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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011428604/28/16  new patent  Absorbent for acidic gas separation and acidic gas separation
22016011465004/28/16  new patent  System for detecting occupant in vehicle and controlling air conditioning using the same
32016011465604/28/16  new patent  Door curtain for vehicles
42016011468904/28/16  new patent  Device for detecting level of control pilot signal and charging control system having the same
52016011470904/28/16  new patent  Ventilation seat for vehicle
62016011472204/28/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling turn signal
72016011473004/28/16  new patent  Inside mirror assembly of vehicle
82016011474604/28/16  new patent  Rod stiffener for bumper of car
92016011475804/28/16  new patent  Assembling apparatus of curtain airbag
102016011478104/28/16  new patent  Apparatus and pre-conditioning a vehicle
112016011478204/28/16  new patent  Control clutch of hybrid electric vehicle
122016011479804/28/16  new patent  Driver assistance operating the same
132016011480104/28/16  new patent  Torque control apparatus and method and motor controller
142016011511604/28/16  new patent  Active carbon and preparation of the same
152016011561404/28/16  new patent  Electrolytic solution and surface treatment of aluminum alloys for casting
162016011571804/28/16  new patent  Door latch assembly of vehicle
172016011582904/28/16  new patent  Electronic active lock pin control middle phase type continuously variable valve timing system
182016011585304/28/16  new patent  Welding structure of warm-up catalytic converter
192016011591404/28/16  new patent  Apparatus for inpouring exhaust gas by exhaust gas recirculation
202016011591504/28/16  new patent  Cooling system provided with intercooler and control method thereof
212016011603104/28/16  new patent  Engine pulley structure of hybrid vehicle and controlling the same
222016011605804/28/16  new patent  Apparatus and shift perception
232016011606304/28/16  new patent  Apparatus for reducing blow-by gas for vehicle and controlling method thereof
242016011613104/28/16  new patent  Turn signal lamp device using laser
252016011613204/28/16  new patent  Heat dissipating plate device for light emitting diode, head lamp for automobile and preparing the same
262016011619204/28/16  new patent  Heat pump system for vehicle and controlling the same
272016011651104/28/16  new patent  Current sensing device and method
282016011653804/28/16  new patent  Motor driving device and vehicle
292016011654604/28/16  new patent  System and measuring internal resistance of battery
302016011703804/28/16  new patent  Method and providing integrated interface in center fascia
312016011704304/28/16  new patent  Touch device and controlling the same
322016011706004/28/16  new patent  Method and control providing user interface
332016011709404/28/16  new patent  Input apparatus, vehicle comprising of the same, and control the vehicle
342016011709504/28/16  new patent  Vehicle, multimedia apparatus and controlling method thereof
352016011792204/28/16  new patent  Display system of vehicle and controlling the display system
362016011803704/28/16  new patent  Apparatus for outputting protecting sound in quieting vehicle
372016011820704/28/16  new patent  Knob assembly and knob control system for vehicle including the same
382016011856704/28/16  new patent  Water-and-air-cooled thermoelectric device
392016011867504/28/16  new patent  Fuel cell system using hydrogen supply manifold
402016011872004/28/16  new patent  Antenna, circular polarized patch antenna, and vehicle having the same
412016011883904/28/16  new patent  Wireless charging system, wireless charging apparatus and emergency ignition method using the same
422016011885704/28/16  new patent  Cooling unit of drive motor
432016011886404/28/16  new patent  Wiper control apparatus of vehicle
442016011906804/28/16  new patent  Vehicle and controlling the same
452016011915104/28/16  new patent  Method and system for detecting misbehavior for vehicle-to-anything communication
462016011951804/28/16  new patent  Multifunctional integration module for mounting in rear of vehicle
472016011978204/28/16  new patent  Vehicle, controlling method thereof and multimedia apparatus included therein
482016011982304/28/16  new patent  Method and system for controlling communication mode of telematics terminal
492016011987804/28/16  new patent  Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
502016010722204/21/16 Method for warm forming of super high tensile strength steel sheet
512016010722804/21/16 Injection mold for rotary-type gravity casting and gravity casting method using the same
522016010741804/21/16 Stone sheet made of real stone for an automobile interior material and manufacturing
