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Hilti Aktiengesellschaft patents

Recent patent applications related to Hilti Aktiengesellschaft. Hilti Aktiengesellschaft is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hilti Aktiengesellschaft may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hilti Aktiengesellschaft, we're just tracking patents.

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06/15/17Fire protection strip
06/15/17Method for anchoring an expansion anchor in a borehole
06/01/17Drive shaft with insertion device for guiding cooling water
05/25/17Handheld power tool
05/25/17Fireproof composition and use thereof
05/25/17Fire-resistance-rated thermally insulating and sealing system for use with curtain wall structures
05/18/17Early signaling of an imminent interruption of the water supply by a water supply system
05/18/17Fastening arrangement with an axially affixed compound-squeezing disk
05/11/17Bracket for a firestop collar and use of this bracket
05/11/17Handheld power tool and control method
05/11/17Automatic control of assemblies of a water supply system
05/11/17Fireprotection composition and use thereof
05/04/17Insulation-layer-forming composition and use thereof
05/04/17Screw with a compound-squeezing piston
04/20/17Method and system for controlling injection processes
04/20/17Method for operating a hand-held or semi-stationary setting device
04/13/17Pyrotechnic driving device
04/13/17Belt cooling system
04/06/17Hand-held and semi-stationary setting device
04/06/17Fastening method
03/30/17Suction extraction device
03/16/17Driving-in device
03/16/17Tool holder
03/09/17Construction product modelling
03/02/17Hand-held power tool
03/02/17Socket tool
02/16/17Tool holder
02/16/17Hand-held power tool
02/16/17Fireproofing sealing mass and use thereof
02/09/17Fire protection composition and use thereof
02/02/17Air, acoustic and/or fire sealing sleeve insert and air, acoustic and/or fire sealing device
01/19/17Chiseling handheld power tool
01/19/17Adaptive transmission mechanism
01/05/17Drill bit with a replaceable cutting portion
12/22/16Fastener driving tool
12/22/16Method for controlling a device system, which comprises a tool device and motorized advancing apparatus
12/08/16Thermal insulating and sealing means for a safing slot in a curtain wall
11/24/16Intumescent fire protection insert and assembly with intumescent fire protection insert
11/24/16Pyrotechnic driving device
11/17/16Method and injection molding system for producing intumescent reaction plastic molded parts and reaction plastic molded part
11/10/16Work tool
10/27/16Driving device
10/27/16Driving-in device
10/27/16Driving-in tool
10/27/16Drive-in device
10/27/16Handheld power tool
10/27/16Insulation layer-forming composition and use thereof
10/27/16Handheld power tool
10/27/16Offset anchor device
10/27/16Fastening device
10/27/16Mounting holder for a line bushing and assembly having a mounting holder
10/20/16Method for producing a green compact from a powdered or ganular material
10/20/16Driving-in device
10/20/16Setting device having a temperature sensor
10/20/16Pyrotechnic driving device
10/20/16Production a tool socket
10/20/16Metering valve for diamond drilling
10/20/16Stator core comprising a flow-path barrier
10/13/16Expansion anchor with grooves in the expansion cone
10/13/16Controlling a charging device by means of a storage battery
10/06/16Expansion anchor with an anisotropic coefficient of friction
10/06/16Expansion anchor with a swelling element for securing the sleeve
09/29/16Portable power tool
09/29/16Voltage control at low temperature to avoid undervoltage switch-offs in battery-powered, hand-operated electric tools
09/22/16Handheld or semistationary machine tool or work tool
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09/22/16Handheld machine tool
09/22/16Device for passing pipes or cables through an opening in a building
09/08/16Screw, building envelope, and insulating method
09/01/16Use of surface-functionalised silicic acids as additive for reaction resin compositions and resin and hardener compositions containing same
09/01/16Expansion anchor having a high-strength expansion sleeve in certain areas
09/01/16Expansion anchor with spring element
08/25/16Handheld power tool
08/18/16Reaction resin mortar curable by frontal polymerization and fixing anchor rods
08/18/16Expansion anchor
08/18/16Expansion anchor
08/18/16System and camera based position and orientation measurement
08/04/16Hand-held power tool
07/28/16Driving-in apparatus having a heated pneumatic accumulator
07/21/16Drive-in tool having a pneumatic accumulator
07/21/16Counterweight device
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07/21/16Handheld power tool
07/14/16Portable power tool
07/14/16Hand-held power tool and control method
07/14/16Reciprocating saw mechanism
07/14/16Intuitive, adaptive drilling function
07/14/16Laser device and holding fixture for attaching a laser device to a holding element
