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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Gm Global Technology Operations

Programmable polarity module for dc resistance spot welding

Gm Global Technology Operations

Exhaust gas recirculation control systems and methods

Gm Global Technology Operations

System and method for controlling a low pressure pump to prevent vaporization of fuel at an inlet of a high pressure…

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014025063109/11/14 new patent  Tuned hinge
22014025124209/11/14 new patent  Engine valve position sensing systems and methods
32014025126909/11/14 new patent  System and method for controlling a low pressure pump to prevent vaporization of fuel at an inlet of a high pressure pump
42014025127309/11/14 new patent  Oil pump control systems and methods for noise minimization
52014025128309/11/14 new patent  Mechanical lifter
62014025128609/11/14 new patent  Emission system and method of selectively directing exhaust gas and air within an internal combustion engine
72014025129009/11/14 new patent  Positive crankcase ventilation system
82014025129109/11/14 new patent  Positive crankcase ventilation system for a two-cylinder engine
92014025150009/11/14 new patent  Cerium-iron-based magnetic compounds
102014025196109/11/14 new patent  Programmable polarity module for dc resistance spot welding
112014025279209/11/14 new patent  Pass-through element for a motor vehicle front of dash system
122014025290309/11/14 new patent  Interior permanent magnet machine having a mixed rare earth magnet and ferrite magnet rotor
132014025331209/11/14 new patent  Electrical charging system alarm with automatic shut-off
142014025481509/11/14 new patent  Pedestrian alert system for a motor vehicle
152014025560309/11/14 new patent  Surface coating method and a method for reducing irreversible capacity loss of a lithium rich transitional oxide electrode
162014025581009/11/14 new patent  Fuel cell power control by offset estimation
172014025581809/11/14 new patent  Hemmed fuel cell stack enclosure
182014025650009/11/14 new patent  Multi-speed transmission
192014025650909/11/14 new patent  Remote start for manual transmissions
202014025760709/11/14 new patent  Transmission oil pressure control during engine autostart
212014025762809/11/14 new patent  Steering-wheel-hold detection for lane keeping assist feature
222014025764809/11/14 new patent  Split electronic transmission range selection systems and methods
232014025765109/11/14 new patent  Systems and methods for maintaining a substantially stable engine idle speed after a garage shift
242014025767309/11/14 new patent  Exhaust gas recirculation control systems and methods
252014025767409/11/14 new patent  System and method for controlling an engine in a bi-fuel vehicle to prevent damage to a catalyst due to engine misfire
262014025767609/11/14 new patent  System and method for controlling a cooling system of an engine equipped with a start-stop system
272014025768609/11/14 new patent  Vehicle lane determination
282014025830409/11/14 new patent  Adaptable framework for ontology-based information extraction
292014024585909/04/14System for de-aerating fluid in a transmission
302014024598609/04/14Engine cylinder head provided with light valve spring bosses
312014024600009/04/14Exhaust gas recirculation device for a motor vehicle
322014024600209/04/14Positive crankcase ventilation system
332014024616209/04/14Method of casting damped part with insert
342014024694309/04/14Optimum rotor skew angle for an electric machine
352014024734909/04/14Integrated lighting, camera and sensor unit
362014024761309/04/14Method for adjusting the lighting range of a vehicle headlamp
372014024898409/04/14Electrically variable transmission for a hybrid vehicle using flywheel kinetic energy recovery
382014024898509/04/14Hybrid vehicle with flywheel and electric kinetic energy system
392014024898909/04/14Multi-speed transmission with a series disconnect clutch
402014023812008/28/14System and method for detecting stochastic pre-ignition
412014023832008/28/14Engine accessory mount for improved stretch belt installation
422014023833408/28/14Vehicle and a compression load limiter assembly for the vehicle
432014023834108/28/14Combustion system for an engine having a swirl inducing combustion chamber
442014023834408/28/14System and method for limiting a volumetric efficiency of an engine during engine cranking to reduce emission
452014023836308/28/14Exhaust gas recirculation system
462014023836508/28/14Engine having pcv separator inlet shielded by head gasket geometry
472014023859708/28/14Composite pressure vessel and method of assembling the same
482014023920808/28/14Emergency drainage device for enclosed compartments
492014023956708/28/14Systems and methods for damper having jounce shock
502014023964608/28/14Locking arrangement for a motor vehicle lid
512014023965308/28/14Striker with expandable sleeve
522014023966408/28/14Vehicle and a window visor assembly for the vehicle
532014023975308/28/14Motor housing assembly and method
542014023985308/28/14Buckle assembly with light emitting diode and optical guide
