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Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd
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Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd_20131212
Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd_20100128

Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd. Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Mobis Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Electromechanical brake for vehicle
10/26/17Airbag apparatus and control method thereof
10/26/17Motor driven power steering determining neutral position thereof
10/19/17Wheel sensor interface apparatus
10/19/17Bidirectional semiconductor package
10/12/17Head lamp module for vehicle
09/28/17Knee bolster device for vehicle
09/21/17Steering torque compensation electric power steering system
09/14/17Lighting vehicle
09/14/17Vehicle door control system and operating method thereof
08/31/17Caliper brake apparatus
08/24/17Method of controlling motor driven power steering system
07/27/17Lighting automobile
07/20/17Vehicle lamp apparatus and control method thereof
07/13/17Method for controlling motor driven power steering system
06/22/17Shield apparatus of head lamp for vehicle
06/15/17Realwood film, manufacturing method thereof, and articles comprising the same
06/15/17Air vent for vehicle
06/15/17Smartphone holding device of vehicle
06/15/17Passenger airbag apparatus and manufacturing the same
06/15/17Apparatus and compensating for steering angle signal and motor angle signal of mdps system
06/15/17Motor driven power steering system and controlling the same
06/15/17Electro-mechanical brake device
06/15/17System and correcting signal of ultrasonic sensor
06/15/17System and recognizing surrounding vehicle
06/15/17Apparatus and preventing reverse current in dc-dc converter of vehicle
06/15/17Low voltage direct current (dc)-dc converter
06/15/17Motor control vehicles and current reference generation method using the same
06/08/17Motor driven power steering system and control method thereof
06/08/17Assistant system and assistant backward driving of vehicle
06/08/17Power module package and manufacturing the same
06/01/17Airbag apparatus
06/01/17Vehicle motor control system and method
05/25/17Method and diagnosis of brake light
05/25/17Apparatus and controlling steering return of motor driven power steering system
05/25/17Antenna apparatus, manufacturing the same, and vehicle having the same
05/04/17Active air skirt device for vehicle
04/27/17Cushion of passenger air-bag apparatus
04/13/17Rear camera device for vehicle and module cover thereof
04/13/17Method and controlling motor driven power steering system
04/13/17Ventilation apparatus of lamp module for vehicles
04/13/17Ventilation apparatus of lamp module for vehicles
04/13/17Submodule for high voltage battery
04/13/17Apparatus and controlling vehicle using user terminal
04/13/17Apparatus with direct cooling pathway for cooling both sides of power semiconductor
04/06/17Apparatus for controlling temperature of coolant in water-cooled battery system and method thereof
03/30/17Converter for hybrid electric vehicle system
03/16/17High voltage battery submodule
03/16/17Overcharge protection circuit and controlling the same
03/09/17Knee air bag manufacturing the same
03/09/17Device for recognizing obstacle around vehicle and method thereof
03/02/17Lubrication system of electric compressor
02/23/17Brake for vehicle
02/16/17Airbag apparatus
02/09/17Parking assistance apparatus and controlling the same
02/09/17Parking space recognition apparatus and controlling the same
02/02/17Cushion for driver airbag apparatus
02/02/17Device for covering head lamp washer of vehicle
02/02/17Thermoplastic polyurethane composition for injection molding and manufacturing the same
01/26/17Steering wheel airbag apparatus
01/19/17Airbag mounting apparatus
01/19/17Airbag panorama roof
01/19/17Control motor of electronic brake
01/19/17Apparatus and measuring motor speed
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01/05/17Knee protection structure for vehicle
12/29/16Air vent vehicle
12/29/16Rubber composition for flexible coupling
12/22/16Method for preparing hot-melt adhesive composition and hot-melt adhesive composition prepared thereby
12/08/16Method of diagnosing breakdown of head unit and camera unit for vehicle
11/24/16Steering automobile
11/17/16Apparatus for molding lens for vehicle lamp and manufacturing lens for vehicle lamp using the same
11/10/16Braking system having electromechanical braking function and controlling the same
10/27/16Communication performing inter-vehicular communication
09/29/16Lens for led
09/29/16Apparatus and diagnosing recognition failure
09/29/16Lighting device
09/22/16Afs system for vehicle
09/22/16Zero point calibration steering angle sensor using rotational displacement difference
09/15/16Head-up display and control method thereof
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09/15/16Head up display for vehicle and control method thereof
09/08/16Steering vehicle
