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Hitachi High technologies Corporation
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Hitachi High technologies Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Hitachi High technologies Corporation. Hitachi High technologies Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hitachi High technologies Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hitachi High technologies Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Ion beam device
11/30/17Height measurement device and charged particle beam device
11/30/17Analysis method and analysis device
11/30/17Charged particle beam device
11/30/17Charged particle beam device and information-processing device
11/23/17Measurement system, head-mounted device, non-transitory computer readable medium, and service providing method
11/23/17Mass spectrometer
11/23/17Exposure condition evaluation device
11/23/17Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
11/16/17Defect observation method and defect observation device
11/16/17Defect inspection device, display device, and defect classification device
11/16/17Automatic analysis device
11/16/17Sample test automation system
11/16/17Composite charged particle beam apparatus and control method thereof
11/16/17Charged particle beam device
11/09/17Overlay measurement method, device, and display device
11/09/17Defect quantification method, defect quantification device, and defect evaluation value display device
11/09/17Charged particle beam apparatus, electron microscope and sample observation method
11/09/17Charged particle beam device
11/09/17Ion beam device
11/02/17Charged particle beam apparatus
10/26/17Cytometric mechanism, cell culture device comprising same, and cytometric method
10/26/17Fixed position controller and method
10/26/17Scanning electron microscope
10/19/17Nucleic acid delivery controlling manufacturing same, and nucleic acid sequencing device
10/19/17Scanning electron microscope
09/28/17Charged particle beam device
09/28/17Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
09/21/17Biomolecule measurement system and biomolecule measurement method
09/21/17Sample for coordinates calibration and fabricating the same
09/21/17Automatic analyzer
09/21/17Charged particle beam device
09/14/17Spot array substrate, producing same, and nucleic acid polymer analysis
09/14/17X-ray inspection
08/31/17Defect observation apparatus
08/31/17Charged particle beam apparatus and vibration damper for charged particle beam apparatus
08/24/17Plasma processing method
08/10/17Nucleic acid analysis device and device diagnosis nucleic acid analysis device
08/10/17Automatic analyzing apparatus
08/10/17Ion beam apparatus and ion beam irradiation method
08/10/17Vacuum processing apparatus
08/10/17Data management apparatus and monitoring same
08/03/17Automatic analyzing apparatus
08/03/17Ion milling device, ion source and ion milling method
08/03/17Charged particle beam device
08/03/17Charged particle beam device, electron microscope and sample observation method
08/03/17Ion milling device and ion milling method
07/27/17Temperature regulating container
07/27/17Pattern height measurement device and charged particle beam device
07/27/17Multichannel analysis device
07/27/17Automatic analysis device
07/27/17Automatic analysis apparatus
07/27/17Cryostation system
07/20/17Liquid stirring method
07/20/17Automatic analyzer
07/20/17Automatic analysis device
07/20/17Charged particle beam apparatus and image forming charged particle beam apparatus
07/13/17Reaction cell for automatic analysis device, automatic analysis device equipped with said reaction cell, and analysis method using said automatic analysis device
07/06/17Cell dispersion measurement mechanism, and cell subculture system utilizing same
07/06/17Automatic analyzer
07/06/17Method for releasing sample and plasma processing apparatus using same
07/06/17Manufacturing magnetoresistive element and vacuum processing apparatus
07/06/17Plasma processing method
06/29/17Scanning electron microscope and controlling same
06/29/17Plasma processor
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06/22/17Automatic analyzing apparatus
06/22/17Plasma processing apparatus and operating plasma processing apparatus
06/15/17Particle suction capture mechanism and unstopping device equipped with particle suction capture mechanism
06/15/17Charged particle beam device and installation method
06/15/17Electron microscope device and imaging method using same
06/08/17Cell concentration adjustment device, and automatic subculture system using same
06/08/17Cell culture device and image analysis device
06/08/17Pattern measurement condition setting device and pattern measuring device
06/08/17Analysis device and analysis method
06/08/17Charged particle beam apparatus and aberration corrector
06/08/17Mass spectrometry device
06/08/17Dry-etching method
06/01/17Automatic analysis apparatus
06/01/17Automatic analysis device
06/01/17Automatic analyzer
