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Google Inc patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Google Inc. Google Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11Cable edging systems and methods
12/29/11Input method editor
12/29/11Context-influenced application recommendations
12/29/11Location in search queries
12/29/11Self-service channel marketplace
12/29/11System and method for authenticating web users
12/29/11Ad privacy management
12/22/11Method and circuit for configuring memory core integrated circuit dies with memory interface integrated circuit dies
12/22/11Maintaining network connectivity
12/22/11Selecting representative images for establishments
12/22/11Context-sensitive point of interest retrieval
12/22/11Television remote control data transfer
12/22/11Personalized network searching
12/22/11Media article adaptation to client device
12/22/11Bug clearing house
12/15/11Speech and noise models for speech recognition
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Content items for mobile applications
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Micro-payment system architecture
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/15/11Scrolling in large hosted data set
12/08/11Cloud-based print service
12/08/11Association of a portable scanner with input/output and storage devices
12/08/11System and method for identifying multiple paths between network nodes
12/08/11Continuous audio interaction with interruptive audio
12/08/11Aggregating mobile device battery life data
12/08/11Methods and systems for selecting a language for text segmentation
12/08/11Predicting and learning carrier phrases for speech input
12/08/11Conversion path performance measures and reports
12/08/11Service for aggregating event information
12/08/11Dynamic search box for web browser
12/08/11Scalable rendering of large spatial databases
12/08/11System and method of caching information
12/08/11Selecting alternate keyboard characters via motion input
12/01/11Tunable multi-wavelength semiconductor laser array for optical communications based on wavelength division multiplexing
12/01/11Tunable multi-wavelength optical transmitter and transceiver for optical communications based on wavelength division multiplexing
12/01/11Telephone caller classification
12/01/11Acoustic model adaptation using geographic information
12/01/11Expanding ad group themes using aggregated sequential search queries
12/01/11Single conversion advertisements
12/01/11Systems and methods for providing search results
12/01/11Providing content using stored query information
12/01/11Generalized edit distance for queries
12/01/11Applying scanned information to identify content
12/01/11Methods and systems for the display and navigation of a social network
12/01/11Custom language models
12/01/11Providing an electronic document collection
11/24/11Sliding motion to change computer keys
11/24/11Interactive ads
11/24/11Microsite models
11/24/11Contextual content items for mobile applications
11/24/11Electronic license management
11/24/11Supervised learning with multi-scale time intervals using a statistical classification model to classify unlabeled events
11/24/11Automatic routing of search results
11/24/11Classifying locations for ad presentation
11/24/11Agent rank
11/24/11Presenting mobile content based on programming context
11/24/11Content delivery network
11/24/11Adaptive gate drive systems and methods
11/24/11Management of computing resources for applications
11/24/11Registering an event
11/24/11Managing lifecycles of television gadgets and applications
11/24/11Television related searching
11/24/11Using viewing signals in targeted video advertising
11/24/11Blocking of unlicensed audio content in video files on a video hosting website
11/17/11Automatic derivation of analogous touch gestures from a user-defined gesture
11/17/11System and method for reducing latency via multiple network connections
11/17/11Shape clustering in post optical character recognition processing
11/17/11Machine translation feedback
11/17/11Ad redemption
11/17/11System and method of displaying search results based on density
11/17/11Dictionary word and phrase determination
11/17/11Touch gesture actions from a device's lock screen
11/17/11System and method for graphically enriching promotional messages delivered to handheld communication devices
11/10/11Directional pad on touchscreen
11/10/11Video compression and encoding method
11/10/11Digital image archiving and retrieval in a mobile device system
11/10/11Storage bag for loft bed
11/10/11Seeking answers to questions
11/10/11Performing geography-based advertising experiments
11/10/11Social media enabled advertising
11/10/11Profile advertisements
11/10/11Server-side match
11/10/11Caching electronic document resources in a client device having an electronic resource database
11/10/11Parallel processing of data
11/10/11Parallel processing of data
11/10/11Image storage in electronic documents
11/03/11Location-based advertisement conversions
11/03/11Query rewriting with entity detection
11/03/11Dynamic determination of location-identifying search phrases
11/03/11Generic online ranking system and method suitable for syndication
11/03/11Voice ad interactions as ad conversions
10/27/11Spreading comments to other documents
10/27/11Presentation of local results
10/27/11Document scoring based on document content update
10/20/11Three-dimensional overlays within navigable panoramic images, and applications thereof
10/20/11Geotagged environmental audio for enhanced speech recognition accuracy
10/20/11Payment model with endorsements
10/20/11Endorsements used in ranking ads
10/20/11Central web-based data exchange
10/20/11Personalized network searching
10/20/11Document scoring based on document content update
10/20/11Providing question and answer services
10/20/11Extended keyboard user interface
10/13/11Delay estimator
10/13/11Providing relevance-ordered categories of information
10/13/11Providing history and transaction volume information of a content source to users
