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Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Welding gun alignment detection device
10/20/16 new patent  Wheel for vehicles and manufacturing the same
10/20/16 new patent  Fail safe eco-friendly vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Charging device for vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  System and controlling ldc of hybrid vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Apparatus and controlling creep driving of electric vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Wiper apparatus
10/20/16 new patent  Wiper apparatus
10/20/16 new patent  Hybrid electronic vehicle and controlling method thereof
10/20/16 new patent  Module bracket device for suspension system
10/20/16 new patent  Carburized alloy steel having improved durability and manufacturing the same
10/20/16 new patent  Carburizing alloy steel having improved durability and manufacturing the same
10/20/16 new patent  Carbon steel composition for reduced thermal strain steering rack bar and manufacturing the same
10/20/16 new patent  Hollow drive shaft for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof
10/20/16 new patent  Center supporting device for propeller shaft of vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Carriage structure for vehicle test
10/20/16 new patent  Positive electrode for a lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery using the same
10/20/16 new patent  Cathode for all solid-state lithium sulfur battery
10/20/16 new patent  Structure for mounting fuel cell stack
10/20/16 new patent  System and reducing speed ripple of drive motor of electric vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  Method and system for providing optimized ethernet communication for vehicle
10/20/16 new patent  In-vehicle network intrusion detection controlling the same
10/13/16Filter unit for canister
10/13/16Sound absorbing and insulating material with superior moldability and appearance and manufacturing the same
10/13/16Sliding armrest device for vehicle
10/13/16Step device
10/13/16Roof rack structure
10/13/16Bicycle carrier vehicle
10/13/16Bumper vehicle
10/13/16Apparatus for controlling wiper motor for wiper system
10/13/16Method and preventing sensitive brake of vehicle
10/13/16Method for controlling advanced emergency braking system depending on load change of vehicle
10/13/16Apparatus and learning engine friction torque of hybrid vehicle
10/13/16System and reducing exhaust gas of hybrid electric vehicle
10/13/16Apparatus and identifying surrounding vehicles
10/13/16Control front and rear wheel torque distribution of electric 4 wheel drive hybrid electric vehicle
10/13/16Structure of tail gate guide bumper using magnetic force
10/13/16Device for moving window glass for vehicle
10/13/16Structure of intercooler cover integrated into fan shroud for turbocharged engine and operating the same
10/13/16Apparatus for improving cooling efficiency of engine room in vehicle
10/13/16Flow control baffle vehicle heater
10/13/16Brake disc comprising heterogeneous materials and manufacturing the same
10/13/16Transmission for vehicle
10/13/16System and artificially interlocking automatic transmission by operating transmission solenoid valve
10/13/16Solenoid valve and controlling the same
10/13/16System and misfire diagnosis of vehicle engine
10/13/16Apparatus and calculating degradation degree
10/13/16Apparatus and recognizing a user input
10/13/16Projection display
10/13/16Sound absorbing and insulating material and manufacturing the same
10/13/16Sound absorbing and insulating material with improved heat resistance and moldability and manufacturing the same
10/13/16Controller for estimating relative humidity and condensed water, and controlling condensed water drain using the same
10/06/16Device and controlling air suspension system
10/06/16Air condition and lamp control system and method based on light sensing of vehicle
10/06/16Charger for vehicles
10/06/16System and controlling emergency driving for fuel cell vehicle
10/06/16Bicycle carrier system for vehicle
10/06/16Wheel resonator for vehicle
10/06/16Motor speed control improving performance of running resistance evaluation
10/06/16Apparatus and controlling engine stop of hybrid electric vehicle
10/06/16Exhaust purification device and calculating nox mass reduced from lean nox trap during regeneration
10/06/16System of purifying exhaust gas provided with lean nox trap and selective catalytic reduction catalyst and controlling the same
10/06/16Method and system of driver inducement for vehicle
10/06/16Exhaust purification device and calculating nox mass adsorbed in lean nox trap of exhaust purification device
10/06/16Electric water pump
10/06/16Impact energy absorbing propeller shaft
10/06/16Secondary brake for commercial vehicle using mr fluid
10/06/16Control system and control reducing rattle noise of brake caliper
10/06/16Variable frequency damper for drive shaft of vehicle
10/06/16Cathode of all-solid state lithium-sulfur secondary battery using graphene oxide and manufacturing the same
10/06/16Operation control method and system of fuel cell
10/06/16Motor unit having insulation member
10/06/16Apparatus for controlling message receiving mode and method thereof
09/29/16Blank forming device using electric direct heating method
09/29/16Apparatus and producing resin products
09/29/16Brake control hybrid electric vehicle
