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Google Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Google Inc. Google Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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05/18/17 new patent  Electronic device controller with user-friendly installation features facilitating both do-it-yourself and professional installation scenarios
05/18/17 new patent  Transportation routing
05/18/17 new patent  Transportation routing
05/18/17 new patent  Systems, methods, and media for providing power to an hdmi source
05/18/17 new patent  Receiving input at a computing device
05/18/17 new patent  Entering unlock sequences using head movements
05/18/17 new patent  Methods, systems, and media for performing personalized actions on mobile devices associated with a media presentation device
05/18/17 new patent  Simulated hyperlinks on a mobile device
05/18/17 new patent  Methods, systems and media for associating multiple users with a media presentation device
05/18/17 new patent  Access points for maps
05/18/17 new patent  Determining relevance of points of interest to a user
05/18/17 new patent  Suggestion-based differential diagnostics
05/18/17 new patent  Identifying an assumption about a user, and determining a veracity of the assumption
05/18/17 new patent  Wearable device multi-mode system
05/18/17 new patent  Adding value to a rendered document
05/18/17 new patent  Convolutional gated recurrent neural networks
05/18/17 new patent  Neural random access machine
05/18/17 new patent  Neural network programmer
05/18/17 new patent  Dueling deep neural networks
05/18/17 new patent  Training neural networks using normalized target outputs
05/18/17 new patent  Training neural networks using a prioritized experience memory
05/18/17 new patent  Asynchronous deep reinforcement learning
05/18/17 new patent  Neural programming
05/18/17 new patent  Generating larger neural networks
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for selecting content based on linked devices
05/18/17 new patent  System and deploying ads based on a content exposure interval
05/18/17 new patent  Image capture interface
05/18/17 new patent  Multiple application versions
05/18/17 new patent  Converting flash content to html content by generating an instruction list
05/18/17 new patent  Systems and methods for detecting anomalies in a hazard detection system
05/18/17 new patent  Head mounted display device with rapid gamma correction between display panels
05/18/17 new patent  Generating target sequences from input sequences using partial conditioning
05/18/17 new patent  Multiple speech locale-specific hotword classifiers for selection of a speech locale
05/18/17 new patent  Wireless power near-field repeater system that includes metamaterial arrays to suppress far-field radiation and power loss
05/18/17 new patent  Wireless power delivery over medium range distances using magnetic, and common and differential mode-electric, near-field coupling
05/18/17 new patent  Performance monitoring in a distributed storage system
05/18/17 new patent  Wireless network access
05/18/17 new patent  Device access controls
05/18/17 new patent  Enhanced push messaging
05/18/17 new patent  Stabilization based on accelerometer data
05/18/17 new patent  Clustering geofence-based alerts for mobile devices
05/11/17Using active ir sensor to monitor sleep
05/11/17Application testing with experimental layers
05/11/17Passive infrared sensor self test with known heat source
05/11/17Mobile user interface
05/11/17Memory devices and methods
05/11/17Automatic audio level adjustment during media item presentation
05/11/17General purpose software parallel task engine
05/11/17Indicators for entities corresponding to search suggestions
05/11/17Selective presentation of content types and sources in search
05/11/17Resource locator remarketing
05/11/17Regularizing machine learning models
05/11/17Training neural networks represented as computational graphs
05/11/17System and parallelizing convolutional neural networks
05/11/17Payments in communication systems
05/11/17Potential revenue of video views
05/11/17Requesting publisher information for resource presentation
05/11/17Pricing product recommendations in a social network
05/11/17Edge-aware bilateral image processing
05/11/17Portable globe creation for geographical information system
05/11/17Systems and methods for intelligent alarming
05/11/17Security system re-arming
05/11/17Voice commands across devices
05/11/17Answering questions using environmental context
05/11/17Twdm passive network with extended reach and capacity
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05/11/17Managing instant messaging sessions on multiple devices
05/11/17Aggregating interactions for content items
05/11/17Depth camera based image stabilization
05/11/17Reputation based collaboration session
05/11/17Adjusting security in response to alert communications
05/11/17Communicating information about an update of an application
05/04/17System and experiencing advertised interactive applications
05/04/17Ground station for airborne wind turbine
05/04/17Collective vehicle traffic routing
05/04/17Determining and displaying autodrive lanes in an autonomous vehicle
05/04/17Presenting information for a current location or time
05/04/17Free space optical combiner with prescription integration
