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Harris Corporation
Harris Corporation Corporation Of The State Of Delaware
Harris Corporation A Delaware Corporation
Harris Corporation Of The State Of Delaware
Harris Corporation Corporation Of The State Of Delware
Harris Corporation Corporation Of The State Of Delawre
Harris Corporation Corporaton Of The State Of Delaware
Harris Corporation Corporation Of The State Of Deleware
Harris Corporation a Delaware Corporation
Harris Corporation_20131212
Harris Corporation_20100128
Harris Corporation_20100121
Harris Corporation_20100114
Harris Corporation_20100107


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Harris Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Harris Corporation. Harris Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Harris Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Harris Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12014036416112/11/14Dynamic control point in simulcast radio communication system
22014030471110/09/14Method for providing controlled access to hardware resources on a multimode device
32014026222309/18/14Rf antenna assembly with dielectric isolator and related methods
42014026993709/18/14Multiple stream encoded digital video
52014027047609/18/14Method for 3d object identification and pose detection using phase congruency and fractal analysis
62014025159709/11/14Apparatus for heating hydrocarbon resources with magnetic radiator and related methods
72014024709209/04/14Wideband distributed amplifier with integral bypass
82014024719309/04/14Dipole antenna assembly having an electrical conductor extending through tubular segments and related methods
92014024173108/28/14Free space optical communication beam acquisition
102014023141608/21/14Radio frequency antenna assembly for hydrocarbon resource recovery including adjustable shorting plug and related methods
112014023396008/21/14Dynamic packet redundancy for a free space optical communication link
122014023517408/21/14Co-located frequency management and mitigation
132014022447208/14/14Apparatus for heating hydrocarbons with rf antenna assembly having segmented dipole elements and related methods
142014022682108/14/14Electronic key management using pki to support group key establishment in the tactical environment
152014021671408/07/14Transmission line segment coupler defining fluid passage ways and related methods
162014021672408/07/14Hydrocarbon resource recovery apparatus including a transmission line with fluid tuning chamber and related methods
172014021672508/07/14Apparatus for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation providing an adjustable liquid coolant and related methods
182014021672608/07/14Apparatus for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation including a fluid balun and related methods
192014021761808/07/14Method for making electronic device with liquid crystal polymer and related devices
202014022227608/07/14Controlling movement of unmanned vehicles
212014021208907/31/14Actuator systems for deflecting optical waveguides, and devices for processing optical signals comprising same
222014021474107/31/14Parallel multi-layer cognitive network optimization
232014021474207/31/14Distributed multi-layer particle swarm optimization based cognitive network
242014021474307/31/14Sequential multi-layer cognitive network optimization
252014020268607/24/14Effective solvent extraction system incorporating electromagnetic heating
262014020630307/24/14System and method of transmitting data from an aircraft
272014019883407/17/14Bit synchronizer for detecting symbol timing error for high order modulation using a trajectory mid-point rotation and related methods
282014015993606/12/14Method and system using coordinated airborne and ground platforms for detecting oil covered by ice
292014015993706/12/14Method and system using a polarimetric feature for detecting oil covered by ice
302014015993806/12/14Method and system using radiometric volumetric data for detecting oil covered by ice
312014015993906/12/14Subterranean mapping system including spaced apart electrically conductive well pipes and related methods
322014015994006/12/14Subterranean mapping system including electrically conductive element and related methods
332014015998306/12/14Multifilar antenna
342014016070606/12/14Monolithically integrated rf system and method of making same
352014016094306/12/14Data acquisition
362014015102806/05/14Hydrocarbon resource recovery system including rf transmission line extending alongside a well pipe in a wellbore and related methods
372014015102906/05/14Hydrocarbon resource recovery system including different hydrocarbon resource recovery capacities and related methods
382014015214306/05/14Control circuitry routing configuration for mems devices
392014015240006/05/14Novel phase shifters and tuning elements
402014015249206/05/14Portable satellite communication system
