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Htc Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Htc Corporation. Htc Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Htc Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Htc Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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07/20/17 new patent  Method and electronic generating time-lapse video and recording medium using the method
07/13/17Camera device, camera device, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
07/13/17Device and handling radio resource control connection
07/06/17Electronic device and calendaring method thereof
06/29/17Virtual reality device, virtual reality
06/29/17Flexible printed circuit board, supporting holder and controller
06/22/17Wearable device and physiological information monitoring system and method
06/22/17Processor management
06/15/17Electronic device and signal generating circuit
06/15/17Multi-focal length range image capturing device
06/01/17Device and handling data transmission/reception for dual connectivity
05/25/17Hybrid detection apparatus
05/25/17Illumination device and detection method thereof
05/25/17Electronic device and physiological characteric identifying module
05/25/17Device and handling communication operation
05/11/17Switch assembly and hand-held device
05/11/17Device cover for accessory attachment
05/11/17Device and handling shortened enhanced physical downlink control channel transmission
05/04/17Device and handling communication failure
05/04/17Device and handling non-access stratum procedure
04/27/17Method of fabricating housing and housing
04/20/17Device and handling random access procedure
04/13/17Device and handling paging procedure
04/06/17Measuring device of human body and method thereof
04/06/17Electronic device and controlling the same
03/30/17Fingerprint enrollment method, electronic apparatus and computer-readable storage medium thereof
03/30/17Device and handling deactivating timer for secondary cell
03/30/17Device and handling power preference
03/23/17Method, electronic apparatus, and computer readable medium of constructing classifier for skin-infection detection
03/23/17Device and handling non access stratum procedure
03/23/17Wireless communication device and control method thereof
03/23/17Electronic device and component module
03/16/17Tongue holder
03/16/17Method and detecting cardiac arrhythmia and recording medium using the method
03/16/17Antenna device
03/16/17Plug connector and eletronic assembly
03/16/17Device and handling information reporting in enhanced coverage and normal coverage
03/09/17Graphite thermal conductor, electronic device and manufacturing graphite thermal conductor
03/09/17Facial image adjustment method and facial image adjustment system
03/02/17Interactive game system with an hmd and a ground pad
03/02/17Method for synchronizing video and audio in virtual reality system
03/02/17Device and handling scheduling request transmission
02/23/17Electronic system, portable display device and guiding device
02/23/17Wearable device and electrostatic discharge protection circuit of the same
02/23/17Video generating system and method thereof
02/16/17Method of protecting power receiver and related wireless charging device
02/16/17Video generating system and method thereof
02/16/17Portable electronic device with shutter button for image capture, and control method thereof
02/16/17Device and handling application specific congestion control
02/09/17Gas detecting device and gas detecting method using the same
02/09/17Method for optimizing a captured photo or a recorded multi-media and system and electric device therefor
02/09/17Communication apparatus and sound playing method thereof
02/09/17Device and handling wireless local area network measurement configuration
02/02/17Method, electronic apparatus, and computer readable medium of constructing classifier for disease detection
02/02/17Mobile device and manufacturing method thereof
01/26/17Mobile device and control method thereof
01/19/17Image capturing device and auto-focus method thereof
01/19/17Electronic device and control method
01/19/17Antenna control circuit and antenna control method
01/19/17Device and handling cellular-wireless local area network aggregation
01/19/17Device and handling authentication procedure
01/12/17Electronic device and assembling electronic device
01/12/17Electronic assembly and electronic device
01/12/17Electronic device and increasing a frame rate of a plurality of pictures photographed by an electronic device
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01/05/17Test apparatus and pressurizing assembly thereof
01/05/17Camera device and controlling a camera device
12/29/16Handheld device, object positioning method and computer-readable recording medium
12/29/16Crop frame adjusting method, image processing device, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
12/29/16Sound processing device and method
12/22/16Methods and systems for capturing frames based on device information
12/15/16Image enhancement methods and systems using the same
12/15/16Skin analysis device and image capturing module thereof
12/15/16Device and handling long term evolution-wireless local area network aggregation
12/15/16Device and aggregating wlan and lte system
12/15/16Device and handling long term evolution-wireless local area network aggregation
12/15/16Device and aggregating lte system and wlan
12/08/16Method and herpes zoster diagnosis and recording medium using the method
12/08/16Method for encrypting on-screen contents, electronic apparatus using the method and recording medium using the method
12/08/16Image segmentation device, image segmentation method, and depth map generating method
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12/08/16Device of radio network temporary identifier allocation in dual connectivity
12/01/16Wireless charging receiving device and wireless charging system using the same
