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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033622111/26/15  new patent  Tool for assembling components and same
22015033622711/26/15  new patent  Reconfigurable fixture for sheet metal parts and method
32015033626811/26/15  new patent  Rapid robotic imitation learning of force-torque tasks
42015033627111/26/15  new patent  System and fixtureless component location in assembling components
52015033644111/26/15  new patent  Systems and methods for controlling a climate control system
62015033647011/26/15  new patent  Dehumidification chamber for battery systems and related methods
72015033653611/26/15  new patent  Motor vehicle with foldable backseat and safety belt assigned to the same
82015033657311/26/15  new patent  Hybrid powertrain and modular rear drive unit for same
92015033657511/26/15  new patent  Collision avoidance with static targets in narrow spaces
102015033774611/26/15  new patent  Reducing condensation in an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with an exhaust gas recirculation system
112015033776711/26/15  new patent  Electronic throttle body assembly
122015033791211/26/15  new patent  Temperature compensated torque limiting valve
132015033793711/26/15  new patent  Torque vectoring hybrid transaxle
142015033795011/26/15  new patent  Hydraulic system charge detection
152015033885611/26/15  new patent  System and controlling vehicle acceleration
162015034162811/26/15  new patent  Method and automatic calibration in surrounding view systems
172015034162911/26/15  new patent  Automatic calibration of extrinsic and intrinsic camera parameters for surround-view camera system
182015034186211/26/15  new patent  Vehicle telematics unit power management
192015032884711/19/15 Polymeric composite repair via radiofrequency heating of magnetic particles
202015032894911/19/15 Air suspension control a vehicle
212015032896011/19/15 Hvac vent utilizing vortex ring air flow
222015032900811/19/15 Battery systems operable in a backup mode and related methods
232015032903011/19/15 Vehicle seat for a motor vehicle
242015032904811/19/15 Surround-view camera system (vpm) online calibration
252015032905711/19/15 Pocket forming trim panel for a vehicle door and method
262015032906511/19/15 Retainer, retaining assembly, and retaining method
272015032908811/19/15 Systems and methods for self-cleaning camera
282015032910311/19/15 Engine autostop control hybrid powertrain
292015033011811/19/15 Closure release device
302015033013311/19/15 Vehicle including an assembly for opening a vehicle door
312015033027811/19/15 Increased exhaust temperature warm-up for a rapid light-off of a close-coupled diesel oxidation catalyst
322015033027911/19/15 External exhaust guiding flow chambers for multiple catalyst architecture
332015033028611/19/15 Individual piston squirter switching with crankangle resolved control
342015033032511/19/15 System and controlling a multi-fuel engine to reduce engine pumping losses
352015033037111/19/15 Resettable devices
362015033042411/19/15 Frictionally engaged fastening of a first component to a second component
372015033044611/19/15 Expansion reduction of metal component assemblies using composites
382015033049211/19/15 Vehicle transmission with common carrier planetary gear set
392015033182911/19/15 Service and system supporting coherent data access on multicore controller
402015033209811/19/15 System and estimating vehicle dynamics using feature points in images from multiple cameras
412015033244611/19/15 Surround-view camera system (vpm) and vehicle dynamic
422015033252611/19/15 Control and diagnosis of a controller wake up feature
432015033331811/19/15 Negative electrode material for lithium-based batteries
442015033360611/19/15 Rotor and forming same
452015033367511/19/15 Methods and systems to improve dc motor cooling fan efficiency with pulse width modulation frequency variation
462015032012611/12/15 Configurable passive-assist work gloves
472015032012711/12/15 Method for configuring passive-assist work gloves
482015032130011/12/15 Production line for machining at least one surface component and machining the at least one surface component in the production line
492015032156811/12/15 Systems and methods for charging receptacle lock
502015032157211/12/15 Systems and methods for determining battery system power capability
512015032159111/12/15 Method for producing a seat backrest structure of a vehicle seat
522015032162011/12/15 Load carrier for a motor vehicle
532015032166611/12/15 Systems and methods to assist in coupling a vehicle to a trailer
542015032303411/12/15 Energy absorber system and vehicle
552015032340011/12/15 Deflection sensitive coolant activated drain plug detection system for high voltage battery packs
562015032342411/12/15 Test method
572015032512111/12/15 Methods and systems for decision support
582015032587211/12/15 Systems and methods for mitigating carbon corrosion in a fuel cell system
592015032633011/12/15 Am/fm antenna performance in the presence of wide-band noise using tunable high-q structures