10/13/11Row heights in electronic documents
10/13/11Rich browser-based word processor
10/13/11Real-time collaboration in a hosted word processor
10/13/11Zooming in a web browser
10/13/11Collaborative cursors in a hosted word processor
10/06/11Cooling disc for bundles of current carrying cables
10/06/11Synthesizing panoramic three-dimensional images
10/06/11Conversational question and answer
10/06/11Application-independent text entry
09/29/11Printer with anonymous printer registration in a cloud-based print service
09/29/11Computing device with remote contact lists
09/29/11Predictive pre-recording of audio for voice input
09/29/11Domain dictionary creation
09/29/11System and method for improving the performance of electronic media advertising campaigns through multi-attribute analysis and optimization
09/29/11System and method for enabling an advertisement to follow the user to additional web pages
09/29/11Product recommendations based on collaborative filtering of seller products
09/29/11Methods and systems for improving a search ranking using population information
09/29/11Trusted maps: updating map locations using trust-based social graphs
09/29/11Discontinuous download of media files
09/29/11Organizing social activity information on a site
09/29/11Geo-coded comments in a messaging service
09/29/11Method and system for selecting content using a touchscreen
09/29/11Exposure based customization of surveys
09/29/11Distributing content
09/22/11Personalized location tags
09/22/11On-line payment transactions
09/22/11Query language identification
09/15/11Map-based interface for booking broadcast advertisements
09/15/11Method and system for detecting fraudulent internet merchants
09/15/11Unified search interface
09/08/11Bandwidth constrained auctions
09/08/11Detecting and rejecting annoying documents
09/08/11Contextual query revision
09/01/11Hierarchical blurring of texture maps
09/01/11Content rights management
09/01/11Agent rank
09/01/11Blending mobile search results
08/25/11Portable globe creation for a geographical information system
08/25/11System and method for managing flow of packets
08/25/11Network performance server
08/25/11Speech correction for typed input
08/25/11Server provider recommendation engine
08/25/11Entity display priority in a distributed geographic information system
08/25/11Online ranking metric
08/18/11Compound splitting
08/18/11Translating user interaction with a touch screen into text
08/18/11Search over structured data
08/18/11Server-based data sharing in computer applications
08/11/11Propagating information among web pages
08/11/11Light-weight network traffic cache
08/11/11Identification of message recipients
08/11/11Customized television advertising
08/04/11Determining a meaning of a knowledge item using document based information
08/04/11Method of delivery, targeting, and measuring advertising over networks
08/04/11Evaluating statistical significance of test statistics using placebo actions
08/04/11Distributing content
08/04/11Information search system with real-time feedback
08/04/11Joint embedding for item association
08/04/11Content author badges
07/28/11Traffic signal mapping and detection
07/28/11Multi-dimensional disambiguation of voice commands
07/28/11Integration of embedded and network speech recognizers
07/28/11Distributed electronic commerce system with virtual shopping carts for group shopping
07/28/11Methods and systems for adjusting a scoring measure based on query breadth
07/28/11List based attribute web search
07/28/11Generating reach and frequency data for television advertisements
07/28/11Providing selective access to a web site
07/21/11Methods and apparatus for employing usage statistics in document retrieval
07/14/11Input method editor integration
07/14/11Operating system auto-update procedure
07/07/11Determining a geographical location
07/07/11Word-level correction of speech input
07/07/11Rich media notice board
06/30/11Touch sensor and touchscreen user input combination
06/30/11Speech to text conversion
06/30/11Speech recognition language models
06/30/11Multi-campaign content allocation
06/30/11Achieving advertising campaign goals
06/30/11Multi-campaign content allocation
06/30/11User interface for web comments
06/30/11Initiating communications with web page visitors and known contacts
06/23/11Deadlock prevention in direct networks of arbitrary topology
06/23/11Triggering actions in response to optically or acoustically capturing keywords from a rendered document
06/23/11Language model selection for speech-to-text conversion
06/23/11Multi-modal input on an electronic device
06/23/11Customizing surveys
06/23/11Matching encoder output to network bandwidth
06/23/11Presenting real-time search results
06/23/11Cloud-based user interface augmentation
06/16/11Rollback in a browser
06/16/11Allocating advertising space in a network of displays
06/16/11Objective and subjective ranking of comments
06/16/11Interpreting local search queries
06/16/11Offline gadgets ide
06/16/11Utilization of browser space
06/09/11High-resolution, variable depth of field image device
06/09/11Matching an approximately located query image against a reference image set
06/09/11Word detection
06/09/11Digital mapping system
06/09/11Translating a search query into multiple languages
06/09/11Resource search operations
06/09/11Zero-minute virus and spam detection
06/09/11Dynamic code insertion and removal for static analysis based sandboxes
06/09/11Dynamic code insertion and removal for static analysis based sandboxes
06/02/11Detecting spam documents in a phrase based information retrieval system
06/02/11Wireless communication with a dock
06/02/11System and method of providing enhanced listings
06/02/11Client-server input method editor architecture
05/26/11Heliostat control scheme using cameras
05/26/11Portable solar energy collecting device
05/26/11On-screen guideline-based selective text recognition
05/19/11Translating user interaction with a touch screen into input commands
