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Hyundai Motor Company
Hyundai Motor Company_20100107
Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motor Corporation
Hyundai Motor Company_20100114
Hyundai Motor Company_20100121
Hyundai Motor Company_20131212
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Hyundai Motor Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Motor Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Hyundai Motor Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Hyundai Motor Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015024639309/03/15  new patent  Method of manufacturing connecting rod by using semi-closed sinter forging
22015024705809/03/15  new patent  Painted member with fiber-textured surface and preparing the same
32015024772509/03/15  new patent  Method for calculating shape of painting spray head
42015024894809/03/15  new patent  Resin composition for producing insulating material and producing insulating material
52015024940709/03/15  new patent  Motor driving device for vehicle
62015024941909/03/15  new patent  System and controlling inverter
72015023937408/27/15 Apparatus of side bolster for guiding developing direction of side airbag
82015024033308/27/15 High elasticity aluminum alloy including titanium compound and producing the same
92015024069008/27/15 Catalytic converter and fabrication method thereof
102015024198108/27/15 Apparatus and recognizing user gesture for vehicle
112015024311008/27/15 Method and checking vehicle specification
122015024345408/27/15 Common switch device for vehicle
132015024401008/27/15 Method and diagnosing state of fuel cell system
142015024410408/27/15 Door connector for vehicle
152015023169508/20/15 Brake caliper housing having different strength and manufacturing the same
162015023194108/20/15 Bumper stopper integrated with dust cover
172015023195408/20/15 Dust sealing wrap door garnish of vehicle
182015023197608/20/15 Electric vehicle power relay assembly
192015023200608/20/15 Heating automobile seat and control method thereof
202015023208008/20/15 Mode control apparatus of hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
212015023209008/20/15 Apparatus and preventing vehicle collision
222015023234408/20/15 System and carbon dioxide solidification
232015023297208/20/15 Non-normalized steel composition and connecting rod using the same, and manufacturing the connecting rod
242015023311208/20/15 Sound-absorbing material and preparing the same
252015023372308/20/15 Method of setting via-point in navigation system
262015023399308/20/15 Method of diagnosing fault by using impedance of output terminal of power supply device for environmentally-friendly vehicle
272015023401508/20/15 Apparatus and diagnosing battery cell defect
282015023457508/20/15 System and controlling smart device mirroring of head unit for vehicle
292015023578208/20/15 Emergency button for vehicle
302015023640408/20/15 Dual band pcb antenna for vehicle
312015023644208/20/15 Waterproof connector for vehicle
322015023650108/20/15 Device and interrupting battery current
332015022449108/13/15 Catalyst carrier for purification of exhaust gas, preparing the same, and catalyst for purification of exhaust gas
342015022468308/13/15 Method and manufacturing a fiber-reinforced thermoset article
352015022489008/13/15 Connector converter and vehicle charging system and method using the same
362015022489408/13/15 Method for diagnosing fuel cell stack
372015022496808/13/15 Control hill start assist control system
382015022499008/13/15 Apparatus for automatically controlling vehicle speed and using the same
392015022555808/13/15 Polypropylene resin composition
402015022556008/13/15 Epdm rubber composition for a muffler hanger with high thermal resistance and low dynamic ratio
412015022559508/13/15 Surface for vehicle component and manufacturing the same
422015022566508/13/15 Ashless type engine oil composition
432015022610708/13/15 Cooling apparatus of bus
442015022616608/13/15 Device for reducing pulsation
452015022656808/13/15 Apparatus and providing road guidance based on augmented reality head-up display
462015022683608/13/15 Transceiving surface-treated metallic member within transmission path of radar, and manufacturing the same
472015022773308/13/15 Automatic login system and automatic login method
482015022824608/13/15 Controller for in-vehicle ethernet and control method thereof
492015022838908/13/15 Magneto-rheological fluid composition
502015022894608/13/15 Apparatus for preventing deformation of plastic battery pack case for a vehicle
512015022974108/13/15 In-vehicle signal conversion between ethernet and can communication and control method thereof
522015023028108/13/15 Method and system for initializing radio network for radio modules in vehicle
532015021770908/06/15 Crash box for vehicle