532016010749904/21/16 Method for controlling suspension system
542016010751004/21/16 Door structure for vehicle
552016010752504/21/16 Method for reconnecting a relay in a vehicle battery management system
562016010753204/21/16 System and reprogramming of vehicle controller
572016010754404/21/16 Folding vehicle seat
582016010755004/21/16 Multipurpose armrest for vehicle
592016010757304/21/16 Apparatus and controlling head up display
602016010759104/21/16 Apparatus and controlling of vehicle using wearable device
612016010759304/21/16 Structure for reinforcing shock absorber housing
622016010759704/21/16 Apparatus and controlling lane keeping of vehicle
632016010763404/21/16 System and controlling torque of hybrid vehicle
642016010763704/21/16 Control apparatus and power transmission system for hybrid elecric vehicle
652016010763904/21/16 Fail-safe control engine clutch actuator and apparatus thereof
662016010765004/21/16 Vehicle and improving fuel-efficiency during temporary stop
672016010765204/21/16 Cluster control system of vehicle and method thereof
682016010769504/21/16 Connection structure of a vehicle
692016010807404/21/16 Solid acid catalyst for preparing a monosaccharide and preparing a monosaccharide from seaweed using the same
702016010833604/21/16 Diesel engine oil composition for improving fuel efficiency and endurance performance
712016010850004/21/16 Alloy for die-cast vehicle parts and manufacturing the same
722016010850304/21/16 Gray cast iron for cylinder liner and manufacturing cylinder liner using the same
732016010864504/21/16 Door locking device and preventing door from opening during side collision
742016010864604/21/16 Apparatus for preventing vehicle door having outside handle from opening
752016010864804/21/16 Actuator integrated push opener
762016010865704/21/16 System and malfunction diagnosis of middle door or step for vehicle
772016010876504/21/16 Cam carrier module for vehicles
782016010878204/21/16 Vibration-type oil separator and blow-by gas recirculation system employing the same
792016010878404/21/16 White smoke reduction system for diesel vehicle
802016010878804/21/16 Method and system for controlling exhaust gas flow in engine system
812016010879504/21/16 Method and system for controlling variable water pump based on flow rate control modes
822016010879604/21/16 Thermostat
832016010882204/21/16 Cylinder deactivation apparatus of engine
842016010882604/21/16 Asymmetry cda engine
852016010882904/21/16 Motor response control method in variable charge motion system
862016010883004/21/16 Apparatus and learning an air control valve opening of a hybrid electric vehicle
872016010883104/21/16 Method for controlling air control valve in diesel hybrid vehicle
882016010883304/21/16 System and controlling air-fuel ratio of cng engine
892016010884104/21/16 Apparatus and controlling cold starting of diesel engine vehicle
902016010884304/21/16 Method and system for controlling engine using combustion pressure sensor
912016010884804/21/16 Method for controlling engine combustion noise feedback
922016010886004/21/16 Engine system
932016010886304/21/16 Apparatus for reducing friction in egr driver
942016010886904/21/16 Intake air cooling system in engine
952016010898804/21/16 Bypass flow path open/close type active engine mount device using air chamber
962016010899304/21/16 Power transmission vehicle
972016010899504/21/16 Multi-stages automatic transmission for vehicle
982016010899604/21/16 Multi-stages automatic transmission for vehicle
992016010902004/21/16 System and controlling transmission
1002016010902104/21/16 Shift control hybrid vehicle
1012016010902304/21/16 Shifting manual transmission
1022016010904504/21/16 Exhaust pipe for turbo engine
1032016010908504/21/16 Vehicle lighting apparatus
1042016010908604/21/16 Vehicle lamp
1052016010922904/21/16 Integrated jig for assembling inspection of door assembly and operating the same
1062016010926904/21/16 Apparatus and compensating a position information error of a resolver
1072016010952304/21/16 Apparatus and calculating state of charge
1082016010953104/21/16 Offset compensation method and system of hall sensor in motor
1092016011015804/21/16 Audio video navigation (avn) apparatus, vehicle, and control avn apparatus
1102016011046104/21/16 System and providing digital manual for vehicle
1112016011061904/21/16 Smart parking assist apparatus and method
1122016011062604/21/16 Device for detecting pupil taking account of illuminance and method thereof
1132016011092904/21/16 Method and system for providing vehicle security service
1142016011093604/21/16 Method of making tuning map for controlling device of vehicle
1152016011100504/21/16 Lane departure warning controlling the same
1162016011108404/21/16 Speech recognition device and speech recognition method
1172016011108804/21/16 Audio video navigation device, vehicle and controlling the audio video navigation device