412014015361706/05/14Communications device and related method that detects radio frequency (rf) interferer on a communications channel
422014013103205/15/14Method for producing hydrocarbon resources with rf and conductive heating and related apparatuses
432014013104405/15/14Hydrocarbon resource heating device including superconductive material rf antenna and related methods
442014013599105/15/14Hybrid gesture control haptic system
452014012662105/08/14Communications receiver with channel identification using a-priori generated gain vectors and associated methods
462014011010404/24/14Hydrocarbon processing apparatus including resonant frequency tracking and related methods
472014011039504/24/14System including tunable choke for hydrocarbon resource heating and associated methods
482014011128504/24/14Directional couplers with variable frequency response
492014011454904/24/14Wireless engine monitoring system with multiple hop aircraft communications capability and on-board processing of engine data
502014010269204/17/14Method for hydrocarbon recovery using a water changing or driving agent with rf heating
512014010411404/17/14Wafer-level rf transmission and radiation devices
522014009662104/10/14Force and torque sensors
532014009871804/10/14Wireless communications system including single channel retransmission and related methods
542014009999004/10/14Communication device comprising an external control with an embedded antenna assembly
552014009024104/03/14Battery assembly for an electronic device
562014007655603/20/14Effective solvent extraction system incorporating electromagnetic heating
572014007669803/20/14Switches for use in microelectromechanical and other systems, and processes for making same
582014007669903/20/14Mems switches and other miniaturized devices having encapsulating enclosures, and processes for fabricating same
592014007099003/13/14Communications device with oscillator calibration and related methods
602014005414302/27/14Switches for use in microelectromechanical and other systems, and processes for making same
612014005521502/27/14Distributed element filters for ultra-broadband communications
622014005615302/27/14Wireless communications system having selective wireless communications network and related methods
632014004189002/13/14Rf coaxial transmission line for a wellbore including dual-wall outer conductor and related methods
642014004311502/13/14Rigid rf coaxial transmission line for a wellbore and related methods
652014004336202/13/14Electronic device with reduced form factor
662014004376602/13/14Multi-layer mesh wicks for heat pipes
672014003385702/06/14Knob retention
682014003845802/06/14Electrical connector
692014002657301/30/14Hybrid thermal cycle with enhanced efficiency
702014002854001/30/14Hand-held communication devices with finger navigation user interface
712014002090801/23/14Rf antenna assembly including dual-wall conductor and related methods
722014002186301/23/14Electronic device with multi-purpose component circumscribing an electronic component thereof
732014002271101/23/14Electronic device with angled control orientation
742014001431601/16/14Apparatus for transporting and upgrading a hydrocarbon resource through a pipeline and related methods
752014001432401/16/14Method of recovering hydrocarbon resources while injecting a solvent and supplying radio frequency power and related apparatus
762014001432501/16/14Method for recovering a hydrocarbon resource from a subterranean formation including additional upgrading at the wellhead and related apparatus
772014001432601/16/14Method of upgrading and recovering a hydrocarbon resource for pipeline transport and related system
782014001449401/16/14Radio frequency hydrocarbon resource upgrading apparatus including parallel paths and related methods
792014001038301/09/14Electronic communication devices with integrated microphones
802014000240801/02/14Auxiliary user input device
812013034043412/26/13Hybrid thermal cycle with independent refrigeration loop
822013033351412/19/13Compliant cam of composite materials
832013033420512/19/13Subterranean antenna including antenna element and coaxial line therein and related methods
842013033518312/19/13Method for making an electrical inductor and related inductor devices
852013033201012/12/13Wireless engine monitoring system with multiple hop aircraft communications capability and on-board processing of engine data
862013033201112/12/13Wireless engine monitoring system and associated engine wireless sensor network
872013033202512/12/13Wireless engine monitoring system and configurable wireless engine sensors
882013031974612/05/13Printed wiring board assembly and related methods
892013031241411/28/13Hybrid thermal cycle with low pressure boiler
902013031778311/28/13Near-field noise cancellation
912013031834511/28/13Multi-tunnel virtual private network
922013031166111/21/13Manet with dns database resource management and related methods
932013029444611/07/13Switch for communicating data in a dynamic computer network
