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Hewlett packard Development Company L p
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20100107
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20131212
Hewlett packard Development Company L p_20100114


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Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents

Recent patent applications related to Hewlett packard Development Company L p. Hewlett packard Development Company L p is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hewlett packard Development Company L p may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hewlett packard Development Company L p, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hewlett packard Development Company L p patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016736106/16/16 Modifying printing based on cross-web distortions
22016016737506/16/16 Dual-mode inkjet nozzle operation
32016016737906/16/16 Multi-part printhead assembly
42016016738506/16/16 Waste ink spittoon
52016016741806/16/16 Systems for erasing an ink from a medium
62016016867506/16/16 Amorphous thin metal film
72016017032006/16/16 Charge director for liquid toner
82016017045106/16/16 Key retraction
92016017061106/16/16 Map with different degrees of overlapping geocoded pixels
102016017065706/16/16 Deduplicated data storage system having distributed manifest
112016017067006/16/16 Data move engine to move a block of data
122016017073606/16/16 Updating firmware of a hardware component
132016017083106/16/16 Response control for memory modules that include or interface with non-compliant memory technologies
142016017084206/16/16 Writing to files and file meta-data
152016017186806/16/16 Cartridge interdependence switch
162016017203306/16/16 Storage device write pulse control
172016017328406/16/16 Authenticating a consumable product based on a remaining life value
182016017342206/16/16 Message delivery via preferred communications applications
192016017373206/16/16 Color image processing
202016016486806/09/16 Remotely authenticating a device
212016016199406/09/16 Fiber hinge
222016015907706/09/16 Thermal energy applied to dried printing fluid
232016015908106/09/16 Imaging device having fluid container
242016015909006/09/16 Drying assembly
252016015910706/09/16 Fabric print medium
262016015912706/09/16 Recording medium and making the same
272016016033106/09/16 Amorphous thin metal film
282016016156806/09/16 Identification of a unique attribute of a power adapter based on an adjust pin
292016016168706/09/16 Optical connector alignment
302016016198706/09/16 Display panel responsive key retraction
312016016199406/09/16 Fiber hinge
322016016199506/09/16 Socket and adapter
332016016223406/09/16 Authorizing marking agent consumption at discovered printers
342016016229706/09/16 Thermal profile based on temperature information for computing device location
352016016229906/09/16 Communication with a virtual trusted runtime bios
362016016236806/09/16 Remote storage
372016016241206/09/16 Completion packet return
382016016242806/09/16 Operation of a switch in linear mode
392016016489306/09/16 Event management systems
402016016555106/09/16 Adjusting transmitted power output of an antenna of a device
412016015429106/02/16 Liquid crystal coupled light modulation
422016015503206/02/16 Spectral print mapping
432016015197306/02/16 Generating a three-dimensional object
442016015202606/02/16 Printhead assembly datuming
452016015203606/02/16 Printers
462016015203806/02/16 Fluid container parts including a latch handle and rib
472016015206006/02/16 Printable medium
482016015442206/02/16 Motherboard with a hole
492016015442806/02/16 Display member and base member magnetically attracted
502016015463406/02/16 Modifying an analytic flow
512016015465706/02/16 Extensible firmware abstraction
522016015466806/02/16 Selecting a virtual basic input output system based on information about a software stack
532016015471806/02/16 Rebuilding drive data
542016015474306/02/16 Flushing dirty data from cache memory
552016015485306/02/16 Batching tuples
562016015485406/02/16 Top-k prefix histogram construction for string data
572016015489606/02/16 Processing a data flow graph of a hybrid flow
582016015495706/02/16 Protecting data in memory of a consumable product
592016015503206/02/16 Spectral print mapping
602016015622206/02/16 Interruption of output power and auxiliary power
612016015653806/02/16 Work conserving bandwidth guarantees using priority
622016015663106/02/16 Methods and systems for shared file storage
632016015664606/02/16 Signal tokens indicative of malware
642016015737606/02/16 Lever unit
652016014346205/26/16 Corner connector device
662016014456105/26/16 Pattern-forming three-dimensional printing system and method thereof
672016014461805/26/16 Constant current mode firing circuit for thermal inkjet-printing nozzle
682016014461905/26/16 Constant current mode firing circuit for thermal inkjet-printing nozzle
692016014463405/26/16 Printing system and method
702016014463905/26/16 Printing system with force control mode
712016014464005/26/16 Printing print frames based on measured frame lengths
722016014464405/26/16 Printable recording media
732016014621805/26/16 Fan module
742016014727105/26/16 Powering nodes
752016014731605/26/16 Attaching a stylus
762016014742705/26/16 Thin client computing device taskbar and widgets
772016014751005/26/16 Generating a logical representation from a physical flow
