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Hubbell Incorporated
Hubbell Incorporated A Connecticut Corporation
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Hubbell Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Hubbell Incorporated. Hubbell Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hubbell Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hubbell Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Enclosure cover assemblies

Enclosure cover assemblies for use with direct burial enclosures are provided. The enclosure cover assembly includes a frame that is secured to the enclosure and a cover separately secured to the frame. The frame and cover are made of metal while the enclosure is made of a high strength material.... Hubbell Incorporated

Flexible cable support grips for flat cables

A cable grip for a flat cable is provided. The cable grip includes a wire and a tapered wedge lock secured to the wire to define a closed eye. The tapered wedge lock forms a two-sided compression connection on the flat cable.... Hubbell Incorporated

Internally switched female receptacle or connector with plug-latching safety interlock

An internally switched female receptacle or connector for use with IEC 60309-2 configuration plugs and the like. Various plug-latching and plug-actuated safety interlock arrangements coordinate strictly axial plug movement relative to the receptacle with the closing and opening of sleeve contacts and terminal pressure contacts. A continuous ground feature ensures... Hubbell Incorporated

Compression couplings

A compression coupling includes a sealing joint for sealingly coupling a pipe to the compression coupling and a restraining joint separate from the sealing joint for restraining the pipe to the compression coupling.... Hubbell Incorporated

Clamp on bonding jumper

A bonding jumper system includes a clamp capable of clamping a bonding jumper to a structure and a clamp bolt operationally associated with the clamp, the clamp bolt further including a ground post for attaching a ground cable.... Hubbell Incorporated

Electrical connector for cables containing both power and control conductors

A connector for connecting control conductors provided in conduits also containing power conductors, the connector including a first guide for receiving a first at least one control conductor provided in a first conduit also containing at least one power conductor, a second guide for receiving a second at least one... Hubbell Incorporated

Universal pole mounting assembly for mounting an enclosure to a pole

Universal pole mounting assemblies and kits for mounting enclosures, such as electrical enclosures, to poles, such as utility poles is provided. Each pole mounting assembly includes a pair of arms, a mounting member and a pole mounting member. The pair of arms can be adjusted to fit the width of... Hubbell Incorporated

Self-diagnostic fault identification system for emergency lighting unit

An emergency lighting device includes a housing, a light emitter positioned in the housing, a control circuit positioned in the housing and operatively connected to the light emitter, an indicator light positioned in the housing, and a fault indicator circuit positioned in the housing and operatively connected to the indicator... Hubbell Incorporated

Splice with tap clamp

A wire connection system for providing electrical communication between a first conductor and a second conductor includes a housing having a sidewall, a housing surface, and a housing channel. The sidewall extends between a first end and a second end and at least partially encloses a housing chamber. The connection... Hubbell Incorporated

Separable clasp connectors and die sets and methods for locking and unlocking such connectors

A separable clasp connector is provided that has first and second parts that are pivotable with respect to one another by a die set. The clasp connector includes one or more die alignment features to ensure proper alignment with the die set so as to apply an unlocking force in... Hubbell Incorporated

Actuator assembly for electrical switches housed in an enclosure

An actuator assembly for actuating electrical switches housed in an electrical enclosure is disclosed. The assembly includes at least one handle assembly including a handle positioned above a cover of the enclosure, a trip bracket positioned below the cover and a shaft connecting the handle to the trip bracket. At... Hubbell Incorporated

Separable clasp connectors and die sets and methods for locking and unlocking such connectors

Die sets and methods are provided to move a separable clasp connector back-and-forth among a locked position and an unlocked position. The method can include the steps of obtaining a first part and a second part each having a connector body and a connector barrel; interconnecting the connector bodies of... Hubbell Incorporated

Weather resistant floor box with draining chamber

A floor box for accommodating and protecting an electrical device such as a receptacle includes a housing and a cover. The floor box can be placed within a floor or ground. Rain water or other liquids that enter the floor box are isolated from the electrical device within the box... Hubbell Incorporated

Wire management clips

A wire management clip includes a wire compartment, a first clip compartment and a second clip compartment arranged perpendicular to the first clip compartment. The wire management clip may also include a retaining member extending into the first clip compartment for contacting a surface of a structure. The wire management... Hubbell Incorporated

