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05/25/17 new patent  Direct interface between graphics processing unit and data storage unit
05/25/17 new patent  Switching period control of microwave assisted magnetic recording for pole erasure suppression
05/25/17 new patent  Texture-control layer for spin torque oscillator
05/25/17 new patent  Perpendicular magnetic recording media with lateral exchange control layer
05/25/17 new patent  Multi-level phase change device
05/18/17Method of decreasing write amplification factor and over-provisioning of nand flash by means of diff-on-write approach
05/18/17Method of decreasing write amplification of nand flash using a journal approach
05/18/17Method of improving garbage collection efficiency of flash-oriented file systems using a journaling approach
05/18/17Driverless storage device using serially-attached non-volatile memory
05/18/17Systems and methods for adaptive partitioning in distributed cache memories
05/11/17Resistive ram cell with focused electric field
05/04/17Reference block aggregating into a reference set for deduplication in memory management
05/04/17Integration of reference sets with segment flash management
05/04/17Garbage collection for reference sets in flash storage systems
05/04/17Pipelined reference set construction and use in memory management
05/04/17Reducing write-backs to memory by controlling the age of cache lines in lower level cache
05/04/17Gas leak detection in data storage device
05/04/17Three terminal spin orbit torque memory cell with in-stack magnetic layer that provides magnetic bias field and spin orbit torque via anomalous hall effect
05/04/17Shielded patterned ground structure filter for emi reduction
04/27/17Method and system for efficient common processing in memory device controllers
04/27/17Method and system for a common processing framework for memory device controllers
04/27/17Enhanced queue management for power control of data storage device
04/27/17Error location pointers for nvm
04/27/17Top pinned sot-mram architecture with in-stack selector
04/27/17Bottom pinned sot-mram bit structure and fabrication
04/27/17Multilayer 3d memory based on network-on-chip interconnection
04/27/17Fabric interconnection for memory banks based on network-on-chip methodology
04/13/17Planar variable resistance memory
04/13/17Mtj memory array subgrouping method and related drive circuitry
04/06/17Varied storage media density for data storage devices in vibrational environments
04/06/17Apparatus and single pass entropy detection on data transfer
03/30/17Joint decoding of rewriting nvm error sectors
03/30/17Scissor type magnetic sensor having an in-stack longitudinal stabilization structure
03/30/17Contacting nano-imprinted cross-point arrays to a substrate
03/30/17Half select method and structure for gating rashba or spin hall mram
03/30/17Repair-optimal parity code
03/30/17Cache oblivious algorithm for butterfly code
03/23/17Self-recovery magnetic random access memory unit
03/23/17Low permeability electrical feed-through
03/16/17Method for providing nonvolatile storage write bandwidth using a caching namespace
03/16/17Method for providing nonvolatile storage write bandwidth using a caching namespace
03/16/17Optimized data layout for object store system
03/09/17Wear management for flash memory devices
03/09/17Operating parameters for flash memory devices
03/09/17Invalidation data area for cache
03/02/17Methods and systems for improving flash memory flushing
03/02/17Service level based control of storage systems
03/02/17Methods and systems for improving storage journaling
03/02/17Multi-layer studs for advanced magnetic heads and high head density wafers
03/02/17Control of vortex shedding associated with a hard disk drive damper plate
03/02/17Implementing enhanced magnetic memory cell
03/02/17Implementing magnetic memory integration with cmos driving circuits
03/02/17Tilted synthetic antiferromagnet polarizer/reference layer for stt-mram bits
03/02/17Implementing deposition growth magnetic memory
02/23/17Fast adaptive similarity detection based on algorithm-specific performance
02/23/17Method for making a perpendicular magnetic recording write head with write pole having thin side gaps and thicker leading gap
02/23/17Adhesive cover seal for hermetically-sealed data storage device
02/23/17Adhesive cover seal for hermetically-sealed data storage device
02/23/17Adhesive cover seal for hermetically-sealed data storage device
02/16/17Near-field transducer for heat assisted magnetic recording with trailing edge taper and side taper
02/16/17Storing parity data separate from protected data