942013029818111/07/13Noise, encryption, and decoys for communications in a dynamic computer network
952013029822111/07/13Firewalls for filtering communications in a dynamic computer network
962013029822711/07/13Implementing moving target technology in legacy hardware
972013029822811/07/13Router for communicating data in a dynamic computer network
982013029823511/07/13Dynamically changing network states
992013029823611/07/13Identifying, deterring and/or delaying attacks to a network using shadow networking techniques
1002013029823711/07/13Spontaneously configuring a computer network
1012013028442910/31/13System for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation including a transformer and related methods
1022013028443010/31/13System for heating a hydrocarbon resource in a subterranean formation including a magnetic amplifier and related methods
1032013027704510/24/13Method of heating a hydrocarbon resource including lowering a settable frequency based upon impedance
1042013028221010/24/13Unmanned maritime vehicle with inference engine and knowledge base and related methods
1052013028333010/24/13Architecture and system for group video distribution
1062013026593310/10/13Tdma wireless communications system and related methods
1072013026710110/10/13Devices, kits, and methods for supplementing retaining forces on matable devices such as electrical connectors
1082013024818509/26/13Method for forming a hydrocarbon resource rf radiator
1092013025078309/26/13Systems and methods registration and maintenance of wireless clients via a proxy wireless network service
1102013025100409/26/13Transmission device, reception device, and radio communication method
1112013025100809/26/13Method for digital wireless communications
1122013025255809/26/13Communications device with selective spectrum assignment and related methods
1132013024313209/19/13Reception method and reception apparatus
1142013023342909/12/13Hydrocarbon fluid pipeline including rf heating station and related methods
1152013023618709/12/13Electro-optic communications device with frequency conversion and related methods
1162013023716009/12/13Simplified blind signal detector
1172013022932309/05/13Interconnect feed devices for electrical components, and processes for manufacturing same
1182013023021909/05/13Efficient comparative non-spatial image data analysis
1192013023025009/05/13Efficient feature based image and video analysis
1202013023189709/05/13Efficient analysis of topographical models
1212013023241909/05/13Efficient video analysis
1222013022323808/29/13Communications system for determining whether a communications service route is operating pursuant to a service level agreement
1232013022341708/29/13Communication network for detecting uncooperative communications device and related methods
1242013022711508/29/13Method for determining whether a communications service route is operating pursuant to a service level agreement
1252013021600708/22/13Wireless communications device having temporary correlation matrix with time inversion and related methods
1262013021047508/15/13Adapters for facilitating half-duplex wireless communications in portable electronic communications devices, and systems comprising same
1272013021267508/15/13Dynamic computer network with variable identity parameters
1282013021267608/15/13Mission management for dynamic computer networks
1292013021268708/15/13Bridge for communicating with a dynamic computer network
1302013020106508/08/13Wireless communications device having loop antenna with four spaced apart coupling points and associated methods
1312013020106608/08/13Wireless communications device having loop antenna with four spaced apart coupling points and reflector and associated methods
1322013020107008/08/13Wireless communications device having loop waveguide transducer with spaced apart coupling points and associated methods
1332013020201308/08/13Method to bootstrap into a frequency agile ad hoc network of radios that use a non-deterministic frequency pattern
1342013020219308/08/13Fractal method for detecting and filling data gaps within lidar data
1352013020324008/08/13Method for making a redistributed electronic device using a transferrable redistribution layer
1362013020336708/08/13Electronic device with adjustable filter and associated methods
1372013020346008/08/13Wireless communication system having assigned access classes and related methods
1382013019282508/01/13Hydrocarbon resource heating apparatus including upper and lower wellbore rf radiators and related methods
1392013019418908/01/13Mobile computing devices capable of ambidextrous operation
1402013018896207/25/13Communications device with discriminator for generating intermediate frequency signal and related methods
1412013018072907/18/13Rf applicator having a bendable tubular dielectric coupler and related methods
1422013018088507/18/13Hydrocarbon resource processing device including spirally wound electrical conductors and related methods
