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Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  System and de-aerating coolant in closed coolant system
10/20/16 new patent  Hose clamp support tool
10/20/16 new patent  Fastening arrangement for positioning and fastening a decorative cover on a window frame of a vehicle door of a vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Method and apparatus to monitor an on-vehicle battery charger
10/20/16 new patent  Smart key security system for a vehicle and a alerting a vehicle security concern
10/20/16 new patent  Distance regulating system, motor vehicle and computer program product
10/20/16 new patent  Methods and systems for computing vehicle reference values
10/20/16 new patent  Support element for absorbing forces in a vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Vehicle having rear spoiler with active vertical side plates, and controlling the same
10/20/16 new patent  Fuel port assembly and system for determining the status of a fuel door
10/20/16 new patent  Closure system for a vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Engine with dedicated egr exhaust port and independently deactivatable exhaust valves
10/20/16 new patent  Plasma ignition device
10/20/16 new patent  Airflow vent for a transmission
10/20/16 new patent  Systems and methods for determining steering performance
10/20/16 new patent  Architecture for scalable fault tolerance in integrated fail-silent and fail-operational systems
10/20/16 new patent  Controlling speech recognition systems based on radio station availability
10/20/16 new patent  Speech recognition using a database and dynamic gate commands
10/20/16 new patent  Incorporating reference electrodes into battery pouch cells
10/20/16 new patent  High current electrical joint that eliminates partial assembly
10/20/16 new patent  Method for mitigating thermal aging of permanent magnets in organic liquid
10/20/16 new patent  Optimum rotor skew angle for an electric machine
10/20/16 new patent  Software programmable cellular radio architecture for wide bandwidth radio systems including telematics and infotainment systems
10/20/16 new patent  Dynamic range of wideband rf front end using delta sigma converters with envelope tracking and injected digitally equalized transmit signal
10/20/16 new patent  Determining performance criteria of a vehicle communication network connection
10/13/16Leaf spring assembly
10/13/16Adjustable bracket for mounting an electronic media device in a vehicle
10/13/16Driver airbag module new lock spring design proposal for visual verification of module's robust attachment to the steering wheel
10/13/16Vehicle directional control via aerodynamic forces
10/13/16Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
10/13/16Dielectric thick film ink
10/13/16Pressure valve for gas spring
10/13/16Seven speed dual clutch transmission
10/13/16Vehicle driving aids
10/13/16Determination of fuse life in a fuse system
10/13/16Fail operational vehicle speed estimation through data fusion of 6-dof imu, gps, and radar
10/13/16Verifying a user with biometric data
10/13/16Dynamic stixel estimation using a single moving camera
10/13/16Injected metal bead channel seal achieved through stamped plate features on fuel cell bipolar plates
10/06/16Conical shaped current flow to facilitate dissimilar metal spot welding
10/06/16Method for producing a composite component
10/06/16Reconfigurable assembly work station
10/06/16Robotic system with reconfigurable end-effector assembly
10/06/16Air vent for a vehicle
10/06/16Inner vehicle door panel including impact beam
10/06/16Dual drive sunroof transmission assembly
10/06/16Vehicle body
10/06/16Apparatus and electrical power management in a vehicle system
10/06/16Vehicle energy management system with load-bearing component in wheel cavity
10/06/16Front section for a motor vehicle
10/06/16Front section for a motor vehicle
10/06/16Adaptive cruise control system
10/06/16Pre-alert of lcc's steering torque limit exceed
10/06/16Offset bulkhead for creating a compressive mechanical lock
10/06/16Cooling e-bike power and energy systems
10/06/16Adaptation of a wireless oil level sensor to an oil pan drain plug
10/06/16Method and system for diagnosing efficiency of an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine
10/06/16Multi-stage fresh air inlet system
10/06/16Engine control using calculated cylinder air charge
10/06/16Method for controlling an internal combustion engine
10/06/16Turbocharger journal bearing system
10/06/16Advanced clip retainer
10/06/16System and estimating temperatures of a hydraulic fluid circulated by a hydraulic pump of a transmission
10/06/16Multi-piece sealing assembly
10/06/16Wheel detection and its application in object tracking and sensor registration
10/06/16Fusion cross traffic application using radars and camera
10/06/16Energy reserve conservation for vehicle communication module
10/06/16Revocation of mobile device communication control privileges
10/06/16Method and apparatus of dynamic wi-fi multi-channel switch based on data traffic context
09/29/16Device and filtering molten metal
09/29/16Resistive welding electrode and spot welding steel and aluminum alloy workpieces with the resistive welding electrode
09/29/16Self-corrective nut running for robotic applications
09/29/16Systems and methods for joining a warped workpiece to another workpiece
09/29/16Reduced drag front axle shift mechanism
09/29/16Wheel impact sensing and driver warning system
09/29/16Device, trim element for the device, and forming the trim element