Mounting bracket with far side support

An electrical box mounting bracket includes a mounting frame having a central opening. A removable support member is coupled to an inner edge of the central opening by a frangible tab. A removable extension member is coupled to the support member by a frangible tab that can be removed and... Hubbell Incorporated

Tap clamp

A clamp provides electrical communication between a first conductor and a second conductor. The clamp includes a first housing portion having a first surface, a second surface, a first housing bore, and a cavity, the first housing bore extending along a longitudinal axis. The clamp further includes a clamp member... Hubbell Incorporated

Mold and forming a molded part

A mold includes a first mold portion, a second mold portion, and a projection. The second mold portion is secured against the first mold portion along a draw axis to form at least one mold cavity. The second mold portion includes an internal surface oriented at an oblique angle relative... Hubbell Incorporated

Spring assist cable clamps

Cable clamps configured to be installed from the ground with an extendable reach tool, such as a hot stick, are provided. Initial spring tension temporarily holds a drop cable in a drop cable section of the clamp, and a main span cable can be guided into a main span section... Hubbell Incorporated

Spring assist cable clamps

A cable clamp for clamping drop cables to main span cables. The cable clamp has a body that includes an elongated drop cable guide, an elongated main span cable guide, and main body section between the drop cable guide and the main span cable guide. The body has a lower... Hubbell Incorporated

Ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) system and method

A wiring device including one or more line contact arms electrically connected to a line terminal. Each line contact arm has an upper line contact located on a bent portion of the line contact arm, and a lower line contact located on a substantially straight portion of the line contact... Hubbell Incorporated

Outdoor weather resistant outlet cover

An in-use outlet cover includes a base configured to be positioned over an electrical receptacle. The base having a recessed portion at least partially defining a chamber configured to receive a plug to connect a load to the outlet. A cover assembly is pivotally connected to the base. An expandable... Hubbell Incorporated

Delay circuit for circuit interrupting device

A delay circuit configured to delay the disconnection of one or more line conductors from one or more load conductors, wherein the one or more line conductors are disconnected from the one or more load conductors in a tripped condition. The delay circuit includes a first switch, a second switch,... Hubbell Incorporated

Modular area luminaire

A method of assembling a luminaire includes providing a housing rear section, a first housing middle section, and a housing front section. The housing rear section includes a control component. The first housing middle section is configured to removably connect to the housing rear section. The first housing middle section... Hubbell Incorporated

Transmission line measuring device and connectivity and monitoring

A method for connecting low power radios into a self-assembling and self-healing network with multiple portals to higher speed networks such as, but not limited to, electrical or optical Ethernet is provided for monitoring transmission lines, for example, or other monitoring application. An arrangement of sensors is provided (e.g., sensors... Hubbell Incorporated

Pipe fittings

Improvements to stab-type pipe fittings capable of being inserted onto plastic pipes and provide a leak proof connection are provided. The pipe fittings have an outer casing with pipe ports, a hollow inner casing positioned within the outer casing, a pipe gripper and stiffener positioned within the inner casing. The... Hubbell Incorporated

Emergency lighting assembly having heat conducting member

An emergency lighting assembly is provided having a housing with one or more adjustable lamp assemblies for aiming the light at selected areas. The lamp assembly is mounted in the housing by a ball and socket arrangement. The lamp assembly has a substantially spherical shape with a front section made... Hubbell Incorporated

Medium or high voltage switch bushing

A medium or high voltage switch is provided. The medium or high voltage switch includes a bottle assembly and a bushing. The bottle assembly includes a bottle formed of a first material and defining a chamber. The bottle assembly further includes a plurality of contacts for selectively opening and closing... Hubbell Incorporated

Push wire connectors

Configurations for push wire connectors and for electrical wiring devices that mate with or connect to the push wire connectors are disclosed. The push wire connectors have a housing and one or more contact assembly positioned within the housing. Each contact assembly has one or more contact openings to allow... Hubbell Incorporated

Electrical connection devices with welded wire leads

A grounding system includes an electrical connection device and a ground rod is provided. The electrical connection device includes a ground rod driver, such as a coupler, capable of being connected to the ground rod, and a conductor cable that is welded to the ground rod driver.... Hubbell Incorporated

Electrical connector and die set with a connector guide

Die sets for crimping busses to electrical connectors are provided. The die set includes a pair of dies where one die has a guide member for aligning the dies with the electrical connector, and the other die has a one or more indentors for impacting the electrical connector. The electrical... Hubbell Incorporated

