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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Expanding locating pin with controlled holding force
02/23/17 new patent  Expanding locating and clamping pin
02/23/17 new patent  Component assembly system and assembling a component
02/23/17 new patent  Tooling pivot
02/23/17 new patent  Part holding assembly, an assembly system and a locating and securing a part
02/23/17 new patent  Mechanical lock for a work support
02/23/17 new patent  Fixture and system
02/23/17 new patent  Part holding assembly, an assembly system and a locating and securing a part
02/23/17 new patent  System and monitoring a state of charge of a battery
02/23/17 new patent  Torque control of a power-plant for launching a vehicle with a manual transmission
02/23/17 new patent  Multi-mode hybrid transmission using single planetary gear
02/23/17 new patent  Transmission pan with integrated heat exchanger
02/23/17 new patent  Methods and providing personalized controlling for vehicle
02/16/17Method of making sound interface in overcast bimetal components
02/16/17Aerodynamic mechanism configured to selectively generate downforce onto a vehicle
02/16/17Protecting device of battery for electrical automobile
02/16/17Power take-off oil system providing sump drain and pressurized oil to disconnect clutch
02/16/17Method and control device for controlling a power steering device and an adaptive damping system of a motor vehicle
02/16/17Reduced-order fail-safe imu system for active safety application
02/16/17Method of operating an automotive system
02/16/17Method for thermally regulating an injector for injecting a reducing agent into an exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine
02/16/17Method of controlling a particulate filter
02/16/17Method of operating a turbocharged automotive system
02/16/17Valve motion measurement assembly for an internal combustion engine
02/16/17Method of operating an internal combustion engine
02/16/17Quick fit connector
02/16/17Torsional vibration absorption system
02/16/17Torque transmitting system with torsional vibration absorption for a powertrain
02/16/17Methods and evaluating operation of a vehicle onboard navigation system using lateral offset data
02/16/17Entrapment-risk related information based on vehicle data
02/16/17Method and plug-in wireless safety devices
02/16/17Audio entertainment system for a vehicle
02/09/17Aperture plate for overheating prevention and wire nozzle protection
02/09/17Reconfigurable interface assembly, adaptable assembly line work-piece processor, and method
02/09/17Swiveling tool for roof carrier cross bar installation
02/09/17Transformerless, current-isolated onboard charger with solid-state switching controls
02/09/17Emerging bay door cupholder
02/09/17Method and system for smart backlighting
02/09/17Steering column rake adjustment lock/unlock device
02/09/17Variable tensioning for engine camshaft drive
02/09/17Transmission for a powertrain
02/09/17Predictive control of a change-of-mind-shift maneuver
02/09/17Dual output headlight system for a vehicle
02/09/17Head-up display system and device
02/09/17Radio with wired remote switch for smartphone
02/02/17Systems and methods for reinforced adhesive bonding
02/02/17Systems and methods for reinforced adhesive bonding
02/02/17Indication of vehicle status using light
02/02/17Enhanced steering wheel hold detection by a hybrid method
02/02/17Panel sealing apparatus and a assembling the panel sealing apparatus
02/02/17Testing arrangement for testing at least one connection interface and testing at least one connection interface with a testing arrangement
02/02/17Mid drive electric bicycle powerflow with planetary gear overdrive and stepped pinion planetary
02/02/17Internal gear hub with selectable fixed gear for electric bike regen
02/02/17Window regulator for a door assembly of a vehicle
02/02/17Predictive control of ammonia storage in a selective catalytic reduction device using connectivity information
02/02/17Enhancing cylinder deactivation by electrically driven compressor
02/02/17Physics based single cylinder charging model
02/02/17Over-fueling control based on oxygen sensor feedback
02/02/17Assembly aides and installing chain driven power take off
02/02/17Continuously variable transmission
02/02/17Gear baffle
02/02/17Automatic transmission assembly for preventing erroneous operation
02/02/17Seal for pressurized fluid and open interface gap
02/02/17Encoding of position markings
02/02/17Method for positioning a vehicle
