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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd
Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd A Corporation
Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd_20131212


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Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd. Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016769906/16/16 Vehicle control apparatus
22016016997606/16/16 Battery monitoring device and battery system using same
32016017213406/16/16 Power semiconductor module
42016017302006/16/16 Power conversion device, electric power steering system, electric vehicle, electronic control throttle, and electric brake
52016015918906/09/16 Suspension control apparatus
62016016082606/09/16 High pressure fuel supply pump with electromagnetic suction valve
72016016131206/09/16 Thermal-type air flow meter
82016016312806/09/16 Vehicle control device
92016016406606/09/16 Electric storage device and manufacturing electric storage device
102016016435406/09/16 Electric machine with q-offset grooved interior-magnet rotor and vehicle
112016015222106/02/16 Brake control device
122016015223206/02/16 Vehicle control system
132016015223706/02/16 Vehicle control system
142016015332506/02/16 Variable displacement oil pump
152016015337406/02/16 Vehicle control device
162016014665105/26/16 Physical quantity measuring device
172016014489605/26/16 Vehicle control system
182016014665205/26/16 Method of manufacturing thermal flow meter
192016014684905/26/16 Resin-sealed sensor device
202016014918005/26/16 Battery module
212016014942005/26/16 Secondary battery system
222016014946105/26/16 Rotating electric machine
232016014951205/26/16 Power module, power converter device, and electrically powered vehicle
242016013719505/19/16 Vehicle control system
252016013851105/19/16 Control device for internal combustion engine
262016013854905/19/16 Engine start-up device, and engine-start-up control method
272016013907105/19/16 Gas sensor apparatus and installation structure of gas sensor apparatus
282016014173705/19/16 Electricity storage block and electricity storage module
292016014192605/19/16 Rotary electrical machine, and rotor for rotary electrical machine
302016014193005/19/16 Rotor for electric power steering motor, electric power steering motor with this, and manufacturing therefor
312016013122105/12/16 Balancer device for internal combustion engine
322016013167805/12/16 Transfer mold type sensor device
332016012179105/05/16 Vehicle danger notification control apparatus
342016012186405/05/16 Brake apparatus and brake system
352016012319405/05/16 Valve timing control internal combustion engine
362016012326105/05/16 Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control method
372016012612705/05/16 Adhesive sheet, manufacturing semiconductor device using same, manufacturing thermal airflow sensor using same, and thermal airflow sensor
382016012651405/05/16 Battery module
392016012679305/05/16 Structure for preventing scattering of magnet and retaining magnet for rotating electrical machine
402016011469104/28/16 Power conversion device
412016011480004/28/16 Vehicle control apparatus
422016011592004/28/16 Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
432016011601104/28/16 Disk brake
442016011868204/28/16 Flat-winding type secondary battery
452016010764004/21/16 Vehicle control system
462016010877804/21/16 Valve-timing control internal combustion engine
472016010491904/14/16 Lithium ion secondary battery
482016010601004/14/16 Box-type vehicle-mounted control device
492016009735804/07/16 Fuel injection valve
502016009781904/07/16 Battery control device
512016009418003/31/16 Electric motor drive control device, electrically driven power steering device, electrically driven brake device, and electrically driven pump device
522016009526403/31/16 Power module and power conversion apparatus using same
532016008440103/24/16 Electromagnetic valve and fixing structure
542016008290803/24/16 Electronic control apparatus
552016008412003/24/16 Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
562016008757203/24/16 Motor drive device and motor drive eps system
572016007641003/17/16 Valve timing control internal combustion engine
582016007643603/17/16 Variable combustion system for an internal combustion engine
592016007649803/17/16 Electromagnetic valve control unit and internal combustion engine control device using same
602016007653903/17/16 Electric oil pump
612016006814603/10/16 Electric booster
622016006922303/10/16 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
632016006940303/10/16 Disk brake
642016006996203/10/16 Battery system
652016007164203/10/16 Electromagnetic coil driving control device
662016007222803/10/16 Control apparatus, connector, and laminated capacitor for connector
672016007242303/10/16 Power conversion apparatus and electric power steering device
682016007350403/10/16 Electronic control device
692016006164203/03/16 Flow sensor and producing resin structure
702016005985203/03/16 Vehicle motion control device
712016006106603/03/16 Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine
