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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
Hyundai Motor Company_20100114
Hyundai Motor Company_20100121
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Touch screen input system having analog operation device

Hyundai Motor

Touch screen input system having analog operation device

Hyundai Motor

Air blower for fuel cell vehicle

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014033995211/20/14 new patent  Rotor structure of drive motor
22014034026711/20/14 new patent  Antenna for vehicle
32014034032211/20/14 new patent  Touch screen input system having analog operation device
42014034225311/20/14 new patent  Air blower for fuel cell vehicle
52014034259111/20/14 new patent  Device for attaching and removing connector for electric vehicle of battery exchanging type
62014034279011/20/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for safe drive inducing game
72014034377111/20/14 new patent  System and method of converting driving mode and controlling shifting of hybrid vehicle
82014034380811/20/14 new patent  Failsafe device and control method for vehicle
92014034382111/20/14 new patent  Diagnosing insufficiency of vehicle coolant
102014033173911/13/14Setting offset of oil pressure sensor
112014033180011/13/14Manual transmission for vehicles
122014033180511/13/14Gearshift assembly
132014033181311/13/14Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator
142014033196011/13/14Flame jet ignition engine
152014033252911/13/14Anti-misfueling filler neck device
162014033301911/13/14Panel jig device for vehicle
172014033304211/13/14Door step device for vehicle
182014033371711/13/14Apparatus and method for image processing of vehicle
192014033495511/13/14Oil supply system
202014033495711/13/14Pneumatic reciprocating fluid pump with improved check valve assembly, and related methods
212014033496911/13/14Wear-resistant alloys having complex microstructure
222014033497011/13/14Wear-resistant alloy having complex microstructure
232014033497111/13/14Wear-resistant alloys having complex microstructure
242014033497211/13/14Wear-resistant alloy having complex microstructure
252014033497311/13/14Wear-resistant alloys having complex microstructure
262014033629611/13/14Multi-functional bio polyurethane foam and method for manufacturing the same
272014033684211/13/14Detecting road surface conditions
282014033685511/13/14Method of controlling operation mode of fuel cell in fuel cell vehicle
292014033688511/13/14Controlling anti-jerk of vehicle
302014032609611/06/14Electronic shift lever
312014032653511/06/14Sound absorbing and sound blocking reinforced board for vehicle and method manufacturing the same
322014032734511/06/14Noise shield unit in wound rotor synchronous motor (wrsm) motor
332014032908611/06/14Continuous carbon fiber/thermoplastic resin fiber composite yarn and method for manufacturing the same
342014032916211/06/14Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell
352014032954411/06/14Managing information of parking lot, and parking lot information providing apparatus
362014032995511/06/14Polypropylene resin composition
372014033046311/06/14Cell balancing of battery pack
382014031829510/30/14Smart touch type electronic auto shift lever
392014031864610/30/14Controller integrated fuel pump module
402014031874610/30/14Device for indirectly cooling battery module of eco-friendly vehicle
412014031931010/30/14Radiator bushing
422014032428310/30/14Failure diagnosis method for brake system of vehicle
432014032560210/30/14Accessing system for vehicle network and method of controlling the same
442014031121710/23/14Method for detecting fishy water odor from air conditioner, reproducing fishy water odor and preparing corresponding fishy water odor composition
452014031127810/23/14Active control method of accelerator pedal effort
462014031265610/23/14Structure and method for coupling side structures and roof rails
472014031664410/23/14Diagnosing failure of thermostat
482014031664810/23/14Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator
492014031664910/23/14Active control method of accelerator pedal effort
502014030510010/16/14Method for preventing clogging of urea injection nozzle of scr system
512014030559610/16/14Device for manufacturing fuel cell stack components
522014030614210/16/14Polyamide resin composition for sound insulation
532014030648610/16/14Door opening preventing apparatus for a vehicle
542014030666810/16/14System and method of controlling low-voltage dc/dc converter for electric vehicle
552014030732410/16/14Cover of head up display and housing including the cover
562014030859910/16/14Gasket device for a fuel cell stack
572014030860310/16/14Titanium suboxide supports for catalyst electrode of fuel cell and low temperature synthesis of titanium suboxide
582014030980310/16/14System for estimating road slope
