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Hewlett packard Development Company L p
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20100107
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20131212
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Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents

Recent patent applications related to Hewlett packard Development Company L p. Hewlett packard Development Company L p is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hewlett packard Development Company L p may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hewlett packard Development Company L p, we're just tracking patents.

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Automatic cluster-based failover handling

Hewlett-packard Development L.p.

Automatic cluster-based failover handling

Automatic cluster-based failover handling

Hewlett-packard Development L.p.

Distributing content via a cloud print device

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Count Application # Date Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014031099910/23/14 new patent  Detachable member
22014031354110/23/14 new patent  Distributing content via a cloud print device
32014031444910/23/14 new patent  Liquid electrophotographic inks
42014031462410/23/14 new patent  Structure and method of manufacture
52014031715710/23/14 new patent  Automatic worm-retention state transitions
62014031743710/23/14 new patent  Automatic cluster-based failover handling
72014031756110/23/14 new patent  Interactive window
82014030560610/16/14Sizing composition
92014030639910/16/14Printer pick system
102014030701810/16/14Printing system and method
112014030729510/16/14Scanner with a scan sensor having a width smaller than the platen
122014030844710/16/14Pretreatment fluids with ammonium metal chelate cross-linker for printing media
132014030092510/09/14Printing system and method
142014030278510/09/14Near field communication data transfer
152014030393310/09/14Optimizing analytic flows
162014030426410/09/14Mobile web-based platform for providing a contextual alignment view of a corpus of documents
172014030441110/09/14Managing multiple cartridges that are electrically coupled together
182014030446210/09/14Memory module having multiple memory banks selectively connectable to a local memory controller and an external memory controller
192014030454510/09/14Recovering a failure in a data processing system
202014030454910/09/14Recovering a failure in a data processing system
212014029019310/02/14Filter member
222014029207010/02/14Adapter to provide power from a power supply
232014029278010/02/14Automatically configurable video systems with multiple sources and method of configuring video systems
242014029284210/02/14Carriage interaction compensation
252014029284310/02/14Deposition of print treatment
262014029329610/02/14Printing frames of a video
272014029331310/02/14Printing of confidential documents
282014029331410/02/14Secure print job through mobile device id
292014029332110/02/14Document generation based on target device availability
302014029332310/02/14Print driver installation
312014029332410/02/14Secure printing
322014029353110/02/14Server node
332014029384910/02/14Powering a network device with converted electrical power
342014029429110/02/14Image sign classifier
352014029726110/02/14Synonym determination among n-grams
362014029766310/02/14Filter regular expression
372014029775810/02/14Event notifications based on learned traveling times between locations
382014029789710/02/14Dual-mode tablet input system
392014029794210/02/14Data cache for a storage array
402014029800710/02/14Network switch configuration
412014029819810/02/14Collaborative editing of electronic documents
422014029841110/02/14Accessing a secure element through a manageablity engine
432014028554409/25/14Provide printing fluid to printhead
442014028370109/25/14Cover for a printer platen
452014028511609/25/14Light source operation
462014028555909/25/14Web-fed printer configuration
472014028557309/25/14Cleaning of fluid ejection assembly
482014028583809/25/14Causing an action to occur in response to scanned data
492014028632109/25/14Method of associating a client with an access point in a wireless local area network
502014028666009/25/14Image forming apparatuses and methods thereof
512014028735709/25/14Liquid electrophotographic inks
522014028773209/25/14Systems and methods for call forwarding to a device based on a priority level and geographic proximity
532014028926009/25/14Keyword determination
542014028926409/25/14One pass submatch extraction
552014028943709/25/14Expander interrupt processing
562014028944209/25/14Button signaling for apparatus state control
572014028951909/25/14Entities with biometrically derived keys
582014028955109/25/14Fault management in an it infrastructure
592014028972509/25/14Threads in operating systems without kernel thread support
602014028973909/25/14Allocating and sharing a data object among program instances
612014026705209/18/14Palm check of a touchpad
622014026705409/18/14Pivotable input pad
632014026729009/18/14Visual analytics of multivariate session data using concentric rings with overlapping periods
642014026783509/18/14Reducing crosstalk
652014026786609/18/14Non-uniform correction illumination pattern
662014026812809/18/14Self-exciting surface enhanced raman spectroscopy
672014026824409/18/14Redacting and processing a document
682014026838409/18/14Method of fabricating a color filter array using a multilevel structure
692014026854909/18/14Device for cooling an electronic component in a data center
702014026886709/18/14Backlight having dual collimating reflectors
712014026924009/18/14Drive carrier substrate
722014026929909/18/14Network controller normalization of network traffic
732014027004909/18/14Frequency scaling counter
742014027805509/18/14Updating road maps
752014027896709/18/14Determining target customers during marketing
