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Husqvarna Ab
Husqvarna Ab_20100121
Husqvarna Ab_20131212

Husqvarna Ab patents

Recent patent applications related to Husqvarna Ab. Husqvarna Ab is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Husqvarna Ab may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Husqvarna Ab, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17Fruit collector, retaining bracket and collecting container
09/14/17Device for determining a nearby construction device availability
09/14/17Teaching mode for construction devices
09/07/17Device for determining construction device and worker position
09/07/17Device for scouting a construction site for construction device deployment
09/07/17Construction site battery network
08/31/17Walk behind power equipment with zero turn capability
08/31/17Distributed intelligent grounds management system
08/24/17Floor surfacing machine
08/10/17Cutting and dust or slurry collecting assembly and working machine
08/10/17Indicator system for outdoor power equipment
08/03/17Electric cutting system
07/13/17Floor surfacing machine
07/06/17All wheel drive, walk behind mower
06/29/17Tile or masonry saw assembly with improved blade wetting capability
06/22/17Tile or masonry saw assembly with double movement
06/22/17Power adapter for cordless power tools
06/15/17Obstacle detection for a robotic working tool
06/01/17Robotic working tool system with a boundary wire
05/18/17Improved robotic working tool
05/11/17Garden visualization and mapping via robotic vehicle
05/11/17Improved robotic working tool
05/04/17An improved wall or floor saw
05/04/17Navigation for a robotic working tool
05/04/17Failsafe hardware brake mechanism for outdoor power equipment
04/20/17Automatic beacon position determination
04/13/17Electrical system for riding lawn care vehicle
03/30/17Balanced trim shield with a single, dual direction line cutting member
03/30/17Lawn care vehicle brake system
03/30/17Blower with cruise control and boost function
03/23/17Modular robotic vehicle
03/23/17Improved power tool
03/02/17Floor grinding machine
02/23/17Throttle lockout with dissimilar action
02/16/17Robotic work tool
02/16/17Robotic work tool
02/16/17Blower comprising an eyelet
02/16/17Noise reduction system for a blower
02/02/17Obstacle detection for a robotic working tool
02/02/17Navigation for a robotic working tool
01/26/17Power equipment cooling system
01/26/17Steering assembly indicator system for a lawn care or zero-turn vehicle
01/26/17Battery pack with cell fixing apparatus
01/19/17Method for optimizing a/f ratio during acceleration and a hand held machine
01/12/17Plate spring adapted to hold a tool, a tool, a tool holder, a robotic work tool and a robotic working tool system
12/22/16Ignition system switch monitoring assembly
12/15/16Cutting blade
12/15/16Cutting blade
12/08/16Shutdown circuit for an ignition system of a lawn care device in case of defective processor
11/17/16Track drive adjustment for a ground sawing machine
11/17/16Robotic work tool system and a charging connector arrangement for a robotic work tool system
11/17/16System and navigating a robotic working tool
10/27/16Front-mounted stand-on lawn care vehicle
10/20/16Dual direction cutting device
10/13/16Improved navigation for a robotic working tool
10/06/16Starting device for an internal combustion engine
09/29/16Improved navigation for a robotic working tool
09/29/16Flexible battery cell retainer
09/15/16Single step starting system
08/18/16Adjustment of ignition timing at cut out
08/04/16Sprinkler control system
08/04/16Handle height adjuster for walk behind mower
07/14/16Articulated rider collection assembly
07/14/16Intelligent grounds management system
07/07/16Intelligent grounds management system integrating robotic rover
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06/30/16Quick loading trimmer head
06/23/16A carburetor assembly
06/09/16Quick-change blade cover assembly
05/26/16Electrical system for riding lawn care vehicle
05/12/16Laying machine and a blade assembly
04/21/16Vacuum attachment for a blower
04/21/16Apparatus and system for securing a cutting device
03/31/16Saw blade for making thin cuts in green concrete
03/10/16Foldable hand-held tool
02/18/16Chain saw
02/11/16Quick-coupling for mower blades
02/11/16Chainsaw with self-locking knob assembly
02/04/16Drive system for walk behind mower
02/04/16Wall saw and interchangeable assemblies for wall saws
01/28/16Dual function vibration isolation and handle swivel
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01/21/16Riding lawn care vehicle auto idle system
01/21/16Quick-coupling for mower blades
