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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Screw driving apparatus and screw feeding assembly thereof
03/23/17 new patent  Wiper ring and charging pile using same
03/23/17 new patent  Fastening apparatus
03/23/17 new patent  Ophthalmic lens, intraocular lens, and lens material
03/23/17 new patent  Data storage unit securing device
03/23/17 new patent  Detection baseboard management controller
03/23/17 new patent  Array substrate and display device and making the array substrate
03/23/17 new patent  Array substrate and making same
03/23/17 new patent  Array substrate and display device and making the array substrate
03/23/17 new patent  Array substrate and display device and making the array substrate
03/23/17 new patent  Optical lens for light emitting diode device
03/23/17 new patent  Antenna, rotating unit, wireless communication device and rotating controlling method
03/23/17 new patent  Method for image capturing and an electronic device using the method
03/23/17 new patent  Printed circuit board
03/23/17 new patent  Electronic device enclosure
03/16/17Aspheric lens and emission device
03/16/17Light emitting diode
03/09/17Electronic device and seeking help in a social network
03/09/17Cmos device with decreased leakage current and method making same
03/09/17Data sharing method and electronic device using same
03/09/17Electronic device and control method using electronic device
03/02/17Protective cover and making the same
03/02/17Method for growing carbon nanotubes
03/02/17Lens and light emitting device using same
03/02/17Lens and light-emitting device employing same
03/02/17Double-acting pressure sensor
03/02/17Light guide device and projector
03/02/17Optical engine and projector with same
03/02/17Method for manufacturing housing
03/02/17Indication system and electronic device utilizing the same
03/02/17Electronic device with system optimization function and system optimization method thereof
03/02/17Controller initializing device and method
03/02/17Terminal device, system for controlling virtual machine and method employing the same
03/02/17Electronic device and storage initialization method
03/02/17Road light monitoring device and monitoring system and monitoring method using same
03/02/17Tera hertz reflex klystron
03/02/17Antenna for electronic device
03/02/17Server management system and method
03/02/17Method for configuring internet protocal address of small cell
03/02/17Network device and dynamic adjustment of video resolution
03/02/17Method of dynamic frequency selection and an electronic device employing the same
03/02/17Router and selecting channel
02/23/17Fan assembly
02/23/17Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
02/23/17Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
02/23/17Carrier for hard disk drive
02/23/17Carrier for hard disk drive
02/23/17Electronic device and hands-free control electronic device
02/23/17Electronic device and shutdown method thereof
02/23/17Method for making sulfur-graphene composite material
02/23/17Control circuit and device using same
02/23/17Power-off control circuit and electronic device using same
02/23/17Https content filtering
02/23/17Audio and video synchronization method and terminal device using the same
02/23/17Protective case
02/23/17Thermal dissipation system for server
02/16/17Method for making oxide semiconductor film
02/16/17Electronic device and unmanned aerial vehicle control method
02/16/17Method for making thim film transistor
02/16/17Electronic device and multi-band antenna
02/16/17Wireless network access point for controlling transmission of data stream and method thereof
02/09/17Parking barrier and battery charging apparatus using same
02/09/17Load-bearing roller and conveying device using same
02/09/17Sputtering target, oxide semiconducting film, and making the same
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02/09/17Sputtering target, oxide semiconducting film, and making the same
02/09/17Touch panel
02/09/17Re-transmission control method and communication device
02/02/17Protective casing for electronic device
02/02/17Unmanned aerial vehicle control method and unmanned aerial vehicle using same
02/02/17Method for growing carbon nanotubes
02/02/17Lens and light-emitting device employing same
02/02/17Tread depth measuring system
02/02/17Detection system in relation to automatic transfer switch and method thereof
02/02/17Apparatus for applying compensation to displayed image and manufacturing same
02/02/17Motherboard with multiple chips
02/02/17Power switch sysyem and electronic device using the same
02/02/17Power consumption management device, system and method thereof
02/02/17Control system for hard disk
