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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100107
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100114
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100128
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20131212
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd_20100121


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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd. Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033828311/26/15  new patent  Device and temperature monitoring in multiple areas using one sensor
22015034066811/26/15  new patent  Housing and electronic device with mounting structure for mounting battery
32015033103711/19/15 Testing testing electrical circuit board having electrical connectors thereon
42015033119511/19/15 Optical coupling connector
52015033121111/19/15 Optical coupler and photoelectric conversion device having same
62015033242611/19/15 Transformable computing device with parallel processing cpus and discrete gpu
72015033286011/19/15 Hybrid energy storage device
82015033286111/19/15 Hybrid energy storage device
92015032575311/12/15 Method for manufacturing led die
102015031445011/05/15 Calibration coordinate system of robot manipulator
112015031622211/05/15 Sunlight illumination system having light intensity adjustment function
122015031637211/05/15 System for outputting degree of inclination of electronic device
132015031696811/05/15 Power supply
142015031716611/05/15 Electronic device and open detecting device for enclosure
152015031739411/05/15 Electronic device and automatically searching information pertaining to target object
162015031796911/05/15 Buzzer circuit
172015031797011/05/15 Buzzer circuit
182015031846911/05/15 Phase change memory cell and phase change memory
192015031953911/05/15 Earphone
202015031988811/05/15 Container data center
212015030545810/29/15 Housing and portable device using the same
222015030545910/29/15 Protection device for an electronic device
232015030550310/29/15 Mounting device for multiple screens
242015030662710/29/15 Method of coating workpieces
252015030666110/29/15 Metallic article and manufacturing metallic article
262015030679710/29/15 Coating device and coating system
272015030679810/29/15 Device to apply coatings
282015030860810/29/15 Display device capable of adjusting height of device
292015030867410/29/15 Circuit board and light emitting diode lamp having the same
302015030906810/29/15 Device and monitoring operations of electronic device
312015030936810/29/15 Display device having eye protection function
322015030955310/29/15 Server and adjustment of frequency of monitoring components of server
332015030958710/29/15 Protective cover for portable electrical device
342015030990310/29/15 Recovery circuit for basic input-output system
352015030990710/29/15 System and testing computing hardware in computer rack
362015030990910/29/15 Electronic device and fault analysing method
372015030997610/29/15 Electronic device and editing documents
382015031100010/29/15 Dye-sensitized solar cell package and manufacturing the same
392015031145810/29/15 Thin film transistor
402015031145910/29/15 Method of making carbon nanotube composite layer
412015031146010/29/15 Carbon nanotube composite layer
422015031161010/29/15 Board to board connector assembly having improved terminal arrangement
432015031163010/29/15 Electronic card connector and electronic device using same
442015031248610/29/15 Electronic device and camera control
452015031266710/29/15 Earphone receiving case
462015031267510/29/15 Computer having audio processing operation
472015031285910/29/15 Communication device and communications method
482015031286810/29/15 Node device and communication
492015031302710/29/15 Anti-tamper device
502015031303210/29/15 Support and display device using the same
512015031303310/29/15 Protection device for an electronic device
522015031303610/29/15 Cabinet
532015031304210/29/15 Optimum power interface board power performance by server or storage system
542015030059510/22/15 Lens for light emitting diode and led module having the lens
552015030302010/22/15 Method for making sheet-shaped heat and light source and heating object adopting the same
562015030372410/22/15 Universal serial bus adaptor and universal serial bus cable
572015030404710/22/15 Optical communication device
582015030520310/22/15 Data center with cooling system
592015030520410/22/15 Data center with cooling system
602015029141810/15/15 Method for forming carbon nanotube film
612015029141910/15/15 Method for forming carbon nanotube film
622015029142610/15/15 Method for forming carbon nanotube film
632015029142710/15/15 Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
642015029268110/15/15 Led lamp
652015029272710/15/15 Led lamp
662015029276610/15/15 Protection device
672015029329110/15/15 Light guide plate and assembly module using the same and backlight module
682015029329410/15/15 Portable electrical terminal
692015029374310/15/15 Watermark loading device and method
702015029464610/15/15 Display displaying screen images from multiple electronic devices
712015029607910/15/15 Gateway and delaying telephone ringing
722015029664310/15/15 Protection device for an electronic device
732015029666410/15/15 Server cabinet
742015028253310/08/15 Inputting fingertip sleeve
752015028253410/08/15 Inputting fingertip sleeve
762015028604510/08/15 Multi-lens magnifier and case
