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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc. Google Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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01/19/17 new patent  Detecting user content using wireless signal characteristics
01/19/17 new patent  Modulating processsor core operations
01/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods for providing call context to content providers
01/19/17 new patent  Images for query answers
01/19/17 new patent  Search result filters from resource content
01/19/17 new patent  Context-aware system for providing fitness information
01/19/17 new patent  Parallel processing of data for an untrusted application
01/19/17 new patent  Privacy management across multiple devices
01/19/17 new patent  Handheld device for capturing text from both a document printed on paper and a document displayed on a dynamic display device
01/19/17 new patent  Image production from video
01/19/17 new patent  Merchant-specific functionality services
01/19/17 new patent  Merchant-specific functionality services
01/19/17 new patent  Merchant-specific functionality services
01/19/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing states
01/19/17 new patent  Full value calculator for conversions
01/19/17 new patent  Methods, systems and media for presenting media content that was advertised on a second screen device using a primary device
01/19/17 new patent  Selecting photographs for a destination or point of interest
01/19/17 new patent  Camera pose estimation for mobile devices
01/19/17 new patent  Odometry feature matching
01/19/17 new patent  Systems and methods of dynamically varying a pre-alarm time of a security system
01/19/17 new patent  Using temporary credentials in guest mode
01/19/17 new patent  Immersive teleconferencing with translucent video stream
01/19/17 new patent  Securing a wireless mesh network via a chain of trust
01/19/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and computer program products for interfacing multiple service provider trusted service managers and secure elements
01/19/17 new patent  Access port queuing & resource management
01/12/17Multi functional camera with multiple reflection beam splitter
01/12/17Decomposition of error components between angular, forward, and sideways errors in estimated positions of a computing device
01/12/17Adding prescriptive correction to eyepieces for see-through head wearable displays
01/12/17Wake up to a cast alarm or an alarm plus content prompt
01/12/17Accelerometer based hall effect sensor filtering for computing devices
01/12/17Gesture keyboard input of non-dictionary character strings
01/12/17Automatic discovery and retrieval of interoperable applications
01/12/17Automatic imports and dependencies in large-scale source code repositories
01/12/17Methods, systems, and media for providing a media search engine
01/12/17Method and system for deleting obsolete files from a file system
01/12/17Programmatically choosing preferred storage parameters for files in large-scale distributed storage systems
01/12/17Systems and methods to facilitate submission of user images descriptive of locations
01/12/17Knowledge panel
01/12/17Generating elements of answer-seeking queries and elements of answers
01/12/17Methods and systems for controlling permission requests for applications on a computing device
01/12/17System for tracking a handheld device in virtual reality
01/12/17Methods, systems, and media for controlling a remote device using a touch screen of a mobile device in a display inhibited state
01/12/17Methods, systems, and media for managing output of an hdmi source
01/12/17Generating acoustic models
01/12/17Text transcript generation from a communication session
01/12/17Electrical connector for atmospheric isolation
01/12/17Generating an identifier for a device using application information
01/12/17Parallelized network traffic flow availability simulation using stochastic process and traffic engineering algorithms
01/12/17Network stochastic cross-layer optimization for meeting traffic flow availability target at minimum cost
01/12/17Protecting data from unauthorized access
01/12/17Caching geographic data according to server-specified policy
01/12/17Single-stream transmission multi-user video conferencing
01/12/17Video recommendation based on video co-occurrence statistics
01/12/17Methods, systems, and media for presenting supplemental information corresponding to on-demand media content
01/12/17Security for wireless broadcasts
01/12/17System for network discovery and synchronization
01/05/17Performance of a diagnostic procedure using a wearable computing device
01/05/17Manufacturing process for thermosiphon heat exchanger
01/05/17Optical fiber conductor
01/05/17Thermostat wiring connector
01/05/17Systems and methods for efficiently communicating between low-power devices
01/05/17Touchless user interface navigation using gestures
01/05/17Theming for virtual collaboration
01/05/17Incremental multi-word recognition
01/05/17Intelligent touchscreen keyboard with finger differentiation
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01/05/17Dynamic shuffle reconfiguration
01/05/17File operation task optimization
01/05/17Automatic expiring of cached data
01/05/17Query response using media consumption history
01/05/17Distributed storage system with replica selection
01/05/17Information retrieval system for archiving multiple document versions
01/05/17Selecting and presenting content relevant to user input
01/05/17Distributed database configuration
01/05/17Extracting card identification data
01/05/17Identifying consumers in a transaction via facial recognition
01/05/17Merchant specific offers in response to a user query
