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Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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01/19/17 new patent  Optical interconnector, optoelectronic chip system, and optical signal sharing method
01/19/17 new patent  Data object processing method and apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Hard disk apparatus and computer system
01/19/17 new patent  Data flow migration
01/19/17 new patent  Event processing system
01/19/17 new patent  Method for identifying user operation mode on handheld device and handheld device
01/19/17 new patent  Method and data communication in virtualized environment, and processor
01/19/17 new patent  Dual polarized electronically steerable parasitic antenna radiator (espar)
01/19/17 new patent  Apparatus and monitoring optical performance parameter, and optical transmission system
01/19/17 new patent  Adaptive modulation and coding method, apparatus, and system
01/19/17 new patent  Polar code hybrid automatic repeat request method and apparatus, and wireless communications apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Method and determining repetition quantity of downlink control channel
01/19/17 new patent  Method for configuring cqi measurement subframe, base station, and user equipment
01/19/17 new patent  Information sending method, apparatus, and communications system
01/19/17 new patent  Intra-frequency interference cancellation method, apparatus, and system
01/19/17 new patent  Signal transmission method and apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Monitoring server, resolution server, request device, and node selection method
01/19/17 new patent  Packet forwarding method, system, and apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Transmission control method, apparatus and system
01/19/17 new patent  Service link selection control
01/19/17 new patent  Radio signal processing apparatus and method, and terminal
01/19/17 new patent  Method and setting color ring back tone and determining color ring back tone music
01/19/17 new patent  Multi-frame noise reduction method, and terminal
01/19/17 new patent  Method and device for generating a motion-compensated video frame
01/19/17 new patent  Image coding and decoding method, image data processing method, and devices thereof
01/19/17 new patent  Matching method and apparatus
01/19/17 new patent  Rrm measurement method and apparatus in tdd system
01/19/17 new patent  Service provisioning using abstracted network resource requirements
01/19/17 new patent  Multichannel radio frequency apparatus and method
01/19/17 new patent  Ip address assignment apparatus, system, and method
01/19/17 new patent  Paging method, apparatus, and system
01/19/17 new patent  Method and semi-persistent scheduling
01/19/17 new patent  Security message transmission method and apparatus
01/12/17Monitoring report generation method and apparatus, and user equipment
01/12/17Processing service allocation and related apparatus
01/12/17Optical switches with surface grating couplers and edge couplers
01/12/17Apparatus and tuning and switching between optical components
01/12/17Apparatus and tuning optical components
01/12/17Screen unlocking technology
01/12/17Help processing based on semantic recognition
01/12/17Trusted kernel starting method and apparatus
01/12/17Method of security access control for hard disk and hard disk
01/12/17Substrate integrated waveguide switch
01/12/17Cabinet server and data center based on cabinet server
01/12/17Base station
01/12/17Antenna apparatus
01/12/17Array antenna
01/12/17Dual-polarized antenna and antenna array
01/12/17Power amplification circuit and transmitter
01/12/17Compressive sensing-based signal processing method and apparatus
01/12/17System and controlling radio base station, and related device
01/12/17System and network uplink measurement based operation using ue centric sounding
01/12/17Systems and methods for rru control messaging architecture for massive mimo systems
01/12/17Precoding matrix indicator feedback method, receiving method, and apparatus
01/12/17Channel state information obtaining
01/12/17Method and low-complexity quasi-reduced state soft-output equalizer
01/12/17Channel calibration apparatus and method
01/12/17Information transmission
01/12/17Polar code rate matching method and apparatus
01/12/17Polar code rate matching method and polar code rate matching apparatus
01/12/17Multicast sending apparatus, multicast receiving apparatus, and multicast transmission determining method
01/12/17Polar code retransmission method and apparatus
01/12/17Multipoint radio link control (rlc) coordinator for loosely coordinated multipoint communications
01/12/17Standby method, intelligent home device, and standby system
01/12/17Method for generating forwarding information, controller, and service forwarding entity
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01/12/17Method for determining storage location of table, forwarding device, and controller
01/12/17Method for sending and receiving signal, and corresponding device and system
01/12/17Configuration method, network device, and user equipment
01/12/17Method for sending multicast packet and switch
01/12/17Network resource processing apparatus, method, and system
01/12/17Method for service implementation in network function virtualization (nfv) system and communications unit
01/12/17Data flow statistics collection method, system, and apparatus
01/12/17Mood information processing method and apparatus
01/12/17Network function virtualization-based certificate configuration method, apparatus, and system
01/12/17Method and detecting man-in-the-middle attack
01/12/17Content presentation method, content presentation mode push method, and intelligent terminal
01/12/17Encoding/decoding processing image segmentation manner
01/12/17Method and establishing indoor location feature library