1432013018088907/18/13Hydrocarbon resource processing apparatus including a load resonance tracking circuit and related methods
1442013018089007/18/13Hydrocarbon resource processing device including spirally wound electrical conductor and related methods
1452013018098007/18/13Electromagnetic oven including spirally wound electrical conductor and related methods
1462013018341707/18/13Food pasteurization device including spirally wound electrical conductor and related methods
1472013017616407/11/13Phased antenna array with electro-optic readout circuit and related methods
1482013017616507/11/13Phased antenna array with electro-optic readout circuit with multiplexing and related methods
1492013017626307/11/13Display system for tactical environment
1502013017731507/11/13Phased antenna array with electro-optic readout circuit with multiplexing and mll and related methods
1512013017731907/11/13Phased antenna array with electro-optic readout circuit with mll and related methods
1522013017918507/11/13Tactical medical triage data capture and transmission
1532013017184007/04/13Connector systems with magnetic retaining means
1542013016490406/27/13Inductor structures for integrated circuit devices
1552013015622406/20/13Matching gain levels of transducers
1562013015622506/20/13System and methods for applying bass compensation
1572013015630706/20/13Efficiently and accurately detecting changes in spatial feature data
1582013015632306/20/13Efficient feature extraction accuracy using imperfect extractors
1592013015992406/20/13Efficient spatial feature analysis
1602013014862606/13/13Specification of a frequency agile dynamic spectrum access tdma method
1612013014995906/13/13System with sub-nyquist signal acquisition and transmission and associated methods
1622013015100806/13/13Robotic apparatus implementing collision avoidance scheme and associated methods
1632013014129906/06/13Horn antenna including integrated electronics and associated method
1642013014456506/06/13Accuracy-based significant point derivation from dense 3d point clouds for terrain modeling
1652013013514605/30/13Method for directed antenna alignment through augmented reality
1662013012700905/23/13Defected ground plane inductor
1672013012893005/23/13Continuous time chaos dithering
1682013012007705/16/13Hydrocarbon resource processing device including a hybrid coupler and related methods
1692013012009505/16/13Method for making an electrical inductor and related inductor devices
1702013010557905/02/13Single click fire control and visualization for small unit operations
1712013009861004/25/13Method for hydrocarbon recovery using heated liquid water injection with rf heating
1722013010094204/25/13Mobile ad hoc network with dynamic tdma slot assignments and related methods
1732013009603904/18/13Carbon strand radio frequency heating susceptor
1742013008736504/11/13Method for making electrical structure with air dielectric and related electrical structures
1752013009076404/11/13Improvised explosive device defeat system
1762013007449903/28/13Hybrid thermal cycle with imbedded refrigeration
1772013006984903/21/13Reflector systems having stowable rigid panels
1782013006454603/14/13Photonic communications device with an fm/pm discriminator and related methods
1792013006332203/14/13Multi-layer highly rf reflective flexible mesh surface and reflector antenna
1802013006056503/07/13Frame synchronization
1812013004827702/28/13Method for hydrocarbon resource recovery including actuator operated positioning of an rf applicator and related apparatus
1822013005004002/28/13Truncated biconical dipole antenna with dielectric separators and associated methods
1832013005005502/28/13Phased array antenna module and method of making same
1842013004297602/21/13Film adhesives and processes for bonding components using same
1852013004403802/21/13Orthogonal feed technique to recover spatial volume used for antenna matching
1862013004443102/21/13Liquid cooling of stacked die through substrate lamination
1872013004465502/21/13Wireless communications device with multiple trellis decoders and related methods
1882013004643802/21/13Haptic manipulation system for wheelchairs
1892013004647102/21/13Detecting cracks in terrain surfaces using mobile lidar data
1902013003726202/14/13Hydrocarbon resource processing device including radio frequency applicator and related methods
1912013004119902/14/13Method for the sublimation or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons using rf energy to break covalent bonds
1922013003257002/07/13Method of manufacturing a switch system
1932013003305302/07/13High-force robotic gripper
1942013003398002/07/13Communications system providing enhanced channel switching features based upon modulation fidelity and related methods
1952013003586102/07/13Mission specific terrain analysis
1962013003635702/07/13Automatically switching on and off a "scroll-on output" mode
1972013002705401/31/13Protection of unsealed electrical connectors
1982013002789401/31/13Stiffness enhancement of electronic substrates using circuit components
