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Hyundai Motor Company
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Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033645511/26/15  new patent  System for controlling air flow rate into vehicle engine room and control method thereof
22015033645811/26/15  new patent  Method and controlling regenerative braking of vehicle
32015033647111/26/15  new patent  Emergency start fuel cell-powered vehicle
42015033650611/26/15  new patent  Method of controlling button symbol of inside mirror
52015033652511/26/15  new patent  Vehicle body reinforcing structure for coping with small overlap collision
62015033654411/26/15  new patent  Spray washer nozzle for vehicle
72015033658611/26/15  new patent  Method, system, and computer rreadable medium for displaying driver's propensity
82015033661711/26/15  new patent  Outer panel for pillar of vehicle, and method and rolling manufacturing the same
92015033725711/26/15  new patent  Composition for preventing odors containing ordorless microorganism
102015033756811/26/15  new patent  Closing and opening apparatus of luggage room for vehicle
112015033756911/26/15  new patent  Device for opening and closing push open type fuel door for vehicle
122015033770911/26/15  new patent  Exhaust gas processing apparatus and method
132015033771411/26/15  new patent  Vehicle engine cooling system
142015033777311/26/15  new patent  Apparatus and supplying fuel using egr cooler
152015033795211/26/15  new patent  Shift control dct vehicle
162015033797111/26/15  new patent  Fuel cell compound valve for vehicle
172015034068811/26/15  new patent  Method for preparing sulfur-carbon composite by dual dry complexation
182015034070611/26/15  new patent  Apparatus and printing catalyst on electrolyte membrane
192015034071711/26/15  new patent  Method and system for controlling air intake of fuel cell vehicle
202015034074111/26/15  new patent  Method for manufacturing all solid electrode having solid electrolyte concentration gradient
212015034080711/26/15  new patent  Shield connector for vehicle
222015032899111/19/15 Control fuel cell vehicle
232015032899311/19/15 Hybrid power control vehicle
242015032905311/19/15 Inside mirror assembly for vehicle
252015032910011/19/15 Apparatus and controlling torque reduction of hybrid electric vehicle
262015032911211/19/15 Vehicle collision avoidance apparatus and method
272015032911411/19/15 Vehicle speed control apparatus and method using an image
282015033027311/19/15 Method and diagnosing bypass valve on oil cooling circuit for vehicles
292015033028411/19/15 Cooling system for engine room
302015033028811/19/15 Apparatus for controlling air flow to engine room of vehicle and air flow control system including the same
312015033033911/19/15 Variable intake system with variable valve
322015033035411/19/15 Glow plug control diesel hybrid electric vehicle
332015033048511/19/15 Apparatus for driving links
342015033331711/19/15 Structure of complexed cathode using li2s
352015033333911/19/15 Ejector for fuel cell system
362015033334111/19/15 Fuel cell
372015033334811/19/15 Method and adjusting oxygen pressure of fuel cell system
382015033362411/19/15 Method and controlling output voltage
392015033362911/19/15 Multi-phase interleaved converter and control method thereof
402015033378911/19/15 Smart phone holder for vehicle
412015032154011/12/15 Air extractor grill for vehicle
422015032154111/12/15 Apparatus for opening/closing cover for electric curtain
432015032154511/12/15 Powertrain for hybrid vehicle
442015032155711/12/15 Vehicle, terminal communicating with the vehicle, and controlling the vehicle
452015032156411/12/15 Method and controlling regenerative braking of hybrid electric vehicle
462015032157911/12/15 System and supercharging fuel cell
472015032160211/12/15 Interior lamp for vehicle having air vent
482015032163211/12/15 System and controlling airbag
492015032163311/12/15 Method for unfolding external air bag
502015032164911/12/15 Method for controlling braking force of brake according to velocity
512015032165511/12/15 Method for detecting malfunction of brake system using yaw rate
522015032166211/12/15 Powertrain for hybrid vehicle
532015032166311/12/15 Fail safe engine clutch actuator of hybrid vehicle equipped with dual clutch
542015032166411/12/15 Emergency operation hybrid vehicle
552015032167511/12/15 Control creep torque of vehicle
562015032282911/12/15 Valve driving device using piezoelectric actuator
572015032283511/12/15 Urea solution after-treatment system, and method and controller for warning of urea solution state using touch
582015032284411/12/15 Method & system for controlling vehicle radiator flap
592015032284511/12/15 Cooling system for vehicle
602015032303011/12/15 Center bearing bush unit for propeller shaft
