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Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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09/22/16 new patent  Database query
09/22/16 new patent  Video classification method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Method and switching display mode of screen of terminal device, and terminal device
09/22/16 new patent  Single local oscillator architecture for dual-band microwave/millimeter-wave transceiver
09/22/16 new patent  Method for reducing self-interference signal in communications system, and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Power adjustment device and method
09/22/16 new patent  Method for antenna array with steerable spotlight beams
09/22/16 new patent  Method and device for realizing optical channel data unit shared protection ring
09/22/16 new patent  Apparatus and otdr transmitter noise compensation
09/22/16 new patent  Modem, communications modem, and wireless charging
09/22/16 new patent  Transmission mode switching
09/22/16 new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Method and combining data and retransmission data in layer domain
09/22/16 new patent  Method for reducing self-interference signal in communications system, and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Signal transmission method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Preamble sequence generating method, timing synchronization method, and device
09/22/16 new patent  Method and device for media multiplexing negotiation
09/22/16 new patent  Link discovery method, system, and device
09/22/16 new patent  Flow entry delivery method and communication system
09/22/16 new patent  Methods and systems for traffic engineering with redundancy
09/22/16 new patent  Network service processing method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Data stream identifying
09/22/16 new patent  Method and initiating network conference
09/22/16 new patent  Method and controller for clustering applications in a software-defined network
09/22/16 new patent  Video frame decoding method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  High throughput significance map processing for cabac in hevc
09/22/16 new patent  Image compression method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
09/22/16 new patent  Method and acquiring context information of user equipment
09/22/16 new patent  Controller directives to enable multipoint reception via mcs and power constraints masks
09/22/16 new patent  Carrier aggregation scheduling apparatus, carrier aggregation scheduling method, and base station
09/22/16 new patent  Method and system for muting radio resources in a wireless communication system
09/22/16 new patent  Service scheduling
09/15/16Information providing method and apparatus
09/15/16Data storage method and storage server
09/15/16Cpu scheduling method, terminal device and processing device
09/15/16Data processing method, device, and system for storage unit
09/15/16Method and accessing physical resources
09/15/16Similarity analysis method, apparatus, and system
09/15/16Image rendering method and apparatus
09/15/16Method and control device for selecting controlled device
09/15/16Method, apparatus, optical component and optical network system for controlling operating temperature of optical component
09/15/16Intra-band combiner-divider and multisystem combining platform
09/15/16Polar code processing
09/15/16Multi-band multi-path receiving and transmitting device and method, and base station system
09/15/16Method for feeding back channel state information and an apparatus
09/15/16Data transmission method and data transmission device
09/15/16Power over ethernet method and apparatus
09/15/16Transmission and receiving method in a wireless communication system
09/15/16Transmission method compatible with higher order modulation and lower order modulation, and apparatus
09/15/16Method and device for selecting serving gateway entity
09/15/16Method and system for processing uplink and downlink network data, and electronic device
09/15/16Packet forwarding method and apparatus
09/15/16Flow table-based table entry addressing method, switch, and controller
09/15/16Traffic engineering feeder for packet switched networks
09/15/16Method, apparatus, and system for controlling forwarding of service data in virtual network
09/15/16Information replying method and apparatus
09/15/16Shell component for electronic device, electronic device and manufacturing shell component
09/15/16Camera control method, user equipment, and camera
09/15/16Image processing method and apparatus
09/15/16Optical network switching device
09/15/16Stereo headset, terminal, and audio signal processing methods thereof
09/15/16Communication method in inter-rat network, access network device and ue
09/15/16Method for reporting a measurement report of a measurement event
09/15/16Method and selecting target network side device
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09/15/16Access network offloading method, device, and system
09/15/16Network access selection method and terminal
09/15/16Paging processing method, communication apparatus, and communication system
09/15/16Wireless spectrum resource sharing method and base station
09/15/16System and scalable digital communications with adaptive system parameters
09/15/16Signal transmission method, user equipment, and base station
09/15/16Communications system and method, and device
09/15/16Contention-based reservations of network resources
09/08/163d-mems optical switch
09/08/16Optical fiber stripping apparatus and communications device
09/08/16Interactive video display method, device, and system
