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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services M s Ab 2b
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20131212
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility_20131212
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d B a Honewell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100121
Honeywell International Inc_20100114
Honeywell International Inc Law Department Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100107
Honeywell International Inc_20100128


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Honeywell International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Honeywell International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Honeywell International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Honeywell International Inc patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016685906/16/16 Testing a mask seal
22016016703006/16/16 Hierarchical aluminophosphates as catalysts for the beckmann rearrangement
32016016780206/16/16 Aircraft fuel deoxygenation system
42016016839706/16/16 Substrate coating compositions and methods
52016016901806/16/16 Turbine exhaust seal
62016016910406/16/16 Variable bleed valve systems including a stop mechanism with a self-lubricating follower nut assembly
72016016923406/16/16 Exhaust turbine assembly
82016016951106/16/16 Pulverized fuel-oxygen burner
92016016954506/16/16 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system controller
102016016954606/16/16 Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system controller
112016016957506/16/16 Abs liners and cooling cabinets containing same
122016016967406/16/16 Systems and methods for providing automatic detection of inertial sensor deployment environments
132016016974306/16/16 Security device with a full length lens
142016017001606/16/16 Sectorized antennas for improved airborne reception of surveillance signals
152016017042306/16/16 Systems and methods for ultra-precision regulated voltage
162016017043506/16/16 Aircraft electric taxi control interface and system
172016017057706/16/16 System and interactive image and video based contextual alarm viewing
182016017134706/16/16 Data card guide to improve user experience
192016017165006/16/16 Methods and systems for displaying a vertical profile for an aircraft procedure with nonuniform scaling
202016017166606/16/16 Point spread function estimation for motion invariant images
212016017185706/16/16 System and fire progress monitoring
222016017196206/16/16 Active noise reduction earcup with speaker array
232016017198206/16/16 High intelligibility voice announcement system
242016017306406/16/16 Spurious frequency attenuation servo without tuning filter
252016017328906/16/16 Physically uncloneable function device using mram
262016015883906/09/16 Powder mixtures containing uniform dispersions of ceramic particles in superalloy particles and related methods
272016015903406/09/16 Materials gradient within armor for balancing the ballistic performance
282016015948906/09/16 Fire containment apparatuses for aircraft duct assemblies
292016016039106/09/16 Process and product of high strength uhmw pe fibers
302016016080006/09/16 Combined fan bypass components with removable front frame structure for use in a turbofan engine and making same
312016016112006/09/16 Inductive start and capacitive sustain ignition exciter system
322016016113606/09/16 Devices, methods, and systems for data-driven acceleration of deployed services
332016016118906/09/16 Plate-fin tubular hybrid heat exchanger design for an air and fuel cooled air cooler
342016016124106/09/16 Motion tracking system using one or more magnetic fields
352016016128306/09/16 Systems and methods for displaying position sensitive datalink messages on avionics displays
362016016160506/09/16 Radar vehicle tracking
372016016260406/09/16 Virtual mask alignment for fit analysis
382016016318506/09/16 System and identifying alarm system problems
392016016415706/09/16 Systems and methods for radio frequency (rf) energy wave switching using asymmetrically wound ferrite circulator elements
402016016431006/09/16 Source management for a power transformation system
412016016449506/09/16 Auto-tunable antenna devices
422016016537706/09/16 Network and sensor topology for a rotorcraft
432016016545106/09/16 System and preventing unauthorized sim card usage
442016015234806/02/16 System and aiding a pilot in locating an out of view landing site
452016015235106/02/16 Near-to-eye display verifying aircraft components
462016015335206/02/16 Turbocharger turbine wastegate mechanism
472016015382006/02/16 Use of resilient seals for high temperature and/or high pressure sealing in a guided wave radar level measurement device
482016015409606/02/16 Intrusion detector and improved sensitivity
492016015441306/02/16 Controller for controlling a building component of a building management system
502016015441406/02/16 Inrush current suppression circuit and controlling when a load may be fully energized
512016015527906/02/16 System and associating, assigning, and authenticating users with personal protective equipment using biometrics
522016015530806/02/16 System and interacting with digital video recorders through networking applications
532016015531906/02/16 System and take-over protection for a security system
542016015533706/02/16 Integrated controller-pilot datalink communication operating the same
552016015534106/02/16 System and displaying predictive conformal configuration cues for executing a landing