06/30/16Recovery rotational speed for diamond-tipped core drilling devices after a temperature switch-off (overheating of the motor)
06/23/16Permanently plastic putty gasket for fire-protection applications
06/16/16Driving-in device and using a driving-in device
06/16/16Reaction resin composition and use thereof
06/16/16Method for calibrating a measurement device
06/09/16Resin mixture, reaction resin - mortar, multi-component mortar system, and their application
06/09/16Use of an epoxide-amine-based multicomponent mortar composition
06/02/16Foaming mold for producing a profile, producing a profile, and profile
06/02/16Dust removal system for a handheld power tool
06/02/16Reaction resin composition and use thereof
06/02/16Insulating layer-forming composition and use thereof
06/02/16Insulation material as well as insulation element for a pipe in the vicinity of a wall or ceiling duct
05/26/16Control method and hand tool machine
05/26/16Control method and hand-held machine tool
05/19/16Reaction resin mortar, multi-component mortar system and the use thereof
05/12/16Method for manufacturing molded foam parts in a packaging sleeve and sales unit
05/05/16Through-penetration device, manufacturing a through-penetration device, and installing a through-penetration device
04/28/16Side handle
04/28/16Dust removal system for a handheld power tool
03/24/16Intumescent composition and the use thereof
03/17/16Twist drill and production method
03/17/16Additive composition for amine hardeners, use of said additive composition, and amine hardener composition containing said additive composition
03/17/16Power tool
03/10/16Composition forming an insulating layer and use of said composition
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02/25/16Anchor with an expansion section and a cutting thread
02/25/16Device for the optical measurement of the distance from a reflecting or scattering target object
02/25/16Method and device for displaying objects and object data of a design plan
02/11/16Reactive resin composition and use thereof
02/04/16Method for controlling a device system during the cutting of a workpiece along a cutting line
02/04/16Feed device
01/21/16Insulating sealing element for construction joints
01/21/16Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints
01/07/16Method for producing screws and concrete screw
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01/07/16Method for producing a concrete screw
01/07/16Concrete screw
12/31/15Device for cutting a workpiece along a cutting line
12/24/15Method for creating an inner thread as well as a combination of a thread cutter and a body having a cutout
12/24/15Device housing for a measuring device
12/24/15Method for controlling a device system having power tool and a motor-driven advancing mechanism
12/17/15Driving-in device
12/17/15Rotating laser
12/10/15Tool mounting device
12/10/15Sprayable composition, its use and sealing openings or gaps in building components
12/03/15Cutting portion for a drill bit
12/03/15Drill bit with an exchangeable cutting portion
12/03/15Torsion bar
12/03/15Method and device for determining the position coordinates of a target object
12/03/15Method and device for determining the position coordinates of a target object
12/03/15Method and device for determining the two-dimensional positional coordinates of a target object
12/03/15Rotor assembly having a functional carrier
11/26/15Insulating layer-forming composition and the use thereof
11/19/15Drill bit with an exchangeable cutting portion
11/19/15Dril bit with an exchangeable cutting portion
11/19/15Processing disk for processing a substrate
11/19/15Pull-out tester for a setting tool
11/19/15Collapsible holding arrangement
11/12/15Device system having a positioning determining a bore center point
11/12/15Battery for a handheld machine tool and producing a battery for a handheld machine tool
11/05/15Measuring arrangement for measuring an effective value of an ac voltage in a handheld power tool
11/05/15Measurement system having active target objects
11/05/15Target object for a laser measuring device and identifying the target object
11/05/15Measuring arrangement for measuring an effective value of an ac voltage in a handheld power tool
10/29/15Fastening tool with magnetic piston holder
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10/29/15Two-component isolation of bl stators
10/22/15Hand-held tool
10/22/15Manually guided, petrol-powered implement
10/22/15Power tool with a spraying device for binding dust
10/22/15Power tool with a spraying device for binding dust
10/22/15Method for producing vinyl ester urethane resins based on dianhydrohexitol compounds and use thereof
10/22/15Composition that forms an insulating layer and use thereof
10/22/15Method and device for controlling an electric motor of a hand machine tool
10/15/15Setting tool for a drop-in anchor
10/15/15Power tool
10/08/15Hand-held or semi-stationary tool appliance and operating a tool appliance of this kind