782016014759005/26/16 Determine malfunction state of power supply module
792016014759805/26/16 Operating a memory unit
802016014762005/26/16 Fault tolerance for persistent main memory
812016014764305/26/16 Web browser emulator
822016014769605/26/16 Configuring a communication interconnect for electronic devices
832016014779905/26/16 Resolution of data inconsistencies
842016014786305/26/16 Topic based classification of documents
852016014829805/26/16 Photo based user recommendations
862016014867305/26/16 First data in response to second read request
872016014964605/26/16 Optical devices including a high contrast grating lens
882016014977905/26/16 System state message in software defined networking
892016014993505/26/16 Determining a legitimate access point response
902016015068105/26/16 Base layer architecture infrastructure device
912016015036105/26/16 Adaptive location perturbation
922016013698505/19/16 Printable recording media
932016013903105/19/16 Testing a peel force of an adhesive medium
942016013963005/19/16 Docking system
952016013965705/19/16 Computing device power states
962016013980705/19/16 Write flow control for memory modules that include or interface with non-compliant memory technologies
972016013991405/19/16 Contextual-based localization based on manual testing
982016013994905/19/16 Virtual machine resource management system and method thereof
992016013998805/19/16 Memory unit
1002016013998905/19/16 Global error correction
1012016014003805/19/16 Generating a second code from a first code
1022016014007205/19/16 Two-dimensional torus topology
1032016014010205/19/16 Quality distributions for automated document
1042016014020505/19/16 Queries involving multiple databases and execution engines
1052016014051405/19/16 Proactive management of devices
1062016014149205/19/16 Memristor and methods for making the same
1072016014149405/19/16 Resistive memory device having field enhanced features
1082016014226205/19/16 Monitoring a computing network
1092016014236505/19/16 Address resolution rewriting
1102016014243205/19/16 Resource classification using resource requests
1112016014272305/19/16 Frame division into subframes
1122016014286405/19/16 Guide segment identification
1132016012843905/12/16 Adjustable display housing assembly
1142016012969005/12/16 Fluid ejection apparatuses including a substrate with a bulk layer and a epitaxial layer
1152016012971505/12/16 Method and print control
1162016013195805/12/16 Surfactants with a terminal dialkyl- or cycloalkyl-substituted tertiary amine and inks including the same
1172016013200005/12/16 Fixing liquid toner
1182016013201205/12/16 Printers
1192016013241305/12/16 Recovering stranded data
1202016013242405/12/16 Simulating sensors
1212016013242705/12/16 User interface conformance
1222016013246905/12/16 Comparing user interfaces
1232016013256105/12/16 Expiration tag of data
1242016013269705/12/16 Multi-tier storage based on data anonymization
1252016013290405/12/16 Influence score of a brand
1262016013291505/12/16 Assessing value of a brand based on online content
1272016012154805/05/16 Modifying a base layer of an object
1282016012159805/05/16 Multilayer roller
1292016012191505/05/16 Server rack lift
1302016012305405/05/16 Hinge assembly for a computing device
1312016012361605/05/16 Controlled heat delivery
1322016012447005/05/16 Module connectivity device
1332016012453205/05/16 Multi-region touchpad
1342016012459205/05/16 Device for displaying electronic communications received from communications services
1352016012462205/05/16 User action duration
1362016012473405/05/16 Common deployment model
1372016012479705/05/16 Memory bus error signal
1382016012492205/05/16 Web page output selection
1392016012500805/05/16 Priority queue having array and trees
1402016012520105/05/16 Hardware-protective data processing systems and methods using an application executing in a secure domain
1412016012523205/05/16 Dynamic face identification
1422016012530105/05/16 Identifying relevant content for data gathered from real time communications
1432016012594305/05/16 Methods and programing memory of a printing cartridge
1442016012685605/05/16 Adjusting power consumption of a load
1452016012705805/05/16 Target channel identification for a wireless communication
1462016012712805/05/16 Management of cryptographic keys
1472016012714605/05/16 Communicating during data extraction operations
1482016011431904/28/16 Microfluidic sensing device and system
1492016011458004/28/16 Fluid ejection device
1502016011458104/28/16 Printhead protective coating
1512016011458404/28/16 Thermal inkjet printhead stack with amorphous metal resistor
1522016011685204/28/16 Coated photoconductive substrate
1532016011705604/28/16 Determine a position of an interaction area
1542016011719604/28/16 Log analysis
1552016011732804/28/16 Influence score of a social media domain
1562016011736504/28/16 Query hotness and system hotness metrics
1572016011738204/28/16 Document topic identification
1582016011768004/28/16 Payment processing
1592016011774604/28/16 Providing subscriber options
1602016011880204/28/16 Automatic transfer switch module
1612016011948704/28/16 Printing system and operation
1622016011961504/28/16 Three dimensional data visualization
1632016010619004/21/16 Device support stand assembly
1642016010743504/21/16 Printhead alignment correction
1652016010743704/21/16 Warming printheads during print passes
1662016010743804/21/16 Printer operation for ejection of purging droplets of a printing fluid