09/08/16Method for optimizing index, master database node and subscriber database node
09/08/16Computer device, method, and scheduling business flow
09/08/16Communication method, user device, content server and controller
09/08/16Method and detecting a voice activity in an input audio signal
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09/08/16Dielectric resonator and dielectric filter
09/08/16Resonator, filter, duplexer, and multiplexer
09/08/16Temperature insensitive laser
09/08/16Timing prediction circuit and method
09/08/16Method and transmitting data
09/08/16Method for setting maintenance association ma, apparatus, and system
09/08/16System and optical network
09/08/16System and method adopting a reliable stop-and-wait hybrid automatic repeat request protocol
09/08/16System and processing antenna configuration information
09/08/16Method for improving synchronization and information transmission in a communication system
09/08/16Method, apparatus, and system for selecting network device
09/08/16Method for upgrading version of network device and network device
09/08/16Method for access network virtualization and proxy node
09/08/16Network security
09/08/16Method, apparatus, and system for acquiring media service parameter indication
09/08/16Imaging device and automatic focus in an imaging device as well as a corresponding computer program
09/08/16Method, device, and system for multipoint video communication
09/08/16Capability negotiation method, system and apparatus
09/08/16User equipment, network device and accessing network system
09/08/16Data transmission method and user equipment
09/08/16Radio bearer establishment method and base station
09/08/16Routing method between base stations, serving gateway, and base station
09/01/16Low complexity scma/lds detection systems and methods
09/01/16Waveguide structure, waveguide coupling structure, and production method
09/01/16Document presentation method and user terminal
09/01/16Method for presentation by terminal device, and terminal device
09/01/16Application program control method and related apparatus
09/01/16Method and sharing environment context
09/01/16Clustering a point of interest and related apparatus
09/01/16Interposer and electronic component
09/01/16Image switching method and apparatus
09/01/16Temporal noise reduction noisy image and related apparatus
09/01/16Voice recognition method, voice recognition device, and electronic device
09/01/16Method and encoding stereo phase parameter
09/01/16Battery apparatus and electronic device
09/01/16Magnetic integrated device and power conversion circuit
09/01/16Comparator apparatus and method
09/01/16Transmission method and apparatus
09/01/16Polar code encoding
09/01/16Data transmission method, apparatus, and communications system
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09/01/16Board, wireless communications system, and channel correction inside or outside board
09/01/16Method for configuring channel state information reference signal, and base station
09/01/16Method, apparatus and system for virtualizing a policy and charging rules function
09/01/16Multiparty call method and apparatus
09/01/16Control device and control method in sdn network
09/01/16Packet obfuscation and packet forwarding
09/01/16Network traffic control device, and security policy configuration method and apparatus thereof
09/01/16Reverse power supply method and reverse powering equipment and system
09/01/16Controlling data transmissions for machine type communications in a mobile communication system
09/01/16Method and device for using unlicensed spectrum
09/01/16Method for measuring service transmission status of user equipment and service station
09/01/16Method and device for sending information
09/01/16Transmission of machine type communications data using disrupted connectivity
09/01/16Method and establishing cell reselection list
09/01/16Method, device, and system for regulating power consumption
09/01/16Network device, terminal device, and voice service control method
09/01/16Method for transmission by using scheduling signaling, and apparatus
09/01/16Method for acquiring uplink grant information, ue, and base station
09/01/16Method, apparatus, and system for controlling link in cooperative communication
09/01/16Transmitter apparatus and method
08/25/16Control method, apparatus, server and terminal device of telepresence conference
08/25/16Method and device for positioning terminal location
08/25/16Low loss optical crossing and making same
08/25/16Photonic chip surface grating coupler (sgc)-based optical splitter and optical combiner
08/25/16Optical switch with improved switching efficiency
08/25/16Floating or mid-air operation processing method and apparatus
08/25/16Data compression method and storage system
08/25/16Method and arrangement for controlling requests to a shared electronic resource
08/25/16Data operation
08/25/16Method and system for exploring similarities
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08/25/16Columnar database processing method and apparatus
08/25/16Method of optimizing queries execution on a data store
08/25/16Method and controlling debug port of terminal device
08/25/16Method for predicting bandwidth extension frequency band signal, and decoding device
08/25/16Apparatus and improving a perception of a sound signal
08/25/16Base station antenna
08/25/16Connector and it device
08/25/16System and low density spreading modulation detection
08/25/16Method for information exchange in access network, apparatus, and system
08/25/16Automatic cable distribution switch apparatus and system, and automatic cable distribution switch method
08/25/16Wan interface based 1588v2 packet transmission method and apparatus
