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Google Inc patents (2016 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Google Inc. Google Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/16Hvac control system encouraging energy efficient user behaviors in plural interactive contexts
12/29/16Intelligent controller providing time to target state
12/29/16Optical fiber conductor
12/29/16Head mounted display device with dual curved displays
12/29/16Spatially multiplexed lens for head mounted display
12/29/16High contrast projection screen with stray light rejection
12/29/16System for tracking a handheld device in an augmented and/or virtual reality environment
12/29/16Display mode based media player switching
12/29/16Third party action triggers
12/29/16Systems and methods for optimizing content layout using behavior metrics
12/29/16Ranking native applications and native application deep links
12/29/16Selecting representative video frames for videos
12/29/16Utilizing user co-search behavior to identify search queries seeking inappropriate content
12/29/16Training multiple neural networks with different accuracy
12/29/16Location-based delivery of structured content
12/29/16Targeting an aggregate group
12/29/16Propagating promotional information on a social network
12/29/16Method for sliced inpainting
12/29/16Systems and methods of home-specific sound event detection
12/29/16Language model biasing modulation
12/29/16Privacy-preserving training corpus selection
12/29/16Communicating data with audible harmonies
12/29/16Lte mimo antenna system for automotive carbon fiber rooftops
12/29/16Identifying referral pages based on recorded url requests
12/29/16Systems and methods for inferring network topology and path metrics in wide area networks
12/29/16Authentication specific data
12/29/16Method and system for determining value of an account
12/29/16Automatic invitation delivery system
12/29/16Mobile geographic application in automotive environment
12/29/16System, apparatus and method to facilitate live video streaming
12/29/16Segmentation of a video based on user engagement in respective segments of the video
12/29/16Systems and methods for contextual discovery of device functions
12/29/16Cooling electronic devices in a data center
12/22/16Removable side view mirror for vehicle
12/22/16Methods and graphical user interfaces for reporting performance information for an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat
12/22/16Determining pickup and destination locations for autonomous vehicles
12/22/16Navigation queries
12/22/16Measurement method and system
12/22/16Remote assistance for an autonomous vehicle in low confidence situations
12/22/16Dress form for three-dimensional drawing inside virtual reality environment
12/22/16Operating system card for multiple devices
12/22/16Methods and systems for providing an actionable object within a third-party content slot of an information resource of a content publisher
12/22/16Methods and systems for providing an actionable object within a third-party content slot of an information resource of a content publisher
12/22/16Media content presentation by categorizing and formatting media types
12/22/16Techniques for machine language translation of text from an image based on non-textual context information from the image
12/22/16Indicating location status
12/22/16Question answering using entity references in unstructured data
12/22/16Determining a characteristic of a location based on visit data
12/22/16Loyalty rewards in offline payment system
12/22/16Measuring call conversions for ads using aggregated call log data
12/22/16Identifying media store users eligible for promotions
12/22/16Personalized and contextual notifications of content releases
12/22/16Interactive ad rendering application for low-bandwidth communication environments
12/22/16Methods and systems for reducing inadvertent interactions with advertisements displayed on a computing device
12/22/16Apparatus and method for spatially referencing images
12/22/16Optimizing photo album layouts
12/22/16Hazard detector architecture facilitating compact form factor and multi-protocol wireless connectivity
12/22/16Remote alarm hushing
12/22/16Remote alarm hushing
12/22/16Mobile user interface for smart-home hazard detector configuration
12/22/16Context-dependent modeling of phonemes
12/22/16Speech recognition with acoustic models
12/22/16Phased array antenna self-calibration
12/22/16Methods and systems for developing an instant messaging network
12/22/16Streamlined utility portals for managing demand-response events
12/22/16Non-canting vcm-actuated autofocus
12/22/16Content annotation tool
12/22/16Providing a program listing
12/22/16Self-service channel marketplace
12/22/16Do-not-disturb modes
12/22/16Device pairing
12/22/16Anti-spoofing protection in an automotive environment
12/22/16Establishing a connection over a low power communication type
12/22/16Device pairing
12/15/16Camera stand having an unlimited range of motion along an axis of rotation
12/15/16Method of packaging camera facilitating ease of installation
12/15/16Camera stand having a magnetically coupleable base
12/15/16Camera stand having an unlimited range of motion along an axis of rotation
12/15/16Power management in single circuit hvac systems and in multiple circuit hvac systems
12/15/16Preconditioning controls and methods for an environmental control system
12/15/16Methods, systems, and media for navigating a user interface with a toolbar
12/15/16Dynamic thumbnail representation for a video playlist
12/15/16Gesture touch inputs for controlling video on a touchscreen
12/15/16Systems and methods for smart home automation using a multifunction status and entry point icon
12/15/16Selection biasing
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting multiple live video feeds in a user interface
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting alert event indicators
12/15/16System and method of identifying visual objects
12/15/16Using a scene illuminating infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to estimate the position of the camera
12/15/16Methods and systems for presenting a camera history
12/15/16Placement attribute targeting
12/15/16Personalized mobile application re-engagement
12/15/16Allocation of content inventory units
12/15/16Using a depth map of a monitored scene to identify floors, walls, and ceilings
12/15/16Simulating an infrared emitter array in a video monitoring camera to construct a lookup table for depth determination
12/15/16Electronic display stabilization for head mounted display
12/15/16Virtual reality content presentation including viewpoint transitions to prevent simulator sickness
12/15/16Determining advertisement channel mixture ratios
12/15/16Method and system for detecting an audio event for smart home devices
12/15/16Using scene information from a security camera to reduce false security alerts
12/15/16Systems and methods for providing a smart notifications system
12/15/16Systems and methods for coordinating and administering self tests of smart home devices having audible outputs
12/15/16Systems and methods for coordinating and administering self tests of smart home devices having audible outputs
12/15/16Negative n-gram biasing
12/15/16Power supply including a flyback controller and buck converter
12/15/16Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices using bypass circuitry
12/15/16Contextually driven messaging system
12/15/16Screen-analysis based device security
12/15/16Platform for multiple device playout
12/15/16Contextual, two way remote control
12/15/16Day and night detection based on one or more of illuminant detection, lux level detection, and tiling
12/15/16Using infrared images of a monitored scene to identify windows
12/15/16Using infrared images of a monitored scene to identify windows
12/15/16Using a depth map of a monitored scene to identify floors, walls, and ceilings
12/15/16Video advertisement overlay system and method
12/15/16Methods, systems, and media for aggregating and presenting content relevant to a particular video game
12/15/16Systems and methods of generating and displaying location entity information associated with the current geographic location of a mobile device
12/15/16Systems and methods for disambiguation of location entities associated with the current geographic location of a mobile device
12/08/16Document enhancement system and method
12/08/16Player model
12/08/16Systems and methods for allocating tasks to a plurality of robotic devices
12/08/16Hardpoint strain reliefs
12/08/16Binaural navigation cues
12/08/16Rapid deploy outdoor cable
12/08/16Efficient thin curved eyepiece for see-through head wearable display
12/08/16See-through eyepiece for head wearable display
12/08/16Methods and systems for hands-free browsing in a wearable computing device
12/08/16Managing metadata for a distributed processing system with manager agents and worker agents
12/08/16Methods, systems, and media for recommending media content
12/08/16Resource name generation and derivation
12/08/16Natural language search results for intent queries
12/08/16Related entities
12/08/16Spatial transformer modules
12/08/16Augmented neural networks
12/08/16Reading comprehension neural networks
12/08/16Whitened neural network layers
12/08/16Point of sale terminal geolocations
12/08/16Promoting content from an activity stream
12/08/16Contextual dynamic advertising based upon captured rendered text
12/08/16Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor
12/08/16Somatosensory type notification alerts
12/08/16Systems and methods for battery charging
12/08/16Systems and methods for a multiple value packing scheme for homomorphic encryption
12/08/16Methods for coordinating communications between a plurality of communication devices of a user
12/08/16Capturing images using controlled vibration
12/08/16Video channel categorization schema
12/08/16Synchronized advertisement playback across navigation experiences and transitional states
12/01/16Multi-mode led illumination system
12/01/16Attaching electronic components to interactive textiles
12/01/16Rotary valve with brake mode
12/01/16Dynamically integrating offline and online data in a geographic application
12/01/16Point-of-interest latency prediction using mobile device location history
12/01/16Spooling cable
12/01/16Modular accessories for head-mountable device
12/01/16Autonomous vehicles
12/01/16Virtual reality headset and device case
12/01/16Virtual reality headset
12/01/16Techniques for simulated physical interaction between users via their mobile computing devices
12/01/16Gesture detection haptics and virtual tools
12/01/16System and method for providing an image for display
12/01/16Providing auto-focus for a search field in a user interface
12/01/16Consistent, disk-backed arrays
12/01/16Selective aborting of online processing of voice inputs in a voice-enabled electronic device
12/01/16Code caching system
12/01/16Application download emulation
12/01/16Delayed shut down of a computer
12/01/16Personal assistant providing predictive intelligence using enterprise content
12/01/16Assist layer with automated extraction
12/01/16Idle time software garbage collection
12/01/16Memory system architecture
12/01/16Providing suggested voice-based action queries
12/01/16World knowledge triggers
12/01/16Search personalization and an enterprise knowledge graph
12/01/16Dynamically updatable offline grammar model for resource-constrained offline device
12/01/16Predicting user needs for a particular context
12/01/16Providing knowledge panels with search results
12/01/16Generating travel queries in response to free-text search queries
12/01/16Policies for secrets in trusted execution environments
12/01/16Convolutional color correction
12/01/16System and method of indicating transition between street level images
12/01/16Multidimensional graphical method for entering and exiting applications and activities in immersive media
12/01/16Virtual reality expeditions
12/01/16Systems and methods for anticipatory locking and unlocking of a smart-sensor door lock
12/01/16Systems and methods for announcing location of unauthorized party
12/01/16System and method for interactive security
12/01/16Use of optical reflectance proximity detector in battery-powered devices
12/01/16Fallback requests for autonomous vehicles
12/01/16Learning pronunciations from acoustic sequences
12/01/16Conversational agents
12/01/16Context-sensitive dynamic update of voice to text model in a voice-enabled electronic device
12/01/16Multi-stage hotword detection
12/01/16Local persisting of data for selectively offline capable voice action in a voice-enabled electronic device
12/01/16Apparatus and method for efficient two-way optical communication where transmitter may interfere with receiver
12/01/16In-vehicle shared-screen system with write back to multiple user accounts
12/01/16Access control for enterprise knowledge
12/01/16Authorization in a distributed system using access control lists and groups
12/01/16Streaming spherical video
12/01/16System and method for automatic cloud-based full-data backup and restore on mobile devices
12/01/16Asynchronous and synchronous resource links
12/01/16Camera rig and stereoscopic image capture
12/01/16Omnistereo capture for mobile devices
12/01/16Multimedia conference broadcast system
12/01/16Capture and render of panoramic virtual reality content
12/01/16Omnistereo capture and render of panoramic virtual reality content
12/01/16Active shutter head mounted display
12/01/16Method and apparatus to reduce spherical video bandwidth to user headset
11/24/16Multiplayer game for display across multiple devices
11/24/16Methods and systems for providing landmarks to facilitate robot localization and visual odometry
11/24/16Systems and methods of detection with active infrared sensors
11/24/16Auto-configuring time-of-day for building control unit
11/24/16Routing with data version stitching
11/24/16Multi-switch option scanning
11/24/16Audio file processing to reduce latencies in play start times for cloud served audio files
11/24/16User interface customization based on speaker characterics
11/24/16Remote management of data planes and configuration of networking devices
11/24/16Coordinated user word selection for translation and obtaining of contextual information for the selected word
11/24/16Techniques for providing visual translation cards including contextually relevant definitions and examples