09/29/16Porous polymer resin layer and manufacturing the same
09/29/16Retractable handle system for vehicle
09/29/16Apparatus for opening and closing tailgate for vehicle
09/29/16Apparatus for controlling engine of vehicle and method thereof
09/29/16Dynamic damper for drive shaft
09/29/16Display apparatus, vehicle and display method
09/22/16Inspection apparatus of electrolyte membrane
09/22/16Inspection system and inspection electronic device of vehicle
09/22/16Device and controlling compressor of vehicles
09/22/16Vehicle, and control method thereof
09/22/16Vehicle and controlling the vehicle
09/22/16Vehicle and vehicle remote control system including the same
09/22/16Bumper back-beam for vehicles
09/22/16Device and providing vehicle accident information
09/22/16Active hood hinge device for vehicles
09/22/16Engine clutch control system for hybrid vehicle and method thereof
09/22/16Vehicle and controlling method thereof
09/22/16Vehicle and controlling the same
09/22/16Afs system for vehicle
09/22/16Front vehicle body reinforcing structure and assembling method thereof
09/22/16Passive hood hinge for vehicle
09/22/16Mounting structure of variable valve for dual exhaust system
09/22/16Automatic belt tensioner for engine
09/22/16Roll mount using magnetorheological fluid
09/22/16Automatic transmission fluid warmer coolant circulation system and design method thereof
09/22/16Hose clip and manufacturing process thereof
09/22/16System and inspecting assembled condition of alternator
09/22/16Touch sensor for curved display and manufacturing the same
09/22/16Packaged searching system and method
09/22/16Vehicle and controlling the same
09/22/16Accident information management appratus, vehicle including the same, and accident information management method
09/22/16Vehicle, server and vehicle monitoring system having the same
09/22/16Method and performing cross-authentication based on secret information
09/22/16Vehicle and sharing information with adjacent vehicles
09/22/16Accident information management apparatus, vehicle including accident information management apparatus, and accident information management method
09/22/16Method and performing secure bluetooth communication
09/22/16Vehicle, communication method thereof, and wireless communication device therein
09/22/16Vehicle, communication method, and wireless communication apparatus included therein
09/22/16Head unit of vehicle, controlling the head unit, and transmission/reception synchronization system between heterogeneous devices
09/22/16Vehicle, communication method thereof, and wireless communication device therein
09/22/16Vehicle and controlling the same
09/15/16Apparatus for manufacturing crash pad
09/15/16Apparatus and manufacturing crash pad
09/15/16System and charging electric vehicle
09/15/16Variable deflector side step of vehicle
09/15/16Auto cruise controller of vehicle and method thereof
09/15/16Hybrid automotive side sill and manufacturing method thereof
09/15/16Variable deflector side step of vehicle
09/15/16Urea solution pump unit
09/15/16Burn prevention cover coupled to pressurized coolant reservoir tank and pressurized coolant reservoir tank assembly having the same
09/15/16Method of controlling operation of swirl control valve for diesel engine
09/15/16Electric pump having circuit board
09/15/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
09/15/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
09/15/16Apparatus for learn control of automatic transmission and method thereof
09/15/16Testing auxiliary belt system and testing system provided with the same
09/15/16Apparatus and estimating crank angle when engine stops
09/15/16Apparatus for diagnosing fault of battery the same
09/15/16Method for manufacturing positive active material for all-solid lithium-sulfur battery
09/15/16All-solid-state battery containing nano-solid electrolyte and manufacturing the same
09/15/16Method of manufacturing all-solid battery through wet-dry mixing process
09/15/16Apparatus and controlling power generation of vehicle
09/08/16Interoperable ev wireless charging system
09/08/16Method and generating torque command
09/08/16Apparatus and controlling operating point of hybrid electric vehicle
09/08/16Engine cooling system having thermostat
09/08/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
09/08/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
09/08/16Automotive multistage transmission
09/08/16Automotive multistage transmission
09/08/16Light emitting vehicle
09/08/16Laser optical system for vehicle lamp
09/08/16Method and tuning can communication model
09/01/16Device and hot stamping
09/01/16Ventilation bed for vehicle and controlling the same
09/01/16Fill limit vent valve for urea tank of vehicle
09/01/16System and controlling lamp in vehicle
09/01/16Brake apparatus of vehicle and method thereof
09/01/16Polypropylene-graphene composite and preparing the same
09/01/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
08/25/16Bearing bracket
08/25/16System and assisting driver
08/25/16System and controlling braking of electric vehicle
08/25/16Dih type parking brake apparatus
08/25/16Multi-insulated insulator and manufacturing method thereof
08/25/16Coating separator for fuel cell and separator for fuel cell
08/25/16Wiring structure for solar cell roof
08/25/16Telematics terminal, control method thereof, data center, control method thereof, and data service system