562016015543506/02/16 Aircraft reducing and detecting read-back and hear-back errors
572016015643106/02/16 High speed data transmission methods and systems upon error detection
582016015676406/02/16 Personalizing interaction with a structure
592016015687906/02/16 System and foreground extraction for digital cameras
602016014517605/26/16 Process for synthesis of fluorinated olefins
612016014572705/26/16 Aluminum iron based alloys and methods of producing the same
622016014602405/26/16 Hybrid bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same
632016014609905/26/16 Adjustable-trim centrifugal compressor, and turbocharger having same
642016014621305/26/16 Turbine wastegate plug
652016014645505/26/16 Fuel-air-flue gas burner
662016014649405/26/16 Building management system with programmable ir codes
672016014649505/26/16 Building management system with power efficient discrete controllers
682016014649705/26/16 Maintaining an attribute of a building
692016014692405/26/16 Intrinsic safety barrier circuit with series blocking capacitor
702016014694205/26/16 Using space-based augmentation system (sbas) grid ionosphere vertical error (give) information to mitigate ionosphere errors for ground based augmentation systems (gbas)
712016014721105/26/16 Methods, systems, and devices for configuring facility system devices
722016014801605/26/16 System and contextual adjustment of video fidelity to protect privacy
732016014881405/26/16 Liquid titanium oxide compositions, methods for forming the same, and methods for etching material layers of or overlying substrates using the same
742016014928405/26/16 Ferrite circulator with reduced-height transformers
752016014935105/26/16 Fusible link cable harness and addressing fusible link cable harnesses
762016014994105/26/16 Security log mining devices, methods, and systems
772016014997705/26/16 System and video streaming
782016013545005/19/16 Fumigant compositions and methods
792016013840205/19/16 Engine airfoils and methods for reducing airfoil flutter
802016013880505/19/16 Flare burner for a combustible gas
812016013892205/19/16 Eliminating ring laser gyro backscatter
822016013893605/19/16 System and display element for displaying waypoint markers with integrated altitude constraint information
832016013917005/19/16 Accelerometer with strain compensation
842016013917105/19/16 In-plane vibrating beam accelerometer
852016013925605/19/16 Method of system compensation to reduce the effects of self interference in frequency modulated continuous wave altimeter systems
862016013960805/19/16 Feedback-controlled fluid valve
872016013974605/19/16 Method and system of interacting with building security systems
882016013987605/19/16 Methods and voice-controlled access and display of electronic charts onboard an aircraft
892016014005805/19/16 Intrinsic barrier device with software configurable io type
902016014082205/19/16 System and airflow monitoring for variable airflow environments
912016014084905/19/16 System and confirming received taxi instructions
922016014085005/19/16 System and exocentric display of integrated navigation
932016014085405/19/16 Methods and determining and using a landing surface friction condition
942016014085505/19/16 Methods and systems for displaying a taxi clearance
952016014185905/19/16 Capacitvive load overcurrent detection system and method
962016014209505/19/16 Multiple radio frequency (rf) systems using a common radio frequency port without an rf switch
972016014212905/19/16 Minimizing propagation times of queued-up datalink tpdus
982016014220505/19/16 Symmetric secret key protection
992016014228805/19/16 Minimizining message propagation times when brief datalink interruptions occur
1002016014316305/19/16 Dual function magnetic door cover
1012016012937205/12/16 Fuel deoxygenation system contactor-separator
1022016012941105/12/16 Azeotrope-like compositions comprising 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
1032016012966905/12/16 Stab and ballistic resistant articles and the process of making
1042016013001805/12/16 Context based content display in a wearable device
1052016013037905/12/16 Process, properties, and applications of graft copolymers
1062016013073005/12/16 High tenacity high modulus uhmwpe fiber and the process of making
1072016013073405/12/16 Ballistic resistant thermoplastic sheet, process of making and its applications
1082016013097805/12/16 Stainless steel alloys, turbocharger turbine housings formed from the stainless steel alloys, and methods for manufacturing the same
1092016013114505/12/16 Adjustable-trim centrifugal compressor with ported shroud, and turbocharger having same
1102016013175805/12/16 Weather radar with bright band suppression
1112016013190605/12/16 Compact proximity display utilizing image transfer
1122016013204305/12/16 Method and retrieving time-based event data into unified activity hierarchy across process clusters
1132016013219305/12/16 Cabin management system using wearable display device
1142016013303605/12/16 Systems and methods for displaying facility information
1152016013310405/12/16 Self-contained security system including voice and video calls via the internet
1162016013313905/12/16 Systems and methods for enhanced awareness of obstacle proximity during taxi operations
1172016013417105/12/16 Resettable electro-mechanically actuated connection unit for generators
1182016013425405/12/16 Parameter scanned tunable antenna
1192016012211005/05/16 Sheet metal explosion-proof, and flame-proof enclosures
1202016012290905/05/16 Novel uhmwpe fiber and method to produce
1212016012291805/05/16 High strength small diameter fishing line
