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Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd. Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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03/16/17Component of a molding system for cooling a molded article
02/09/17A melt conditioner
10/13/16Melt control in an injection molding system
07/28/16Mold component
07/28/16A generating, processing and displaying an indicator of performance of an injection molding machine
07/07/16Unitary monolithically formed injection-molding apparatuses
07/07/16Injection-molding apparatuses containing integrally formed thermocouples
06/02/16Injection-molding systems having hot-runner manifolds containing non-melt internal channels for providing operability enhancements
04/21/16A stack mold
03/10/16Molding system having a residue cleaning feature and an adjustable mold shut height
03/10/16Weight compensated molding machine
03/10/16Molding apparatus
03/03/16Hot runner with removable gate pad
12/31/15Component of a molding system
12/24/15Moving an injection molding machine
12/24/15An actuator for a molding system
12/17/15System for controlling the closing speed of valve gated nozzles
12/10/15Mold positioning device
11/12/15Component of a molding system for cooling a molded article
11/12/15Molding system
10/15/15Screw-moving assembly including screw-moving actuator and bias-adjustment mechanism
10/08/15Conversion structure for a molding system
10/01/15Molding apparatus
09/24/15Container preform
07/23/15Melt distribution device
06/11/15Shooting pot circuit valve
05/14/15Method of transferring a molded article
04/23/15Molding apparatus
04/23/15Side actuated shooting pot
04/23/15Multi-property injection molding nozzle
04/02/15Molding system having a residue cleaning feature and an adjustable mold shut height
03/26/15Molding system having a residue cleaning feature and an adjustable mold shut height
03/12/15Mold stack having an air valve
02/05/15Flow of hydraulic fluid from accumulator assembly and from pump assembly to actuator where higher flow is required
01/01/15Mold-tool system including stem-actuator assembly configured to exert controlled movement of valve-stem assembly
12/11/14Side gate nozzle assembly
10/30/14Cavity blocker
10/02/14Mold-tool system having stem-guidance assembly for guiding movement of valve-stem assembly
09/04/14Method and system for operating an injection molding machine
06/26/14Stripper sleeve
06/05/14Molding apparatus
05/08/14Molding apparatus
05/08/14Selective positioning of nozzle tip relative to mold-side of runner system
04/03/14Molding apparatus
04/03/14Molding apparatus
03/27/14Wear resistant assembly for contacting components of mold-tool system
03/20/14Selective adjustment of position of nozzle assembly
03/20/14Injection molding process
02/06/14Mold-tool system including nozzle-tip assembly configured for reduced axial tilting
01/30/14Apparatus including pressure-control assembly for adjustment of fluid pressure between fluid-bottle assembly and hydraulic-accumulator assembly associated with molding system
01/23/14Mold assembly with integrated melting device
12/26/13Molding system having a residue cleaning feature and an adjustable mold shut height
11/28/13Mold-tool system including runner assembly configured to provide access portal for permitting access to assembly
11/28/13Mold-tool system including cooling-insert assembly being positioned proximate to nozzle assembly
11/28/13Mold-tool system includes one-piece manifold assembly having each inlet in fluid communication with outlets
11/21/13Mold-tool assembly including constant-temperature heater assembly for manifold assembly
11/21/13Double die pellet machine
11/21/13Mold-tool system having heat-transfer obstruction
11/07/13Plasticizing system including opposite-facing surfaces for contacting opposite sides of solidified-resin particle
11/07/13Molding machine having auxiliary ejection-assistance assembly configured to apply additional ejection force
10/31/13Molding system having material preparation and delivery systems and material-mixing assembly
10/31/13Mold-tool system including body having a variable heat transfer property
10/31/13Valve-stem assembly removable from runner system while valve-actuator assembly remains connected with manifold assembly
10/31/13Mold-tool system having manifold extension and biasing assembly
10/17/13Melt-delivery assembly including frame assembly positioned outside of platen envelope, and having multiple-outlet assembly
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09/26/13Thermal management of molding system
09/19/13Molded article transfer device
09/12/13Molding apparatus
