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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei Administration Building
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100107
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100121
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003413002/04/16  new patent  Method and moving icon, and electronic device
22016003420402/04/16  new patent  Data processing method, apparatus, and system
32016003439702/04/16  new patent  Method and processing data and computer system
42016003458202/04/16  new patent  Computing device and executing database operation command
52016003496802/04/16  new patent  Method and device for determining target user, and network server
62016003568902/04/16  new patent  Chip integration module, chip package structure, and chip integration method
72016003611002/04/16  new patent  Waveguide filter
82016003611602/04/16  new patent  Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, and fabrication method
92016003650702/04/16  new patent  Method for reporting channel state information, user equipment, and base station
102016003652302/04/16  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for detecting optical networkcorss reference
112016003654002/04/16  new patent  Network, and network establishing
122016003654802/04/16  new patent  Multicarrier-based optical transmit sub generating optical signal
132016003655302/04/16  new patent  Node apparatus
142016003659702/04/16  new patent  Openflow-protocol-based charging method and system
152016003659802/04/16  new patent  Application charging method, device, and system
162016003661402/04/16  new patent  Methods and nodes in a wireless communication network
172016003662202/04/16  new patent  Protection switching method, network, and system
182016003662502/04/16  new patent  Method and device for protecting service reliability and network virtualization system
192016003670402/04/16  new patent  Method for adjusting media stream transmission bandwidth and related apparatus
202016003672602/04/16  new patent  Method and processing a multicast packet
212016003699302/04/16  new patent  Policy decision method, charging device, and system
222016003703802/04/16  new patent  Information processing method applied to terminal and terminal
232016003718502/04/16  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for coding and decoding depth map
242016003724002/04/16  new patent  Data scheduling and switching method, apparatus, system
252016003724202/04/16  new patent  Method and node for adjusting line interface rate
262016003726002/04/16  new patent  Method for rendering a stereo signal
272016003739702/04/16  new patent  Identifying mobile station in a cellular wireless communication system
282016003739802/04/16  new patent  Cell handover
292016003741702/04/16  new patent  Mobile communications method, device, and system
302016003741902/04/16  new patent  Control power configuration on heterogeneous network, and user equipment
312016003742602/04/16  new patent  Method and assisting terminal in measuring
322016003743502/04/16  new patent  Congestion control method and apparatus
332016003746102/04/16  new patent  Method and controlling transmit power of user equipment
342016003747202/04/16  new patent  Method, apparatus and system for processing registration backup data
352016003749902/04/16  new patent  Method and sending control channel information based on multi-sector cell networking
362016003754802/04/16  new patent  Measurement method, base station, and user equipment
372016003758102/04/16  new patent  Mobile wlan gateway
382016002667501/28/16 Data processing method, coordinator, and node device
392016002745001/28/16 Classification between time-domain coding and frequency domain coding
402016002841701/28/16 Decoding method, decoding apparatus, and communications system
412016002846301/28/16 Methods and apparatuses for receiving and sending reference signal, user equipment, and base station
422016002863401/28/16 Data processing noc without buffer and noc electronic element
432016002870101/28/16 Data processing method and apparatus
442016002870301/28/16 Method, system and device for negotiating security capability when terminal moves
452016002886201/28/16 Handheld electronic device, support assembly, and support assembly fabricating method
462016002903601/28/16 Method for coding a depth lookup table
472016002926701/28/16 Physical-layer-based handover method, apparatus and system
482016002927501/28/16 Method for acquiring ue capability, terminal, and base station
492016002928101/28/16 Method for opening radio pipeline capability and apparatus thereof
502016002930801/28/16 Dedicated channel transmission method and apparatus
512016002931301/28/16 Signal encoding , encoding joint feedback signal
522016002934701/28/16 Channel selection method and apparatus
532016002935401/28/16 Broadcast information sending method, broadcast information receiving method, device, and system
542016002940501/28/16 Method and device for obtaining secondary timing advance
552016002940701/28/16 Method for controlling network access points
562016002942701/28/16 Communication method, and terminal
572016002943201/28/16 Pause signals for full-duplex wireless networks
