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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027339510/01/15  new patent  Reductant quality and scr adaption control system
22015027380610/01/15  new patent  Composite component and its production
32015027406310/01/15  new patent  Enhanced charge port door reminder
42015027406610/01/15  new patent  Vehicle trim panels with interior illumination systems
52015027417410/01/15  new patent  System and estimating road grade based on an output of a longitudinal acceleration sensor in a vehicle
62015027420910/01/15  new patent  Vehicle load transfer apparatus
72015027421710/01/15  new patent  Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
82015027424310/01/15  new patent  Locking hinge for tubular frame
92015027571110/01/15  new patent  Engine control transmission upshifts
102015027574710/01/15  new patent  Exhaust compound internal combustion engine with controlled expansion
112015027577110/01/15  new patent  Engine control future torque request increases
122015027577210/01/15  new patent  Model predictive control internal combustion engines
132015027578310/01/15  new patent  Control device for engine equipped with supercharger
142015027578410/01/15  new patent  System and adjusting a torque capacity of an engine using model predictive control
152015027578510/01/15  new patent  System and improving the response time of an engine using model predictive control
162015027578610/01/15  new patent  Non-model predictive control to model predictive control transitions
172015027578910/01/15  new patent  Artificial output reference for model predictive control
182015027579210/01/15  new patent  Catalyst light off transitions in a gasoline engine using model predictive control
192015027579310/01/15  new patent  Model predictive control internal combustion engines
202015027579410/01/15  new patent  Estimation systems and methods with model predictive control
212015027579510/01/15  new patent  System and increasing the temperature of a catalyst when an engine is started using model predictive control
222015027579610/01/15  new patent  Model predictive control future torque changes
232015027580610/01/15  new patent  Diagnostic systems and methods using model predictive control
242015027580710/01/15  new patent  Missed fuel injection diagnostic systems and methods
252015027580810/01/15  new patent  System and improving fuel delivery accuracy by detecting and compensating for fuel injector characteristics
262015027580910/01/15  new patent  System and improving fuel delivery accuracy by learning and compensating for fuel injector characteristics
272015027581510/01/15  new patent  Systems and methods for minimizing throughput
282015027605210/01/15  new patent  Transmission with commanded gear shift monitoring logic
292015027692310/01/15  new patent  System and determining of and compensating for misalignment of a sensor
302015027912410/01/15  new patent  Fault diagnostic model predictive control
312015027936710/01/15  new patent  Methods and apparatus to convert received graphical and/or textual user commands into voice commands for application control
322015028021910/01/15  new patent  Active electrode materials and methods for making the same
332015028049910/01/15  new patent  Magnet insert design for rotor lamination
342015028080510/01/15  new patent  Systems and methods of facilitating portable device communications
352015028197510/01/15  new patent  Methods and determining and planning wireless network demployment sufficiency when utilizing vehicle-based relay nodes
362015028224510/01/15  new patent  Systems and methods of facilitating portable device communications
372015026637109/24/15 Bumper with integrated auxilliary cooler
382015026638309/24/15 Normalizing deceleration of a vehicle having a regenerative braking system
392015026642909/24/15 Assembly with slip joint for fastening vehicle component and assembly
402015026646309/24/15 Method of controlling a transmission
412015026651509/24/15 Rear floor module for arrangement on a motor vehicle body
422015026661909/24/15 Storage system and process of making and using the same
432015026759009/24/15 System to monitor regeneration frequency of particulate filter
442015026762809/24/15 Autostop customer alert feature
452015026766009/24/15 Actuator with residual magnetic hysteresis reset
462015026766109/24/15 Smart actuator for plug and play
472015026766209/24/15 Actuator with integrated driver
482015026766309/24/15 Parameter estimation in an actuator
492015026766409/24/15 Parameter estimation in an actuator
502015026766609/24/15 Magnetic force based actuator control
512015026766709/24/15 Actuator with feed forward control
522015026766909/24/15 Actuator with integrated flux sensor
532015026767009/24/15 Actuator motion control
542015026778309/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
552015026778509/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
562015026778609/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
572015026778709/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
582015026830709/24/15 Systems and methods for determining battery system performance degradation