612015032306211/12/15 Gear-shift lever module
622015032360311/12/15 Apparatus and detecting faults of battery heating system and relays
632015032392811/12/15 System and diagnosing failure of smart sensor or smart actuator of vehicle
642015032428611/12/15 Memory management method in embedded system
652015032585411/12/15 Structure of electrode for all-solid-state batteries
662015032605011/12/15 Method and controller for controlling scheduled charging of electric vehicle
672015032717311/12/15 Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
682015032730511/12/15 Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
692015032731911/12/15 Method for controlling a bluetooth connection
702015031440511/05/15 Apparatus and manufacturing heat exchanger for vehicle
712015031470211/05/15 Emergency power supply system for fuel cell-powered vehicle
722015031473011/05/15 System and adjusting image using imaging device
732015031473811/05/15 Manufacturing highly heat-resistant sound absorbing and insulating materials
742015031567911/05/15 High-elasticity aluminum alloy and manufacturing the same
752015031594111/05/15 Valve for a vehicle
762015031595511/05/15 System for controlling air flow rate into vehicle engine compartment
772015031614611/05/15 Shift control dct vehicle
782015031633111/05/15 Can-type heat exchanger
792015031644511/05/15 Standard engine cold test system and method
802015031644611/05/15 Engine rpm signal processing clutch control in vehicle
812015031644811/05/15 Particulate matter sensor unit
822015031856511/05/15 System and controlling fuel cell vehicle
832015030657110/29/15 Catalyst for abating a nitrogen oxide, preparing the same, and catalyst system for abating a nitrogen oxide
842015030703710/29/15 Dash pad for vehicle
852015030703810/29/15 Dash pad for vehicle
862015030706510/29/15 Apparatus cleaning tail gate glass for vehicle
872015030708710/29/15 Method for determining deterioration of dry clutch for hybrid vehicle
882015030713910/29/15 Watertight appratus of exterior component for vehicle
892015030830310/29/15 Intake valve for engine
902015030833110/29/15 Engine control cold start stabilization
912015030836310/29/15 Method and system of controlling exhaust after-treatment vehicle
922015030839010/29/15 Separation chamber type anti-surge valve and commercial vehicle turbocharger system applying the same
932015030849910/29/15 Noise reducing structure of speed reduction device for electric cvvt
942015030852210/29/15 Clutch torque control dct vehicle
952015031067510/29/15 Diagnostic vehicle terminal
962015031148910/29/15 Anode structure of lithium sulfur battery
972015031154410/29/15 Device for removing residual hydrogen in fuel cell
982015031183610/29/15 Integrated power converting vehicle
992015029824510/22/15 Projection welding device
1002015029854210/22/15 Misfueling prevention system for vehicles
1012015029855810/22/15 Method for pairing wireless charging system to vehicle
1022015029869410/22/15 Vehicle control self-control driving thereof
1032015030021510/22/15 Exhaust valve for engine
1042015030028910/22/15 Cylinder head for engine
1052015030259110/22/15 System for detecting obstacle using road surface model setting and method thereof
1062015030301410/22/15 Battery relay for automobile
1072015030343810/22/15 Fastening battery terminal case
1082015030349210/22/15 Separator and fuel cell with the same
1092015030349310/22/15 End plate for fuel cell
1102015030349510/22/15 Gasket for fuel cell
1112015030350010/22/15 System and controlling performance of fuel cell stack
1122015029058610/15/15 Separator for separating fluid and scr urea injection system using the same
1132015029098910/15/15 Shock absorber housing and mounting structure thereof for vehicle
1142015029101410/15/15 Sliding door locking device of vehicle
1152015029101510/15/15 Sliding door supporting device of vehicle and sliding door device using the same
1162015029104010/15/15 Method for emergency driving of hybrid electric vehicle
1172015029104310/15/15 Slow charging method and on-board charger for environmentally-friendly vehicle using the same
1182015029106610/15/15 Apparatus for back-folding standup seat of vehicle
1192015029116010/15/15 Vehicle cruise control apparatus and method
1202015029117610/15/15 Apparatus and estimating road slope by using gravitational acceleration sensor
1212015029117710/15/15 Speed bump detection apparatus and navigation data updating apparatus and method using the same
1222015029117810/15/15 Apparatus and estimating vehicle velocity
1232015029121910/15/15 Double support structure of a front body structure of a vehicle
1242015029122010/15/15 Front body member for vehicle
1252015029122310/15/15 Connection structure of cowl and front pillar
1262015029206410/15/15 High elasticity hyper eutectic aluminum alloy and manufacturing the same
