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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei Administration Building
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100107
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100121
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20131212
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016015050305/26/16  new patent  Method for transmitting signal in device-to-device proximity service, base station, and user equipment
22016014820805/26/16  new patent  Data processing method and system, terminal, and server
32016014741105/26/16  new patent  Method for managing task on terminal device, and terminal device
42016014760005/26/16  new patent  Memory access message-type memory module
52016014766605/26/16  new patent  Multilevel cache-based data read/write method and apparatus, and computer system
62016014780005/26/16  new patent  Data processing method and system and client
72016014788205/26/16  new patent  Object search method and apparatus
82016014931105/26/16  new patent  Antenna
92016014962905/26/16  new patent  Csi feedback method, ue scheduling method, ue, and base station
102016014963005/26/16  new patent  Method for determining precoding matrix indicator, receiving device, and sending device
112016014967105/26/16  new patent  Communication method, apparatus and system for multiple access points
122016014974205/26/16  new patent  Multi-waveband ofdm receiver, and frequency offset compensation method and system
132016014974705/26/16  new patent  Port number extension method and switch
142016014979705/26/16  new patent  Method for generating route entry, and border gateway protocol speaker
152016014979905/26/16  new patent  Loop avoidance method, device and system
162016014980005/26/16  new patent  Routing loop determining
172016014980305/26/16  new patent  Route advertisement method, system and controller
182016014981005/26/16  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for determining content acquisition path and processing request
192016014981105/26/16  new patent  Method to optimize flow-based network function chaining
202016014985505/26/16  new patent  Service processing method, system, and relevant device
212016014999005/26/16  new patent  Method, device and system for controlling web page access
222016015034905/26/16  new patent  System and downlink machine-to-machine communications
232016015042105/26/16  new patent  System and modifying a service-specific data plane configuration
242016015044705/26/16  new patent  Mobility management method, equipment and system
252016015044905/26/16  new patent  Security capability negotiation method, system, and equipment
262016015046805/26/16  new patent  User management device, bng, and bng user internet access method and system
272016015048805/26/16  new patent  Uplink power control method and apparatus thereof
282016015048905/26/16  new patent  Radio frequency receiver and automatic gain control radio frequency receiver
292016015051005/26/16  new patent  Information configuration method, data receiving method, and device
302016015051805/26/16  new patent  Method and device for configuring data transmission resource
312016015052605/26/16  new patent  Method for allocating radio resources, and radio resource allocator
322016015054805/26/16  new patent  Method, apparatus, and system for handling co-channel cell interference
332016015056405/26/16  new patent  Method for random access in idle state and device
342016015056505/26/16  new patent  Method and device for accessing channel
352016015057205/26/16  new patent  Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
362016013949805/19/16 Imaging system
372016013989405/19/16 Method for constructing a graph data structure
382016014010305/19/16 Method and controlling display of screen background
392016014072405/19/16 Image processing method and apparatus
402016014109105/19/16 Coupled inductor, magnet, and multi-level inverter
412016014175205/19/16 Antenna array control apparatus, method, and system
422016014176705/19/16 Multiple-antenna system and mobile terminal
432016014202205/19/16 Multiband power amplification apparatus
442016014214305/19/16 Methods and apparatuses for sending and receiving signal, and system
452016014222005/19/16 Method and processing multicast packet on network virtualization over layer 3 (nvo3) network
462016014222205/19/16 Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
472016014222605/19/16 Method for packet tunneling through software defined network, intelligently controlling flow of a packet through software defined network and system
482016014222805/19/16 Channel measurement large-scale antennas, and user terminal
492016014223505/19/16 Signal processing method, apparatus and signal receiver
502016014228105/19/16 Method and compressing content name
512016014228205/19/16 Method, apparatus and system for determining service transmission path
522016014229005/19/16 Service path allocation method, router and service execution entity
532016014229205/19/16 Systems and methods for software configurable air interface adaptation
542016014229305/19/16 Packet sending method, router, and service switching entity
552016014230805/19/16 Conveying device-dependent context in a network address