12/01/16Zooming control camera and electronic apparatus with camera
12/01/16Device and handling system information
11/17/16Device and aggregating wlan and lte system
11/17/16Device and handling pucch resource for scheduling request
11/17/16Device and handling system information
11/10/16System for physiologic parameter examination and test strip recognition and interpretation
11/10/16Radar device and security monitoring system
11/10/16Virtual reality audio system and the player thereof, and generation of virtual reality audio
11/10/16Device and receiving system information
11/03/16Device and reporting a buffer status report
11/03/16Device and handling harq operation for unlicensed band
10/27/16Monitoring system, apparatus and method thereof
10/27/16Electronic apparatus, uploading method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium thereof
10/20/16Protective case
10/20/16Device and handling cyclic prefixes for wireless communication system
10/20/16Packing box, electronic assembly and opening electronic assembly
10/13/16Device and handling offload parameter according to cell selection
10/06/16Electronic apparatus and display control method thereof
10/06/16Image capturing obtaining depth information of field thereof
10/06/16Device and handling detach procedure
10/06/16Device and handling data transmission in unlicensed band
09/29/16Mobile device and manufacturing method thereof
09/29/16System and communication with adjustable signal phase and power
09/29/16Positioning system and method
09/29/16Method for generating notification and a mobile device and system using the same
09/29/16Method for establishing communications between peer devices, wireless communication device using the same and computer-readable medium
09/22/16Detecting system and mobile electronic apparatus, and detecting physiological characteristic thereof method thereof
09/15/16Accessory, electronic assembly, control method, and forming an accessory
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09/15/16Methods and systems for determining frames and photo composition within multiple frames
09/15/16Electronic card connector with metal pins of terminals connected by an electronic card received therein
09/15/16Device and handling communication operations with a communication device
09/15/16Wireless network establishing the same
09/08/16Mobile device and proximity detection method
09/08/16Media streaming system and control method thereof
09/08/16Mobile device and executing a function thereof
09/08/16Casing and electronic device using the same
09/01/16Wearable electronic apparatus
09/01/16Portable device and manipulation method
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09/01/16Wearable apparatus and controlling method thereof
09/01/16Device and handling communication operations with a network
08/25/16Accessory, electronic assembly, control method, and forming an accessory
08/25/16Panel displaying method, portable electronic device and recording medium using the method
08/25/16User interface adjusting method and apparatus using the same
08/25/16Method of providing recommended dining options, selecting recommended dining options and electronic apparatus, computer readable medium, server apparatus thereof
08/25/16Recording device, recording control method and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
08/18/16Panel assembly and electronic device
08/18/16Method for controlling electronic apparatus and electronic apparatus applying the method
08/18/16Mobile device, press detection method and computer-readable recording medium
08/18/16Handheld electronic apparatus, sound producing system and control sound producing thereof
08/18/16Method and device for simultaneous communications with multiple base stations and related communication device
08/11/16Display module
08/11/16Mobile device and handling neighbor cell measurement
08/11/16Communication device and wireless communication system for handling random access procedure
08/04/16Protective case and electronic assembly
08/04/16Internet of things system and control method thereof
08/04/16Method of handling handover for network of wireless communication system and communication device thereof
08/04/16Method of handling carrier grouping and related communication device
07/21/16System and aiding breathing
07/21/16Gas detection device and gas inlet module thereof
07/21/16Network apparatus and communication device for aggregated component carriers
07/21/16Method for establishing connection, installing corresponding remote assistance communication, and a mobile device using the same
07/21/16Mobile device, notification method, and computer-readable recording medium
07/21/16Device and handling communication operation with multiple base stations
07/21/16Molded casing, mold assembly and forming method
07/14/16Wearable device with wireless transmission and manufacturing the same
07/14/16Bracelet-type electronic apparatus and frame thereof
07/14/16Electronic apparatus and classifying method
07/14/16Methods of handling wireless communications for communication system
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07/07/16Electronic system and device unlock the same
06/30/16Method for operating mobile electronic device, mobile electronic device, and computer readable medium using the same
06/30/16Device and handling failure in communications with multiple base stations
06/30/16Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
06/23/16Head-mounted electronic device and display thereof
06/23/16Method of handling simultaneous communications and related communication device
06/16/16Non-contact monitoring system and method thereof
06/16/16Head-mounted display apparatus and calibration method thereof
06/09/16Virtual reality controlling operation modes of virtual reality system
06/09/16Portable electronic device and power control method therefor
06/09/16Virtual reality controlling operation modes of virtual reality system