592015026867209/24/15 Pressure regulator for hydrogen storage system
602015026887709/24/15 Systems and methods for recording data in a memory
612015026942709/24/15 Multi-view human detection using semi-exhaustive search
622015027046609/24/15 Thermoelectric material and making the same
632015027055509/24/15 Formed plate assembly for pem fuel cell
642015027096809/24/15 Securing electronic control units using message authentication codes
652015026386009/17/15 Controlling access to personal information stored in a vehicle using a cryptographic key
662015025888109/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle
672015025888209/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle
682015025888309/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle and a assembling the powertrain
692015025894609/17/15 Split-rail vehicle power architecture
702015025895009/17/15 Motor generator unit with multiplexed output
712015025897309/17/15 Method and controlling a powertrain system during coasting
722015025898109/17/15 Hybrid powertrain and conrolling the same
732015025898409/17/15 Hybrid vehicle and controlling a hybrid vehicle with mode selection based on look ahead data
742015025899909/17/15 Method and isolating a fault-active controller in a controller area network
752015026006109/17/15 Fluid pump assembly for an internal combustion engine
762015026007309/17/15 Aftertreatment device having an improved inlet cone
772015026007409/17/15 Control optimizing the regeneration of an aftertreatment device
782015026011209/17/15 System and predicting parameters associated with airflow through an engine
792015026011709/17/15 Method and determining optimum skip fire firing profile
802015026013409/17/15 Inline dump-able fuel system dust filter
812015026013609/17/15 Method of operating a fuel injector
822015026014509/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle and an electromechanical apparatus coupleable to an engine
832015026017009/17/15 System with damper-controlled switch for shape memory alloy actuator motion control
842015026023809/17/15 Adaptive control of a linear actuator
852015026024809/17/15 Transmission brake and torque limiting system
862015026027909/17/15 Fluid circuit control with adaptive determination of an accumulator reserve volume
872015026028609/17/15 Downshift indication light for fuel optimization on engines with active fuel management
882015026058909/17/15 Method and system for detection of erratic sensor using a dynamic threshold
892015026123609/17/15 Method for identification of energy saving opportunities
902015026175409/17/15 Method and apparatus of user recommendation system for in-vehicle apps
912015026219809/17/15 Method and apparatus of tracking and predicting usage trend of in-vehicle apps
922015026335909/17/15 Electrical signal processing system for fuel cell stack
932015026337909/17/15 Electrochemical cell for lithium-based batteries
942015026357809/17/15 Integral slot liner for multi-layer electric machines
952015026385609/17/15 Password encryption for controlling access to electronic control units
962015026433209/17/15 System and selecting a two-dimensional region of interest using a range sensor
972015026448009/17/15 Processing of audio received at a plurality of microphones within a vehicle
982015026449909/17/15 Sound augmentation system performance health monitoring
992015025124809/10/15 Near net shape manufacturing of rare earth permanent magnets
1002015025148709/10/15 Turn limited wheel lug nut and nut cap
1012015025151809/10/15 Thermal management system for a vehicle
1022015025166409/10/15 Method to control a vehicle path during autonomous braking
1032015025170509/10/15 Floor structure of a motor vehicle body with a lightweight construction
1042015025269909/10/15 Ambient humidity and temperature correction to particulate filter soot rate
1052015025270909/10/15 System and controlling dosing in selective catalytic reduction catalyst
1062015025272009/10/15 Adaptable turbocharger control
1072015025287709/10/15 Multi-speed transmission
1082015025289009/10/15 Rotating clutch pack assembly
1092015025336809/10/15 Detection of stuck in range sensor and method
1102015025498409/10/15 Motor vehicle with an optical display device for a distance sensor
1112015025582609/10/15 Large format cell handling for high speed assembly
1122015024663509/03/15 Invisible lighting for vehicles
1132015024641909/03/15 System and installing a liner in a propshaft for a vehicle
1142015024663109/03/15 Truck body with rapid load/unload cargo pods
1152015024669609/03/15 Apparatus for reducing vehicle drag and covering a tonneau of a vehicle, and a method thereof
1162015024681609/03/15 Methods for making hollow carbon materials and active materials for electrodes
1172015024813209/03/15 Remote assistance for autonomous vehicles in predetermined situations
1182015023890308/27/15 Efficient lean nox trap regeneration with enchanced ammonia formation
1192015023920508/27/15 Composite material and methods of making and using the same
1202015023920808/27/15 Composite foam material and making and using the same
