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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Systems and methods for determining battery state information based on internal battery pressure

Gm Global Technology Operations

Systems and methods for determining battery state information based on internal battery pressure

Automotive radio antenna and  making the same

Gm Global Technology Operations

Automotive radio antenna and making the same

Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015020972907/30/15  new patent  Method of estimating hydrocarbon storage in a catalytic device
22015021018207/30/15  new patent  Systems and methods for determining battery state information based on internal battery pressure
32015021018407/30/15  new patent  Flow uniformity of air-cooled battery packs
42015021026207/30/15  new patent  Method and controlling a torque converter clutch in a multi-mode powertrain system
52015021032107/30/15  new patent  Tailgate with tonneau cover for a vehicle
62015021033007/30/15  new patent  Motor compartment structure for a vehicle and attaching a motor compartment to a vehicle
72015021052807/30/15  new patent  Fuel fill systems and methods
82015021110107/30/15  new patent  Motor vehicle component
92015021146707/30/15  new patent  Driver output encoding systems and methods
102015021146907/30/15  new patent  Method and apparatus to evaluate a starter motor for an internal combustion engine
112015021156907/30/15  new patent  Coupling spacer, assembly, and method
122015021160907/30/15  new patent  Multi-speed transmission
132015021187007/30/15  new patent  Method for using street level images to enhance automated driving mode for vehicle
142015021188207/30/15  new patent  Systems and methods for providing interval-based point of interest information
152015021195907/30/15  new patent  Systems and methods for determining oscillations of a tire
162015021196207/30/15  new patent  Method of estimating soot output from an engine
172015021316407/30/15  new patent  Product design reliability with consideration of material property changes during service
182015021327707/30/15  new patent  Method of performing microprocessor alu integrity test over a distributed asynchronous serial communication network for asil-d level safety critical applications
192015021460507/30/15  new patent  Automotive radio antenna and making the same
202015021481307/30/15  new patent  Integrated ebike motor and battery assembly
212015021595407/30/15  new patent  Vehicle head unit priority
222015020268507/23/15 Metal pouring the die casting process
232015020271807/23/15 Suppressing laser-induced plume for laser edge welding of zinc coated steels
242015020298007/23/15 Rechargeable energy storage system management for vehicles
252015020299307/23/15 Using resting load to augment active material actuator demand in power seats
262015020299407/23/15 Vehicle seat stabilization assembly
272015020304507/23/15 Storage bin having integrated reflective triangles
282015020305407/23/15 Coupling assembly
292015020306207/23/15 Methods and systems for custom vehicle personalization via human machine interface
302015020310007/23/15 Diesel engine aftertreatment heating and cleaning hybrid operation
312015020315107/23/15 Vehicle lane control using differential torque
322015020438707/23/15 Mechanical clutch with friction reducing interface
332015020439307/23/15 Dual winding electric actuator for hybrid system
342015020563507/23/15 Method and lightweight mechanism for mixed-critical applications
352015020635907/23/15 Liquefied petroleum gas tank leak detection systems and methods
362015020715607/23/15 Pem fuel cell seal design and manufacture
372015020744407/23/15 Motor controller with enhanced wobble compensation
382015020845707/23/15 Managing traditional wi-fi and wi-fi direct connections using a wireless device
392015019713507/16/15 Systems for improving vehicle occupant climate comfort via steering assembly air delivery
402015019713607/16/15 Systems for improving climate comfort for rear vehicle passengers
412015019714307/16/15 Close-out seal
422015019723207/16/15 Method and controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
432015019725007/16/15 Method and controlling creep torque in a hybrid powertrain system
442015019797007/16/15 Elastically averaged assembly for closure applications
452015019806607/16/15 Fan shroud assembly
462015019807607/16/15 Method for determining an estimated amount of soot accumulated in a particulate filter of an exhaust gas after-treatment system
472015019810007/16/15 Systems and methods for inhibiting dfco
482015019810507/16/15 Exhaust gas recirculation cooler protection system and method
492015019811107/16/15 Compact packaging for intake charge air cooling
502015019871107/16/15 Object fusion system of multiple radar imaging sensors
512015019957907/16/15 Cooperative vision-range sensors shade removal and illumination field correction
522015019985507/16/15 Remote control of vehicular wireless router settings
532015020147807/16/15 Headlight arrangement for a motor vehicle
542015019215407/09/15 Torsional members and methods of making and using the same
552015019221507/09/15 Plug assembly for opening and closing a drain hole
562015019465007/09/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