592014030983410/16/14Apparatus and method for parking assistance
602014030985710/16/14Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator
612014030985810/16/14Active control method of pedal effort for accelerator
622014030988910/16/14Controlling change of lane
632014031035910/16/14Vehicle information providing system
642014029863610/09/14Joint guarantee system for vehicle assembly and control method of the same
652014029909310/09/14Lubrication device of high pressure pump for common rail system
662014029940310/09/14Structure of soundproof cover for engine room
672014029958310/09/14Spot welding apparatus
682014030006710/09/14Active geometry control suspension system of vehicle
692014030241110/09/14Membrane humidifier for fuel cell
702014030241610/09/14Metal separator for fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof
712014030383110/09/14Detecting the condition of a coolant in a vehicle
722014030383810/09/14Method for controlling water pump of vehicle and system thereof
732014030390510/09/14Quantifying correlation between road surface profile and road noise
742014029024110/02/14Blow-by gas recirculating system for internal combustion engine
752014029029110/02/14Cooling system for spot welding device
762014029060010/02/14Coolant circulation system for engine
772014029076710/02/14Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission
782014029152310/02/14Measuring head position of driver
792014029203010/02/14Hood overslam bumper assembly
802014029206510/02/14Brake control system and method for vehicle
812014029248310/02/14Hands-free system and method for opening trunk
822014029272510/02/14Selecting items using touchscreen
832014029302910/02/14Apparatus and method for recognizing stamped character and system for detecting stamped depth of character using the same
842014029305810/02/14Door regulating apparatus of vehicle and method of controlling the same
852014029326810/02/14Speed measuring device for conveyor line
862014029424010/02/14Driver recognition system and recognition method for vehicle
872014029424110/02/14Vehicle having gesture detection system and method
882014029424310/02/14Gap/height difference measurement module for vehicle and control method thereof
892014029436910/02/14Near-infrared condensing heating unit, near-infrared condensing heater using the same, and method for forming panel using the same
902014029459910/02/14Pump motor control system for automatic transmission and method thereof
912014029461810/02/14Hydraulic pressure supply system of automatic transmission
922014029530910/02/14Fuel cell system and operation method thereof
932014029532410/02/14Separator for fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same
942014029602110/02/14Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
952014029602810/02/14Electric four wheel drive system of dual clutch type for providing torque vectoring and control method of the same
962014029604810/02/14Part machining apparatus for vehicle
972014029703610/02/14Gap and height difference measurement system for vehicle and control method of the same
982014029707310/02/14Engine clutch control system for hybrid vehicle and method of controlling engine clutch
992014029712110/02/14Smart parking assist system and control method thereof
1002014029713810/02/14Electric oil pump control system and control method for automatic transmission
1012014029714010/02/14System and method of controlling shifting for vehicle
1022014028340509/25/14Phase change material injection device and structure for removing moisture of head lamp with the same
1032014028363909/25/14Smart touch type electronic auto-shift lever
1042014028412109/25/14Structure of trailing arm for vehicle
1052014028485709/25/14Electronic active mount capable of bidirectional control
1062014028536209/25/14Apparatus for determining available parking space and method thereof
1072014028562009/25/14Stereo image processing apparatus and method thereof
1082014028721409/25/14Coating material for aluminum die casting mold and method for manufacturing the same
1092014028733409/25/14Fuel cell system and the operating method thereof
1102014028764409/25/14Sound-absorbing material for automobile using foaming urethane foam to which carbon nano-tube is applied and preparation method thereof
1112014028873709/25/14Controlling power of fuel cell vehicle
1122014028879409/25/14Controlling braking of vehicle
1132014025993809/18/14Invisible sliding door link structure
1142014026024409/18/14Centrifugal supercharger and supercharging system for engine using the same
1152014026049309/18/14Hot stamping mold
1162014026126709/18/14Multistage variable valve lift apparatus, system and engine
1172014026219509/18/14Controlling flow rate of coolant of green car
1182014026584109/18/14Automatic lighting system and method for vehicle
1192014026717109/18/14Display device to recognize touch