11/24/16System and method for analyzing data records
11/24/16Dynamic language model
11/24/16Personalization of web search results using term, category, and link-based user profiles
11/24/16Comparing extracted card data with user data
11/24/16Vector computation unit in a neural network processor
11/24/16Batch processing in a neural network processor
11/24/16Neural network processor
11/24/16Prefetching weights for use in a neural network processor
11/24/16Rotating data for neural network computations
11/24/16Advertisement price discounting
11/24/16Customer identity verification
11/24/16Event prioritization and user interfacing for hazard detection in multi-room smart-home environment
11/24/16Systems and methods of integrating sensor output of a mobile device with a security system
11/24/16Systems and methods for testing hazard detectors in a smart home
11/24/16Systems and methods for self-administering a sound test
11/24/16Method and system for consolidating events across sensors
11/24/16Prioritized display of visual content in computer presentations
11/24/16Speech synthesis model selection
11/24/16Answering questions using environmental context
11/24/16Conversational agents
11/24/16Quantum hardware characterized by programmable bose-hubbard hamiltonians
11/24/16Co-located nfc reader
11/24/16Address validation using signatures
11/24/16Geo-location based content publishing platform
11/24/16Data management profile for a fabric network
11/24/16Proxy service for content requests
11/24/16Automatic detection of panoramic gestures
11/24/16Multi functional camera with beam splitter
11/24/16Systems and methods for improved audio output in electronic devices
11/24/16Running location provider processes
11/24/16Mms delivery system
11/24/16Automatic wake to update wireless connectivity
11/24/16Smoke detector with regulated constant-current circuit for driving optical sources
11/24/16Automatically adjust sensor sample rates and modes based on sensor feedback and system state
11/24/16Adjustable-angle mounting system for hazard detector
11/24/16Synchronizing cardiovascular sensors for cardiovascular monitoring
11/17/16Devices and methods for encoder calibration
11/17/16Method of actively controlling winch swing via modulated uptake and release
11/17/16Optical signaling system for a smart-home device
11/17/16Circuit board configurations facilitating operation of heat sensitive sensor components
11/17/16Visual buffering element for hazard detector internal components
11/17/16Lightguide device with outcoupling structures
11/17/16Preventing sleep mode for devices based on sensor inputs
11/17/16Visual indication of a recognized voice-initiated action
11/17/16Generating compact representations of high-dimensional data
11/17/16Activity triggers
11/17/16Activating device functions based on configurations of device modules
11/17/16User warnings for content items projected to underperform
11/17/16Contextualizing knowledge panels
11/17/16Privacy-sensitive query for localization area description file
11/17/16Predictively presenting search capabilities
11/17/16System and method for personalized snippet generation
11/17/16Systems and methods for automatically creating content modification scheme
11/17/16Unlocking time to non-educational content
11/17/16Sound event detection
11/17/16Systems and methods for scale invariant 3d object detection leveraging processor architecture
11/17/16Crowd-sourced creation and updating of area description file for mobile device localization
11/17/16Entity based temporal segmentation of video streams
11/17/16System and method for addressing overfitting in a neural network
11/17/16Constructing and programming quantum hardware for robust quantum annealing processes
11/17/16Event scheduling
11/17/16System and method for isolated simulations for accurate predictions of counterfactual events
11/17/16Image pixel status determination
11/17/16Speech recognition for keywords
11/17/16Deepstereo: learning to predict new views from real world imagery
11/17/16Range of focus in an augmented reality application
11/17/16Smoke detector chamber architecture and related methods using two different wavelengths of light
11/17/16Smoke detector chamber
11/17/16Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor with matter retention member and method for making same
11/17/16Sensor-containing hazard detector button with optimized tactile characteristics
11/17/16Visual and auditory user notification methods for smart-home hazard detector
11/17/16Devices and methods for a speech-based user interface
11/17/16Hazard detector electrical connector for easy user manipulation and atmospheric isolation
11/17/16Intent-broadcast systems and methods
11/17/16Prioritized notification display
11/17/16Identifying phishing communications using templates
11/17/16Magnetic induction network device
11/17/16Privacy filtering of area description file prior to upload
11/17/16Initiating a video conferencing session
11/17/16Using an avatar in a videoconferencing system
11/17/16Color space compression
11/17/16Methods and systems for varying channel scanning duration
11/17/16Hazard detector battery compartment facilitating ease of user access and device robustness
11/10/16Adaptive content control and display for internet media
11/10/16Presenting translations of text depicted in images
11/10/16Algorithmic radio for arbitrary textual queries
11/10/16System and method for identification and consolidation of related concurrent document sessions
11/10/16Searching and annotating within images
11/10/16Blocking of unlicensed audio content in video files on a video hosting website
11/10/16Constructing and programming quantum hardware for quantum annealing processes
11/10/16Determining quality signals for electronic mail offer campaigns
11/10/16System and method for providing off-viewport third party content
11/10/16Native creative generation using hashtagged user generated content
11/10/16Painterly picture generation
11/10/16Animated painterly picture generation
11/10/16Pass-through display of captured imagery
11/10/16Wireless access point
11/10/16Contactless electrical coupling for a rotatable lidar device
11/10/16Pre-fetched encoding for application streaming
11/10/16Method for noise-robust color changes in digital images
11/10/16Methods, systems, and media for generating an advertisement from a video stream
11/10/16Conditional display of hyperlinks in a video
11/10/16Cooling electronic devices in a data center
11/03/16Spar buoy platform
11/03/16Systems for testing a computer keyboard
11/03/16Sliding frame
11/03/16Input determination method
11/03/16Wide-field radar-based gesture recognition
11/03/16Rf-based micro-motion tracking for gesture tracking and recognition
11/03/16Type-agnostic rf signal representations
11/03/16Entity action suggestion on a mobile device
11/03/16Infrastructure for hosting and publishing software packages
11/03/16Data caching
11/03/16Anchor tag indexing in a web crawler system
11/03/16Search result ranking and presentation
11/03/16Predictive query completion and predictive search results
11/03/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for interpreting geographical search queries
11/03/16Video creation marketplace
11/03/16Ranking nearby destinations based on visit likelihoods and predicting future visits to places from location history
11/03/16Identifying consumers via facial recognition to provide services
11/03/16One-click offline buying
11/03/16Identifying consumers in a transaction via facial recognition
11/03/16Identifying similar online activity using an online activity model
11/03/16Methods and systems for detecting home and employment change conversions
11/03/16Displaying applications on a fixed orientation display
11/03/16Blending between street view and earth view
11/03/16Systems and methods for multi-criteria alarming
11/03/16Correcting voice recognition using selective re-speak
11/03/16Processing multi-channel audio waveforms
11/03/16Audio data classification
11/03/16System and method for synchronizing multi-level output devices in an unreliable network
11/03/16Determining semantic place names from location reports
11/03/16System and method for granular network access and accounting
11/03/16Facial profile password to modify user account data for hands-free transactions
11/03/16System and method for event content stream
11/03/16Delaying publicizing, at a second source, upload of a content item to a first source until confirmation of availability of the content item at the first source
11/03/16Caching in a mobile network
11/03/16Motion to connect to kiosk
11/03/16Virtual eyeglass set for viewing actual scene that corrects for different location of lenses than eyes
11/03/16Adaptive streaming using chunked time-to-offset mapping
11/03/16Recommending a composite channel
11/03/16Peripheral audio output device
11/03/16Reducing stream interruptions during network handover
11/03/16Interchangeable rack system
11/03/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for interpreting geographical search queries
11/03/16Customizable health monitoring
10/27/16Methods and systems for providing aerial assistance
10/27/16Determining user charges using tracking information
10/27/16Smart-home device that self-qualifies for away-state functionality
10/27/16Shadow casting alignment technique for seamless displays
10/27/16Virtual/augmented reality transition system and method
10/27/16Providing user-interactive graphical timelines
10/27/16Virtual image processor instruction set architecture (isa) and memory model and exemplary target hardware having a two-dimensional shift array structure
10/27/16Compiler for translating between a virtual image processor instruction set architecture (isa) and target hardware having a two-dimensional shift array structure
10/27/16Energy efficient processor core architecture for image processor
10/27/16Predictive generation of search suggestions
10/27/16Apparatus and methods for optimizing dirty memory pages in embedded devices
10/27/16System for associating related digital assets
10/27/16Classifying documents by cluster
10/27/16Generating mobile-friendliness scores for resources
10/27/16Method and system for detecting and presenting a new event in a video feed
10/27/16Notification engine
10/27/16Architecture for high performance, power efficient, programmable image processing
10/27/16Dynamic update of display pixels
10/27/16Customizing speech-recognition dictionaries in a smart-home environment
10/27/16Predicting and learning carrier phrases for speech input
10/27/16Disambiguating input based on context
10/27/16Developer voice actions system
10/27/16Speaker verification using co-location information
10/27/16Messaging over multiple channels
10/27/16Identifying insertion points for inserting live content into a continuous content stream
10/27/16Sheet generator for image processor
10/27/16Two dimensional shift array for image processor
10/27/16Line buffer unit for image processor
10/27/16Method and system for displaying recorded and live video feeds
10/27/16Video monitoring user interface for displaying motion events feed
10/27/16Sound signature database for initialization of noise reduction in recordings
10/27/16Profile switching powered by location
10/27/16Clustering communications based on classification
10/20/16Systems and methods for reliable relative navigation and autonomous following between unmanned aerial vehicle and a target object
10/20/16Cycloid transmission with an adjustable ring
10/20/16Background schedule simulations in an intelligent, network-connected thermostat
10/20/16Avoiding accidental cursor movement when contacting a surface of a trackpad
10/20/16Video player with assisted seek
10/20/16Virtual machine systems
10/20/16Virtual machine systems
10/20/16Virtualization-aware prefetching
10/20/16Methods, systems, and media for processing queries relating to presented media content
10/20/16Native application search result adjustment based on user specific affinity
10/20/16Discovery of news-related content
10/20/16Protecting content on a mobile device from mining
10/20/16Time variant data profile for a fabric network
10/20/16Document scanner
10/20/16Normalization of predictive model scores
10/20/16Providing actionable notifications to a user
10/20/16Advertiser campaign scripting
10/20/16Advertiser campaign scripting
10/20/16Controlling content distribution
10/20/16Systems and methods for displaying patterns of recurring graphics on digital maps
10/20/16Three dimensional navigation among photos
10/20/16Method and system for optical user recognition
10/20/16Personalized speech synthesis for voice actions
10/20/16Segment-based speaker verification using dynamically generated phrases
10/20/16Electrical connector
10/20/16Providing actionable content to a computing device based on user actions
10/20/16Systems and methods for notifying users of changes to files in cloud-based file-storage systems
10/20/16System and method for video encoding using constructed reference frame
10/20/16Creating cover art for media browsers
10/20/16Methods, systems, and media for controlling a presentation of media content
10/13/16Virtual moving safety limits for vehicles transporting objects
10/13/16Guided installation feedback for an opening sensor
10/13/16Dynamically controlling map viewport in view of user signals
10/13/16Monitoring external vibration sources for data collection
10/13/16User interface for social interactions on a head-mountable display
10/13/16Neural network for keyboard input decoding
10/13/16Methods, systems, and media for providing a remote control interface
10/13/16Bug clearing house
10/13/16Distributing data on distributed storage systems
10/13/16Browsing large geocoded datasets using nested shapes
10/13/16Search query refinement
10/13/16Providing app store search results
10/13/16Device dependent search experience
10/13/16Programmable search engines
10/13/16Method and system to provide access to secure features of a device
10/13/16Securing, monitoring and tracking shipping containers
10/13/16Image editing and repair
10/13/16Valuing advertisements on a map
10/13/16Motion sensor adjustment
10/13/16Initiating actions based on partial hotwords
10/13/16Hotword detection on multiple devices
10/13/16Mapping input to form fields
10/13/16Dynamic threshold for speaker verification
10/13/16Dynamic volume adjustment
10/13/16Distributed scheduler
10/13/16Iterative max-min fairness algorithms
