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Henkel Ag x26 Co Kgaa
Henkel Ag x26 Co Kgaa Et Al

Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa patents

Recent patent applications related to Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa. Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Henkel Ag & Co Kgaa, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Oxidative coloring or blonding agent gentle on hair, and gentle hair coloring or blonding method
03/23/17 new patent  Skin cosmetic
03/23/17 new patent  Titanium complexes as vulcanization catalysts
03/23/17 new patent  Conductive transparent coating for rigid and flexible substrates
03/23/17 new patent  1k uv and thermal cure high temperature debondable adhesive
03/23/17 new patent  Solid fabric care composition with a polysaccharide
03/16/17Peg-free cosmetic cleansing agents comprising biosurfactants
03/16/17Sulfate-free cosmetic cleansing agents comprising biosurfactants
03/16/17Cleaning compositions comprising biosurfactants in a foam dispenser
03/16/17Cleansing agents containing biosurfactants and having prebiotic activity
03/16/17Exfoliant with biosurfactants
03/16/17Multiphase polyurethane composition having reduced foam development
03/16/17Hydrophilic coating for heat exchangers
03/16/17Soap comprising biosurfactants
03/09/17Device for inserting a plugging compound into an opening
03/09/17Process for producing a conditioning preshave or aftershave composition
03/02/17High-performance hair treatment agents with a proteolipid and a magnesium salt
03/02/17High-performance hair treatment agent compirising an oligopeptide and a magnesium salt
03/02/17Thermoplastic polyurethane hot melt adhesive
03/02/17Thermoplastic polyurethane hot melt adhesive
03/02/17Thermoplastic polyurethane
02/23/17Oral and dental hygiene and cleaning agents for reducing tooth discoloration
02/23/17Processes and compositions for improving corrosion performance of zirconium oxide pretreated zinc surfaces
02/23/17Can pretreatment for improved coat adhesion
02/09/17New modified silicon oil for low temperature cure die casting lubricants
02/09/17Emi shielding composition and process for applying it
02/09/17Washing or cleaning agents with electrochemically activatable anionic mediator compounds
02/09/17Performance-enhanced and temperature-resistant protease variants
02/02/17Method for thermally insulating and sound-proofing components
02/02/17Storage stable heat activated quaternary ammonium catalysts for epoxy cure
02/02/17Light curable resin composition
01/26/17Agent containing microcapsules
01/26/17New modified silicon oil for wax-free die casting lubricants
01/26/17Hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive
01/19/17Hot melt adhesive
01/19/17Two-component binder system with cyclocarbonate and epoxy groups
01/19/17Two-stage pre-treatment of aluminum comprising pickling and passivation
01/19/17Sinterable metal particles and the use thereof in electronics applications
01/12/17Trivalent chromium-containing composition for use in corrosion resistant coatings on metal surfaces
01/05/17Aqueous primary dispersions, process of their production and use thereof
01/05/17Aqueous primary dispersions, producing same, and use thereof
01/05/17Thermally expandable compositions
01/05/17Process for preparing pigment and filler containing formulations
01/05/17Formulations containing pigment and filler
12/29/16Photocurable epoxy resin systems
12/29/16Polyurethane adhesive comprising epoxide groups
12/29/16Hot melt adhesive composition for bookbinding
12/29/16Uv-reactive hot-melt adhesive for laminating transparent films
12/29/16Acoustic damping composition
12/22/16Plastic component for delivery of fragrance
12/22/16Aqueous dip-coating composition for electroconductive substrates, comprising bismuth and a phosphorus-containing, amine-blocked compound
12/22/16Single crystal alumina filled die attach paste
12/22/16Washing machine with a discoloration reservoir and washing textiles in such a washing machine
12/15/16Photolabile pro-fragrances
12/15/162k polyurethane systems with a high glass-transition temperature
12/15/16Flavolipids as surfactants in cleansing compositions
12/15/16Care product for automatic dishwashers having an optimised surfactant combination
12/15/16Liquid cationic formulation and the production thereof
