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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services M s Ab 2b
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc d b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc D b a Honeywell Scanning And Mobility_20131212
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d B a Honewell Scanning And Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20131212
Honeywell International Inc_20100121
Honeywell International Inc_20100114
Honeywell International Inc Law Department Patent Services
Honeywell International Inc Doing Business As d d b a Honeywell Scanning x26 Mobility
Honeywell International Inc_20100107
Honeywell International Inc_20100128


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Honeywell International, Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to Honeywell International, Inc.. Honeywell International, Inc. is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Honeywell International, Inc. may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Honeywell International, Inc., we're just tracking patents.

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System and method for storing and monitoring events at security devices

Honeywell International

System and method for storing and monitoring events at security devices

Cross-sensor iris matching

Honeywell International

Cross-sensor iris matching

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Count Application # Date Honeywell International, Inc. patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014031121110/23/14 new patent  Gas sensing drift compensation using gas self-referencing for end of service life indication for respirators
22014031219810/23/14 new patent  Isolators including damper assemblies having variable annuli and spacecraft isolation systems employing the same
32014031223010/23/14 new patent  Infrared imager
42014031302810/23/14 new patent  System and method for storing and monitoring events at security devices
52014031311710/23/14 new patent  Camouflaged connected home controller
62014031330610/23/14 new patent  Cross-sensor iris matching
72014031677810/23/14 new patent  Noise cancellation for voice activation
82014031212110/23/14 new patent  Indicia reading terminal including optical filter
92014030513010/16/14Aircraft environmental control system inlet flow control
102014030523810/16/14Ball screw actuator including a compliant ball screw stop
112014030543710/16/14One-belt harness
122014030552510/16/14Autonomous valve control and monitoring
132014030720210/16/14Polarization plate for use in a liquid crystal display
142014030946310/16/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
152014030979110/16/14Economizer controller plug and play system recognition with automatic user interface population
162014030981710/16/14Methods and systems for displaying procedure information on an aircraft display
172014030991510/16/14Methods and systems for providing taxiway stop bar information to an aircrew
182014029891310/09/14Sensor with isolated diaphragm
192014029891910/09/14Flow sensor with improved linear output
202014030005710/09/14Fluid transfer seal assemblies, fluid transfer systems, and methods for transferring process fluid between stationary and rotating components using the same
212014030049510/09/14System and method for displaying symbology on an in-trail procedure display graphically and textually representative of a vertical traffic scenario and air- traffic-control negotiation
222014030055510/09/14Avionic touchscreen control systems and program products having "no look" control selection feature
232014030138410/09/14Integrated avionics systems and methods
242014030227310/09/14High lap shear strength, low back face signature ud composite and the process of making
252014030227410/09/14Rigid structural and low back face signature ballistic ud/articles and method of making
262014030296010/09/14Threaded fastener positive anti-rotation locking device
272014030340910/09/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
282014029074910/02/14Aircraft ice protection control system and method for mitigating engine over-bleed
292014029145210/02/14Isolators having damper-external thermal compensators and spacecraft isolation systems employing the same
302014029256110/02/14Low power, space combined, phased array radar
312014029257410/02/14Selected aspects of advanced receiver autonomous integrity monitoring application to kalman filter based navigation filter
322014029356210/02/14Fibrous laminate interface for security coatings
332014029411710/02/14Spurious frequency attenuation servo
342014029456410/02/14Auxiliary power units and other turbomachines having ported impeller shroud recirculation systems
352014028566109/25/14Methods and systems for colorizing an enhanced image during alert
362014028352709/25/14Multi-engine performance margin synchronization adaptive control system and method
