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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
Halliburton Energy Services Inc hesi
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Delaware Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100107
Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100114
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20131212
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100128
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100121
Halliburton Energy Services Incl

Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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08/11/16Downhole mud motor with adjustable bend angle
12/14/17 new patent  Hammer drill mechanism
12/14/17 new patent  Downhole apparatus with anchors and failsafe high torque transmission drive
12/14/17 new patent  Casing segment methods and systems with time control of degradable plugs
12/14/17 new patent  Flow-activated fill valve assembly for cased hole
12/14/17 new patent  High efficiency radiation-induced triggering for set-on-command compositions and methods of use
12/14/17 new patent  3d printed flapper valve
12/14/17 new patent  Leak detection via doppler shift differences in moving hydrophones
12/14/17 new patent  Traceable micro-electro-mechanical systems for use in subterranean formations
12/14/17 new patent  Liquefied natural gas vaporizer for downhole oil or gas applications
12/07/17Adjustable acoustic transducers for a downhole tool
12/07/17Dry powder blending
12/07/17Hydrazide-based curing agents for use in subterranean operations
12/07/17Smart fracturing fluid
12/07/17Hydrophobically modified quaternized polysaccharide corrosion inhibitors
12/07/17Variable stiffness fixed bend housing for directional drilling
12/07/17Wellbore tool reamer assembly
12/07/17Slickline shredder
12/07/17Multi-zone fracturing with full wellbore access
12/07/17Wellbore plug with a rotary actuated variable choke
12/07/17Systems and methods for fracturing a subterranean formation
12/07/17Traceable metal-organic frameworks for use in subterranean formations
12/07/17Integrated multiple parameter sensing leak detection
12/07/17Acoustic source identification apparatus, systems, and methods
12/07/17Frequency sweeps for encoding digital signals in downhole environments
12/07/17Downhole communications using variable length data packets
12/07/17Synchronizing downhole communications using timing signals
12/07/17Wave reflection suppression in pulse modulation telemetry
12/07/17Capsules containing micro-proppant and a substance to produce micro-seismic events
12/07/17Anisotropic parameter estimation from walkaway vsp data using differential evolution
12/07/17Gamma detection sensors in a rotary steerable tool
12/07/17Distributing information using role-specific augmented reality devices
12/07/17Perspective-based modeling of a subterranean space
11/30/17Real-time control of drilling fluid properties using predictive models
11/30/17Additive of cellulose nanofibrils or nanocrystals and a second polymer
11/30/17Establishing control of oil and gas producing wellbore through application of self-degrading particulates
11/30/17Water swellable polymer as a diverter for acid stimulation treatments in high temperature environments
11/30/17Downhole tool surfaces configured to reduce drag forces and erosion during exposure to fluid flow
11/30/17Macroscopic drill bit reinforcement
11/30/17Lost circulation materials comprising red mud
11/30/17Lattice seal packer assembly and other downhole tools
11/30/17Method to optimize oilfield operations based on large and complex data sets
11/30/17Gravel pack service tool with enhanced pressure maintenance
11/30/17Visualization of look-ahead sensor data for wellbore drilling tools
11/30/17Downhole fluid characterization methods and systems employing a casing with a multi-electrode configuration
11/30/17Well ranging apparatus, systems, and methods
11/30/17Methods and systems employing fiber optic sensors for ranging
11/30/17Pulse reflection travel time analysis to track position of a downhole object
11/30/17Downhole communications using selectable modulation techniques
11/30/17Electromagnetic telemetry for sensor systems deployed in a borehole environment
11/30/17Band-gap communications across a well tool with a modified exterior
11/30/17Motor shaft transmission interference apparatus
11/30/17Filtering microseismic events for updating and calibrating a fracture model
11/30/17Method for near-real-time, high-resolutionsignal filtering in noisy environments
