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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016013693805/19/16 Systems and methods for bonding surfaces using a releasable adhesive
22016013694005/19/16 Systems and methods for using a releasable adhesive in suction devices
32016013701605/19/16 Internal combustion engine having a two stage turbocharger
42016013703905/19/16 Insulator for elongate member
52016013705805/19/16 Fuel tank baffle
62016013713805/19/16 Vehicle seat cover for retaining an object
72016013720005/19/16 High assurance lane fusion system
82016013720905/19/16 Motion-based multi-sensor calibration
92016013788605/19/16 Systems and methods for joining conductive surfaces using a releasable adhesive
102016013849805/19/16 Internal combustion engine provided with a selective catalytic reduction system
112016013850105/19/16 Turbocharged engine employing cylinder deactivation
122016013850805/19/16 System and enabling a user to adjust the operation of a powertrain in a vehicle, to adjust the appearance of a user interface device in the vehicle, and/or to adjust vehicle noise
132016013851405/19/16 Fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine
142016013852805/19/16 Fuel vapor canister heater control and diagnostic systems and methods
152016013866505/19/16 Method of estimating brake pad wear and vehicle having a controller that implements the method
162016013869405/19/16 Continuously variable transmission with direction selection mechanism
172016013891205/19/16 Method to incorporate skin and core material properties in performance analysis of high pressure die casting aluminum components
182016014005605/19/16 Methods to improve secure flash programming
192016014159805/19/16 Methods for making a solid electrolyte interface layer on a surface of an electrode
202016014180005/19/16 Systems and methods for self-closing electrical connector
212016014198205/19/16 Method and controlling an electric machine in a six-step mode
222016014198305/19/16 Method and controlling an electric machine in a six-step mode
232016014241005/19/16 Electronic control unit network security
242016012957105/12/16 Press-fit installation tool with dynamic load assist and press-fitting
252016012974705/12/16 Support structure component for connecting a spring strut to a vehicle body, mounting a spring strut on a vehicle body and vehicle body
262016012976105/12/16 Airflow outlet
272016012976205/12/16 Airflow outlet assembly and a passenger compartment for a vehicle
282016012977505/12/16 Reduced powertrain vibration mounting system
292016012985105/12/16 Vehicle door with control panel
302016012986505/12/16 Local energy absorber
312016012993605/12/16 Method of controlling steering of a ground vehicle
322016012995005/12/16 Pintle latch system
332016013069105/12/16 Surface activation by plasma jets for thermal spray coating on cylinder bores
342016013100105/12/16 Catalyst design for selective-catalytic-reduction (scr) filters
352016013105505/12/16 System and determining the reid vapor pressure of fuel combusted by an engine and for controlling fuel delivery to cylinders of the engine based on the reid vapor pressure
362016013106105/12/16 Throttle control systems and methods based on pressure ratio
372016013120105/12/16 Transmission hub and sleeve assembly
382016013125005/12/16 Manual control of speed-ratio selection in an automatic transmission
392016013313005/12/16 Method and determining traffic safety events using vehicular participative sensing systems
402016013313105/12/16 Use of participative sensing systems to enable enhanced road friction estimation
412016013324405/12/16 Systems and methods for controlling noise in a vehicle
422016013391805/12/16 Methods for forming porous materials
432016012149105/05/16 Force limiting device and method
442016012152205/05/16 Trim component and manufacturing a trim component
452016012164805/05/16 Wheel with aluminum foam for tire cavity noise suppression
462016012170205/05/16 Method for coupling a sunroof assembly to a structural frame of a vehicle
472016012170405/05/16 Tonneau cover system
482016012171805/05/16 Multi-speed transmission with mechanical on-off clutch
492016012172605/05/16 Active brake retraction during regeneration
502016012176005/05/16 Actuating device for actuating an unlocking mechanism and seat arrangement with such an actuating device
512016012176205/05/16 Seating arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the seating arrangement
522016012176705/05/16 Console assembly
532016012180105/05/16 Tailgate compartment release mechanism arrangement
542016012180205/05/16 Vehicle component coupling systems and methods
552016012181305/05/16 Insert for a motor vehicle seal
562016012182805/05/16 Front part of a motor vehicle and stiffening thereto
572016012183705/05/16 Method of manufacturing a trim component with hidden tear pattern and trim component with hidden tear pattern
582016012184305/05/16 Airbag module arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the airbag module arrangement
592016012184605/05/16 Pretensioner with guide loop or anchor