1672016010744204/21/16 Printhead structure
1682016010990904/21/16 Hinge assemblies for computing devices
1692016010995604/21/16 Sensor and tag to determine a relative position
1702016011004604/21/16 Adjustable timeline user interface
1712016011008604/21/16 Graphical interface to edit thresholds
1722016011026004/21/16 Selecting a store for deduplicated data
1732016011026204/21/16 Restoring a file system object
1742016011032004/21/16 Workflow automation at a multifunction printer via a composite document
1752016011041704/21/16 Incrementally updating statistics
1762016011054404/21/16 Disabling and initiating nodes based on security issue
1772016011054904/21/16 Analyzing target software for security vulnerabilities
1782016011058504/21/16 Detecting an attentive user for providing personalized content on a display
1792016011064104/21/16 Determining a level of risk for making a change using a neuro fuzzy expert system
1802016011066204/21/16 Production simulation
1812016011066604/21/16 Distributed worker-sourced process engineering
1822016011073404/21/16 Determining demand of a company
1832016011224404/21/16 Prioritizing event notices utilizing past-preference pairings
1842016011245604/21/16 Policy-based data management
1852016011259104/21/16 Formatter cage
1862016011259704/21/16 Biased document backing
1872016011260604/21/16 Printer cartridge and memory device containing a compressed color table
1882016011287504/21/16 Virtual mobile phone interface system and method thereof
1892016010558904/14/16 A preparing the rendering with a color output device of at least one object
1902016010162004/14/16 Fluid ejection device with ink feedhole bridge
1912016010221704/14/16 White inkjet ink
1922016010307404/14/16 Scattering spectroscopy nano sensor
1932016010369304/14/16 Unified extensible firmware interface (uefi) driver and protocol
1942016010372604/14/16 Memory error determination
1952016010376604/14/16 Lookup of a data structure containing a mapping between a virtual address space and a physical address space
1962016010377804/14/16 Memory component capable to communicate at multiple data widths
1972016010453104/14/16 Writable device based on alternating current
1982016010544304/14/16 Resource access
1992016009636604/07/16 Molded fluid flow structure with saw cut channel
2002016009637104/07/16 Supply fluid from a fluid chamber to a porous wipe material to wipe a printhead
2012016009832504/07/16 Unifying application log messages using runtime instrumentation
2022016009862204/07/16 Authenticating a user by correlating speech and corresponding lip shape
2032016010000004/07/16 Result aggregation
2042016010011104/07/16 Modification of images based on orientation
2052016010050704/07/16 Data center canopy including turning vanes
2062016008989003/31/16 Vent through a printhead support structur
2072016009177503/31/16 Grating-based light modulation employing a liquid crystal
2082016009207103/31/16 Generate preview of content
2092016009212103/31/16 Unmap storage space
2102016009224803/31/16 Hook framework
2112016009230603/31/16 Platform error correction
2122016009236203/31/16 Memory network to route memory traffic and i/o traffic
2132016009281503/31/16 Monitoring resources in a partnership program
2142016009307703/31/16 Data visualization of a datacenter
2152016009457403/31/16 Determining malware based on signal tokens
2162016008266603/24/16 Processing object data
2172016008272503/24/16 Determining an issue in an inkjet nozzle with impedance measurements
2182016008273203/24/16 Fluid ejection devices with particle tolerant thin-film extensions
2192016008273403/24/16 Print head module
2202016008274003/24/16 Communicating a classification of a consumable product
2212016008274103/24/16 Fluid cartridge sub-assembly
2222016008274503/24/16 Slot-to-slot circulation in a fluid ejection device
2232016008275003/24/16 Media output guide assembly
2242016008275203/24/16 Printer with ink control
2252016008358903/24/16 Compositions for three-dimensional (3d) printing
2262016008441903/24/16 Mounting apparatus and system thereof
2272016008518203/24/16 Composite coating and substrate used in liquid electrophotographic printing and method
2282016008546603/24/16 Memory access rate
2292016008555803/24/16 Updating boot code
2302016008564903/24/16 Disk drive repair
2312016008565303/24/16 Memory node error correction
2322016008569103/24/16 Regulating memory activation rates
2332016008575103/24/16 Reporting degraded state of data retrieved for distributed object
2342016008581103/24/16 Generating a feature set
2352016008584803/24/16 Content classification
2362016008605903/24/16 Calibration target
2372016008740003/24/16 Operating vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
2382016008775903/24/16 Tuple recovery
2392016008816003/24/16 Silence signatures of audio signals
2402016008816903/24/16 Mobile device connected to a multifunctional document processing device
2412016008820603/24/16 Depth sensors
2422016007800203/17/16 Representing numerical data in a mobile device
2432016007777303/17/16 System and printing
2442016007513603/17/16 Thermal inkjet printhead stack with amorphous thin metal protective layer
2452016007515903/17/16 Printable recording media
2462016007723003/17/16 Presenting information from multiple sensors
2472016007754903/17/16 Mass storage device operation
2482016007766903/17/16 Positional input systems and methods
2492016007767003/17/16 System with projector unit and computer

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