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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Shenzhen China
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17 new patent  Activation of mobile devices in enterprise mobile management
10/12/17 new patent  Distributed resource management method and system
10/12/17 new patent  Optical switch
10/12/17 new patent  Terminal
10/12/17 new patent  Method and a mobile device based cluster computing infrastructure
10/12/17 new patent  Advertisement message processing method and apparatus
10/12/17 new patent  Blue light adjustment method, apparatus, and terminal
10/12/17 new patent  D2d signal frequency hopping method and base station
10/12/17 new patent  Channel measurement and feedback method, network device, and system
10/12/17 new patent  Method and device for processing interference
10/12/17 new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
10/12/17 new patent  Cache method, cache edge server, cache core server, and cache system
10/12/17 new patent  Service policy deployment method and apparatus
10/12/17 new patent  System and source routing with one or more delay segments
10/12/17 new patent  Counter check and reconfiguration method, apparatus, and system
10/12/17 new patent  Attack data packet processing method, apparatus, and system
10/12/17 new patent  Network extended tcp splicing
10/12/17 new patent  Method and controlling application program, and electronic device
10/12/17 new patent  Method for scheduling unlicensed spectrum, user equipment, and base station
10/12/17 new patent  Circuit switched service processing method and terminal
10/12/17 new patent  Voice service handover
10/12/17 new patent  Resource allocation method, base station, and user equipment
10/12/17 new patent  Method for managing discontinuous reception cycle, and apparatus
10/05/17Detection distance calibration method, apparatus, and device
10/05/17Frequency adjustment method, system-on-chip, and terminal
10/05/17Terminal, touch control unit, touchscreen, screen protector, and operation detection apparatus and method
10/05/17Method and preventing touchscreen misoperation
10/05/17Storage space management method and apparatus
10/05/17Virtual machine scaling
10/05/17Method for managing memory of virtual machine, physical host, pcie device and configuration method thereof, and migration management device
10/05/17Transaction processing method and apparatus, and computer system
10/05/17Signal compensation
10/05/17Indication information transmission method and apparatus
10/05/17Method and querying service data, and database system
10/05/17Graph data search method and apparatus
10/05/17Method for unlocking screen by using fingerprint and terminal
10/05/17Contactless payment method, apparatus, and system
10/05/17Frame loss compensation processing method and apparatus
10/05/17Tunable filter
10/05/17Composite right/left-handed transmission line antenna
10/05/17Antenna apparatus and device
10/05/17Delay compensation apparatus
10/05/17Method for controlling digital fractional frequency-division phase-locked loop and phase-locked loop
10/05/17Polar code encoding method and encoding apparatus
10/05/17Wireless data transmission method, network side device, user equipment, and system
10/05/17Precoding information collection method and transmission device
10/05/17Time synchronization method and apparatus
10/05/17Harq grant-free uplink transmissions
10/05/17Methods and nodes in a wireless communication system
10/05/17System and ofdma tone allocation in next generation wi-fi networks
10/05/17Systems and methods for distributed open-loop multi-user co-operative multi-point (comp) scheduling and transmission
10/05/17Method and detecting data in wireless communication networks
10/05/17Method and receiver in a wireless communication system
10/05/17Indication information transmission method and apparatus
10/05/17Method and receiver in a wireless communication system
10/05/17Method and quadrature signal modulation
10/05/17Authorization processing method, device, and system
10/05/17Systems and methods for management plane - control plane interaction in software defined topology management
10/05/17Systems and methods for service and session continuity in software defined topology management
10/05/17Method and deploying service in virtualized network
10/05/17Method for heartbeat packet processing by using proxy, apparatus, and communications system
10/05/17Switch processing method, controller, switch, and switch processing system
10/05/17Method for determining management domain, network device, and virtual cluster
10/05/17Data transmission method and apparatus
10/05/17Network communication method, device, and internet system
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10/05/17Systems and methods for service and session continuity in software defined topology management
10/05/17Method and determining gateway information
10/05/17Image processing method and apparatus
10/05/17Apparatus and bandwidth allocation as a function of a sensed characteristic of a user
10/05/17Optical switch chip, optical switch driving module, and optical switch driving method
10/05/17Optical network-on-chip, optical router, and signal transmission method
10/05/17Surround sound recording for mobile devices
10/05/17Method for improving speaker performance and terminal device
10/05/17Data pushing method and related apparatus
10/05/17Fast return method, apparatus, and system for csfb user equipment
10/05/17Troubleshooting method, apparatus, and system
10/05/17Apparatus, system, and preventing tcp connection interruption
10/05/17Method for handover between distributed aps, central ap, and distributed ap
10/05/17Power allocation method and communications device
10/05/17Method for determining maximum transmit power,terminal, and base station
