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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei Administration Building
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100114
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100107
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100121
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20131212
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024199408/27/15  new patent  Display mobile device selection and terminal device
22015024213608/27/15  new patent  Method for a storage device processing data and storage device
32015024215408/27/15  new patent  Method, computer, and migrating memory data
42015024215608/27/15  new patent  File processing method and storage device
52015024234108/27/15  new patent  Method, computer system, and accessing peripheral component interconnect express endpoint device
62015024253508/27/15  new patent  Content searching chip and system based on peripheral component interconnect bus
72015024440408/27/15  new patent  Radio frequency channel
82015024442908/27/15  new patent  Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
92015024444408/27/15  new patent  Method for reporting channel state information, user equipment, and base station
102015024448908/27/15  new patent  Base station, network system, and communication method
112015024453208/27/15  new patent  Method and terminal for message verification
122015024453608/27/15  new patent  Power sourcing equipment and method
132015024457008/27/15  new patent  Method, apparatus, and system for implementing tunneling processing
142015024459008/27/15  new patent  Packet processing method, forwarding plane device and network device
152015024474608/27/15  new patent  Multimedia session call control method and application server
162015024475608/27/15  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for determining terminal that is to share real-time video
172015024482408/27/15  new patent  Control method, control device, and processor in software defined network
182015024513508/27/15  new patent  Method, device, and system for processing data during idle listening
192015024519508/27/15  new patent  Method for activating soft sim card, soft sim card to join network, terminal and network access device
202015024522908/27/15  new patent  Method for maintaining base station, device, and system
212015024523908/27/15  new patent  Method and network element for acquiring information about packet
222015024525308/27/15  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for paging processing and information displaying
232015024526408/27/15  new patent  Data transmitting method, handover method, apparatus, equipment, access node, and system
242015024526908/27/15  new patent  Method for uplink softer handover, user equipment, and base station
252015024529008/27/15  new patent  Node control method, network controller, and network system
262015024534008/27/15  new patent  Trigger method and related apparatus
272015023413208/20/15 Identification chip holding apparatus, optical fiber splicing and distribution module, optical fiber management apparatus, and assembling optical fiber management apparatus
282015023459708/20/15 Data processing system and data processing method
292015023461408/20/15 File processing method and apparatus, and storage device
302015023461508/20/15 Data processing device and data processing method
312015023467408/20/15 Method, system and creating virtual machine
322015023471708/20/15 Network data rollback
332015023474408/20/15 Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture
342015023477208/20/15 Computer system, accessing peripheral component interconnect express endpoint device, and apparatus
352015023507408/20/15 Face detector training method, face detection method, and apparatuses
362015023562108/20/15 Image processing
372015023565308/20/15 Audio signal encoding and decoding method, and audio signal encoding and decoding apparatus
382015023646108/20/15 Power distribution connection apparatus
392015023659608/20/15 Dc-dc conversion circuit and method
402015023660708/20/15 Power converter
412015023680308/20/15 Quality measurement method, user equipment, and network-side device
422015023682608/20/15 Control channel detection method, user equipment, and base station
432015023682708/20/15 Signal transmitting method and base station device
442015023685108/20/15 Method and updating ca public key, ue and ca
452015023687108/20/15 Multicast processing method, apparatus and system
462015023691208/20/15 Wireless local area network transmission control method, device and system
472015023693208/20/15 Method, base station, and user equipment for determining channel loss
482015023700608/20/15 Method and device for sending cloud server address
492015023716908/20/15 Remote access
502015023749508/20/15 Method and system for differentiating between subscribers
512015023750408/20/15 Method, apparatus and system for managing dynamic spectrum
522015023750808/20/15 Method for generating wireless virtual network and wireless network control device
532015023753208/20/15 Direct handover
542015023753608/20/15 Method, device, and system for returning to long term evolution lte network
552015023753908/20/15 Method and device for accessing and obtaining user equpiment context and user equipment identity
562015023754608/20/15 Method and device for determining target cell