11/30/17Shoulder effect reduction
11/30/17Dark current correction in scintillator detectors for downhole nuclear applications
11/30/17Real-time control of drilling fluid properties using predictive models
11/30/17Improved radio frequency identification tag
11/30/17Facilitating and reporting the proper completion of workflows
11/23/17Mobile support structure for bulk material containers
11/23/17Methods of designing an invert emulsion fluid having high associative stability
11/23/17Additive for improving homogeneity of epoxy resin and cement composites
11/23/17Methods and compositions for stabilizing fracture faces during hydraulic fracturing treatments
11/23/17Aldehydes as a catalyst for an oxidative breaker
11/23/17Method of stimulating a subterranean formation using an acid precursor composition
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11/23/17Emulsified acidic treatment fluid with surface modification agents
11/23/17Drilling tool bearing and drivetrain assembly
11/23/17Axial retention connection for a downhole tool
11/23/17Dissolvable and millable isolation devices
11/23/17Single-pass milling assembly
11/23/17Pressure relief valve set point systems
11/23/17Flapper and seat with a hard and soft seal for a subsurface safety valve
11/23/17Control system for optimizing the placement of pillars during a subterranean operation
11/23/17Fluid loss determination apparatus, methods, and systems
11/23/17Advanced toolface control system for a rotary steerable drilling tool
11/23/17Automated optimal path design for directional drilling
11/23/17Detector configuration for well-logging tool
11/23/17Continuous locating while drilling
11/23/17Downhole acoustic telemetry module with multiple communication modes
11/23/17Mud telemetry with rotating control device
Patent Packs
11/23/17Through-casing fiber optic magnetic induction system for formation monitoring
11/16/17Regulating downhole fluid flow rate using an multi-segmented fluid circulation system model
11/16/17Apparatus and characterization of fbg rellector array
11/16/17Silo with reconfigurable orientation
11/16/17Container bulk material delivery system
11/16/17Fluorinated packer fluids
11/16/17Self-degradation swelling diverter system
11/16/17Downhole resin coatings comprising a carbon nanomaterial and methods associated therewith
11/16/17Surfactant selection methods for fluid recovery in subterranean formations
11/16/17Crosslinked polymers including sulfonic acid groups or salts or esters thereof as viscosifiers and fluid loss additives for subterranean treatment
11/16/17Composition for treatment of subterranean formations
11/16/17Eliminating threaded lower mud motor housing connections
11/16/17Torque connector systems, apparatus, and methods
11/16/17Multiple control line travel joint with enhanced stroke position setting
11/16/17Blade-mounted sensor apparatus, systems, and methods
11/16/17Centralizer electronics housing
11/16/17Shear mechanism for back pressure relief in chokes
11/16/17Regulating downhole fluid flow rate using an multi-segmented fluid circulation system model
11/16/17Mechanical downhole pressure maintenance system
11/16/17Hydraulic fracturing apparatus, methods, and systems
11/16/17Core bit designed to control and reduce the cutting forces acting on a core of rock
11/16/17Methods and systems employing fiber optic sensors for electromagnetic cross-well telemetry
11/16/17Mud pulse telemetry demodulation using a pump noise estimate obtained from acoustic or vibration data
11/16/17Determining characteristics of a fluid in a wellbore
11/16/17Connection for transmitting torque and axial forces
11/16/17Measurement of fluid properties using integrated computational elements
11/16/17Roller cone resistivity sensor
11/16/17Microseismic monitoring sensor uncertainty reduction
11/16/17Acoustic anisotropy log visualization
11/16/17A single wire guidance system for ranging using unbalanced magnetic fields
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11/16/17Near-bit gamma ray sensors in a rotating section of a rotary steerable system
11/16/17Measuring gravity curvature for mapping subterranean formations
11/09/17Loading tool for a multi-well chromatography filter plate
11/09/17Resilient carbon-based materials as lost circulation materials and related methods
11/09/17Lime-based cement composition
11/09/17Weighted composition for treatment of a subterranean formation
11/09/17Acid-soluble cement composition
11/09/17Steering assembly position sensing using radio frequency identification
