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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services M s Ab 2b
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20131212
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility_20131212
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d B a Honewell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100121
Honeywell International Inc_20100114
Honeywell International Inc Law Department Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100107
Honeywell International Inc_20100128


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Honeywell International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Honeywell International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Honeywell International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Honeywell International Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015032921711/19/15 Aircraft strike zone display
22015032922211/19/15 Configurable space station momentum
32015033052411/19/15 Composite injection molded check valve with integrated features
42015033078211/19/15 Mass-loaded coriolis vibratory gyroscope
52015033079611/19/15 System and voice based personalized interactive evacuation guidance
62015033085111/19/15 Adaptive wireless torque measurement system and method
72015033101611/19/15 Systems and methods that allow for simultaneous sensor and signal conditioning circuit performance testing
82015033181411/19/15 Apparatus and synchronizing dynamic process data across redundant input/output modules
92015033204011/19/15 Systems, devices, and methods for authenticating a value article
102015033258111/19/15 Method and system for broadcasting a panic alert notification
112015033258511/19/15 Method of noise suppression for voice based interactive devices
122015033341111/19/15 Integrated stripline feed network for linear antenna array
132015033209511/19/15 Relevant image detection in a camera, recorder, or video streaming device
142015032174811/12/15 Speed brake alerting system and method
152015032222511/12/15 Foams and articles made from foams containing hcfo or hfo blowing agents
162015032280011/12/15 Gas path components of gas turbine engines and methods for cooling the same using porous medium cooling systems
172015032391011/12/15 Redundant process controllers for segregated supervisory and industrial control networks
182015032391711/12/15 Building controller with operating system interaction through an integrated display
192015032391811/12/15 Building management system site categories
202015032393811/12/15 Temperature-based level detection and control method and apparatus
212015032457711/12/15 Dynamic changing of access token types
222015032504711/12/15 Apparatus and providing augmented reality for maintenance applications
232015032510111/12/15 System and dynamically subject tracking and multi-tagging in access control system
242015032513111/12/15 Passive aircraft wingtip strike detection system and method
252015032597811/12/15 Mutually-referenced optical frequency combs
262015032631411/12/15 Tandem, visible light and rf communication system
272015032632011/12/15 Optical synthesizer tuning using fine and coarse optical frequency combs
282015032668311/12/15 Dynamic generation of proxy connections
292015032682811/12/15 System and precision remote ptz control of ip cameras
302015032701211/12/15 Portable electronic devices having a separate location trigger unit for use in controlling an application unit
312015032737511/12/15 Hvac controller with air flow barrier
322015031422911/05/15 Fuel deoxygenation and fuel tank inerting system and method
332015031488411/05/15 System and improved low airspeed warning
342015031544611/05/15 Low gwp heat transfer compositions
352015031606511/05/15 Mass separation via a turbomolecular pump
362015031638011/05/15 Fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression
372015031638111/05/15 Fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression
382015031638211/05/15 Systems and methods for an intensity stabilized resonator fiber optic gyroscope
392015031705411/05/15 Method and gesture recognition
402015031741811/05/15 Providing three-dimensional monitoring of a facility
412015031790411/05/15 Ground based system and methods for providing multiple flightplan re-plan scenarios to a pilot during flight
422015031827411/05/15 Device input protection circuit
432015031875011/05/15 Electric motor-driven compressor having an electrical terminal block assembly