08/25/16Measurement configuration method, identification and measurement method, macro base station, and ue
08/25/16Rate matching polar codes, and wireless communication device
08/25/16Channel estimation method, apparatus, and device and multichannel microwave communications system
08/25/16Method for recovering a sparse communication signal from a receive signal
08/25/16System and loop suppression in transit networks
08/25/16Method, computing device and system for invoking software application methods of remote java objects
08/25/16Method for controlling access of application to network, and device
08/25/16Social message monitoring method and apparatus
08/25/16Cm registration method and apparatus
08/25/16Key negotiation processing method and apparatus
08/25/16Data processing method, device, and system
08/25/16Charging method, authentication method, charging device, and authentication device
08/25/16Method for obtaining a picture and multi-camera system
08/25/16Method and mobile device for processing an audio signal
08/25/16System and evaluating an acoustic transfer function
08/25/16Method for sending discovery signal and user equipment
08/25/16Data transmission
08/25/16Negotiation processing security algorithm, control network element, and control system
08/25/16Key processing method in dual connectivity mode and device
08/25/16Wireless communication method and apparatus
08/25/16Method and device for eliminating inter-system neighbor cell interference
08/25/16Method and managing network sharing
08/25/16Method for processing radio link failure report, apparatus, and system
08/25/16Information notification, information reporting, and data receiving methods and devices
08/25/16Network handover method, device, and system
08/25/16Network handover method, device, and system
08/25/16802.11 phy hashed ssid
08/25/16Network selection method and core network device
08/25/16Method and device for initial synchronization between d2d terminals
08/25/16Timing advance adjustment
08/25/16Communication in time division duplexing system
08/25/16System and transmission time intervals
08/25/16System and auto-detection of wlan packets using header
08/25/16Mobility management method, device, and system
08/25/16Uplink control information transmission method, base station, and user equipment
08/25/16Communication method, network-side device, and communications system
08/25/16System and traffic control for machine type communications in a wireless communications system
08/25/16Random access method and related apparatus
08/25/16Wled driver and drive control method
08/18/16Method, device, and system for migrating configuration information during live migration of virtual machine
08/18/16Method and computing device for selecting protocol stack
08/18/16Method and system for assigning a computational block of a software program to cores of a multi-processor system
08/18/16Rapid fault detection
08/18/16Data query method and apparatus, server, and system
08/18/16Method, apparatus, and system for storing execution plan
08/18/16User authentication method and terminal
08/18/16Full-duplex antenna and mobile terminal
08/18/16Decoding method and apparatus of polar code
08/18/16Link adaptation
08/18/16Copper wire interface circuit
08/18/16Apparatus and reorganizing resources of optical fiber cabinet and optical fiber cabinet
08/18/16Optical transmit system
08/18/16Repair for missing detection of control channel
08/18/16Application charging method, device, and system
08/18/16System and auto-detection of wlan packets using stf
08/18/16Service chaining using source routing
08/18/16Media access control address resolution using internet protocol addresses
08/18/16Traffic scheduling device
08/18/16Service processing method and system and device
08/18/16Method and allocating ip parameter
08/18/16M2m data querying and invoking methods, querying and invoking devices, and system
08/18/16Method, apparatus and system for requesting association
08/18/16Method, device, and system for redirecting data by using service proxy
08/18/16Method and system for controlling multiple auxiliary streams, control device, and node
08/18/16Virtual stereo synthesis method and apparatus
08/18/16Method for predicting position of mobile user, and equipment
08/18/16Method and transmitting broadcast-multicast single-frequency network measurement data
08/18/16Method, device, and system for radio resource management measurement
08/18/16Congestion control implementation method and apparatus
08/18/16Network access processing method and apparatus
08/18/16Service handover method, network device and user equipment
08/18/16Transmitter, receiver and generating synchronisation signals
08/18/16Uplink power control method and apparatus
08/18/16Data scheduling method and apparatus, base station, and terminal
08/18/16Apparatus, device, and establishing connection to packet data network
08/18/16Rrc status control method, apparatus and device
08/11/16Splitting method, base station, and user equipment
08/11/16Wireless receiver being capable of determining its velocity
08/11/16Storage unit, memory, and controlling storage unit
08/11/16Cloud system data management method and apparatus
08/11/16Method and accessing file
08/11/16Transaction processing method and apparatus
08/11/16Storage unit, memory, and controlling storage unit
08/11/16Device and converting analog information
08/11/16System and training signals for full-duplex communications systems
08/11/16System and full-duplex operation in a wireless communications system
08/11/16Data transmission method, apparatus, and device
08/11/16Processing orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signal and network device

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