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Graco Minnesota Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Graco Minnesota Inc. Graco Minnesota Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Graco Minnesota Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Graco Minnesota Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Centerfill of lubricant reservoir

A centerfill assembly for a lubricant reservoir includes a hollow tube for receiving lubricant from the top of the reservoir and loading the lubricant into the reservoir near the bottom of the reservoir. Loading the lubricant near the bottom of the reservoir introduces lubricant near where the stirring paddles mix... Graco Minnesota Inc

Piston-valve engagement in fluid sprayers

A pump draws fluid from a reservoir and drives the fluid downstream to a spray tip where the fluid is applied to a surface. A piston is driven in a reciprocating manner to pump the fluid. A check valve is disposed downstream of the piston to regulate a flow of... Graco Minnesota Inc

Box lubrication pump

A box lubricator that includes a pump with a piston housing and piston. The piston housing extends from a first end to a second end, and includes a bore extending through the piston housing from the first end of the piston housing to the second end of the piston housing.... Graco Minnesota Inc

Box lubrication pump

A box lubricator that includes a pump with a piston housing and piston. The piston housing extends from a first end to a second end, and includes a bore extending through the piston housing from the first end of the piston housing to the second end of the piston housing.... Graco Minnesota Inc

Electro-hydraulic actuated spray guns

An electro-hydraulic actuation system for a sprayer comprises a hydraulic system, a hydraulic actuator, an electric actuator and a sprayer. The hydraulic system is for pressurizing a hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic actuator is powered by the hydraulic system. The electric actuator controls actuation of the hydraulic actuator by the hydraulic... Graco Minnesota Inc

Multi-dispenser plural component dispensing system

A plural component dispensing system individually delivers separate material components to each of a plurality of proportioners. Each of the proportioners regulates volumetric flow of each of the separate material components to produce a target ratio of the separate material components associated with the proportioner. The target ratios associated with... Graco Minnesota Inc

Bellows fluid seal

A bellow seal of a fluid dispensing system is disclosed. The bellow seal having a generally circular cross section includes a first end having a first diameter. The bellow seal further includes a second end having a second diameter that is smaller than the first diameter of the first end.... Graco Minnesota Inc

Plural component dispensing system

First and second fluid components are individually pumped to a device from first and second pumps. A first volumetric flow rate of the first fluid component discharged from the first fluid component is measured. A second volumetric flow rate of the second fluid component discharged from the second pump is... Graco Minnesota Inc

Vapor abrasive blasting system with closed loop flow control

A blasting system includes a pressure vessel, water pump, blast circuit, motor, orifice valve, and controller. The pressure vessel is configured to contain a pressurized blast media slurry. The water pump pumps water from a water supply to the pressure vessel. The blast circuit delivers the pressurized blast media slurry... Graco Minnesota Inc

Paint can adapter for handheld spray device

An adapter allows direct connection of a handheld spray device to paint cans of varying dimensions. The adapter includes a cage for holding the paint can, a cap that connects the cage to the handheld spray device, and a gasket that seals the open upper end of the paint can... Graco Minnesota Inc

Paint sprayer pump cartridge

A fluid dispensing system includes a motor housing and a piston pump assembly connected to the motor housing. A motor is mounted within the motor housing. The piston pump assembly includes a pump housing, a cartridge having a first end that extends into a second end of the pump housing,... Graco Minnesota Inc

Control system for self-propelled line striper

A line striping system comprises a chassis, wheels, a spray system, a propulsion system and a steering system. The wheels are mounted under the chassis. The spray system is mounted on the chassis. The propulsion system is mounted on the chassis to drive a wheel. The steering system is coupled... Graco Minnesota Inc

Adjustable stop for check valve

A check valve comprises a housing, a fluid passage, a seat, a valve member and a stop. The fluid passage extends through the housing. The seat is disposed in the fluid passage. The valve member is positioned in the passage to engage the seat. The stop extends through the housing... Graco Minnesota Inc

Operator interface device for a plural component dispensing system

A plural component dispensing system includes a dispensing device, first and second fluid component sources, a system controller, and an operator interface device. The first fluid component source is connected to the dispensing device to deliver the first fluid component to the dispensing device. The second fluid component source is... Graco Minnesota Inc

Wet abrasive blasting system with self-venting assembly

The invention is directed toward wet-abrasive blasting systems used for cleaning, preparing surfaces, removing coatings, and other abrasive blasting applications. The wet abrasive basting system has a blast pot that includes a venting system. The venting system may be a self-venting system that allows gases to be vented during charging... Graco Minnesota Inc

Plural component ratio monitoring and control

A plural component dispensing system includes at least one compressed gas pneumatically connected to supply pressurized gas to each of a first pressure vessel that discharges a first fluid component and a second pressure vessel that discharges a second fluid component. Each of the first fluid component and the second... Graco Minnesota Inc