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02/02/17Method for calculating a response time
02/02/17Method for object localization and pose estimation for an object of interest
02/02/17Remote wireless keyfob diagnostics
02/02/17Oxidative control of pore structure in carbon-supported pgm-based catalysts
02/02/17Optimal camera and antenna integration
02/02/17Method and generator control
02/02/17Method and apparatus to control an inverter
02/02/17Systems and methods for configuring devices in a network supporting vlans
02/02/17Vehicle antenna determining connectivity status thereof
02/02/17Dynamic screen replication and real-time display rendering based on media-application characteristics
01/26/17Multi-vehicle user-assistance systems and methods
01/26/17Phone left in bin notification system and method
01/26/17Panel and making and using the same
01/26/17Adaptive cruise control profiles
01/26/17Method and system for operating adaptive cruise control system
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01/26/17Spare wheel mounting system
01/26/17Systems and methods for removing fuel from engine oil
01/26/17Internal combustion engine cooling
01/26/17Fluid injector
01/26/17Jumpstarting an internal combustion engine
01/26/17High performance torsional vibration damper
01/26/17Direct vehicle to vehicle communications
01/26/17Electrochemical hydrogen sensor for global/local hydrogen starvation detection in pem fuel cells
01/26/17Systems and methods for detecting anode contamination in a fuel cell system
01/26/17Systems and methods for efficient event-based synchronization in media file transfer and real-time display rendering between a peripheral system and a host device
01/26/17Communications between a peripheral system and a host device in efficient event-based synchronization of media transfer for real-time display rendering
01/26/17Adaptive selection amongst alternative framebuffering algorithms in efficient event-based synchronization of media transfer for real-time display rendering
01/26/17Time of flight based passive entry/passive start system
01/19/17Damper assembly and a forming the damper assembly
01/19/17Seat assembly with a hideaway table
01/19/17Cargo barrier for a vehicle
01/19/17Intake manifold and cylinder airflow estimation systems and methods
01/19/17System and monitoring temperatures of components of an ultra-capacitor system used with an auto start/stop system
01/19/17System and controlling ultra-capacitor charge and discharge in vehicles with auto start/stop systems
01/19/17Steel clutch housing having sprayed on coating
01/19/17Torque converter clutch release fluid lubrication
01/19/17Hydraulic park gear assembly
01/19/17Guided inspection of an installed component using a handheld inspection device
01/19/17Determining the source of a ground offset in a controller area network
01/19/17System and converting two diagnostic states of a controller to three diagnostic states
01/19/17Vehicle peps system using directional sensors
01/19/17Real-time adaptation of in-vehicle speech recognition systems
01/19/17Enabling and disabling low energy, short-range wireless communication modules
01/12/17Method of shaping a component
01/12/17Cooling to control thermal stress and solidification for welding of dissimilar materials
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01/12/17Joint design for improved strength of plastic and composite joints
01/12/17Enhanced friction-stir-welding joint strength between steel and aluminum with surface coating and preformed local texture
01/12/17Ventilation a motor vehicle
01/12/17Motor vehicle with seat unlocking system
01/12/17Motor vehicle headlamp arrangement, motor vehicle headlamp system, motor vehicle and operating a motor vehicle
01/12/17Motor vehicle roof rail with integrated light system
01/12/17Roof railing for being detachably mounted on the roof frame of a motor vehicle
01/12/17Powertrain for a vehicle
01/12/17Wiper arm pin release for service
01/12/17Motor vehicle body with multi-shelled wheelhouse
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01/12/17Motor vehicle and floor module for the latter
01/12/17Drive unit for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle fitted with such a drive unit and computer software product for controlling the drive unit
01/12/17Driving device for driving a vehicle as well as method and computer program product for operating this driving device
01/12/17Optimized hollow cast iron crankshaft
01/12/17Bearing assembly cover
01/12/17Dual clutch continuously variable transmission