542015021778108/06/15 Vehicle control device and vehicle
552015021910408/06/15 Method of determining circulation state of cooling water
562015021923608/06/15 Operating structure of exhaust heat recovery device with embedded valve actuator
572015022032108/06/15 Method of updating software for vehicle
582015022054508/06/15 Indexing system of spatial information for combined soi object and content
592015022144608/06/15 Dye-sensitized solar cell
602015021016407/30/15 Input apparatus, inputting command and vehicle equipped with the input apparatus
612015021033107/30/15 Complete body assembling various vehicle models
622015021163107/30/15 Shift/tilt locking shift lever of automatic transmission
632015021456607/30/15 Fuel cell stack manifold with ejector function
642015021460707/30/15 Multiple band antenna for vehicle and manufacturing method thereof
652015021466307/30/15 Connector assembly for vehicle
662015021512507/30/15 Data transmission method and data reception method between controllers in vehicle network
672015020402107/23/15 Apparatus and manufacturing multilayer felt
682015020406607/23/15 Sound-absorbing material with excellent sound-absorbing performance and manufacturing thereof
692015020440607/23/15 Active roll-rod for vehicle
702015020441407/23/15 Torque rod vehicle
712015020551907/23/15 System and converting between avn system modes
722015020715507/23/15 Fuel cell and manufacturing method thereof having integrated membrane electrode assembly and gas diffusion layer
732015020718807/23/15 Battery for vehicle
742015019685707/16/15 Reboiling device and regeneration tower
752015019712307/16/15 Tire pressure management system with enhanced wireless security and control method thereof
762015019715607/16/15 Recharging system of hybrid vehicle
772015020039107/16/15 Silicon nanowire structure embedded in nickel silicide nanowires for lithium-based battery anodes
782015020080407/16/15 In-vehicle efficient reprogramming and control method thereof
792015020082507/16/15 Transceiver integrated circuit device and operation thereof
802015019220307/09/15 Method of controlling vehicle washing mode for vehicle equipped with shift-by-wire shifting device
812015019242707/09/15 Navigation apparatus and controlling the same
822015019249607/09/15 Planetary gear carrier pack transmission error inspection device
832015019270307/09/15 Method of forming nano-pattern on surface of lens and lens having nano-pattern on surface thereof
842015019311407/09/15 Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
852015019469607/09/15 Fuel cell stack enclosure
862015018301807/02/15 Press vehicle
872015018304907/02/15 Spot welding apparatus
882015018305007/02/15 Spot welding system and operation the same
892015018306307/02/15 Method of joining silver paste
902015018306907/02/15 Piston assembly mounting engine
912015018311607/02/15 Handling moving part
922015018314607/02/15 Apparatus and forming interior part of vehicle and interior part manufactured by the same
932015018328407/02/15 Method of recognizing trailer of tractor vehicle
942015018329007/02/15 Trailing arm bush for coupled torsion beam axle
952015018329307/02/15 Energy saving automatic air conditioning control system and method
962015018330007/02/15 Air vent vehicle
972015018330307/02/15 Rear door device in vehicle
982015018330407/02/15 Front door device in vehicle
992015018331107/02/15 Power transmission vehicle
1002015018331707/02/15 Modularized structure of rear suspension
1012015018332407/02/15 Regenerative brake apparatus of hybrid vehicle and method thereof
1022015018333507/02/15 Apparatus and controlling charge of battery
1032015018333607/02/15 Startup limitation fuel cell vehicle
1042015018333707/02/15 Temperature management system of fuel cell vehicle and method thereof
1052015018333807/02/15 Thermal management system for fuel cell vehicles
1062015018335507/02/15 Table rear seat passengers
1072015018336407/02/15 System and assisting driver
1082015018338307/02/15 Low-melting adhesive film
1092015018341507/02/15 Apparatus and controlling clutch slip of hybrid vehicle
1102015018341807/02/15 Apparatus and controlling full load mode of hybrid electric vehicle
1112015018342407/02/15 Apparatus, controlling engine starting while shifting of hybrid electric vehicle
1122015018342507/02/15 Injector-correcting apparatus of a hybrid electric vehicle and a method thereof
1132015018345307/02/15 System and compensating friction according to rack bending of mdps
1142015018345707/02/15 Method of adjusting friction of motor driven power steering and the performing the same
1152015018345807/02/15 Method of detecting deviation of travel path of vehicle
1162015018346107/02/15 Steering linkage structure of rear wheel steering device
1172015018346207/02/15 Suspension system for vehicle
1182015018346907/02/15 Cowl cross member assembly for vehicle
1192015018347407/02/15 Door hinge loading device for vehicle