1182016011108904/21/16 Vehicle and control method thereof
1192016011123104/21/16 Push switch of outside handle of door
1202016011136704/21/16 Power semiconductor module and manufacturing the same
1212016011173404/21/16 Apparatus for manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and membrane-electrode assembly manufactured using the same
1222016011174504/21/16 Apparatus for activating membrane electrode assembly for fuel cells
1232016011186504/21/16 Cable combination device
1242016011190804/21/16 Power supply electric vehicle and controlling the same
1252016011221504/21/16 Method and reducing load in can communication
1262016011255604/21/16 Hands-free vehicle and controlling the same
1272016011278504/21/16 Microphone and manufacturing the same
1282016011279604/21/16 Analogue signal processing circuit for microphone
1292016011280104/21/16 Microphone and manufacturing the same
1302016011280204/21/16 Microphone and manufacturing the same
1312016011280604/21/16 Microphone and manufacturing the same
1322016011281604/21/16 Apparatus and recognizing horn using sound signal processor
1332016011312404/21/16 Method for manufacturing printed circuit board (pcb)
1342016010146604/14/16 Core pin for preventing molten metal from flowing into pipe and casting device using the same
1352016010166904/14/16 Air freshener device for vehicle
1362016010167904/14/16 Transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle
1372016010168004/14/16 Transmission structure of hev
1382016010168204/14/16 Apparatus and controlling active air flap
1392016010172504/14/16 System for adjusting brightness of vehicle lighting, vehicle having the same, and control method thereof
1402016010172604/14/16 Vehicle, generating driving sound of vehicle, and controlling driving sound of vehicle
1412016010172704/14/16 Warning method and apparatus of state of vehicle
1422016010173304/14/16 System and assisting vehicle driving for using smart phone
1432016010177704/14/16 Electronic 4wd system having reinforced abs cooperative control performance and controlling same
1442016010178004/14/16 Apparatus and guiding driver to coasting of in eco-friendly vehicle
1452016010258204/14/16 Rankine cycle system for vehicle having dual fluid circulation circuit and controlling the same
1462016010259204/14/16 Generator for internal combustion engine
1472016010259804/14/16 Method and system for controlling electric water pump
1482016010263204/14/16 Heat exchanger using exhaust gas recirculation gas
1492016010273304/14/16 Power transmitting vehicle
1502016010274204/14/16 Power transmission hybrid electric vehicle
1512016010282804/14/16 Lamp for vehicle
1522016010283004/14/16 Apparatus for driving headlight cover
1532016010289904/14/16 Apparatus and increasing removal rate of residue
1542016010310704/14/16 Hydrogen detecting sensor
1552016010320804/14/16 System for filtering lidar data in vehicle and method thereof
1562016010345604/14/16 Valve
1572016010348504/14/16 Apparatus and tracking gaze of glasses wearer
1582016010404304/14/16 Apparatus and recognizing iris
1592016010458904/14/16 Switch device for vehicular air conditioning system
1602016010493104/14/16 Vehicle loop antenna
1612016010496204/14/16 Connector device
1622016010505204/14/16 Method and controlling low-voltage battery charging
1632016010513204/14/16 System and controlling regenerative braking of electric vehicle
1642016010516404/14/16 Apparatus for generating switching signal for analog controller
1652016009624304/07/16 Part assembling vehicle
1662016009641304/07/16 Cooling system of hybrid electric vehicle and controlling the same
1672016009641704/07/16 Roller blind curtain device for car
1682016009644104/07/16 Vehicle charger and controlling power thereof
1692016009644204/07/16 Vehicle charger and control pilot signal detection method thereof
1702016009644504/07/16 Method and system for diagnosing fuel cell stack
1712016009648204/07/16 Bicycle carrier system for vehicle
1722016009648304/07/16 Bicycle carrier vehicle
1732016009650104/07/16 Rear seat air-bag vehicle and controlling method thereof
1742016009733604/07/16 Method for controlling cooling system in vehicle
1752016009760004/07/16 Heat exchanger for vehicle
1762016009774504/07/16 Apparatus and detecting defect of press panel
1772016009808804/07/16 Human machine interface vehicle and methods of controlling the same
1782016009966704/07/16 Sensorless control motor
1792016009992604/07/16 Method of sequentially authenticating can packets using divided macs and implementing the same
1802016009993904/07/16 Method of authenticating can packets using mixture of macs and implementing the same
1812016008974603/31/16 Spot welding gun for quenching welding zone and operation thereof
1822016008996703/31/16 Door frame for vehicle with improved anti-corrosive performance and manufacturing the same
