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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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05/18/17 new patent  Cylinder head pallet
05/18/17 new patent  Method and arrangement for pre-curing an adhesive layer
05/18/17 new patent  Air conditioning control vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Powertrain for vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus and detecting relay fusion of eco-friendly vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Method for preventing discharge of battery at a time of re-programming of vehicle controllers
05/18/17 new patent  Vehicle with automatic connection of emergency call and control the same
05/18/17 new patent  Method and controlling battery charge of motor system
05/18/17 new patent  Startup control hybrid vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  System and controlling torque intervention of hybrid electric vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Structure for connecting strut bar for vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Microalgae photochemistry culturing apparatus
05/18/17 new patent  Engine system having coolant control valve
05/18/17 new patent  Apparatus for cooling vehicle engine
05/18/17 new patent  Method for learning clutch characteristic in dual clutch transmission vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Method for learning touch point of dual clutch transmission
05/18/17 new patent  Damper pulley assembly for vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Movable switch module for automatic transmission of vehicle
05/18/17 new patent  Navigation device providing path information and navigation
05/18/17 new patent  Remote controller for vehicle and providing function thereof
05/18/17 new patent  Separator for fuel cell and manufacturing the same
05/18/17 new patent  Coating separator for fuel cell and separator for fuel cell
05/18/17 new patent  Stack for simulating cell voltage reversal behavior in fuel cell
05/18/17 new patent  Antenna and vehicle having the antenna
05/18/17 new patent  Driver-friendly electrical load control method and apparatus
05/18/17 new patent  Method and providing security service for vehicle-dedicated data channel in linking between vehicle head unit and external device
05/18/17 new patent  Autonomous baby carriage and controlling the same
05/11/17Welding device for panel sheets and welding the same
05/11/17Seat with warmer
05/11/17Vehicle and charging control the vehicle
05/11/17Vehicle and charging control method thereof
05/11/17Apparatus and adjusting driving position of driver
05/11/17Vehicle and controlling the vehicle
05/11/17Airbag system for vehicle
05/11/17Passenger air bag vehicle
05/11/17Vehicle and control method thereof
05/11/17Hybrid electric vehicle and efficiently controlling transmission thereof
05/11/17Parking assist controlling vehicle speed
05/11/17Shift control hybrid vehicle with dct
05/11/17Vehicle control operation in passing lane
05/11/17Apparatus and automatic steering control in vehicle
05/11/17Method and remotely controlling vehicle parking
05/11/17Vehicle combustion noise-masking control apparatus and method using the same
05/11/17Vehicular exhaust device
05/11/17Alloy powder composition for connecting rod and manufacturing connecting rod using the same
05/11/17Swash plate and manufacturing swash plate
05/11/17Diagnostic determining clutch failure of dct
05/11/17Method of setting reference position of actuator in automated manual transmission
05/11/17Method for controlling line pressure of automatic transmission
05/11/17Method of learning and controlling transmission
05/11/17Apparatus and auto-leveling steering wheel
05/11/17Universal buck for sled test
05/11/17Universal buck for sled test
05/11/17Autonomous vehicle control apparatus and method
05/11/17Apparatus and controlling noise in vehicle
05/11/17Performance testing apparatus of fuel cell
05/11/17Electrolyte layer for all-solid state battery and manufacturing all-solid state battery using the same
05/11/17Battery vehicle
05/11/17Antenna, vehicle having the antenna, and controlling the antenna
05/11/17Method for diagnosing error of cell balancing
05/11/17Blower motor of hvac system for vehicle
05/11/17Method, apparatus and system for controlling vehicle motor based on motor stall detection
05/11/17Navigation method using wearable device in vehicle and vehicle carrying out the same
05/11/17Communication module, vehicle including the same, and controlling the vehicle
05/11/17Method and providing linking service between vehicle avn system and smartphone based on virtualization framework
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05/04/17Electrical dust-collecting filter
05/04/17Swivel jig tool for forming burring hole in door inner panel of vehicle and operating the same
05/04/17Apparatus for controlling direction of discharged air in vehicle air conditioning system
05/04/17Cabin temperature setting and display method and system
05/04/17Fuel filling bi-fuel vehicle
05/04/17Battery control detecting fusion of relay
05/04/17Electromagnetic field controlling vehicle wireless charging system
05/04/17Active rectifier for wireless power transfer system, vehicle assembly using same and operation method thereof
05/04/17Method and system for correcting misrecognized information of lane
