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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
Hyundai Motor Company_20100114
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016016727006/16/16 Carbon fiber reinforced polymer plate and manufacturing method
22016016727806/16/16 Variable extrusion die apparatus
32016016732006/16/16 Self-piercing rivet
42016016735006/16/16 Crash pad having coating agent in foaming layer and interrupting film between foaming layer and crash pad skin
52016016748006/16/16 Method of controlling automotive air conditioning system
62016016748206/16/16 Heating panel for vehicle
72016016750106/16/16 Power transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle
82016016750206/16/16 Hybrid power train
92016016750306/16/16 Power transmission vehicle
102016016751206/16/16 Control panel for vehicle
112016016752706/16/16 Method for controlling braking force in regenerative brake cooperation control
122016016753806/16/16 Method and charging system for selecting charging mode of electric vehicle
132016016754606/16/16 Hydrogen exhaust fuel cell vehicle
142016016757806/16/16 Warning method and system therefor
152016016757906/16/16 Apparatus and avoiding collision
162016016763606/16/16 Generation control vehicle
172016016764106/16/16 Apparatus and controlling battery state of charge in hybrid electric vehicle
182016016764406/16/16 Hybrid powertrain and controlling the same
192016016764506/16/16 Apparatus and controlling conversion of driving mode of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
202016016765706/16/16 Ssc control method and control apparatus thereof
212016016767606/16/16 Method and guiding inertia driving of manual transmission vehicle
222016016770506/16/16 Apparatus for controlling rear wheel steering using driving behavior signal feedback and the same
232016016771306/16/16 Front pillar structure integrated with flange
242016016803706/16/16 Thermal interface material and manufacturing thermal interface material
252016016806506/16/16 Novel synthetic process of adipic acid
262016016841706/16/16 Coating composition having smooth texture for one-coat-one bake coating
272016016850206/16/16 Osp-containing composition for automotive brake fluid
282016016850406/16/16 Low viscosity gear oil composition providing enhanced fuel efficiency
292016016852706/16/16 Apparatus for accelerating reproduction of odor from air-conditioner and the same
302016016905706/16/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and control method using the same
312016016906606/16/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
322016016906706/16/16 Variable valve lift apparatus
332016016908006/16/16 Vehicle exhaust heat recovery system and method
342016016908806/16/16 Engine system with intake gas individually cooled per cylinder
352016016909506/16/16 Engine control system and method
362016016909706/16/16 Apparatus for supporting waste gate module
372016016912306/16/16 High pressure fuel supplying apparatus of engine
382016016912906/16/16 Energy storage advisement controller for a vehicle
392016016913006/16/16 System for controlling engine using variable valve lift and method thereof
402016016916606/16/16 Structure of engine system
412016016918206/16/16 Integrated high pressure pump with cylinder block
422016016932906/16/16 Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
432016016933006/16/16 Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
442016016933106/16/16 Multi-stage transmission for vehicle
452016016933206/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
462016016933306/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
472016016933406/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
482016016933506/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
492016016933606/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
502016016933706/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
512016016933806/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
522016016933906/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
532016016934006/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
542016016934106/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
552016016934206/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
562016016934306/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
572016016934406/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
582016016934506/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
592016016934606/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
602016016934706/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
612016016934906/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
622016016935006/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
632016016935106/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicle
