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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014431805/26/16  new patent  System and controlling conditions for entry into fuel cut mode
22016014445605/26/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing tailor welded blanks
32016014447605/26/16  new patent  Cam lapping processing apparatus
42016014468705/26/16  new patent  Radiator having air guide for preventing heat damage in a vehicle
52016014468805/26/16  new patent  Air introducing apparatus of havc system for vehicle
62016014469105/26/16  new patent  Hybrid cooling system and method thereof
72016014469305/26/16  new patent  Door structure of vehicle
82016014470105/26/16  new patent  Powertrain for hybrid vehicle
92016014470205/26/16  new patent  Transmission for hybrid vehicle
102016014470305/26/16  new patent  Hybrid powertrain
112016014470505/26/16  new patent  Powertrain for hybrid vehicle
122016014470605/26/16  new patent  Powertrain for hybrid vehicle
132016014471005/26/16  new patent  Hev cooling system and controlling the same
142016014471605/26/16  new patent  Integrated controller controlling the same
152016014471805/26/16  new patent  Apparatus for protecting passenger from damage of battery by thunder and the same
162016014471905/26/16  new patent  Apparatus for compensating for torque of fuel cell electric vehicle and method thereof
172016014473105/26/16  new patent  Battery charging apparatus and electric vehicle
182016014473305/26/16  new patent  Door assembly for charging port of electric vehicle
192016014473805/26/16  new patent  System and power distribution of fuel cell hybrid vehicle
202016014474105/26/16  new patent  Apparatus for classifying passengers in vehicle
212016014474405/26/16  new patent  Seat cushion extension apparatus
222016014478205/26/16  new patent  Vehicle, control vehicle, and vehicle driving sound control apparatus and method
232016014479005/26/16  new patent  Mirror actuator for vehicle
242016014480305/26/16  new patent  Structure of door trim and door inner belt for vehicle
252016014481405/26/16  new patent  Crash box of vehicle having integrated joint structure by spot welding and assembly method thereof
262016014482005/26/16  new patent  Air bag vehicle
272016014482205/26/16  new patent  Rupturable type hood hinge device
282016014484205/26/16  new patent  Method of controlling braking system using braking device having eletromechanical parking function
292016014484805/26/16  new patent  Engine stop control power split-parallel hev system
302016014485605/26/16  new patent  Parking assistance controlling the same
312016014485905/26/16  new patent  System and autonomous navigation of vehicle
322016014486605/26/16  new patent  Vehicle speed signal selection method and vehicle speed signal adjustment verification method
332016014489005/26/16  new patent  Steering control steer-by-wire system
342016014489405/26/16  new patent  Vehicle wheel twist system for small overlap frontal collisions
352016014489705/26/16  new patent  Structure for fastening stiffening bar and the same
362016014490605/26/16  new patent  Electronic docking vehicle
372016014504905/26/16  new patent  Calibration truck and calibration method thereof
382016014570205/26/16  new patent  Bearing steel having improved fatigue durability and manufacturing the same
392016014572405/26/16  new patent  Bearing steel having improved fatigue durability and manufacturing the same
402016014606905/26/16  new patent  Method and system for releasing jamming of locking pin by use of holding control
412016014607105/26/16  new patent  Method and system for detecting malfunction of fastening bolt in cvvt
422016014607505/26/16  new patent  Oil cooler for vehicle having bypass valve operated by temperature of working fluid
432016014608305/26/16  new patent  Clamp mounted thermoelectric generator
442016014608405/26/16  new patent  Thermoelectric power generation apparatus
452016014608605/26/16  new patent  Exhaust system structure for improving noise problem
462016014609005/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling cooling fan speed
472016014609105/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling cooling fan of vehicle
482016014609205/26/16  new patent  Engine system having coolant control valve
492016014609405/26/16  new patent  Safety cap device for controlling pressure in radiator and controlling pressure using the same
502016014609505/26/16  new patent  Intake-air cooling vehicle
512016014612305/26/16  new patent  Fuel switching control bi-fuel vehicle
522016014612405/26/16  new patent  Method for controlling electricity generation mode of vehicle
532016014612505/26/16  new patent  Combustion-noise controlling diesel engine
542016014613105/26/16  new patent  Turbocharger control duty deviation compensation method
552016014615005/26/16  new patent  Exhaust manifold-integrated cylinder head with water jacket
562016014616005/26/16  new patent  Insertable filter for canister and canister having the filter
