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12/14/17 new patent  System for predicting departure from an origin based on external factors
11/30/17Systems and methods for generating notifications based on bladder volume signals and bladder muscle signals
11/30/17Method of powered width expansion of a bed
11/30/17Occupant falls risk determination systems, methods and devices
11/30/17Hygiene compliance system
11/23/17Person support apparatus having physiological sensor
11/23/17Sequential compression therapy compliance monitoring systems and methods
11/09/17Siderail power communicaiton interface
11/09/17Discriminating patient care communications system
11/02/17Apparatuses for detecting biomarkers and methods for using the same
10/26/17Location-based incontinence detection
10/19/17Method and monitoring and reporting on the status of an occupant of an occupant support
10/12/17Capacitive sensor for respiratory monitoring
10/05/17Hygiene monitoring system
10/05/17Person support apparatus power drive system
10/05/17Real-time patient experience monitoring system
09/21/17Patient support
09/21/17Equipment, dressing, and garment wireless connectivity to a patient bed
09/14/17Caregiver rounding communication system
09/07/17Person support system with width expansion wings which reach extension limits at different times
08/31/17Sleep disorder treatment devices, systems, and methods
08/31/17Occupant support with a migration sensitive bladder and migration detection
08/31/17Incontinence detection apparatus electrical architecture
08/24/17Patient support apparatus having an integrated limb compression device
08/17/17Hospital bed scale calibration methods and patient position monitoring methods
08/10/17Pressure ulcer detection systems and methods
08/10/17Patient support systems and methods of use
08/10/17Patient care device integration with a hospital bed
08/10/17Multi-alert lights for hospital bed
08/10/17Method for positioning an occupant on the occupant support
07/13/17Support surface useful life monitoring
07/13/17Caregiver communication device with caregiver active workspace for patient charting
07/13/17Automated patient billing for consumables
06/22/17Patient support system and methods of use
06/22/17Patient care devices with local indication of correspondence and power line interconnectivity
06/08/17Method of predicting occupant egress from an occupant support based on perimeter panel status and occupant location, and a related apparatus
06/01/17Systems and methods for directing fluid flow in a mattress
05/18/17Person support systems with cooling features
05/04/17Hospital bed and room communication modules
05/04/17Bed alert condition configuration using a remote computer device
04/27/17Dressing and dressing assembly for preventing pressure ulcers
04/27/17Control system for patient support apparatus
04/27/17High frequency chest wall oscillation system
04/06/17Person support apparatus having physiological sensor
04/06/17Patient support apparatus having air fluidized therapy
04/06/17Surgical positioning system
04/06/17Configurable user interface systems for hospital bed
04/06/17Location-based automated staff-to-patient assignment system and method
04/06/17Occupant egress prediction systems, methods and devices
04/06/17Hand hygiene monitoring system with customizable thresholds
03/09/17Methods and the detection of moisture and multifunctional sensor systems
03/02/17Bed with a stowable siderail
02/23/17Distributed healthcare communication system
02/23/17Microclimate management airflow control based on incontinence detection
02/16/17Method and decision support
02/09/17Network connectivity unit for hospital bed
02/09/17Biometric parameter data extraction from a patient surface by air pressure sensing
02/09/17Medical line manager
02/02/17Air bladder control of mattress/frame width expansion
02/02/17Hospital bed control and charting
02/02/17Customized bed exit warnings to modify patient behavior
02/02/17Hygiene compliance system
01/19/17Patient support with an air permeable layer and with air flow through the air permeable layer controlled as a function of pressure sensed at a pressure sensing layer
01/12/17Wireless bed locating system
01/05/17Microclimate system for a patient support apparatus
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01/05/17Microclimate system for a patient support apparatus
01/05/17Automatic contextual login using real time locating system information
01/05/17Caregiver rounding communication system
12/29/16Incontinence detection apparatus having displacement alert
12/29/16Protective dressing with reusable phase-change material cooling insert
12/22/16Person support apparatus with ingress/egress assist
12/22/16Methods and apparatuses for controlling angular orientations of a person support apparatus
12/22/16Patient bed having software download capability
12/15/16Topper for a patient surface
12/08/16Feedback control for a person support apparatus with a mattress replacement system and methods for automatically pausing a turn and hold operation
12/08/16Therapy enabler token
12/08/16Dynamic therapy delivery system
12/08/16Apparatuses and methods for determining performance parameters of a flexible surface
