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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services M s Ab 2b
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d B a Honewell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility_20131212
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Mail Stop 4d3
Honeywell International Inc_20100128
Honeywell International Inc_20131212
Honeywell International Inc_20100121
Honeywell International Inc_20100114
Honeywell International Inc Law Department Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc_20100107
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility

Honeywell International Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell International Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Honeywell International Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Honeywell International Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Multidirectional fiber-reinforced tape/film articles and the making the same
10/19/17 new patent  Blister free composite materials molding
10/19/17 new patent  High performance anti-block treatments for viscoelastic solids
10/19/17 new patent  Adjustable-trim centrifugal compressor for a turbocharger
10/19/17 new patent  Adjustable-trim centrifugal compressor for a turbocharger
10/19/17 new patent  High buoyancy composite materials
10/19/17 new patent  Motion detector having a bandpass filter
10/19/17 new patent  Interview programming for an hvac controller
10/19/17 new patent  Water heater leak detection system
10/19/17 new patent  Fire detector test device and methods therefor
10/19/17 new patent  Apparatuses, systems, and methods for ion traps
10/19/17 new patent  Devices, systems, and methods for ion trapping
10/19/17 new patent  Hydrogen-generating compositions for a fuel cell
10/19/17 new patent  Methods and systems to wirelessly connect to a vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Security architecture for the connected aircraft
10/19/17 new patent  Function prioritization in a multi-channel, voice-datalink radio
10/12/17Methods and providing real-time flight safety advisory data and analytics
10/12/17System and validating flight checklist items for maintenance and inspection applications
10/12/17Flow sensing module
10/12/17Torque measurement assemblies
10/12/17Learning system for efficient sun-blinds control
10/12/17System and providing aircraft autoflight capability feedback to a pilot
10/12/17Apparatus and generating industrial process graphics
10/12/17Systems and methods for assigning a fire system safety score and for predictive analysis via data mining
10/12/17Demand response system having a participation predictor
10/12/17Systems and performing speech recognition
10/12/17Power generator having reference pressure chamber
10/12/17Fuel submetering using firing rate signals
10/12/17User access to wireless low energy device
10/05/17Body gripping harness and single point connector for electrical rubber insulating sleeves
10/05/17End of service life indicator for disposal mask
10/05/17High density carbon-carbon friction materials
10/05/17Turbine engine designs for improved fine particle separation efficiency
10/05/17Low cost heating regulation circuit for self-heating flow mems
10/05/17Intrinsically safe power conditioning circuit
10/05/17Fault propagation in a building automation system
10/05/17System to make consumers aware of electricity usage
10/05/17Systems and methods for providing uav-based digital escort drones in visitor management and integrated access control systems
10/05/17Systems and methods for tracking unauthorized intruders using drones integrated with a security system
10/05/17System and method to distinguish sources in a multiple audio source environment
10/05/17Sputtering target assembly having a graded interlayer and methods of making
10/05/17Poke-in electrical connector
10/05/17Systems and methods to distribute an aircraft operations communication (aoc) application to communication components in a vehicle
10/05/17Magnetic fingerprinting for proximity-based systems
10/05/17Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
09/28/17Methods and providing critical electronic checklist data during flight
09/28/17Breathable light weight unidirectional laminates
09/28/17Axi-centrifugal compressor
09/28/17Turbocharger compressor wheel assembly
09/28/17Turbocharger compressor wheel assembly
09/28/17Apparatus to tap the electrical signals in process control without breaking the continuity
09/28/17Hybrid air data systems using lidar and legacy air data sensors
09/28/17Process control system performance analysis using scenario data
09/28/17Systems and methods of increasing the efficiency and accuracy of a walk test in a fire alarm system
09/28/17Access control via a mobile device
09/21/17Motor-generator for high efficiency auxiliary power system