Power switch enclosure

A power switch including a contact configured to selectively electrically connect a line input to a load output, a switch configured to selectively control the contract, and an indicator. The contact has a closed position in which the line input is electrically connected to the load output, and an open... Hubbell Incorporated

Adjustable mud ring assemblies

An adjustable mud ring assembly is provided that includes a base plate, a movable ring, and an indexing screw configured to move the movable ring with respect to the base plate between a first position and a second position. The base plate has a junction box connecting portion, a support... Hubbell Incorporated

Horticultural light

A horticultural lighting system and method for controlling same. Lights operating at different peak wavelengths, which affect the color of lights, can be optimized for different plant species during different stages of growth. The present disclosure pertains to a horticultural light, a system of horticultural lights, and a method for... Hubbell Incorporated

Collar and anchor kits

Precast collars for screw type anchors that have a body made of a high strength composite or concrete material. The body having an opening to receive an anchor base head portion of an anchor so that a structure to be supported by the anchor is in direct contact with the... Hubbell Incorporated

Water resistant pop-up outlet

A pop-up outlet includes a lower housing configured to receive one or more conductors. A middle housing is connected to the lower housing. An upper housing is moveably connected to the middle housing. An outlet is positioned in the upper housing having an outlet body and at least one receptacle... Hubbell Incorporated

12/28/17 / #20170373452

Splice assembly and brush for same

A splice assembly for engaging a conductor includes a brush configured to engage the conductor. The brush includes a housing having a first portion and a second portion. The housing defines a housing axis extending between the first portion and the second portion. The first portion defines a cavity having... Hubbell Incorporated

12/28/17 / #20170373477

Cable connector and electrical box

A cable connector is provided for coupling to and mounted within the internal cavity of an electrical box for securing an electrical cable passing through an opening in the electrical box. The cable connector includes a housing having a first end positioned next to or adjacent the cable opening in... Hubbell Incorporated

12/21/17 / #20170365990

Snap-on screwless wallplate wiring device

A wall cover plate is provided for connecting directly to an electrical wiring device without the use of the base plate or adapter plate. The wall plate can have a connector such as a hook and/or prong that engages the housing for the mounting strap of the electrical wiring device.... Hubbell Incorporated

12/21/17 / #20170366672

Internet protocol (ip) serverless page party (spp) station and deploying multiple spp stations

A serverless Page Party (SPP) station is provided for page announcing and party line conferencing that is configured to implement mutual provisioning to allow all SPP stations within a system to mutually maintain their configurations in runtime, and multiple master station negotiation and master failover. Plural SPP stations are connected... Hubbell Incorporated

12/14/17 / #20170356570

Load bearing clamp for transmitting loads to a shaft

The present disclosure provides a load bearing clamp including a first clamp member, the first clamp member including a first semi-annular clamping surface, a second clamp member, the second clamp member including a second semi-annular clamping surface, the second semi-annular clamping surface opposing the first semi-annular clamping surface and at... Hubbell Incorporated

12/14/17 / #20170358872

Clamping assembly for attaching a grounding conductor to a pipe having a protective coating

A clamping assembly for attaching a grounding conductor to a pipe having a protective coating includes an elongate conductive strap and a clamp. The conductive strap is sufficiently long to circumferentially surround the pipe and has longitudinally spaced sharp projections that are sufficient to penetrate the protective coating around the... Hubbell Incorporated

12/14/17 / #20170358886

Tamper resistant mechanism for electrical wiring devices

Tamper resistant cartridges for electrical devices are provided. The tamper resistant cartridges include a housing and one or more tamper resistant assemblies configured to normally block access to electrical contacts with the electrical device, and to permit access to such electrical contacts when the line phase prongs of a plug... Hubbell Incorporated

12/14/17 / #20170358912

Masonry box positioning support

An electrical box support is provided for coupling to the side wall of an electrical box to support the electrical box in an opening formed in a hollow core building block. The support has a flange at the front edge and tab at a front edge that clips onto the... Hubbell Incorporated

12/07/17 / #20170348795

Tools for use in confined spaces

A tool assembly for performing operations in confined spaces, the tool assembly includes a telescoping pole having a proximal end and a distal end. The telescoping pole is capable of extending between a retracted position and an extended position. A working tool is connected to the distal end of the... Hubbell Incorporated

