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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100114
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100128
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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Hon Hai Precision Industry

Electronic device with display

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Control method for pointer through touchpad

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Computing device and measurement control method

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Count Application # Date Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014023778808/28/14 new patent  Disassembling device for lens module
22014023783508/28/14 new patent  Measuring method for optical fiber hole insert
32014023957008/28/14 new patent  Optical lens clamping apparatus
42014023997108/28/14 new patent  Debugging circuit and circuit board using same
52014024018308/28/14 new patent  Electronic device with keyboard
62014024023008/28/14 new patent  Control method for pointer through touchpad
72014024025408/28/14 new patent  Electronic device and human-computer interaction method
82014024071808/28/14 new patent  Computing device and measurement control method
92014024093508/28/14 new patent  Electronic device with display
102014024098708/28/14 new patent  Detection system and detection method for detecting distance value of back light module
112014024166608/28/14 new patent  Optical communication module
122014023062208/21/14Cutting device for cutting residual runner of lenses
132014023139208/21/14Hole expanding device for lens holder
142014023160108/21/14Tripod with adjustable leg
152014023396108/21/14Optical communication module including optical-electrical signal converters and optical signal generators
162014023509808/21/14Pick up cap used for electrical connector
172014021573408/07/14Clamping device and washing device using same
182014021689208/07/14Material transfer device
192014021690808/07/14Keyboard assembly
202014021691208/07/14Multi direction switch having detecting mechanism
212014021725108/07/14Wall hanging mechanism
222014021787408/07/14Touch-sensitive device and control method thereof
232014021799408/07/14Electronic device with fast charging circuit
242014021829208/07/14Data searching method and system
252014021837708/07/14Graphics processing unit expansion card and method for expanding and registering graphics processing units
262014021851208/07/14Measuring device and processing system using same
272014021860408/07/14Electronic device and image capturing method
282014021877608/07/14Scanning device
292014021884708/07/14Electronic device with display
302014021886408/07/14Electronic device with cooling assembly
312014021964708/07/14Motor, holder and image capture device using same
322014022041808/07/14Battery module
332014022082108/07/14Cable connector assembly with an improved grounding contact
342014022294208/07/14Remote control system and method
352014022320208/07/14Electronic device and starting up method thereof
362014022334008/07/14Method and electronic device for providing dynamic map-type graphic interface
372014022338708/07/14Touch-sensitive device and on-screen content manipulation method
382014022355108/07/14Electronic device and control method for electronic device
392014020852807/31/14Usb connector cleaner
402014020856007/31/14Vacuum device for lens module assembly
412014020914307/31/14Photovoltaic assembly with cleaning member
422014020914407/31/14Photovoltaic device with debris cleaning assembly
432014020914507/31/14Photovoltaic device with debris cleaning assembly
442014020928207/31/14Heat dissipation apparatus for expansion base
452014020928307/31/14Heat dissipation apparatus for expansion base
462014020936907/31/14Printed circuit board
472014020957907/31/14Device for cutting sapphire substrate
482014020958407/31/14Laser machining device
492014020976607/31/14Retaining apparatus for expansion cards
502014020979107/31/14Photoelectric coupling module
512014020979207/31/14Photoelectric coupling module
522014020994607/31/14Light emitting diode package and method for manufacturing the same
532014021026307/31/14Data center and power supply system thereof
542014021050407/31/14Testing device for electronic device testing
552014021057307/31/14Blend strip and filter using same
562014021068907/31/14Glasses and media playing function
572014021100307/31/14Safety monitoring device and method
582014021109307/31/14User interface system and method for providing television program schedule
592014021120307/31/14Testing device and testing lens member for testing camera module
602014021138207/31/14Electronic device with keyboard
612014021139107/31/14Touch panel assembly
622014021139207/31/14Electronic device with keyboard
632014021139407/31/14Electronic device with detachable keyboard
642014021139507/31/14Electronic device with detachable keyboard
652014021139707/31/14Electronic device and indicating method for connectors
662014021139807/31/14Electronic device with display
672014021141407/31/14Heat dissipation device and electronic device using same
682014021141907/31/14Heat dissipation assembly with bidirectional airflow
692014021147907/31/14Light emitting diode illuminating device
702014021150107/31/14Light guide plate and backlight module including same
712014021209807/31/14Optical connector
722014021210507/31/14Recording device and method for recording program
732014021308507/31/14Card edge connector with detecting structure
742014021309107/31/14Electrcial connector with improved feature good to automatic mass production
752014021310007/31/14Electrical connector having light pipe and led with over molded opaque layer
762014021310907/31/14Cable connector assembly having an improved cable with an equalizer function
772014021311007/31/14Usb plug connector and method for manufacturing the same
782014021311307/31/14Electrical connector and electrical contacts of the same
