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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100107
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100114
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100128
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20131212
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100121


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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016012031805/05/16  new patent  System and adjusting seat height of chair
22016012144905/05/16  new patent  Pneumatic grinding tool
32016012153105/05/16  new patent  Housing, making the same, electronic device, and automotive interior component
42016012175905/05/16  new patent  Vehicle seat
52016012199105/05/16  new patent  Anti-coiling wire structures and moored balloons with the same
62016012201005/05/16  new patent  Aerial vehicle
72016012212905/05/16  new patent  Lifting device and lifting object using lifting device
82016012352005/05/16  new patent  Positioning device
92016012372205/05/16  new patent  Computing device and analyzing thickness
102016012429405/05/16  new patent  Imaging device and mounting apparatus
112016012447205/05/16  new patent  Fixing assembly and fixing device
122016012462305/05/16  new patent  Control system for one or more vehicular electronic systems
132016012481605/05/16  new patent  Computing device and recovering bios of computing device
142016012536305/05/16  new patent  Attendance system and method
152016012557705/05/16  new patent  Method and system for patching up a point cloud of an object
162016012563205/05/16  new patent  Electronic device and creating comic strip
172016012581005/05/16  new patent  Organic light emitting diode display panel structure and driving mechanism
182016012604005/05/16  new patent  Power control device
192016012666905/05/16  new patent  Clip for bios chip
202016012678505/05/16  new patent  Alarm system for power supply
212016012695705/05/16  new patent  Hand-activated counting device
222016012729605/05/16  new patent  Email sending designated contents of emails
232016012762105/05/16  new patent  Camera module
242016012765805/05/16  new patent  Camera module
252016012766205/05/16  new patent  Computing device and detecting lightness of lighting device
262016012768505/05/16  new patent  Video conference management device and method
272016012768705/05/16  new patent  Methods and systems for streaming media transmission
282016012768905/05/16  new patent  Dialing device and video conferencing
292016012769605/05/16  new patent  Monitor device and dynamic object monitoring method
302016012781405/05/16  new patent  Speaker
312016012824205/05/16  new patent  Gasket installation fixture
322016011440304/28/16 Machining equipment
332016011440404/28/16 Processing mechanism and processing device using same
342016011440504/28/16 Electrically-adjustable tool holder
352016011440604/28/16 Tool clamping device
362016011440704/28/16 Tool clamping device and collet thereof
372016011444304/28/16 Tool positioning and holding mechanism
382016011444504/28/16 Braking mechanism and processing device using the same
392016011444604/28/16 Brake and processing device using the same for a cutter device in processing apparatus
402016011444704/28/16 Clamping device
412016011480604/28/16 Safe driving monitoring system and method
422016011599104/28/16 Connecting assembly and connecting device
432016011601404/28/16 Shock absorber
442016011610504/28/16 Supporting apparatus
452016011610604/28/16 Nestable collapsible support apparatus
462016011627004/28/16 Detecting device
472016011665404/28/16 Light filter and lens module having same
482016011666504/28/16 Illumination system
492016011687804/28/16 Paper size detection system and method
502016011694504/28/16 Electronic device with storable keyboard
512016011694904/28/16 Electronic device enclosure
522016011695804/28/16 Delay system for delaying shutdown of server
532016011702504/28/16 Method for making touch panel
542016011717704/28/16 Monitoring system and monitoring server
552016011749104/28/16 Electronic device and verifying user identification
562016011750804/28/16 Sio device with spi bus gateway controller for write protection
572016011750904/28/16 Method and system for keeping data secure
582016011754004/28/16 Electronic device and control method thereof
592016011779504/28/16 Point cloud data processing system and method thereof and computer readable storage medium
602016011785604/28/16 Point cloud processing method and computing device using same
612016011785804/28/16 Computing device and simplifying point cloud of object
622016011803004/28/16 Computing device and processing music
632016011804304/28/16 Electronic device and alarm control the electronic device
642016011820204/28/16 Multi-use switch for electronic device
652016011820504/28/16 Keyboard
662016011841104/28/16 Tft array substrate, display panel, and tft structure
672016011883704/28/16 Wireless charger device and electronic device
682016011883804/28/16 Wireless charging device and electronic device assembly with wireless charging device
692016011886004/28/16 Sliding mechanism and machining device using the same
702016011887104/28/16 Linear motor
712016011887204/28/16 Linear motor
722016011887304/28/16 Voice coil motor
732016011969704/28/16 Audio equipment and electronic device
742016011969804/28/16 Loudspeaker
752016012004704/28/16 Electronic device with concealed coupling member
762016012005704/28/16 Coupling frame and methods for making the same
772016010727804/21/16 Workpiece holding device
782016010728004/21/16 Press mechanism
792016010732004/21/16 Fixture
802016010909104/21/16 Backlight assembly