08/25/16Lighting automobile
08/25/16Lamp automobile
08/25/16Lighting vehicle
08/04/16Power semiconductor module and manufacturing the same
08/04/16Method of operating brake system
08/04/16Motor driven power steering system
08/04/16Vehicle radar controlling the same
07/28/16Hub nut caulking device and method
07/28/16Brake system for automobile
07/28/16Parking guide controlling the same
07/28/16Ultrasonic sensing device and vehicle
07/21/16Led package for lamp of vehicle
07/21/16Method and controlling sychronization of camera shutters in in-vehicle ethernet communication network
07/14/16Apparatus for safety-driving of vehicle
07/07/16Pad liner for reducing drag in brake caliper
07/07/16Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
06/30/16System and correcting vehichle tracing-position of radar sensor using laser scanner
06/30/16Radar alignment apparatus and controlling the same
06/30/16Smart key system and operating method thereof
06/23/16Vehicle system for detecting object and operation method thereof
06/23/16Radar system for vehicle and operating method thereof
06/23/16Obstacle detecting apparatus and obstacle detecting method
06/16/16Hybrid vehicle and controlling hybrid vehicle
06/16/16Gate driver circuit and gate driving prevention of arm short
06/16/16Camera for vehicle and control the same
06/09/16Smart cruise control system for vehicles and control method thereof
06/09/16Vehicle steering control lane keeping
06/09/16Vehicle and control method thereof
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06/09/16System and estimating driving lane of vehicle
06/09/16Automatic parking controlling apparatus and vehicle
06/09/16Piston pump for brake
06/09/16Apparatus for recognizing gesture using infrared ray and method thereof
06/09/16Method and tunnel decision
06/09/16Motor control apparatus and operation the same
06/09/16Display apparatus and method using high dynamic range function for vehicle
06/09/16Method for building database for fingerprinting positioning and fingerprinting positioning method using the built database
06/02/16Apparatus and controlling automatic taking-out of vehicle
06/02/16Driver airbag structure
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06/02/16Apparatus for controlling start-up of lane keeping assistance system and controlling the same
06/02/16Apparatus and guiding driving route using photographic image
06/02/16Sensor for vehicle and vehicle including the same
06/02/16Multi-layered circuit device
06/02/16Interlocking system between content player devices
05/26/16Rear side obstacle display method and apparatus of vehicle
05/26/16Curtain airbag apparatus
05/26/16Method of controlling braking system using braking device having eletromechanical parking function
05/26/16Battery sensor assembly for vehicle
05/26/16Error detection failsafe software
05/26/16Noise reduction type solenoid valve
05/19/16Structure for installing side airbag
05/19/16Time synchronizing avb in vehicle and system thereof
05/19/16Ibs apparatus having a clamp and cable connection part integrated therein
05/19/16Apparatus and protecting vehicle passenger
05/19/16Airbag deployment method
05/19/16Lane keeping assist system of vehicle and controlling the same
05/19/16Positioning module for head-up display device
05/19/16Electric motor system for vehicles and adjusting coil winding number of electric motor for vehicles
05/19/16Camera system for vehicle and operation method thereof
05/12/16System and correcting position information of surrounding vehicle
05/12/16Vehicle wireless charging guidance system and method
05/12/16System and recognizing surrounding vehicle
05/12/16Method and vehicle driving assistance
05/12/16Around view monitor system and controlling the same
05/12/16Autonomous driving vehicle, autonomous driving management apparatus, and controlling the same
05/12/16Apparatus and controlling power of vehicle radar
05/12/16Apparatus and determining available driving space
05/12/16System and avoiding obstacle for autonomous vehicle
05/12/16Apparatus and detecting object for vehicle
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05/12/16System and correcting position information of surrounding vehicle
05/12/16Direct-connect high voltage connector and connection structure thereof
05/12/16Driving device of steering for a vehicle
05/12/16Estimation system for rotor information
05/05/16Electric power generating apparatus using suspension device
05/05/16Apparatus for converting power of electric vehicle
05/05/16Suspension system for vehicle
05/05/16In-wheel drive apparatus
05/05/16Method for controlling regenerative brake system for vehicle
05/05/16Apparatus for converting power of electric vehicle
05/05/16Vehicle assistance apparatus and operating method thereof
05/05/16Method for adjusting output video of rear camera for vehicles
05/05/16Curtain airbag apparatus and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Airbag apparatus
05/05/16Electronic stability control vehicle and control method thereof
