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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100107
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100114
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100128
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20131212
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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016018910706/30/16  new patent  Apparatus and automatically creating and recording minutes of meeting
22016018387306/30/16  new patent  Fetal health monitoring belt
32016018488106/30/16  new patent  Riveting machine
42016018509706/30/16  new patent  Automatic film peeling machine and film peeling method
52016018518206/30/16  new patent  Air-conditioner controlling method and vehicle employing the same
62016018529506/30/16  new patent  Automobile and automatically adjusting rearview mirror
72016018690006/30/16  new patent  Adaptable tube connector
82016018694606/30/16  new patent  Illuminating device
92016018714506/30/16  new patent  Navigating instrument and navigating system employing same
102016018715406/30/16  new patent  Portable electronic device and travel assisting method thereof
112016018739106/30/16  new patent  Electrical current magnitude indicator
122016018740306/30/16  new patent  Electrometer
132016018740406/30/16  new patent  Electrometer
142016018740506/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic distribution measuring instrument
152016018758606/30/16  new patent  Optical fiber connector and optical coupling lens
162016018759706/30/16  new patent  Photoelectric converter, optical communication system and its test method
172016018791306/30/16  new patent  Power supply system
182016018792406/30/16  new patent  Electronic device assembly
192016018793906/30/16  new patent  Expansion card securing mechanism
202016018794006/30/16  new patent  Riser card
212016018795706/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and saving power in the electronic device
222016018804306/30/16  new patent  Touch and hover sensing device
232016018805106/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic sensing device
242016018805206/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic sensing device
252016018805306/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic sensing method
262016018805406/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic sensing device
272016018805506/30/16  new patent  Electrostatic sensing device
282016018806006/30/16  new patent  Touch display device and driving method thereof
292016018806706/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and controlling displayed interface according to manner in which device is handheld
302016018808006/30/16  new patent  Mobile terminal and input control
312016018809406/30/16  new patent  Touch and hover sensing device
322016018809506/30/16  new patent  Hover controlling device
332016018809606/30/16  new patent  Hover controlling device
342016018812906/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and displaying interface according to detected touch operation
352016018849706/30/16  new patent  Electronic device with integration function and multiple devices integrating control method
362016018850706/30/16  new patent  Electronic device group-coupling system and method
372016018850906/30/16  new patent  Method for automatically matching electronic devices
382016018851206/30/16  new patent  Electronic device coupling system and method
392016018866506/30/16  new patent  Help seeking method and server using same
402016018885106/30/16  new patent  Computer host and computer system including the same
412016018885206/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and unlocking method thereof
422016018910306/30/16  new patent  Apparatus and automatically creating and recording minutes of meeting
432016018944906/30/16  new patent  Driving safety controlling system and driving safety controlling method using same
442016018945706/30/16  new patent  Control system and control vehicle anti-theft
452016018953906/30/16  new patent  Battery-free smart key
462016018969706/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and playing symphony
472016018971306/30/16  new patent  Apparatus and automatically creating and recording minutes of meeting
482016019032706/30/16  new patent  Thin film transistor substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and liquid crystal display panel using same
492016019034106/30/16  new patent  Thin film transistor and thin film transistor substrate
502016019046006/30/16  new patent  Light emitting diode