09/21/17Methods for processing bonded dual alloy rotors including differential heat treatment processes
09/21/17Diagnostic signal to annunciate primary seal failure in a level transmitter
09/21/17Structured light measuring apparatus and methods
09/21/17Weighting algorithm for signal processing
09/21/17Remote data analytics to predict system components or device failure
09/21/17Method and apparatus to acquire parameters of gas metering
09/21/17Spreadsheet visualization for controlling an industrial process
09/21/17Hvac controller with performance log
09/21/17Communications bus line isolator
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09/21/17Requesting weather data based on pre-selected events
09/21/17Burner assembly having a modified tile
09/14/17Asynchronous reporting system
09/14/17Shielded anti-icing system and methods
09/14/17Polysiloxane formulations and coatings for optoelectronic applications, methods of production, and uses thereof
09/14/17Gaseous fuel-air burner having a bluff body flame stabilizer
09/14/17Humidity sensors with transistor structures and piezoelectric layer
09/14/17Automation control system point configuration from controller program files
09/14/17Hvac zone control panel
09/14/17System and preventing corruption of vehicle history data files
09/14/17Interface device providing intrinsic safety for a communications device
09/14/17Systems, methods, and devices for indoor location
09/07/17Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
09/07/17Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
09/07/17Flexible, open-cell thermoset foams and blowing agents and methods for making same
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09/07/17Diverging-converging cooling passage for a turbine blade
09/07/17Electrohydraulic valve including a vibration-resistant, flexible hermetic seal
09/07/17System and approach for controlling a combustion chamber
09/07/17System for propagating messages for purposes of demand response
09/07/17Interface assembly
09/07/17System and preserving back-up battery for improved back-up availability
09/07/17Packaged intrinsic safe industrial modem
09/07/17Remote resolution of customer issues enabled by integrating multiple communication technologies using a handheld configurator
09/07/17Reduced thermal transfer to peltier cooled fets
08/31/17Suspension locking tab
08/31/17Wireless aircraft cabin pressure control system utilizing smart pressure sensors
08/31/17Rope guidance for second device used on durahoist arm
08/31/17High temperature isomerization of (e)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene to (z)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
08/31/17Low voc and high solid fluoropolymer for coating applications
08/31/17Relative humidity sensor and method
08/31/17Using bluetooth beacons to automatically update the location within a portable gas detector's logs
08/31/17Recursive multi-model echo curve simulation
08/31/17Enhanced lidar air data using supplementary sensor outputs
08/31/17Calibration technique for rules used with asset monitoring in industrial process control and automation systems
08/31/17Cost-driven predictive equipment failure detection
08/31/17Systems and methods of identifying building assets used in a walk test
08/31/17System and smart event paging
08/31/17Flexible headband with self-adaptive functions
08/24/17Differential needling of a carbon fiber preform
08/24/17Polymerization of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and polymers formed from 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
08/24/17Hvac actuator assembly
08/24/17Valve actuator assembly
08/24/17Multiple adaptive geo-fences for a building
08/24/17Stimulated brillouin scattering (sbs) gyro with coupled resonator for frequency-dependent output coupling
08/24/17Flip chip pressure sensor assembly
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08/24/17Method and system for fmcw radar altimeter system height measurement resolution improvement
08/24/17Systems and methods for positionally stable magneto-optical trapping over temperature
08/24/17Bus bridge for translating requests between a module bus and an axi bus
08/24/17Simulation of chemical process facilities
08/24/17Door and window contact systems and methods that include mems accelerometers and mems magnetometers
08/24/17Methods and systems facilitating stabilized descent to a diversion airport
08/24/17Methods and obtaining aircraft landing guidance
08/24/17System and detecting misaligned stationary objects
08/24/17System and multi-level electronic protection using combination of current sensing and temperature sensing
08/24/17System and in-situ optimization of microwave field homogeneity in an atomic clock
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08/24/17Fluorination process and reactor
