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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Huawei Administration Building
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100114
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100107
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20100121
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd_20131212
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Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Huawei Technologies Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Huawei Technologies Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033911811/26/15  new patent  Upgrade processing method, apparatus and system for cpld
22015033911911/26/15  new patent  System and method thereof for creating dynamically attachable and detachable binary files
32015033912911/26/15  new patent  System and method thereof to optimize boot time of computers having multiple cpu's
42015033974811/26/15  new patent  Radio channel control method, traffic package trading and recommending methods, and related device
52015034094211/26/15  new patent  Switching mode power supply
62015034099611/26/15  new patent  Power amplifier, transceiver, and base station
72015034118911/26/15  new patent  Base station deployment configuration base station, base station, and server
82015034123511/26/15  new patent  Packet processing method, forwarder, packet processing device, and packet processing system
92015034124811/26/15  new patent  Method for detecting network transmission status and related device
102015034125011/26/15  new patent  Method, device and system for processing oam packet
112015034125911/26/15  new patent  Routing management method, routing method, network controller, and router
122015034127411/26/15  new patent  Bandwidth information notification method, network node and communication system
132015034140411/26/15  new patent  Method and transmitting streaming media data
142015034144311/26/15  new patent  Method for keeping application online, always-online controller, and device
152015034144811/26/15  new patent  Method, system, service selection entity, and service management entity for selectingservice provision entity
162015034182411/26/15  new patent  Method and admission control of wireless communications network
172015034183711/26/15  new patent  Access processing method, apparatus and system
182015034184311/26/15  new patent  Method, device and system for establishing on-demand route
192015034186311/26/15  new patent  Method and adjusting network configuration
202015034186711/26/15  new patent  Power control method and apparatus
212015034190711/26/15  new patent  Method for transmitting data, acquiring data, base station, and user equipment
222015034191511/26/15  new patent  Carrier indication method, user equipment, and base station
232015034195011/26/15  new patent  Method and obtaining mapping between random access parameter and resource
242015034195411/26/15  new patent  Data transmission method, apparatus and system
252015034195711/26/15  new patent  System information scheduling method and apparatus
262015034196011/26/15  new patent  Data transmission method and apparatus
272015034197511/26/15  new patent  Method for transmitting information, base station, and user equipment
282015034198411/26/15  new patent  Data exchange method and apparatus
292015033166811/19/15 Non-contact gesture control method, and electronic terminal device
302015033173911/19/15 Method and controlling sending of heartbeat signal
312015033189811/19/15 Method and concurrent access of mixed services
322015033268811/19/15 Method for predicting bandwidth extension frequency band signal, and decoding device
332015033269911/19/15 Method for predicting high frequency band signal, encoding device, and decoding device
342015033344611/19/15 Blind-mate integrated connector
352015033352611/19/15 Power supply system, electronic device, and electricity distribution electronic device
362015033380911/19/15 Uplink interference inhibition
372015033388111/19/15 Method for carrier aggregation transmission and realizing carrier aggregation transmission
382015033389711/19/15 Method and using serial port in time division multiplexing manner
392015033392011/19/15 Sleeping link waking method and apparatus
402015033393411/19/15 Method and channel estimation
412015033395811/19/15 Method and configuring packet forwarding manner
422015033396411/19/15 Application scenario identification method, power consumption management method, apparatus, and terminal device
432015033403311/19/15 Data transmission method and related apparatus
442015033403711/19/15 Method and buffering data
452015033404811/19/15 Traffic adjustment method and apparatus
462015033405511/19/15 Packet processing method and forwarding element
472015033405611/19/15 Cell processing method and apparatus
482015033408511/19/15 Method and acquiring ip address by dhcp client
492015033412411/19/15 Method and processing packet on trill network
502015033424311/19/15 Method and system for interoperation between multiple conference systems
512015033434711/19/15 Video sms message sending and receiving methods and apparatuses thereof, and handheld electronic device
522015033450111/19/15 Method and generating sideband residual signal
532015033459911/19/15 System and dynamic resource allocation over licensed and unlicensed spectrums
542015033460111/19/15 Multi-standard network convergence method, device, and system