12/15/16Liquid detergent including polymers for increasing the fragrance performance
12/15/16Dosage form for washing or cleaning agents
12/08/16Administration unit for composition
12/08/16Thermoset-thermoplastic hybrid nanoparticles and composite films
12/08/16Moisture-curable hot melt adhesive for lighting appliances
12/08/16Curable resin composition for sealing liquid crystal
12/08/16Laundry article
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12/01/16Photolabile pro-fragrances
12/01/16Washing or cleaning composition having improved foaming characteristics with a high level of soiling
12/01/16Concentrated laundry detergents
12/01/16Raw material and use thereof to reduce creases in textiles
11/24/16Mitigation of odor in cleaning machines and cleaning processes
11/17/16Agents for gently oxidatively lightening keratin-containing fibers
11/17/16Method for bonding using adhesive layers with the aid of a laser
11/03/16Curable composition for optical semiconductor devices
10/27/16Adhesive for laminated sheets
10/13/16Foam-stabilized hair dye
10/13/16Agent and the temporary shaping of keratin fibers
10/13/16Conditioner for keratin fibers having a silicone substitute
10/13/16Means for oxidative dyeing of keratin fibers containing novel tetra-substituted derivatives of pyrimidine
10/13/16Oxidation dye with reduced hair damage
10/13/16Water-soluble packaging with bittering agent
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10/13/16Aqueous dip-coating composition for electroconductive substrates, comprising aluminum oxide
10/13/16Detergent or cleaning agent comprising a dry, water-soluble foam layer
10/13/16Disposable dishwashing pad
10/13/16Two-stage dip-coating electrically conductive substrates using a bi (iii) -containing composition
10/06/16Agent and the temporary deformation of keratin fibres
10/06/16Agent and the temporary shaping of keratin-containing fibres
10/06/16Blowing agent-containing hair care cosmetic
10/06/16Method for straightening, conditioning and colouring hair, especially hair with substantial curl
10/06/16Mild cosmetic cleansing composition
10/06/16Mild cosmetic cleaning agent
10/06/16Heat-curable rubber compositions having plastisol-like rheological properties
10/06/16Aqueous dip-coating composition for electroconductive substrates, comprising dissolved bismuth
10/06/16Extrudable hotmelt adhesives based on branched sis polymers
10/06/16Use of cnga2 agonists for enhancing the olfactory effect of an odorant
10/06/16Washing and cleaning agent
10/06/16Preservative system for washing agents
10/06/16Method for producing a coated surface of a tribological system
09/29/16Foam-stabilized hair dye
09/29/16Cosmetic hair cleaning composition
09/29/16Aqueous dip-coating composition for electroconductive substrates, comprising both dissolved and undissolved bismuth
09/29/16Aqueous adhesive composition
09/29/16Adhesive for food packaging films
09/29/16Detergent containing methyl ester sulfonates (mes) and methyl ester ethoxylates (mee)
09/22/16Product for hair colouring with intensive conditioning
09/22/16Odor-reduced agent for smoothing or permanently shaping hair or for depilation
09/22/16Styling spray having a volume effect
09/22/16Hair treatment composition with substituted silicone(s)
09/22/16Hot melt adhesive
09/15/16Styling agents having a high degree of curl retention
09/15/16Hair straightening with carbocisteine
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09/15/16Composition for oxidative colouring of hair comprising specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/15/16Agent for oxidatively dyeing hair containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/15/16Agents for oxidatively dyeing hair containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/15/16Agent for oxidatively dyeing hair containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/15/16Copolymers containing siloxane groups as soil-releasing agents
09/08/16Second agent composition for hair dyeing and bleaching
09/01/16Blonding composition tablets
09/01/16Longer-holding hairspray
09/01/16Means for dyeing hair, containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/01/16Agents for oxidatively dyeing hair, containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