11/09/17Insulative coating processes for electromagnetic telemetry mandrels
11/09/17Monitoring of the oil to water ratio for drilling fluids
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11/09/17Recycle diluent for wellbore fluid sampling system
11/09/17Pressure exchanger having crosslinked fluid plugs
11/09/17Geomechanical model of stresses on an orthorhombic media
11/09/17Wellbore trajectory visualization and ranging measurement location determination
11/09/17Roller cone drill bit with embedded gamma ray detector
11/09/17Acoustic array signal processing for flow detection
11/09/17High-efficiency downhole wireless communication
11/09/17Through-casing fiber optic electrical system for formation monitoring
11/09/17Functional earth model parameterization for resistivity inversion
11/09/17Surfactant selection for downhole treatments
11/09/17Borehole shape characterization
11/09/17Onshore electromagnetic reservoir monitoring
11/09/17Modifying magnetic tilt angle using a magnetically anisotropic material
11/09/17Subterranean formation characterization using microelectromechanical system (mems) devices
11/02/17Material storage unit for use in subterranean formation operations
11/02/17Treatment fluids comprising calcium aluminate cement and methods of use
11/02/17Breaker coated particulates for use in subterranean formation operations
11/02/17Drilling direction correction of a steerable subterranean drill in view of a detected formation tendency
11/02/17Assessment of pumpoff risk
11/02/17Dissolvable isolation devices with an altered surface that delays dissolution of the devices
11/02/17Subterranean formation characterization using microelectromechanical system (mems) devices
11/02/17Method to correct and pulsed neutron fan based interpretation for shale effects
11/02/17Synchronizing downhole subs
11/02/17Discretization scheme for simulating proppant transport in dynamic fracture networks
10/26/17Improving geosteering inversion using look-ahead look-around electromagnetic tool
10/26/17Sub for accommodating large devices
10/26/17Synthetic crosslinked polymer additive for use in subterranean treatment fluids
10/26/17Extended-life cement compositions comprising red mud solids
10/26/17Combined set-delayed cement compositions
10/26/17Hybrid mechanical-laser drilling equipment
Patent Packs
10/26/17System and manufacturing downhole tool components
10/26/17Friction based thread lock for high torque carrying connections
10/26/17Drill string apparatus with integrated annular barrier and port collar, methods, and systems
10/26/17Wellbore systems with adjustable flow control and methods for use thereof
10/26/17Valve for use with downhole tools
10/26/17Optimizing completion operations
10/26/17Formation fracture flow monitoring
10/26/17Gain scheduling based toolface control system for a rotary steerable drilling tool
10/26/17Feedback based toolface control system for a rotary steerable drilling tool
10/26/17Nonlinear toolface control system for a rotary steerable drilling tool
10/26/17Downhole electrode apparatus, systems, and methods
10/26/17Formation monitoring through the casing
10/26/17Methods and monitoring wellbore tortuosity
10/26/17Transposition of logs onto horizontal wells
10/26/17In-situ borehole fluid speed and attenuation measurement in an ultrasonic scanning tool
10/26/17Mud pulse telemetry using gray coding
10/26/17Evaluating solid particle separation in wellbore fluids
10/26/17Determining the leaching profile of a cutter on a drilling tool
10/26/17Borehole signal reduction for a side-looking nmr logging tool using a magnet assembly
10/26/17Detection of porphyrins in subterranean formations
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10/26/17Electromagnetic sensor for a downhole dielectric tool
10/26/17Methods and systems for modeling an advanced 3-dimensional bottomhole assembly
10/19/17Methods and systems for suppressing corrosion of sensitive metal surfaces
10/19/17Linear brushless contact slip for high pressure and high temperature downhole application
10/19/17Flow distribution assemblies with shunt tubes and erosion-resistant shunt nozzles
10/19/17Junction models for simulating proppant transport in dynamic fracture networks
10/19/17Electromagnetically coupled band-gap transceivers
10/19/17Signal processing methods for steering to an underground target
10/19/17Analyzing drill cuttings using ultraviolet oil fluorescence
10/19/17Rapid magnetic hotspot detector
10/19/17Improved data-driven estimation of stimulated reservoir volume
