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Hand Held Products Inc
Hand Held Products Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Hand Held Products Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Hand Held Products Inc Doing Business As Honewell Scanning x26 Mobility
Hand Held Products Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
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Hand Held Products Inc_20100107

Hand Held Products Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Hand Held Products Inc. Hand Held Products Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hand Held Products Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hand Held Products Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  System and monitoring an industrial vehicle
11/16/17 new patent  Reconfigurable sled for a mobile device
11/02/17Method for updating indicia readers
10/26/17Indicia reading decoding decodable indicia employing stereoscopic imaging
10/19/17Customizable aimer system for indicia reading terminal
10/19/17Optical redirection adapter
10/19/17Add-on device with configurable optics for an image scanner for scanning barcodes
10/19/17Imaging barcode reader with color-separated aimer and illuminator
10/19/17Indicia-reader having unitary-construction
10/12/17Multiple display modes on a mobile device
10/12/17Filtering inventory objects using images in an rfid system
10/05/17Scanner assembly with removable shock mount
09/28/17Imaging device for producing high resolution images using subpixel shifts and using same
09/21/17Monitoring user biometric parameters with nanotechnology in personal locator beacon
09/21/17Multifunction point of sale system
09/14/17Indicia reader for size-limited applications
09/07/17System and determining if a surface is printed or a device screen
08/24/17Positioning an object with respect to a target location
08/10/17Beam shaping system and scanner
08/10/17Dynamic identification badge
08/10/17Dimensioning system with feedback
07/27/17Dimensioning system with guided alignment
07/27/17Vehicle positioning and object avoidance
07/27/17Enhanced matrix symbol error correction method
07/20/17Multi-spectral imaging using longitudinal chromatic aberrations
07/20/17Handheld indicia reader having locking endcap
07/20/17Safety system and method
07/13/17Programmable reference beacons
07/13/17System and assessing worker performance
07/13/17Calculating weight using image data
07/06/17Indicia-reading system
07/06/17Package physical characteristic identification system and method in supply chain management
07/06/17Devices, systems, and methods for optical validation
07/06/17Power management scheme for portable data collection devices utilizing location and position sensors
07/06/17Terminal configurable for use within an unknown regulatory domain
06/29/17Initial point establishment using an image of a portion of an object
06/22/17Method and system for tracking an electronic device at an electronic device docking station
06/22/17System and border detection on a document and for producing an image of the document
06/15/17Generation of randomized passwords for one-time usage
06/15/17Apparatus having hybrid monochrome and color image sensor array
06/15/17Easy wi-fi connection system and method
06/15/17Mobile device with configurable communication technology modes and geofences
06/15/17Mobile device with configurable communication technology modes
06/08/17Autofocus lens system
06/08/17Code symbol reading system having adaptive autofocus
05/25/17Device having light source to reduce surface pathogens
05/25/17Add-on device with configurable optics for an image scanner for scanning barcodes
05/25/17High resolution dot pattern
05/18/17Expected battery life notification
05/18/17Indicia-reading systems having an interface with a user's nervous system
05/18/17Pairing wireless scanner via rfid
05/18/17In-vehicle package location identification at load and delivery times
05/18/17Irda converter tag
05/18/17Laser aiming for mobile devices
05/04/17System and focus on touch with a touch sensitive screen display
05/04/17Scanner assembly with removable shock mount
05/04/17Dynamically created and updated indoor positioning map
05/04/17Image transformation for indicia reading
05/04/17Extended features for network communication
04/20/17Building lighting and temperature control with an augmented reality system
04/20/17Quick release dock system and method
04/20/17System and calibration and mapping of real-time location data
04/20/17System and detecting barcode printing errors
04/20/17Data collection device having dynamic access to multiple wireless networks
04/13/17System and document processing
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04/06/17Battery handling apparatus
03/30/17Indicia reader safety
03/30/17Portable data terminal
03/30/17System for monitoring the condition of packages throughout transit
03/30/17Product identification using electroencephalography
03/30/17System and process for displaying information from a mobile computer in a vehicle
03/30/17Double locking mechanism on a battery latch
03/30/17Self-calibrating projection apparatus and process
03/23/17Cancelling noise caused by the flicker of ambient lights
03/16/17Automated contact cleaning system for docking stations
03/16/17System and determining if a surface is printed or a mobile device screen