10/13/16Predictive forwarding of notification data
10/13/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting comments based on correlation with content
10/13/16Methods, systems, and media for providing access control for a computing device
10/13/16Identifying reference content that includes third party content
10/13/16Power-efficient location estimation
10/13/16Dynamic pathlight brightness based on size and distance of motion/object approaching the device
10/06/16Cloud-based analysis of robotic system component usage
10/06/16Imager for detecting visual light and projected patterns
10/06/16Flexure based torque sensor
10/06/16Filling apparatus for high-altitude balloons
10/06/16Sensing system for verifying deadbolt engagement
10/06/16Providing power to a data center
10/06/16Method and apparatus for increasing the frame rate of a time of flight measurement
10/06/16Long range steerable lidar system
10/06/16Partitioned display and control to provide power management in liquid crystal display
10/06/16Methods and systems for gesture based switch for machine control
10/06/16Word sense disambiguation using hypernyms
10/06/16Determining and inferring user attributes
10/06/16Authenticating user and launching an application on a single intentional user gesture
10/06/16Verifying a target object with reverse-parallax analysis
10/06/16Method and apparatus for identifying a person by measuring body part distances of the person
10/06/16Comparing extracted card data using continuous scanning
10/06/16Selecting reinforcement learning actions using goals and observations
10/06/16Systems and methods for audience measurement
10/06/16Systems and methods for optimizing subsidies in an online auction
10/06/16Contextual voice action history
10/06/16Language model biasing modulation
10/06/16Speaker recognition using neural networks
10/06/16Hierarchical decorrelation of multichannel audio
10/06/16Trigger associated notification delivery in an enterprise system
10/06/16Handheld device for capturing text from both a document printed on paper and a document displayed on a dynamic display device
10/06/16Systems and methods for capturing images from a lock screen
10/06/16Recommending video programs
10/06/16Adaptive on-demand tethering
09/29/16Aptamer-based sensors, implantable devices and detection system
09/29/16Parachute system mounted to payload
09/29/16Associating semantic location data with automated environment mapping
09/29/16Devices and methods for determining and acting upon cumulative exposure of a building occupant to a hazardous substance
09/29/16Methods and systems for lidar optics alignment
09/29/16Vehicle with multiple light detection and ranging devices (lidars)
09/29/16Unlearning techniques for adaptive language models in text entry
09/29/16Two-layer interactive textiles
09/29/16Navigating event information
09/29/16Dynamically merging multiple screens into one view port
09/29/16Method and system for generating personalized images for categorizing content
09/29/16Gestures for interactive textiles
09/29/16Multiple index based information retrieval system
09/29/16Providing selected images from a set of images
09/29/16Media consumption history
09/29/16Information extraction from question and answer websites
09/29/16Methods for in-place access of serialized data
09/29/16Method and system for processing queries initiated by users of mobile devices
09/29/16Method for validating an untrusted native code module
09/29/16Face template balancing
09/29/16Method and system for categorizing detected motion events
09/29/16Image and video compression for remote vehicle assistance
09/29/16Cluster based photo navigation
09/29/16Convolutional neural networks
09/29/16Inferred user intention notifications
09/29/16Dispensing digital objects to an electronic wallet
09/29/16Detection of failure to display advertisements
09/29/16User sliders for simplified adjustment of images
09/29/16Configuring a smart home controller
09/29/16Processing audio waveforms
09/29/16Conductive thread for interactive textiles
09/29/16Personal video recorder with limited attached local storage
09/29/16Data flow windowing and triggering
09/29/16Expanding the field of view of photograph
09/29/16Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices by optimizing component layout
09/29/16Controlled power-efficient operation of wireless communication devices
09/29/16Systems, methods, and devices for managing coexistence of multiple transceiver devices using control signals
09/22/16Predictive reasoning for controlling speed of a vehicle
09/22/16Airborne rigid kite with on-board power plant for ship propulsion
09/22/16Controlling media output during consecutive navigation interruptions
09/22/16Wide-view lidar with areas of special attention
09/22/16Dynamic icons for gesture discoverability
09/22/16Audio book smart pause
09/22/16Systems and methods for enabling user voice interaction with a host computing device
09/22/16Methods and systems for removing plt stubs from dynamically linked binaries
09/22/16Storage of data in a distributed storage system
09/22/16Method and system for generating location-based playlists
09/22/16Detecting the location of a mobile device based on semantic indicators
09/22/16Confirming physical possession of plastic nfc cards with a mobile digital wallet application
09/22/16Systems and methods of privacy within a security system
09/22/16Speech recognition using log-linear model
09/22/16Speech recognition with parallel recognition tasks
09/22/16Speaker identification
09/22/16System and method for managing load in a distributed storage system
09/22/16Updating event posts
09/22/16Non-collaborative filters in a collaborative document
09/22/16System and method for providing context-based third-party content
09/22/16System and method for decoding using parallel processing
09/22/16Transducer components and structure thereof for improved audio output
09/22/16Systems and methods for localized device wakeup using bluetooth low energy communications
09/15/16Clasp mechanisms for wristwatch bands
09/15/16User interactions for a bandage type monitoring device
09/15/16Methods and systems to provide feedback based on a motion per path metric indicative of an effect of motion associated with components of a robotic device
09/15/16System for constructing balloon envelopes
09/15/16Pivoting perch for flying wind turbine parking
09/15/16Facilitating ambient temperature measurement accuracy in an hvac controller having internal heat-generating components
09/15/16Generating turn-by-turn direction previews
09/15/16Modifying behavior of autonomous vehicles based on sensor blind spots and limitations
09/15/16Hinge for a multiple operating mode computing device
09/15/16Auto-completion for user interface design
09/15/16Suggestion selection during continuous gesture input
09/15/16Setting and displaying a read status for items in content feeds
09/15/16Triggering answer boxes
09/15/16Dynamic presentation of data items based on prioritized associations
09/15/16Bus detection for an autonomous vehicle
09/15/16Payment card ocr with relaxed alignment
09/15/16Obtaining event reviews
09/15/16Dynamic content aggregation
09/15/16Interface for configuring online properties
09/15/16Providing search results comprising purchase links for products associated with the search results
09/15/16Virtual reality headset connected to a mobile computing device
09/15/16Wireless transceiver
09/15/16Acoustic model training corpus selection
09/15/16Addressing missing features in models
09/15/16Venue-specific wi-fi connectivity notifications
09/15/16Cascaded camera motion estimation, rolling shutter detection, and camera shake detection for video stabilization
09/15/16Systems and method for using closed captions to initiate display of related content on a second display device
09/15/16System and method for requesting an updated user location
09/15/16Apparatus and method for seamless commissioning of wireless devices
09/08/16Tension member fatigue tester using transverse resonance
09/08/16Smart-home control platform having morphable locus of machine intelligence based on characteristics of participating smart-home devices
09/08/16Smart-home automation system that suggests or autmatically implements selected household policies based on sensed observations
09/08/16Systems and methods for displaying contextual revision history in an electronic document
09/08/16Personalized content sharing
09/08/16Microelectronics device with exposed user interfaces
09/08/16Window display time determination within a display of a client computing device
09/08/16Combining content with a search result
09/08/16Privacy-aware personalized content for the smart home
09/08/16Biometric case design
09/08/16Systems and methods for providing beacon-based notifications
09/08/16Smart-home household policy implementations for facilitating occupant progress toward a goal
09/08/16Speech endpointing based on word comparisons
09/08/16Extracting audio fingerprints in the compressed domain
09/08/16Global communication network
09/08/16Methods and apparatus for using smart environment devices via application program interfaces
09/08/16Providing a html file by picture transport protocol
09/08/16Systems and methods for presenting home screen shortcuts
09/08/16Systems and methods for broadcast audience interaction and participation
09/08/16Generation and implementation of household policies for the smart home
09/08/16Monitoring and reporting household activities in the smart home according to a household policy
09/08/16Frequency agility for an ism band home area network
09/08/16Simulation of near-field communications
09/01/16Real-time active emergency vehicle detection
09/01/16Imaging method
09/01/16Semantic selection and purpose facilitation
09/01/16Standard commands for native commands
09/01/16Skimming to and past points of interest in digital content
09/01/16Multi-function ports on a computing device
09/01/16Multi-function ports on a computing device
09/01/16Browser-level background page for providing multiple views
09/01/16Two-phase construction of data graphs from disparate inputs
09/01/16Systems and methods of structuring reviews with auto-generated tags
09/01/16Hashtags and content presentation
09/01/16Identification of relative distance of objects in images
09/01/16Synchronizing action execution across networked nodes using relative time
09/01/16Reducing power utilization by transferring communication sessions from a main processor
09/01/16Controlling access to resource functions at a control point of the resource via a user device
09/01/16Methods and systems for performing secure authenticated updates of authentication credentials
09/01/16Recommending content based on intersecting user interest profiles
08/25/16Mechanical assembly for lifting a balloon
08/25/16Providing services using unmanned aerial vehicles
08/25/16Mechanisms for lowering a payload to the ground from a uav
08/25/16Electrorheological valve
08/25/16Optical configurations in a tileable display apparatus
08/25/16Persistent conversations
08/25/16Graphical user interface which displays profile information associated with a selected contact
08/25/16Contextual history of computing objects
08/25/16Applying annotations to three-dimensional (3d) object data models based on object parts
08/25/16Custom dictionaries for e-books
08/25/16Searching content of prominent users in social networks
08/25/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting search results
08/25/16Methods, systems, and media for providing search suggestions
08/25/16Search query based form populator
08/25/16System and method for improving access to search results
08/25/16Identifying content appropriate for children algorithmically without human intervention
08/25/16Selective reminders to complete interrupted tasks
08/25/16Rendering user interfaces that dynamically present content-based information extracted from images
08/25/16Dynamic content display time adjustment
08/25/16Methods and systems for viewing a three-dimensional (3d) virtual object
08/25/16Occupancy based volume adjustment
08/25/16Wireless sensor unit communication triggering and management
08/25/16Variable resolution seamless tileable display
08/25/16Locale profile for a fabric network
08/25/16Interactive media display across devices
08/25/16Configurable point of interest alerts
08/25/16Labeling visited locations based on contact information
08/25/16Short-range wireless controller filtering and reporting
08/25/16Hazard detection unit facilitating convenient setup of plural instances thereof in the smart home
08/25/16Path light feedback compensation
08/25/16Connecting wireless devices using visual image capture and processing
08/18/16Bridles for stability of a powered kite and a system and method for use of same
08/18/16Bystander interaction during delivery from aerial vehicle
08/18/16Attaching computing device to mount by magnets
08/18/16Adaptive media
08/18/16Graphical user interface window spacing mechanisms
08/18/16Transparent hardware-assisted memory decompression
08/18/16Small scale integration test generation
08/18/16System and method providing a binary representation of a web page
08/18/16Context sensitive input tools
08/18/16Using alternate words as an indication of word sense
08/18/16Displaying content items related to a social network group on a map
08/18/16Systems and methods for content selection based on search query correlation with broadcast media
08/18/16Systems and methods for inferential sharing of photos
08/18/16Semantic frame identification with distributed word representations
08/18/16Resource distribution among online entities
08/18/16Classifying open-loop and closed-loop payment cards based on optical character recognition
08/18/16Combining a high resolution narrow field display and a mid resolution wide field display
08/18/16Method for obtaining product feedback from drivers in a non-distracting manner
08/18/16Devices and methods for providing heat-source alerts
08/18/16Charging keyboard based on magnetic field generated by computing device
08/18/16Determining reply content for a reply to an electronic communication
08/18/16Second-screen control automatic pairing using push notifications
08/18/16Pre-caching on wireless access point
08/18/16Systems and methods for triggering user notifications of media content items
08/18/16Curved image sensor for a curved focal surface
08/18/16Systems and methods for using a remote control for presence detection
