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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services M s Ab 2b
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20131212
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility_20131212
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d B a Honewell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100121
Honeywell International Inc_20100114
Honeywell International Inc Law Department Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100107
Honeywell International Inc_20100128


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Honeywell International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Honeywell International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Honeywell International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Honeywell International Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003890802/11/16  new patent  Method and system for flammable gas detection
22016003937102/11/16  new patent  Power converter, generator and architecture for high efficiency auxilary power unit
32016003966402/11/16  new patent  Monolithic integration of stress isolation feautures in a microelectromechanical system (mems) structure
42016003972902/11/16  new patent  Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds
52016004060102/11/16  new patent  Transverse mounted accessory gearbox
62016004090302/11/16  new patent  Bluetooth thermostat and hub
72016004100102/11/16  new patent  System and enhancing altitude situational awareness on a vertical situation display
82016004217402/11/16  new patent  Open architecture security methods and systems
92016004290602/11/16  new patent  Partially insulated cathode
102016004301702/11/16  new patent  Printed circuit board assembly including conductive heat transfer
112016004369502/11/16  new patent  System and frequency drift compensation for a dielectric resonator oscillator
122016004391402/11/16  new patent  Remotely monitoring network diagnostics
132016004414702/11/16  new patent  Voice control module for mobile instruments
142016004466102/11/16  new patent  Polymorphism and priority inversion to handle different types of life style and life safety traffic in wireless sensor network for a connected home
152016002972302/04/16 Utility flap for worker pockets
162016003125902/04/16 Wheel hub bearing bore
172016003156502/04/16 Systems and methods for averting overweight aircraft landing circumstances
182016003177002/04/16 Reactor with baffle configuration
192016003243302/04/16 Stainless steel alloys, turbocharger turbine housings formed from the stainless steel alloys, and methods for manufacturing the same
202016003315702/04/16 Devices, methods, and systems for occupancy detection
212016003327602/04/16 Merging intensities in a phd filter based on a sensor track id
222016003328102/04/16 Updating intensities in a phd filter based on a sensor track id
232016003328202/04/16 Two step pruning in a phd filter
242016003336602/04/16 Motion detection devices and systems
252016003363302/04/16 Adjusting weight of intensity in a phd filter based on sensor track id
262016003364102/04/16 System and method to identify regions of airspace having ice crystals using an onboard weather radar system
272016003394602/04/16 Building management system analysis
282016003394702/04/16 Monitoring a building management system
292016003425002/04/16 Flight deck multifunction control display unit
302016003447702/04/16 Video search and playback interface for vehicle monitor
312016003522502/04/16 Remote air traffic surveillance data compositing based on datalinked radio surveillance
322016003522602/04/16 Double decoder system for decoding overlapping aircraft surveillance signals
332016003522702/04/16 Systems and methods for context based cpdlc
342016003622702/04/16 Power broker module
352016003659102/04/16 Encrypting a communication from a device
362016003662602/04/16 System and controller redundancy and controller network redundancy with ethernet/ip i/o
372016003684302/04/16 Connected home system with cyber security monitoring
382016003358802/04/16 Magnetic-field sensing device
392016002377601/28/16 Systems and methods for airspeed estimation using actuation signals
402016002397201/28/16 One-step process for hexafluoro-2-butene
412016002397301/28/16 Fluorosurfactants having improved biodegradability
422016002436201/28/16 Compositions and refrigeration
432016002494801/28/16 Methods for manufacturing a turbine nozzle with single crystal alloy nozzle segments