1212015023933308/27/15 Hybrid vehicle internal combustion engine
1222015023933808/27/15 Fuel system venting configuration
1232015023935708/27/15 Methods, systems and authorizing operation of an electric vehicle that is being charged at a charging station
1242015023936408/27/15 System and monitoring a performance level of a battery
1252015023938608/27/15 Incline lift system for cargo containers
1262015023938908/27/15 Latching/locking system for truck hoist mounted cargo pods
1272015023945108/27/15 System and controlling an engine based on a desired turbine power to account for losses in a torque converter
1282015023946008/27/15 Method and system for controlling a hybrid vehicle
1292015023950008/27/15 Methods and systems for automated driving
1302015023950508/27/15 Chassis mount structure
1312015024067708/27/15 Oil drain plug and socket
1322015024069508/27/15 Detecting over-temperature in exhaust system
1332015024069908/27/15 Valve for controlling piston cooling jets in an internal combustion engine
1342015024070508/27/15 Two-stage turbocharger system for internal combustion engines featuring cylinder deactivation
1352015024075908/27/15 Fluid system and making and using the same
1362015024094108/27/15 Gross slip-based control of a variator assembly
1372015024125308/27/15 Real time retention check tool
1382015024343208/27/15 Low cost wireless (resistive) sensor based on impedance coupling/modulation using mrc
1392015024420208/27/15 Vehicular electrical architecture of both wireless power and communication peripherals using mrc
1402015024518108/27/15 Systems and methods for vehicle-based mobile device screen projection
1412015023912708/27/15 Visual debugging of robotic tasks
1422015023172908/20/15 Electrode for resistance spot welding of dissimilar metals
1432015023173008/20/15 Resistance spot welding steel and aluminum workpieces with protuberance
1442015023180808/20/15 Injection mold assembly and designing same
1452015023194208/20/15 Method and suspension damping
1462015023194708/20/15 Systems and methods for ventilation
1472015023202708/20/15 Systems and methods to indicate clearance for vehicle door
1482015023208408/20/15 Method and system for controlling a hybrid vehicle
1492015023213008/20/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1502015023213108/20/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1512015023297308/20/15 Conformable shape memory article
1522015023327208/20/15 Bi-directional control groove design for engine rotation reversal on engine with sliding camshaft
1532015023327708/20/15 Method and apparatus to control regeneration of a particulate filter
1542015023331808/20/15 Method of operating an internal combustion engine
1552015023331908/20/15 Method of operating a fuel injector
1562015023343008/20/15 Clutch cooling mechanism
1572015023343208/20/15 Vehicle transmission with tie-up monitoring logic
1582015023345808/20/15 One mode continuously variable transmission
1592015023346508/20/15 Thermal bypass valve using shape memory alloys
1602015023346908/20/15 Adaptive control of a flow control solenoid valve
1612015023418608/20/15 Methods and configuring and using an enhanced driver visual display
1622015023509608/20/15 Methods and systems for detecting driver attention to objects
1632015023548708/20/15 Method for enabling peps key to operate multiple vehicles
1642015023548808/20/15 Memory management for fleet operation of peps vehicles
1652015023549408/20/15 Method for optimizing anti-collision and latency for peps passive response
1662015023553808/20/15 Methods and systems for processing attention data from a vehicle
1672015023632408/20/15 Lithium-based battery separator and making the same
1682015023634308/20/15 Coated electrodes for lithium batteries
1692015023709908/20/15 System and compensating for delay and jitter
1702015022455808/13/15 Lubrication system for warm forming
1712015022464808/13/15 Robotic system with 3d box location functionality
1722015022475308/13/15 Bond standoffs for sliding positioning of components in an assembly
1732015022484308/13/15 Cam adjustable shim assembly
1742015022487208/13/15 Motor vehicle flap arrangement
1752015022497908/13/15 Drive mode moderator for a vehicle
1762015022611008/13/15 Turbocharger waste-gate valve assembly wear reduction
1772015022613908/13/15 Method of operating a vehicle powertrain
1782015022625008/13/15 Cam adjustable shim assembly
1792015022631708/13/15 Mono-stable rotary transmission selector
1802015022749208/13/15 Systems and methods for selection and layout of mobile content on in-vehicle displays
1812015022898008/13/15 High performance silicon electrodes having improved interfacial adhesion between binder and silicon
1822015022924908/13/15 Electronic motor-generator controlling an electric motor-generator
1832015022960408/13/15 Dynamic dhcp for wi-fi connectivity in a vehicle
1842015022193608/06/15 Negative electrode material for a lithium ion battery
1852015021771908/06/15 Airbag module for pedestrian protection
1862015021776108/06/15 Engine autostart source selection
1872015021777708/06/15 Systems and methods of automating driver actions in a vehicle
1882015021873208/06/15 Composite material