372014028367409/25/14Ultra-high strength uhmw pe fibers and products
382014028392209/25/14Spring assemblies for use in gas turbine engines and methods for their manufacture
392014028527809/25/14Ferrite circulator with asymmetric dielectric spacers
402014028527909/25/14Waveguide circulator with improved transition to other transmission line media
412014028543809/25/14Alphanumeric keypad
422014028721709/25/14Rubber-based elastomeric compositions and articles of manufacture produced therewith
432014028833609/25/14High temperature isomerization of (e)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene to (z)-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
442014028873309/25/14Systems and methods for reducing error detection latency in lpv approaches
452014025966609/18/14Methods for the repair of gas turbine engine components using additive manufacturing techniques
462014025966809/18/14Turbine blade tip repair
472014025967409/18/14Brass alloys for use in turbocharger bearing applications
482014025989209/18/14High-performance hydrolysis fuel formulation for micro fuel cells
492014026025209/18/14Stabilized hfo and hcfo compositions for use in high temperature heat transfer applications
502014026052309/18/14Radar-based vibration sensor self-calibration method
512014026071009/18/14Ultrasound liquid dispersion humidifier
522014026093309/18/14Vacuum panels used to dampen shock waves in body armor
532014026156509/18/14Cleaning compositions and methods
542014026260809/18/14Self-locking webbing connectable device attachment plate
552014026367809/18/14Multi-mode auto changeover system
562014026414809/18/14Azeotrope-like compositions comprising 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
572014026415409/18/14Azeotropic compositions of 1,3,3-trichloro-1,1-difluoropropane and hydrogen fluoride
582014026417309/18/14Azeotropic compositions of 1,1,3,3-tetrachloroprop-1-ene and hydrogen fluoride
592014026417409/18/14Azeotropic compositions of 1,3,3,3-tetrachloroprop-1-ene and hydrogen fluoride
602014026425109/18/14Memory cell with redundant carbon nanotube
612014026587509/18/14System for integrated lighting control, configuration, and metric tracking from multiple locations
622014026667109/18/14Mechanism and approach for monitoring building automation systems through user defined content notifications
632014026668009/18/14System and method of anomaly detection with categorical attributes
642014026668309/18/14System and method of anomaly detection
652014026670009/18/14Gps directed intrusion system with data acquisition
662014026671509/18/14Access control systems with variable threat level
672014026671609/18/14Eyewash station with automatic expiration warning
682014026680709/18/14System and method for graphically displaying airspace speed data
692014026685409/18/14System and method for doppler radar monitoring of restricted areas below bucket trucks, lineworkers on power distribution poles or other elevated loads
702014026742209/18/14Aircraft flight deck displays and systems and methods for enhanced display of obstacles in a combined vision display
712014026766109/18/14System and method for video monitoring of restricted areas below bucket trucks, lineworkers on power distribution poles or other elevated loads
722014026813509/18/14Stand-off spectrometry systems and methods
732014026925709/18/14Shadow access point for hierarchical tree network using 802.11 infrastructure nodes in fire detection systems and other systems
742014026934809/18/14Hierarchical tree network using tdma protocol with 802.11 infrastructure nodes for fire detection systems and other systems
752014026978009/18/14A novel low latency and self-adjusting frame synchronization algorithm for data streaming applications
762014027010309/18/14Devices, methods, and systems for mass notification
772014027112809/18/14Turbocharger lubricant turbine
782014027117009/18/14Centrifugal compressors and methods of designing diffuser vanes for the same
792014027117109/18/14Compressor airfoil
802014027121809/18/14Low conductivity thermal barrier coating
812014027132209/18/14Methods for forming dispersion-strengthened aluminum alloys
822014027226709/18/14Trauma reduction without ballistic performance reduction
832014027226809/18/14High strength tape articles from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
842014027227109/18/14Ballistic resistant thermoplastic sheet, process of making and its applications
852014027274209/18/14Gas pilot burner assembly
862014027369609/18/14Stab and ballistic resistant articles and the process of making
872014027416309/18/14User assisted location devices
882014027562709/18/14Oximation of ka oil by-product
892014027564409/18/14Method to produce cis-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
902014027564609/18/14Method for mitigating hfc-245cb formation during hcfo-1233xf hydrofluorination to hcfc-244bb
912014027564909/18/14Catalysts for 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoropropane dehydrochlorination