512016019046106/30/16  new patent  Light emitting diode
522016019046206/30/16  new patent  Light emitting diode
532016019046306/30/16  new patent  Method of making n-type thin film transistor
542016019049006/30/16  new patent  N-type thin film transistor
552016019049106/30/16  new patent  Method of making n-type thin film transistor
562016019049206/30/16  new patent  N-type thin film transistor
572016019049306/30/16  new patent  N-type thin film transistor
582016019049506/30/16  new patent  N-type thin film transistor
592016019090906/30/16  new patent  Power supply protecting apparatus
602016019095906/30/16  new patent  Regenerative braking controlling system and method
612016019100406/30/16  new patent  Power processing circuit, two-path power processing circuit and multiplex power processing circuit
622016019124006/30/16  new patent  Electronic device and encrypting and decrypting data
632016019159306/30/16  new patent  Method and multi-media device for video communication
642016019169706/30/16  new patent  Mobile terminal and switching unlocking modes
652016019176006/30/16  new patent  Electronic device having camera
662016019177806/30/16  new patent  Framework and controlling illumination of object being photographed
672016019183606/30/16  new patent  Smart control device and controlling television set
682016019184806/30/16  new patent  Motherboard and video signal switching circuit thereof
692016019204706/30/16  new patent  Glass loudspeaker emitting sound and accoustically-driven light
702016019205306/30/16  new patent  Earphone assembly and assistant guiding system for tourists
712016019252206/30/16  new patent  Electronic device enclosure
722016019253806/30/16  new patent  Heat dissipation device and electronic device
732016017601906/23/16 Spray gun adjusting device and adjusting method thereof
742016017602606/23/16 Manual screwdriver
752016017837806/23/16 Auxiliary guiding device and system for the blind
762016017858506/23/16 Device for detecting air pollutant and method thereof
772016017866206/23/16 Testing apparatus having test base with detachable support plate
782016018015506/23/16 Electronic device and processing voice in video
792016018018506/23/16 Electronic device and image recognition method
802016018085906/23/16 Audio signal processing circuit
812016018172606/23/16 Retractable power plug
822016018173806/23/16 Automatic telescopic connector and electronic device using the same
832016018192306/23/16 Power supply circuit and notebook computer including the same
842016018211406/23/16 Protective cover and shell thereof
852016018277206/23/16 Camera
862016018336006/23/16 Printed circuit board and electronic device utilizing the same
872016016605606/16/16 Bracket
882016016767506/16/16 System, method, and vehicle for safe driving
892016016786506/16/16 Fluid supply device
902016016874206/16/16 Method for anodizing aluminum alloy workpiece, surface treating aluminum alloy workpiece, and anodizing solution mixes
912016016948906/16/16 Visual indicating device
922016016978906/16/16 Test chamber
932016017019006/16/16 Off-axis three-mirror optical system with freeform surfaces
942016017019106/16/16 Method for designing off-axis three-mirror imaging system with freeform surfaces
952016017038606/16/16 Electronic device and control method using electronic device
962016017044206/16/16 All-in-one computer and supporting device
972016017045506/16/16 Electronic device
982016017045706/16/16 Power control circuit and electronic device
992016017045806/16/16 Computer
1002016017047106/16/16 Electronic device and changing a working state of the electronic device
1012016017047306/16/16 Control circuit for controlling power of usb
1022016017092606/16/16 Apparatus, computer, and supporting usb storage device to hot plug
1032016017126706/16/16 Scanning device
1042016017142706/16/16 Parcel delivery management system and method thereof
1052016017173506/16/16 Computing device and joining point clouds
1062016017176006/16/16 Electronic device and processing point cloud
1072016017176106/16/16 Computing device and patching point clouds of object
1082016017176206/16/16 Electronic device and simplifying mesh point cloud
1092016017180706/16/16 Control device for vehicle hiring and control system using same
1102016017213506/16/16 Power supply switch apparatus
1112016017277206/16/16 Socket device and printed circuit board assembly
1122016017278906/16/16 Electronic device with a connector
1132016017280006/16/16 Universal serial bus jack, universal serial bus plug and universal serial bus connector assembly
