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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
Halliburton Energy Services Inc hesi
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Delaware Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100114
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20131212
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100128
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100121
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100107


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Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033015011/19/15  new patent  Directional casing-while-drilling
22015033018411/19/15  new patent  Pressure responsive downhole tool with low pressure lock open feature and related methods
32015032872311/19/15  new patent  Lead-free solder alloy for printed circuit board assemblies for high-temperature environments
42015032938211/19/15  new patent  Electrocoagulation removal of zinc in produced water
52015032976411/19/15  new patent  Treatment fluids containing a boron trifluoride complex and methods for use thereof
62015033014911/19/15  new patent  Directional control of a rotary steerable drilling assembly using a variable fluid flow pathway
72015033015711/19/15  new patent  Telescoping joint with control line management assembly
82015033016711/19/15  new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring and characterizing fluids in a subterranean formation using hookload
92015033018211/19/15  new patent  Hydraulic activation of mechanically operated bottom hole assembly tool
102015033018811/19/15  new patent  Remotely controllable valve for well completion operations
112015033019011/19/15  new patent  Deep formation evaluation systems and methods
122015033019111/19/15  new patent  Well flow control with acid actuator
132015033020311/19/15  new patent  Systems and methods for estimation of intra-kerogen porosity of downhole formation samples from pyrolysis tests and basin modeling data
142015033021011/19/15  new patent  Determining gravity toolface and inclination in a rotating downhole tool
152015033063011/19/15  new patent  Variable air to product ratio well burner nozzle
162015033075011/19/15  new patent  Plasma gap detonator with novel initiation scheme
172015033113211/19/15  new patent  Method and the downhole in-situ determination of the speed of sound in a formation fluid
182015033113711/19/15  new patent  Multi-axial antenna and use in downhole tools
192015033113911/19/15  new patent  Systems and methods for performing ranging measurements using third well referencing
202015032196111/12/15 Particulate flow enhancing additives and associated methods
212015032232711/12/15 Sugar cane ash in spacer fluids
222015032232811/12/15 Colloidal high aspect ratio nanosilica additives in sealants and methods relating thereto
232015032232911/12/15 Methods and systems for iron control using a phosphinated carboxylic acid polymer
242015032272011/12/15 System and detecting drilling events using an opto-analytical device
252015032274711/12/15 Boost assisted force balancing setting tool
262015032275011/12/15 Flow distribution assemblies for preventing sand screen erosion
272015032276711/12/15 Systems and methods of adjusting weight on bit and balancing phase
282015032277211/12/15 System and measuring temperature using an opto-analytical device
292015032277411/12/15 Tilted antenna logging systems and methods yielding robust measurement signals
302015032277511/12/15 Systems and methods for monitoring wellbore fluids using microanalysis of real-time pumping data
312015032277711/12/15 System and triggering a downhole tool
322015032278111/12/15 System and analyzing cuttings using an opto-analytical device
332015032278311/12/15 Methods and systems for determining and using gas extraction correction coefficients at a well site
342015032370011/12/15 In-situ system calibration
352015031590611/05/15 Downhole electromagnetic telemetry system utilizing electrically insulating material and related methods
362015031584911/05/15 Load cross-over slip-joint mechanism and use
372015031586811/05/15 Self-assembling packer
382015031587011/05/15 Composite wellbore ball valve
392015031587511/05/15 Red mud solids in spacer fluids
402015031588511/05/15 Methods and systems for generating reactive fluoride species from a gaseous precursor in a subterranean formation for stimulation thereof
412015031589811/05/15 Systems and methods for monitoring and validating cementing operations using connection flow monitor (cfm) systems
422015031617011/05/15 Multiple piston pressure intensifier for a safety valve
432015031635911/05/15 Charge case fragmentation control for gun survival
442015031667111/05/15 Migration velocity analysis vsp data
452015030820510/29/15 Bha surge relief system
462015030821610/29/15 Fiber reinforced sealing element
472015030825310/29/15 Electronically monitoring drilling conditions of a rotating control device during drilling operations
482015030826010/29/15 System for drilling parallel wells for sagd applications
492015030826210/29/15 Turbine for transmitting electrical data
502015030819310/29/15 Directional drilling using a rotating housing and a selectively offsetable drive shaft
512015030820310/29/15 Mitigating swab and surge piston effects in wellbores