1202014027783009/18/14Providing vehicle driving information
1212014027795009/18/14External airbag deployment method and system
1222014027795109/18/14Vehicle device controller for operating devices installed in vehicle
1232014027797209/18/14System and method of determining long term driving tendency of driver
1242014027844209/18/14Voice transmission starting system and starting method for vehicle
1252014025125009/11/14Multiple variable valve lift apparatus
1262014025294909/11/14Vehicle having lamp
1272014025301809/11/14Power supply system and method for charging battery of vehicle
1282014025521009/11/14Vehicle having variable oil pump
1292014024705309/04/14Method of utilizing power transistor of fuel cell stack diagnostic system
1302014023789808/28/14Sliding door device for motor vehicle
1312014023801608/28/14Supercharging system for engine
1322014023801708/28/14Negative pressure forming device for brake of vehicle
1332014023818608/28/14Driving apparatus for hybrid vehicle
1342014023833808/28/14Variable compression engine
1352014023835508/28/14Variable compression ratio device and internal combustion engine including the same
1362014023835608/28/14Variable compression ratio control system
1372014023835708/28/14Structure of engine
1382014023966208/28/14Storage apparatus for seat of vehicle
1392014023967408/28/14Connecting system of side member for vehicle
1402014023971208/28/14Integrated electronic power control unit of vehicle
1412014024248608/28/14Apparatus and method for generating virtual sound source for monitoring the operating state of a fuel cell stack
1422014024408308/28/14Controlling auto cruise of hybrid electric vehicle
1432014024408708/28/14Oil pump controlling system of hybrid vehicle and method thereof
1442014024408808/28/14Control method of hybrid vehicle
1452014024412608/28/14Electronic parking brake for a vehicle
1462014024414408/28/14Vehicle apparatus and system for controlling platoon travel and method for selecting lead vehicle
1472014023041708/21/14Exhaust gas combustion system
1482014023046908/21/14Method of controlling heat pump system of electric vehicle
1492014023069508/21/14Hydraulic engine mount solution composition
1502014023214608/21/14Reinforcing structure of rear spring seat
1512014023274608/21/14Three dimensional augmented reality display apparatus and method using eye tracking
1522014023515408/21/14Opening and closing device of air vent for vehicle
1532014023643608/21/14Structure for preventing a baulking of manual transmission e-shifter
1542014022397508/14/14Pop up device and method of operating an outside door handle
1552014021576908/07/14Connecting device of door trim and pull handle for vehicle
1562014021580708/07/14Molding apparatus and method for fixing permanent magnets of rotor
1572014021619508/07/14Structure of lever of vehicle transmission
1582014021642208/07/14Method of controlling engine
1592014021677208/07/14Fastening device and control method of the same
1602014021784308/07/14Motor having cooling structure
1612014022153708/07/14Flame retardant polyamide resin compositions
1622014022226608/07/14Integrated electronic power control unit of environmentally-friendly vehicle
1632014021057407/31/14Structure of battery relay for vehicle
1642014020392407/24/14Rear warning control method and system for vehicle
1652014020592007/24/14Fuel cell system for vehicles and method for controlling the same
1662014019192107/10/14Small antenna apparatus for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof
1672014019372607/10/14Full cell system and method of humidifying and cooling the same
1682014019508107/10/14Incipient drive of slow charger for a vehicle with electric motor
1692014018226907/03/14Controlling urea injection amount of vehicle
1702014018227007/03/14Controlling urea injection amount of vehicle
1712014018227507/03/14Apparatus and catalyst can for exhaust gas of vehicle
1722014018228707/03/14Turbo-charger system
1732014018228907/03/14Turbocharger system
1742014018231107/03/14Rectification unit for stirling refrigerator
1752014018236507/03/14Crank angle detection apparatus
1762014018237407/03/14Vehicle speed detecting system and vehicle speed detecting method using the same
1772014018252207/03/14Engine having thermostat and system thereof
1782014018252807/03/14Variable valve lift device and valve apparatus for vehicle engine using the same
1792014018253007/03/14Inspection system for continuous variable valve lift device
1802014018253107/03/14Variable valve lift apparatus
1812014018254107/03/14Oil pump for vehicle
1822014018254307/03/14Fuel supply system for gasoline direct injection engine
1832014018254607/03/14Control system and method for continuously variable valve lift apparatus
1842014018254707/03/14Control method and system for oil pump of engine provided with variable valve lift apparatus
1852014018255307/03/14Common rail system for dme fuel
