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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003096202/04/16  new patent  Rotary paint atomizer system and monitoring a rotary paint atomizer
22016003126002/04/16  new patent  Axle means, producing the same and motor vehicle
32016003128102/04/16  new patent  Inflatable air reservoir
42016003129302/04/16  new patent  Airflow outlet
52016003131002/04/16  new patent  Drivetrain for a ground vehicle
62016003134502/04/16  new patent  Armrest for a vehicle seat and vehicle seat with the armrest
72016003134602/04/16  new patent  Vehicle seat for a vehicle and vehicle fleet with the vehicle seat
82016003138402/04/16  new patent  Motor vehicle with a storage bag for a bicycle
92016003138802/04/16  new patent  Apparatus for integrating data functions in a motion control system for a vehicle
102016003138902/04/16  new patent  Methods and systems for integrating after-market components into a pre-existing vehicle system
112016003139402/04/16  new patent  Thermoelectric powered wireless vehicle system sensor systems
122016003144502/04/16  new patent  Sub-idle downshift control of a transmission
132016003147202/04/16  new patent  Panel sealing apparatus and a assembling the panel sealing apparatus
142016003159902/04/16  new patent  Splash shield for a fluid containment system of a vehicle
152016003300102/04/16  new patent  Electric power steering isolator
162016003301102/04/16  new patent  Automated manual transmission with dynamic torque transfer device
172016003303402/04/16  new patent  Method of controlling a transmission
182016003310402/04/16  new patent  Lens eliminating sun focusing thermal effects in lamps
192016003338502/04/16  new patent  Engine output soot diagnostic control system based on transient drive cycle detection
202016003461402/04/16  new patent  Materials property predictor for cast aluminum alloys
212016003514402/04/16  new patent  Supplementing compact in-vehicle information displays
222016003514702/04/16  new patent  Establishing secure communication for vehicle diagnostic data
232016003514802/04/16  new patent  Securely providing diagnostic data from a vehicle to a remote server using a diagnostic tool
242016003595402/04/16  new patent  Thermoelectric performance of calcium and calcium-cerium filled n-type skutterudites
252016003606802/04/16  new patent  Printed multi-function seals for fuel cells
262016003629702/04/16  new patent  Use of an involute shaped housing surrounding shaft(s) to promote shaft annulus fluid flow
272016003723802/04/16  new patent  Thermoelectric powered wireless vehicle system sensor systems
282016002355501/28/16 Motor generator unit with multiplexed output
292016002357301/28/16 Method and controlling an electric machine
302016002361001/28/16 Laterally moving cargo shade and net
312016002368401/28/16 Multi-part framework
322016002370101/28/16 Localized motion conveyor for vehicle carrier
332016002498301/28/16 Pcv channel disconnect detection device and method
342016002498501/28/16 System and gas/liquid mixing in an exhaust aftertreatment system
352016002498801/28/16 Exhaust treatment system that generates debounce duration for nox sensor offset
362016002521701/28/16 Method of controlling a transmission park system of a vehicle equipped with an electronic transmission range select system
372016002550701/28/16 Carpool finder assistance
382016002559501/28/16 Method and apparatus to determine rotational position of a phaser in a variable phasing system
392016002581501/28/16 Battery cell voltage sensing circuit diagnostics
402016002618001/28/16 Crowd-sourced transfer-of-control policy for automated vehicles
412016002618401/28/16 Curb detection using lidar with sparse measurements
422016002645801/28/16 A method, medium, and re-programming flash memory of a computing device
432016002665901/28/16 Centrally managing electrical vehicle recharging station infrastructure data using over-the-air telematics communications
442016002678701/28/16 Authenticating messages sent over a vehicle bus that include message authentication codes
452016002687701/28/16 Fast and robust stop line detector
462016002687801/28/16 Algorithm to extend detecting range for avm stop line detection
472016002717601/28/16 Misalignment correction and state of health estimation for lane management fusion function
482016002819301/28/16 Prognosis of connector disconnection with canary-based short terminals
492016002827901/28/16 Deep v-magnet cavity structure rotor
502016002828001/28/16 Spoke-type pm machine with bridge
512016002828101/28/16 Split pole spoke type pm machine with enclosed magnets
522016002911901/28/16 Method for controlling an extended-range electric vehicle including an electronic sound enhancement system
532016001625801/21/16 Weld for differential assembly
542016001644801/21/16 Vehicle and a suspension system for the vehicle
552016001645101/21/16 Vehicle and a suspension system for the vehicle
562016001646401/21/16 Motor vehicle filler inlet compartment lid arrangement
572016001657701/21/16 Power-split hybrid powertrain using turbine generator
582016001657901/21/16 Method to allow trickle-charging on a strong hybrid vehicle to balance accessory loads