05/04/17Method and detecting intrusion into large vehicle
05/04/17Washer nozzle for vehicle
05/04/17Apparatus and learning touch point of engine clutch of hybrid electric vehicle
05/04/17Apparatus and shift control of hybrid vehicle
05/04/17Vehicle and controlling the same
05/04/17Control vehicle
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05/04/17Method for controlling gear shift pattern and engine speed of vehicle
05/04/17Method and system for predicting driving path of neighboring vehicle
05/04/17Input device, vehicle having the input device, and controlling the vehicle
05/04/17Cowl cross assembly structure for vehicle
05/04/17Height adjustment device for roof spoiler
05/04/17Active air skirt device for vehicle
05/04/17Latch assembly for vehicle
05/04/17Structure for unifying motor for use with rear curtain and power trunk
05/04/17Diesel particulate filter coated with selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas aftertreatment system including the same
05/04/17Muffler integrated type gasoline particulate filter
05/04/17Optimized structure for integrated catalytic muffler
05/04/17After treatment device of exhaust system for vehicle
05/04/17Hybrid intercooler system and control method thereof
05/04/17Apparatus and supplying coolant in throttle body
05/04/17Water-cooled intercooler system using air conditioning system and control method thereof
05/04/17Device for controlling driving mode and controlling driving mode using the same
05/04/17Canister closed valve for automotive fuel system
05/04/17Apparatus and charging lpg fuel vehicle
05/04/17Cable sponge damper for manual transmission and structure for fastening the same
05/04/17Clutch for vehicle
05/04/17Structure of clutch for vehicle
05/04/17Method of preventing vehicle clutch from sticking
05/04/17Engine mount
05/04/17Power transmission vehicle
05/04/17Shift control vehicle with dual clutch transmission
05/04/17Control dual clutch transmission for vehicle and control system for the same
05/04/17Quick connector of fuel transfer line
05/04/17Light guide module for a vehicle lamp and manufacturing such a light guide module
05/04/17Method for controlling vehicle according to destination type
05/04/17Apparatus and evaluating user interface
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05/04/17Terminal, vehicle, and controlling the same
05/04/17Apparatus and controlling opening and closing of vehicle door
05/04/17Film for preventing internal short-circuit and battery having the same
05/04/17Battery cell
05/04/17Fuel cell stack diagnostic system and diagnostic method thereof
05/04/17Battery overcharge safety system
05/04/17Method for controlling dc-dc converter and ground assembly and wireless power transfer method using the same
05/04/17Method and system for controlling motor
05/04/17In-vehicle network attack detection method and apparatus
04/27/17Automatic dust removal device for vehicle
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04/27/17Electric door curtain for vehicle
04/27/17Braking control eco-friendly vehicle
04/27/17Method and recharging system for automatically selecting recharging mode
04/27/17Light source module of lamp for vehicle
04/27/17Passive hood hinge system for vehicle
04/27/17Apparatus and controlling electronic parking brake
04/27/17Autonomous emergency braking apparatus and method
04/27/17Noise reduction device for negative pressure line of brake booster
04/27/17Engine torque control vehicle
04/27/17Vehicle and controlling the vehicle
04/27/17Structure of hybrid front pillar
04/27/17Method for manufacturing fluorine-based resin coating powder and electrode material
04/27/17Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
04/27/17Method for controlling engine rpm
04/27/17Method of controlling clutch of vehicle
04/27/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/27/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/27/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/27/17Method for controlling driving of vehicle
04/27/17Hydraulic control hydraulic torque converter
04/27/17Method for controlling vehicle to implement automatic vehicle hold function
04/27/17Diaphragm valve for vehicle
04/27/17Advanced driver assist system, vehicle including the same, and controlling the same
04/27/17Method of estimating a temperature of a permanent magnet in a motor
04/27/17Apparatus and diagnosing current sensor of eco-friendly vehicle
04/27/17Traffic prediction system, vehicle-mounted display apparatus, vehicle, and traffic prediction method
04/27/17Auto dialing system and computer readable recording medium that stores program for executing auto dialing method
04/27/17Battery cell
04/27/17System and diagnosing state of cooling water
04/27/17V2x antenna and v2x communication system having the same
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04/27/17Apparatus and reducing noise of a wireless charging device
04/27/17Apparatus and variably controlling alternator
04/27/17Method and resolving bluetooth compatibility problem
04/27/17Apparatus and controlling mobile device engaging with vehicle
04/27/17Vehicle terminal and controlling data transmission quantity of the vehicle terminal
04/20/17Blank heating device
04/20/17Battery cooling system for a vehicle
04/20/17Weather strip with replaceable sealing component
04/20/17System, protecting obc output terminal
04/20/17Method and system for detecting fusion of relay