1272015029207010/15/15 Nanocarbon-reinforced aluminium composite materials and manufacturing the same
1282015029243110/15/15 Method for compensating post-injection timing
1292015029261410/15/15 Cube-type electronic automatic transmission
1302015029270310/15/15 Rear lamp for vehicle
1312015029278110/15/15 Heat pump system in vehicle
1322015029358510/15/15 System and controlling heads up display for vehicle
1332015029416210/15/15 Apparatus and processing image recorded in black box for vehicle
1342015029447110/15/15 System for recognizing vehicle identification number
1352015029525510/15/15 Purge control fuel cell
1362015029553110/15/15 System and estimating temperature of rotor of motor
1372015029622710/15/15 Display apparatus and display method thereof
1382015028302010/08/15 Walking intention detection device and system and method thereof
1392015028388510/08/15 Combination structure of door equipped on vehicle
1402015028396010/08/15 Manufacturing highly heat-resistant sound absorbing and insulating materials
1412015028400710/08/15 Apparatus and method estimating road slope of vehicle
1422015028484310/08/15 Coating layer of zirconium composite material and forming coating layer
1432015028510710/08/15 Valve train layout structure including return spring and camshaft-in-camshaft
1442015028514010/08/15 Thermal insulation coating composition and thermal insulation coating layer
1452015028519510/08/15 Air cleaner vehicle and mold unit for fabricating the same
1462015028565310/08/15 Apparatus and controlling driving of vehicle based on driver's fatigue
1472015028630310/08/15 Touch screen guide
1482015028630410/08/15 Sound wave touch pad
1492015028630710/08/15 Variable mounting sound wave touch pad
1502015028801410/08/15 Apparatus and controlling coolant temperature of fuel cell system
1512015028867710/08/15 System for providing customized telematics services
1522015027343810/01/15 Catalyst coating liquid manufacturing method and catalyst body thereby
1532015027400610/01/15 Fuel gas tank and manufacturing method thereof
1542015027410010/01/15 Apparatus and automatically controlling convenient device for vehicle
1552015027419610/01/15 Catch-up prevention active front steering and apparatus thereof
1562015027581410/01/15 Device for correcting injector characteristics
1572015027604810/01/15 Folding fan type electronic shift lever
1582015027616010/01/15 Head lamp for vehicle
1592015027657910/01/15 Interfacial adhesion strength measuring apparatus and a gas diffusion layer for fuel cells
1602015027743910/01/15 Straightness management system and control method thereof for mounting pin
1612015027789110/01/15 Electronic controller software coding vehicle control
1622015027957210/01/15 Solid-state dye-densitized solar cell with long-term stability containing pyridine-based additive
1632015028024910/01/15 Method for manufacturing alloy catalyst for fuel cell
1642015028026010/01/15 System and controlling fuel cell system
1652015028142610/01/15 System and managing vehicle door
1662015028193210/01/15 System and emergency service using telematics
1672015026621409/24/15 Molding process of highly heat-resistant sound absorbing and insulating materials
1682015026633809/24/15 Aluminium wheel for vehicle and the manufacturing method
1692015026634009/24/15 Apparatus for transferring driving force at wheel for vehicle
1702015026636409/24/15 Engagement structure of door equipped on vehicle
1712015026641209/24/15 Planar lighting mirror and automobile side mirror system
1722015026645209/24/15 System and monitoring security around a vehicle
1732015026646809/24/15 Hydraulic pressure instruction-learning hybrid vehicle and method using the same
1742015026699309/24/15 Flame retarded slabstock polyurethane foam composition for flame lamination
1752015026783609/24/15 Solenoid valve for fuel cell system
1762015027056509/24/15 System and recovering output of fuel cell
1772015027056609/24/15 Air compressor and fuel cell system having the same
1782015027156109/24/15 System and controlling multi source and multi display
1792015025874009/17/15 Linerless pressure vessel by centrifugal forced weaving and manufacturing thereof
1802015025887709/17/15 Rotatable sun visor mirror of vehicle
1812015025889109/17/15 Method for controlling acceleration pedal of vehicle
1822015025890109/17/15 Stable power supply device for high voltage battery system
1832015025890309/17/15 Recharge systems and methods
1842015025890909/17/15 System and control reserved charge of battery for vehicle
1852015025891409/17/15 Seat cushion extension apparatus
1862015025898709/17/15 Fail-safe device and fail-safe engine clutch actuator for hybrid vehicle
1872015025952809/17/15 Polycarbonate resin composition
1882015025976309/17/15 Austenitic heat-resistant alloy and manufacturing heat-resistant bolt using the same
1892015025990409/17/15 Sound-absorbing material and preparing the same