592016001745701/21/16 Method for treating sheet metal
602016001747601/21/16 Metal sheet and its treatment
612016001778301/21/16 Method of reducing warm-up time of an aftertreatment device and a vehicle system for the same
622016001783401/21/16 Method and controlling operation of an internal combustion engine
632016001785701/21/16 Method and apparatus to evaluate a starter for an internal combustion engine
642016001822901/21/16 Accurate curvature estimation algorithm for path planning of autonomous driving vehicle
652016001831501/21/16 Non-destructive adhesion testing of coating to engine cylinder bore
662016001852401/21/16 System and fusing radar/camera object data and lidar scan points
672016001965101/21/16 Method and apparatus of determining relative driving characteristics using vehicular participative sensing systems
682016001978501/21/16 Self-reported tracking methods
692016002045101/21/16 Battery module with a flexible bus
702016002045301/21/16 Methods for forming negative electrode active materials for lithium-based batteries
712016002049101/21/16 Electrolyte solution and sulfur-based or selenium-based batteries including the electrolyte solution
722016000891101/14/16 Reaction material pre-placement for reaction metallurgical joining
732016000891201/14/16 Current schedule for optimized reaction metallurgical joining
742016000923301/14/16 Floating image lamp
752016000926801/14/16 Hybrid powertrain and controlling the same
762016000931901/14/16 Sheet metal component and manufacturing method therefor
772016001056901/14/16 Fuel system protection in a multi-fuel engine
782016001059401/14/16 Engine with cylinder deactivation and multi-stage turbocharging system
792016001069901/14/16 Torque converter clutch control valve system
802016001072501/14/16 Multi-speed dual clutch transmission
812016001350801/14/16 Fuel cell stack and assembly same
822016001383901/14/16 Method of maximizing mimo throughput by placing antennas in a vehicle
832016000051101/07/16 Dynamical system-based robot velocity control
842016000165401/07/16 Power hop cancellation using an electronic limited slip differential
852016000171501/07/16 Hybrid wireless-wired architecture based on power lines for intra-vehicular communication
862016000171801/07/16 Wireless communication extension for can based electrical architectures
872016000172101/07/16 Impact resistant component for a vehicle
882016000172201/07/16 Bumper structure for a motor vehicle
892016000172701/07/16 Wheel deflector bracket and method
902016000181601/07/16 Corrugation designs
912016000311301/07/16 Control of variable displacement vane pump used as scavenge pump
922016000312301/07/16 Electronic control module for an internal combustion engine
932016000335001/07/16 Automatic transmission power flow detection
942016000393501/07/16 Object classification for vehicle radar systems
952016000393801/07/16 Vehicle radar with beam adjustment
962016000393901/07/16 Vehicle radar control
972016000498301/07/16 Method and quantifying dimensional variations and process capability independently of datum points
982016000602401/07/16 Negative electrode material for lithium-based batteries
992016000693201/07/16 Grid-based image resolution enhancement for video processing module
1002015037999512/31/15 Systems and methods for a navigation system utilizing dictation and partial match search
1012015037533412/31/15 Elimination of tool adhesion in an ultrasonic welding process
1022015037557712/31/15 Pressure system for a tire assembly of a vehicle
1032015037558112/31/15 Pressure system for a tire assembly of a vehicle
1042015037559212/31/15 Control of adjustable ride height suspension
1052015037567312/31/15 Systems and methods for vehicle glass panels with integrated lighting components
1062015037569512/31/15 Apparatus for smart antenna sharing in a vehicle and methods for implementing the apparatus
1072015037570312/31/15 Vehicle control system and using the same
1082015037573112/31/15 Method and vehicle creep interruption
1092015037577812/31/15 Methods and systems for aligning a steering system of a vehicle
1102015037578112/31/15 Methods and systems for providing steering compensation
1112015037578512/31/15 Methods and systems for controlling steering systems of vehicles
1122015037579712/31/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1132015037579812/31/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1142015037579912/31/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1152015037709012/31/15 Valve lift control engine startability
1162015037709412/31/15 Detent assembly and a assembling the detent assembly
1172015037715012/31/15 Throttle control cylinder activation and deactivation
1182015037720512/31/15 Internal combustion engine and vehicle
1192015037720612/31/15 Internal combustion engine and igniting a fuel
1202015037726712/31/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1212015037733412/31/15 Integrated gear assembly
1222015037733512/31/15 Helical limited slip differential
1232015037797512/31/15 Detection diagnostic for communication loss between a battery system manager controller and a plurality of battery cell sensing boards