812016010911204/21/16 Electronic device having indicator light
822016010937704/21/16 Light-emitting structure
832016010937804/21/16 Spherical light-emitting structure for inspecting workpiece
842016010978604/21/16 Imaging device
852016010978704/21/16 Imaging device
862016010979004/21/16 Imaging device
872016010990204/21/16 Electronic device enclosure
882016010990304/21/16 Electronic device with display panel
892016010990404/21/16 Mounting display
902016010991004/21/16 Securing structure for expansion card
912016010993904/21/16 System and projecting images of an electronic device on a vehicle window
922016010996204/21/16 Handwriting input device of electronic device
932016010996304/21/16 Computer mouse having variable size
942016010996604/21/16 Touch pen and electronic device having the same
952016011030804/21/16 Topology of connecting two computation devices
962016011097404/21/16 Monitoring system
972016011100104/21/16 System and remotely controlling operations of vehicle
982016011176304/21/16 Rechargeable battery
992016011187504/21/16 Adaptive all-in-one device and supplying power thereto
1002016011190604/21/16 Power supply system for wireless keyboard
1012016011202404/21/16 Inductor circuit integrated with rc circuit
1022016011269904/21/16 Testing chart, camera module testing system and camera module testing method
1032016011278204/21/16 Electronic device
1042016011284904/21/16 Device and transferring call
1052016011313304/21/16 Housing locking apparatus
1062016011316004/21/16 Electromagnetic shielding structure of electronic part
1072016010569704/14/16 System and beforehand downloading video
1082016010144104/14/16 Washer
1092016010156504/14/16 Method of 3d printing using rotational positioning and starter substrate
1102016010156604/14/16 Method and forming a multi-colored three-dimensional object using a secondary colorization process
1112016010156704/14/16 Methods of extruding a multi-colored molten filament material and nozzle for use therewith
1122016010325404/14/16 Diffusion plate, making the same, and backlight module using the same
1132016010327404/14/16 Light source module
1142016010347004/14/16 Electronic device system
1152016010364704/14/16 Display control apparatus and related method
1162016010398704/14/16 Electronic device and an unlocking password setting method
1172016010400704/14/16 Device and data privacy management
1182016010432504/14/16 Carpark access management system and parking lot using the same
1192016010433304/14/16 Electronic lock and wirelessly unlocking the electronic lock
1202016010437204/14/16 Electrical equipment and remote control receiving remote signal by electro-magnetic induction
1212016010445404/14/16 Electronic device and adjusting brightness of display device of the electronic device
1222016010455804/14/16 Method of manufacturing touch device with curved touch surface on substrate
1232016010498704/14/16 Electronic system and coupling device
1242016010520804/14/16 Mobile phone cover with mechanical keyboard
1252016010527804/14/16 Key, system and unlocking electronic device using the key
1262016010534904/14/16 Network device and channel quality estimation
1272016010576304/14/16 Framework and tracking lost or stolen electronic device
1282016010579304/14/16 Mobile phone and automatically updating a currently active system mode of a mobile phone
1292016010592204/14/16 System for coupling mobile device to host computer of automobile and method thereof
1302016010597604/14/16 Electronic device enclosure
1312016010597804/14/16 Mounting apparatus
1322016010597904/14/16 Automatic locking mechanism and electronic device therewith
1332016010598704/14/16 Slide rail interlocking apparatus and electronic device having the same
1342016010599404/14/16 Container data center
1352016010599904/14/16 Cooling device and cooling fin
1362016009806704/07/16 Electronic card holder and electronic device using same
1372016009979304/07/16 Terminal device and packet processing method
1382016010004004/07/16 Method and network device for data processing
1392016010023504/07/16 Electronic device with low frequency audio output capability
1402016010024704/07/16 Speaker
1412016008891103/31/16 Protective cover and holder for electronic device
1422016008981903/31/16 Method of forming film for a component
1432016009064603/31/16 Coated article, making the same and electronic device using the same
1442016009100603/31/16 Fixing assembly and fixing device
1452016009116303/31/16 Automotive daytime running lights
1462016009166203/31/16 Optical waveguide lens
1472016009187803/31/16 Method of controlling electronic device
1482016009325403/31/16 Luminance control use in displays
1492016009469703/31/16 Method of answering electronic device
1502016009490203/31/16 Display device with sound generation regions having different areas
1512016009490703/31/16 Earphone device, electronic device assembly and control electronic device assembly
1522016009491303/31/16 Audio transmission system
1532016009523603/31/16 Support for electronic device
1542016009524003/31/16 Electronic card connector and electronic device using same
1552016008142303/24/16 Heated shoe
1562016008300203/24/16 Steering wheel, steering wheel control system, and unfolding steering wheel
1572016008300303/24/16 Vehicle securing system
1582016008447203/24/16 Light diffusion member, and light emitting device, and display device using the same
1592016008467103/24/16 Calibration device and calibration method
1602016008471603/24/16 Sensor structure
1612016008502903/24/16 Optical waveguide lens and optical coupling module incorporating the same
1622016008531303/24/16 Electronic device, control system and control smart glass
1632016008566703/24/16 Spi rom with built-in mask rom for bios
