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Hitachi Ltd
Hitachi Ltd Intellectual Property Group
Hitachi Ltd Elpida Memory Inc Hitachi Ulsi Systems Co Ltd
Hitachi Ltd And Hitachi Device Engineering Co Ltd
Hitachi Ltd 5 Interest
Hitachi Ltd A Corporation Of Japan
Hitachi Ltd via Epas
Hitachi Ltd x26 Hitachi Computer Peripherals Co Ltd
Hitachi Ltd_20131212
Hitachi Ltd_20100128
Hitachi Ltd_20100121
Hitachi Ltd_20100114
Hitachi Ltd_20100107

Hitachi Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hitachi Ltd. Hitachi Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hitachi Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hitachi Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  System and controlling automated page-based tier management in storage systems
09/21/17 new patent  Existing system processing specification extractor
09/21/17 new patent  Autopoietic information processing system and method
09/21/17 new patent  Mood score calculation system
09/21/17 new patent  Diagnostic image generation apparatus and diagnostic image generation method
09/21/17 new patent  Auto driving control system
09/21/17 new patent  Abrasion resistant material, puffer cylinder, and puffer type gas circuit breaker
09/14/17Analog/digital conversion system, x-ray ct apparatus, and medical image imaging apparatus
09/14/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
09/14/17Abnormality detection procedure development apparatus and abnormality detection procedure development method
09/14/17Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
09/14/17Backup management system and backup management method
09/14/17Biometric authentication system, biometric authentication processing apparatus, biometric authentication method, biometric information acquisition terminal, and information terminal
09/14/17Gas circuit breaker
09/14/17Scanning electron microscope and electron trajectory adjustment method therefor
09/14/17Route resolution system and route resolution method
09/07/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
09/07/17Ultrasound diagnostic image generating device and method
09/07/17Particle beam treatment system
09/07/17High-sensitivity sensor system, detection circuit, and detection method
09/07/17High frequency coil and magnetic resonance image pickup device
09/07/17Computer system, gateway apparatus, and server apparatus
08/31/17Display device
08/31/17Gas circuit breaker
08/31/17Field winding type synchronous machine
08/24/17Ultrasound diagnostic device
08/24/17Method for producing hydrogel, enveloping envelopment target, and releasing envelopment target
08/24/17Method of detecting failure or anomaly of sensor terminal
08/24/17Module division assistance device, module division assistance method, and module division assistance program
08/24/17Computer system and transaction processing management method
08/24/17Image processing device, image processing method and image processing system
08/24/17Particle beam therapy system, ridge filter, and making ridge filter
08/17/17Drug efficacy evaluation assisting system, and drug efficacy evaluation assist information presenting method
08/17/17Ct image reconstruction method, ct image reconstruction device, and ct system
08/17/17X-ray imaging apparatus
08/17/17X-ray ct apparatus, upsampling projection data, and image reconstruction method
08/17/17Ultrasonic image processing device
08/17/17Leakage oil detector system and method
08/17/17Configuration of storage using profiles and templates
08/17/17Computer system and storage device
08/17/17Data processing system and data processing method
08/17/17Simulation system and simulation method
08/17/17Image processing device, alarming apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method
08/17/17Heat-dissipating structure and semiconductor module using same
08/17/17Communication apparatus, communication system, and circuit configuration control method
08/10/17Ultrasonic diagnosis device
08/10/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method
08/10/17Information processing apparatus, processing apparatus, data search method
08/10/17Semiconductor storage device, and storage device using same
08/10/17Ion beam device and sample observation method
08/10/17Communication device, communication device system, and communication method
08/03/17Treatment planning device, treatment planning method, control device, and particle beam treatment system
08/03/17Navigation system and center device
08/03/17Optical fiber sensor device
08/03/17Insulation diagnostic system or rotating machine
08/03/17Computer system and management program
08/03/17Computer system
08/03/17Device, method, and program for visualizing dependent portions of program
08/03/17Storage system and signal transfer method
08/03/17Storage area management system and storage area management method
08/03/17Sequential biometric cryptosystem and sequential biometric cryptographic processing method
08/03/17User permission check system
07/27/17Sentence retrieval method and sentence retrieval system
07/27/17Battery system in which information transmission occurs via insulating circuits
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07/27/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
07/27/17Ultrasound imaging apparatus
07/27/17Alloy structure and producing alloy structure
07/27/17Alloy structure and producing alloy structure
07/27/17Device degradation cause estimation
07/27/17Autonomous moving device
07/27/17Management apparatus and management method
07/27/17Data management apparatus and data management method
07/27/17Sentence retrieval method and sentence retrieval system
07/27/17Charged particle beam device, simulation method, and simulation device
07/27/17Skew adjustment circuit, semiconductor device, and skew calibration method
