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Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd_20131212


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Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications which may be related to Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd. They are listed under Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd because the company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd may have other listings under a different name/spelling, and it's possible similarly-named companies could have patents on this list. Also, we're not affiliated with Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry wuhan Co Ltd patents (updated weekly))
12014009591604/03/14Power supply circuit for pci-e and motherboard having same
22014007795803/20/14Water level detection device
32014006010903/06/14Vending machine with temperature control module
42014006122403/06/14Automatic vending machine
52014006122503/06/14Vending machine with reduced number of driving motors
62014006122603/06/14Vending machine with merchandise support rail
72014006122703/06/14Vending machine with goods driving mechanism
82014006227203/06/14Electronic device
92014005431102/27/14Automatic vending machine with moving member for products
102014005431202/27/14Goods delivery mechanism for vending machine
112014005431302/27/14Vending machine
122014005501202/27/14Vending machine
132014005642202/27/14Noise suppression system
142014004849602/20/14Mounting apparatus for electronic device
152014004866502/20/14Supporting apparatus for vending machine
162014004869302/20/14Goods delivery switch
172014004217902/13/14Automatic vending machine with moving member for products
182014004218002/13/14Adjusting apparatus for release member
192014004218102/13/14Hermetically sealed goods access door assembly for vending machine
202014004287902/13/14Vending machine with merchandise buffering device
212014004378402/13/14Electronic device with securing assembly for expansion card
222014003383902/06/14Adjusting apparatus for release member
232014003544602/06/14Structural fastening mechanism for electronic device enclosure
242014003650702/06/14Electronic device enclosure with media-synchronized lighting
252014002816401/30/14Electronic device enclosure
262014003312901/30/14Computing device and method for controlling desktop applications
272014002121701/23/14Vending machine with product receiving structure
282014002271301/23/14Electronic device enclosure
292014002272101/23/14Electronic device enclosure
302014001372001/16/14Dust filter mounting apparatus
312014001379501/16/14Thermostat of vending machine
322014001467301/16/14Vending machine and method of outputting merchandises of vending machine
332014000194001/02/14Enclosure of electronic device
342013032939312/12/13Printed circuit board with daughterboard
352013032939312/12/13Printed circuit board with daughterboard
362013032249112/05/13Welded thermocouple test apparatus
372013032265012/05/13Noise elimination circuit for audio equipment
382013032266412/05/13Noise elimination circuit for audio equipment
392013031307911/28/13Product delivering device of vending machine
402013031328011/28/13Dispensing device
412013031401011/28/13Fan rotation speed control system
422013031433311/28/13Multi-monitor system and multi-monitor controlling method
432013031495511/28/13Conversion system for multi direct current voltage
442013031496011/28/13Direct current voltage generating apparatus
452013031825811/28/13Input system for host computer
462013030636211/21/13Printed circuit board
472013030658211/21/13Vending machine with pivotable partition plates
482013030878311/21/13Noise level alarm system
492013030900411/21/13Mounting device for connector
502013030989411/21/13I/o moudle of electronic device
512013030039811/14/13Discharge test circuit for testing whether there is current on a circuit board
522013030056711/14/13Error indication circuit
532013030301111/14/13Central processing unit socket
542013030302211/14/13Cable assembly with connector
552013030508911/14/13Motherboard testing apparatus and method for testing
562013029210711/07/13Power supply test system
572013029303011/07/13Power on and off testing device and method
582013029402411/07/13Data storage device assembly
592013029420911/07/13Voice control of optical disk drive
602013029578311/07/13Circuit board assembly with shielding member
612013028581710/31/13Customizable alarm sytem and method for computer
622013028591710/31/13Wireless input module and electronic device using same
632013028849510/31/13Circuit board module with protecting cover
642013027703610/24/13Power supply test system
652013028302810/24/13Adapter identification system and method for computer
662013027040610/17/13Mounting apparatus for storage device
672013027135910/17/13Multi-monitor display system
682013026284710/03/13Switching circuit for basic input output system
692013024957609/26/13Power supply unit testing system
702013023352809/12/13Heat dissipating assembly
712013020092008/08/13Power supply test system