03/16/17Positioning an object with respect to a target location
03/16/17Patch antenna
03/16/17Data collection system having eir terminal interface node
03/09/17Process and system for sending headset control information from a mobile device to a wireless headset
Patent Packs
03/02/17Gloves having measuring, scanning, and displaying capabilities
03/02/17Interactive display
03/02/17Remote device management interface
03/02/17Multiple inspector voice inspection
03/02/17Fleet power management through information storage sharing
02/23/17Device with camera for accelerated barcode scan reading
02/23/17Indicia reader having a filtered multifunction image sensor
02/23/17Auto-complete methods for spoken complete value entries
02/16/17Evaluating symbol images
02/16/17Angular motor shaft with rotational attenuation
02/16/17Encoded information reading terminal with user-configurable multi-protocol wireless communication interface
02/09/17Portable encoded information reading terminal configured to adjust transmit power level
02/02/17Encoded information reading system including rfid reading device having multiple antennas
02/02/17Cordless indicia reader with a multifunction coil for wireless charging and eas deactivation
01/26/17Apparatus comprising light sensing assemblies with range assisted gain control
01/19/17Method for a mobile dimensioning device to use a dynamic accuracy compatible with nist standard
01/19/17Adjusting dimensioning results using augmented reality
01/19/17Dimensioning and imaging items
01/12/17Mobile dimensioner use in commerce
01/12/17Useful battery capacity / state of health gauge
01/12/17Programmable touchscreen zone for mobile devices
01/12/17Filtering inventory objects using images in an rfid system
01/12/17Portable rfid reading terminal with visual indication of scan trace
01/12/17Wifi enable based on cell signals
12/29/16Optical pattern projector
12/29/16Dual-projector three-dimensional scanner
12/29/16Identifying inventory items in a storage facility
12/22/16Calibrating a volume dimensioner
12/22/16Tactile switch for a mobile electronic device
12/22/16Customizable headset
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12/15/16Indicia-reading systems having an interface with a user's nervous system
12/15/16Augmented reality lighting effects
11/24/16Multifunction point of sale system
11/24/16Augmented reality device, system, and safety
11/24/16Evaluating image values
11/10/16Hands-free human machine interface responsive to a driver of a vehicle
11/10/16Tracking battery conditions
11/10/16Intermediate linear positioning
11/10/16Application independent dex/ucs interface
11/10/16Method and system to protect software-based network-connected devices from advanced persistent threat
Patent Packs
11/03/16System and regulating barcode data injection into a running application on a smart device
11/03/16Device, system, and determining the status of lanes
10/27/16Medication management system
10/27/16Secure unattended network authentication
10/27/16Low power multi-core decoder system and method
10/27/16Capturing a graphic information presentation
10/27/16Systems and methods for imaging
10/20/16System for communication via a peripheral hub
10/20/16System and method to automatically discriminate between different data types
10/20/16Systems and methods for tuning an antenna of a mobile computing device
10/20/16User interface facilitating specification of a desired data format for an indicia reading apparatus
10/13/16Grouping transponders
10/06/16Device management proxy for secure devices
10/06/16Aimer for barcode scanning
10/06/16Indicia-reader having unitary-construction
09/29/16Terminal with flicker-corrected aimer and alternating illumination
09/15/16Portable encoded information reading terminal configured to locate groups of rfid tags
09/15/16Power management scheme for portable data collection devices utilizing location and position sensors
09/08/16Power reports in wireless scanner systems
08/25/16Universal connectivity for non-universal devices
08/18/16Transaction terminal with signature capture offset correction
08/18/16Indicia reading terminal including frame quality evaluation processing
08/18/16Dynamic scan context determination for asset reconciliation background
08/11/16Device for supporting an electronic tool on a user's hand
08/11/16Reprogramming devices including programming symbol
08/11/16Methods for training a speech recognition system
08/04/16Android bound service camera initialization
07/21/16Optical redirection adapter
07/21/16Code symbol reading system having adjustable object detection
07/21/16Imaging terminal, imaging sensor to determine document orientation based on bar code orientation and methods for operating the same
Patent Packs
07/14/16Portable dialogue engine
07/14/16Application development using mutliple primary user interfaces
07/14/16Facilitating workflow application development
07/14/16Stack handling using multiple primary user interfaces
07/14/16Heat-dissipation structurefor an indicia reading module
07/14/16Multiple primary user interfaces
07/14/16Voice mode asset retrieval
07/14/16Charge limit selection for variable power supply configuration
07/14/16System and charging a barcode scanner
07/14/16Charger with an energy storage element
06/30/16Cargo apportionment techniques
06/30/16Speed-limit-compliance system and method
