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Recent patent applications related to Google Technology Holdings Llc. Google Technology Holdings Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Google Technology Holdings Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Google Technology Holdings Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Tagging visual media on a mobile device
05/25/17 new patent  Enforcement of trick-play disablement in adaptive bit rate video content delivery
05/25/17 new patent  Insertion of recorded secondary digital video content during playback of primary digital video content
05/25/17 new patent  Methods and devices for cell discovery
05/18/17Method and device with intelligent media management
05/04/17Method and authenticating access to a multi-level secure environment of an electronic device
05/04/17Allocation of client device memory for content from content sources
04/27/17Apparatus and encoding a multi channel audio signal
04/27/17Devices and methods for signaling sample adaptive offset (sao) parameters
04/27/17Attention-based advertisement scheduling in time-shifted content
04/20/17In-band peripheral authentication
04/20/17Intelligent buffering of media streams delivered over internet
04/20/17System and synching portable media player content with storage space optimization
04/06/17Methods and determining a transmit antenna gain and a spatial mode of a device
03/30/17Method of targeted discovery of devices in a network
03/30/17Electronic device having a display and manufacture
03/23/17Electronic device with a fingerprint reader and operating the same
03/23/17Accessing a cloud-based service using a communication device linked to another communication device via a peer-to-peer ad hoc communication link
03/23/17System and stream fault tolerance through usage based duplication and shadow sessions
03/16/17Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
03/16/17Circuit assembly for compact acoustic device
03/16/17Method and wireless network data collection
03/16/17Apparatus for dual pass rate control video encoding
03/09/17Information interchange via selective assembly using single gesture
03/02/17Methods and devices for path-loss estimation
03/02/17Reducing the effects of interference experienced by a communication device
03/02/17Method and transport block signaling in a wireless communication system
02/23/17Systems and methods for equalizing audio for playback on an electronic device
02/16/17Harq adaptation for acquisition of neighbor cell system information
02/09/17Method and selecting between multiple gesture recognition systems
02/02/17Method, electronic device, and accessory for carrying out functions based on reflected electromagnetic radiation
01/26/17Distribution and use of video statistics for cloud-based video encoding
01/26/17Systems and methods for in-home and on-the-go targeted content delivery
01/19/17Voice control user interface with progressive command engagement
01/19/17Voice control user interface with progressive command engagement
01/19/17Context-based depth sensor control
01/19/17Method, apparatus and system for triggering wireless communication devices to attach to a wireless communications network
01/12/17Electronic device with a touch sensor and operating the same
01/12/17Generating an enhanced image of a predetermined scene from a plurality of images of the predetermined scene
01/12/17Sharing media among remote access clients in a universal plug and play environment
01/12/17Alert peripheral for notification of events occurring on a programmable user equipment with communication capabilities
01/12/17Device auto pairing without touch and tap
12/29/16Methods and devices for efficient adaptive bitrate streaming
12/15/16Systems and methods for obtaining a digital wallpaper
12/08/16Electronic device with gesture detection system and methods for using the gesture detection system
12/08/16Method and ifdma receiver architecture
12/08/16Managing adaptive streaming of data via a communication connection
12/08/16Methods for coordinating communications between a plurality of communication devices of a user
12/08/16Method and providing customized information
12/01/16Methods for codebook sub-sampling
11/17/16System and securing the life-cycle of user domain rights objects
11/17/16System and securing the life-cycle of user domain rights objects
11/17/16Methods and encoding video content
11/10/16Method and representing storage capacity allocation of an audio/video recording device
11/10/16Program guide graphics and video in window for 3dtv
11/03/16Inter-modulation distortion reduction in multi-mode wireless communication terminal
11/03/16Apparatus and cloud assisted wireless mobility
11/03/16Inter-modulation distortion reduction in multi-mode wireless communication terminal
10/27/16Method and interleaving sequence elements of an ofdma synchronization channel
10/27/16Device and receiving scalable content from multiple sources having different content quality
10/20/16Systems and methods for communicating notifications and textual data associated with applications
10/20/16Method and handover in a wireless communication system
10/20/16Notification handling system and method
10/13/16Touch sensitive surface with recessed surface feature for an electronic device
10/06/16Devices, adaptive switching of multicast content delivery to optimize bandwidth usage
Patent Packs
09/29/16Method and system for tilt-based actuation
09/29/16Methods and 3dtv image adjustment
09/29/16Distributed content management
09/08/16Portable electronic device and controlling operation thereof taking into account which limb possesses the electronic device
08/25/16Systems and methods for credential management between electronic devices
08/25/16Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
08/18/16Adding content during data stream acquisition
08/04/16Method and creating a graphics data represenatation and scaling a graphic represented thereby
08/04/16Dynamic inference of voice command for software operation from user manipulation of electronic device
08/04/16Dynamic inference of voice command for software operation from help information
08/04/16Multi-processor support for array imagers
07/28/16Electronic device mode detection