722013020092008/08/13Power supply test system
732013016912807/04/13Computer case
742013016912907/04/13Computer enclosure
752013017186007/04/13Connector mounting apparatus
762013017187807/04/13Connector assembly
772013016912807/04/13Computer case
782013016912907/04/13Computer enclosure
792013017186007/04/13Connector mounting apparatus
802013017187807/04/13Connector assembly
812013016037206/27/13Faceplate for electronic device
822013016146906/27/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
832013016212106/27/13Electronic device enclosure
842013016297506/27/13Fan rotation speed detection system
852013016317206/27/13Mounting apparatus for data storage device
862013016318206/27/13Drive bracket assembly
872013016329606/27/13Power circuit
882013016363306/27/13Thermocouple welding test apparatus
892013016498106/27/13Connector with shielding device and method for manufacuring connector
902013016680606/27/13Pci riser card
912013016037206/27/13Faceplate for electronic device
922013016146906/27/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
932013016212106/27/13Electronic device enclosure
942013016297506/27/13Fan rotation speed detection system
952013016317206/27/13Mounting apparatus for data storage device
962013016318206/27/13Drive bracket assembly
972013016329606/27/13Power circuit
982013016363306/27/13Thermocouple welding test apparatus
992013016498106/27/13Connector with shielding device and method for manufacuring connector
1002013016680606/27/13Pci riser card
1012013015241506/20/13Measuring device
1022013015241606/20/13Measuring device
1032013015285406/20/13Thermal grease smearing apparatus
1042013015372906/20/13Clipping apparatus for expansion card
1052013015373206/20/13Test support apparatus
1062013015445206/20/13Electronic device enclosure
1072013015560206/20/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1082013015574306/20/13Power supply switch apparatus
1092013015606406/20/13System and method for testing electronic device
1102013015606806/20/13Temperature test system
1112013015241506/20/13Measuring device
1122013015241606/20/13Measuring device
1132013015285406/20/13Thermal grease smearing apparatus
1142013015372906/20/13Clipping apparatus for expansion card
1152013015373206/20/13Test support apparatus
1162013015445206/20/13Electronic device enclosure
1172013015560206/20/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1182013015574306/20/13Power supply switch apparatus
1192013015606406/20/13System and method for testing electronic device
1202013015606806/20/13Temperature test system
1212013014559206/13/13Positioning tool for fan
1222013014585506/13/13Testing apparatus
1232013014586006/13/13Testing apparatus
1242013014635106/13/13Electronic device enclosure with mounting assembly
1252013014659606/13/13Enclosure with detachable top panel
1262013014732306/13/13Electronic device enclosure
1272013014732406/13/13Electronic device enclosure
1282013014732606/13/13Electronic device with bezel assembly
1292013014881506/13/13Noise testing system and method
1302013014902206/13/13Grease application apparatus and method for heat sink
1312013014990006/13/13Input/output connector mounting apparatus
1322013014559206/13/13Positioning tool for fan
1332013014585506/13/13Testing apparatus
1342013014586006/13/13Testing apparatus
1352013014635106/13/13Electronic device enclosure with mounting assembly
1362013014659606/13/13Enclosure with detachable top panel
1372013014732306/13/13Electronic device enclosure
1382013014732406/13/13Electronic device enclosure
1392013014732606/13/13Electronic device with bezel assembly
1402013014881506/13/13Noise testing system and method
1412013014902206/13/13Grease application apparatus and method for heat sink
1422013014990006/13/13Input/output connector mounting apparatus
1432013014096906/06/13Computer case with side plate having convenient attaching and detaching mechanism
1442013014264406/06/13Fan assembly
1452013014096906/06/13Computer case with side plate having convenient attaching and detaching mechanism
1462013014264406/06/13Fan assembly
1472013013344305/30/13Testing apparatus for expansion card
1482013013411305/30/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1492013013411405/30/13Test support apparatus
1502013013484405/30/13Computer enclosure
1512013013590905/30/13Output adjustment circuit for power supply unit
1522013013344305/30/13Testing apparatus for expansion card
1532013013411305/30/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1542013013411405/30/13Test support apparatus
1552013013484405/30/13Computer enclosure
1562013013590905/30/13Output adjustment circuit for power supply unit
1572013011827805/16/13Dust test system
1582013012091805/16/13Mounting apparatus for pci card
1592013011827805/16/13Dust test system
1602013012091805/16/13Mounting apparatus for pci card
1612013011174105/09/13Baffle plate disassembling instrument
1622013011263305/09/13Retaining apparatus for data storage device
1632013011174105/09/13Baffle plate disassembling instrument
1642013011263305/09/13Retaining apparatus for data storage device