01/12/17Method and transmitting pattern information
01/12/17Monitoring report generation method and apparatus, and user equipment
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01/12/17Radio access network device, user equipment, and reporting status of buffer
01/12/17Data offloading method and base station
01/12/17Base station, network controller, and forward handover method
01/12/17Method, device, and system for detecting device power
01/12/17Wireless communication control method and apparatus
01/12/17Methods and network nodes in a wireless communication network
01/12/17Uplink power control method, user equipment, and base station
01/12/17Method, device, and system for notifying terminal type supported by current cell
01/12/17Transmitter, receiver and methods for transmitting/ receiving synchronisation signals
01/12/17Method and configuring position of frequency resource
01/12/17Method for transmitting data information, base station, and user equipment
01/12/17Data transmission method and station
01/12/17Method for enhanced transmission of control information, user equipment, base station, and communications system
01/12/17Method, apparatus, and device for admission in connected mode
01/12/17Data scheduling method using unlicensed pectrum, apparatus, and device
01/12/17Device and data transmission in d2d communication
01/12/17Information transmission
01/12/17Random access response method, base station and terminal
01/12/17Methods and nodes in a wireless communication network
01/05/17Data copying method, direct memory access controller, and computer system
01/05/17Method and reconstructing cube in multidimensional online analytical processing system
01/05/17Method, apparatus and device for operating logical operation array of resistive random access memory
01/05/17Antenna with slitless closed frame and wireless communications device
01/05/17Directional direction selection method, apparatus, and system
01/05/17Method, apparatus, and system for adjusting emission parameter of laser in wdm-pon
01/05/17Optical network-on-chip, dynamically adjusting optical link bandwidth
01/05/17Method and system for partitioning signal processing chains in a communication network
01/05/17System and interference cancellation using terminal cooperation
01/05/17Method, apparatus and system for processing flexible-rate signal
01/05/17Polar code rate matching method and rate matching apparatus
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01/05/17Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information bits
01/05/17Data transmission and feedback processing method and apparatus
01/05/17Method, apparatus, and system for processing interference in massive multiple-input multiple-output system
01/05/17Apparatus and self-interference cancellation
01/05/17Key generation method, master enodeb, secondary enodeb and user equipment
01/05/17File reputation acquiring method, gateway device, and file reputation server
01/05/17Policy control
01/05/17Network listening
01/05/17Signal processing method and apparatus
01/05/17Synchronization method, receive end, and transmit end
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01/05/17Policy processing method and network device
01/05/17Method, apparatus and system for transmitting information
01/05/17Message processing method, access controller, and network node
01/05/17Address identifier allocation method, related device, and system
01/05/17Image decoding apparatus
01/05/17Apparatus and estimating an overall mixing time based on at least a first pair of room impulse responses, as well as corresponding computer program
01/05/17Group communication apparatus and method
01/05/17Method for sharing network and network element
01/05/17User equipment, base station, and carrier using method
01/05/17Method, apparatus, and system for qos parameter configuration in wlan
01/05/17Wireless connection establishment method and apparatus
01/05/17Handover method, terminal, base station, and system
01/05/17Data processing apparatus and method
01/05/17Outer loop power control method, apparatus, and device
01/05/17Configuration transmitting tpc command, tpc command transmission method, and apparatus
01/05/17Power control
01/05/17Base station, user equipment, and measurement inter-base station carrier aggregation
01/05/17Positioning apparatus and method
01/05/17Positioning method and apparatus
01/05/17Method, apparatus, and system for communication information transmission
01/05/17Data transmission method, user equipment, and base station
01/05/17Multi-channel access method and apparatus
01/05/17Method for data communication, system for communication and related devices
12/29/16System and optical input/output arrays
12/29/16Method, apparatus, and system for implementing java application installation by means of cloud compilation
12/29/16Method and controlling virtual machine migration
12/29/16Camera tracking method and apparatus
12/29/16Mobile terminal alarm method and apparatus
12/29/16Method for detecting audio signal and apparatus
12/29/16Remote electrical tilt unit, base station, and managing remote electrical tilt antenna
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12/29/16Antenna adjustment method, antenna, and base station control center
12/29/16Array antenna
12/29/16Signal processing method and apparatus
12/29/16Interference cancellation apparatus and method
12/29/16Apparatus and interference cancellation
12/29/16Base station and beam forming
12/29/16Channel estimation apparatus and method
12/29/16Method and monitoring wavelength channel
12/29/16Method and system for removing a pilot tone from an optical signal
12/29/16Method for reporting channel state information, user equipment, and base station
12/29/16Remote electrical tilt antenna management apparatus, system, and method, remote controller, and base station
12/29/16Method and measuring user quality of experience qoe
