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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Media file receiving and media file sending methods, apparatuses, and systems

Huawei Technologies

Media file receiving and media file sending methods, apparatuses, and systems

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Count Application # Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014032138710/30/14 new patent  Method and system for obtaining imei of mobile station and base station controller
22014032142110/30/14 new patent  Generating and transmitting demodulation reference signals
32014032501810/30/14 new patent  Media file receiving and media file sending methods, apparatuses, and systems
42014032504310/30/14 new patent  Network switching method, version upgrade method, and terminal device
52014032565510/30/14 new patent  Proxy gateway anti-virus method, pre-classifier, and proxy gateway
62014031286210/23/14Dc-dc converter
72014031319710/23/14Method for displaying a 3d scene graph on a screen
82014031392710/23/14Method and sending-end device for measuring performance indicator of service flow
92014031400910/23/14Service scheduling method and apparatus
102014031401010/23/14Communication interception method, base station, and terminal
112014031401110/23/14Method and base station for transmitting signal
122014031401710/23/14Method and radio network controller for transmitting information
132014031401810/23/14Pilot resource allocation method and device
142014031413310/23/14Method, apparatus, and system for phase jump detection
152014031416810/23/14Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
162014031736810/23/14Device information backup method, device, and system
172014031768810/23/14Method and device for generating access stratum key in communications system
182014031427110/23/14Systems and methods for pedestrian detection in images
192014030676510/16/14Doherty power amplifier, and method and device for improving power amplification efficiency of doherty power amplifier
202014030766110/16/14Method and device for transmitting data on a physical uplink control channel
212014030766210/16/14Method and apparatus for processing receive/transmit transition time of user equipment
222014030766310/16/14Method, apparatus, and system for implementing data scheduling
232014030766410/16/14Method and device for transmitting signal
242014030766510/16/14Unicast communication method, apparatus, and system
252014030771810/16/14Pilot signal transmission method, channel estimation method, and apparatus and system
262014031040710/16/14Terminal device
272014030131410/09/14User equipment, method for determining resource, method for reporting resource, and system for distributing resource
282014030132410/09/14Method for transmitting control information, user equipment and base station
292014030139710/09/14Flow identification method, device, and system
302014030155410/09/14Key insulation method and device
312014030287010/09/14Method for positioning user equipment and positioning server
322014030289110/09/14Method, device, and system for regulating power consumption
332014030442210/09/14Streaming media segment preparation method and apparatus
342014029381510/02/14Method and apparatus for obtaining channel state information
352014029392110/02/14Method and apparatus for encoding uplink control information
362014029405010/02/14Method and modem for adjusting modulation mode
372014029580010/02/14Method, system and device for negotiating security capability when terminal moves
382014029585710/02/14Method and apparatus of physical cell identifier allocation
392014029775310/02/14Method for transferring network event protocol messages
402014029805710/02/14Method and apparatus for reducing chip power consumption
412014028618509/25/14Downlink channel estimation method, system, and mobile terminal
422014028775609/25/14Terminal and processing method after access failure of terminal
432014028779809/25/14Communication system, apparatus and method
442014026639009/18/14Transconductance circuit and frequency mixer
452014026924909/18/14Method for sending downlink data, method for receiving downlink data, base station, and user terminal
462014026928609/18/14Delay timer device, method for managing a plurality of delays, and apparatus for delaying a plurality of data packets
472014026948009/18/14Method and user equipment for discontinuous reception configuration
482014026951309/18/14Method and apparatus for controlling service transmission
492014026957509/18/14Method, base station, and user equipment for implementing carrier aggregation
502014026958009/18/14Method and apparatus for determining power offset parameters
512014026958209/18/14Method and apparatus for transmitting multi-subframe scheduling signaling
522014026958409/18/14Method and device for improving cell throughput based on streaming media service
532014026959009/18/14Method for processing scheduling grant and user equipment
542014026959309/18/14Resource scheduling method and apparatus
552014026968709/18/14Method for managing a switch chip port, main control board, switch board, and system
562014026972909/18/14Packet forwarding method, apparatus, and system
572014027389109/18/14Transceiver arrangement
582014027396909/18/14Method, system and apparatus for accessing a visited network
592014027404509/18/14Method, device, and system for processing closed subscriber group subscription data request
602014027419609/18/14Device-to-device (d2d) power control method, user equipment, base station, and communication system
612014028060609/18/14Method and apparatus for content management
