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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Delaware Corporation
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/11/16Downhole mud motor with adjustable bend angle
08/25/16 new patent  Vulcanized oil and water swellable particulate composite compositions
08/25/16 new patent  Geopolymer cement compositions and methods of use
08/25/16 new patent  Haloalkane composition for inhibiting or dissolving asphaltene or paraffin deposits
08/25/16 new patent  Treatment fluids containing a hydrophobically modified chelating agent and methods for use thereof
08/25/16 new patent  Removing resin coatings from surfaces
08/25/16 new patent  Running and pulling tool for use with rotating control device
08/25/16 new patent  Wellbore tubing cutting tool
08/25/16 new patent  Assembling a perforating gun string within a casing string
08/25/16 new patent  Swellable seal with backup
08/25/16 new patent  Variable diameter bullnose assembly
08/25/16 new patent  Systems and methods for optimizing drilling operations using transient cuttings modeling and real-time data
08/25/16 new patent  Downhole casing patch
08/25/16 new patent  Fracturing tight subterranean formations with a cement composition
08/25/16 new patent  Cross talk noise reduction technique for downhole instrumentation
08/25/16 new patent  Distributed acoustic sensing gauge length effect mitigation
08/25/16 new patent  Tool casing detection
08/25/16 new patent  Evaluation tool for concentric wellbore casings
08/25/16 new patent  Tracking wellbore servicing equipment and components thereof
08/25/16 new patent  Flexible antenna assembly for well logging tools
08/25/16 new patent  Lead-free solder alloy for printed circuit board assemblies for high-temperature environments
08/18/16Hydraulic tubing perforator
08/18/16Dual breaker system for reducing formation damage during fracturing
08/18/16Bottom hole assembly retrieval for casing-while-drilling operations using a tethered float valve
08/18/16Methods and systems for orienting a tool in a wellbore
08/18/16Fiber optic current monitoring for electromagnetic ranging
08/18/16Cyanamide-based carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulfide scavengers and methods of use in subterranean operations
08/18/16Treatment fluids containing a perfluorinated chelating agent and methods for use thereof
08/18/16Branched viscoelastic surfactant for high-temperature acidizing
08/18/16Porous cement composition for propping fractures open
08/18/16Unbalance force identifiers and balancing methods for drilling equipment assemblies
08/18/16Drill bit arm pocket
08/18/16Bicomponent seals comprising aligned elongated carbon nanoparticles
08/18/16Dynamic wear protection for fixed cutter drill bits
08/18/16Transportable equipment platform
08/18/16Adjustable straight blade stabilizer
08/18/16Methods for replenishing particles screened from drilling fluids
08/18/16Wellbore fluids comprising hydrated inorganic oxide materials and associated methods
08/18/16Metal chevron seal
08/18/16Activated reverse-out valve
08/18/16Bulk capacitor charging circuit for mud pulse telemetry device
08/18/16Hydraulic tubing perforator
08/18/16Bend measurements of adjustable motor assemblies using inclinometers
08/18/16Estimation of formation properties by analyzing response to pressure changes in a wellbore
08/18/16Improved determination of fluid compositions
08/18/16Collecting and removing condensate from a gas extraction system
08/18/16Dual-configuration shear bolt
08/18/16Method and automatically testing high pressure and high temperature sedimentation of slurries
08/18/16Validation of cased-hole acoustic tools
08/18/16Integrated computational elements with planar waveguide
08/18/16Displacement measurement cement testing
08/18/16Tunable acoustic transmitter for downhole use
08/18/16Downhole evaluation with neutron activation measurement
08/11/16Abandoned well monitoring system
08/11/16Amplification of data-encoded sound waves within a resonant area
08/11/16Nutating fluid-mechanical energy converter to power wellbore drilling
08/11/16Bottom hole assembly with wearable stabilizer pad for directional steering
08/11/16Wellbore servicing assemblies and methods of using the same
08/11/16Low ph metal-free preparation of aminated organic acid
08/11/16Methods and systems for sequestering carbon dioxide in a subterranean formation
08/11/16Surface treated lost circulation material