642016016935206/16/16 Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
652016016937306/16/16 Automotive transmission
662016016938006/16/16 Apparatus and protecting drive shaft
672016016940406/16/16 High pressure solenoid valve
682016016968506/16/16 Avn terminal and control method thereof, wearable device and control method thereof, and computer readable recording medium
692016016968706/16/16 Method for providing guidance to location of vehicle using smart glasses and carrying out the same
702016016969106/16/16 Arrival time notification system using smart glasses and method thereof
712016016969906/16/16 Mobile terminal and control method thereof, avn terminal and control method thereof, and route guidance system
722016016970106/16/16 Audio video navigation device, vehicle having the same and controlling the vehicle
732016016985106/16/16 Apparatus and judging sensibility of smell
742016017049306/16/16 Gesture recognition method in vehicle using wearable device and vehicle for carrying out the same
752016017049506/16/16 Gesture recognition apparatus, vehicle having the same, and controlling the vehicle
762016017051406/16/16 Touch screen structure and manufacturing method thereof
772016017070606/16/16 System for optimizing bluetooth streaming and method therefor
782016017084006/16/16 Vehicle information backup unit for storing information of telematics unit, mobile terminal, and vehicle information backup system
792016017091306/16/16 In-vehicle multimedia terminal, control method thereof, and recording medium
802016017178906/16/16 Terminal mounted in vehicle, control method thereof, data center and control method thereof
812016017179306/16/16 Apparatus for processing a plurality of logging policies and method thereof
822016017179706/16/16 Control hydrogen leak determining system of fuel cell vehicle
832016017180106/16/16 Apparatus and processing a plurality of logging policies
842016017188906/16/16 System and providing traffic information
852016017196306/16/16 Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for removing active noise of car
862016017211106/16/16 Capacitor module of inverter for vehicle
872016017211806/16/16 Dye-sensitized solar cell module and manufacturing thereof
882016017246106/16/16 Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
892016017248306/16/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
902016017268806/16/16 Bipolar current collector for lithium-air battery, manufacturing the same, and lithium-air battery including the same
912016017269006/16/16 Ion filter life perception device for fuel cell vehicle
922016017269106/16/16 Ion filter roof structure of fuel cell for vehicle
932016017269306/16/16 Perceiving method and system of stack state for fuel cell system
942016017269506/16/16 System and controlling power of fuel cell
952016017291706/16/16 Core formed from powder and motor for vehicle using the same
962016017300706/16/16 Method and system for controlling electrical vacuum pump
972016017301306/16/16 Apparatus and controlling electric vehicle
982016017304606/16/16 Method, head unit and computer-readable recording medium for adjusting bluetooth audio volume
992016017315706/16/16 Telematics control system and method
1002016017329406/16/16 Local interconnect network system and method, and computer readable medium for implementing the method
1012016017333006/16/16 Method and controlling audio/video bridging stream for in-vehicle ethernet
1022016017354806/16/16 Head unit for providing multi-streaming service between different devices, streaming control method thereof, and computer readable medium for executing the method
1032016017367506/16/16 In-vehicle multimedia system considering call situation and controlling the same
1042016017367606/16/16 In-vehicle voice reception system using audio beamforming and controlling thereof
1052016017386506/16/16 Wearable glasses, control method thereof, and vehicle control system
1062016017392806/16/16 In-vehicle multimedia system for efficiently searching for device and controlling the same
1072016017405106/16/16 Vehicle for recognizing driver using mobile device and control method thereof
1082016017407306/16/16 Method for authentication between smart car and smart home and telematics service center therefor
1092016017427506/16/16 Multimedia terminal, control method thereof, and recording medium
1102016017433506/16/16 Vehicle lighting control system using wearable glasses and the same
1112016017442106/16/16 Metal texture coating for transmitting electric wave and manufacturing method thereof
1122016015919606/09/16 Temperature control apparatus and control method thereof
1132016015882906/09/16 Core composition for casting, and preparing core for casting using the same
1142016015887206/09/16 Welding device and welding vehicle part using the same
1152016015889306/09/16 Welding device and welding automobile parts
