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Goodrich Corporation
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Goodrich Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Goodrich Corporation. Goodrich Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Goodrich Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Goodrich Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Electomechanical brake actuator with variable speed epicyclic gearbox
03/23/17 new patent  Compliant lower bearing with tapered outer diameter
03/23/17 new patent  Passive altimeter
03/02/17Systems and methods for atmospheric single cycle carbonization
03/02/17Soft cover release mechanism for evacuation slides
03/02/17Shield member for selectivly securing an electrical device
02/23/17High thermal conductivity layer for fire resistant wood veneer
02/23/17Translucent illuminated evacuation slide
02/23/17Mechanical aircraft sill height indicator
02/16/17Noise reduction barrier for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
02/09/17Landing gear including a composite strut tube and methods for assembling the same
02/09/17Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and wireless communication unit
02/09/17Circuit card
02/02/17Telescoping evacuation slide
01/26/17Systems and methods for kerfing veneers
01/26/17Systems and methods for aircraft braking and taxiing
01/26/17Methods for repair of aircraft wheel and brake parts
01/26/17Gas barrier fabric
01/26/17Aircraft brake actuator assemblies
01/26/17Methods of determining strain limits and designing devices based on strain limits
01/26/17Flight control system with dual redundant lidar
01/19/17Wheel and tire sealing system with fuse plug
01/19/17Frontal entry phone cord funnel
01/19/17Off wing evacuation system control strap
01/19/17Cargo handling system
01/19/17Collapsible/ extendable aspirator system
01/19/17Threaded adapter assembly and fuse plug
01/19/17System and monitoring a serial bus
01/12/17Adjustable restraint assemblies
01/12/17Dual-rate linear actuator
01/05/17Tire pressure sensor assemblies including a tire pressure sensor for mating with an over-inflation pressure relief valve in an aircraft wheel system
01/05/17Electromechanical braking systems and methods with power demand control
01/05/17Method of forming borides in carbon composites
12/29/16Systems and methods for electric brake force estimation tolerant to drivetrain stiction
12/29/16Landing gear noise abatement devices
12/29/16Systems and methods for producing a carbon composite material
12/29/16Hybrid electric and hydraulic brake system
12/22/16Conductive attachment device
12/15/16Reinforced slide tube
12/15/16Sensor wire count reduction system
12/08/16System and realignment of read data by spi controller
12/08/16Parallel caching architecture and methods for block-based data processing
12/01/16Deicer boots having different elastomer fibers
12/01/16Polyether urethane deicer boots
12/01/16Deicer boots having elastomer fibers with aligned carbon allotrope materials
12/01/16Struts and methods utilizing a compression collar
12/01/16Multi-system data transfer protocol
11/24/16Systems and methods for brake actuator operation under load cell failure
11/24/16Aircraft floor panel
11/24/16Molded insert for enhanced pulll-out strength
11/24/16Winch or hoist system with clutch adjustment
11/24/16Clutch for a winch or hoist
11/24/16Attachment of composite lug to composite structural tube
11/24/16Clutch including a pump
11/24/16Control systems state vector management using co-processing and multiport ram
11/24/16System architecture for machine vision on moving platforms
11/24/16System and diagnosing line replaceable unit failure
11/17/16Process for forming carbon composite materials
11/17/16Slotted seal plates and slotted preforms for chemical vapor deposition densification
11/10/16Landing gear including a bogie beam assembly and coupling an axle to a bogie beam thereof
11/10/16Load cell gain compensation
11/10/16Isolation systems for image data gathering devices
11/10/16Infrared spectrometers
11/10/16Additively manufactured light shade
11/10/16Multi-axis center of mass balancing system for an optical gimbal assembly guided by inertial measurement
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11/03/16Self propelled air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading systems and methods
11/03/16High performance carbon fiber
11/03/16Self-calibrating linear voltage differential transformer demodulator
10/27/16Flexible veneer panel with metal mesh layer
10/27/16Soft cover release mechanism for evacuation slides
10/27/16Low z high performance carbon composite materials
10/20/16Safety deflation wheel seal design
10/20/16Handheld interrogation and display for remote sensors
10/20/16Increased brake radius to improve rto performance
10/20/16Brake position and wear detection systems and methods
10/13/16Axle sleeve
10/13/16Clutch for a winch
10/13/16Optical sensors
10/13/16Electro-hydraulic servo valve control system
10/06/16Multi directional input cargo moving system
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09/29/16Aircraft brake rotor clip repair methods