12/07/17 / #20170352978

Water resistant electrical devices

An electrical outlet device includes water-resistant components to prevent the ingress of water to electrical components. One example includes a faceplate having a front surface, an outer edge extending around the front surface, and a first outlet opening extending through the front surface. A water-resistant seal is connected to the... Hubbell Incorporated

12/07/17 / #20170353019

Swing arm assembly for a utility vault housing a utility equipment

A swing arm assembly for a utility vault housing a utility equipment includes a swing arm bracket for supporting the utility equipment and a latch support arm both rotatably coupled to a sidewall of the utility vault. A latch pin is attached to one of the swing arm bracket and... Hubbell Incorporated

12/07/17 / #20170353441

System and securely changing network configuration settings to multiplexers in an industrial control system

A secure control system includes a network of multiplexers that control end/field devices of an infrastructure system, such as an electric power grid. The multiplexers have a default secure lockdown state that prevents remote access to data on the multiplexers and prevents modification of software or firmware of the multiplexer.... Hubbell Incorporated

11/30/17 / #20170341120

Helical bending device

A bending device for forming a product from a workpiece includes a shaft driven to rotate by a motor, an actuator including an extendable end configured to secure a portion of the workpiece, and a die coupled to the shaft and driven about an axis. The die includes a peripheral... Hubbell Incorporated

11/30/17 / #20170345592

Air break electrical switch having a blade toggle mechanism

A high voltage/high current air break switch, the switch including a support frame and a blade pivotally supported by the support frame, so as to be pivotable relative to the support frame. The blade includes a load interrupter between a blade support and the distal end of the blade. And... Hubbell Incorporated

11/30/17 / #20170346198

Oxide inhibitor capsule

An electrical connector assembly includes an electrical connector having a conductor receiving portion. The conductor receiving portion defines a cavity. The electrical connector assembly further includes a capsule positioned within the cavity of the conductor receiving portion. The capsule contains oxide inhibitor. The capsule is configured to release the oxide... Hubbell Incorporated

11/30/17 / #20170346235

Electrical receptacle

An electrical receptacle is selectively coupled to a power plug, and the power plug includes a plurality of prongs insertable into the electrical receptacle. The electrical receptacle includes a contact configured to be engageable with one of the plurality of prongs, a power relay in electrical communication with the power... Hubbell Incorporated

11/30/17 / #20170346269

Utility enclosure apron

Precast utility enclosure aprons for buried utility enclosures that have an angled top surface to direct water, ice and debris away from the center of the apron and to limit damage to the apron and utility enclosure caused by impacts to the apron.... Hubbell Incorporated

11/23/17 / #20170336060

Adjustable dual optic directional lamp assembly

A light fixture includes an adjustable bracket, a pivot plate, a lamp bracket, and a lamp. The adjustable bracket is rotatable about a first axis. The pivot plate is connected to the adjustable bracket and rotatable about a second axis different from the first axis. The lamp bracket is removably... Hubbell Incorporated

11/23/17 / #20170338068

Current interrupter for high voltage switches

The present invention provides a vacuum interrupter for interrupting a voltage. The vacuum interrupter includes a vacuum bottle housing having an interior and an exterior, and at least one vacuum bottle positioned within the interior of the vacuum bottle housing. The at least one vacuum bottle includes axially separable contacts... Hubbell Incorporated

11/16/17 / #20170331233

Power connector with integrated power monitoring

An electronic power connector including a contact and a contact core. The contact is configured to electrically connect a power supply to a load. The contact core is configured to receive the contact. The contact core includes a transformer winding configured to sense a current and a sensor slot configured... Hubbell Incorporated

11/09/17 / #20170321854

Cable management systems with integrated low voltage lighting

Cable management systems that include a light source, such as a low voltage light source, integrally formed into or mounted to a cable management frame.... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170316660

Light fixture

A light fixture includes a housing having a first portion and a second portion. The light fixture further includes a first light emitting element supported within the first portion of the housing, and a second light emitting element supported within the second portion of the housing. The second light emitting... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170316908

Recloser battery assembly

A circuit interrupting device for use with a electrical power distribution system includes a housing containing a circuit interrupting mechanism. A battery tube is positioned in the housing. A battery assembly is configured to be inserted into the battery tube. The battery assembly includes a battery assembly body having a... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170317319