562016014231205/19/16 Packet forwarding
572016014232105/19/16 System and flow-based addressing in a mobile environment
582016014234005/19/16 Packet forwarding system, device, and method
592016014239305/19/16 Terminal authentication apparatus and method
602016014245605/19/16 Method and device for acquiring media file
612016014271005/19/16 Image encoding and decoding method and apparatus
622016014285505/19/16 Method for dynamically switching mobile network, subscription manager, and user equipment
632016014286105/19/16 Service control machine type communications device and related apparatus and system
642016014290805/19/16 Method, apparatus, and system for distributing data of virtual subscriber identity module
652016014295705/19/16 Cell access method, apparatus, and system
662016014300905/19/16 Method for sending and receiving enhanced physical downlink control channel, apparatus, and system
672016014303505/19/16 Carrier switching method, base station, and user equipment
682016014304105/19/16 Multimode wireless terminal
692016014305405/19/16 Method and controlling serving grant of user terminal of neighboring cell
702016014306205/19/16 Method, apparatus and system for random access
712016014307105/19/16 Method, device, and network system of establishing a tunnel
722016013116005/12/16 Fan
732016013183505/12/16 Waveguide polarization rotator and construction thereof
742016013184805/12/16 Optical waveguide crossings
752016013217805/12/16 Method for enabling function module of terminal, and terminal device
762016013236405/12/16 Lock management method and system, configuring lock management system
772016013242905/12/16 Method and storage device for collecting garbage data
782016013254205/12/16 Online index rebuilding method and apparatus
792016013257105/12/16 Method and presenting spatial-temporal data
802016013260505/12/16 Service recommendation method and apparatus with intelligent assistant
812016013402605/12/16 Antenna radiating element and antenna
822016013407905/12/16 Wavelength alignment method and apparatus, and optical network system
832016013436505/12/16 Optical signal monitoring and control method, signal monitoring apparatus and optical network system
842016013439905/12/16 System and low-payload acknowledgment
852016013440005/12/16 System and transmission symbol arrangement for reducing mutual interference
862016013444905/12/16 Cycle-slip detection method and apparatus, and receiver
872016013446505/12/16 Service chain management method, delivery node, controller, and value-added service node
882016013446605/12/16 Protection multi-domain network, and node
892016013446705/12/16 Method and switching between master device and backup device
902016013447205/12/16 Method for configuring service node, service node pool registrars, and system
912016013448305/12/16 Processing forwarding node, forwarding node, and control node
922016013450905/12/16 Path acquisition method, path computation element, path computation client and system
932016013451005/12/16 Topology structure discovery
942016013451205/12/16 Path planning method and controller
952016013452205/12/16 Data flow processing method, device, and system
962016013452505/12/16 Packet forwarding method, apparatus, and system
972016013453405/12/16 Switching device, controller, configuring switching device, and processing packet
982016013454005/12/16 Congestion method, device and system
992016013454105/12/16 Flow control
1002016013454705/12/16 Method, device, and system for establishing traffic engineering label switched path
1012016013461305/12/16 Wireless local area network wlan access method, terminal, and server
1022016013487405/12/16 Method and encoding and decoding a texture block using depth based block partitioning
1032016013489405/12/16 Video compression method and video compressor
1042016013490005/12/16 Streaming media processing method, apparatus, and system
1052016013495205/12/16 Monitor photodiode multiplexer for integrated photonic switches
1062016013495405/12/16 Method and data packet switching, access switch and switching system
1072016013502105/12/16 Conversation merging method and mobile terminal
1082016013505705/12/16 Network side device, user equipment, and spectrum sharing method thereof
1092016013506505/12/16 Fault handling method, apparatus and system
1102016013512305/12/16 Method for transmitting communication signals in a wireless communication system
1112016013512905/12/16 Power control method, apparatus, and system
1122016013513005/12/16 Method for transmitting control information, user equipment, and base station
1132016013513405/12/16 Transmit power control method and system, and sending apparatus
1142016013513805/12/16 Air-interface-based synchronization method, base station, control apparatus, and wireless communications system
1152016013515205/12/16 Control information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
1162016013516405/12/16 Method and encoding feedback signal
1172016013519305/12/16 Method and controlling uplink transmit power of ue, ue, and base station
1182016013523605/12/16 Connection setup method, apparatus, and system
1192016012414605/05/16 Optical module and optical network system
1202016012334805/05/16 Heat dissipation structure of fan drive of air conditioner outdoor unit, and air conditioner outdoor unit
