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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

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Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/11/16Downhole mud motor with adjustable bend angle
01/19/17 new patent  Methods for consolidation treatments in subterranean formations using silicon compounds derived from furfuryl alcohols
01/19/17 new patent  Adjustment mechanisms for adjustable bent housings
01/19/17 new patent  Multi-run retrievable battery pack for electronic slickline tools
01/19/17 new patent  Downhole anchor
01/19/17 new patent  Downhole severing tools employing a two-stage energizing material and methods for use thereof
01/19/17 new patent  Electromagnetic jarring tool
01/19/17 new patent  Pressure staging for wellhead stack assembly
01/19/17 new patent  Three dimensional modeling of interactions between downhole drilling tools and rock chips
01/19/17 new patent  Sealing rings for a wire wrapped screen of a sand screen assembly
01/19/17 new patent  Model for one-dimensional temperature distribution calculations for a fluid in a wellbore
01/19/17 new patent  Antenna for downhole communication using surface waves
01/19/17 new patent  In-line receiver and transmitter for downhole acoustic telemetry
01/12/17Transportation and delivery of set-delayed cement compositions
01/12/17Forming facsimile formation core samples using three-dimensional printing
01/12/17Cementing compositions and methods
01/12/17Transportation and delivery of set-delayed cement compositions
01/12/17Stabilizing formation laminae in coal seam wellbores
01/12/17Consolidation compositions comprising multipodal silane coupling agents
01/12/17Far-field diversion with pulsed proppant in subterranean fracturing operations
01/12/17Imidazolinium compounds as dual corrosion inhibitors
01/12/17Adjustable bent housings with sacrificial support members
01/12/17Perforating gun connectors
01/12/17Elastic pipe control with managed pressure drilling
01/12/17Swab-resistant downhole tools comprising sealing elements composed of shape memory polymers
01/12/17Systems and methods for using cement slurries in hydrajetting tools
01/12/17Downhole sensing systems and methods employing squeezed light interferometry
01/12/17Well tools with vibratory telemetry to optical line therein
01/12/17Fluidic pulser for downhole telemetry
01/12/17Interferometric high fidelity optical phase demodulation
01/12/17Composite slickline cable integrity testing
01/12/17Distributed nondestructive structural defects detection in slickline cables
01/12/17Systems and methods for analyzing contaminants in flowing bulk powder compositions
01/12/17Downhole nuclear magnetic resonance sensor using anisotropic magnetic material
01/12/17Acousto-electromagnetic acoustic sensing
01/12/17Composite slickline cable having an optical fiber with optimized residual strain
01/05/17Method and managing annular fluid expansion and pressure within a wellbore
01/05/17Fluidic oscillator bypass system
01/05/17High-alumina refractory aluminosilicate pozzolan in well cementing
01/05/17Tunable control of pozzolan-lime cement compositions
01/05/17Chitin nanocrystal containing wellbore fluids
01/05/17Passivated cement accelerator
01/05/17Sulfonated relative permeability modifiers for reducing subterranean formation water permeability
01/05/17Soil and rock grouting using a hydrajetting tool
01/05/17Adjustable bent housings with disintegrable sacrificial support members
01/05/17Slip ring with a tensioned contact element
01/05/17Fluidic oscillator bypass system
01/05/17Three-dimensional multi-layered visualization for fluid treatment design and analysis
01/05/17Controlling a bottom-hole assembly in a wellbore
01/05/17Transmitting collision alarms to a remote device
01/05/17Column flow testing
01/05/17Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus, systems, and methods
01/05/17Corkscrew effect reduction on borehole induction measurements
01/05/17Model for estimating drilling tool wear
12/29/16Surface coating for metal matrix composites
12/29/16Proppants and methods of making the same
12/29/16Drilling fluids with crosslinked sulfonate-containing polymers dispersed in high density brines
12/29/16Lubricant for high ph water based mud system
12/29/16Functionalized nanoparticles as crosslinking agents for sealant application
12/29/16Liquid slurries of micron- and nano-sized solids for use in subterranean operations
12/29/16Multilevel force balanced downhole drilling tools including cutting elements in a step profile configuration
