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Recent patent applications related to Google Inc. Google Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17Modular lighting control system
10/12/17Control unit with automatic setback capability
10/12/17Curved eyepiece with color correction for head wearable display
10/12/17See-through curved eyepiece with patterned optical combiner
10/12/17Speculative actions based on user dwell time over selectable content
10/12/17Managing device functions based on physical interaction with device modules
10/12/17Hardware-assisted garbage collection
10/12/17Flights search
10/12/17Post-hoc management of datasets
10/12/17Indicating location status
10/12/17Related entity discovery
10/12/17Content exposure interval based content item deployment
10/12/17Speakerphone configuration for conferencing
10/12/17Encoding image data at a head mounted display device based on pose information
10/12/17System and associating individual household members with television programs viewed
10/12/17Cylindrical microphone array for efficient recording of 3d sound fields
10/05/17Input/output functions related to a portable device in an automotive environment
10/05/17System and generating virtual marks based on gaze tracking
10/05/17Computing devices having swiping interfaces and methods of operating the same
10/05/17Conductive contacts for alignment of portable user device in vr viewer
10/05/17Methods, systems, and media for media guidance
10/05/17Graphical user interface and related method
10/05/17Fast and efficient continuous integration test system for large scale services
10/05/17Smart variable expressive text or graphics for electronic communications
10/05/17Dynamic key mapping of a graphical keyboard
10/05/17Hybrid use of location sensor data and visual query to return local listings for visual query
10/05/17Content browsing on a vehicular display
10/05/17Surfacing user-specific data records in search
10/05/17Systems and methods for identifying entities directly from imagery
10/05/17Systems and methods for inferential sharing of photos
10/05/17Batching inputs to a machine learning model
10/05/17Affecting display of content based on negative reactions
10/05/17Dynamically generating video / animation, in real-time, in a display or electronic advertisement based on user data
10/05/17Compiler techniques for mapping program code to a high performance, power efficient, programmable image processing hardware platform
10/05/17Compiler managed memory for image processor
10/05/17Pass-through camera user interface elements for virtual reality
10/05/17Event prioritization and user interfacing for hazard detection in multi-room smart-home environment
10/05/17Systems, methods, and media for adjusting one or more images displayed to a viewer
10/05/17Methods and systems for detecting and processing speech signals
10/05/17Methods and systems for detecting and processing speech signals
10/05/17Methods and systems for detecting and processing speech signals
10/05/17Speaker identification
10/05/17Redundant residential power sources
10/05/17Optical amplifier with closed loop control for scintillation compensation in free space optical communications
10/05/17Methods and systems of securing and retrieving secret information
10/05/17Notification delivery to devices without appropriate applications installed
10/05/17Systems and methods for mutual authentication of electronic devices
10/05/17Generating and using ephemeral identifiers and message integrity codes
10/05/17Faster text entry on mobile devices through user-defined stroke patterns
10/05/17Anaglyph head mounted display
10/05/17Methods, systems, and media for indicating viewership of a video based on context
10/05/17Methods, systems, and media for indicating viewership of a video
10/05/17Interfacing a television with a second device
10/05/17Identifying viewing characteristics of an audience of a content channel
10/05/17Method and providing peer based network switching
09/28/17Methods and systems for correlating movement of a device with state changes of the device
09/28/17Device interaction with spatially aware gestures
09/28/17Methods, systems, and media for providing media guidance based on detected user events
09/28/17Contextual task shortcuts
09/28/17Navigation application programming interface
09/28/17Navigation application programming interface to accommodate multiple waypoint routing
09/28/17Interpreting user queries based on nearby locations
09/28/17Application permission settings
09/28/17Adaptive artificial neural network selection techniques
09/28/17Methods and reinforcement learning
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09/28/17Virtual machine pricing model
09/28/17Annotating and transmitting audio content items
09/28/17Processing a texture atlas using manifold neighbors
09/28/17Texture blending between view-dependent texture and base texture in a geographic information system
09/28/17Systems and methods for processing ultrasonic inputs
09/28/17Determining changes in a driving environment based on vehicle behavior
09/28/17Adaptive audio enhancement for multichannel speech recognition
09/28/17Automatic smoothed captioning of non-speech sounds from audio
09/28/17Methods and systems of providing browser cross-page communication using ports
09/28/17Tournament scheduling
09/28/17Integrating communication modes in persistent conversations
09/28/17Low latency applications using multiple servers
09/28/17Using images of a monitored scene to identify windows
09/28/17System and continuing playback in widget after app is backgrounded
09/28/17Object-based intra-prediction
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09/28/17Smart reordering in recursive block partitioning for advanced intra prediction in video coding
09/28/17Cross-platform end caps
09/28/17Cross-platform end caps