602015031436311/05/15 Method of forming a vehicle body structure from a pre-welded blank assembly
612015031438611/05/15 Adaptor for a tool or handle
622015031453511/05/15 A liner and manufacturing the same
632015031467311/05/15 Hinge assembly
642015031469011/05/15 Method for charging a plug-in electric vehicle
652015031479211/05/15 System and controlling an automobile using eye gaze data
662015031480511/05/15 Coupling assembly and a decoupling a first member and a second member
672015031481311/05/15 Multi-position endgate cable
682015031481411/05/15 Coupling assembly
692015031568811/05/15 Cast aluminum alloy components
702015031582611/05/15 Flush door handle with shape memory alloy drive and heated handle to body seal
712015031583111/05/15 Hinge assembly
722015031616711/05/15 Method of controlling a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) valve
732015031797311/05/15 Systems and methods for coordinating speech recognition
742015031860511/05/15 Co-linear am/fm and dsrc antenna
752015031868011/05/15 Electrical wire sealing asembly and method
762015031955111/05/15 Updating a vehicle head unit with content from a wireless device
772015030669710/29/15 Resistance spot welding method
782015030671810/29/15 Plate assembly
792015030686110/29/15 Stiffening and/or strengthening a structural member using a pre-made microtruss insert
802015030686210/29/15 Resistance spot welding system and method
812015030696210/29/15 Duty cycle updates for a power converter
822015030702910/29/15 Step assembly for a motor vehicle having a bed
832015030704410/29/15 Architected automotive impact beam
842015030706210/29/15 Spill resistant seat belt buckle assembly
852015030711110/29/15 Methods for providing operator support utilizing a vehicle telematics service system
862015030831610/29/15 Integrated mixing system for exhaust aftertreatment system
872015030835510/29/15 Cylinder re-activation fueling control systems and methods
882015030853810/29/15 System for elastically averaging assembly of components
892015030854310/29/15 Multi-speed transmission
902015030855110/29/15 Three mode continuously variable transmission
912015030855210/29/15 Split input continuously variable transmission
922015030856610/29/15 Push-button shifter assembly with button state determination logic
932015031085310/29/15 Systems and methods for speech artifact compensation in speech recognition systems
942015031154710/29/15 Fuel cell cathode balance of plant freeze strategy
952015031177310/29/15 Method of using a filler sheet having a flat surface to reduce core loss and weld failure in laminated stacked stators
962015031235310/29/15 Driver-to-driver communication system, vehicle, and method thereof
972015031247410/29/15 Vehicular social media system
982015031256410/29/15 Method of misalignment correction and diagnostic function for lane sensing sensor
992015029825710/22/15 Laser welded structural fender inner blank for mass optimization
1002015029831910/22/15 Lower robotic arm assembly having a plurality of tendon driven digits
1012015029844310/22/15 Low energy process for making curved sandwich structures with little or no residual stress
1022015029861410/22/15 Seatback with an integrated storage sleeve
1032015029861510/22/15 Wire tipped second row seatback with integrated storage
1042015029981810/22/15 Thermal-assisted roll forming of high strength material
1052015030004610/22/15 Vehicle door engagement detection
1062015030005510/22/15 Lockable latching device
1072015030005810/22/15 Lockable latching device
1082015030027910/22/15 Method and system for controlling a powertrain
1092015030043410/22/15 Airflow deflector for brake cooling
1102015030046110/22/15 Electro-mechanical drive system
1112015030046910/22/15 Two mode continuously variable transmission
1122015030048510/22/15 Method of controlling a synchronizer actuator fork of a transmission
1132015030111610/22/15 State of charge estimator and methods of making and using the same
1142015030112910/22/15 Automotive magnetic shield
1152015030113010/22/15 Automotive magnetic shield
1162015030271810/22/15 Systems and methods for interpreting driver physiological data based on vehicle events
1172015029102410/15/15 Flap arrangement for a motor vehicle
1182015029110310/15/15 Pivot tray assembly and process of making and using the same
1192015029113510/15/15 Method of applying an electric parking brake system in hybrid and electric vehicle propulsion systems
1202015029122210/15/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1212015029122610/15/15 Areal component arrangement for a vehicle body, vehicle body with the areal component arrangement and welding an areal component of the areal component arrangement
1222015029123010/15/15 Coupling assembly
1232015029205310/15/15 Method for treating a cast iron workpiece and workpiece formed thereby
1242015029237710/15/15 Automotive air cleaner elements with attachment/insulation feature
1252015029239610/15/15 Recirculation valve control systems and methods
1262015029245110/15/15 Engine intake with sump having a heat source
