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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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02/23/17 new patent  Electrical crosstalk reduction in a high-order digital optical modulator
02/23/17 new patent  Method for managing multi-core processor, and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  Packet data processing method, apparatus, and system
02/23/17 new patent  Input/output (io) request processing method and file server
02/23/17 new patent  Task handoff method and related device
02/23/17 new patent  Pulse encoding and decoding method and pulse codec
02/23/17 new patent  Audio signal coding method and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  Signal frequency conversion circuit and signal frequency conversion method
02/23/17 new patent  System and designing and using multidimensional constellations
02/23/17 new patent  Visible light communications vlc related device and method
02/23/17 new patent  Digital-to-analog optical modulator electrical crosstalk reduction
02/23/17 new patent  Network device and method thereof
02/23/17 new patent  Certificate acquiring
02/23/17 new patent  Method and network slicing
02/23/17 new patent  Path switching
02/23/17 new patent  Path computation method, message responding method, and related device
02/23/17 new patent  Certificate acquiring
02/23/17 new patent  Optical network unit onu registration method, apparatus, and system
02/23/17 new patent  Communication establishment method, device, and system
02/23/17 new patent  Method and signal routing in a multi-plane photonic switch
02/23/17 new patent  Liquid crystal grating-based optical switch
02/23/17 new patent  Information processing method and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  User equipment, base station, base station access method, and radio link monitoring method
02/23/17 new patent  System and coordinating uplink transmissions based on backhaul conditions
02/23/17 new patent  Cell handover method and apparatus, and system
02/23/17 new patent  Apparatus and controlling soft handover rate
02/23/17 new patent  Method and reducing power consumption, and mobile terminal
02/23/17 new patent  Method for receiving d2d discovery information and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  Data scheduling method and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  Power allocation method and apparatus
02/23/17 new patent  Method for controlling power of carrier signal, user equipment, and base station
02/23/17 new patent  Resource scheduling method, apparatus, and system
02/23/17 new patent  Link scheduling system and method
02/23/17 new patent  Terminal device, base station, and communications terminal device and base station
02/16/17Leakage current detection circuit, high voltage direct current system, and detection method and apparatus
02/16/17Power supply control controlling power supply
02/16/17Control method and control device
02/16/17Method for hard disk to execute application code and apparatus
02/16/17Method for scheduling vm resource, apparatus, and system
02/16/17Application scaling management method and apparatus
02/16/17Event processing method and apparatus
02/16/17Data processing apparatus and terminal
02/16/17Data processing method, processor, and data processing device
02/16/17Method and querying nondeterministic graph
02/16/17Method for querying and updating entries in a database
02/16/17Data mining method and apparatus
02/16/17Search apparatus and method
02/16/17Method, apparatus and system for detecting location of laser point on screen
02/16/17Data storage method, storage apparatus, and computing device
02/16/17Composite negative electrode material and preparing composite negative electrode material, negative electrode plate of lithium ion secondary battery, and lithium ion secondary battery
02/16/17Data sending method and apparatus
02/16/17Pre-distortion system and method
02/16/17Method and interference cancellation
02/16/17Method, device, and system for canceling crosstalk between lines in dsl system
02/16/17Visible light-based communication method and transport device
02/16/17Wireless communications system and wireless radio frequency apparatus
02/16/17System and optical receiver
02/16/17Signal receiving method and receiver
02/16/17Method and device for maintaining multicast group member
02/16/17Method for encapsulating service routing packet, service forwarding entity and control plane
02/16/17Frame synchronization method and apparatus
02/16/17Data transmission method, forwarding information update method, communications device, and controller
02/16/17Sdn network system, controller, and controlling method
02/16/17Method, apparatus, and system for load balancing of service chain
02/16/17Data packet processing
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02/16/17Protocol type identification method and apparatus
02/16/17Virtual card downloading method, terminal, and intermediate device
02/16/17Webpage loading method and apparatus
02/16/17Methods and data hiding in multi-layer structured coding units
02/16/17Method, apparatus, and system for supplying power to active noise reduction headset
02/16/17Remote radio unit hub (rhub), indoor communications system, and signal transmission method
02/16/17Method for adjusting signal measurement cycle, wireless communications device, and terminal
02/16/17Channel measurement method, channel measurement apparatus, user equipment, and system
02/16/17Mobile wlan gateway
02/16/17Wireless broadband communication method, device, and system
02/16/17Method for processing downlink circuit switched (cs) service and mobility management entity
02/16/17Mbsfn configuration
02/16/17Resource reuse apparatus, user equipment, and resource reuse method