1202015018411007/02/15 Polyoxymethylene resin composition
1212015018431007/02/15 Pipe surface treating fuel cell system
1222015018444007/02/15 Multi-joint slider device
1232015018455107/02/15 System of recycling exhaust heat from internal combustion engine
1242015018457207/02/15 Multilayer composite panel
1252015018457307/02/15 Multilayer composite panel
1262015018457607/02/15 Engine cooling system
1272015018458807/02/15 Thermal insulation coating composition and thermal insulation coating layer
1282015018459707/02/15 Variable compression ratio engine
1292015018460307/02/15 Control engine having turbocharger and method thereof
1302015018460907/02/15 Apparatus and diagnosing deterioration of oxygen sensor of vehicle
1312015018465007/02/15 Variable compression system for controlling slant angle of slant plate
1322015018471207/02/15 Brake disc manufactured from heterogeneous materials and manufacturing the same
1332015018472107/02/15 Power transmission system of hybrid electric vehicle
1342015018473107/02/15 Power transmission vehicle
1352015018473207/02/15 Power transmission vehicle
1362015018473607/02/15 Pulley structure and damper pulley
1372015018475907/02/15 Valve for controlling coolant fuel cell stack coolant of fuel cell vehicle
1382015018482207/02/15 Head lamp in vehicle
1392015018502107/02/15 Method for measuring position of vehicle using cloud computing
1402015018502907/02/15 Map version synchronization path search method
1412015018506307/02/15 Apparatus and displaying distance to empty of vehicle
1422015018509607/02/15 Switching type six-axis force-torque sensor and six-axis force-torque measuring apparatus using the same
1432015018510807/02/15 Vibration test jig
1442015018527107/02/15 Method and system of diagnosing breakdown during pre-charging
1452015018573107/02/15 Work-in-process inspection system using motion detection, and method thereof
1462015018584407/02/15 Transparent tactile layer panel for display and driving method thereof
1472015018596207/02/15 Touch recognition apparatus of curved display
1482015018599907/02/15 Display control apparatus and control vehicle
1492015018631507/02/15 Integrated multimedia terminal system and control method thereof
1502015018645407/02/15 Device and providing personalized music streaming service by using social networking
1512015018670707/02/15 Apparatus and recognizing user's gesture for carrying out operation of vehicle
1522015018671707/02/15 Gesture recognition apparatus and method
1532015018714507/02/15 System and interlocking vehicle terminal with portable terminal
1542015018735107/02/15 Method and system for providing user with information in vehicle
1552015018749407/02/15 Process for preparing rare earth magnets
1562015018760407/02/15 Method of joining semiconductor substrate
1572015018770407/02/15 Method of joining semiconductor substrate
1582015018772507/02/15 Method of joining silver paste
1592015018788307/02/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1602015018792907/02/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1612015018796107/02/15 Piezoresistive sensor
1622015018796207/02/15 Schottky barrier diode and manufacturing the same
1632015018796407/02/15 Method of non-bezel array of solar cells
1642015018810907/02/15 Separator for lithium-sulfur secondary battery
1652015018811707/02/15 Battery terminal for vehicle
1662015018811807/02/15 High voltage battery for vehicles
1672015018812907/02/15 Sulfur cathode of lithium sulfur batteries and manufacturing the same
1682015018814407/02/15 Surface-treated cathode active material and lithium secondary battery using the same
1692015018814907/02/15 Metal separator for fuel cell stack
1702015018815307/02/15 Blended rubber gasket for fuel cells
1712015018815407/02/15 Gasket for fuel cells
1722015018815507/02/15 Membrane-electrode assembly (mea) for fuel cells
1732015018815607/02/15 Thermal management fuel cell vehicle
1742015018815707/02/15 3-way valve for fuel cell vehicle
1752015018815907/02/15 Fuel cell stack
1762015018816107/02/15 Air supply fuel cell
1772015018816307/02/15 Condensed water removing method and apparatus of gas diffiusion layer and catalyst layer of fuel cell and apparatus
1782015018816407/02/15 Hydrogen supply apparatus of fuel cell stack
1792015018816507/02/15 Apparatus for controlling purging in a hydrogen storage the same
1802015018816807/02/15 Voltage synchronization method and system
1812015018817907/02/15 Method for manufacturing end plate for fuel cell stack
1822015018818007/02/15 Fuel cell stack
1832015018826707/02/15 Radio frequency connector assembly for vehicle
1842015018830207/02/15 Insulation covered bus bar
1852015018830507/02/15 Battery overcharge protection device
1862015018833807/02/15 Circuit for protecting battery for electric vehicle and driving method thereof
1872015018836807/02/15 Rotor of interior permanent magnet motor