08/11/16Dual-purpose viscosifier and surface active additives and methods of use
08/11/16Compositions for treating subterranean formations
08/11/16Methods and materials to enhance high temperature rheology in invert emulsions
08/11/16Invert emulsion drilling fluids with fumed silica and methods of drilling boreholes
08/11/16Gellable treatment fluids with clay-based gel retarders and related methods
08/11/16Dual function internal breaker for crosslinked hydroxyethylcellulose
08/11/16Invert emulsion for swelling elastomer and filtercake removal in a well
08/11/16Freeze/thaw stable latex emulsion for treatment of well bore tar
08/11/16Temperature-dependent fabrication of integrated computational elements
08/11/16Nutating fluid-mechanical energy converter to power wellbore drilling
08/11/16Downhole communication between wellbores utilizing swellable materials
08/11/16Bottom hole assembly with wearable stabilizer pad for directional steering
08/11/16Downhole electrical connector
08/11/16Quick connect for wellbore tubulars
08/11/16Shock tool for drillstring
08/11/16Pre-milled windows having a composite material covering
08/11/16Degradable downhole tools comprising magnesium alloys
08/11/16Assisting retrieval of a downhole tool
08/11/16Wellbore isolation devices with degradable slip assemblies with slip inserts
08/11/16Fluid flow sensor
08/11/16Erosion resistant baffle for downhole wellbore tools
08/11/16Internal adjustments to autonomous inflow control devices
08/11/16Optimization of fuel consumption in equipment used in well site operations
08/11/16Managing a wellsite operation with a proxy model
08/11/16Systems and methods for increasing fracture complexity using acoustic energy
08/11/16Friction and wear reduction of downhole tubulars using graphene
08/11/16Drilling automation using stochastic optimal control
08/11/16High performance wire marking for downhole cables
08/11/16Intelligent cement wiper plugs and casing collars
08/11/16Portable attachment of fiber optic sensing loop
08/11/16Mounting bracket for strain sensor
08/11/16Degree of drilling shaft deflection determination in a rotary steerable drilling device
08/11/16Integrated well survey management and planning tool
08/11/16Determining well fluid flow velocity based on vortex frequency
08/11/16Flow sensing fiber optic cable and system
08/11/16Estimating permeability in unconventional subterranean reservoirs using diagnostic fracture injection tests
08/11/16Apparatus and methods for determining swelling reactivity of materials under subterranean welbore conditions
08/11/16Casing thickness measurement using acoustic wave correlation
08/11/16Modeling subterranean formation permeability
08/11/16Modeling subterranean fluid viscosity
08/11/16Tritium-tritium neutron generator and logging method
08/11/16Monolithic band-limited integrated computational elements
08/11/16Three-dimensional waveguide sensors for sample analysis
08/11/16Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) porosity integration in a probabilistic multi-log interpretation methodology
08/04/16Mobile multi sack dust collection apparatus
08/04/16Liquid battery ready downhole power system
08/04/16Particulate reinforced braze alloys for drill bits
08/04/16Wellbore fluid additives of fibrillated fibers
08/04/16Foaming of set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and hydrated lime
08/04/16Corrosion inhibitor intensifiers for corrosion resistant alloys
08/04/16Light weight proppant with improved strength and methods of making same
08/04/16Injecting polyelecrolyte based sacrificial agents for use in unconventional formations
08/04/16Rotary steerable drilling system
08/04/16Borehole pressure management methods and systems with adaptive learning
08/04/16Synchronous continuous circulation subassembly with feedback
08/04/16Self-lubricating seal element for rotating control device
08/04/16Downhole tools comprising aqueous-degradable elastomer sealing elements with carbodiimide
08/04/16Wave spring flapper closure mechanism
08/04/16Downhole tool with magnetic bypass seat
08/04/16Ball drop tool and methods of use
08/04/16Optimization of engine emissions from equipment used in well site operations
08/04/16Mounting plate apparatus, systems, and methods
08/04/16Optical fiber feedthrough incorporating fiber bragg grating
08/04/16Depth, load and torque referencing in a wellbore
08/04/16Acoustic signal attenuator for lwd/mwd logging systems
08/04/16Multi-component induction logging methods and systems having a trend-based data quality indicator
