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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
07/21/16 new patent  Valve manifold, washer system, and device
07/21/16 new patent  Fastening arrangement for mounting a decorative cover and/or a window guide on a vehicle door
07/21/16 new patent  Energy use aggregation and charge control of a plug-in electric vehicle
07/21/16 new patent  Component for a motor vehicle consisting of a plastic part and a heat shield
07/21/16 new patent  Tunable energy absorbers
07/21/16 new patent  Methods and systems for monitoring wiper blades
07/21/16 new patent  Notification system for a vehicle assembly process at an assembly plant and a method
07/21/16 new patent  Method and apparatus to stabilize engine state selection using an energy based stabilization strategy for hybrid powertrain systems
07/21/16 new patent  Method of energizing a solenoidal fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
07/21/16 new patent  Fluid spray shield and secondary retention clip for a quick connector joint
07/21/16 new patent  Differential assembly with lubrication control element
07/21/16 new patent  Valve assembly, washer system, and device
07/21/16 new patent  Method for determining misalignment of an object sensor
07/21/16 new patent  Notification system for an assembly process at an assembly plant and a method
07/21/16 new patent  Control methodology for wireless fluid level sensor
07/21/16 new patent  Switch device and motor vehicle
07/21/16 new patent  Thin and flexible solid electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries
07/21/16 new patent  Caged nanoparticle electrocatalyst with high stability and gas transport property
07/14/16Design of sandwich structures including a polymeric/electrically non-conducting core for weldability
07/14/16Power cut off device
07/14/16Customer selectable power limit for electric vehicles
07/14/16Methods, apparatus, and systems for preventing over-temperature battery operation
07/14/16Coupling system
07/14/16Front center airbag lower chamber and panel
07/14/16Methods and systems for controlling steering systems of vehicles
07/14/16Collision avoidance control integrated with electric power steering controller and rear steer
07/14/16Two-piece lightweight metal-polymer hybrid structures
07/14/16Pickup box extender with access doors
07/14/16Exhaust tailpipe auxiliary sound enhancement hole
07/14/16Engine out coolant temperature correction
07/14/16System and thermal management for an engine
07/14/16Apparatus for cost effective wireless actuator using sma and mrc
07/14/16Damage free way to attach a pick-up truck cap to the pick-up bed
07/14/16Rivet with cutting mandrel tip and one-sided joining method
07/14/16Pressure valve for gas spring
07/14/16Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
07/14/16Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
07/14/16Backlit illuminated device with lighting through decorative plated surfaces
07/14/16Method and inspecting an object employing machine vision
07/14/16Systems and methods for cyber security of intra-vehicular peripherals powered by wire
07/14/16Target grouping techniques for object fusion
07/14/16Vision system and analytical planar surface segmentation
07/14/16Virtual keyfob for vehicle sharing
07/14/16Reconfigurable vehicular battery enclosure components
07/14/16Prevention of cell-to-cell thermal propagation within a battery system using passive cooling
07/14/16Method and system for reflectometry based communication network monitoring, intrusion detection, and message authentication
07/14/16Method and inspecting an object employing machine vision
07/14/16Determination of object-to-object position using data fusion techniques
07/07/16Self-fixturing metallic composite laminate
07/07/16Removable cushion that provides an insulated cooling volume
07/07/16Systems and methods for managing vehicular energy consumption
07/07/16Isolating torque coupler
07/07/16Cam mechanism for tuning of string-dampers on hinged compartments
07/07/16Method and monitoring a transmission range selector
07/07/16Dynamic sensor array
07/07/16Spatial cognitive radar
07/07/16Systems and methods for detecting leaks in a fuel cell system
07/07/16Slot antenna built into a vehicle body panel
07/07/16Lamination pack and forming same
06/30/16Vehicle powertrain
06/30/16Powertrain for a vehicle
06/30/16Automatic turn signal activation during a lane change maneuver