12/29/16Multilevel force balanced downhole drilling tools including cutting elements in a track-set configuration
12/29/16Threaded connection with high bend and torque capacities
12/29/16Managed pressure drilling with hydraulic modeling that incorporates an inverse model
12/29/16Cleaning and separating fluid and debris from core samples and coring systems
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12/22/16Two-phase manufacture of metal matrix composites
12/22/16Thermal thickening in invert emulsion treatment fluids
12/22/16Settable spacer fluids comprising pumicite and methods of using such fluids in subterranean formations
12/22/16Deactivation and activation of permeability modifiers for use in subterranean formation operations
12/22/16Methods and systems utilizing a boron-containing corrosion inhibitor for protection of titanium surfaces
12/22/16Two-phase manufacture of metal matrix composites
12/22/16Downhole cutting tool having sensors or releasable particles to monitor wear or damage to the tool
12/22/16Dedicated wireways for collar-mounted bobbin antennas
12/22/16Downhole tool having adjustable and degradable rods
12/22/16Magnetic downhole tool and related subassemblies having mu-metallic shielding
12/22/16Sand control screen assemblies with erosion-resistant flow paths
12/22/16Real-time tracking and mitigating of bending fatigue in coiled tubing
12/22/16Well logging with autonomous robotic diver
12/22/16Formation resistivity measurement apparatus, systems, and methods
12/22/16Real-time ultrasound techniques to determine particle size distribution
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12/22/16Classifying particle size and shape distribution in drilling fluids
12/22/16Using 3d computed tomography to analyze shaped charge explosives
12/22/16Gradient induction logging tool having direct field cancelation with optional compensation
12/22/16Tool for azimuthal resistivity measurement and bed boundary detection
12/22/16Methods and systems employing nmr-based prediction of pore throat size distributions
12/15/16Real-time tracking of bending fatigue in coiled tubing
12/15/16Crosslinking resin for sand consolidation operations
12/15/16Disintegrating unit dose pod for well servicing fluids
12/15/16Assessment and control of drilling fluid conditioning system
12/15/16Shifting tool assembly that facilitates controlled pressure equalization
12/15/16Systems and methods for estimating forces on a drill bit
12/15/16Real-time tracking of bending fatigue in coiled tubing
12/15/16Polymer composite wireline cables comprising optical fiber sensors
12/15/16Shear thinning calibration fluids for rheometers and related methods
12/15/16Estimate of formation mobility from stoneley waveforms
12/15/16Downhole sensing using parametric amplification with squeezed or entangled light for internal mode input
12/08/16Coated mixing device for hydrocarbon fluid storage containers to combat mixing abrasion
12/08/16Measuring critical shear stress for mud filtercake removal
12/08/16Dry drilling fluid additives and methods relating thereto
12/08/16Composition including viscosifier polymer and polyamine viscosity modifier for treatment of subterranean formations
12/08/16Methods for improving the distribution of a sealant composition in a wellbore and treatment fluids providing the same
12/08/16Mitigating stick-slip effects in rotary steerable tools
12/08/16Magnetostrictive motor for a borehole assembly
12/08/16Protection assembly for downhole wet connectors
12/08/16Individually variably configurable drag members in an anti-rotation device
12/08/16Hydraulic cable injector and cable deployment
12/08/16Anti-preset and anti-reset feature for retrievable packers with slips above elements
12/08/16Well flow control assemblies and associated methods
12/08/16Fluid pressure actuator
12/08/16Extrusion prevention ring for a liner hanger system
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12/08/16Automatic dosing of surfactant for recovered hydrocarbon enhancement
12/08/16Methods and systems for downhole temperature logging
12/08/16Regulation of flow through a well tool string
12/08/16Telemetry module with push only gate valve action
12/08/16Yield stress measurement device and related methods
12/08/16Backscattering spectrometry for determining a concentration of solids in a solids-laden fluid
12/08/16Permanent em monitoring systems using capacitively coupled source electrodes
12/08/16Chemical sensing using quantum entanglement between photons
12/08/16Methods and apparatuses for deriving wellbore fluid sag from thermal conductivity measurements