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05/25/17Defect inspection device and defect inspection method
05/18/17Pattern measurement method and pattern measurement device
05/18/17Hole formation method and measurement device
05/18/17Device for storing biochemical reagents, and biochemical analyzer
05/11/17Automatic analytical apparatus
05/11/17Electron microscope and sample observation method
05/04/17Mass spectrometer
04/27/17Fluorescence spectrometer
04/27/17Defect inspection method, low light detecting method, and low light detector
04/27/17Charged particle beam device and spherical aberration correction method
04/20/17Defect observation and defect detection device
04/20/17Inspection apparatus and method using pattern matching
04/20/17Charged particle beam apparatus
04/20/17Plasma processing equipment and plasma generation equipment
04/13/17Defect inspection method and its device
04/13/17Defect inspection device and defect inspection method
04/06/17Test apparatus
04/06/17Chromatograph mass spectrometer and control method therefor
03/30/17Analysis device
03/30/17Automatic analyzer
03/30/17Charged-particle-beam device
03/30/17Measurement device, calibration measurement device, and calibration member
03/30/17Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
03/23/17Defect reviewing
03/23/17Plasma etching method
03/16/17Ion beam device
03/09/17Sample holder, observation system, and image generation method
03/02/17Sample dispensing device and nozzle tip for sample dispensing device
03/02/17Charged particle radiation apparatus
02/23/17Charged particle beam device and detection method using said device
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02/16/17Microscope observation container and observation device
02/16/17Sample processing method and charged particle beam device
02/16/17Measurement system and measurement method
02/16/17Ion milling apparatus and sample processing method
02/09/17Cell culture device
02/09/17Electron beam device
02/09/17Plasma processing apparatus
02/09/17Charged particle beam device and inspection device
02/02/17Pattern measurement method and measurement apparatus
02/02/17Evaluation condition setting semiconductor device, and evaluation condition setting apparatus
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02/02/17Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
01/26/17Microspectroscopy device
01/26/17Charged particle beam apparatus
01/26/17Plasma processing apparatus
01/26/17Plasma processing apparatus
01/26/17Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
01/19/17Sequence data analyzer, dna analysis system and sequence data analysis method
01/19/17Scanning electron microscope
01/19/17Sample holder for charged particle beam device, and charged particle beam device
01/19/17Plasma processing apparatus
01/12/17Terahertz wave phase difference measurement device
01/12/17Automatic analyzer
01/12/17Automatic analyzer
01/12/17Automatic analyzer
01/12/17Plasma processing device
12/29/16Fluid switching valve and liquid chromatograph apparatus using the same
12/29/16Charged particle beam apparatus
12/29/16Scanning electron microscope system, pattern measurement method using same, and scanning electron microscope
12/29/16Vacuum processing apparatus
12/29/16Plasma processing apparatus and data analysis apparatus
12/22/16Plasma processing apparatus
12/15/16Automated analyzer
12/15/16Stage device and charged particle beam device using the same
12/08/16Reaction cell and automatic biochemical analyzer
12/08/16Pattern-measuring device and computer program
12/08/16Charged particle beam apparatus
12/08/16Defect image classification apparatus
12/01/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
12/01/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
11/24/16Automatic analysis device
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11/24/16Dispensing device and dispensing method
11/24/16Electron scanning microscope and image generation method
11/24/16Method of improving quality of scanning charged particle microscope image, and scanning charged particle microscope apparatus
11/24/16Charged particle beam apparatus, specimen observation system and operation program
11/17/16Flow-type ion selective electrode, electrolyte concentration measuring device using the same, and biochemical automatic analyzer
11/17/16Automatic analysis apparatus
11/17/16Automatic analytical apparatus
11/17/16Automatic analyzer
11/17/16Charged-particle-beam device, specimen-image acquisition method, and program recording medium
11/17/16Plasma processing apparatus, data processing apparatus and data processing method
11/17/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
11/10/16Automatic analyzer
11/10/16Automated analyzer device
11/10/16Charged particle beam device
11/10/16Charged particle beam device, image generation method, observation system
11/03/16Flow-path control method, and cell culture device
11/03/16Pattern measurement device, and computer program for measuring pattern
11/03/16Inspection device and measurement device
10/27/16Pattern measurement device and computer program
