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Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd Ltd
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd_20131212
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd_20100121


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Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd. Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Test device and testing method for testing focus function of external device

Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)

Test device and testing method for testing focus function of external device

Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen)

Testing system and testing method for motherboard

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Count Application # Date Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry shenzhen Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014032067010/30/14 new patent  Test device and test method for testing button function of remote control
22014032103710/30/14 new patent  Cabinet server and dummy server chassis
32014032107810/30/14 new patent  Display device
42014032296110/30/14 new patent  Connector assembly
52014031791310/30/14 new patent  Lifting apparatus for printed circuit board
62014031901710/30/14 new patent  Mounting apparatus for storage devices
72014031974710/30/14 new patent  Fixture for ejector pins
82014032016110/30/14 new patent  Testing system and method for dc-to-dc buck converter circuit
92014032125310/30/14 new patent  Test device and testing method for testing focus function of external device
102014032529910/30/14 new patent  Testing system and testing method for motherboard
122014031177510/23/14Circuit board structure
132014031368710/23/14Printed circuit board assembly
142014031745510/23/14Lpc bus detecting system and method
152014031758710/23/14Computing device and method for testing layout of power pin of chipset on circuit board
162014031732410/23/14Interrupt control system and method
172014031095210/23/14Device for assembling camera module having anisotropic conductive film
182014031095410/23/14Wrench for memory card
192014031323410/23/14Brightness control device and method
202014031367810/23/14Mounting device for expansion card
212014031541410/23/14Plug tool for plugging or unplugging connector
222014031770910/23/14Computer server and authentication method
232014030683010/16/14Casing of electronic device
242014030735210/16/14Overvoltage protection circuit
252014030736810/16/14Electronic device enclosure
262014030802610/16/14Delay circuit and electronic device using the same
272014030812110/16/14Fan having power connector
282014030906810/16/14Cycloid pinwheel reducer
292014031067410/16/14System and method for checking signal transmission line
302014030105110/09/14Fastening device for expansion card
312014030040510/09/14Inrush current control circuit
322014030040610/09/14Inrush current control circuit
332014030099910/09/14Excess power protection circuit
342014030103510/09/14Air shield for rack-mount server
352014030443810/09/14Detection system for detecting button being pressed and method thereof
362014029806910/02/14Key circuit and electronic device using the same
372014029308110/02/14Computing device and method of image matching
382014029041810/02/14Robot arm assembly
392014029098110/02/14Printed circuit board
402014029252510/02/14Indication circuit for indicating rotation speed of fans
412014029404410/02/14Temperature and humidity measuring apparatus and method
422014029101410/02/14Protection member for cable
432014029192510/02/14Paper guide mechanism and printing device with paper guide mechanism
442014029225810/02/14Electronic device and charging circuit thereof
452014029235310/02/14Line impedance stabilization network
462014029352410/02/14Ejecting apparatus and electronic device employing the ejecting apparatus
472014029437310/02/14Camera rotating structure
482014029567910/02/14Fixing assembly for data cable
492014029772110/02/14Server cluster deployment system and server cluster deployment method
502014029789610/02/14Input system and method for computers
512014029831910/02/14Method for installing operating system on electronic device
522014028359809/25/14Dynamic balance detecting device
532014028439309/25/14Electrostatic gun and method for grounding an electrostatic gun after discharging static charges
542014028968809/25/14Method and system for testing direct current transmission layout of printed circuit board
552014028334109/25/14Cable clamp
562014028524409/25/14Power-on circuit
572014028596609/25/14Server cabinet
582014028887209/25/14Testing device and testing method for testing performance parameter of electronic device
592014026675009/18/14Apparatus and method for testing working voltage of cpu
602014026681309/18/14Electronic device with bounce protection circuit
612014028159609/18/14Frequency adjustment system and method
622014025971709/18/14Concentricity test device
632014026563009/18/14Phase detection circuit
642014026846609/18/14Power protection circuit
652014026856709/18/14Electronic device enclosure
662014027364709/18/14Mounting apparatus for memory card
672014025521309/11/14Power supply circuit
682014025129809/11/14Grinding wheel machining device
692014025129909/11/14Oven having an enclosed heat exchange zone
702014025167809/11/14Electronic device enclosure
712014025272509/11/14Clamping apparatus for cutting tool
722014025302209/11/14Charge circuit
732014025408709/11/14Electronic device with hard disk drive
742014025649609/11/14Cycloidal pinwheel speed reducer
752014025773309/11/14Coordinate measurement device and method for checking installation position of each probe of star prober