442016002522801/28/16 Valve over-travel mechanism
452016002533401/28/16 Oxygen-fuel burner with staged oxygen supply
462016002557201/28/16 Thermo-optical array devices and methods of processing thermo-optical array devices
472016002584401/28/16 Frequency-modulated-continuous-wave (fmcw) radar with timing synchronization
482016002617101/28/16 Robust control design approach for chemical processing industries and other industries
492016002731001/28/16 System and automatically identifying displayed atc mentioned traffic
502016002839301/28/16 Field-effect transistor driver
512016002934601/28/16 Iot enabled wireless one-go/all-go platform sensor network solutionfor connected home security systems
522016001979401/21/16 System and integrating data link messages with a flight plan
532016001708601/21/16 Flexible, open-cell thermoset foams and blowing agents and methods for making same
542016001711001/21/16 Compositions and methods comprising vinylidene fluoride
552016001714801/21/16 Asphalt compositions for roofing applications, methods for making the same, and filled asphalt material comprising the same
562016001719901/21/16 Systems for efficient heating and/or cooling and having low climate change impact
572016001723101/21/16 Compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins and methods and systems using same
582016001796701/21/16 Ball screw actuator including a compliant ball screw stop
592016001822601/21/16 Model-based generation of information and evacuation messages
602016001847001/21/16 Method and system for calculating accurate battery percentage usage in wireless field devices
612016001852101/21/16 Active blade tracker and related systems and methods
622016001879601/21/16 Cascaded model predictive control (mpc) approach for plantwide control and optimization
632016001918801/21/16 System and abstracting a display
642016001979701/21/16 Scalar product based spacing calculation
652016001989101/21/16 Audio command adaptive processing system and method
662016002059001/21/16 Separable wallbox device and memory
672016002091001/21/16 Controllers with integrated power over ethernet network switches
682016002130901/21/16 Image based surveillance system
692016001810401/21/16 Burner for a furnace, tile for same, and improving a flame produced by a burner furnace
702016001810501/21/16 Burner for furnace, tile used in association with same, and controlling a flame of a burner
712016001879701/21/16 Apparatus and calculating proxy limits to support cascaded model predictive control (mpc)
722016000940301/14/16 Method and reducing high transient mount load in aircraft engine mounting systems
732016000941101/14/16 Visual search assistance for an occupant of a vehicle
742016000984701/14/16 Storage stable foamable compositions containing 1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene
752016001047401/14/16 Turbine nozzle components having reduced flow areas
762016001066201/14/16 Self-snubbing hydraulic actuation system
772016001071701/14/16 Adaptive three parameter isolator assemblies including external magneto-rheological valves
782016001075201/14/16 Fluid flow control devices and systems
792016001088001/14/16 Multiple heatsink cooling system for a line voltage thermostat
802016001099101/14/16 Integrated reaction wheel assembly arrays and multi-rotor chassis suitable for usage therein
812016001099201/14/16 Systems and methods for inertial reference system alignment
822016001099401/14/16 Mems gyro motor loop filter
832016001099601/14/16 Devices and methods for a path length control driver for a ring laser gyroscope
842016001122701/14/16 Stress reduction components for sensors
852016001122901/14/16 Reducing hysteresis effects in accelerometer
862016001133401/14/16 Vertical profile display including weather blocks
872016001141801/14/16 Space suit helmet display system
882016001157301/14/16 Multisite version and upgrade management system
892016001168501/14/16 Touch screen display assembly
902016001174101/14/16 Vertical profile display including weather icons
912016001175101/14/16 System and auto-configuration of devices in building information model
922016001183901/14/16 Vertical profile display including hazard band indication
932016001185301/14/16 Methods and systems for managing speech recognition in a multi-speech system environment
942016001263901/14/16 System and augmented reality alarm system installation
952016001271101/14/16 System and method identifying unevacuated facility residents during an emergency condition