On-demand high volume, low pressure spray system

Various embodiments concern a sprayer having a blower that outputs a HVLP flow of air into a hose, the hose connecting with a spray gun. A pressure sensor measures pressure of the HVLP air within the hose via a tube that branches from a fitting to which the hose connects.... Graco Minnesota Inc

Quick release solenoid assembly

A retaining system for a solenoid assembly of a liquid adhesive dispensing system includes a quick-release mechanism configured to secure the solenoid assembly in place. The quick-release mechanism engages an air tube of the solenoid and thereby secures the entire solenoid assembly to a manifold. The quick-release mechanism can release... Graco Minnesota Inc

Internally heated hose

A temperature control unit includes a fitting, a heating wire, a first temperature sensor, and a housing, which contains the first temperature sensor and portions of the fitting and the heating wire. The fitting includes a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet, a flow channel extending from the fluid inlet to... Graco Minnesota Inc

Flushable pump fluid chamber

A fluid cover for a displacement pump includes an inlet and an outlet oriented to provide desired flow characteristics to fluid entering a fluid chamber defined between the fluid cover and a diaphragm. The inlet is positioned to provide fluid to the fluid chamber at an oblique angle relative to... Graco Minnesota Inc

Fluid pump leakage diversion

A piston rod assembly includes a piston rod having a first end configured to contact fluid, a packing retainer through which the piston rod extends, and one or more packing rings. The packing retainer includes one or more leakage ports forming passageways between an inner surface and an outer surface... Graco Minnesota Inc

Apparatus and forming microbubbles in a mixed multi-component reactive material

An apparatus for preparing a liquid material containing microbubbles includes a dispensing nozzle and a first positive displacement gas pump. The dispensing nozzles includes a material mixing channel, a rotary gas diffuser positioned in the material mixing channel, and a rotary mixer positioned in the material mixing channel downstream of... Graco Minnesota Inc

Modular screed box

A screed box includes a screed bucket, a screed plate mount attached to the screed bucket, a screed plate slidably connected to the screed plate mount and a screed bar attached to a bottom of the screed bucket. The screed plate mount includes a sealing edge. The screed plate includes... Graco Minnesota Inc

Cartridge style ball check for positive displacement pump

A check valve assembly includes a housing extending axially along a center axis of the check valve assembly from a first end to a second end. The housing can include an opening disposed at the first end and an outlet disposed at the second end. A seat is disposed in... Graco Minnesota Inc

Flow-based control for texture sprayer

A texture sprayer comprises an air compressor, a motor, a spray gun, an airflow switch, and a pressure switch. The air compressor is disposed to send the pressurized gas down a pneumatic line, and is driven by the motor. The spray gun receives pressurized gas from the pneumatic line, and... Graco Minnesota Inc

Hose bracket for texture sprayer

A peristaltic pump comprises a drive assembly, a hose pump, and a hose bracket. The drive assembly is rotatably disposed within a frame to move a roller along a pumping path with respect to the frame. The pump hose has rigid hose ends connected by a bendable hose section with... Graco Minnesota Inc

Wheel alignment for line striper

A line striper comprises a sprayer secured to a frame, and a guided wheel assembly rotatably mounted to the frame. The guided wheel assembly includes an adjustment disk with screw notches along its outer diameter, an alignment plate coaxially surrounding and abutting the adjustment disk, alignment screws threaded through the... Graco Minnesota Inc

Spray control system for line striper sprayer

A line striper having a spray control system includes a spray gun, a lever, first and second cables, a manual actuator, and an assisted control. The lever is configured to move between a spray position and an inactive position. The first cable is mechanically linked to the lever. The manual... Graco Minnesota Inc

Mounting clamp for line striper sprayer

A line stripe includes a frame, a mounting arm extending from the frame, a G-shaped clamp, a vertical bar, an extension bar, and a spray gun. The G-shaped clamp has an opening through which the mounting arm is able to extend and a fastener configured to secure the mounting arm... Graco Minnesota Inc

Integrated pump guard and control interlock

A paint sprayer includes an end bell, a motor connected to the end bell, a pump drive connected to the end bell, a pair of protrusions attached to an extending from the end bell such that each protrusion is cantilevered from the end bell, and a pump assembly comprising a... Graco Minnesota Inc

Piston rod having cap recess

A piston rod for pumping paint includes an elongated cylindrical stem and a piston rod cap connected to the cylindrical stem. The cylindrical stem is formed from metal and has an outer diameter that is uniform along most or all of a length of the cylindrical stem. The piston rod... Graco Minnesota Inc

Method of pulselessly displacing fluid

A method of displacing fluid includes pulling a pump displacement member through a suction stroke with a pull, the pull configured to transmit only tensile forces to the fluid displacement member. A working fluid disposed in an internal pressure chamber drive the fluid displacement member through a pumping stroke. The... Graco Minnesota Inc