07/27/17Method for analyzing and inferring wireless network performance
07/27/17Electric power conversion apparatus
07/20/17X-ray ct device and imaging x-ray ct images
07/20/17Data processing method, data processing device, and x-ray ct apparatus
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07/20/17Autonomous moving device and self position estimation method
07/20/17Method and apparatus of subsidiary volume management
07/20/17Management system and management computer system
07/20/17Monitoring system, monitoring device, and monitoring program
07/20/17Simulation system and simulation method
07/20/17Voltage nonlinear resistor
07/13/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
07/13/17X-ray ct apparatus and image reconstruction method
07/13/17Medical treatment system
07/13/17Liquid feeding device and cell culture device
07/13/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image reconstruction method
07/06/17Switch circuit, ultrasound probe using the same, and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
07/06/17Resin powder material, laser powder molding
07/06/17Magnetic resonance imaging device and adjusting waveform of gradient magnetic field
07/06/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, time-series image generation method, and program
07/06/17Storage apparatus and data processing method thereof, and storage system
07/06/17Storage apparatus and storage control method
07/06/17Medicine production support system and medicine production support method
07/06/17Charged particle beam device, optical device, irradiation method, diffraction grating system, and diffraction grating
07/06/17Real time transmission monitoring and anomaly detection
06/29/17Conveying vehicle and conveying system
06/29/17Semiconductor device and information processing system
06/29/17File server apparatus, method, and computer system
06/29/17Electricity storage controlling electricity storage system
06/29/17Rotating electrical machine
06/29/17Power conversion apparatus
06/29/17Predictive analytics for location estimation of idle ues in a cellular network
06/29/17X-ray tube predictive fault indicator sensing device, x-ray tube predictive fault indicator sensing method, and x-ray imaging device
06/22/17Reverse osmosis treatment system
06/22/17Method for adjusting magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and superconductive magnet excitation dock
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06/22/17X-ray image pickup device and image reconstruction method
06/22/17Storage system
06/22/17Storage system, storage control method, and relay device
06/22/17Adaptive equalizer
06/15/17Apparatus for providing data to a harware-in-the-loop simulator
06/15/17Austenitic stainless steel and producing the same
06/15/17Magnetoresistive sensor and gradiometer
06/15/17Method and managing it infrastructure in cloud environments
06/15/17System for maintenance recommendation based on performance degradation modeling and monitoring
06/15/17Medical care data search system
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06/15/17Dialog text summarization device and method
06/15/17Power transistor module
06/15/17Battery energy storage system management apparatus, battery energy storage system management method, and battery energy storage system
06/15/17Diagnosis system and diagnosis photovoltaic power generation system
06/08/17Ultrasound probe, performance evaluation method therefor, and ultrasound diagnostic equipment
06/08/17Gas turbine combined electric power generation apparatus
06/08/17Thermal demand adjustment device for energy network and thermal demand adjustment energy network
06/08/17Optical analysis device
06/08/17Radiation measurement
06/08/17Management system for managing information system
06/08/17Method of generating display name of objects to be managed
06/08/17Management system for creating service
06/08/17Testing support system, and testing support method
06/08/17Drug efficacy analysis system and drug efficacy analysis method
06/08/17Rotating electric machine
06/01/17Amplifier circuit and ultrasonic probe
06/01/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
06/01/17Measuring system of heat load in perimeter zone and air-conditioning control system
06/01/17Interregional supply adjustment device and program
06/01/17Permanent magnet dynamo-electric machine
06/01/17Ring network system and network node
05/25/17Resin composition and electrical device
05/25/17Cell culturing device and closed-system culture vessel
05/25/17Power generation system and power generation method
05/25/17Outside recognition device
05/25/17Voltage stability monitoring device and method
05/25/17Estimating the locations of power system events using pmu measurements
05/25/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus, q-value calculation method, and specific absorption rate management method
05/25/17Time-skew correction unit and a method thereof
05/25/17Common resource updating apparatus and common resource updating method
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05/25/17Method and data cache in converged system
05/25/17Method and system for predicting consultation duration
05/25/17Method and system for verifying rules of a root cause analysis system in cloud environment
05/25/17Image processing apparatus and reconstruction condition setting method
05/25/17Method and a system for dynamic display of surveillance feeds
05/25/17Gas circuit breaker
05/25/17Battery system
05/18/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and blood flow drawing method
05/18/17X-ray ct apparatus, data processing device, and projection data generation method
05/18/17Multi-shaft variable speed gas turbine apparatus and controlling the same