09/29/16Local energy absorber
09/29/16Oil pan part for a motor vehicle
09/29/16Engine with a turbocharger cooling module
09/29/16Engine off cooling strategy
09/29/16Auto stop engine control for vehicles
09/29/16Compressor for a motor vehicle
09/29/16Clutch synchronizer rings having enhanced lubrication
09/29/16Reverse pressure relief valve to reduce door closing velocity/effort
09/29/16Sensor-aided vehicle positioning system
09/29/16Systems and methods for detecting high-voltage contactor state of health
09/29/16Remote sensor data for vehicles
09/29/16Operating an inventory system of a vehicle
09/29/16Fuel cell stack assembly - datum design for fuel cell stacking and collision protection
09/29/16Lithium ion battery and capacitor hybrid system in a single pouch
09/29/16Discharge circuit for discharging a battery
09/29/16Electric device and a stator assembly for the electric device
09/22/16Pressure activated resin/fiber tube
09/22/16Method and system for control of contactor
09/22/16Primary formed part for transmitting operating torques
09/22/16Luggage carrier cross rail docking stations
09/22/16Method and controlling a powertrain system including multiple torque-generative devices
09/22/16Method of controlling a powertrain of a vehicle
09/22/16Vehicle having an integrated air curtain and brake cooling duct
09/22/16Electric bike optical shift detection and control
09/22/16Surge tank and cap
09/22/16Material composition and laser ablation
09/22/16Manual transmission active speed matching
09/22/16Synchronizer having asymmetric blocker and sleeve teeth
09/22/16Manual transmission
09/22/16Shaft seal system
09/22/16Axially asymmetric configuration for interior permanent magnet machine
09/22/16Vehicle communication system
09/22/16Location-controlled wi-fi module
09/15/16Method for die casting an inner door panel for a vehicle side door
09/15/16Rear drive module assembly and system for mounting to a vehicle
09/15/16Vehicle with removable flap
09/15/16Seat assembly
09/15/16Systems and methods for a passing lane vehicle rear approach alert
09/15/16Light-weight energy absorption assembly for a vehicle impact system
09/15/16Seatbelt buckle presenter
09/15/16Selective passive door lock functions for vehicles
09/15/16Automatic valet parking
09/15/16Hemmed body panel for attachment to a body structure
09/15/16Clip and coupling assembly
09/15/16Deployable flatbed for pickup truck
09/15/16Foldable bicycle
09/15/16Methods for forming a polycarbonate with a hydrophilic surface
09/15/16Sealing assembly
09/15/16Exhaust valve and an engine assembly including the exhaust valve having a pressure relief apparatus
09/15/16Low-cost discrete position sensing for a dual-solenoid transmission actuator
09/15/16Ultra-low-loss transmission brake utilizing a dual-solenoid electro-mechanical actuator
09/15/16Variable speed accessory drive
09/15/16Double disconnect front differential
09/15/16Axle carrier housing with structural features
09/15/16Clutch and torque converter control for a continuously variable transmission
09/15/16Performing a vehicle update
09/15/16Calibrating electronic modules of a vehicle using a configuration application
09/15/16Modifying vehicle fault diagnosis based on statistical analysis of past service inquiries
09/15/16User-modified speech output in a vehicle
09/15/16Multi-layer coating system for corrosion protection of magnesium cylinder block against coolant
09/15/16Adjusting audio sampling used with wideband audio
09/15/16Systems and methods for resolving positional ambiguities using access point information
09/15/16Maintaining a mirroring session between a vehicle and a mobile device
09/08/16Powertrain for a vehicle
09/08/16Storage compartment with magnetic dividing elements
09/08/16Motor vehicle airbag system
09/08/16Airbag module and its use
09/08/16Method to coordinate propulsion torque actuators through torque limits
09/08/16Service panel for a motor vehicle, water tank for a motor vehicle and motor vehicle
09/08/16Elastically averaged alignment systems and methods
09/08/16Stress relief of mechanically roughened cylinder bores for reduced cracking tendency
09/08/16Method of evaluating a soot quantity accumulated in a selective catalytic reduction washcoated particulate filter (sdpf)
09/08/16Thermal control module
09/08/16Dedicated egr engine with dynamic load control
09/08/16Fifty percent burn crankshaft angle estimation systems and methods
09/08/16Water jacket for an internal combustion engine
09/08/16System and controlling spark timing based on a duration of a fuel burn within a cylinder in an engine
09/08/16Method for producing a cage nut having a retaining device
09/08/16Cvt ratio change control during a sudden vehicle stop
09/08/16Dielectric elastomer actautor
09/08/16Methods and determining and planning wireless network deployment sufficiency when utilizing vehicle-based relay nodes
09/01/16Secondary cast aluminum alloy for structural applications
09/01/16Systems and methods for joining components by heat staking
09/01/16Method and controlling an electrified powertrain system of a vehicle
09/01/16Electric bike extended range battery power electronics and control
09/01/16Methods and systems for monitoring a surface
09/01/16Pallet assembly and a lid the pallet assembly
09/01/16Manifold for an engine assembly
09/01/16Engine assembly including a coolant gallery
09/01/16Internal combustion engine equipped with an aftertreatment device
09/01/16Multi-speed transmission having three planetary gear sets