01/12/17Automatic control of a park mode in a motor vehicle
01/12/17Methods and systems for managing network communications to and from a vehicle network
01/12/17Frame rail-integrated subwoofer assembly and method
01/05/17Dynamic inertia compensation and pedal effort transformation for electric bike
01/05/17Kickscooter with detachable electric drive module with hub-center steering and vibration dampening wheel
01/05/17Electric bike powertrain compound planetary gear set and ring gear pedal torque reaction measurement
01/05/17System and controlling coolant flow through an engine using a feedforward approach and a feedback approach
01/05/17System and estimating a cylinder wall temperature and for controlling coolant flow through an engine based on the estimated cylinder wall temperature
01/05/17Park positions for variable camshaft phasing systems and methods
01/05/17Fuel control preventing over fueling
01/05/17Vehicle differential housing and nvh testing
01/05/17Multiple non-conductive polymer substrates and conductive coatings and methods for detecting voc
01/05/17Arc suppression and protection of integrated flex circuit fuses for high voltage applications under chemically harsh environments
12/29/16Vehicle interior illumination system
12/29/16Hitching assist with pan/zoom and virtual top-view
12/29/16Motor vehicle with mount for warning triangle
12/29/16Panel arrangement for a motor vehicle
12/29/16Automotive frame rail reinforcing member to manage an offset, frontal applied load
12/29/16Vehicle and a cradle assembly for the vehicle
12/29/16Phosphating or anodizing for improved bonding of thermal spray coating on engine cylinder bores
12/29/16Electro ceramic coated aluminum transmission components
12/29/16System and controlling vehicle door and closure locks
12/29/16System and controlling inlet coolant temperature of an internal combustion engine
12/29/16Single-shaft dual expansion internal combustion engine
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12/29/16Method of operating a low pressure egr valve in a low pressure egr route of an internal combustion engine
12/29/16Method of correcting a standard characteristic curve of a standard fuel injector of an internal combustion engine
12/29/16Two rotor vane pump
12/29/16Shaft assembly for an internal combustion engine
12/29/16Transverse dual planetary system
12/29/16Active rev-matching for manual transmissions
12/29/16Smart trailer hitch control using hmi assisted visual servoing
12/29/16Integrated sensing unit and determining vehicle wheel speed and tire pressure
12/22/16Friction weld
12/22/16Robotic device including machine vision
12/22/16Tunable compact spring aid
12/22/16Motor vehicle with safety belt restraint system
12/22/16Method for diagnosing leaks downstream of the purge flow control orifice
12/22/16Shaft coupling arrangement
12/22/16Multi-speed dual clutch transmission
12/22/16System and detecting engine events with an acoustic sensor
12/22/16Test simulated testing of a motor vehicle on at least one test bench, test bench with the test simulated testing of a motor vehicle on at least one test bench with the test apparatus
12/22/16Shutdown fuel cell stack and fuel cell system therefor
12/22/16Automatic vehicle updating via wireless device
12/15/16Method of making aluminum or magnesium based composite engine blocks or other parts with in-situ formed reinforced phases through squeeze casting or semi-solid metal forming and post heat treatment
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12/15/16Grasp assist device with automatic mode control logic
12/15/16Controlling vehicle functions based on input from a portable consumer electronics device
12/15/16Airflow outlet assembly and a passenger compartment for a vehicle
12/15/16Vehicle differential assembly
12/15/16Method and the determination of regenerative braking capacity in a vehicle with a step-gear transmission
12/15/16Light assembly with illuminable outer lens
12/15/16Semi-integral cover for exposed fastener
12/15/16Wheel assembly adjustment for vehicle events
12/15/16Method and controlling operation of an internal combustion engine for a multi-mode powertrain system
12/15/16Method and controlling a multi-mode powertrain system including an engine having stop/start capability
12/15/16Characterization of stick-slip condition in a steering system
12/15/16Characterization of stiction condition in an electrically-assisted steering system
12/15/16Toe optimization system for a vehicle
12/15/16Splash guard assembly and product