1222016012291905/05/16 Optimized braid construction
1232016012333305/05/16 Adjustable-trim centrifugal compressor, and turbocharger having same
1242016012358405/05/16 Burner control system
1252016012361405/05/16 Variable airflow volume balancing using a variable airflow volume controller
1262016012361505/05/16 Economizer having damper modulation
1272016012362405/05/16 Universal cell
1282016012363205/05/16 Absorption refrigeration cycles using a lgwp refrigerant
1292016012409205/05/16 Systems and methods for maintaining minimum operational requirements of a ground-based augmentation system
1302016012442805/05/16 Ground remote control an aircraft with an electric taxi system
1312016012541805/05/16 Customer configurable support system
1322016012567205/05/16 Configurable inferential sensor for vehicle control systems
1332016012568205/05/16 Authentication systems, authentication devices, and methods for authenticating a value article
1342016012574405/05/16 Systems and methods for enhanced adoptive validation of atc clearance requests
1352016012589505/05/16 Voice interactive system for industrial field instruments and field operators
1362016011333304/28/16 Mic cord access system
1372016011490104/28/16 Methods and systems for managing situation awareness information and alerts in a cockpit display
1382016011617704/28/16 Damper fault detection
1392016011618204/28/16 Hvac controller
1402016011620304/28/16 Scheduling defrost events and linking refrigeration circuits in a refrigeration system
1412016011637404/28/16 Monitoring efficiency and operational mode changes of combustion equipment
1422016011651304/28/16 Meter manager for automated demand response in a multi-site enterprise
1432016011652104/28/16 Method and providing early warning of extraction of module under power
1442016011659504/28/16 Systems and methods for averaging satellite sigmas and readmitting excluded satellite measurements into differential corrections and integrity monitors
1452016011672004/28/16 Aspheric variable focal length lens systems and methods
1462016011688804/28/16 Single-event transient feedback disturbance suppression system
1472016011691504/28/16 Surveying areas using a radar system and an unmanned aerial vehicle
1482016011742604/28/16 Pulse shape change for interface determination
1492016011763004/28/16 Orphaned package identification
1502016011763104/28/16 Orphaned item identification
1512016011791704/28/16 Physical and logical threat analysis in access control systems using bim
1522016011793504/28/16 Electric taxi motive control system and an aircraft
1532016011878404/28/16 Non-isolated power supply output chassis ground fault detection and protection system
1542016011916204/28/16 Method for controlling an hvac system using a proximity aware mobile device
1552016012003504/28/16 Systems and methods for mounting the printed wiring assembly to the header assembly of a pressure sensor
1562016010776104/21/16 System and isolating attitude failures in aircraft
1572016010776604/21/16 System and displaying runway landing information
1582016010789204/21/16 Method for separating hf from hf/halogenated hydrocarbon mixtures using ionic liquids
1592016010874004/21/16 Gas turbine engines with improved leading edge airfoil cooling
1602016010875704/21/16 Integrated outer flowpath ducting and front frame system for use in a turbofan engine and making same
1612016010923304/21/16 Method of detecting attitude faults based on magnetometer measurements
1622016010923904/21/16 Floating current mirror for rlg discharge control
1632016010927204/21/16 Use of transducers with a piezo ceramic array to improve the accuracy of ultra sonic meters
1642016010934204/21/16 Apparatus and method to measure back face signature of armor
1652016010955004/21/16 Magnetic current sensor calibration system and method
1662016010989504/21/16 Allocation of energy production changes to meet demand changes
1672016010994304/21/16 System and controlling visibility of a proximity display
1682016011053904/21/16 Monitoring access to a location
1692016011091904/21/16 Low latency augmented reality display
1702016011097804/21/16 Gps directed intrusion system with data acquisition
1712016011098304/21/16 Apparatus and managing operator alertness and enhancing operator effectiveness for industrial control systems
1722016011179304/21/16 Multiple beam antenna systems with embedded active transmit and receive rf modules
1732016010202304/14/16 Facilitating pitch stabilization in densified carbon fiber preforms
1742016010299404/14/16 Systems and methods for attitude fault detection based on air data and aircraft control settings
1752016010314504/14/16 Systems and methods for isolated sensor device protection
1762016010321704/14/16 System and graphically displaying neighboring rotorcraft
1772016010323004/14/16 Apparatus and measuring alpha radiation from liquids
1782016010592104/14/16 System and pairing wireless sensors with an access point control panel
1792016010343104/14/16 System and point by point hot cutover of controllers and ios
1802016009604804/07/16 Sealed self-retracting lifeline
1812016009613604/07/16 Gas separation cartridge
1822016009661604/07/16 Methods and providing servo torque control with load compensation for pilot in the loop
1832016009667504/07/16 Anti-jam dispenser
1842016009678604/07/16 Method to improve halogenation reactions
1852016009743604/07/16 Vibration isolation systems including multi-parameter isolators providing piezoelectric-based damping
1862016009764004/07/16 High rate rotation sensing
1872016009766904/07/16 Level finding using multiple search steps
1882016009767004/07/16 Resolution mode switching for pulsed radar