10/20/16Defect inspection using same
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10/20/16Pattern measurement device and computer program
10/20/16Dry etching method
10/13/16Far-infrared imaging device and far-infrared imaging method
10/13/16Light measuring device and light measuring method
10/13/16Charged-particle-beam device
10/13/16Hybrid ion source, mass spectrometer, and ion mobility device
10/06/16Automatic analyzing apparatus and analyzing method
10/06/16Automatic analysis device
09/29/16Curved grating, manufacturing the same, and optical device
09/29/16Stage apparatus and charged particle radiation apparatus equipped with stage apparatus
09/29/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
09/22/16Automatic analysis device and analysis method
09/22/16Charged particle beam apparatus, image forming method using a charged particle beam apparatus, and image processing apparatus
09/15/16Reagent vessel holder for an analytical instrument, reagent supply system for an analytical instrument and an analytical instrument
09/15/16Liquid mixing device, and liquid chromatography apparatus
09/15/16Analyte testing automation system, biological sample check module, and biological sample check method
09/08/16Far-ultraviolet absorbance detection device for liquid chromatography
09/01/16Specimen transport device, specimen pretreatment system, analysis system, and specimen testing automation system
09/01/16Specimen pre-processing connection device and system provided with device
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09/01/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
08/25/16Sample transfer device and sample processing system
08/25/16Dna transport control device and producing same, as well as dna sequencing device
08/25/16Nucleic acid analysis device and diagnosis method
08/25/16Biomolecule measuring device
08/18/16Automatic analyzer
08/18/16Automatic analysis device
08/18/16Plasma ion source and charged particle beam apparatus
08/18/16Charged particle beam device
08/18/16Plasma ion source and charged particle beam apparatus
08/11/16Charged particle beam device
08/11/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
08/04/16Ion-selective electrode
08/04/16Ion beam device and emitter tip adjustment method
08/04/16Electron microscope
08/04/16Charged particle beam device and charged particle beam measurement method
08/04/16Plasma processing apparatus
08/04/16Plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method and plasma processing analysis method
07/28/16Nucleic-acid-sequence determination device and nucleic-acid-sequence determination method
07/28/16Defect inspection device and defect inspection method
07/28/16Electrophoresis medium receptacle and electrophoresis apparatus
07/28/16Method of transmitting control data for system conversion among liquid chromatographs
07/28/16Charged particle beam device
07/28/16Charged particle beam inclination correction method and charged particle beam device
07/28/16Charged particle beam device and sample holder for charged particle beam device
07/28/16Vacuum processing apparatus
07/28/16Plasma processing apparatus
07/21/16Componential analyzer, drug efficacy analyzer, and analysis method
07/21/16Automatic analyzer
07/21/16Sample holder and charged particle device
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07/21/16Method and reviewing defects
07/21/16Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
07/21/16Plasma processing apparatus
07/14/16Specimen storage apparatus, specimen processing system, and controlling method thereof
07/14/16Anti-contamination trap, and vacuum application device
07/14/16Electron microscope
07/14/16Charged particle beam apparatus and sample image acquiring method
07/14/16Inspection equipment
07/14/16Charged particle beam device and charged particle beam device control method
07/14/16Data analysis plasma processing apparatus, plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
07/14/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
07/07/16Nozzle cleaning method and automated analyzer
07/07/16Analysis device and analysis method
07/07/16Automated analyzer
07/07/16Automated analyzer
07/07/16Hybrid ion source and mass spectrometric device
06/30/16Pattern shape evaluation device and method
06/23/16Plasma processing apparatus and operation method thereof
06/23/16Surface shape measuring apparatus
06/23/16Plasma processing method
06/23/16Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
06/16/16Flow cell for nucleic acid analysis and nucleic acid analyzer
06/16/16Cell culturing method, particulate culture carrier, and particle-encompassing cell aggregate
06/16/16Charged particle beam device
06/16/16Plasma processing apparatus
06/09/16Defect inspection method and defect inspection device
06/09/16Automatic analyzer
06/09/16Charged particle beam device enabling facilitated ebsd detector analysis of desired position and control method thereof
06/09/16Ion milling device

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