12/08/16Hospital bed having near field communication capability
12/01/16Automated safety protocol compliance
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11/24/16Systems and methods for mitigating tissue breakdown
11/24/16In-bed patient identity verification and data collection
11/17/16Patient support apparatus with sensor assembly
11/10/16Multi-mode sacral unloading pressure relief in a patient support surface
11/10/16Weighing scale zeroing bed
10/27/16Self-compensating bed scale system for removable components
10/27/16Estimation and monitoring of patient torso angle
10/20/16Monitoring of patient supports
10/13/16Method for assessing the condition of a tissue sample with coherent electromagnetic radiation
10/13/16Method for assessing the condition of a tissue sample with polarized electromagnetic radiation
09/08/16Availability scheduling for patient supports
09/01/16Patient position detection for patient support apparatus
09/01/16Hygiene monitoring system
08/18/16Climate management topper with shape change actuators for regulating coolant distribution
07/28/16Patient-need prediction system
07/28/16Sensors in a mattress cover
07/14/16User interface for hospital bed
06/23/16Healthcare communication system for programming bed alarms
06/16/16Distributed healthcare communication system
05/26/16Method and system for controlling evaporative and heat withdrawal from a patient support surface
05/26/16System for monitoring caregivers and equipment
05/19/16Catheter monitor integration with patient support, hygiene and healthcare communication systems
05/05/16Siderail with storage area
05/05/16Dynamic apnea therapy surface
05/05/16Equipment, dressing and garment wireless connectivity to a patient bed
04/28/16Hospital bed computer system having emr charting capability
04/21/16Caregiver rounding communication system
04/07/16Topper with targeted fluid flow distribution
04/07/16Patient support apparatus having alert light
03/10/16Method of predicting and mitigating adverse events
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02/25/16Workflow canvas for clinical applications
02/11/16Hospital bed obstacle detection apparatus
02/11/16Bed having rack and pinion powered width expansion
01/28/16Mattress topper with varying flow resistance
01/21/16Bed status system for a patient support apparatus
01/14/16Wireless bed power
01/14/16Patient control arm with phone dock and head of bed lockout
01/14/16Wireless bed power
01/07/16Occupant egress prediction systems, methods and devices
12/10/15Hospital bed having communication modules
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11/26/15Systems, methods, and devices for treatment of sleep disorders
10/29/15Patient-support apparatus with a configurable siderail
10/15/15Person support apparatuses having exercise therapy features
10/15/15Patient-need prediction system
10/01/15Image transmission or recording triggered by bed event
09/17/15Caregiver universal remote cart for patient bed control
09/10/15Bed frame, mattress and bed with enhanced chair egress capability
08/13/15Hospital bed
08/06/15Sensor control for apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a person
08/06/15Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person
08/06/15Person support apparatuses with selectively coupled foot sections
08/06/15Healthcare communication system for programming bed alarms
07/16/15Person support apparatuses with exercise functionalities
07/02/15Patient support systems and methods of use
06/18/15Occupant support with longitudinally spaced turn assist members, associated graphical user interface, and methods of providing access to portions of the occupant support or to occupants thereof
06/11/15Inflatable patient positioning unit
06/04/15Optimization of the operation of a patient-support apparatus based on patient response
05/28/15Footboard having integrated foot cushion
05/21/15Adverse event mitigation systems, methods and devices
05/21/15Patient monitoring system
05/14/15Endboard for a person support apparatus
05/14/15Adjustable person support system with expansion wings driven by dual leadscrews and center mounted motors
04/30/15Accessory flat-top panel for use with surgical tables
04/02/15Person support systems
03/19/15Modular wall for dividing rooms in a healthcare facility
03/19/15Bed/room/patient association systems and methods
03/19/15System wide firmware updates to networked hospital beds
02/19/15Systems, methods, and devices for fluidizing a fluidizable medium
01/29/15Hospital bed compatibility with third party application software
01/22/15Healthcare communication system having configurable alarm rules
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01/08/15Hospital bed having weigh scale system
10/02/14Patient support with dynamic bar code generator
10/02/14Universal caregiver interface
09/18/14Multi-alert lights for hospital bed
09/18/14Fabric diffuser for fluidized bed
09/18/14Air fluidized therapy bed having pulmonary therapy
09/18/14Caregiver rounding with real time locating system tracking
09/18/14Hospital bed for receiving data from thin patch wireless sensors