572015019505207/09/15 Methods and providing user-selectable preset options and associated data for a vehicle onboard computer system
582015018204407/02/15 Integrated adjustable neck rest with release valve
592015018339007/02/15 Integrated airbag and hvac assembly
602015018460007/02/15 System and adjusting engine speed and/or engine load to improve fuel economy without causing vehicle vibration that is perceivable by a vehicle occupant
612015018573207/02/15 Methods and isolating safety functions in a motion control system for a vehicle
622015017474006/25/15 Elastic retaining assembly and method
632015017503706/25/15 Back seat arrangement of a passenger car
642015017504306/25/15 Vehicle seat for a motor vehicle
652015017504506/25/15 Motor vehicle seat element
662015017509006/25/15 Cargo tray assembly for a vehicle
672015017509106/25/15 Elastic averaging alignment member
682015017510606/25/15 Method for controlling a lighting brightness of a lit motor vehicle instrument as well as a motor vehicle with at least one dimmably lit motor vehicle instrument
692015017515806/25/15 Drive assistance for a motor vehicle
702015017521706/25/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
712015017521906/25/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
722015017630906/25/15 Door lock switch with lock state indicator
732015017631506/25/15 Hinge for a motor vehicle
742015017662406/25/15 Flow drill screw
752015017666006/25/15 Manual shift transmission and clutch assembly therefore
762015017666106/25/15 Transmission having a strap spring hub
772015017670106/25/15 Binary clutch disengagement control in a neutral shift
782015017670706/25/15 Manual shift transmission
792015017673306/25/15 Space saving telescoping pipe to transport fluid
802015017675906/25/15 Elastically deformable module installation assembly
812015017679406/25/15 Vehicle and a headlamp assembly for the vehicle
822015017804706/25/15 Method of fast arctangent calculation pre and post processing
832015018002306/25/15 Multifunctional hybrid coatings for electrodes made by atomic layer deposition techniques
842015018009506/25/15 Systems and methods for conducting battery heat using pouch cells
852015018009606/25/15 Thermal interface material and related systems and methods
862015018125706/25/15 Methods and systems for an adapter device between vehicle infotainment systems and electronic devices
872015018172506/25/15 Thick film circuits with conductive components formed using different conductive elements and related methods
882015016418406/18/15 Fastener for operatively coupling matable components
892015016552306/18/15 Compensation mechanism for cast rotor lamination stack height and compression pressure control
902015016560906/18/15 Self-retaining alignment system for providing precise alignment and retention of components
912015016567306/18/15 Clamp force and alignment checking device
922015016583306/18/15 Lightweight spare tires
932015016583406/18/15 Low line tpms: sensor association using rssi and doppler signatures with a single or multiple ecus
942015016585206/18/15 Method and suspension damping including negative stiffness
952015016585806/18/15 Method and active suspension damping including negative stiffness
962015016586006/18/15 Height adjustable damping device
972015016592506/18/15 Switched battery and capacitor arrangement and related operating methods
982015016596406/18/15 Vehicle with illuminated display instrument
992015016598506/18/15 Alignment and retention system for a flexible assembly
1002015016598606/18/15 Elastically averaged strap systems and methods
1012015016603706/18/15 Method and controlling an internal combustion engine during a combustion transition
1022015016603806/18/15 Method and torque arbitration and shaping in a multi-mode powertrain system
1032015016612406/18/15 Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods thereof
1042015016612606/18/15 Lateral expanding cargo bed
1052015016771706/18/15 Alignment and retention system for providing precise alignment and retention of components
1062015016771806/18/15 Alignment system for providing alignment of components having contoured features
1072015016776306/18/15 Thermally compensating cast-in-place torsion joint with improved axial stiffness
1082015016777006/18/15 Method and suspension damping including negative stiffness employing a permanent magnet
1092015016894206/18/15 Automatic monitoring of the alignment and wear of vibration welding equipment
1102015017042706/18/15 Managing short-range wireless device connection preferences at a vehicle
1112015017051106/18/15 Method for operating a motor vehicle and motor vehicle
1122015017143306/18/15 Conformal thin film of precious metal on a support
1132015017143706/18/15 Layer design to mitigate fuel cell electrode corrosion from non-ideal operation
1142015017143806/18/15 Layer design to mitigate fuel cell electrode corrosion from non-ideal operation
1152015017145406/18/15 Membrane with laminated structure and orientation controlled nanofiber reinforcement additives for fuel cells
1162015017171706/18/15 Net shaped aligned and sintered magnets by modified mim processing
1172015017291906/18/15 Processing secure sms messages
1182015015841106/11/15 Coupling assembly
1192015015811306/11/15 Welding light metal workpieces by reaction metallurgy
