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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
Halliburton Energy Services Inc hesi
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Delaware Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100114
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20131212
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100128
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100121
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Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015011412704/30/15 new patent  Distributed acoustic sensing systems and methods employing under-filled multi-mode optical fiber
22015011465604/30/15 new patent  Riser displacement and cleaning systems and methods of use
32015011514604/30/15 new patent  Nanofiber spectral analysis
42015011560404/30/15 new patent  Systems and methods of coupling pipes
52015011612304/30/15 new patent  Methods and systems for tracking a toolstring at subsea depths
62015011612404/30/15 new patent  Robust optical fiber-based distributed sensing systems and methods
72015010876704/23/15Constant velocity device for downhole power generation
82015010749004/23/15Calcium phosphate cement compositions comprising pumice and/or perlite and associated methods
92015010783004/23/15Method and generating seismic pulses to map subterranean fractures
102015010783804/23/15Consolidating spacer fluids and methods of use
112015010784304/23/15Completing long, deviated wells
122015010785504/23/15Device that undergoes a change in specific gravity due to release of a weight
132015010786004/23/15Formation tester tool assembly and use
142015010833904/23/15Pulsed-neutron tool methods and systems for monitoring casing corrosion
152015010876704/23/15Constant velocity device for downhole power generation
162015011043904/23/15Distributed fiber optic sensing devices for monitoring the health of an electrical submersible pump
172015011294904/23/15Systems and methods for anonymizing and interpreting industrial activities as applied to drilling rigs
182015010179004/16/15Time delayed secondary retention mechanism for safety joint in a wellbore
192015010180004/16/15Variable stiffness downhole tool housing
202015010180604/16/15Method for providing step changes in proppant delivery
212015010183204/16/15Forming inclusions in selected azimuthal orientations from a casing section
222015010186604/16/15Ambient-activated switch for downhole operations
232015010591204/16/15Systems and methods of drilling control
242015010601604/16/15Measurement calibration apparatus, methods, and systems
252015010601704/16/15Visual interface for identifying layers within a subterranean formation
262015009676504/09/15Fluid container reloading tool
272015009848604/09/15Assembly for measuring temperature of materials flowing through tubing in a well system
282015009867304/09/15Geo-locating positions along optical waveguides
292015009045804/02/15Pulsating rotational flow for use in well operations
302015009157704/02/15Downhole gradiometric ranging for t-intersection and well avoidance utilizing transmitters & receivers having magnetic dipoles
312015008339503/26/15Mitigating leaks in production tubulars
322015008339903/26/15Evaluation of downhole electric components by monitoring umbilical health and operation
332015008340003/26/15System and changing proppant concentration
342015008340103/26/15Drilling operation control using multiple concurrent hydraulics models
352015008340803/26/15Device for measuring and transmitting downhole tension
362015008340903/26/15Rotationally-independent wellbore ranging
372015008341003/26/15Wiper plug for determining the orientation of a casing string in a wellbore
382015008342803/26/15Auto-filling of a tubular string in a subterranean well
392015008349603/26/15Positionable downhole gear box
402015008349703/26/15Hydraulic activation of mechanically operated bottom hole assembly tool
412015008351803/26/15Acoustic source apparatus, systems, and methods
422015008354103/26/15Anti-stall mechanism
432015008390503/26/15Pulsed neutron tool for downhole oil typing
442015008472603/26/15Variable reluctance transducers
452015008478203/26/15Reducing distortion in amplified signals in well logging tools
462015008561103/26/15Acoustic monitoring of well structures
472015008615203/26/15Quasioptical waveguides and systems
482015008756403/26/15Novel enhancing fracture conductivity
492015008842603/26/15Detecting bed boundary locations based on measurements from multiple tool depths in a wellbore
502015007587103/19/15Drilling assembly with high-speed motor gear system
512015007576803/19/15Well tools operable via thermal expansion resulting from reactive materials
522015007577703/19/15Injection testing a subterranean region
532015007577803/19/15Controlling an injection treatment of a subterranean region based on stride test data
542015007577903/19/15Designing an injection treatment for a subterranean region based on stride test data
552015007578003/19/15Multi-zone completion systems and methods
562015007578903/19/15Boronated biopolymer crosslinking agents and methods relating thereto
572015007580403/19/15Offshore universal riser system
582015007581703/19/15Swellable packer with enhanced anchoring and/or sealing capability
592015007587503/19/15Multilevel force balanced downhole drilling tools and methods