962016001273201/14/16 Systems and methods for displaying degraded intruder traffic data on an aircraft display
972016001273501/14/16 Independent instrument landing system monitor
982016001273601/14/16 Smart electric taxi path control
992016001353001/14/16 Systems and methods for ferrite redundancy switch networks
1002016001392301/14/16 Flexible integrated communications and navigation transceiver system
1012016001415601/14/16 Security settings and indications of controllers
1022016001477201/14/16 6lowpan based multidisciplinary wireless sensor protocol for connected home security systems
1032016001491101/14/16 Device housing with fastener nesting provision
1042016000212801/07/16 High purity e-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene and methods of making the same
1052016000304601/07/16 Parallel twin-impeller compressor having swirl-imparting device for one impeller
1062016000347201/07/16 Flat-flame nozzle for burner
1072016000361901/07/16 Resonator fiber optic gyroscope employing common cavity length modulation along with high bandwidth laser stabilization
1082016000398501/07/16 Self-cleaning smudge-resistant structure and related fabrication methods
1092016000450101/07/16 Audio command intent determination system and method
1102016000452101/07/16 System and providing context sensitive help for alarm system installation
1112016000530601/07/16 System and communicating data from an alarm system to emergency services personnel
1122016000643101/07/16 Protection switching for matrix of ferrite modules with redundant control
1132016000742501/07/16 Illuminating devices and systems
1142015037518712/31/15 Photocatalyst air purification system with ultraviolet light emitting diodes operated with a duty cycle
1152015037585312/31/15 Thrust management and interface for aircraft taxi operations
1162015037585412/31/15 Differential steering control of electric taxi landing gear
1172015037706412/31/15 Turbocharger turbine housing
1182015037750712/31/15 Demand control ventilation system with commissioning and checkout sequence control
1192015037770412/31/15 Devices, methods, and systems for cavity-enhanced spectroscopy
1202015037801712/31/15 Systems and methods for calibration and optimization of frequency modulated continuous wave radar altimeters using adjustable self-interference cancellation
1212015037802412/31/15 Adaptive satellite search succession
1222015037832812/31/15 Apparatus and virtualizing a connection to a node in an industrial control and automation system
1232015037984612/31/15 Detector with optical block
1242015036715012/24/15 Automatic switching device for a breathing apparatus with an alarm-relief function and automatic reset
1252015036795512/24/15 Fire-and electromagnetic interference (emi)-resistant aircraft components and methods for manufacturing the same
1262015036796812/24/15 Systems and methods for a momentum platform
1272015036816912/24/15 Preparation of fluorinated olefins via catalytic dehydrohalogenation of halogenated hydrocarbons
1282015036937212/24/15 High temperature aluminum valve components
1292015036950312/24/15 Hvac zoning devices, systems, and methods
1302015036950412/24/15 Hvac zoning devices, systems, and methods
1312015036950512/24/15 Building control system with distributed control
1322015036950712/24/15 Hvac zoning devices, systems, and methods
1332015036960512/24/15 Symmetric three-laser resonator fiber optic gyroscope
1342015036960612/24/15 Small low cost resonator fiber optic gyroscope with reduced optical errors
1352015036984712/24/15 Managing energy in a multi-dwelling unit
1362015037026812/24/15 Bypass switch for in-line power steal
1372015037092712/24/15 Hvac zoning devices, systems, and methods
1382015037113612/24/15 Response planning and execution aiding system and method
1392015037141812/24/15 Apparatus and visualization of optimum operating envelope
1402015037154512/24/15 System and displaying a runway position indicator
1412015037267312/24/15 Passive drive control circuit for ac current
1422015036101412/17/15 Method for producing fluorinated organic compounds
1432015036192212/17/15 Heat exchanger designs using variable geometries and configurations
1442015036220812/17/15 Battery compartment for an hvac controller
1452015036237112/17/15 Extended temperature mapping process of a furnace enclosure with multi-spectral image-capturing device
1462015036237212/17/15 Extended temperature range mapping process of a furnace enclosure using various device settings