01/14/16Energy harvesting wireless sensor network
01/14/16Slip controlling belt tension system
01/07/16Method and a robotic work tool system with a charging station and a boundary wire
01/07/16Method and device for identifying a power equipment work pattern
12/31/15Improved robotic working tool
12/24/15A robotic work tool configured for improved turning in a slope, a robotic work tool system, and a use in the robot work tool
12/24/15A robotic work tool system and method comprising a charging station
12/24/15A liquid dispensing system
12/24/15Tile or masonry saw assembly with double movement
12/24/15Tools and mehtods for making and using tools, blades and methods of making and using blades
12/24/15Tile or masonry saw assembly with improved blade wetting capability
12/17/15Power equipment with inertia based measurement and guidance
12/10/15Battery pack interface system
11/26/15Outdoor power device internal cooling system
11/26/15Pressure releasing closure for an oil reservoir
10/29/15Portable water tank assembly for a dust emitting construction machine
10/22/15Smart ignition system
10/22/15Oil reservoir for chainsaw with pressure releasing valve
10/22/15Apparatus for providing battery pack cooling
10/15/15Spacer for spacing a tool from a tool stand
10/15/15Outdoor power equipment hood hinge
09/24/15Quick loading trimmer head
09/17/15Detachable tiller tines
09/17/15Pto control system
09/10/15Method and system for enhancing a coverage distribution of a robotic garden tool
08/13/15Hand-held motor-driven cutting device
08/13/15Containers for liquid
08/06/15Mower with object detection system
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07/23/15Boundary definition system for a robotic vehicle
07/09/15Modular robotic vehicle
07/02/15Implement coupling arrangement
07/02/15Secured screw-nut interface for a robotic mower
07/02/15Displacement sensor for a robotic vehicle detecting a lift event and a collision event
06/25/15Detachable user interface for a robotic vehicle
06/11/15Wall or floor chainsaw
06/04/15Folding arrangement for a handle assembly of walk-behind power tool, a handle assembly and a walk-behind power tool comprising such an arrangement
06/04/15Electric cutting system
05/21/15Feedback system for bar clamping
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05/21/15All wheel drive, walk behind mower
05/21/15Throttle control device
05/07/15Data collection fleet management
04/30/15Saw chain depth gauge filing template
04/30/15All wheel drive, walk behind mower
04/23/15Equipment data sensor and sensing for fleet management
03/26/15Fuel delivery system for an internal combustion engine
03/26/15Filing fixture
03/19/15Outdoor power equipment fleet management system with operator performance monitoring
03/12/15Electrically symmetrical battery cell connector
02/26/15Quick-change blade system
02/26/15Fleet management portal for outdoor power equipment
02/19/15Battery cell connector
02/19/15Battery pack system
02/12/15Carrier system for a backpack energy source, energy source and backpack energy source assembly
02/12/15Power adapter for cordless power tools
02/12/15Battery pack thermal management system
02/12/15Robotic lawnmower
02/05/15Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel steering assembly
02/05/15Engine speed data usage system and method
01/29/15Battery-powered portable tools
01/22/15Yard maintenance vehicle obstacle avoidance / notification system
01/15/15Auger-impeller bucket assembly for a snow removal device
01/15/15Automated operator-equipment pairing system and method
01/08/15Electrical system for riding lawn care vehicle
01/08/15Front-mounted stand-on lawn care vehicle
01/08/15Yard maintenance vehicle with cable steering assembly for tight turning
01/01/15Lawn care vehicle with modular ride information system
12/25/14Robotic lawnmower
12/25/14Door prop in a lawn mower
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12/18/14Yard maintenance vehicle route and orientation mapping system
11/20/14Charging apparatus
10/30/14Method for communicating data between a control system of a power tool and a computing device
10/23/14Hand guard for chainsaw
10/02/14Handle height adjustment device of walk-behind power tool, a handle assembly and a walk-behind power tool comprising such a device
10/02/14Power equipment with throttle release actuator
10/02/14Yard maintenance vehicle with cable steering assembly
09/18/14Battery operated handheld power tool
09/18/14Door lift and handle for walk behind mower
09/18/14Start fault indicator system
09/18/14Indicator system for outdoor power equipment
09/11/14Lawn care vehicle with cutting deck lifting pedal