552015033463411/19/15 Device, system, and customizing user-defined mobile network
562015033464211/19/15 System and communicating wireless transmissions spanning both licensed and un-licensed spectrum
572015033464311/19/15 System and communicating traffic over licensed or un-licensed spectrums based on quality of service (qos) constraints of the traffic
582015033467011/19/15 Synchronization method and base station
592015033469211/19/15 Method for sending and receiving control information, apparatus and communication system
602015033469611/19/15 Resource provisioning method
612015033469711/19/15 Method for implementing radio resource control protocol function, macro base station, and micro cell node
622015033471211/19/15 System and joint transmission over licensed and unlicensed bands using fountain codes
632015033473311/19/15 Data scheduling
642015033473911/19/15 Uplink transmission method, base station and user equipment
652015033474711/19/15 Method for accessing wireless communication node, wireless communication node, and system for accessing wireless communication node
662015033474811/19/15 Random access method and user equipment
672015032360211/12/15 Monitoring method, monitoring apparatus, and electronic device
682015032423211/12/15 Resource management virtual machine system, and virtual machine system
692015032426811/12/15 Method, device, and system for processing pcie link fault
702015032428911/12/15 Data access system, memory sharing device, and data reading method
712015032437111/12/15 Data processing in distributed file storage system
722015032444811/12/15 Information recommendation processing method and apparatus
732015032477511/12/15 Method and server for sending and lending digital service content
742015032525611/12/15 Method and detecting voice signal
752015032591211/12/15 Millimeter wave phased-array beam alignment method and communications device
762015032610411/12/15 Power supply bus circuit
772015032620711/12/15 Switch, antenna tuner, and radio frequency apparatus
782015032629611/12/15 Method and providing generic hierarchical precoding codebooks
792015032635411/12/15 Method for processing feedback information, base station, and user equipment
802015032635611/12/15 Method and sending and detecting discovery reference signal
812015032636511/12/15 Method for transmitting pilot signal, receiving pilot signal, base station, and user equipment
822015032636611/12/15 Measurement method, user equipment, base station, and wireless communications system
832015032640111/12/15 Method, apparatus, and system for increasing network security
842015032669511/12/15 Method for processing data packet and apparatus
852015032682611/12/15 Method and terminal for transmitting information
862015032689811/12/15 Method, device and system for evaluating user experience value of video quality
872015032702711/12/15 Method, apparatus and system for group session
882015032703111/12/15 Service processing method and related device
892015032705311/12/15 Communications system, capability openness gateway, and opening wireless pipe capability
902015032707911/12/15 Method and device for activating capacity station by using wave beams
912015032708711/12/15 Method and determining connection relationship between an antenna feeding port of base station and an antenna port
922015032709711/12/15 Measurement method, cell measurement method, apparatus, and communications node
932015032709811/12/15 Measurement method and apparatus, and communications node
942015032711111/12/15 Method, apparatus, and system for establishing bearer
952015032713411/12/15 Inter-frequency neighboring cell proximity detection method, inter-frequency neighboring cell measurement method, radio network controller, and user equipment
962015032715411/12/15 Information transmission method, base station, and user equipment
972015032721611/12/15 Network accessing mobile terminal and mobile terminal
982015032721711/12/15 System and orthogonal frequency division multiple access communications
992015032722111/12/15 Method and sending control signaling
1002015032722411/12/15 Detecting method, transmitting common control channel
1012015032722511/12/15 Method for sending control information, base station, and user equipment
1022015032722611/12/15 Pdsch transmission method and apparatus
1032015032722711/12/15 Methods and nodes in a wireless communication system
1042015032723411/12/15 Mobile station, base station and wireless communication method
1052015032723611/12/15 Data transmission method, base station, and user equipment
1062015032724211/12/15 Scheduling method and scheduling user equipment in communications system
1072015032725111/12/15 Conditional uplink timing alignment in a mobile station device of a radio communication system
1082015032725711/12/15 Uplink data receiving method and apparatus of wireless transceiver device
1092015032727111/12/15 Epdcch candidate determining
1102015032729311/12/15 Method and scheduling user equipment on full-duplex cellular network
1112015032729411/12/15 Uplink feedback method, user equipment, and base station
1122015031724611/05/15 Memory reclamation method and apparatus
1132015031737111/05/15 Method, device, and system for peer-to-peer data replication and method, device, and system for master node switching
1142015031859211/05/15 Tem mode dielectric filter and manufacturing method thereof
1152015031890711/05/15 Method for determining rank indication ri bit number, base station, and terminal