552014023987608/28/14Electric drive with reconfigurable winding
562014023996508/28/14Battery cell scanning systems and methods
572014024009108/28/14Vehicle integration of ble nodes to enable passive entry and passive start features
582014024047808/28/14Driver monitoring camera system
592014024054708/28/14System and method for creating an image with a wide dynamic range
602014024098808/28/14Ambient lighting jig assembly and method
612014024144408/28/14Tentpoles scheme to achieve reliable v2v communications
622014024232508/28/14Blow molded assembly with an attachment fastener portion, and method thereof
632014024242108/28/14Systems and methods for control of a current interruption component in a battery system
642014024243708/28/14Heat shrink joining of battery cell components
652014024245208/28/14Lithium ion battery
662014024249108/28/14Fuel cell system including diagnostic technique for unbalanced compressor
672014024314908/28/14Hybrid vehicle with power-split and parallel hybrid transmission and method of controlling same
682014024406608/28/14Method of controlling data communication between a vehicle and heterogeneous wireless networks
692014024410608/28/14Method and system for adjusting performance based on vehicle occupants
702014024411908/28/14Method and apparatus for managing speeds in a multi-mode transmission
712014024528408/28/14System and method to improve control module reflash time
722014023023008/21/14Reconfigurable interface assembly, adaptable assembly line work-piece processor, and method
732014023040808/21/14System and method for exhaust gas aftertreatment
742014023046308/21/14Method for controlling a compressor of a thermal storage heat pump system
752014023057208/21/14Active material actuation utilizing bi-stable mechanical overload protection
762014023076908/21/14Polymeric engine component having integrated oil additive
772014023077208/21/14Dual path sair for dual plane integrated exhaust manifolds
782014023116108/21/14Active hood extractor
792014023119508/21/14Tuned vibration damped device
802014023214808/21/14Car seat control assembly
812014023233708/21/14Systems and methods for charging multiple vehicle rechargeable energy storage systems
822014023249808/21/14Integrated interlock feature for overmolded coil and bobbin
832014023250008/21/14Object retention on interior vehicular components utilizing coded magnets
842014023473908/21/14Passive temperature supervision device for a compressed gas fuel tank
852014023520908/21/14Connecting a personal mobile device to a vehicle communication unit
862014023540008/21/14Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
872014023646308/21/14Enhanced clear path detection in the presence of traffic infrastructure indicator
882014023646408/21/14Crowd sourced traffic reporting
892014023650108/21/14Method of monitoring performance of an electric motor
902014023687408/21/14Binary classification of items of interest in a repeatable process
912014022389908/14/14Passive closing device for thermal self-protection of high pressure gas vessels
922014022390308/14/14Engine with exhaust gas recirculation system and variable geometry turbocharger
932014022398208/14/14System and method for cooling annealed panels
942014022420608/14/14Dimpled surface features for radiated noise attenuation in engine front covers
952014022570808/14/14Overload protection for shape memory alloy actuators
962014022683108/14/14Active noise control system and method
972014022708908/14/14Turbo charger compressor with integrated back plate and bearing housing
982014022710908/14/14Turbocharger flow control
992014022816608/14/14Method and apparatus for controlling motor torques in a multi-mode powertrain system
1002014022907008/14/14Trailer reverse assist control
1012014021637808/07/14Stationary hydraulic lash adjuster and roller finger follower assembly clip, and method thereof
1022014021638908/07/14Seal retention assembly and a seal
1032014021641108/07/14Linear alternator assembly with four-stroke working cycle and vehicle having same
1042014021641608/07/14Fuel module with electrostatic discharge mitigation
1052014021668908/07/14Vehicular thermal management system and method thereof
1062014021685208/07/14Impact resistant article
1072014021689108/07/14Powered curb ramp tugger lift
1082014021719408/07/14Vehicle anti-icing and de-icing systems and corresponding methods of operation
1092014021770808/07/14Outer cover having reinforcing fibers for an instrument panel airbag door
1102014021775808/07/14Front end for a motor vehicle
1112014021776208/07/14Robot arm with tendon connector plate and linear actuator
1122014021778008/07/14Instrumental panel support structure
1132014021778108/07/14Wheel house liner with hemmed edge, and system and method of manufacturing thereof
1142014021781408/07/14Scalable high voltage charging and detection system for plug-in electric vehicles
1152014021784808/07/14Interior permanent magnet machine
1162014021799108/07/14Shared swappable energy module
1172014021817008/07/14Biometric data-driven application of vehicle operation settings
1182014021822608/07/14Method and apparatus for remote object sensing employing compressive sensing