02/16/17Tunable contact detection sensitivity to directly measure clearance of protrusions in magnetic recording heads
02/16/17Correlating physical page addresses for soft decision decoding
02/09/17Delta compression engine for similarity based data deduplication
02/02/17Enhanced power control of data storage arrays
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02/02/17Method and apparatus to generate zero content over garbage data when encryption parameters are changed
01/26/17Electroplated phase change switch
01/19/17Storage management in hybrid drives
01/19/17Systems and methods for improving flash-oriented file system garbage collection
01/19/17Systems and methods for improving flash-oriented file system garbage collection
01/19/17Systems and methods for providing low latency read path for non-volatile memory
01/19/17Generation of random address mapping in non-volatile memories using local and global interleaving
01/19/17Method to coat nft area with highly thermal conducting material in hamr structure
01/19/17Barium hexa-ferrite technology for mamr and advanced magnetic recording applications
01/19/17Non-volatile memory with adjustable cell bit shape
01/19/17Magnetoresistive device with laminate insertion layer in the free layer
01/19/17Method for fabricating mram bits on a tight pitch
01/12/17Solvent-based mitigating of organic contaminants in a hard disk drive
01/05/17Non-blocking caching for data storage drives
01/05/17Implementing enhanced in-situ monitoring of head overcoat wear for controlled burnishing and early detection of head failure in hdd
Patent Packs
01/05/17Electroplated phase change switch
12/29/16Hdd magnetic head degradation field-failure detection and prediction
12/22/16Apparatus and single pass entropy detection on data transfer
12/22/16Apparatus and inline compression and deduplication
12/22/16Digital rights management system
12/22/16Near field transducer having an adhesion layer coupled thereto
12/15/16Temperature control of storage arrays with rotating media seek adjustments
12/15/16Enhanced array caching for data storage drive assemblies
12/15/16Conforming fence for vacuum support machining operations
12/15/16Hard disk drive actuator pivot to base tower clearance spacer mechanism
12/08/16Self-servo write non-reference head position measuring
12/08/16Structures and methods for templated growth of high areal density heat assisted magnetic recording media
12/08/16Voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy switching device using an external ferromagnetic biasing film
12/01/16Library for seamless management of storage devices
12/01/16Near-field transducer with compositionally graded material for heat assisted magnetic recording
12/01/16Magnetic sensor having a weak magnetic spacer
11/24/16Method for directed self-assembly (dsa) of a block copolymer (bcp) using a topographic pattern
11/24/16Managing wear of system areas of storage devices
11/17/16Feedthrough connector for hermetically sealed electronic devices
11/10/16Flexure back-flow stopper
11/10/16Near-field transducer for heat assisted magnetic recording comprising of thermally stable material layer
11/10/16Variable rough lap machining for magnetic recording read-write heads
11/10/16Lubricant layer robust to contamination and lubricant swelling for use in magnetic media and methods of making the same
11/03/16Patterned block copolymer structure with oxide lines for line density multiplication
10/27/16Scissor unidirectional biasing with hard bias stabilized soft bias
10/27/16Onset layer for perpendicular magnetic recording media
10/20/16Systems and methods for predicting compressibility of data
10/20/16Underlayer for reference layer of polycrystalline cpp gmr sensor stack
10/20/16Verification of storage media upon deployment
10/13/16Realm partitioning in hard drives
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10/13/16Hybrid analog and digital memory device
10/13/16Fast secure erase in a flash system
10/06/16Methods and systems for implementing high speed serial interface bus having inhomogeneous lane bundles and encodings
10/06/16Implementing dual partially independent thermal flyheight control (tfc) for hard disk drives
10/06/16System and conducting in-place write operations in a shingled magnetic recording (smr) drive
09/22/16Reconstruction of scanning probe microscopy cantilever tip
09/22/16Anti-corrosion insulation layer for magnetic recording medium
09/15/16Updating exclusive-or parity data
09/15/16Magnetic recording medium with multiple exchange coupling layers and small grain magnetic layers