1212016012415705/05/16 3d-mems optical switch
1222016012591305/05/16 Playback regulation method and apparatus
1232016012648205/05/16 Assembly of vertically aligned nanotube arrays containing particles and application thereof
1242016012703805/05/16 Optical transmitter, wavelength alignment method, and passive optical network system
1252016012707205/05/16 Method and increasing and decreasing variable optical channel bandwidth
1262016012707805/05/16 Link adaptation feedback method and transmitting device
1272016012710705/05/16 Cell status changing method, user equipment, and base station
1282016012713605/05/16 Network connection re-establishment method, related device and system
1292016012714805/05/16 Method for implementing gre tunnel, access point and gateway
1302016012721905/05/16 System and data path validation and verification
1312016012724605/05/16 Systems, devices, and methods for low-jitter communication over a packet-switched network
1322016012725005/05/16 Low jitter traffic scheduling on a packet network
1332016012730605/05/16 Packet transmission method, apparatus, and system in multicast domain name system
1342016012736805/05/16 Method, apparatus, and system for controlling access of user terminal
1352016012738105/05/16 Network connection method, hotspot terminal and management terminal
1362016012767805/05/16 Method for determining small-object region, and interpolating frame between video frames
1372016012793505/05/16 Method and controller for low-overhead user equipment measurements
1382016012795405/05/16 User equipment, base station, and streaming media adaptive transmission system and method
1392016012796105/05/16 Method for controlling handover of user equipment, base station, user equipment and system
1402016012796705/05/16 Service offloading method and base station
1412016012799905/05/16 Wireless communication method, apparatus, and system
1422016012802305/05/16 Architecture and method in a wireless communication network
1432016012803605/05/16 Signaling processing method, base station, and user equipment
1442016012808805/05/16 Control signaling in multiple access communication systems
1452016012810005/05/16 System and detecting active resource units
1462016012812305/05/16 Method and device for triggering multiple ue cooperative communication
1472016011707704/28/16 Multi-depth-interval refocusing method and apparatus and electronic device
1482016011719704/28/16 Method, apparatus, and system for issuing partition balancing subtask
1492016011740504/28/16 Information processing method and apparatus
1502016011759504/28/16 Information recommendation method and apparatus in social media
1512016011765804/28/16 Credit control method, policy and charging enforcement function entity, and online charging system
1522016011870204/28/16 Filter, communications apparatus, and communications system
1532016011871604/28/16 System and beam alignment
1542016011878204/28/16 High voltage direct current soft-start circuit
1552016011891004/28/16 Five-level pv inverter based on a multi-state switching cell
1562016011907304/28/16 System and low peak to average power ratio multiple access communications
1572016011908504/28/16 Method and device for controlling sending of gtp message, and data sending
1582016011908904/28/16 Method for bit error rate detection, and network device
1592016011910304/28/16 Control information sending method and control information receiving method, and apparatus
1602016011910604/28/16 Method and base station for transmitting a data block
1612016011914304/28/16 User identity authenticating method, terminal, and server
1622016011917104/28/16 System and wireless communication using space-time block code encoding
1632016011919804/28/16 Deep packet inspection , and coprocessor
1642016011920104/28/16 Entry adding method and switch
1652016011922904/28/16 Method for establishing tunnel, allocating label, device and network system
1662016011923904/28/16 Method and providing an efficient multi-client access
1672016011939504/28/16 Method for supporting multicast of streaming media, and related apparatus and system
1682016011944904/28/16 Packet compression method and apparatus
1692016011958404/28/16 Call processing method and gateway
1702016011983304/28/16 Network switching method and terminal device
1712016011984804/28/16 Method for service data management, apparatus, and system
1722016011986104/28/16 Network selection method, apparatus, and system
1732016011989204/28/16 Method and communication system for storing address of network anchor point to network server
1742016011993004/28/16 Carrier status indication
1752016012005604/28/16 Board assembly, communications system, ejector lever, and ejector lever unlocking method
1762016012006204/28/16 Network device
1772016011011504/21/16 Memory-based history search
1782016010753304/21/16 Mains supply method and apparatus
1792016010965904/21/16 Stacked photonic chip coupler for soi chip-fiber coupling
1802016010967004/21/16 Optical module heat dissipation structure and electronic product
1812016010977904/21/16 Terminal, color changing method, and color changing apparatus
1822016011006004/21/16 Method and system for sorting desktop objects