08/11/16Multiple environmental zone control with integrated battery status communications
08/11/16Wearable device with input and output structures
08/11/16Real-time image-based vehicle detection based on a multi-stage classification
08/11/16Systems and methods for altering a state of a system using a remote device that processes gestures
08/11/16Three-dimensional tilt and pan navigation using a single gesture
08/11/16Presenting a menu at a mobile device
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for producing sensory outputs correlated with relevant information
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting contextually relevant information
08/11/16User experience and user flows for third-party application recommendation in cloud storage systems
08/11/16Decomposition techniques for multi-dimensional data
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for recommending computerized services based on an animate object in the user's environmentes
08/11/16Interface for a universal search
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for personalizing computerized services based on mood and/or behavior information from multiple data sources
08/11/16Reducing redirects
08/11/16Recurrent neural networks for data item generation
08/11/16Distributed training of reinforcement learning systems
08/11/16Predictive authorization of mobile payments
08/11/16Providing payment account information associated with a digital wallet account to a user at a merchant point of sale device
08/11/16Methods for encouraging energy-efficient behaviors based on a network connected thermostat-centric energy efficiency platform
08/11/16Format and font based heuristic extraction of data structures
08/11/16Near-duplicate filtering in search engine result page of an online shopping system
08/11/16Wearable computer with nearby object response
08/11/16Life safety device with compact circumferential acoustic resonator
08/11/16Systems and methods for processing coexisting signals for rapid response to user input
08/11/16Smart-home multi-functional hazard detector providing location-specific feature configuration
08/11/16Systems and methods for compensating for sensor drift in a hazard detection system
08/11/16Multi-level voice menu
08/11/16Multi-band antenna with a battery resonator
08/11/16Systems and methods for direct dispatching of mobile messages
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting information related to an event based on metadata
08/11/16Anonymous cross-device linking using temporal identifiers
08/11/16Systems and methods for mutual authentication of electronic devices
08/11/16Method and system for managing data access within an enterprise
08/11/16Systems and methods for adaptive cloning of mobile devices
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for controlling a bi-directional hdmi port
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting a suggestion to watch videos
08/11/16Bookmarking prospective media content on computer network
08/11/16Methods, systems, and media for ambient background noise modification based on mood and/or behavior information
08/11/16Location-based social software for mobile devices
08/11/16Systems and methods for altering a state of a system using a remote device that processes gestures
08/04/16Hybrid power systems for vehicle with hybrid flight modes
08/04/16Phased joint cam
08/04/16Location quality by pre-fetching ap locations
08/04/16Using wearables to control another device
08/04/16Panning in a three dimensional environment on a mobile device
08/04/16Application switching and multitasking
08/04/16User state-adaptive text input
08/04/16Fine-grained demand driven ipo infrastructure
08/04/16Selection of ranked configurations
08/04/16Method of displaying search results
08/04/16Associating a search query with an entity
08/04/16Presenting content in accordance with a placement designation
08/04/16Identifying images using face recognition
08/04/16Static obstacle detection
08/04/16Machine-readable delivery platform for automated package delivery
08/04/16Identfying mobile users to receive advertisements
08/04/16Rebroadcasting of advertisements in a social network
08/04/16Subsidized reserve online auction
08/04/16Method for image processing using local statistics convolution
08/04/16Alarm profile for a fabric network
08/04/16Recognizing speech in the presence of additional audio
08/04/16Substrate for solid-state battery
08/04/16Radio receiver with local oscillator modulation
08/04/16Adjusting beam width of air-to-ground communications based on distance to neighbor balloon(s) in order to maintain contiguous service
08/04/16Communication protocol for multiplexing data streams over udp
08/04/16Pacing enhanced packet forwarding/switching and congestion avoidance
08/04/16Methods, systems, and media for suggesting a link to media content
08/04/16Privacy aware camera and device status indicator system
08/04/16Initiating a communication session based on an associated content item
08/04/16Interoperability of discovery and connection protocols between client devices and first screen devices
08/04/16Efficient communication for devices of a home network
08/04/16Mesh network addressing
07/28/16Use of environmental information to aid image processing for autonomous vehicles
07/28/16Predictive reasoning for controlling speed of a vehicle
07/28/16Methods and mechanisms for balloon launching
07/28/16Ballonet for a balloon
07/28/16Ballonet for a balloon
07/28/16System and method for grouping related photographs
07/28/16Application user pods for application kiosk mode
07/28/16Search in application launcher
07/28/16User initiated data rollback using operating system partitions
07/28/16Techniques for generating outgoing messages based on language, internationalization, and localization preferences of the recipient
07/28/16Method, system, and graphical user interface for alerting a computer user to new results for a prior search
07/28/16Annotating query suggestions with descriptions
07/28/16Methods and systems for controlling levels of geolocation access
07/28/16Sub-matrix input for neural network layers
07/28/16Batch normalization layers
07/28/16Selective notification of user availability status
07/28/16Systems and methods for permission-based advertising in messaging systems
07/28/16Processing content requests
07/28/16Identifying bidding strategies for content providers in online auctions
07/28/16Two-dimensional image processing based on third dimension data
07/28/16Multi-part navigation process by an unmanned aerial vehicle for navigation
07/28/16Methods and systems for implementing bone conduction-based noise cancellation for air-conducted sound
07/28/16Hotword detection on multiple devices
07/28/16Fabric network
07/28/16Method and apparatus for pre-fetching place page data for subsequent display on a mobile computing device
07/28/16Virtual linebuffers for image signal processors
07/28/16Parallel video transcoding
07/28/16Wake-up broadcast including network information in common designation ad hoc wireless networking
07/21/16Virtual safety cages for robotic devices
07/21/16Systems and methods for determining a status of a component of a device
07/21/16Passenger casted content to infotainment system
07/21/16Adaptive and personalized navigation system
07/21/16Inferring state of traffic signal and other aspects of a vehicle's environment based on surrogate data
07/21/16Application analytics reporting
07/21/16Graph-based search queries using web content metadata
07/21/16Real-time content recommendation system
07/21/16Classification and storage of documents
07/21/16Providing knowledge panels with search results
07/21/16Integrated system and method for managing electronic coupons
07/21/16Methods, systems and media for presenting media content that was advertised on a second screen device using a primary device
07/21/16Greedy contextualized rewrites
07/21/16Content item configuration optimization
07/21/16Techniques for creating a composite image
07/21/16Hybrid rechargeable battery
07/21/16Locally powered optical communication network
07/21/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for securely managing data on a secure element
07/21/16Contextual connection invitations
07/21/16Machine-specific instruction set translation
07/21/16Home video capturing and monitoring system
07/21/16Efficient context handling in arithmetic coding
07/21/16Noninvasive determination of cardiac health and other functional states and trends for human physiological systems
07/14/16Hybrid lens system for head wearable display
07/14/16Applications of hyperspectral laser speckle imaging
07/14/16Automatic generation of a game replay video
07/14/16Engaging and disengaging for autonomous driving
07/14/16Predictively controlling an environmental control system
07/14/16Predictively controlling an environmental control system using upper confidence bound for trees
07/14/16Efficient data reads from distributed storage systems
07/14/16Techniques for providing user image capture feedback for improved machine language translation
07/14/16Virtual participant-based real-time translation and transcription system for audio and video teleconferences
07/14/16Supplementing search results with information of interest
07/14/16Triggering actions in response to optcally or acoustically capturing keywords from a rendered document
07/14/16Methods and systems for detecting device or carrier change conversions
07/14/16Systems and methods for performing actions in response to user gestures in captured images
07/14/16Clustering query refinements by inferred user intent
07/14/16Smart appointments
07/14/16Inferring purchase intent using non-payment transaction events
07/14/16System and method for providing combined multi-dimensional map views
07/14/16Systems and methods for using different beam widths for communications between balloons
07/14/16Digital magazine distribution using feeds
07/14/16Noise reduction for image sequences
07/14/16Method and system for correlating tv broadcasting information with tv panelist status information
07/14/16Interpolated video tagging
07/14/16Security techniques for reconnecting to a conference session using a computing device
07/14/16Scheduling of software package transmissions on a multimedia broadcast multicast service channel
07/14/16Answering requests related to places of interest
07/07/16High altitude aircraft with integrated solar cells, and associated systems and methods
07/07/16Automated adjustment of an hvac schedule for resource conservation
07/07/16Thermostat switching circuitry robust against anomalous hvac control line conditions
07/07/16Methods and systems for estimating an orientation of a tethered aerial vehicle relative to wind
07/07/16Mechanism to reduce accidental clicks on online content
07/07/16Multimodal state circulation
07/07/16Apparatus and methods for virtual and interface method calls
07/07/16Operating system dongle
07/07/16System and method for detecting and integrating with native applications enabled for web-based storage
07/07/16Providing task-based information
07/07/16Multi-action lock screen
07/07/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing secure elements
07/07/16Generating a filtered view of a content stream
07/07/16Selecting a preferred payment instrument based on a merchant category
07/07/16Detection and suppression of keyboard transient noise in audio streams with auxiliary keybed microphone
07/07/16Data transmission between devices over audible sound
07/07/16Synchronous communication system and method
07/07/16Using a file whitelist
07/07/16Enhanced program guide
07/07/16Methods and systems for varying channel scanning duration
07/07/16High altitude aircraft with integrated solar cells, and associated systems and methods
07/07/16Automated adjustment of an hvac schedule for resource conservation
07/07/16Thermostat switching circuitry robust against anomalous hvac control line conditions
07/07/16Methods and systems for estimating an orientation of a tethered aerial vehicle relative to wind
07/07/16Mechanism to reduce accidental clicks on online content
07/07/16Multimodal state circulation
07/07/16Apparatus and methods for virtual and interface method calls
07/07/16Operating system dongle
07/07/16System and method for detecting and integrating with native applications enabled for web-based storage
07/07/16Providing task-based information
07/07/16Multi-action lock screen
07/07/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for managing secure elements
07/07/16Generating a filtered view of a content stream
07/07/16Selecting a preferred payment instrument based on a merchant category
07/07/16Detection and suppression of keyboard transient noise in audio streams with auxiliary keybed microphone
07/07/16Data transmission between devices over audible sound
07/07/16Synchronous communication system and method
07/07/16Using a file whitelist
07/07/16Enhanced program guide
07/07/16Methods and systems for varying channel scanning duration
06/30/16Crib with embedded smart sensors
06/30/16Voxel 3d printer
06/30/16Guided installation for an opening sensor
06/30/16Blocked sensor detection and notification
06/30/16Lens for pet rejecting passive infrared sensor
06/30/16Systems and methods of detecting failure of an opening sensor
06/30/16Use of prior maps for estimation of lane boundaries
06/30/16Scroll end effects for websites and content
06/30/16Visualizing digital images on a map
06/30/16Compartmentalized image editing system
06/30/16Predicting user navigation events
06/30/16Grouping of cards by time periods and content types
06/30/16Predicting user navigation events
06/30/16Native application search results
06/30/16Speculative actions based on user dwell time over selectable content
06/30/16Secure host interactions
06/30/16Secure event log management
06/30/16Trusted computing
06/30/16System and method of determining building numbers
06/30/16Techniques for generating customized two-dimensional barcodes
06/30/16Augmenting neural networks to generate additional outputs
06/30/16Predicting user navigation events
06/30/16Analyzing semantic places and related data from a plurality of location data reports
06/30/16Selecting content associated with a collection of entities
06/30/16Intelligent cropping of images based on multiple interacting variables
06/30/16System and method for dynamically adjusting rendering parameters based on user movements