522015030826310/29/15 Cable integrity monitor for electromagnetic telemetry systems
532015030898010/29/15 Apparatus and defects inspection
542015030920110/29/15 Method and optimizing deep resistivity measurements with multi-component antennas
552015030011410/22/15 Collet lock assembly and downhole load diversion
562015030013010/22/15 Assembly and subsea hydrocarbon gas recovery
572015030094410/22/15 Pulse width modulation of continuum sources for determination of chemical composition
582015030377110/22/15 Downhole bladeless generator
592015030009210/22/15 Slow drilling assembly and method
602015030009510/22/15 Improved cutters for drill bits
612015030011010/22/15 System and managing pressure when drilling
622015030011510/22/15 Plugging of a flow passage in a subterranean well
632015030012010/22/15 Segmented seat for wellbore servicing system
642015030012310/22/15 Remote-open inflow control device with swellable actuator
652015030013310/22/15 Screen packer assembly
662015030013510/22/15 Reduced outer diameter expandable perforator
672015030014010/22/15 Acid diversion treatments in injection wells using permeability modifiers
682015030015010/22/15 Systems and methods for look ahead resistivity measurement with offset well information
692015030015810/22/15 Apparatus and methods to find a position in an underground formation
702015030016310/22/15 System and monitoring water contamination when performing subterranean operations
712015030032710/22/15 Enhanced geothermal systems and methods
722015030094510/22/15 Systems and methods of calibrating integrated computational elements
732015030121510/22/15 Apparatus and methods to find a position in an underground formation
742015030121810/22/15 Formation imaging with multi-pole antennas
752015030417210/22/15 Self-defining configuration apparatus, methods, and systems
762015029319510/15/15 Nuclear magnetic resonance t2 recovery pulse
772015029301610/15/15 Optically transparent films for measuring optically thick fluids
782015029227310/15/15 Enhanced interconnect for downhole tools
792015029228010/15/15 Mitigating swab and surge piston effects across a drilling motor
802015029228110/15/15 Remote hydraulic control of downhole tools
812015029228510/15/15 Fluid flow during landing of logging tools in bottom hole assembly
822015029228810/15/15 Wellbore bailer
832015029229510/15/15 Multiple ramp compression packer
842015029229610/15/15 Packer assembly having sequentially operated hydrostatic pistons for interventionless setting
852015029230010/15/15 Flow control devices and methods of use
862015029230110/15/15 Downhole chemical injection system having a density barrier
872015029301310/15/15 Systems and methods for monitoring chemical processes
882015029319510/15/15 Nuclear magnetic resonance t2 recovery pulse
892015029325910/15/15 System and cloud logging system
902015028507110/08/15 Optical device and predicting and mitigating hydrate formation using an integrated computation
912015028462110/08/15 Methods for producing fluid invasion resistant cement slurries
922015028462210/08/15 Gellable treatment fluids comprising amino group gel-time modifiers
932015028462610/08/15 Immobile proppants
942015028501710/08/15 Downhole tool string braking
952015028503910/08/15 Expandable well screens with slurry delivery shunt conduits
962015028505710/08/15 Multi-layer sensors for downhole inspection
972015028505810/08/15 Method and the downhole in-situ determination of the speed of sound in a formation fluid
982015028507010/08/15 Method and resistivity measurements
992015028593910/08/15 Hold-up tool with conformable sensors for highly-deviated or horizontal wells
1002015028594710/08/15 Dip correction in invaded zones
1012015027562110/01/15 Rupture disc secondary seal assembly and related methods
1022015027565310/01/15 Autonomous painted joint simulator and method to reduce the time required to conduct a subsea dummy
1032015027565410/01/15 Subsea dummy run elimination assembly and related method utilizing a logging assembly
1042015027743810/01/15 Optical sensor optimization and system implementation with simplified layer structure
1052015027525110/01/15 Methods of biosynthesizing bacterial extracellular galactomannan polysaccharides and subunits thereof for use in subterranean formation operations
1062015027558110/01/15 Torque transfer mechanism for downhole drilling tools
1072015027561810/01/15 Through tubing bridge plug and installation same
1082015027562010/01/15 Semi-autonomous insert valve for well system
1092015027562210/01/15 Time delay well flow control
1102015027562410/01/15 Wellbore isolation devices and methods of use to prevent pump offs
1112015027562710/01/15 Method for determining residual surfactant concentrations in produced water
1122015027566210/01/15 Systems and methods of a sample bottle assembly
1132015027658210/01/15 Optical computing devices with birefringent optical elements
1142015027696910/01/15 Fracture sensing system and method
1152015027697010/01/15 Reducing conductive casing effect in transient cased-hole resistivity logging
1162015027697410/01/15 Methods and systems for detecting epithermal and thermal neutrons
1172015026837109/24/15 Gradient-based single well ranging system for sagd application
1182015026747209/24/15 Drill bit having regenerative nanofilms
1192015026748909/24/15 Pressure and flow control in drilling operations
