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Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12/01/16 new patent  Multilayer coupling interface
12/01/16 new patent  Method and server for searching for data stream dividing point based on server
12/01/16 new patent  Access request scheduling method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Floating point computation apparatus and method
12/01/16 new patent  Increment/decrement apparatus and method
12/01/16 new patent  Data processing and writing method and related apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Static object reconstruction method and system
12/01/16 new patent  Method and processing speech signal according to frequency-domain energy
12/01/16 new patent  Avalanche photodiode and manufacturing method thereof
12/01/16 new patent  Planar-transmission-line-to-waveguide adapter
12/01/16 new patent  Antenna and wireless device
12/01/16 new patent  Antenna adjustment apparatus and remote electrical tilt antenna
12/01/16 new patent  Orthogonal-beam-space spatial multiplexing radio communication system and associated antenna array
12/01/16 new patent  Level conversion circuit and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Base station, mobile station and method thereof
12/01/16 new patent  Data transmission
12/01/16 new patent  Apparatus and link adaptation in uplink grant-less random access
12/01/16 new patent  Rate matching polar code
12/01/16 new patent  Mc-cdma with low peak-to-average power ratio multi-carrier waveform
12/01/16 new patent  Method and allocating resources and processing confirmation information
12/01/16 new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Method and controller for announcing bandwidth of cluster system
12/01/16 new patent  Network path computation method, apparatus, and system
12/01/16 new patent  Systems and methods for managing network traffic with a network operator
12/01/16 new patent  Communication method, optical module, and network device
12/01/16 new patent  Admission of an individual session in a network
12/01/16 new patent  Data processing method, device, and esb system
12/01/16 new patent  System and header compression for online network codes
12/01/16 new patent  Method and customer service management for a wireless communication network
12/01/16 new patent  Method and system for mtc event management
12/01/16 new patent  Method and dynamically controlling customer traffic in a network under demand-based charging
12/01/16 new patent  System and efficient link discovery in wireless networks
12/01/16 new patent  Admission of a session to a virtual network service
12/01/16 new patent  Beamforming based communications method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Rs snr reporting and receiving method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Channel decoding method and apparatus, and distributed decoder
12/01/16 new patent  Mobile communications network detection method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  System and virtualized functions in control and data planes
12/01/16 new patent  Systems and methods for user equipment power management via third party entity
12/01/16 new patent  Preamble sending method, power control method, terminal, and device
12/01/16 new patent  Method, apparatus, and device for managing binding information on network side
12/01/16 new patent  System and provision and distribution of spectrum resources
12/01/16 new patent  Data transmission processing method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Uplink signal control method and apparatus
12/01/16 new patent  Systems and methods of adaptive frame structure for time division duplex
12/01/16 new patent  Method for arranging transmissions on a downlink carrier
12/01/16 new patent  System and virtualized functions in control and data planes
12/01/16 new patent  Systems and methods of adaptive frame structure for time division duplex
12/01/16 new patent  Method for configuring prach resource, acquiring resource configuration, base station, and user equipment
12/01/16 new patent  Mtc service management using nfv
12/01/16 new patent  Method for obtaining unlicensed frequency information and device
12/01/16 new patent  Device-to-device d2d communication method and d2d communication device
11/24/16Remote control method and apparatus
11/24/16Touch sensation interaction method and apparatus in shopping
11/24/16Method and decoding speech/audio bitstream
11/24/16Audio compression system for compressing an audio signal
11/24/16Coding method, decoding method, coder, and decoder
11/24/16Multi-channel array distortion compensation apparatus and method
11/24/16Method, apparatus and system for supporting non-vector line
11/24/16Method for feeding back channel state information, user equipment, and base station
11/24/16Transport software defined networking (sdn) - zero configuration adjacency via packet snooping
11/24/16Transport software defined networking (sdn) -logical link aggregation (lag) member signaling
11/24/16Method for initiating local routing communication, base station apparatus, and terminal apparatus
11/24/16Depth image coding/decoding method and apparatus
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11/24/16Apparatus and a associating a video block partitioning pattern to a video coding block
11/24/16Identifier interaction
11/24/16Method and receiving or sending short message
11/24/16Data transmission method, device, and system
11/24/16Data sending
11/24/16Multi-region source routed multicast using sub-tree identifiers
11/17/16Channel resource allocation method and communications device
11/17/16System and photonic switching
11/17/16Apparatus for coupling laser and optical fiber, and optical signal transmission system and transmission method
11/17/16Active photonic integrated circuit (pic) with embedded coupling efficiency monitoring
