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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc_20131212


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Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Gm Global Technology Operations Llc. Gm Global Technology Operations Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gm Global Technology Operations Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gm Global Technology Operations Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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Adaptive control of a flow control solenoid

Gm Global Technology Operations

Adaptive control of a flow control solenoid

Elastic retaining assembly for matable components and method of assembling

Gm Global Technology Operations

Elastic retaining assembly for matable components and method of assembling

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Count Application # Date Gm Global Technology Operations Llc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014036632612/18/14 new patent  Elastically deformable retaining hook for components to be mated together and method of assembling
22014036651512/18/14 new patent  Enhanced diagnostic signal to detect pressure condition of a particulate filter
32014036706412/18/14 new patent  Method of simultaneously manufacturing a plurality of crankshafts
42014036736812/18/14 new patent  Resistance spot welding thin gauge steels
52014036738412/18/14 new patent  Sealing unit, tank unit and motor vehicle
62014036793012/18/14 new patent  Passively controlled adjustable ride height suspension
72014036798512/18/14 new patent  Frame structure for a motor vehicle
82014036799212/18/14 new patent  Side spoiler arrangement for a motor vehicle
92014036799812/18/14 new patent  Load floor for a vehicle
102014036823312/18/14 new patent  Insulation inspection instrument
112014036974212/18/14 new patent  Elastic attachment assembly and method of reducing positional variation and increasing stiffness
122014036974312/18/14 new patent  Elastic retaining assembly for matable components and method of assembling
132014037040712/18/14 new patent  Fuel cell stack discrete header
142014037041312/18/14 new patent  Fuel cell water drain valve control with vehicle tilt compensation
152014037105412/18/14 new patent  Adapting a clean filter correction map for a selective catalyst reduction filter
162014037190612/18/14 new patent  Controlling a robotic device via wearable sensors
172014037199812/18/14 new patent  Adaptive control of a flow control solenoid
182014037200212/18/14 new patent  Method of determining a current operating range of a transfer case
192014037200812/18/14 new patent  Coolant control systems and methods for transmission temperature regulation
202014037200912/18/14 new patent  Intake temperature control systems and methods for intake manifold protection
212014037212912/18/14 new patent  Position directed acoustic array and beamforming methods
222014036030212/11/14Hydraulic control system with etrs for a continuously variable transmission
232014036098612/11/14Resistance spot welding of steel to pre-coated aluminum
242014035227812/04/14Selectively enabling and disabling a diagnostic monitor of a selective-catalytic-reduction device
252014035230012/04/14Turbocharged engine employing cylinder deactivation
262014035230112/04/14Motor vehicle with a couplable waste heat recovery system
272014035249112/04/14Automated manual transmission with electric motor-generator
282014035263612/04/14Powertrain cooling system with cooling and heating modes for heat exchangers
292014035398612/04/14Electronic locking system for a vehicle door and a method for operating an electronic locking system for a vehicle door
302014035410712/04/14Electric motor assembly and method
312014035422912/04/14Electric vehicle charging station
322014035604912/04/14Reconfigurable robot end-effector assembly
332014035621212/04/14Transmission fluid pump speed control systems and methods
342014035652312/04/14Materials, methods, and apparatus for improving leak robustness
352014035658312/04/14Composite plate
362014035743412/04/14Hydraulic control system for a continuously variable transmission
372014035743512/04/14Minimal draindown in cvt
382014035836612/04/14Adaptive open loop control to reduce engine induced vibration and noise
392014035838912/04/14Methodology for controlling a hydraulic control system of a continuously variable transmission
402014035840012/04/14Controlling a powertrain system to perform exhaust braking
412014035853812/04/14Shaping dialog of speech systems
422014034525511/27/14Method and apparatus to operate internal combustion engine employing an intake air compressor
432014034541211/27/14Gear shifter
442014034597711/27/14Fluid level detection device with stabilizer
452014034600411/27/14Transmission parking pawl actuation assembly
462014034698011/27/14Sensorless position control of active-material actuators
472014034720711/27/14Probabilistic target selection and threat assessment method and application to intersection collision alert system