09/15/16Controlling encrypted data stored on a remote storage device
Patent Packs
09/08/16Methods and systems for memory page allocation
09/08/16Low profile multidentate lubricants for use at sub-nanometer thicknesses in magnetic media
09/08/16Charge control agent for fluid dynamic bearing motor lubricant
09/01/16Methods and systems to reduce ssd io latency
09/01/16Host read command return reordering based on time estimation of flash read command completion
09/01/16Hard disk drive head-disk interface dithering
08/25/16System and copy on write on an ssd
08/25/16Error correction for non-volatile memory
08/25/16Indirection data structures implemented as reconfigurable hardware
08/18/16Hybrid solid state drive (ssd) using pcm or other high performance solid-state memory
08/18/16Tempered pacing of shingled magnetic storage devices
08/11/16Geometry aware block reclamation
08/11/16Wear leveling in solid state devices
08/11/16Adaptive targeting of read levels in storage devices
08/11/16Indirection data structures to manage file system metadata
08/04/16File management system
08/04/16Logical block address mapping for hard disk drives
08/04/16Hardware efficient fingerprinting
08/04/16Hardware efficient rabin fingerprints
07/28/16Digital rights management system
07/28/16Multi-sensor reader structure having a current path with increased size to reduce noise
07/28/16Magnetic recording medium having a l10-type regular alloy
07/28/16Retractable guide features for data storage device carriers
07/21/16Dynamic resource allocation within storage devices
07/21/16System and peer-to-peer pcie storage transfers
07/21/16Performance tuning for storage devices
07/21/16Managing wear of system areas of storage devices
07/21/16Cache coherence protocol
07/21/16Reducing a size of a logical to physical data address translation table
07/21/16Decoding data using a reserved word line
Patent Packs
07/14/16Track error-correcting code extension
07/14/16High density server storage unit
07/07/16Apparatus, systems, and methods for data recovery
06/16/16Expression pattern matching in a storage subsystem
06/16/16Method and apparatus to generate zero content over garbage data when encryption parameters are changed
06/09/16Programmable, high performance solid state drive controller architecture
06/09/16Systems and methods for adaptive error corrective code mechanisms
06/09/16Systems and methods for multi-zone data tiering for endurance extension in solid state drives
06/09/16Methods and systems for implementing redundancy in memory controllers
06/09/16Tunneling magnetoresistive (tmr) sensor with a soft bias layer
06/09/16Slider with aluminum compound fill
06/02/16Tiered sub-unit throughputs in mass storage assemblies
05/26/16Varied prioritization of hard drive storage regions
05/26/16Read level grouping for increased flash performance
05/26/16Spin torque oscillator with low magnetic moment and high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy material
05/26/16Heat assisted magnetic recording (hamr) media having a highly ordered crystalline structure
05/26/16Performance pacing for hard disk drives
05/26/16Read level grouping algorithms for increased flash performance
05/26/16Calibrating optimal read levels
05/26/16Electromechanical machine bearing replacement jig
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05/19/16Real time protocol generation
05/19/16Resource allocation and deallocation for power management in devices
05/19/16Self-assembled nanoparticles with polymeric and/or oligomeric ligands
05/19/16Directed self-assembly of nanoparticles with polymeric and/or oligomeric ligands
05/12/16Density multiplication and improved lithography by directed block copolymer assembly
05/05/16Solder ball jet nozzle having improved reliability
05/05/16Method for directed self-assembly (dsa) of block copolymers using guiding line sidewalls
05/05/16Methods and systems for noticing completion of read requests in solid state drives
05/05/16Near field transducer anneal for heat assisted magnetic recording
05/05/16Perpendicular magnetic recording medium having an oxide seed layer and ru alloy intermediate layer
05/05/16Perpendicular magnetic recording disk with patterned template layer
04/28/16Perpendicular magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
04/28/16Performance acceleration during shutdown of a data storage device
04/21/16Leak detection using acoustic wave transducer
04/21/16Storage of data reference blocks and deltas in different storage devices
04/21/16Self-cleaning recording heads based on actuator seek profile
04/21/16Fluid dynamic bearing groove configuration