582016002949701/28/16 Cabinet and cabinet group including the same
592016001887401/21/16 Power management method and apparatus, and power supply system
602016001907001/21/16 Method for configuring storage system connection, device and storage system
612016001910001/21/16 Method, apparatus, and chip for implementing mutually-exclusive operation of multiple threads
622016001948601/21/16 Resource releasing method, apparatus, and system
632016002050301/21/16 Multi-band active antenna
642016002079301/21/16 Rejection of rf interferers and noise in a wireless communications transceiver
652016002083601/21/16 Data transmission multi-antenna system, and device
662016002084601/21/16 Method for reporting and receiving channel state information, and device
672016002087201/21/16 Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses of ethernet physical layer
682016002090201/21/16 Key generating method and apparatus
692016002091601/21/16 Service indication processing method and apparatus
702016002092601/21/16 Method and encoding uplink control information
712016002098201/21/16 Method, device and system for online processing of data
722016002106201/21/16 Attack defense processing method and protection device
732016002111101/21/16 Method, terminal device, and network device for improving information security
742016002120601/21/16 Method and router for sending and processing data
752016002138801/21/16 Video encoding method and decoding method and apparatuses
762016002139701/21/16 Method for protecting a video frame sequence against packet loss
772016002151601/21/16 Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
782016002157601/21/16 Hqos control method, rsg and hqos control system
792016002158201/21/16 Method for policy converging, ue, and server
802016002159101/21/16 Data transmission method, communications device, and communications system
812016002160101/21/16 Method for transferring information between base station and terminal, base station, terminal, and system
822016002160201/21/16 Signal sending
832016002162301/21/16 Downlink information processing
842016002163201/21/16 Method for transmitting common signal and apparatus thereof
852016002163901/21/16 Communications method and apparatus
862016002164501/21/16 Data transmission method and apparatus, and user equipment
872016002164601/21/16 Method for controlling uplink grant resource request, user equipment, and base station
882016002168101/21/16 Method for sending and receiving random access preamble, and corresponding device
892016001189001/14/16 Compatibility method and apparatus
902016001235201/14/16 Data processing method and computer system
912016001240601/14/16 Recharge method, recharge terminal, and recharge server
922016001376201/14/16 Doherty power amplifying circuit and power amplifier
932016001381101/14/16 Coding and decoding , and system
942016001383201/14/16 Wireless communications method, user equipment, base station and system
952016001384301/14/16 Method, apparatus, and system for sending data in hybrid networking
962016001386201/14/16 Method, system and optical network terminal of ethernet performance detection
972016001388301/14/16 Power control method, apparatus, and system
982016001388701/14/16 Channel encoding and decoding method and apparatus
992016001389101/14/16 Feedback information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
1002016001391301/14/16 Apparatus, system, and signaling a quantity of antenna ports in a wireless communication system
1012016001392001/14/16 Uplink data transmission method and apparatus
1022016001392201/14/16 Method, apparatus, and system for transmitting data in ethernet
1032016001395601/14/16 Radio base station and transmitting common public radio interface data in radio base station
1042016001397701/14/16 Service processing new carrier type cell, apparatus, and communications system
1052016001398401/14/16 Radio resource management information measurement method and apparatus, and device
1062016001402101/14/16 Method, device and system for establishing label switched path
1072016001402201/14/16 Lsp establishment method and network device
1082016001402601/14/16 Method and forwarding traffic of switching system
1092016001403701/14/16 Data packet transmission method and system, terminal device and network device
1102016001414201/14/16 Link discovery method and apparatus
1112016001417301/14/16 Method and transmitting media stream data in cloud computing system
1122016001418001/14/16 Method and processing multi-terminal conference communication
1132016001441101/14/16 Method for determining predictor blocks for a spatially scalable video codec
1142016001443401/14/16 Inter-frame predictive coding method and coder
1152016001457601/14/16 Method and receiving or sending short message
1162016001463001/14/16 Processing minimization of drive tests, network device, and communications system
1172016001463101/14/16 Traffic control method and apparatus
1182016001464301/14/16 Processing circuit switched services in an evolved packet network
1192016001468201/14/16 Cell identification method and apparatus
1202016001469901/14/16 Network selection method, apparatus, and base station