1142016017297206/16/16 Voltage adjusting apparatus
1152016017315906/16/16 Protective case with electronic function for electronic device
1162016017356406/16/16 Handheld device for controlling computer and controlling computer
1172016017370206/16/16 Electronic device and ringtone control the electronic device
1182016017396506/16/16 Wearable device
1192016017429406/16/16 Router
1202016017441006/16/16 Heat dissipation device and heat dissipation system
1212016015931606/09/16 Vehicle and safety protection method
1222016015965106/09/16 Method for forming carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
1232016016037106/09/16 Metal-and-resin composite and making the same
1242016016199606/09/16 Electronic device with bracket for disk drive
1252016016199706/09/16 Supporting device and mounting data storage device and electronic device having the same
1262016016215606/09/16 Electronic device and managing desktop icons
1272016016272706/09/16 Electronic device and eye-damage reduction the electronic device
1282016016302406/09/16 Electronic device and adjusting images presented by electronic device
1292016016309006/09/16 Computing device and simulating process of scanning drawing of object
1302016016309606/09/16 Computing device and processing point clouds
1312016016310206/09/16 Computing device and processing point clouds
1322016016317806/09/16 Water storage equipment and water level alarm device thereof
1332016016318006/09/16 Electronic device and reminding
1342016016386406/09/16 Thin film transistor and manufacturing same
1352016016401406/09/16 Thin film transistor
1362016016406206/09/16 Battery assembly for electronic device
1372016016439106/09/16 Linear motor
1382016016439206/09/16 Linear motor
1392016016439306/09/16 Linear motor
1402016016440606/09/16 Voltage protecting circuit
1412016016452306/09/16 Interface supply circuit
1422016016575006/09/16 Thermal module and electronic device having the thermal module
1432016016575606/09/16 Heat dissipation device
1442016015738906/02/16 Container data center
1452016015188206/02/16 Sanding elements replacing device
1462016015189006/02/16 Clamp device
1472016015189106/02/16 Flatness adjusting device and test fixture applying the flatness adjusting device
1482016015219306/02/16 Component holder and assembly having the same
1492016015345506/02/16 Rotation speed control system and control method
1502016015348006/02/16 Cylinder mechanism
1512016015363106/02/16 Controllable natural indoor illumination system
1522016015376106/02/16 Wearable device with removal-detection function
1532016015386306/02/16 Vibrating simulation device
1542016015416106/02/16 Illumination device having bent light diffusing fibers
1552016015438506/02/16 Protection circuit to prevent power-on operation motherboard
1562016015451306/02/16 Portable electrical device capable of testing body fat percentage
1572016015454506/02/16 Electronic device and managing and displaying application icons
1582016015456406/02/16 Electronic device and providing desktop user interface
1592016015474906/02/16 Computer having buffering circuit for hard disk drive
1602016015475706/02/16 Interface switch apparatus
1612016015476206/02/16 Eletronic device and electronic device assembly
1622016015476306/02/16 Electronic device and electronic device assembly
1632016015476406/02/16 Electronic device and electronic device assembly
1642016015526406/02/16 Electronic device and reducing point cloud
1652016015526506/02/16 Electronic device and point cloud sampling method
1662016015542706/02/16 Electronic device for displaying graphical user interface and method thereof
1672016015558206/02/16 Keyboard and assembling the keyboard
1682016015617206/02/16 Interface supply system
1692016015618106/02/16 Electronic device and motherboard and protecting circuit of electronic device
1702016015621006/02/16 Recharge method and electronic device using same
1712016015621206/02/16 Battery control circuit and electronic device
1722016015661606/02/16 Cloud agent device, cloud storage and file transferring method
1732016015687506/02/16 Communication method and communication device using same
1742016015738506/02/16 Container data center
1752016014866905/26/16 Conversion board and motherboard having same
1762016014438305/26/16 Injection device and injecting liquid
1772016014441705/26/16 Pressing apparatus and stamp press apparatus
1782016014487805/26/16 Transport cart
1792016014492005/26/16 Supporting bracket and bicycle having the same
1802016014644205/26/16 Lamp
1812016014667305/26/16 Temperature indicating system
1822016014685405/26/16 Display circuit for power load and the same