922014027565009/18/14Stabilizer and inhibitor for chloropropenes, such as tetrachloropropene 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene (1230xa), used in the manufacture of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene (1234yf)
932014027565109/18/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
942014027565209/18/14Integrated process to produce 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
952014027565509/18/14Methods for removing halogenated ethylene impurities in 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene product
962014027565809/18/14Method to reduce the formation of high boiling compounds during the dehydrochlorination of 1,1,1,3-tetrachloropropane
972014027565909/18/14Method to improve 1,1,3-trichloropropene and/or 3,3,3-trichloropropene selectivity during the dehydrochlorination of 1,1,1,3-tetrachloropropane
982014027566009/18/14Method for mitigating hcl generation during 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene purification
992014027566209/18/14Process to suppress the formation of 3,3,3-trifluoropropyne in fluorocarbon manufacture
1002014027776009/18/14Supervisory controller for hvac systems
1012014027806909/18/14Methods and systems for representing time of arrival information on a cockpit display
1022014027831309/18/14Simulation methods and systems for an aircraft
1032014027831909/18/14System and method for selecting a respirator
1042014027869909/18/14Modeling energy conversion in systems
1052014028174209/18/14Systems and methods for increasing robustness of a system with a remote server
1062014028197409/18/14System and method of audio information display on video playback timeline
1072014027564709/18/14Fluorination process and reactor
1082014027564809/18/14Staged fluorination process and reactor system
1092014025605609/11/14Method to calibrate disposable cartridge cuvette thickness in-situ
1102014025605909/11/14Multicolor microwave-accelerated metal-enhanced fluorescence (m-mamef)
1112014025331609/11/14Upgradable home awareness system
1122014025342809/11/14Gesture recognition system operability verification
1132014025358509/11/14Graphical representation of in-flight messages
1142014025515709/11/14Anisotropic bearing supports for turbochargers
1152014025572909/11/14Microbial fuel cell having electrically conductive foam electrode
1162014025573009/11/14Scalable micro power cells with no-gap arrangement between electron and proton transfer elements
1172014025686509/11/14Electric-arc resistant face shield or lens including ir-blocking inorganic nanoparticles
1182014025699509/11/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
1192014025768209/11/14Ground based system and methods for providing multiple flightplan re-plan scenarios to a pilot during flight
1202014025834409/11/14Methods and systems for creating a complex user interface adapting a generic database software application to individually manage subset domains in complex database
1212014025872709/11/14System and method of using a signed guid
1222014025891609/11/14Apparatus and method for managing open windows in a graphical display for a representation of a process system
1232014024559009/04/14Motor mount
1242014024574809/04/14Gas turbine engine optimization by electric power transfer
1252014024580809/04/14System and method for automated shunt calibration of a sensor
1262014024706409/04/14Integrated circuit testing
1272014024716309/04/14Aircraft monitoring with improved situational awareness
1282014024846309/04/14Rigid structure uhmwpe ud and composite and the process of making
1292014024970009/04/14Aircraft gross weight and center of gravity validator
1302014024970109/04/14System and method for managing an interval between aircraft
1312014024970309/04/14Methods and systems to accurately display lateral deviation symbology in offset approaches to runways
1322014024973609/04/14Autonomous aircraft guiding mobile unit
1332014024973809/04/14Systems and methods for unmanned aircraft system collision avoidance
1342014025039709/04/14User interface and method
1352014023814108/28/14Integrated reference vacuum pressure sensor with atomic layer deposition coated input port
1362014023872408/28/14Fabrication of three-dimensional printed circuit board structures
1372014024008708/28/14Access control system using smart phone
1382014024014808/28/14System and method for displaying visual flight reference points
1392014024016508/28/14Multimode device for locating and identifying items
1402014024024208/28/14System and method for interacting with a touch screen interface utilizing a hover gesture controller
1412014024035608/28/14Apparatus and method for providing a pan and zoom display for a representation of a process system
1422014024045508/28/14System and method to create evidence of an incident in video surveillance system
1432014024050308/28/14Tamper resistant motion detector
