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Halliburton Energy Services Inc
Halliburton Energy Services Inc hesi
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Delaware Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc A Texas Corporation
Halliburton Energy Services Inc Duncan
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100114
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20131212
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100128
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100121
Halliburton Energy Services Inc_20100107


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Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Halliburton Energy Services Inc. Halliburton Energy Services Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Halliburton Energy Services Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Halliburton Energy Services Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Halliburton Energy Services Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014548405/26/16  new patent  Packing fluids and methods
22016014548205/26/16  new patent  Compositions for treating subterranean formations
32016014548405/26/16  new patent  Packing fluids and methods
42016014548605/26/16  new patent  Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
52016014548705/26/16  new patent  Asphaltene-dissolving oil-external emulsion for acidization and methods of using the same
62016014595605/26/16  new patent  Whipstock and deflector assembly for multilateral wellbores
72016014595805/26/16  new patent  Production packer-setting tool with electrical control line
82016014597505/26/16  new patent  Downhole power generation system
92016014598805/26/16  new patent  Methods and systems for treatment of subterranean formations
102016014600105/26/16  new patent  Downhole telemetry systems with voice coil actuator
112016014600505/26/16  new patent  Focused probe apparatus and method therefor
122016014666205/26/16  new patent  Systems and methods for spread spectrum distributed acoustic sensor monitoring
132016014672405/26/16  new patent  Integrated computational elements with frequency selective surface
142016014696305/26/16  new patent  Generating seismic pulses by compressive force to map fractures
152016013542105/19/16 Absorbent clumping animal litter compositions
162016013790505/19/16 Composition for fines agglomeration
172016013790705/19/16 Wellbore servicing materials and methods of making and using same
182016013790805/19/16 Improved suspension of proppant particles in hydraulic fracturing liquid
192016013836105/19/16 System and deploying a casing patch
202016013836205/19/16 3-d printed downhole components
212016013836405/19/16 Wettability altering fluids during downhole operations
222016013836505/19/16 Tubing pressure insensitive surface controlled subsurface safety valve
232016013838605/19/16 Downhole acoustic density detection
242016013838905/19/16 Subsurface fiber optic stimulation-flow meter
252016013839405/19/16 Simulating downhole flow through a perforation
262016013839505/19/16 Wellbore operations involving computational methods that produce sag profiles
272016013864205/19/16 Thermal securing set screws
282016013908505/19/16 Apparatus and analysis of a fluid sample
292016013929005/19/16 Fiber optic based magnetic sensing apparatus, systems, and methods
302016013929205/19/16 Resistivity logging tool with excitation current control based on multi-cycle comparison
312016013929605/19/16 Integrated computational elements with laterally-distributed spectral filters
322016013049605/12/16 Scale-inhibiting cocrystals for treatment of a subterranean formation
332016013049905/12/16 Magnetic proppant particulates for use in subterranean formation operations
342016013069605/12/16 Optical transmission/reflection mode in-situ deposition rate control for ice fabrication
352016013089505/12/16 Rotational anchoring of drill tool components
362016013090705/12/16 High pressure swell seal
372016013091405/12/16 Mainbore clean out tool
382016013092505/12/16 In-situ conversion process for oil shale
392016013093305/12/16 Computational model for tracking ball sealers in a wellbore
402016013093905/12/16 Method and testing lost circulation materials for subterranean formations
412016013162305/12/16 Systems and methods for analyzing contaminants in flowing atmospheric air