602016012185905/05/16 Venturi brake duct assembly
612016012188305/05/16 Front-rear torque split control for an all-wheel-drive vehicle with independent power-sources
622016012189905/05/16 System with slippable torque-transmission device connecting engine crankshaft and engine-driven component and vehicle
632016012190205/05/16 Surface estimation for vehicles
642016012192805/05/16 Vehicle chassis structure
652016012194905/05/16 Method for coupling a sunroof glass apparatus to a vehicle body
662016012305705/05/16 Motor vehicle door with hinge reinforcement
672016012320005/05/16 Systems for regeneration of a gasoline particulate filter
682016012327805/05/16 Method and monitoring a coolant system for an exhaust gas recirculation system
692016012341805/05/16 Brake system with actuation assist
702016012344805/05/16 Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
712016012345205/05/16 Vehicle transfer case assembly with one-piece torque-transfer component having sprocket portion and output flange portion
722016012346105/05/16 Normally high acting linear force solenoid
732016012349405/05/16 Multi-position actuator
742016012390605/05/16 Method for determining the lithiation of li-ion battery electrodes
752016012394505/05/16 Nox sensor calibration and application in lean nox trap aftertreat systems
762016012405205/05/16 Battery system pack life estimation systems and methods
772016012408705/05/16 Object boundary detection for automotive radar imaging
782016012497605/05/16 Method and apparatus of adaptive sampling for vehicular crowd sensing applications
792016012586505/05/16 Suppressing sudden cabin noise during hands-free audio microphone use in a vehicle
802016012650905/05/16 Plasma coating for corrosion protection of light-metal components in battery fabrication
812016012678905/05/16 Permanent magnet motor
822016012782705/05/16 Systems and methods for selecting audio filtering schemes
832016012325405/05/16 System and controlling the amount of purge fluid delivered to cylinders of an engine based on an operating parameter of a purge pump
842016011438704/28/16 Chilled-zone microstructures for cast parts made with lightweight metal alloys
852016011442804/28/16 Laser conduction mode welding of aluminum alloys with cross dual laser beams
862016011455204/28/16 Sheer members and methods of making and using the same
872016011477104/28/16 Manual transmission launch control
882016011477204/28/16 Methods and systems for boosting trailer brake output
892016011585404/28/16 Engine block assembly
902016011585804/28/16 Controlling a coolant pump and/or control valve of a cooling system for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
912016011587704/28/16 M index determination wiebe functions
922016011590904/28/16 Turbocharger thrust bearing debris trap
932016011593204/28/16 System and improving fuel economy and reducing emissions when a vehicle is decelerating
942016011603404/28/16 Two mode continuously variable transmission
952016011697704/28/16 Systems and methods for use at a vehicle including an eye tracking device
962016011756004/28/16 Systems and methods for object detection
972016011804204/28/16 Selective noise suppression during automatic speech recognition
982016011867804/28/16 Method to reduce pressure when injectors are stuck open under faulted conditions and remedial action to prevent walk-home incident
992016011971204/28/16 System and in cabin communication
1002016011996104/28/16 Simplified pairing of a second device in a vehicle via short range wireless communication
1012016010715004/21/16 Non-platinum based ammonia oxidation catalysts and applications on aftertreatment systems
1022016010731304/21/16 Dynamic obstacle avoidance in a robotic system
1032016010753004/21/16 Apparatus and controlling a charge current
1042016010755504/21/16 Seat assembly and making and using the same
1052016010757904/21/16 Method and controlling vehicle exterior mirrors
1062016010760604/21/16 Hood for a motor vehicle body
1072016010769904/21/16 Wheel catcher assembly
1082016010899404/21/16 Transmission with reverse gear brake
1092016010957104/21/16 System and providing target threat assessment in a collision avoidance system on a vehicle
1102016010970104/21/16 Systems and methods for adjusting features within a head-up display
1112016011057204/21/16 Low-energy radio frequency tag for performing a vehicle function
1122016011062104/21/16 Systems and methods for use at a vehicle including an eye tracking device
1132016011172104/21/16 Voltage-responsive coating for lithium-sulfur battery
1142016010168704/14/16 Fuel tank coupling assembly
1152016010178204/14/16 Methods and systems for estimating road surface friction coefficient using self aligning torque
1162016010260404/14/16 Cooled two-stage turbocharging system
1172016010275704/14/16 Closed-loop management of vehicle driveline lash
1182016010300904/14/16 Fuel level sensor
1192016010489804/14/16 Catalyst
1202016010505604/14/16 Apparatus and grid-to-vehicle battery charging
1212016009624604/07/16 Manufacturing fixture
1222016009641204/07/16 Passenger cabin interior environment monitoring system
