state of charge thereof
04/26/12Encapsulated emi/rfi shielding for a non-conductive thermosetting plastic composite phev battery cover
04/26/12Method to provide electrical insulation between conductive plates of a hydrogen fuel cell
04/26/12Method for monitoring operation of a shutter
04/26/12Shutter control during ambient temperature warm-up across a freezing point
04/26/12Method and apparatus effecting torque transfer through a transmission during engine autostop and autostart events
04/26/12Planetary layshaft transmission
04/26/12Method and enhancing the robustness of a hybrid vehicle torque security diagnostic
04/26/12Method for determining a state of a rechargeable battery device in real time
04/26/12Negative-torque downshift execution for fixed-gear transmissions
04/26/12System and controlling a transmission to improve exhaust braking
04/26/12Vehicle collision avoidance and warning system
04/26/12Optimal acceleration profile for enhanced collision avoidance
04/26/12Adaptive slowly-varying current detection
04/19/12Cooling systems with deaeration reservoirs
04/19/12Control of torque transfer between an engine and a manual transmission
04/19/12Ventilation assembly for a front exterior of a vehicle
04/19/12Mounting systems for transverse front wheel drive powertrains with decoupled pitch damping
04/19/12Clutch actuation assembly with satellite pistons
04/19/12Active material based holding fixtures
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04/19/12System for controlling an access opening in a body of a vehicle
04/19/12Snap fit bracket for side door impact beam
04/19/12Battery fault tolerant architecture for cell failure modes series bypass circuit
04/19/12Excessive current detection controls method
04/19/12Three-dimensional mirror display system for a vehicle and method
04/19/12Vehicular duct with integrated lighting
04/19/12Vehicle threat identification on full windshield head-up display
04/19/12Battery modules and assemblies
04/19/12Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
04/19/12Method for creating and taking a driving tour
04/12/12Hood hinge assembly for vehicle
04/12/12Compressed gas system, manual valve assembly, and manual valve piston with isochoric thermal isolation zone
04/12/12Clothing hanger device for vehicle deck lid
04/12/12Mold insert assembly and use
04/12/12Adjustable striker for vehicle door latch
04/12/12Reinforced rocker panel structure
04/12/12Bimetallic casting
04/12/12Transmission debris sensor
04/12/12Temperature compensation for magnetic determination the state of charge of a battery
04/12/12Adaptive multi-channel access for vehicular networks
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04/12/12Bimetallic forging and method
04/12/12Method for air cooling of an electric vehicle traction battery with flow shifting
04/12/12Composite end cell thermal barrier with an electrically conducting layer
04/12/12Chemical durability using synergystic mitigation strategies
04/12/12Electric vehicle charge cord lock
04/12/12Cvt pulley with engineered surface
04/12/12Transmission having at least ten speeds
04/12/12Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
04/12/12Multi-speed transmission with external drive gearsets
04/12/12External presentation of information on full glass display
04/12/12Gps-based relative positioning enhancement method using neighboring entity information
04/05/12Operating methods for selective catalytic reduction of nox
04/05/12Large leak diagnostic tool for a sealed fuel system in a vehicle
04/05/12Methods of characterizing aluminum oxides
04/05/12System and controlling fuel injection timing to decrease emissions during transient engine operation
04/05/12Individual cylinder fuel control oxygen sensor degredation
04/05/12System and controlling a flow of air
04/05/12Impact elements for a mounting system for a pressure vessel
04/05/12Integrated pressure vessels for vehicular applications
04/05/12Battery pack capacity learn algorithm
04/05/12Thermal management controls for a vehicle having a rechargeable energy storage system
04/05/12High pressure tank valve sealing by using the elastic properties of o-rings
04/05/12Fuel cell electrodes with graded properties and making
04/05/12Transmission having at least ten speeds
04/05/12Transmission having at least ten speeds
04/05/12Method and managing multiple battery packs in a hybrid or electric vehicle
04/05/12System and measuring a sensor offset
04/05/12Method to thaw frozen coolant in a fuel cell system
03/29/12Thermoelectric generators incorporating phase-change materials for waste heat recovery from engine exhaust
03/29/12Automotive air duct construction
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03/29/12Deployable roof rack system
03/29/12Vehicle wheel end assemblies with hub bearing seals
03/29/12Energy storage system energy capacity and capability monitor
03/29/12Aural smoothing of a vehicle
03/29/12Retaining ring
03/29/12Emblem assembly and forming same
03/29/12Emblem assembly and forming same
03/29/12Emblem assembly and forming same
03/29/12Fuel cell system and processes
03/29/12Vehicle launch device
03/29/12Aural smoothing of a vehicle
03/29/12Individualizable post-crash assist system
03/29/12Method for detecting powertrain torque output
03/29/12Method to determine torque
03/29/12Method of cooling a dual clutch transmission
03/29/12Regenerative braking controlling a regenerative braking system
03/29/12Method and system for determining output torque capabilities in hybrid and electric powertrains
03/22/12Exhaust gas treatment system for an internal combustion engine
03/22/12Method and monitoring a reductant injection system in an exhaust aftertreatment system
03/22/12Windage tray with tail
03/22/12Integrated exhaust gas recirculation and charge cooling system
03/22/12Integrated exhaust gas recirculation and charge cooling system
03/22/12Corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy article surfaces
03/22/12Method of making a brake component
03/22/12Jamming resistant aero louver
03/22/12Molding method using shape memory polymer
03/22/12Retaining clip for ditch molding
03/22/12Fiber-wrapped, magnesium tubular structural components
03/22/12Microwave antenna assemblies

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