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10/05/17Control device, network device and methods thereof
10/05/17Positioning processing method, apparatus, and system
10/05/17System and partitioning resources for joint decoding in the downlink
10/05/17Method and allocating control channel candidates
10/05/17Multi-stream data transmission method, apparatus, and system, and anchor
10/05/17Method and transmitting indication information
10/05/17Methods for transmitting and receiving control channel, base station, and user equipment
10/05/17Physical resource block scheduling method, device, and system
10/05/17Mechanisms for multi-tier distributed co-operative multi-point technology
10/05/17Method and determining control channel search space
10/05/17Method for obtaining request of station, access point, and station
10/05/17System and pilot assisted grant-free uplink transmission identification
10/05/17Information transmission method and apparatus in cell
10/05/17Resource determining method, base station, and user equipment
10/05/17Method for establishing communication connection between station and access point, access point, and station
10/05/17Electronic product
09/28/17Screen capturing method and apparatus
09/28/17Method, apparatus, and system for managing terminal device in passive optical network
09/28/17Micro-ring resonator
09/28/17Point-symmetric mach-zehnder-interferometer device
09/28/17Display control method and terminal device
09/28/17Icon control method and terminal
09/28/17Method for displaying interface content and user equipment
09/28/17Application upgrade method and apparatus
09/28/17Method for presenting initialization progress of hardware in server, and server
09/28/17Operating system hot-switching method and apparatus and mobile terminal
09/28/17Virtual data center resource mapping
09/28/17Web page automated testing method and apparatus
09/28/17Method and task scheduling on heterogeneous multi-core reconfigurable computing platform
09/28/17Fingerprint recognition apparatus
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09/28/17Complex event processing method, apparatus, and system
09/28/17Order processing method and terminal
09/28/17Image processing method, computer storage medium, apparatus and terminal
09/28/17Processing for multi-screen splicing display
09/28/17Radio frequency circuit, transmitter, base station, and user terminal
09/28/17Method and canceling interference
09/28/17Antenna and active antenna system
09/28/17System and downlink channel estimation in massive multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo)
09/28/17Data transmission method, system, and device
09/28/17Data processing method, apparatus, and device
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09/28/17Method, apparatus, and system for detecting rogue optical network unit
09/28/17Method and interference estimation in wireless communication networks
09/28/17Method for processing concurrent services and terminal
09/28/17Pilot transmission method, station and access station
09/28/17Multi-link convergence method, server, client, and system
09/28/17Look-up table creation method and query method, controller, forwarding device, and system
09/28/17Switching device based on reordering algorithm
09/28/17Packet processing method, network server, and virtual private network system
09/28/17Method, apparatus and system for device discovery
09/28/17Packet processing method and apparatus
09/28/17Method and determining photographing delay time, and photographing device
09/28/17Systems and methods for processing a digital image
09/28/17Program play control method and digital television device
09/28/17Method and determining roaming status of terminal, terminal, and server
09/28/17Wireless communications system management method and related apparatus
09/28/17Method and controller for low-overhead user equipment measurements
09/28/17Method for enhancing processing capability of base station, baseband device, base station, and system
09/28/17Mobile terminal control method and mobile terminal
09/28/17Network-side device, user equipment, and blind area management method
09/28/17Control channel monitoring method and access terminal
09/28/17Method and apparatus of implementing time synchronization
09/28/17Mobile terminal and resource management mobile terminal
09/28/17Method and device for implementing multi-cell service on base station device
09/28/17Mtc service management using nfv
09/28/17Communications wearable device, communications system, and related device
09/28/17Method and system for control of discontinuous reception (drx) by a mobile device in a wireless communications network supporting voice-over-internet-protocol (voip)
09/21/17Electronic device
09/21/17Method and device for differential data backup
09/21/17Storage array operation method and apparatus
09/21/17Application program switching method and apparatus, and electronic terminal
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09/21/17Cluster arbitration method and multi-cluster cooperation system
09/21/17Data processing method, memory management unit, and memory control device
09/21/17A server for providing a graphical user interface to a client and a client
09/21/17Database systems with re-ordered replicas and methods of accessing and backing up databases
09/21/17Data reading circuit
09/21/17Charging protection method and apparatus
09/21/17System and relaying data over a communication network
09/21/17Fbmc transmit diversity transmission method, transmit end apparatus, and receive end apparatus
09/21/17Method for detecting sent sequence, receiver, and receiving device
09/21/17Information transmission method, apparatus, and device
09/21/17User equipment detection for uplink random access in dispersive fading environments
09/21/17Method and detecting connectivity