422016013162805/12/16 Method of clay stabilization analysis
432016013178705/12/16 Characterizing a downhole environment using stiffness coefficients
442016013179105/12/16 Multi-component induction logging systems and methods using selected frequency inversion
452016013469305/12/16 Automated information logging and viewing system for hydrocarbon recovery operations
462016012309805/05/16 Downhole tool and method to boost fluid pressure and annular velocity
472016012310205/05/16 Method for hydraulic communication with target well from relief well
482016012542305/05/16 Managing customs information
492016012311505/05/16 Apparatus for engaging and releasing an actuator of a multiple actuator system
502016012254405/05/16 Bitumen in water emulsions and methods of making same
512016012261305/05/16 Drilling fluid composition including viscosifier and using the same
522016012261405/05/16 Weighted well fluids
532016012261505/05/16 Water-based drilling fluid with cyclodextrin shale stabilizer
542016012261705/05/16 Degradable balls for use in subterranean applications
552016012261805/05/16 Compositions including a particulate bridging agent and fibers and methods of treating a subterranean formation with the same
562016012262505/05/16 Hydrolyzable compounds for treatment of a subterranean formation and methods of using the same
572016012262905/05/16 Proppants for subterranean formations and methods of using the same
582016012308305/05/16 Downhole adjustable bent motor
592016012309305/05/16 Travel joint release devices and methods
602016012309805/05/16 Downhole tool and method to boost fluid pressure and annular velocity
612016012310605/05/16 Retrieval of compressed packers from a wellbore
622016012311505/05/16 Apparatus for engaging and releasing an actuator of a multiple actuator system
632016012313905/05/16 Methods and systems for using a well evaluation pill to characterize subterranean formations and fluids
642016012339905/05/16 Rotating control device with rotary latch
652016012370905/05/16 Shaped-charge liner with fold around opening
662016012542305/05/16 Managing customs information
672016011435404/28/16 Asymmetric bender bar transducer
682016011536404/28/16 Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
692016011536604/28/16 Engineered bead slurries for use in lightweight cement slurries and methods relating thereto
702016011574004/28/16 Roller cone seal failure detection using an integrated computational element
712016011577204/28/16 System and methods for constructing and fracture stimulating multiple ultra-short radius laterals from a parent well
722016011662304/28/16 Ranging measurements using modulated signals
732016011688904/28/16 Optimizing power delivered to an electrical actuator
742016010830604/21/16 Latent curing agent compatible with low ph frac fluids
752016010872804/21/16 Integrated computational element-based optical sensor network and related methods
762016010830704/21/16 Methods for etching fractures and microfractures in shale formations
772016010868204/21/16 Casing window assembly
782016010869204/21/16 Downhole tool with retrievable electronics
792016010871404/21/16 Methods and systems for real-time monitoring and processing of wellbore data
802016010872804/21/16 Integrated computational element-based optical sensor network and related methods
812016010872904/21/16 Method and device for the concurrent determination of fluid density and viscosity in-situ
822016010960604/21/16 Acoustic anisotropy and imaging by means of high resolution azimuthal sampling
832016010961004/21/16 High resolution downhole flaw detection using pattern matching
842016010223604/14/16 Hydrophobically and hydrophilically modified polysaccharides and methods of using the same for treatment of a subterranean formation
852016010223704/14/16 Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
862016010223804/14/16 Wellbore servicing compositions and methods of making and using same
872016010240004/14/16 Controlled coating apparatus, systems, and methods
882016010250004/14/16 Optimized production via geological mapping
892016010251004/14/16 Systems and methods for real time measurement of gas content in drilling fluids
902016010251404/14/16 Downhole impact generation tool and methods of use
912016010252504/14/16 Gravel pack service tool used to set a packer
922016010253404/14/16 Long-stroke hydraulic lift system having reduced height