09/18/14Methods and apparatuses for the detection of incontinence or other moisture, methods of fluid analysis, and multifunctional sensor systems
09/11/14Method and removing moisture from a mattress topper
09/11/14Patient support apparatus with physical therapy system
09/11/14Patient support apparatus configured for communicating with implantable devices
09/04/14Hospital bed having wireless data and locating capability
08/28/14Medical gas tank holder for patient support apparatus
08/28/14Pressure sensing pad, making the same, pressure sensing system, and pressure map display
08/28/14Electronic room sign for healthcare information technology system
08/21/14Proximity tracking systems and method
08/21/14Direct patient association
08/14/14Therapy enabler system
08/07/14Bed with a powered width expansion wing with manual release
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08/07/14Dynamic therapy delivery system
07/24/14Varying depth fluidized bed
07/17/14Microclimate system for a patient support apparatus
07/17/14Mattress topper, occupant support assembly and occupant support system with thermosensitive vapor transfer characteristics
07/10/14Optical detector at point of care
07/10/14Hospital bed computer system having direct caregiver messaging
06/05/14Variable height siderail
05/29/14Augmented reality system in the patient care environment
05/22/14Augmented reality system in the patient care environment
05/15/14Person support surface
05/15/14Support system for a lift motor unit
05/15/14Bed load cell based physiological sensing systems and methods
05/08/14Patient support systems and methods of use
05/08/14Automatic weight offset calculation for bed scale systems
05/01/14Control system for patient support apparatus
05/01/14Person support apparatus with spring assistance for articulation
05/01/14Cover system for a patient support surface
04/24/14Siderail assembly for patient support apparatus
04/24/14Composite manual and automated fetal analysis systems and methods
04/17/14Control for pressurized bladder in a patient support apparatus
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04/17/14Patient support, communication, and computing apparatus
04/10/14Hospital bed having patient lifting device
04/03/14Hospital bed having user input to enable and suspend remote monitoring of alert conditions
04/03/14Association of support surfaces and beds
03/27/14Mattress deflation management
03/13/14Patient support apparatuses with exercise functionalities
03/06/14Patient support with a microclimate system and a graphical user interface
03/06/14Patient position detection for patient support surface
03/06/14Patient mobility surface assessment system and method
02/13/14Localized microclimate management
02/06/14Hygiene monitoring system
01/16/14Occupant support with a translatable and parallel translatable upper body section
01/16/14Pulmonary mattress
01/16/14Bed status indicators
01/09/14Fluid supply control for patient support surface
01/09/14Healthcare communication system with whiteboard
01/02/14Lift system for a person support apparatus
01/02/14Hospital bed having alert light
12/26/13Apparatuses for supporting and monitoring a condition of a person
12/19/13Stretcher seat section articulation mechanisms and methods
12/05/13User interface for power drive system of a patient support apparatus
11/28/13Patient support apparatus with movable siderail assembly
09/26/13Patient support apparatus with redundant identity verification
09/26/13Method and collecting patient identification
09/19/13Algorithm for predicting and mitigating adverse events
09/19/13Method for display and navigation to clinical events
09/12/13Patient support having an adjustable popliteal length apparatus, system and method
08/29/13Control of hospital bed chair egress configuration based on patient physiology
06/27/13Patient support having auto contour
06/27/13Indicator healthcare communication system
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06/20/13Distributed fault tolerant architecture for a healthcare communication system
06/13/13Medical gas tank holder for patient support apparatus
06/13/13Architectural headwall cabinet for storing a lift device
05/23/13Hospital bed computer system for control of patient room environment
05/16/13Variable height siderail
05/16/13Hygiene compliance reporting system
05/02/13Birthing bed lift off foot section
04/25/13Chair having powered leg extension
06/16/11Patient support apparatuses with exercise functionalities
02/03/11Microclimate management system
09/23/10Ergonomic bed locator
09/09/10Person-support apparatus with movable portions
06/17/10Patient-support apparatus with a locking deck section
10/08/09Support surface with inflatable core zones
09/24/09Control unit for patient support
09/17/09Siderail gap filler
09/17/09Siderail assembly for a patient-support apparatus
09/03/09Algorithm for power drive speed control
03/05/09Mattress for a hospital bed for use in a healthcare facility and management of same
03/05/09Association of support surfaces and beds
02/26/09Proximity activation of voice operation of hospital bed
02/26/09Transferable patient care equipment support
03/04/10Thermoregulation device

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