1232016009641804/07/16 Stiffeners for cast light-metal door headers
1242016009648604/07/16 Camera system and vehicle
1252016009650004/07/16 Knee airbag for motor vehicle
1262016009651804/07/16 Hydraulic pump failure detection for transmission with normally engaged clutch
1272016009731404/07/16 Method and estimating nitrogen oxides out of an engine
1282016009731504/07/16 Silencer
1292016009733304/07/16 Control of internal combustion engine with two-stage turbocharging
1302016009734804/07/16 Vehicle
1312016009742004/07/16 Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness
1322016009750704/07/16 Automotive light assembly with inner lens for combined daytime running light and position light functions
1332016009772504/07/16 Led-based inspection of a painted surface finish
1342016009881504/07/16 Imaging surface modeling for camera modeling and virtual view synthesis
1352016009980604/07/16 Distributing secret keys for managing access to ecus
1362016008975303/31/16 Joining approaches for sandwich structures
1372016008981703/31/16 Method for fabricating a sandwich box impact beam
1382016008982503/31/16 Cellular materials based molds with lower cycle time
1392016008986803/31/16 Approaches for welding sandwich structures
1402016009003603/31/16 Alert systems and methods using a transparent display
1412016009005603/31/16 Hierarchical sandwich structures
1422016009010103/31/16 Spark control engine torque estimation
1432016009076903/31/16 Hood pop and hang spiral spring counterbalance mechanism
1442016009093203/31/16 Variable valve lift diagnostic systems and methods using cam phaser differential oil pressure
1452016009093603/31/16 Method of controlling an injection dwell time between two injections of a fuel injector
1462016009093703/31/16 Engine assembly including a thermal barrier
1472016009100903/31/16 Apparatus and methods for reducing corrosion of joining composite workpieces
1482016009318603/31/16 Surface temperature-responsive switch using smart material actuators
1492016009321503/31/16 Alert systems and methods using a transparent display
1502016008280203/24/16 Vehicle and a height adjustment system for the vehicle
1512016008297903/24/16 Situation awareness system and method
1522016008415503/24/16 Turbocharger system
1532016008416303/24/16 Turbocharger waste-gate valve bushing
1542016008419203/24/16 System and adjusting fuel injection parameters during transient events to reduce particulate emissions
1552016008429403/24/16 Core for cast crankshaft
1562016008429503/24/16 Method of manufacturing a crankshaft from a high shrink metal alloy
1572016008434203/24/16 Arc coil spring configuration
1582016008466103/24/16 Performance driving system and method
1592016008491003/24/16 Systems and methods for estimating battery system energy capability
1602016008494403/24/16 Radar target detection via multi-dimensional cluster of reflectors
1612016008495303/24/16 Doppler-based segmentation and optical flow in radar images
1622016008495403/24/16 Detection of a distributed radar target based on an auxiliary sensor
1632016008495503/24/16 Doppler-based compression of imaging radar data
1642016008495603/24/16 Doppler-based segmentation and optical flow in radar images
1652016008507003/24/16 Ambient display
1662016008602803/24/16 Method for classifying a known object in a field of view of a camera
1672016008659203/24/16 Adaptive active noise cancellation
1682016008728803/24/16 Systems and methods for controlling oxygen concentration in a cathode of a fuel cell system
1692016008805203/24/16 Indexing mobile device content using vehicle electronics
1702016007528603/17/16 Multi-panel hinged endgate assembly with edge support for step panel
1712016007530603/17/16 Systems and methods for detecting wheel assembly tampering
1722016007537203/17/16 Early fault detection for an eps system
1732016007629403/17/16 Adjustable panel closure bumpers incorporating shape memory polymers
1742016007644203/17/16 Method for determining belt life
1752016007664303/17/16 Transmission node speed monitoring
1762016007666603/17/16 Fuel tank valve
1772016007716003/17/16 Battery impedance and power capability estimator and methods of making and using the same
1782016007963303/17/16 Systems and methods for battery system temperature estimation
1792016007963703/17/16 Actively-switched direct refrigerant battery cooling
1802016007989203/17/16 Inverter circuit for an electric machine
1812016008028303/17/16 Communication system using audio video bridging
1822016006807703/10/16 Systems and methods for fuel cell air filter life prediction
1832016006809703/10/16 Motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle
1842016006816503/10/16 Integrated grade and pitch estimation using a three-axis inertial-measuring device
1852016006816603/10/16 Integrated bank and roll estimation using a three-axis inertial-measuring device
1862016006816903/10/16 Systems and methods for suggesting and automating actions within a vehicle
1872016006896603/10/16 Laser cladding alloy for aluminum injection molds
1882016006930703/10/16 Air induction system