1202015026750309/24/15 Cut-to-release packer with load transfer device to expand performance envelope
1212015026750809/24/15 Expandable and variable-length bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector assembly
1222015026751009/24/15 Well screen and manufacturing
1232015026752009/24/15 Hydrophobically modified amine-containing polymers for mitigating scale buildup
1242015026752609/24/15 Verification of swelling in a well
1252015026752909/24/15 Eigen mode transmission of signals
1262015026753209/24/15 Evaluation of downhole electric components by monitoring umbilical health and operation
1272015026753409/24/15 Dynamic agitation control apparatus, systems, and methods
1282015026831309/24/15 Method and device for measuring a magnetic field
1292015026836409/24/15 Data double-searching apparatus, methods, and systems
1302015025998909/17/15 Methods and mitigating downhole torsional vibration
1312015026000409/17/15 Sealing a downhole tool
1322015026001409/17/15 Downhole power generation using a mud operated pulser
1332015026002109/17/15 Chelating agent-based self-diverting acidizing fluids and methods felating thereto
1342015026003009/17/15 Method and system for tracking time in a downhole tool without the need for a battery
1352015026003509/17/15 Drilling fluid analysis using time-of-flight mass spectrometry
1362015026003709/17/15 Downhole drilling optimization collar with fiber optics
1372015026066909/17/15 Non-contact fluid resistivity measurement
1382015026070309/17/15 Real time measurement of mud logging gas analysis
1392015026087209/17/15 Method and system for realtime determination of formation anisotropy, dip, and strike with mci data
1402015026122409/17/15 Well fluid exchange flow control
1412015025323109/10/15 Method and improving temperature measurement in a density sensor
1422015025263809/10/15 Fluid loss well treatment
1432015025265509/10/15 Crimped nozzle for alternate path well screen
1442015025265709/10/15 Injection well and drilling and completion
1452015025313509/10/15 Toroidal link for rpm measurement
1462015025344709/10/15 Differential phase semblance apparatus, systems, and methods
1472015024629909/03/15 Threaded safety cap
1482015024736409/03/15 Drilling apparatus
1492015024736809/03/15 Releasing a downhole tool
1502015024737709/03/15 Downhole power delivery tool powered by hydrostatic pressure
1512015024737909/03/15 Pressure responsive downhole tool having a selectively activatable pressure relief valve and related methods
1522015024738209/03/15 Degradable devices for use in subterranean wells
1532015024738309/03/15 Consolidating spacer fluids and methods of use
1542015024739709/03/15 Automating downhole drilling using wellbore profile energy and shape
1552015024739809/03/15 System and detecting vibrations using an opto-analytical device
1562015024739909/03/15 System and determining drilling parameters based on hydraulic pressure associated with a directional drilling system
1572015024740209/03/15 Cement head remote control and tracking
1582015024775509/03/15 Pulse width modulation of continuum sources for determination of chemical composition
1592015024795009/03/15 Spatial heterodyne integrated computational element (sh-ice) spectrometer
1602015024850209/03/15 Interactive wellbore design management
1612015024159608/27/15 System, method and computer-program product for in-situ calibration of a wellbore resistivity logging tool
1622015024063008/27/15 Apparatus and drilling fluid telemetry
1632015024056708/27/15 Enhanced plastering effect in borehole drilling
1642015024056908/27/15 Drilling motor with one-way rotary clutch
1652015024057908/27/15 Pressure control in drilling operations with choke position determined by cv curve
1662015024058608/27/15 Well tools having energized seals
1672015024060008/27/15 Magnetic valve assembly
1682015024061508/27/15 Method to optimize drilling efficiency while reducing stick slip
1692015024061708/27/15 System and determining torsion using an opto-analytical device
1702015024061808/27/15 Monitor and control of directional drilling operations and simulations
1712015024061908/27/15 Systems and methods for monitoring wellbore vibrations at the surface
1722015024062108/27/15 Measurement of cement slurry properties under downhole conditions
1732015024062608/27/15 Conveying data from a wellbore to a terranean surface
1742015024062708/27/15 Method and device for downhole corrosion and erosion monitoring
1752015024062908/27/15 Methods and apparatus to acquire compensated signals for determination of formation parameters
1762015024063108/27/15 Fracture characterization using directional electromagnetic resistivity measurements
1772015024159508/27/15 Triple phase evaluation of formation fluids
1782015024241108/27/15 Data file processing for a well job data archive
1792015023238408/20/15 Water-based grouting composition with an insulating material
1802015023273508/20/15 Phospho-friction reducing agents for use in oleaginous-based drilling fluids
1812015023273608/20/15 Methods for producing fluid migration resistant cement slurries
1822015023274308/20/15 Alkaline persulfate for low-temperature breaking of multi-chain polymer viscosified fluid
1832015023274408/20/15 Foamed chelating agent treatment fluids for use in subterranean matrix stimulations and subterranean and surface cleanout operations
1842015023318508/20/15 Drill bit apparatus to control torque on bit