442015031988011/05/15 Reduced thermal transfer to peltier cooled fets
452015031692311/05/15 Gateway offering logical model mapped to independent underlying networks
462015030658610/29/15 Gas and liquid phase catalytic beckmann rearrangement of oximes to produce lactams
472015030827310/29/15 Shrouded single crystal dual alloy turbine disk
482015030833010/29/15 Turbocharger with variable-vane turbine nozzle having a gas pressure-responsive vane clearance control member
492015030835010/29/15 Multi-axis accessory gearboxes of mechanical drive systems and gas turbine engines including the same
502015030845610/29/15 Electric motor-driven compressor having bi-directional liquid coolant passage
512015030883310/29/15 System and displaying context sensitive notes
522015030891210/29/15 Integrated reference vacuum pressure sensor with atomic layer deposition coated input port
532015030892010/29/15 Adaptive baseline damage detection system and method
542015030893410/29/15 Apparatus and stretch measurements of tissue webs
552015030950610/29/15 Apparatus and providing a generalized continuous performance indicator
562015031104810/29/15 Micro hybrid differential/triode ion pump
572015031157310/29/15 Sit on top circuit board ferrite phase shifter
582015031159610/29/15 Dielectric hollow antenna
592015031190910/29/15 Converter for analog inputs
602015031221610/29/15 Legacy device securitization within a microgrid system
612015031265110/29/15 System and optimized network traffic in video surveillance system
622015030868110/29/15 Flare gas actuated velocity seal and use thereof
632015030868210/29/15 Enclosed flare stack and flaring waste gas
642015029821210/22/15 Methods for forming ceramic reinforced titanium alloys
652015029881710/22/15 E-taxi predictive performance system
662015029882110/22/15 System and modulating premature descent protection envelope
672015029954710/22/15 Low gwp heat transfer compositions
682015030019210/22/15 Gas turbine engine components having sealed stress relief slots and methods for the fabrication thereof
692015030029410/22/15 Rotary hydraulic motor driven hybrid thrust reverser actuation system with end-of-stroke snubbing
702015030067410/22/15 Controller and loop performance monitoring in a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system
712015030117410/22/15 Security system using ladar-based sensors
722015030118810/22/15 Vector tracking loop operability through oscillator micro-jump event
732015030267410/22/15 System and method to access/restrict a security system for temporary users using a mobile application
742015030271410/22/15 System and time-augmented annunciation of signals
752015030271910/22/15 Man down detector
762015030350110/22/15 Power generator with high pressure hydrogen generator
772015030367710/22/15 Electric power generation system using permanent magnet machine with improved fault remediation
782015030408510/22/15 System and mitigating helicopter rotor blockage of communications systems
792015030481310/22/15 Weather data dissemination
802015030282110/22/15 Image display device with movement adjustment
812015029068610/15/15 Solvent vapor phase degreasing and defluxing compositions, methods, devices and systems
822015029233710/15/15 Components resistant to traveling wave vibration and methods for manufacturing the same
832015029235510/15/15 Turbomachine cooling systems
842015029241410/15/15 Air turbine starters having oil feed shutoff valves and gas turbine engines including the same
852015029323010/15/15 Ground-based system and method to extend the detection of excessive delay gradients using dual processing
862015029323110/15/15 Ground-based system and method to extend the detection of excessive delay gradients using parity corrections
872015029350610/15/15 Feedback control for reducing flaring process smoke and noise
882015029450910/15/15 System and method to select and characterize building floors using 2d representations
892015029457310/15/15 Runway location determination
902015029467110/15/15 Security alarm system with adaptive speech processing
912015029618810/15/15 System and virtual zone based camera parameter updates in video surveillance systems
922015029650010/15/15 Radio resource management methods and systems
932015029255210/15/15 Bearing sleeve for air bearing
942015028254310/08/15 Back integral air distribution system in ventilated suit
952015028305210/08/15 Sprayable sunscreen compositions and methods
962015028378510/08/15 High performance same fiber composite hybrids by varying resin content only