572016014616605/26/16  new patent  Intake system
582016014620405/26/16  new patent  Plunger high pressure pump
592016014629405/26/16  new patent  Multi-step transmission for vehicle
602016014629505/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
612016014629605/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
622016014629705/26/16  new patent  Multi stage transmission for vehicle
632016014629805/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
642016014629905/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
652016014630005/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
662016014630105/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
672016014630205/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
682016014630305/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
692016014630405/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
702016014630505/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
712016014630605/26/16  new patent  Multi stage transmission for vehicle
722016014630705/26/16  new patent  Vehicle multistage transmission
732016014630805/26/16  new patent  Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
742016014631105/26/16  new patent  Hybrid vehicle power train
752016014633005/26/16  new patent  Oil cooler for vehicle
762016014635305/26/16  new patent  Boot unit and manufacturing method thereof
772016014642005/26/16  new patent  Light source module of lamp for vehicle
782016014662405/26/16  new patent  Avn terminal and control method thereof
792016014662805/26/16  new patent  Avn terminal and control method thereof
802016014670205/26/16  new patent  Method for detecting surge level in vehicle
812016014687605/26/16  new patent  System and diagnosing insulation-breakdown of vehicle component
822016014729905/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and displaying image of head up display
832016014730605/26/16  new patent  Method and providing haptic interface
842016014732205/26/16  new patent  System and identifying a user of a vehicle head unit
852016014752505/26/16  new patent  System and firmware update of vehicle
862016014805005/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and detecting eyes
872016014806405/26/16  new patent  Method and monitoring driver status using head mounted display
882016014806505/26/16  new patent  Driver monitoring controlling illuminator thereof
892016014844705/26/16  new patent  Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for managing abnormal state of vehicle
902016014861405/26/16  new patent  Speech recognition system and speech recognition method
912016014890005/26/16  new patent  Method for bonding with a silver paste
922016014919705/26/16  new patent  Current breaking structure of battery system
932016014920105/26/16  new patent  Swelling current interrupt device
942016014923705/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and preventing moisture condensation
952016014923805/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling cooling pump of fuel cell system
962016014924005/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and diagnosing fuel cell
972016014924105/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and discharging residual electric energy of fuel cell
982016014924805/26/16  new patent  Method for performance restoration of fuel cell
992016014925205/26/16  new patent  Stack fastening structure of fuel cell
1002016014925705/26/16  new patent  Pouch cell
1012016014942905/26/16  new patent  Method and controlling charging of low voltage battery
1022016014944405/26/16  new patent  Stator of interior permanent magnet synchronous motor
1032016014944505/26/16  new patent  Rotor of wound rotor synchronous motor
1042016014969205/26/16  new patent  Method and providing time synchronization in in-vehicle ethernet communication network
1052016015006605/26/16  new patent  Method and providing in-vehicle bluetooth pairing
1062016015008305/26/16  new patent  Car emergency system and emergency measures using the car emergency system
1072016015014405/26/16  new patent  System for controlling exposure of camera and method thereof
1082016015021805/26/16  new patent  Combined structure for head up display system and driver monitoring system
1092016015031905/26/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing microphone, microphone, and control method therefor
1102016015032105/26/16  new patent  Micro phone and manufacturing the same
1112016015032405/26/16  new patent  Microphone and manufacturing the same
1122016015032605/26/16  new patent  Microphone and manufacturing the same
1132016015035205/26/16  new patent  Bluetooth system integration module
1142016015039705/26/16  new patent  System and identifying a user of a mobile computerized device
1152016015048205/26/16  new patent  Telematics terminal, telematics center and control method thereof
1162016015055605/26/16  new patent  Telematics provisioning method
1172016015058805/26/16  new patent  Vehicle supporting efficient bluetooth connection and control method thereof