1272015029258910/15/15 Switchable/variable rate isolators using shape memory alloys
1282015029261610/15/15 Negative torque upshift control
1292015029321610/15/15 Method and system for detecting, tracking and estimating stationary roadside objects
1302015029414310/15/15 Vision based monitoring system for activity sequency validation
1312015029444810/15/15 Method to determine skin-layer thickness in high pressure die castings
1322015029448310/15/15 Vision-based multi-camera factory monitoring with dynamic integrity scoring
1332015029449610/15/15 Probabilistic person-tracking using multi-view fusion
1342015029545910/15/15 Electric machine for a vehicle powertrain
1352015029591010/15/15 Authenticating data at a microcontroller using message authentication codes
1362015029122210/15/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1372015028386910/08/15 Methods and systems for estimating tire tread temperature
1382015028387810/08/15 System and controlling heating modes for hybrid electric vehicle (hev)
1392015028389810/08/15 Alignment and retention system for laterally slideably engageable mating components
1402015028391710/08/15 Electric vehicle and method
1412015028394910/08/15 Rotatable and stowable parcel shelf assembly for a motor vehicle
1422015028395010/08/15 Device for holding a smartphone inside a vehicle
1432015028483510/08/15 Method of making enhanced surface coating for light metal workpiece
1442015028483610/08/15 Method of making corrosion resistant and glossy appearance coating for light metal workpiece
1452015028512510/08/15 Cylinder block cooling jacket insert allowing separated cooling circuits
1462015028517510/08/15 Method for reducing performance variation of an electromagnetically-activated actuator
1472015028520210/08/15 Method and controlling an internal combustion engine during autostop and autostart operations
1482015028530110/08/15 Turbocharger bearing housing oil groove
1492015028531410/08/15 Driveshaft assembly with torque control mechanism
1502015028536910/08/15 Active thermal hydraulic fluid level control for an automatic transmission
1512015028537110/08/15 Balanced binary pump for cvt transmission
1522015028538110/08/15 Wedge seal gasket
1532015028586610/08/15 Systems and methods for estimating battery pack capacity
1542015028586810/08/15 Powerline communication for monitoring of a high number of battery cells
1552015028663110/08/15 Automatic linking of requirements using natural language processing
1562015028671210/08/15 Function-based classifying and fusing system behavior information in product development
1572015028826510/08/15 Rotor and forming
1582015028512510/08/15 Cylinder block cooling jacket insert allowing separated cooling circuits
1592015027339510/01/15 Reductant quality and scr adaption control system
1602015027380610/01/15 Composite component and its production
1612015027406310/01/15 Enhanced charge port door reminder
1622015027406610/01/15 Vehicle trim panels with interior illumination systems
1632015027417410/01/15 System and estimating road grade based on an output of a longitudinal acceleration sensor in a vehicle
1642015027420910/01/15 Vehicle load transfer apparatus
1652015027421710/01/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
1662015027424310/01/15 Locking hinge for tubular frame
1672015027571110/01/15 Engine control transmission upshifts
1682015027574710/01/15 Exhaust compound internal combustion engine with controlled expansion
1692015027577110/01/15 Engine control future torque request increases
1702015027577210/01/15 Model predictive control internal combustion engines
1712015027578310/01/15 Control device for engine equipped with supercharger
1722015027578410/01/15 System and adjusting a torque capacity of an engine using model predictive control
1732015027578510/01/15 System and improving the response time of an engine using model predictive control
1742015027578610/01/15 Non-model predictive control to model predictive control transitions
1752015027578910/01/15 Artificial output reference for model predictive control
1762015027579210/01/15 Catalyst light off transitions in a gasoline engine using model predictive control
1772015027579310/01/15 Model predictive control internal combustion engines
1782015027579410/01/15 Estimation systems and methods with model predictive control
1792015027579510/01/15 System and increasing the temperature of a catalyst when an engine is started using model predictive control
1802015027579610/01/15 Model predictive control future torque changes
1812015027580610/01/15 Diagnostic systems and methods using model predictive control
1822015027580710/01/15 Missed fuel injection diagnostic systems and methods
1832015027580810/01/15 System and improving fuel delivery accuracy by detecting and compensating for fuel injector characteristics
1842015027580910/01/15 System and improving fuel delivery accuracy by learning and compensating for fuel injector characteristics
1852015027581510/01/15 Systems and methods for minimizing throughput
1862015027605210/01/15 Transmission with commanded gear shift monitoring logic
