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Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation
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Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011489904/28/16  new patent  Electric system architecture included in a more-electric engine (mee) system
22016011607404/28/16  new patent  Pressure-regulating valves
32016011873404/28/16  new patent  Single flex printed wiring board for electric system controller
42016011886304/28/16  new patent  Two-phase electric motor cooler
52016010775404/21/16 Single stage engine bleed
62016010919704/21/16 Prevention of cooling flow blockage
72016011193204/21/16 Phase separators for electric machines
82016011194904/21/16 Dual frequency electrical generators
92016011314704/21/16 Efficient air cooling of varying load electronics
102016010302704/14/16 Differential motion sensor
112016010505804/14/16 Generator motor wedge with wide arm span and reduced stress levels
122016009662004/07/16 Aircraft taxiing system
132016009728404/07/16 Fan rotor with cooling holes
142016009734604/07/16 Electric boost actuation system for translating rings
152016009736204/07/16 Variable area orifice for an engine
162016009739904/07/16 Volute for engine-mounted boost stage fuel pump
172016009740004/07/16 Impeller for engine-mounted boost stage fuel pump
182016009740104/07/16 Air cycle machine strut plate assembly
192016009760104/07/16 Heat transfer fins
202016009763604/07/16 Position sensing device with rotary to linear magnification
212016009780304/07/16 Built in test circuit for transient voltage suppressor devices
222016009962104/07/16 Lamination clamping structure
232016009962204/07/16 Hybrid conductor for generator stator winding
242016009962404/07/16 End turn support and cooling fixture
252016009018103/31/16 Aircraft sofa convertible to bed
262016009018303/31/16 Flight deck tap off for mixer
272016009086903/31/16 Method of installing a diffuser in an air cycle machine
282016009098403/31/16 Vane pumps
292016009101503/31/16 Journal air bearing with air-film-supply vent
302016009101603/31/16 Thrust bearing assembly
312016009112503/31/16 Transition joint for welding dissimilar materials
322016008307803/24/16 Device for preventing rotational movement of failed selector lever
332016008307903/24/16 Selector lever with independent slides
342016008308003/24/16 Cone brake no-back assembly with gain reduction spring and method
352016008309903/24/16 Fan and compressor housing for an air cycle machine
362016008426403/24/16 Variable diffuser vane
372016008439303/24/16 Anti-flutter check valve
382016008439503/24/16 Valve including multilayer wear plate
392016008521703/24/16 Active dead band for noise reduction in high response high bandwidth control systems
402016008525803/24/16 Selector lever with failure indication features
412016008525903/24/16 Visual failure indication for selector lever
422016007655403/17/16 Backing plate
432016007663703/17/16 Integrated gearbox lube and control system
442016007668003/17/16 Weldless transfer tube assembly
452016005916403/03/16 Fluid inlet screen being moveable to bypass position
462016005369002/25/16 In flight restart free turbine engine
472016005614102/25/16 Solid-state power controller channel protection systems and methods
482016005673702/25/16 Reduction technique for permanent magnet motor high frequency loss
492016005784402/25/16 Grounded diode pack
502016005789002/25/16 Heat exchange device in directed flow system
512016004624702/18/16 Electric system architecture for more-electric engine accessories
522016004638302/18/16 Stow lock pawl for a rat actuator
532016004711902/18/16 Noise abatement for aircraft components and systems in aircraft bays
542016004726702/18/16 Ram air turbine pump leakage control
552016004727202/18/16 Rotary machine air deflector
562016004731902/18/16 Starter-generator modules for gas turbine engines
572016004735802/18/16 Turbine nozzle with relief cut
582016004747802/18/16 Actuator system
592016004755002/18/16 Distributed fuel control system
602016004756102/18/16 Multi-port compressor manifold with integral bypass valve
612016004785202/18/16 Sensor interface circuits
622016004938002/18/16 Wire bonds for electronics