572015023757308/20/15 Radio link establishment method, apparatus, and system
582015023757708/20/15 Ue paging method, base station, and ue
592015023758808/20/15 Power adjustment
602015023758908/20/15 Method apparatus, terminal, and base station for data transmission
612015023761208/20/15 Method, apparatus and system for exchanging common e-rgch information
622015023762408/20/15 Method and determining control channel search space
632015023762608/20/15 Information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
642015023762908/20/15 Data transmission method, base station and user equipment
652015023763208/20/15 Method in a network control node
662015023764808/20/15 Method for controlling uplink signal transmission and apparatus thereof
672015022753008/13/15 Address book ranking method and apparatus
682015022781608/13/15 Method and detecting salient region of image
692015022876408/13/15 Method for producing multi-gate in fin field-effect transistor
702015022876808/13/15 Tunneling field effect transistor with new structure and preparation method thereof
712015022935608/13/15 Method and sending selt measurement signal, and control device
722015022936808/13/15 Frame synchronization method and apparatus of wireless system, and wireless system
732015022937808/13/15 Reporting of channel state information
742015022942608/13/15 Data signal coordinated transmitting and receiving methods and apparatus
752015022944108/13/15 Method and device for interleaving processing in a wlan system
762015022945308/13/15 Method and transmitting reference signal
772015022955808/13/15 Method for acquiring content, user equipment and cache node
782015022956308/13/15 Packet forwarding method and network access device
792015022967608/13/15 Communication receiver
802015022967708/13/15 Trunking communication system, trunking server, access network and trunking communication method
812015022974408/13/15 Method and device for service analysis
822015023006908/13/15 Method, device, and system for optimizing short message signaling
832015023007408/13/15 Charging control method, device, and system for data service of roaming subscriber
842015023008208/13/15 Method for sending and receiving buffer status report, user equipment, and base station
852015023010608/13/15 Method and controlling signal contact between user equipment and cell
862015023011108/13/15 Method, device and system for collecting and identifying interference
872015023014208/13/15 Cooperative communication processing method, enb, and system
882015023017808/13/15 Method and measuring carrier in deactivated state
892015023021608/13/15 Method and device for scrambling sequence configuration, user equipment, and base station
902015023021708/13/15 Data transmission method and terminal
912015023022008/13/15 Method for processing enhanced physical downlink control channel, network-side device, and user equipment
922015023024708/13/15 Method for transmitting data, receiving data, and device
932015021975008/06/15 Positioning method and apparatus
942015022044808/06/15 Address compression method, address decompression method, compressor, and decompressor
952015022209008/06/15 Optical lasing device and generating a lasing mode in such device
962015022229508/06/15 Encoding/decoding method, device, and system
972015022233808/06/15 Signal transmission method, base station and system for multiple-user multiple-input multiple-output system
982015022234208/06/15 Signal transmission method, system, and device
992015022234708/06/15 Method for configuring channel state information reference signal, base station, and access point
1002015022238008/06/15 Method and generic mapping procedure gmp and generic mapping procedure gmp demapping
1012015022239408/06/15 Method, apparatus, ue, and base station for transmitting hybrid automatic repeat request-acknowledgement information
1022015022253708/06/15 Method and determining energy efficient route
1032015022279708/06/15 Video surveillance method, device, and system
1042015022303008/06/15 Group area management, method, device, and system
1052015022304908/06/15 Wireless local area network discovery method, device, and system
1062015022305408/06/15 Method of implementing ue capability exchange and route control for parallel ims and cs services
1072015022316708/06/15 Terminal, wireless network and communication methods with low power consumption
1082015022326408/06/15 Method and transmitting scheduling request, user equipment and base station
1092015021294407/30/15 Method and pushing memory data
1102015021187207/30/15 Navigation method and navigation device
1112015021296307/30/15 Connecting apparatus and system
1122015021307707/30/15 Method and system for causing a web application to obtain a database change
1132015021313307/30/15 Method for providing network information for terminal, and notification server
1142015021379807/30/15 Method and evaluating voice quality
1152015021492607/30/15 Discrete-time filter
1162015021497007/30/15 Analog to digital converter
1172015021501207/30/15 Codeword feedback method and receiver
1182015021503307/30/15 Protection switching method, system, and passive optical network
1192015021506007/30/15 Method and transmitting a signal in optical transport network
1202015021508907/30/15 Method and interference coordination
1212015021510407/30/15 Method of communication with distributed antenna array system and array system