1212016001472301/14/16 Data transmission method, user equipment, base station, and system
1222016001476001/14/16 Communication method, base station, user equipment, and system
1232016001477801/14/16 Bandwidth allocation method and apparatus, user equipment, and base station
1242016001478701/14/16 System and information centric network resource allocation
1252016001480801/14/16 Control information indication method and apparatus
1262016001481401/14/16 User equipment collision detection method, user equipment, and base station
1272016000447401/07/16 Data erasing method and apparatus applied to flash memory
1282016000454201/07/16 Booting computer system with multiple central processing units
1292016000454501/07/16 Method and embedded device for loading driver
1302016000498101/07/16 Method and booking conference site, and conference system
1312016000518101/07/16 Method and segmentation of 3d image data
1322016000551501/07/16 Cable assembly calibration apparatus
1332016000624701/07/16 Power supply method and apparatus
1342016000654001/07/16 Method for adjusting parameters of sending device and receiving device, and terminal device
1352016000655001/07/16 Downlink channel decoding method, downlink information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
1362016000657801/07/16 Transmission apparatus, connection device, and method
1372016000660601/07/16 Customizable mobile broadband network customizing mobile broadband network
1382016000663401/07/16 Network performance monitoring method and apparatus
1392016000665001/07/16 Method, apparatus, and system for configuring flow table in openflow network
1402016000665601/07/16 Packet processing method and system, and device
1412016000668901/07/16 Method, system and keeping session table alive in net address translation apparatus
1422016000670701/07/16 Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
1432016000698401/07/16 Method and displaying conference material in video conference
1442016000700501/07/16 Method for sub-range based coding a depth lookup table
1452016000704801/07/16 Method and repairing video file
1462016000710301/07/16 Optical channel data unit service transmission apparatus and method
1472016000710401/07/16 Apparatus and transporting optical channel data unit odu service
1482016000718601/07/16 Wireless controller communication method and wireless controller
1492016000719301/07/16 System and wireless network access protection and security architecture
1502016000722901/07/16 Transmission data processing s
1512016000723401/07/16 Method and implementing decentralized clustering mechanism
1522016000724601/07/16 Method, apparatus and system for relocating user equipment between radio network controllers
1532016000727701/07/16 Method for selecting controller in network and station device
1542016000736501/07/16 Method for identifying transmission point, apparatus, and system
1552015037879712/31/15 Event processing method in stream processing system and stream processing system
1562015037916312/31/15 Method and creating curved surface model
1572015038107312/31/15 Inverter control method, apparatus and system
1582015038119312/31/15 Multi-channel time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter
1592015038120812/31/15 Polar code decoding method and decoder
1602015038124912/31/15 Method for feeding back precoding matrix indicator, receive end and transmit end
1612015038128812/31/15 Power supply circuit and power supply panel
1622015038131812/31/15 Method and device for determining interleaver
1632015038142912/31/15 Network topology hiding
1642015038145612/31/15 Method for estimating traffic rate between virtual machine pair, and related device
1652015038154112/31/15 Group messaging method, and device
1662015038155712/31/15 Container name server and container name resolution
1672015038174912/31/15 Web page pushing method and apparatus, and terminal
1682015038179712/31/15 Touch bar and mobile terminal apparatus
1692015038182312/31/15 Charging method, access network device, and gateway device
1702015038201112/31/15 Motion vector list constructing video coding
1712015038203612/31/15 Method and access device for implementing ip broadband video service
1722015038217412/31/15 Device discovery method, user equipment, server, and system
1732015038218912/31/15 Key exchange method and apparatus
1742015038220012/31/15 Clustering method and apparatus
1752015038221112/31/15 Method, apparatus, and system for data transmission
1762015038224512/31/15 Method and wireless transmission of service data, and device
1772015038226712/31/15 Congestion control implementation method and apparatus
1782015038227312/31/15 Method for sending packet data, base station, and mobile station
1792015038233012/31/15 Channel configuration method, device and system
1802015038233612/31/15 Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
1812015038235512/31/15 Frequency band resource scheduling method and apparatus
1822015038235812/31/15 Power control method and apparatus
1832015038236612/31/15 Method for transmitting data signal and user equipment
1842015038238012/31/15 Ofdma contention method and access point
1852015038250412/31/15 Radio remote unit and communications device
1862015037071212/24/15 Method for processing error directory of node in cc-numa system, and node