1902015026007909/17/15 Cylinder block
1912015026010809/17/15 Variable charge motion apparatus of engine and diagnostic method thereof
1922015026135009/17/15 Terminal, vehicle having the same and the controlling the same
1932015026365709/17/15 Anti-jerk control hybrid electric vehicle
1942015026401709/17/15 Secure vehicle data communications
1952015026472909/17/15 Telematics system capable of wi-fi direct p2p connection using near field communication
1962015025153409/10/15 Unified electronic automatic transmission lever
1972015025158509/10/15 Vehicle lamp autocut apparatus and method
1982015025160309/10/15 Back light unit for outside mirror of vehicle
1992015025163009/10/15 Anchor pretensioner for vehicle
2002015025169909/10/15 Under-floor frame system for vehicle
2012015025170009/10/15 Under-floor frame system for vehicle
2022015025170809/10/15 Upper-body frame for vehicle
2032015025217909/10/15 Polyolefin-natural fiber composite composition for extrusion molding
2042015025256209/10/15 Sound-absorbing material with excellent sound-absorbing performance and manufacturing thereof
2052015025271709/10/15 Encapsulating apparatus of intercooler of vehicle
2062015025276409/10/15 System and controlling fuel supply of diesel engine
2072015025494509/10/15 Wearable vehicle information indicator and indicating vehicle information using the same
2082015025522409/10/15 Method for improving efficiency of electrolyte having long term stability and dye sensitized solar cell for vehicle using the same
2092015025578209/10/15 Separation membrane for lithium sulfur batteries
2102015025590109/10/15 Connecting pin for electronic circuit boards
2112015025681109/10/15 Method and generating three dimensional image using monoscopic camera
2122015024639309/03/15 Method of manufacturing connecting rod by using semi-closed sinter forging
2132015024705809/03/15 Painted member with fiber-textured surface and preparing the same
2142015024772509/03/15 Method for calculating shape of painting spray head
2152015024894809/03/15 Resin composition for producing insulating material and producing insulating material
2162015024940709/03/15 Motor driving device for vehicle
2172015024941909/03/15 System and controlling inverter
2182015023937408/27/15 Apparatus of side bolster for guiding developing direction of side airbag
2192015024033308/27/15 High elasticity aluminum alloy including titanium compound and producing the same
2202015024069008/27/15 Catalytic converter and fabrication method thereof
2212015024198108/27/15 Apparatus and recognizing user gesture for vehicle
2222015024311008/27/15 Method and checking vehicle specification
2232015024345408/27/15 Common switch device for vehicle
2242015024401008/27/15 Method and diagnosing state of fuel cell system
2252015024410408/27/15 Door connector for vehicle
2262015023169508/20/15 Brake caliper housing having different strength and manufacturing the same
2272015023194108/20/15 Bumper stopper integrated with dust cover
2282015023195408/20/15 Dust sealing wrap door garnish of vehicle
2292015023197608/20/15 Electric vehicle power relay assembly
2302015023200608/20/15 Heating automobile seat and control method thereof
2312015023208008/20/15 Mode control apparatus of hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
2322015023209008/20/15 Apparatus and preventing vehicle collision
2332015023234408/20/15 System and carbon dioxide solidification
2342015023297208/20/15 Non-normalized steel composition and connecting rod using the same, and manufacturing the connecting rod
2352015023311208/20/15 Sound-absorbing material and preparing the same
2362015023372308/20/15 Method of setting via-point in navigation system
2372015023399308/20/15 Method of diagnosing fault by using impedance of output terminal of power supply device for environmentally-friendly vehicle
2382015023401508/20/15 Apparatus and diagnosing battery cell defect
2392015023457508/20/15 System and controlling smart device mirroring of head unit for vehicle
2402015023578208/20/15 Emergency button for vehicle
2412015023640408/20/15 Dual band pcb antenna for vehicle
2422015023644208/20/15 Waterproof connector for vehicle
2432015023650108/20/15 Device and interrupting battery current
2442015022449108/13/15 Catalyst carrier for purification of exhaust gas, preparing the same, and catalyst for purification of exhaust gas
2452015022468308/13/15 Method and manufacturing a fiber-reinforced thermoset article
2462015022489008/13/15 Connector converter and vehicle charging system and method using the same
2472015022489408/13/15 Method for diagnosing fuel cell stack
2482015022496808/13/15 Control hill start assist control system
2492015022499008/13/15 Apparatus for automatically controlling vehicle speed and using the same

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