09/21/17Heartbeat packet timer identification method, and device
09/21/17Method, device, and system for deferring switchback
09/21/17Virtual network function state scaling
09/21/17Network on chip, communication control method, and controller
09/21/17Chip and transmission scheduling method
09/21/17Information display method, terminal, and server
09/21/17Multi-transceiver configuration method, multi-transceiver channel multiplexing method, and apparatus
09/21/17Access method, apparatus, and access system
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09/21/17Audio signal processing modifying a stereo image of a stereo signal
09/21/17Positioning different tdd uplink-downlink configurations
09/21/17Voice switching method and apparatus
09/21/17Wireless network access control method, device, and system
09/21/17Wireless local area network scanning method and wireless access point
09/21/17Information transmission method, wireless access device, and terminal device
09/21/17Method and waking up devices in batches, and device
09/21/17D2d transmission distance obtaining
09/21/17Resource scheduling method, base station, and user equipment
09/21/17Method and processing adaptive flow table
09/21/17System and relaying data over a communication network
09/21/17Method for establishing network connection by using wps, and mobile wi-fi device
09/21/17Call establishment method and system, and user equipment
09/14/17Method of mitigating cookie-injection and cookie-replaying attacks
09/14/17Phase retarder and optical comb filter thereof
09/14/17Method and managing body device
09/14/17File access method and apparatus, and storage device
09/14/17Metadata recovery method and apparatus
09/14/17Memory access method, switch, and multiprocessor system
09/14/17Cache memory accessing cache line
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09/14/17Storage apparatus and data access method
09/14/17Method and bus for accessing dynamic random access memory
09/14/17Data visualization method and apparatus, and database server
09/14/17Software handling device, server system and methods thereof
09/14/17System and rule generation using data processed by a binary classifier
09/14/17Method for recording sound of video-recorded object and mobile terminal
09/14/17Memory activation method and apparatus, and memory controller
09/14/17Method for controlling supply voltage of power amplifier, and electronic device
09/14/17Information transmission method, radio equipment controller, radio equipment, and base station
09/14/17Beam configuration
09/14/17Method, apparatus, device, and system for antenna alignment
09/14/17Resource configuration method, user equipment, and base station
09/14/17Polar code rate matching method and apparatus, and wireless communications device
09/14/17Wireless communication method, device and system
09/14/17Method for processing data, network node, and terminal
09/14/17Service distribution obtaining method, apparatus, and system
09/14/17Load sharing method and router device
09/14/17Message forwarding method, system, and relay agent device
09/14/17Control signaling transmission
09/14/17Method for synchronizing virtual machine location information between data center gateways, gateway, and system
09/14/17Method, apparatus and system for processing attack behavior of cloud application in cloud computing system
09/14/17Handling source routed content
09/14/17Service processing apparatus and method
09/14/17Method and coordinating body devices for communication
09/14/17Distributed hierarchial cache management system and method
09/14/17Data processing method and terminal device
09/14/17Method and information exchange in online charging
09/14/17Multi-video stream transmission
09/14/17Uplink detection-based processing method, network device, and terminal
09/14/17Device discovery method, user equipment, server, and system
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09/14/17Method and adjusting air interface capacity density
09/14/17Signal transmission method, and apparatus
09/14/17Reference signal sequence configuration method and network device
09/14/17Security processing method and system in network handover process
09/14/17Wireless local area network access point search method, apparatus, and system
09/14/17Method for performing communication by using spectrum resource and communications device
09/14/17Data transmission method and user equipment
09/14/17Method and device for establishing wireless connection
09/07/17Pilot signal generation method and apparatus
09/07/17Wavelength selective switch with monitoring ports
09/07/17Method for scheduling data flow task and apparatus
09/07/17Batch data query method and apparatus
09/07/17Multi-frequency array antenna and communications system
09/07/17System and polar encoding and decoding
09/07/17Frame structure for a physical control channel
09/07/17Method, apparatus, and device for determining modulation and coding order
09/07/17Method and managing application identifier
09/07/17Directional-traffic statistics method, device, and system
09/07/17Phase calibration method and apparatus
09/07/17Predistortion processing apparatus and method
09/07/17Method for creating port group on sdn, sdn controller, and network system
09/07/17Mail obtaining method, terminal, and system
09/07/17Data communication method, user equipment, and server
09/07/17Classifier bypass based on message sender trust and verification
09/07/17Screen sharing method, sharing device, and receiving device
09/07/17Contact information presentation method, contact information determining method, and related device
09/07/17Charging control apparatus, method, and system
09/07/17System and machine-type communications
09/07/17Registration area determining method and mobility management entity

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