09/28/17Method and providing country detection on cellular devices using cell tower information
09/28/17Methods and sim-based authentication of non-sim devices
09/28/17Automatic wireless communication protocol toggling
09/21/17Electronic device with a cooling structure
09/21/17Methods and apparatus to provide haptic feedback for computing devices
09/21/17Unlearning techniques for adaptive language models in text entry
09/21/17Providing media to a user based on a triggering event
09/21/17Remote rendering of locally displayed content
09/21/17Providing a watchdog timer to enable collection of crash data
09/21/17Automated news digest
09/21/17Determining query results in response to natural language queries
09/21/17Synthesis of webpage snippets using sub-pages of the webpage
09/21/17Selecting content using query-independent scores of query segments
09/21/17Question and answer interface based on contextual information
09/21/17Methods, systems, and media for searching for video content
09/21/17Reducing time to first encrypted frame in a content stream
09/21/17Use of generic (browser) encryption api to do key exchange (for media files and player)
09/21/17Systems and methods for categorizing motion events
09/21/17Pruning and label selection in hidden markov model-based ocr
09/21/17Globally normalized neural networks
09/21/17Managing a workflow of human intelligence tasks based on task performance
09/21/17Generating offerings for a geographic location using referrer information
09/21/17Ordering ahead with a mobile device
09/21/17Electro-optic beam steering for super-resolution/lightfield imagery
09/21/17Systems and methods for enhancing object visibility for overhead imaging
09/21/17Method for dynamic range editing
09/21/17Simulating an infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to construct a lookup table for depth determination
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09/21/17Systems, devices, and methods for providing heat-source alerts
09/21/17Negative n-gram biasing
09/21/17Word-level correction of speech input
09/21/17Query rewrite corrections
09/21/17Determining dialog states for language models
09/21/17Visualization of image themes based on image content
09/21/17Interference mitigation systems in high altitude platform overlaid with a terrestrial network
09/21/17Fading mitigation of the turbulent channel based on polarization diversity in coherent optical receivers
09/21/17Efficient communication for devices of a home network
09/21/17Methods and systems for dynamic creation of access control lists
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09/21/17Providing actionable content to a computing device based on user actions
09/21/17System and facilitating deduplication of operations to be performed
09/21/17Efficient live-migration of remotely accessed data
09/21/17Systems and methods for enabling radio-frequency communication of a modular mobile electronic device
09/21/17Time-of-flight camera system with scanning iluminator
09/21/17Motion vector prediction through scaling
09/21/17Motion vector reference selection through reference frame buffer tracking
09/21/17Systems and methods for identifying non-canonical sessions
09/21/17Systems and methods for providing interactive content
09/14/17Clasp mechanisms for wristwatch bands
09/14/17Superimposed conveyance of data and electrical power
09/14/17Co-aligned retinal imaging and display system
09/14/17Structure modes for controlling various systems in closed enviornments
09/14/17Portable computing device with retracting keys for tablet use
09/14/17Virtual/augmented reality transition system and method
09/14/17Wearable computer with superimposed controls and instructions for external device
09/14/17Minimizing image copying during partition updates
09/14/17Sponsor answers and user-approved, system-suggested links in a social search engine
09/14/17Suggesting targeting information for ads; such as websites and/or categories of websites for example
09/14/17Weighted reviews of applications based on usage history
09/14/17System and using image data to determine a direction of an actor
09/14/17Smart hazard detector drills
09/14/17Smart-home device providing follow up communications to condition detection events
09/14/17Radio receiver with local oscillator modulation
09/14/17Detection of anomaly related to information about location of mobile computing device
09/14/17Systems and single queue multi-stream traffic shaping with delayed completions to avoid head of line blocking
09/14/17Electing whether to unify passcodes
09/14/17On-demand mobile device location polling
09/14/17Verification of pickup times in real-time ride-sharing feeds
09/07/17Deep machine learning methods and robotic grasping
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09/07/17Deep machine learning methods and robotic grasping
09/07/17Split winglet lateral control
09/07/17Pyroelectric ir motion sensor
09/07/17Calibrating inertial sensors using an image
09/07/17Display with reflected led micro-display panels
09/07/17Force sensing using capacitive touch surfaces
09/07/17Adaptive background playback behavior
09/07/17Presenting content items and performing actions with respect to content items
09/07/17Device common model interface
09/07/17Resource allocation for computer processing
09/07/17System and automatic software development kit configuration and distribution
09/07/17Location specific content visualizations
09/07/17Collaborative workflow through messaging conversations
09/07/17Adaptive recommendations of user-generated mediasets
09/07/17Publisher tool for controlling sponsored content quality across mediation platforms
09/07/17Network security based on proximity with ip whitelisting
09/07/17Direct settlement of hands-free transactions
09/07/17Securing personal identification numbers for mobile payment applications by combining with random components