05/04/17Display of binocular overlapping images in a head mounted display
05/04/17System and geographic data layer management in a geographic information system
05/04/17Terminating computing applications using a gesture
Patent Packs
05/04/17Methods and mobile computing device security in testing facilities
05/04/17Displaying original text in a user interface with translated text
05/04/17Query rewriting using session information
05/04/17Indexing native application data
05/04/17Categorizing search terms
05/04/17Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for displaying content
05/04/17System and automatic detection of spherical video content
05/04/17Stream-based accelerator processing of computational graphs
05/04/17Processing computational graphs
05/04/17Modifying computational graphs
05/04/17Facilitating meetings
05/04/17Systems, methods, and computer program products for integrating third party services with a mobile wallet
05/04/17Identifying contextual keywords based on remarketing lists
05/04/17Portable globe creation for geographical information system
05/04/17Automatic illuminating user interface device
05/04/17Detector unit with multiple integrated sensing systems and visually pleasing housing
05/04/17Connectors for connecting electronics embedded in garments to external devices
05/04/17System and handling link loss in a network
05/04/17Notification bundles for affinities between notification data
05/04/17Controlling access to resource functions at a control point of the resource via a user device
05/04/17Media application backgrounding
05/04/17Enabling communication while limiting access to user information
05/04/17Detecting driving with a wearable computing device
05/04/17Multi-mode led illumination system
05/04/17Day and night detection based on one or more of illuminant detection, lux level detection, and tiling
05/04/17Method and recreating directional cues in beamformed audio
05/04/17Timing synchronization for small cells with limited backhaul
05/04/17Generating and publishing validated location information
05/04/17Smart-home device battery compartment facilitating ease of user access and device robustness
04/27/17Heart rate detection with multi-use capacitive touch sensors
Social Network Patent Pack
04/27/17Chopped-fibers with axial property gradient for molded parts
04/27/17Methods and systems for clearing sensor occlusions
04/27/17Synchronization of appliances to a schedule of a user
04/27/17Photo-based unlock patterns
04/27/17Interactive textiles
04/27/17Systems and methods for attributing a scroll event in an infinite scroll graphical user interface
04/27/17Determining image captions
04/27/17Mobile application search ranking
04/27/17Social where next suggestion
04/27/17Using a dimensional data model for transforming a natural language query to a structured language query
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04/27/17Surfacing inferred actions in search
04/27/17Integrating real-time news with historic events
04/27/17Neural network for processing aptamer data
04/27/17Monitoring digital images
04/27/17Formatting web pages with advertisements
04/27/17Objective function based engine to create smart product groupings
04/27/17Liquid crystal display with variable drive voltage
04/27/17Parameter collection and automatic dialog generation in dialog systems
04/27/17Promoting voice actions to hotwords
04/27/17Visual confirmation for a recognized voice-initiated action
04/27/17Light sensor readout system and converting light into electrical signals
04/27/17Internet access evaluation
04/27/17Balancing exposure and gain at an electronic device based on device motion and scene distance
04/27/17Camera data access based on subscription status
04/27/17Methods, systems, and media for presenting news items corresponding to media content
04/27/17Personalized entity repository
04/27/17Labeling visited locations based on contact information
04/20/17Collective vehicle traffic routing
04/20/17Presentation of the media content on mobile devices
04/20/17Touchscreen user interface for presenting media
04/20/17Interface for navigating imagery
04/20/17Synchronous communication system and method
04/20/17Asynchronous copying of data within memory
04/20/17User interface for screencast applications
04/20/17Systems and methods of distributed optimization
04/20/17System and providing a temporally or geographically relevant item
04/20/17Smoothed activity signals for suggestion ranking
04/20/17User-guided term suggestions
04/20/17Firmware verified boot
04/20/17Systems and methods for automatically classifying businesses from images
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04/20/17Providing content with branding labels
04/20/17Managing shareable content in a social network
04/20/17Speech endpointing
04/20/17Speech endpointing
04/20/17Hotword recognition
04/20/17Dialog system with automatic reactivation of speech acquiring mode
04/20/17Hotword recognition
04/20/17Hotword recognition
04/20/17Media summarization
04/20/17Generating videos of media items associated with a user
04/20/17Determining strength of association between user contacts
04/20/17Intrusive software management
04/20/17Capture, recording, and streaming of media content
04/20/17Dynamic bit rate encoding
04/20/17Flexible communication systems and methods
04/20/17Camera assembly with filter providing different effective entrance pupil sizes based on light type