1222015021511607/30/15 Encryption and decryption
1232015021519607/30/15 Packet transmission method and apparatus
1242015021520507/30/15 Method, routing bridge, and system for sending packet
1252015021520707/30/15 Method and switching data between virtual machines, and communications system
1262015021541507/30/15 Data pushing method, apparatus, and system
1272015021559707/30/15 Method for synchronous playback by multiple smart devices, and apparatus
1282015021564007/30/15 Method and constructing candidate vector list
1292015021564307/30/15 Method and acquiring disparity vector predictor of prediction block
1302015021577307/30/15 Implementation and communication methods, apparatus and system of virtual subscriber identity module
1312015021581807/30/15 Dual-stream signal (sig) field encoding with higher order modulation
1322015021582907/30/15 Random access method, evolved node b, and terminal equipment
1332015021583407/30/15 Method, apparatus, and system for processing data domain service
1342015021591807/30/15 System, method, and device for processing air interface information
1352015020763607/23/15 Method, system, and entity for exercising policy control
1362015020506207/23/15 Optical interposer
1372015020552107/23/15 Method and controlling terminal device by using non-touch gesture
1382015020563007/23/15 Method and system for mapping multiple virtual machines, and client device
1392015020564207/23/15 Method and determining to-be-migrated task based on cache awareness
1402015020567607/23/15 Server control method and server control device
1412015020584107/23/15 Data processing device and data processing method
1422015020653307/23/15 Speech interaction method and apparatus
1432015020654107/23/15 Method and allocating bits of audio signal
1442015020758007/23/15 Method, system and device for synchronization clocks
1452015020760407/23/15 Channel-state information process processing method, network device, and user equipment
1462015020760707/23/15 Method for feeding back acknowledge/ non-acknowledge, user equipment and system
1472015020763607/23/15 Method, system, and entity for exercising policy control
1482015020764007/23/15 Method for implementing point-to-multipoint multicast, network node, and system
1492015020764907/23/15 Adaptive filtering method and system based on error sub-band
1502015020767807/23/15 Method and managing physical network interface card, and physical host
1512015020768507/23/15 Policy decision function addressing method, network element and network system
1522015020771207/23/15 Method, apparatus, and system for measuring network delay
1532015020775307/23/15 Method, apparatus, and system for assigning tributary port number
1542015020777507/23/15 Address allocating method, apparatus, and system
1552015020787107/23/15 Event distribution method, control device, and processor on software-defined network
1562015020802507/23/15 Video processing method and apparatus
1572015020820007/23/15 Method, device and communication system for processing common search area
1582015020823607/23/15 Method and negotiating security during handover between different radio access technologies
1592015020823907/23/15 Method for implementing sim card function on terminal, terminal, and uicc
1602015020824007/23/15 Method and updating a key in an active state
1612015020824207/23/15 Method and monitoring network device
1622015020824607/23/15 Spectrum division method, device, and system
1632015020829207/23/15 Method, system, and device for user detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network
1642015020829307/23/15 Method for determining target, network element, and system for determining target
1652015020839607/23/15 Control information sending method, receiving method, and device
1662015020840807/23/15 Methods and nodes in a wireless communication system
1672015020845007/23/15 Data transmission method, device, and system
1682015020845607/23/15 Method, device, and system for multiple users cooperative communication
1692015019869607/16/15 Method for terminal positioning, base station and user equipment
1702015020074007/16/15 Method and joint channel correction among multiple radio remote units
1712015020074107/16/15 Control channel detection method and user equipment
1722015020075707/16/15 Method and feeding back csi-rs resource combination, user equipment and base station
1732015020076007/16/15 Interference measurement method, base station and user equipment
1742015020076307/16/15 Method and sending and receiving reference signal
1752015020076407/16/15 Signal processing method, apparatus, and system
1762015020084207/16/15 Method for determining a packet forwarding path, network device, and control device
1772015020085607/16/15 Traffic control method, device, and network
1782015020085707/16/15 Method and apparatus of load sharing
1792015020093807/16/15 Method and device for transmitting wireless information
1802015020108807/16/15 Charging information processing method, apparatus, and system
1812015020117907/16/15 Method for providing a multimedia message service
1822015020131107/16/15 Group trigger method, apparatus, and system
1832015020131907/16/15 Uplink detection-based processing method, network device, and terminal
1842015020132507/16/15 Method and terminal for keeping subscriber identity module card in standby state
1852015020133407/16/15 Wireless local area network access method, base station controller, and user equipment