07/21/16Method and device with intelligent media management
07/21/16Method and device for accepting or rejecting a request associated with a mobile device wirelessly connecting to a network
07/14/16Method and system for providing ims session continuity to a user equipment across a plurality of communication networks
Patent Packs
07/07/16Sip header to indicate mobility transfer operation
07/07/16Methods and device for performing device-to-device communication
06/23/16Dual mode user interface 3d video
06/23/16Method and warding television channel video image snapshots to an auxiliary display device
06/16/16System and providing content to vehicles in exchange for vehicle information
06/16/16Methods and systems for providing sensor data and image data to an application processor in a digital image format
06/16/16Adaptive streaming to multicast and constrained-fidelity constant bit rate encoding
06/16/16Selective user notification for link termination events in wireless personal area network
06/16/16Systems and methods for syncronizing multiple electronic devices
06/09/16System and methods for touch pattern detection and user interface adaptation
06/09/16Method of targeted ad insertion using http live streaming protocol
06/09/16System and mitigating the effects of interferers while performing conditional device scam
06/02/16Electronic device with enhanced displaying notifications
05/26/16Navigation system and methods for generating enhanced search results
05/26/16Method and decorating a lens of an electronic device
05/19/16Systems and methods for configuring the display resolution of an electronic device based on distance and user presbyopia
05/19/16Method and communicating deliver of data packets to a user equipment in a wireless communication system
05/12/16Alert peripheral for notification of events occurring on a programmable user equipment with communication capabilities
05/05/16Method and segmenting media content
04/21/16Method and apparatus related to variable duration media segments
04/14/16Method and scheduling project meetings
04/14/16Processing emergency alert system messages
04/07/16In-band peripheral authentication
04/07/16Method and distribution of 3d television program materials
03/31/16Digital rights management with irregular network access
03/31/16Methods and synchronization to and measurements on unlicensed frequency carriers
03/31/16Radio resource assignment in control channel in wireless communication systems
03/24/16Finger print sensor and auxiliary processor intergration in an electronic device
03/24/16Method and network based adaptive streaming
03/24/16Method and system for managing transmit power on a wireless communication network
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03/17/16Digital rights management with irregular network access
03/17/16Electronic device and managing voice entered text using gesturing
03/17/16Method and precoder information feedback in multi-antenna wireless communication systems
03/17/16Computational camera using fusion of image sensors
03/10/16Context-aware activation of camera and flashlight modules
03/10/16Battery cycle life through smart overnight charging
02/25/16System and managing secure communications in an ad-hoc network
02/25/16Systems and methods for equalizing audio for playback on an electronic device
02/25/16Methods of discovering devices for network formation
02/25/16Methods and an applying radio-access network-selection and traffic-routing policies in a communication device
Patent Packs
02/18/16Gesture detection in three dimensions
02/18/16Displaying always on display-related content
02/18/16Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
02/18/16Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
02/18/16Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
02/18/16Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
02/18/16Gps time-aiding and frequency correction
02/18/16High dynamic range array camera
02/18/16Circuit assembly for compact acoustic device
02/18/16Harq adaptation for acquisition of neighbor cell system information
02/11/16Channel quality indicator for time, frequency and spatial channel in terrestrial radio access network
02/11/16Tunable circuit elements for dynamic, per element power
02/11/16Channel quality indicator for time, frequency and spatial channel in terrestrial radio access network
02/11/16Uma/gan keep-alive mechanism in wireless communication networks
02/11/16System and synching portable media player content with storage space optimization
02/04/16Cylindrical container with side-mount hang tab and methods therefor
02/04/16Apparatus and methods for facilitating context handoff between devices in a cloud based wireless personal area network
02/04/16Systems and methods for managing displayed content on electronic devices
02/04/16Comparison of content presented by client devices operating in different languages for consistent content presentation
02/04/16Method and live call text-to-speech
02/04/16Apparatus and antenna tuning
02/04/16Apparatus and methods for adaptive antenna diversity in a multi-antenna system
02/04/16Regulating communication of audio data from a client device based on a privacy setting stored by the client device
02/04/16Method and sharing content between devices in peer-to-peer networks
02/04/16Contextually updating wireless device firmware
02/04/16Method and electronic device for individualizing ringtones
02/04/16Camera assembly for an electronic device having a seal member integrally formed therewith
02/04/16Capturing images of active subjects
02/04/16Subscriber identity module control in a portable communication device
02/04/16Antenna architecture and operational rf test connector reduction
Patent Packs
02/04/16Method and change of primary cell during carrier aggregation
02/04/16Method and enforcing tiered geographical anonymity in a mobile device
02/04/16Device auto pairing without touch and tap
02/04/16Skin oscillation convective cooling
01/28/16Peer network membership management
01/28/16Peer-to-peer group re-formation
01/28/16Close focus with gpu
01/28/16Method and converting two-dimensional video content for insertion into three-dimensional video content
01/28/16Wireless communication handover profiles
