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Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/11/16Downhole mud motor with adjustable bend angle
09/29/16 new patent  Adjustable steam injection tool
09/29/16 new patent  Self-aligning trailer
09/29/16 new patent  Compact proppant storage and dispensing system
09/29/16 new patent  Leaching ultrahard materials by enhanced demetalyzation
09/29/16 new patent  Cement set activators for set-delayed cement compositions and associated methods
09/29/16 new patent  Low-toxicity, polymerizable aqueous consolidation compositions for use in subterranean formation consolidation treatments
09/29/16 new patent  Delayed curing silane-based curable resin system
09/29/16 new patent  Hydrofluoric acidizing compositions for subsea riser systems and modulating agent for hydrofluoric acidizing composition
09/29/16 new patent  Rotary drill bit including multi-layer cutting elements
09/29/16 new patent  Continuous fiber-reinforced tools for downhole use
09/29/16 new patent  Adjustable shear assembly
09/29/16 new patent  Cementing a liner using reverse circulation
09/29/16 new patent  Ball valve with sealing element
09/29/16 new patent  Gravel pack-circulating sleeve with hydraulic lock
09/29/16 new patent  Downhole screen tracer retention
09/29/16 new patent  Managing wellbore operations using uncertainty calculations
09/29/16 new patent  Drilling modeling calibration, including estimation of drill string stretch and twist
09/29/16 new patent  Methods for obtaining data from a subterranean formation
09/29/16 new patent  Downhole tool with expander ring
09/29/16 new patent  Sealing system for a well valve
09/29/16 new patent  Methods relating to designing wellbore strengthening fluids
09/29/16 new patent  Parallel optical thin film measurement system for analyzing multianalytes
09/29/16 new patent  Multifrequency processing to determine formation properties
09/29/16 new patent  Electromagnetic imaging for structural inspection
09/29/16 new patent  Downhole logging system with azimuthal and radial sensitivity
09/29/16 new patent  Hydraulic fracture geometry monitoring with downhole distributed strain measurements
09/29/16 new patent  Manufacturing process for integrated computational elements
09/29/16 new patent  Fracture detection and characterization using resistivity images
09/29/16 new patent  Improving well survey performance
09/29/16 new patent  Synthetic gas-oil-ratio determination for gas dominant fluids
09/22/16Amido-functionalized gemini surfactant for fluid control in subterranean formations
09/22/16Flow control mechanism for downhole tool
09/22/16Dynamic determination of a single equivalent circulating density (ecd) using multiple ecds along a wellbore
09/22/16Surface excitation ranging system for sagd application
09/22/16Method and system for magnetic ranging and geosteering
09/22/16Bender bar modal shaping
09/22/16Fiber optic magnetic field sensing system based on lorentz force downhole applications
09/22/16Methods for determining mechanical quantities associated with a deformation force by utilizing an integrated computational element
09/22/16Laser-brazed pcd element
09/22/16Correlating energy to mix cement slurry under different mixing conditions
09/22/16Sulfide stress cracking inhibitors
09/22/16Treatment fluids and uses thereof
09/22/16Aqueous suspensions of silica additives
09/22/16Subterranean treatment with compositions including hexaaquaaluminum trihalide
09/22/16Consolidating composition for treatment of a subterranean formation
09/22/16Treatment of siliceous materials using catechol and amines in subterranean applications
09/22/16Substantially solid acidizing composition for treatment of subterranean formations
09/22/16Viscosity enhancer
09/22/16Determining temperature dependence of complex refractive indices of layer materials during fabrication of integrated computational elements
09/22/16Mobile oilfield tool service center
09/22/16Rolling element assemblies
09/22/16Controlled blade flex for fixed cutter drill bits
09/22/16Helical dry mate control line connector
09/22/16Methods and processes to recycle base oil fluids from spent invert emulsion drilling fluids
09/22/16Packer release compaction joint
09/22/16Expandable latch coupling assembly
09/22/16Downhole latch assembly
09/22/16Weight down collet for a downhole service tool
09/22/16Removal of casing slats by cutting casing collars
09/22/16Wellbore isolation devices with solid sealing elements
09/22/16Degradable wellbore isolation devices with varying degradation rates
09/22/16Variable diameter piston assembly for safety valve
09/22/16Multi-acting downhole tool arrangement
09/22/16Valves for autonomous activation of downhole tools
09/22/16Hydraulic control of downhole tools
09/22/16Multilateral junction with mechanical stiffeners
09/22/16Jetting tool for boosting pressures at target wellbore locations
09/22/16Flow distribution assemblies for distributing fluid flow through screens
09/22/16Flow control assembly actuated by pilot pressure
09/22/16Methods of controlling water production in horizontal wells with multistage fractures
09/22/16Sealing element wear detection for wellbore devices
09/22/16Multi-sensor workflow for evaluation of water flow in multiple casing strings with distributed sensors data
09/22/16Multi-sensor workflow for evaluation of water flow in multiple casing strings
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/22/16Downhole position sensor
09/22/16Position indicator through acoustics
09/22/16Downhole signal repeater
09/22/16Determining formation gas composition during well drilling