1872015027692310/01/15 System and determining of and compensating for misalignment of a sensor
1882015027912410/01/15 Fault diagnostic model predictive control
1892015027936710/01/15 Methods and apparatus to convert received graphical and/or textual user commands into voice commands for application control
1902015028021910/01/15 Active electrode materials and methods for making the same
1912015028049910/01/15 Magnet insert design for rotor lamination
1922015028080510/01/15 Systems and methods of facilitating portable device communications
1932015028197510/01/15 Methods and determining and planning wireless network demployment sufficiency when utilizing vehicle-based relay nodes
1942015028224510/01/15 Systems and methods of facilitating portable device communications
1952015026637109/24/15 Bumper with integrated auxilliary cooler
1962015026638309/24/15 Normalizing deceleration of a vehicle having a regenerative braking system
1972015026642909/24/15 Assembly with slip joint for fastening vehicle component and assembly
1982015026646309/24/15 Method of controlling a transmission
1992015026651509/24/15 Rear floor module for arrangement on a motor vehicle body
2002015026661909/24/15 Storage system and process of making and using the same
2012015026759009/24/15 System to monitor regeneration frequency of particulate filter
2022015026762809/24/15 Autostop customer alert feature
2032015026766009/24/15 Actuator with residual magnetic hysteresis reset
2042015026766109/24/15 Smart actuator for plug and play
2052015026766209/24/15 Actuator with integrated driver
2062015026766309/24/15 Parameter estimation in an actuator
2072015026766409/24/15 Parameter estimation in an actuator
2082015026766609/24/15 Magnetic force based actuator control
2092015026766709/24/15 Actuator with feed forward control
2102015026766909/24/15 Actuator with integrated flux sensor
2112015026767009/24/15 Actuator motion control
2122015026778309/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
2132015026778509/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
2142015026778609/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
2152015026778709/24/15 Multi-speed transmission
2162015026830709/24/15 Systems and methods for determining battery system performance degradation
2172015026867209/24/15 Pressure regulator for hydrogen storage system
2182015026887709/24/15 Systems and methods for recording data in a memory
2192015026942709/24/15 Multi-view human detection using semi-exhaustive search
2202015027046609/24/15 Thermoelectric material and making the same
2212015027055509/24/15 Formed plate assembly for pem fuel cell
2222015027096809/24/15 Securing electronic control units using message authentication codes
2232015026386009/17/15 Controlling access to personal information stored in a vehicle using a cryptographic key
2242015025888109/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle
2252015025888209/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle
2262015025888309/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle and a assembling the powertrain
2272015025894609/17/15 Split-rail vehicle power architecture
2282015025895009/17/15 Motor generator unit with multiplexed output
2292015025897309/17/15 Method and controlling a powertrain system during coasting
2302015025898109/17/15 Hybrid powertrain and conrolling the same
2312015025898409/17/15 Hybrid vehicle and controlling a hybrid vehicle with mode selection based on look ahead data
2322015025899909/17/15 Method and isolating a fault-active controller in a controller area network
2332015026006109/17/15 Fluid pump assembly for an internal combustion engine
2342015026007309/17/15 Aftertreatment device having an improved inlet cone
2352015026007409/17/15 Control optimizing the regeneration of an aftertreatment device
2362015026011209/17/15 System and predicting parameters associated with airflow through an engine
2372015026011709/17/15 Method and determining optimum skip fire firing profile
2382015026013409/17/15 Inline dump-able fuel system dust filter
2392015026013609/17/15 Method of operating a fuel injector
2402015026014509/17/15 Powertrain for a vehicle and an electromechanical apparatus coupleable to an engine
2412015026017009/17/15 System with damper-controlled switch for shape memory alloy actuator motion control
2422015026023809/17/15 Adaptive control of a linear actuator
2432015026024809/17/15 Transmission brake and torque limiting system
2442015026027909/17/15 Fluid circuit control with adaptive determination of an accumulator reserve volume
2452015026028609/17/15 Downshift indication light for fuel optimization on engines with active fuel management
2462015026058909/17/15 Method and system for detection of erratic sensor using a dynamic threshold
2472015026123609/17/15 Method for identification of energy saving opportunities
2482015026175409/17/15 Method and apparatus of user recommendation system for in-vehicle apps
2492015026219809/17/15 Method and apparatus of tracking and predicting usage trend of in-vehicle apps

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