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09/01/16Agent for the oxidative dyeing of hair, containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/01/16Means for the oxidative dyeing of hair containing specific combinations of developers and couplers
09/01/16Hair treatment agent comprising polyalkoxy alkyl amino-substituted siloxanes
09/01/16Hair treatment compositions with substituted silicone(s)
09/01/16Hair treatment agents having substituted silicone(s)
09/01/16Device for dispensing an active-substance preparation into a toilet bowl
08/25/16Bottle and a corresponding bottle cap
08/18/16Non-phosphorus chemical conversion treatment agent and treatment liquid for plastic working, chemical conversion film, and metal material with chemical conversion film
08/18/16Hot melt adhesive
08/18/16Solid state detergent in a transparent container
08/18/16Protease variants with increased stability
08/11/16Subframe and reinforcing the same
07/21/16Cosmetic antiperspirants with aromatic sulphonic acids
07/21/16Antiperspirant cosmetic agents having alpha-hydroxy acids
07/21/16Antiperspirant cosmetic agents having polycarboxylic acids
07/21/16Antiperspirant cosmetic agents having polyphosphoric acids
07/21/16Welding method using welding promoters
07/14/16Hair treatment agents containing oligopeptides and hyaluronic acid esters
07/14/16Performance-enhanced hair treatment composition
07/14/16Use of polysaccharides in antiperspirant cosmetic agents for protecting textiles
07/14/16Cosmetic antiperspirants with alkylsuphonic acids
07/14/16Cosmetic antiperspirants with amidosulphonic acids
07/14/16Cosmetic antiperspirants with lactates
07/14/16Dip-coating composition for electroconductive substrates, comprising a sol-gel composition
07/14/16Wet on wet method and chrome-free acidic solution for the corrosion control treatment of steel surfaces
07/07/16Joining method
06/30/16Detergent containing amine oxide
06/30/16Polymeric agents that improve primary washing efficiency
06/30/16Photolabile pro-fragrances
06/30/16Solid textile detergent with improved protease performance
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06/30/16Adhesive for electronic component
06/23/16Agent for coloring and/or lightening keratinic fibers without ammonia odor
06/23/16Sealant composition for electronic device
06/16/16Method of coating and protecting coal tip burner with colloidal silica based high temperature and abrasion resistant putty
06/16/16Mechano-responsive composition
06/16/16Adhesive system for lignocellulosic substrates having high levels of extractives
06/09/16Products for oxidatively changing the color of keratin fibers, in a dispenser
06/09/16Bleaching agent containing fatty alcohols
06/09/16Skin-care oil
06/09/16Products for oxidative colour change of keratinous fibres in a dispenser
06/09/16Foaming bleach-blonding compositions
06/09/16Bleaching agent containing polymers
06/09/16Products in dispenser for oxidative change to colour of keratinous fibres
06/09/16Products for the oxidative colour changing of keratin fibres in a dispenser
06/09/16Submicron silver particle ink compositions, process and applications
06/09/16Detergent composition comprising protease variants
06/09/16Method for manufacturing a dye scavenging substrate
06/09/16Curable composition and its use for electronic device
06/02/16Antiperspirants with reduced itching effect
06/02/16Multi-component packaging unit for oxidatively dyeing keratin fibers, having reduced ammonia odor
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06/02/16Metal pretreatment compositions comprising silanes and organophosporus acids
06/02/16Metal pretreatment with acidic aqueous compositions comprising silanes
06/02/16Metal pretreatment composition containing zirconium, copper, and metal chelating agents and related coatings on metal substrates
05/26/16Photolabile pro-fragrances
05/26/16Water-free oil/thickening mixtures as a basis for cosmetic soft solid and/or stick preparations
05/26/16Anhydrous composition with light texture for application to the skin
05/26/16Coating composition for metal surface pre-treatment, its preparation and use thereof
05/19/16Bleach catalysts
04/14/16Cleansing composition with high fatty acid content
04/14/16Oral and dental hygiene and cleaning agents for reducing re-staining of teeth
04/14/16Multi-step electrodeposition
04/07/16Cleaning agent containing proteases