09/22/16Optical fluid model base construction and use
09/22/16Surface fluid extraction and separator system
09/22/16Method for handling variable length plumbing needs on an electrical submersible pump test bench
09/22/16Methods for determining mechanical quantities associated with a deformation force by utilizing an integrated computational element
09/22/16Optical computing devices with multiple bandpass filters
09/22/16Improved designs for integrated computational elements
09/22/16Distributed acoustic sensing for passive ranging optical computing device having detector with non-planar semiconductor structure
09/22/16Modular sensed annular well cement testing
09/22/16Temperature correction of a gamma detector
09/22/16Multi-variable workflow for cement sheath evaluation and characterization
09/22/16Hybrid ammplitude adjustment algorithm for resistivity logging tools
09/22/16Multi-step borehole correction scheme for multi-component induction tools
09/22/16Resistivity logging tools with tilted ferrite elements for azimuthal sensitivity
09/22/16Pore size classification in subterranean formations based on nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) relaxation distributionsbutions
09/22/16Polycrystalline transparent ceramics for use with a logging sensor or tool
09/22/16Double-time analysis of oil rig activity
09/22/16Electricity generation within a downhole drilling motor
09/22/16Synchronization of receiver units over a control area network bus
09/22/16Crimping to adjust fluid flow for autonomous inflow control devices
09/15/16Wellbore tubular length determination using pulse-echo measurements
09/15/16Well fluid sampling confirmation and analysis
09/15/16Correction of optical device throughput errors using integrated computational elements
09/15/16Imaging systems for optical computing devices
09/15/16Copolymer surfactants for use in downhole fluids
09/15/16Viscosifier for treatment of a subterranean formation
09/15/16Cement with resilient latex polymer
09/15/16Settable compositions and uses thereof
09/15/16Hydrofluoric based invert emulsions for shale stimulation
09/15/16Methods and systems for acidizing subterranean formations
09/15/16Superhydrophic flow control device
09/15/16Degradable downhole tools comprising magnesium alloys
09/15/16Fiber-reinforced tools for downhole use
09/15/16Earth-boring drill bits with nanotube carpets
09/15/16Precipitation hardened matrix drill bit
09/15/16Downhole electronic assemblies
09/15/16Control system for downhole casing milling system
09/15/16Breakway obturator for downhole tools
09/15/16Sealing element for downhole tool
09/15/16Polymerizable ionic liquids for use in subterranean formation operations
09/15/16Inflow control device adjusted by rotation of a cover sleeve
09/15/16Magnetic spring booster for subsurface safety valve
09/15/16Using dynamic underbalance to increase well productivity
09/15/16Transverse flow downhole power generator
09/15/16Methods and systems utilizing a boron-containing corrosion inhibitor for protection of titanium surfaces
09/15/16Flow distribution assemblies incorporating shunt tubes and screens
09/15/16Liner hanger setting tool and use of same
09/15/16Milling well casing using electromagnetic pulse
09/15/16Generating and maintaining conductivity of microfractures in tight formations by generating gas and heat
09/15/16Adaptation of fracturing fluids
09/15/16Controlling wellbore operations
09/15/16Nanofiber strain gauge sensors in downhole tools
09/15/16Self-diagnosing composite slickline cables
09/15/16Cementing job evaluation use with novel cement compositions including resin cement
09/15/16Drilling collision avoidance apparatus, methods, and systems
09/15/16Remote tool position and tool status indication
09/15/16Ultrasonic casing and cement evaluation method using a ray tracing model
09/15/16Well construction real-time telemetry system
09/15/16Integrated computational element with multiple frequency selective surfaces
09/15/16Optimizing diesel fuel consumption for dual-fuel engines
09/15/16Spoolable swivel
09/15/16In-situ analysis of ice using surface acoustic wave spectroscopy
09/15/16Optical design techniques for multilayer thin film devices in compact optical systems
09/15/16Time-lapse electromagnetic monitoring
09/15/16High directionality galvanic and induction well logging tools with metamaterial focusing
09/15/16Dual antenna for circular polarization
09/15/16Methods and systems employing a flow prediction model based on acoustic activity and proppant compensation
09/15/16Complex fracture network mapping
09/08/16Mill blade torque support
09/08/16Multi-zone actuation system using wellbore projectiles and flapper valves
09/08/16Identification of thermal conductivity properties of formation fluid
09/08/16Distributed acoustic sensing for passive ranging
09/08/16Identification of heat capacity properties of formation fluid
09/08/16Apparatus and processing multi-component induction data
09/08/16Enhanced pdc cutter pocket surface geometry to improve attachment
09/08/16Degradable downhole tools comprising thiol-based polymers
09/08/16A fiber suspending agent for lost-circulation materials
09/08/16Acidizing fluids and methods for use in subterranean formations
09/08/16Viscosified treatment fluids comprising polyol derivatized cellulose and methods relating thereto
09/08/16Systems and methods for reducing treating pressure of crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose-based fracturing fluids
09/08/16Precipitation hardened matrix drill bit
09/08/16Directional drilling with adjustable bent housings