08/17/17Controlling a fume hood airflow using an image of a fume hood opening
08/17/17Method for producing 2-chloro-3,3,3,-trifluoropropene (hcfc-1233xf)
08/17/17Process for the production of fluorinated cyclobutane
08/17/17Anti-fog coatings and methods
08/17/17Fluorinated alkene refrigerant compositions
08/17/17Turbocharger with rotary bypass valve operable to selectively configure the turbine volute as single-scroll or twin-scroll
08/17/17Method and system for apu oil level indication
08/17/17System and handing off the configuration of a building device from a contractor to a customer using a hang tag or the like
08/17/17Automatic detection of jumper switch position of a wall mount connector
08/17/17Wall mountable connector for an hvac controller
08/17/17Mobile device with contractor accessible screens for configuring a building device
08/17/17Wall covering plate for use with an hvac controller
08/17/17Hvac wall mountable connector with memory
08/17/17Hvac damper system
08/17/17Set a gas detector's location automatically using short range radio
08/17/17Preparation cell systems and methods
08/17/17Energy-related information presentation system
08/17/17Inductor type touch input in explosion-proof electronic enclosure
08/17/17Replication of memory image for efficient simultaneous uses
08/17/17Systems and methods of access control in security systems with augmented reality
08/17/17Systems and methods of location based awareness of life safety sensors
08/17/17Wall mountable connector with wall covering plate
08/17/17Wall mountable connector with commonly used field wire terminals spaced from one another
08/17/17Wall mountable connector terminal configuration
08/17/17Hvac wall mountable connector with mounting features
08/17/17Wall mountable connector with built in jumper functionality
08/17/17Jumper switch for an hvac wall mountable connector
08/17/17Adapter plate with mounting features for a wall mountable connector
08/17/17Systems and methods for handing off configuration of a building device from a contractor to a customer
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08/17/17Prediction of potential cyber security threats and risks in an industrial control system using predictive cyber analytics
08/17/17Input/output (i/o) binding with automatic international electromechanical commission (iec) address generation in remote terminal unit (rtu) configuration
08/10/17System and estimating turbo speed of an engine
08/10/17Translating cowl thrust reverser system with over-stow unlocking capability
08/10/17Controller interface with separate schedule review mode
08/10/17Low-power x band beacon transponder
08/10/17Use of wide area reference receiver network data to mitigate local area error sources
08/10/17Methods and systems for safe landing at a diversion airport
08/10/17Wall module with multi-pixel passive infrared sensor
08/10/17Systems and methods for contacting emergency personnel via voice recognition
08/10/17Systems and methods for eliminating multi-path errors from atomic inertial sensors
08/10/17Sputtering device component with modified surface and making
08/10/17Removable memory card with security system support
08/10/17System and preserving value and extending life of legacy software in face of processor unavailability, rising processor costs, or other issues
08/10/17Relay mechanism to facilitate processor communication with inaccessible input/output (i/o) device
08/03/17Device for electrically grounding aircraft components mounted on a composite skin fuselage
08/03/17Systems and methods of precision landing for offshore helicopter operations using spatial analysis
08/03/17Curable fluorocopolymer formed from tetrafluoropropene
08/03/17Anti-static compositions
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08/03/17Compact accessory systems for a gas turbine engine
08/03/17Engine system with inferential sensor
08/03/17Fan coil thermostat with fan ramping
08/03/17Near-zero revolutions per minute (rpm) sensing
08/03/17Flow sensor with self heating sensor elements
08/03/17Fall protection harness with damage indicator
08/03/17Vehicle decision support system
08/03/17System and monitoring a communication channel and displaying information
08/03/17System and capturing and displaying packets and other messages in local control network (lcn)
08/03/17Camera-aided controller of illumination
08/03/17System and interactive adjustment of a model predictive controller in an embedded execution environment
07/27/17Systems and methods for ground effect ceiling limit display
07/27/17Evaluation of pilot performance using collected avionics system data
07/27/17Compressor recirculation system having compressor inlet recirculation duct configured to reduce noise from rossiter excitation and cavity acoustic resonance
07/27/17Translating cowl thrust reverser that prevents unintended door rotation