1862015020134507/16/15 Measurement report processing method, base station, and user equipment
1872015020134607/16/15 Method, device, and system for measuring channel state information
1882015020135407/16/15 Processing radio link failure, small cell and mobile communication system
1892015020137307/16/15 Data transmission method, user equipment, and network side device
1902015020138207/16/15 Method and system for power adjustment, base station, and user equipment
1912015020138807/16/15 Power determining method, user equipment, and base station
1922015020140007/16/15 Paging control method and apparatus, entity, and network device
1932015020140407/16/15 Downlink data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
1942015020140507/16/15 Method and allocating control channel candidates
1952015020140607/16/15 Method and device for d2d communication
1962015020141007/16/15 Data splitting
1972015020141807/16/15 Resource reconfiguration method, base station, and user equipment
1982015020144707/16/15 Service data transmission method and system, and device
1992015020145707/16/15 Method, system, and device for user detachment when a handover or change occurs in heterogeneous network
2002015020145807/16/15 Method and device for releasing common e-dch resource
2012015019315407/09/15 Data migration method, data migration apparatus, and storage device
2022015019349107/09/15 Data indexing method and apparatus
2032015019501707/09/15 Method and device for indicating pilot state
2042015019509407/09/15 Transmission common message and device
2052015019510507/09/15 Vpn implementation method and pe device
2062015019510907/09/15 Channel state information transmission method, apparatus and system
2072015019516907/09/15 Method, device, and system for measuring network packet loss
2082015019519507/09/15 Label switching path calculation method and label switching path calculation device
2092015019520107/09/15 Topology stratification method and apparatus, and flooding processing method and apparatus
2102015019537007/09/15 Portal push method and network equipment
2112015019544107/09/15 Image processing method and apparatus
2122015019569707/09/15 Access control method, access control apparatus and communication system
2132015019573507/09/15 Method, apparatus, and system for measuring aggregated carrier cell
2142015019574407/09/15 Channel negotiation method, device, and system
2152015019574907/09/15 Method and enodeb for forwarding downlink and uplink packets based on s1 handover
2162015019576307/09/15 Measurement control method, user equipment, control node, and system
2172015019577207/09/15 Method and device for notifying wireless access point service virtual provider
2182015019577307/09/15 User equipment tracing method and system, access device, and access controller
2192015019577907/09/15 Wlan access method and apparatus
2202015019578007/09/15 Data transmission
2212015019578107/09/15 Method and reducing transmit power
2222015019581107/09/15 Method, apparatus, and system for user equipment positioning
2232015019581407/09/15 Broadcast message transmission method, base station and user equipment
2242015019582107/09/15 Method for transmitting downlink control information, network side device, and user equipment
2252015019583207/09/15 Method for transmitting and receiving uplink control information, terminal, base station
2262015019585007/09/15 Scheduling method, base station, user equipment, and system
2272015019585207/09/15 Uplink scheduling method and control node
2282015019585507/09/15 Channel access method and node
2292015019585607/09/15 Channel access processing method and apparatus thereof
2302015018558307/02/15 Method and wavelength selective switch
2312015018583507/02/15 Eye tracking method and apparatus
2322015018595307/02/15 Optimization operation terminal interface
2332015018597907/02/15 Side menu displaying method and apparatus and terminal
2342015018600607/02/15 Method, device, and system for recognizing gesture based on multi-terminal collaboration
2352015018603207/02/15 Touch-control method, related apparatus, and terminal device
2362015018609507/02/15 Inter-terminal image sharing method, terminal device, and communications system
2372015018617307/02/15 Packet flow control method, related apparatus, and computing node
2382015018631607/02/15 Method and processing cluster in cluster system, and system
2392015018664307/02/15 Method, apparatus, and system for triggering virtual machine introspection
2402015018672607/02/15 Scene recognition method and apparatus
2412015018704807/02/15 Image enlargement method and apparatus
2422015018836507/02/15 Electricity transmission sending , and system
2432015018841707/02/15 Control apparatus applied to digital power supply device, and digital power supply device
2442015018845007/02/15 Rectifier and electrical power facility
2452015018853107/02/15 Voltage regulator and resonant gate driver thereof
2462015018858007/02/15 Universal error-correction circuit with fault-tolerant nature, and decoder and triple modular redundancy circuit that apply it
2472015018870307/02/15 Key processing method and apparatus
2482015018871907/02/15 Method and related device for indicating and identifying physical resource block prb
2492015018876607/02/15 Multi-terminal positioning method, and related device and system

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