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Huawei Device Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Device Co Ltd. Huawei Device Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Device Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Device Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Mobile terminal and starting shooting on mobile terminal
12/07/17 new patent  Method and implementing resending of short message
11/23/17Feeding matching apparatus of multiband antenna, multiband antenna, and radio communication device
11/16/17Method for processing key value information of remote control, control device and remote control
10/12/17Network access method, device, and system
09/21/17Triggering method and wireless handheld device
09/14/17Preinstalled application management mobile terminal and mobile terminal
08/24/17Method and device for content sharing
08/10/17Printed circuit board antenna and terminal
08/10/17Method for controlling connection between user equipment and network, and mobility management entity
08/03/17Ipv6 address assignment method and apparatus
08/03/17Roaming network access method and apparatus
07/27/17Data encryption method and encryption apparatus
07/27/17Wireless terminal
07/27/17Image generating method and dual-lens device
07/06/17Method, user equipment, server, and implementing information sharing
06/29/17Software upgrade method and apparatus, and device
06/29/17Method and server for pushing information proactively
06/29/17Terminal control method and apparatus, and terminal
06/22/17Capability determining method, capability configuration method, host, terminal device, and system
06/22/17Method, base station, and user equipment for transmitting downlink control signal
06/22/17Signal transmission device to device direct communication between user equipments and user equipment
06/15/17Antenna and mobile terminal
06/08/17Electronic device and controlling zooming of displayed object
06/08/17Permission management method, apparatus, and terminal
05/25/17Integrated structure of metal housing and antenna of electronic apparatus
05/25/17Media playback processing and control method, apparatus, and system
05/25/17Power adjustment method and apparatus
05/18/17Holder and mobile terminal
05/18/17Secure element management method and terminal
05/18/17Roaming network access method and apparatus
05/18/17Roaming network access method and apparatus
05/11/17Signal processing method and user equipment
05/04/17Method and automatically adjusting interface element
05/04/17Radio frequency front-end system, signal transmission control method, and mobile terminal
04/27/17Screen locking method and mobile terminal
04/06/17Heat dissipation assembly and electronic device
04/06/17Secure connection network device, related apparatus, and system
04/06/17Network search method and apparatus
03/30/17Method for establishing bluetooth connection and mobile terminal
03/23/17Touchscreen apparatus user interface processing method and touchscreen apparatus
03/23/17Application heartbeat period adjusting method and apparatus, and terminal
03/23/17Scene recognition method and apparatus
03/16/17Preview image presentation method and apparatus, and terminal
03/16/17Communication method and terminal
03/16/17Method for processing data on internet of vehicles, server, and terminal
03/16/17Mobile terminal
03/16/17Charging circuit and terminal
03/09/17Wireless communication method and wireless terminal
02/23/17Light guide plate, liquid crystal display module, and terminal device
02/23/17Sim card connector and mobile terminal having the sim card connector
02/16/17Power control method, user equipment, and base station
02/16/17Gps positioning mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
02/16/17Antenna apparatus and terminal
02/16/17Antenna circuit, terminal device, and disposing antenna circuit
02/16/17Sim card connector and mobile terminal having the sim card connector
02/16/17Application management method and terminal
02/16/17Cell reselection method and mobile terminal
02/16/17Service discovery method and electronic device
02/16/17Power control method, user equipment, and base station
02/09/17Information processing method and user equipment
02/09/17Data sending method, apparatus and system
02/02/17Method and displaying operation interface and touchscreen terminal
01/26/17Electronic device
01/26/17Method, device, and system for establishing secure connection
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01/26/17Failure detection
01/26/17Method and router for accessing network
01/19/17Method for adjusting backlight brightness and electronic device
01/19/17Method and sharing data between positioning devices
01/12/17Character input method and electronic device
01/12/17Method for searching for multimedia file, terminal device, and server
01/12/17Antenna system and terminal
01/12/17Method for allocating addressing identifier, access point, station, and communications system
01/12/17Transmission method and user equipment
01/05/17Photograph displaying method and user terminal
01/05/17Photographing dual-lens device, and dual-lens device
01/05/17Method for detecting device-to-device signal, user equipment, and base station
01/05/17Network configuration method, and related apparatus and system
01/05/17Information query
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01/05/17Video quality detection method and apparatus
