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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei Administration Building
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100121
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
07/28/16 new patent  Method and device for visually presenting data preloading
07/28/16 new patent  Controller, flash memory apparatus, identifying data block stability, and storing data in flash memory apparatus
07/28/16 new patent  Method and determining semantic matching degree
07/28/16 new patent  Hash database configuration method and apparatus
07/28/16 new patent  Systems, devices and methods for distributed content interest prediction and content discovery
07/28/16 new patent  Data visualization method and apparatus
07/28/16 new patent  Method, apparatus and terminal for reconstructing three-dimensional object
07/28/16 new patent  Multi-mode feed network for antenna array
07/28/16 new patent  Tunable laser and tuning a laser
07/28/16 new patent  Power supply bus circuit
07/28/16 new patent  Method and processing signal interference
07/28/16 new patent  Precoding matrix indicator feedback method, receive end, and transmit end
07/28/16 new patent  Signal processing
07/28/16 new patent  Method and system for on-demand file repair
07/28/16 new patent  System and communicating an orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) frame format
07/28/16 new patent  Information transmission method, base station, and user equipment
07/28/16 new patent  Method and mitigation of baseline wander on an ac coupled link
07/28/16 new patent  Method and network device for transmitting data stream
07/28/16 new patent  Method and system for rate adaptation for data traffic
07/28/16 new patent  Method and implementing subscription notification
07/28/16 new patent  Method and obtaining size of transform block
07/28/16 new patent  Method for assigning and processing a label in an optical network, optical communication device, and optical communication system
07/28/16 new patent  Power control method, base station, and user equipment
07/28/16 new patent  Method and system for feeding back uplink hybrid automatic repeat request, and related device
07/21/16Method for detecting a terminal by a base station, base station, and network entity
07/21/16Thermally conductive composite sheet and making same
07/21/16Fiber patch cord apparatus, port panel, and fiber patch cord system
07/21/16Code loading method and network apparatus
07/21/16File migration method and apparatus, and storage device
07/21/16Method for sharing and searching playlists
07/21/16Voice quality evaluation method and apparatus
07/21/16Antenna array and phased array system to which antenna array is applied
07/21/16Uninterruptible power system
07/21/16Active filter and communications system
07/21/16Digital compressor for compressing an audio signal
07/21/16System and a message passing algorithm
07/21/16Communication method, base station, and user equipment
07/21/16Wavelength selective switch and controlling spatial phase modulator in wavelengths
07/21/16Self-interference signal cancellation device and method
07/21/16Control information transmission method, user equipment, and base station
07/21/16Antenna and communications device
07/21/16Frequency offset detection method and apparatus
07/21/16Data transmission method, apparatus, and system
07/21/16Methods and apparatuses to improve reception of direct detection optical signals
07/21/16Method and nfv management and orchestration
07/21/16Systems and methods for sdt to interwork with nfv and sdn
07/21/16Message forwarding method, system, and relay agent device
07/21/16Routing method, device, and system
07/21/16Load balancing internet protocol security tunnels
07/21/16Video surveillance method, surveillance server, and surveillance system
07/21/16Apparatus and compressing a set of n binaural room impulse responses
07/21/16Synchronization signal sending apparatus, sending method, receiving apparatus, and receiving method, and system
07/21/16Method and device for occupying shared spectrum
07/21/16Cell management method and base station
07/21/16Method and supporting user equipment in task execution
07/21/16Method and implementing report measurement and reporting measurement result
07/21/16Cell search terminal and related device and system
07/21/16Data packet processing method, network traffic management method, apparatus, and system
07/21/16Method and adjusting transmit power
07/21/16Synchronization method and apparatus
07/21/16Method and paging user equipment
07/21/16Uplink information sending method and apparatus, receiving method and apparatus, and communications system
07/21/16Data transmission
07/21/16Method for transmitting uplink data, user equipment, and base station
07/21/16Scheduling grant control method, user equipment, and network device
07/21/16Data transmission method, device and system
07/21/16Method for establishing bearer for machine to machine service and network transmission device
07/14/16Method and system for automatic management of dynamically allocated memory in a computing unit
07/14/16Image registration method and apparatus
07/14/16Text conversion
07/14/16Information storage apparatus and method
07/14/16Printed circuit board for antenna system
07/14/16Laser, passive optical network system, apparatus and wavelength control method
07/14/16Summation of parallel modulated signals of different wavelengths
07/14/16Method and mapping and de-mapping in an optical transport network
07/14/16Hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledgement transmission method, user equipment, and base station
07/14/16Method and device for sending pilot signal