972015028552810/08/15 Fan coil thermostat with fan ramping
982015028563510/08/15 Resonant fiber optic gyroscopes with multi-core transport fiber
992015028589710/08/15 Hybrid radar system combining fmcw radar and pulsed radar
1002015028591610/08/15 Systems and methods for a code carrier divergence high-pass filter monitor
1012015028621310/08/15 Assessing performance of an hvac system
1022015028621710/08/15 Feature set optimization in vision-based positioning
1032015028662610/08/15 Database user interfaces with flowsheets of a simulation system
1042015028675010/08/15 Model driven connection approximation for mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings
1052015028718110/08/15 System and displaying optimized ownship position on a navigation display
1062015028751810/08/15 High temperature electromagnetic coil assemblies including brazed braided lead wires
1072015028752210/08/15 High temperature electromagnetic coil assemblies
1082015028804610/08/15 Systems and methods for improved ferrite circulator rf power handling
1092015028804710/08/15 Systems and methods for using power dividers for improved ferrite circulator rf power handling
1102015028813510/08/15 Systems and methods for stabilized stimulated brillouin scattering lasers with ultra-low phase noise
1112015028930910/08/15 Adapter device for coupling an industrial field instrument to an industrial wireless network and related system and method
1122015027461610/01/15 Method to produce 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene with high yield
1132015027576310/01/15 Turbine sections of gas turbine engines with dual use of cooling air
1142015027576810/01/15 Optimized engine control using secondary power system horsepower extraction information
1152015027592010/01/15 Electric motor-driven compressor having a heat shield forming a wall of a diffuser
1162015027600810/01/15 Low profile three parameter isolators and isolation systems employing the same
1172015027608310/01/15 Flapper assemblies for torque motors of electrohydraulic valves
1182015027625410/01/15 User interaction with building controller device using a remote server and a duplex connection
1192015027626810/01/15 Pilot light control for an appliance
1202015027640910/01/15 System and automatic generation of aerodrome surface movement models
1212015027641310/01/15 Global positioning system (gps) self-calibrating lever arm function
1222015027642910/01/15 Mems sensor filtering with error feedback
1232015027643310/01/15 Gas meter data validation
1242015027645810/01/15 Threaded coupling device with nozzle for gwr measurements in non-metallic tanks
1252015027645910/01/15 Foam filled dielectric rod antenna
1262015027646010/01/15 Feed-through for gwr measurements in tanks
1272015027652610/01/15 Pressure sensor with overpressure protection
1282015027666210/01/15 Magnetic stimulus of isfet-based sensor to enable trimming and self-compensation of sensor measurement errors
1292015027678710/01/15 Co-location of high-maintenance air data system components into one lru
1302015027682610/01/15 System for measuring energy conservation effectiveness
1312015027740010/01/15 System for propagating messages for purposes of demand response
1322015027740210/01/15 Controller having a version control system
1332015027744610/01/15 Controlling flow in a fluid distribution system
1342015027746310/01/15 System for communication, optimization and demand control for an appliance
1352015027784810/01/15 System and providing, gesture control of audio information
1362015027807110/01/15 Subscription methods and systems for component information of a system
1372015027814410/01/15 Remote terminal unit (rtu) with universary input/output (uio) and related method
1382015027830110/01/15 Systems and methods to reduce computing overhead in a data management application
1392015027859610/01/15 Identifying and tracking convective weather cells
1402015027909910/01/15 Systems and methods for matching scenes using mutual relations between features
1412015027918410/01/15 Alarm system with wireless communication
1422015027958510/01/15 Recreational vehicle beam switch assembly
1432015028049010/01/15 Power stealing circuitry for a control device
1442015026658409/24/15 System for preventing water condensation inside aircraft
1452015026658909/24/15 Aircraft systems and methods with green fuel tanks
1462015026706009/24/15 Highly durable anti-reflective coatings
1472015026755009/24/15 Turbine nozzles with slip joints impregnated by oxidation-resistant sealing material and methods for the production thereof