09/29/16Aircraft wheel release channel
09/29/16Hub cap data repeater circuit
09/29/16Brake force measurement techniques
09/29/16Retractable landing gear
09/29/16Formulations for oxidation protection of composite articles
09/29/16Multiphase compositions for oxidation protection of composite articles
09/29/16Aircraft brake disc materials and methods
09/29/16System and multiple surface air jet needling
09/29/16Curved and conformal high-pressure vessel
09/29/16Systems and methods for near resonant wireless power and data transfer
09/22/16Composite actuator rod end assembly
09/22/16Compressed gas tank assembly
09/22/16Heat treatment of titanium alloy
09/22/16Aluminum alloy anodization
08/18/16Landing gear systems having shear-thickening and shear-thinning fluid responses
08/18/16Systems and methods for communicating data of a power transmission line
08/11/16Wheel assembly tie bolt retention system
08/11/16Dual stage shock strut with removable second stage fluid chamber
08/11/16Slotted cable retainer for lifting assembly and assembling
08/11/16Helical slotted cable retainer for lifting assembly and assembling
08/04/16Electomechanical brake actuator with variable speed epicyclic gearbox
08/04/16Bushing cleaner systems and methods
08/04/16Composite actuator piston head assembly
08/04/16Sensor systems
08/04/16Smart load cell
08/04/16Systems and methods for detecting wheel bearing wear with mounted accelerometers
08/04/16Rotating window and radome for surveillance pod
07/28/16Enhanced brake control system with wheel mounted position sensor
07/28/16Brake cooling estimation methods and systems
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07/28/16Health monitoring pneumatic deicer
07/28/16Friction disks with floating wear linings
07/21/16Bi-stable voice coil park brake
07/21/16Electromechanically actuated brake with supplemental back drive
07/21/16Friction-based shimmy damper for landing gear
07/14/16Bi-stable clutch with permanent magnet array
07/07/16Integrated multi-function propulsion belt for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
07/07/16Conformal manually operated aircraft cargo restraint mechanism with integrated tie off
07/07/16Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and manually-operated conformal tie off point
06/30/16Keyed brake disk assembly
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06/23/16Methods to fabricate needled preforms with randomly oriented short length carbon fibers
06/16/16Contactless linear position sensor system
06/16/16Heated valve
06/16/16Combination tire pressure sensor and over-inflation pressure relief valve
06/09/16Method and system for electronic brake actuator detection
06/09/16Open loop load force estimation systems and methods
06/09/16Closed loop load force estimation systems and methods
06/09/16Method of detecting an electric actuator with decreased efficiency
05/26/16Vertically retracting side articulating landing gear for aircraft
05/26/16Wrap spring park brake system, apparatus and method
05/26/16Systems and methods for built in test equipment for a brake control system
05/19/16Anti-corrosion and/or passivation compositions for metal containing subtrates and methods for making, enhancing, and applying the same
05/12/16Landing gear with structural load path diverter bracket
05/05/16Aircraft brake puck assembly
05/05/16System and manufacturing net shape preform from textile strips
05/05/16System and preparing textiles with volumized tows for facilitating densification
05/05/16System and method to fabricate helical fabric
05/05/16System and ceramic doping of carbon fiber composite structures
05/05/16Vented ema with desiccant
05/05/16Ball screw assembly for aircraft brake
05/05/16Multi-dewar cooling system
05/05/16Solid state contactor with improved interconnect structure
05/05/16Brushless motor with modular position sensor
04/28/16Method of making a heat exchanger using additive manufacturing and heat exchanger
04/28/16Anti-corrosion and/or passivation compositions for metal containing subtrates and methods for making, enhancing, and applying the same
04/28/16Z-head piston for dual chamber shock struts
04/28/16Planar heat cup with confined reservoir for electronic power component
04/21/16Combustible fire suppressant aerosol composition
04/21/16Inductive heating energy recovery system
04/14/16Nose wheel steering
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04/14/16Slide bushing supported aircraft cargo loading systems and methods
04/14/16Wedge lift jacking system for crawler supported aircraft loading robot
04/14/16Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and wireless communication unit
04/14/16Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and wireless charging unit
04/14/16Pressure compensating air curtain for air cushion supported cargo loading platform
04/14/16Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and shuttle drive unit
04/14/16Noise reduction barrier for air cushion supported aircraft cargo loading robot
04/14/16Adjustable restraint assemblies
04/14/16Compact centrifugal air blowers for air cushion supported cargo loading platform