1472015036292912/17/15 User interface for special purpose controller
1482015036325212/17/15 Determining and correcting software server error conditions
1492015036404412/17/15 Aircraft display providing an aircraft display for use with airport departure and arrival procedures
1502015036413512/17/15 Speech recognition methods, devices, and systems
1512015036413612/17/15 Adaptive beam forming devices, methods, and systems
1522015036413712/17/15 Spatial audio database based noise discrimination
1532015036413812/17/15 Computer-generated speech device for site survey and maintenance
1542015036414212/17/15 Plant control system using voice as a control mechanism
1552015036421612/17/15 Radiation upset detection
1562015036506412/17/15 Variable delay line using variable capacitors in a maximally flat time delay filter
1572015036524912/17/15 Systems and methods for managing a programmable thermostat
1582015036608412/17/15 Intrinsic safe in-line adaptor with integrated capacitive barrier for connecting a wireless module with antenna
1592015035320112/10/15 Aircraft systems and methods with integrated tank inerting and power generation
1602015035437912/10/15 Dual alloy turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same
1612015035446112/10/15 Engine removing particles from turbine air
1622015035496012/10/15 Systems and methods for a glass-ceramic barrier coating
1632015035503012/10/15 Equipment and intensity-temperature transformation of imaging system
1642015035511912/10/15 Providing appliances with gas quality information
1652015035537112/10/15 Hvac controller with proximity sensor
1662015035561112/10/15 Apparatus and combining visualization and interaction in industrial operator consoles
1672015035583212/10/15 System and providing enhanced hmi navigation
1682015035637112/10/15 Detecting camera conditions to initiate camera maintenance
1692015035647912/10/15 Analytic framework for handling trade-offs between different business objectives in planning and scheduling applications
1702015035672012/10/15 Equipment and three-dimensional radiance and gas species field estimation
1712015035686512/10/15 Apparatus and alarm panel wifi alarm audio verification connectivity test
1722015035769712/10/15 Ferrite circulator with asymmetric dielectric spacers
1732015034465912/03/15 Foaming agents, foamable compositions, foams and articles containing fluorine substituted olefins, and methods of making same
1742015034466012/03/15 Polyurethane foam premixes containing halogenated olefin blowing agents and foams made from same
1752015034581812/03/15 Wireless thermostat with dual stage failsafe circuits
1762015034605912/03/15 Vehicle mission capability prediction system and method
1772015034613512/03/15 Electrochemical gas sensor
1782015034838712/03/15 System and motion detection and secondary measurements
1792015034842112/03/15 Systems and methods for in-trail opportunity window estimator
1802015034842312/03/15 System and economizing flight expenditures during aircraft descent and approach
1812015034962112/03/15 Dithering the magnetization of a ferrite load
1822015034971312/03/15 Multi-step drive signal for pin diode based rf amplitude modulators
1832015034988212/03/15 Wireless data communication using airborne lighting and ground support systems
1842015035035912/03/15 Remote access gateway configurable control system
1852015035092112/03/15 Apparatus and planning and validating a wireless network
1862015033717811/26/15 Adhesion promotion to difficult substrates for hot melt adhesives
1872015033768011/26/15 Turbine nozzles and cooling systems for cooling slip joints therein
1882015033772111/26/15 Turbocharger
1892015033799311/26/15 Drain mast seal having segregated chambers
1902015033821611/26/15 Ultra low noise data acquisition circuit
1912015033922011/26/15 Methods and apparatus to use an access triggered computer architecture
1922015033993211/26/15 Methods and systems to generate the atc center names list based on at least one flight plan
1932015034105711/26/15 Interconnection fabric with protocol agnostic switch for flexible radio avionics
1942015033509311/26/15 Hard hat adapter
1952015033950211/26/15 Encoded information reading terminal with replaceable imaging assembly
1962015032921711/19/15 Aircraft strike zone display
1972015032922211/19/15 Configurable space station momentum
1982015033052411/19/15 Composite injection molded check valve with integrated features
1992015033078211/19/15 Mass-loaded coriolis vibratory gyroscope