02/16/17Method for transmitting downlink data, mobility management network element, access network device, and serving gateway
02/16/17Signal processing method, apparatus, and system
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02/16/17System, apparatus, and corresponding managing resource in shared network
02/16/17Resource reuse method and apparatus
02/16/17Unlicensed spectrum scheduling , and user equipment ue
02/16/17Method and sending uplink/downlink scheduling information, and receiving uplink/downlink scheduling information
02/16/17Random access apparatus and method
02/16/17Apparatus and adjusting random access power control parameter
02/16/17Data transmission
02/16/17Mobile terminal comprising lid unit with key device
02/09/17Optical attenuator and fabrication method thereof
02/09/17Device and micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch
02/09/17Display apparatus
02/09/17Time-to-digital converter, frequency tracking apparatus and method
02/09/17Method and system for controlling intelligent wearable device, and apparatus
02/09/17Method and implementing acceleration processing on vnf
02/09/17File management method and file system
02/09/17Method and implementing storage of file in ip disk
02/09/173d printing design, printing, and licensing methods, apparatuses,and systems
02/09/17Ndm file protection method and apparatus
02/09/17Image processing method and apparatus
02/09/17Write apparatus and magnetic memory
02/09/17Multi-polarization substrate integrated waveguide antenna
02/09/17Latch and d flip-flop
02/09/17Radio frequency antenna switch
02/09/17Signal transmission apparatus and downlink signal transmission method
02/09/17Wireless communication method and apparatus
02/09/17Method for indicating multicast forwarding entry and device
02/09/17Method for estimating response of baseband self-interference channel and apparatus
02/09/17Method and data transmission in a multiuser downlink cellular system
02/09/17Code modulation and demodulation methods, apparatuses, and system
02/09/17Data processing method and apparatus, and control method and apparatus
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02/09/17Tunnel type selection method and apparatus
02/09/17Path checking method, sink node device, and communications system
02/09/17Method and determining intermediate routing node and system
02/09/17Packet transmission , and communications system
02/09/17Method, apparatus and system for communication between openflow device and ip network device
02/09/17Load balancing implementation method, device, and system
02/09/17Information processing method, apparatus and system based on instant messaging
02/09/17Rights control method, client, and server
02/09/17Signature rule processing method, server, and intrusion prevention system
02/09/17Method and server for searching for data stream dividing point based on server
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02/09/17Cloud application processing method, cloud application deployment method, and related apparatus and system
02/09/17Information object obtaining method, server, and user equipment
02/09/17Method for caching data and forwarding device
02/09/17Video decoder with enhanced cabac decoding
02/09/17Video decoder with enhanced cabac decoding
02/09/17Optical communications apparatus and method
02/09/17Prose information transmission method, terminal, and communications device
02/09/17Server and remotely controlling working of communications terminal, and communications terminal
02/09/17Method and dynamic resource adjustment based on network sharing
02/09/17Base station, user equipment, resource obtaining method and system
02/09/17Adaptive multi-antenna data transmission method, apparatus, and system
02/09/17Wireless assistance method, apparatus and system
02/09/17Method and managing mobility of mptcp connection
02/09/17Data transmission method and apparatus
02/09/17Method and device for obtaining secondary timing advance
02/09/17Resource broadcasting method and apparatus
02/09/17Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
02/09/17Method, device, and communications system for performing data communication by using unlicensed spectrum
02/09/17Random access method, random access apparatus, and user equipment
02/09/17Bearer control method and system
02/09/17D2d communication discovery method, apparatus, and system
02/09/17D2d link discovery method
02/09/17Contention-based data transmission
02/02/17Apparatus and measuring group velocity delay in optical waveguide
02/02/17Method and performing temperature compensation for camera
02/02/17Method and configuring redundancy data center in cloud computing architecture
02/02/17Device management method and apparatus
02/02/17Checkpoint reclaim method and apparatus in copy-on-write file system
02/02/17File synchronization method, server, and terminal
02/02/17Method and a system for verifying facial data
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02/02/17Method and system for providing integrated virtualized database management and software defined network topology
02/02/17Method and recommending message
02/02/17Wireless base station
02/02/17Signal processing apparatus, method, and system
02/02/17Radio frequency transmit-receive apparatus, terminal, and method
02/02/17Optical time domain reflectometer implementation apparatus and system
02/02/17Method and monitoring optical signal-to-noise ratio
02/02/17Apparatus and transmitting and receiving polarized signals
02/02/17Reference signal detection method and receiving method, user equipment, and base station
02/02/17Method, apparatus, and communications system for reciprocity calibration between ues
02/02/17Method and device for processing communication path
02/02/17Flow entry management
02/02/17Resource allocation method, packet communication method, and apparatus