12/29/16Traffic management implementation method and apparatus, and network device
12/29/16System and connectivity management
12/29/16Information transmission method and apparatus
12/29/16Method and controlling service chain of service flow
12/29/16Method, synthesizing device, and system for implementing video conference
12/29/16Image coding/decoding method, device, and system
12/29/16Image decoding apparatus, image decoding method
12/29/16Video data encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses
Social Network Patent Pack
12/29/16Routing methods for dual plane switch architectures
12/29/16Service control machine type communications device and related apparatus and system
12/29/16Indoor positioning method and apparatus
12/29/16Wearable device-based information transfer method and related device
12/29/16Method and security communication of carrier aggregation between base stations
12/29/16Resource selection method and apparatus
12/29/16Network selection method and user equipment
12/29/16Information reporting method, information receiving method, ue and network device
12/29/16Power control method and apparatus
12/29/16Joint radio link control (rlc) signaling with network coding
12/29/16Data transmission method and communications device
12/29/16Method for feeding back channel quality indicator, and sending resource scheduling information
12/29/16Data transmission method, sender device, and receiver device
12/29/16Conical inductor, printed circuit board, and optical module
12/22/16Method for setting internal usage scenario of vehicle, vehicle-mounted device, and network device
12/22/16Data processing method and apparatus
12/22/16Mapping processing cache address
12/22/16Data processing method and apparatus
12/22/16Picture ranking method, and terminal
12/22/16Method and mining social relationship based on financial data
Social Network Patent Pack
12/22/16Bandwidth extension system and approach
12/22/16Antenna element for signals with three polarizations
12/22/16Data transmission method and communications device
12/22/16Information transmission method, base station, and user equipment
12/22/16System and harq for cellular integrated d2d communications
12/22/16Inserting and extracting pilot sequences
12/22/16Method and sending information, and receiving information
12/22/16Method for establishing wireless local area network tunnel, apparatus, and access network system
12/22/16Method, apparatus and system for sending physical layer signal
12/22/16Information transmission method, apparatus, and device
12/22/16Method and network diagnosis processing
12/22/16Access node device for forwarding data packets
12/22/16State-dependent data forwarding
12/22/16Method for processing host route in virtual subnet, related device, and communications system
12/22/16Method, system, and device for display style adjustment
12/22/16Data processing method in stream computing system, control node, and stream computing system
12/22/16User terminal grouping method, conference server, and conference system
12/22/16Charging session management method and apparatus
12/22/16Intra-frame prediction and decoding methods and apparatuses for image signal
12/22/16Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses
12/22/16Data processing method and apparatus
12/22/16Base station, terminal, and handover method
12/22/16Data forwarding control method and system, controller, and access device
12/22/16Network device and data backhaul implementation system and method
12/22/16Clock synchronization and communications system
12/22/16Method for controlling dsrc resource allocation, base station, and vehicle communications terminal
12/22/16Communication carrier aggregation system
12/22/16System and virtual multi-point transceivers
12/22/16Relay node rn, donor enodeb denb and communication method
12/15/16Storage resource scheduling method and storage and computing system
Social Network Patent Pack
12/15/16Data processing processing serial tasks
12/15/16Method for debugging a computer program
12/15/16Entity matching method and apparatus
12/15/16Contact grouping method and apparatus
12/15/16Medical image storing method, information exchanging method, and apparatuses
12/15/16System and processing input images before generating a high dynamic range image
12/15/16Signal processing apparatus, method and computer program for dereverberating a number of input audio signals
12/15/16Shared-aperture antenna and base station
12/15/16Bi-directional dc-dc converter
12/15/16Line synchronization method in osd system, system, and vectoring control entity
12/15/16Channel state information feedback method and apparatus, user equipment, and base station
12/15/16Method for reducing adjacent-channel interference and relay device
12/15/16Signal processing method and base station
12/15/16System and designing constellations and use thereof
12/15/16Methods and apparatuses for receiving and sending control channel
12/15/16Communication carrier aggregation system
12/15/16Method, device and system for performing nav control on node and node
12/15/16Data retransmission method and apparatus
12/15/16Information processing method in m2m and apparatus
12/15/16Interface management service entity, function service entity, and element management method
12/15/16Method and system for providing service according to policy
12/15/16System security using multi-user control
12/15/16Method and device for negotiating media capability
12/15/16Voice quality evaluation method, apparatus, and system
12/15/16Hybrid network system, channel content playback method, and hybrid set top box
12/15/16Spectrum processing method, base station, user equipment, and system
12/15/16Method for performing communication by using unlicensed spectrum, device, and system
12/15/16Http-based buffer status updating , and buffer status processor
12/15/16Method and reporting unlicensed spectrum capability

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