06/30/16Automatic illuminating user interface device
06/30/16Systems and methods of intrusion detection
06/30/16Systems and methods of providing status information in a smart home security detection system
06/30/16Alarm arming with open entry point
06/30/16Entry point opening sensor
06/30/16Learned overrides for home security
06/30/16Entry point opening sensor
06/30/16Situationally aware alarm
06/30/16Home security system with automatic context-sensitive transition to different modes
06/30/16Intelligent object-based alarm system
06/30/16Systems and methods of providing allowances for a security system
06/30/16Systems and methods of automated arming and disarming of a security system
06/30/16Systems and methods of adaptively adjusting a sensor of a security system
06/30/16Automatic security system mode selection
06/30/16Premises management system with prevention measures
06/30/16Modified vivaldi antenna with dipole excitation mode
06/30/16Tunneled routing
06/30/16Providing content to devices in a cluster
06/30/16Secure host communications
06/30/16Saving files from third-party systems directly to a cloud storage system
06/30/16User logging of web traffic on non-browser based devices
06/30/16Peripheral device detection with short-range communication
06/30/16Dynamic telephone number assignment
06/30/16Methods and systems for communicating sensor data on a mobile device
06/30/16Camera module
06/30/16Integrated video camera module
06/30/16Multi-aperture imaging systems
06/30/16Identifying media channels that have a high likelihood of multiple consumptions by one or more users
06/30/16Wearable computing device with indirect bone-conduction speaker
06/30/16Low-power wireless content communication between devices
06/30/16Adaptive location updating
06/30/16Systems and methods of determining a type and feature set of a light source, and the control thereof
06/30/16Systems and methods of controlling light sources according to location
06/23/16Image sensor and light source driver integrated in a same semiconductor package
06/23/16Displaying navigation information within a secondary user interface of a mobile device
06/23/16Smart illumination time of flight system and method
06/23/16System and method for managing a power mode of a designated electronic device
06/23/16Streamlined hosted applications
06/23/16Display panel using direct emission pixel arrays
06/23/16Methods, systems, and media for launching a mobile application using a public display device
06/23/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting requested content on public display devices
06/23/16Optimized execution of dynamic languages
06/23/16Prioritizing data reconstruction in distributed storage systems
06/23/16Content selection based on image content
06/23/16Generating contact suggestions
06/23/16Approximating a user location
06/23/16System and method for improving access to search results
06/23/16Related entities
06/23/16Generating numeric embeddings of images
06/23/16Large-scale classification in neural networks using hashing
06/23/16Sharp discrepancy learning
06/23/16Generating parse trees of text segments using neural networks
06/23/16Automatic purchasing of digital content
06/23/16Offline peer-to-peer transactions
06/23/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting advertisements relevant to nearby users on a public display device
06/23/16Generating customized content
06/23/16System and methods for automatic verification of advertiser identifier in advertisements
06/23/163d model updates using crowdsourced video
06/23/16Labeling for three-dimensional occluded shapes
06/23/16User specified keyword spotting using long short term memory neural network feature extractor
06/23/16Customized voice action system
06/23/16Systems and methods for continual speech recognition and detection in mobile computing devices
06/23/16Stacked semiconductor chip rgbz sensor
06/23/16Rgbz pixel cell unit for an rgbz image sensor
06/23/16Rgbz pixel unit cell with first and second z transfer gates
06/23/16Physical layout and structure of rgbz pixel cell unit for rgbz image sensor
06/23/16Battery pack with variable-conductance heat pipe (vchp) cooling
06/23/16Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon
06/23/16Systems and methods for enforcing wireless regulatory compliance
06/23/16Wireless network reliabilty over relatively low-power protocols
06/23/16Methods, systems, and media for controlling information used to present content on a public display device
06/23/16Systems and methods for providing navigation filters
06/23/16Isolating clients of distributed storage systems
06/23/16Adaptive dns pre-resolution
06/23/16Handling concurrent speech
06/23/16Time-of-flight camera system with scanning illuminator
06/23/16Time-of-flight camera system and method to improve measurement quality of weak field-of-view signal regions
06/23/16Image sensor having multiple output ports
06/23/16Monolithically integrated rgb pixel array and z pixel array
06/23/16Image sensor having an extended dynamic range upper limit
06/23/16Time-of-flight image sensor and light source driver having simulated distance capability
06/23/16Method and apparatus for low cost 3d video making
06/23/16Integrated camera system having two dimensional image capture and three dimensional time-of-flight capture with a partitioned field of view
06/23/16Illuminator for camera system having three dimensional time-of-flight capture with movable mirror element
06/23/16Integrated camera system having two dimensional image capture and three dimensional time-of-flight capture with movable illuminated region of interest
06/23/16Determining interest levels in videos
06/23/16Providing correlated programming information for broadcast media content and streaming media content
06/23/16Methods and systems for forming a wireless communication link
06/23/16Systems and methods for reducing connection latency
06/16/16Superpressure polyethylene balloon with load tapes
06/16/16Energy efficiency promoting schedule learning alogrithms for intelligent thermostat
06/16/16Transitioning between two power states based on user related signals
06/16/16Method for one-click subscribing to multiple channels of information on a single topic
06/16/16User friendly interface
06/16/16Efficient annotation system for distributed version control systems
06/16/16Configurable indicator on computing device
06/16/16Identifying a thumbnail image to represent a video
06/16/16Efficient reference counting in content addressable storage
06/16/16Using frames for action dialogs
06/16/16Privacy-protective data transfer
06/16/16Systems and methods of generating itineraries using location data
06/16/16Transferring money using a mobile electronic device
06/16/16Handling search queries
06/16/16Overlap aware reordering of rendering operations for efficiency
06/16/16Method for dynamic range editing
06/16/16Speech recognition using associative mapping
06/16/16Method of signaling particular types of resource elements in a wireless communication system
06/16/16Re-tasking balloons in a balloon network based on expected failure modes of balloons
06/16/16Integrating communication modes in persistent conversations
06/16/16Device control profile for a fabric network
06/16/16Setting cookies across applications
06/16/16Structured entity information page
06/16/16Scalable, live transcoding with support for adaptive streaming and failover
06/16/16Mobile device push notification using mobile application usage history
06/16/16Transmitting high-resolution images
06/16/16Dynamic distributed-sensor network for crowdsourced event detection
06/16/16Establishing presence by identifying audio sample and position
06/16/16Notification related to predicted future geographic location of mobile device
06/09/16Apparatus to lift and fill a balloon
06/09/16Hvac control system with interchangeable control units
06/09/16Wearable computing device
06/09/16Adjusting proximity thresholds for activating a device user interface
06/09/16Mobile user interface for contextual browsing while playing digital content
06/09/16Application launching and switching interface
06/09/16Automatic discovery and retrieveal of interoperable applications
06/09/16Device cloud monitoring and stability
06/09/16Efficient copy paste in a collaborative spreadsheet
06/09/16Predictive information retrieval
06/09/16Automatic actions based on contextual replies
06/09/16Triggering completion step suggestion for a task
06/09/16Systems and methods of curation and recommendation of applications and accessory devices to provide expanded user experience
06/09/16Systems and methods of providing recommendations by generating transition probability data with directed consumption
06/09/16Three-dimensional shape capture using non-collinear display illumination
06/09/16Word-level correction of speech input
06/09/16Charging mechanism with ground contact and non-contact coupling
06/09/16Control methods and systems for motors and generators operating in a stacked configuration
06/09/16Antenna sharing in mobile devices for backscatter radio
06/09/16Anomaly detection in time series data using post-processing
06/09/16Deferring alert of notifications for a particular time
06/09/16Synchronous communication system and method
06/09/16Method, device, and system of accessing online accounts
06/09/16Integrating a router based web meter and a software based web meter
06/09/16Social media session access
06/09/16Multi-purpose application launching interface
06/09/16Media metrics estimation from large population data
06/09/16Dual-element mems microphone for mechanical vibration noise cancellation
06/02/16Hybrid hydraulic and electrically actuated mobile robot
06/02/16Attention and event management
06/02/16Balloon-based positioning system and method
06/02/16Systems and methods for controlling viewport movement in view of user context
06/02/16Method to fetch functionality across applications
06/02/16Methods, systems, and media for rewinding media content based on detected audio events
06/02/16Recommending native applications
06/02/16Presenting search result information
06/02/16State-dependent query response
06/02/16Selective presentation of content types and sources in search
06/02/16Tiered application permissions
06/02/16Satellite scheduling system
06/02/16Conversion path performance measures and reports
06/02/16Graphical user interface based airline travel planning
06/02/16Behavior adjustment using speech recognition system
06/02/16Method for siren detection based on audio samples
06/02/16Location-aware profiles in an aerial network
06/02/16Systems and methods for estimating user judgment based on partial feedback and applying it to message categorization
06/02/16Systems and methods for estimating message similarity
06/02/16Pass through service login to application login
06/02/16State-dependent query response
06/02/16Adaptive video transcoding based on parallel chunked log analysis
06/02/16Systems and methods for identifying users who watched a television advertisement
06/02/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting mobile content corresponding to media content
06/02/16Use of a trained classifier to determine if a pair of wireless scans came from the same location
05/26/16Wearable device with input and output structures
05/26/16Detecting an operating mode of a computing device using accelerometers
05/26/16Systems and methods for performing multi-touch operations on a head-mountable device
05/26/16Dynamic resizable media item player
05/26/16Systems and methods for editing a file in a non-native application using an application engine
05/26/16Dynamic display of content consumption by geographic location
05/26/16Systems and methods for detecting and modeling curb curves in complex urban scenes
05/26/16Selecting a preferred payment instrument
05/26/16System for contextualizing geocodable queries
05/26/16Graphical user interface comprising multiple, interrelated components generated in response to a data request
05/26/16Customer identity verification
05/26/16Facial detection, recognition and bookmarking in videos
05/26/16Balloon with pressure mechanism to passively steer antenna
05/26/16Messaging for event live-stream
05/26/16Systems and methods for generating a message topic training dataset from user interactions in message clients
05/26/16Messaging for event live-stream
05/26/16Dynamic resizable media item player
05/26/16Clock synchronization using wifi beacons
05/26/16Conditionally joining data from cookies
05/26/16Reducing redirects
05/26/16Methods and systems for removal of rolling shutter effects
05/26/16System and method for optimizing videos
05/26/16Systems, methods, and media for managing an entertainment system
05/26/16Flexible transducer for soft-tissue and acoustic audio production
05/26/16Bone-conduction anvil and diaphragm
05/26/16Surround sound effects provided by cell phones
05/26/16Prohibiting mobile forwarding
05/26/16Securely accessing secure elements
05/19/16Real-time determination of object metrics for trajectory planning
05/19/16Adaptive power-stealing thermostat
05/19/16Hvac schedule establishment in an intelligent, network-connected thermostat
05/19/16Graphical user interface comprising multiple, interrelated, automatically-adjusting components
05/19/16Collaborative cursors in a hosted word processor
05/19/16Integrating maps and street views
05/19/16Simplified projection of content from computer or mobile devices into appropriate videoconferences
05/19/16Methods and systems for automated tagging based on software execution traces
05/19/16Techniques for user identification of and translation of media
05/19/16Aggregating interactions for content items
05/19/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for searching tabular data
05/19/16Systems, methods and computer-readable media for searching for events from a computer-implemented calendar
05/19/16External action suggestions in search results
05/19/16Dynamic language model
05/19/16Reformatting queries for search engines and data repositories
05/19/16Using content identification as context for search
05/19/16Generating natural language descriptions of images
05/19/16Automatically communicating user device data to a transaction computing system
05/19/16System and method for providing transaction verification
05/19/16Fraud prevention based on user activity data
05/19/16Secure transmission of payment credentials
05/19/16Randomized reward system for stored value transactions