11/17/16Tunable wavelength-flattening element for switch carrying multiple wavelengths per lightpath
11/17/16Notification service processing business process management and business process management engine
11/17/16Cache management method and apparatus
11/17/16Information search method and apparatus
11/17/16Apparatus and detecting buffer overflow attack, and security protection system
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11/17/16Method and detecting incorrect associations between keypoints of a first image and keypoints of a second image
11/17/16Systematic code decoding method and apparatus
11/17/16Method and device for handling exception event in telecommunication cloud
11/17/16Enhanced physical channel transmission method, communications device, user equipment, and base station
11/17/16User equipment, base station, and uplink data scheduling method
11/17/16Data transmission method, device, and system
11/17/16Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
11/17/16Coordinated communication method and system and apparatus
11/17/16Data switching apparatus and system
11/17/16Transport software defined networking (sdn) - logical to physical topology discovery
11/17/16Method for upgrading virtualized network function and network function virtualization orchestrator
11/17/16Control method in communications network, centralized controller, and wireless communications network system
11/17/16Method and visualized network operation and maintenance
11/17/16Flow table modifying method, flow table modifying apparatus, and openflow network system
11/17/16Data packet sending method and mobile router
11/17/16Communications network, device, and control method
11/17/16Processing rule modification method, apparatus and device
11/17/16Method and data traffic restriction
11/17/16Message push method and apparatus
11/17/16Firewall authentication of controller-generated internet control message protocol (icmp) echo requests
11/17/16Method and processing data packet based on parallel protocol stack instances
11/17/16Method and processing data packet based on parallel protocol stack instances
11/17/16Method for selection between front-facing camera and rear-facing camera of mobile terminal and mobile terminal
11/17/16System and hybrid photonic electronic switching
11/17/16System and photonic switching
11/17/16System and photonic switching
11/17/16System and photonic structure and switch
11/17/16Adaptive compensation control method and module, and optical switching system
11/17/16System and photonic switching
11/17/16Security key change method, base station, and user equipment
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11/17/16Method and system for contending for channel of unlicensed frequency band, and apparatus
11/17/16Data processing method, and communications device and system
11/17/16Method for transmitting absolute grant value and user equipment
11/17/16Data processing apparatus in wireless network, and wireless network system
11/17/16Switching control method, apparatus, and wireless communications network
11/17/16Service transfer method and apparatus
11/17/16Downlink data processing method, apparatus, and system
11/17/16Coverage enhancement transmission apparatus, system, and system information
11/17/16User equipment, base station, and cell discovery method
11/17/16Service transfer method, user equipment, and access network device
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11/17/16Apparatus, method, and system for cell selection
11/17/16Data transmission method, transmission control method, and device
11/17/16Channel monitoring
11/17/16Physical random access channel enhanced transmission method, network device, and terminal
11/17/16Method for determining transmit power in coverage enhancement scenario and device
11/17/16Synchronization method, base station, and user equipment
11/17/16Method for indicating cell coverage enhancement mode and base station
11/17/16Resource configuration method and apparatus
11/17/16Data transmission method and communications device
11/17/16Resource indication method, apparatus, and system
11/17/16Data processing method, apparatus and system
11/17/16Method, device, and determining downlink parameter
11/17/16Method and encoding and processing acknowledgement information
11/17/16Radio bearer configuration method and system
11/17/16Data transmission method and system, and device
11/17/16Information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
11/17/16Data transmission method, device, and system
11/17/16Information processing method, user equipment, and base station
11/17/16Channel contention method and apparatus
11/17/16Data processing method and apparatus
11/17/16Information transmission method and apparatus
11/17/16Method and device for processing radio link failure
11/17/16Method for transmitting configuration message and apparatus
11/10/16Optical coupling scheme
11/10/16Three-dimensional (3d) photonic chip-to-fiber interposer
11/10/16Access terminal box
11/10/16Access terminal box component
11/10/16Access terminal box
11/10/16Access terminal box
11/10/16Method and terminal for playing media
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11/10/16Method, computer, and migrating memory data
11/10/16Data query method and apparatus
11/10/16Method and device for pulse encoding, for pulse decoding
11/10/16Method and determining gain of raman optical amplifier and raman optical amplifier
11/10/16Power supply converter
11/10/16Method and device for cross-polarization interference suppression
11/10/16Access system, communication for optical fiber network
11/10/16Pilot signal transmission method and apparatus
11/10/16Packet tunneling method, switching device, and control device
11/10/16Information processing apparatus, network node, and information processing method
11/10/16Network service fault handling method, service management system, and system management module
11/10/16Data packet sending method, mobile router, and network device
