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Recent patent applications related to Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology. Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Composite membrane and manufacturing the same
05/18/17Method of manufacturing multiple microelectrodes on needle and needle manufactured by the same
05/18/17Apparatus and measuring erythrocyte sedimentation rate
05/18/17Method of enhancing speech using variable power budget
05/11/17Light emitting diode and manufacturing method therefor
05/04/17Capacitive deionization electrode comprising activated coffee grounds, preparation method thereof and water treatment device comprising the same
04/27/17Apparatus, measuring electrical properties of biological sample and assessing degree of aging of biological sample
04/27/17Installation space exploration a substance and readable media having the program therefor
04/27/17Array antenna
04/20/17Nanoparticles for diagnosis and treatment of tumors
04/20/17Desalination seawater using pressure-assisted forward osmosis and reverse osmosis
04/13/17Enzyme-immobilized porous membrane and preparation antibiotics using the same
04/13/17Sound detection recognizing hazard situation
03/09/17Membrane based on graphene and manufacturing same
03/09/17Optical fiber having a cladding layer doped with metal nano-particles, coreless optical fiber, and manufacturing same
03/02/17Ultraslow light and nondegenerate phase conjugation-based real-time, non-invasive, in-vivo deep-tissue optical imaging apparatus, photodynamic therapy apparatus, optical imaging method and photodynamic therapy method
03/02/17Optical fiber laser device and optical fiber laser providing method
02/16/17Amino acid-based compound for detecting carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide chemical sensor and carbon dioxide detection method using the same
02/09/17Complex for detecting target material and detecting target material using the same
01/12/17Method for detecting cadmium and kit for detecting cadmium using fluorescence intensity according to formation of cadmium nanocluster
12/29/16Carbon dioxide absorbent and regenerating carbon dioxide absorbent
12/29/16Photocatalyst complex
12/29/16Device for fabricating ion exchange membrane and fabricating the ion exchange membrane
12/29/16Substrate, preparing the same, and light-emitting diode using the substrate
12/22/16Method for synthesizing multilayer graphene
12/22/16Organic thin film transistor, manufacturing the same and recoverying insulation thereof
12/01/16Hybrid hollow microcapsule, scaffold for soft tissue including same, and methods of preparing same
12/01/16Porous membrane having immobilized enzyme, porous membrane composite including the same, and preparation method thereof
11/24/16Method of detecting vehicle, database structure for detecting vehicle, and establishing database for detecting vehicle
11/24/16Streaming reproduction device, audio reproduction device, and audio reproduction method
11/10/16Multirotor type unmanned aerial vehicle available for adjusting direction of thrust
11/03/16Haptic driving apparatus and electronic device having haptic function
10/20/16Method and estimating image optical flow
10/20/16Method of manufacturing silicon nanowire array
10/06/16Immunochromatography strip sensor capable of measuring biomaterial concentration over broad concentration range
09/22/16Method for controlling medium access in full-duplex wi-fi network
09/15/16Multi-layered transparent electrode having metal nano hole pattern layer
09/08/16Fluidized bed atomic layer deposition device for manufacturing nanocoating particles
09/01/16Composition for suppressing neuraminidase activity comprising geranylated flavonoid derived from paulownia tomentosa as active ingredient
08/25/16Endoscope, handpiece of endoscope, calibration the endoscope, using the endoscope
08/11/16Electrode having excellent light transmittance, manufacturing same, and electronic element including same
07/21/16Composite compound comprising upconverting nanoparticle and specific receptor
07/21/16Method of fabricating light emitting diode and light emitting diode manufactured thereby
07/14/16Device for continuously preparing ion exchange membrane
07/14/16Method for preparing organic film and organic device including the same
06/30/16Micro device transferring apparatus, transferring micro device, and fabricating transferring apparatus
06/30/16Roughness improved high gloss abs sheet and process for preparing thereof