762014025879309/11/14Detecting system and method for motherboard
772014024634009/04/14Protective cover for electronic device
782014024896609/04/14Universal joint
792014024703809/04/14Fan speed testing device
802014024755009/04/14Electronic device with mounting apparatus for solid state disk
812014025024709/04/14Usb storage device
822014024477608/28/14Device, and method and system for monitoring multiple devices
832014023997608/28/14Auxiliary test apparatus for electromagnetic compatibility and test method using the same
842014024063608/28/14Display and assembly method thereof and electronic device using same
852014024419508/28/14Testing system and method for video graphics array port
862014024420308/28/14Testing system and method of inter-integrated circuit bus
872014024524308/28/14Computing device and method for generating component module files of circuit diagram
882014023318508/21/14Electronic device with fans
892014021806608/07/14Voltage testing device and voltage testing method for cpu
902014021862708/07/14Television set
912014021884508/07/14Chassis of electronic device
922014022307008/07/14Signal switching circuit and peripheral component interconnect express connector assembly having the signal switching circuit
932014022303908/07/14Hard disk board and server system using same
942014021789008/07/14Handheld device and power supply circuit thereof
952014021804708/07/14Load-testing circuit for usb ports
962014021887908/07/14Electronic device with motherboard
972014021888008/07/14Electronic device with motherboard
982014021964308/07/14Heat gun head
992014022218908/07/14Computing device and method for measuring probe of computer numerical control machine
1002014021307807/31/14Electronic device and circuit board module of the same
1012014020977107/31/14Mouse pad
1022014021141307/31/14Electronic device with heat dissipation device
1032014021177207/31/14Multi-wan device and method of updating routing table
1042014021212707/31/14Device allowing independent testing of dual camera module
1052014021529507/31/14Three-dimensional image displaying system and method
1062014020927707/31/14Air duct
1072014021053707/31/14Electronic device
1082014021082607/31/14Icon generating system and storage medium with icon generating function and icon generating method
1092014021135307/31/14Protection circuit for fan control chip
1102014021138907/31/14Mounting apparatus for connector
1112014021140307/31/14Mounting device for expansion card
1122014021142607/31/14Motherboard having two display connectors
1132014021209607/31/14Optical fiber connector
1142014021307507/31/14Signal test device
1152014021308207/31/14Protective cover for connector
1162014021486607/31/14Electronic device and database accessing method
1172014021511007/31/14Driving integrated circuit and upate method thereof
1182014021511707/31/14Electronic device and method for controlling status of pci interfaces
1192014021526607/31/14Data recovery system and storage medium with recovery function and data recovery method
1202014021527307/31/14Voltage testing device and method for cpu
1212014021530907/31/14Permission control system and method
1222014020944107/31/14Rotary switch having durable internal contacts
1232014020267607/24/14Fixing assembly for heat sink
1242014020517807/24/14Electronic device and method for analyzing image noise
1252014020625807/24/14Milling and grinding device and machining method using the same
1262014020805207/24/14Electronic device and method for protecting memory thereof
1272014020644007/24/14Game system and gaming method having identification function
1282014020379307/24/14Power supply circuit for memory
1292014020453007/24/14Electronic device and secure switch module thereof
1302014020454507/24/14Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1312014020621407/24/14Power plug
1322014020805707/24/14Storage card partition system and method
1332014020828607/24/14System and method for designing via of printed circuit board
1342014019708007/17/14Sorting apparatus for sorting screws of varied types
1352014019844607/17/14Electronic device with memory slots
1362014019986007/17/14Central processing unit socket assembly
1372014019163507/10/14Electronic device enclosure with handle
1382014019163607/10/14Electronic device enclosure with handle
1392014019174807/10/14Signal test device
1402014019248407/10/14Fan controlling system and electronic device using same
1412014019366207/10/14Stainless steel-and-amorphous alloy composite and method for manufacturing
1422014019519107/10/14Voltage testing device and method for memory
1432014019585107/10/14Voltage testing device and method for power supply
1442014019600007/10/14System and method for checking signal transmission line
1452014018613107/03/14Holding wrench
1462014018210307/03/14Riveting apparatus
1472014018208207/03/14Handle assembly
1482014018246407/03/14Scraper device
1492014018282207/03/14Heat dissipation module
1502014018331707/03/14Mounting device for expansion card
1512014018412607/03/14Fan control circuit
1522014018441607/03/14Monitoring system
1532014018521207/03/14Electronic device with integral keyboard
1542014018521607/03/14Keyboard assembly with cable latching structure
1552014018825607/03/14Communication device and method for controlling electronic devices
1562014018842407/03/14Fan test device
1572014018883407/03/14Electronic device and video content search method
1582014018885807/03/14Server and method for downloading files
1592014018941207/03/14Time sequence circuit for power supply unit
1602014018969107/03/14Installation system and method