602015007726503/19/15Telemetry on tubing
612015006829803/12/15Apparatus for downhole power generation
622015006873503/12/15Systems and methods for optimized well creation in a shale formation
632015006873603/12/15Formation environment sampling apparatus, systems, and methods
642015006874403/12/15Fluid mobility modifiers for increased production in subterranean formations
652015006877103/12/15Downhole ball dropping systems and methods
662015006877203/12/15Downhole ball dropping systems and methods with redundant ball dropping capability
672015006975503/12/15High pressure remote connector with self-aligning geometry
682015007000003/12/15Single magnet fluid densitometer
692015006015003/05/15Mass balancing drill bit design methods and manufacturing
702015006391403/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
712015005990303/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
722015006004903/05/15Retractable collet assembly for liner string installation in a wellbore
732015006007003/05/15Methods of cementing and lassenite-containing cement compositions
742015006008003/05/15Methods and disconnecting a line from a device disposed within a pipe or wellbore
752015006008603/05/15Running tool with retractable collet for liner string installation in a wellbore
762015006015003/05/15Mass balancing drill bit design methods and manufacturing
772015006166403/05/15Downhole nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) tool with transversal-dipole antenna configuration
782015006166503/05/15Azimuthally-selective downhole nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) tool
792015006230003/05/15Wormhole structure digital characterization and stimulation
802015006365003/05/15Identifying potential fracture treatment locations in a formation based on production potential
812015006391403/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
822015006391503/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
832015006391803/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
842015006391903/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
852015006392003/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
862015006392103/05/15Methods and arresting failures in submerged pipelines
872015006644503/05/15Generating a smooth grid for simulating fluid flow in a well system environment
882015006644603/05/15Connection conditions for modeling fluid transport in a well system environment
892015006644703/05/15Generating a flow model grid based on truncation error threshold values
902015006645103/05/15Determining acid injection treatment parameters
912015006645203/05/15Determining fracturing rheological behavior of fracturing fluids
922015006645303/05/15Injection treatment simulation using condensation
932015006645403/05/15Multi-thread band matrix solver for well system fluid flow modeling
942015006645503/05/15Proppant transport model for well system fluid flow simulations
952015006645603/05/15Multi-thread block matrix solver for well system fluid flow modeling
962015006645703/05/15Modeling fluid displacement in a well system environment
972015006646203/05/15Modeling fluid flow interactions among regions of a well system
982015006646303/05/15Block matrix solver for well system fluid flow modeling
992015005339302/26/15Downhole sensor tool for logging measurements
1002015005339602/26/15Packer end ring with polymer gripping device
1012015005339902/26/15Systems and methods for cleaning a well face during formation testing operations
1022015005341702/26/15Autonomous inflow control device having a surface coating
1032015005342002/26/15Flow control device for controlling flow based on fluid phase
1042015005342102/26/15Two line operation of two hydraulically controlled downhole devices
1052015005450302/26/15Nuclear magnetic resonance logging tool having multiple pad-mounted atomic magnetometers
1062015005543602/26/15Identifying overlapping stimulated reservoir volumes for a multi-stage injection treatment
1072015005543702/26/15Identifying an axis of a stimulated reservoir volume for a stimulation treatment of a subterranean region
1082015005793302/26/15Indentifying a stimulated reservoir volume from microseismic data
1092015005793402/26/15Identifying uncertainty associated with a stimulated reservoir volume (srv) calculation
1102015005798502/26/15Real-time stimulated reservoir volume calculation
1112015004783602/19/15Combination power source for a magnetic ranging system
1122015004784402/19/15Downhole supercapacitor device
1132015004790202/19/15Systems and methods of robust determination of boundaries
1142015004958502/19/15Acoustic logging systems and methods employing multi-mode inversion for anisotropy and shear slowness
1152015005187802/19/15Modeling intersecting flow paths in a well system environment
1162015004065702/12/15Automatic optimizing methods for reservoir testing
1172015004111602/12/15Coupling for a cement head
1182015004114102/12/15Mechanically actuated device positioned below mechanically actuated release assembly utilizing j- slot device
1192015004163302/12/15System and determining a value indicative of hydrogen index
1202015004248702/12/15Latching assembly for wellbore logging tools and use
1212015004596902/12/15Orka subsea pigging and hydrotesting unit
1222015004609102/12/15System and determining a value indicative of hydrogen index