1862014018255407/03/14Injection system for cold start improvement of flexible-fuel vehicle and method of controlling the same
1872014018255507/03/14Engine with dual injector
1882014018256207/03/14Fuel heating device for improving cold start performance of flex fuel vehicle
1892014018256507/03/14Brake negative pressure generating device for vehicle
1902014018256707/03/14Exhaust gas recirculation valve device for vehicle
1912014018256807/03/14Oil filter system for vehicle
1922014018256907/03/14Oil filter system for vehicle
1932014018264907/03/14Accumulated type thermoelectric generator for vehicle
1942014018270707/03/14Drain apparatus
1952014018271407/03/14Dual relief valve of bsm for vehicle engine
1962014018295507/03/14Energy regeneration device of suspension system for vehicle
1972014018300007/03/14Multiple parts moving system capable of moving parts individually
1982014018301107/03/14Switch device
1992014018316707/03/14Welding device for panel sheets and welding method for the same
2002014018317307/03/14Laser welder
2012014018317407/03/14Heat treatment device for crank shaft
2022014018332007/03/14Apparatus for variable supporting foot of robot
2032014018341207/03/14Method for detecting sweet odor from air conditioner, reproducing sweet odor and preparing corresponding sweet odor composition
2042014018342307/03/14Fine particles having a multiple structure, polymer film for smart glass and method of manufacturing the same
2052014018342407/03/14Method for preparing rod-like silica fine particles including carbon
2062014018355407/03/14Schottky barrier diode and method of manufacturing the same
2072014018355607/03/14Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
2082014018355707/03/14Semiconductor device structure for ohmic contact and method for fabricating the same
2092014018355807/03/14Schottky barrier diode and method of manufacturing the same
2102014018356007/03/14Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
2112014018376307/03/14Humidifier for fuel cell system
2122014018380307/03/14Mounting bush
2132014018382907/03/14Active roll control system
2142014018383507/03/14Side-step device
2152014018385007/03/14Wheel guard for vehicle
2162014018387307/03/14Energy regeneration device of suspension system for vehicle
2172014018390107/03/14Door belt molding for vehicle
2182014018390207/03/14Fiber-reinforced plastic vehicle body structure and manufacturing method thereof
2192014018394007/03/14Emergency start device of fuel cell vehicle
2202014018394107/03/14Fail-safe method and apparatus for high voltage parts in a hybrid vehicle
2212014018394407/03/14Multi-function switch for vehicle
2222014018400507/03/14Rotor for drive motor
2232014018400607/03/14Rotor assembling method for electric turbo-charger and rotor assembled by the same
2242014018400807/03/14Brushless direct current (bldc) motor
2252014018401307/03/14Stator for synchronous motor
2262014018401407/03/14Stator bobbin for drive motor
2272014018412107/03/14Motor torque control apparatus and method
2282014018414007/03/14Charger and driving method thereof
2292014018423307/03/14Method for checking deterioration of battery
2302014018426407/03/14Diagnostic system and method for fuel cell stack
2312014018439907/03/14Rear collision warning alert system and method
2322014018449107/03/14Providing user interface using an optical scanning
2332014018503207/03/14Method for measuring fiber content of polyethyleneterephthalate and polytrimethyleneterephthalate fibers
2342014018515507/03/14Electromagnetic-wave transmitting cover for vehicle
2352014018524307/03/14Heat sink-integrated double-sided cooled power module
2362014018571007/03/14Apparatus and method of providing traffic information using radio traffic broadcasting
2372014018587207/03/14Recognizing hand gesture using selective illumination
2382014018597007/03/14Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft
2392014018614707/03/14Component transferring system for automotive assembly line
2402014018615907/03/14Bearing unit of turbo-charger
2412014018620607/03/14Ferritic stainless steel for egr system
2422014018622607/03/14Nox storage and reduction catalyst, preparation method, and nox removing system
2432014018622707/03/14Catalytic converter of internal combustion engine and apparatus for purifying exhaust gas provided with the same
2442014018648107/03/14Draw press system
2452014018652207/03/14Method of fabricating sulfur-infiltrated mesoporous conductive nanocomposites for cathode of lithium-sulfur secondary battery
2462014018652307/03/14Slot die coating apparatus and method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly
2472014018663807/03/14Coating method and coating layer of brake hose fitting
2482014018666407/03/14Safety apparatus of battery module for vehicle
2492014018672507/03/14Fuel cell system and method of purging the same

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