772015028604910/08/15 Micro-electro-mechanical system mirror and micro-electro-mechanical system reflective device
782015028721910/08/15 Electronic device and dynamically indicating transmission progress of data
792015028729210/08/15 Indicator circuit and electronic device
802015028941710/08/15 Server cabinet
812015027370110/01/15 Rigid mechanical arm and plate
822015027370210/01/15 Mechanical arm structure and plate
832015027412510/01/15 Control system and operation vehicle
842015027451810/01/15 Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
852015027451910/01/15 Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
862015027452010/01/15 Method for transferring carbon nanotube array and forming carbon nanotube structure
872015027452710/01/15 Method for making nanotube film
882015027452810/01/15 Method of growing carbon nanotube using reactor
892015027454310/01/15 Nanotube film structure
902015027590110/01/15 Heat dissipating module for electronic device
912015027615110/01/15 Led device having collimator lens
922015027617910/01/15 Led module and lens mounted thereon
932015027688710/01/15 Method and apparatus of estimating state of health of battery
942015027705810/01/15 Optical fiber connector with optical fiber holder received in rj45 plug
952015027751710/01/15 Server cabinet and server system
962015027752210/01/15 Ethernet power source equipment
972015027752310/01/15 Modem and adjusting power
982015027769410/01/15 Management system for icon and electronic device
992015027965510/01/15 Method for making epitaxial structure
1002015027965710/01/15 Method for making epitaxial structure
1012015027992810/01/15 Epitaxial structure
1022015028005410/01/15 Method for making light emitting diode
1032015028006310/01/15 Light emitting diode
1042015028030510/01/15 Power processing circuit and multiplex amplification circuit
1052015028047510/01/15 High power charging device
1062015028067110/01/15 Electronic device and adjusting volume
1072015028129010/01/15 Internet protocol phone and call forwarding method
1082015028139710/01/15 Server, client, and reconfiguring network parameters
1092015028152410/01/15 Apparatus and synchronizing audio-video
1102015028152810/01/15 Camera module
1112015028153210/01/15 Camera module with electro-magnetic interference shielding
1122015028164110/01/15 Server and processing video data of video conference
1132015028170210/01/15 Method for encoding and decoding color signals
1142015028180610/01/15 Relay switching circuit
1152015028200610/01/15 Apparatus and transmitting data packets of nodes in wireless sensor network
1162015028231610/01/15 Printed circuit board
1172015028233810/01/15 Electronic device
1182015028236010/01/15 Light guide member and electronic device using same
1192015028237810/01/15 Induction device and electronic device
1202015026494109/24/15 Shaving cutter
1212015026507309/24/15 Lock for a wall hanging electronic device
1222015026673709/24/15 Method for forming carbon nanotube structure
1232015026809309/24/15 Photoelectric conversion device and optical fiber coupling connector
1242015026827009/24/15 Testing device
1252015026850009/24/15 Automobile and anti-dazzling automobiles
1262015026867509/24/15 Temperature difference compensation system and method thereof
1272015026982809/24/15 Smart reminder system and smart reminder method
1282015027002809/24/15 Usb cable
1292015027097009/24/15 Audio device and adding watermark data to audio signals
1302015027193509/24/15 Electronic device
1312015027194109/24/15 Electronic device
1322015027194309/24/15 Electronic device
1332015027194709/24/15 Electronic device
1342015027195109/24/15 Heat dissipation apparatus
1352015027195209/24/15 Power supply unit with dust-removing apparatus
1362015027195409/24/15 Heat dissipation device
1372015025852609/17/15 Carbon nanotube sponge
1382015026059109/17/15 Multi-component force and moment sensor
1392015026128609/17/15 Anti-leakage supply circuit
1402015026344409/17/15 Connector and pin of connector
1412015026378609/17/15 Method and head-end equipment of determining power-off state of cpe
1422015026408109/17/15 Network device and avoiding address resolution protocal attack
1432015025355309/10/15 Off-axial three-mirror optical system with freeform surfaces
1442015025328709/10/15 Computer control system and method
1452015025355209/10/15 Off-axial three-mirror optical system with freeform surfaces
1462015025355409/10/15 Method for desiging off-axial three-mirror optical system with freeform surfaces
1472015025437509/10/15 Method for designing freeform surface
1482015025497609/10/15 Traffic monitoring system and traffic monitoring method
1492015025587409/10/15 Conical antenna
1502015025662509/10/15 Customer premise equipment and remote login
1512015025714909/10/15 Femtocell and adjusting frequency
1522015025729209/10/15 Cover with an opening structure
1532015024651609/03/15 Method for transferring nanostructures
1542015024651709/03/15 Method for transferring nanostructures
1552015024750509/03/15 Temperature sensing and controlling system for electronic device
1562015024776309/03/15 Overheating indicator system for power supply
1572015024789409/03/15 Temperature control system
1582015024814609/03/15 Bracket mechanism for data storage devices
1592015024814709/03/15 Holding assembly
1602015024814809/03/15 Air duct, cooling module, and electronic device
1612015024882709/03/15 Method and detecting air duct
1622015024930309/03/15 Connector
1632015024936909/03/15 Stator
1642015024126908/27/15 Optical communication module and assembling same