12/08/16Thin-layer spectroelectrochemical cell for use in subterranean formation operations
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12/01/16Mold assembly caps used in fabricating infiltrated downhole tools
12/01/16Thermal sink systems for cooling a mold assembly
12/01/16Clay stabilization with control of migration of clays and fines
12/01/16Degradable fluid sealing compositions incorporating non-degradable microparticulates and methods for use thereof
12/01/16Degrading and removing cured resins from substrates
12/01/16Uniformly variably configurable drag members in an anit-rotation device
12/01/16Low surface friction drill bit body for use in wellbore formation
12/01/16Chemically strengthened bond between thermally stable polycrystalline hard materials and braze material
12/01/16Downhole ball valve
12/01/16Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector
12/01/16Downhole high-impedance alternator
12/01/16Higher order simulation of hydrocarbon flows of hydraulic fracture treatments
12/01/16In-well saline fluid control
12/01/16Smart subsea pipeline
12/01/16Simulating optical sensor response data for fluids in a wellbore
12/01/16Gain stabilization in a gamma ray detection apparatus
12/01/16Improved resistivity measurement using a galvanic tool
12/01/16Selection of diversion techniques based upon weighted well characteristics
11/24/16Multi-characteristic integrated computational element using light incidence angle manipulation
11/24/16Mold transfer assemblies and methods of use
11/24/16Mold transfer assemblies and methods of use
11/24/16Plasma arc cutting of tubular structures
11/24/16Methods and systems for protecting acid-reactive substances
11/24/16Selection of optimal surfactants for performing surfactant flooding enhanced oil recovery
11/24/16Graphene enhanced polymer composites and methods thereof
11/24/16Compositions and methods for hydrophobically modifying fracture faces
11/24/16Hydrofluoric acid acidizing composition compatible with sensitive metallurgical grades
11/24/16Functionalized proppant particulates for use in subterranean formation consolidation operations
11/24/16Methods and compositions for providing proppant suspension and consolidation in subterranean treatment operations
11/24/16Selective restoration of fluid communication between wellbore intervals using degradable substances
Patent Packs
11/24/16Establishing communication downhole between wellbores
11/24/16Subsurface wiping plug apparatus, method, and system
11/24/16Expansion cone for downhole tool
11/24/16Shear mechanism with preferential shear orientation
11/24/16Multilateral junction with wellbore isolation using degradable isolation components
11/24/16Multilateral junction with wellbore isolation
11/24/16Downhole turbine assembly
11/24/16Flow conditioning flow control device
11/24/16Blowout rate correction methods and systems
11/24/16Determining depth of loss zones in subterranean formations
11/24/16Wide bandwidth drill pipe structure for acoustic telemetry
11/24/16Method and generating pulses in a fluid column
11/24/16Optimal surfactant design for recovered hydrocarbon enhancement
11/24/16Methods for determining rheological quantities of a drilling fluid using apparent viscosity
11/24/16Determining effective elastic modulus of a composite slickline cable
11/24/16Distributed acoustic sensing systems and methods employing under-filled multi-mode optical fiber
11/24/16Geomechanical and geophysical computational model for oil and gas stimulation and production
11/24/16Hybrid electrical and optical fiber cable splice housings
11/24/16Boolean algebra for claim mapping and analysis
11/17/16System and generating formation cores with realistic geological composition and geometry
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11/17/16Multi-modal particle size distribution lost circulation material
11/17/16One-step consolidation treatment
11/17/16Mounted downhole fiber optics accessory carrier body
11/17/16Well system with degradable plug
11/17/16Manipulating a downhole rotational device
11/17/16Surface modification agent to prolong scale inhibitor lifetime
11/17/16Magnetic sensor rotation and orientation about drill
11/17/16Fiberoptic tuned-induction sensors for downhole use
11/17/16Multi-sensor workflow for evaluation of gas flow in multiple casing strings
11/17/16Multi-variable workflow for cement evaluation in multiple casing strings
11/17/16Optical fiber splice housings
11/10/16Directional drilling while conveying a lining member, with latching parking capabilities for multiple trips
11/10/16Mold assemblies that actively heat infiltrated downhole tools