1892016006932003/10/16 Method and controlling operation of an internal combustion engine
1902016006939603/10/16 Sealing boot assembly
1912016006944003/10/16 Multi-mode continuously variable transmission with selectable transfer gears
1922016006944103/10/16 One mode continuously variable transmission with low loss configuration
1932016006944303/10/16 Continuously variable transmission with chain output
1942016006945103/10/16 Electronic transmission range selection subsystem in a hydraulic control system for an automatic transmission
1952016006945203/10/16 Active electromechanical armature assembly for an automatic transmission
1962016006945303/10/16 Change-of-mind shift control of a dual-clutch transmission
1972016006996503/10/16 Systems and methods for testing battery tab electrical connection quality
1982016007133203/10/16 Fault notifications for vehicles
1992016007210903/10/16 Battery module for mitigating gas accumulation and methods thereof
2002016007214503/10/16 Fuel cell stack assembly - datum design for fuel cell stacking and collision protection
2012016005945103/03/16 Methods for increasing impact resistance of reinforced polymeric composites
2022016005965303/03/16 Cam adjustable assembly
2032016005971103/03/16 Multi-link power-split electric power system for an electric-hybrid powertrain system
2042016005972603/03/16 Auxiliary battery management system and method
2052016005981303/03/16 Sensor based occupant protection system
2062016005989703/03/16 Microtruss replacing structural foam in body structural application
2072016005989803/03/16 Locator cam assembly
2082016005990203/03/16 Fixing wheel cover
2092016006112403/03/16 Vapor return system of a fuel vapor collecting tank
2102016006114903/03/16 Assembly with cylinder head having integrated exhaust manifold and manufacturing same
2112016006115303/03/16 System and diagnosing a dual path purge system using a hydrocarbon sensor and for diagnosing a hydrocarbon sensor in a single path purge system or a dual path purge system
2122016006115403/03/16 Purge valve detachment diagnostic systems and methods
2132016006162703/03/16 Sensor offset calibration using map information
2142016006211503/03/16 Display system
2152016006414403/03/16 Method of making nd-fe-b magnetic materials with reduced heavy rare earth metals
2162016006463803/03/16 Encapsulation of high temperature thermoelectric modules
2172016006474103/03/16 Electrode design with optimal ionomer content for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell
2182016006480503/03/16 Embedded antenna system for a vehicle
2192016006480603/03/16 Flexible artificial impedance surface antennas for automotive radar sensors
2202016005208902/25/16 Manufacturing process for hard facing aluminum injection molds
2212016005214402/25/16 Conformable dry adhesive holding device
2222016005214502/25/16 Conformable holding device
2232016005214702/25/16 Conformable magnetic holding device
2242016005214802/25/16 Part holding assembly, an assembly system and a positioning a first part
2252016005218502/25/16 Injection mold assembly and designing same
2262016005236702/25/16 Energy absorbing air handling device for a vehicle
2272016005238202/25/16 Powertrain with transmission-based motor/generator for engine starting and regenerative braking modes
2282016005243102/25/16 Systems and methods for active seat damper
2292016005245002/25/16 Haptic feedback guidance for a vehicle approaching a wireless charging location
2302016005251002/25/16 Hybrid vehicle and controlling same for engine auto-stop at non-zero vehicle speed
2312016005251202/25/16 Method and system for controlling a hybrid vehicle
2322016005269702/25/16 Carrousel style transmission valve body component shipping and assembly cartridge
2332016005269802/25/16 Soap dish carrousel cartridge and dispenser
2342016005352402/25/16 Vehicle closure obstacle detection systems and methods
2352016005364602/25/16 Flexible engine metal warming an internal combustion engine
2362016005366002/25/16 Mixer for short mixing lengths
2372016005366502/25/16 System and engine block cooling
2382016005370002/25/16 Engine emission control system including combustion chamber temperature monitoring system
2392016005388702/25/16 Transmission with electronic range selector and pre-emptive power loss control logic
2402016005388902/25/16 Containment control for a continuously variable transmission
2412016005435102/25/16 Method and monitoring speed and position of a rotating member
2422016005511602/25/16 Dynamic vehicle bus subscription
2432016005643702/25/16 Integral bi-layer separator-electrode construction for lithium-ion batteries
2442016005647802/25/16 Die clearance control for thin sheet stainless steel bpp forming
2452016005667602/25/16 Partially segmented wound rotor assembly for high copper fill and method
2462016005673402/25/16 Conformable electroadhesive holding device
2472016004597802/18/16 Systems and methods for improving weld strength
2482016004624802/18/16 Bumper module
2492016004729102/18/16 Coolant pump control backpressure compensation

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