1202015015836306/11/15 Systems and methods for damper having an insert
1212015015837006/11/15 Steering wheel with active ventilation device and producing a steering wheel
1222015015837306/11/15 Hybrid powertrain with three-mode depletion strategy and operating a hybrid powertrain
1232015015852406/11/15 Algorithm for steering angle command to torque command conversion
1242015015852506/11/15 Methods and systems for aligning a steering system of a vehicle
1252015015852806/11/15 Collision avoidance control integrated with eps controller
1262015015954406/11/15 Turbo speed control for mode transitions in a dual turbo system
1272015015954506/11/15 Turbocharger compressor temperature control systems and methods
1282015015971006/11/15 Friction material and methods of making and using the same
1292015015972206/11/15 Torsional keyed sleeve fluid damper
1302015015973806/11/15 Multi-speed transmission
1312015015974206/11/15 Triple clutch multi-speed transmission
1322015015975806/11/15 Engine coolant pump seal without internal bellows
1332015015976206/11/15 Seal assembly
1342015015978806/11/15 Sealing device for a vehicle
1352015016000306/11/15 Distance determination system for a vehicle using holographic techniques
1362015016068406/11/15 Vehicle and a locking assembly for the vehicle
1372015016179506/11/15 Distance determination using a monoscopic imager in a vehicle
1382015016182506/11/15 Method and system for vehicular data collection
1392015016182906/11/15 Methods and diagnosing open faults in an automotive electrical circuit
1402015016189006/11/15 Methods for identifying parking spots
1412015016258306/11/15 Coated separator and one-step preparing the same
1422015016259106/11/15 Jump start contact protection interface
1432015016259606/11/15 One-step preparing a lithiated silicon electrode
1442015016260206/11/15 Nanocomposite coatings to obtain high performing silicon anodes
1452015016374806/11/15 Method and controlling operating states of bluetooth interfaces of a bluetooth module
1462015015135906/04/15 Integration of one piece door inner panel with impact beam
1472015015168506/04/15 Load compartment arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the load compartment arrangement
1482015015168806/04/15 Motor vehicle with fixation device for a bicycle
1492015015173306/04/15 Slip-based release verification for a binary clutch assembly
1502015015173806/04/15 System and controlling a hybrid powertrain
1512015015173906/04/15 Method and monitoring unintended vehicle motion
1522015015179006/04/15 Driver assistance device
1532015015179606/04/15 Vehicle pillar
1542015015293106/04/15 Brake pad life monitoring system
1552015015318406/04/15 System and dynamically focusing vehicle sensors
1562015015575206/04/15 Stator for an electric motor
1572015015581206/04/15 Method and controlling an electrically-powered torque machine of a powertrain system
1582015015642706/04/15 Electronic camera and motor vehicle using such a camera
1592015014393805/28/15 Mechanism for vehicle transmission default to park
1602015014409805/28/15 System and diagnosing a fault in a throttle area correction that compensates for intake airflow restrictions
1612015014410205/28/15 System and controlling fuel injection timing based on spark ignition timing while heating a catalyst to the light-off temperature
1622015014446905/28/15 Vehicle door window switch
1632015014449405/28/15 Fade-resistant high capacity electrodes for a lithium-ion battery
1642015014518705/28/15 Leaf spring assembly
1652015014523505/28/15 Vehicle and an instrument panel for the vehicle
1662015014528205/28/15 Vehicle with lateral load transferring member attached to frame rail
1672015014528605/28/15 Hinge pillar assembly having an inner retainer panel, and manufacturing the same
1682015014530205/28/15 Adjustable seat cushion assembly
1692015014565805/28/15 Methods and systems for closure notification
1702015014627005/28/15 Apparatus for digital projection using holographic techniques
1712015014644405/28/15 Vehicle lamp assembly with flexible lens
1722015014719205/28/15 Vehicle and a reducing sound produced by a liquid fluid pump
1732015014753605/28/15 Skin component for a vehicle
1742015014764105/28/15 Multifunction battery separator
1752015014893605/28/15 Methods to control macro shrinkage porosity and gas bubbles in cast aluminum engine blocks
1762015014903405/28/15 Systems and methods for auxiliary power outlet control
1772015014906805/28/15 Methods and systems for auto predicting using a navigation system
1782015014926505/28/15 Controlled parking of autonomous vehicles
1792015015011905/28/15 Framework for fine-grain access control from high-level application permissions
1802015013550905/21/15 Elastically deformable clip and method
1812015013754005/21/15 Bumper support for a vehicle
1822015013754605/21/15 Closable device for holding objects in a vehicle
1832015013755005/21/15 Instrument panel for a vehicle, vehicle comprising the instrument panel, and producing the instrument panel
1842015013756105/21/15 Composite component for a motor vehicle body
1852015014226505/21/15 Selective auto start/stop delay during low speed maneuvers based on electric power steering current
1862015014242805/21/15 In-vehicle nametag choice using speech recognition
1872015012858805/14/15 Method for the load-dependent opening and closing of a blow-off valve flap of an internal combustion engine with a turbocharger