08/18/16Gas collecting plant and gas condensing device with reflux separator
08/18/16Gas capture plant
08/18/16Absorption tower having absorption separator
08/18/16Counterbalancing linkage mechanism
08/18/16Charging system of electric vehicle
08/18/16Method and outputting vehicle alarm information using mobile devices
08/18/16Rack bar unit of vehicle steering device
08/18/16Radiator for vehicle
08/18/16Vehicle control method and apparatus according to transient driving condition recognition
08/18/16Hydraulic mount
08/18/16Method for estimating power of fuel cell
08/18/16Gaze recognition system and method
08/18/16Interface device, vehicle examining device connecting with the interface device, and controlling the vehicle examining device
08/18/16Vehicle and controlling the same
08/18/16Bluetooth control system and method therefor
08/11/16Vacuum ring for producing laminated assembly and producing laminated assembly using the same
08/11/16Structure of wing-knob for air vent
08/11/16Cooling system using rankine cycle and thermoelectric module and control method thereof
08/11/16Charger of low voltage battery and method thereof
08/11/16Support structure of vehicle body
08/11/16Integrated exhaust gas recirculation cooler
08/11/16Integrated egr cooler
08/11/16Transmission for vehicle
08/11/16Transmission for vehicle
08/11/16Automotive multistage transmission
08/11/16Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
08/11/16Transmission for vehicle
08/11/16Idle gear assembly
08/11/16Neutral controlling synchronizer
08/11/16Battery charging status indicator for electric vehicle
08/11/16Rear tray for vehicle having energy harvesting elements
08/04/16Tubular back beam assembly for vehicle and manufacturing the same
08/04/16Manufacturing metal and plastic composite bodies
08/04/16Polymer composite strut insulator and suspension system for vehicle applying the same
08/04/16Roll-rod for vehicle
08/04/16Wiper system for motor vehicles
08/04/16Carbon long fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin composition and molded article manufactured using the same
08/04/16Exhaust brake for maintaining back pressure
08/04/16Active air flap and electric thermostat integration control method and control vehicle
08/04/16Transmission for vehicle
08/04/16Device for noise vibration reduction of alternator's pulley
08/04/16Thermoelectric generation apparatus
08/04/16System and controlling wound rotor synchronous motor
08/04/16Method and system for forwarding or delegating modified mobile device functions
08/04/16Method and system for forwarding or delegating modified mobile device functions
07/28/16Personalized display system for integrating and varying car content, car content management personalized display system, and computer readable medium for performing car content management method
07/28/16Steering assistance vehicles
07/28/16Vehicle door latch for preventing locking
07/28/16Detent hood hinge
07/28/16Transmission for vehicle
07/28/16Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
07/28/16Vehicle and controlling the same
07/28/16Method of providing telematics service and registering vehicle and apparatus therefor
07/28/16Method of computing statistical vehicle data using mobile terminal and performing the same
07/21/16Apparatus and shearing for quality improvement for steel plate shearing edge
07/21/16Vehicle seat having improved performance of reducing whiplash injury
07/21/16Safe driving notification system using wearable device and method thereof
07/21/16Method for executing vehicle function using wearable device and vehicle for carrying out the same
07/21/16Cold-proof grease composition for reducing noise
07/21/16Method for providing navigation using wearable device and vehicle for carrying out the same
07/21/16Acoustic sensor apparatus
07/21/16Input apparatus and vehicle including the same
07/21/16Multimedia terminal for vehicle and data processing method thereof
07/21/16Vehicle, controlling the same and gesture recognition apparatus therein
07/21/16Method and collecting vehicle data
07/21/16Pouch battery having improved overcharging safety
07/21/16System and controlling fuel cell of vehicle
07/21/16Method for controlling sound output of wearable device and vehicle for carrying out the same
07/21/16Communication system of avn for vehicle and wireless communication for the same
07/14/16Agent for removing malodor from painting booth, and removing malodor
07/14/16Eco-humidifier for vehicle
07/14/16Inertial two points support type engine mounting structure
07/14/16Engine system having two cooling loops
07/14/16Receptacle for charging hydrogen
07/14/16Crank position sensor wheel and manufacturing the same
07/14/16Rare earth permanent magnet and manufacturing thereof
07/14/16Method for controlling controller area network transceiver circuit and device therefor
07/14/16In-vehicle communicating with wearable device and control method thereof
07/14/16Vehicle and controlling the same
07/07/16Apparatus for dispersing nanocomposite material
07/07/16Green compact of sintered connecting rod using different kind of powder and manufacturing the same
07/07/16Vehicle including display apparatus
07/07/16Display vehicle and vehicle having the display apparatus
07/07/16Method for learning the kisspoint of an engine clutch in a hybrid vehicle
07/07/16Apparatus, method, and computer readable medium for displaying vehicle information

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