05/19/16Deal-surfacing button
05/19/16Presenting user interface elements and accepting input optimistically when application state is unknown
05/19/16Providing for-pay content via a web-based searching system
05/19/16One-click refunds for online content purchases
05/19/16Secure direct purchase option
05/19/16Aligning panoramic imagery and aerial imagery
05/19/16Method and system for building text-to-speech voice from diverse recordings
05/19/16Providing pre-computed hotword models
05/19/16Promoting voice actions to hotwords
05/19/16Recipient location aware notifications in response to related posts
05/19/16Ephemeral applications
05/19/16Managing data communications based on phone calls between mobile computing devices
05/19/16Panoramic camera with multiple image sensors using timed shutters
05/19/16Alternating block constrained decision mode coding
05/19/16Camera data access based on subscription status
05/19/16Techniques for effectuating a near-field communication session
05/19/16Location-aware caching in an aerial network
05/19/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for searching tabular data
05/12/16Determining hotword suitability
05/12/16Shielded targeting agents, methods, and in vivo diagnostic system
05/12/16Dynamically maintaining a map of a fleet of robotic devices in an environment to facilitate robotic action
05/12/16Adaptive algorithms for interrogating the viewable scene of an automotive radar
05/12/16Thin curved eyepiece for see-through head wearable display
05/12/16Data processing systems and methods for smart hub devices
05/12/16Position-controlled robotic fleet with visual handshakes
05/12/16Device having multi-layered touch sensitive surface
05/12/16Storing data across a plurality of storage nodes
05/12/16Multi-modal input on an electronic device
05/12/16Determining answers to interrogative queries using web resources
05/12/16Pipelining paxos state machines
05/12/16Comparing extracted card data with user data
05/12/16Application complexity computation
05/12/16Automatic selection of images for an application
05/12/16User modelling by domain adaptation
05/12/16Initiating peer-to-peer transactions with a magnetic strip card
05/12/16Text message payment
05/12/16Saving merchant artifacts to a virtual wallet
05/12/16Encrypting financial account numbers such that every decryption attempt results in valid account numbers
05/12/16Secure redemption code generation for gift cards and promotions
05/12/16Enhancement of mobile device initiated transactions
05/12/16Automatic closed loop payment redemption
05/12/16Comparing extracted card data using continuous scanning
05/12/16One-tap sign up for merchant loyalty programs
05/12/16System and method for realtime community information exchange
05/12/16Word-level correction of speech input
05/12/16Implementation of third party services in a digital service platform
05/12/16Asynchronous distributed de-duplication for replicated content addressable storage clusters
05/12/16Camera system api for third-party integrations
05/12/16Virtual sound systems and methods
05/12/163d immersive spatial audio systems and methods
05/12/16Identifying an entity associated with wireless network access point
05/12/16Load distribution in a network of small-cell base stations
05/05/16Mediator device for smart electric vehicle charging
05/05/16Passive wiper system
05/05/16Enhanced automated environmental control system scheduling using a preference function
05/05/16Enhanced automated control scheduling
05/05/16Simplified mirror
05/05/16Providing snapshots of virtual storage devices
05/05/16Minimizing image copying during partition updates
05/05/16In-field smart device updates
05/05/16Methods and systems for identifying elements of a mobile application
05/05/16Populating user contact entries
05/05/16System and method to recommend a bundle of items based on item/user tagging and co-install graph
05/05/16Annotate apps with entities by fusing heterogeneous signals
05/05/16Extracting card data with card models
05/05/16Using extracted image text
05/05/16System and method for providing objectified image renderings using recognition information from images
05/05/16Grouping flight search results
05/05/16Confirming physical possession of plastic nfc cards with a mobile digital wallet application
05/05/16Adjusting advertiser bids based on service availability
05/05/16Systems and methods for providing a visualization of satellite sightline obstructions
05/05/16Efficient computation of shadows for circular light sources
05/05/16Smart-home hazard detector providing location-specific pre-alarm configuration
05/05/16Discovery of incentive effectiveness
05/05/16Initiating actions based on partial hotwords
05/05/16Multi-stage hotword detection
05/05/16Methods and systems for inserting content in a mobile application
05/05/16Opening local applications from browsers
05/05/16Video frame playback scheduling
05/05/16Multi-video decoding with input switching
05/05/16In-field smart device updates
04/28/16Intra-ocular device
04/28/16Methods and systems for steering-based oscillatory vehicle braking
04/28/16Intuitive preview of upcoming navigational instructions
04/28/16Adaptive threshold manipulation for movement detecting sensors
04/28/16Portable computer housing and assembly methods
04/28/16Drag-and-drop on a mobile device
04/28/16Integrated task launcher user interface
04/28/16Incremental parallel processing of data
04/28/16Methods for using temporal proximity of social connection creations to predict properties of a social connection
04/28/16Tearable displays
04/28/16Real-time collaboration in a hosted word processor
04/28/16Neural machine translation systems with rare word processing
04/28/16Ranking labeled instances extracted from text
04/28/16Providing a search results document that includes a user interface for performing an action in connection with a web page identified in the search results document
04/28/16Aiding discovery of program content by providing deeplinks into most interesting moments via social media
04/28/16Collective reconciliation
04/28/16Indexing application pages of native applications
04/28/16Augmenting neural networks with external memory
04/28/16Determining alternative travel itineraries using weather information
04/28/16Using preferential status indicators for alternative flight recommendations
04/28/16Determining alternative travel itineraries using current location
04/28/16Using a flight status centric view for alternative flight recommendations
04/28/16Following content providers in a social context
04/28/16Distributing mobile advertisements
04/28/16Automated package delivery to a delivery receptacle
04/28/16Device control utilizing optical flow
04/28/16Reverberation estimator
04/28/16Initiating actions based on partial hotwords
04/28/16Managing contactless communications
04/28/16Auto-user registration and unlocking of a computing device
04/28/16Multi-tiered authentication methods for facilitating communications amongst smart home devices and cloud-based servers
04/28/16System independent remote storing of digital content
04/28/16Methods, systems, and related architectures for managing network connected thermostats
04/28/16Systems and methods of sharing media and data content across devices through local proximity
04/28/16Systems and methods for autonomously generating photo summaries
04/28/16Method, system, and computer program product for gamifying the process of obtaining panoramic images
04/28/16Efficient frame rendering
04/28/16Systems and methods for increasing bandwidth in a computer network
04/21/16Pressure wave measurement of blood flow
04/21/16Aircraft battery containment pods
04/21/16Low z-height camera module with aspherical shape blue glass
04/21/16Wearable device without a power button
04/21/16Displaying related content in a content stream
04/21/16Arbitrary size content item generation
04/21/16Splitting application permissions on devices
04/21/16Cache management
04/21/16Information redaction from document data
04/21/16Providing numerical answers to queries
04/21/16Identifying teachable moments for contextual search
04/21/16Dynamic determination of filters for flight search results
04/21/16Systems and methods of sharing media content with digital rights management (drm)
04/21/16User interface for travel planning
04/21/16Experience sharing for a registry event
04/21/16Expectation maximization to determine position of ambient glints
04/21/16Dangerous condition detection with user feedback
04/21/16Proximity coupled multi-band antenna
04/21/16Device connection cable with flat profile
04/21/16Content access control in a social network
04/21/16Streaming the visible parts of a spherical video
04/21/16Transferring device states between multiple devices
04/21/16Continuous prediction domain
04/21/16Compressing and representing multi-view video
04/21/16Mapping spherical image to 2d representations
04/21/16Seamless application connectivity
04/14/16Tether termination systems and methods
04/14/16Data management profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Method and apparatus of route guidance
04/14/16Light transmission device with integration structures
04/14/16Methods to pan, zoom, crop, and proportionally move on a head mountable display
04/14/16Identifying productive thumbnails for media content
04/14/16Scalable and tabbed user interface
04/14/16Automatically generating execution sequences for workflows
04/14/16Ranking query results using biometric parameters
04/14/16Skeleton data point clustering
04/14/16Assistive browsing using context
04/14/16Time variant data profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Input to locked computing device
04/14/16System and method of providing information based on street address
04/14/16External referencing by portable program modules
04/14/16Systems and methods for activities solver development in augmented reality applications
04/14/16Smart hazard detector providing follow up communications to detection events
04/14/16Alarm profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Hotword detection on multiple devices
04/14/16Dynamically biasing language models
04/14/16Hotword detection on multiple devices
04/14/16Certificates for low-power or low-memory devices
04/14/16Certificates for low-power or low-memory devices
04/14/16Service provisioning profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Locale profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Device description profile for a fabric network
04/14/16Filtered message streams
04/14/16Certificates for low-power or low-memory devices
04/14/16Network-assisted fabric pairing
04/14/16Method and system for performing client-side zooming of a remote video feed
04/14/16Using second screen devices to augment media engagement metrics
04/14/16Self-service channel marketplace
04/07/16Recommending transformations for photography
04/07/16Electrocardiography device for garments
04/07/16System and method for fluorescence-based laser ablation
04/07/16Shifting a curing location during 3d printing
04/07/16Thermosiphon systems for electronic devices
04/07/16Intelligent device wakeup
04/07/16Non-line-of-sight radar-based gesture recognition
04/07/16Determining user handedness and orientation using a touchscreen device
04/07/16Interactive answer boxes for user search queries
04/07/16Method and apparatus for monitoring system performance and dynamically updating memory sub-system settings using software to optimize performance and power consumption
04/07/16Method for automatic decommissioning of network participants
04/07/16Methods and systems for memory de-duplication
04/07/16Hardware-assisted memory compression management using page filter and system mmu
04/07/16Dynamic summary generator
04/07/16Triggering and ranking of native applications
04/07/16Systems and methods for updating data across multiple network architectures
04/07/16Deriving and using interaction profiles
04/07/16Partial overlap and delayed stroke input recognition
04/07/16Training neural networks on partitioned training data
04/07/16Annotating a transaction history record with merchant information identified from a merchant identifier and user computing device location data
04/07/16Method and apparatus for gesture interaction with a photo-active painted surface
04/07/16Automatic gain control for speech recognition
04/07/16Convolutional, long short-term memory, fully connected deep neural networks
04/07/16Using solar cells as bypass diode heat sinks
04/07/16Communicating via near field communications
04/07/16Systems and methods for updating data across multiple network architectures
04/07/16Device commissioning
04/07/16Target mapping and implementation of abstract device model
04/07/16Authenticated session establishment
04/07/16Recommending transformations for photography
04/07/16Occupancy pattern detection, estimation and prediction
04/07/16Short-range wireless controller filtering and reporting
04/07/16Bluetooth scanning enhancements
04/07/16Wireless network monitoring device
04/07/16Method and technology for creating/installing display devices
03/31/16Wireless zone control via mechanically adjustable airflow elements
03/31/16Screen configuration for display system
03/31/16Method and system for editing event categories
03/31/16Conversational music agent
03/31/16Callpath finder
03/31/16Indexing and searching documents with restricted portions
03/31/16Device for backscatter communication
03/31/16Method and system for adding event indicators to an event timeline
03/31/16Method and system for motion vector-based video monitoring and event categorization
03/31/16Construction zone sign detection
03/31/16Low-rank hidden input layer for speech recognition neural network
03/31/16Systems and methods to faciliate replacement of depleted batteries
03/31/16Online resource serving to a traveling user
03/31/16Display pixel structures and method of operating same
03/31/16Masking mechanical separations between tiled display panels
03/31/16Acoustic model training corpus selection
03/31/16Statistical unit selection language models based on acoustic fingerprinting
03/31/16Method and system for non-causal zone search in video monitoring
03/31/16Method and system for categorizing detected motion events
03/31/16Battery module
03/31/16Satellite constellation
03/31/16Backup wide area network connection for access points and routers
03/31/16Adaptive streaming using chunked time-to-offset mapping