632016005079102/18/16 Ram air fan and power electronics cooling systems
642016003953202/11/16 Remote power source pump system
652016004059902/11/16 Combustion system, apparatus and method
662016004079202/11/16 Check valve flapper
672016004079302/11/16 Check valve with backbone enhanced petals
682016004079902/11/16 Check valve housing
692016004285402/11/16 Heat transfer in magnetic assemblies
702016004302302/11/16 System and metal matrix mounting scheme
712016004360602/11/16 Generator stator installation
722016004361302/11/16 Thermally conductive rotor wedges
732016003156602/04/16 Screen and screen elements for fuel systems
742016003284102/04/16 Environmental control generator system and apparatus
752016003292202/04/16 Gear pump drive gear stationary bearing
762016003296902/04/16 Gear pump bearings with hybrid pads
772016003618302/04/16 Propeller deicing brush block
782016003627702/04/16 Strand cross-section for high fill-factor electric machine windings
792016003629302/04/16 Actuator device and converting rotational input to axial output with rotary flexure mechanism
802016003636302/04/16 Systems utilizing a controllable voltage ac generator system
812016002377301/28/16 Hybrid electric pulsed-power propulsion system for aircraft
822016002377401/28/16 Dual-stage gear pump with reduced pressure ripple
832016002441001/28/16 Fuel additive and preparing the same
842016002501501/28/16 Ecology fuel return systems
852016002542501/28/16 Heat exchanger with slotted guard fin
862016002616001/28/16 Coordination of variable groupings of control channels
872016002821601/28/16 Interconnects for electrical power distribution systems
882016002832101/28/16 Power converters for aircraft starter/generators
892016002834101/28/16 Systems and methods for zero common mode voltage
902016002839201/28/16 Solid state power controller
912016001665301/21/16 Aircraft component rotary device
922016001791801/21/16 Ball separator for ball bearing assembly
932016001801201/21/16 Check valve hinge pin
942016001837401/21/16 Bell cap aerosol adaptor
952016002067301/21/16 Rotor cooling
962016002067501/21/16 Electrical machines with liquid cooling
972016001046901/14/16 Hybrid manufacturing for rotors
982016001049101/14/16 Hot environment vane angle measurement
992016001070101/14/16 Harmonic drive assembly with selective disconnect and method
1002016001073801/14/16 Harmonic drive and assembling
1012016001075701/14/16 Valve flapper spring stop mechanism
1022016001090201/14/16 Expendable driven heat pump cycles
1032016001369201/14/16 Stator winding assembly
1042016001369301/14/16 Strand layout for reduced ac winding loss
1052016001373401/14/16 Solid-state power converters
1062016000315301/07/16 Cooling air system for aircraft turbine engine
1072016000337101/07/16 Pneumatic port shield
1082016000349101/07/16 Health and usage management of an environmental control system
1092016000370801/07/16 Wireless health and usage management of an environmental control system
1102016000552101/07/16 Liquid cooled inductors
1112016000552401/07/16 Immersion cooled toroid inductor assembly
1122016000746201/07/16 Method for manufacturing layered electronic devices
1132016000747301/07/16 Method for fabricating printed electronics
1142015037586812/31/15 Fuel and thermal management system
1152015037027412/24/15 Power delivery system with mitigation for radiation induced single event latch-up in microelectronic devices
1162015036015312/17/15 Wash-flow filter assembly
1172015036029212/17/15 Method for making an integrally bladed rotor with hollow blades
1182015036332912/17/15 Memory address translation
1192015036492212/17/15 Solid stte power controller with parallel mosfet load sharing
1202015036509912/17/15 Multiplexed signal sampler and conditioner
1212015035266112/10/15 Ultrasonic additive manufacturing assembly and method
1222015035445912/10/15 Fuel injector for high altitude starting and operation of a gas turbine engine
1232015035455912/10/15 Gear pump driven gear pressure loaded bearing
1242015035456012/10/15 Gear pump drive gear pressure loaded bearing
1252015035456112/10/15 Gear pump drive gear stationary bearing
1262015035456212/10/15 Gear pump driven gear stationary bearing