06/30/16Hybrid powertrain with mechatronic actuator assembly and controlling the same
06/30/16Systems and methods for movable hitch receiver
06/30/16Grafted functional groups on expanded tetrafluoroethylene (eptfe) support for fuel cell and water transport membranes
06/30/16Method and system to manage personalized vehicle user information
06/23/16Deep-drawing of a work piece
06/23/16Center circular gating design for squeeze casting induction rotor core
06/23/16Spin-welding of polymeric components having large surface area or non-complementary weld interfaces
06/23/16Air vent assembly with integral air vent and control head
06/23/16Vehicle door having a glass channel with separate bracket
06/23/16Vehicle body with adhesively bonded vehicle roof along with a manufacturing a motor vehicle
06/23/16Transmission with integrated power take-off
06/23/16Motor vehicle
06/23/16Motor vehicle headlamp, motor vehicle headlamp system, motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle
06/23/16Method for the operation of a headlight and motor vehicle headlight
06/23/16Motor vehicle headlamp system, motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle headlamp system as well as computer program product
06/23/16One-piece interior trim panel for a motor vehicle and manufacturing such an interior trim panel
06/23/16Interior trim for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle with such an interior trim
06/23/16Cover device for an opening in a car bumper used as a passage for a trailer hitch
06/23/16Side panel arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the side panel arrangement
06/23/16Motor vehicle with ventilated wheel case
06/23/16Transmission fluid control engine auto-stops
06/23/16Internal combustion engine having a two stage turbocharger
06/23/16On-line adaptive pid control of air charging system
06/23/16Method and diagnostic facility for checking high-pressure tank valves, high-pressure tank system and motor vehicle with a high-pressure tank system
06/23/16Method of operating an internal combustion engine
06/23/16Fuel unit pump and internal combustion engine comprising it
06/23/16Minimal line pressure disturbance pump switching valve
06/23/16Method and apparatus to determine an effective temperature of coolant fluid for a heat generating device
06/23/16Road surface reflectivity detection by lidar sensor
06/23/16Methodology and consistency check by comparison of ontology models
06/23/16Flexible input systems and methods
06/23/16Open-loop fuel cell stack start-up with low-voltage source
06/23/16Process for lithiating negative electrodes for lithium ion electrochemical cells
06/16/16Metal sheet and its manufacture
06/16/16Systems and methods to reduce air pocket formation during welding
06/16/16Systems and methods for joining components
06/16/16Method for producing a laminated panel
06/16/16Powertrain for a vehicle and a assembling the powertrain
06/16/16Driver assistance system
06/16/16Electronic transmission range selection subsystem in a hydraulic control system for an automatic transmission
06/16/16Vehicle systems and methods with improved heating performance
06/16/16Automated preparation methods and systems
06/16/16Systems and methods for determining a condition of a road surface
06/16/16Double pull action vehicle hood latch
06/16/16Throttle valve assembly blade
06/16/16Electronic transmission range selection subsystem in a hydraulic control system for an automatic transmission
06/16/16Ultrasonic lens cleaning conveyor
06/16/16Method and remote vehicle screen operation
06/16/16Reducing driver distraction in spoken dialogue
06/16/16Negative electrode for lithium-based batteries
06/16/16Electrolyte and negative electrode structure
06/16/16Electrolyte and electrode structure
06/16/16Electrolyte and negative electrode structure
06/16/16Electrolyte and lithium based batteries
06/16/16Split box subwoofer with body mounted driver
06/09/16Zeolite promoted silver based catalyst for nox storage
06/09/16Diesel exhaust fluid mixing system for a linear arrangement of diesel oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction filter
06/09/16Resistance spot welding steel and aluminum workpieces with electrode insert
06/09/16Ultrasonic welding of composites using c frame tooling
06/09/16Noise reduction for rear suspension leaf spring with tip insert - round head
06/09/16Hybrid electric ground mobility system
06/09/16Storage compartment for a vehicle and vehicle with a storage compartment