1832016014686105/26/16 Motherboard voltage testing device
1842016014701505/26/16 Polarizing splitter and manufacturing same
1852016014713305/26/16 Imaging device and fixing device
1862016014713405/26/16 Enclosure assembly
1872016014721805/26/16 Computing device and outputting programs of a workpiece
1882016014723805/26/16 Voltage adjusting circuit and all-in-one computer including the same
1892016014731505/26/16 Hand-held computer interface and heating circuit
1902016014732605/26/16 Sensing screen and manufacturing the same
1912016014734805/26/16 Embedded touch screen display panel driving mechanism
1922016014762505/26/16 Detecting device for detecting usb 2.0 specification and electronic apparatus with detecting device
1932016014769005/26/16 Interface switching apparatus
1942016014791705/26/16 Simulation model and simulation acquiring cooling flow of expansion card
1952016014843605/26/16 Electronic device and processing point cloud of object
1962016014845305/26/16 Vehicle electronic key system
1972016014857305/26/16 Pixel unit structure and driving mechanism of organic light emitting diode display panel
1982016014857405/26/16 Pixel unit structure of organic light emitting diode display panel and driving mechanism thereof
1992016014857505/26/16 Pixel unit structure of organic light emitting diode display panel and driving mechanism thereof
2002016014908005/26/16 Light emitting diode
2012016014914605/26/16 Method for making thin film transistor
2022016014934005/26/16 Electronic device including electronic card connector
2032016014938405/26/16 Cable drag chain and cable drag chain assembly
2042016014939205/26/16 Protection circuit
2052016014940205/26/16 Usb esd protection circuit
2062016014943805/26/16 Power supply system
2072016014949205/26/16 Voltage adjusting apparatus
2082016014954905/26/16 Alarm tone adjustment circuit and electronic device applying the circuit
2092016014957005/26/16 Power circuit and electronic device utilizing the same
2102016014989205/26/16 Electronic password lock apparatus and password protection system using the same
2112016015018505/26/16 Switch system for video conference
2122016015033405/26/16 Apparatus and testing acoustic devices
2132016015062105/26/16 Monitoring system and method
2142016015066605/26/16 Chassis
2152016013556005/19/16 Protection cover
2162016013676705/19/16 Mechanism for positioning a workpiece
2172016013680405/19/16 Apparatus for accommodating screws and a screw driver
2182016013682205/19/16 Robotic finger structure
2192016013712405/19/16 Vehicle blind spot monitorting system and vehicle using the same
2202016013714005/19/16 Holder for mobile device and vehicle seat employing same
2212016013866905/19/16 Over-loading protection pressing device
2222016013891405/19/16 System and analyzing data
2232016013918405/19/16 Voltage test apparatus and method
2242016013933805/19/16 Optical connector having waveguide and manufacturing same
2252016013964805/19/16 Interface supply circuit
2262016013965205/19/16 Motherboard supply circuit
2272016013965305/19/16 Computer system and matching circuit thereof
2282016013965405/19/16 Motherboard and computer control system including the same
2292016013968305/19/16 Touch pad control system
2302016013980405/19/16 Electronic device and inputting characters using the electronic device
2312016014006805/19/16 Electronic device assembly
2322016014078705/19/16 Smart key and method therof for generating matching key of lock
2332016014081405/19/16 Alarm circuit
2342016014210805/19/16 Near-field communication module of electronic device
2352016014214105/19/16 Optical communication device
2362016014282105/19/16 Audio playing system and audio playing method
2372016014316705/19/16 Support device for a display
2382016013427605/12/16 Switch circuit for voltage
2392016012956005/12/16 Clamping jig
2402016012956605/12/16 Manual screwdriver
2412016013069405/12/16 Tin/tic coating and manufacturing the tin/tic coating and articles so coated
2422016013135105/12/16 Electronic device having expansion interface
2432016013184705/12/16 Optical connector and optical coupling assembly
2442016013208705/12/16 Computer system and power circuit therefor
2452016013212005/12/16 Vending machine and vending system
2462016013212505/12/16 System and generating gestures
2472016013224705/12/16 Storage management system, management device and method therefor
2482016013225405/12/16 Storage management system, management device and method therefor
2492016013234005/12/16 Dual-processor electronic device and quick boot up

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