05/19/11Automatically mining person models of celebrities for visual search applications
05/19/11Online monitoring systems to determine offline advertising effectiveness
05/19/11Blending mobile search results
05/19/11Social interaction hub
05/12/11Resource monitoring on a mobile device
05/12/11Orthorectifying stitched oblique imagery to a nadir view, and applications thereof
05/12/11Transit routing system for public transportation trip planning
05/12/11Advertiser and user association
05/12/11Individualized tab audio controls
05/12/11Implementing customized control interfaces
05/05/11Voice actions on computing devices
05/05/11Affiliate linking
05/05/11Identifying a group of related instances
05/05/11Social search engine
04/28/11Programming of dimm termination resistance values
04/28/11Mobile computing device dock
04/28/11Navigation queries
04/28/11Navigation images
04/28/11Sponsorship advertisement network
04/28/11Association of ads with tagged audiovisual content
04/28/11Computer-to-computer communications
04/28/11Dock-specific display modes
04/28/11Social messaging user interface
04/28/11Predictive text entry for input devices
04/28/11Displaying a collection of interactive elements that trigger actions directed to an item
04/21/11Product recommendations based on collaborative filtering of user data
04/21/11Query optimization
04/21/11Pre-configuration of a cloud-based computer
04/14/11Cloud based media player and offline media access
04/14/11Cloud based file storage service
04/14/11Application whitelisting in a cloud-based computing device
04/14/11Determining search query statistical data for an advertising campaign based on user-selected criteria
04/14/11Cloud based computer power management
04/14/11Computing device with developer mode
04/14/11Authentication using a weak hash of user credentials
04/14/11Computing device with recovery mode
04/14/11Power metering and control in cloud based computer
04/14/11Movable information panels
04/14/11Power monitoring and control in cloud based computer
04/14/11Displaying advertisements on blank television output
04/07/11Gesture-based selective text recognition
04/07/11Decentralised web annotation
03/31/11Controlling content distribution
03/31/11Online resource assignment
03/31/11Systems and methods for providing advertisements in a communications network
03/31/11Dynamic action links for web content sharing
03/31/11System and method for tracking unique vistors to a website
03/31/11Client utility interaction analysis
03/31/11Method and system of providing search results for a query
03/31/11Targeting videos for advertisements by audience or content
03/24/11Determining complementary product content from primary product document information and providing such complementary product content in association with the primary product document, in an online environment
03/24/11Distributed electronic commerce system with centralized point of purchase
03/24/11Auction verification
03/24/11Auction verification
03/24/11Automated screening of content based on intellectual property rights
03/17/11Local advertising responses
03/17/11Methods and systems for compressing indices
03/17/11Gesture recognition on computing device
03/10/11Query revision using known highly-ranked queries
03/10/11Searching structured data
03/10/11Network based directory service for terrestrial broadcasts
03/03/11Audience segment estimation
03/03/11Direct manipulation gestures
02/24/11Business listing search
02/24/11Local item extraction
02/24/11Relevance-based image selection
02/24/11System and method of caching information
02/24/11Advertisement transcoding and approval
02/17/11Enhanced image and video super-resolution processing
02/17/11System and method for graceful restart
02/17/11Management of publisher yield
02/17/11Sharing user distributed search results
02/17/11Methods and systems for endorsing local search results
02/17/11Context based resource relevance
02/17/11Presenting comments from various sources
02/17/11Shared server-side macros
02/17/11Providing a user with feedback regarding power consumption in battery-operated electronic devices
02/17/11Providing a user with feedback regarding power consumption in battery-operated electronic devices
02/17/11Separating reputation of users in different roles
02/17/11Event-triggered server-side macros
02/17/11Annotating content
02/10/11Serving media articles with altered playback speed
02/10/11Determining impressions for mobile devices
02/03/11System and method for identifying multiple paths between network nodes
02/03/11Impression forecasting and reservation analysis
02/03/11Impression forecasting and reservation analysis
02/03/11Document search engine including highlighting of confident results
02/03/11Document scoring based on document inception date
02/03/11Native code module security for 64-bit instruction set architectures
02/03/11Native code module security for arm instruction set architectures
01/27/11Ranking social network objects
01/27/11Scoring local search results based on location prominence
01/27/11Document scoring based on link-based criteria
01/27/11Dynamically naming communities within online social networks
01/27/11Inter-domain communication
01/27/11Determining proximity measurements indicating respective intended inputs
01/27/11Targeted video advertising
01/20/11Highlighting of voice message transcripts
01/20/11Displaying original text in a user interface with translated text
01/20/11Using estimated ad qualities for ad filtering, ranking and promotion
01/20/11Providing advertisements from related search queries
01/13/11Architectures and methods for creating and representing time-dependent imagery
01/13/11Multi-community content sharing in online social networks
12/29/11Image capture for purchases
08/11/11Method and apparatus for transaction tracking over a computer network
06/30/11Method and system for sharing anonymous user information
05/12/11Transportation routing
09/01/11Automatic language model update

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