1652013010564705/02/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1662013010564805/02/13Mounting device for expansion card
1672013010843905/02/13Fan module
1682013010564705/02/13Mounting apparatus for expansion card
1692013010564805/02/13Mounting device for expansion card
1702013010843905/02/13Fan module
1712013009963504/25/13Bezel assembly for electronic device
1722013010063304/25/13Connector mounting device and electronic device with connector mounting device
1732013009280704/18/13Mounting apparatus for storage device
1742013008887804/11/13Electronic device having power indicator
1752013008345904/04/13Electronic assembly having retention device for data storage module
1762013008346104/04/13Keyboard assembly
1772013008473204/04/13Connector assembly
1782013007556703/28/13Heat dissipating device supporting apparatus
1792013007886803/28/13Connector assembly for transmitting data between electronic devices
1802013006890103/21/13Supporting apparatus for monitor
1812013007041403/21/13Data storage device cage
1822013006300503/14/13Electronic device enclosure
1832013006390603/14/13Circuit board assembly and electronic device with circuit board
1842013006724903/14/13Control system for power on and off computer
1852013005712703/07/13Electronic device enclosure with bracket for data storage device
1862013005803503/07/13Electronic device enclosure with bracket for data storage device
1872013004882002/28/13Heat dissipating device supporting apparatus
1882013005285202/28/13Electronic device connector
1892013005293702/28/13Heat dissipation apparatus
1902013004300202/21/13Heat dissipating module supporting apparatus
1912013004443902/21/13Mounting apparatus for bluetooth component
1922013004445302/21/13Mounting apparatus for power supply
1932013003901402/14/13Mounting apparatus for data storage device
1942013003268502/07/13Mounting apparatus for disk drive
1952013003381302/07/13Disk drive mounting apparatus
1962013003389602/07/13Electronic device with light bar
1972013002631101/31/13Supporting bracket for computer monitor
1982013002689301/31/13Mounting apparauts for side panel of computer
1992013002689401/31/13Computer enclosure
2002013002174301/24/13Expansion card mounting assembly
2012013001491001/17/13Heat dissipating apparatus for electronic device
2022013001530501/17/13Mounting apparatus for data storage device
2032013001703601/17/13Screw structure
2042013000137501/03/13Cable tie assembly
2052013000137801/03/13Supporting apparatus for electronic device
2062013000210501/03/13Bezel assembly and manufacturing method
2072013000430301/03/13Fan assembly
2082013000460801/03/13Injecting molding machine for metal component
2092013000518501/03/13Input/output connector assembly
2102012032598612/27/12Supporting assembly for electronic device
2112012032645812/27/12Pick-up device
2122012032658012/27/12Electronic device enclosure
2132012032658112/27/12Electronic device enclosure
2142012032757912/27/12Computer chassis for mounting motherboard therein
2152012032758612/27/12Computer system with airflow guiding duct
2162012032758712/27/12Data storage device carrier assembly
2172012032758812/27/12Mounting apparatus for data storage device
2182012032758912/27/12Computer system with airflow guiding duct
2192012032230112/20/12Connector assembly
2202012032235912/20/12Mounting apparatus for fan
2212012031435212/13/12Electronic device enclosure
2222012031435712/13/12Server enclosure
2232012031436112/13/12Computing device with disk drive module
2242012030572012/06/12Mounting apparatus for data storage device
2252012030574412/06/12Fan mounting apparatus for heat dissipation
2262012030574512/06/12Fan mounting apparatus for an electronic device
2272012030744312/06/12Mounting apparatus assembly
2282012030745012/06/12Electronic device enclosure
2292012030746212/06/12Electronic device having cable holding device
2302012030038911/29/12Disk drive assembly
2312012030209911/29/12Electronic devices connector
2322012029395711/22/12Heat dissipating system for computer
2332012029548811/22/12Usb jack and usb plug
2342012028613011/15/12Cable management apparatus
2352012028067211/08/12Power supply circuit for universal serial bus port
2362012027419111/01/12Computer enclosure with securing member
2372012027434411/01/12Testing system for printed circuit board
2382012027511311/01/12Electronic device with airflow guiding duct
2392012025452910/04/12Motherboard with ddr memory devices
2402012024113609/27/12Cooling device
2412012024316709/27/12Mounting apparatus for data storage device
2422012023554909/20/12Fan mounting apparatus for heat disspation
2432012022746409/13/12Drop test apparatus
2442012022793809/13/12Heat sink apparatus
2452012022845109/13/12Expansion card mounting apparatus
2462012022320109/06/12Mounting assembly for storage device
2472012022320209/06/12Mounting apparatus for storage device
2482012022434009/06/12Electronic device with mounting bracket for receiving expansion card and connector
2492012021705408/30/12Electronic device enclosure having a cable holding device

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