06/30/16Reclosable strap assembly
06/30/16User authentication system and method
06/30/16System and detecting barcode printing errors
06/30/16Portable rfid reading terminal with visual indication of scan trace
06/30/16Visual feedback for code readers
06/30/16Reconfigurable sled for a mobile device
06/30/16Real-time adjustable window feature for barcode scanning and process of scanning barcode with adjustable window feature
06/30/16Point-of-sale (pos) code sensing apparatus
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06/30/16Augmented reality vision barcode scanning system and method
06/30/16Scanning improvements for saturated signals using automatic and fixed gain control methods
06/30/16Acceleration-based motion tolerance and predictive coding
06/30/16Interleaving surprise activities in workflow
06/30/16Dynamic check digit utilization via electronic tag
06/30/16Product and location management via voice recognition
06/30/16Visual graphic aided location identification
06/30/16Confirming product location using a subset of a product identifier
06/30/16Visual graphic aided location identification
06/30/16Method of simulating a virtual out-0f-box experience of a packaged product
06/30/16Industrial vehicle positioning system and method
06/30/16System and monitoring an industrial vehicle
06/30/16Remote monitoring of vehicle diagnostic information
06/30/16Method and system for improving barcode scanner performance
06/30/16Tag mounted distributed headset with electronics module
06/30/16Power configurable headband system and method
06/30/16Electronic device with wireless path selection capability
06/23/16Wearable sled system for a mobile computer device
06/23/16Media gate for thermal transfer printers
06/23/16Dynamic diagnostic indicator generation
Social Network Patent Pack
06/23/16Systems and methods for identifying faulty touch panel having intermittent field failures
06/23/16Systems and methods for identifying faulty battery in an electronic device
06/23/16Flip-open wearable computer
06/23/16Tablet computer with interface channels
06/23/16Intelligent small screen layout and pop-up keypads for screen-only devices
06/23/16Host controllable pop-up soft keypads
06/23/16Delayed trim of managed nand flash memory in computing devices
06/23/16Method of programming the default interface software in an indicia reading device
06/23/16Mini-barcode reading module with flash memory management
06/23/16Conformable hand mount for a mobile scanner
06/23/16Method of barcode templating for enhanced decoding performance
06/23/16Augmented display and user input device
06/23/16Active emergency exit systems for buildings
06/23/16Safety system and method
06/23/16Collision-avoidance system and method
06/16/16Apparatus, system, and use of imaging assembly on mobile terminal
06/16/16Augmented reality virtual product for display
06/16/16Auto-contrast viewfinder for an indicia reader
06/16/16Information augmented product guide
06/16/16Augmented reality asset locator
06/16/16Image reader comprising cmos based image sensor array
06/09/16Devices having an auxiliary display
06/02/16Tracking system
06/02/16Electrotextile rfid antenna
06/02/16Data collection system having reconfigurable data collection terminal
06/02/16Data collection system having eir terminal interface node
05/26/16Portable rfid reading terminal with visual indication of scan trace
05/12/16Autofocus lens system
05/12/16Concatenated expected responses for speech recognition
05/05/16Vehicle computer system with transparent display
Social Network Patent Pack
05/05/16Adaptable interface for a mobile computing device
05/05/16Scanner with illumination system
05/05/16Barcode scanning system using wearable device with embedded camera
05/05/16Directing an inspector through an inspection
05/05/16Method and system for recognizing speech using wildcards in an expected response
04/28/16System having an improved user interface for reading code symbols
04/21/16Handheld dimensioning system with measurement-conformance feedback
04/21/16Handheld dimensioning system with feedback
04/21/16Dimensioning system with multipath interference mitigation
04/21/16Image reader having image sensor array
04/21/16Apparatus operative for capture of image data
04/21/16Decodable indicia reading terminal with optical filter
04/21/16Hand-mounted device with finger motion triggering
04/21/16System and dimensioning
04/21/16Handheld dimensioner with data-quality indication
04/14/16System and picking validation
04/14/16Methods for improving the accuracy of dimensioning-system measurements
04/14/16Depth sensor based auto-focus system for an indicia scanner
04/14/16Identifying inventory items in a storage facility
04/14/16Image-stitching for dimensioning
04/07/16Filtering inventory objects using images in an rfid system
03/31/16System and workflow management
03/31/16Encoded information reading terminal with user-configurable multi-protocol wireless communication interface
03/24/16System and method to manipulate an image
03/24/16Apparatus and method comprising deformable lens element
03/17/16System and securing sensitive data
03/03/16Gesture-controlled computer system
03/03/16Image sensor pixel array having output response curve including logarithmic pattern for image sensor based terminal
02/25/16Focus module and components with actuator

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