1652015024161508/27/15 Light pipe and housing assembly using the same
1662015024163708/27/15 Female optical connector
1672015024193308/27/15 Hard disk mounting mechanism
1682015024195308/27/15 Load device and electronic device assembly with load device
1692015024269308/27/15 Video surveillance device and method
1702015024368208/27/15 Thin film transistor and thin film transistor array
1712015024369008/27/15 Method for making thin film transistor array
1722015024382008/27/15 Photoelectric conversion apparatus and device
1732015024383608/27/15 Method for making light emitting diodes
1742015024409808/27/15 Electrical connector having improved insulative housing
1752015024551208/27/15 Waterproof cap for ports in electronic devices
1762015024552808/27/15 Electronic device with locking structure for storage device
1772015024553808/27/15 Mounting device for fan and fan assembly
1782015023203208/20/15 Rear-view mirror
1792015023239008/20/15 Method for making ceramic thin exterior part
1802015023353508/20/15 Led freeform surface illumination system
1812015023396808/20/15 Testing tray
1822015023412708/20/15 Electrical and optical hybrid connector
1832015023413008/20/15 Optical fiber connector
1842015023423308/20/15 Backlight apparatus
1852015023451308/20/15 Carbon nanotube based flexible mobile phone
1862015023494108/20/15 Design led freeform surface illumination system
1872015023644308/20/15 Mounting apparatus and mounting assembly for connector
1882015023771508/20/15 Printed circuit board
1892015023774308/20/15 Display apparatus
1902015022677708/13/15 Antenna testing device and method
1912015022681108/13/15 Apparatus and estimating internal resistance of battery pack
1922015022716508/13/15 Supporting device and electronic device having the same
1932015022886408/13/15 Light emitting diode
1942015022915708/13/15 On-vehicle wireless charger
1952015023001708/13/15 Earphone receiving case
1962015023027808/13/15 Wireless local area network access device and controlling wireless signals
1972015023036808/13/15 Mounting system for hard disk drive
1982015021871008/06/15 Composite and making the same
1992015020992307/30/15 Workpiece turning-over device
2002015021048107/30/15 Detecting system and detecting products
2012015021165807/30/15 Cable drag chain
2022015021198007/30/15 Method for imaging nanostructures with optical microscopy
2032015021199107/30/15 Optical microacopy vapor-condensation-assisred device
2042015021230907/30/15 Vapor-condensation-assisred optical microacopy system
2052015021325007/30/15 Electronic device and unlocking control method
2062015021329207/30/15 Barcode and electronic tag reader
2072015021373807/30/15 Label
2082015021397307/30/15 Button assembly and electronic device with the same
2092015021443707/30/15 Light emitting diode having carbon nanotubes
2102015021475607/30/15 Charging control battery pack
2112015021524607/30/15 Messaging and task management device and method thereof
2122015021550207/30/15 Antistatic device and electronic device with the same
2132015021607107/30/15 Sliding rail mechanism and rack with sliding rail mechanism
2142015020363207/23/15 Method for making carbon nanotube composite structure
2152015020479107/23/15 Raman detecting system
2162015020505207/23/15 Optical fiber connector
2172015020505707/23/15 Optical coupling connector and optical coupling assembly
2182015020505807/23/15 Optical coupling lens and optical fiber coupling connector
2192015020532907/23/15 Dock for controlling and adjusting viewing angle of electronic devices
2202015020533307/23/15 Fixing apparatus of expansion card
2212015020539507/23/15 Electronic device
2222015020574207/23/15 Switching box and sharing peripheral device
2232015020602807/23/15 Point cloud reduction apparatus, system, and method
2242015020634507/23/15 Apparatus, system, and generating three-dimensional models of objects
2252015020642007/23/15 Alarm system
2262015020655407/23/15 Hard disk support and electronic device using the hard disk support
2272015020667107/23/15 Electronic device with button
2282015020668907/23/15 Electron emission source
2292015020669107/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2302015020669207/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2312015020669307/23/15 Electron emission source
2322015020669407/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2332015020669507/23/15 Electron emission source and making the same
2342015020669607/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2352015020669707/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2362015020669907/23/15 Electron emission device and electron emission display
2372015020672007/23/15 Bowl shaped metal nanostruture array
2382015020676607/23/15 Method for making bowl shaped metal nanostructure array
2392015020714307/23/15 Lithium ion batteries
2402015020719507/23/15 Cavity filter
2412015020849507/23/15 Smt heat sink anchor
2422015020852607/23/15 Portable terminal housing
2432015020853107/23/15 Foot-style supporting assembly
2442015019698307/16/15 Rotary driving mechanism and holding device using the same
2452015019698407/16/15 Turnover apparatus
2462015019822407/16/15 Continuously variable transmission
2472015019954207/16/15 Communication device and anti-loss method
2482015020012107/16/15 Suppporting device, manufacturing thin film transistor array substrate and manufacturing liquid crystal display
2492015020036507/16/15 Phase change memory cell

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