04/21/16Feedthrough connector for hermetically sealed electronic devices
04/14/16Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing wear leveling in solid state devices
04/14/16Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing a memory efficient cache
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04/07/16Implementing enhanced phase change memory (pcm) read latency through coding
04/07/16System and method to provide file system functionality over a pcie interface
04/07/16Hardware queue automation for hardware engines
04/07/16Layered segregant heat assisted magnetic recording (hamr) media
04/07/16Fast secure erase in a flash system
04/07/16Method and die-to-die pad contact
03/31/16Transfer of object memory references in a data storage device
03/31/16Multi-tier scheme for logical storage management
03/31/16Storage device health diagnosis
03/31/16Offline deduplication for solid-state storage devices
03/31/16Optimized garbage collection for solid-state storage devices
03/24/16Chassis input/output (i/o) module for use in front region of mass storage chassis assembly
03/24/16Data storage devices with performance-aware power capping
03/24/16Performance-aware power capping control of data storage devices
03/24/16Apparatus and methods to control power on pcie direct attached nonvolatile memory storage subsystems
03/24/16System and controlling various aspects of pcie direct attached nonvolatile memory storage subsystems
03/24/16Memory transfer of objects in a data storage device
03/24/16Computer implemented dynamic sharding
03/24/16Negative-poralization spin-torque-oscillator
03/24/16Thermally assisted magnetic recording head with optical spot-size converter attached two dimensional thin waveguide
03/24/16Charge control agent for fluid dynamic bearing motor lubricant
03/24/16Cooling system for use in a mass storage chassis assembly
03/17/16Encoding scheme for 3d vertical flash memory
03/17/16Underlayer for reference layer of polycrystalline cpp gmr sensor stack
03/17/16Heat-sinking components mounted on printed boards
03/10/16Monodisperse lubricant including multidentate perfluoropolyether structures
03/10/16Storage drive and storage drive block
03/10/16Debug data saving in host memory on pcie solid state drive
03/10/16Actuator comb having a stepped inner bore
03/10/16Fabrication of bit patterned media using microcontact printing
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03/03/16Latency command processing for solid state drive interface protocol
03/03/16Method for making a patterned perpendicular magnetic recording disk using glancing angle deposition of hard mask material
03/03/16Method for making an imprint template with data regions and non-data regions using block copolymers
02/25/16Method and apparatus to generate zero content over garbage data when encryption parameters are changed
02/25/16Scissor unidirectional biasing with hard bias stabilized soft bias
02/25/16Multiple-input-multiple-output sensor designs for magnetic applications
02/25/16Mass storage chassis assembly configured to accommodate predetermined number of storage drive failures
02/04/16Soft magnetic underlayer having high temperature robustness for high areal density perpendicular recording media
02/04/16Perpendicular recording media having high-temperature robustness
01/28/16Multiple ecc codeword sizes in an ssd
01/28/16Confinement magnetic cap
01/28/16Slider with high frequency voltage ground and low frequency dc voltage isolation
01/21/16Implementing enhanced performance with read before write to phase change memory to avoid write cancellations
01/07/16Graded side shield gap reader
12/31/15Enhanced data verify in data storage arrays
12/31/15Invalidation data area for cache
12/31/15Systems and methods for locking cached storage
12/31/15Partial main pole lamination for pole erasure improvement
12/31/15Transducer resistor shunt structure for low-cost probing
12/31/15Integrated compound dbr laser for hamr applications
12/31/15Head gimbals assembly, manufacturing thermal-assisted magnetic recording and manufacturing equipment of thermal-assisted magnetic recording
12/31/15Hanging carrier for hdd
12/24/15Hard disk drive low profile disk clamp to tied-shaft motor assembly
12/24/15Word-line inter-cell interference detector in flash system
12/17/15Ecc encoder using partial-parity feedback
12/17/15Dampers for actuator assembly of hard disk drive
12/10/15Sealed storage canister
12/10/15Storage canister with multiple storage device mounting elements
12/03/15System and interleaving data retrieved from first and second buffers

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