11/10/16Heat-exchanging mold assemblies for infiltrated downhole tools
11/10/16Steam-blocking cooling systems that help facilitate directional solidification
11/10/16Mold assemblies with integrated thermal mass for fabricating infiltrated downhole tools
11/10/16Purification of organically modified surface active minerals by air classification
11/10/16Wellbore servicing materials and methods of making and using same
11/10/16Delayed delivery of chemicals in a wellbore
11/10/16Drilling shaft deflection device
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11/10/16Continuous live tracking system for placement of cutting elements
11/10/16Constant velocity joint apparatus, systems, and methods
11/10/16Wellbore sealing system with degradable whipstock
11/10/16Adjustable seat assembly
11/10/16Releasing a well drop
11/10/16Prepacked sand screen assemblies
11/10/16Closed-loop speed/position control mechanism
11/10/16Bend angle sensing assembly and use
11/10/16Acoustic dipole piston transmitter
11/10/16Viscosity sensor
11/10/16Wireline cable fatigue monitoring using thermally-induced acoustic waves
11/10/16Dual core locking geophone
11/10/16Downhole inspection with ultrasonic sensor and conformable sensor responses
11/10/16Cross-coupling compensation via complex-plane based extrapolation of frequency dependent measurements
11/10/16High gain antenna for propagation logging tools
11/10/16Optical computing device diagnostics and treatment
11/03/16Using downhole strain measurements to determine hydraulic fracture system geometry
11/03/16Systems and methods for multiple-code continuous-wave distributed accoustic sensing
11/03/16Integrated heat-exchanging mold systems
11/03/16Method of forming a subterranean gas storage vessel
11/03/16Clean-up fluid for wellbore particles containing an environmentally-friendly surfactant
11/03/16Surface modification agent emulsions comprising hydrophobically modified amine-containing polymers for use in subterranean formations
11/03/16Degradable reticulated foam particulates for use in forming highly conductive proppant packs
11/03/16Crosslinker-coated proppant particulates for use in treatment fluids comprising gelling agents
11/03/16Clusters of micron- and nano-sized proppant for use in subterranean operations
11/03/16Steerable rotary drilling devices incorporating a tilted drive shaft
11/03/16Optimizing a grid for finite element solutions for subterranean region simulations
11/03/16Pressure delivery proppant to offshore frac blender
11/03/16Downhole turbine tachometer
11/03/16Opto-electrical networks for controlling downhole electronic devices
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11/03/16Selection of optimal hydrate inhibitor surfactants for use in oil and gas operations
11/03/16Energy detection apparatus, methods, and systems
11/03/16Structure dip constrained kirchhoff migration
11/03/16System and methods for cross-sensor linearization
11/03/16Redundant wired pipe-in-pipe telemetry system
10/27/16Methods of enhancing fluid loss control using additives
10/27/16Mems-lost circulation materials for evaluating fluid loss and wellbore strengthening during a drilling operation
10/27/16Methods and compositions to use shape changing polymers in subterranean formations
10/27/16Methods of enhancing fluid loss control using additives
10/27/16Multi-functional additive for oil or gas operations
10/27/16Fracturing fluid
10/27/16Propping subterranean formation fractures using memory particulates
10/27/16Multi shot activation system
10/27/16Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond with enhanced attachment joint
10/27/16Non-contact flow rate measurement of fluid using surface feature image analysis
10/27/16Multiple distributed pressure measurements
10/27/16Internally trussed high-expansion support for refracturing operations
10/27/16Method and retaining weighted fluid in a tubular section
10/27/16Liner drilling using retrievable directional bottom-hole assembly
10/27/16Immiscible fluid systems and methods of use for placing proppant in subterranean formations
10/27/16Method and criteria for trajectory control
10/27/16Apparatus and aligning downhole measurements
10/20/16Deployment of high-pressure iron from marine vessel to offshore rig
10/20/16Treatment fluids for reducing subterranean formation damage
10/20/16Drill tool insert removal
10/20/16Downhole formation testing and sampling apparatus
10/20/16Wellbore service fluid
10/20/16Biodegradable, food grade shale stabilizer for use in oil and gas wells
10/20/16Generating and enhancing microfracture conductivity

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