06/30/16Optical isolator
06/30/16Digital to analog converter, unit for the same, and using the same
06/23/16Optical stimulator using electrochromism
06/23/16Microelectrode for measuring emg of laboratory microfauna and manufacturing the same, and system for measuring emg of laboratory microfauna using microelectrode
06/23/16P-doped conjugated small molecular electrolyte and organic electronic devices using the same
06/23/16Method for detecting intrusion in network
06/16/16Gas separation membrane comprising super base
06/09/16Terahertz radiating device and fabricating the same
06/02/16Integrated network controlling system, network controlling apparatus and method, and a readable medium containing the method
04/21/16Apparatus and generating burst-mode laser
04/14/16Method of fabricating zinc oxide nanostructures using liquid masking layer
04/07/16Optical amplifier using optical fiber
03/31/16Method for growing nitride-based semiconductor with high quality
03/24/16Antenna device and manufacturing same
03/17/16Broadcasting system for wireless network and broadcasting service provision wireless network
03/03/16Screening ion channel modulators using mutated bkca channel
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03/03/16Norovirus detection sensor and electrochemical sensing method using the same
03/03/16Bundled optical fiber probe
03/03/16Pedot:pss based electrode and manufacturing the same
02/25/16Nanocomposite ultra-thin separation membrane and manufacturing the same
02/25/16Lighting system and selective retro-reflection apparatus
02/04/16Organic semiconductor compound thin film, fabricating the same and electronic device using the same
01/21/16Donor-acceptor conjugated polymer and organic electronic device comprising the same
01/07/16Haptic system, controlling the same, and game system
01/07/16Neuromorphic operating the same
12/31/15Method of fabricating nanoporous organic-inorganic hybird film and nanoporous organic-inorganic hybird film manufactured by the method and nanoporous membrane employing the nanoporous organic-inorganic hybird film
12/17/15Method of preparing graphene nanoribbon arrays and sensor comprising the same
12/03/15Delayed optical logic gates for boolean algebra
12/03/15Electrode arrangement with 3d structure and fabrication method thereof
11/19/15Method for improving target affinity of peptide
11/12/15Pharmaceutical compositions comprising inhibitors of zinc-zip8-mtf1 as active ingredients for preventing or treating a joint disease
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11/05/15Resistive ram, fabricating the same, and driving the same
11/05/15Resistive ram, fabricating the same, and driving the same
11/05/15Apparatus and detecting location of moving body, lighting apparatus, air conditioning apparatus, security apparatus, and parking lot management apparatus
10/29/15Device for manufacturing breathable film by using laser and manufacturing same
10/15/15Method for proposing landmark
10/08/15Spectrometry apparatus and spectrometry method
10/08/15Optical device including three-coupled quantum well structure
10/08/15High power ultra-short laser device
09/24/15Device and playing sound
09/17/15Method and measuring hematocrit of blood
09/10/15Seawater desalination method using arrangement optimization of reverse osmosis membrane modules
09/03/15Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancer, containing enoblock as active ingredient
08/20/15Composition for forming pluronic-based hydrogel with improved stability
08/20/15Positioning apparatus, processing apparatus using the same, and positioning method and processing method using the same
08/13/15Method for fabricating polyethersulfone nanofiber membrane by electrospinning
08/13/15Organic-inorganic composite anion exchange membrane containing polyvinylidene fluoride polymer for non-aqueous redox flow battery and preparing the same
07/30/15Mixer and mixing method
07/23/15Touch sensor including nanowire array and fabricating the same
06/25/15Method for fabricating transfer printing substrate using concave-convex structure, transfer printing substrate fabricated thereby and application thereof
06/25/15Inverted organic electronic device and manufacturing the same
06/18/15Decoy peptides inhibiting protein phosphatase 1-mediated dephosphorylation of phospholamban
06/11/15Method and imaging cells
06/04/15Vehicle, vehicle cloud system, and data dissemination system