02/02/17Method and determining key social information
02/02/17Intelligent communications method, terminal, and system
02/02/17Application information sharing method and apparatus
02/02/17Software upgrade method and terminal
02/02/17Method and configuring redundancy solution in cloud computing architecture
02/02/17Method and adjusting volume of user terminal, and terminal
02/02/17Stereoscopic imaging apparatus and user terminal
Social Network Patent Pack
02/02/17Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
02/02/17Method and pre-prediction filtering for use in block-prediction techniques
02/02/17Memory access system, apparatus, and method
02/02/17Link determining method, apparatus, and system for optical packet switching system
02/02/17Optical transmission system and transmission method, optical switching apparatus, and control method
02/02/17Wireless local area network user-side device and information processing method
02/02/17Higher layer compression with lower layer signaling
02/02/17Power configuration method, user equipment, and base station
02/02/17Information transmission method, device, and system
02/02/17Control channel resource allocation method and apparatus
02/02/17Bandwidth control method and bandwidth control device
02/02/17Spatial flow determining method, base station, and user equipment
02/02/17Data transmission method, transmitting device, and receiving device
02/02/17Resource allocation method, resource contention method, and related apparatus
01/26/17Polarizer and polarization modulation system
01/26/17Pointing interaction method, apparatus, and system
01/26/17Field programmable gate array and communication method
01/26/17Method and related capturing and processing image data
01/26/17Speech recognition method and mobile terminal
01/26/17Communication control method and related apparatus
Social Network Patent Pack
01/26/17Method for reporting channel state information user equipment, and base station
01/26/17Method for controlling modulation depth of pilot signal, transmitter, and pilot locking apparatus
01/26/17Phase synchronization asynchronous tdd system
01/26/17Oam packet processing method, network device, and network system
01/26/17Traffic switching method, device, and system
01/26/17Method for processing packet in network, forwarding device, and packet processing system
01/26/17Packet transmission method and apparatus, and interconnect interface
01/26/17Data processing openflow network
01/26/17Call hold method and terminal
01/26/17Multimedia file transmission apparatus and method
01/26/17Load balancing method, apparatus and system
01/26/17Mobile service information display method and apparatus, mobile service information server and system, and terminal
01/26/17Charging method and apparatus
01/26/17System and coordinated beamforming for overlapping basic service set in wlan
01/26/17Method and controlling transmit power of user equipment
01/26/17Terminal and terminal synchronization method
01/26/17Method, base station and user equipment for subframe configuration in time division duplex system
01/26/17Csi reporting
01/26/17Downlink scheduling
01/26/17Content publishing method and user equipment
01/19/17Optical interconnector, optoelectronic chip system, and optical signal sharing method
01/19/17Data object processing method and apparatus
01/19/17Hard disk apparatus and computer system
01/19/17Data flow migration
01/19/17Event processing system
01/19/17Method for identifying user operation mode on handheld device and handheld device
01/19/17Method and data communication in virtualized environment, and processor
01/19/17Dual polarized electronically steerable parasitic antenna radiator (espar)
01/19/17Apparatus and monitoring optical performance parameter, and optical transmission system
01/19/17Adaptive modulation and coding method, apparatus, and system
Social Network Patent Pack
01/19/17Polar code hybrid automatic repeat request method and apparatus, and wireless communications apparatus
01/19/17Method and determining repetition quantity of downlink control channel
01/19/17Method for configuring cqi measurement subframe, base station, and user equipment
01/19/17Information sending method, apparatus, and communications system
01/19/17Intra-frequency interference cancellation method, apparatus, and system
01/19/17Signal transmission method and apparatus
01/19/17Monitoring server, resolution server, request device, and node selection method
01/19/17Packet forwarding method, system, and apparatus
01/19/17Transmission control method, apparatus and system
01/19/17Service link selection control
01/19/17Radio signal processing apparatus and method, and terminal
01/19/17Method and setting color ring back tone and determining color ring back tone music
01/19/17Multi-frame noise reduction method, and terminal
01/19/17Method and device for generating a motion-compensated video frame
01/19/17Image coding and decoding method, image data processing method, and devices thereof
01/19/17Matching method and apparatus
01/19/17Rrm measurement method and apparatus in tdd system
01/19/17Service provisioning using abstracted network resource requirements
01/19/17Multichannel radio frequency apparatus and method
01/19/17Ip address assignment apparatus, system, and method
01/19/17Paging method, apparatus, and system
01/19/17Method and semi-persistent scheduling
01/19/17Security message transmission method and apparatus
01/12/17Monitoring report generation method and apparatus, and user equipment
01/12/17Processing service allocation and related apparatus
01/12/17Optical switches with surface grating couplers and edge couplers
01/12/17Apparatus and tuning and switching between optical components
01/12/17Apparatus and tuning optical components
01/12/17Screen unlocking technology

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