01/05/17Digital image comparison
01/05/17Electrical circuit protector
01/05/17Transformerless power conversion
01/05/17Satellite constellation
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01/05/17System and facilitating integrated social group instant messaging
01/05/17Distributed storage system with replica location selection
01/05/17Concurrent transcoding of streaming video for immediate download
01/05/17Devices and methods for an imaging system with a dual camera architecture
12/29/16Hvac control system encouraging energy efficient user behaviors in plural interactive contexts
12/29/16Intelligent controller providing time to target state
12/29/16Optical fiber conductor
12/29/16Head mounted display device with dual curved displays
12/29/16Spatially multiplexed lens for head mounted display
12/29/16High contrast projection screen with stray light rejection
12/29/16System for tracking a handheld device in an augmented and/or virtual reality environment
12/29/16Display mode based media player switching
12/29/16Third party action triggers
12/29/16Systems and methods for optimizing content layout using behavior metrics
12/29/16Ranking native applications and native application deep links
12/29/16Selecting representative video frames for videos
12/29/16Utilizing user co-search behavior to identify search queries seeking inappropriate content
12/29/16Training multiple neural networks with different accuracy
12/29/16Location-based delivery of structured content
12/29/16Targeting an aggregate group
12/29/16Propagating promotional information on a social network
12/29/16Method for sliced inpainting
12/29/16Systems and methods of home-specific sound event detection
12/29/16Language model biasing modulation
12/29/16Privacy-preserving training corpus selection
12/29/16Communicating data with audible harmonies
12/29/16Lte mimo antenna system for automotive carbon fiber rooftops
12/29/16Identifying referral pages based on recorded url requests
12/29/16Systems and methods for inferring network topology and path metrics in wide area networks
12/29/16Authentication specific data
Social Network Patent Pack
12/29/16Method and system for determining value of an account
12/29/16Automatic invitation delivery system
12/29/16Mobile geographic application in automotive environment
12/29/16System, apparatus and method to facilitate live video streaming
12/29/16Segmentation of a video based on user engagement in respective segments of the video
12/29/16Systems and methods for contextual discovery of device functions
12/29/16Cooling electronic devices in a data center
12/22/16Removable side view mirror for vehicle
12/22/16Methods and graphical user interfaces for reporting performance information for an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat
12/22/16Determining pickup and destination locations for autonomous vehicles
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12/22/16Navigation queries
12/22/16Measurement method and system
12/22/16Remote assistance for an autonomous vehicle in low confidence situations
12/22/16Dress form for three-dimensional drawing inside virtual reality environment
12/22/16Operating system card for multiple devices
12/22/16Methods and systems for providing an actionable object within a third-party content slot of an information resource of a content publisher
12/22/16Methods and systems for providing an actionable object within a third-party content slot of an information resource of a content publisher
12/22/16Media content presentation by categorizing and formatting media types
12/22/16Techniques for machine language translation of text from an image based on non-textual context information from the image
12/22/16Indicating location status
12/22/16Question answering using entity references in unstructured data
12/22/16Determining a characteristic of a location based on visit data
12/22/16Loyalty rewards in offline payment system
12/22/16Measuring call conversions for ads using aggregated call log data
12/22/16Identifying media store users eligible for promotions
12/22/16Personalized and contextual notifications of content releases
12/22/16Interactive ad rendering application for low-bandwidth communication environments
12/22/16Methods and systems for reducing inadvertent interactions with advertisements displayed on a computing device
12/22/16Apparatus and spatially referencing images
12/22/16Optimizing photo album layouts
12/22/16Hazard detector architecture facilitating compact form factor and multi-protocol wireless connectivity
12/22/16Remote alarm hushing
12/22/16Remote alarm hushing
12/22/16Mobile user interface for smart-home hazard detector configuration
12/22/16Context-dependent modeling of phonemes
12/22/16Speech recognition with acoustic models
12/22/16Phased array antenna self-calibration
12/22/16Methods and systems for developing an instant messaging network
12/22/16Streamlined utility portals for managing demand-response events
12/22/16Non-canting vcm-actuated autofocus
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12/22/16Content annotation tool
12/22/16Providing a program listing
12/22/16Self-service channel marketplace
12/22/16Do-not-disturb modes
12/22/16Device pairing
12/22/16Anti-spoofing protection in an automotive environment
12/22/16Establishing a connection over a low power communication type
12/22/16Device pairing
12/15/16Camera stand having an unlimited range of motion along an axis of rotation
12/15/16Method of packaging camera facilitating ease of installation
12/15/16Camera stand having a magnetically coupleable base
12/15/16Camera stand having an unlimited range of motion along an axis of rotation
12/15/16Power management in single circuit hvac systems and in multiple circuit hvac systems