06/04/15Optical modulator using multiple fabry-perot resonant modes and capturing 3d image including the optical modulator
05/28/15Method for reconstructing sparse signal in finite field, reconstructing sparse signal in finite field, and recording medium for recording reconstruction method
05/21/15Mask for forming semiconductor layer, semiconductor device, and fabricating the same
05/21/15Transmissive image modulator using multi-fabry-perot resonant mode and multi-absorption mode
05/21/15Composition for improving or promoting hair growth containing, as active ingredients, photosensitizer irradiated with light and peptide, and method using same
05/21/15Method for preparing electromagnetic wave shielding material
05/14/15Wireless communication system and packet communication therefor
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05/14/15Silicon dbr structure-integrated light element, and preparation method
05/07/15Optical device including three-coupled quantum well structure having multi-energy level
04/30/15High sensitivity biosensor using pixel analysis of cmos image sensor
04/30/15Method and generating 3d knee joint image
04/30/15Polyp detection apparatus and operating the same
04/23/15Functional layer for organic electron device containing non-conjugated polymer having amine group, and organic electron device containing same
04/23/15Optical biosensor
04/23/15Methods for preparing te(o) from te(iv) using metal-reducing bacteria and iron ion
04/23/15Apparatus and extending bandwidth of sound signal
04/09/15Light emitting diode having magnetic structure and fabricating the same
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04/09/15Porous membrane having immobilized enzyme, porous membrane composite including the same, and preparation method thereof
04/02/15Light emitting diode
03/26/15Synapse circuits for connecting neuron circuits, unit cells composing neuromorphic circuit, and neuromorphic circuits
03/19/15Medium access control method in single channel wireless network environment
03/19/15Access point for wireless lan and medium access control method thereof
03/12/15Laser wavelength conversion apparatus
03/12/15Stereo extension apparatus and method
03/12/15Organic-inorganic hybrid junction device using redox reaction and organic photovoltaic cell of using the same
03/12/15Porphyrin-peptoid conjugate and the preparation process thereof
03/05/15Gas separation membrane for carbon dioxide and preparation method thereof
02/19/15Separation gan substrate by wet etching
02/12/15Liquid drum type fuel cell-metal recovery apparatus
01/29/15Light emitting diode having multi-junction structure and fabricating the same
01/22/15Apparatus for recommending contents using hierarchical context model and method thereof
01/15/15Conducting network composite comprising polyaniline and polypyrrole, and preparing the same
12/25/14Solid state vapor phase polymerization nanoporous polypyrrole and nanoporous polypyrrole prepared therefrom
12/25/14Control for position-based impedance controlled industrial robot
12/18/14Nitride-based light emitting diode including nonorods and mmanufacturing the same
12/18/14Homopolymer nanoparticles by self-emulsion polymerization reaction and preparation method thereof
12/11/14Zno film structure and forming the same
12/04/14Membrane-electrode assembly, direct carbon fuel cell including the same, and preparing the same
11/13/14Quantitative analyzing cigs film using a laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
11/06/14Component quantitative analyzing method depending on depth of cigs film using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
10/23/143d covalent molecular network nanocapsule and preparing method thereof
10/02/14D-aptide and retro-inverso aptide with maintained target affinity and improved stability
09/25/14Electrolyte-membraneless microbial fuel cell, in-series stack thereof, and in-parallel combination thereof
08/07/14Polymer solar cell and forming the same
07/24/14Multilayer membrane containing carbon nanotube manufactured by layer-by-layer assembly method
06/26/14Graphene multiple-valued logic device, operation method thereof, and fabrication method thereof
06/26/14Pulse laser device and burst mode using same, and controlling a variable burst mode
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06/19/14Quantitative analysis measuring target element in specimen using laser-induced plasma spectrum
06/19/14Apparatus and separating fibrous material
06/12/14Insertable probe for diagnosis of lesional tissue in real time and manufacturing electrode thereof