Recloser battery assembly with torque-limiting cap

A circuit interrupting device for use with an electrical power distribution system includes a housing containing a circuit interrupting mechanism. A battery tube is positioned in the housing. A battery assembly is configured to be inserted into the battery tube. The battery assembly includes an assembly body having a first... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170317320

Recloser battery assembly with hot stick adaptor and battery tube adaptor

A circuit interrupting device for use with an electrical power distribution system includes a housing containing a circuit interrupting device. A battery tube is positioned in the housing. A battery assembly is configured to be inserted into the battery tube. The battery assembly includes a assembly body having a first... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170317457

Pad extending member

A pad extender for coupling a connector coupled to a conductor cable to a lug terminal member of a transformer. The pad extender includes a planar body having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion has a first axis. The pad extender further includes an elongated slot... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170317461

In-line hydraulic crimp tool

A crimp tool having jaw members joined in a tongue-in-groove connection held in place by a locking pin. Each jaw member being tapered and including weight reducing pockets defined in respective sidewalls. Each jaw member includes a locking tab on an outside edge that mates with a respective locking tab... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170317486

Whip and loop interrupter combination

A circuit interrupting device including a loop split interrupter for interrupting a loop split circuit with a high current and a low voltage and a quick whip interrupter for interrupting a charging circuit with a low current and a high voltage.... Hubbell Incorporated

11/02/17 / #20170318641

Current splitter for led lighting system

Systems and methods for controlling a light emitting diode (LED) system having a plurality of LED arrays are provided. The lighting system can include a dimmable LED driver circuit configured to provide a driver output suitable for providing a driver current to the LED arrays. A current splitter circuit can... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307145

Multi-function lighting fixture

Multi-function lighting fixtures are provided. In one example implementation, a lighting fixture may include an optical housing extending lengthwise between a first end and a second end. The optical housing may include a plurality of light sources disposed within an interior of the optical housing and a plurality of optical... Hubbell Incorporated

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10/26/17 / #20170307149

Lighting fixture

Lighting fixtures are provided. In one example implementation, the lighting fixture can include a housing portion and one or more modular lighting components mechanically coupled to the housing portion. Each modular lighting component can include a lighting assembly (e.g., an LED lighting assembly) and a heat sink portion. The one... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307152

Wall mount light fixture

A wall mounted light fixture includes a body at least partially defining a housing. The body has a first side facing an interior of the housing and a second side facing the exterior of the housing. The first side of the body has a plurality of front connecting features and... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307153

Adjustable lighting fixture

Lighting fixtures having adjustable components configured to accommodate the application of force (e.g., from a moving patient bed) are provided. In one example embodiment, a lighting fixture can include a housing configured to house a light source. The lighting fixture can include a mounting bracket configured to attach with the... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307154

Canopy luminaire and luminaire mounting assembly

A luminaire includes a luminaire housing having a lower wall, an upper wall, and a plurality of side walls defining a first interior. A first control component is positioned in the interior. A light emitter is connected to the housing and operatively connected to the control component. A control module... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307180

Wall wash light fixture

A wall wash light fixture includes a housing having an upper wall, a first side wall, and a second side wall at least partially defining an interior. The first side wall and the second side wall each include a first mounting feature having a projection extending into the interior. A... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307181

Bay luminaire with interchangeable housing components

A luminaire includes a light emitter and a housing connected to a heat sink. The housing is made from two different types of panels and retains one or more control components. The luminaire can also include a heat sink which connects the housing and the light emitter.... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307182

Bay luminaire with yoke assembly

A high bay luminaire includes a heat sink having a substantially disc-shaped configuration. A light emitter is connected to the heat sink. A reflector is connected to the heat sink. A yoke is connected to the heat sink. The yoke has a first arm, a second arm, and a top... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170307197

Lighting fixture

Lighting fixtures are provided. In one example implementation, a lighting fixture can include a housing, one or more drivers, and means for securing the one or more drivers to the housing to decrease thermal resistance between one or more of the drivers and the housing. The lighting fixture can also... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170308048

Devices, systems, and methods for controlling electrical fixtures

Devices, systems and methods for controlling electrical loads in one or more areas. A method includes transmitting, with a microcontroller via a transceiver, a sync packet including a unique address of the lighting fixture control module to a bus. The method includes listening, via the transceiver, on the bus. The... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170310023