09/08/16Compensator clip ring retainer cap for a roller cone drill bit
09/08/16Connector for a downhole conveyance
09/08/16Casing joint assembly
09/08/16Automated locking joint in a welbore tool string
09/08/16Multiple control line travel joint with injection line capability
09/08/16Element pressure release system
09/08/16Mill blade torque support
09/08/16Rotating control device with latch biased toward engagement
09/08/16Downhole tools comprising oil-degradable sealing elements
09/08/16Downhole tools comprising composite sealing elements
09/08/16Packer assembly with thermal expansion buffers
09/08/16Methods for formulating a cement slurry for use in a subterranean salt formation
09/08/16Shape-memory alloy actuated fastener
09/08/16Multiple piston assembly for safety valve
09/08/16Shifting sleeves with mechanical lockout features
09/08/16Actuation assembly using pressure delay
09/08/16Energy harvesting from a downhole jar
09/08/16Methods of fabricating sand control screen assemblies using three-dimensional printing
09/08/16Downhole mechanical tubing perforator
09/08/16Multi-zone actuation system using wellbore projectiles and flapper valves
09/08/16Multi-zone actuation system using wellbore darts
09/08/16Distributed sensing with a multi-phase drilling device
09/08/16Improving reliability in a high-temperature environment
09/08/16Determination of formation dip/azimuth with multicomponent induction data
09/08/16Interwell tomography methods and systems employing a casing segment with at least one transmission crossover arrangement
09/08/16Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
09/08/16Ranging using current profiling
09/08/16Guided drilling methods and systems employing a casing segment with at least one transmission crossover arrangement
09/08/16Identification of thermal conductivity properties of formation fluid
09/08/16Well tools having magnetic shielding for magnetic sensor
09/08/16Determining locations of acoustic sources around a borehole
09/08/16Multilateral production control methods and systems employing a casing segment with at least one transmission crossover arrangement
09/08/16Casing segment having at least one transmission crossover arrangement
09/08/16Rotatable sensors for measuring characteristics of subterranean formation
09/08/16Downhole systems for communicating data
09/08/16Flow electrification sensor
09/08/16Accumulator over hydraulic pump double-acting cylinder for artificial lift operations
09/08/16Abrasion-resistant thrust ring for use with a downhole electrical submersible pump
09/08/16Using tunable lasers in the design, manufacture, and implementation of integrated optical elements
09/08/16In-situ monitoring of recombination progress using ice
09/08/16Electromagnetic formation evaluation tool apparatus and method
09/08/16Distributed sensing in an optical fiber network
09/08/16Optical electric field sensors having passivated electrodes
09/08/16Engineering the optical properties of an integrated computational element by ion implantation
09/01/16Structural element for sonic tools and acoustic isolators
09/01/16Water-soluble linear polyphosphazenes in water-based fluids for use in wells or pipelines
09/01/16Composition for stabilizing unconsolidated formation and fines agglomeration
09/01/16Water blockage agents using hydrolyzed canola protein hydrogels
09/01/16Viscosifier for enhanced oil recovery
09/01/16Seal assembly for wellbore tool
09/01/16Flow distribution assemblies with shunt tubes and erosion-resistant fittings
09/01/16Casing window assembly
09/01/16Downhole tool protection during wellbore cementing
09/01/16Jumper tube locking assembly and method
09/01/16Injector and slip bowl system
09/01/16Systems and methods for killing a well
09/01/16Hydraulic control of borehole tool deployment
09/01/16External slip having expandable slots and a retainer
09/01/16Multi-zone actuation system using wellbore darts
09/01/16Degradable downhole tools comprising retention mechanisms
09/01/16Off-set tubing string segments for selective location of downhole tools
09/01/16Tie-back seal assembly
09/01/16Degradable wellbore isolation devices with large flow areas
09/01/16Wellbore systems with adjustable flow control and methods for use thereof
09/01/16Frangible plug to control flow through a completion
09/01/16Self-propelled device for use in a subterranean well
09/01/16Multilateral junction with mechanical stiffeners
09/01/16Running tool and liner hanger contingency release mechanism
09/01/16Downhole tool methods and systems with variable impedance control
09/01/16Estimation and calibration of downhole buckling conditions
09/01/16Wavelength-dependent light intensity modulation in multivariate optical computing devices using polarizers
09/01/16Apparatus and techniques for acoustic logging tool modeling
09/01/16Shielding device for improving dynamic range of electromagnetic measurements
09/01/16Trace downsampling of distributed acoustic sensor data
09/01/16Designing wellbore completion intervals
08/25/16Vulcanized oil and water swellable particulate composite compositions
08/25/16Geopolymer cement compositions and methods of use
08/25/16Haloalkane composition for inhibiting or dissolving asphaltene or paraffin deposits
08/25/16Treatment fluids containing a hydrophobically modified chelating agent and methods for use thereof
08/25/16Removing resin coatings from surfaces
08/25/16Running and pulling tool for use with rotating control device
08/25/16Wellbore tubing cutting tool
08/25/16Assembling a perforating gun string within a casing string

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