1642016008738103/24/16 Connector assemblies and electronic devices with the same
1652016008766603/24/16 Electronic device
1662016008767303/24/16 Cancellation circuits and transceiver circuits to suppress interference
1672016008780703/24/16 Network port and ethernet device integrating powered device and power sourcing equivalent in a port
1682016008812803/24/16 Housing, electronic device using the housing, and making the housing
1692016008822803/24/16 Photograph method and photograph device
1702016008875803/24/16 Fastening apparatus
1712016007501103/17/16 Robot apparatus
1722016007548203/17/16 Extruder
1732016007669103/17/16 Display apparatus adapted for a variety of placements
1742016007672503/17/16 Vehicle lamp
1752016007673903/17/16 Condenser lens and lamp using condenser lens
1762016007688003/17/16 Computing device and processing point clouds
1772016007695103/17/16 Calibration device and sensor calibration system using the same
1782016007755203/17/16 Wearable device and control method thereof
1792016007826203/17/16 Logistics system
1802016007863903/17/16 Computing device and calculating area of outline of object
1812016007867603/17/16 Electronic device and point cloud fixing method
1822016007870003/17/16 Control system and control vehicle anti-theft
1832016007966703/17/16 Multiband antenna
1842016008002303/17/16 Electronic device with cover
1852016008069203/17/16 Device and managing bandwidth of video conference
1862016008120803/17/16 Display apparatus with multiple means of support
1872016008121403/17/16 Display apparatus
1882016006668603/10/16 Adjustable support for electronic device
1892016006759803/10/16 Electronic device and pausing video during playback
1902016006794803/10/16 Encapsulation structure and making same
1912016006935403/10/16 Fan control system and method
1922016006952403/10/16 Window glass
1932016006952503/10/16 Vehicle headlamp
1942016006953103/10/16 Led lamp
1952016006954103/10/16 Lamp
1962016006959003/10/16 Water heating and distribution system and system control device
1972016006966603/10/16 Height measure method and electronic device using same
1982016007004503/10/16 Back light module
1992016007005003/10/16 Led module
2002016007005403/10/16 Light guide and manufacturing same
2012016007006303/10/16 Optical coupling device, photoelectric conversion device and optical communication device
2022016007006903/10/16 Optical fiber coupling connector
2032016007007603/10/16 Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
2042016007012803/10/16 Display device capable of displaying a continuous image
2052016007013803/10/16 Display device capable of displaying a continuous image
2062016007015403/10/16 Camera assembly and rotating mechanism
2072016007029303/10/16 Accelerator and brake pedal device and vehicle using same
2082016007030903/10/16 Electronic device enclosure
2092016007031703/10/16 Mounting system for hard disk drive
2102016007034003/10/16 Electronic device and automatically adjusting display ratio of user interface
2112016007039103/10/16 Electronic device and controlling displayed interface according to posture of input device
2122016007040003/10/16 Touch control method and electronic system utilizing the same
2132016007043703/10/16 Electronic device and displaying desktop icons
2142016007046703/10/16 Electronic device and displaying virtual keyboard
2152016007090403/10/16 Electronic device and controlling positioning function according to password inputted on user interface
2162016007093703/10/16 Electronic device and method thereof for unlocking display of electronic device
2172016007106303/10/16 Attendance system and method
2182016007134403/10/16 Control system and control vehicle anti-theft
2192016007139103/10/16 Wearable device and system capable of automatically notifying personal emergency, and method thereof
2202016007217003/10/16 Harmonics suppression filter
2212016007222503/10/16 Carrier for flexible printed circuit
2222016007227303/10/16 Power supply circuit
2232016007227603/10/16 Overvoltage protection circuit
2242016007238903/10/16 Multiple-phase power circuit
2252016007240903/10/16 Precise-motion motor
2262016007247003/10/16 Splitter circuit and front-end circuit
2272016007253703/10/16 Electronic device with wireless module
2282016007291703/10/16 Distributed computing method and system
2292016007303703/10/16 Signal synthesis circuit
2302016007305103/10/16 Driving recorder and driving recording method
2312016007324603/10/16 System and setting and switching parties for payment of telephone calls
2322016007354003/10/16 Electronic card holder
2332016005814303/03/16 Protective cover for electronic device
2342016005816203/03/16 Wrist strap for an electronic device
2352016005816303/03/16 Wrist strap for an electronic device
2362016005818303/03/16 Mounting device for multiple screens
2372016005836003/03/16 Wearable device capable of monitoring perspiration
2382016005937103/03/16 System for machining surface of workpiece and method thereof
2392016005942203/03/16 Clamping apparatus and screw locking device using same
2402016005953103/03/16 Film application apparatus
2412016006095303/03/16 Waterproof door structures and devices with the same
2422016006122603/03/16 Pneumatic machining device
2432016006138703/03/16 Illuminating device
2442016006140903/03/16 Lens, light emitting device and backlight module
2452016006142303/03/16 Light emitting diode lamp and lamp holder
2462016006157703/03/16 Measuring device
2472016006157803/03/16 Measuring device
2482016006166403/03/16 Method for imaging 1-d nanomaterials
2492016006170203/03/16 Supporting apparatus and torsion test measuring device using same

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