1442014024071208/28/14Method and system for detecting optical ring resonator resonance frequencies and free spectral range to reduce the number of lasers in a resonator fiber optic gyroscope
1452014024071708/28/14Apparatus and method of using a light conduit in a position detector
1462014024105208/28/14Carbon nanotube memory cell with enhanced current control
1472014024169508/28/14System and method for interacting with digital video recorders through networking applications
1482014024186608/28/14Turbocharger wheel with sound control
1492014024190608/28/14Auxiliary power units (apus) and methods and systems for activation and deactivation of a load compressor therein
1502014024273908/28/14Systems and methods for a pressure sensor having a two layer die structure
1512014024372408/28/14Ankle stabilization/sprain prevention in a shoe
1522014024404708/28/14Security system with integrated hvac control
1532014024424608/28/14System and method for correcting accent induced speech transmission problems
1542014024479708/28/14Trivial file transfer protocol (tftp) accelerated file retry option
1552014024481708/28/14Deploying a network of nodes
1562014023046508/21/14Method for selecting lubricants for heat pumps
1572014023055208/21/14Systems and methods for potted shock isolation
1582014023057908/21/14Capillary groove for isobaric waste entry
1592014023058308/21/14Actuator including handling-proof position feedback mechanism
1602014023255908/21/14Systems and methods for traffic prioritization
1612014023287308/21/14System and method of monitoring the video surveillance activities
1622014023379208/21/14System and method for detecting motion in compressed video
1632014023590308/21/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
1642014023590408/21/14Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
1652014023590608/21/14Process to make 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene from 1,1,3-trichloropropene and/or 3,3,3- trichloropropene
1662014023590708/21/14Methods for the dehydrochlorination of 1,1,1,3-tetrachloropropane to 1,1,3-trichloropropene
1672014023653408/21/14System and method for continuous performance analysis of systems that exhibit variable performance characteristics at different operating conditions
1682014022373808/14/14Heat exchanger with telescoping expansion joint
1692014022392708/14/14Heat transfer compositions and methods
1702014022628608/14/14Wall-mounted controller with a removable portion
1712014022652208/14/14Systems and methods for incorporating determinism in the wireless domain
1722014022681308/14/14Physics-based key generation
1732014022695108/14/14System and method of alarm and history video playback
1742014022709008/14/14Stainless steel alloys, turbocharger turbine housings formed from the stainless steel alloys, and methods for manufacturing the same
1752014022753808/14/14Anti-reflective coating for photolithography and methods of preparation thereof
1762014022909308/14/14Systems and methods for managing non-integrated cpdlc systems from a first cpdlc system
1772014022989708/14/14Slider control for graphical user interface and method for use thereof
1782014022939908/14/14System and method for managing cargo transfer operations at a cargo distribution terminal
1792014022977208/14/14Partial redundancy for i/o modules or channels in distributed control systems
1802014021597008/07/14Methods of handling chlorinated compounds used for manufacturing hfo-1234yf
1812014021599808/07/14Gas turbine engines with improved compressor blades
1822014021607508/07/14Compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins and methods and systems using same
1832014021819508/07/14Apparatus and method for rapid human detection with pet immunity
1842014021821608/07/14Aircraft systems and methods for attitude recovery
1852014021832908/07/14Automatic and dynamic sensitivity control of projected capacitive touch sensitive detection systems
1862014021851408/07/14System and method to aggregate control of multiple devices
1872014021979008/07/14Axial turbine with sector-divided turbine housing
1882014021983608/07/14Axial turbine with meridionally divided turbine housing
1892014022033308/07/14Foams and flame resistant articles made from foams containing 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene (1233zd)
1902014022033608/07/14Pressure-sensitive adhesives that minimize plasticizer migration, pressure-sensitive adhesive articles with such pressure-sensitive adhesives, and methods for fabricating such pressure-sensitive adhesives
1912014022170408/07/14Process for the preparation of 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene using a phase transfer catalyst
1922014022170508/07/14Synthesis of 1,1,2,3-tetrachloropropene
1932014022222108/07/14Hvac controller having a parameter adjustment element with a qualitative indicator
1942014022225708/07/14Method and apparatus for generating a virtual inner marker for an aircraft landing approach
1952014022232708/07/14System and method for displaying terrain altitudes on an aircraft display