792014021324807/31/14Mobile device and method of scanning for channels
802014021335407/31/14Electronic device and human-computer interaction method
812014021390807/31/14Portable electronic device having heart rate monitoring function
822014021434407/31/14Electronic device and energy efficiency indicating method thereof
832014021441207/31/14Apparatus and method for processing voice signal
842014021510607/31/14Svid data test system and method
852014021511307/31/14Hdmi-cec device and address allocation method of hdmi-cec device network
862014021513407/31/14Mainboard and method of backing up of baseboard management controller
872014021523207/31/14Usb adapter
882014021525007/31/14Electronic device and power saving method for electronic device
892014021531507/31/14Webpage conversion system and method
902014021534707/31/14Portable device and control method thereof
912014021535907/31/14Desktop sharing method and system
922014020237607/24/14Method for producing sapphire substrate used in light emitting diode
932014020238407/24/14Glue spreading system
942014020251407/24/14Photovoltaic assembly with protective cover
952014020262007/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
962014020262107/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
972014020262207/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
982014020262307/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
992014020283207/24/14Material transfer device
1002014020286907/24/14Method for manufacturing a molding core
1012014020316307/24/14Mounting device for mounting motor installation plate in vending machine
1022014020428907/24/14Electronic device
1032014020431407/24/14Liquid crystal display device with brightness adjustment
1042014020436907/24/14Clamping device and method for measuring eccentricity of optical-electric coupling member
1052014020438007/24/14Method for detecting alignment between optical fibers and lenses of optical connector
1062014020444007/24/14Light shielding apparatus using magnetic microbeads and method of the same
1072014020451807/24/14Base of electronic device
1082014020452307/24/14Heat dissipation system with air duct
1092014020452607/24/14Portable computer with data storage device
1102014020452807/24/14Portable computer
1112014020523807/24/14Optical fiber coupling connector with layered arrays of optical fibers
1122014020524207/24/14Optical module assembly with connecting mechanism
1132014020543007/24/14Heat-dissipation system for preventing inrush current
1142014020569607/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1152014020569707/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1162014020569807/24/14Positioning device for runner system
1172014020570107/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1182014020570507/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1192014020570607/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1202014020575507/24/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
1212014020620807/24/14Electrcial connector and assemble method of the same
1222014020622607/24/14Electrical connector having shielding member
1232014020623107/24/14Electrical connector with improved terminals
1242014020623307/24/14Electrical connector having terminal portions in specific arrangement and a grounding plate for excellent high-frequency characteristics
1252014020623607/24/14Electrical connector confronting with different mating electrical connectors
1262014019633307/17/14Mounting device for display strip in vending machine
1272014019822307/17/14Camera module testing device
1282014019826207/17/14Video playing system
1292014019830407/17/14Projector with fan and heat sinks
1302014019848307/17/14Diffusion plate and direct type backlight module having same
1312014019852307/17/14Light diffusion plate and backlight module using same
1322014019852407/17/14Light guide plate with v-shaped micro-structures on light output surface
1332014019902107/17/14Photoelectric coupling module
1342014019902207/17/14Optical connector with high light-coupling efficiency
1352014019902307/17/14Photoelectric coupling module
1362014019902407/17/14Optical coupling lens
1372014019902507/17/14Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
1382014019903007/17/14Photoelectric coupling module
1392014019903107/17/14Photoelectric coupling module
1402014019903307/17/14Optical connector with printed circuit board and lens element bonded to each other
1412014019903407/17/14Optical connector with printed circuit board and lens element bonded to each other
1422014019905907/17/14Assembling device for guide pole of camera actuator
1432014019986607/17/14Card edge connector with detecting contacts
1442014019993407/17/14Container data center
1452014020132207/17/14Server and method for transmitting videos
1462014020138607/17/14Server and method for transmitting videos
1472014020154507/17/14External storage device and method for starting up external storage device
1482014020155907/17/14Control system and method for fans
1492014019170807/10/14Charging device
1502014019237707/10/14Method for providing printing services and printing control method for controlling a key to acquire additional authorized pages as needed
1512014019312207/10/14Cable assembly with electrical-optical hybrid cable
1522014019399207/10/14Electrical connector having improved shileding plate
1532014019399307/10/14Plug connector having a releasing mechanism
1542014019400507/10/14Electrical connector with shieldingthereof
1552014019400607/10/14Lower profile card edge connector
1562014019400907/10/14Modular jack having inlined printed circuit board
1572014019522307/10/14Method and system for transmitting audio signal
1582014019579407/10/14Electronic device with baseboard management controller updating system
1592014018243907/03/14Cutting device
1602014018251207/03/14Crystal growth apparatus
1612014018281207/03/14Cooling system
1622014018281407/03/14Air duct
1632014018289307/03/14Printed circuit board