1482015026760509/24/15 Turbocharger with turbine nozzle vanes and an annular rotary bypass valve
1492015026804809/24/15 System and optimizing aircraft lateral and vertical trajectory for published procedures
1502015026826709/24/15 Resonating beam accelerometer
1512015027067909/24/15 Fabrication of capacitive discharge electrodes for a ring laser gyroscope
1522015027084109/24/15 Automated load tracking and system tuning mechanism for wireless charging
1532015026865209/24/15 Thermostat with electronic image display
1542015026458109/17/15 Method of placing wireless devices for rf planning
1552015025864409/17/15 Heat exchanger and repairing thereof
1562015025907509/17/15 System and displaying vertical reference on a rotorcraft system
1572015026039709/17/15 Integrated smoke monitoring and control system for flaring operations
1582015026052009/17/15 Fiber resonator gyroscope with low round trip loss and high output power
1592015026052509/17/15 System and providing enhanced flight-plan management
1602015026056809/17/15 Multi-wavelength flame scanning
1612015026100909/17/15 Electrochromic lenses and methods of fabricating the same
1622015026182909/17/15 System and intelligently mining information and briefing an aircrew on conditions outside the aircraft
1632015026249109/17/15 Updating an airfield lighting system with an led light source
1642015026249309/17/15 System and identifying runway position during an intersection takeoff
1652015026458109/17/15 Method of placing wireless devices for rf planning
1662015026480109/17/15 Fault containment routing
1672015025023409/10/15 Protective ventilated suit with integral hood
1682015025176509/10/15 Low-pressure bleed air aircraft environmental control system
1692015025177109/10/15 Methods and determining pilot awareness of a system-initiated change based on scanning behavior
1702015025196009/10/15 Densification of carbon-carbon composite material with copna resin
1712015025225609/10/15 Luminescent phosphor compounds, articles including such compounds, and methods for their production and use
1722015025303009/10/15 Distributed hvac system cost optimization
1732015025313809/10/15 Oscillating voltage of sense electrodes in a mems tuning fork gyroscope
1742015025382509/10/15 Power supply for a two-wire module
1752015025479909/10/15 Flexible fixed-content dynamically changeable wall module user interface
1762015025497109/10/15 Systems and methods of calibrating replacement alarm control panels
1772015025604509/10/15 Multi-directional air cooling of a motor using radially mounted fan
1782015024709609/03/15 Methods for converting plastic to wax
1792015024724509/03/15 Protective coating systems for gas turbine engine applications and methods for fabricating the same
1802015024740909/03/15 Axially-split radial turbines
1812015024744809/03/15 Turbocharger turbine wastegate mechanism
1822015024745009/03/15 Turbocharger turbine wastegate mechanism
1832015024793009/03/15 Satellite measurement screening to protect the integrity of existing monitors in the presence of phase scintillation
1842015024793209/03/15 Satellite measurement screening to protect the integrity of existing monitors in the presence of amplitude scintillation
1852015024822409/03/15 Method and system of interacting with building security systems
1862015024830009/03/15 Automatic application wizard
1872015024861109/03/15 Methods for producing customer configurable technical manuals
1882015024879809/03/15 System and method having biometric identification intrusion and access control
1892015024882409/03/15 System and location tagged headcount accounting
1902015023957408/27/15 Pilot centered decluttering aircraft displays
1912015023957508/27/15 Aircraft data processing and transmission system
1922015023982808/27/15 Methods and systems for purifying an acetonitrile waste stream and methods for synthesizing oligonucleotides using purified acetonitrile waste streams
1932015024033408/27/15 Stainless steel alloys, turbocharger turbine housings formed from the stainless steel alloys, and methods for manufacturing the same
1942015024079708/27/15 Thin film edge field emitter based micro ion pump
1952015024092208/27/15 Screw-type linear actuator including a torsion rod with bidirectional stop
1962015024121808/27/15 Method and apparatus of monitoring and tracking optical frequency differences of modulated beams
1972015024122008/27/15 Filtering gnss-aided navigation data to help combine sensor and a priori data