08/04/16Workflow adjustment methods and systems for logging operations
08/04/16Analysis of a reservoir fluid using a molecular factor computational system
08/04/16Apparatus and methods of multiplexing transmissive optical sensors
08/04/16Real-time monitoring of fabrication of integrated computational elements
08/04/16In-situ spectroscopy for monitoring fabrication of integrated computational elements
08/04/16Systems and methods of harvesting energy in a wellbore
07/28/16Cutting element support shoe for drill bit
07/28/16Gravel pack assembly having a flow restricting device and relief valve for gravel pack dehydration
07/28/16Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods
07/28/16Cement compatible water-based drilling mud compositions
07/28/16Polymerizable monomer compositions comprising monomers with high affinity for sand grain surfaces for sand consolidation applications
07/28/16Sequential surfactant treatments for enhancing fracturing fluid recovery
07/28/16Enhancing fracturing and complex fracturing networks in tight formations
07/28/16Drilling tool including multi-step depth of cut control
07/28/16Pneumatic rotating control device latch
07/28/16Apparatus and perforating a subterranean formation
07/28/16Adjustable flow control assemblies, systems, and methods
07/28/16Delayed crosslinking composition or reaction product thereof for treatment of a subterranean formation
07/28/16Systems and methods for minimizing impact loading in downhole tools
07/28/16Bend measurements of adjustable motor assemblies using magnetometers
07/28/16Optically-controlled switching of power to downhole devices
07/28/16Fault detection for active damping of a wellbore logging tool
07/28/16Sampling chamber with hydrogen sulfide-reactive scavenger
07/28/16Downhole systems for detecting a property of a fluid
07/28/16Apparatus and methods for determining surface wetting of material under subterranean wellbore conditions
07/28/16Rotational wellbore ranging
07/28/16Downhole gradiometric ranging utilizing transmitters & receivers having magnetic dipoles
07/28/16Field emission ion source neutron generator
07/21/16Selective magnetic positioning tool
07/21/16Variable ice and methods for measuring sample properties with the same
07/21/16Consolidation composition including polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and methods of using the same
07/21/16Downhole polymerizable clay control agent for shale treatment
07/21/16Calcium methylglycine diacetic acid salt particles and subterranean operations relating thereto
07/21/16Expandable particulates and methods of use and preparation
07/21/16Rotor bearing for progressing cavity downhole drilling motor
07/21/16Selective magnetic positioning tool
07/21/16Adjusting surfactant concentrations during hyraulic fracturing
07/21/16Electrical log processing near casing point techniques
07/21/16Downhole optical communication
07/21/16Communicating acoustically
07/21/16Spatially-resolved monitoring of fabrication of integrated computational elements
07/21/16Optimal vibration control for a wellbore logging tool
07/21/16Active damping control of a wellbore logging tool
07/21/16Fiber optic rotary joint with dual-core fiber
07/21/16Air curtain generator for optical sensing devices
07/14/16Degradable wellbore isolation devices with varying fabrication methods
07/14/16Fresh water degradable downhole tools comprising magnesium and aluminum alloys
07/14/16Downhole acoustic ranging utilizing gradiometric data
07/14/16Optical computing device and compensating light fluctuations
07/14/16Deposit build-up monitoring, identification and removal optimization for conduits
07/14/16Compositions and methods for forming and utilizing stable, single-component resin mixture
07/14/16Volatile surfactant treatment for subterranean formations
07/14/16Elastomer-thermally conductive carbon fiber compositions for roller-cone drill bit seals
07/14/16Mechanically locking polycrystalline diamond element and industrial device
07/14/16Clad hardfacing application on downhole cutting tools
07/14/16Degradable wellbore isolation devices with varying fabrication methods
07/14/16Subterranean formation operations using degradable wellbore isolation devices
07/14/16A solidified, thermally insulating composition
07/14/16Fresh water degradable downhole tools comprising magnesium and aluminum alloys
07/14/16Leakoff mitigation treatment utilizing self degrading materials prior to re-fracture treatment
