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Hewlett packard Development Company L p
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20100107
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20131212
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20100114


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Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents

Recent patent applications related to Hewlett packard Development Company L p. Hewlett packard Development Company L p is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hewlett packard Development Company L p may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hewlett packard Development Company L p, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033610011/26/15  new patent  Reservoir with variable radius fillet
22015033637511/26/15  new patent  Convertible buffers for web presses
32015033640011/26/15  new patent  Post-printing treatment
42015033901911/26/15  new patent  Determining event and input coverage metrics for a graphical user interface control instance
52015033934711/26/15  new patent  Query plan analysis of alternative plans using robustness mapping
62015033971211/26/15  new patent  Inferring facts from online user activity
72015034033111/26/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
82015034086711/26/15  new patent  Power factor corrector power sharing
92015034103011/26/15  new patent  Keyboard assembly including an electromagnet
102015034124711/26/15  new patent  Elephant flow detection in a computing device
112015032889811/19/15 Vent for a liquid container
122015032890311/19/15 Printing apparatus and printing methods
132015032891111/19/15 Printhead assembly
142015032924811/19/15 Fluid container ship cap
152015033144011/19/15 Power converter dependent on a voltage range the input voltage resides in
162015033146211/19/15 Temperature based on touching portable computing device
172015033147011/19/15 Power capping feedback normalization
182015033159011/19/15 User interface application launcher and method thereof
192015033161611/19/15 Set head flag of request
202015033182511/19/15 Storage enclosure bridge detection
212015033241211/19/15 Method of purchasing insurance or validating an anonymous transaction
222015033263711/19/15 Driving a display
232015033347911/19/15 Unidirectional ring lasers
242015033392111/19/15 Multicast routing
252015033392311/19/15 Multi-channel conversation
262015033396811/19/15 Generating network topologies
272015033398511/19/15 Identifying an analysis reporting message in network traffic
282015033408911/19/15 Managing mac moves with secure port groups
292015033411511/19/15 Dynamic provisioning of virtual systems
302015032147311/12/15 Compensating for changes in printhead-to-printhead spacing
312015032148511/12/15 Printing apparatus
322015032148711/12/15 Control of printing systems to apply treatment
332015032149011/12/15 Printer control section, method and printer
342015032334411/12/15 Detecting fraud in resource distribution systems
352015032374711/12/15 Optical connector having a cleaning element
362015032387911/12/15 Electrostatic ink compositions, methods and print substrates
372015032398311/12/15 Implementing a power off state in a computing device
382015032427511/12/15 Generating test code to test executable code
392015032432111/12/15 Detecting device installation and removal on a port
402015032458111/12/15 Displaying real-time security events
412015032461411/12/15 Image analysis
422015032467811/12/15 Modifying data-bearing images
432015032472311/12/15 Regulating application task development
442015032643011/12/15 Home network information
452015032650811/12/15 Queue buffer de-queuing
462015032652411/12/15 Address resolution in software-defined networks
472015032665311/12/15 Processor topology switches
482015032674611/12/15 Single-facet spindle implementation for a laser scanner system
492015032738911/12/15 Connection including flange in cooperation with resilient member to engage and disengage removable printed circuit assembly
502015031459911/05/15 Print head die
512015031460011/05/15 Multi-part fluid flow structure
522015031460111/05/15 Fluid ejection device with particle tolerant layer extension
532015031646511/05/15 Sers structures with nanoporous materials
542015031686811/05/15 Liquid electrophotographic ink
552015031695911/05/15 Moveable keyboard lattice for a portable electronic device
562015031707911/05/15 Coordinating replication of data stored in a non-volatile memory-based system
572015031709511/05/15 Nvram path selection
582015031731811/05/15 Data store query prediction
592015031733611/05/15 Data reconstruction
602015031735511/05/15 Data store query
612015031735911/05/15 Updating statistics in distributed databases
622015031740211/05/15 Dynamically generating an information code
632015031747611/05/15 Distributed pattern discovery
642015031759411/05/15 Actions for an information technology case
652015031805411/05/15 Data operation in shift register ring
662015031866511/05/15 Thermal shunt
672015031891711/05/15 System and cable monitoring
682015031900811/05/15 Managing multiple virtual area network memberships
692015031904511/05/15 Discovering non managed devices in a network such as a lan using http
702015031922011/05/15 Network tool synchronization
712015031926511/05/15 Unique identifier for a transaction
722015031932311/05/15 Interlocking assembly for a scanning unit
732015031966911/05/15 Forwarding of service requests by a wireless controller
742015030686610/29/15 Printers, methods and apparatus to form an image on a print substrate
752015030943610/29/15 Control for a non-contact charging roller
762015030987310/29/15 Memory controllers to form symbols based on bursts