1162015031895511/05/15 Decoding method and apparatus
1172015031896711/05/15 Method and device for transmitting information
1182015031897311/05/15 Reference signal measurement method, reference signal sending method, and related device
1192015031898111/05/15 Time-to-digital converter, all digital phase locked loop circuit, and method
1202015031903611/05/15 Network transaction control method and executing method, network controller, and forwarding device
1212015031906911/05/15 Method, apparatus, and system for identifying abnormal ip data stream
1222015031907411/05/15 Cluster and forwarding method
1232015031908211/05/15 Method, rb and trill network for implementing trill oam packet
1242015031909011/05/15 Method and notifying network abnormality
1252015031945911/05/15 Methods and apparatuses for coding and decoding depth map
1262015031961511/05/15 Control network admission
1272015031961811/05/15 Communication security processing method, and apparatus
1282015031972711/05/15 User equipment registration method, proximity service server, and mobility management entity
1292015031973111/05/15 Positioning processing method, apparatus, and system
1302015031973411/05/15 Discontinuous reception communication synchronization method and apparatus
1312015031977911/05/15 Radio communication method, network side device and user equipment
1322015030740210/29/15 Ceramic casing structural part and preparing method thereof
1332015030926510/29/15 Apparatus and methods for scalable photonic packet architectures using pic switches
1342015030952210/29/15 Control method and apparatus
1352015030983210/29/15 Isolation management virtual machine and apparatus
1362015030983910/29/15 Virtual machine live migration method, virtual machine memory data processing method, server, and virtual machine system
1372015030984210/29/15 Core resource allocation method and apparatus, and many-core system
1382015030989610/29/15 Method, system, and cloud application redundancy
1392015031086410/29/15 Method, interaction device, server, and system for speech recognition
1402015031188810/29/15 Clock frequency modulation method and clock frequency modulation apparatus
1412015031192810/29/15 Adaptive radio-frequency interference cancelling device, method, and receiver
1422015031194910/29/15 Signal processing method in dsl system, apparatus, and system
1432015031196110/29/15 Dynamic clustering for radio coordination in a virtual network
1442015031196610/29/15 Method and system for precoding data
1452015031199410/29/15 User equipment and estimating an inter cell interference
1462015031201810/29/15 Radio frequency circuit and mobile terminal
1472015031259210/29/15 Methods and apparatuses for coding and decoding depth map
1482015031259610/29/15 Image processing method and apparatus
1492015031265710/29/15 Data center network and deploying the data center network
1502015031274010/29/15 Information sending method, network device, and terminal
1512015031280910/29/15 Method and device for selecting long term evolution lte network
1522015031282910/29/15 Offload processing method, control unit, and system
1532015031285010/29/15 Method, apparatus, and system for collecting information about wireless local area network access point
1542015031288710/29/15 Preamble sequence transmission method, apparatus, and system
1552015031289410/29/15 Method for preforming communications in wireless software defined network and apparatus thereof
1562015031290410/29/15 Master-slave base station cluster, central unit, remote unit, and information processing method
1572015031292110/29/15 Method and converting communication modes
1582015031293110/29/15 Method, device and system for scheduling data flow
1592015031294310/29/15 Scheduling signaling transmission
1602015030202410/22/15 Storage processing data operation request
1612015030175910/22/15 Method and system for sharing storage resource
1622015030176410/22/15 Hard disk and methods for forwarding and acquiring data by hard disk
1632015030181010/22/15 Data processing method and apparatus
1642015030181410/22/15 Application deployment method and scheduler
1652015030189110/22/15 Data recovery
1662015030191710/22/15 Memory monitoring method and related apparatus
1672015030211110/22/15 Method and constructing file system in key-value storage system, and electronic device
1682015030236310/22/15 Meeting scheduling method, device, and system
1692015030286010/22/15 Audio signal coding and decoding
1702015030391910/22/15 Level shifter and digital to analog converter
1712015030398210/22/15 Radio frequency antenna switch
1722015030400810/22/15 Method for feeding backchannel state information, user equipment, and base station
1732015030401010/22/15 Channel state information reporting method, user equipment, and base station
1742015030406010/22/15 Data transmission method, device, and system
1752015030412010/22/15 Video conference scheduling method and apparatus
1762015030416010/22/15 System and opening network capability, and related network element
1772015030421210/22/15 Method and matching flow table, and switch
1782015030421810/22/15 Control channel establishing method, forwarding point, and controller
1792015030436010/22/15 Videoconferencing information presentation method, apparatus, and system
1802015030440410/22/15 System architecture, subsystem, and opening telecommunications network capability
1812015030440510/22/15 System, method, and device for providing application service