Electrical clamps

The present disclosure provides electrical clamps that can easily attach to a variety of shaped objects, such as fence posts and other objects for the purpose of establishing an electrical connection or conductive path between the electrical clamp, an object the electrical clamp is secured to, and a conductor attached... Hubbell Incorporated

10/26/17 / #20170311423

External wireless module for lighting fixture

An external wireless module for controlling a lighting fixture in a lighting system is provided. In one example implementation, an external wireless module for mounting to a lighting fixture can include a module housing. The module can include one or more electrical components located within the module housing. The one... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170299134

Emergency lighting system

An emergency lighting system includes an input, a charging circuit, an auxiliary power supply, a plurality of lights, a driver, and a controller. The input is configured to receive a line voltage. The charging circuit is configured to receive the line voltage and output a charging voltage. The auxiliary power... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170299170

Wall pack luminaire and thermal insert for luminaires

A luminaire includes a rear housing section having an opening in communication with an exterior environment. A cover is connected to the rear housing section. An insert extends between the rear housing section and the cover. The insert includes a base and a fin member extending from the base. An... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170299656

Gfci self test software for autonomous monitoring and fail safe power denial

A recordable medium on which software code is stored. The software code including code for monitoring a test signal. The software code further including code for determining an end-of-life state of an electrical wiring device if the test signal is less than a threshold value a first predetermined number of... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170302009

Electrical connectors

Electrical connectors used to ground and/or electrically bond objects such as panels having metal outer and inner walls. The electrical connectors use male and female posts having associated washers that facilitate the flow of electric current between the outer and inner walls while providing a watertight seal.... Hubbell Incorporated

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10/19/17 / #20170302044

Portable dieless hand held power tools

Portable, hand held, battery operated, dieless, hydraulic crimping tools are provided with a working head and a tool frame. The working head has a head frame with an open access to a working area of the working head. The open access may be in the form of a C-shape. The... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170302220

Bonding clip for metal rail splices

Bonding clip used to electrically bond metal rails forming frameworks are provided. The bonding clip includes an electrically conductive back pad having a plurality of arms extending from the back pad. Each arm has one or more penetrating projections extending into a receiving zone between the arms. The arms have... Hubbell Incorporated

10/19/17 / #20170303357

Medical examination light fixture

A ceiling mounted light fixture includes a lens assembly including a central lens and a pair of side lenses. The central lens extends along a longitudinal axis, and each side lens extends parallel to the central lens and is positioned on a lateral side of the central lens. The fixture... Hubbell Incorporated

10/12/17 / #20170294768

Electrical box support

A support is provided for mounting an electrical box in an opening formed in a block. The support includes a planar body configured to be coupled to a first side wall of the electrical box. The body includes at least one side edge. The support further includes a flange coupled... Hubbell Incorporated

10/12/17 / #20170294786

Control system for synchronous capacitor switch

A method of controlling the connection of a multiple phase power source to a plurality of capacitors. The method including, for each phase of the power source, determining a first voltage using a first voltage divider, the first voltage divider having a first high voltage resistor and a first low... Hubbell Incorporated

10/05/17 / #20170288325

Distribution block and din rail release mechanism

An electrical distribution block transfer electrical power from a primary conductor to one or more tap conductors. The distribution block includes a base, a conductor block, first and second sidewalls, and a lid. The conductor block and the first and second sidewalls are connected to the base and the lid... Hubbell Incorporated

10/05/17 / #20170288380

In-use water-tight coupler for an electrical floor box

An electrical floor box is configured to be electrically connected to an electrical cable that includes a cable terminal. The electrical floor box includes a surface plate oriented parallel to a floor surface. The surface plate includes an aperture. The electrical floor box also includes an electrical connector positioned in... Hubbell Incorporated

09/28/17 / #20170276337

Directional accent luminaire with junction box

A multi-positionable outdoor luminaire includes a housing having a front portion including a front compartment, a rear portion extending from the front portion, and a wall positioned between the front portion and the rear portion. A cover is removably connected over the rear portion. A light emitter is positioned in... Hubbell Incorporated

09/28/17 / #20170280529

Dim-to-warm system and operating the same

A method of controlling a correlated color temperature for light output by a lighting device including a dim-to-warm circuit having a first light channel and a second light channel. The method including determining a light control value based on the measured current value. The method further including using the light... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170267427

Metal straps

Metal straps used to tie or bundle one or more items are provided. The metal strap includes a length of cable and a ferrule. The ferrule is pre-attached adjacent one end of the cable, and the ferrule can receive a free end of the cable, and can secure the cable... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170268269