09/12/13Molding system including shooting-pot assembly and valve assembly in which hold pressure not provided by shooting pot assembly
08/22/13Split mold insert for forming a neck portion of a preform and the mold stack incorporating same
08/08/13Mold-tool assembly including heater having resistive element encased in aluminum nitride
07/11/13Molding apparatus having a compensating structure
07/11/13Mold-tool system including air cavity circuit, and means for forcing relatively cooler air stream to air cavity circuit
07/04/13Mold-tool system having actuator assembly including piston assembly and flexible diaphragm assembly
06/27/13Molding apparatus
06/27/13Molding apparatus
06/20/13Nozzle-locating insulator having spring-noncontact sections interposed between spring-contact sections
06/13/13Multi-property injection molding nozzle for hot-runner system
06/06/13Molding apparatus
05/09/13Injection assembly
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05/09/13Retaining member for use with a molding system and the molding system incorporating same
03/21/13Rotary valve assembly for an injection nozzle
03/14/13Injection molding system having dynamic mixer
03/07/13Side gate nozzle assembly
02/21/13Process including converting resistive powder to fused heater element using laser metal deposition apparatus
02/21/13Mold-tool system including retractable support assembly to reduce support force to runner assembly
01/31/13Molding apparatus
01/24/13Molding apparatus including source providing electrical charge to conduit
01/24/13Mold-tool assembly including resin-retaining device located relative to stem-tip portion
01/24/13Nozzle-tip insulator having body defining void formation coaxially concentrically positioned relative to each other
01/17/13Mold-tool assembly having nozzle assemblies to provide resins molded adjacently
01/03/13Hybrid injection actuator for an injection molding machine
12/06/12Preform suitable for blow-molding into a final shaped container
11/15/12Hot-runner system including hot-runner component having diamond-based material
11/01/12Mold-runner system having independently controllable shooting-pot assemblies
10/18/12Check valve
10/04/12Method of operating a molding system
10/04/12Injection molding system with multiple accumulator assemblies
10/04/12Injection molding system having a digital displacement pump
09/20/12Hot-runner system having manifold assembly manufactured in accordance with free-form-fabrication
08/30/12Method and system for operating an injection molding machine
08/02/12Nozzle assembly supporting slide movement of valve assembly
07/19/12Neck ring for forming a neck portion of a preform and the mold stack incorporating same
07/12/12Method for controlling multiple shooting pots
06/21/12Hot-runner system including melt-flow control structure integrally formed with the manifold body
06/21/12Mold-tool system having melt splitting device including uninterrupted melt channels extending from inlet and outlets
05/31/12Molding apparatus
05/31/12Method of manufacturing hot-runner system
05/17/12Method and post-mold cooling a molded article
04/26/12Hot-runner system having carbon nanotubes
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04/19/12Kinematic control in a hydraulic system
04/05/12Injection molding system including a melt filter, the filter being located before first instance of melt accumulation
03/29/12In an injection unit having a filter, a controlling melt pressure in accordance with a target pressure range
03/29/12Molding apparatus
03/22/12Polymer treatment device for providing a treatment to a polymer bed, a computer-readable medium associated with a controller thereof, and an associated molding system
03/22/12In an injection molding machine, a controlling an upstream melt preparation device
03/08/12Hot-runner system having non-structurally supportive heat insulator including visible material
03/08/12Injection-molding system including pressure-equalization circuit
02/23/12Mold-tool system having valve stem slide supported by nozzle housing
02/16/12Modular manifold system
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02/09/12Hot-runner system having bladder assembly
02/02/12Cavity insert for a molding system, the cavity insert having a deformable portion
12/15/11Molded article transfer device
12/01/11Hot-runner system having valve stem movable responsive to electro-magnetic actuator
09/22/11Improved check valve
09/22/11A managing compatibility of a plurality of devices within a work cell
07/28/11Hot-runner system having nano-structured material
07/14/11Method of decreasing acetaldehyde level in a molded article
07/07/11Compounding molding method, amongst other things