05/05/16Adaptive cruise control system for vehicle using v2v communication and control method thereof
05/05/16Display apparatus and method considering a traveling mode of a vehicle
05/05/16Pressure reducing solenoid valve
05/05/16Electronic parking brake apparatus
05/05/16Apparatus for dissipating heat of inductor
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05/05/16System for cooling dual sides of power semiconductor device
05/05/16Dc-dc converter with protection circuit for connection error
05/05/16Failure diagnostic current sensors of 3-phase brushless ac motor
05/05/16Cooling flow channel module for power conversion device and power conversion device including the same
04/28/16Battery module having overcharge preventing device, and overcharge preventing device for battery module
04/28/16Object detecting apparatus, and operating the same
04/28/16Traffic sign recognizing apparatus and operating method thereof
04/28/16Power module and packaging the same
04/28/16Driving system for hybrid electric vehicles and controlling phase of pulse width modulation carrier signal in the same
04/28/16Door handle module for vehicle and locking and unlocking vehicle door including the module
04/28/16System for verifying vehicle-based communication service
04/28/16Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
04/21/16Stiffener for insert molding and manufacturing crash pad using the same
04/21/16Passenger identification device
04/21/16Curtain airbag
04/21/16Curtain airbag apparatus
04/21/16Curtain airbag apparatus
04/21/16Curtain airbag apparatus
04/21/16Rear wheel steering system and control method thereof
04/21/16Apparatus and driver assistance
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04/21/16Dust cover assembly and head-up display device including the same
04/21/16Haptic feedback apparatus and method using vibration atmosphere compensation algorithm
04/21/16Image recognizing apparatus and image recognizing method
04/21/16Transit structure of waveguide and siw
04/14/16Power supply hybrid vehicle
04/14/16Low voltage dc-dc converter (ldc) control preventing overheat of ldc and operating the same
04/14/16Cluster information output vehicle and control method thereof
04/14/16Silicone rubber composition and manufacturing method thereof
04/07/16Airbag apparatus
04/07/16System and complex navigation using dead reckoning and gps
04/07/16Trailer track estimation system and method by image recognition
03/31/16Active rotary stabilizer and stabilizer bar link assembly for vehicle
03/31/16Wireless power transmission device having user interface structure and controlling the same
03/31/16Seat cushion airbag system
03/31/16Control method and apparatus of electronic parking brake
03/31/16Fail safe mdps system
03/31/16Friction compensation logic of motor driven power steering system and method thereof
03/31/16Method for displaying a position of a vehicle
03/31/16Non-insulated power semiconductor module and manufacturing the same
03/24/16System and vehicle autonomous emergency braking
03/24/16Active front steering system for vehicle
03/24/16Lamp lens with reduced chromatic aberration and lamp for vehicle using the same
03/24/16Active noise control vehicle
03/24/16Audio signal output vehicle
03/17/16Water-cooled battery module and water-cooled battery cooling apparatus using the same
03/17/16Pressure side impact sensor for vehicle and structure for mounting the same
03/17/16Brake device for vehicle
03/17/16Apparatus and measuring speed of mdps drive motor
03/17/16Converter and controling the same
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03/10/16Structure of damper for glove box
03/10/16System and detecting obstacles
03/10/16Terminal unit of vehicle traction motor and manufacturing the same
03/03/16Battery sensor and battery monitoring system
03/03/16Device and detecting parking space
03/03/16Air flap device for vehicle
03/03/16Automobile lamp having floating lighting image
03/03/16Curtain airbag apparatus
03/03/16Air bag cushion device for protecting pedestrian
03/03/16Brake device for vehicle
03/03/16Friction compensation control apparatus and mdps system
03/03/16Vehicle movement path vehicle
03/03/16Optical structure for vehicle
03/03/16Head lamp for car
03/03/16Apparatus and estimating a position of a vehicle
02/25/16Method for producing alluminum alloy
02/25/16Hybrid inner core assembly of honeycomb structure and manufacturing method thereof
02/25/16Axle assembly making wheel speed measuring precisely
02/25/16Vehicle control safety driving and device thereof
02/25/16Lane detection apparatus and operating the same
02/18/16Apparatus and controlling output of horn of vehicle
02/18/16Airbag apparatus
02/18/16Airbag apparatus
02/18/16Driver airbag apparatus
02/18/16Airbag apparatus
02/18/16Laser optical system and lamp for vehicle having the same
02/18/16Light source recognition system of vehicle
02/18/16Extended current detecting controlling three-phase motor in event of emergency brake
02/11/16Apparatus and estimating a battery state of charge

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