722016006117203/03/16 Running control apparatus and running control system
732016006128303/03/16 Shock absorber
742016006128403/03/16 Shock absorber
752016006190103/03/16 Battery system monitoring device
762016006485303/03/16 Electrical connector assembly, electronic control unit using same, and electric power steering system therewith
772016006503003/03/16 Electric drive device and electric power steering device
782016005236102/25/16 Tube and shock absorber
792016005249602/25/16 Brake system
802016005373602/25/16 Onboard controller
812016005388502/25/16 Device and switching range of automatic transmission
822016005415202/25/16 Diagnostic device
832016005668402/25/16 Rotating electric machine and electrically driven vehicle
842016005740302/25/16 Stereo camera device
852016004627402/18/16 Brake cylinder limiting valve
862016004733002/18/16 Device for controlling fuel injection valve
872016004833602/18/16 Electronic control unit and rewriting data
882016004074202/11/16 Shock absorber and vehicle using the same
892016004337302/11/16 Lithium-ion secondary cell and manufacturing same
902016003343302/04/16 Gas sensor
912016003128402/04/16 Shock absorber-equipped vehicle
922016003142502/04/16 Brake apparatus and brake system
932016003279502/04/16 Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
942016003299302/04/16 Electric parking brake device and release method therefor
952016003299402/04/16 Disc brake
962016003299502/04/16 Brake apparatus
972016003343302/04/16 Gas sensor
982016003355902/04/16 Overcurrent detecting device and overcurrent detecting method
992016003549702/04/16 Electrical storage module
1002016003610202/04/16 Battery module
1012016003765402/04/16 Power converter
1022016002520701/28/16 Oil supply device
1032016002505201/28/16 Electromagnetic fuel injector
1042016002520701/28/16 Oil supply device
1052016002553901/28/16 Thermal type air flow sensor
1062016002554201/28/16 Flow sensor
1072016002558101/28/16 Pressure sensor
1082016002833601/28/16 Control electric motor and control electric motor
1092016002834201/28/16 Electric motor drive device
1102016001656901/21/16 Booster, resistance force applying apparatus, and stroke simulator
1112016001657201/21/16 Brake control device
1122016001795101/21/16 Shock absorber
1132016002070701/21/16 Electric power conversion device
1142016002178901/21/16 Electronic control connecting substrate of electronic control apparatus
1152016001053601/14/16 Flow rate-controlling valve
1162016001071501/14/16 Shock absorber
1172016001071601/14/16 Shock absorber
1182016001102901/14/16 Flow sensor and manufacturing method thereof
1192016001103101/14/16 Hot-type fluid measurement device
1202016001125401/14/16 Compound sensor
1212016001179501/14/16 Electronic control unit for vehicle and data communication method
1222016001228301/14/16 Stereoscopic camera apparatus
1232016000166101/07/16 In-vehicle step-down switching power supply, in-vehicle electronic control device, and idle stop system
1242016000171601/07/16 Vehicle control device
1252016000177401/07/16 Parking assistance device and parking assistance device control method
1262016000318201/07/16 Control device for internal combustion engine
1272016000365001/07/16 Structure of physical sensor
1282016000368601/07/16 Intake air temperature sensor and flow measurement device
1292016000518001/07/16 Imaging apparatus and vehicle controller
1302016000634301/07/16 Power supply startup system
1312016000749201/07/16 Power semiconductor device and power conversion device
1322015037767612/31/15 Fluid measurement device
1332015037578312/31/15 Drive device for electric vehicle
1342015037709112/31/15 Valve timing control apparatus and variable valve actuating internal combustion engine
1352015037717612/31/15 Drive device for fuel injection device
1362015037720012/31/15 Fuel injection valve
1372015037720212/31/15 Fuel injection valve
1382015037767012/31/15 Flow sensor
1392015037772912/31/15 Pressure detecting device
1402015038115912/31/15 Load drive control device
1412015038250112/31/15 Power converter
1422015036915212/24/15 Control device and control engine
1432015036782812/24/15 Brake apparatus
1442015036785212/24/15 Vehicle motion control system
1452015036915212/24/15 Control device and control engine
1462015036919912/24/15 Automatic stop/restart control system for an internal combustion engine and variable valve actuating apparatus
1472015036924812/24/15 Rotor structure and electric fluid pump
1482015036960312/24/15 Inertial force detection device
1492015036987312/24/15 Battery controller
1502015037260612/24/15 Control device of dc-dc converter
1512015036919912/24/15 Automatic stop/restart control system for an internal combustion engine and variable valve actuating apparatus
1522015036066012/17/15 Master cylinder
1532015036068812/17/15 Travel control device and travel control system
1542015036193812/17/15 Fuel injection valve
1552015036502412/17/15 Motor control system
1562015036608612/17/15 Vehicle-mounted electronic module
1572015035785212/10/15 Battery control device
1582015035295712/10/15 Secondary battery and secondary battery module
1592015035451512/10/15 Fuel injection device