1852015023319108/20/15 Pressure equalization apparatus and associated systems and methods
1862015023319708/20/15 Regulating drilling fluid pressure in a drilling fluid circulation system
1872015023320308/20/15 Multiple channel rotary electrical connector
1882015023320908/20/15 Control line damper for valves
1892015023321008/20/15 Reclosable sleeve assembly and methods for isolating hydrocarbon production
1902015023323108/20/15 Vibration detection in a drill string based on multi-positioned sensors
1912015023323208/20/15 Vibration detection in a drill string based on multi-positioned sensors
1922015023497608/20/15 System, method and computer program product for integrated computational element design optimization and performance evaluation
1932015022600908/13/15 Near-bit borehole opener tool and reaming
1942015022601308/13/15 Wellbore component life monitoring system
1952015022602808/13/15 Downhole repeat micro-zonal isolation assembly and method
1962015022603308/13/15 Remote and manual actuated a well tool
1972015022604108/13/15 Subterranean well tools with directionally controlling flow layer
1982015022604708/13/15 Constructed annular safety valve element package
1992015022604808/13/15 Downhole injection assembly having an annular orifice
2002015022605508/13/15 Subsea dummy run elimination assembly and related method
2012015022605708/13/15 Wireless communication for downhole tool strings
2022015022605808/13/15 Mud pulse telemetry systems and methods using receive array processing
2032015022653308/13/15 Methods of increasing the volume of a perforation tunnel using a shaped charge
2042015022943908/13/15 Communication applications
2052015021978308/06/15 Well ranging tool and method
2062015021961308/06/15 Determining oil viscosity based on biodegradation
2072015021888508/06/15 Anti-reverse mechanism for mud motor
2082015021888908/06/15 Well tool with dynamic metal-to-metal shape memory material seal
2092015021889908/06/15 Expandable bullnose assembly for use with a wellbore deflector
2102015021890308/06/15 Multi-layered temperature responsive pressure isolation device
2112015021890508/06/15 Magnesium metal ore waste in well cementing
2122015021890708/06/15 Expanding piston for a subsurface safety valve
2132015021890808/06/15 Pressure indexing sliding side door with rapid actuation
2142015021891608/06/15 Gravel pack circulating sleeve with locking features
2152015021892208/06/15 Wellbore steam injector
2162015021893108/06/15 Detection of influxes and losses while drilling from a floating vessel
2172015021893308/06/15 Downhole drilling optimization collar with fiber optics
2182015021893508/06/15 System and measuring gaps using an opto-analytical device
2192015021894008/06/15 System and analyzing downhole drilling parameters using an opto-analytical device
2202015021894208/06/15 Concentric container for fluid sampling
2212015021909608/06/15 Erosion, corrosion, and fatigue prevention for high-pressure pumps
2222015021974108/06/15 Apparatus and temperature independent balancing of a tool
2232015021091807/30/15 Oligomeric and polymeric electronically-modified boronic acids and methods of using the same
2242015021130807/30/15 Drill string constant velocity connection
2252015021133407/30/15 Activated reverse-out valve
2262015021134107/30/15 Well screens with erosion resistant shunt flow paths
2272015021134507/30/15 Methods and systems for stimulating a subterranean formation containing a carbonate mineral
2282015021135407/30/15 Method of placing distributed pressure gauges across screens
2292015021135907/30/15 Initiator device for a downhole tool
2302015021148107/30/15 Nutating fluid-mechanical energy converter
2312015021222707/30/15 Downhole differentiation of light oil and oil-based filtrates by nmr with oleophilic nanoparticles
2322015020416807/23/15 Expandable screen completion tool
2332015020374207/23/15 Salt-tolerant friction-reducing composition for treatment of a subterranean formation
2342015020414507/23/15 Method and system for directing control lines along a travel joint
2352015020418607/23/15 Frequency location apparatus, methods, and systems
2362015020444407/23/15 Joints comprising carbon nanoforests
2372015020500007/23/15 Discrimination analysis used with optical computing devices
2382015019703307/16/15 Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods
2392015019745307/16/15 Set-delayed cement compositions comprising pumice and associated methods
2402015019800507/16/15 Assisting retrieval of a downhole tool
2412015019800607/16/15 Expandable tie back seal assembly
2422015019800707/16/15 Apparatus and providing wellbore isolation
2432015019800807/16/15 Well system cementing plug
2442015019801107/16/15 Safety valve with electrical actuator and tubing pressure balancing
2452015019802907/16/15 Improving drill bit stability using track-set depth of cut control elements
2462015019803307/16/15 In-well piezoelectric devices to transmit signals
2472015019139507/09/15 Methods for determining reactive index for cementitious components, associated compositions, and methods of use
2482015019164407/09/15 Amphoteric polymer suspending agent for use in calcium aluminate cement compositions
2492015019199107/09/15 Packer assembly having dual hydrostatic pistons for redundant interventionless setting

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