06/09/16Mobile electronic device, displaying user interface, and recording medium thereof
06/09/16Virtual reality controlling operation modes of virtual reality system
06/09/16Virtual reality system
06/09/16Portable electronic device and charging method therefor
06/09/16Device of handling energy detection in unlicensed band
06/02/16Fluid mixing structure
06/02/16Slight volume collector
06/02/16Analysis device and detecting module
06/02/16Casing of electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
06/02/16Apparatus and detection
06/02/16Apparatus and detection
06/02/16Hand-held electronic devices and related methods for improving thermal behavior of such devices
06/02/16Intelligent notification filtering method and handheld communication device
05/26/16Electronic device and analyzing and playing sound signal
05/26/16Proximity-based service registration method and related apparatus
05/19/16Rotary mechanism
05/19/16Energy harvesting timer
05/19/16Method for presenting prompt on mobile terminal and the same mobile terminal
05/19/16Method, apparatus and computer program product for operating items with multiple fingers
05/19/16Noise cancellation method
05/12/16Method and advising physical condition and recording medium using the method
05/12/16Device of handling measurement signal on unlicensed carrier
05/12/16Device and handling network configurations
05/12/16Device and handling proximity service
05/05/16Portable electronic device
05/05/16Handheld electronic device and antibacterial the same
05/05/16Device of handling proximity service application code
04/28/16Handheld electronic controlling the same
04/28/16Network and user equipment for handling mbms mdt in wireless communication system
Social Network Patent Pack
04/28/16Device and handling resource availability of unlicensed band
04/28/16Device of handling transmission on unlicensed component carrier
04/28/16Device of handling clear channel assessment and transmission in unlicensed band
04/28/16Casing of electronic device
04/21/16Pace speed advising method, pace speed advising apparatus, and recording medium using the method
04/21/16Manufaturing casing of electroing device
04/14/16Communication device of handling network-based internet protocol flow mobility
04/07/16Method for operating soft keyboard of touching device and the same touching device
04/07/16Casing, portable electronic assembly having the same and display method thereof
04/07/16Method and handling release of simultaneous communication with multiple base stations and related communication device
03/31/16Location display method, portable communication apparatus using the method and recording medium using the method
03/31/16Handheld electronic device and setting menu access the same
03/31/16Device and handling transmission in unlicensed band
03/24/16Wearable electronic device and event-intimating the same
03/24/16Electronic device and heat dissipation plate
03/17/16High resolution timing device and radar detection system having the same
03/17/16Portable device and control method therefor
03/17/16Image processing method and electronic apparatus
03/17/16Mobile device and manufacturing method thereof
03/17/16Wireless power transmitter and operation the same
03/17/16Device of handling open direct discovery for device-to-device communication
03/17/16Method of handling minimization of drive tests measurement and related communication device
03/10/16Angle adjustment mechanism
03/10/16Micro-channel module
03/10/16Wearable electronic device and cursor control device
03/10/16Portable electronic device and user data access method therefor
03/10/16Connector module
03/10/16Wireless power transmitter device and wireless power receiver device
03/10/16Image capturing method, panorama image generating method and electronic apparatus
03/10/16Method for image segmentation
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03/10/16Device of handling open direct discovery
03/10/16Device of handling selection of public land mobile network for device-to-device communication
03/03/16Housing and electronic apparatus
03/03/16Controlling image capturing device
03/03/16Electronic device and image capture method thereof
03/03/16Method for reporting mdt log, network server, and mobile communication device utilizing the same
02/25/16Portable electronic device and message processing method therefor
02/25/16Three-dimensional modeling method and electronic apparatus thereof
02/25/16Camera module for portable device
02/25/16Cover plate and electronic device
02/18/16Radar detection system
02/18/16Mobile terminal and controlling answer mode of the mobile terminal and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
02/18/16Electronic assembly
02/18/16Electronic device and tray unit thereof
02/11/16Method and system for managing images and geographic location data in a mobile device
02/11/16Device and handling device-to-device communication
02/04/16Mobile device with weather forecast
02/04/16Method of wireless power connection
02/04/16Device and handling resource for device-to-device communication
02/04/16Hand-held electronic apparatus, image capturing obtaining depth information
02/04/16Communication device and network controller for online troubleshooting for mbms in a wireless communication system
02/04/16Device and handling device-to-cellular communication
02/04/16Device and handling communication operations in a licensed frequency band and an unlicensed frequency band
01/21/16Frame and electronic device having the same
01/21/16Method for performing a face tracking function and an electric device having the same
01/21/16Network and user equipment of hd-fdd communication system for handling harq
01/21/16Method for performing a video talk enhancement function and an electric device having the same
01/14/16Breathing guidance system and method having active biofeedback mechanism

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