05/29/14Stretchable substrate, stretchable photovoltaic apparatus, and stretchable device
05/22/14Supramolecular structure having sub-nano scale ordering
05/22/14Direct ch arylation method using palladium-based catalyst
05/08/14Method for detection of antigen using fluorescence resonance energy transfer immunoassay
05/01/14Solar cell module and manufacturing same
04/24/14Semi-fluoroalkyl group substituted organic semiconductor polymer and organic thin film transistor including the same
03/06/14Electromagnetic wave absorber and fabricating the same
02/27/14Orthotope sphere decoding signal reconstruction in the multi-input multi-output antenna system
02/27/14Orthotope sphere decoding signal reconstruction in multi-input multi-output antenna system
02/20/14Pulse laser device and burst mode using same, and controlling a variable burst mode
02/06/14Carbon nanotube-radical polymer composite and production method therefor
02/06/14Optical fiber for chemical sensor
02/06/14Porous polymer membrane with covalent network structure and production method thereof
01/30/14Syringe capable of measuring temperature of a patient body and manufacturing the same
01/23/14Method and processing optical signal of spectrometer using sparse nature of signals
01/09/14Hole transport polymeric compound and polymer light emitting diode using the same
01/02/14Terahertz wave modulator based on hole-injection and -transfer
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12/26/13Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating heart failure and screening agent for preventing or treating heart failure
11/28/13Method and system for three-dimensional vibration measurement using vibrometer
10/31/13Light emitting diode and manufacturing the same
10/31/13Optical fiber having a cladding layer doped with metal nano-particles, coreless optical fiber, and manufacturing same
10/24/13Water treatment continuous forward osmosis process using osmotically active compound with phase transition
10/17/13Resistance change memory device having threshold switching and memory switching characteristics, fabricating the same, and resistance change memory device including the same
10/17/13Composition including chlorophyll a as an active ingredient for preventing and treating th2-mediated immunological diseases
10/10/13Organic solar cell comprising self-assembled organic/inorganic nanocomposite in photoactive layer, and preparing the same.
10/10/13Selection device and nonvolatile memory cell including the same and fabricating the same
10/10/13Sensing apparatus
10/10/13Electrode for li secondary battery, producing the same and li secondary battery
10/03/13Method of forming p-type zno film
10/03/13Voice analysis apparatus, voice synthesis apparatus, voice analysis synthesis system
10/03/13Speech receiving apparatus, and speech receiving method
09/19/13Method for manufacturing a gold core/insulator shell nanostructure using a novel peptide
09/12/13Pharmaceutical composition including an hif-2 alpha inhibitor as an active ingredient for preventing or treating arthritis
08/22/13Burst oscillation method in laser system and same
08/15/13Microrefractometer using defocusing imaging
08/15/13Pheophorbide-alpha conjugates and their uses
07/04/13Method for fabricating transfer printing substrate using concave-convex structure, transfer printing substrate fabricated thereby and application thereof
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06/27/13Method for modifying surface of hydrophobic polymer film and surface-modified hydrophobic polymer film
06/20/13Scribing having analysis function of material distribution
06/20/13System for real-time analysis of material distribution in cigs thin film using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
06/20/13Fabrication system of cigs thin film solar cell equipped with real-time analysis facilities for profiling the elemental components of cigs thin film using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
06/13/13Method and device for extending bandwidth of speech signal
05/30/13Antenna tuner and adjusting antenna impedance
05/23/13Method for measuring biological contamination of sea water desalination facility and system thereof
05/23/13Micro/nano combined structure, manufacturing micro/nano combined structure, and manufacturing an optical device having a micro/nano combined structure integrated therewith
05/23/13Novel preparing pterocarpan