12/15/16Preconditioning controls and methods for an environmental control system
12/15/16Methods, systems, and media for navigating a user interface with a toolbar
12/15/16Dynamic thumbnail representation for a video playlist
12/15/16Gesture touch inputs for controlling video on a touchscreen
12/15/16Systems and methods for smart home automation using a multifunction status and entry point icon
12/15/16Selection biasing
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting multiple live video feeds in a user interface
Social Network Patent Pack
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting alert event indicators
12/15/16System and identifying visual objects
12/15/16Using a scene illuminating infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to estimate the position of the camera
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting a camera history
12/15/16Placement attribute targeting
12/15/16Personalized mobile application re-engagement
12/15/16Allocation of content inventory units
12/15/16Using a depth map of a monitored scene to identify floors, walls, and ceilings
12/15/16Simulating an infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to construct a lookup table for depth determination
12/15/16Electronic display stabilization for head mounted display
12/15/16Virtual reality content presentation including viewpoint transitions to prevent simulator sickness
12/15/16Determining advertisement channel mixture ratios
12/15/16Method and system for detecting an audio event for smart home devices
12/15/16Using scene information from a security camera to reduce false security alerts
12/15/16Systems and methods for providing a smart notifications system
12/15/16Systems and methods for coordinating and administering self tests of smart home devices having audible outputs
12/15/16Systems and methods for coordinating and administering self tests of smart home devices having audible outputs
12/15/16Negative n-gram biasing
12/15/16Power supply including a flyback controller and buck converter
12/15/16Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices using bypass circuitry
Social Network Patent Pack
12/15/16Contextually driven messaging system
12/15/16Screen-analysis based device security
12/15/16Platform for multiple device playout
12/15/16Contextual, two way remote control
12/15/16Day and night detection based on one or more of illuminant detection, lux level detection, and tiling
12/15/16Using infrared images of a monitored scene to identify windows
12/15/16Using infrared images of a monitored scene to identify windows
12/15/16Using a depth map of a monitored scene to identify floors, walls, and ceilings
12/15/16Video advertisement overlay system and method
12/15/16Methods, systems, and media for aggregating and presenting content relevant to a particular video game
12/15/16Systems and methods of generating and displaying location entity information associated with the current geographic location of a mobile device
12/15/16Systems and methods for disambiguation of location entities associated with the current geographic location of a mobile device
12/08/16Document enhancement system and method
12/08/16Player model
12/08/16Systems and methods for allocating tasks to a plurality of robotic devices
12/08/16Hardpoint strain reliefs
12/08/16Binaural navigation cues
12/08/16Rapid deploy outdoor cable
12/08/16Efficient thin curved eyepiece for see-through head wearable display
12/08/16See-through eyepiece for head wearable display
12/08/16Methods and systems for hands-free browsing in a wearable computing device
12/08/16Managing metadata for a distributed processing system with manager agents and worker agents
12/08/16Methods, systems, and media for recommending media content
12/08/16Resource name generation and derivation
12/08/16Natural language search results for intent queries
12/08/16Related entities
12/08/16Spatial transformer modules
12/08/16Augmented neural networks
12/08/16Reading comprehension neural networks
12/08/16Whitened neural network layers
Social Network Patent Pack
12/08/16Point of sale terminal geolocations
12/08/16Promoting content from an activity stream
12/08/16Contextual dynamic advertising based upon captured rendered text
12/08/16Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor
12/08/16Somatosensory type notification alerts
12/08/16Systems and methods for battery charging
12/08/16Systems and methods for a multiple value packing scheme for homomorphic encryption
12/08/16Methods for coordinating communications between a plurality of communication devices of a user
12/08/16Capturing images using controlled vibration
12/08/16Video channel categorization schema
12/08/16Synchronized advertisement playback across navigation experiences and transitional states
12/01/16Multi-mode led illumination system
12/01/16Attaching electronic components to interactive textiles
12/01/16Rotary valve with brake mode
12/01/16Dynamically integrating offline and online data in a geographic application
12/01/16Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history
12/01/16Spooling cable
12/01/16Modular accessories for head-mountable device
12/01/16Autonomous vehicles
12/01/16Virtual reality headset and device case
12/01/16Virtual reality headset
12/01/16Techniques for simulated physical interaction between users via their mobile computing devices
12/01/16Gesture detection haptics and virtual tools
12/01/16System and providing an image for display
12/01/16Providing auto-focus for a search field in a user interface
12/01/16Consistent, disk-backed arrays
12/01/16Selective aborting of online processing of voice inputs in a voice-enabled electronic device
12/01/16Code caching system
12/01/16Application download emulation

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