1272015035459212/10/15 Ram air fan outer housing
1282015035468612/10/15 Three point harmonic drive
1292015035509912/10/15 Scratch verification apparatus and method
1302015035560812/10/15 Multiplexing control operations of motors
1312015035714412/10/15 Fuse assembly
1322015035780012/10/15 Three-dimensional power distribution interconnect structure
1332015035793012/10/15 Systems and methods for controlling active rectifiers
1342015034391112/03/15 Power converters
1352015034415212/03/15 Aircraft external dc power voltage protection
1362015034550612/03/15 Cover plate for cabin air compressor
1372015034551012/03/15 Rotary machine heat sink
1382015034560612/03/15 Harmonic drive assembly with selective disconnect and reconnect
1392015034603512/03/15 Flexible laminated thermocouple
1402015034625512/03/15 Method of detection and isolation of faults within power conversion and distribution systems
1412015034712712/03/15 Method and system for implementing software requirements
1422015034872112/03/15 Remote switch contact quality maintenance
1432015034872812/03/15 Method of redundant monitoring and protection of ac power generation channels
1442015034935612/03/15 Hybrid emergency power unit system
1452015034959812/03/15 Multiplex winding synchronous generator
1462015034962612/03/15 Output filter for paralleled inverter
1472015034965812/03/15 Regulated ac-dc hybrid rectifier
1482015034966012/03/15 Solid-state inverters with voltage-balanced switches
1492015034966212/03/15 Pulse-width modulation control of paralleled inverters
1502015034969412/03/15 Light weight filter with dc common mode inductor for electric aircraft motor controller
1512015033885711/26/15 Pressure-regulating valves
1522015033918111/26/15 Digital information transfer system including fault protection
1532015034097311/26/15 Brake controller
1542015032921311/19/15 Integral ram air turbine strut and gearbox
1552015032921411/19/15 Ram air turbine gearbox sealing
1562015032921511/19/15 Ram air turbine generator assemblies
1572015033031111/19/15 Fuel metering valve and managing fuel in a metering valve
1582015033033111/19/15 Ram air turbine driveshaft gear and bearing arrangement
1592015033052111/19/15 Contamination resistant cartridge valve
1602015033071811/19/15 Integrated blower diffuser-fin single phase heat exchanger
1612015033102611/19/15 Frequency detection circuits
1622015033288111/19/15 Electromechanical fuse for differential motion sensing
1632015033360711/19/15 Integrated drive generator housing
1642015031440411/05/15 Thrust plate including cooling slots
1652015031466611/05/15 Aircraft environmental conditioning system and method
1662015031487711/05/15 Environmental control system with air cycle machine bypass shutoff valves
1672015031487811/05/15 Aircraft environmental conditioning system and method
1682015031597511/05/15 Integral filter and regulator for valve
1692015031810311/05/15 Hybrid planar common-mode choke
1702015030718310/29/15 Aircraft environmental control system selectively powered by three bleed reports
1712015030719510/29/15 Environmental control system utilizing shoestring cycle to maximize efficiency
1722015030719610/29/15 Environmental control system utilizing shoestring cycle to maximize efficiency
1732015030828310/29/15 Turbomachine starter oil filtration system
1742015030837310/29/15 Method of scheduling pressure in variable pressure actuation systems
1752015030846010/29/15 Inlet tube design
1762015030887810/29/15 Starter oil quantity indication system
1772015030074910/22/15 Motor with cooled rotor
1782015029525110/15/15 Additive manufacturing for fuel cell flow fields
1792015028390810/08/15 Systems utilizing a controllable voltage ac generator system
1802015028508710/08/15 Turbomachine blade clearance control system
1812015028539110/08/15 High pressure relief valve flow disruptor
1822015028622810/08/15 Saturation control of magnetic cores of bidirectional devices
1832015028765710/08/15 Solid-state stacked die contactors
1842015028766210/08/15 Method of forming a semiconductor substrate including a cooling channel
1852015028803710/08/15 Insulating liquid immersed battery
1862015028830910/08/15 Systems utilizing a controllable voltage ac generator system