1242015037916112/31/15 Systems and methods for nesting irregular part shapes on a material resource
1252015037998512/31/15 Adaptation methods and systems for speech systems
1262015038102012/31/15 Method of synthesizing aluminum carbon nanotube materials for structural and conductor applications
1272015038129712/31/15 Activating a digital radio broadcast receiver in a vehicle
1282015036751412/24/15 Real-time robotic grasp planning
1292015036754112/24/15 Vehicle interior trim components and associated methods
1302015036778312/24/15 Center console for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle having such a center console
1312015036778912/24/15 Vehicle apparatus control from rear seat
1322015036781512/24/15 Start system for a motor vehicle
1332015036781712/24/15 Wiper blade for wiping a surface of a windshield
1342015036783712/24/15 Powertrain and controlling a powertrain
1352015036910412/24/15 Method for controlling an oxygen concentration
1362015036910512/24/15 Monitoring cold start emission reduction strategy
1372015036911112/24/15 Engine block for an internal combustion engine
1382015036914012/24/15 Firing pattern management for improved transient vibration in variable cylinder deactivation mode
1392015036914612/24/15 Engine speed control systems and methods
1402015036936412/24/15 Transmission system with clutch bite point learning logic
1412015036944112/24/15 Lens assembly for a vehicle
1422015037145512/24/15 Augmented reality based interactive troubleshooting and diagnostics for a vehicle
1432015037231212/24/15 Synthesis of alloy nanoparticles as a stable core for core-shell electrocatalysts
1442015037235512/24/15 Cell cooling frames with cantilevered side seals
1452015037269812/24/15 Software programmable cellular radio architecture for telematics and infotainment
1462015037269912/24/15 High oversampling ratio dynamic element matching scheme for high dynamic range digital to rf data conversion for cellular communications
1472015037270012/24/15 Software programmable, multi-segment capture bandwidth, delta-sigma modulators for cellular communications
1482015037280012/24/15 Optimized data converter design using mixed semiconductor technology for cellular communications
1492015037364312/24/15 Power efficient, variable sampling rate delta-sigma data converters for cellular communications systems
1502015036041412/17/15 Ultrasonic welder clamp
1512015036044112/17/15 Swiss cheese attachment
1522015036055112/17/15 Integrated powertrain and chasis design for maximized passenger cabin volume of a vehicle
1532015036059512/17/15 Seat for a motor vehicle
1542015036059612/17/15 Seat for a motor vehicle
1552015036060812/17/15 Systems and methods of improving driver experience
1562015036061412/17/15 Process for representing vehicle surroundings information of a motor vehicle
1572015036072212/17/15 Adjustable toe curve knuckle for a vehicle suspension and method
1582015036153912/17/15 Aluminum clutch components with ferrous surface
1592015036169312/17/15 Vehicle hood retainer
1602015036184812/17/15 Exhaust aftertreatment system for a compression-ignition engine
1612015036190712/17/15 Fuel consumption based cylinder activation and deactivation control systems and methods
1622015036191312/17/15 Method and controlling an internal combustion engine with a lambda sensor
1632015036191612/17/15 Method and controlling operation of an internal combustion engine operating in hcci combustion mode
1642015036194112/17/15 Method for evaluating an engine starting system
1652015036198512/17/15 Turbine outlet diffuser
1662015036202112/17/15 Aluminum clutch components with ferrous surface
1672015036202212/17/15 Aluminum clutch components with ferrous surfaces
1682015036212512/17/15 Composite pressure vessel
1692015036256112/17/15 Battery state of health estimation using charging resistance equivalent
1702015036360612/17/15 Inhibiting access to sensitive vehicle diagnostic data
1712015036365112/17/15 Vision-based wet road surface detection using texture analysis
1722015036365412/17/15 Vision-based wet road surface detection using mirrored and real images
1732015036477212/17/15 Method to prepare alloys of platinum-group metals and early transition metals
1742015036493612/17/15 Systems and methods for estimating battery pack capacity during charge sustaining use
1752015036574312/17/15 Method and including sound from an external environment into a vehicle audio system
1762015036577112/17/15 Vehicle communiation with a hearing aid device
1772015036598112/17/15 Quality of service using a vehicle head unit
1782015035265812/10/15 Intruding feature in aluminum alloy workpiece to improve al-steel spot welding
1792015035265912/10/15 Cover plate with intruding feature to improve al-steel spot welding
1802015035267112/10/15 Laser cutting same side slug removal
1812015035293212/10/15 Framework structure for a vehicle door in particular a vehicle side door
1822015035293412/10/15 Frame structure for a vehicle door in particular a tailgate of a vehicle
1832015035296712/10/15 Method and aparatus for controller wakeup
1842015035308212/10/15 Unified motion planning algorithm for autonomous driving vehicle in obstacle avoidance maneuver