1962014022354608/07/14Access control system and method with gps location validation
1972014020968507/31/14Covert bar code pattern design and decoding
1982014020976707/31/14Mounting bracket for use with a water heater
1992014021064807/31/14Flight deck display systems and methods for generating in-trail procedure windows including aircraft flight path symbology
2002014021066907/31/14Systems and methods for improving bearing availability and accuracy for a tracking filter
2012014021102707/31/14Systems and methods for managing access to surveillance cameras
2022014021120507/31/14Micro-molded cytometer cartridge with integrated optics
2032014021121007/31/14Fiber optic gyroscope mixed signal application specific integrated circuit
2042014021121107/31/14Rfog with optical heterodyning for optical signal discrimination
2052014021421207/31/14Auto test for delta t diagnostics in an hvac system
2062014021428607/31/14System and method for transmitting helicopter health and location
2072014021527807/31/14System and method for three input voting
2082014020218207/24/14Compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins and methods and systems using same
2092014020254907/24/14Multi-tank water heater systems
2102014020307907/24/14System and method for calibration and mapping of real-time location data
2112014020309307/24/14Multi-tank water heater systems
2122014020371107/24/14Systems and methods for controlling light sources
2132014020408107/24/14Systems and methods for 3d data based navigation using descriptor vectors
2142014020408207/24/14Systems and methods for 3d data based navigation using a watershed method
2152014020411507/24/14System and method for automatically and dynamically varying the feedback to any operator by an automated system
2162014020438707/24/14Narrow bandwidth reflectors for reducing stimulated brillouin scattering in optical cavities
2172014020691007/24/14Continuous low-temperature process to produce trans-1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
2182014020731507/24/14Apparatus and method for displaying a helicopter terrain intercept point during landing
2192014020725507/24/14Apparatus and method for determining an aggregate control connection status of a field device in a process control system
2202014019645907/17/14High pressure, multiple metering zone gas turbine engine fuel supply system and method
2212014019646307/17/14High efficiency, high pressure gas turbine engine fuel supply system and method
2222014019652007/17/14Micro discharge devices, methods, and systems
2232014019798507/17/14Systems and methods for autotilting a ground-mapping radar
2242014019831707/17/14Stablized pump laser with output reflector on polarizing optical fiber
2252014019831807/17/14Method and apparatus for producing fiber optic gyroscope sensing coil using b-stage adhesive coated optical fiber
2262014019867007/17/14Wireless network site survey systems and methods
2272014019867407/17/14Managing a wireless mesh network
2282014019882007/17/14Systems and methods for an auto-ranging temperature sensor
2292014019917507/17/14Gas turbine engine components and methods for their manufacture using additive manufacturing techniques
2302014019964007/17/14Method and system for controlling an ignition sequence for an intermittent flame-powered pilot combustion system
2312014019964107/17/14Method and system for starting an intermittent flame-powered pilot combustion system
2322014020071807/17/14Systems and methods for facilitating diagnostic testing of an hvac system
2332014020085007/17/14Field device including a software configurable analog to digital converter system
2342014019017107/10/14Combustors with hybrid walled liners
2352014019034307/10/14High strength ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene tape articles
2362014019034707/10/14Liquid injection inlet particle separator systems and methods
2372014019067907/10/14Control assembly
2382014019097807/10/14Devices for maintaining food products at low temperature
2392014019115307/10/14Low gwp heat transfer compositions
2402014019204107/10/14Top view site map generation systems and methods
2412014019219207/10/14Systems and methods for managing video data
2422014019225807/10/14Moveable led array flaps in ir led camera
2432014019326607/10/14Coupling apparatuses and methods of forming the same
2442014019454407/10/14Foaming agents and compositions containing fluorine substituted olefins, and methods of foaming
2452014019519907/10/14Synchronizing data from irregularly sampled sensors
2462014018336607/03/14Thermo-optical array devices and methods of processing thermo-optical array devices
2472014018440707/03/14Wearable low pressure warning device with audio and visual indication
2482014018442907/03/14Systems and methods for alerting aircraft crew members of a runway assignment for an aircraft takeoff sequence
2492014018478107/03/14Furnace tube inspection

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