03/31/16Mobile application state identifier framework
03/31/16Frequency-domain denoising
03/31/16Receiver for backscatter communication
03/31/16Method and system for provisioning an electronic device
03/24/16Self-balancing game achievement values
03/24/16Consideration of risks in active sensing for an autonomous vehicle
03/24/16Conditioning an indoor environment
03/24/16Cooling electronic devices in a data center
03/24/16Scripting cross-device wearable interaction
03/24/16Display for mobile device with abrasion resistant siloxane coating
03/24/16Suggesting media content based on an image capture
03/24/16Methods and systems for implementing a secure application execution environment using derived user accounts for internet content
03/24/16System for contextualizing map selections
03/24/16Object outlining to initiate a visual search
03/24/16Simulation of diffusive surfaces using directionally-biased displays
03/24/16Managing instant messaging sessions on multiple devices
03/24/16Systems and methods of using a temporary private key between two devices
03/24/16Login to a computing device based on facial recognition
03/24/16Reduction of web page load time using http header compression
03/24/16Storing and transferring application data between devices
03/24/16Identifying existing synchronous communication sessions associated with a user
03/24/16Logging individuals for tv measurement compliance
03/24/16System and method for displaying multimedia events scheduling information
03/24/16Systems and methods for sharing location data within a vehicle
03/24/16Transferring application data between devices
03/17/16Wrist-mounted electrocardiography device
03/17/16Computer component connector
03/17/16Calculating mean wireless signal strengths using a gaussian process approach incorporating predictive standard deviations
03/17/16Gaussian process-based approach for identifying correlation between wireless signals
03/17/16Managing information display
03/17/16Continuation of playback of media content by different output devices
03/17/16Rendering interface objects defined by a separate application
03/17/16Efficient resource utilization in data centers
03/17/16Handling of inputs in a multi-process application
03/17/16Adaptive table rendering
03/17/16Providing useful information associated with an item in a document
03/17/16Fault-tolerant input method editor
03/17/16Physical visual id as means to tie disparate media collections
03/17/16Long-term data storage service for wearable device data
03/17/16Query rewriting using session information
03/17/16Evaluating semantic interpretations of a search query
03/17/16Search suggestion and display environment
03/17/16Enriching search results
03/17/16Graphical user interface for hotel search systems
03/17/16Encrypted aggregated transaction data exchange with transaction data provider
03/17/16Methods and systems for measuring brand uplift for search campaigns
03/17/16Distributing content following conversion
03/17/16Generating an advertisement associated with a multi-party communication session and a named topic
03/17/16Determining to provide content based on location of the content
03/17/16Setting allocations and prices in auctions with occasional remarketing ads
03/17/16Smart-home hazard detector providing sensor-based device positioning guidance
03/17/16Gps/wifi battery antenna
03/17/16Service and application layer optimization using variable rate optical transmission
03/17/16System and method for sharing content in an instant messaging application
03/17/16System and interface that facilitate selecting videos to share in a messaging application
03/17/16Contact identification validation via social invitation
03/17/16Backfill of video stream
03/17/16Measuring sharing behavior and audience coverage in online communities
03/17/16Method and apparatus for pre-fetching remote resources for subsequent display on a mobile computing device
03/17/16Notification of mobile device events
03/17/16Preparation of image capture device in response to pre-image-capture signal
03/17/16Identification of captured videos
03/17/16Headphones with adaptable fit
03/17/16Computational complexity reduction of training wireless strength-based probabilistic models from big data
03/17/16Data driven evaluation and rejection of trained gaussian process-based wireless mean and standard deviation models
03/17/16Location-based regulation of access
03/10/16Channel formation
03/10/16Thermostat user interface
03/10/16Method for providing directions in a mapping application utilizing landmarks associated with brand advertising
03/10/16Modifying power consumption based on energy-usage messages
03/10/16Systems and methods for simultaneously receiving voice instructions on onboard and offboard devices
03/10/16Offline shader compilation
03/10/16Distance based adjustments of search ranking
03/10/16Mobile application search ranking
03/10/16Suggesting social groups from user social graphs
03/10/16Methods and systems for prioritizing a crawl
03/10/16Facial recognition
03/10/16Selecting and presenting representative frames for video previews
03/10/16Choosing image labels
03/10/16Pruning and label selection in hidden markov model-based ocr
03/10/16Three-dimensional taxonomy server for identifying a location based on a three-dimensional position of a client device
03/10/16Selecting content items for display in a content stream
03/10/16Detector unit and sensing chamber therefor with matter retention member and method for making same
03/10/16Aligning content items with map features
03/10/16Multilingual prosody generation
03/10/16Handsfree device with countinuous keyword recognition
03/10/16Battery pack with embedded heaters
03/10/16Systems and methods for managing a message thread on an electronic device
03/10/16Provisioning remote access to a node
03/10/16Using a uri whitelist
03/10/16Generating digital media
03/10/16Real-time video transformations in video conferences
03/10/16Skipped macroblock video encoding enhancements
03/10/16Determining user engagement with media content via mobile device usage
03/10/16Systems and methods for waking up devices of a fabric network
03/10/16Systems and methods for disseminating messages among a fabric network
03/03/16Passive detection of pulse
03/03/16Uni-penetration tendon retention and fill port system for a balloon envelope
03/03/16Payload-release device and operation thereof
03/03/16Carbon fiber motor rotor integrating propeller mount
03/03/16Methods and systems for vehicle radar coordination and interference reduction
03/03/16Opto-mechanical system for head-mounted device
03/03/16Compact architecture for near-to-eye display system
03/03/16Unlocking a head mountable device
03/03/16Keyboard for use with a computing device
03/03/16Systems and methods for providing suggested reminders
03/03/16Map zooming based on semantic meaning
03/03/16Embedded domain specific languages as first class code artifacts
03/03/16Populating image metadata by cross-referencing other images
03/03/16Centralized dispatching of application analytics
03/03/16Systems and methods for anomaly detection and guided analysis using structural time-series models
03/03/16Systems and methods for annotating messages with reminders
03/03/16Methods and apparatus related to automatically rewriting strings of text
03/03/16Word classification based on phonetic features
03/03/16Methods and apparatus related to determining edit rules for rewriting phrases
03/03/16Clustering classes in language modeling
03/03/16Auto-complete suggestions for structured searches
03/03/16Transition from first search results environment to second search results environment
03/03/16Analyzing frequently occurring data items
03/03/16Related entity search
03/03/16Resuming session states
03/03/16Secure recovery apparatus and method
03/03/16Combination of stereo and structured-light processing
03/03/16Hierarchical classification in credit card data extraction
03/03/16Processing images using deep neural networks
03/03/16Localized learning from a global model
03/03/16Systems and methods for improved processing of message queries
03/03/16Systems and methods for task assistance by correlating task terms with specific entities
03/03/16Systems and methods for task countdowns for specified tasks
03/03/16Systems and methods for biasing task assistance auto-complete suggestions
03/03/16Systems and methods for task assistance
03/03/16Dynamic digital certificate updating
03/03/16Providing a modified content item to a user
03/03/16Protecting content on a mobile device from mining
03/03/16Query rewrite corrections
03/03/16Battery containment mesh
03/03/16Dongle for quick release
03/03/16Virtual representation systems and methods
03/03/16Systems and methods for organizing the display of messages
03/03/16Systems and methods for temporarily postponing messages
03/03/16Systems and methods for triggering redisplay of a postponed message
03/03/16Method and apparatus for expiring messages in electronic communications
03/03/16Systems and methods for adaptive associative routing for mobile messaging
03/03/16Independent temporally concurrent video stream coding
03/03/16Video encoding using variance
03/03/16Methods, systems, and media for controlling a bi-directional hdmi port
03/03/16Methods, systems, and media for providing media guidance
03/03/16Audio system
03/03/16Venue-specific wi-fi connectivity notifications
03/03/16Selection of location-determination information
03/03/16Media enhanced pop-up book
03/03/16Presenting media content to visually enhance a pop-up book
03/03/16Interactive book
03/03/16Storytelling device
03/03/16Interactive page turning
02/25/16Natural pitch and roll
02/25/16Natural pitch and roll
02/25/16Wiring harness for an aerial vehicle
02/25/16Access wiring for packaged electronic components
02/25/16User friendly interface for control unit
02/25/16Installation of thermostat powered by rechargeable battery
02/25/16Power system including a coupling mechanism
02/25/16Radar-based biometric recognition
02/25/16Occluded gesture recognition
02/25/16View-selection feedback for a visual experience
02/25/16Facial recognition with social network aiding
02/25/16Radar recognition-aided searches
02/25/16Interpreting user queries based on device orientation
02/25/16Providing automatic actions for mobile onscreen content
02/25/16Enabling user privacy for changes of access to shared content
02/25/16Host-formatted select proximity payment system environment response
02/25/16Activating offers with a digital wallet application
02/25/16Methods and apparatus for serving relevant advertisements
02/25/16Informational and advertiser links for use in web mapping services
02/25/16Providing image parameters
02/25/16Navigating using an indoor map representation
02/25/16Methods and systems for augmented reality to display virtual representations of robotic device actions
02/25/16Methods, systems, and media for detecting a presentation of media content on a display device
02/25/16Methods and devices for determining media files based on activity levels
02/25/16Tethers for airborne wind turbines
02/25/16Displaying private information on personal devices
02/25/16Event-based comment grouping for content items
02/25/16Methods and systems for providing current email addresses and contact information for members within a social network
02/25/16Computing device with remote contact lists
02/25/16Remote access to a node
02/25/16Functionality inoperable unless node registered at remote site
02/25/16Image capture technique
02/25/16Displaying a presenter during a video conference
02/25/16Automatic transition of content based on facial recognition
02/25/16Systems for modular mobile electronic device purchasing
02/25/16Systems for module interfacing of modular mobile electronic devices
02/25/16Systems for module and modular mobile electronic device testing
02/25/16Systems and methods for tangible configuration of a modular mobile electronic device
02/25/16Systems and methods for enabling radio-frequency communication of a modular mobile electronic device
02/18/16User-friendly, network connected learning thermostat and related systems and methods
02/18/16Screen transitions in a geographic application
02/18/16Beam forming network for feeding short wall slotted waveguide arrays
02/18/16Modular planar multi-sector 90 degrees fov radar antenna architecture
02/18/16Interchangeable eyewear/head-mounted device assembly with quick release mechanism
02/18/16Compact folding architecture for head mounted device
02/18/16Identifying gestures using motion data
02/18/16Using the z-axis in user interfaces for head mountable displays
02/18/16Using distance between objects in touchless gestural interfaces
02/18/16Smart scrubber in an ebook navigation interface
02/18/16Suggesting a target location upon viewport movement
02/18/16Metadata-based virtual machine configuration
02/18/16Providing task-based information
02/18/16Configurable memory circuit system and method
02/18/16Techniques for automatically swapping languages and/or content for machine translation
02/18/16Processing mutations for a remote database
02/18/16Search query refinement interface
02/18/16Processing mutations for a remote database
02/18/16Systems and methods for providing search results
02/18/16Computerized captcha systems using a direct connection with user computing device
02/18/16Method and system for executing applications using native code modules
02/18/16Restricting system calls using protected storage
02/18/16Methods and systems for deleting requested information
02/18/16Classifying resources using a deep network
02/18/16Simple in-store payments
02/18/16Activating offers based on location
02/18/16Systems and methods for obfuscated audience measurement
02/18/16Obtaining an ad related to a search query
02/18/16Categorizing geographic areas based on user interactions
02/18/16Curvature-driven normal interpolation for shading applications
02/18/16Sealed solid state battery
02/18/16Power-balancing circuits for stacked topologies
02/18/16Performance assessment based on analysis of resources
02/18/16Matching conversions from applications to selected content items
02/18/16Asynchronous message passing
02/18/16Social circles in social networks
02/18/16Seamless peer to peer internet connectivity
02/18/16System and method for automatically pushing location-specific content to users
02/18/16Automatic sharing of digital content
02/18/16Motion-compensated partitioning