07/14/16Control information feedback method, user equipment, and base station
07/14/16Method for sending and receiving signal, and corresponding device and system
07/14/16System and using semi-orthogonal multiple access in wireless local area networks
07/14/16Communications system, control apparatus, and network management server
07/14/16Transmission and reception devices
07/14/16Method for implementing layer 3 virtual private network and device
07/14/16Pool element status information synchronization method, pool register, and pool element
07/14/16Method for sharing a media collection in a network environment
07/14/16Session information recording method and recording server
07/14/16System and device for enabling any network functionality client or server in a html5 application
07/14/16Echo cancellation method and apparatus
07/14/16Capability matching method, apparatus, and system
07/14/16Data transmission method, base station and user equipment
07/14/16Method and transmitting signaling
07/14/16Method for cell handover, base station device and communication system
07/14/16Information determining method and related device
07/14/16Method, apparatus and system for configuring search space
07/14/16Method, device, and system for synchronizing physical layer state
07/14/16Power save method, access point device, and station device
07/14/16Uplink transmission power determining method and user equipment
07/14/16Resource allocation method, apparatus and system
07/14/16Semi-persistent scheduling method and user equipment
07/14/16Correction signal transmission method and base station
07/14/16Harq feedback using carrier aggregation
07/14/16Communication method, user equipment, and base station
07/14/16Service access method, user equipment, and radio controller
07/07/16Device and all-optical information exchange
07/07/16Method for displaying interface content and user equipment
07/07/16Memory module access method and apparatus
07/07/16Node controller and responding to request based on node controller
07/07/16Method and detecting code change
07/07/16Hardware accelerator and chip
07/07/16Method and apparatuses for monitoring system bus
07/07/16Semantic similarity evaluation method, apparatus, and system
07/07/16Measurement method, electronic device, and measurement system
07/07/16Video extraction
07/07/16Chip and electronic device
07/07/16Digital predistortion system and method based on envelope tracking and radio frequency system
07/07/16Deactivation method and system in crosstalk scenario
07/07/16Antenna device and driving antenna ports of an antenna array
07/07/16Channel state information feedback method and apparatus
07/07/16Positioning method based on visible light source, mobile terminal, and controller
07/07/16Method and transmitting and receiving interface signals of distributed base station
07/07/16Data migration method and communications node
07/07/16Data transmission method and apparatus
07/07/16Method, apparatus, and system for correcting channel of remote radio unit
07/07/16Application management method and apparatus
07/07/16Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
07/07/16Method and device for transmitting data
07/07/16Packet processing method and system, and device
07/07/16Port status synchronization method, related device, and system
07/07/16Network access method, proximity communications server, relay terminal and terminal
07/07/16Information transmission method, apparatus, and system
07/07/16Incoming call processing method and mobile terminal
07/07/16Streaming media transmission method and system, user equipment, and server
07/07/16Method for establishing backhaul link, base station, relay node, and system
07/07/16Method and joining centralized cluster
07/07/16Method, apparatus, and system for accessing to a mobile communication network
07/07/16Method and device in a wireless communication network
07/07/16Method and setting up interface between access points
07/07/16Information acquiring method, terminal, base station, and system
07/07/16Method, device, and system for sending feedback information
07/07/16Data transmission method and user equipment
07/07/16Transmit end, receive end, and coexistence of single carrier system and multicarrier system
07/07/16Channel bandwidth switching method and network equipment
07/07/16Method and device for processing qos parameter in subscription service combination scenario
07/07/16System and adaptive back-off time determination
07/07/16Method for predetermining resource in random access, user equipment, and base station
07/07/16User equipment pairing processing method, network side device, and user equipment
06/30/16Hard disk and management method
06/30/16Method for scheduling user request in distributed resource system, and apparatus
06/30/16Method and device for determining program performance interference model
06/30/16Voice signal processing method and apparatus
06/30/16Beam tracking method, apparatus, and system
06/30/16Wireless charging method and system, wireless charging device and wearable device
06/30/16Optical module availability detection method and apparatus
06/30/16Systems and methods for ofdm with flexible sub-carrier spacing and symbol duration
06/30/16Method for transmitting sounding reference signal and for indicating configuration
06/30/16Data receiving method and receiver
06/30/16Network performance prediction method and apparatus
06/30/16System and service embedding and resource orchestration
06/30/16Method for transmitting small data packet, and device
06/30/16Data frame sending method and apparatus
06/30/16Method for truncating service period, network controller, and station
06/30/16Service authority determination