1182016013702305/19/16 Air conditioner for vehicle
1192016013702505/19/16 Air-conditioning device for vehicle
1202016013703505/19/16 Apparatus and restraining microbial propagation on a surface of an evaporator for vehicle
1212016013703605/19/16 Dehumidifier for vehicle
1222016013704605/19/16 Trunk room mounting structure of hybrid vehicle
1232016013706205/19/16 Audio-video device for vehicle
1242016013706405/19/16 Touch input device and vehicle including the same
1252016013707205/19/16 Wireless charging system
1262016013707705/19/16 System and notifying necessity of hydrogen charging using result of monitoring location of hydrogen station
1272016013708005/19/16 Apparatus and charging battery for vehicle
1282016013708305/19/16 Power outlet device
1292016013709005/19/16 System and predicting distance to empty of electric vehicle
1302016013711405/19/16 Cooling and heating cup holder
1312016013718105/19/16 Hybrid electro-mechanical brake and system having the same
1322016013718305/19/16 Method and system for controlling fuel pump for hybrid diesel vehicle
1332016013719105/19/16 Apparatus and controlling engine clutch
1342016013720505/19/16 Shift control automatic transmission and shift control apparatus using the method
1352016013722705/19/16 Front side member for vehicle
1362016013723305/19/16 Aluminum alloy for vehicle outer panels and producing the same
1372016013723605/19/16 Apparatus for improving aerodynamic characteristics of vehicle
1382016013813605/19/16 Aluminum alloy having excellent formability and elasticity and producing the same
1392016013813705/19/16 Aluminum alloy for engine piston of automobile and producing the same
1402016013842905/19/16 Method of controlling turbine of exhaust heat recovery system
1412016013843005/19/16 Exhaust heat recovery system
1422016013843205/19/16 Exhaust heat recovery system
1432016013843705/19/16 Variable valve lift system
1442016013843905/19/16 Variable valve lift apparatus
1452016013844305/19/16 Oil separator
1462016013845005/19/16 Urea backflow prevention apparatus of scr and control method thereof
1472016013845905/19/16 Apparatus and improving efficiency of alternator for vehicle
1482016013846005/19/16 Control vehicle provided with water-cooling intercooler apparatus
1492016013846505/19/16 Engine system for controlling exhaust gas flow
1502016013848605/19/16 Method and fuel injection of engine system
1512016013848805/19/16 Exhaust cam non connection engine brake, vehicle having the same as auxiliary brake, and controlling the same
1522016013849705/19/16 Method and system for improving change of fuel in bi-fuel vehicle
1532016013851205/19/16 Method for pre-mixed ignition strength control using swirl control and engine control system thereby
1542016013851305/19/16 Method for controlling vehicle fuel pump
1552016013851505/19/16 Cylinder head for engine
1562016013853005/19/16 Engine system having coolant control valve
1572016013853105/19/16 Integrated cooling system and control method thereof
1582016013853205/19/16 Exhaust heat recovery system
1592016013853405/19/16 Heater device of diesel fuel filter
1602016013853605/19/16 Diesel fuel recirculation device
1612016013853805/19/16 Fuel filter for diesel engine
1622016013854705/19/16 System for reducing wait time in starting liquefied petroleum injection engine
1632016013866405/19/16 Touch point correction double clutch transmission
1642016013867105/19/16 Active engine mount for vehicle
1652016013868505/19/16 Chain guide structure for a vehicle engine
1662016013870505/19/16 Multifunctional electronic gear shift lever for simultaneous manipulation and controlling the same
1672016013870705/19/16 Method for controlling eop of torque assist amt
1682016013870805/19/16 Method of checking abnormality in oil pressure of tcu
1692016013870905/19/16 Method of diagnosing malfunction in dual clutch transmission
1702016013871305/19/16 Shift control vehicle with dct
1712016013893105/19/16 Navigation device, system for inputting location to navigation device, and inputting location to the navigation device from a terminal
1722016013893405/19/16 Vehicle and control method thereof
1732016014022505/19/16 Music recommendation system of vehicle and method thereof
1742016014061305/19/16 Advertisement providing system and method thereof
1752016014070305/19/16 System for inspecting vehicle body and method thereof
1762016014077705/19/16 Broadcasting unit, broadcasting and communication, and vehicle having the same
1772016014078005/19/16 System and calculating distance to empty of eco-friendly vehicle
1782016014084205/19/16 Method for handling misbehaving vehicle and v2x communicaton system performing the same
1792016014095405/19/16 Speech recognition system and speech recognition method
1802016014109505/19/16 Inductor for high side dc/dc convertor
1812016014126605/19/16 Method of bonding with silver paste
1822016014157805/19/16 Composite separator equipped in battery cell and manufacturing the same
1832016014159305/19/16 Battery system improving operation reliability of swelling cid