1162016015920006/09/16 Avn terminal, vehicle having the same and controlling vehicle
1172016015921706/09/16 System and determining drowsy state of driver
1182016015921806/09/16 Terminal, vehicle having the same and controlling the same
1192016015923006/09/16 Vehicle-body integrated type solar cell for vehicle
1202016015923406/09/16 Method and system for aligning a vehicle with a wireless charging assembly
1212016015923806/09/16 Method for resetting state of charge of battery in hybrid vehicle
1222016015924606/09/16 System and cooling electric vehicle
1232016015924706/09/16 Method and system for cooling water control of vehicle
1242016015924806/09/16 Exhaust port structure of fuel cell vehicle
1252016015925206/09/16 Apparatus for reclining rear seat for vehicle
1262016015929506/09/16 Hood insulator including a non-woven fabric and a fine resonance layer and a manufacturing the same
1272016015930106/09/16 Crash box for vehicle
1282016015930206/09/16 Crash box for vehicle
1292016015930306/09/16 Crash box for vehicle
1302016015930406/09/16 Open core crash pad and process for manufacturing thereof
1312016015930806/09/16 Apparatus for fixing curtain air bag cushion
1322016015931706/09/16 Seat belt for vehicle
1332016015933906/09/16 Engine idle operation control heating of hybrid electric vehicle
1342016015934006/09/16 Active vibration reduction control apparatus and hybrid vehicle
1352016015934206/09/16 Apparatus and controlling transmission pattern of hybrid vehicle
1362016015934506/09/16 Vehicle and controlling the same
1372016015935106/09/16 Driving control system of vehicle and changing speed setting mode using the same
1382016015935206/09/16 Apparatus and controlling auto cruise speed of vehicle
1392016015936906/09/16 Safety passenger of vehicle
1402016015940406/09/16 Lightweight roof for vehicle
1412016015964906/09/16 Method of recycling composite container for high-pressure gas
1422016015996706/09/16 Functional polyurethane foam
1432016016001706/09/16 High-flow and high-impact polyolefin resin composition
1442016016001806/09/16 Rubber composition for weather strip glass run channel
1452016016014606/09/16 Paper-based wet friction material of automotive auto transmission
1462016016033806/09/16 Carburized alloy steel having superior durability and manufacturing the same
1472016016054106/09/16 Door latch device for vehicle
1482016016055706/09/16 Smart window using aerogel
1492016016065306/09/16 Turbine wheel for turbo charger
1502016016069606/09/16 Multiple variable valve lift apparatus
1512016016069706/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1522016016069806/09/16 Continuous variable valve timing apparatus and engine provided with the same
1532016016069906/09/16 Valve seat structure
1542016016070106/09/16 Cylinder deactivation engine
1552016016070206/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1562016016070306/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1572016016070406/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1582016016070506/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1592016016070606/09/16 Continuous variable valve duration apparatus and engine provided with the same
1602016016070706/09/16 Variable valve lift apparatus
1612016016070806/09/16 Variable valve lift apparatus
1622016016071106/09/16 Apparatus for resetting an engine brake using decompressing
1632016016072406/09/16 Exhaust gas after-treatment device for vehicle engine
1642016016072906/09/16 Fault diagnosis scr system and an apparatus thereof
1652016016073206/09/16 Apparatus for discharging exhaust gas of vehicle
1662016016073406/09/16 Gas leakage prevention cover and exhaust manifold having the same
1672016016073606/09/16 Water-cooling intercooler apparatus
1682016016073706/09/16 Engine system having coolant control valve
1692016016073806/09/16 Temperature control device for engine
1702016016074306/09/16 Water to air intercooler having parallel coolant path
1712016016074806/09/16 Bypass valve device of multistage turbocharger
1722016016076506/09/16 Exhaust system and engine provided with the same
1732016016076806/09/16 Method for preventing engine stall using virtual crank signal
1742016016078206/09/16 Method of diagnosing electronic water pump of engine
1752016016078606/09/16 Apparatus and engine of vehicle
1762016016078906/09/16 Control heated injector system of a vehicle
1772016016079306/09/16 Engine for vehicles
1782016016081006/09/16 Control exhaust gas recirculation system
1792016016081206/09/16 Integrated egr valve housing
1802016016081706/09/16 Intake system
1812016016082906/09/16 Method for preventing engine stall of vehicle
1822016016083106/09/16 Apparatus and preventing sudden start of automatic transmission vehicle
1832016016096206/09/16 Power transmitting vehicle
1842016016096306/09/16 Multi-speed automatic transmission