06/23/11Method for displaying a virtual model of a molding system, and part information for a selected entity model, on a display of a human-machine interface of a molding system computer
06/09/11Mold-tool system having manifold body defining uninterrupted melt channels
06/09/11Mold-tool system having melt-splitting device including uninterrupted melt channels extending from inlet and outlets
05/26/11Modular manifold system
05/12/11Mold stack for a preform
04/14/11Safety connector for hot runner, having latch releasably interlocking valve stem with actuation plate
02/17/11Hot runner including nozzle-support structure
02/10/11Hot runner system having active material
02/03/11Back-up device for use in a melt distribution apparatus of an injection molding system
02/03/11Determining an alternative configuration of a molding machine component and presenting such alternative configuration to a customer
01/27/11Safety connector for hot runner, having latch destructively interlocking valve stem with actuation plate
01/27/11Determining a hot runner component configuration and presenting same to a customer
01/06/11Gate insert
12/30/10Preform and a mold stack for producing the preform
12/30/10Continuous molding machine post-molding device
12/09/10Controlling melt flow in a melt distribution network
11/04/10Injection molding nozzle
10/14/10Preform and a mold stack for producing the preform
05/06/10Method of molding
02/18/10Hot runner having ruduced valve-stem drool
12/17/09Method and device for processing preforms
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11/05/09Shooting pot for feeding multiple nozzles
09/24/09Melt distribution use in a hot runner and a related a balancing of melt flow
09/03/09Hot runner nozzle system
08/27/09Method of decreasing acetaldehyde level in a molded article
08/27/09Mold insert stack for use in an injection mold and a coupler thereof
08/20/09Method for controlling fill speed in a molding system
08/13/09Method and post-mold cooling a molded article
08/06/09Non-stringing hot tip
08/06/09Two stage spring pack device for hot runner sealing
07/30/09Flexible plate slot for a hot runner injection molding system
07/30/09Flexible plate slot for a hot runner injection molding system
07/30/09Reconfigurable hot runner
07/30/09System for managing a license associated with a molding structure
07/23/09Stress-reducing device and a using same
07/16/09Apparatus and actuation of injection molding shooting pots
07/16/09Apparatus and actuation of injection molding shooting pots
06/25/09Valve gate piston retention device
06/25/09Arrangement for guiding a mold set relative to a hot runner in a molding system and a method thereof
06/18/09Control system for dynamic feed coinjection process
06/18/09Split mold insert and a mold incorporating same
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06/18/09Platen-linkage assembly of injection molding system
06/18/09Preform and a mold stack for producing the preform
06/11/09Hot-runner nozzle assembly configured to reduce stress between copper body and reinforcement body
06/04/09Gate insert
06/04/09Pre-heater of resin material
05/28/09Hot runner manifold plug
05/07/09Molding system, including raising temperature of feedstock responsive to a calculated amount of thermal energy
04/30/09Hot runner having reduced valve-stem drool
04/30/09Metal-molding conduit assembly of metal-molding system
04/30/09Drive for an injection unit and operating the drive unit
04/30/09High pressure injection molding nozzle with low pressure manifold
04/23/09Cam valve stem actuation
04/23/09Ejector assembly for ejecting parts from a mold
04/16/09Method and controlling a vent gap with active material elements
04/16/09Screw with carbide inserts
04/09/09Auxiliary carriage combined with an auxiliary carriage actuator and a multi-stack molding machine incorporating same
04/02/09Configurable user interface machine operation
03/19/09Method of operating a temperature management device
03/12/09Mold insert and mold stack for use with molding machine
03/12/09Method for creating ethanol-containing beverages
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03/05/09Staggered cylinders in a valve gate apparatus
03/05/09Closed loop control for an injection unit
03/05/09Mold insert fixture mechanism
02/26/09Method for post-mold treatment of a molded article and an implementing the method
02/26/09Molding-system set-up based on molded-part attribute
02/19/09Method of controlling a screw in a two-stage injection unit and a system for implementing the method
02/19/09Bridge runner system
02/19/09Mold module
02/19/09Melt distribution apparatus

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