932016010254004/14/16 Particle dust control with liquid binding agents
942016010254104/14/16 Well monitoring, sensing, control and mud logging on dual gradient drilling
952016010324004/14/16 Well ranging apparatus, methods, and systems
962016009747904/07/16 Magnetic pressure pulse attenuation
972016009052603/31/16 Multifunctional boronic crosslinkers as dual viscosification and friction reducing agents
982016009082603/31/16 Hybrid big hole liner
992016008982103/31/16 Heat flow control for molding downhole equipment
1002016009052303/31/16 Oil-in-water stable, emulsified spacer fluids
1012016009052603/31/16 Multifunctional boronic crosslinkers as dual viscosification and friction reducing agents
1022016009078903/31/16 Dynamic geo-stationary actuation for a fully-rotating rotary steerable system
1032016009083503/31/16 Multi-mode measurements with a downhole tool using conformable sensors
1042016009147803/31/16 Systems and methods for analyzing the characteristics and compositions of a dry cement
1052016009162203/31/16 Methods and systems for seismic data analysis using a tilted transversely isotropic (tti) model
1062016008266703/24/16 Wellbore logging tool design customization and fabrication using 3d printing and physics modeling
1072016008471803/24/16 Device and temperature detection and measurement using integrated computational elements
1082016008364103/24/16 Solids free gellable treatment fluids
1092016008364403/24/16 Fracturing or gravel-packing fluid with cmhec in brine
1102016008364503/24/16 Extrusion process for proppant production
1112016008400303/24/16 Bearing assembly including a focal bearing and load sharing thrust bearings
1122016008400603/24/16 Independent modification of drill string portion rotational speed
1132016008401703/24/16 Bi-directional cv-joint for a rotary steerable system
1142016008403703/24/16 Cement blends including inert microparticles
1152016008404303/24/16 Downhole energy storage and conversion
1162016008406403/24/16 Determining a shape of a downhole object
1172016008406803/24/16 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for in situ monitoring of cement fluid compositions and setting processes thereof
1182016008475303/24/16 Spatial heterodyne integrated computational element (sh-ice) spectrometer
1192016008498203/24/16 Pipe and borehole imaging tool with multi-component conformable sensors
1202016007636703/17/16 Optical computing device having a redundant light source and optical train
1212016007593303/17/16 Cement set activators for set-delayed cement compositions and associated methods
1222016007630803/17/16 Anodic bonding of thermally stable polycrystalline materials to substrate
1232016007633803/17/16 Downhole adjustable steam injection mandrel
1242016007635203/17/16 Conductivity enhancement of complex fracture networks in subterranean formations
1252016007636103/17/16 Managing rotational information on a drill string
1262016007718303/17/16 Nuclear magnetic resonance tool calibration
1272016007722403/17/16 Gamma ray detectors with gain stabilization
1282016007723603/17/16 Electromagnetic sensing borehole acoustics
1292016006984203/10/16 System and pipe and cement inspection using borehole electro-acoustic radar
1302016007204003/10/16 Bender bar transducer having stacked encapsulated actuators
1312016006873303/10/16 Wellbore fluids comprising mineral particles and methods relating thereto
1322016006913703/10/16 Apparatus with a rotary seal assembly axially coincident with a shaft tilting focal point
1332016006918303/10/16 Composite sampler and nitrogen bottle
1342016007001903/10/16 Estimating subsurface formation and invasion properties
1352016006102803/03/16 Device and corrosion detection and formation evaluation using integrated computational elements
1362016006050703/03/16 Method for reusing produced water for hydraulic fracturing
1372016006096103/03/16 High-voltage drilling methods and systems using hybrid drillstring conveyance
1382016006102803/03/16 Device and corrosion detection and formation evaluation using integrated computational elements
1392016006199003/03/16 Method and system of a neutron tube
1402016005441202/25/16 Single-transient phase cycling during spin echo acquisition
1412016005428502/25/16 Implementation concepts and related methods for optical computing devices
1422016005280502/25/16 Electro-coagulation and metal sand treatment for wastewater