762014027973409/18/14Performing cross-validation using non-randomly selected cases
772014027974209/18/14Determining an obverse weight
782014028007509/18/14Multidimension clusters for data partitioning
792014028011009/18/14Requests for source code text
802014028086809/18/14Rate reduction for an application controller
812014028088509/18/14Flow control transmission
822014028126909/18/14Non-volatile memory update tracking
832014028150309/18/14Certificate grant list at network device
842014028169609/18/14Determine voltage supplied to a core
852014028173409/18/14Determining flase alarms in an it application
862014028203409/18/14Data analysis in a network
872014028248709/18/14Software update for a wireless communication device
882014028250309/18/14Weight-based collocation management
892014028259409/18/14Distributing processing of array block tasks
902014028286709/18/14Device local reputation score cache
912014025141909/11/14Photovoltaic and direct thermal apparatus and methods
922014025209209/11/14Indentifier eligibility
932014025343909/11/14Sensor on side of computing device
942014025365009/11/14Ink sets for ink-jet printing
952014025374309/11/14User-generated content in a virtual reality environment
962014025394309/11/14Secure printing
972014025408809/11/14Docking device
982014025437709/11/14Methods for packet forwarding though a communication link of a distributed link aggregation group using mesh tagging
992014025612309/11/14Electrically actuated device and method of controlling the formation of dopants therein
1002014025916909/11/14Virtual machines
1012014024648609/04/14Printing barcodes from an enterprise resource planning (erp) system
1022014025005809/04/14Smart content feeds for document collaboration
1032014025012509/04/14Identifying an incident-addressing step
1042014024468508/28/14Method of searching and generating a relevant search string
1052014023862508/28/14Recording medium
1062014023958108/28/14Differential to reduce skew
1072014024023408/28/14Input device
1082014024029908/28/14Systems and methods for writing on and using electronic paper
1092014024038908/28/14Media width-based calibration pattern placement
1102014024075508/28/14Printer event subscription
1112014024075608/28/14Sending printjobs using trigger distances
1122014024096008/28/14Display having a backplane with an edge surface that makes an angle with the top surface
1132014024107508/28/14Memory elements with series volatile and nonvolatile switches
1142014024152908/28/14Obtaining a spatial audio signal based on microphone distances and time delays
1152014024161808/28/14Combining region based image classifiers
1162014024424008/28/14Determining explanatoriness of a segment
1172014024442208/28/14Providing information about print service providers to print product
1182014024457008/28/14Optimizing and managing execution of hybrid flows
1192014024464208/28/14Data partioning based on end user behavior
1202014024474908/28/14Personal data channel
1212014024487408/28/14Restoring stability to an unstable bus
1222014024487908/28/14Sas latency based routing
1232014024513808/28/14Document conversion and printing
1242014024526008/28/14Distributed implementation of sequential code that includes a future
1252014023278308/21/14Printing systems and printing methods
1262014023290208/21/14Suppressing flicker in digital images
1272014023304508/21/14Connector for printer accessory
1282014023651208/21/14Planar structure characteristics obtained with look up tables
1292014023709408/21/14Sample based determination of network policy violations
1302014023720808/21/14Protecting memory diagnostics from interference
1312014023735208/21/14Automatically performing a web service operation
1322014022592408/14/14Intelligent method of determining trigger items in augmented reality environments
1332014022595508/14/14Control of air-based media dryer
1342014022617408/14/14Device service discovery
1352014022934808/14/14Electronic invoice management and printing
1362014022935008/14/14Method for creating and auctioning options on real estate properties to enable risk managed future transactions and to add liquidity in real estate market
1372014022967408/14/14Internal notebook microsd reader with read-only switch
1382014021606308/07/14Method and system of cooling components of a computer system
1392014021819908/07/14Controller coupled to visual indicator
1402014021820008/07/14Circuit protection apparatus
1412014022287508/07/14System having an apparatus that uses a resource on an external device
1422014022343008/07/14Method and apparatus for moving a software object
1432014020860707/31/14To direct air to media
1442014020946307/31/14Traveling wave dielectrophoresis sensing device
1452014020946907/31/14Controlling dimensions of nanowires
1462014020968207/31/14Characterization of color charts
1472014020978707/31/14Liquid drop detection
1482014020982107/31/14Viewing-angle imaging
1492014020983707/31/14Forming 3-d nano-particle assemblies
1502014021035407/31/14Redundant light supply for silicon photonic chip
1512014021062907/31/14Alert for display protection
1522014021063207/31/14Amplitude and frequency-based determination
1532014021079807/31/14Digital drawing using a touch-sensitive device to detect a position and force for an input event
1542014021080507/31/14E-paper printing system
1552014021088207/31/14Printhead spacing
1562014021088607/31/14Sensor positioning system
1572014021088707/31/14Apparatus and method for controlling a printing device
1582014021088807/31/14Method and apparatus for processing image data
1592014021088907/31/14Method of controlling inkjet printing
1602014021089007/31/14Multi-region media advance compensation
1612014021089107/31/14Control of light-emitting diodes and sensors
1622014021089307/31/14System and method to mitigate media roll curl
1632014021089407/31/14Print speed determination based on a power budget
1642014021089507/31/14Printing system with force control mode
1652014021089707/31/14Control signaling using capacitive humidity sensor