1852016016096506/09/16 Pedal operating apparatus of vehicle
1862016016096806/09/16 Brake pedal apparatus with variable pedal ratio
1872016016101506/09/16 Apparatus for preventing breakage of variable charge motion valve link
1882016016105706/09/16 Method for manufacturing non-cylindrical type pressure vessel having hardy bulkhead
1892016016107506/09/16 Shield drive device for head lamp
1902016016107806/09/16 Lamp for vehicle
1912016016115406/09/16 Air conditioner of vehicle
1922016016119206/09/16 Heat exchanger for vehicle
1932016016126106/09/16 Terminal, vehicle communicating with terminal and controlling the same
1942016016130406/09/16 Fault diagnosis resolver
1952016016137206/09/16 Vehicle prototype for crash test
1962016016139606/09/16 Friction coefficient measuring surface of specimen
1972016016145706/09/16 Apparatus and detecting filter contamination of fuel cell
1982016016153006/09/16 Current sensing circuit
1992016016178706/09/16 Smart window using glass beads and liquid crystal, and production method therefor
2002016016182206/09/16 Smart glass using guided self-assembled photonic crystal
2012016016191306/09/16 Optical device for reproducing three-dimensional lighting images
2022016016203706/09/16 Apparatus for gesture recognition, vehicle including the same, and gesture recognition
2032016016212606/09/16 Concentrated control system for vehicle
2042016016256506/09/16 Method and device for generating music playlist
2052016016267806/09/16 Vehicle and controlling vehicle
2062016016273506/09/16 Method for detecting face direction of a person
2072016016310806/09/16 Augmented reality hud display for vehicle
2082016016312706/09/16 Method for diagnosing leakage of electric parts and servicing guide of driving state for vehicle in battery management system
2092016016313606/09/16 System and collecting data of vehicle
2102016016332806/09/16 Terminal, audio device communicating with terminal, and vehicle
2112016016394706/09/16 Structure for mounting thermoelectric generation element module
2122016016408006/09/16 Cathode for litium-air battery
2132016016411706/09/16 Coolant bypass structure
2142016016411906/09/16 Activation apparatus of fuel cell stack
2152016016412106/09/16 Fuel cell system
2162016016412206/09/16 Separation plate and fuel cell including the same
2172016016412406/09/16 Apparatus and controlling hydrogen purging
2182016016412606/09/16 Device and monitoring dryness of fuel cell stack
2192016016412706/09/16 Control method and system of fuel cell system
2202016016413006/09/16 Activation apparatus of fuel cell stack
2212016016413106/09/16 Activation apparatus of fuel cell stack for performing automatic activation and performance evaluation
2222016016413206/09/16 Method for activating fuel cell stack without using electric load
2232016016415306/09/16 Lithium-air battery system
2242016016421006/09/16 Lever type connector
2252016016421506/09/16 Lever type connector
2262016016430306/09/16 Wireless power transfer method and apparatus and detecting resonant frequency used in wireless power transfer
2272016016435706/09/16 Rotor structure of wound rotor driving motor
2282016016435906/09/16 Stator winding pattern for hairpin drive motor
2292016016436006/09/16 Stator winding pattern for hairpin drive motor
2302016016437406/09/16 Rotor of wound rotor driving motor
2312016016444106/09/16 Method for diagnosing electric water pump of engine
2322016016444906/09/16 Stall diagnosis motor of air conditioning actuator
2332016016471806/09/16 Method and system for repairing communication disruption using gateway
2342016015152006/02/16 Device for sterilizing evaporator core of air conditioning system
2352016015183806/02/16 Powder metallurgical method
2362016015191906/02/16 Test gripper and test method using the same
2372016015194006/02/16 Double belt press apparatus
2382016015210906/02/16 Device for collecting battery gas of ventilating seat and the same
2392016015211306/02/16 Door structure for air conditioner of vehicle
2402016015212406/02/16 Power transmission vehicle sunroof
2412016015213006/02/16 Transmission for hybrid vehicle
2422016015214406/02/16 Regenerative braking control hybrid vehicle
2432016015218306/02/16 Method and device for providing information about failure in virtual engine sound system unit for vehicle
2442016015219006/02/16 Under cover apparatus of rear bumper multi-carrier
2452016015222606/02/16 Apparatus and activating catalyst of hybrid vehicle
2462016015222806/02/16 Shift control preventing starting stage implementation failure of hybrid electric vehicle
2472016015222906/02/16 Shift control preventing starting stage engagement failure of hybrid electric vehicle
2482016015223406/02/16 Integrative controlling blind spot detection system and lane keeping assist system
2492016015224206/02/16 Apparatus for displaying engine rpm

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