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Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation. Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Permanent magnet synchronous generator based direct current power generating system
06/22/17 new patent  Cabin supply duct
06/22/17 new patent  Environmental control system
06/22/17 new patent  Hydraulic pump systems
06/22/17 new patent  Thermal enhancement of cabin air compressor motor cooling
06/22/17 new patent  Lightweight ballistic enclosure
06/22/17 new patent  Thermal management for electrical storage devices
06/22/17 new patent  Concentric dual rotor electric machine
06/22/17 new patent  Host-to-host test scheme for periodic parameters transmission in synchronized ttp systems
06/15/17Solid oxide electrochemical gas separator inerting system
06/15/17Electrochemical gas separator for combustion prevention and suppresion
06/15/17Variable-sized cooling air flow path
06/15/17Thrust bearing assembly with flow path restriction
06/15/17Fuel control system
06/15/17Ecology system ejector pump shutoff valve
06/15/17Foil bearing with large radius key
06/15/17Bearing thermal management system and method
06/15/17Check valve
06/15/17Check valves
06/15/17Check valves
06/15/17Integrated fuel cell aircraft pressurization and cooling system
06/08/17Electromechanical water separator
06/08/17Cross flow ceramic heat exchanger and manufacturing
06/08/17Unlocking a ram air turbine actuator
06/08/17Centrifugal pump with integrated axial flux permanent magnet motor
06/08/17Bearing liners for use within light alloy housings
06/08/17Vented gear spline lubrication
06/08/17Vented gear spline lubrication
06/08/17Model predictive control optimization for power electronics
06/08/17Power distribution unit and containing arc faults in power distribution units
06/08/17Shared transient voltage suppressor having built-in-test capability for solid state power controllers
06/08/17Dual-source power supply
06/08/17Motor-generator with multiple stator windings
06/01/17Transient voltage suppressor having built-in-test capability for solid state power controllers
05/25/17Cabin air compressor bracket
05/25/17Heat exchanger
05/25/17Cabin supply duct
05/25/17Supply tube for sensor
05/25/17Ground connect duct for environmental control systems
05/25/17Pump assembly with charge pump rotor, inversion pump rotor and scavenge pump rotor
05/25/17Cabin air compressor bracket
05/25/17Heat exchanger
05/25/17Heat exchanger
05/25/17Header for heat exchanger
05/25/17Circuit boards and circuit board assemblies
05/18/17Additive manufacturing quality control systems
05/18/17Additive manufacturing quality control systems
05/18/17Additive manufacturing quality control systems
05/18/17Aircraft control system and method
05/18/17Automated control using simulated signals
05/18/17Constant force, short-stroke electromagnetic actuator
05/18/17Electric component including custom metal grain orientation
05/11/17Heat exchanger
05/11/17Isolation structures for electrical systems
05/04/17Hydraulic pump systems
05/04/17Actuator locking mechanism
05/04/17Doubly stator-fed synchronous generator
05/04/17Generation system with braking mechanism
04/27/17Rake systems for additive manufacturing systems
04/27/17Powder removal
04/27/17Blind retaining ring for valve piston
04/27/17Heat exchangers
04/27/17Heat exchangers
04/27/17Laminated stator with cooling lamination layers
04/27/17Flux control of permanent magnet electric machine
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04/20/17Ultrasonic additive manufacturing assembly and method
04/20/17Method of manufacturing an actuator assembly component and verifying surface finish
04/20/17Ram air heat exchanger
04/20/17Bypass housing in air cycle machine
04/20/17Air cycle machine compressor housing
04/20/17Fan rotor blade having an optimized blade root
04/20/17Housing for air cycle machine compressor
04/20/17Turbine thrust shaft for air bearing cooling
04/20/17Flex spline for use with a compound harmonic generator
04/20/17Cabin air compressor outer bracket
04/20/17Cabin air compressor outer bracket
04/20/17Bidirectional current limiter
04/13/17Splined muff
04/13/17Valve assembly for variable frequency generator and sealing
04/13/17Temperature adjusting valve, a turbine pump assembly and adjusting flow through a valve
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04/13/17Variable stroke linear electrodynamic machine
04/06/17Duty cycle-based bit interface system
04/06/17Aerosol/solvent delivery nozzles
04/06/17Heat transfer tubes
04/06/17Multilayer capacitor with integrated busbar
04/06/17Venting generator assemblies