1882015018837907/02/15 Insulating unit for driving motor
1892015018864807/02/15 Music source information providing method by media of vehicle
1902015018905507/02/15 Mobile phone holder for vehicle
1912015018941007/02/15 User interface apparatus using speaker and method thereof
1922015017852406/25/15 System and wiring circuit verification of vehicle
1932015017468806/25/15 Spot welding high strength steel sheet
1942015017471306/25/15 Apparatus for assembling overhead camshaft
1952015017476206/25/15 Safe joint robot
1962015017483006/25/15 Weaving performing the same
1972015017485306/25/15 Decoration film using natural cork materials and manufacturing the same
1982015017497806/25/15 Stabilizer link
1992015017498406/25/15 Method of controlling heating of hybrid electric vehicle
2002015017498706/25/15 Air conditioner for vehicles
2012015017499006/25/15 Apparatus for controlling curtain of vehicle
2022015017500206/25/15 Battery power cut off system for vehicle and method thereof
2032015017501506/25/15 Control method and system of electric vehicle
2042015017501706/25/15 Cover-integrated clamp for electronic part in eco-friendly vehicle and mounting the same
2052015017502006/25/15 Vehicle battery charging apparatus and method using the same
2062015017502906/25/15 Apparatus for air conditioning battery for vehicles
2072015017504606/25/15 Cup holder for vehicle
2082015017505606/25/15 Auto light system and controlling the same
2092015017506506/25/15 Cup holder
2102015017506606/25/15 Lighting apparatus of clock for vehicle
2112015017506906/25/15 System and illumination expression of head up display for vehicle
2122015017507606/25/15 Rotary sun visor mirror for vehicle
2132015017507706/25/15 Running board mechanism for vehicle
2142015017507806/25/15 Running board assembly for vehicle
2152015017510706/25/15 Back beam for vehicle
2162015017510806/25/15 Shock absorbing vehicle
2172015017512106/25/15 Pedestrian airbag cushion
2182015017512606/25/15 System and detecting intrusion into vehicle
2192015017512806/25/15 Apparatus of detecting position of rotating member and system of operating wiper
2202015017515606/25/15 Control apparatus and control hybrid electric vehicle
2212015017520406/25/15 Apparatus and recognizing driving field of vehicle
2222015017520506/25/15 Method for selecting the automatic parking mode using a steering wheel
2232015017521306/25/15 Side bottom structure of vehicle body for improving crashworthiness and anti-corrosion performance
2242015017522306/25/15 Link apparatus of variable rear spoiler for vehicle
2252015017541506/25/15 Regeneration raw materials for hydrogen supply system of fuel cell
2262015017579006/25/15 Polypropylene resin composition
2272015017583106/25/15 Coating composition with improved sense of sparkle and coating method using coating composition
2282015017593106/25/15 Grease composition for engine bearing
2292015017610006/25/15 Material for high carburizing steel and producing a gear using the same
2302015017630506/25/15 Door outside handle
2312015017644006/25/15 Valve train layout structure including cam phaser and camshaft-in-camshaft
2322015017644206/25/15 Camshaft-in-camshaft apparatus of variable valve duration system
2332015017644406/25/15 Control apparatus of engine having variable valve lift apparatus and a method thereof
2342015017644506/25/15 Apparatus for adjusting temperature of oil for vehicle and controlling the apparatus
2352015017644806/25/15 Muffler for vehicle
2362015017645606/25/15 Method of determining correcting logic for reacting model of selective catalytic reduction catalyst, correcting parameters of reacting model of selective catalytic reduction catalyst and exhaust system using the same
2372015017645706/25/15 Method and system of determining suitability of correction for control logic of selective catalytic reduction catalyst
2382015017645806/25/15 Method and system for purifying nox in internal combustion engine
2392015017645906/25/15 Method of controlling ammonia amount adsorbed in selective catalytic reduction catalyst and exhaust system using the same
2402015017646506/25/15 System of recycling exhaust heat from internal combustion engine
2412015017646606/25/15 System for recycling exhaust heat from internal combustion engine
2422015017647006/25/15 Engine having multi flow rate control valve
2432015017647306/25/15 Thermostat with failure diagnosis function and mehod for failure diagnosis of thermostat using the same
2442015017647706/25/15 Engine cooling system
2452015017651706/25/15 Injector driver and controlling the same
2462015017651906/25/15 Engine
2472015017653506/25/15 Control apparatus of engine having turbocharger and method thereof
2482015017653706/25/15 Exhaust gas recovery apparatus of egr cooler for vehicle
2492015017662106/25/15 Fastener for vehicle

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