1872015028831510/08/15 Systems utiilizing a controllable voltage ac generator system
1882015027577010/01/15 Jet engine actuation system
1892015027591010/01/15 Thrust plate assembly
1902015027593310/01/15 Valves with metering sleeves
1912015027608810/01/15 Pressure regulating valve and adjusting damping of the same
1922015027633110/01/15 Outlet header of heat exchanger
1932015027656010/01/15 Chemical detector
1942015028042210/01/15 Fault protection of a voltage differential transformer (vdt) excitation circuit
1952015028051310/01/15 Motor housing
1962015028052810/01/15 Speed detection circuits for permanent magnet alternators
1972015028059510/01/15 Switch configuration for a matrix convertor
1982015026657209/24/15 Propeller blade having compliant spar core
1992015026782409/24/15 Check valve with reduced opening speed
2002015027079409/24/15 Soft-start control for electromechanical devices using a resistor-capacitor circuit
2012015027195709/24/15 Cooling flow optimization
2022015026004709/17/15 Resistive-inductive propeller blade de-icing system including contactless power supply
2032015025111409/10/15 Bypass valve technology interface safety screen
2042015025281509/10/15 Fluid filtration using splines
2052015025285209/10/15 Oil retention and delivery system for a bearing
2062015024672109/03/15 Aircraft propellers
2072015024740809/03/15 Fan rotor with thickened blade root
2082015024746309/03/15 Method of low pressure bleed
2092015023963208/27/15 Explosion proof by containment enclosure for housing electrical equipment
2102015024084108/27/15 Pressure switch for oil supply
2112015024096008/27/15 High opening velocity check valve
2122015023219408/20/15 Stall recovery system for a ram air turbine
2132015023219508/20/15 Ram air turbine actuator
2142015023324908/20/15 Propeller blade and method
2152015023338608/20/15 First stage turbine housing for an air cycle machine
2162015023346008/20/15 Electric generator oil pump driven gear
2172015023348008/20/15 Pressure regulating valves for electrical generators
2182015023656508/20/15 Electric generator oil pump drive gear
2192015022459308/13/15 Article including a weld joint
2202015022505308/13/15 Cyclic pitch actuation system for counter-rotating propellers
2212015022840508/13/15 Rotary transformers for electrical machines
2222015021395207/30/15 Multilayer capacitor with integrated busbar
2232015021481907/30/15 High altitude, high voltage rear terminal block assembly
2242015020420307/23/15 Fabrication of load compressor scroll housing
2252015020474507/23/15 Strain gauge pressure sensor circuit with sensor disconnect detection
2262015020076907/16/15 Cross-channel data communication with data phase-locked loop
2272015019217507/09/15 Cage bearing with oil retaining shield
2282015019217707/09/15 Spline lock shaft locking system
2292015019220007/09/15 Carrier shaft set
2302015019426007/09/15 Rolled inductor with thermal pottant
2312015019475007/09/15 Field-replaceable terminal block divider
2322015019479707/09/15 Heat sink for contactor in power distribution assembly
2332015019486307/09/15 Grounded radial diode pack
2342015019490507/09/15 Universal ac to dc converter
2352015018352307/02/15 Tail cone driven emergency power generating system
2362015018470007/02/15 Drive assembly with selective disconnect
2372015017671606/25/15 Fuel float valve
2382015016618606/18/15 Aircraft air-conditioning heat exchanger contamination detection
2392015014546105/28/15 Input emi filter for motor drive including an active rectifier
2402015014718105/28/15 Differential blade design for propeller noise reduction
2412015014766405/28/15 Method of operating a fuel cell in confined space
2422015013550705/21/15 Protective leakage shield for liquid to air heat exchanger
2432015013697405/21/15 High temperature differential ion mobility spectroscopy
2442015013778605/21/15 Overvoltage limiter in an aircraft electrical power generation system
2452015013048605/14/15 Electrical connector pin cover
2462015012348205/07/15 Active damping with a switched capacitor
2472015012440705/07/15 High-temperature environment electronic chassis
2482015011794204/30/15 Dowel element
2492015011805204/30/15 Pivoting blade counterweight

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