1882015012874305/14/15 Method of controlling a hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission
1892015012880605/14/15 External air filter for vehicle transmissions and the like
1902015012890505/14/15 System and diagnosing a fault in an oxygen sensor based on ambient temperature
1912015012890905/14/15 Method and controlling operation of an internal combustion engine operating in hcci combustion mode
1922015012891305/14/15 Method of controlling a solenoid valve
1932015012937705/14/15 Method to increase corrosion resistance in ferritic nitrocarburized treated cast iron substrates
1942015012938505/14/15 Hydraulic control system with etrs and multiplexed clutch control for a transmission
1952015013011005/14/15 Fit and finish methods
1962015013310805/14/15 Remotely controlling a vehicle telematics unit
1972015013419905/14/15 Component control system for a vehicle
1982015013420205/14/15 Method of controlling steering of a ground vehicle
1992015013527105/14/15 Device and method to enforce security tagging of embedded network communications
2002015012340805/07/15 Pushbutton latch mechanism for a vehicle
2012015012340905/07/15 Fixed outside handle with multi-functions and protected switches
2022015012343005/07/15 Vehicle and a attaching a sunroof assembly to the vehicle
2032015012357805/07/15 Method and increasing a current sensing range in a polyphase motor system
2042015012447005/07/15 Sealed bulb connector system for a headlamp assembly
2052015012447105/07/15 Integral air vent and lamp assembly
2062015012732605/07/15 System for adapting speech recognition vocabulary
2072015011395104/30/15 Selective catalyst reduction filter washcoat thickness ammonia compensation system
2082015011396304/30/15 Control of regeneration in a diesel after-treatment system
2092015011398104/30/15 Turbocharger controller
2102015011406004/30/15 Clamping device, locking cylinder arrangement and motor vehicle
2112015011416504/30/15 Force limiting device and method
2122015011432104/30/15 Proportional flow venturi vacuum system for an internal combustion engine
2132015011432804/30/15 Control valve
2142015011437404/30/15 Determination of the effective fuel-air ratio of a supercharged internal combustion engine with scavenging air component
2152015011474604/30/15 Molding for a motor vehicle for transmitting an impact force to a hood sensor
2162015011479204/30/15 Hinge pillar assembly
2172015011557104/30/15 Smart tow
2182015011558804/30/15 Buckle assembly for a vehicle
2192015011559504/30/15 Coupling unit, coupling device, motor vehicle and method
2202015011563304/30/15 Vehicle front structure
2212015011564404/30/15 Multi-position endgate system
2222015011565604/30/15 Motor vehicle body
2232015011566404/30/15 Plastic component carrier for front mounting of a motor vehicle body
2242015011607804/30/15 Enhanced vehicle key fob
2252015011607904/30/15 Enhanced vehicle key fob
2262015011610004/30/15 Methods, systems and providing notification that a vehicle has been accessed
2272015011610304/30/15 Methods, systems and providing notification that a wireless communication device has been left inside a vehicle
2282015011797804/30/15 Fixing unit, fastening device and motor vehicle
2292015011800304/30/15 Vehicle frame turnover system and method
2302015011811204/30/15 Scr filter washcoat thickness efficiency compensation system
2312015011917504/30/15 Variable belt tensioner for an internal combustion engine
2322015011918004/30/15 Powertrain including an electric motor/generator and a final drive unit connected to the electric motor/generator
2332015011919204/30/15 Systems and methods for controlling an automatic transmission during a flying engine start using a flow accumulator
2342015012008304/30/15 Methods, systems and determining whether any vehicle events specified in notification preferences have occurred
2352015012010504/30/15 Method and controlling an electrically powered hydraulic pump in a powertrain system
2362015012013704/30/15 Path planning for evasive steering maneuver in presence of target vehicle and surrounding objects
2372015012013804/30/15 Path planning for evasive steering manuever employing a virtual potential field technique
2382015012015904/30/15 Determining effective brake pedal position
2392015012016904/30/15 Control means and operating an internal combustion engine
2402015012107104/30/15 Programming vehicle modules from remote devices and related methods and systems
2412015012145704/30/15 Programming vehicle modules from remote devices and related methods and systems
2422015010706404/23/15 Clip and coupling assembly
2432015010724204/23/15 Exhaust system with post-operation cooling for a vehicle, and a method thereof
2442015010739204/23/15 Split electronic transmission range selection systems and methods with electronic button shifter
2452015010740104/23/15 Pedal module for a vehicle having a control-by-wire system
2462015010754004/23/15 Camshaft assembly
2472015010755104/23/15 Intake port for ideal tumble flow
2482015010755404/23/15 System and controlling an engine based on an oxygen storage capability of a catalytic converter
2492015010787004/23/15 Light weight bus bars, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same

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