772015030990810/29/15 Generating an interactive visualization of metrics collected for functional entities
782015031020810/29/15 Controlling distribution and use of a developer application in a network environment
792015031023210/29/15 Active component embedded in cable
802015031064510/29/15 Displaying information technology conditions with heat maps
812015031210710/29/15 Composition of services
822015031216710/29/15 Maximizing server utilization within a datacenter
832015031221810/29/15 Traversing firewalls
842015031287910/29/15 Indication of nfc location
852015030172510/22/15 Creating multimodal objects of user responses to media
862015029846210/22/15 Rotatable printhead assembly
872015029847410/22/15 Methods for printing with a printhead
882015030142610/22/15 Electronic paper with porous standoff layer
892015030148210/22/15 Printing systems utilizing inks with high solids content
902015030192410/22/15 Injection of data into a software application
912015030208310/22/15 A combinatorial summarizer
922015030232810/22/15 Work environment recommendation based on worker interaction graph
932015030254210/22/15 Feature resolutions sensitivity for counterfeit determinations
942015030287910/22/15 Magnetic tape processing
952015030417510/22/15 Binding of application and infrastructure blueprints
962015030418110/22/15 Visualizing conditions of information technology environments
972015030423010/22/15 Dynamic management of a cloud computing infrastructure
982015030423110/22/15 Generic resource provider for cloud service
992015030423410/22/15 Network resource management
1002015030424010/22/15 Cloud service management system
1012015030433310/22/15 Network zone identification in a network security system
1022015030436910/22/15 Sharing content between collocated mobile devices in an ad-hoc private social group
1032015030439910/22/15 Running agents to execute automation tasks in cloud systems
1042015029093210/15/15 Method and system to store drop counts
1052015029380010/15/15 Robust hardware fault management system, method and framework for enterprise devices
1062015029390510/15/15 Summarization of a document
1072015029393810/15/15 Replacing virtual file system data structures deleted by a forced unmount
1082015029399410/15/15 Enhanced graph traversal
1092015029400710/15/15 Performing a search based on entity-related criteria
1102015029411410/15/15 Application randomization
1112015029424210/15/15 Adapting an incremental information object
1122015029442610/15/15 Case management using active entities in a social network
1132015029447610/15/15 Object segmentation
1142015029471110/15/15 Performing refresh of a memory device in response to access of data
1152015029578110/15/15 Cloud object
1162015029584410/15/15 Asynchronous framework for management of iaas
1172015029595910/15/15 Augmented reality tag clipper
1182015028381410/08/15 Collect print substance
1192015028457610/08/15 Non-aqueous microemulsion inkjet ink
1202015028593010/08/15 Sensor transport
1212015028624410/08/15 Display device
1222015028624910/08/15 Magnets at display component and base
1232015028650610/08/15 Selecting one of plural layouts of virtual machines on physical machines
1242015028653110/08/15 Raid storage processing
1252015028654410/08/15 Fault tolerance in a multi-core circuit
1262015028654610/08/15 Hard drive backup
1272015028658810/08/15 Computing device to connect to a portable device
1282015028667910/08/15 Executing a query having multiple set operators
1292015028814510/08/15 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with non-periodic gratings
1302015028861210/08/15 Socket state transfer
1312015028867010/08/15 Qr code utilization in self-registration in a network
1322015028892110/08/15 System and providing a two-way interactive 3d experience
1332015028931010/08/15 Cellular base station
1342015027384810/01/15 Fluid ejection device with integrated ink level sensor
1352015027385310/01/15 Fluid ejection device including recirculation system
1362015027390810/01/15 Print masks for multiple pass print modes
1372015027500710/01/15 Fixer fluids
1382015027629710/01/15 Palletized load reactant regulation heating
1392015027704010/01/15 Controlling temperatures in optical circuits
1402015027726410/01/15 Charge roller for electrographic printer
1412015027752010/01/15 Temperature regulation of a cpu
1422015027798910/01/15 Synchronizing timestamp counters
1432015027800410/01/15 Efficient and reliable memory systems with adaptive ecc and granularity switching
1442015027801710/01/15 Memory module having error correction logic
1452015027917010/01/15 Systems and methods for visualizing data from a large scale multi-sensor network
1462015028096210/01/15 Web services and telecom network management unification
1472015028099610/01/15 Cloud topology visualizations
1482015028101810/01/15 Processing a metric of a component of a software-defined network
1492015028104110/01/15 Signaling existence of a network node that is in a reduced-power mode
1502015028139810/01/15 Automated cloud set up
1512015026629309/24/15 Heating element for a printhead
1522015026630509/24/15 Ink aerosol filtration
1532015026631409/24/15 Media jam clearing
1542015026707309/24/15 Post-treatment solution for digital inkjet printing
1552015026923409/24/15 User defined functions including requests for analytics by external analytic engines
1562015027123609/24/15 Communicating tuples in a message
1572015026093209/17/15 Circuit module
1582015026133109/17/15 Interactive display
1592015026146309/17/15 Asynchronous consistent snapshots in persistent memory stores
1602015026157509/17/15 Workload management with resource transfer sequence planned as a function of ranking of resource allocations
1612015026164009/17/15 Analyzing data with computer vision
1622015026167209/17/15 Runtime backup of data in a memory module