1662014021089907/31/14Calibration of a retro-reflective sensor
1672014021091107/31/14Printing method and apparatus
1682014021091207/31/14Thermal ink jet printing
1692014021092107/31/14Printer including duplex media path
1702014021092207/31/14Roller for paper stack separation
1712014021092307/31/14Printer mechanism with shape control mechanism
1722014021101807/31/14Device configuration with machine-readable identifiers
1732014021102207/31/14Acquisition of color calibration charts
1742014021103507/31/14Determining a device identifier from a light signal emitted by a device
1752014021119507/31/14Plasmon resonance based strain gauge
1762014021119607/31/14Electric field generating apparatus for performing spectroscopy
1772014021119907/31/14Multiple concurrent spectral analyses
1782014021120607/31/14Apparatus for collecting material to be spectrally analyzed
1792014021122107/31/14Halftoning printing with a page-wide-array printer
1802014021123207/31/14Cumulative consumable usage in cloud-based printing services
1812014021123307/31/14Confidential-sender email addresses for printing
1822014021123407/31/14Systems and method for printing over a network
1832014021124207/31/14Print job management
1842014021124307/31/14Printing from untrustworthy source
1852014021126507/31/14Erasable printouts including erasable features
1862014021126807/31/14Calibration of scanning devices
1872014021128507/31/14To enable modification of color characteristics of an image
1882014021138607/31/14Computer devices and methods of preventing damage to a display
1892014021140007/31/14Clamshell device with anti-wobble holding mechanism
1902014021153507/31/14Mitigation of inoperable low resistance elements in programable crossbar arrays
1912014021153607/31/14Inline fuses in programmable crossbar arrays
1922014021160907/31/14Implementing a switch fabric responsive to an unavailable path
1932014021162307/31/14Balancing load distributions of loopback ports
1942014021188307/31/14Transmitting a wireless signal based on detected signal interference
1952014021196007/31/14Real-time wireless streaming of digitized mixed audio feed to mobile device within event venue
1962014021203507/31/14Color space color value determination from digital image
1972014021214707/31/14Optical transmitter and receiver circuit arrangement
1982014021215407/31/14Toner supply regulation
1992014021253207/31/14Micro-composite material for three-dimensional printing
2002014021259107/31/14Pre-treatment coating
2012014021286707/31/14Device for monitoring and controlling cellular growth
2022014021310107/31/14Interconnect assembly
2032014021319207/31/14Specific absorption rate reduction
2042014021440407/31/14Identifying tasks and commitments
2052014021446707/31/14Task crowdsourcing within an enterprise
2062014021447507/31/14Partitioning job requirements for resource planning
2072014021448007/31/14Determining a customer profile state
2082014021449007/31/14Slider based pricing using multiple data points
2092014021449407/31/14Context-aware information item recommendations for deals
2102014021449607/31/14Dynamic profitability management for cloud service providers
2112014021462907/31/14Interaction in a virtual reality environment
2122014021469007/31/14Determining a counteroffer
2132014021473407/31/14Classifying a submission
2142014021473807/31/14Neuristor-based reservoir computing devices
2152014021475507/31/14Extensible model for it resource chargeback
2162014021476707/31/14Delta partitions for backup and restore
2172014021476807/31/14Reducing backup bandwidth by remembering downloads
2182014021477007/31/14Checkpoint generation
2192014021477307/31/14Reconstructing a state of a file system using a preserved snapshot
2202014021478807/31/14Analyzing uniform resource locators
2212014021478907/31/14Calculating a content subset
2222014021480307/31/14Displaying recommended entities in a relevance map
2232014021483307/31/14Searching threads
2242014021483407/31/14Clustering signifiers in a semantics graph
2252014021485807/31/14Semantics graphs for enterprise communication networks
2262014021486307/31/14Selecting data items for display that are associated with entities that have representations placed in a selected state
2272014021488907/31/14Anticipatorily retrieving information in response to a query of a directory
2282014021489907/31/14Leaf names and relative level indications for file system objects
2292014021493807/31/14Identifying participants for collaboration in a threat exchange community
2302014021494207/31/14Building a semantics graph for an enterprise communication network
2312014021500107/31/14Reducing bandwidth usage of a mobile client
2322014021505307/31/14Managing an entity using a state machine abstract
2332014021505407/31/14Identifying subsets of signifiers to analyze
2342014021506607/31/14Network access management based on session information
2352014021510707/31/14Expander bypass
2362014021511407/31/14Base for a tablet computer
2372014021512107/31/14Memory controller using crisscross error-correcting codes
2382014021514307/31/14Crossbar memory to provide content addressable functionality
2392014021514507/31/14Tape drive cache memory
2402014021514707/31/14Raid storage rebuild processing
2412014021515807/31/14Executing requests from processing elements with stacked memory devices
2422014021516007/31/14Method of using a buffer within an indexing accelerator during periods of inactivity
2432014021519607/31/14Boot driver verification
2442014021520707/31/14Provisioning and managing certificates for accessing secure services in network
2452014021522807/31/14Power over ethernet power harvester
2462014021523707/31/14Power state transition saving session information
2472014021524107/31/14Computer power management
2482014021525407/31/14Power over ethernet management on a network switch
2492014021525507/31/14Mitigating risks during a high availibility and disaster recovery (ha/dr) rehearsal

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