1432016005315802/25/16 Sealant compositions and methods utilizing nano-particles
1442016005316002/25/16 Methods for enhancing propped fracture conductivity
1452016005316302/25/16 Fibers as drag-reducing propping fibers in low permeability subterranean applications
1462016005316502/25/16 Mucilage comprising treatment fluids for subterranean formation operations
1472016005316602/25/16 Gellable treatment fluids having adjustable gel times and methods associated therewith
1482016005354302/25/16 Steering tool with eccentric sleeve and use
1492016005354502/25/16 Resonance-tuned drill string components
1502016005354602/25/16 Wellbore drilling systems with vibration subs
1512016005354702/25/16 Drill bits with stick-slip resistance
1522016005356202/25/16 Methods for autonomously activating a shifting tool
1532016005357002/25/16 Swellable packer with reinforcement and anti-extrusion features
1542016005357302/25/16 Downhole tool consistent fluid control
1552016005357602/25/16 Liquid valve for flow control devices
1562016005358802/25/16 Electrical generator and electric motor for downhole drilling equipment
1572016005359902/25/16 Fracturing fluids comprising fibers treated with crosslinkable, hydratable polymers and related methods
1582016005361202/25/16 Downhole formation testing and sampling apparatus having a deployment linkage assembly
1592016005446202/25/16 Logging data identification system using reflection metadata
1602016005446402/25/16 Anisotropy analysis using direct and reflected arrivals in seismic survey data
1612016005446702/25/16 Method of estimating anisotropic formation resistivity profile using a multi-component induction tool
1622016005446802/25/16 Identifying unconventional formations
1632016005785302/25/16 Printed circuit board assemblies
1642016004718702/18/16 Wellbore drilling using dual drill string
1652016004722402/18/16 Downhole triaxial electromagnetic ranging
1662016004685202/18/16 Polymer-based drilling fluids containing non-biodegradable particulates and methods for use thereof
1672016004685302/18/16 Napthol-based epoxy resin additives for use in well cementing
1682016004685402/18/16 Traceable polymeric additives for use in subterranean formations
1692016004717202/18/16 Improved fluid flow control device
1702016004720402/18/16 Ferrofluid tool for providing modifiable structures in boreholes
1712016004722102/18/16 Determining surface wetting of metal with changing well fluids
1722016004722802/18/16 Magnetic tool position determination in a wellbore
1732016004723502/18/16 Capturing data for physical states associated with perforating string
1742016004723902/18/16 Log processing and fracture characterization in biaxially anisotropic formations
1752016004862702/18/16 Design techniques for optical processing elements
1762016004005502/11/16 Compositions for treating subterranean formations
1772016004006002/11/16 Treatment fluids comprising an alkali metal complexing agent and methods for use thereof
1782016004050602/11/16 Ferrofluid tool for enhancing magnetic fields in a wellbore
1792016004050702/11/16 Ferrofluid tool for isolation of objects in a wellbore
1802016004051602/11/16 Housing assemblies for mounting flow control devices
1812016004052402/11/16 Monitoring downhole parameters using mems
1822016004052502/11/16 Bend measurements of adjustable motor assemblies using strain gauges
1832016004052902/11/16 Borehole fluid-pulse telemetry apparatus and method
1842016004053002/11/16 High data-rate telemetry pulse detection with a sagnac interferometer
1852016004123302/11/16 Low-noise fluxgate magnetometer with increased operating temperature range
1862016004123402/11/16 Calibration of sensitivity and axial orthogonality for magnetometers
1872016004129402/11/16 Well ranging apparatus, methods, and systems
1882016004129602/11/16 Ranging measurement apparatus, methods, and systems
1892016004129902/11/16 Position-sensitive gamma detectors
1902016003367102/04/16 Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) interecho interval control methods and systems
1912016003265402/04/16 Encapsulated explosives for drilling wellbores
1922016003268502/04/16 Dual isolation well assembly
1932016003268702/04/16 Resettable remote and manual actuated well tool
1942016003269302/04/16 Production filtering system and methods
1952016003269402/04/16 Controlling flow in a wellbore
1962016003271202/04/16 Magnetic location determination in a wellbore