01/05/17Dual-microphone headset and noise reduction processing audio signal in call
01/05/17Method for detecting device-to-device signal, user equipment, and base station
01/05/17Auxiliary adhesive dispensing apparatus
12/29/16Application data synchronization method and apparatus
12/29/16Touch control responding method and apparatus
12/29/16Discovery signal transmission method, user equipment, and base station
12/29/16Beam precoding manner reporting method, scheduling method, and device
12/22/16Liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display testing method, and electronic apparatus
12/22/16Implementation and deletion methods and apparatuses for multiple operating systems on smart device
12/22/16Method and broadband device for modem dial-up
12/22/16Method for switching between media play devices, and device
12/22/16Method and device for transmitting media data
12/22/16Sound effect control method and apparatus
12/22/16Method and interconnection between terminal device and gateway device
12/22/16Method and indicating channel resource
12/15/16Icon display wearable intelligent device and related device
12/15/16Multi-mode wireless terminal
12/15/16Signal transmission method and system, and controller
12/08/16Information processing method and electronic device
12/08/16Method and controlling photographic fill-in light and terminal
12/01/16Antenna interface circuit, data card, and antenna connection control method and apparatus
12/01/16Touchscreen interference suppression method and apparatus, and terminal device
12/01/16Interface operation method and terminal
12/01/16Security control euicc and euicc
12/01/16Terminal, image processing method, and image acquisition method
11/24/16Method for checking whether hardware of intelligent terminal runs abnormally and intelligent terminal
11/24/16Feeding matching apparatus of multiband antenna, multiband antenna, and radio communication device
11/24/16Base of cordless digital telephone set, cordless digital telephone set, and voice data transmitting method
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11/24/16Communication connection establishment method and mediation device
11/24/16Cell handover method and terminal
11/24/16Data transmission
11/24/16Device to device communication method and user equipment
11/17/16Method for processing terminal device and terminal device
11/17/16Antenna and mobile terminal
11/17/16Method and device for enabling near field communication nfc wireless charging service
11/17/16Antenna switching system and method
11/17/16Photographing method and mobile terminal
11/17/16Method and reducing power consumption
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11/17/16Resource allocation method and user equipment
11/10/16Method for processing touch signal and terminal device
11/10/16Application display method and terminal
11/10/16Streaming media packet processing method, wifi chip, and mobile terminal
11/10/16Method supporting wireless access to storage device, and mobile routing hotspot device
11/03/16Character processing
11/03/16Reference signal transmission method and user equipment
10/27/16Location privacy protection method, apparatus, and system
10/27/16Method for controlling display of touchscreen, and mobile device
10/27/16Synchronizing method, terminal, and server
10/27/16Service query method, apparatus and system, and station
10/27/16Service control method, terminal, and network device
10/20/16Image processing method and apparatus, and terminal
10/20/16Network access method and apparatus
10/20/16Apparatus and media play in home network
10/20/16Method for data service transmission and terminal
10/20/16Power supply control method and wireless terminal
10/20/16Data transmission method and apparatus
10/13/16Task management
10/13/16Photographing dual-lens device and dual-lens device
10/13/16Installation package authorization method and apparatus
10/13/16Method for controlling terminal device, and wearable electronic device
10/13/16Antenna and terminal
10/06/16Permission management method and apparatus
10/06/16Antenna and terminal
10/06/16Tunable antenna and terminal
10/06/16Card connector suitable for insertion of card, base suitable for insertion of device, and terminal
10/06/16Loop-shaped antenna and mobile terminal
10/06/16Antenna and mobile terminal
10/06/16Method and selecting information pushed-to terminal
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10/06/16Media processing method, device, and system
10/06/16Method for single card dual standby user equipment to camp on network and user equipment
09/29/16Voice call establishing method and apparatus
09/29/16Data transmission method, terminal, and data transmission method system
09/29/16Method and moving page content
09/29/16Method and device for downloading profile of operator
09/29/16Emmc monitoring method and apparatus
09/29/16Image denoising method and terminal
09/29/16Antenna structure and mobile terminal device
09/29/16Method, apparatus, and system for pushing application program, and device
09/29/16Management embedded universal integrated circuit card, related device, and system
09/22/16Liquid crystal module and electronic device
09/22/16Antenna, antenna apparatus, terminal, and adjusting working frequency band of antenna
09/22/16Method and terminal for reporting sensor data and terminal