1852015035308512/10/15 Lane change path planning algorithm for autonomous driving vehicle
1862015035313912/10/15 Reinforcing agent frame structure and vehicle
1872015035441912/10/15 Oil pump control systems and methods
1882015035442812/10/15 Method of estimating engine-out nox mass flow rate
1892015035447012/10/15 Cylinder firing fraction determination and control systems and methods
1902015035448612/10/15 Vehicle torque compensation system
1912015035465412/10/15 Negative stiffness apparatus
1922015035467112/10/15 Hybrid transmission arrangement having a motor damper
1932015035640212/10/15 Quick analysis of residual stress and distortion in cast aluminum components
1942015035645412/10/15 System and fusing outputs from multiple lidar sensors
1952015035765012/10/15 Conductive thin film for carbon corrosion protection
1962015035901512/10/15 Methods for prioritizing and routing audio signals between consumer electronic devices
1972015034354812/03/15 Method for joining wire
1982015034364012/03/15 System and locating vehicle components relative to each other
1992015034387812/03/15 Motor vehicle with automatic start-stop system and with a heating system heat exchanger functioning as a cold reservoir
2002015034388712/03/15 Modular sunroof frame assembly and method
2012015034390112/03/15 Power transfer unit
2022015034396012/03/15 Usb cord cleat
2032015034396612/03/15 High speed data communication in a vehicle
2042015034407212/03/15 Rear end reinforcement structure for a motor vehicle body
2052015034500412/03/15 Method for treating plate
2062015034535412/03/15 Exhaust aftertreatement system injector and control
2072015034537712/03/15 Turbine expansion ratio estimation for model-based boost control
2082015034541212/03/15 Method of controlling the operation of an air charging system of an internal combustion engine
2092015034541712/03/15 Method for estimating volumetric efficiency in powertrain
2102015034543212/03/15 Cooling system for an internal combustion engine
2112015034563112/03/15 Method of controlling a variator
2122015034563612/03/15 Method and device for supporting a driver of a motor vehicle
2132015034598112/03/15 Adaptive navigation and location-based services based on user behavior patterns
2142015034625912/03/15 Method and open-wire fault detection and diagnosis in a controller area network
2152015034626012/03/15 Method and short fault isolation in a controller area network
2162015034688812/03/15 Method vehicle input/output device and method
2172015034720812/03/15 Mechanisms and embedded controller reconfigurable inter-processor communications
2182015034725812/03/15 Method and short fault detection in a controller area network
2192015034727912/03/15 Methodology and tool support for test organization and migration for embedded software
2202015034752712/03/15 Methods and systems for processing and displaying structured data
2212015034930712/03/15 Method for preparing a coated lithium battery component
2222015034935112/03/15 Low cost fuel cell bipolar plate and process of making the same
2232015034961412/03/15 Expanding gap support for electric motor assembly
2242015035075812/03/15 Directional control of a vehicle microphone
2252015035077612/03/15 Sound augmentation system transfer function calibration
2262015033622111/26/15 Tool for assembling components and same
2272015033622711/26/15 Reconfigurable fixture for sheet metal parts and method
2282015033626811/26/15 Rapid robotic imitation learning of force-torque tasks
2292015033627111/26/15 System and fixtureless component location in assembling components
2302015033644111/26/15 Systems and methods for controlling a climate control system
2312015033647011/26/15 Dehumidification chamber for battery systems and related methods
2322015033653611/26/15 Motor vehicle with foldable backseat and safety belt assigned to the same
2332015033657311/26/15 Hybrid powertrain and modular rear drive unit for same
2342015033657511/26/15 Collision avoidance with static targets in narrow spaces
2352015033774611/26/15 Reducing condensation in an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with an exhaust gas recirculation system
2362015033776711/26/15 Electronic throttle body assembly
2372015033791211/26/15 Temperature compensated torque limiting valve
2382015033793711/26/15 Torque vectoring hybrid transaxle
2392015033795011/26/15 Hydraulic system charge detection
2402015033885611/26/15 System and controlling vehicle acceleration
2412015034162811/26/15 Method and automatic calibration in surrounding view systems
2422015034162911/26/15 Automatic calibration of extrinsic and intrinsic camera parameters for surround-view camera system
2432015034186211/26/15 Vehicle telematics unit power management
2442015032884711/19/15 Polymeric composite repair via radiofrequency heating of magnetic particles
2452015032894911/19/15 Air suspension control a vehicle
2462015032896011/19/15 Hvac vent utilizing vortex ring air flow
2472015032900811/19/15 Battery systems operable in a backup mode and related methods
2482015032903011/19/15 Vehicle seat for a motor vehicle
2492015032904811/19/15 Surround-view camera system (vpm) online calibration

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