1972016003271702/04/16 Lwd resistivity imaging tool with adjustable sensor pads
1982016003272002/04/16 Collecting and removing condensate from a gas extraction system
1992016003296202/04/16 Bearing assembly
2002016003338202/04/16 Methods and systems for testing lost circulation materials
2012016003366302/04/16 Control of acoustic transmitters for downhole measurement or logging
2022016003366402/04/16 Determining cement impedance from a formation boundary
2032016003366902/04/16 Antenna coupling component measurement tool having a rotating antenna configuration
2042016003367002/04/16 Switching an operating mode of an nmr logging tool
2052016003367102/04/16 Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) interecho interval control methods and systems
2062016003544002/04/16 Deuterium-deuterium neutron generators
2072016002489601/28/16 Abandonment and containment system for gas wells
2082016002436701/28/16 Viscosifier polymer for treatment of a subterranean formation
2092016002437101/28/16 Resin composition for treatment of a subterranean formation
2102016002485001/28/16 Hydraulic control of drill string tools
2112016002487101/28/16 Remote operation of a rotating control device bearing clamp and safety latch
2122016002487401/28/16 Dual barrier perforating system
2132016002488201/28/16 Liquid valve for flow control devices
2142016002488301/28/16 Liquid valve for flow control devices
2152016002488601/28/16 Pressure-operated dimple lockout tool
2162016002490601/28/16 Drilling operations that use compositional properties of fluids derived from measured physical properties
2172016002490801/28/16 Fast formation dip angle estimation systems and methods
2182016002491201/28/16 Bottom hole assembly fiber optic shape sensing
2192016002588601/28/16 Apparatus and methods of reducing error in measurements
2202016002588701/28/16 Target well ranging method, apparatus, and system
2212016001767901/21/16 Protective sheath for logging tools
2222016001619901/21/16 Acoustic transducer with impedance matching layer
2232016001766001/21/16 Dual-type speed control mechanism for a turbine
2242016001767801/21/16 Fluid flow during landing of logging tools in bottom hole assembly
2252016001768801/21/16 Encapsulated fluid-loss additives for cement compositions
2262016001768901/21/16 Gravity-based casing orientation tools and methods
2272016001769301/21/16 Fluid-driven power generation unit for a drill string assembly
2282016001833901/21/16 Autonomous remote sensor for determining a property of a fluid in a body of water
2292016001854901/21/16 Removing ring down effects from sonic waveforms
2302016001855301/21/16 Dip correction using estimated formation layer resistivities
2312016001855501/21/16 Data processing with magnetic resonance tool
2322016001856101/21/16 Methods and systems for an integrated acoustic and induction logging tool
2332016001881801/21/16 In-situ monitoring of fabrication of integrated computational elements
2342016001132801/14/16 Device and parallel microfluidic pressure-volume-temperature analysis
2352016001002201/14/16 High-temperature lubricants comprising elongated carbon nanoparticles for use in subterranean formation operations
2362016001042101/14/16 Testable isolation packer
2372016001042801/14/16 Well intervention pressure control valve
2382016001044801/14/16 Ultrasonic casing and cement evaluation method using a ray tracing model
2392016001045001/14/16 Pulsed-electric drilling systems and methods with formation evaluation and/or bit position tracking
2402016001045501/14/16 Using screened pads to filter unconsolidated formation samples
2412016001098101/14/16 Method and aligning components of integrated optical sensors
2422016001132701/14/16 Estimation of three-dimensional formation using multi-component induction tools
2432016001132901/14/16 Systems and methods for neutron detection in nuclear logging tools
2442016001133101/14/16 Apparatus and methods of data analysis
2452016000379301/07/16 Surface gas correction by group contribution equilibrium model
2462016000135901/07/16 Induction infiltration and cooling of matrix drill bits
2472016000297701/07/16 Apparatus and methods for geosteering
2482016000298401/07/16 A wireline connector including an electromagnet and a metal
2492016000299601/07/16 Pressure control device with remote orientation relative to a rig

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