622014028085709/18/14Method, network adapter, host system, and network device for implementing network adapter offload function
632014028092409/18/14Method for parsing network message and communication device
642014028121509/18/14Storage method and storage apparatus
652014028166709/18/14Fault detection method, gateway, user equipment, and communications system
662014025380309/11/14Method, apparatus, and system for displaying interactive message
672014025408609/11/14Pluggable apparatus of circuit board, and server
682014025434709/11/14Ethernet ring protection switching method, node, and system
692014025441509/11/14Method, device, and data frame for spectrum sensing
702014025446709/11/14Method and system for implementing mobile streaming media
712014025450209/11/14Systems and methods for differentiated fast initial link setup
722014025452309/11/14Connection establishment method and user equipment
732014025455409/11/14Method and device for forwarding uplink data
742014025469009/11/14Multi-view video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses, coder, and decoder
752014025470709/11/14Method, apparatus, and system for interference alignment
762014025493709/11/14Depth image filtering method, and depth image filtering threshold obtaining method and apparatus
772014025500709/11/14Buffer state estimation method and device
782014025502209/11/14Optical network switching node in multi-chassis cluster, optical burst synchronization method, and line card chassis
792014025503009/11/14Method and apparatus for authentication in passive optical network
802014025503509/11/14Optical signal transmission method, apparatus and system
812014025630809/11/14Method and device for reporting cell status
822014025630909/11/14Method, apparatus, and system for measuring aggregated carrier cell
832014025631009/11/14Method and apparatus for network problem location based on subscriber perception
842014025631709/11/14Method, apparatus, and system for discovering wireless access point
852014025637409/11/14Method, apparatus, and network device for power control
862014025782409/11/14Apparatus and a method for encoding an input signal
872014025799509/11/14Method, device, and system for playing video advertisement
882014025832509/11/14Contact searching method and apparatus, and applied mobile terminal
892014025854509/11/14System and method for managing service characteristics
902014025855109/11/14Method for implementing session border controller pool, and session border controller
912014025860909/11/14Quality of service control method for storage system
922014025862509/11/14Data processing method and apparatus
932014025866909/11/14Memory management method, memory management apparatus and numa system
942014024557309/04/14Cable positioning apparatus
952014024707209/04/14Correction circuit and real-time clock circuit
962014024771609/04/14Method, apparatus and system for guaranteeing qos of communication service in nat scenario
972014024775609/04/14Method, device, and conference system for processing media data packet
982014024775809/04/14Method for configuring transmission resource, related device, and communication system
992014024778509/04/14Method, terminal, and base station for cooperative communication
1002014024778909/04/14Method for triggering terminal to send sounding reference signal, terminal, and base station
1012014024779209/04/14Radio communication system, base station device and management method thereof
1022014024782609/04/14Fabric card and communications device
1032014024786309/04/14Co-channel dual polarized microwave device and method for receiving receive signal
1042014024788009/04/14Video image coding and decoding method and apparatus
1052014024790609/04/14Microwave predistorted signal generating method and apparatus
1062014024791209/04/14Method and apparatus for correcting in-phase signal and quadrature-phase signal
1072014024805409/04/14Docsis protocol-based access method, apparatus, and system
1082014024887909/04/14Multi-site cell communication method, base station controller, base station, and communication system thereof
1092014024888209/04/14Radio link failure statistics method, related apparatus, and communications system
1102014024979609/04/14Simulator generation method and apparatus
1112014025010209/04/14Method and apparatus for data preheating
1122014025015509/04/14Metadata storage and management method for cluster file system
1132014025032109/04/14Distributed blade server system, management server and switching method
1142014025038209/04/14Method and device for processing network element object information in 3d topology view
1152014025042609/04/14Page testing method and page testing apparatus
1162014025045109/04/14Method, device and system for realizing broadcast tv
1172014024003208/28/14Adaptive voltage scaling method, chip, and system
1182014024119408/28/14Method and device for measuring channel quality
1192014024119808/28/14Method for measuring and feeding back radio resource management information, base station, and user equipment
1202014024128408/28/14Method for sending uplink reference signal, user equipment, and base station
1212014024129008/28/14Method for resource allocation and base station
1222014024129308/28/14Method and base station for coordinating physical downlink control channel interference
1232014024131008/28/14Method for receiving and sending control channel, user equipment and base station
1242014024131108/28/14Method for transmit diversity of harq-ack information feedback
1252014024131308/28/14Transmitting constellation symbols in a communication system
1262014024142308/28/14Image coding and decoding methods and apparatuses