02/18/16Systems and methods for active training of broadcast personalization and audience measurement systems using a presence band
02/18/16Apparatus and method for seamless commissioning of wireless devices
02/18/16Overloaded communication session
02/18/16Interactive textiles
02/18/16Interactive textiles within hard objects
02/11/16Sharing a single electrode between skin resistance and capacitance measurements
02/11/16Detecting a state of a wearable device
02/11/16Radar-based gesture recognition
02/11/16Radar-based gesture sensing and data transmission
02/11/16Navigation interfaces for ebooks
02/11/16Method and system for performing client-side zooming of a remote video feed
02/11/16Intelligent window sizing and control
02/11/16System and method for selective removal of audio content from a mixed audio recording
02/11/16Selecting content using query-independent scores of query segments
02/11/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing query suggestions based on environmental contexts
02/11/16Query analyzer
02/11/16Unlimited data element dimension widening
02/11/16Grouping and pricing low-competition content item requests
02/11/16Systems and methods for highlighting search results
02/11/16Processing of images during assessment of suitability of books for conversion to audio format
02/11/16Support of multiple booking partner specifications in the same flight and travel search query
02/11/16Support of multiple passenger counts in a single travel search query
02/11/16Methods for discovering and paying debts owed by a group
02/11/16Processing payment transactions without a secure element
02/11/16Recording purchase behavior using device with multiple feedback and input modalities
02/11/16Facilitating client-side management of online advertising information, such as advertising account information
02/11/16Ad extensions on content network
02/11/16Mining for product classification structures for internet-based product searching
02/11/16System and method for increasing the bit depth of images
02/11/16Using video to encode assets for swivel/360-degree spinners
02/11/16Systems and methods for compensating for sensor drift in a hazard detection system
02/11/16Finding differences in nearly-identical audio recordings
02/11/16Folded radiation slots for short wall waveguide radiation
02/11/16Systems and methods for detecting wireless communication jamming in a network
02/11/16Secure challenge system for verifying access rights to media content
02/11/16Inter frame candidate selection for a video encoder
02/11/16Receiver state estimation in a duty cycled radio
02/11/16Efficient communication for devices of a home network
02/04/16Cutter rail guide, block, armature, and blade
02/04/16Determining quality of a location-determination algorithm associated with a mobile device by processing a log of sensor data
02/04/16Construction of a surface of best gps visibility from passive traces using slam for horizontal localization and gps readings and barometer readings for elevation estimation
02/04/16Presenting hierarchies of map data at different zoom levels
02/04/16System and method for attitude correction
02/04/16Buttonless display activation
02/04/16Multi-level voice menu
02/04/16Instruction cache management based on temporal locality
02/04/16Summary views for ebooks
02/04/16Determining labels from similar geographic features
02/04/16Systems and methods for the collection verification and maintenance of point of interest information
02/04/16Unlimited retroactive data element dimension widening
02/04/16Assessing risk of inaccuracies in address components of map features
02/04/16Synthesis of webpage snippets using sub-pages of the webpage
02/04/16Hierarchical chunking of objects in a distributed storage system
02/04/16Saving and retrieving locations of objects
02/04/16Allowing access to applications based on user capacitance
02/04/16Allowing access to applications based on user handling measurements
02/04/16Allowing access to applications based on user authentication
02/04/16Allowing access to applications based on captured images
02/04/16Data permission management for wearable devices
02/04/16Generating compositions
02/04/16Slice competitor impression penetration by user type and ad format
02/04/16System and method for providing and managing third party content with call functionality
02/04/16System and method for fractional attribution utilizing user-level data and aggregate level data
02/04/16Methods and systems for object detection using laser point clouds
02/04/16Automatically capturing information such as capturing information using a document-aware device
02/04/16Traffic signal response for autonomous vehicles
02/04/16Identifying the language of a spoken utterance
02/04/16Automatic language model update
02/04/16Conversational agents
02/04/16Video chunking for robust, progressive uploading
02/04/16Increasing the capacity of a wdm-pon with wavelength reuse
02/04/16Systems and methods for event stream management
02/04/16Long term targeting of content items
02/04/16Selecting content for simultaneous viewing by multiple users
02/04/16Using an avatar in a videoconferencing system
02/04/16Second-order orthogonal spatial intra prediction
02/04/16Using second screen devices to augment media engagement metrics
02/04/16Multiple carrier attachment establishment and maintenance
01/28/16Methods and systems for generating instructions for a robotic system to carry out a task
01/28/16Systems and methods for robotic self-right
01/28/16Hybrid hydraulic and electrically actuated mobile robot
01/28/16Predictively adjustable hydraulic pressure rails
01/28/16Mechanical assembly for lifting a balloon
01/28/16Actuator limit controller
01/28/16Battery-operated wireless zone controllers having multiple states of power-related operation
01/28/16Automated presence detection and presence-related control within an intelligent controller
01/28/16Systems and methods for performing a multi-step process for map generation or device localizing
01/28/16Methods and systems for data interchange between a network-connected thermostat and cloud-based management server
01/28/16Virtual keyboard input for international languages
01/28/16Smart touchpad input device
01/28/16Multi-story visual experience
01/28/16System and method of loading virtual machines
01/28/16Systems and methods for converting static image online content to dynamic online content
01/28/16Bookmark-based access to content feeds
01/28/16Identifying query aspects
01/28/16Generating additional content
01/28/16Systems and methods for reducing accuracy of web bugs
01/28/16Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining a salient region of geographic map
01/28/16Calendar event scheduling based on sensor-detected events
01/28/16Event grouping using timezones
01/28/16System, method and computer program product for fractional attribution using online advertising information
01/28/16Presenting information cards for events associated with entities
01/28/16Techniques for selling and purchasing products via synchronous two-way electronic communication sessions
01/28/16Multiple interaction auction
01/28/16Creating camera clock transforms from image information
01/28/16Composite image associated with a head-mountable device
01/28/16Life safety device having high acoustic efficiency
01/28/16Providing pre-computed hotword models
01/28/16System and method for targeting advertisements or other information based on recently sent message or messages
01/28/16Management and presentation of notification content
01/28/16Methods and systems for efficient discovery of devices in a peer-to-peer network
01/28/16Two key cellular communication device
01/28/16Multiplane panoramas of long scenes
01/28/16Edge-selective intra coding
01/28/16Systems and methods for displaying viewership and/or message data
01/28/16Providing hotspots to user devices within server-controlled zones
01/28/16Obscuring true location for location-based services
01/28/16Device location history anonymization based on stop detection
01/28/16Mesh network commissioning
01/28/16Controlled power-efficient operation of wireless communication devices
01/28/16Anticipatory lighting from device screens based on user profile
01/21/16Motion detection with bluetooth low energy scan
01/21/16Real-time determination of object metrics for trajectory planning
01/21/16Virtual safety cages for robotic devices
01/21/16Thermostat user interface
01/21/16Signal processing to extract a pedestrian's moving direction
01/21/16Controlling media output during consecutive navigation interruptions
01/21/16Context discrimination using ambient light signal
01/21/16Heads-up display with integrated display and imaging system
01/21/16Adaptive background playback behavior
01/21/16Optimized execution of dynamic languages
01/21/16Systems and methods for improving the ranking of news articles
01/21/16Image modification
01/21/16Indicators for entities corresponding to search suggestions
01/21/16Generating textual summary about physical location based on computing interactions pertaining to physical location
01/21/16System and method for updating online business listings
01/21/16Identifying question answerers in a question asking system
01/21/16Data tagging
01/21/16Extracting card identification data using card types
01/21/16Extracting card identification data
01/21/16Enabling event prediction as an on-device service for mobile interaction
01/21/16Classifying open-loop and closed-loop payment cards based on optical character recognition
01/21/16Identifying payment card categories based on optical character recognition of images of the payment cards
01/21/16Determining an aspect of a physical location based on interactions associated with the physical location
01/21/16Retargeting in a search environment
01/21/16Content item selection criteria generation
01/21/16Dynamic image sitelinks
01/21/16Blending between street view and earth view
01/21/16Systems and methods for intelligent alarming
01/21/16Speaker verification using co-location information
01/21/16Speaker verification using co-location information
01/21/16Systems and methods for wireless backhaul transport
01/21/16Automated group recommendation
01/21/16Managing lifecycles of television gadgets and applications
01/21/16Range management with bluetooth low energy
01/21/16Optimizing packet/frame forwarding or routing in a wireless backhaul transport system
01/14/16Positioning a wearable device for data collection
01/14/16Methods and systems for determining a priority sequence for changing a position or an attitude of an aircraft in hover flight
01/14/16Computing device with force-triggered non-visual responses
01/14/16Motion-sensed mechanical interface features
01/14/16Hands-free selection using a ring-based user-interface
01/14/16Switching display modes based on connection state
01/14/16Dynamic shard allocation adjustment
01/14/16Associating video content with geographic maps
01/14/16Providing results to parameterless search queries
01/14/16Named url entry
01/14/16Scoring concept terms using a deep network
01/14/16Hands-free transactions verified by location
01/14/16Hands-free transactions
01/14/16Hands-free transaction tokens via payment processor
01/14/16Hands-free transactions using beacon identifiers
01/14/16Hands-free transactions with a transaction confirmation request
01/14/16Hands-free transactions with voice recognition
01/14/16Hands-free transactions with a challenge and response
01/14/16Hands-free offline communications
01/14/16Methods, systems, and media for presenting advertisements related to displayed content upon detection of user attention
01/14/16Cross-vertical distribution of sponsored content
01/14/16Method and system for cluster-based video monitoring and event categorization
01/14/16High-quality stereo reconstruction featuring depth map alignment and outlier identification
01/14/16Automatically activated visual indicators on computing device
01/14/16Robust antenna configurations for wireless connectivity of smart home devices
01/14/16User control of data de-idenfication
01/14/16Event scheduling
01/14/16Computer-implemented agent transfer
01/14/16Network-independent programming model for online processing in distributed systems
01/14/16System and method for retail sim marketplace
01/14/16Remotely controlling camera functionality
01/14/16Video content analysis for automatic demographics recognition of users and videos
01/14/16Mesh network commissioning
01/07/16Determining information flow using physiological parameters
01/07/16Methods and systems for alerting and aiding an emergency situation
01/07/16Tether winding
01/07/16System and method for mapping an indoor environment
01/07/16Electrochemical sensor chip
01/07/16Methods and systems for adaptive triggering of data collection
01/07/16Method and system for generating a smart time-lapse video clip
01/07/16Wearable device user interface control
01/07/16Processing cursor movements for predictive fetching
01/07/16Providing geographically relevant information to users
01/07/16Retrieving images
01/07/16Generating localized name pronunciation
01/07/16Promoting preferred content in a search query
01/07/16Generating tasks
01/07/16Conducting financial transactions by telephone
01/07/16Aligning ground based images and aerial imagery
01/07/16Architectures and methods for creating and representing time-dependent imagery
01/07/16Enhanced accuracy for tracking tethered airborne vehicles
01/07/16Visualization of obscured objects in 3d space
01/07/16Method and device for processing motion events
01/07/16Method and system for processing motion event notifications
01/07/16Meal-based medication reminder system
01/07/16Devices and methods for use of phase information in speech processing systems
01/07/16Devices and methods for a universal vocoder synthesizer
01/07/16Methods and systems for voice conversion
01/07/16Manufacturing method for wireless devices
01/07/16Horn lens antenna
01/07/16Determining geo-locations of users from user activities
01/07/16Wireless local area network access
01/07/16Remotely viewing image or video captured by node
01/07/16Method and system for processing published content on the internet
01/07/16Node output facilitates communication with remote site
01/07/16Remotely controlling node functionality
01/07/16Node unregisterable without user account at remote site
01/07/16Signal processing to extract a pedestrian's moving direction

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