1842016014162305/19/16 Bipolar electrode, bipolar all-solid battery manufactured by using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
1852016014166105/19/16 Air processing system of fuel cell vehicle mounted with integrated valve
1862016014166305/19/16 Method of controlling air flow in fuel cell
1872016014166605/19/16 System for controlling low-temperature starting of fuel cell vehicle and the same
1882016014170405/19/16 Manifold block assembly for fuel cell vehicles
1892016014186305/19/16 Safety apparatus of fuel cell vehicle and controlling the safety apparatus
1902016014192405/19/16 Rotor of wound rotor synchronous motor
1912016014199905/19/16 System and estimating temperature of drive motor
1922016014230305/19/16 Method and processing a some/ip stream through interworking with avb technology
1932016014265105/19/16 Apparatus and processing image
1942016014282805/19/16 Micro phone sensor
1952016014288805/19/16 Communication device for vehicle
1962016014302205/19/16 Method and system for servicing call with doorphone using telematics
1972016012941405/12/16 Phase-change suspension fluid composition including polyethylene oxide particles and manufacturing the same
1982016012943505/12/16 Method for coating catalyst on diesel particulate filter
1992016012966505/12/16 Synthetic leather for steering wheel cover having improved durability and preparing the same
2002016012974505/12/16 Pusher axle suspension system having single air spring
2012016012975105/12/16 Coupled torsion beam axle type of suspension system
2022016012975205/12/16 Dual type air conditioning control system of vehicle
2032016012976905/12/16 Sliding door device for vehicle
2042016012977005/12/16 Structure of side lid for vehicle
2052016012977605/12/16 Transmission for hybrid vehicle
2062016012977805/12/16 External active air flap for vehicle engine room
2072016012978505/12/16 Transmission for hybrid vehicle
2082016012979105/12/16 Method for determining amount of regenerative braking
2092016012980205/12/16 Electric vehicle capable of displaying recharging power and fee
2102016012981605/12/16 Headrest device
2112016012982905/12/16 Apparatus and detecting disconnnection of lamps
2122016012985605/12/16 Panel with pattern block bead for car body
2132016012985705/12/16 Structure for reducing noise of engine room
2142016012985905/12/16 Universal switches of device in vehicle
2152016012986805/12/16 Method and system for protecting occupants in vehicle
2162016012987005/12/16 Knee bolster device for vehicle
2172016012988805/12/16 System for controlling spraying of washer fluid of wiper blade
2182016012990005/12/16 Control hybrid vehicle
2192016012990405/12/16 Driving control hybrid vehicle
2202016012990705/12/16 Driving path planning autonomous vehicle
2212016012994105/12/16 Front side member for vehicle
2222016012994205/12/16 Vehicle body reinforcement structure
2232016012995105/12/16 Adjustable spoiler for vehicle and controlling the same
2242016013017605/12/16 Radio wave penetration-type multilayer optical coating
2252016013049105/12/16 Phase-change suspension fluid composition including fumed silica particles and preparing the same
2262016013068605/12/16 Aluminum alloy composition and heat treatment the aluminum alloy composition
2272016013084405/12/16 Locking device for vehicle sliding door
2282016013084505/12/16 Outside handle device for vehicle
2292016013085205/12/16 Sliding device for vehicle door
2302016013099705/12/16 Method for coating catalyst on diesel particulate filter
2312016013100205/12/16 Urea backflow prevention apparatus of scr and a control method thereof
2322016013101805/12/16 Method and system for controlling cooling fan in vehicle
2332016013104905/12/16 Method for controlling fuel switching in bi-fuel vehicle
2342016013109305/12/16 Air cleaner structure for blocking inflowing of debris and operation method thereof
2352016013118005/12/16 Cable socket with isolation function and transmission cable having the same
2362016013120005/12/16 Return spring common structure of automatic transmission
2372016013124605/12/16 Transmission device for vehicle
2382016013124705/12/16 Motion demonstration type electronic gear shift lever and controlling the same
2392016013156205/12/16 Test jig for exterior door handle of vehicle
2402016013171505/12/16 System and estimating state of health using battery model parameter
2412016013210605/12/16 Menu selection apparatus using gaze tracking
2422016013221105/12/16 Method and providing user interface by displaying position of hovering input
2432016013237805/12/16 Method and controlling watchdog
2442016013306305/12/16 Apparatus and diagnosing actuators in vehicle
2452016013325205/12/16 Voice recognition device and method in vehicle
2462016013330405/12/16 Calibration memory control method and apparatus of electronic control unit
2472016013381805/12/16 Thermoelectric generation structure for vehicle
2482016013395905/12/16 Control method and system of fuel cell system
2492016013402905/12/16 Wire terminal connector

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