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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Debris trapping magnet configuration
06/22/17 new patent  Robot with tool for tracking adjustment
06/22/17 new patent  Windshield of a motor vehicle, a system with a windshield and a motor vehicle
06/22/17 new patent  Device for mounting a headrest in a seat structure of a vehicle seat
06/22/17 new patent  Head rest for a motor vehicle
06/22/17 new patent  Method for producing a support structure for the backrest of a motor vehicle seat and support structure for the backrest of a motor vehicle seat
06/22/17 new patent  Loading ramp assembly and a movable cargo transport including the loading ramp assembly
06/22/17 new patent  Light assembly
06/22/17 new patent  Airbag module arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the airbag module arrangement
06/22/17 new patent  Body sill and anchoring device for a seatbelt in a vehicle body assembly
06/22/17 new patent  Systems and methods of an adaptive interface to improve user experience within a vehicle
06/22/17 new patent  Method for producing a coated body hardened by hot forming as well as a body produced according to the method
06/22/17 new patent  Tool arrangement for integration in a production line for producing a hot formed component from a blank, production line with the tool arrangement and producing the hot formed component from the blank using the production line
06/22/17 new patent  Thermostat stability enhancement via wavy valve plate
06/22/17 new patent  Propshaft liner
06/22/17 new patent  Torsional damper system
06/22/17 new patent  Method of controlling a transmission during high g-force maneuvers
06/22/17 new patent  Vehicle deceleration control systems and methods
06/22/17 new patent  Cvt and mitigating variator gross slip of the same
06/22/17 new patent  Connector
06/22/17 new patent  Vehicle power management utilizing operator schedule data
06/22/17 new patent  Method of determining the position of an rfid transponder
06/22/17 new patent  Aperture coding for a single aperture transmit receive system
06/22/17 new patent  Ride sharing accessory device and system
06/22/17 new patent  Switch actuation apparatus and method
06/22/17 new patent  Lithium ion battery components
06/22/17 new patent  Battery life by controlling the voltage window of the negative electrode
06/22/17 new patent  Sensing feature on fuse element for detection prior to fuse open
06/22/17 new patent  Rotor laminations having reduced stress magnet stop
06/22/17 new patent  Optimum current drive for actuator control
06/15/17Systems and methods for joining components by riveting
06/15/17Twist beam with watt linkage for driven rear axle
06/15/17Motor vehicle with height-adjustable seat
06/15/17Child/intruder detection alert through utilization of interior motion/sound sensors
06/15/17Motor vehicle seat arrangement occupancy detection
06/15/17Method of tuning a calibration table for an electric power steering system, and a calibration system therefore
06/15/17Vehicle body with roofing
06/15/17Internal combustion engine comprising a shifting cam system for variable valve actuation
06/15/17Method of operating an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
06/15/17System and determining target actuator values of an engine using model predictive control while satisfying emissions and drivability targets and maximizing fuel efficiency
06/15/17Method of operating an internal combustion engine having a turbocharger
06/15/17Aluminum cylinder block and manufacture
06/15/17Torsional vibration absorber for a vehicle
06/15/17System and adjusting target actuator values of an engine using model predictive control to satisfy emissions and drivability targets and maximize fuel efficiency
06/15/17Systems and methods for providing vehicle-related information in accord with a pre-selected information-sharing mode
06/15/17Vehicle communication system having self-configuring optical interfaces
06/15/17Determining vehicle user location following a collision event
06/08/17Dual-layer catalyst
06/08/17Welding electrode for use in resistance spot welding workpiece stack-ups that include an aluminum workpiece and a steel workpiece
06/08/17Quality status display for a vibration welding process
06/08/17Method for manufacturing a bumper structure
06/08/17Personalizing vehicular comfort settings for a specific user
06/08/17Sunroof drain hose noise abatement device
06/08/17Exterior lighting and object detection assembly
06/08/17Chambered side impact airbag
06/08/17Vehicle data recording
06/08/17Rail assembly for controlled lateral deformation
06/08/17Actively controlled spoiler for a motor vehicle
06/08/17Active splitter for a motor vehicle
06/08/17Active splitter for a motor vehicle
06/08/17Regulation of downforce on a vehicle body via control of an airstream through a vehicle duct
06/08/17Vehicle including an aerodynamic system configured to selectively vary an aerodynamic force acting on the vehicle
06/08/17Integrated mid drive electric bicycle propulsion system
06/08/17Magnetodynamic separating non-ferrous conductive blanks
06/08/17Systems, processes and apparatuses for automated handling of non-ferrous metal objects
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06/08/17Exhaust mixer for compact system
06/08/17Heat management system for an automotive system
06/08/17System and adjusting the rate of coolant flow through an engine based on coolant pressure
06/08/17System and adaptively learning values and controlling a turbocharger of an engine based on the values
06/08/17System and inducing a fuel system fault
06/08/17Method of operating an automotive system for powering a vehicle
06/08/17System and controlling an engine to remove soot deposits from the fuel injectors of the engine
06/08/17Positioning pin for positioning and / or centering a first vehicle part relative to a second vehicle part