10/19/17Ultrasonic transducer with improved backing element
10/19/17Well monitoring with autonomous robotic diver
10/19/17Soft magnetic bands for tilted coil antennas
10/19/17Reservoir mesh creation using extended anisotropic, geometry-adaptive refinement of polyhedra
10/19/17Graphene barriers on waveguides
10/19/17Managing a supply chain
10/12/17Gas phase detection of downhole fluid sample components
10/12/17Condition monitoring of electric motor
10/12/17Fracturing and in-situ proppant injection using a formation testing tool
Social Network Patent Pack
10/12/17Dust control in pneumatic particulate handling applications
10/12/17Self-retractable coiled electrical cable
10/12/17Sealed downhole equipment and fabricating the equipment
10/12/17Internally trussed high-expansion support for inflow control device sealing applications
10/12/17Method for using managed pressure drilling with epoxy resin
10/12/17Fracturing and in-situ proppant injection using a formation testing tool
10/12/17Pulse generation for downhole logging
10/12/17Monitoring water floods using potentials between casing-mounted electrodes
10/12/17Gas phase detection of downhole fluid sample components
10/12/17Optical coupling system for downhole rotation variant housing
10/12/17Method and generating pulses in a fluid column
10/12/17Optically sensing subterranean physical properties using wavelength division multiplexing
10/12/17Time/amplitude domain reflectometry as a technique for measurement of surface wettability
10/12/17Mems-based transducers on a downhole tool
10/05/17Telemetrically operable packers
10/05/17Collection and display of acoustic data for integrated quality control
10/05/17Salt-free fluorous-invert emulsion fluid
10/05/17Extended-life calcium aluminate cementing methods
10/05/17A tool cemented in a wellbore containing a port plug dissolved by galvanic corrosion
10/05/17Emulsion detection using optical computing devices
10/05/17Incorporation of integrated computational elements within optical analysis tools having a miniaturized operational profile
10/05/17Integrating vertical seismic profile data for microseismic anisotropy velocity analysis
10/05/17Acoustic logging tool utilizing fundamental resonance
10/05/17Nuclear magnetic resonance logging tool with quadrature coil configuration
09/28/17Fluid flow metering with point sensing
09/28/17Optimizing matrix acidizing treatment
09/28/17Telemetrically operable packers
09/28/17Gamma-ray spectrometer calibration systems and methods
09/28/17Treatment fluids comprising finger millet and methods of use
09/28/17Methods to make ceramic proppants
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09/28/17Composition and improved treatment fluid
09/28/17Rotary steerable system
09/28/17Real-time variable depth of cut control for a downhole drilling tool
09/28/17Pressure compensation mechanism for a seal assembly of a rotary drilling device
09/28/17Drilling debris separator
09/28/17Perforating gun with integrated retaining system
09/28/17Fixture and tool for use in facilitating communication between tool and equipment
09/28/17Detecting a moveable device position using magnetic-type logging
09/28/17Smart subsea pipeline with channels
09/28/17In-line viscometer for measuring the viscosity of drilling fluids
09/28/17Permanent magnet configuration for nmr logging tool
09/28/17Acoustic logging tool utilizing fundamental resonance
09/28/17Dielectric logging tool comprising high-impedance metamaterials
09/28/17Quasi-optical waveguide
09/28/17Smart subsea pipeline with conduits
09/28/17Shell database architecture for inventory management
09/21/17Method for ruggedizing integrated computational elements for analyte detection in the oil and gas industry
09/21/17Oil absorbent oilfield materials as additives in oil-based drilling fluid applications
09/21/17Delayed acid breaker systems for filtercakes
09/21/17Use of berberine as corrosion inhibitor in well operations
09/21/17Chemical suspensions for precise control of hydrocarbon reservoir treatment fluids
09/21/17Swellguard er isolation tool
09/21/17Adjustable rheological well control fluid
09/21/17Charge tube with self-locking alignment fixtures
09/21/17Fracture network model for simulating treatment of subterranean formations
09/21/17Improving fault detectability through controller reconfiguration
09/21/17Downhole state-machine-based monitoring of vibration
09/21/17Downhole pressure maintenance system using a controller
09/21/17Pig tracking by unmanned submarine

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