05/16/13Simultaneous synthesis of temperature-tunable peptide and gold nanoparticle hybrid spheres
05/09/13Method of modulating release of biomolecules having heparin-binding affinity
05/09/13Method for screening diabetes treating agent
05/02/13Amyloid-beta clearance
05/02/13Method and measuring hematocrit
04/25/13Cartilage-specific hif-2alpha transgenic mouse as an animal model for arthritis, and use thereof
04/25/13Sulfonated poly(arylene ether) copolymer having a cross-linkable structure, and polyelectrolyte membrane comprising same
04/18/13Granular mesoporous silica and preparation method thereof
04/18/13Preparation granular carbon mesoporous structure
04/11/13Silicon multilayer anti-reflective film with gradually varying refractive index and manufacturing method therefor, and solar cell having same and manufacturing method therefor
04/11/13Ultra thin light scanning portable information device
04/11/13Method and device for controlling haptic interface
04/11/13Flow control node for managing throughput fairness of a plurality of flows, transmission node, controlling flow, and controlling transmission rate
03/28/13Method for producing zinc-oxide nanostructure electrodes, and producing dye-sensitized solar cells using same
03/28/13Fabricating nano structure for antireflection and fabricating photo device integrated with antireflection nano structure
03/28/13Method for preparing mesoporous carbon having iron oxide nanoparticles
03/21/13P-doped conjugated polymer electrolyte and an organic electronic device using the same
03/14/13Sensor for measuring amount of heat generated from cells using zweifach-fung effect and manufacturing the same
03/07/13Catalytic metal with nanocup or nanoring structure and electrodes using the same
02/28/13Method of fabricating vertical type light-emitting diode and separating layers from each other
02/28/13Apparatus and implementing haptic-based networked virtual environment which supports high-resolution tiled display
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02/28/13Electrode for battery and manufacturing thereof
02/28/13Apparatus and eliminating noise
02/14/13Fluid viscosity measuring device
02/14/13Method for forming microstructure pattern based on solution process
02/14/13Novel pyridine carboxylic acid based compound used as a p2x1 and p2x3 receptor antagonist, a production the same and a composition comprising the same
02/07/13Method and transmitting sparse signal, and recovering sparse signal via belief propagation and bayesian hypothesis test
01/24/13Nanostructure array substrate, fabricating the same and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
01/17/13Method for manufacturing a mixed catalyst containing a metal oxide nanowire, and electrode and fuel cell including a mixed catalyst manufactured by the method
12/27/12User adaptive augmented reality mobile communication device, server and method thereof
12/27/12Spectrometer apparatus using continuous wave laser and photomultiplier tube
12/20/12Bpb-based cargo delivery system
12/13/12Method and device for measuring motion error of linear stage
12/13/12Module system for microbial fuel cell
12/06/12Photoelectrode including zinc oxide hemisphere, fabricating the same and dye-sensitized solar cell using the same
12/06/12Intracelluar targeting bipodal peptide binder
11/29/12Three-dimensional menu system using manual operation tools
11/22/12Electronic device, manufacturing the same and touch panel including the same
11/22/12Power amplifier insensitive to load impedance changes
11/15/12Multi-band power amplifier
11/08/12Film member, film target for laser-driven ion acceleration, and manufacturing methods thereof
10/25/12Method for fabricating quantum dot and semiconductor structure containing quantum dot
10/11/12Cell lysis apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
10/11/12Single-quantum dot device and manufacturing the same
10/11/12Apparatus and detecting a vertex of an image
09/06/12Method and providing touch information of 3d-object to user
09/06/12Solid state synthesis silver nanoparticles, and silver nanoparticles synthesized thereby
08/02/12Endscopic spectral domain optical coherence tomography system based on optical coherent fiber bundle
07/05/12Absorbent comprising hydrophobic mesoporous material for removal of harmful pharmaceuticals from aqueous environment
06/07/12Blue-light-emitting iridium complex, iridium complex monomer, phosphorus polymer, and organic electroluminescence device using same

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