09/22/16Method and device for anchor master selection
09/15/16Key configuration method, system, and apparatus
09/15/16Queued messages processing method and apparatus, controlling messages to be enqueued
09/15/16Mobile terminal and starting shooting on mobile terminal
09/15/16Device-to-device d2d communication method and apparatus
09/15/16Communication access method and user equipment
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09/15/16Queued messages processing method and apparatus, controlling messages to be enqueued
09/15/16Image display method and apparatus
09/15/16Method for connecting to wi-fi hotspot device, wi-fi hotspot device, and user equipment
09/15/16Mobile terminal and starting shooting on mobile terminal
09/15/16Subtitle display method and subtitle display device
09/08/16File transfer method and apparatus
09/08/16Communication method, base station, and user equipment
09/01/16Network parameter configuration portable router
09/01/16Method and terminal to camp on cell, and mobile terminal
08/25/16Head mounted device control method and apparatus, and head mounted device
08/25/16Mobile terminal with new type of antenna structure
08/25/16Method for generating display frame and terminal device
08/25/16Antenna and mobile terminal
08/25/16Fault diagnosis method, device, and fault diagnosis system
08/25/16Method and reminding user based on set position by using mobile terminal
08/18/16Key configuration method and apparatus
08/18/16Media data transmission
08/11/16Permission control method and apparatus
08/11/16Network access control method and apparatus
08/11/16Method for sharing application between terminals, and terminal
Social Network Patent Pack
08/11/16Sim card signal conversion method and apparatus
08/04/16Method and transmitting media stream in video conference
08/04/16Wireless terminal configuration method, apparatus, and wireless terminal
07/28/16Method and acquiring network resource
07/28/16Signal transmission device to device direct communication between user equipments and user equipment
07/21/16Method and wake-up control of intelligent terminal
07/14/16Method for controlling multiple touchscreens and electronic device
07/07/16Touchscreen control method and terminal device
07/07/16Method for implementing card-free mobile phone, mobile phone, and server
06/30/16Method, device and system for configuring multiple devices
06/23/16Power supply terminal, and charging control method and apparatus
06/23/16Page redirection method, routing device, terminal device and system
06/16/16Method and device for adding menu item to android menu
06/16/16Application association processing method and apparatus
06/16/16Picture displaying method and apparatus, and terminal device
06/16/16Signal sending method, user equipment, and base station
06/09/16Method for time and time zone synchronization and terminal device
06/09/16Periscope lens and terminal device
06/09/16Method and powering on terminal
06/09/16Method for sending heartbeat message and mobile terminal
06/02/16Resource migration method and apparatus
06/02/16Target detection method and apparatus based on online training
06/02/16Resource migration method and apparatus
06/02/16Data processing method and apparatus
06/02/16Transmission method, mobile terminal, multi-channel headset, and audio play system
06/02/16Scheduling and processing wifi station
05/26/16Method and device-to-device communication
05/12/16Touch operation processing method and terminal device
05/12/16Method, apparatus, and communication device for updating firmware
05/12/16Sound processing method and terminal device
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05/05/16Web application security access method, server, and client
05/05/16Link processing in multipath transmission control protocol and mobile terminal
04/28/16Plug and connector module
04/28/16Data reporting method and apparatus, and terminal device
04/28/16Information search method and apparatus
04/28/16Method, apparatus, and terminal device for determining color of interface control
04/28/16Photographing method and terminal
04/28/16Wireless communication method and wireless terminal
04/21/16Touch input method and apparatus
04/21/16Media playback method, apparatus, and system
04/21/16Tapping control method and terminal
04/21/16Method and managing notification bar message
04/21/16Message processing method and apparatus
04/21/16Character string input control method and apparatus
04/21/16Near field communication-based data transmission method and apparatus, and near field communication device
04/21/16Tag identification method and apparatus
04/21/16Method and terminal for acquiring panoramic image
04/21/16Information query method, device, and system
04/21/16Button backlight processing method and apparatus and terminal device
04/14/16Antenna system and terminal
04/14/16Communication method, user equipment, and network device
04/14/16Method for synchronizing content among terminals and terminals
04/14/16Nfc radio frequency communication control method, apparatus, and system
04/07/16Method and determining permission of application program
04/07/16Information sending method and apparatus
03/31/16File acquiring
03/31/16Harmonic suppression system
03/31/16Image processing method and apparatus, and terminal
03/31/16Call management multi-sim multi-active terminal

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