06/09/16Detection of seatbelt position in a vehicle
06/09/16Electric cycle having pedal force-based propulsion system
06/09/16Silencer for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
06/09/16Energy balance based boost control using feedback linearization
06/09/16Method for operating an internal combustion engine employing a dedicated-cylinder egr system
06/09/16Cylinder head gasket
06/09/16Rotating clutch pack assembly
06/09/16Hydraulic dog clutch
06/09/16Automatic transmission with configurable dynamic turbine damper
06/09/16Methods for applying text mining to identify and visualize interactions with complex systems
06/09/16Battery humidity control by diffusion barrier
06/02/16Undercut die casting and injection molding systems and methods
06/02/16Method of vacuum forming an object using a flexible mold and an vacuum forming an object
06/02/16Air vent for a vehicle
06/02/16Arrangement of a fragrance dispenser in the cabin of a motor vehicle
06/02/16Vehicle seat with side airbag and side bolster adjustment
06/02/16Method for executing an evasive maneuver, computer program product and motor vehicle
06/02/16Attachment part, spoiler arrangement and motor vehicle
06/02/16Hydraulic control system for an automatic transmission
05/26/16Method of managing available operating regions within operating states in an electric powertrain
05/26/16Headlight for a motor vehicle
05/26/16System and notifying a driver of possible rear seat passengers or objects
05/26/16Seat assembly with removable cushion insert
05/26/16Transmission with electronic range selector and pull out of park control logic
05/26/16Display strategy for a parking assistance for a motor vehicle
05/26/16Controlling liquid metal embrittlement in galvanized press-hardened components
05/26/16Camshaft assembly for an internal combustion engine
05/26/16Vehicle control system and using the same
05/26/16Method of feedforward turbocharger control for boosted engines with multi-route egr
05/26/16Method of model-based multivariable control of egr, fresh mass air flow, and boost pressure for downsize boosted engines
05/26/16Exhaust system component input pressure estimation systems and methods
05/26/16Combination cylinder state and transmission gear control systems and methods
05/26/16Flutter reducing wet clutch friction plate
05/26/16Latching clutch control system
05/26/16Method of controlling a synchronizer actuator fork of a transmission
05/26/16Temporary alignment of components using spatially modulated magnetic fields
05/26/16Methods for forming electrode materials for lithium-based batteries
05/26/16Positive electrode for sulfur-based batteries
05/26/16Methods and systems for detection and analysis of abnormalities in a power line communication network of a vehicle
05/26/16System and echo cancellation
05/19/16Systems and methods for bonding surfaces using a releasable adhesive
05/19/16Systems and methods for using a releasable adhesive in suction devices
05/19/16Internal combustion engine having a two stage turbocharger
05/19/16Insulator for elongate member
05/19/16Fuel tank baffle
05/19/16Vehicle seat cover for retaining an object
05/19/16High assurance lane fusion system
05/19/16Motion-based multi-sensor calibration
05/19/16Systems and methods for joining conductive surfaces using a releasable adhesive
05/19/16Internal combustion engine provided with a selective catalytic reduction system
05/19/16Turbocharged engine employing cylinder deactivation
05/19/16System and enabling a user to adjust the operation of a powertrain in a vehicle, to adjust the appearance of a user interface device in the vehicle, and/or to adjust vehicle noise
05/19/16Fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine
05/19/16Fuel vapor canister heater control and diagnostic systems and methods
05/19/16Method of estimating brake pad wear and vehicle having a controller that implements the method
05/19/16Continuously variable transmission with direction selection mechanism
05/19/16Method to incorporate skin and core material properties in performance analysis of high pressure die casting aluminum components
05/19/16Methods to improve secure flash programming
05/19/16Methods for making a solid electrolyte interface layer on a surface of an electrode
05/19/16Systems and methods for self-closing electrical connector
05/19/16Method and controlling an electric machine in a six-step mode
05/19/16Method and controlling an electric machine in a six-step mode