04/07/16Electric architecture with power storage cells
04/07/16Solid combustible propellant composition
04/07/16Solid combustible propellant composition
03/31/16Landing gear components having improved joints
03/24/16Mistake proof contour gauge
03/17/16Enhanced linear shaped charge including spinal charge element
03/03/16Differential emergency/park electric brake system
02/25/16Aircraft brake system testing methods
02/25/16Landing gear electrical swivel
02/25/16Air cushion aircraft cargo loading systems and methods
02/25/16Single-stage, separated gas-fluid shock absorber servicing
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02/18/16System for external annunciation of tire pressure
02/18/16Compliant lower bearing with tapered outer diameter
02/18/16Pyrotechnically actuated switch
02/11/16Independent brake control of a common aircraft gear
02/11/16Apparatus and system for aircraft park brake systems
02/11/16Shock damper
02/11/16System and method to adjust a force zero reference
02/11/16Optimization of human supervisors and cyber-physical systems
02/04/16Systems and methods for aircraft brake sensors
01/28/16Pitch trim actuator servicing monitoring system
01/28/16System and increasing coupling of an axle rotary transformer
01/21/16Force command update rate detection
01/21/16Control actuation smoothing
01/07/16Apparatus and system for power distribution to brake systems
01/07/16Heating circuit assembly and manufacture
12/31/15Systems and methods for kerfing veneers
12/31/15Pinless inductive connector assembly
12/31/15Wheel monitoring system
12/24/15Preforms for use in manufacturing composite structures and methods of making such preforms
12/24/15Strut length and pressure regulation system
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12/24/15Systems and methods for acoustic windows
12/17/15Contoured disc coupling
12/10/15Modular power drive unit system
12/10/15Torque control cargo loading systems and methods
12/10/15System and air entanglement
12/10/15Internal park brake system, apparatus, and method
12/10/15Stabilization of gyro drift compensation for image capture device
12/03/15Bonding structure with cte gradient for mounting an optical element in a frame
12/03/15Aircraft brake system testing methods
12/03/15Autobraking system with course trajectory adjustment
12/03/15Voice coil linear activated park brake
12/03/15Two-stage secondary piston for landing gear
12/03/15Belt park brake and methods
12/03/15Struts and methods utilizing a locking collar nut
12/03/15Sensor wire count reduction system
11/26/15System and transport of fibers to/from a circular needle-punching loom
11/19/15Sequential latch for palletized cargo
11/19/15Window assemblies
11/12/15Lithium free elevated temperature aluminum copper magnesium silver alloy for forged aerospace products
11/12/15Systems and methods for enhancing displayed images
11/12/15Gas separation from fuel cell cooling water
11/05/15Composite tube assemblies and methods
11/05/15Runway traction estimation and reporting system
10/29/15Ball transfer unit support systems
10/29/15Torque bar and methods for making
10/29/15High capacity water heater
10/29/15Systems and methods for heat shield assemblies
10/29/15Masked pixel arrays
10/22/15Bogie beam articulation mechanism
10/15/15State sensor systems and methods
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10/15/15Data transfer interface
10/08/15Nose wheel tire pressure sensing system and apparatus
10/08/15Struts and methods utilizing a compression collar
10/08/15Actuator system and method
10/08/15Grid topography for patterned semiconductor coating that minimizes optical scatter and obscuration
10/01/15Method to transport and lay down dry fiber bundles
10/01/15Shrinking system for landing gear
10/01/15Anti-corrosion and/or passivation compositions for metal containing subtrates and methods for making, enhancing, and applying the same
10/01/15Anti-corrosion and/or passivation compositions for metal containing subtrates and methods for making, enhancing, and applying the same
10/01/15Multiple collimator unit
10/01/15Peak temperature attenuation film
09/24/15Method of initializing a landing gear strut
09/24/15Systems and methods for calculated tow fiber angle
09/24/15Cold spray nodes, studs, stud assemblies, and methods of manufacture
09/24/15Servicing monitoring system for mixed fluid-gas shock struts
09/24/15Piston housing system and apparatus
09/24/15Systems and methods for anti-collision lights
09/24/15Aircraft landing gear shock strut performance monitoring
09/24/15Landing gear electrical swivel
09/10/15Compliant tire
08/27/15Systems and methods for built in test equipment for a brake control system
08/20/15Tire pressure indicator
08/13/15Brake cooling estimation methods and systems
08/13/15Passive altimeter
08/06/15System and determining accumulator status
07/30/15Random imaging
07/23/15System and spring assisted landing gear operation
06/04/15Rescue hoist digital video recording system
06/04/15Long-range image reconstruction using measured atmospheric characterization

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