Removable hinge assemblies

Hinge assemblies having a tub knuckle, a lid leaf and a hinge pin assembly are provided. The tub knuckle has a base, a first pin holder extending from the base and a second pin holder extending from the base and spaced from the first pin holder. The lid leaf has... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170268737

High-bay luminaire

A luminaire having a substantially two-piece housing with a first portion and a second portion, for example a cover and a base. The cover receives one or more control components. The base receives a light emitter assembly and the control component assembly is operatively connected to the lighter emitter assembly... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170269371

Light fixture with narrow light distribution

A light fixture includes a circuit board having a plurality of light-emitting elements, and a plurality of collimators positioned adjacent the circuit board. Each of the collimators includes a first end positioned adjacent one of the light-emitting elements, a second end, and an interior wall extending between the first end... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170270769

Intelligent wiring devices

A system for monitoring parameters of load equipment is provided. A power connector is provided with intelligence, at least one sensor, and a wireless communication component. The power connector is capable of monitoring physical parameters measured by the at least one sensor, such as voltage, current, temperature, and moisture. The... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170271068

Noise reducing and cooling enclosure

The present disclosure provides descriptions of configurations for noise reducing and cooling enclosures and enclosure material. The noise reducing and cooling enclosures seal and passively acoustically quiet acoustic energy generated by one or more noise emitting devices within the enclosure, and dissipate heat generated by the devices through conduction by... Hubbell Incorporated

09/21/17 / #20170271789

Multi-layer cable splice

A cable splice includes a casing having a central portion and a first end including a first aperture. The casing defines an interior cavity. A guide assembly extends through the first opening into the interior cavity. A first clamp member is positioned in the interior cavity and moveable between a... Hubbell Incorporated

09/14/17 / #20170261183

Perimeter luminaire

A luminaire includes a housing containing a control component. A cover is connected to the housing having an outer wall, a mounting section, and a chamber. A divider is positioned between the housing and the cover and includes a conductor opening. A light assembly is connected to the mounting section... Hubbell Incorporated

09/14/17 / #20170263405

Enhanced auto-monitoring circuit and an electrical device

A resettable switching apparatus, useful in a GFCI receptacle, has an auto-monitoring circuit for automatically testing various functions and structures of the device. The auto-monitoring circuit initiates an auto-monitoring routine which, among other things, establishes a test fault situation on either the positive or negative half-wave of the power cycle... Hubbell Incorporated

09/14/17 / #20170264043

Strain relief connector assemblies for electrical wiring

A strain relief connector assembly for flexible electrical wiring is provided that includes an adapter that is configured to form a sealed connection to the wiring and a connector and to form a connection with a strain relieving device, which can include an arc of bend control mesh.... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256869

Wire connectors with binding terminals

Configurations for wire connectors and for electrical wiring devices that mate with or connect to the wire connectors are disclosed. The wire connectors have a housing and one or more contact assemblies positioned within the housing. Each contact assembly can receive and secure one or more wires, where the wires... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256870

Push wire connectors

Configurations for push wire connectors and for electrical wiring devices that mate with or connect to the push wire connectors are disclosed. The push wire connectors have a housing and one or more contact assembly positioned within the housing. Each contact assembly has one or more contact openings to allow... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256901

Crimping dies for making bends

A die set for bending work pieces using a power crimping tool, the die set including a first die including a first inside surface and a second inside surface angled a predetermined number of degrees relative to the first surface and a second die including an inside surface corresponding to... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256926

Weatherproof box with clamping hub

An electrical box assembly includes an electrical box having a side wall and an open top end and a conduit access port opening extending through the side wall and having a dimension to receive a conduit. A seal is received in the opening for surrounding the conduit. A clamp is... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256928

Adjustable support bracket for electrical devices

A bracket for supporting at least one electrical device includes a pair of legs engaging one another in an interlocking manner. Each of the legs includes an end portion and a pair of rails connected to the associated end portion, and each end portion is configured to be secured to... Hubbell Incorporated

09/07/17 / #20170256930

Adjustable floor box

An electrical floor box assembly includes a box having a bottom wall, a plurality of side walls and a top portion having an opening at a top end thereof for providing access to the electrical box. An adapter has an open top end, an open bottom end and a passage... Hubbell Incorporated

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