2002015033079611/19/15 System and voice based personalized interactive evacuation guidance
2012015033085111/19/15 Adaptive wireless torque measurement system and method
2022015033101611/19/15 Systems and methods that allow for simultaneous sensor and signal conditioning circuit performance testing
2032015033181411/19/15 Apparatus and synchronizing dynamic process data across redundant input/output modules
2042015033204011/19/15 Systems, devices, and methods for authenticating a value article
2052015033258111/19/15 Method and system for broadcasting a panic alert notification
2062015033258511/19/15 Method of noise suppression for voice based interactive devices
2072015033341111/19/15 Integrated stripline feed network for linear antenna array
2082015033209511/19/15 Relevant image detection in a camera, recorder, or video streaming device
2092015032174811/12/15 Speed brake alerting system and method
2102015032222511/12/15 Foams and articles made from foams containing hcfo or hfo blowing agents
2112015032280011/12/15 Gas path components of gas turbine engines and methods for cooling the same using porous medium cooling systems
2122015032391011/12/15 Redundant process controllers for segregated supervisory and industrial control networks
2132015032391711/12/15 Building controller with operating system interaction through an integrated display
2142015032391811/12/15 Building management system site categories
2152015032393811/12/15 Temperature-based level detection and control method and apparatus
2162015032457711/12/15 Dynamic changing of access token types
2172015032504711/12/15 Apparatus and providing augmented reality for maintenance applications
2182015032510111/12/15 System and dynamically subject tracking and multi-tagging in access control system
2192015032513111/12/15 Passive aircraft wingtip strike detection system and method
2202015032597811/12/15 Mutually-referenced optical frequency combs
2212015032631411/12/15 Tandem, visible light and rf communication system
2222015032632011/12/15 Optical synthesizer tuning using fine and coarse optical frequency combs
2232015032668311/12/15 Dynamic generation of proxy connections
2242015032682811/12/15 System and precision remote ptz control of ip cameras
2252015032701211/12/15 Portable electronic devices having a separate location trigger unit for use in controlling an application unit
2262015032737511/12/15 Hvac controller with air flow barrier
2272015031422911/05/15 Fuel deoxygenation and fuel tank inerting system and method
2282015031488411/05/15 System and improved low airspeed warning
2292015031544611/05/15 Low gwp heat transfer compositions
2302015031606511/05/15 Mass separation via a turbomolecular pump
2312015031638011/05/15 Fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression
2322015031638111/05/15 Fiber optic gyroscope dead band error suppression
2332015031638211/05/15 Systems and methods for an intensity stabilized resonator fiber optic gyroscope
2342015031705411/05/15 Method and gesture recognition
2352015031741811/05/15 Providing three-dimensional monitoring of a facility
2362015031790411/05/15 Ground based system and methods for providing multiple flightplan re-plan scenarios to a pilot during flight
2372015031827411/05/15 Device input protection circuit
2382015031875011/05/15 Electric motor-driven compressor having an electrical terminal block assembly
2392015031988011/05/15 Reduced thermal transfer to peltier cooled fets
2402015031692311/05/15 Gateway offering logical model mapped to independent underlying networks
2412015030658610/29/15 Gas and liquid phase catalytic beckmann rearrangement of oximes to produce lactams
2422015030827310/29/15 Shrouded single crystal dual alloy turbine disk
2432015030833010/29/15 Turbocharger with variable-vane turbine nozzle having a gas pressure-responsive vane clearance control member
2442015030835010/29/15 Multi-axis accessory gearboxes of mechanical drive systems and gas turbine engines including the same
2452015030845610/29/15 Electric motor-driven compressor having bi-directional liquid coolant passage
2462015030883310/29/15 System and displaying context sensitive notes
2472015030891210/29/15 Integrated reference vacuum pressure sensor with atomic layer deposition coated input port
2482015030892010/29/15 Adaptive baseline damage detection system and method
2492015030893410/29/15 Apparatus and stretch measurements of tissue webs

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