07/14/16Treating a subterranean formation with a composition having multiple curing stages
07/14/16Downhole gas compression separator assembly
07/14/16Drilling methods and systems with automated waypoint or borehole path updates based on survey data corrections
07/14/16Measurement of formation rock properties by diffusion
07/14/16Distributed seismic sensing for in-well monitoring
07/14/16Downhole measurement and survey tools with conformable sensors
07/14/16Frequency based measurement of characteristics of a substance
07/14/16Behind pipe evaluation techniques for well abandonment and complex annular environments
07/07/16Optical power limiting method using stimulated brillouin scattering in fiber optic waveguides
07/07/16Methods of separating impurities from industrial minerals using electrocoagulation
07/07/16Activation of set-delayed cement compositions by retarder exchange
07/07/16Epoxy resin formulations containing an impact modifier for use in subterranean wells
07/07/16Yielding of hydrated lime in set-delayed and other settable compositions
07/07/16High-salt gelling composition for well treatment
07/07/16Downhole drilling motor
07/07/16Sacrificial spacer for well tool inner seal
07/07/16Sponge pressure equalization system
07/07/16Reinforced drill pipe seal with floating backup layer
07/07/16Multilateral wellbore stimulation
07/07/16Adjustable choke device for a production tube
07/07/16Flow guides for regulating pressure change in hydraulically-actuated downhole tools
07/07/16Erosion resistant screen assembly
07/07/16Cyclical diversion techniques in subterranean fracturing operations
07/07/16Removal of stick-slip vibrations in a drilling assembly
07/07/16Behind pipe evaluation of cut and pull tension prediction in well abandonment and intervention operations
07/07/16Downhole multi-pipe scale and corrosion detection using conformable sensors
07/07/16Integrated well survey management and planning tool
07/07/16Proximity detection using instrumented cutting elements
07/07/16Piping communication
07/07/16Receiving and measuring expelled gas from a core sample
07/07/16Optical power limiting method using stimulated brillouin scattering in fiber optic waveguides
07/07/16Logging while drilling (lwd) steering visualization tool methods and systems
07/07/16Downhole inspection, detection, and imaging using conformable sensors
07/07/16Adjusting fabrication of integrated computational elements
06/30/16Cement admixture including polymers
06/30/16Optimal control of a drill path using path smoothing
06/30/16Real-time programmable ice and applications in optical measurements
06/30/16Intensity-independent optical computing device
06/30/16Power limiting methods for use with optical systems in hazardous area locations
06/30/16Wide temperature range cement retarder
06/30/16Amphoteric polymer suspending agent for use in calcium aluminate cement compositions
06/30/16Injectable inflow control assemblies
06/30/16Continuously sealing telescoping joint having multiple control lines
06/30/16Damping pressure pulses in a well system
06/30/16Simultaneous injection and production well system
06/30/16Emulsion detection using optical computing devices
06/30/16Downhole formation fluid sampler having an inert sampling bag
06/30/16Power limiting methods for use with optical systems in hazardous area locations
06/30/16Focused symmetric pipe inspection tools
06/30/16Methods and systems of electromagnetic interferometry for downhole environments
06/30/16Composition including functionalized polysaccharide for treatment of subterranean formations
06/23/16Decelerator device for ball activated downhole tools
06/23/16Downhole compressor for charging an electrical submersible pump
06/23/16Simulated integrated computational elements and their applications
06/23/16Methods and systems for monitoring spontaneous potentials in downhole environments
06/23/16High-temperature lubricants comprising elongated carbon nanoparticles for use in subterranean formation operations
06/23/16Compositions providing consolidation and water-control
06/23/16Sealant compositions for use in subterranean formation operations
06/23/16Heavy-atom resin formulation for use in subterranean wells
06/23/16High-temperature lubricants comprising elongated carbon nanoparticles for use in subterranean formation operations
06/23/16Tubing assembly with a temporary seal
06/23/16Coiled tubing servicing tool

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