1272014024171508/28/14Method and controller for commissioning wavelength division multiplexing optical network during capacity expansion
1282014024292108/28/14Signal processing method and terminal
1292014024297008/28/14Data transmission method, mobility management entity, and mobile terminal
1302014024473308/28/14Method, apparatus, device and system for generating dhcp snooping binding table
1312014024480908/28/14Service configuration method and apparatus
1322014024482008/28/14Rule set orchestration processing method and apparatus, and cluster data system
1332014024540308/28/14Method and device for processing data security channel
1342014024540508/28/14Method for transferring authorization information, relay device, and server
1352014023287808/21/14Method and apparatus for obtaining video quality parameter, and electronic device
1362014023337908/21/14User screening method and base station for user screening
1372014023338708/21/14Method and device for load balance
1382014023340108/21/14Method and apparatus for setting network node location
1392014023341908/21/14Method for transmitting control information, user equipment and base station
1402014023343608/21/14Full-duplex communication apparatus and method
1412014023347408/21/14Method, device and system for transmitting enhanced downlink control channel
1422014023350808/21/14Data packet sending method and radio access network device
1432014023351308/21/14Precoding control indication feedback method, user equipment, and base station
1442014023353208/21/14Bearer switching method, home nodeb gateway, and home nodeb
1452014023355308/21/14Method and apparatus for transmitting acknowledgement frame in wireless local area network
1462014023356308/21/14Multicast processing method and device
1472014023357208/21/14Handling method and device for cell concatenation
1482014023364108/21/14Intra-frame decoding method and apparatus for signal component sampling point of image block
1492014023364208/21/14Method and apparatus for intra-prediction
1502014023364308/21/14Transformation mode encoding and decoding method and apparatus
1512014023365008/21/14Intra-frame prediction and decoding methods and apparatuses for image signal
1522014023371008/21/14Method, apparatus, and system for reducing digital subscriber line interference
1532014023373508/21/14Encryption method, decryption method, and related apparatus
1542014023373608/21/14Method and related device for generating group key
1552014023394808/21/14Method and device for sending upstream transfer frame in passive optical network
1562014023394908/21/14Optical communication based on polarization dependent coherent optical nyquist frequency division multiplexing
1572014023519308/21/14Method, apparatus, and system for handling an alarm event
1582014023522108/21/14Method and apparatus for processing application program, and mobile terminal therefor
1592014023524008/21/14Method and device for establishing gs association
1602014023524608/21/14Cell discovery method, device, and system
1612014023524808/21/14Communication matching method, user equipment and base station
1622014023528408/21/14Method, apparatus and system for processing short message
1632014023711208/21/14Method for evaluating streaming media transmission quality and obtaining information, and related device and system
1642014023712508/21/14Method, apparatus, and system for establishing device-to-device connection
1652014023713808/21/14Performance-based routing method and device
1662014023719208/21/14Method and apparatus for constructing memory access model
1672014023720908/21/14Memory management method, memory management apparatus and numa system
1682014023732308/21/14Data transmitter, data receiver, and frame synchronization method
1692014023732708/21/14Method, apparatus and system for testing network under ipsec mechanism
1702014023755908/21/14Method and related device for generating group key
1712014022647708/14/14Method, apparatus, and system for improving user experience of small flow user
1722014022648208/14/14Service data transmission processing method and device and communication system
1732014022651408/14/14Packet loss detection method and system, sending device, and receiving device
1742014022659408/14/14Base station, service processing method, and cloud computing system
1752014022666408/14/14Method, apparatus, and system for implementing private network traversal
1762014022806608/14/14Method and device for processing context
1772014022916908/14/14Method and device for pulse encoding, method and device for pulse decoding
1782014022969608/14/14Distributed storage method, apparatus, and system for reducing a data loss that may result from a single-point failure
1792014022995108/14/14Method and system for starting application program in linux container
1802014022995708/14/14Multi-core processor system
1812014023004408/14/14Method and related apparatus for authenticating access of virtual private cloud
1822014021910108/07/14Feature extraction apparatus, and network traffic identification method, apparatus, and system
1832014021912608/07/14Uplink transmission power determining method and user equipment
1842014021913508/07/14Virtual private network implementation method and system based on traffic engineering tunnel
1852014021920008/07/14Method for creating bearer and apparatus
1862014021922608/07/14Power control method and base station
1872014021927108/07/14Uplink synchronization processing method, user equipment, and base station
1882014021937208/07/14Arrangement and method for improving harq feedback in telecommunication systems