1232015003429902/05/15Well packer with shock dissipation for setting mechanism
1242015003430002/05/15Well packer with nonrotating mandrel lock device
1252015003430102/05/15Economical construction of well screens
1262015003430502/05/15Acoustic coupling of electrical power and data between downhole devices
1272015003433002/05/15Tool with pressure-activated sliding sleeve
1282015003433102/05/15Clutch resisting torque
1292015003433202/05/15Method and restricting fluid flow in a downhole tool
1302015003433302/05/15Annular flow control devices and methods of use
1312015003433902/05/15Self-setting downhole tool
1322015003553602/05/15Detecting boundary locations of multiple subsurface layers
1332015003696802/05/15Improved optical fiber feedthrough incorporating fiber bragg grating
1342015003864502/05/15Biomimetic adhesive compositions comprising a phenolic polymer and methods for use thereof
1352015003923002/05/15Downhole formation testing with automation and optimization
1362015003923102/05/15Measurement correction apparatus, methods, and systems
1372015003923502/05/15Permeability prediction systems and methods using quadratic discriminant analysis
1382015002770401/29/15Packer end ring with device for gripping base pipe
1392015002721601/29/15Method and formation testing and sampling when performing subterranean operations
1402015002768901/29/15Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector
1412015002769201/29/15Multi-interval wellbore treatment method
1422015002770701/29/15Engineered methods and materials for wellbore strengthening in subterranean operations
1432015002771001/29/15Poly(alkyenylamide)-polysaccharide hydrogels for treatment of subterranean formations
1442015002771401/29/15Swelling debris barrier and methods
1452015002772301/29/15Selective electrical activation of downhole tools
1462015002772701/29/15Tubular string displacement assistance
1472015002773501/29/15Electrical power storage for downhole tools
1482015002778301/29/15Nanoparticle kinetic gas hydrate inhibitors
1492015003237601/29/15Apparatus and methods of skin effect correction
1502015003242501/29/15Determining flow through a fracture junction in a complex fracture network
1512015003308001/29/15Cause and effect mapping for failure mode effect analysis creation and risk management
1522015002105101/22/15Bonded slickline and methods of use
1532015002059801/22/15Apparatus and distributed pressure sensing
1542015002100901/22/15Modulated opto-acoustic converter
1552015002101901/22/15Downhole fluid flow control system and method having autonomous closure
1562015002102101/22/15Multiple-interval wellbore stimulation system and method
1572015002105101/22/15Bonded slickline and methods of use
1582015002497601/22/15Predicting properties of well bore treatment fluids
1592015002580601/22/15Mud pulse telemetry
1602015002585801/22/15Simulating well system fluid flow based on a pressure drop boundary condition
1612015001343601/15/15Diagnostic system for bulk well material handling plants
1622015001344701/15/15Method and in-situ fluid injector unit
1632015001344801/15/15System and improved cuttings measurements
1642015001397001/15/15Sand control screen assembly with internal control lines
1652015001397501/15/15Method and system for monitoring and managing fiber cable slack in a coiled tubing
1662015001398301/15/15Solid-supported crosslinker for treatment of a subterranean formation
1672015001398801/15/15Mitigating annular pressure buildup using temperature-activated polymeric particulates
1682015001398901/15/15Interval control valve with varied radial spacings
1692015001452101/15/15Reducing disturbance during fiber optic sensing
1702015001541301/15/15Downhole telemetry systems and methods with time-reversal pre-equalization
1712015001588401/15/15Methods for assaying polymers using an integrated computational element
1722015000763101/08/15Sensor conditioning apparatus, systems, and methods
1732015000797501/08/15Downhole supercapacitor device
1742015000798401/08/15Formation thermal measurement apparatus, methods, and systems
1752015000799301/08/15Protection of casing lowside while milling casing exit
1762015000800101/08/15Subsurface well systems with multiple drain wells extending from production well and methods for use thereof
1772015001144201/08/15Method of treating a high-temperature well with a fluid containing a viscosifier and a stabilizer package
1782015001222001/08/15Shear wave source for vsp and surface seismic exploration
1792015000089701/01/15Expandable well screen having enhanced drainage characteristics when expanded
1802015000091001/01/15Methods for improved proppant suspension in high salinity, low viscosity subterranean treatment fluids
1812015000091201/01/15In-situ downhole heating for a treatment in a well
1822015000091801/01/15Catalyzed polyamine sulfide scavengers and methods of use in subterranean treatment fluids
1832015000098401/01/15Reducing sugar-based sulfide scavengers and methods of use in subterranean operations
1842015000098501/01/15Crosslinked n-vinylpyrrolidone polymers for use in subterranean formations and wells
1852015000098801/01/15Cutter for use in well tools
1862015000230601/01/15Borehole array for ranging and crosswell telemetry
1872015000520401/01/15Methods of using downhole compositions including an ion-sequestering compound