1892015021897808/06/15 System and measuring valve lift and for detecting a fault in a valve actuator based on the valve lift
1902015021898808/06/15 Aftertreatment system for internal combustion engines
1912015021902108/06/15 Timing drive of an internal combustion engine
1922015021906108/06/15 Heating device for a drive unit in a motor vehicle and controlling such a heating device
1932015021913208/06/15 Retaining clip for at least one elongate element
1942015021914608/06/15 Wheel suspension bearing, wheel suspension bearing assembly and motor vehicle
1952015021917008/06/15 Hydraulic modular power transfer unit assembly including a disconnect mechanism using automatic transmission line pressure
1962015021920808/06/15 Manual park release actuator assembly
1972015021923408/06/15 Valve unit and motor vehicle
1982015021972408/06/15 Methods and systems for determining a characteristic of a vehicle energy source
1992015021972608/06/15 Systems and methods for battery state estimation
2002015021976408/06/15 Low cost small size lidar for automotive
2012015022006808/06/15 Apparatus and methods for converting user input accurately to a particular system function
2022015022190308/06/15 Insert for covering a motor vehicle battery
2032015022193508/06/15 Sulfur based active material for a positive electrode
2042015022196308/06/15 Method for forming channels on diffusion media for a membrane humidifier
2052015020972907/30/15 Method of estimating hydrocarbon storage in a catalytic device
2062015021018207/30/15 Systems and methods for determining battery state information based on internal battery pressure
2072015021018407/30/15 Flow uniformity of air-cooled battery packs
2082015021026207/30/15 Method and controlling a torque converter clutch in a multi-mode powertrain system
2092015021032107/30/15 Tailgate with tonneau cover for a vehicle
2102015021033007/30/15 Motor compartment structure for a vehicle and attaching a motor compartment to a vehicle
2112015021052807/30/15 Fuel fill systems and methods
2122015021110107/30/15 Motor vehicle component
2132015021146707/30/15 Driver output encoding systems and methods
2142015021146907/30/15 Method and apparatus to evaluate a starter motor for an internal combustion engine
2152015021156907/30/15 Coupling spacer, assembly, and method
2162015021160907/30/15 Multi-speed transmission
2172015021187007/30/15 Method for using street level images to enhance automated driving mode for vehicle
2182015021188207/30/15 Systems and methods for providing interval-based point of interest information
2192015021195907/30/15 Systems and methods for determining oscillations of a tire
2202015021196207/30/15 Method of estimating soot output from an engine
2212015021316407/30/15 Product design reliability with consideration of material property changes during service
2222015021327707/30/15 Method of performing microprocessor alu integrity test over a distributed asynchronous serial communication network for asil-d level safety critical applications
2232015021460507/30/15 Automotive radio antenna and making the same
2242015021481307/30/15 Integrated ebike motor and battery assembly
2252015021595407/30/15 Vehicle head unit priority
2262015020268507/23/15 Metal pouring the die casting process
2272015020271807/23/15 Suppressing laser-induced plume for laser edge welding of zinc coated steels
2282015020298007/23/15 Rechargeable energy storage system management for vehicles
2292015020299307/23/15 Using resting load to augment active material actuator demand in power seats
2302015020299407/23/15 Vehicle seat stabilization assembly
2312015020304507/23/15 Storage bin having integrated reflective triangles
2322015020305407/23/15 Coupling assembly
2332015020306207/23/15 Methods and systems for custom vehicle personalization via human machine interface
2342015020310007/23/15 Diesel engine aftertreatment heating and cleaning hybrid operation
2352015020315107/23/15 Vehicle lane control using differential torque
2362015020438707/23/15 Mechanical clutch with friction reducing interface
2372015020439307/23/15 Dual winding electric actuator for hybrid system
2382015020563507/23/15 Method and lightweight mechanism for mixed-critical applications
2392015020635907/23/15 Liquefied petroleum gas tank leak detection systems and methods
2402015020715607/23/15 Pem fuel cell seal design and manufacture
2412015020744407/23/15 Motor controller with enhanced wobble compensation
2422015020845707/23/15 Managing traditional wi-fi and wi-fi direct connections using a wireless device
2432015019713507/16/15 Systems for improving vehicle occupant climate comfort via steering assembly air delivery
2442015019713607/16/15 Systems for improving climate comfort for rear vehicle passengers
2452015019714307/16/15 Close-out seal
2462015019723207/16/15 Method and controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
2472015019725007/16/15 Method and controlling creep torque in a hybrid powertrain system
2482015019797007/16/15 Elastically averaged assembly for closure applications
2492015019806607/16/15 Fan shroud assembly

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