1612014018989107/03/14Hard disk assembly and electronic device using same
1622014018490107/03/14Mounting device for camera module
1632014018707807/03/14Electronic device and connector detection circuit thereof
1642014018234407/03/14Locking apparatus for panels of computer device
1652014018235507/03/14Drop test apparatus
1662014018281807/03/14Heat sink
1672014018321007/03/14Dispensing mechanism of vending machine
1682014018321707/03/14Dispensing mechanism of vending machine
1692014018326707/03/14Electronic component and printed circuit board with rfid tag
1702014018327007/03/14Acoustic magnetic tag
1712014018331607/03/14Mounting apparatus for data storage device
1722014018395207/03/14Apparatus and method for measuring power consumption
1732014018404507/03/14Computer case protecting apparatus
1742014018409407/03/14Connector position device
1752014018418107/03/14Power good signal generation circuit
1762014018426507/03/14Test circuit for power supply unit
1772014018428307/03/14Time sequence circuit for power supply unit
1782014018434807/03/14Circuit for adjusting frequency of crystal oscillator
1792014018441007/03/14Fire alarm apparatus and method
1802014018441107/03/14Alarm condition processing in network element
1812014018463907/03/14Electronic device with mutiple display screens and method for controlling display screens
1822014018473707/03/14Driving assistant system and method
1832014018517107/03/14Three-phase power control apparatus and method
1842014018517307/03/14Protection circuit for central processing unit
1852014018520307/03/14Electronic device with battery
1862014018523007/03/14Computer enclosure with security plate
1872014018523607/03/14Cooling module and computer enclosure using the same
1882014018523807/03/14Chassis of electronic device
1892014018525007/03/14Motherboard with compatible interface
1902014018610607/03/14Mounting apparatus for slide rail
1912014018706907/03/14Plug device for connectors
1922014018825807/03/14Media player and information updating method thereof
1932014018828407/03/14Fan control system for shipping container
1942014018916807/03/14Hard disk drive module having indicating device
1952014018044606/26/14System and method for controlling electronic device using another electronic device
1962014018111206/26/14Control device and file distribution method
1972014017719506/26/14Expansion apparatus with serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module device
1982014018123706/26/14Server and method for storing data
1992014017390606/26/14Cable stripping device
2002014017422406/26/14Transmission mechanism
2012014017434806/26/14Glue coating device
2022014017497206/26/14Dummy hard disk drive
2032014017517506/26/14Reader for barcode and package processing system using same
2042014017588906/26/14Power extending board and power supply system using same
2052014017590206/26/14Discharge circuit for power supply unit
2062014017650306/26/14Display control system and method
2072014017716706/26/14Heat dissipation device
2082014017729706/26/14Power supply circuit
2092014018196306/26/14Electronic device and file protection method
2102014018164106/26/14Server and method for loading web pages
2112014017434706/26/14Mounting assembly for adhesive dispenser and adhesive dispenser using same
2122014017469506/26/14Fixing assembly and heat sink using fixing assembly
2132014017471006/26/14Water-cooling radiator
2142014017488706/26/14Feeding mechanism
2152014017523306/26/14Cable clamp
2162014017588406/26/14Power extending board and power supply system and electronic device using same
2172014017590406/26/14Wireless switching circuit
2182014017590506/26/14Serial advanced technology attachment dual in-line memory module device
2192014017611406/26/14Time sequence circuit for power supply unit
2202014017670006/26/14Driving assistant system and method
2212014017709706/26/14Hard disk drive module having temperature detecting function
2222014017714206/26/14Electronic device with detachable handle
2232014017718706/26/14Mounting apparatus for expansion card
2242014017767606/26/14Temperature detecting device for hard disk drive module
2252014017912806/26/14Connection apparatus for electronic device
2262014017913606/26/14Extraction device for memory card
2272014017914406/26/14Power supply module
2292014017915506/26/14Jumper assembly
2302014017916806/26/14Fixing member for riser card
2312014017916906/26/14Mounting apparatus for memory card
2322014017917606/26/14Jumper pin
2332014017934606/26/14Portable communication device
2342014018044706/26/14Smart adapter and remote control system using the same
2352014018057706/26/14Method and system for navigation and electronic device thereof
2362014018159906/26/14Task server and method for allocating tasks
2372014018194506/26/14Single-point login system and method
2382014017643006/26/14Intelligent switching system, electronic device thereof, and method thereof
2392014016987206/19/14Mounting device for expansion card
2402014016891106/19/14Electronic device with chip module
2412014016891006/19/14Mounting device for expansion card
2422014016668706/19/14Clamping apparatus
2432014016757606/19/14Server chassis
2442014016787406/19/14Printed circuit board capable of reducing return loss of differential signal and electronic device using the same
2452014016889206/19/14Server cabinet
2462014016889506/19/14Electronic device with heat dissipation module
2472014016914806/19/14Disc player and burn-in test method for disc player
2482014017300506/19/14Electronic device and method for quickly sending email thereof
2492014017335206/19/14Computing device and method of checking burned-in files

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