1192014021830708/07/14Method and apparatus for providing information related to an in-vehicle function
1202014021852608/07/14Lane-tracking assistance system for a motor vehicle
1212014021882608/07/14Method and apparatus for detecting a desaturation fault in an inverter module
1222014021971008/07/14Heat stake joining of adhesively bonded thermoplastic components
1232014021975208/07/14Sliding winch lift system
1242014021975408/07/14Automotive vehicle container handling system
1252014021975708/07/14Doorframe gantry lift system
1262014021989608/07/14Heat generation system for determining a selective catalytic reduction device efficiency
1272014022023308/07/14Direct formation of a separator with a protective edge on an electrode
1282014022026708/07/14Elastic alignment and retention system and method
1292014022046508/07/14Method for the detection of fuel cell system short circuits
1302014022046808/07/14System and method for cooling a fuel cell-powered vehicle
1312014022046908/07/14Sensor integrated glass bulb temperature pressure relief device design for hydrogen storage systems
1322014022114208/07/14Transmission-integrated electromechanical device
1332014022114908/07/14Transmission with dog clutch brake
1342014022219908/07/14Grasp assist device with shared tendon actuator assembly
1352014022227708/07/14Display systems and methods for autonomous vehicles
1362014022228108/07/14Method and apparatus for on-board/off-board fault detection
1372014022231508/07/14System and method for preventing stochastic pre-ignition
1382014022231808/07/14External egr rate feedback
1392014020856107/31/14Elastic alignment assembly for aligning mated components and method of reducing postional variation
1402014020857207/31/14Elastic insert alignment assembly and method of reducing positional variation
1412014020860207/31/14Dimensional centering structure for a vehicle and method of establishing a dimensional reference datum
1422014020872707/31/14Partially integrated exhaust manifold
1432014020877507/31/14Vehicle heat pump system and method utilizing intermediate gas recompression
1442014020878907/31/14Vehicle heat pump system and method utilizing thermal storage
1452014020901807/31/14Method, system, and structure of stator with common insulating and varnishing resin
1462014020917907/31/14Validation method for pressure sensor signal at electrical controlled high pressure gas storage systems
1472014021038207/31/14Wiper apparatuses, motor vehicles having wiper apparatuses, and methods for operating wiper apparatuses
1482014021039207/31/14Method and apparatus for controlling an electric motor employed to power a fluidic pump
1492014021048107/31/14Battery target temperature methods and systems
1502014021101007/31/14Deployable camera systems
1512014021182607/31/14Vehicle sensor system
1522014021225307/31/14Gravity-fed curb side dispenser
1532014021227807/31/14Turbine housing
1542014021340207/31/14Automatic transmission with integrated engine starter, remote mounted pump and drive system
1552014021425607/31/14Steering system for an autonomously driven vehicle and methods of steering the same
1562014021432207/31/14Adaptive user guidance for navigation and location-based services
1572014021434707/31/14Method to detect open-circuit voltage shift through optimization fitting of the anode electrode half-cell voltage curve
1582014020227907/24/14Transmission for a vehicle
1602014020240207/24/14Transmission for a vehicle
1612014020265107/24/14Methods for sand core gas evacuation and related systems and apparatus
1622014020277907/24/14Self-motivated cargo pod
1632014020282007/24/14Selectable one-way torque transmitting device using control rail
1642014020302607/24/14Method for online detection of liner buckling in a storage system for pressurized gas
1652014020306607/24/14Method and system for online quality monitoring and control of a vibration welding process
1662014020354107/24/14Vehicle side roof rail air bag
1672014020367607/24/14Transmission for a vehicle
1682014020369307/24/14Module for packages
1692014020378507/24/14Systems and methods for evaluating and controlling a battery system
1702014020419307/24/14Driver gaze detection system
1712014020420907/24/14Traffic light detection
1722014020455507/24/14Electromagnetic interference reduction assembly for a transmission of a vehicle
1732014020514307/24/14Eyes-off-the-road classification with glasses classifier
1742014020539207/24/14Cargo deployment system
1752014020540107/24/14Electric vehicle mobile host system - load, lockdown and charging
1762014020540407/24/14Half-tilt bed unloading system
1772014020540807/24/14Cargo deployment system
1782014020540907/24/14Lift and roll load system
1792014020541007/24/14Damped offload system
1802014020541807/24/14Big wheel cargo module
1812014020590507/24/14Ultrathin surface coating on negative electrodes to prevent transition metal deposition and methods for making and use thereof
1822014020592407/24/14Selectively reacting to the minimum cell voltage drop rate in a fuel cell system
1832014020732507/24/14Efficient data flow algorithms for autonomous lane changing, passing and overtaking behaviors
1842014020733607/24/14Methods and systems for controlling steering systems of vehicles