1602015035464612/10/15 Disk brake, pad, and pair of shims
1612015035500612/10/15 Thermal flow meter
1622015035521812/10/15 Inertial sensor
1632015035768512/10/15 Battery system
1642015035785212/10/15 Battery control device
1652015035792312/10/15 Dc-dc converter apparatus
1662015035835112/10/15 Network device, and data sending and receiving system
1672015034633412/03/15 Millimeter-wave dielectric lens antenna and speed sensor using same
1682015034403912/03/15 Vehicuar control device and fail-safe method
1692015034534612/03/15 Valve-timing control internal combustion engine
1702015034633412/03/15 Millimeter-wave dielectric lens antenna and speed sensor using same
1712015033778211/26/15 Fuel injection valve
1722015033825811/26/15 Flow sensor and manufacturing the same
1732015033982511/26/15 Stereo camera apparatus
1742015034066911/26/15 Secondary battery module
1752015034088311/26/15 Cell controller and battery-monitoring device
1762015034093411/26/15 Inverter device and inverter device integrated with motor
1772015033082011/19/15 Physical quantity sensor
1782015033330411/19/15 Assembled battery
1792015033331211/19/15 Assembled battery
1802015032282611/12/15 Variable valve device for internal combustion engine
1812015032336011/12/15 Thermal airflow sensor
1822015032360911/12/15 Battery monitoring device and battery system monitoring device
1832015032652911/12/15 Gateway device, and service providing system
1842015031476511/05/15 Brake device
1852015031062110/29/15 Image processing device
1862015030696010/29/15 Dc-dc converter
1872015030710010/29/15 Vehicle controller
1882015031062110/29/15 Image processing device
1892015031183510/29/15 Motor driving system
1902015030516910/22/15 Electronic control device
1912015029869610/22/15 Vehicle travel control system
1922015030033810/22/15 Pump for supplying high-pressure fuel
1932015030085710/22/15 Thermal air flow sensor
1942015030085810/22/15 Thermal flow meter
1952015030107510/22/15 Inertial sensor
1962015030111510/22/15 Battery control device, battery system
1972015030372810/22/15 Assembled battery monitoring device
1982015030375410/22/15 Stator for rotating electric machine
1992015030384410/22/15 Inverter device
2002015030386010/22/15 Motor, control device, and motor drive device
2012015030516910/22/15 Electronic control device
2022015030518810/22/15 Electric power converter
2032015029103810/15/15 Vehicle control device
2042015029104110/15/15 Power supply device
2052015029104510/15/15 Electric storage device for vehicle deployment
2062015029522110/15/15 Rectangular secondary battery
2072015029545510/15/15 Rotating electric machine and electrically driven vehicle
2082015029547710/15/15 Electric rotating machine
2092015028400510/08/15 Vehicle control device
2102015028517710/08/15 Apparatus for and controlling fuel injection of internal combustion engine
2112015028797010/08/15 Cell and assembled battery
2122015028895310/08/15 Stereo image processing device and stereo image processing method
2132015028935710/08/15 Electronic control device
2142015027413910/01/15 Electric brake apparatus
2152015027599910/01/15 Damping force adjustable shock absorber
2162015027600010/01/15 Shock absorber
2172015027857810/01/15 Object detection device and object detection method
2182015026757509/24/15 Variable valve system of internal combustion engine
2192015026762509/24/15 Control device for internal combustion engine
2202015026766509/24/15 Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
2212015027058909/24/15 Battery block and battery module having same
2222015027193309/24/15 Electronic control device
2232015025889609/17/15 Electric vehicle control device
2242015025889709/17/15 Regeneration control device for vehicle
2252015026076509/17/15 Sensor device
2262015025273609/10/15 Engine control device and control method
2272015025280309/10/15 Variable displacement pump
2282015025342109/10/15 Radar module and speed measuring device using same
2292015025609609/10/15 Capacitor module and power conversion device
2302015024666409/03/15 Master cylinder
2312015024722209/03/15 Surface-treated component manufacturing method and apparatus
2322015024754209/03/15 Disc brake
2332015024754709/03/15 Suspension device
2342015024754909/03/15 Cylinder apparatus
2352015024940609/03/15 Driving device for electric motor
2362015024941009/03/15 Control device and control brushless motor
2372015025007209/03/15 Seal structure for electronic control device
2382015023944208/27/15 Motion controlling a vehicle
2392015024018008/27/15 Coating film formation method
2402015024067108/27/15 Variable valve device for internal combustion engine
2412015024396108/27/15 Rectangular secondary battery
2422015024553508/27/15 Power conversion device
2432015023207608/20/15 Brake control device
2442015023330608/20/15 Variable valve timing control device for internal combustion engine, and control method
2452015023333208/20/15 High-pressure fuel pump
2462015023333408/20/15 Fuel injection valve
2472015023509308/20/15 Moving object recognition apparatus
2482015023632808/20/15 Secondary battery
2492015023636908/20/15 Prismatic secondary battery

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