12/15/16Single-shaft dual expansion internal combustion engine
12/15/16System and controlling an engine using model predictive control to minimize the effect of changes in valve lift state on engine operation
12/15/16Engine torque control with combustion phasing
12/15/16System and controlling actuators of an engine to adjust intake airflow when the engine is starting
12/15/16System and determining the speed of an engine when one or more cylinders of the engine are deactivated
12/15/16Method of operating a selective catalytic reduction on filter of an automotive system
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12/15/16Computer program for operating an internal combustion engine
12/15/16Air per cylinder determination systems and methods
12/15/16Engine torque control with fuel mass
12/15/16Wedge-lock nut assembly
12/15/16Transmission for a powertrain system
12/15/16Method and system for inspecting a motor vehicle subsystem
12/15/16Systems and methods for estimating battery system power capability
12/15/16Systems and methods for estimating battery system parameters
12/15/16Battery system capacity estimation systems and methods
12/15/16Vehicle positioning in intersection using visual cues, stationary objects, and gps
12/15/16Assembly system configuration
12/15/16Separator for lithium-based batteries
12/15/16Roll-to-roll fabrication of high performance fuel cell electrode with core-shell catalyst using seeded electrodes
12/15/16Low temperature atmospheric pressure atomic layer deposition (ald) of graphene on stainless steel substrates as bpp coating
12/15/16Dual seal anode drain / purge tube
12/15/16Cable set holder for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle with cable set holder
12/15/16Exchanging a first short-range wireless communication link for a second short-range wireless communication link in a vehicle
12/08/16Method of resistance spot welding aluminum alloy workpieces
12/08/16Systems and methods for ultrasonic welding
12/08/16Systems and methods for ultrasonic welding
12/08/16Systems and methods for ultrasonic welding
12/08/16Method of controlling a vehicle door lock system
12/08/16Motor vehicle
12/08/16Cushion protector for snap-on ip chute
12/08/16Motor vehicle body
12/08/16Welding method and system
12/08/16Method of diagnosing a fuel rail pressure sensor
12/08/16Liquefied petroleum gas butane composition determination systems and methods
12/08/16Method of controlling a fuel injection system during rail pressure sensor failure condition
12/08/16Tio2 application as bondcoat for cylinder bore thermal spray
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12/08/16Method and apparatus to evaluate a starter for an internal combustion engine
12/08/16Vehicle differential assembly
12/08/16Ac refrigerant circuit
12/08/16Display of total vehicle trip range that is intuitive and minimizes range anxiety
12/08/16Method and system of testing the proper functioning of a catalyzed particulate filter of an internal combustion engine
12/08/16Particulate matter sensor diagnostic system and method
12/08/16Methods and apparatus to perform image masking based on relative motion of objects
12/08/16System for providing alerts to vehicle occupants
12/08/16Collaborative mptcp
12/01/16Resistance spot welding workpiece stack-ups of different combinations of steel workpieces and aluminum workpieces
12/01/16Method and active dynamic trimming of suspension damping including negative stiffness
12/01/16Location based remote start
12/01/16Vehicle thermal management system and control the same
12/01/16Situational awareness for a vehicle
12/01/16Energy absorbing bracket
12/01/16Method for forming a steel sheet part
12/01/16Coated articles and methods of making the same
12/01/16System and reducing cold start emissions using an active exhaust valve and an exhaust gas recirculation loop.
12/01/16Dual clutch transmission with continuouiswly variable final drive assembly
12/01/16Sliding camshaft with improved compressive residual stress
12/01/16Heat exchanger with flexible port elevation and mixing
12/01/16Plug-in nox sensor snorkel for reading optimization under packaging constraints
12/01/16Boot control vehicles
12/01/16Semiconductor devices including semiconductor structures and methods of fabricating the same
12/01/16Folded laminate battery cell
12/01/16Seal stabilizer
12/01/16Electric vehicle charging station
12/01/16Hybrid intra-vehicle communication network
12/01/16Systems and methods for determining network access point locations

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