04/06/17Line start permanent magnet brushless motor
04/06/17Systems and methods for controlling inverters
03/30/17Systems and methods for gas disposal
03/30/17Systems and methods for gas disposal
03/30/17Coupling shaft for gear pump
03/30/17Current managed drive system for energizing contactors and other coil-based external loads
03/30/17Wire lug captivation system and method
03/23/17Powered removal for element formed by powder bed fusion additive manufacturing processes
03/23/17Hybrid torque limiting rotary no-back device
03/23/17Heat exchanger and cooling system for generator electronics cooling
03/23/17Vented lift off seal assemblies
03/23/17Metering devices
03/23/17Integrated bypass valve with pressure, position, and flowrate feedback capabilities
03/23/17Flexures for flow regulation devices
03/23/17Thermoelectric cooling system
03/23/17Fault protection devices and methods for power systems
03/23/17Power connector assemblies
03/23/17Systems and methods for dissipating transient voltages in electrical systems
03/23/17Starting current reduction in induction motors
03/16/17Topologies and methods for turbine engine start inverters
03/16/17Heat transfer in magnetic assemblies
03/16/17Contactor body with integral heat sink
03/09/17Pump gear
03/09/17Pump sleeve
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03/09/17Pump cover
03/09/17Capacitor based lightning clamp
03/09/17Power control current sharing circuit
03/02/17Thermoelectric cooled torque motor
02/23/17Integrated input/output connector
02/23/17Thermal management systems
02/23/17Mounting devices
02/16/17Drive assembly with selective disconnect
02/16/17Heat exchanging valve arrangement
02/16/17High temperature flow manifold
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02/16/17Heat exchanger and fabrication
02/16/17Solenoid actuators and solenoid actuated devices
02/09/17Electric compressor for use with a wing anti-ice system
02/09/17Anti-icing impeller spinner
02/09/17Differential motion sensor
02/09/17Heat pipe embedded heat sink with integrated posts
02/02/17Dual mode fuel pump system
02/02/17Method of installing a diffuser in an air cycle machine
02/02/17Foil bearing with split key
02/02/17Bearing retention method and apparatus
02/02/17Passive servo filter for pneumatic valve with transverse actuator
02/02/17Dynamic calibrating current sensor
02/02/17Rolled inductor with thermal pottant
02/02/17Dual-source multi-mode vehicle power supply
02/02/17Circuit with current sharing alternately switched parallel transistors
01/26/17Aircraft heat exchange system including a thermoelectric device
01/26/17Vane pump
01/26/17Fixed shaft for hydraulic unit
01/26/17Foil bearing with trailing edge key
01/26/17Aircraft heat exchange system including a thermoelectric device
01/19/17Oxygen sensor protection
01/19/17Oxygen sensing for fuel tank inerting system
01/19/17Condition monitoring for an air separation module
01/19/17Raf bit for surge detection
01/19/17Protection system for polymeric air separation membrane
01/19/17Membrane-based air separation module
01/19/17Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy articles
01/19/17Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy articles
01/19/17Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy articles
01/19/17Method of manufacturing aluminum alloy articles
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01/19/17Air cycle machine lockout tool
01/19/17Axial-flux induction motor pump
01/19/17Disconnect mechanisms
01/19/17Bleed valves for gas turbine engines
01/19/17Security protected part identification and part manufacture
01/19/17Fault tolerant electric power generating system
01/12/17Air separation module canister
01/12/17Power-distribution system providing complete separability between a circuit breaker panel and a chassis
01/12/17Vane pumps
01/12/17Wear resistant insert for pneumatic scotch yoke piston
01/12/17Slot insulation for electrical machines
01/05/17Electric actuator for engine control
01/05/17Supplemental cooling of cabin air compressor motor
12/29/16Power distribution panel having contactor with thermal management feature
12/29/16Pressure limiters
12/29/16Unlocking mechanism for ram air turbine actuator
12/29/16Warming feature for aircraft fuel cells
12/29/16Power distribution panel connector having thermal management feature
12/29/16End winding support for an electric generator
12/29/16Variable speed constant frequency power generator including permanent magnet exciter
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12/22/16Hydraulic line routing plate
12/22/16Multi-flapper check valve without center supports