1642014018290207/03/14Circuit board with signal routing layer having uniform impedance
1652014018314907/03/14Goods supporting apparatus
1662014018320607/03/14Product tray for vending machine
1672014018320707/03/14Goods channel for vending machine
1682014018321307/03/14Vending machine
1692014018321507/03/14Vending machine with goods channel
1702014018321807/03/14Goods transmission apparatus
1712014018330507/03/14Bracket for mounting cables
1722014018332807/03/14Mounting apparatus for fan
1732014018333107/03/14Photoelectric conversion module
1742014018424107/03/14Electromagnetic compatibility testing system
1752014018425407/03/14Debug card
1762014018425607/03/14Positioning device and positioning method
1772014018436707/03/14Waterproof electronic device and its magnetic sensing switch
1782014018439407/03/14Communication device and method for controlling electronic device
1792014018448707/03/14Manipulating virtual objects displayed by a display device through a portable device
1802014018449307/03/14Electronic device and gesture contol method for electronic device
1812014018465807/03/14Display device and display system including a plurality of display devices and electronic device using same
1822014018478307/03/14Device for determining surface defects
1832014018478707/03/14Device for determining surface defects
1842014018483207/03/14Portable electronic device and method for activating camera device
1852014018520907/03/14Container data center with server cabinet assembly
1862014018522107/03/14Computer system with display
1872014018524607/03/14Server cabinet
1882014018532007/03/14Optical coupling device and backlight module
1892014018583107/03/14Volume control method and system
1902014018591407/03/14Device for determining surface defects
1912014018591507/03/14Device for determining surface defects
1922014018595507/03/14Blemish detection method
1932014018598407/03/14Optical connector having high coupling precision
1942014018598507/03/14Waveguide lens for coupling laser light source and optical element
1952014018599307/03/14Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
1962014018599407/03/14Optical fiber connector
1972014018599707/03/14Vertical-type optical waveguide and method for making same
1982014018599907/03/14Protection cap assembly for protecting optical fiber connector assembly
1992014018648007/03/14Molding roller, apparatus and method for manufacturing same
2002014018648207/03/14Hot pressing equipment for forming spherical portions of light guide bodies
2012014018648807/03/14Device for separating block from molding core
2022014018652807/03/14Masking method used in surface treatment process
2032014018653407/03/14Masking method used in surface treating process
2042014018659707/03/14Adhesive tape
2052014018706107/03/14Buffering device for fixing flexible cable
2062014018707407/03/14Electrical connector with latches to automatic lock electronic package
2072014018708607/03/14Electrical connector with shielding plate thereof
2082014018709307/03/14Cable assembly with improved wire management
2092014018709407/03/14Electrical connector having a pair of metallic shells
2102014018710507/03/14Connector having soldering legs array and method for making the same
2112014018714107/03/14Heat dissipation apparatus for expansion base
2122014018715707/03/14Portable electronic device capable of expanding transmission distance for near field communication functions
2132014018718807/03/14Filter having signal detection function
2142014018825907/03/14Audio playback positioning method and electronic device system utilizing the same
2152014018842507/03/14System and method for selecting fans for server cabinet
2162014018895407/03/14Computing device and file storing method
2172014018903107/03/14Computing device and method of creating virtual machines in hosts
2182014018910307/03/14System for monitoring servers and method thereof
2192014018927107/03/14System and electronic device for utilizing memory of video card
2202014018968807/03/14Computing device and computing method
2212014017388406/26/14Method for manufacturing light emitting diode backlight module
2222014017388606/26/14Method for manufacturing light-emitting diode light bar
2232014017448806/26/14Cleaning device with multilayer support
2242014017469906/26/14Heat dissipation assembly
2252014017470506/26/14Heat sink assembly
2262014017471106/26/14Container data center assembly
2272014017471306/26/14Air conditioner control system and method
2282014017481406/26/14Electromagnetic interference shield and electronic device using the same
2292014017491906/26/14Electrode having heat sinks and coating device
2302014017503206/26/14Mounting apparatus for goods channel
2312014017511606/26/14Dispensing assembly in vending machine
2322014017511806/26/14Dispensing assembly for vending machine
2332014017512006/26/14Automatic vending machine
2342014017525806/26/14Mounting apparatus for fan
2352014017526606/26/14Circuit board assembly employed in optical connector
2362014017526806/26/14Optical fiber assembly capable of detecting light intensity
2372014017542506/26/14Thin film transistor
2382014017542606/26/14Thin film transistor
2392014017542706/26/14Thin film transistor
2402014017548006/26/14Led die and method for manufacturing led incorporating the same
2412014017549906/26/14Light emitting diode
2422014017587806/26/14Power-consumption reducing system and method
2432014017590306/26/14Discharge circuit for power supply unit
2442014017598706/26/14Color temperature adjusting method and illuminating device using the method
2452014017604206/26/14Optical charger with light receivers and light emitters
2462014017610906/26/14Solar power supply device
2472014017637106/26/14Portable electronic device having near field communication antenna
2482014017637206/26/14Portable electronic device having near field communication antenna
2492014017643406/26/14Remote control system and method

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