1882015000520601/01/15High-temperature crosslinked polymer for use in a well
1892014037409912/25/14Invert emulsion for swelling elastomer and filtercake removal in a well
1902014037417112/25/14Manufacture of well tools with matrix materials
1912014037375612/25/14Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods
1922014037408912/25/14Automated diversion valve control for pump down operations
1932014037409312/25/14Methods for forming proppant-free channels in proppant packs in subterranean formation fractures
1942014037409712/25/14Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
1952014037409812/25/14Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods
1962014037410712/25/14Methods and systems for acidizing subterranean formations with treatment fluids containing dual-functioning chelating agents
1972014037787312/25/14Fossil recognition apparatus, systems, and methods
1982014037835312/25/14Inhibiting salting out of diutan or scleroglucan in well treatment
1992014037915012/25/14Compensating system time loss
2002014036662012/18/14High pressure rock core testing
2012014036708412/18/14Snorkel tube with debris barrier for electronic gauges placed on sand screens
2022014036708612/18/14Apparatus and storing core samples at high pressure
2032014036709212/18/14Methods and evaluating downhole conditions through fluid sensing
2042014036709912/18/14Degradation of polylactide in a well treatment
2052014036710012/18/14Simultaneous combined acidizing and proppant fracturing
2062014036710112/18/14Protected scale inhibitors and methods relating thereto
2072014036710512/18/14Filler particles with enhanced suspendability for use in hardenable resin compositions
2082014036711112/18/14Wettability altering gellable treatment fluids
2092014036711612/18/14Ball check valve integration to icd
2102014036712212/18/14Flowable devices and methods of self-orienting the devices in a wellbore
2112014036716512/18/14Thermal component temperature management system and method
2122014036716612/18/14Thermal component temperature management system and method
2132014036716712/18/14Thermal component temperature management system and method
2142014036819912/18/14Downhole sensing in borehole environments
2152014036820112/18/14Systems and methods for downhole electromagnetic field measurement
2162014036820212/18/14Systems and methods for downhole electric field measurement
2172014036820312/18/14Systems and methods for downhole magnetic field measurement
2182014037111412/18/14Far field diversion technique for treating subterranean formation
2192014035294512/04/14Degrading wellbore filtercake with acid-producing microorganisms
2202014035295312/04/14Integrated computational element analysis of production fluid in artificial lift operations
2212014035296012/04/14Ampholyte polymeric compounds in subterranean applications
2222014035296912/04/14Ampholyte polymers and methods of treating subterranean formations with the same
2232014035297512/04/14System and methods for recovering hydrocarbons
2242014035304212/04/14Self-triggering lost circulation control in carbonate formation
2252014035753612/04/14Invert emulsion fluid containing a hygroscopic liquid, a polymeric suspending agent, and low-density solids
2262014034548511/27/14Support bracket for selective fire switches
2272014034586011/27/14Downhole sample module with an accessible captured volume adjacent a sample bottle
2282014034587011/27/14Methods for stimulation and stabilization of subterranean formations
2292014034587111/27/14Henna corrosion inhibitor for acid in a well
2302014034587511/27/14Syntactic foam frac ball and methods of using same
2312014034587811/27/14Syntactic foam frac ball and methods of using same
2322014034719211/27/14Connecting fiber optic cables
2332014034989511/27/14Invert emulsion drilling fluid containing a hygroscopic liquid and a polymeric suspending agent
2342014035085811/27/14Enhanced resistivity measurement apparatus, methods, and systems
2352014034052011/20/14Systems and tools for detecting restricted or hazardous substances
2362014033888511/20/14Insulative coating processes for electromagnetic telemetry mandrels
2372014033890011/20/14Measuring an adsorbing chemical in downhole fluids
2382014033891211/20/14Methods and compositions for use in oil and/or gas wells
2392014033891611/20/14Methods and compositions of improving wellbore cleanout treatments
2402014033892311/20/14Electronic rupture discs for interventionless barrier plug
2412014033898311/20/14Air-driven degasser assembly
2422014034008911/20/14Magnetic sensing apparatus, systems, and methods
2432014034295011/20/14Methods for use of oil-soluble weighting agents in subterranean formation treatment fluids
2442014034295111/20/14Treatment fluid containing a corrosion inhibitor of a weak base
2452014034295211/20/14Method of treating a high-temperature well with a fluid containing a viscosifier and a stabilizer package
2462014034295311/20/14Complexation of calcium ions in the presence of quaternized amine compounds while acidizing a subterranean formation
2472014033331011/13/14Angular position sensor with magnetometer
2482014033185211/13/14Perforating gun generating perforations having variable penetration profiles
2492014033221611/13/14Pozzolan for use in a cement composition having a low heat of hydration

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