12/22/16Plate fin heat exchanger
12/22/16Actuator control gas turbine engine
12/22/16Piston ring sealing for pneumatic actuator
12/22/16Flow diverting flapper
12/22/16Mini-channell heat exchanger tube sleeve
12/22/16Composites and methods of making composite materials
12/22/16Variable threshold current limiting circuit
12/22/16High voltage direct current system with improved generator excitation
12/15/16Temperature controlled nitrogen generation system
12/15/16Fuel tank inerting aircraft
12/15/16Particulate for additive manufacturing techniques
12/15/16High vibration pneumatic piston assembly made from additive manufacturing
12/15/16Piston for pnuematic actuator in high vibration environment
12/15/16Variable heat rejection using heat pipe heat exchanger
12/15/16Modular heat exchanger design
12/15/16Variable speed ac generator system including independently controlled rotor field
12/08/16Recirculation system for parallel ram heat exchangers
12/08/16Method for designing an ecs
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12/08/16Unequal bleed flow
12/08/16No primary heat exchanger and bleed air (cabin discharge air) assist
12/08/16Hybrid electric
12/08/16Electrical control system
12/08/16Turbine seal plate
12/08/16Movable vane control system
12/08/16Bug roller bearing outer race assembly
12/08/16Plate-fin heat exchanger fouling identification
12/08/16System and alternate cooling of a liquid cooled motor controller
12/01/16Aircraft environmental control system
12/01/16Redundant speed summing actuators
12/01/16Aircraft engine assembly and generating electric energy for an aircraft power system
12/01/16Gear shroud to passively lubricate gearbox component
12/01/16Integrated apu generator constant speed drive
12/01/16Heat exchanger with improved flow at mitered corners
12/01/16Ecology fuel return systems
12/01/16Integrated heat dissipative structure for electric machine
11/24/16Blended flow air cycle system for environmental control
11/24/16Mistake proof ram air turbine downlock protection
11/17/16Rat mounting arrangement for a soft aircraft interface
11/17/16Aircraft active history memory module
11/17/16Rat frame for a soft aircraft interface
11/17/16Dual redundant linear actuator
11/17/16Modular generator control and external power unit
11/17/16High power solid state switches for aircraft
11/17/16Voltage regulator for inductive loads
11/10/16Flexible lumbar support of aircraft seat
11/10/16Compressor mount bracket for aircraft cabin air supply system
11/10/16Cross bracket for aircraft cabin air supply system
11/10/16Anti-rotation bracket
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11/10/16Two piece manifold
11/10/16Multi-channel current balancing system including parallel solid-state power controllers
11/10/16Rechargeable battery auto-cycler requiring lower power and dissipating reduced waste heat
11/10/16End winding support and heat sink for liquid-cooled generator
11/03/16Blade plug for communicating fluid therethrough
11/03/16Blade plug for communicating fluid therethrough
11/03/16Built-in test circuits for transient voltage protection devices
11/03/16Systems and methods for controlling power converters
10/27/16Environmental control system utilizing cabin discharge air to power a cycle
10/27/16Environmental control system mixing cabin discharge air with bleed air during a cycle
10/27/16Modular environmental air conditioning system
10/27/16Engine proximate nitrogen generation system for an aircraft
10/27/16Environmental control system mixing cabin discharge air with bleed air during a cycle
10/27/16Passive overspeed controlled turbo pump assembly
10/27/16Passive electrical proportional turbine speed control system
10/27/16Pneumatic circuit breaker based self resetting passive overspeed control valve for turbine pump assembly
10/27/16Locking mechanisms for ram air turbines
10/20/16Power augmentation for an air cycle machine of an environmental control system
10/20/16Emergency power sources for propulsion systems
10/20/16Asymmetric load compensation system
10/20/16Shut off valves and components thereof for ecology fuel return systems
10/20/16Fuel control system with shutoff feature
10/20/16Disconnect shaft for an integrated drive generator (idg)
10/20/16Wavelet-based analysis for fouling diagnosis of an aircraft heat exchanger
10/20/16Wetting current sequencing for low current interface
10/20/16System level fault diagnosis for the air management system of an aircraft
10/20/16Power converters with immersion cooling
10/20/16Fuse assemblies
10/20/16Sensorless control of a dc synchronous machine

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