10/08/15Damp course-forming composition and use thereof
10/08/15Stator pressed with winding head support
10/01/15Sheet-material container for a dispensing unit and producing a sheet-material container
10/01/15Insulating layer-forming composition and use thereof
10/01/15Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints
10/01/15Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints
10/01/15Intumescent sealing element for head-of-wall joints
10/01/15Method and device for total discharge protection of a storage battery of a hand-held power tool
09/17/15Hand-held tool apparatus with a braking device for braking a machining tool
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09/17/15Hand-held tool apparatus with a braking device for braking of a machining tool
09/17/15Hand-operated tool device with a brake mechanism for braking a machining tool
09/10/15Fire protection collar
09/10/15Method for operating a hand-held working device
09/10/15Resin mixture based on epoxy(meth)acrylate resin, and the use thereof
09/10/15Method for producing modified epoxy(meth)acrylate resins, and the use thereof
09/03/15Method and device for operating a hand-held machine tool with a tangential impact mechanism
08/27/15Anchor rail arrangement
08/20/15Packaging for multi-component adhesive system
08/20/15Resin mixture based on vinyl ester resin, reactive resin mortar comprising same and use thereof
08/20/15Resin mixture based on vinyl ester urethane resin and use thereof
08/20/15Reaction resin composition and use thereof
08/13/15Method and device to regulate the electric motor of a handheld power tool
08/06/15Hand-held machine tool
07/30/15Drive-in device having an effective drive
07/30/15Closure element for a fire-protection sleeve
07/23/15Line conduit
06/25/15Method for the production of a strip for fastening elements
06/18/15Expansion anchor
06/04/15Magazine attachment and fastening system
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06/04/15Control a machine tool and a machine tool
06/04/15Hand machine tool
06/04/15Device for cutting a substrate and controlling such a cutting device
05/28/15Device and detecting an object in a subsurface
05/21/15Expansion bolt
05/21/15Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints
05/21/15Insulating sealing element for head-of-wall joints
05/21/15Combustion driven fastener setting device
05/14/15Indoline-nitroxide radical as stabiliser and inhibitor for reaction resins, reaction resins containing same and use thereof
05/14/15Hand-held machine tool
04/16/15Drilling tool
04/09/15System and camera based position and orientation measurement
03/19/15Combination of a stable nitroxyl radical and a quinone methide as stabiliser for reaction resin mortars based on radically curable compounds
03/05/15Machine tool
03/05/15Beta-phosphorylated nitroxide radicals as inhibitors for reactive resins, reactive resins containing said beta-phosphorylated nitroxide radicals and use of said beta-phosphorylated nitroxide radicals
02/05/15Compound anchor
01/29/15Expansion anchor
01/15/15Setting tool and installing an anchor rod
01/15/15Drill bit with an exchangeable cutting portion
12/18/14Stand for supporting solar panels on a flat roof
12/11/14Anchor rod
11/06/14Drill and production a drill
10/30/14Anchor rail
10/23/14Fastening system
10/09/14Diagnosis method and diagnosis determining a current capacity of a battery cell in a handheld machine tool
08/21/14Method and device to monitor the current of a battery-operated handheld power tool
08/14/14Inhibitor combination, resin mixture containing same and use of same
07/10/14Propellant container for combustion-operated bolt-firing tools
07/03/14Receiving element and fixing element magazine strip
05/15/14Anchor bolt and production method
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04/17/14Mobile charging device
03/20/14Firestop collar
03/13/14Expansion anchor
02/27/14Handheld power tool
12/05/13Chiseling power tool
12/05/13Support structure for solar panels
11/14/13Sensor arrangement, for example, on an anchor bolt
11/14/13Load-indicating washer
11/14/13Method for producing torque-limiting securing devices
10/31/13Hand-held work operating a hand-held work apparatus
10/31/13Work setting fastening elements
10/17/13Fastener driving tool
10/10/13Hand-held power tool
10/10/13Production method and absorber
09/12/13Two-component mortar composition and its use
09/12/13Method for the production of a dispersion
08/29/13Handheld power tool
08/15/13Hand-held power tool
07/25/13Hand-held power tool with a three-point mounting
07/25/13Handheld power tool having a bearing device
07/18/13Method for producing a profile from a sheet-metal strip
07/18/13Method and device for detecting an object in a substrate
06/27/13Laser system for creating a linear laser marking
06/27/13Drive-in device
06/27/13Fastener drive tool
06/27/13Device for measuring a distance to a target object

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