07/27/17Thrust reverser with asymmetric vane geometry
07/27/17Impeller shroud supports having mid-impeller bleed flow passages and gas turbine engines including the same
07/27/17Tuning model structures of dynamic systems
07/27/17Bimetallic fin with themo-adjusting turbulation feature
07/27/17Body core temperature measurement
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07/27/17System and improved location accuracy
07/27/17Using space based augmentation system (sbas) ephemeris sigma information to reduce ground based augmentation systems (gbas) ephemeris decorrelation parameter
07/27/17Ground-based system and method to monitor for excessive delay gradients using long reference receiver separation distances
07/27/17Method and tool for post-mortem analysis of tripped field devices in process industry using optical character recognition & intelligent character recognition
07/27/17Remote application for controlling access
07/27/17Smoke detector with a double optical chamber
07/27/17Employing offsets to create multiple orthogonal channel sequences in frequency hopping systems
07/27/17Efficient aeronautical information download coupled with ads-b function
07/27/17Vehicle defined source transmitter
07/27/17Cockpit display generating cockpit displays including enhanced flight visibility indicators
07/20/17Algorithm for efficiently breaking a material
07/20/17Turbine wastegate
07/20/17Translating cowl thrust reverser having a pressure imbalance that reduces overall structural load
07/20/17Single row vane assembly for a thrust reverser
07/20/17Gas valve with electronic health monitoring
07/20/17Space comfort control detector
07/20/17Heating, ventilation and air conditioning capacity monitor
07/20/17Heating, ventilation and air conditioning capacity alert system
07/20/17System that automatically infers equipment details from controller configuration details
07/20/17System that retains continuity of equipment operational data upon replacement of controllers and components
07/20/17Traffic visualization system
07/20/17Personal wearable system that detects hazardous voltages and indicates direction of the source
07/20/17Wearable radar detection device
07/20/17Flexible link system for dynamic switching among different wall module types with a controller
07/20/17Fall protection harness with location and inventor indicator
07/20/17Alerting system
07/20/17Methods and systems to assist in a search and rescue mission
07/20/17Method of hybrid long operation time power source for wireless sensor nodes
07/20/17Compact high speed generator
07/20/17Dual port transimpedance amplifier with separate feedback
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07/20/17System for auto-adjustment of gateway poll rates
07/20/17Gateway mechanisms to associate a contractor account
07/20/17Near-real-time export of cyber-security risk information
07/20/17Encoded information reading terminal with replaceable imaging assembly
07/13/17Low gwp heat transfer compositions containing difluoromethane and 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
07/13/17Carbon-carbon composite including hydrophobic coating
07/13/17Probe tip for air data probe
07/13/17Apparatus and supressing double images on a combiner head-up display
07/13/17Pressure regulator
07/13/17Tag for order fulfillment
07/13/17Synchronizing switching times of relays to a zero-crossing
07/06/17Protective hood made from materials of variable stretch knit and woven textiles
07/06/17Foamed asphalt compositions, recycled asphalt composition including the same, asphalt pavement including the same, and methods of forming asphalt pavement using the same
07/06/17Inlet particle separator system with high curvature hub
07/06/17High efficiency air conditioning systems and methods
07/06/17Multi-stage low gwp air conditioning system
07/06/17Pressure sensor assembly
07/06/17Systems and methods for vehicle attitude determination
07/06/17Device enrollment in a building automation system aided by audio input
07/06/17Ppe inventory assistance tool for fire departments
07/06/17Video surveillance system with selectable operating scenarios and system training for improved situational awareness
07/06/17Communication system with service selection by dialling
06/29/17Azeotrope-like composition of 2-chlor0-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (hcfc-1233xf) and hydrogen fluoride (hf)
06/29/17Guided type fall arrester - force control
06/29/17Smoothed navigation solution using filtered resets
06/29/17Ceiling mount intrusion detector with arbitrary direction detection capability
06/22/17Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
06/22/17Flexible, open-cell thermoset foams and blowing agents and methods for making same
06/22/17Heat resistant fastening systems

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