1632015026188509/17/15 Propagating a snapshot attribute in a distributed file system
1642015026212809/17/15 Assimilating business rules
1652015026254909/17/15 Color palette generation
1662015026346009/17/15 Polarity control for a flat connector
1672015026377609/17/15 Protective cover for a device
1682015026407409/17/15 Application security testing
1692015025141109/10/15 Printing system control
1702015025220509/10/15 Fluid sets for printing
1712015025308809/10/15 Cooling assembly
1722015025401409/10/15 Storing data in persistent hybrid memory
1732015025401909/10/15 Zone group reassignment using storage device signatures
1742015025403309/10/15 Printing from an untrustworthy source
1752015025417509/10/15 Memory module including memory resistors
1762015024655809/03/15 Printer and printing method
1772015024824809/03/15 Writing standard tape format to memory
1782015024826109/03/15 Managing network connections
1792015024826409/03/15 Using device identification information for payment via a printer
1802015024830709/03/15 Configuration space with pseudo device identifier
1812015024831609/03/15 System and dynamically selecting between memory error detection and error correction
1822015024833209/03/15 Memory controller using crisscross error-correcting codes
1832015024936309/03/15 Balancing a load between power supplies to increase efficiency
1842015024947009/03/15 Combined block-style error correction
1852015024967809/03/15 Monitoring and mitigating client-side exploitation of application flaws
1862015025006409/03/15 Support assembly for a device
1872015023923708/27/15 Print head die with thermal control
1882015023924208/27/15 Print head die
1892015023926508/27/15 Printer paper tray
1902015023963908/27/15 Thermal stabilization shipping system and method
1912015024135508/27/15 Apparatus for performing spectroscopy having a parabolic reflector and sers elements
1922015024194008/27/15 Enclosure power controller
1932015024217608/27/15 Determining optimal rendering systems
1942015024226508/27/15 Change message broadcast error detection
1952015024277108/27/15 Generating an output based on collecting information relating to a case
1962015024290008/27/15 Location based advertising
1972015024305808/27/15 Pixel-based visualizations of time series data using helices
1982015024324708/27/15 Displaying visual analytics of entity data
1992015024536408/27/15 Radio resource management
2002015024552908/27/15 Memory insertion tool
2012015023923708/27/15 Print head die with thermal control
2022015023189808/20/15 Print media guide
2032015023470208/20/15 Notification of address range including non-correctable error
2042015023473208/20/15 Executable software specification generation
2052015023502708/20/15 Malicious code detection
2062015023522408/20/15 Printer credit management
2072015022558608/13/15 Latexes and associated ik-jet inks
2082015022476708/13/15 Nozzle arrays
2092015022558208/13/15 Latexes and associated inkjet inks
2102015022558608/13/15 Latexes and associated ik-jet inks
2112015022558708/13/15 Dimeric fluorosurfactants for ink-jet inks
2122015022594308/13/15 Noise reduction in printers
2132015022759208/13/15 Mining questions related to an electronic text document
2142015022786708/13/15 Apparatus, and associated method, for generating an information technology incident report
2152015022888508/13/15 Thin film stack
2162015022888608/13/15 Thin film stack
2172015021757308/06/15 Ink tank parts
2182015022041308/06/15 Extracting log files from storage devices
2192015022057508/06/15 Filtering data from a database
2202015022250208/06/15 Network switching device for quantifying available service-level capacity of a network for projected network traffic
2212015022265108/06/15 Multicast message update
2222015022269408/06/15 Cloud implementation orchestration
2232015022271008/06/15 Policy decision point management
2242015021007107/30/15 Adaptive level shifter for print nozzle amplifier
2252015021007607/30/15 Fluid ejection assembly with controlled adhesive bond
2262015021009607/30/15 Web-fed printer configuration
2272015021049207/30/15 Printing media
2282015021087307/30/15 Inks including segment copolymer grafted pigments via azide chemistry
2292015021167607/30/15 Pliable member panel support
2302015021199807/30/15 Multiple spectral measurement acquisition apparatus and the methods of using same
2312015021238407/30/15 Reflective structure with transparent and semi-transparent transmission regions
2322015021277907/30/15 Device messaging for processing jobs over a network
2332015021387707/30/15 Refreshing a group of memory cells in response to potential disturbance
2342015021473507/30/15 Source to provide a redundant output to a converter
2352015021538007/30/15 Network system for implementing a cloud platform
2362015021575107/30/15 Communication device that permits a user to select any of multiple user-selectable communication types for a reply
2372015021599207/30/15 Electrical resistor heating
2382015020287107/23/15 Piezoelectric inkjet die stack
2392015020287907/23/15 Fluid cartridge
2402015020289607/23/15 Drying assembly
2412015020290607/23/15 Replaceable printer component including a memory updated atomically
2422015020506107/23/15 Optical waveguide
2432015020534307/23/15 Transition to an intermediate power state
2442015020560107/23/15 Processing streaming data with open executors
2452015020561607/23/15 Selectable graphics controllers to display output
2462015020564707/23/15 Event correlation
2472015020567407/23/15 Cataloging backup data
2482015020574007/23/15 Flexible port configuration based on interface coupling
2492015020583407/23/15 Providing file metadata queries for file systems using restful apis

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