03/24/16Device for conveying an operating material
03/24/16Method for immersion paint coating electrically conductive substrates while post-treating the immersion paint coating with an aqueous sol-gel composition prior to curing the coating
03/17/16Mineral salts for reducing the content of cysteic acid in keratin fibres
03/17/16Method for producing a cosmetic cleaning agent
03/17/16Cosmetic skin-care agent
03/17/16Photolabile pro-fragrances
03/17/16Hot melt adhesive
03/17/16Colour protection detergent
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03/10/16Use of acylhydrazone in washing and cleaning agents
03/10/16Cosmetic facial and body peel
03/10/16Oral and dental hygiene and cleaning agents for sensitive teeth
03/10/16Toothpaste containing fluoride and polylactic acid particles
03/10/16Oral and dental hygiene and cleaning agents with improved anti-bacterial action
03/10/16Oral and dental hygiene and cleaning agents with optimized taste
03/10/16High temperature debondable adhesive
03/10/16Hot-melt adhesive agent
03/10/16Peroxidases having activity for carotenoids
03/03/16Polymer-containing transparent bleaching compositions with proteins and/or silicone oils
03/03/16Transparent bleaching compositions with proteins and/or silicone oils
03/03/16Chromium-free coating for the electrical insulation of grain-oriented electrical steel strip
03/03/16Nanoparticle ink compositions, process and applications
03/03/16Adhesive for solar battery protective sheets
02/18/16Hair care shampoo
02/18/16Hair care shampoo
02/18/16Hair care shampoo
02/11/16Hot-melt adhesive agent
02/04/16Block copolymers as soil release agents in laundry processes
02/04/16Device for dispensing an active-ingredient preparation into a toilet bowl
02/04/16Liquid rubber damping composition
02/04/16Electrically conductive inks
01/28/16Agent for the temporary shaping of keratin-containing fibres
01/14/16Hot melt adhesive
01/14/16Color-protecting detergent or cleaning agent having an optical brightener
01/14/16Device for incorporating an active laundry ingredient into a fabric
01/07/16Agent for the temporary shaping of keratin-containing fibres
12/31/15Multi-tonal one step dyes iii
12/31/15Moisture-curable hot-melt adhesive agent
12/31/15Cleaners for hard surfaces comprising phosphoric acid esters of a polyether-modified alkyl alcohol
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12/24/15Multi-tonal one-step dyes
12/24/15Multi-tonal one step dyeing
12/24/15Curing a heat-curable material in an embedded curing zone
12/24/15Method for producing a seal
12/24/15Color-protecting detergent
12/24/15Anti-greying detergent
12/03/15Switch for an operating material
11/26/15Styling agents having maximum hold
11/26/15Hot melt adhesive containing a polyamide/ polyolefin hybrid polymer
11/26/15Novel surfactants with lower cmc, and surfactant systems and detergents containing said surfactants
11/19/15Dishwasher rinse aids and detergents
11/12/15Flexible conductive ink
11/12/15Foamable hot melt adhesive compositions and use thereof
11/12/15Moisture-curing polyurethane composition comprising sustainably produced raw materials
11/05/15Low-water to water-free liquid cleaning agent
11/05/15Container with closure device
10/29/15Foaming device
10/15/15Detergent compositions comprising subtilase variants
10/08/15Method for the gentle heat-assisted shaping of keratin fibers
10/08/15Textile-sparing antiperspirant spray with methanesulphonic acid
10/08/15Textile-sparing antiperspirant sprays with hydroxycarboxylic acids
10/08/15Use of a product for keratin fibers, containing at least one specific polymer combination for improving the color retention of oxidative hair colorations
10/08/15Foam aerosol for increasing volume
10/08/15Method for the sound damping and/or sound insulation of components
10/08/15Low-modulus silylated polyurethanes
10/01/15Reduction of the autoxidation of agents for the oxidative dyeing and/or bleaching of keratin fibers
10/01/15Reduction of ammonia odor in agents for dyeing and/or bleaching keratin fibers
10/01/15Hair care products with silicones containing sugar structures and selected other silicones
10/01/15Hair care products with selected amino acids and/or selected oligopeptides and/or selected cationic protein hydrolyzates and silicones containing sugar structures

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