09/01/16Systems and methods for determining vehicle longevity
09/01/16Systems and methods to improve service market share
09/01/16Making lithium secondary battery electrodes using an atmospheric plasma
09/01/16Electrolyte structure for metal batteries
09/01/16Communication identification between portable electronic devices and a motor vehicle
09/01/16Bonding strategy for large area metal-cladded ceramic substrate
08/25/16Air inlet assembly for an internal combustion engine
08/25/16Quick change adapter for grinding wheels
08/25/16Semi-autonomous trailer hitch
08/25/16Method and system for controlling an actuator for a loading surface that is adjustably mounted on a motor vehicle body
08/25/16Method and system for controlling an actuator for a loading area adjustably mounted on a motor vehicle body
08/25/16Headlight for a motor vehicle
08/25/16Methods, apparatus, and systems for identification of cells in a network
08/25/16Motor vehicle onboard electrical system and battery assembly for the latter
08/25/16Enhanced vehicle wiper blade using active materials
08/25/16Vehicular crawl mode deceleration control
08/25/16Bicycle with motor assisted folding
08/25/16Bicycle storage system
08/25/16Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
08/25/16Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
08/25/16Air inlet assembly for an internal combustion engine
08/25/16Fuel rail for an internal combustion engine
08/25/16Two piece clutch reaction plate
08/25/16Multi-speed transmission having a reduction planetary gear set
08/25/16System and vehicle energy estimation, adaptive control and routing
08/25/16Battery system cooling systems and methods
08/25/16Rotor geometry for interior permanent magnet machine having rare earth magnets with no heavy rare earth elements
08/25/16Rotor assembly and manufacture for electric machines having multiple magnet lengths
08/18/16Method for controlling a headlight system of a motor vehicle and controller and device for carrying out the method
08/18/16Airbag assembly and making and using the same
08/18/16Integrated folding bike system
08/18/16Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
08/18/16Model predictive control increasing computational efficiency
08/18/16Model predictive control increasing computational efficiency
08/18/16Detection of reversion based on mass air flow sensor readings
08/18/16Prediction of intake manifold pressure in an engine system
08/18/16Driveshaft with two-stage stiffness
08/18/16Compensation for a drag force generated by a rotating clutch piston seal
08/18/16Display device for a motor vehicle
08/18/16Multi material rotor core
08/11/16Thermal-management systems for controlling temperature of workpieces being joined by welding
08/11/16Torque control for vehicles with independent front and rear propulsion systems
08/11/16Seat attachment structure in a motor vehicle
08/11/16All-weather floor mat with connecting liner interlocking feature
08/11/16Method and system for adjusting performance based on vehicle occupants
08/11/16Two front center airbag
08/11/16Transmission assembly with electrical noise reduction and making and using the same
08/11/16Driver assistance system for a vehicle
08/11/16Roof segment for a vehicle and producing a roof segment
08/11/16Debris catch system and making and using the same
08/11/16Plug on disconnect pcv fitting
08/11/16Selective catalytic reduction device
08/11/16Method of controlling a cooling circuit of an internal combustion engine
08/11/16Method and regenerating a lean nox trap in a turbocharged internal combustion engine
08/11/16Metallic insert with smooth contours for use with composite working members
08/11/16Micro heat exchangers for controlling temperature of workpieces being joined by welding
08/11/16Mechanically conformable micro-heat exchangers and methods for use in thermal management of target components
08/11/16Horizon-based driver assistance systems and methods
08/11/16Vehicle-based ac high-voltage access prevention
08/11/16Systems and methods to compare dealer service retention
08/11/16Micro heat exchangers and methods for use in thermal management of transportation vehicle batteries
08/04/16Metal pouring the die casting process
08/04/16Apparatus and processes for protecting an ultrasonic welding horn using a thin-film separator
08/04/16Automatic mitigation of vehicle wind buffeting
08/04/16Carbon glass fiber pultrussion bumper beams
08/04/16System and classifying a road surface
08/04/16Method and monitoring a rear passenger seating area of a vehicle
08/04/16Method of controlling a vehicle having an active lift and downforce generating aero system
08/04/16Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
08/04/16Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
08/04/16Crankcase ventilation device for vehicle
08/04/16Synergistic combinations of low temperature nox adsorbers
08/04/16Single-shift dual expansion internal combustion engine
08/04/16Single-shaft dual expansion internal combustion engine
08/04/16Fluid control system and making and using the same
08/04/16Spring-loaded hydraulically damped strut
08/04/16Vehicle sensor compensation
08/04/16Vehicle motion estimation enhancement with radar data
08/04/16Apparatus of reconfigurable software mode management using runtime execution engine
08/04/16Vehicle operator monitoring system and method
08/04/16Method and device for recognizing a known object in a field of view of a three-dimensional machine vision system
08/04/16Systems and methods to improve dealer service performance

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