05/19/16Electronic control unit network security
05/12/16Press-fit installation tool with dynamic load assist and press-fitting
05/12/16Support structure component for connecting a spring strut to a vehicle body, mounting a spring strut on a vehicle body and vehicle body
05/12/16Airflow outlet
05/12/16Airflow outlet assembly and a passenger compartment for a vehicle
05/12/16Reduced powertrain vibration mounting system
05/12/16Vehicle door with control panel
05/12/16Local energy absorber
05/12/16Method of controlling steering of a ground vehicle
05/12/16Pintle latch system
05/12/16Surface activation by plasma jets for thermal spray coating on cylinder bores
05/12/16Catalyst design for selective-catalytic-reduction (scr) filters
05/12/16System and determining the reid vapor pressure of fuel combusted by an engine and for controlling fuel delivery to cylinders of the engine based on the reid vapor pressure
05/12/16Throttle control systems and methods based on pressure ratio
05/12/16Transmission hub and sleeve assembly
05/12/16Manual control of speed-ratio selection in an automatic transmission
05/12/16Method and determining traffic safety events using vehicular participative sensing systems
05/12/16Use of participative sensing systems to enable enhanced road friction estimation
05/12/16Systems and methods for controlling noise in a vehicle
05/12/16Methods for forming porous materials
05/05/16Force limiting device and method
05/05/16Trim component and manufacturing a trim component
05/05/16Wheel with aluminum foam for tire cavity noise suppression
05/05/16Method for coupling a sunroof assembly to a structural frame of a vehicle
05/05/16Tonneau cover system
05/05/16Multi-speed transmission with mechanical on-off clutch
05/05/16Active brake retraction during regeneration
05/05/16Actuating device for actuating an unlocking mechanism and seat arrangement with such an actuating device
05/05/16Seating arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the seating arrangement
05/05/16Console assembly
05/05/16Tailgate compartment release mechanism arrangement
05/05/16Vehicle component coupling systems and methods
05/05/16Insert for a motor vehicle seal
05/05/16Front part of a motor vehicle and stiffening thereto
05/05/16Method of manufacturing a trim component with hidden tear pattern and trim component with hidden tear pattern
05/05/16Airbag module arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the airbag module arrangement
05/05/16Pretensioner with guide loop or anchor
05/05/16Venturi brake duct assembly
05/05/16Front-rear torque split control for an all-wheel-drive vehicle with independent power-sources
05/05/16System with slippable torque-transmission device connecting engine crankshaft and engine-driven component and vehicle
05/05/16Surface estimation for vehicles
05/05/16Vehicle chassis structure
05/05/16Method for coupling a sunroof glass apparatus to a vehicle body
05/05/16Motor vehicle door with hinge reinforcement
05/05/16Systems for regeneration of a gasoline particulate filter
05/05/16Method and monitoring a coolant system for an exhaust gas recirculation system
05/05/16Brake system with actuation assist
05/05/16Multi-mode transmission for vehicle powertrain system
05/05/16Vehicle transfer case assembly with one-piece torque-transfer component having sprocket portion and output flange portion
05/05/16Normally high acting linear force solenoid
05/05/16Multi-position actuator
05/05/16Method for determining the lithiation of li-ion battery electrodes
05/05/16Nox sensor calibration and application in lean nox trap aftertreat systems
05/05/16Battery system pack life estimation systems and methods
05/05/16Object boundary detection for automotive radar imaging
05/05/16Method and apparatus of adaptive sampling for vehicular crowd sensing applications
05/05/16Suppressing sudden cabin noise during hands-free audio microphone use in a vehicle
05/05/16Plasma coating for corrosion protection of light-metal components in battery fabrication
05/05/16Permanent magnet motor
05/05/16Systems and methods for selecting audio filtering schemes
05/05/16System and controlling the amount of purge fluid delivered to cylinders of an engine based on an operating parameter of a purge pump
04/28/16Chilled-zone microstructures for cast parts made with lightweight metal alloys
04/28/16Laser conduction mode welding of aluminum alloys with cross dual laser beams

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