1872015037211012/24/15 Semiconductor fin fabrication method and fin fet device fabrication method
1882015037239812/24/15 Method and generating electromagnetic beams
1892015037270112/24/15 Modulation circuit of digital transmitter, digital transmitter, and signal modulation method
1902015037271112/24/15 Data compression method, data restoration method, apparatuses, and system
1912015037275212/24/15 Optical path processing method and apparatus
1922015037282812/24/15 Method, device, and system for transmitting multicast packet across layer 2 virtual network
1932015037288212/24/15 Stream processing method, apparatus, and system
1942015037289412/24/15 Direct-link quality monitoring method, communications device, and system
1952015037290912/24/15 Method, apparatus and system for determining transmission path of packet
1962015037292712/24/15 Method, device, and system for acquiring streaming media data
1972015037294712/24/15 Packet processing
1982015037353512/24/15 Method, apparatus, and system for managing device
1992015037367012/24/15 Radio communications
2002015037367312/24/15 Data sending and receiving
2012015037369712/24/15 Method and device for transmitting data
2022015037372112/24/15 Radio resource configuration
2032015037372312/24/15 Intelligent terminal power-saving management method and apparatus
2042015037373112/24/15 Method, apparatus, device, and system for reducing interference to control channel
2052015037382712/24/15 Chip heat dissipation structure and terminal device
2062015037387112/24/15 Radio remote unit device and assembly thereof
2072015036232812/17/15 Method, system and terminal device for processing pedestrian navigation
2082015036294312/17/15 Adaptive voltage scaling circuit and chip
2092015036316512/17/15 Method for quickly starting application service, and terminal
2102015036331512/17/15 Method for temporarily storing data and storage device
2112015036341112/17/15 Synchronous audio playback method, apparatus and system
2122015036358412/17/15 Security mode prompt method and apparatus
2132015036360012/17/15 Method, apparatus, and system for data protection
2142015036391512/17/15 Method and presenting panoramic photo in mobile terminal, and mobile terminal
2152015036459112/17/15 Hemt device and fabrication method
2162015036510912/17/15 Forward error correction codeword synchronization method, device, and system
2172015036520312/17/15 System and orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) resource allocation
2182015036525712/17/15 System and ofdma resource allocation
2192015036533112/17/15 Service packet processing method, apparatus, and system
2202015036533212/17/15 Transmission path and data processing transmission path
2212015036533412/17/15 Junk information filtering method and apparatus
2222015036548312/17/15 Data transmission method and system, and proxy device
2232015036549512/17/15 Data source movement processing method, packet forwarding method, and apparatus thereof
2242015036574212/17/15 Link switching method, device, and system
2252015036581912/17/15 Service provisioning system and method, and mobile edge application server and support node
2262015036585112/17/15 Service control method, mobility management entity, and mobile switching center
2272015036585312/17/15 Method and accessing legacy networks through temporary id of evolved network
2282015036588512/17/15 Multicast information transmission
2292015036589712/17/15 Data transmission method, apparatus, and system, network side device, and terminal device
2302015036591412/17/15 Paging optimization method, apparatus, and system
2312015036592212/17/15 System and ofdma tone allocation in next generation wi-fi networks
2322015036594712/17/15 System and orthogonal frequency division multiple access
2332015035403212/10/15 Die casting aluminum alloy and production method thereof, and communications product
2342015035593412/10/15 Method for generating configuration information, and network control unit
2352015035597512/10/15 Method and processing redo data in database
2362015035730712/10/15 Chip stacked package structure and electronic device
2372015035811312/10/15 System and forward error correction
2382015035813012/10/15 Signal sending method and signal sending device
2392015035820712/10/15 Method of obtaining optimized use case for communication network
2402015035822112/10/15 Method and measuring performance of multi-service in tunnel
2412015035823212/10/15 Packet forwarding method and vxlan gateway
2422015035825412/10/15 Method, apparatus, and system for implementing node port virtualization on fibre channel
2432015035828112/10/15 Method, apparatus, and network system for terminal to traverse private network to communicate with server in ims core network
2442015035837612/10/15 Method, apparatus and system for transmitting media data
2452015035853112/10/15 Apparatus and image acquisition
2462015035865412/10/15 Method and synchronizing video live broadcast
2472015035885812/10/15 Cooperative communication method, cloud server, and core network server
2482015035886012/10/15 Method, device, and system for handover of user equipment group
2492015035887012/10/15 Data processing

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