Fluted piston components for pumps

A piston rod and piston head are the driven components within a pump. An upstream end of the piston rod is attached within an aperture of the piston head. At least one flute extends between the upstream end of the piston rod and the aperture, and the at least one... Graco Minnesota Inc

Rotating piston for pumps

A piston is the driven component within a pump. The piston is driven along a longitudinal axis to pump a fluid through the pump. The fluid flows through the piston between an upstream end of the pump and a downstream end of the pump. The piston outputs the fluid into... Graco Minnesota Inc

Impeller for electrostatic spray gun

An alternator, such as for use in an electrostatic spray gun, comprises an electromagnetic alternator, a housing and an impeller. The electromagnetic alternator has a shaft. The electromagnetic alternator is disposed within the housing. The housing has an air aperture. The impeller is mounted to the shaft within the housing... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/29/17 / #20170185098

Quick disconnect screed box handle

A quick disconnect handle assembly includes a handle and a handle mount. The handle includes a shaft, a spring, and a pin at or near an end of the shaft and configured to restrain movement of the spring in a first direction. The handle mount includes a body having a... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170173608

Electrostatic spray gun having external charge points

An electrostatic spray apparatus includes an electrostatic spray gun having a first external surface and a second external surface. A first electrode is disposed on the first external surface and is configured to ionize a material and to generate a first electrical field between the first electrode and a grounded... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175727

Bellows installation and retention method

A reciprocating pump includes a housing, a rod, a sleeve, a bellows, and a nut. The housing includes a bellows chamber and a working chamber. The rod extends into the reciprocating pump such that the rod extends through the bellows chamber and partly into the working chamber. The rod includes... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175728

Bellows pressure relief valve

A valve for a reciprocating pump includes a housing, a first chamber, a second chamber, a first valve element, and a second valve element. The housing includes an inlet and an outlet. The first and second chambers are within the housing. The first chamber includes a first valve seat and... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175733

Internal bellows bearing

A reciprocating pump includes a housing, a rod, a bellows, and a bearing. The housing surrounds a bellows chamber and a displacement chamber. A first portion of the rod extends into the bellows chamber. The bellows has a first end connected to the housing and a second end connected to... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175734

Bellows anti-rotation construction

A reciprocating pump includes a housing, a rod, and a bellows. The housing surrounds a bellows chamber and a displacement chamber. A portion of the rod extends through the opening in the endcap and into the bellows chamber of the housing. A cross-section of the rod includes a lobed shape.... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/22/17 / #20170175913

Shock absorbing and wear resistant ball check seat for abrasive media

A check valve includes a ball and a seat. The seat includes a body and a hole extending through the body. The hole is smaller in diameter than the ball. The body of the seat is formed from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. The ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene of the seat has an ASTM D648... Graco Minnesota Inc

06/15/17 / #20170165692

Portable airless sprayer

A fluid dispensing device comprises a housing body, a fluid container, a reciprocating piston fluid pump, a primary drive element and a spray tip. The housing body is configured to be carried and supported by an operator of the hand held airless fluid dispensing device during operation. The fluid container... Graco Minnesota Inc

03/16/17 / #20170072410

Spray tip and manufacture

A spray tip comprises a tip body, a tip piece, and a pre-orifice piece. The tip body has a fluid channel along a channel axis (AC). The tip piece is disposed within the fluid channel, and has a stepped, narrowing passage that terminates in an outlet orifice. The pre-orifice piece... Graco Minnesota Inc

03/02/17 / #20170056909

Electrostatic discharge control and isolation system for spraying systems

A fluid dispensing device includes an electrostatic discharge protection system. Accumulation and discharge of electrostatic energy created by operation of the device is reduced or prevented by the electrostatic discharge protection system without an earth ground connection. The electrostatic discharge protection system may include a number of features, such as... Graco Minnesota Inc

02/23/17 / #20170051738

Packing stacks for piston pumps

A packing or seal stack for a pump includes alternating first type and second type packing rings of polymer material such as ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). The first and second type packing rings have essentially identical geometry, and the second type packing rings are lubricant filled polymer material. The... Graco Minnesota Inc

02/16/17 / #20170043359

Method for fluid pressure control in a closed system

A method for controlling a system pressure within a closed system includes sending a signal to a pressure control valve corresponding to a pressure set point and actuating the pressure control valve to vary a pilot pressure of a control fluid contained within a pressure control line that is fluidly... Graco Minnesota Inc

02/16/17 / #20170043366

Method for flow control calibration of high-transient systems

A method of controlling a flow rate includes selecting an operating condition defined by an operating flow rate and an operating pressure, comparing the operating flow rate to a threshold flow rate, and executing an adaptive calibration routing if the operating flow rate is greater than or equal to the... Graco Minnesota Inc

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