01/28/16Method and system for link adaptation at a mobile station
01/28/16Method and device-to-device communication
01/28/16Heat management an electronic device
01/21/16Electronic device with gesture display control and corresponding methods
01/21/16Efficient key generator for distribution of sensitive material from multiple application service providers to a secure element such as a universal integrated circuit card (uicc)
01/21/16Mobile electronic device circuit board with cutout
01/21/16Electronic device and managing modes of the device
01/21/16Method and providing customized information
01/21/16Method and selectively granting or denying mobile applications access to cellular networks
01/21/16Apparatus and accessing wifi networks
01/14/16Multi-streaming multimedia data
Social Network Patent Pack
01/14/16A viewfinder utility
01/14/16Methods for multi-subframe transmission and reception of control information
01/07/16Devices and methods for managing charging of rechargeable batteries
01/07/16Assembly for attaching a lens to a housing
01/07/16Methods and an transferring data communication sessions between radio-access networks
01/07/16Assembly for attaching a circuit board to a housing
12/31/15Apparatus for enhancing display readability in an environment with strong ambient light
12/31/15Electronic timepiece having electronic watch dial display with countdown to scheduled event
12/31/15Apparatus with radiating element isolated from an electrically conductive wearable apparatus carrier device
12/31/15Embedded light-sensing component
12/31/15Prediction of an estimated remaining utility usage via meter and adjusting an alert threshold
12/31/15Method and electronic device for generating a crowd-sourced alert
12/31/15Hand grip sensor for external chassis antenna
12/31/15Computing device having multiple co-located antennas
12/31/15Cache eviction
12/31/15Apparatus and optimizing performance of a radio device
12/31/15Delivering data to a wireless station
12/24/15Locking pins for a wearable device
12/24/15Method and electronic device for carrying out edge suppression and correction
12/24/15Systems and methods for managing navigation among applications
Social Network Patent Pack
12/24/15Communicating information between devices using ultra high frequency audio
12/24/15Device to device content upgrades
12/24/15Method and data stream registration switching
12/10/15Wristband with recessed clasp and assembling and operating same
12/10/15Rotational alignment of a circular display and a circular lens
12/10/15Optimized lcd design providing round display module with maximized active area
12/10/15Smart device including biometric sensor
12/10/15Monitoring system for proactive service of devices
12/10/15Heat management structure for a wearable electronic device and manufacturing same
12/03/15Method and providing a running sum total of user-selected data
12/03/15Electronic device and controlling access to same
11/26/15Moving content between set top box and end devices in home
11/19/15Method and developing a social hierarchy
11/19/15Electronic device with controlling access to same
11/19/15Method for dual pass rate control video encoding
10/29/15Systems and methods for a wearable touch-sensitive device
10/29/15Electronic device localization based on imagery
10/22/15Resource sharing in relay operations within wireless communication systems
10/22/15Illuminated integrated speaker port insert and button
10/22/15Methods and devices for calculation of uplink transmission power
10/01/15Systems and methods for managing operating modes of an electronic device
10/01/15Method and electronic device for distributing advertisements
10/01/15Methods for obtaining content from a peer device
10/01/15Adaptive low-light view modes
10/01/15Adaptive low-light identification
10/01/15Broadcast content to http client conversion
10/01/15Addressable advertising switch by decoupling decoding from service acquisition
10/01/15Display, display assembly and device
09/24/15Allocation of client device memory for content from content sources
09/24/15Devices and methods for selective enablement of data communication
Social Network Patent Pack
09/17/15Display viewing detection
09/17/15System and methods for preventing interruptions due to battery drain during streaming media sessions between devices
09/17/15Display viewing detection
09/10/15Mobile device and operating same to interface content provider website
09/10/15Apparatus and automatic repeat request with reduced resource allocation overhead in a wireless voip communication system
09/10/15Method and device with an augmented rules engine
09/03/15Electronic device with gesture detection system and methods for using the gesture detection system
09/03/15Display aware transcoder source selection system
08/27/15System and preventing unauthorized use of digital media
08/27/15Electronic device having multiple sides
08/27/15Device security utilizing continually changing qr codes
08/27/15Methods and converting a single radio-access technology connection into a multiple radio-access technology connection
08/20/15Method and user interaction data storage
08/20/15Supplementary earpiece for moving display
08/20/15Method and seamlessly affixing a protective film to an electronic device
08/13/15Method and loading a photo
08/13/15Radio network environment reducing interference among overlapping cells
08/13/15Method and device-to-device communication
08/06/15Electronic device with display manager, folio with secondary display, and methods therefor
08/06/15Method and negotiation and notification of a network access time period in a wireless communication system
07/23/15System for controlling a plurality of cameras in a device
07/23/15Interference control, sinr optimization and signaling enhancements to improve the performance of otdoa measurements
07/02/15Backlight dimming film
07/02/15Electronic device with a fingerprint reader and operating the same
07/02/15Methods and advertising using a frequency of spoken word database
07/02/15Method and selectively adjusting brightness of a display
07/02/15Method and device for policy-based routing
07/02/15Method and activating a hardware feature of an electronic device
07/02/15Multi-spectral image compression

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