1852014020735907/24/14Cylinder control systems and methods for discouraging resonant frequency operation
1862014020739707/24/14Electric vehicle charge-related information processing and display
1872014020743407/24/14Virtual model merging systems and methods
1882014019627207/17/14Method of isolating metallic fasteners in composite panels
1892014019637907/17/14Sealing system for a frameless door of a vehicle
1902014019648507/17/14Method for controlling a thermal storage heat pump system
1912014019660207/17/14Anti-rotate attenuation device
1922014019670107/17/14Method for operating an exhaust gas recirculation system
1932014019683707/17/14Method of integrally forming ribs in a composite panel
1942014019686607/17/14Return air ducts for vehicles
1952014019697207/17/14Integrated vehicle structure and power-plant exhaust
1962014019714807/17/14Structure and method of bonding copper and aluminum
1972014019756907/17/14Method of fabricating a hole in a composite panel
1982014019762107/17/14Seat with side airbag guide chute
1992014019766407/17/14Vehicle structural support member reinforced with ultra high strength laminate
2002014019773007/17/14Vehicle exterior door handle lighting
2012014019777607/17/14Battery section balancing methods and systems
2022014019891907/17/14Noise control of thermal components in a hybrid electric vehicle
2032014019911407/17/14Structure, method of making a structure, and method of reducing galvanic corrosion
2042014019960507/17/14Transient inlet relative humidity estimation via adaptive cathode humidification unit model and high frequency resistance
2052014020077207/17/14Energy absorbing shield and system for small urban vehicles
2062014020077407/17/14Vehicle door latch system and method
2072014020125907/17/14Method and apparatus of using separate reverse channel for user input in mobile device display replication
2082014019014707/10/14Hybrid electric vehicle particulate regeneration method and system
2092014019024107/10/14Deflection sensitive coolant activated drain plug detection system for high voltage battery packs
2102014019029007/10/14Method and system for tensioning park brake cables
2112014019044807/10/14Intake runner temperature determination systems and methods
2122014019044907/10/14System and method for randomly adjusting a firing frequency of an engine to reduce vibration when cylinders of the engine are deactivated
2132014019056807/10/14Coolant activated rechargeable energy storage system drain plug
2142014019078207/10/14Clutch backing plate with fluid drain
2152014019110507/10/14Engine cradle with deflector device
2162014019153007/10/14Motor vehicle cockpit with an instrument unit and a shadow region
2172014019153107/10/14Multi-section cargo cover
2182014019153807/10/14Detachable positioning and reinforcement structure and method of disassembling a front end assembly for a vehicle
2192014019154007/10/14Headliner edge treatment
2202014019155607/10/14Ducted seat for a vehicle
2212014019157007/10/14Switching device for a motor vehicle
2222014019169707/10/14Stator winding diagnostic systems and methods
2232014019222707/10/14Glaring reduction for dynamic rearview mirror
2242014019254907/10/14Vehicle headlamp assembly and method of installing a vehicle headlamp assembly
2252014019303207/10/14Image super-resolution for dynamic rearview mirror
2262014019303307/10/14Method and device for road sign recognition
2272014019324807/10/14Locking device for cooling fan assembly
2282014019360807/10/14Structural composite panel with metallic foam core
2292014019423707/10/14Belt pulley for a crankshaft in a vehicle
2302014019424707/10/14Torque converter clutch slip control systems and methods based on active cylinder count
2312014019508007/10/14Hybrid powertrain input torque management
2322014019509307/10/14Autonomous driving merge management system
2332014019510907/10/14Vehicle door latch system and method
2342014019514007/10/14Driver display of energy consumption as a monetary rate
2352014019517907/10/14Systems and methods to capture and utilize temperature information in a battery system
2362014019520807/10/14Efficient partition refinement based reachability checking for simulinks/stateflow models
2372014019520907/10/14Counter-example guided abstraction refinement based test case generation from simulink/stateflow models
2382014018226607/03/14Integrated waste heat recovery
2392014018283207/03/14Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heating and cooling vapor compression system
2402014018295907/03/14Acoustic noise damping for a vehicle
2412014018298807/03/14Sleeve damper assembly
2422014018384707/03/14Vehicle with an instrument panel
2432014018389807/03/14Motor vehicle trough module with seal
2442014018389907/03/14Flap assembly for a motor vehicle
2452014018392607/03/14Seat cushion arrangement and vehicle seat with the seat cushion arrangement
2462014018515407/03/14Outside mirror arrangement for a motor vehicle
2472014018526807/03/14Instrument with dial for a motor vehicle and method for producing the same
2482014018672607/03/14Method to diagnose fuel cell humidification problems
2492014018674907/03/14Plated photopolymer based fuel cell

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