482014034746911/27/14Enhanced perspective view generation in a front curb viewing system
492014034747011/27/14Enhanced top-down view generation in a front curb viewing system
502014034748511/27/14Enhanced front curb viewing system
512014034820611/27/14Apparatus and method for measuring temperature and electrical resistivity of a movable object
522014034920511/27/14Fuel cell stack compression system having integrated vehicle mounts
532014034980711/27/14Controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
542014035080311/27/14State transition control for a multi-mode hybrid powertrain
552014035080511/27/14Method of controlling a transmission of a vehicle
562014035165811/27/14Redundant computing architecture
572014033817211/20/14Attachment assembly
582014033818411/20/14Injection molding rotor magnets
592014033843411/20/14Adaptive soot mass estimation in a vehicle exhaust after-treatment device
602014033861611/20/14Grommet seal, center diversion shaft and methods of making and using the same
612014033899211/20/14Powertrain and steering assembly layout
622014033978211/20/14Wheel stabilization mechanism and method
632014033983411/20/14Push-push latch
642014034075711/20/14Mirror assembly
652014034080211/20/14Detection of active-material overheat conditions without temperature sensor
662014034153511/20/14Video playback control
672014034154511/20/14Video playback control
682014034219911/20/14Protective battery cell plates
692014034375511/20/14Start system for a motor vehicle
702014034378811/20/14Engine running notice and automatic shut-off
712014034381211/20/14Engine startup control systems and methods
722014034391211/20/14Providing customized fuel economy ratings based on customer drive cycle
732014034394711/20/14Managing dialog of speech systems
742014034402711/20/14Providing information about parking fees in metered car parks
752014033156311/13/14Flexible electrical circuit assembly for a motor vehicle
762014033165411/13/14Particulate filter device monitoring system for an engine
772014033230211/13/14Fender located pedestrian protection airbag
782014033230311/13/14Fender located pedestrian protection airbag
792014033230411/13/14Fender located pedestrian protection airbag
802014033230511/13/14Fender located pedestrian protection airbag
812014033232911/13/14Brake rotor and method of manufacturing the same
822014033305311/13/14Vehicle and an airbag assembly for the vehicle
832014033308711/13/14Vehicle and a hinge assembly for a storage compartment of the vehicle
842014033309111/13/14Energy absorber device for a vehicle and method of manufacturing same
852014033309511/13/14Method for producing a body part of a vehicle and body part of a vehicle
862014033331211/13/14Soc determination by evaluation of effects invoked by dimensional changes of battery cells
872014033543211/13/14Estimating fuel cell states
882014033599511/13/14Hybrid powertrain and modular rear drive unit for same
892014033702911/13/14Speech recognition with a plurality of microphones
902014033326111/13/14Automated recharging system and method for an electric vehicle
912014032643811/06/14Internal heat exchanger for a motor vehicle air conditioning system
922014032722611/06/14Foldable bicycle
932014032726011/06/14Part transfer system that uses existing part features, and a method of using the part transfer system
942014032861311/06/14Shaft coupling assembly and method
952014032940111/06/14Electrical connector assembly for an electronic module
962014032963511/06/14Controlling a transmission during a garage shift
972014031802310/30/14Strain distribution check link assembly
982014031810310/30/14Method of controlling a diesel particulate filter
992014031811210/30/14Internal combustion engine and exhaust aftertreatment system
1002014031812110/30/14Engine with pulse-suppressed dedicated exhaust gas recirculation
1012014031849310/30/14Temperature dependent flow control for combustion engine piston squirters
1022014031849410/30/14Connecting rod
1032014031864010/30/14Lubrication system thermostat, and method thereof
1042014031892310/30/14Direction selectable sprag
1052014031984810/30/14Latch assembly release effort control, and method thereof
1062014031986010/30/14Bumper arrangment and method for its production
1072014031986910/30/14Side-impact energy absorption bracket
1082014031987310/30/14Energy dissipation system for vehicles
1092014031988110/30/14Prop rod end piece
1102014031990110/30/14Vehicle tire and wheel assembly with insulating member
1112014031995310/30/14Bar wound stator winding layout with long-pitched and short-pitched coils
1122014031995610/30/14Aluminum alloy rotor for an electromagnetic device
1132014031995710/30/14Low torque ripple electric drive system for bas application
1142014031995910/30/14Insulation system for an electric machine
1152014032026310/30/14Methods, program products, and systems relating to vehicular garage door control systems
1162014032114610/30/14Vehicle headlamp
1172014032262510/30/14Systems and methods to monitor and control a flow of air within a fuel cell stack
1182014032424810/30/14Telematics for a towed vehicle
1192014032430610/30/14Method of managing available operating states in an electric vehicle powertrain