09/07/17Facial template and token pre-fetching in hands free service requests
09/07/17Facial profile modification for hands free transactions
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09/07/17Economic filtering system for delivery of permission based, targeted, incentivized advertising
09/07/17Architecture for high performance, power efficient, programmable image processing
09/07/17Intelligent object sizing and placement in a augmented / virtual reality environment
09/07/17Macro i/o unit for image processor
09/07/17Developer voice actions system
09/07/17Systems and methods facilitating selective removal of content from a mixed audio recording
09/07/17Methods, systems, and media for presenting a reminder to view content
09/07/17Sharing protected user content between devices
09/07/17Enhanced streaming media playback
09/07/17Functionality inoperable unless node registered at remote site
09/07/17Secondary transmissions of packetized data
09/07/17Sheet generator for image processor
09/07/17Enhancing video conferences
09/07/17Systems and methods for environment content sharing
09/07/17Line buffer unit for image processor
09/07/17Systems and methods for live media content matching
09/07/17Providing an indication of highlights in a video content item
09/07/17Using an audio stream to identify metadata associated with a currently playing television program
09/07/17Methods, systems, and media for presenting a suggestion to watch videos
09/07/17Systems and methods for spatial audio adjustment
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09/07/17Relaying communications in a wireless sensor system
08/31/17Thermostat facilitating user-friendly installation thereof
08/31/17Radar mounting estimation with unstructured data
08/31/17Methods, systems, and media for creating and updating a group of media content items
08/31/17Computing devices having dynamically configurable user input devices, and methods of operating the same
08/31/17Software development and distribution platform
08/31/17Energy efficient processor core architecture for image processor
08/31/17Software development kit platform
08/31/17System and providing additional functionality to developer side application in an integrated development environment
08/31/17Method and system for software application testing recommendations
08/31/17User interface for realtime language translation
08/31/17Framework for suggesting search terms
08/31/17Processing techniques for text capture from a rendered document
08/31/17Processing cell images using neural networks
08/31/17Parallel processing of data for an untrusted application
08/31/17Digital wallet
08/31/17Displaying estimation of content viewership
08/31/17Suggesting and/or providing targeting criteria for advertisements
08/31/17Methods and ordering advertisements based on performance information
08/31/17Systems and methods for automatically inserting annotations in online advertisements
08/31/17Identifying related information given content and/or presenting related information in association with content-related advertisements
08/31/17Compiler techniques for mapping program code to a high performance, power efficient, programmable image processing hardware platform
08/31/17Compiler managed memory for image processor
08/31/17Macro i/o unit for image processor
08/31/17Voice commands across devices
08/31/17Methods and systems for detecting and processing speech signals
08/31/17Populating user contact entries
08/31/17Methods, systems, and media for providing access control for a computing device
08/31/17Multiple user interest profiles
08/31/17Shift register with reduced wiring complexity
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08/31/17Rating videos based on parental feedback
08/31/17Broadcasting device status
08/24/17Systems, managing demand-response programs and events
08/24/17Perceptual characteristic similarity for item replacement in media content
08/24/17Managing memory fragmentation in hardware-assisted data compression
08/24/17Compiler for translating between a virtual image processor instruction set architecture (isa) and target hardware having a two-dimensional shift array structure
08/24/17Multi-functional execution lane for image processor
08/24/17Parallel processing of data
08/24/17System and data collection and analysis of information relating to mobile applications
08/24/17Methods, systems, and media for interpreting queries
08/24/17Profiles in suggest
08/24/17Generating contextual search presentations
08/24/17Customized query-action mappings for an offline grammar model
08/24/17Detecting digital content visibility
08/24/17Virtual image processor instruction set architecture (isa) and memory model and exemplary target hardware having a two-dimensional shift array structure
08/24/17Fine-grained image similarity
08/24/17Image classification neural networks
08/24/17Selecting a preferred payment instrument
08/24/17Separate time-warping for a scene and an object for display of virtual reality content
08/24/17Methods and systems for detecting and processing speech signals
08/24/17Automatically syncing recordings between two or more content recording devices
08/24/17Powermap optimized thermally aware 3d chip package
08/24/17Clock period randomization for defense against cryptographic attacks
08/24/17Application programming interface access controls
08/24/17Methods, systems and media for presenting a virtual operating system on a display device
08/24/17Techniques for attaching media captured by a mobile computing device to an electronic document
08/24/17Device pairing in augmented / virtual reality environment
08/24/17Selection of networks for voice call transmission
08/24/17Signal processing methods and systems for rendering audio on virtual loudspeaker arrays

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