1892016009805504/07/16 Universal opto-coupled voltage system
1902016009831404/07/16 Methods and customizing and using a reusable database framework for fault processing applications
1912016009850004/07/16 Model-based echo curve prediction for pulsed radar
1922016010030104/07/16 Method and system for generation and transmission of alert notifications relating to a crowd gathering
1932016010049404/07/16 Thermal stabilization of temperature sensitive components
1942016009753304/07/16 Equipment and furnace visualization using virtual interactive windows
1952016009768004/07/16 Equipment and advanced imaging burner control process
1962016009019303/31/16 System and displaying runway approach information
1972016009046103/31/16 Mixtures containing 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluorobutene and 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
1982016009085803/31/16 Turbocharger variable-vane cartridge with nozzle ring and pipe secured by two-piece self-centering spacers
1992016009097603/31/16 Systems and methods for a dual purpose getter container
2002016009120403/31/16 Combustion control system having programmable display
2012016009120503/31/16 Modular flame amplifier system with remote sensing
2022016009123203/31/16 Integrated receiver and suction line heat exchanger for refrigerant systems
2032016009160703/31/16 Highly efficient nir light distribution for imaging based intrusion detection
2042016009171503/31/16 High transmittance eyewear for head-up displays
2052016009171603/31/16 Apparatus and supressing double images on a combiner head-up display
2062016009190303/31/16 Safety and programmable logic integration system
2072016009215703/31/16 Method of integrating a home entertainment system with life style systems which include searching and playing music using voice commands based upon humming or singing
2082016009238803/31/16 Module auto addressing in platform bus
2092016009312903/31/16 System and enhanced identity recognition incorporating random actions
2102016009330203/31/16 Systems and methods for converting taxiway voice commands into taxiway textual commands
2112016009515003/31/16 Systems and methods for aircraft on-ground determination
2122016008251003/24/16 Methods for producing gas turbine engine rotors and other powdered metal articles having shaped internal cavities
2132016008311803/24/16 Method and system for preparing aircraft maintenance application data for portable devices
2142016008331603/24/16 Integrated process for the production of 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
2152016008331703/24/16 Azeotropic compositions of 1,3,3,3-tetrachloroprop-1-ene and hydrogen fluoride
2162016008352903/24/16 High performance anti-block treatments for viscoelastic solids
2172016008410303/24/16 Shrouded bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same
2182016008410803/24/16 Nacelle inlet and engine fan housing assembly and making same
2192016008415303/24/16 Turbine wastegate
2202016008541203/24/16 System and method to have location based personalized ui updates on mobile app for connected users in security, video and home automation applications
2212016008638903/24/16 Methods and systems for processing speech to assist maintenance operations
2222016008639603/24/16 Aircraft electric taxi system diagnostic and prognostic evaluation system and method
2232016008646203/24/16 Virtual panoramic thumbnail to summarize and visualize video content in video surveillance and in connected home business
2242016008646403/24/16 System and monitoring the video surveillance activities
2252016008732403/24/16 Waveguide circulator with improved transition to other transmission line media
2262016008804103/24/16 System, binding communication devices through common association
2272016008000903/17/16 System and digital predistortion
2282016007496303/17/16 Turbocharger shaft and wheel assembly
2292016007496403/17/16 Turbocharger shaft and wheel assembly
2302016007637703/17/16 Turbocharger shaft and wheel assembly
2312016007640003/17/16 Noise suppression apparatus and methods of manufacturing the same
2322016007645203/17/16 Gas turbine engine mechanical-electrical hybrid fuel delivery system
2332016007654803/17/16 Variable stator vane assemblies and variable stator vanes thereof having a locally swept leading edge and methods for minimizing endwall leakage therewith
2342016007655603/17/16 Turbocharger shaft and wheel assembly
2352016007689103/17/16 System and reducing coherent backscatter in a stitched waveguide integrated optic circuit
2362016007702803/17/16 Humidity sensor
2372016007712503/17/16 High frequency disturbance detection and compensation
2382016007751103/17/16 Systems and methods for scheduling the operation of building resources
2392016007753103/17/16 Gas valve with electronic health monitoring
2402016007753803/17/16 Load forecasting for residential sector demand response
2412016007829403/17/16 Cross-sensor iris matching
2422016007869303/17/16 Wireless crash survivable memory unit
2432016007869803/17/16 System and auto-configuration of devices in bim using bluetooth low energy devices
2442016007886203/17/16 Systems and methods for aviation communication monitoring using speech recognition
2452016007886403/17/16 Identifying un-stored voice commands
2462016007676203/17/16 Dual fuel, staged air, low nox gas burner
2472016006827103/10/16 Apparatus and methods for mixing streams of air
2482016006664403/10/16 Smart shoes with wireless transmitter
2492016006827103/10/16 Apparatus and methods for mixing streams of air

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