1202014032437710/30/14Methods and systems of making fatigue block cycle test specifications for components and/or subsystems
1212014031851210/30/14Exhaust gas recirculation cooler, system, and method thereof
1222014031995810/30/14Coil retainer for electric machine rotors
1232014032196610/30/14Packaged vacuum pump and oil pump, and system and method thereof
1242014031112210/23/14Flow controlled electrically assisted dpf regeneration
1252014031112310/23/14Electrically heated doc using hcscr cold start nox controls
1262014031182310/23/14Acoustic insulator having a tortuous path
1272014031262710/23/14Motor vehicle cover locking arrangment
1282014031302410/23/14Lock notification
1292014031305810/23/14Real-time parking assistant application
1302014031461110/23/14Method of making non-rectangular magnets
1312014031567910/23/14Stacked planetary gear set
1322014031568310/23/14Driveline clutch variable clutch capacity reapply, shaping and lash management
1332014031660910/23/14Location based customization
1342014031665510/23/14Motor vehicle with road evaluation device
1352014031764810/23/14Video display monitoring methods and systems
1362014030572510/16/14Collapsible hood bumper with reset feature
1372014030635910/16/14Simplified fuel cell humidifier design
1382014030647010/16/14Energy absorber system and energy absorber thereof
1392014030649110/16/14Increased stiffness underbody panel
1402014030652310/16/14Apparatus and method for vehicle voltage stabilization
1412014030662410/16/14Controlling an active material actuator
1422014030747610/16/14Multilayer license plate lighting apparatus
1432014030855110/16/14Series cooled module cooling fin
1442014030982310/16/14Controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
1452014030985410/16/14Speed-based flow device diagnostic system and method
1462014030985510/16/14Smart car with automatic signalling
1472014030989910/16/14Clutch slip identification systems and methods
1482014029861710/09/14Vehicle and a hinge assembly for a storage compartment of the vehicle
1492014029863810/09/14Elastic clip retaining arrangement and method of mating structures with an elastic clip retaining arrangement
1502014029864010/09/14Elastic retaining assembly for matable components and method of assembling
1512014029879910/09/14Exhaust manifold
1522014029894710/09/14Clutch pedal assembly with driver selectable load assist
1532014029896210/09/14Elastic averaging alignment system, method of making the same and cutting punch therefor
1542014029904510/09/14Status indicator system for a vehicle door lock
1552014029944110/09/14Dry dual clutch transmission actuation system using electrical motor with force aided lever
1562014029961210/09/14Adaptable bin with retractable cup holder
1572014029964110/09/14Adaptable bin with rotating cup holder
1582014030009110/09/14High voltage color indicated air bags
1592014030012410/09/14Adaptable bin with folding secondary bin
1602014030012510/09/14Center console having a rotating holding unit
1612014030013010/09/14Elastic retaining arrangement for jointed components and method of reducing a gap between jointed components
1622014030032310/09/14Vehicle battery system balancing systems and methods
1632014030044610/09/14Method for controlling an electronically secured device andtransponder for it
1642014030110310/09/14Elastically deformable flange locator arrangement and method of reducing positional variation
1652014030177710/09/14Elastic tubular attachment assembly for mating components and method of mating components
1662014030177810/09/14Elastic mating assembly and method of elastically assembling matable components
1672014030233310/09/14Thick film conductive inks for electronic devices
1682014030235210/09/14Capacitive communication layer for cell integrated battery management system
1692014030380610/09/14Apparatus and methods for providing tailored information to vehicle users based on vehicle community input
1702014029000710/02/14Decklid hinge assembly for a vehicle
1712014029028310/02/14Thermal management system for a natural gas tank
1722014029061110/02/14Natural gas storage system and method of improving efficiency thereof
1732014029062910/02/14Engine assembly
1742014029075110/02/14Method of storing and using natural gas in a vehicle
1752014029078910/02/14Method of increasing storage capacity of natural gas tank
1762014029104810/02/14Tank for storing compressed natural gas
1772014029133110/02/14Fluid storage tank
1782014029195510/02/14Torsion axle assembly with connection node component
1792014029200610/02/14Vehicle fascia with integral energy absorber
1802014029201310/02/14Elastically averaged alignment system
1812014029353810/02/14Temperature regulation of inductive charging devices in extreme vehicle environments
1822014029363810/02/14Energy absorbing headlamp assembly and a resettable headlamp assembly
1832014029506010/02/14Method of embedding an induction heating element into an injection molding tool
1842014029531210/02/14Configuring a fuel cell having lower coolant path isolation resistance
1852014029532310/02/14Forming a matrix liner for a pressure vessel