02/02/17Electronic device and splicing images of electronic device
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02/02/17Unmanned aerial vehicle detection method and unmanned aerial vehicle using same
02/02/17Alternating current to direct current converter system
02/02/17Protective cover
02/02/17Server and authentication method based on a time stamp
02/02/17Screen splitting system and method
02/02/17Singal switching system and set top box using same
02/02/17Container data center
01/26/17Fan control circuit and an electronic device using the same
01/26/17Fixing device for a power supply
01/26/17Electronic device and displaying remaining battery capacity of the electronic device
01/26/17Backboard for hard disk drive and electronic device using the backboard
01/26/17Driving assistant method, system, and vehicle
01/26/17Noise elimination circuit
01/26/17Electronic device and bottom type self-driven bridgeless rectifier
01/26/17Wireless charger system and method
01/26/17Wireless charger and wireless charging method
01/26/17Control circuit for controlling cooling fan of data center
01/26/17Optical network unit and optical detecting method
01/26/17Router and establishing a network connection using the router
01/26/17Hot swap system and electronic device utilizing the same
01/26/17Control circuit for fan
01/19/17Vehicle warning system and same
01/19/17Backlight module for lcd device
01/19/17Power supply circuit for solid state disk
01/19/17Touch film and touch module with the same
01/19/17Firmware updating method
01/19/17Connecting circuit for server back panel
01/12/17Battery charging electric vehicle
01/12/17Battery charging system and electric vehicle
01/12/17Mounting data storage device and electronic device
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01/12/17Computing device and processing data in cache memory of the computing device
01/12/17System for expansion of input/output ports of a computer
01/12/17Method, non-transitory storage medium and electronic device for displaying system information
01/12/17Expansion control circuit
01/12/17Method for network address allocation and network device using the same
01/12/17Electronic device and note reminder method
01/12/17Viewing panel for an electronic device
01/05/17Electronic device and mehod for capturing multi-aspect images using the electronic device
01/05/17Fan detection and control circuit and electronic device having the same
01/05/17Device, reducing physical impacts
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01/05/17Booting system for motherboard
01/05/17Add-on device and server using the same
01/05/17Indicating circuit
01/05/17Fan detection and control circuit and electronic device having the same
01/05/17Device, multi-point focus
01/05/17Heat dissipation device for electronic system
01/05/17Electronic device
01/05/17Fan control circuit
12/29/16Information gathering device and method using the same
12/29/16Electronic device and controlling the electronic device
12/29/16Packing case
12/29/16Computing device and electrical device controlling method
12/29/16Storage device with firmware synchronization function
12/29/16Multimedia data method and electronic device
12/29/16Epitaxial structure and making the same
12/29/16Cathode and lithium-air battery using the same
12/29/16Cathode and metal-air battery using the same
12/29/16Method and device for reducing power consumption
12/22/16Rotational speed control system for fan
12/22/16Visual indicating device
12/22/16Electronic device and virtual retinal display having the electronic device
12/22/16Set-top box assistant for text input
12/22/16Heat-dissipation structure and electronic device using the same
12/22/16Method for making phase change memory cell
12/22/16Regulating circuit and optimizing circuit
12/22/16Cloud server, control equipment and audio and video synchronization
12/15/16Electronic device with humidifying module
12/15/16Fixing member and electronic device
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12/15/16Foldable mouse
12/15/16Signal detection card and signal detection system
12/15/16Control system for server
12/15/16Electronic device and image tracking method thereof
12/15/16Detecting circuit and electronic device using the same
12/15/16Indicator securing apparatus
12/15/16Circuit board
12/15/16Heat dissipation device and heat dissipation system
12/08/16Adjustable apparatus to support device
12/08/16Test device for interface and electronic device assembly
12/08/16Method and system for transmission path optimization in a storage area network
12/08/16Processing hybrid automatic repeat request data transmissions
12/01/16Support for device to be hang
12/01/16Heat preservation system and smart cup using same
12/01/16Robot capable of vibrating based on pressure