1992013002121401/24/13Systems for positioning reflectors, such as passive reflectors
2002013002192401/24/13Time division multiple access communication with automatic repeat request error control
2012013001679401/17/13Transmitter including calibration of an in-phase/quadrature (i/q) modulator and associated methods
2022013000865101/10/13Method for hydrocarbon recovery using sagd and infill wells with rf heating
2032013000389501/03/13Wireless communications device having map trellis decoder with partial sum tables and related methods
2042012032797512/27/12Pulse rotation modulation encoding and decoding
2052012032798512/27/12Communications system including jammer using continuous phase modulation (cpm) and associated methods
2062012032940912/27/12Intrinsically safe portable radio architecture
2072012031849812/20/12Electromagnetic heat treatment providing enhanced oil recovery
2082012032005712/20/12Communications system including data server storing 3d geospatial model and mobile electronic device to display 2d images based upon the 3d geospatial model
2092012032152612/20/12Apparatus for the sublimation or pyrolysis of hydrocarbons using rf energy
2102012032238312/20/12Predictive mobile ad hoc networking including associated systems and methods
2112012030082111/29/12Adaptive channel tracking using peak fade depth estimation over a slot
2122012029469611/22/12Haptic device for manipulator and vehicle control
2132012027922011/08/12Hybrid imbedded combined cycle
2142012028086211/08/12Wireless location detection and/or tracking device and associated methods
2152012028122911/08/12Interferometric material sensing apparatus including adjustable coupling and associated methods
2162012028123011/08/12Interferometric sensing apparatus including adjustable reference arm and associated methods
2172012028387711/08/12Remote control interface
2182012027799211/01/12Electronic navigation device for a human and related methods
2192012027053110/25/12Wireless ground link-based aircraft data communication system with roaming feature
2202012026235010/18/12Accessory system with integrated multiband antenna
2212012026427610/18/12Method of processing a wafer by using and reusing photolithographic masks
2222012025539210/11/12Compliant cam with flexure cam arm
2232012025539310/11/12Compliant cam of composite materials
2242012025551010/11/12Cam system having compliant follower
2252012025691810/11/12Geospatial data system for selectively retrieving and displaying geospatial texture data in successive additive layers of resolution and related methods
2262012025691910/11/12Geospatial data system for selectively retrieving and displaying geospatial texture data based upon user-selected point-of-view and related methods
2272012024794510/04/12Hydrocarbon cracking antenna
2282012024939110/04/12Compact dipole adapter for whip antenna
2292012024939610/04/12Wireless communications device including side-by-side passive loop antennas and related methods
2302012025104310/04/12Optical device having an elastomeric waveguide switch body and related methods
2312012024573609/27/12Manipulator joint-limit handling algorithm
2322012023570909/20/12Unified frequency synthesizer for direct conversion receiver or transmitter
2332012023672409/20/12Communicating over mesh networks using waveform-enhanced, link-state routing
2342012023919509/20/12Robotic grasping device with multi-force sensing at base of fingers
2352012022922809/13/12Mobile wireless communications device with adjustable impedance matching network and associated methods
2362012021454908/23/12Land mobile radio and adapter for use with standard mobile phone headset
2372012020041908/09/12Electronic device with a situational awareness function
2382012020242908/09/12Modified continuous phase modulation communications system and related methods
2392012018806507/26/12Indicating device status
2402012018925307/26/12Electro-optical device having an elastomeric body and related methods
2412012019101607/26/12Gait based notification and control of portable devices
2422012019182207/26/12Device configuration and data extraction using a portable transaction format
2432012018107307/19/12Electronic device having liquid crystal polymer solder mask and outer sealing layers, and associated methods
2442012018218507/19/12Communications device and tracking device with slotted antenna and related methods
2452012018270107/19/12Method of transferring and electrically joining a high density multilevel thin film to a circuitized and flexible organic substrate and associated devices
2462012018270207/19/12Method of making an electronic device having a liquid crystal polymer solder mask and related devices
2472012018509807/19/12Telematic interface with directional translation
2482012018509907/19/12Telematic interface with control signal scaling based on force sensor feedback
2492012017542507/12/12Controlling a sprinkler system based on sensor information

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