1892014021938008/07/14Method and apparatus for transmitting precoding martrix index and performing precoding
1902014022079508/07/14Electronic device, electronic system, and circuit board interconnection architecture of the same
1912014022095308/07/14Energy saving management method for base station, apparatus and system
1922014022097808/07/14Cell reselection method, device, and system
1932014022098508/07/14Method, base station, and radio communication system for reducing inter-cell signal interference
1942014022296008/07/14Method and apparatus for rapid data distribution
1952014022298508/07/14Method and terminal, input method and device, cloud service card, and system for acquiring service
1962014022312608/07/14Method, apparatus, and system for generating and recovering memory snapshot of virtual machine
1972014022328708/07/14Web page color setting method, web browser and web server
1982014022346608/07/14Method and apparatus for recommending video from video library
1992014020997107/31/14Insulated gate bipolar transistor
2002014021077307/31/14Touch bar and mobile terminal apparatus
2012014021160507/31/14Method and apparatus for coordinating cell outage compensation and capacity and coverage optimization
2022014021161107/31/14Tunnel management method, tunnel management apparatus, and communications system
2032014021162607/31/14Method for triggering data offload, network-side device, user equipment, and network system
2042014021163807/31/14Method and system for detecting sleeping cell
2052014021166407/31/14Method and device for label automatic allocation in ring network protection
2062014021168207/31/14Method, device and system for transmitting multimedia broadcast multicast service
2072014021169607/31/14Content publishing method and user equipment
2082014021170707/31/14Method and device for allocating group identifier
2092014021170807/31/14Method and apparatus for receiving fragment as well as method and apparatus for transmitting fragment
2102014021170907/31/14Method, user equipment, and base station for transmitting information
2112014021171007/31/14Control information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
2122014021171407/31/14Method and apparatus for performing policy control on data packet
2132014021172307/31/14Interference measurement indication method, interference measurement method, related device, and communication system
2142014021174007/31/14Sounding reference signal transmission
2152014021175207/31/14Generating synchronization signals for wireless communication systems
2162014021178007/31/14Clock synchronization method and device
2172014021194707/31/14Method and apparatus for generating and restoring downmixed signal
2182014021319407/31/14Minimization of drive-tests control method, system, and network element device
2192014021322107/31/14Method and apparatus for communication mode switching
2202014021326707/31/14Radio connection re-establishment method, user equipment and base station
2212014021327807/31/14Traffic offload method, traffic offload function entity and traffic offload system
2222014021328907/31/14Method and device using observed time difference of arrival for positioning mobile station
2232014021332207/31/14Antenna apparatus
2242014021504507/31/14Method and device for resource matching in vpc migration
2252014021504707/31/14Packet learning method, apparatus, and system
2262014021554307/31/14Child node, parent node, and caching method and system for multi-layer video network
2272014020486107/24/14Method and apparatus for power control and parameter configuration
2282014020343207/24/14Method for packaging quad flat non-leaded package body, and package body
2292014020366607/24/14Method and apparatus for driving power switch tube
2302014020463607/24/14Current limiting control method for diode neutral-point-clamped three-level inverter and related circuit
2312014020472907/24/14Method and device for lacp link switching and data transmission
2322014020476507/24/14Interference control method and device
2332014020486207/24/14Signaling transmitting method, user equipment, and base station
2342014020487207/24/14Information transmission method and apparatus
2352014020490707/24/14Method and apparatus for establishing cell reselection list
2362014020494607/24/14Method, apparatus and system for generating label forwarding table on ring topology
2372014020499307/24/14Method, apparatus and system for controlling carrier power amplifier of base station
2382014020502007/24/14Real-time transcoding method and device
2392014020504507/24/14Method, apparatus, and system for frequency offset estimation and channel estimation
2402014020510007/24/14Method and an apparatus for generating an acoustic signal with an enhanced spatial effect
2412014020529707/24/14Method, system, and apparatus for transmitting data information by using optical signals
2422014020633607/24/14Method for obtaining configuration data and method for providing configuration data, base station device, and network management system
2432014020634207/24/14Information transmission method, user equipment and base station
2442014020635607/24/14Method for inter-cell handover, base station, and system
2452014020637207/24/14Method, terminal, and system for realizing device to device communication
2462014020637407/24/14Method and apparatus for dynamic spectrum management
2472014020744507/24/14System and method for correcting for lost data in a digital audio signal
2482014020775807/24/14Thread object-based search method and apparatus
2492014020782707/24/14Method and system for configuring storage device in hybrid storage environment

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