05/18/17Offshore wind turbine, constructing offshore wind turbine, and offshore wind power generator
05/18/17Performance information management system, management computer, and performance information management method
05/18/17Method and apparatus to configure information technology infrastructure
05/18/17Storage system and cache control storage system
05/18/17Computer-implemented simplifying analysis of a computer-aided model
05/18/17Database analysis device and database analysis method
05/18/17Customer analysis system
05/18/17Power system control instruction device
05/18/17Switching device for power conversion and power conversion device
05/11/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
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05/11/17Magnetic resonance imaging determining high-frequency magnetic field shim parameter
05/11/17Fault symptom detection system
05/11/17Memory module and information processing system
05/11/17Software specification dependence relation verification apparatus and software specification dependence relation verification method
05/11/17Storage management computer
05/11/17Relevant information acquisition method and apparatus, and storage medium
05/11/17Large-scale sensor network system
05/04/17X-ray ct device and processing device
05/04/17Desalination system and desalination method
05/04/17Rack transportation device
05/04/17Desalination system and desalination method
05/04/17Desalination system and desalination method
05/04/17Remote control system for work machines
05/04/17Storage system and control storage device
05/04/17Management method and management apparatus, and storage medium
05/04/17Method of controlling communication path between virtual machines and computer system
05/04/17Distributed processing system
05/04/17Flash module provided with database operation unit, and storage device
05/04/17Project management system and method thereof
05/04/17Financial products trading system and financial products trading control method
Social Network Patent Pack
05/04/17Power transaction plan planning support system and power transaction plan planning support method
05/04/17Method for vapor-phase growth of phase-change thin film, and device for vapor-phase growth of phase-change thin film
05/04/17Rotating electric machine
04/27/17Positioning system
04/27/17Search method and apparatus and storage medium
04/27/17Apparatus, system, and providing traffic information
04/27/17Superconducting magnet
04/27/17Rotating electric machine or wind power generation system
04/20/17X-ray scanning apparatus
04/20/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
04/20/17Administration server, administration system, and administration method
04/20/17Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and rf shimming method
04/20/17Method and managing data recovery of distributed storage system
04/20/17Probabilistic inference system
04/20/17Business collaboration system and business collaboration method
04/13/17Substance-testing apparatus, substance-testing system, and substance-testing method
04/13/17Computer system
04/13/17Negative electrode material, negative electrode for lithium ion secondary battery, lithium ion secondary battery, and manufacturing the same
04/13/17Power conversion apparatus
04/06/17System stability monitoring apparatus and method
04/06/17Magnetic resonance imaging generating water-fat separation image
04/06/17Electric power demand adjustment program management apparatus and electric power demand adjustment program management method
04/06/17Operation procedure management method and system
04/06/17Plan generating device and plan generating method
04/06/17Operation assistance apparatus at time of accident in plant
04/06/17Storage system
04/06/17Input/output apparatus and method
04/06/17Data integration apparatus and data integration method
04/06/17Failure isolation method and management server for failure isolation
03/30/17Ultrasonic diagnostic device
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03/30/17Crude oil recovery device
03/30/17An automatic generating decision cubes from cross dependent data sets
03/30/17Ethanol engine system
03/30/17Rotary machine diagnostic system
03/30/17Magnetic resonance imaging system, static magnetic field homogeneity adjusting system, magnetic field homogeneity adjusting method, and magnetic field homogeneity adjusting program
03/30/17Computer and computer system
03/30/17Test db data generation apparatus
03/30/17Computer and controlling i/o switch of computer
03/30/17Method for calculating elliptic curve scalar multiplication
03/30/17Apparatus and executing an automated analysis of data, in particular social media data, for product failure detection
03/30/17Data retrieval/distribution method and apparatus, and storage medium
03/30/17Semiconductor storage device
03/30/17Super-conducting wire, super-conducting coil, and magnetic resonance imaging device
03/30/17Power supply device
03/30/17Stream data processing method and stream data processing device
03/30/17Image processing apparatus and positioning system
03/30/17Communication processing device, communication method, and communication system
03/23/17Electronic control device
03/23/17Biophotonic measurement device and method
03/23/17Optical modulator and manufacturing same
03/23/17Storage device
03/23/17Information processing system and information processing method
03/23/17Power-module device and power conversion device
03/23/17Quasi-solid state electrolyte and all solid state lithium secondary battery using same
03/23/17Multilayer printed circuit board
03/16/17Non-volatile memory device, and storage apparatus having non-volatile memory device
03/16/17Storage system and storage control method
03/16/17Storage system
03/16/17Storage system

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