06/08/17Variable damping system using a piezoelectric device
06/08/17Torsional vibration damper
06/08/17Control of a continuously variable transmission using fast fourier transformation
06/08/17Transmission with l1-l2 shift method while engine braking
06/08/17Exhaust sensor for internal combustion engines
06/08/17Vision-based wet road surface condition detection using tire rearward splash
06/08/17Snow covered path of travel surface condition detection
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06/08/17Vision-based wet road surface condition detection using tire tracks
06/08/17Vision-based wet road surface condition detection using tire side splash
06/08/17Managing use of license-based software applications
06/08/17Holographic waveguide hud side view display
06/08/17Augmented reality system and image processing of obscured objects
06/08/17Distributed vehicle health management systems
06/08/17Wet road surface condition detection
06/08/17Prioritized content loading for vehicle automatic speech recognition systems
06/08/17Electrolytes and methods for using the same
06/08/17Adding dry metal oxide or metal nitride particles to improve battery cycle life and power performance
06/08/17Electrodynamic separating non-ferrous conductive blanks
06/08/17Lamination pack and forming same
06/08/17Method and controlling an electric motor of a cooling fan
06/08/17Calibration techniques for sigma delta transceivers
06/08/17Bluetooth low energy (ble) communication between a mobile device and a vehicle
06/01/17Guided tow hitch control system and method
06/01/17Selective control of vehicle aerodynamics
06/01/17Reductant mixing system for an exhaust gas after-treatment device
06/01/17Integrated sensor-catalyst
06/01/17Purge pump control systems and methods
06/01/17Fuel vapor flow estimation systems and methods
06/01/17Method of operating a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
06/01/17Fuel vapor system diagnostic systems and methods
06/01/17Purge pressure sensor offset and diagnostic systems and methods
06/01/17Method of detecting a clogging of a fuel injector in an internal combustion engine
06/01/17Airflow vent for a transmission
06/01/17Headlight for a motor vehicle
06/01/17Ecu ground fault isolation for a delay system
06/01/17Head-up display of a motor vehicle and motor vehicle
06/01/17Lithium ion battery with ion traps
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06/01/17Method and charging a high-voltage battery assembly
06/01/17Determination of rotor fatigue in an electric machine assembly
05/25/17Apparatus for injection molding rotor magnets
05/25/17Method and controlling a dc/dc power converter
05/25/17Methods of operating contactors in high voltage circuits of vehicles
05/25/17Vehicle headlight control
05/25/17Method and system for controlling a vehicle capable of operating in fuel economy mode
05/25/17Automated e-assist adjustment for an e-bike for elevation gains and loss
05/25/17Drive device for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle having such a drive device, and computer software product for actuating the drive device
05/25/17System and engine combustion
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05/25/17Fuel unit pump assembly comprising an isolator
05/25/17Powertrain system with fault-tolerant coasting control logic
05/25/17Shaft retention apparatus
05/25/17Manual transmission oil feeder
05/25/17Bolt cover
05/25/17System and controlling a transmission when a fault is diagnosed in a transmission control system
05/25/17Panel sealing apparatus and a seal assembly
05/25/17Method and fuel consumption prediction and cost estimation via crowd-sensing in vehicle navigation system
05/25/17Method and system for diagnosing battery system problems
05/25/17Methods and systems for interfacing a speech dialog with new applications
05/25/17Optimized task partitioning through data mining
05/25/17Optimized memory layout through data mining
05/25/17Stixel estimation methods and systems
05/25/17Method and apparatus of differentiating drivers based on driving behaviors
05/25/17Analyzing multilingual diagnostic records
05/25/17Electrical connector assembly
05/18/17High pressure die cast machine
05/18/17Additive manufacturing of a unibody vehicle
05/18/17Additive manufacturing of a body component on a tube frame
05/18/17Water tank cover for a motor vehicle
05/18/17Powertrain including modular drive unit
05/18/17Powertrain with multi-planetary, single motor drive unit
05/18/17Vehicle speed control systems and methods
05/18/17Vehicle speed control systems and methods
05/18/17Powertrain and coordinating chassis and propulsion system torque limits
05/18/17Transmission ratio control systems and methods
05/18/17Motor vehicle body
05/18/17Motor vehicle with air and water guiding arrangement
05/18/17Door brake system, in particular for a motor vehicle
05/18/17Method and apparatus to control reductant injection into an exhaust gas feedstream
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05/18/17Balance shaft disconnect for engine spin loss reduction
05/18/17Engine assembly
05/18/17Multi-speed dual clutch transmission
05/18/17Twin axis twin-mode continuously variable transmission
05/18/17Transmission gear shifting
05/18/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/18/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/18/17Model based automatic climate control system for an improved thermal comfort
05/18/17Method for determining elastic properties of a motor vehicle cable harness
05/18/17Touch screen systems with reduced diffraction and latency variation
05/18/17Extracting content from multilingual diagnostic records
05/18/17Forming sulfur-based positive electrode active materials
05/18/17Forming electrode active materials
05/11/17Crack and fracture resistant weld joint and welding process
05/11/17Systems and methods for reinforced adhesive bonding
05/11/17Workpiece of partially hardened sheet steel