12/01/16Dust-cleaning structure and electronic system using same
12/01/16Liquid injection device and mounting bracket of liquid injection device
12/01/16Interactive robot responding to human physical touches in manner of baby
12/01/16Driving component, robot and robot system
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12/01/16Robot control system
12/01/16Pressure sensor, mechanical arm and robot with same
12/01/16Interactive personal robot
12/01/16Control system for balance control of intelligent device
12/01/16Workpiece turnover mechanism
12/01/16Winder and electronic device with winder
12/01/16Curing agent, making the same, and structural adhesive using the same
12/01/16Lens, light emitting device and backlight module
12/01/16Heat dissipating apparatus
12/01/16Information pushing device and smart ventilation apparatus
12/01/16Measuring apparatus
12/01/16Electronic device and navigation indoor escaping
12/01/16Sensor capable of sensing shear force
12/01/16Multi-angle pressure sensor
12/01/16Electronic device and detecting and controlling driving under the influence
12/01/16Color filter substrate and manufacturing method thereof
12/01/16Light guide unit and backlight module with the same
12/01/16Light guiding configuration, backlight module and display device
12/01/16Backlight module and liquid crystal display device
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12/01/16Backlight module and liquid crystal display device
12/01/16Optical coupling module and photoelectric conversion device including same
12/01/16Lens assembly and test apparatus
12/01/16Voice coil motor actuator
12/01/16Tft array substrate and liquid crystal display panel
12/01/16Support device
12/01/16Display system
12/01/16Smart watch
12/01/16Logistics system and logistics method
12/01/16Fire and radiation-proof enclosure for electronic device
12/01/16Wireless communication system and network attached storage device thereof
12/01/16Electronic device and storage device thereof
12/01/16Multi-functional stylus for mobile terminal
12/01/16Touch control device
12/01/16Embedded touch-screen display panel
12/01/16Embedded touch display panel
12/01/16Electronic device and generating multiple interfaces in the electronic device
12/01/16Handwriting recognition method, system and electronic device
12/01/16Control system for virtual mouse and control method thereof
12/01/16Borderless display device
12/01/16Backplane and hard disk drive compatible circuit thereof
12/01/16Server and extracting content for commodity
12/01/16Method, system for classifying comment record and webpage management device
12/01/16Computing device and determining wiring paths on printed circuit board
12/01/16Fingerprint identification device and electronic device using same
12/01/16Protection case for electronic device and fingerprint input method
12/01/16Delivery address positioning system based on internet of vehicles and delivery address positioning method using same
12/01/16Framework and creating virtual model of three-dimensional space
12/01/16Wirelessly charging electronic lock device
12/01/16Touch display device and driving method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
12/01/16Electronic display structure for adjusting common voltage
12/01/16System for synchronizing display of data transmitted wirelessly
12/01/16Voice recognition device and method
12/01/16Electrical connection structure and thin film transistor array substrate including electrical connection structure
12/01/16Organic light emitting diode display panel and display device with same
12/01/16Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
12/01/16Method for manufacturing thin film transistor substrate
12/01/16Thin film transistor and manufacturing same
12/01/16Ultrasonic sensor, manufacturing same and ultrasonic sensor array
12/01/16Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
12/01/16Fuel cell modules
12/01/16Method for making fuel cell system
12/01/16Fuel cell system
12/01/16Lithium ion battery electrode
12/01/16Housing, electronic device having the housing, and manufacturing the housing
12/01/16Electronic device and multi-band antenna
12/01/16Connector plug
12/01/16Electronic device and motherboard
12/01/16Electronic bracelet
12/01/16Assistance device
12/01/16Elastic member in voice coil motor and electronic device using the same
12/01/16Switch circuit and jbod within the switch circuit
12/01/16Item of luggage
12/01/16Ride-sharing system and method
12/01/16Enclosure for electronic device
12/01/16Wearable terminal, indoor positioning indoor position
12/01/16Server and video call handover adaptability
12/01/16Carrier device and substrate assembly including same
12/01/16Band-pass filter

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