1832016011010704/21/16 Method for writing data into flash memory apparatus, flash memory apparatus, and storage system
1842016011022804/21/16 Service scheduling method, apparatus, and system
1852016011037604/21/16 Method and generating multimedia file
1862016011040104/21/16 Data management
1872016011064904/21/16 Application program recommending method, and terminal
1882016011084704/21/16 Image anti-aliasing method and apparatus
1892016011090804/21/16 Image update method, system, and apparatus
1902016011193904/21/16 Side stand magnetic motor and cooling fan using side stand magnetic motor
1912016011196804/21/16 Inverter power supply system
1922016011206204/21/16 Parallel dictionary-based compression encoder
1932016011206404/21/16 Parallel history search and encoding for dictionary-based compression
1942016011206504/21/16 Method for implementing turbo equalization compensation, turbo equalizer and system
1952016011210504/21/16 Method and determining precoding matrix indicator, user equipment, and base station
1962016011212104/21/16 Optical component, built-in optical time domain reflectometer, and optical network device
1972016011212304/21/16 Carrier-signal power ratio control in direct detection optical systems
1982016011215804/21/16 Method for concurrent transmission of information symbols in wireless communication systems
1992016011217304/21/16 Reference signal transmission method and apparatus
2002016011217904/21/16 Information processing method and apparatus
2012016011223504/21/16 Signal modulation method, signal demodulation method, signal modulation apparatus, signal demodulation apparatus and signal transmission system
2022016011223704/21/16 Method and device for transmitting data by using multidimensional constellation diagram
2032016011225004/21/16 Connection recovery method, apparatus, and system
2042016011225504/21/16 Pe device and advertising information about pe device
2052016011227204/21/16 Method for controlling a management device and related device
2062016011230604/21/16 Method, apparatus and system for establishing optical bypass
2072016011231304/21/16 Service routing packet processing method and apparatus, and network system
2082016011232604/21/16 Framework for traffic engineering in software defined networking
2092016011232904/21/16 Multi-level flow table search method and apparatus
2102016011234404/21/16 Method for controlling service data flow and network device
2112016011235604/21/16 Network device and processing email request
2122016011237104/21/16 Ip address allocation system and method
2132016011241904/21/16 Account login method, device, and system
2142016011246004/21/16 Conflict detection and resolution methods and apparatuses
2152016011246904/21/16 Unified communications-based video conference call method, device and system
2162016011251604/21/16 Distributed storage system, cluster node and range management method thereof
2172016011254504/21/16 Tcp link configuration method, apparatus, and device
2182016011256304/21/16 Voice information processing method, apparatus, and system
2192016011278004/21/16 Interconnection system, apparatus, and data transmission method
2202016011284504/21/16 Indoor positioning method and apparatus
2212016011286104/21/16 Data transmission method and gateway
2222016011288104/21/16 Multimode base station control method and base station
2232016011290004/21/16 Data transmission method and apparatus, base station, and user equipment
2242016011292204/21/16 Handover processing method, apparatus, and system
2252016011292804/21/16 Method, terminal, base station, and system for adjusting control parameters
2262016011296104/21/16 Uplink power control method and apparatus
2272016011297204/21/16 Data sending and receiving methods and devices
2282016011297804/21/16 Air-interface-based synchronization method, base station, control apparatus, and wireless communications system
2292016011300004/21/16 Method for uplink data transmission, terminal, and wireless communication node
2302016011302304/21/16 Network communications method, apparatus, and system
2312016011302604/21/16 Advanced dynamic channel assignment
2322016011312604/21/16 Cabinet
2332016011315304/21/16 Cabinet liquid cooling system and cabinet
2342016011315404/21/16 Liquid cooling system and control method thereof
2352016011315704/21/16 Cabinet structure and container data center thereof
2362016010330504/14/16 Optical imaging processing system
2372016010370904/14/16 Method and managing task of many-core system
2382016010371004/14/16 Scheduling device
2392016010376804/14/16 Tlb management method and computer
2402016010377704/14/16 Memory aggregation device
2412016010446104/14/16 Time display method and apparatus
2422016010459204/14/16 Contactor drive circuit
2432016010519804/14/16 Coding method, decoding method, coder, and decoder
2442016010521604/14/16 Line initialization method, device, and system
2452016010522704/14/16 Data transmission method and apparatus
2462016010524204/14/16 Optical communications method and apparatus
2472016010525604/14/16 Forward error correction (fec) to support successive interference cancellation (sic)
2482016010525704/14/16 Data receiving method and apparatus
2492016010525804/14/16 Systems and methods for circular convolution

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