05/11/17Systems and methods for vehicle system control based on physiological traits
05/11/17Vehicle communication system, vehicle, communication processing vehicle crash data
05/11/17Underbody strake design for an aerodynamic drag reduction without a front air dam
05/11/17Method for assembling an instrument panel to a vehicle chassis as well as device and centering bolt used thereby
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05/11/17Alloy composition for thermal spray application
05/11/17Piston cooling jet for an internal combustion engine
05/11/17Selectable one-way clutch with torque independent release element
05/11/17Multi-speed dual clutch transmission
05/11/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/11/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/11/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/11/17Method and apparatus to control a continuously variable transmission
05/11/17Method and system for controlling a passive driver impairment detection system in a vehicle
05/11/17Method for processing a plate workpiece
05/11/17Self turn-on and turn-off pre-charge circuit to limit bulk capacitor inrush current
05/04/17Method and recharging an energy storage device on a vehicle
05/04/17Child-seat mounting system
05/04/17Headlamp assembly
05/04/17User-following vehicle illumination system
05/04/17Auxiliary storage mounting arrangement for a vehicle
05/04/17Powertrain and control method with selective pursuit of optimal torque targets
05/04/17Gesture-based vehicle-user interaction
05/04/17Dual orientation rolling container
05/04/17Coating metal onto lithium secondary battery electrode material for atmospheric plasma application
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05/04/17Coolant temperature correction systems and methods
05/04/17Camshaft slider control systems and methods
05/04/17System and adjusting weighting values assigned to errors in target actuator values of an engine when controlling the engine using model predictive control
05/04/17Sun block for camera
05/04/17Vehicle-wearable device interface and methods for using the same
05/04/17Method for fabricating non-planar magnet
05/04/17One-sided ultrasonic bonding for applications to join battery tabs to bus bars
05/04/17Methods and processes to recover the voltage loss due to anode contamination
05/04/17Battery heat exchange duct system
05/04/17Determination of stator winding resistance in an electric machine
05/04/17Determination of permanent magnetic flux in an electric machine
05/04/17Method for soldering shape memory alloys
04/27/17Algorithms for avoiding automotive crashes at left and right turn intersections
04/27/17Method and controlling a powertrain system during deceleration
04/27/17Systems and methods for reinforced adhesive bonding
04/27/17Suppressing aging of platinum group metal particles in a catalytic converter
04/27/17Radial turbine casing
04/27/17Sliding cam recovery from short to ground on actuator low side
04/27/17Diagnosing oxidation catalyst device with hydrocarbon storage
04/27/17Variable air fin geometry in a charge air cooler
04/27/17Fabricated-in-place inserts to receive self-piercing rivets
04/27/17Fastening element made of plastic with self-tapping and locking thread for components
04/27/17Variable tensioner for cam drive
04/27/17Piston pin with outer member and core and manufacturing a piston pin
04/27/17Corrosion-resistant catalyst
04/27/17Anionic scavenger materials in anode/cathode loop of fuel cell system
04/20/17Method to improve riser feedability for semi-permanent mold casting of cylinder heads
04/20/17Multi-stage resistance spot welding workpiece stack-up having adjacent steel and aluminum workpieces
04/20/17Laser beam welding with a spiral weld path having a first order of continuity
04/20/17Tailored panel assembly and manufacturing the same
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04/20/17Vehicle task recommendation system
04/20/17Baby in vehicle reminder system
04/20/17Vehicle with camera unit
04/20/17Bumper device and motor vehicle
04/20/17Determining proximity of a user to a vehicle using a plurality of wireless devices
04/20/17Vehicle collision system and using the same
04/20/17Self-healing carbon fiber composites
04/20/17New high pressure die casting aluminum alloy for high temperature and corrosive applications
04/20/17Roller tappet for a fuel unit pump of an internal combustion engine
04/20/17Lubricating fluid system for a vehicle with self compensation plate
04/20/17Exhaust flow valve with revrumble feature
04/20/17Method of managing a selective catalytic reduction system of a motor vehicle
04/20/17A cleaning up a particulate filter of an internal combustion engine
04/20/17Cooling system for an internal combustion engine
04/20/17System and controlling a variable valve actuation system to reduce delay associated with reactivating a cylinder
04/20/17External vehicle sound field enhancement
04/20/17Method of operating an internal combustion engine having a turbocharger
04/20/17Method of operating a fuel injector
04/20/17Method of operating a fuel injector of an internal combustion engine
04/20/17Ball cam actuated dog clutch
04/20/17Articulated mechanism for linear compliance
04/20/17Method of operating a digital inlet valve
04/20/17Centrally managed waypoints established, communicated and presented via vehicle telematics/infotainment infrastructure
04/20/17Method and system for operating a vehicle when an occupant experiences a potential medical condition
04/13/17Pre-tensioning tool for an engine tensioner
04/13/17Antimicrobial uv-c treatment for automotive hvac systems
04/13/17Auxiliary electric drive with wheel hub disconnect
04/13/17Rear space arrangement for a vehicle, rear space arrangement and forming an emergency exit opening out of a trunk of a rear space arrangement
04/13/17Vehicle floor bracket

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