04/20/17Enclosure expansion type virtual engine sound system and vehicle using the same
04/20/17Method and detecting a pedestrian by a vehicle during night driving
04/20/17Limp-home driving method during breakdown of parking switch for vehicle
04/20/17Smart parking assist apparatus and method
04/20/17Driver assistance operating the same
04/20/17Vehicle and controlling distance between traveling vehicles
04/20/17Apparatus and controlling speed of cacc system
04/20/17Method and controlling operation of hydraulic idle stop and go (isg) system using electro hydraulic power steering (ehps) system
04/20/17Lane change control apparatus and control the same
04/20/17Lane changing apparatus and autonomous vehicle
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04/20/17Rear floor arrangement structure for vehicle
04/20/17Surface treatment method with superior mass-productivity and low friction characteristics
04/20/17Variable valve duration system and engine provided with the same
04/20/17Variable valve duration/variable valve lift system and engine provided with the same
04/20/17Thermoelectric generating system for vehicle
04/20/17Method and analyzing vehicle driving pattern
04/20/17Fuel system for bi-fuel vehicle and filling bi-fuel vehicle with lpg fuel using the same
04/20/17Apparatus for cooling vehicle engine and cooling method thereof
04/20/17Variable intake system
04/20/17Method for controlling clutch of vehicle
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/20/17Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
04/20/17Method for controlling electronic oil pump of transmission
04/20/17Electronic shift system
04/20/17Control shifting mechanism of vehicle
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04/20/17Heat exchanging device using thermoelectric element
04/20/17Method and navigation device for providing geo-fence services, and computer-readable medium storing program for executing the same
04/20/17Apparatus and measuring noise
04/20/17Light guide device
04/20/17Method and recognizing a touch drag gesture on a curved screen
04/20/17Predictive road hazard identification system
04/20/17Thermoelectric nanocomposite and process of producing the same
04/20/17Battery cell
04/20/17Battery cell
04/20/17Cooling system of fuel cell vehicle
04/20/17Device for preventing deformation of fuel cell stack
04/20/17Antenna apparatus, vehicle having the antenna apparatus, and controlling the antenna apparatus
04/20/17Motor control compensating disturbance
04/20/17Method and magnetic field alignment in wireless power charging system and primary pad used therein
04/20/17Security electric vehicle power transfer
04/13/17Wearable muscular strength assisting apparatus
04/13/17Lnt catalyst
04/13/17Forging die apparatus
04/13/17Air conditioning system for vehicle
04/13/17Vehicle cluster gauge calibrating the same
04/13/17Method and wireless charging using variable switching frequency
04/13/17Power distributing apparatus of vehicle
04/13/17Method and system of operating on-board charger for eco-friendly vehicle
04/13/17Driving device for vertically movable waist bar of vehicle
04/13/17Apparatus and controlling a viewing angle for a vehicle, and a vehicle including the apparatus
04/13/17Power control apparatus, vehicle having the same, and controlling vehicle
04/13/17Dct shifting control vehicle
04/13/17Control hybrid vehicle
04/13/17Driving control hybrid vehicles
04/13/17Automatic parking assist operating the same
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04/13/17Vehicle control driving safety
04/13/17Shifting control vehicle
04/13/17Control dual clutch transmission for hybrid electric vehicle and control system for the same
04/13/17Control driving of vehicle for fail-safe
04/13/17Underbody structure of vehicle
04/13/17Hood latch assembly for vehicle and m ethod of actuating the same
04/13/17Oil pump system for vehicle
04/13/17Motor assembly for starting engine and driving balance shaft and controlling the same
04/13/17Flywheel assembly
04/13/17Apparatus and showing map information in vehicle
04/13/17Information sharing system for vehicle
04/13/17Smart key controller for vehicle routing pattern-based variable control and method thereof
04/13/17Method for managing ion filter of fuel cell vehicle
04/13/17Stator for synchronous motor
04/13/17Operation methods of communication node in network
04/13/17Method and controlling outgoing call in vehicle equipped with voice recognition function
04/06/17Integrated independent air conditioning controlling the same
04/06/17Rotating shaft movement structure for door curtain
04/06/17Inverter with thermal conductivity interface material and hybrid vehicle to which the same is applied
04/06/17Control dual clutch transmission for hybrid electric vehicle and control system for the same
04/06/17Method for controlling braking of regenerative braking co-operative control system for vehicle
04/06/17Method and system for controlling battery soc of hybrid vehicle
04/06/17Apparatus for reclining rear seat for vehicle
04/06/17Supporter for holding electronic device or article in vehicle
04/06/17Door outbelt unit for vehicle and vehicle door thererof
04/06/17Vehicle front structure
04/06/17Method and controlling hybrid electric vehicle
04/06/17Method for preventing damage to driving system in vehicles
04/06/17Launch control vehicle with dry type clutch

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