1982015024132608/27/15 Muzzle exit tester
1992015024134508/27/15 Multi-point gas detector
2002015024185308/27/15 Initated test health management system and method
2012015024218208/27/15 Voice augmentation for industrial operator consoles
2022015024264208/27/15 System and approach to convey data with a handheld device via a multi-dimensional code
2032015024315208/27/15 Providing a diagnosis of a system of a building
2042015024317308/27/15 Collaborative aviation information collection and distribution system
2052015024317408/27/15 System and runway selection through scoring
2062015024411208/27/15 Connector backshell for shielded conductors
2072015024474208/27/15 Apparatus and establishing seamless secure communications between components in an industrial control and automation system
2082015024546508/27/15 Thermal conduction cooling
2092015023973608/27/15 Method for optimizing down fired reforming furnaces
2102015023649308/20/15 Optimized current bus
2112015023152708/20/15 Monochlorotrifluoropropene compounds and compositions and methods using same
2122015023217308/20/15 Aircraft wheel driving system
2132015023220308/20/15 Gimbal over rate prevention system and method
2142015023338408/20/15 Sealing arrangement for fuel cell compressor
2152015023339008/20/15 Flutter-resistant transonic turbomachinery blades and methods for reducing transonic turbomachinery blade flutter
2162015023344108/20/15 Vibration isolator using externally pressurized sealing bellows and an external shaft
2172015023405008/20/15 Polarized tracker tracking movement
2182015023553608/20/15 System and anomaly detection with categorical attributes
2192015023564008/20/15 Methods and systems for integration of speech into systems
2202015023575608/20/15 Pseudo edge-wound winding using single pattern turn
2212015022447008/13/15 Integrated process and methods of producing (e) 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
2222015022529608/13/15 Plastomer-modified asphalt binders meeting mscr specifications, asphalt paving materials with such asphalt binders, and methods for fabricating such asphalt binders
2232015022531508/13/15 Reactor design for liquid phase fluorination
2242015022628208/13/15 Isolators enabling large rotation angle capabilities with highly restricted damper orifices
2252015022643308/13/15 Gas turbine engine combustors with effusion and impingement cooling and methods for manufacturing the same using additive manufacturing techniques
2262015022648808/13/15 Multi resoultion, hierarchical radiance field estimation
2272015022659108/13/15 Airflow sensor with dust reduction
2282015022666908/13/15 Atomic source with heater on thermal isolation die
2292015022669808/13/15 Fluid sensor with backside of sensor die contacting header
2302015022712308/13/15 Mobile extension for industrial operator consoles
2312015022713508/13/15 Ambient display for industrial operator consoles
2322015022948908/13/15 Regional control system with manual override
2332015022968208/13/15 System and monitoring, control and configuration of security and lifestyle devices
2342015022994408/13/15 System and detecting motion in compressed video
2352015023010308/13/15 System for rf quiet channel optimization
2362015022531708/13/15 Process to manufacture 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropane (hcfc-244bb)
2372015021787008/06/15 Systems and methods for utilizing voice commands onboard an aircraft
2382015021842608/06/15 High performance water-based adhesion compositions and applications
2392015021896708/06/15 Bifurcated ducts including plenums for stabilizing flow therethrough and exhaust systems including the same
2402015021958308/06/15 Lead-free galvanic oxygen sensor
2412015021960908/06/15 Measurement of hazardous gases in hydraulic fracking sites
2422015021976608/06/15 Systems and methods to monitor for false alarms from ionosphere gradient monitors
2432015022120908/06/15 System and alerting cms and registered users about a potential duress situation using a mobile application
2442015022235108/06/15 Satcom data unit with wireless device
2452015022270708/06/15 Configurable communication communication
2462015022308008/06/15 Planning a wireless network
2472015021038307/30/15 Electric taxi system with speed control (etssc)
2482015021038407/30/15 Aircraft wheel driving system
2492015021049707/30/15 Web spreader rollers and methods for reducing wrinkles in web material using such web spreader rollers

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