11/10/16Method for acquiring physical address of virtual machine
11/10/16Address acquiring method and network virtualization edge device
11/10/16Arp implementation method, switch device, and control device
11/10/16Data storage method and network interface card
11/10/16Charging system switching method and apparatus
11/10/16Video coding and decoding methods and apparatuses
11/10/16Headset jack and detecting whether headset is inserted in position
11/10/16Service processing method and network device
Social Network Patent Pack
11/10/16Methods for sending and receiving user data and terminal devices
11/10/16Wireless communication method, access point, and station
11/10/16Measurement method, configuration method, related device, and system
11/10/16User equipment, network device, and logged minimization of drive tests measurement method
11/10/16Method and processing bearer
11/10/16Core network device, access network device, and data offloading method and system
11/10/16Device and device synchronization method in device-to-device (d2d) communication
11/10/16Data transmission method and apparatus
11/10/16Terminal scheduling method, station, and terminal
11/10/16Random access method and apparatus
11/10/16Method and device for cross-polarization interference suppression
11/03/16Method and system for mobile device to utilize channels with low power consumption
11/03/16Optical fiber connector and optical fiber connector component system
11/03/16Method, apparatus, and system for interaction between hard disks
11/03/16Resource management method and apparatus
11/03/16Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture
11/03/16Method and generating a plurality of indexed data fields
11/03/16Method and device for database & storage aware routers
11/03/16Data collection method and apparatus
11/03/16Online payment method, system, and apparatus
Social Network Patent Pack
11/03/16Network storage device
11/03/16Frequency hopping processing method and apparatus
11/03/16Method for determining rank indication ri bit number, base station, and terminal
11/03/16Precoding matrix set determining method and apparatus, and parameter indication information sending method and apparatus
11/03/16Optical transceiver and optical communications product
11/03/16Spectrum detection method and apparatus, and base station
11/03/16Hybrid automatic repeat request method and related apparatus
11/03/16Carrier aggregation of tdd and fdd subframes for uplink harq feedback
11/03/16Energy saving monitoring
11/03/16Generating synchronization signals for wireless communication systems
11/03/16Ethernet signal transport method and scheduling method, and apparatus and system thereof
11/03/16Service routing method, device, and system
11/03/16Content delivery method, apparatus, and system
11/03/16Service processing method, related device, and system
11/03/16Distributed data storage method, apparatus, and system
11/03/16Video coding intra-frame predictive coding and video coding apparatus
11/03/16Method for presenting digital media content and apparatus
11/03/16System and optical network
11/03/16Method and transmitting and receiving client signal
11/03/16Stereo decoding method and apparatus
11/03/16Data sending method, common service entity, and underlying network entity
11/03/16System and data packet scheduling and delivery
11/03/16Method, apparatus, and system for online subscription data configuration
11/03/16Authentication and association method and system
11/03/16Channel reservation method and communications device
11/03/16Method and system for returning to long term evolution network and mobile switching center
11/03/16Method and apparatus of implementing time synchronization
11/03/16Methods for transmitting and receiving control channel, base station, and user equipment
11/03/16Base station device, mobile station device, control information transmission method, control information reception method and program
11/03/16System and uplink grant-free transmission scheme
Social Network Patent Pack
11/03/16Systems and methods for traffic-aware medium access selection
10/27/16Information feedback method and network node
10/27/16Polarization control device and polarization control method
10/27/16Annular optical shifter and shifting optical signal
10/27/16Screen capture method, apparatus, and terminal device
10/27/16Method for opening file in folder and terminal
10/27/16Method and writing data to storage medium
10/27/16Data access method and apparatus
10/27/16Method for implementing gpu virtualization and related apparatus, and system
10/27/16Multi-version concurrency control method in database and database system
10/27/16Method and implementing virtual machine introspection
10/27/16Resonator, filter, duplexer, multiplexer, and communications device
10/27/16Sparse phase-mode planar feed for circular arrays
10/27/16Doherty power amplifier, communications device, and system
10/27/16Crc calculation method, and apparatus
10/27/16Method for acquiring channel information, apparatus, and system
10/27/16Optical transmitter and transmission method, and optical receiver and receiption method
10/27/16Method for transmitting pilot signal, base station, and user equipment
10/27/16Signal transmission method and apparatus
10/27/16Method and transceiver for cancelling multi-carrier transmission interference
10/27/16Data processing method and apparatus
10/27/16Scrambling method and scrambling apparatus
10/27/16Zero-intermediate frequency correction method, apparatus, and device
10/27/16Network function virtualization nfv fault management apparatus, device, and method
10/27/16Sdn controller, data center system, and routing connection method
10/27/16Packet processing method, apparatus, and system
10/27/16Video photographing processing method and apparatus
10/27/16Video data coding and decoding methods and apparatuses
10/27/16Optical buffer and methods for storing optical signal

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