04/20/17Stabilizing video
04/20/17Auto white balance using infrared and/or ultraviolet signals
04/20/17Depth-assisted focus in multi-camera systems
04/20/17Methods and systems for performance monitoring for mobile applications
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04/20/17Generating videos of media items associated with a user
04/13/17Concentric opposed cam actuator
04/13/17Battery and hard drive exchange station for robots
04/13/17Coordinating energy use of disparately-controlled devices in the smart home based on near-term predicted hvac control trajectories
04/13/17Cover to protect keyboard and bottom of laptop computer
04/13/17Transitioning between two power states based on user-related signals
04/13/17Electronic device pose identification based on imagery and non-image sensor data
04/13/17Input method editors for indic languages
04/13/17Querying publisher goal and customizing suggestions to achieve goal
04/13/17Integration of content in non-browser applications
04/13/17User interface with quantum curves and quantum arcs
04/13/17Automatic batch voice commands
04/13/17Selection of ranked configurations
04/13/17System and loading a web page
04/13/17Providing notifications based on geofencing search results
04/13/17Intelligent distributed geographic information system
04/13/17Participant suggestion system
04/13/17Entity display priority in a distributed geographic information system
04/13/17Displaying objects based on a plurality of models
04/13/17Scoring content within native applications
Social Network Patent Pack
04/13/17Methods, systems, and media for presenting recommended media content items
04/13/17Trusted computing
04/13/17Neural network processor
04/13/17Prefetching weights for use in a neural network processor
04/13/17Vector computation unit in a neural network processor
04/13/17Computing convolutions using a neural network processor
04/13/17Batch processing in a neural network processor
04/13/17Rotating data for neural network computations
04/13/17Providing a recommendation to subscribe to a social networking profile
04/13/17Methods, systems, and media for recommending content items based on topics
04/13/17Image cache for replacing portions of images
04/13/17Smoothing 3d models of objects to mitigate artifacts
04/13/17System and providing continuity between real world movement and movement in a virtual/augmented reality experience
04/13/17Systems and methods for intelligent alarming
04/13/17Latency constraints for acoustic modeling
04/13/17Dynamic threshold for speaker verification
04/13/17Storyline experience
04/13/17Systems and methods for maintaining network service levels
04/13/17System and sharing content in an instant messaging application
04/13/17Systems and methods for dynamically selecting a communication identifier
04/13/17Storing decrypted body of message and key used to encrypt and decrypt body of message
04/13/17Systems and methods for mutual authentication of electronic devices
04/13/17Secure interface using non-secure element processors
04/13/17Mixing content into a content stream
04/13/17Systems and methods for syncing data related to voice calls via a dynamically assigned virtual phone number
04/13/17Integrated heat spreader and emi shield
04/06/17See-through in-window air conditioner unit
04/06/17Integrated heat pump and thermoelectric cooling with a bladeless fan
04/06/17Radar-enabled sensor fusion
04/06/17Nand-based verified boot
Social Network Patent Pack
04/06/17Media consumption context for personalized instant query suggest
04/06/17Presenting images of multiple media entities
04/06/17Single table multi-schema data store in a key value store
04/06/17Network based content transmission based on client device parameters
04/06/17Automatically branding topics using color
04/06/17Method and system for detecting and presenting video feed
04/06/173d position estimation of objects from a monocular camera using a set of known 3d points on an underlying surface
04/06/17Action suggestions for user-selected content
04/06/17Determining relative interest levels of tourists and locals in points of interest
04/06/17Customized landing pages
04/06/17Camera calibration using synthetic images
04/06/17Systems and methods of intrusion detection
04/06/17Opening sensor with magnetic field detection
04/06/17Automated package delivery to a delivery receptacle
04/06/17Providing pre-computed hotword models
04/06/17Signatures of updates exchanged in a binary data synchronization protocol
04/06/17In-vehicle shared-screen system with write back to multiple user accounts
04/06/17Method and system for load balancing anycast data traffic
04/06/17Peer-to-peer syncable storage system
04/06/17Recommending media content to a user based on information associated with a referral source
04/06/17Modular wireless communicator
04/06/17Methods and apparatuses for providing improved autofocus using curve-fitting
04/06/17User interface for wide angle photography
04/06/17Compressed sensing for gesture tracking and recognition with radar
03/30/17Actuator limit controller
03/30/17Gas sampling device
03/30/17Calibrating intertial sensors using an image sensor
03/30/17Systems and devices for implementing a side-mounted optical sensor
03/30/17System and limiting the impact of stragglers in large-scale parallel data processing

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