06/30/16Frame transfer method, related apparatus, and communications system
06/30/16Cellular array with steerable spotlight beams
06/30/16Channel measurement method, terminal device, and base station
06/30/16System and carrier aggregation for wireless local area networks
06/30/16Cell handover
06/30/16Link failure recovery method and apparatus
06/30/16Data transmission method, apparatus and system
06/30/16Cell change method, terminal, and network device
06/30/16Method and accessing wireless sensor network
06/30/16Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
06/30/16Method, device and system for adjusting timing guidance
06/30/16Method and asynchronous ofdma/sc-fdma
06/30/16Dual band communication method and wlan device
06/30/16Method for scheduling and/or muting of radio resources in a wireless communication system
06/23/16Indoor positioning terminal, network, system and method
06/23/16I/o interface-based signal output method and apparatus
06/23/16Remote memory swapping method, apparatus and system
06/23/16Data processing method and apparatus
06/23/16Code generating method, compiler, scheduling method, scheduling apparatus and scheduling system
06/23/16Device remote access method, thin client, and virtual machine
06/23/16Resource configuration virtual machine and communications device
06/23/16Bad sector repair method and apparatus
06/23/16Method for updating data table of keyvalue database and updating table data
06/23/16Data storage method and apparatus
06/23/16Avalance photodiode
06/23/16Method and node in a wireless communication network
06/23/16Uplink signal transmission method, processing device, and system
06/23/16Method for base station backhaul, related device and system for base station backhaul
06/23/16Method and determining ethernet clock source
06/23/16Method and device for implementing hierarchical virtual private lan service
06/23/16Method and selecting preferred parent node in wireless sensor network
06/23/16Service offloading method, device, and system
06/23/16Service path protection method, controller, device and system
06/23/16Terminal status subscription method, apparatus, and system
06/23/16Anti-replay method and apparatus
06/23/16Method, device, and system for implementing prompting and collecting user information
06/23/16Method and media stream transmission, and user equipment
06/23/16Data transmission processing method and apparatus
06/23/16Method for processing non-access stratum message, user equipment, and network side device
06/23/16Base phone and additional phone implementation, answering, calling, and intercom method, and ip terminal
06/23/16Method for displaying focused image and image processing device
06/23/16Audio file playing method and apparatus
06/23/16Stereophonic sound recording method and apparatus, and terminal
06/23/16Duplex mode adaptive method and apparatus
06/23/16Alarm multi-mode base station, multi-mode base station, and communication system
06/23/16Contention adjustment method, apparatus, and system in wireless local area network
06/23/16Network offload method and apparatus
06/23/16Network device addressing method, device, and system
06/23/16Method, apparatus, and device for controlling wireless transmission
06/23/16Communications method, communications apparatus, and base station
06/23/16Information transmission method, base station, user equipment, and radio network controller
06/23/16Resource allocation method, apparatus, and system
06/16/16Apparatus and differential thermal optical switch control
06/16/16Handheld device and implementing input area position adjustment on handheld device
06/16/16Method and querying physical memory address
06/16/16Coax-waveguide adapter
06/16/16High coverage antenna array and method using grating lobe layers
06/16/16Laser, laser modulation method and laser combination system
06/16/16Fiber link recognition method, device, and system
06/16/16Coordinated multipoint (comp) techniques for reducing downlink interference from uplink signals
06/16/16Information transmission
06/16/16Server connection method and system
06/16/16User packet processing method and forwarding plane device
06/16/16Method and device for transmitting network packet
06/16/16Issuing forwarding adjacency link
06/16/16Terminal authentication method, apparatus, and system in passive optical network
06/16/16Radio access method, apparatus, and system
06/16/16Packet processing method, device and system
06/16/16Line digital signal processing device and method
06/16/16Audio signal processing method and apparatus and differential beamforming method and apparatus
06/16/16Delay estimation multiple input multiple output communications system, and system
06/16/16Signal measurement method and apparatus
06/16/16Method for controlling cell activation, base station, and terminal
06/16/16Method for controlling transmit power in multichannel system, receive end, and transmit end
06/16/16Training resource allocation method, apparatus, and system
06/16/16Method for transmitting service data, terminal, and base station
06/16/16Method and acquiring downlink quality information
06/16/16Multi-channel-based data sending method and apparatus
06/09/16Optical isolator
06/09/16Method for performing operation on intelligent wearing device by using gesture, and intelligent wearing device
06/09/16Widget area adjustment method and apparatus
06/09/16Text processing method and touchscreen device
06/09/16Method for adjusting window display position, and terminal
06/09/16Access control method and system, and access point
06/09/16Bloom filter generation method and apparatus
06/09/16Data storage distributed database

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