1822015030441710/22/15 Data synchronization method, and device
1832015030446210/22/15 Network device and packet processing method
1842015030454510/22/15 Method and electronic device for implementing refocusing
1852015030460910/22/15 Picture control method, terminal, and video conferencing apparatus
1862015030486010/22/15 Method, base station, and system for sending rrc signaling
1872015030487710/22/15 Positioning method, apparatus, and system
1882015030488910/22/15 Load balancing method and network control node
1892015030489010/22/15 Apparatus and implementing common public radio interface negotiation state machine
1902015030490010/22/15 Communication system, network handover processing method and apparatus
1912015030490810/22/15 Method, apparatus, and system for selecting pdn gateway
1922015030493910/22/15 Capability opening system, gateway, agent, and wireless network
1932015030498710/22/15 Paging in wireless communications system
1942015030498810/22/15 Mobility management
1952015030501010/22/15 Information transmission method and apparatus
1962015030503310/22/15 Method and base station for data transmission
1972015030508410/22/15 Transmission control method, transmission method, and device
1982015030519410/22/15 Heat dissipation system and communications device
1992015030519510/22/15 Heat dissipation apparatus and cabinet body having the same
2002015030521010/22/15 Electronic component package structure and electronic device
2012015029357210/15/15 Power sourcing equipment chip, power sourcing equipment, and power over ethernet system and method
2022015029370710/15/15 Partition extension method and apparatus
2032015029371910/15/15 Storage space processing method and apparatus, and non-volatile computer readable storage medium
2042015029379410/15/15 Processing a multicore processor and multicore processor
2052015029381610/15/15 Data processing method and apparatus
2062015029385610/15/15 Disk array flushing method and disk array flushing apparatus
2072015029385910/15/15 Memory access processing method, memory chip, and system based on memory chip interconnection
2082015029387310/15/15 Method and extending pcie domain
2092015029400110/15/15 Method and creating data cube in streaming manner based on distributed system
2102015029530810/15/15 Antenna system
2112015029559010/15/15 Method and decoder for reconstructing a source signal
2122015029561010/15/15 Glasses-type communications apparatus, system, and method
2132015029562110/15/15 Method and device for line initialization
2142015029566510/15/15 Frequency divider and radio communications device
2152015029569810/15/15 Signal processing
2162015029581310/15/15 Method and determining traffic forwarding path and communications system
2172015029582510/15/15 Look-up table creation method and query method, controller, forwarding device, and system
2182015029582810/15/15 Packet transmission method and apparatus
2192015029584710/15/15 Resource reservation method and system, and convergence device
2202015029593810/15/15 Method and preventing unauthorized service access
2212015029597410/15/15 Method, user equipment and application server for adding media stream of multimedia session
2222015029607810/15/15 Call identifying method and apparatus
2232015029620810/15/15 Method and device for assessing video encoding quality
2242015029622110/15/15 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
2252015029638710/15/15 Spectrum resource sharing method, and base station
2262015029639210/15/15 Method and creating virtual base station
2272015029640610/15/15 Traffic distribution method, device, and system
2282015029642310/15/15 Circuit switched fallback handover method and apparatus, and base station
2292015029644710/15/15 Wireless local area network access point search method, apparatus, and system
2302015029644810/15/15 Method and device for message processing between communications systems
2312015029644910/15/15 Method and device for network selection from shared network
2322015029655910/15/15 Method and data transmission
2332015028600310/08/15 Optical component and optical device
2342015028807610/08/15 Single radio frequency double-stream transmission apparatus, use method and antenna system
2352015028839510/08/15 Decision feedback equalizer and receiver
2362015028841810/08/15 Crosstalk suppression method and apparatus
2372015028844410/08/15 Service protection method, optical line terminal, and system in passive optical network
2382015028844610/08/15 Fiber recognition method, optical line terminal, and recognition system
2392015028847710/08/15 Line card, optical module, and optical network device
2402015028848410/08/15 Communications method, system, and optical network system
2412015028849010/08/15 Carrier allocation method, user equipment, and base station
2422015028858110/08/15 Ipv6 address tracing method, apparatus, and system
2432015028860010/08/15 Cross-device linear multiplex section protection method, gateway and controller
2442015028860110/08/15 Ip data packet sending method and label switching router
2452015028865110/08/15 Ip packet processing method and apparatus, and network system
2462015028868310/08/15 Method, device, and system for authentication
2472015028870710/08/15 Virus detecting
2482015028892410/08/15 Information processing video communication
2492015028915110/08/15 Method for determining scrambling code conflict and determining scrambling code conflict

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