1832016008996803/31/16 Amt hybrid transmission
1842016008996903/31/16 Power transmission hybrid electric vehicle
1852016008999303/31/16 Female connector of high voltage junction box and assembling the same
1862016009004303/31/16 Driver customizable blind spot display method and apparatus
1872016009006103/31/16 Active hood device for vehicle
1882016009007303/31/16 Apparatus and controlling creep torque of hybrid electric vehicle
1892016009007703/31/16 Control hybrid vehicle
1902016009007903/31/16 Transmission structure of hev and mode change
1912016009010603/31/16 Hanger trolley system
1922016009012603/31/16 Vehicle body reinforcing structure for coping with front collision
1932016009013103/31/16 Latch structure of tail gate
1942016009024403/31/16 Power chain elongation inspecting system and method
1952016009087403/31/16 Variable valve lift system
1962016009087503/31/16 Variable valve lift apparatus
1972016009087603/31/16 Method and system for releasing catching of locking pin
1982016009087703/31/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1992016009090403/31/16 Sealing-coupled apparatus of turbocharger
2002016009092103/31/16 Engine for performing cda
2012016009093403/31/16 Method and system for controlling electronic throttle control system
2022016009095003/31/16 Intake air control apparatus of engine
2032016009095103/31/16 Intake air control apparatus of engine
2042016009105503/31/16 Hybrid transmission for vehicle
2052016009105603/31/16 Hybrid transmission for vehicle
2062016009105703/31/16 Power train for hybrid vehicle
2072016009105803/31/16 Multi-stage auto transmission for vehicle
2082016009106903/31/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
2092016009107003/31/16 Power train for hybrid vehicle
2102016009107603/31/16 Alternator damper pulley for vehicle
2112016009116003/31/16 Laser optical system for head lamp
2122016009137403/31/16 Apparatus and controlling a high voltage battery in vehicle
2132016009157003/31/16 System for measuring a stack cell voltage of a fuel cell and method thereof
2142016009194203/31/16 Interface device, vehicle having the same, and controlling the same
2152016009197803/31/16 Gesture recognition apparatus, vehicle having the same and controlling the same
2162016009239103/31/16 Interface apparatus, vehicle having the same, and controlling the same
2172016009274303/31/16 Apparatus and measuring a gaze
2182016009343003/31/16 Magnetic field distribution control apparatus
2192016009390303/31/16 State diagnostic apparatus of fuel cell stack
2202016009390603/31/16 Device and controlling cold start of fuel cell system
2212016009416503/31/16 System and computing motor speed and rotor position using hall sensor
2222016009488203/31/16 Terminal, vehicle having the same, and controlling the same
2232016008252003/24/16 Boring device
2242016008259403/24/16 Auto revising system for around view monitoring and method thereof
2252016008280603/24/16 Air-conditioning system for vehicle
2262016008281503/24/16 Gull wing door with slide door for vehicle
2272016008282203/24/16 Power transmission hybrid electric vehicle
2282016008282303/24/16 Powertrain of hybrid vehicle
2292016008286203/24/16 System and controlling motor for reducing vibration of electric vehicle
2302016008288603/24/16 Apparatus for assisting backward driving and method thereof
2312016008293003/24/16 Washer nozzle integrated wiper blade
2322016008293403/24/16 Wireless tension adjusting system of hand parking brake and operating method thereof
2332016008294203/24/16 Motor torque control method in coasting state of hybrid electric vehicle
2342016008294403/24/16 Apparatus and controlling driving of hybrid vehicle
2352016008294503/24/16 System and controlling charging of hybrid vehicle
2362016008294803/24/16 Transmission control method during regenerative braking of hybrid vehicle
2372016008294903/24/16 System for improving exhaust gas purifying performance of diesel hybrid electric vehicle
2382016008295103/24/16 Method of controlling engine speed of hybrid vehicle
2392016008295803/24/16 Method and cruise control based on school bus
2402016008296503/24/16 Apparatus and controlling driving mode of vehicle
2412016008296703/24/16 Method and system for preventing overheating of clutch by means of forcible creeping
2422016008296903/24/16 Control motor-driven vehicle and control system thereof
2432016008297003/24/16 System and controlling shift for vehicle
2442016008297403/24/16 Apparatus and road slope estimating by using gravitational acceleration sensor
2452016008399103/24/16 Hinge trunk lid
2462016008412403/24/16 Hybrid oil pump system and controlling the same
2472016008412503/24/16 Control oil pump
2482016008412603/24/16 Device and reducing fuel dilution of diesel engine
2492016008414303/24/16 Engine system having coolant control valve

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