1862014029706010/02/14System for controlling functions of a vehicle by speech
1872014029706410/02/14Audio/video processing apparatus for a car
1882014029710710/02/14Parking assistance system and method
1892014029807410/02/14Method of calculating cpu utilization
1902014028350209/25/14Method of controlling an exhaust gas temperature of an internal combustion engine
1912014028363609/25/14Actuator element for a motor vehicle cover
1922014028364009/25/14Cantilever spring type detent assembly
1932014028364109/25/14Gear engagement mechanism
1942014028378309/25/14Crankshaft for variable displacement internal combustion engine
1952014028496509/25/14Floor structure of a motor vehicle body
1962014025993409/18/14Door system
1972014025994109/18/14Support mechanism for a vehicle closure panel
1982014026024009/18/14Stratified charge engine with turbocharger
1992014026057509/18/14Diagnosing flow through a purge valve based on a fuel system pressure sensor
2002014026073809/18/14Eleven speed dual clutch transmission
2012014026080509/18/14Methods of reducing old oxides in aluminum castings
2022014026096109/18/14Piston pinbore busing with anti-rotation feature
2032014026125409/18/14Coolant control systems and methods for warming engine oil and transmission fluid
2042014026126109/18/14Porting system for a turbo-charged loop scavenged two-stroke engine
2052014026128109/18/14Dry sump scavenge pump system with balance shaft capability for application to flat plane v8 engines
2062014026132709/18/14Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine and methods of using the same
2072014026174209/18/14Thermal pressure relief devices and related systems and methods
2082014026190709/18/14Aluminum alloy suitable for high pressure die casting
2092014026198109/18/14Cathode composite structure and methods thereof for improved fuel cell performance under high humidity
2102014026198209/18/14Simultaneous coating of fuel cell components
2112014026198309/18/14Manufacturability of eptfe laminated membranes
2122014026243909/18/14Method of manufacturing electrical circuit traces
2132014026264409/18/14Powered vehicle brake cooling system
2142014026281309/18/14Electrochemical process and device for hydrogen generation and storage
2152014026336609/18/14Sealing assemblies and pressurized fluid vessels including the sealing assemblies
2162014026420609/18/14Elastically deformable conduit assembly and method of fittingly retaining wires
2172014026520109/18/14Automotive rear suspension subassembly
2182014026535209/18/14Electrical system for a vehicle
2192014026540809/18/14Adaptable bin with moveable shelf
2202014026540909/18/14Adaptable bin with collapsible secondary bin
2212014026550309/18/14Seat mounted buckle presenter
2222014026555709/18/14Single-lithium ion conductor as binder in lithium-sulfur or silicon-sulfur battery
2232014026597509/18/14Inverter control method and vehicle having same
2242014026599709/18/14Underhood heat absorber
2252014026606009/18/14Evaluating a rechargeable battery
2262014026622109/18/14Determining a battery element voltage
2272014026622209/18/14Estimating voltage of a battery element
2282014026622309/18/14Estimating coolant conductivity in a multi-voltage fuel cell system
2292014026885209/18/14Expressive vehicle lighting assembly
2302014027101009/18/14Methods for generating gear teeth of a double involute pinion-face gear drive system
2312014027104009/18/14Balanced snap ring
2322014027132309/18/14Manufacturing nd-fe-b magnets using hot pressing with reduced dysprosium or terbium
2332014027132409/18/14Synthesis of ordered l10-type feni nanoparticles
2342014027231709/18/14Adhesive joint for joining panels
2352014027251409/18/14Battery module for mitigating gas accumulation and methods thereof
2362014027252609/18/14Porous separator for a lithium ion battery and a method of making the same
2372014027255809/18/14Electrode for a lithium-based secondary electrochemical device and method of forming same
2382014027256909/18/14Coating for separator or cathode of lithium-sulfur or silicon-sulfur battery
2392014027257309/18/14Anodes including mesoporous hollow silicon particles and a method for synthesizing mesoporous hollow silicon particles
2402014027257809/18/14Porous, amorphous lithium storage materials and a method for making the same
2412014027258409/18/14Method for pre-lithiation of the negative electrode in lithium ion batteries
2422014027260309/18/14Electrolyte additives for lithium sulfur rechargeable batteries
2432014027264409/18/14Fcs overall efficiency by using stored cathode oxygen during down-transients
2442014027265009/18/14Slip stream for reliable anode to cathode flow in freeze conditions
2452014027265209/18/14Predicting polarization curves in a fuel cell system
2462014027265409/18/14Remedial actions for air flow errors in a fuel cell system
2472014027266109/18/14Sealing design for stamped plate fuel cells
2482014027266209/18/14Cell retention design and process
2492014027267009/18/14Making a fuel storage tank with a liner and inner bag for a fuel storage system

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