09/04/14Battery operated handheld power tool
08/28/14Battery powered vehicle with immobilizing charger plug
08/07/14Battery powered hand held cutting tool
08/07/14Battery powered rear handle chain saw
07/31/14Quick-change blade system
07/31/14Adjusting of air-fuel ratio of a two-stroke internal combustion engine
07/17/14Walk behind garden tool chassis
07/10/14Handle control arrangement of a walk-behind lawn mower
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07/10/14Guide and control assembly
07/03/14Magnet holder for use in a throttle position sensor, a magnet holder for use in an angular position sensor, and methods for manufacturing them
06/26/14Portable hand-held power tool
06/26/14Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel steering assembly
06/19/14Battery powered lawn care vehicle with drive efficiency indicator
06/19/14Riding lawn mower including battery powered drive system
06/19/14Lawn care vehicle with rear wheel axle assembly
06/05/14Battery powered lawn care vehicle with efficient drive controller
05/29/14Riding lawn mower including battery powered cutting system
05/22/14Riding lawn mower including distributed battery system
05/15/14System and charging of a rechargeable battery
05/08/14Chain sharpening device
05/08/14Watering device
05/01/14Water transporting line and watering device for watering potted plants
04/24/14Attaching arrangement for hand-held motor-driven tools
04/24/14Front baffle assembly for a lawn mower
04/17/14Quick-action chain tensioning device for a chainsaw, and such mechanism and method
03/27/14Height adjustment arrangement for a lawn mower
03/27/14Corn stalk harvester
03/27/14Chainsaw bar / chain packaging technique and packaging employed for the same
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03/20/14Laying machine and a blade assembly
03/20/14Brake assembly for power-driven hand-held cutting device
02/20/14Lawn mower wheel and lawn mower with such a wheel
02/20/14Water transport line for a plant watering system and plant watering system
01/30/14Carburetor system for a carburetor engine
01/16/14Cutting and dust or slurry collecting assembly and working machine
01/02/14Handle protector for a hand tool
12/26/13Chainsaw with guide bar clamping and chain tensioning assembly
12/12/13Control of a/f ratio at cut-out speed
11/21/13Wall or floor chainsaw
11/21/13Linkage arrangement
11/07/13Kickback reducing chain link
09/26/13Power cutter
09/19/13Power cutter
08/08/13Dust collector with a constant suction force
08/01/13Core drilling machine and a handle assembly for a core drilling machine
07/18/13Method and system for guiding a robotic garden tool
07/11/13Blade guard for a saw
06/27/13Handle arrangement for a power tool
05/30/13Method for controlling the fuel supply to an internal combustion engine at start-up and a carburetor
05/02/13Communication and safety device for boundary aided systems
04/25/13Handle system for a handheld power tool
04/25/13Battery powered tool
03/28/13Effective charging by multiple contact points
03/14/13Method and system for guiding a robotic garden tool to a predetermined position
02/14/13Drilling device with a controller for the feeding unit
02/07/13Leveling aid for drilling tools
01/31/13Hedge trimmer
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01/31/13Robotic garden tool following wires at a distance using multiple signals
01/03/13Battery driven electric power tool with brushless motor
01/03/13Method and system for navigating a robotic garden tool
12/27/12Battery driven electric tool
12/27/12Laying machine
12/20/12Air inlet system for an internal combustion engine
12/20/12Flip up cap
12/13/12Combustion engine powered working machine
12/06/12Tool unit and tool for a cutting or sawing machine
12/06/12Alternating ignition angle before tdc
11/29/12Electric motor and controlling the same
11/15/12Hand-held work apparatus powered by internal combustion engine
11/01/12Wire saw
10/25/12Lawn mower
10/04/12Electric hand tool with activation indication device
09/20/12Saw for construction cutting work
08/16/12Handheld working tool
08/16/12Handle part for a motorized handheld tool
07/26/12Diamond tool and making this tool
07/19/12Wall saw and interchangable assemblies for wall saws
06/21/12Cutting assembly for hand-held power tool
06/07/12Telescoping of cutting deck
05/17/12Chainsaw arrangement
05/17/12Cutting machine with a liquid lubrication delivery system having a controlled liquid level
05/03/12Electrical two-way rotary trimmer
05/03/12Chainsaw arrangement
05/03/12Chainsaw arrangement
03/08/12Chainsaw arrangement
03/08/12Battery operated portable tools

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